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Adam Schefter, BitCoin 2 Gen, Combine Talk And Is Tom Brady Leaving?

2020-02-27 | 🔗
Live from the Indy we talk about the big news of the day, reports saying Tom Brady may be leaving New England as a Free Agent (2:27 - 12:13). Trey Wingo Bear gate is finally resolved, PFT gets in a war with DK Metcalf and Bitcoiin 2 Gen may be in a little trouble (12:13 - 23:50). Adam Schefter joins the show to talk about offseason moves, Assault. whether or not he has the Dez tape, and Assault (23:50 - 60:08). Segments include Fyre Fest of the week, sabermetrics the Astros getting plunked, respect the biz and FAQ's
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on today's pardon my take we have adam schefter nfl and our fell insider our annual interview with chef de we sit down with him in indianapolis from the combine we broke the record fremont at times the word assault was said we're gonna talk little tom brady or talk little combine fire fast effie cues a big friday show for every one last show of the first year part might take so we will not be the first to the second year so believed remembers leap day sunday but before we do all that parma take is brought by the cash up not only is the easiest places and mighty your friends but is also a place where you can buy fractional shares of stock with as little as one dollar hanker you gonna be investing already have them in what does mark is down
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in writing well what am i to rising the go download it right now use coal horse to ten dollars for free ten dollars to the s peace yea they is fry a february twenty seventh eighth twenty eighth not that now and tom brady is actually no longer a new england patron false according to jeff i am telling people is telling people in his camp in his circle that he's expecting to hit free agents
so i'm reading that as tom brady hates every one in the pages organization is looking get out times fast possible okay so couple things one jeff darlington we ve madam we hung out with him nice guy i still get very very angry when he has a report and unlike wisest nascar driver releasing a report about tom brady he's gonna nascar name pick a new profession i don't wanna hear tom brady news from the guy who drives like the twelve bush car at the edge daytona ok that's number one bothers me because she's very jealous because he didn't get the jeff darlington vip black all access card to his party this year at the superbowl it was it is thick and metallic could drop it was is basically like to firefox card is pretty
we but i can tell the yard you're still fuming about that i wasn't even the parties so that i didn't even know that existed at the inn vote no i remember i was like i do not want to drive forty five minutes to hang out with jeff darlington and mike silver but you did ok so number two here too i think this is all just a story because there's no real story out of it by yet all we had so far from the combine is one guy that one guys often of lineman who ate a lot i think it was division three st john's been bark he had seven eggs cottage cheese grits peanut butter banana a twenty out gatorade all in a blender that's our biggest news outside of that and injury judy maybe when rugs runs a four to forty but that it's been a pretty quiet combine so that's why we get this news too well it was let's go back to smooth smoothly were quick to gatorade at the end is really just insane like i'm lucky
at the other ingredients they go into that that calls for milk that calls for guy maybe two percent milk maybe some chocolate milk some cream you to really smooth out the gator aid like a red gatorade to come i know that duchess unnecessary but it did help him gained fifty pounds anyone for being tied into now he's i guess nothin to tackle but yeah there's not a but i mean the top reigners i would say is significant news i mean it's like one of the best players in the last couple years of the inner valleys had a pretty good career and he's thinking about switching teams i'd say like probably a top five quarterback of the modern so we can talk about it and i put together a quick list of my my power raking by top for teams that tom brady go to that would just piss off patriots and patriots fence ready ok number while you're at it i never to thing are you wait near giants got near tcheidze go to your gibes i think stout really pissed off hank and
another doing with fans maradona when i guess number two indianapolis the rival is back on again with a piss you off ok number three pittsburgh and then number four just the buccaneers because i actually think that there are the weirdest uniform than i could ever imagined tom brady in its the longer the dallas cowboys is no longer the jaguar just now officially my head the buccaneers well not to throw a challenge flag on that one but we actually dont know what the box uniforms look like khazar change their retooling them yeah so they could maybe maybe their new uniforms or just the patron
