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Adam Morrison, Dick Pound From The IOC, NFL 100 RB List, Mt Flushmore of Candy

2020-04-01 | 🔗
It's all hands on deck to figure out a way to save sports forever. Big Cat has decided to take the approach they're never coming back in hopes to get everyone to figure out innovation (2:12 - 16:30). NFL 100 running back list is discussed and we make some additions and subtractions (16:30 - 31:20). Hot Seat/Cool Throne (31:20 - 46:09). Old friend of the program Adam Morrison calls in to talk about why now would be a great time to have an apocalypse bunker even though he doesn't have one plus a great John Stockton story (46:09 - 58:16). IOC member Dick Pound joins the show to talk about the reasoning behind Olympics cancellation, the fight against steroids, and whether or not he ever thought about going by Richard (58:16 - 81:58). Segments include Thoughts and Prayers to Joe Buck and Mt Flushmore of Candy.
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On today is part of my take. We have a two four for the people at a Morrison and I'll see, dean of the ILO see Dick pound We have, and I felt top one hundred running back debate, which is actually a really good one. We have a hot see cool thrown we're in a fix sports were gone to do mouth flush more of candies. We got a ton of show for you ever do it right now, with the cash our part might take, is brought to you by the cash and always the easiest place, send money to your friends. It's the safest, so go downloader right! Now! You don't have to be handling any cash. You can send money to your friends without you touch in that disgusting cash right now and you can also use code partially get ten knowledge for free use that to Tipp your favorite part Your favorite waitress, your favorite person at a restaurant that may be struggling right now. The cash out can do it ease.
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the only social distancing cash at there is right now do it. Ok, let's go to pardon my work on the part of my tape presented by the cash up. What are you doing? Hank? He explained
What's up he's been right now that I'm actually put this law beers? It's not it's. When I have my when there were MIKE issues I keep thinking there MIKE issues. Now we're getting wasn't part of my take December. The cash out those downloader right now use code partially get ten dollars free ten hours. The SBA today is Wednesday April. First April fools day guys we have no sports and everything's cancelled forever, and I know trying to be a bummer, but one Brian. When horse broke chinese basketball news to me, that was a got patch, because here's? Here's what I'm doing, I'm I'm a calendar guy, I'm trying to figure out how to get back into this thing, chinese Bass, while China is four months around three months alike, ahead of US schedule why's. That means we are can have sports were not be ready for sports at the very earliest,
somewhere in June july- and I don't think that's happening so I don't know how time zones work. I think they're only like twelve hours ahead, at least when I was there. That's what the clock told me. I am not I'm just thinking of China doesn't want us to have basketball. So that's why they're postponing their own, is now. I think that there is plenty of room for negativity to become later this summer. Just give me something off in the distance that I can look forward to give me a mirage, and I can pull myself towards. Don't tell me that there's nothing out there. Allow me to be disappointed. A little bit later see this is approaching this exact opposite way. I have cancelled sports for twenty twenty twenty twenty one and possibly twenty twenty two and anything that we get there. Come sooner than that is a bonus dont, not gonna, let myself get my heart broken over and over because here's the thing I'm so stew, I still think somehow they're gonna play march banners and I have to just remove myself from that. That's and be like listen.
Nothing's getting plead forever like not to be alarmist, but the world has ended and sports are over once it s true. First of all, its patently false- and I can prove that fast because we are getting a golfing showdown between Feel Nicholson and Tiger Woods with maybe Tom, Brady and Paint Manning by plane doubles against each other that would be awesome ray. I think that, like these celebrity golf, things are gonna, be the only thing that we're gonna have to push through the spring time. We could do like any sport. Does one on one with distance. Like tennis is perfect, we just get federal, have better plague as the doll every single weaken for the next three months, fifty the future of sports. Is everyone watching video games and then every three weeks or so a closed set were Dana white? Has people beat the fuck out of each other? That's all we have you're forgetting about. Brady versus Manny. Think that I'm so like Romania, like you, are but
it's gonna be manning against Brady. I don't care if it's not football. It still in my in my brain is football. The ages guy's going outage. They just created that eventually can cancel it. I'm sorry everyone's addicted to cancelling shit. Now it's fucking, it's a joke, so I'm I'm listen! This is the. This is only due to calm down. None of this is how this is how you have to cope. You have to put your guard rails up. You have to not let yourself get hurt repeatedly, because I know some people are saying all wait till May, first, no figure out just It is through your brain that we're never gonna want sports again and then, if they say hey, guess what we're gonna play. Ten games of baseball in fucking November I'll be so pump for that I will give a fuck. So that's why I'm going from like if they give me Emma and Emma less of the sounds play the Fucking Casey, whatever the hell they are in in in December, I'm good with that because I've already set the expectation, I'm never going to see lives now extend down stand down. Pessimists cat
ned negativity, cat, I'm I'm not gonna, be able to deal with like going through through the entire rest this year with no sports whatsoever. It's just not is now having option my hat. We're gonna get sport exactly why on earth- and you know it was relatively articles. I don't care my heart my hardest, Calisto over seven times, there's enough game thrones for me to watch going into twenty twenty two. If I have to go, I've got to stockpile of content that I can get into a theirs by the earthquake. We largely lost on. Is it weird, though they are watching given three? You know exactly what happens because you watch the Hobbes last season with us. I watch losses in the right direction. The full right. Now you talk about all the time. The recast for about fifteen minutes. Long in every single clip was a second, so I dont know what the hell happened to any care. Guy vaguely remember what happened to like to Aria. I know what happens Aria night king and all that stuff, I remember, happens to kings landing at the very end of the dragons and all that
there's so many characters in that show that I'd apps. I could not tell you what happens to the hound. I don't know what happens to Khaleesi's boyfriend or whatever. If I can make a recommendation Pft, you should just skip to the third season and watch it three. Four, five, six, seven, eight one: two! Yes our german friends, that's our true fans wash ok area up. It would not be cat. Here's what I'm saying like there will be support. We need to say out loud that will be sports now know why there will be sports because argued. Unlike Florio, is going to ensure that the throw this voice he is my Florio is establishing emergency protocols. He wants and I thought to be run like a shadow government in case like New York, New York City and Washington, D C is hit with a thermonuclear bomb where they fly all the important people out West Virginia
put him in the Green Briar in the hills and just haven't be itself contain you're corona virus free foot, Bali, ok, you're, ear, misunderstanding worm. Coming from, I want there to be sports. I want someone to solve that. I actually hated. I was watching. I only know us flipping through channels and I landed on the laboratory, show on Monday and they're, making fun of J Williams and his crews idea. You should. A lever tarred show anyone who has innovation in this sports, like trying to save sports, is welcome to me, like I, J Williams. That idea is patently ridiculous, but I dont care because at least trying so I'm down for people try. I will help trying. I use my brain old, donate my brain to sports, I'm telling you what I'm saying right now is to set the x.
Rotations. So you cannot continually get your heart broken thats, where I'm coming from. I do not want to tell myself again on the person who still thinks are gonna play March man- it's, I don't know how, but I feel like they could. So what I'm trying to do here is set the expectation at no sports ever again. So that way anything I get I am so so excited about, as it see sports fan. I've had my heart broken off, we're I'm its calloused over already. I don't care if it continues to break my heart, I'm fine, I'm fine, I'm I just need to have an illusion that there will be sports, but there are people out there who think that like may first we're gonna have now: that's not gonna fucking crazy made us it out and I'm stop I'm with you on the like yeah, let's get as many mines as many weird ideas in this room is possible. I wanted to be like a member and APOLLO thirteen when they're trying to figure out how to fit that square filter into the circle applaud.
And they just got all the nerds into a room and just dumped like coffee makers and should onto a table. That's what America needs to be right now. We all need to be huddled in in the back row of an acid trying to contribute our ideas, no stupid ideas, no such thing as a bad idea, just dump it all out there on the table, and I think we can make something happen so Florio had the idea of putting all the all the NFL teams in the Greenbrier. The one resort West Virginia making everybody lived, therefore year Florio just wants. It will cover the team from his back yard dad Look I hate where they should, whether animal this by the end of all season in Brooklyn, you have my flora, just doesn't want to fly, cause he's afraid of it, and so it's actually a genius move on his part, but I don't hate the idea of whether it is the NBA or the NFL or any sport playing you like, self contained area, because you can double dip you get a little extra revenue. You turn it also into reality, show like the ultimate fighter, so you cameras in silencing houses like everything.
