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Adam Morrison And Matt Jones From Kentucky Sports Radio

2017-12-08 | 🔗

Thursday Night Football is back but your fantasy team is dead because Alvin Kamara got hurt. Week 14 preview and locks of the week(2:14-11:20). Fantasy Fuccbois(11:22-13:35). Former NBA Player and Gonzaga star Adam Morrison joins the show to catch up on his non existent apocalypse bunker, Gonzaga basketball, and the new Rage Against The Machine side project(14:52-28:41). Matt Jones from Kentucky Sports Radio joins us to talk about Coach Cal being on the hot seat, how Kentucky basketball will fare this season, and of course(30:32-46:00), Rick Pitino. Segments include stay woke for Rafael Palmiero(48:28-52:49), Trouble in Paradise for the Cleveland Browns(52:51-58:04), Protect The Shield for Goodell's new contract(58:06-1:00:37), Hmmm because Lebron bought a house in LA(1:00:38-1:01:50) and Explain It To Hank(1:01:52-1:08:40)

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