uniforms and that's their pitch to tom brady there's no law that says that you can't just steel somebody's uniform way so i something it's vikings would be the weirdest uniforms because the purple would be jarring but that's a good list what if he went to the bangles just a kind of vienna phelan expert mode them in that would be a lot of people have been saying the reverse that bilbil check would be an should any dalton cause if you can win or pursue both annie dalton than ever and will say while this guy can do anything you walk on water i'm right is there a part of you that thinks it tom brady wants to go to another team just so that he can beat patriots and then he could say he beat every single team in the nfl i think he be the first person do that may be brought about everything goes in you had far probably did he probably did robberies maybe noakes oh do you think beat saying they might have been he might have done a touchdown against every team either way let's just say that's a stat sounds cool yet he
beat every single team or what about this if he were to the chargers andy red farm andrew once and for all on us better than eli manning ok able to win with chargers is so in enlightenment real talk here for a second pay man indeed ever team that makes sense that makes perfect sense is actually probably been done like seventeen times and i'm just an idiot but in real talk i i still don't think that he's gonna leave and i know this is playing right into what jeff darlington was saying is point which was ever need to get over the fact that like in your heart to heart
like wait he's not gonna leave there's no way i still don't think he's gonna leave but i also am always like kind little cautious when it comes to these the choir thing was a perfect example la braun when he went to miami this is prime if you ve ever had a conversation with tom brady you are now a source for a big story and all those people talk and i feel it tom brady doesn't even know what he's gonna do but you know his friend from five years ago like i'm pretty close tom and i could tell you definitively he's leaving so it's big time source season where anyone who's ever had a cup of coffee with him can be part of a story that's very true hank how are you feeling about all this which are put meter at all meters probably mid level mid level poop did it go up today yet and i talk to some maya fellow patriots compatriots in the office in their put meters or which i wasn't expecting in that kind of raised my awareness so
gun to your head right now all three of us patriots okay gun your head p what do you say gun to my head yeah i'm gonna be the guy the meat that says he's gonna be a patriot i guarantee i've heard from sources close tom brady heck that he's gonna be doing the patriot we know but hank sources actually said the opposite but here is my source right thank you said bodies can be a patriotic sure so here is my source and hank is close to the patriots ipso facto i am reporting sources are telling me he's going back to the patriot ok saucy patriots too because leroy my source so do you owner told me which makes me believe that leroy probably said something to him so i meant to say this package as a whole where now taking our reputation that we don't really care about and if it were wrong who the fuck cares but we are staking reputation defended
really that he will still be a patriot yen i'm honestly just believing that because it's the sinner that would make me it's the least exciting of all the scenarios right and tom brady has always been a very unexciting great quarterback and so i just feel i see this fitting to patent where he's gonna go back new england probably when one more superbowl we roma as a bunch and then hank is gonna hold it over ass for the rest of our lives the build up the build up to these big free agency things it always doesn't really like deliver so i fruity they're there we're all gonna be like oh my god you can go here he could go there and then he's gonna end up being is fragmentary by his house citys or he rightly so i figured it out on the market still that's exactly what going to be it's going to be a fucking ad for like the real estate market he's basically announced that he's staying in boston by going to his front lawn and taking the for sale sign down i mean maybe he's just mad at his neighbor so he's putting up a for sale sign having a bunch of people stop by all the time
clog up the streets of traffic people are park in front of his nosey neighbours driveways he just probably a good old fashioned neighbourhood feud yes so so to wrap up the tom brady talk real quick hank i have one last thing for you are you prepared i know you think that people going to pick on you and patriots fans but are you prepared for this is just gonna be a story whether you like it or not for the next month like this it is nowadays no avoiding this alone he talked about pretty much on average oh it's you can't you it's going to be the number one sport story until maybe march madness gets here of of fully expected that since the season ended ok any other any other news from a we heard that may be philip rivers the colts which i think you actually set on monday show fifty yeah yeah