That's thirty three idea do entirely on hard knocks in general. Is it a bonus reality show and sports League at the same time, like less that's, not a damn. I do. I know you know my dear, but it's not a damn. I d ever know till the big three is literally doings. May I am trying to do exactly interests. Do J Williams idea is smart, it's stupid, put its fucking smart and here are actually had a practical thing. What we need right now is ever need to start with a practical little colonel. So his little colonel was that Mickey errands errants in the course of the owner of the heat carnival cruises and you started eastern Conference cruise in a western conference cruise and you just fucking put the NBA out in the ocean for the next three months and let them hash it out, and everyone was mocking him, and I don't want to hear that shit because we need innovation is the Manhattan project. Is the Manhattan project to save sports, so it will do the fuck up, get in line and figure out a way to give me a game, because, right now you heard what I said to start
was born so point to what is the Manhattan project, an atomic bomb? It's two shots: suburban one of sweet vermouth, some bidders on top on the rock shaken boom, you're good. So I think that what we should do is late legends. You stop some ideas at their underwater football, but, above all I get too at the bottom of the ocean. Ok, how about just going on to an island feel like you? What that ocean? On top? You know, I figure, is: do they, the ETA fill out the edifice. Actually should be looking at Like island property right. The second day should be looking wherever the Fucking Bahamas. Balls played the Popeye's bull when, when the MAC team goes there and scores like a hundred points and the winds blowing in there's, like four people must stadium. Finally, Stadium, wherever it is, I'm sure it's not hard to rise. Google, it and set that up Let's just plan an island fuck it go to Hawaii, go back at all I mean for doing banana project, let's go to the bikini islands and let's go to the middle of the desert in new MAGIC
yes, I think that they ve got an outbreak just there, yet just play on former nuclear sites. About that. That's actually perfect. I doubt the virus can exist. Environment, where's being bombarded by radiation all the time they should play the NBA season. They know ones in the hotels in Vegas right now, just fucking take over one huge hotel and seal that thing off: Bio, dome that shit or even better, go to the who's. Your german Indiana and watch everyone fuckin, there's no three pointers and let's just go back in time and will play basketball that way I dont care, like you, you take over small town in Indiana. You could probably get away with you: don't not having the corona virus get in. We're working the virus where it is difficult for viruses to exist in the heat I would urge you taught us, no boy thought she looked over cloud. Chaser. Fancy is again, Europe is getting you can you get saw the trumps get mad because vouches becoming more popular than he is
pretty soon trumps gonna, be like vouches get his ideas from me. What about what about playing it on a navy ship? It's no different aircraft character. That's where I am prepared to stay in Fuckin Memphis play weak warning in college basque opponents always so stupid, because no one knows like how to hunt the handicap, a game that has wind end its on actual boat prattle cairn yeah, I'm fine with that I've been fine. I think that was the first suggested that we had was to play the NCAA tournament on a variety of aircraft carriers, bring the world together and have you all a contributor military ships for the greater good up that would actually help solve world peace. If we could just get our military to collaborate together on sports outrageous lay out like a giant field with no out of bounds, markers so everyone can practice distancing it. Here's the thing it's gonna be a possible. I saw that there was talk of having NFL teams use a virtual reality had sets
to do virtual, walk through some practices and stuff. That's not gonna work. Tat! Second, I mean the I can see the draft working or another. Just give us like a bunch of drafts. Just do like seven draft this year. The year that there were no sports only drafts bill, Brian, is gonna, kick ass. It at participating drafts worries not even allowed to have physical content. The person as we saw them on Brok, Ass Weiler. I'll turn around I dont care, whatever has to happen, they need to figure out and I'm sick, and it is my message to all the haters out there who say like this is over Nicholas idea, how could you be throwing these ideas out there when there's a pandemic? Listen, I we know,
Did the ridiculous ideas put some of the one of these ideas going to hit and it's some point. One of these leaves going to be like yeah. You know what let's move everyone to remote island? Let's move it onto a cruise ship, so the more like the more we get this into the mainstream talk that they need to start doing innovative things the better. So keep doing that, and thing? I will say that it is like the one solace I taken all this is, I'm pretty sure the SEC will play no matter. What like the NFL to be canceled college football to be canceled, every school be canceled until two thousand and twenty one in the SEC would like know. The show must go on, so I guess at least we have that Nick Saban at the very least, is going to be like I'm going to be out there on Saturday night, I'll, be there and he'll just go out. The satellite expect his boys to fall now like lifesaving. If you think that you could keep index haven in house for entire fall buddy, you gonna think coming I'd, so so
one fixed sports. Forests were open to all ideas, don't be a hater when people throughout crazy ideas are not that crazy, because guess what we need sports back, we just need it. We need it, we need it. We need it moved off. Moon golf works Fuckin a million miles keeps going sure you do the NFL one hundred the running backs slighted mad about a list. Yet I write. So let me throughout or what they ended up with. They had twelve running backs on this list, twelve, which is a lot I think what what do we have what we do last week? What do we do? What we did? and tightens only like five or five or six so the running back they had, they have pre. Nineteen. Seventy running backs TIM Brown. Marion Motley Steve Van Buren, Lenny, more Earl, Dutch Clark in jail Sayers, so that group I don't even know what we do with our group sure Jim Brown
Obviously number one daughter like whatever Who cares? I don't know you know gale spheres. I know Gale series. I know John Brown, the other guys like ok I'll, take your word for Can you these Ex more recent, so nineteen Seventys on Earl Campbell Walter. Maiden Perry Sanders. Odor Simpson, Eric Dickerson, Emmett Psmith. Where do you want to start? Because I actually have I'm just get started by saying like Oj Simpson, I get it, but I mean come on Nick you could have very easily not put Oj Simpson this lesson. Nobody had been like hey
the fuck. Why does she put Oji Simpson analyse? I agree that Cuba running back in the seventies, though I know that because I'd just watch the documentary yesterday ok system, where there is a point I was the guy would be, it would be incorrect for them not to put him in there. He he I agree with you pay of tee. I don't I could do without him. I also could do probably without Earl Campbell- and I have, I think, one Paden Bury Sanders. Emmett Psmith Eric Dickerson are pretty much locks in there. So we're saying we're gonna. Take Ro Campbell out in Oj Simpson, and let's just say I would only broke ammo. Ok. Well, I disagree. I Falco ask it enter I think the three running backs that they totally mist and that at least two no actually, I think, all of whom are better than our own Campbell Adrian Petersen should be in their agreed today, in Tomlinson should be in there, and martial fox should be in there. Ok, those are the three that I had on my list as well, that you probably could I also put franc or on that
Now I lie ahead Jamal Louis is why wait wait now if you're gonna, if you're gonna, be a Jason witten guy, you have to be afraid or hold on groundwater. In this way we hold on hold on, I wasn't adjacent, wouldn't guy, I never sedgy. Someone should be in the in the in the best titans. I said he was in my third group or second group, the next group, so he was never in my said. I never know, but member, I put him after three other people, so you wasn't. Even I put him after Shannon Sharp. I put him after Ozzy Newsome and I put him after another person. So dull, you also ease and where we can never. In my in my even close to my top data set, it sounded like a Jason Winston. So do you also Curtis Martin on this list? I thought, Earl Campbell, I think, ok hold on hold on go back to two Frank Gore you and we're gonna get too wide receivers. You want Larry Fitzgerald, whose also compiler stat. So where do you stand on that? just don't like Jason, when I began to cry
but I never said Jason when should even close the tough I said he was just somewhere He was. He was after three guys at three guys that were were better than it. What are you doing I think I remember this conversation limit differently. I, oh my god. I had three guys that were headed Jason went, and so he was the ninth best tightened. Ok of all time, which is so that would yet would have Frank Gore, as maybe my knights best running back about. So you would have him above Walter Peyton Bury Sanders. Adrian Petersen, Marshall, Falk Elsie. Dickerson, Jim Brown, gale sayers. All these other guys have pre one thousand nine hundred and seventy no disrespect to Earl Dutch Clark. But you only get one Earl per list, its rule that I just made up right now, but I feel like it's a good rule for this NFL. One hundred in Earl Campbell is the Earl that I'm going to go with you guys at least remember. I've seen him play and he's a great player is a great college player.
Gray NFL felt you saw that play where he put his head down. Just ran that guy over we can't it in this list? We I think we have to unfortunately, the way they like compiled this list. They have six guys that are pre one thousand nine hundred and seventy, I don't think we can, like You just go with their pre one thousand nine hundred and seventy list we have to. If we want to replace current run, acts with the current running baseless. We can do that, but I don't think we can touch because otherwise eliminate everyone except Jim Brown in India Affairs, pre, nineteen semi, nor I mean I'm finally that now, but I'm I don't know we can t, I think, to make it difficult. We cannot touch the pre nineteen seventies less. How about this? We should be able to get rid of one of the guys. We out of that group of Earl Dutch Clark, Marion Motley. Who did the big take away about Marion Motley for the people that nominal wood said they sit at offensively. He was a blocker as much as he was a runner, I swear to you. I don't I'm away so what you have here in Mali and then you have Steve Van Buren,
that is a total of five thousand eight hundred career rushing yards ISO pre, one thousand nine hundred and seventy you get to take away one. I agree with that now give me your list, then of Sobe. Give me your seven nineteen seventies and on list okay, so In that case, undergo with Earl Campbell Eric Dickerson Walter Paden very Sanders emits Smith. Marshall Falk that six, how do I get one more year, the data That would my last. If I could get rid waged, not these these Highbury Sanders yeah. We what say it again. The Earl Gamma, less girl Campbell Eric Dickerson Walter Paden very Sanders emits Smith Marshall, Falk Elsie.