philip rivers has interests in the courts and and leave right in per his sources he's had for independent people tell him that are close the situation not making this up these are actually people that are tied into the situation that philip rivers is highly considering becoming in an apple is called and that talks are kind of bubbling up under the surface out over the tampering rules are symmetric get anybody in trouble but i've heard that maybe one of course we approached like three or four phil perverse children i've been in touch with the court's about dacres situation there so it looks like he's gonna be going to end the interesting so we also went out to dinner last night we had to see doug peterson's hair up close and personal he was sitting the jar it was awesome he's got like its pillow soft it is here it looks so soft i dont know what conditioner uses but you can just feel the softness even though i didn't feel his hair but i wanted to hear you can feel the softness through your eyes it looked like a rat
who's got shot directly on top of his head it is just a mealy went totally limp i did i want to walk up to unjust pedant yes yes yes so that was prematurely notable store unless you had other things to mothers i mean there's bear gate on trade bear gate i forgot we had to talk about that so i we do need to talk about this i've been posting everyday different bear that tend to follow me around all this damned country leave me alone and so you ve got you ve got an update on the origins of the two window bear story your call on
night or friday night he lied about a pair of his things back porch okay so let me just prophecy by saying tray hit me up and i think he just i think he's scared of you pay of tee so i think that's why he hits me up disease also hit me up before being like america stepped add crush marketers like i don't even know what are you saying and then i realized it was your line i like tray i think he's funny i think actually goes with it for the most part accept like dude maybe do upon rip once in a while but anyway he wrote me and he said they get bears all the time so you remember that this was a bare situation that was off like a block down from him the actual foot photo you posted it just four years old so he said that
friday night a huge one was on his porch put ran away before he could get a pic so ok he then posted the old picture of the bear on the porch and thought that the internet would be smarter to realise that it was night time and it was a daytime p sure he thought wrong now i'm just i'm just telling how he's telling me he said once again my decision to give people credit for basic understanding of the time space continuum was too much and then he said i don't like that i don't know gave one on all ip if the ominous say in defence of tray here because i have now become the defensive trailing go he then sent me a picture of another bear at night which i dont know why hidden post this a year ago there was on his board okay he should have just posted that picture i'm looking at right now it makes no sense if you can just post that one hank we confirm that is a
contrary windows porch yeah how'd he knows trays porch i'd say it's a huge sign that says trays smoke shack right behind it actually don't then he sent me another greenhouse factor of of a bear running in his back yard so trade ngos point in its defence faster than that that pig to moan improve or whatever the dog trays point is he has bears all the time it is backyard he did see a bare there was a bear at at one point at one point there was a bare according to trade courting terry wynn go there was an act bear yes i've taking a picture of it he went back and found an old picture of a bear and was just saying this is what it artists representation would it might have looked like with us are the bare during the day so first the barest of tray for him to be saying
all bears look like an odour one bears just the same as the next one also lets flashed back in time to dear twenty seventeen when tray window put that same picture that bear that was not on his porch on his instagram are we to believe that that training every time he sees a bare just in general he goes he goes into his phone into the folder labelled my one bear pick and then he puts that he put out on all social media everyone knows that he has indeed see another bear ok again i don't know how i became the defence for trailing go but i play that role i wear that hat what to say is at one point there was a bare there were many bears actually why he didn't post another bear picture i can't tell you but i have confirmed visually was a bear in a picture that he sent you did you do a google reverse image search from that picture yes no
didn't know i wouldn't i would like to see the result when i come back because i suspect that it may be lifted from animal black eye furthermore tray when you post a picture of it little bare was cute little bare earrings climbing on you're cute little ports and standing us cute little bare pause how many kids in connecticut went out that night and tried to pet a bear and would see a bare walking across her back there and we like this is sweet oh it's pooh its winnie pooh i'm gonna go scratching research and mr very honest trailing girls to watch and when it in his role in his role as america step that gets tv and tell us america that it's safe to go up and pet a wild bear because you're cute and they go on his back porch under saying think of the children ok it's fair i either way i rest my case there was a bare so i'm gonna let em off the hook here