Ok, so I dont know if you dont have each ship Adrian Pearson actually come, I'm Takin Marshall fuck up putting european ok saw make the case. That is my list would be Walter Paden Parry Sanders Eric Dickerson Emmett Smith, Adrian Petersen, Marshall Faculty. So I was looking into it. It one you Earl Campbell, whose like a power running back Adrian petersen- and you can make the argument that its harder to be a runner in like this error of the NFL. Adrian Petersen had eight years over, a thousand rushing yards and one area had nine seventy. That was, he played twelve gauge towards ACL Earl, camel had five years over thirteen hundred yards and if you oh they're best year, the best year, Adrian Peterson
less than nine months after tearing as ACL head two thousand ninety seven yards, twelve tedious Earl Campbell had nineteen thirty four yards, thirteen gdp. I think Adrian Peterson's, better longevity wise as well about running. Like the neural Campbell? I think so but I'm still keeping rural came on the west, and most of it, admittedly, is because that cool play where he put his head down, ran to do. Do over, and then he got his journey taken off ass. He was running forward that will play that's his Heisman moment for the Unifil. One hundred was, I think, Adrian Peter should be on eight Petersen, beyond Marshall Falk. I was looking through the Marshal Falk numbers he had eleven street years over a thousand yards from scrimmage for street over. Or two thousand yards, and then in his two thousand season? He had two thousand one hundred eighty nine all purpose yards: twenty six touchdowns and de as the big biggest travesty to me, Gazelle T going Well, tease numbers it's fucking in
Saying his peak was so ridiculous: he had eight seasons in a row with over a thousand yards at least ten tds, and then he had bird catches in two thousand Greece, we could do both and then that too, thousand six season. I wanted the game logs. I Lang, there's probably some people listening, who probably don't I don't know how old you'd have to be. If you were yet and if you are, if you're like twenty, if even if your twenty five, what year would be hanged, what year reborn under three sometimes works ok. So if you're, like twenty two, you probably don't fully remember two thousand six lithuanian Tomlinson so from weak a two week, fifteen I'm your redo. Stats deserve fucking. In saying this is like the old the berry sanders like go through is or Jerry Rice fantasies that he had children
all purpose yards three touchdowns, one hundred and ninety two all purpose yards. Three touchdowns one hundred and fifty eight all purpose yards for touchdowns, one hundred and seventy nine yards for touchdowns, one hundred and fourteen yards to touchdown. Two hundred and ninety two yards, two touchdowns one hundred and twelve Three touchdowns and tuna the arts to dutch ants. In eight weeks the charter's went no it he had. Twenty three total touchdowns repair. Never more kindly insane. Yet malthusian Elsie very clearly should be on this list. I don't know why they devalued modern running back, because I don't care who you talk to Adrian Petersen, invalidating Tomlinson are probably to the top for in the history of I don't. I don't know why they left a modest less. I dont understand Adrian Petersen, over or Campbell Region Petersen, when you stack them up in its like Adrian Petersen. Did it for lot longer and not to mention that?
Adrian Petersen did lose a year of his career to let all the whole ah field issue which was up on a white still his peak his peak he eat like didn't peak, it's crazy to look at atrium. He doesn't like how did this guy do this when he had, You two thousand yards last year right two years ago, a couple years ago: yeah, it's crazy so I think he should be on the list so that that's that was my biggest bone. To pick. Take Earl Campbell, take Oj Simpson off throw those three guys. I now they putting anybody on this list. That is a current NFL network employ because maybe I was a conflict of interests. Type deal for a Marshall FUCK and or else he doesn't Elsie contribute to them all he might be air. I don't know. I just thought the whole thing like I actually got kind of mad. Looking at all the stats- and I was like why aren't these guys on this list? This makes no sense to me. There are some, no Brainerd that light Walter Paden Bury Sanders. Emmett Smith, like absolute no brainer, put
becomes Adrian Petersen algae in an Marshall farcical? This makes no sense. These guys should all be analysed agri. So hindsight. We basically agree on everything, except for or Earl Campbell right You have an ample- and I am out here you do know, says he didn't t like these he took Earl Dutch Clark off. I did yes didn't have to take your sears off. I want to send a message in girls: theirs was pre nineteen, seventy guess, who will get Gale sayers was kind of the If you look eat another stats, he was the more like what, if he didn't get hurt and legality we played in modern error in and was able to recover from any injury.
Yeah. He was like if you watch Reggie Bush's, highlights in college. That's what gale sayers look like right he's. He was like the tape deck where it's like the stats might not even come close to all these other guys. But if you watched the tape your like this guy was just something out of control, he was cool. He was very cool. Also in the more I think, about Earl Campbell, I think living in Austin, probably he is pushing me more towards wanting earlier on this list, because the airport there Bars called Earl, camels and so I won't. I was waiting for my plane. I would have a couple talk, holder or gambles and have some good memories that place are not taken. Anything away from Earl Campbell is held running back, but if you're talking about like the longevity of Adrian Petersen, Elsie Marshall FUCK, I think- should count and Earl Campbell was fantastic, but it was really a three year peak four year peak and his body kind of betrayed him. So I think that that's where I add the other three guys. I just think it's, it's kind of ridiculous to have somebody with fifty eight hundred career russian yards on the list of
asked running the Ex more time and then one guy that was like a better linebacker than he was running back yet the pre nineteen. Seventy shit, I'm in there just doing it to be like no one's gonna, our with that because, like how could we we don't know, and if elegiac says it like, he Belcher probably has watched every single game of Steve Van Buren. I was actually, I actually thought that Marian Motley was a guy that Belgium has invented to see if anyone is paying attention, because he was a merry Molly sounds like he's what He wanted a rotten pinkevitch to be like a great line. Backer and serviceable running back here and- and Belgic definite could sneak one on if you like, I watched I used to watch this tape on. You know my refrigerator with my dad and everyone, but I'm ok sounds sounds good coach, yeah, he's forts, I'm a FC champion, ok, yeah sounds get sounds perfect. I Go to get mad about a list, it's like all. We have left. I actually get excited to look at these lists and be like right where the fuck my to get mad about. What are we to do now?
Where do you bees, you're, damn right innocuous? I don't know it's gonna be tough to like do like secondary and stuff. I don't really know how I mean. I'm sure we gotta go we're gonna do the top. You ought to see this as you utter safer. I also like yours yeah. They also these their top one hundred games and thus that's the thing I got me. The most upset ok being amount about that too What was their number one game? The ice pull out? forget those disgusting. Probably that chargers than that overtime game in the playoffs right, killing, wait, leaning breaks like the single season like regular season passing record drew breeze Monday night game, the the fifteenth one when he broke a record, but by the way I'm not even getting like there's like for those in the top twenty. Have you seen everything champagne giving like fewer and fewer fox as he gets older in order and goes on tv more
like he he's going on tv, unlike first taken breaking news, just saying you had your regional retire out of your casually. I do that he's just like it. You, when shown Paden survives the corona virus. He is going to be giving so many fewer fox and even was before He's just gonna go out there and be like a taste of hell. You're gonna do on sidekicks yourself recover, like he's like he's. Just gonna go off the end he treated like he'd sees. You started, tweeting its playbook, the other night. It was I am in charge Sean Paden he's like in this with everyone else is like what is a matter we may never.