by the way if you want to watch interviewed a partial dotcom such p m t the only other topic so i wanted to throw out there was stephen skull might of we might be in trouble for bitcoin to jan but we really have to get into it because i think we owe you probably implicated ourselves and we're probably gonna be in the filing because we did a good non boosting it we we were never paid to promote bitcoin to jump through through the glass asha will what we do on our shoulders we we dabble in retroactive equity in the red a true active equity space where we talk about a product and then if it actually become successful later on then we go back ok we remember when we talked very product give us a cut of it so we didn't get paid at the time we were not promoting it and plus i don't think too i think stephen cigars off the hook on this one because you can't get arrested for fraud
if the product is called this is literally fraught right so he is very open about how fraudulent bitcoin to jim was so it's not like it's false advertise their the media that they had on their website basically showed you through all their marketing material if you want to invest literally had a pyramid so i dont think you mean yeah rest someone for a pyramid scheme when they showed you the pyramid that's actually stupidity test if you bought bitcoin jane you should be arrested agreed and also i think that is a good thing that people have been defrauded by bitcoin too gentle seems ago because if there's one group people in america that needs to have their power severely severely curtailed it's probably someone who's die hard stephen seagal fan is also extremely wealthy that's fuck are you sire you it's really not extremely extremely is probably too much but like i am of huge stephen scoffing right but
gave us even seagal fan with a shitload of money is very very dangerous situation while you owe him hank i'll have a shitload of money but i i'm teetering on being a lot of trouble what you say would pick went to jam are you one percent are i dont know i know i'm not a one percent i mean bernier gonna come after you you gonna get me the burning were hudsucker house ass hey listen i want health care for everyone maybe you'd start run a virus me too i'm gonna put arose in my my twitter account right now and i'll start harassing perfect i should get her out of shifter interview although we want or others for we have talked about fifteen decay back half hour in a incredible battle on instagram that you have to have become define glass to have followed the last few rounds but it's been a sight to see in a sight to watch last couple days
i love dk metcalf he's a really good shit talker so he's a worthy opponent we just i think i was i was showing steven shea how to get off to a good start running a forty yard dash and it's all about we're having the same hand go back how do you know as your foot because i've run server for your dashes army fast of course my light and know that i'm a bit of it the demon you might not know that but i showed him how to get off to a good start and the basel sports instagram account for some reason tag decay met calf and was just like pfc will be to race i'd nothing do that decay responded and then that began about six hours of nonstop quoting each other's instagram stories i think you're probably like twenty five different replies one point he called me serbia's homeless cousin probably is betty britain that's pretty good that was good he said what's more embarrassing not making the
fell are being named so i brought my dead brother into another talk and asked up that's still fun but then i reply to that i was only able to kick ass straight as can run so bringing up his his inability to turn like an era carrier up and so we just went back and forth it was an entire afternoon and then i also got body that like many fridge which i thought was pretty good that it is good that was i like these are my body was shaped like many fridge but then i said sir you're saying that it looks like i can have a six pack so then i got he was like you know what this has been fund which i took as him putting the white flag up but i think i think we might raise i think that we discussed this offline mean decay i think that there might be a race involve an end or how much had started gonna get longer they have a significant headstart or maybe i can just like drive a car maybe i i never specify that it was a foot re so maybe i'll just be me driving a car like me who
get two blocks faster in the city of new york me in a car decay run it you should we should get it we get like puma or alliance or something and put some glasses on like theory go decay that price seems dangerous it would be fond yeah it would make me there was a great show of man versus beast where that yes yes i'd like michael johnson racing a giraffe or some shit let's do that let's absolutely do that okay so lot of stuff lot of lot of crazy things that happened last couple hours or a couple days but let's get to our interview with adam schefter and we'll do some segments on the other side fun time talking with him we should catch up with them every year he still doesn't have the dez tape get into all that before we do that we have a special new sponsor outback is now available through door dash that means using stakes a big fry bloomin on each other