Yet this we never made never gets sports back again. I'm gonna give you guys all my playbook he's gonna have the same spray paint like the Rajah ghetto clown logo. I've centre feel a bit field, that's how it's like old grandpa I give no fox on paint is getting Grena love. It need more of it all right. Let's zoo hussy cool thrown hots, equal thrones brought you by our friends a polite, Seltzer Butler itself, to remind you that the cool thrown until further notice, sustained safe and staying at home order by light Seltzer direct to your door through drizzly and get five dollars offer. First time, users by using code, p M T check out some restrictions apply. Delicious, but light Seltzer get it right. Now don't panic on those pounds when you're all quarantined up but do drink a delicious but light seltzer in the safety of your home, Hank hots equal. And my heart seat is nerds
You like during this this quarantine like now, all the NBA can do their starting to have MBA two colleagues were all the players. It is planned to K and will be doing it. Everyone's getting in a video games, I feel like nerds have gotten their culture appropriated like there's no situation where all the nerves with startling sports, but all the sports Athletes are playing video games and I'm sure they all the call of duty servers are fall. Like it's kind of a should show some sort, the nerds are heated and upset yes, They knew first. Here I was born in the darkness. You merely inherited it we're on their block, exactly ok good and then my cool for on this kind of cool thrown hot the streets, Zanu Nuth New a thing. I checked out how the kid you're doing it can't be. Like the inside signal. Does the new universal sign for being shy that fingers together I guess Picassos, you have to tell me boy, don't use, but you fingers together a new point. You two fingers together,
do touch HEP C doctor index fingers. You do touch tips dude and I love like than is the new liking alike, when you're being shot. We have the pod and includes do this. I feel I can Eggs doing something and making us do the signal. We really know what it means an hour. Now it's I'm tellin you! I'm telling you I know what this means and then restart. It means being shy. I do love all the all the fraud insure verse that have to like live with this right now in all the people like I'm ashen introvert really want to go outside now their stock. With this, like a let's see how intermitted you are mother, Fucker nets, always that's always nice. I wanna talk to one of those, the insurer, actual people, take you out back and make you smoke a whole pack of being introvert, see how you like it that exactly and see what he got. My explain to me what that is with the being shy, tied, Yoda, deserted. I'll send you got, it was not until it's now it's all it takes. Is not an egg in your brain working right now
We're go it's like foolish. You gotta, put like even add in like a little dancing Bit Margie on my fingers, and you're gonna? Make me look like a jack ass. I know I'm telling you go unchecked, arguably fireless factors being like when you have to be sure we have two podcast. Yeah he's. Actually, I am looking images for being shy in those two fingers touching on it. My heart see. It also says you're down to be pegged. I'll get you that's what I thought Hank at that You took a too far That's your deep into Google! I would he got Phd my our seas, the rest of the world, because? U s: a rugby is up for chapter eleven bankruptcy, so I dont know what that means, but I think TAT so I can buy it that can bail out that they can offload themselves onto me.
I don't know because all my bankruptcy knowledge comes from either wheel of fortune or just the office gift. When Michael screaming, I declare bankruptcy. So I don't know what it means, but I feel like it means that I can purchase. Every single rugby team. An event in the United States and their becomes my ok No, what's your first plan of action? first plan of action, every team gets a probable, linebacker from the ineffective. What's your third, I'm telling you, but the rules don't apply them know where you're going here. That cannot commit a penalty. We're not we're not talking about what you're going to do to what your first plan of action to actually get Missy. We scientists Tito, nor are you gonna how you gonna get him. Yes, neon jerseys about everything. The way we how my gonna get it. Are you going to require the Lee? I just told you. I don't know how bankruptcy works, but I am pretty sure, I'm pretty sure means like I can just bid
fifty thousand dollars for the entire USA Rugby and if no, if everyone else forgets to bid on it, then it becomes mine right I shouldn't talk about it. I'm gonna did fifth, I'm bid. Fifty one thousand, that's an announcement and eyes. Tat come in second place and by the rules are rugby. I win yeah dangling by and then just disband it right away, so in all of these are about it anymore, I'll, be there to collect a sweet sweet dripping from that fire. I don't know I'm going to dig eyes from succession when they bought the fake dead spin and I'm gonna be on it. You're not going to get it its environmental, got it out too ready to be got, and I think tat I could make a good USA Rugby Press- and I just don't know how much it's going to cost and I don't know how to run a league. Pretty quota on an entirely organization like that yeah be called a lottery and get us worth to you, because you have sports back we're talking about things.
Realistic that is realistic, outwitted, but how much you thinking etc, because I don't know I've, no four concluded Wouldn t s. I bet most people, don't Sir Henry S economy person to buy a million dollars. Ok own USA, Renaissance, Saint, Michael throne, is board NBA fans on read it. So if you think that my queenborough comes up with some dunwoodie wasn't dumb theories, you should check out NBA? Was it like NBA slash right, six n B. I don't know what it is. Anyways, here's a great theory that somebody came out with just cuz, they're bored and there's no basketball couldn't, theoretically marry a player in order to circumvent the salary cap is actually brilliant. Isn't it That is brilliant. I don't see any holes in that. I don't either Michael I could probably adopted son or are we just had a son play if he was a good and just right. A more and more into the will. Every year like adoption, one is is the same as marriage yeah. Why not? I don't know,
I just feel that way. Someone who's now without a canoe jobs like a groan, adult yeah, exactly you care, think you decide dependent. Tat. Look like you, hang tax egg, I know how that works. That's pretty good! Even if we take the huts eagle drones, we didn t have to he'd know how any this three year areas there. That's my other cool drawn is I'm just saying in this economy because I've been saying it has acted to it. We're in a recession is back. That's big time back even say that, for everything does anything anyone says in this economy like no come on no, no way we're in recession, dude I'd, so I think marrying the are there any. Are there any female owners of me? Yes, you could marry, but Us Genie, boss, yeah G basket. She probably did Mary Leubronn. Maybe she adopt brawny James Junior before it turns eighteen there? Now there is what you do yet
I mean I don't see a problem without. I think that you can like ok, so what? If brawny becomes a great pleasure and then The broad just says I will add you into the will more and more every single year, if you agree to sign with the Lakers asshole. That I think there can be no doubt that document like the laborious Braun, given that our should be more serious allowed say, go it's that could have an idea by the way, FUCK Leubronn for pretending that he brought the Fucking Jordan Doc out, like every news coming, everyone was comic Little unhappy, it's here, but I'm ever news coming here, Some team is a gamble. Braun equity and then Le Braun, can do a were saying, interest, pale, brawny less in its broad son, like round his tin care shit, but I mean who brought it already do that with the sun, and just like the right of any like us and resolutely Redmond? Will he could own a team that would actually be the most likely, as Will Braun owns a team and then just sizes?
for nothing and then we'll in your kill his dad to get all the money. Gas cash experience. I could then in UK goaded began playing games, cuz he's in jail. Now o J gets away with a dark. Oh yeah, I've been waternot. And boulevards that judges, about five or six is worth a billion dollars. He could probably right all assented to well and have so much more money left over yeah. That's two billion dollar big Bawler brand. My arm hot seats is power gas supply gas numbers are down. I read an article today, so it's just a reminder to everyone to subscribe on subscriber eighty five, sir, would you rose on finalist euros on Friday so no evil livestock review and roast us, but yes, podcast turns out no one's commuting, which is a good thing. Dad. I want you to listen to us.
And running reality, Jim and pretty? anywhere, whether not in their house right, I'm starting to listen and more Pike s. I fall asleep. Even non sleep related bike ass, please permit take twice once when you normally listen and then a second time as falling asleep. Yes, yes, so pie cast we're getting hurt, were actually fine. We actually had a meeting about put podcast. I think the pod cast bubbles common for everyone, sawdust planning ahead here telling everyone hey. Maybe do you make sure you tell everyone to subscribed part might take over and over and over tell all your social distancing friends to subscribe. Hard my take over and over them, Cool throne is anyone who wasn't a pragmatic didn't exist, but so anyone who wasn't a story in two thousand fifteen, because tomorrow night or tonight there are replying the final for an national championship. Game from she doesn't fifteen on CBS sports. I've never watch the game on tv. I was at the game
was right. Next to me, I'm going to live, sweet Kentucky, verse, Wisconsin and then I'm going to periscope can talk, Wisconsin, verse, Duke and for once again, so anyone who missed out on laughing at my dead corpse we're gonna. Do it all over again, it's gonna be fucking great little fondness our own. I remembered earlier begat, you basically shamed me out of our wearing a duke added to that game. Yes, yes, I did you like it like a you here for work for you here for four Duke hours I wore both by and then I got in my head and I had a way I can normal sure now towards us await like ours, but I'll find out the run down after I mean like it. That game meant Everything else like that game. Was everything I'll, never get back to that point, you'll be back to that point, a million times over. I still stands trip so there's also, picture out. There's someone has it I, as I was walking out, I thought I gave the finger the dukes like student section like
go on two birds out of just here. Not funny your anger. I don't know if anyone has that picture between it. At me, I was so so mad and I was a terrible nights, ordinary we're going to relive. So anyone who was unable to enjoy that first go around. You gave a great name. Was I egg, it says: I didn't leave the bar Africans, our aim for today straight as was drunk for today straight and I sounds like I'll, never be back, I'm gentlemen I never imagined that moment. I think I speak for everybody out there. This listing that says that you should do scientists hours after the I mean, I'm probably sir Cry employing how well they are chronic salaried. It will try. We should all your sorrows and get a cat can get away. And get a cat. I that is less tomorrow night, so tune in its can suck I've. I'm gonna get so mad about the rough sank. As you have you ever, we watched it now now
yeah, I'm going to get really mad, I'm going to make that fucking, I'm going to come out of that, like Pepe, Silvia and just be like Gisele Shoot Cork Board of all the fucking calls but you know they're gonna have it can be one of those things where they of obviously selectively like edit it so they're gonna, like it's gonna, be less controversial, controversial colony of the scope to the next play like real, quick, yet coach K probably had final caught on this on this broadcast for sure did you take Kentucky Game was awesome. Yes, I still can't believe Wisconsin won that game three hundred and eighty one and then Kentucky fans are still mad about it, which I was. I was on a bachelor party that weekend in key West and remember watching that game in the bar and that Monday championship game when I came back was one of the worst hangovers in my life. So I don't even remember watching the game. I was stone, cold sober. I watched the entire thing but my brain has just white clean that slate to say how watch it I watched for the first time.