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i just want to know adam shifter assault what was it that night battery battery is very sorry that address nobody is an environmental disaster will harm but review as we're u s upset as you watch that as the assault tweet made me think hour basically you're watching it and the only thing i can think of is he just assault that guy sought here's some sort so let me say that again give effort he assaulted just sat evaluation saw assault it was this all that's why is it so that it can actually be we do you think i am i think the period is what really settled over the top to assault period some about it that's we might be my favorite tweet from twenty nineteen you know the funny thing is i haven't seen it show up anywhere since then like me
when you guys happens my life is the first time anybody's brought that option than there is greater union you can apply the tweet assault just about anything that happens online anytime dogs unravel assault as just a great reply to its it's it's the new always to have your backpack iran and credit to you i think that five years ago out of chefs are probably wouldn't had fun with it but you did right away you kinds of the piss out of it which is a great anxiety makes a funnier words like em it's assault while period again i've been through this enough to know it is not going to go away that is follow me around and so now we'll just have to come up with something again sure whatever that may be right to supplant assault i have naturally at some point so again nuclear energy in the aftermath of the assaults personally like the male gave us if it does we had said
but after these saw tat i was i was very welcome didn't certainly circles and i heard that there were rumours that are made you ve been some tapes out there you're a big the tapes this guy we'll get we'll get to that again in a second but did you also hear the same rumours that their work tapes of what was said on the field just prior to the assault i've never heard anything like that i've never heard the tapes i don't know that those tapes exist and there are wide array of opinions why didn't didn't happen and i now i dont think will ever know didn't didn't happen mean it's amazing to me that miles garrett says this says he heard it and mr orlov is vehement in his denials defended by his coach and you ve got people sticking up for him so whose
right now so in terms of miles garrick going for actively we still do miles garrett mason enough in this whole thing mazarin on innovative socrates is quite right let it go to bed and without really the other guy that's if ideas i actually did oh so you walk up i'll hasn't personally s egg dad even makes isolated and i got that's all that's what is apparent in minority report here it's late in european waters a crime that's about like like you you dozing off i was dozing off i was watching it there's a tv in my closet and my question is this true for mentioning satellites i'm kendra wiser warrior back now my wife while she watches her housewife shows and oliver bravo i go into my little closet with little tv and i watched theirs boy and oftentimes be perfectly frank we see in my chair and i'm watching the screen and and i just kind of those off i haven't doesnt work up unlike what day what the hell
so you're so watching this in your closet in talk tiny tv i woke up assault sought that that is also why i have so much colors yea it also like you i that this is obviously going to be very summit is not related to like the wider audience but in terms of content creators theirs thing worse than when you wake up in something big as happened and your light we what i am slept through kevin where's legendary i literally took a nap during and women are yoga in managua time of rose i woke up as a wiser no time why has only been thirty thirty seconds it have gone by and let us leave for thirty minutes and then i realized kevin where the holy but that is the worst feeling waking up what has happened is jolted yeah right that's that's that's a sensory assault right exactly that's a big times that really wants to live life on the west coast they wake up and its noon on the east coast
and they ve already missed who knows how many example right assaults on that is outlets where the child reports of being on the west coast eighty either you're getting up late like can you imagine like the world is going on writing stock markets crap you'd freak if you ask me different deal like you free every year die again i can live there now you would you be freak and yet we were lucky enough that i had that the second half of the games i we're still watching oh my god this they could still score like a backdoor cover something then assault you just mentioned something that i want to do fall question what's your favorite real house was well i like i want the new york where no such need new jersey enjoy you like brevity i do like that an actor i don't like you you don't like your chief she got divorced from the countess the count and she still causes of the countess no less our dogs i join mr santer margarita girl do i grant sorry that's remit