Just enjoy you enjoying it. I am. I also remember I drove back that next day on a Tuesday morning back to Chicago with one of my best friends and we it's a three hour drive and we said not a single word to each other for on a three hour drive, not one single word, and I was just like a misery. Aren't Let's get to our individual at a more so than we have done the Irish Sea Dick pound.
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And you are one of our first big guess. They helped us breakthrough. It is Adam Morrison calling us from his Apocalypse bunker, ah How are you do at? First of all, like we're talking we're text in a week ago and obviously with diabetes. That's that's an underlying health condition, so they you're taking, obviously this very seriously, but how is it out there a being Minos on lockdown, and seeing everything that's going down? It's all right. I mean I've self quarantine. I was in Vegas. The devastation term icon those games. I haven't left the house pretty much since I got back and then you know the governor of the state. Mandatory lock up it was three days ago so no. It's kind of weird that I think everybody's gone to their own little deal that you have a male type. One diabetes has a little bit scary for me just trying to be out in public.
I been avoided at all costs, but he had to say about it. Spain is gonna, win shocker, just how much this reserve to everyday life. Do prefer to be introduced as to time and be a champion at a morsel. Do Egypt law now, not at all. I handed out water thousand stuff during that time, so I can let that one slide, but no, no thanks. I think I think we're current guess old time friend and guy who helped us put us on on the map is also differs. Reader pardon my take antimony, much I'll. Take there Sir Gawaine, but he does not another word, but the appreciate it after the other to time and be a champion minor night. I appreciate it They also another narcissist or anything like that: solar, just items fine night sitting. So, let's do little quick history lesson for maybe some newer ate up. U else exist was literally like the second or third month. We had cow
Culture on the show right before Gonzalo played in the tournament in AEGIS, happened to drop the facts that maybe obvious fact that are more citizen Apocalypse Bunker in his house? You came on after we cleared it up, but now would be a pretty cool time to have apocalypse bugger. Wouldn't you say yeah or less regulated Room by the state, I have everything locked up so yeah, but it's not it's not an underground bugger anything, but the current all I have everything locked properly. So I do. How long can you survive in that room? If, like hypothetically you accidently got lacheneur It is a real man. It's got a lot the word on it. Then I get your gun safe, but I can stop that. I have to do it by land of so but yeah
It is a real man. That's gotta lotta were out, it's gonna get your guns face, but I can stop that. I have tabled an alarm stops oh yeah! It would make sense now the boy s bigger in retrospect. Yet so, obviously there are more important things going on more I, this there's, a lot of things are to be taken away from people right now. Their livelihoods, third, in other jobs, their source lives all that stuff. But I have also imagine that there is like a little part of you that is extremely disappointed that it sounds raging its machines. Tour might be postponed for long. I was actually let cook it flew oil and show, and I got general measure one for you, I'm pretty disappointed, but I've seen him twice. I saw
but yellow seven. I saw match arising and I had a relationship with Tom Marilla for a while, and I gotta meet him a couple times like your tickets, secular rocard, allowing some pretty fortunate began, it sucks there are he you can't go see at you casino. You know under sixty five, so its culture home to the point that you how to see him now they're still energy to hide it so yeah. That's that's one of the matter I was looking merchant, but then there there unbelievable alive if you'd never. Am I to the other minor thing we gotta talk a little Kansas hoops. I looking at the minute. The ancillary field was so wide open this year. Definitely was one of those teams that NATO really get a one seed. It felt This was gonna, be a year where they're gonna make a deep run
what being around the team and seeing that like. Do you think that this this team had to make up to make that deep run and how disappointing was it like talking all the guys afterwards? Well, I think you know I call the game so yeah. I've seen them further, are the seas, knowledge to the end. I think they had the other line up the first weekend for sure and in we were slaughtered, probably to be spoken as well as one of the sides crazy. We were gonna, be another one seat and then being spoken, but I think I want to see their you're really good and to make a fire or you know you know how to prevent it- and without the match, Europe's withdraws matter. We lack debt, but we also have You know a lot of experience in the back court, but we had I'm pretty bad
What's going on, I think we're never wanted in anti scoring points per gamma ray, underscoring margin, so we had all the talent, but again literally Canada, coin flip. Once you get past the first weekend, but I definitely think they can least but above cable if everything went right, but you never know what can happen from them, but it is also answer We talked about whoops now cause it's like or whatever for now, like you said ever, was about what the fuck's gonna happen. Next, in its day to day, so yeah haven't really ever put much thought it'd, be honest because we landed from the acc tournament. Then they no fans were really was has been spoken about early, the next day was fuckin alternatives. Is it's been spent crazy on that front? Obviously, Eleanor menaces.
Ships bananas- so did you guys actually play in any games in that tournament before the council, using ones If we want to turn him and a little bit nervous going to it at a party and now you're telling me this really should think it worse. So I was a little bit scared to get on a plane, then it also? I went down there and the first time ever. Ghana, bold, I didn't do anything. I want my room. I barely went out. Yeah it was just every feeling, because when the term- and it is one the other better camps where they see, cancel bear so then you're sitting there like a thought. This is real and I was just an arena every night for two nights in a row. I, what do you see fight actual too and
I was like like I was just there Leah with you know: twenty thousand people that could have it and it's it's been crazy. Just thinking of that you know so yeah- I learned a lot of you nervous down there before it, even though it was announced just talking to, though other stab you guys, we learnt of the elbow bumps your points of all that shit. Like even a meteor Roma, touchiness assistant, prison sentence. Obviously when you were call those games. It was weird knowing that, like the players in the core could probably here what you were saying, because there were no you're, obviously no crowd noise or anything like that. Don't know we advance now there is and in the end of that was last ray early. I really aerial ask others, certainly yeah, but the devil she see was probably the last owner and quitted yes, and then everybody did no fans, and then this right after that, you know
what they play only one game, the big ten terms than cancelling or whatever so out along its. It's been really weird sports wise me. What the fuck you guys! You talk about, popular to have yet we just get weird with it. If we just, we are brains, go to dangerous place, we are doing what kind of a memory lane to having some of our old timer current guess on, because it's like this is back to when we do Skype and all that stuff in it's weird yard is a weird we're time I add one last question out of ash you this, but do you still novice in our right now, but do you still? pick up hoops when the world is normal. I, a coach, my daughter's basketball team, I obviously call games, I get my cup filled You know what I'm scared of his getting like an Achilles future. So can I know I was U procedures, like tat but, like I poured
I feel in the NBA in Britain me. Imagine we having for no reason after that, the budget be the worst thing either side The last time I played was I played back to the basket one alone with John. The waves replied, the league for a little better Danzig. Another kid- and I drew up walk into my card as a part of me. Let me do it was back a basket. I mean I observed his tissue paper. I was I couldn't go up and down. You would be If you just showed up to a, why am CIA wearing like like a very loose fitting, Heather Gray, Russell Athletic T, shirt and lights, really short blue, athletic shorten and new balances. It is pretended like you, don't know what you're doing but you're. Just why didn't through? Yet three point lie to three point line. Yeah I can t I could feel sure jumpers. I know but, like I said my windows fuckin awful when my hamstring, her fucking, walk up the stairs. I don't even know what I could do tat right now.
But she had no boots for me, man no up and down. I need that. I just always think about. Like retired athletes like how awesome beat you just go and dominate people strap on some respects, you might not even need through expect it S. Gonna completes the look yeah. John Stockton. Has listen town and the other Sunday led was pretty garden, really gets me every time. I see him because he still plays. He stopped there. Obviously, but I'm always I John, but no thanks man, but he's always call me a policy and an ice wafer EAST uplands license plate in Europe and stuff. So I could. If I wanted you that's the only way I would do you guys are placed before I loving heart is how I love it. John Stockton is getting matter people for not showing up to his game because he just wants to feed. You assists yeah. He's got me pussy shop to game, so I can. I can handle the rock and judge eighteen points he used to come to our guns, agar practices when I was
when he was a meeting of five or six years after we eat red at ten speed. He'd have his shoes on with his socks, assured shorts and John. Never stretched. I could get a bit like that, don't believe in it, and even one up we go up and down. Maybe waste with a basketball. Let's go in disbursed. Airways ass was unbelievable, almost like riding retired. That's incredible is incredible. He he had this doctor and you talk business from after women either it. I guess we're chiropractors shit like hell pills in your hand and did like squats and stuff and is like a wall first, come out of the way it was by work for John by the key divers stretch. Never doing that sure did you play sixteen year. Let me a game so about her. I guess you, John Stockton, overstretched. I man will take care of yourself, and hopefully we see sooner than later, because that would mean sports or back, and I
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can be nice and study took where some of the things I ve it'll help you out to try see VD, indeed, dot com from a could take for twenty five percent off and now Dick pound enough something completely different. Ok, we now welcome on a very special guessed. It is the longest serving active member of the eye see he was once the Bee p of the ILO see. He also was the first president of the World Anti doping agency. It is Dick pound. Thank you. So much for joining us we have a lot of questions, obviously we're trying to figure out where to go with corona virus, taking way sports and what stories to cover we thought you'd be great tab on because just last week the Olympics got postponed for a year. So let's start there, let's with the decision making process behind that? What was that
The last like few weeks before you officially suspended it like, and what were the different alternatives that the icy was discussing on how they could maybe get the games. Play this. Well then he leaned alternatives were to carry on the thieves July when you start, if it looked like the virus, was sufficiently contained in the to occur. Was rounding out that clearly wasn't happening. So your other two alternatives are cancellation, something that the eyes he is entitled to do with its concerns about the safety of participants in a minute. Now. It's always been because of wars. It never at this particular threat. No, we added before Rio to seek virus scan and life as we knew it. But it was largely a manufacturing bases. Gender, never
happen, but this this is a different order. And the other candidates, if you can make it happen, is sir, is to postpone and that's the sort of the middle ground away. We were looking at it took away to get there because well, You can? You can unilaterally cancelled if you're the icy? You can't you later They postpone it. You need to catch up your partners, the organizing committee and then the japanese government, come to the same conclusion which they did then He checked with the World Health Organisation, they said. Look this curve. Is going up. It's not coming down, so we set our. It doesn't look like it the July twenty four star will work but postponed I guess that would work are the Japanese willing to do it? Yes, it turned out that they were and then you have
click updates weakens, take a pin, honest a date and then everybody rejects eggs. The many many conclusions and deadlines and opportunity. Obligations set to meet new date, and that's where we are now. Got it to rub the wrong way at all going to the process. It seemed like the International Olympic Committee, was putting out signals. Saying, ok, we very clearly need to postpone we postpone and other this committee. They seem to drag their feet on it a little bit, especially towards the in there did. You have to put any pressure on them to to help them reach that same conclusion. Much pressure is saying I look away were delighted that you seem to ever a reasonable handling things in Japan. But if you look around the world, The risk is, if you persist with the July twenty four twenty twenty date, you throw it big party and nobody can come to it
because they can travel and they have had a chance to practise a strong than that. Would be. That would be a worse alternative for you. Then a postponement and I M a cancellation just put sir everything in the trash been because nothing happens but from the Japanese they got all that investment. On which there is no return and is for hers the olympic average you're concerned all generation olympic athletes gets thrown in the spiral to postpone them the right answer. So what I'm curious about it when I don't really understand, I don't follow how all the teams get made in the olympic process. Put were there? Any teams were already decided and then what happens to the athletes are potentially made. The team made these Olympics to the automatically make the next ones, or is it
just country to country. They have to decide their own decision who's on the team. Who's gonna be competing in the twin twenty now twenty one Olympics candidate depends to some degree on sport in India, We support you qualified by team, the United States is entitled to enter a team Canada's entitled reiterating what the mix of the players on the team can be determined you're right up until games time, practically in others, What were you? U qualifying? The bases of time were finishing, the world championships or whatever the particular sports decides, It looks like the international sports federations have said. Look if you qualified already on that basis, you retain your qualification, and if you haven't done it Did you go into that wherever there is a qualification? The process will be for the four twenty twenty one event and its it it's it's kind of an interest.
I call on the part of some of the sports federations because normally it's the best, athletes and in every sport that didn't get out of it. The team in the United States When the trials Urim gear, You know it's hard to stay at the top, so you might have been. King of the mountain, twenty twenty and by the time you get it. When you twenty one there some young standards making, you. Look like a yesterday's newspaper, so there be some some friction and there in some sports, but that's the generally sport by sport determined I mentioned that you have to deal with a lot of friction from from various bodies. Whether that's you know the host committee either are the different countries out there that you're dealing with wisdom? Decision did you get any blow back from it? everybody one when the decision was made was relieved. I mean, I think
everybody was being com, held to the conclusion that the right one Twenty wasn't gonna work and then you ll, let you do you? Have your fingers crossing hope these old guys on the oil, don't cancel the games or something like that, and so did the fact that it was a postponed and be it. We settled on a date pretty quickly so that everybody can match their training schedules in the peaking and all that sort of stuff with wood, whether they have now sixteen months notice. I think everyone's Britain satisfied that was the right decision. Ah so also curious in your history against the anti doping and you have been at the forefront. Like I said at the start, you are the first president of the Anti doping agency and you ve had a lot to run ends with the olympic sports. The icy testing first question is:
Do you not a fan of nineties late nineties, early two, thousands baseball. Will you not a fan of that? Like that's a tough time like I get, what you're saying that we should have anti doping, but that was pretty awesome with all the homework. Oh yeah. Now there is no question about it. We everything you got, guises Thirty six year old is her old guys getting bored is there still rising as they leave the property. Something is going on, It's it's not moms. Opium porridge and so I was it and then I was done baseball's case for a long time and the data into their credit eventually change things. It's hard tartarin in there professional leaks, Gus, The rules are really set in accordance with the collective bargaining agreements. Ran the international standards that apply across sir All countries in the world at its heart
to bring about a change I think are breaks through. There was to say today that the players associations of this and why Is it the year spending on your time and energy, defending guys, you know or doping and you know what salary caps and things like that they're getting paid handsomely. Expensive player say in the invader somethin. I gather as good. You're better and are not all of them So why have you got your priorities right or not, and I think that any eventually dropped and they became, much more amenable to more more rapid the programme in the area before an end, my son, in question- would be how much of issue is their rights in today's Olympics. In today's professional sports, do you think that were at a time where it's better than its ever been? Or is it still something
that you see as a huge problem across the board is still a huge problem with the progress made is, is the two were much more able to detect the use rights in any ladys and early nineties support. So if you're on it destroyed and you get tested, you'll get caught, the big problem is. To be able to find the athletes every day and DR. Yet you have deserved reverse engineer. This you're gonna be the weakness. Gold medal is the Olympics. What are you likely in the making private stairway were cocktail falling steroids. When do you likely to be doing it? and then we gonna be able to find you during that window because it, get through the window. The stairways are only your system to being detectable, but you ve got the benefit.
The stairway programme, which can last you for maybe five years, It's kind of a cat ass exercise, yeah I saw a documentary and I followed your career little bit here and you are not afraid to insert yourself into like the russian body, their governing bodies in Canada, them head on. I was ever any point where you were like a little bit afraid like. Maybe I should you know back off a little bit here, No, I mean when she jumped down all you. Gotta go right to the end of it I'm not sure I would be a beer big. Russian tourist these days, but I think I can probably get it and entered is it. The bread sought an exit visas from there no, you just do you do what you have to do in the Czechs will or they may clean, basically If I get a bad cold it'll get blamed on Russian, so yeah where's, you're
few wooed with Lance Armstrong. Now, because I know you have a pretty public one with with Lance back in the day, even though you never mention his name. I read that even never actually name Heaven. He just assumed you're talking about him where's that stand today. Has he ever reached out or said like hey? Maybe I was wrong. Maybe I did to hold those drugs or is it still a simmering field? well, he easy is acknowledged that throughout his professional career he was he was doing this in days, you know we're talking. Ninety six or seven make them to death in two thousand and change it. If you one. The tour de France feed you pretty well had to be on steroids. He wouldn't seven times in a row hello and that's what the eventually we calm down, and I must say that the new s anti doping agency did a good job in not getting run off ass death regional authorities TAT Day they preferred nothin.
Just against him for that, but there is Well, that's why you not be charged criminally, but as far as we are concerned, we think you doping, think to assert a doping case and eventually lands blinked and then, walked away from the arbitration proceedings, and so I got this life than in some sports in it You never get any other sports as well right right now, Do you have any one that works for you? Who is like a almost like a catch me? If you can situation where, in order to catch dope, where you have to think like a dope Percy knew you recruit somebody that has done something in the past to be on the good guys, side yeah I was when I was present water there there's a guy called Victor candidate. Who was with me I'll call. You remember the very bonds in her steroids and- and I thought then on Fourchan near the end of my term. I thought here's a guy! you don't know. What's going on
If you can build a relationship of trust with him, he can play wait. Wait you in the right direction, even identify the bad coaches. And what's being taken. When is it being taken? Where is it coming from where the supply there's all add sort of that. My successor, thought of them just as approved in notwithstanding to centre You gotta use what sources you can whistleblowers and inform its are. Frankly, a better sources information than trying to be lucky enough catch. Somebody in a bottle on the right day. What sure relate question. What's your favorite olympic sport there, maybe we don't mean you. I wish you were a swimmer, but what's your favorite olympic sport, summer and winter that you always are looking forward to well. It was interesting. I many years ago was the year what assistant chief where the canadian delegation in Munich and in those
these my job is to go and watch Canadians and in the preliminaries of further hence couldn't get them too many finals but term, but where came back from Munich, the next games, or in Montreal in all my friends were saying what what ticket should we get ass? We get swimming to get to mastic sue things like that. I said Polly Ball and their thing fondly Bob. I said trust me, volleyball in the Olympics is not like what you thought you were playing in school and I think probably in Montreal, most exciting finals in the entire games, where the volleyball ones, but but you had come in each anew at the head of the stairs. Thanks for others and had all kinds of fantastic athletes, but the volleyball is is, is really pretty special in India when Olympics. Winter olympics. I kind of like the long track speeds getting shorter.