i think the way out of these rights are self love you on your new york new jersey that's kind of meda funds through oh see but their fire and all the other women out there since can be where new jersey new yorker bethany escheat shit i should get abortion on tv show like them i scanned the world be it on me avenue that's cool is it a reality television show didn't really show like the person's true personality one where the other he does not all budget does not perhaps are the real world is that's really i called the real world about that guy but i will the five minutes i saw him in a heavily programme i think he was a good guy i advise some questions i'd like to make some news on some headline jim how our teams taking extra precautions to combating it the krona virus o clock was dead
not filtered into the nfl disregards the heads come it's got overnight we need to have one team you i guess we're making our all employers where mass ass during our rookie orientation is that the next i want to make some headlines gibbey gimme a sleeper team tom brady who asleep pretty see the thing is yours lists gives the less flowers thank yous don't you start the patriots you mixing the titans the raiders the chargers ok which means you bobby sound with some other team that we don't have listed right little views that sleeper what team what you'd be like would happen and you wouldn't you'd be shocked but not oh my god tom brady sign with the browser or something like that i have asleep before you cause i have one for you guys get too how about you goes to detroit played played play ball jewish again don't it is gonna grab modernization in yemen patricia we're interesting theirs
we have a celebrity lira gotta come sleeper teams yeah he was thinking maybe the panthers don't see it credit to you by the way you also handle leroy in any time we break user blacker than did a few years back but might cause we i remember that you really mad now are you now you're not my work on the internet you guys maybe talk if you because we got all the details right actually that night as really what spawned leroy in the long term because i got temporarily addicted to breaking news after the hive breaking that mccarthy story well and i'm you know do you still get a rush when you story before everybody i mean that's that adrenaline kicks in its fun feeling yeah you hear that that's right like italy roy likes it delivers chasteneth car aegis and then what get it you just gotta put your phone down for a second you like smoke cigarettes
make yourself a sandwich you leave him with these days in rome were you had more trade out the rat gift might have has meant that he's a p buddha judge guy i didn't have more tweet out anything ok right and rabbit racket granted residence or what i'll flora you good before your right now found flora do you see florio work how long that conversation last not long look you're gone there was that there was a little bit of a back and forth and this is probably the least interesting media feud of all time but like a week you go you guys got area based on like verbiage of it the graziani report of what would you have always yea is giving a deadline or whatever was met my boss call me in the afternoon and it was like five o clock regos what did you report that you're being questioned and criticized on for about one more visible
is like the inner fell has set like a deadline for the nfl alright actual as yeah i remember ratified by panache and saturday report anything today what what are you talking about and so morning i woke up and he s pm news wire with links to the stories and i saw something that they at the latest on the sea ba talk short ever was which i guess danny not i didn't even know i looked at it as ok let me put it they're in the morning it was six there seven in the morning never thirdly the other and five o clock my basic well they're saying that you reported this although like i ever report a single thing i post a linked to any european story that was written right and so again it was repeatedly referred to me reporting something and all i said was simply put i never reported yeah but isn't everything by the nature of your job everything you say is your reporting it but you just reported that to us right so if i
but i've tweet element of person a link to their story than on reporting that so if i u reporting that grass yahoo has reported you reporting on others a new story i'm validating right anna's report i am saying you have real of yet like the three trees don't count as endorsement of people put their twitter while i think everything you say council a story a journal like when you tweet something that is reporting in your report that's fair like i shouldn't be reporting it if i'm not right its act like your backing or believing that right as a complement to the job that you ve done for yourself that you ve built yourself up into this breaking news juggernaut but now it's like a double edged sword because we hold you to that standard of breaking news with everything that isa and that's fair stand that but i just didn't report that that he'd never have a three year there you