It's funny, but it's like roller derby on ice speed and the grace and so on, of over the long term speech. Gaiters is really pretty special. The job anything to do with heading rugby to the Olympics. No, not in the sense of proposing iterative at that, but but having Rugby seven's I I was a great edition of the programme and its, One of the advantages of it isn't it unites, got all the elements of rugby the speeds on, but, You can schedule matches thirty minutes apart, had enemy is that the players can play a tournament. In sixteen or seventeen days of the olympic window. Whereas if you hadn't fifteen's it with great horses can only play, once a weaker wherever it is? I think has been a great addition. It's been Ukraine's been vapor both the men and women. Do you think just looking
Let us in spending less pity managed with us. Would you say that we are a borderline professional hand dollars? Because there's been a lot of debate, we had J Cutler on former bears quarterback, and he says that he could be a professional hand bar and we'll get the handball community very upset. Do you think we could just Looking at like us, you know no one that were Americans reply played t ball. We not to throw a ball. We could probably compete in the twenty twenty one japanese Olympics in handle. Well, When again, when I came back from Munich in Montreal it as the host, lead Andrea, canadian team in every sport, and so I said thirdly, I said you know we're all pretty good at drawing by plates. Why should you lots of stuff tat, wicked should get together and become the canadian and Baltic. I think it.
Helps to throw that means an advantage you get in North America because we throw rather kick off, but it's a tough game and the If you think you can just to put down yours, eggs and then step up there and squirrels and team anvil think again I still feel like we could do it again that spreading urine that same position as we are right now. You learned your hard less. We have not learned or hard lesson yet going act to the Olympics that were supposed to take place this summer. What the straw that really blew out the camel's back, where the whole committee said. Ok, we're looking the data we have to postpone, I ate. Think it was that the combination of seeing the do the statistics around the world, not just in in Japan wherever that curve, was not going down. It was level for awhile orgies
incrementally rising, but in the last four or five days before we made a decision. It turned up inside Emily up so and in others this isn't gonna He finished by July, has probably not gonna be finished by the end of the year. The clock is running at we shouldn't. We should make a decision in the interest of everybody, the japanese spectators broadcasters Athletes, everybody lulled, make it as fast as well, and then stick another pen in the paper answered here. Reset to this
We appreciate you joining us. I have one last question. I think it's the why I'm sure you've liked been on twitter and you seen every every time you get in the news. Have you thought about going by the name Richard you get a laugh about that, because people Twitter has changed. I would imagine thirty years ago was a little different. Now, it's it it. You know. Whenever you make a decision, you go viral and I'm sure you've taken a peek and then like oh, what's going on here and it's a lot of people just get cheap jokes off Eventually, somebody's gotta get passed through a fourteen year old giggles in the movie but I don't I don't I don't go on however, that without reason, somebody's we always workers are those that was trending, except maybe what are you talking about than it had still dick and thing you yeah it's that every time, every time you you have any kind of, I think you ve been in the news a couple times the last few years. In every time it happens, be any new trend and I always wonder, like growing,
like grown up. Will you ever like arms could go by Richard? Well, I did and delight at the university and you get to university indian higher up in sports. You together. You know you go about it, you're, not Robert, your bobbin, Richard became DEC I mean it, never think the checks position never occurred to me, but there somebody there with them. With a big fourteen years old. Yeah, right, Roma people just never get past sensation and said I feel I give you grew up at America. Probably would have, it probably would have, I think, can Canadians maybe a little too nice where they didn't connected and an end like go after you. When you were a kid, I will do it I regard that as my problem. Stronger. Yes, go! That's a good! In a good perspective to act. I would almost say that it might help you out in your professional job, because you are perfect spokesperson, because if you ever want to get a message out you just after release your message and then
let the rest of the world as a bunch of juvenile fourteen year olds. They kind of will it up that story to make sure to include your name in it, and your message gets out there more than would have before. So it's like almost bonus were hence murdered. My thought tat bad news, doesn't seem so bad when it comes from Dick pound till I get back to me a fact. You eat cuz, everyone just go to the game and they don't go to the bad news, so you got a life hack there lol you never know how was gonna work out yet Well, we appreciate you joining us, we're plus one question? You are? You did work as attacks attorney right. That's my job Ok, so our produce produced producers are just too just doesn't do his taxes without rights. That's her bread, soda broke up. Yeah Rostov into economics have broken up There is a need for money. I don't know
the same in Canada, but I don't you like. You should do your taxes. Indeed, well, it's nice, it's nice to have a problem when is taxed in Canada, ignoring its April thirtieth. Oh, ok! Ok! Pushed back to sir. You guys, you guys are the fifteenth and our walls where the if you choose to file is the fifteenth yes I'll give you three doesn't always follow through yes. Well, we thank you, much. We appreciate your wedding ring up again yeah. We have. We appreciate you joining us and we look forward to the Olympics and twenty twenty one to work. Well, Thanks for having me on spin time, I thank you. Thank you. That interview with Dick pound is brought to you by our good friends at Super critter. So right now can't be overwhelmed, we have to work. We have to work, keep her love one safe. We have to work to protect our communities, we have to say strong, we have where to stay connected to stay focused. We have to to inspire to innovate
to build new solutions. For all this to work, we have to work together and zip recruiter. They connect employers and people every day, but today is different their partner. With first responders government officials, the medical community, the innovators and the manufacturing transportation and food distribution industries to make sure that their food their finding the right people for the right jobs right now. Hypocrite is doing a great thing. They understand that we have to work together. Now super quivered, dot com, slash work together check it out. Supercomputers do great things are community because, right now we have to work together. Ok, let's get some segments by the way I got this tweet. This is what I'm talking about. We need to do our best to bring sports back. Someone treated me during this crone of our outbreak remember to remain at least ten feet away from others. If you're wondering how far that is picture by their money, Norman
picture bears wider, see, run then imagine March riskier shit, you the past Guess I haven T picture packers, wider Seaver, imagine workers courteous, shut up, shut up everyone we have thats imperative your luck. Everyone keeps tweeting Joe back their porn to announce. We have your book on the show on Friday. Actually, an awesome interview we want any more than that, but an awesome interview made with someone else as well, but How did Joe, but not see this coming not intended. Not you didn't. Do you not see anything coming because he close out before you now system actually think that your book announcing porn would be hilarious? all you got to say this is the most disgusting thing I've ever seen. Display the Randy MOSS Club over and Boom announced, the major buck announcing porn would be, will get us ones.
That closer to sports being back and twenty twenty to be idle, shame of someone like one through much of old job back games and then compiled like cut different parts of it make inside sound, like you weren't damn. That sounds like no one has enough time for that. Hank Craig is worth all belated gonna work every day awaiting. Oh Someone has a lot of time. For that. Do nothing. You're, a real shame, we have. What is it all the way to stay away to stay? Young NFL fell. The NFL confirmed today that wildcard weekend will have six games. If there is one which will be unbelievable. Put the extra one of the four games is being picked up by CBS, also being broadcast on Nickelodeon, so tat. It can reach a younger crowd. I love it. I ll and whose announcing a game I
was the steed from blues clues Jacqueline wrong has to be on their broad, wrongly Graco. Absolute Vienna progress along the lines, maybe grog in then just make up Russell Wilson our Philip rivers nobody Russell Aerial said I feel I didn't you ever use like back to back the back Nick, the eighteen Choice award winter. So I feel, like he's hosted the show before today has so you would be perfectly get slide in between quarters. That's gonna! Why are the? Why are they going to reach like six year olds that don't want to watch football with her dad was going to say she's going to piss off a bunch of dads who are like. I don't want to watch this on Nickelodeon I mean it would be cool here's the thing. What they're going to do is probably just put like a broadcast on Nickelodeon, which makes no sense if they were going to do it and it was like a fun way.