will report something it and have it be wildly wrong now be doubly curtains on shifty oh may you live without fear and i talk about that fear was getting that fear well it's it's it's it's keep a cat like real yea all your aims about it like you know what you mean listen a marketing of a couple things right away like remember filing story on a friday afternoon coachman replace porters remember stories shit we should on the charm of faith it i wish i could say the details are unarmoured friday afternoon it was by three thirty and file to the desk that the forty nine rehiring jim horrifies their head coach and i followed suggestion i remember who was but someone that covers college for the free spin email me back hey congratulations you know a good story and i still hold on just wait till it outside right because what you for you i know but just want to see it true why
you always hold your breath like hate some andrew luck i met my thumb mother laws surprise seventy fifth birthday party in upset in new york we sit at the table somebody tell me you free not that much i did just sit down literally to surprise party from motherless seventy four birthday i said real k and this about just had some information to pass along to call a person andrew lufkin retire on sunday low turn out to be saturday and so i put out the story and
literally the very first call that i got sixty seconds after reporting it was from matthew hassle back and matthew hassle back says to me all worked up you sure my sure by what you sure answered set retiring as well yeah i sent in the story and he goes up i dont know that and i know their friendly he was i was just with him the last two days and indianapolis i need a menacing a word about it i thought to myself oh my god like for a moment your heart well enough for a moment the longer than ammonia heart drops right like oh my god i did i did i just gets a little wrong ok that's interesting because that must like you i feel bad because i remember that whole timeline interlock wasn't going to do it in a new car forced doing up food against the bears in the present era have you ever feel batteries that just hey listen when i
the storm thinking of how it's going to work out for that listen in that particular case this was gonna sunday this gonna the party i get the story let me finish the i called i called a few people let him know hey this is going to come just going to come to going to come i might just show up or let me finish the game what lead that let me again i had no idea where the game was in pure mount new york but an italian restaurant brodie party i gave a heads up to various people i reported it an end let the chips what that's my job right where you do you have any rules for yourself if you add a party you ve had a few glasses of wine is like hey adam don't drinkin scoop
never thought of that have you ever stop yourself in you're about to break storing you like wait a second i've had like half of bottled county maybe i should ask for like a second opinion on the story you know another fact my wife is never see me drunken fourteen years marriage while okay so that's it i've never i've never never ok and can twenty villages really high like i arrive italian hamid retorted like duskily well yeah what are you guys like a big to glue worth if that were the case i'd have to be sought so you ever you'd also stop you can't do something recklessly privilege we well have the story i heard it was true that no matter what the truth above
how have you ever had a story that you file to assign a desk and then it took too long to verify and you like these guys screwed me on the dead now that this this is great that that's on me i mean it comes back me like i gotta get the story in or there's a chance you lose the store and they turn around just like that you have also followed to the desk you don't get treated always sweetly i'll do diane i slew i forgot about that letters funny when i first got to use pin i guess he has been in august two thousand nine and i join twittering june two thousand and two months before i get to european very remember get that summer like this guideline of tweet policies in his pen initially came out with its first policy it was like everything must be file to the desk you that much five minutes before you it was a whole big list of things that i don't know
came from another know what happened to those rules right and if it is also worth put in place for like any real reason there just like we should have a twitter policy so i just make one about twitter policy went into effect and murder remember very much about agrees that this is a perfect loophole for lira unique are doing that this instead of saying sources say failed to save files desk in that if you get it wrong and you supply desk do not at the desk cleared the dead now that i know the destination is you file that which is back and then that i have had i want leeway to pass the buck i want us to be the ones that are ultimately culpable if it's fun right and i can say is that you put your stand by what you said in italy roared the desk whatever i'm sure that drive you along one of the desert know that these lorries bogus you worry all he did was file a story and the desk put it out the desk very why is it so if it ends up being wrong nearly ass to verify well the desk could be like sorry this isn't right leroy is is much worse