The scoreboard would be different like it would be, grog end and Amanda Pines and Russell movies. Maybe they would think totally outside the box and make it like really fun in, like booze coming out of the corner of the tv put their not they're, not going to theirs, putting it on other station to boost the rings. Instead of the Gatorade tub with just slime, and the coaches gets dunked in it after they win the game right flat at the Refs, flags are like at the bottom of a kiddie pool, filled with green goop that they have to dig through to find, but what they're really doing is they're putting on Nickelodeon, so they can capture the audience of everyone who forgot to turn off their tv for whatever shows on Nickelodeon right now I met at an Eddie how coolly now before that would be cool. I should mouthwash, more about flush motive, finish off cartoon network, I could name one. I'm Sherman get in that game soon, the Nickelodeon game, so
I'll, be back in it soon. Mouthwash more of candy should do it at the shell can star Kay my first one is no brainer circus penis, universally regarded as the most trash candy ever be invented. I'm you know either invented, I think they're just invented, said dad's can have candy that they know that their kids won't eat, the dazzling either but it still something that you know that you kids wants to offer me yeah that one is yes, it's really makes no sense. That exists really really stupid candy. I my first pick good in plenty, Just another trash ass candy I dont get it. I dont know why that exists, and it just every time. I've got a good and place where those candies you have like once every five years like oh yeah? That's that's why it sucks I'll. Never have that again I mean even right of the name. It says it's not great. It's good
and there's like, I guess, there's a lot of it, there's a shit. So we had a lot of stuff it's. It's literally inspire confidence. It is the quantity over quality candidate. And education women of candies. It's it's. The Frank Gore of candies in your Larry Fitzgerald of Cato mean that you only there about Frank Gloria. Do I mean it Hank you're, a garage circus, peanuts? If no insane Next, we have enough, wouldn't have enough Dick jokes My first one narrow waivers yeah, smarties without the taste. And rulers. Oh well, I grew up bowlers arch rash. You take a bite, a role as I think, every time it take a bite arose. My tooth is coming out with it But here's why I like rollers. Defence of rollers now now hold
Let me just tell you I like to to have fake portion control and rose, comes in the little fucking thing, so you can basically like. Oh, I only had five of home, I'm good they're, like Airmail chocolate Minto US right now, you're like they're like rhesus cops, but with no peanut butter, just caramel yeah, The end, then they come into little sleep like rise, dependent role. Look if you know parliament, yet I agreed they get. Those aren't bad. Yet they are. They are now that water is a big has list caused smile is ok.
I cannot stress. Pixie sticks those trash guys agree to ensure its not candies, rather than die David CAT, I used to know you did Hank you need each day I would rob my sea. We saw get like ten packs of pixies text. We actually rob yeah. It's like that. On the whole, I guy, like there's a serious understood from me that was nice of italy- is like the town G rated that was like before I got a new drugs and alcohol guides got off violet. Stealing candy from my CBS, take like ten packs of it empty at a mountain, but no undue bottle which out of drank and then fill it to the top with pixie sticks. Ok, then, have a giant bottle of pictures to, I just think everyone to sing like into Hank at a young age, pigmented laziness candy. Ever there are occasions, sugar is lacking, It's too late and I like pigs is you can you can snored on? You? Can lick com? You can form into other drinks and beverages disgrace. Now, candy sure next to
My neck, I'm gonna go black licorice, ok and models. I don't hate, my boy during my like liquid assets, robbers, whoppers, good, I gotta pull offers on their. You can't put more points, could not no sound like an old person Katy one or more, for no? No, no, no more! No because whoppers has Malta in it, but it's not a motto. Personnel loser while pose is my choice, but that's even a candy like no one knows where I can get that candy You get you gotta, be any yet whoppers If you want to get more pause, you just go to your local convenience, store the bulk section, and it's like ninety percent. Marble stats get mean that I'm gonna put whoppers on their my diagrams. Our guy whoppers. Why I didn't even get brand name apples I'd, so here's a kind of applying the same, because in of more of whoppers is milk tides. I fucking hate, not that's new, never INA milk. Does it didn't get stuck in your teeth for fucking hours, the most.
Annoying candy and its larger laurels. It's one of those ones. That's like it's like a dog like you're like all this is good, and then you get trapped. It's like a fuckin trap. Every time role What you just said it describes how I feel about rules to tee. Ok, I like not died, but I think I only really enjoying because I'd braces for a long time and that's one thing that you deftly not allowed to eat and they can't you with your prices, went to get him off. It's like I'm free. I can eat of not that's it. I want braces are no braces; they get stuck in everyone's teeth, no matter what end of a fucking worst. You got your eating it for the next week, pink. Ah, now and later. Ok ways it as long as those hardest luck, yeah, there's like Starbucks right, like worst harbours and there lay our Yale and say always a crack. You can't let us not not good. And my last one reason: nets.
Disagree crazy. I, like she's dynamo, do yes, it doesn't make you feel, like you're, actually healthy snacking. Yet, great movie: snag Algeria's nets and probably junior ments measurements, abolitionists ordinary things. Great things to eat turn a movie. I might ass, well be smarties unless you can actually think make you smart put. That's another one, we're it's like: they don't put smarties smart, the candy that they had before the depression. They weren't pixie sticks circular crisis, yet it was before candy innovation there, like hey here, I have some candy, it's just the street apt that you give em like kids it before the dust ball during the dust bowl, we're like hey what he got left. I gotta Smarty here here we go little sugar left. I think those words like what you found at the bottom of a bag of industrial, says sugar like a big as they like. Coagulated together and they were yet
scandal, slackened, ok, what you'll aspect fifty my last pick carefree gum Care for game is the worst kind of gun. That's ever is that aside in candy, that's got like our when accounting gum comes Healthcare, and of these gum candy on his gun. We can have a more able to wake on if we wanted here we could do a mouthwash more of gum. We showed at separate thing Google, this is gum candy, it's not what does matter What Google says you it's, even though it is privileged Arctic hold a phd. Fifty put it today for this white thing they day. I think there are only for his revolver relocate rebound. Ok reversal, Fifty you say Hank, I need a sugar, can you please go the storing Emmi some candy, as I come back with a pack of gum. If you will use your sir, if you said big cat, can I get a piece, a candy and I hated you a fucking piece, a trident. I
say. Thank you to hold leases release. Those there's another dominant bubble are carefree, gum, yellow warheads, that's disappear, I, like I'm bomb since those those soccer, what we know tat a worthy called I, like a words like light what would the regiment fireballs firebug ass? Well, yeah. Those are bad, but I should have said fireballs by only second passed like liked. Fireballs yeah yeah yeah only was on the firebug said what I will eat any flavour of warhead and warheads were like trade gold. At lunch table, but if you were the second, you bring out a yellow one get on my face. I think you for we missed any other, give any choose If not judging fruit is a juicy fruit and how to hack, do you guys like arm? Was it it's all been joined them? What's the other one mounds. I care more, which Rhine alike
all enjoy joy. Has nice man doesn't have nuts? He saw the exact same he's bar is the craziest one, because heat bars are good. Put her poor ice cream is good. When its crumbled, when it yeah deconstructed Heath bars, really really good. What about a payday bar dosing suck so bad? This is us that's another one where it's like. That's that was a pre nineteen like forty five candy, really Kay you want some candy here, here's a bunch of peanuts. I just smash together and like put a little bit of Carmelo yeah. You know that when you got paid that you can only afford a cannibal our opponents of extra nickel there, you know what it was. It was originally O Henry Bars and then they said this cost too much to produce. So let us make no Henry BAR without the chocolate coating on it and I was paid Ok, thousand grand those are actually good, though yeah underground
Randy rightly right on about payday, introduce nineteen thirty two there he called do you couldn't tell the candy words like there's no candy innovation in this was just the candied that, like kids on Halloween when they actually dressed up like ghosts. Ever undressing yours, you like Halloween from like an eighteen, thirty. They they were dress up to actually like scare, the fuck out of every living person on earth. And it was terrifying yeah that was Earl dutch clerks, favorite candy when using the he provided advertisements work as a march on Skittles Earl, dutch clerk, eight smarties, and pay days. Tat is just like I nelson some just Jews in a pile peanuts and let it frees together and then run it to me. Young payday, anything else. I'm trying to think of everything. Most of the bad ones. These are all the ones that you, if you put him in a ball, they would just all be there at the bottom We should try it
the same. Do a science experiment with all these see. What's really is the worst, but we're never gonna build see people again etc, censured off the draft coming up? Also, stay walk on. Did you see what Genji was done? He's gotta game ultimate tag. He's trying to dovetail off the M J Documentary, like them, bullying, has been into releasing that early suggestion was, Hey are foxes her way than we can release ultimate tag early and so probably tomorrow, Fox Gandhi, like yours, ass, for you gotta ultimate tag with a lot brothers coming out next week. I could use them like terrible summer programmer Gibbs were not thrown, are there for. Gimme Iraq eject marathon. So Friday. We have Joe Buck and we have the review of King Kong fist. A quarter, so everyone makes you watch, you can watch it on Youtube, so makes you watch it
trying to book a guest from it. We shall see we
it's better than I remember is one might render documentaries incredible incredible document. Ok, we'll see here on Friday lobby has proven its part. My take presented by bar stool sports.
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