hound dog is we think he arrives new sound what does the news and how we do our people at the desk data pissed breaks is are actually desk you said that you want a giant desk would like a little news des unimaginable a little old lady not working that they make sure when certain are happening that you're not just when the gone dead you know that this is vetted out that the proper steps in taking that did you check the thin and once they sign off on it like there's lotteries empty your christmas tipp to the desk some cookies disturbing to see added yet leave little scrap all societies i how many people are on the desk this challenge peace only seventy nine temp using the final boss of journalism knew that you need it ass we don't you guys do we'll get it interact with the natives casually puzzle there's a lot of people there i mean there's a lot i'm more concerned about the desk really itself than than that
for that work there like that presided get one of those it's a whole area has like it's all there are many they always call you everybody drawn dashing we're ok listen there's not shared warrior and was got to invite us to euro what's the difference between a bureau and a desk ago when you hear somebody circle north american news bureau but here are sounds fancy like the bureau sounds like that that sounds like a play where you go live some secret life and you sure sense counting you go do whatever you want in the in the north eric and bureau in the london bureau yeah here's an idea for christmas the quarterbacks that by their offensive lyman nice guess you should buy them a sick new desk but then it's not the desk that's that's his death nobody's adapt to new damage and we got to supplant the caspian like the company equipment like that
there's no there's no bureaucratic red tape we expand you could get sick has beaten you there's no come on we keep bringing food for the easy three red tape did you spell check it when you tweet it out that your boss has made you say yes dizzy plus is going to change lives did i would diminish bell something i did you spell check you like when they send you the text that every yes paean had to tweet out at the exact same behind and copied and pasted it i headed and i had three first i believe you are you drunk i wrote that change your life a hundred percent as the plaza we get a witch why didn't you have the bob ollinger scoop why had that actually broke out to our bureau well bathing yesterday we were after we wrapped up if alive we're sitting around our little self created desk there's that only in lucas all stadium and we're sitting around it it's about ten of us all
people here the producers and i said bob auguries resigned while so yes he broke the news to the group is a dead that's throw it i don't care what you break a news to the desk a group to leroy do you guys it just thought right beaches fond man what about morbid news those that always fun yeah my dad does that's me all time is like now iverson myerson guardsman smile when it comes to setting live off by teller something like that but when it later i bought me out they dont done but i think he's just that it is breaking news the same way in sometimes like whatever beat is your beat is right as some sometimes people have a duty of justice the russian whose guy they just terminal illness well it that it is the rush of of just their dispensing nations is latin somebody out there that are you like a weather news breaker two kids are you like kate be safe there's a thunderstorm
de la when i was good my daughter's pretty obsessed with the weather like she's always checking that kind of thing so sheet she's the weather news breaker in the family for six years he's got that you do feel slighted when somebody breaks news to you like your face well you know i like to have any news broke if you feel like you took your tell me to two inches of snow in indianapolis that you like the guy that there was one morning that per hour break new right now and be like a breaking news tom brady is going to dallas cowboys you would look at me and you be like i don't like that i don't like what you do to me well you fat news you know one of my bosses would tissues is i did you see that with brody unlike the s s attention like don't do that to me don't like did you see like me sit tell me what it is like don't make my heart drop rattle me like that like just let me know what it is eight digs do you sure but the truth is i don't want you dear but trade i wanna hear this guy
traded debts are very x you have missing scoop phobia right i'm scared of spiders injures handing him a spider man like look at us that socks phobia is three years before we prevent us many people is how you dollars journalism that's die did love that it's fun bright is a dad you understand yes there's nothing better than brain daughter to events like it to be done to the probable we're flying down and now is not the super all i know is how the regional by allowing an original idea was for her to do media at night for espn they when credentials are what are you guys know about that draw we should actually we should go go ahead here we should get a kid ask work why does this doubt year just adopted kid aha he went down the outer young wound gee answer the hard hitting corso she's ok
yet were able doctrine absolutely on the ball what's a percent chance that you get the brady scoop are you in the running if you're a party in the running event i would assume brady seems like the type a guy or even with the war i had another world we live in like somebody's an essay hearing tom brady is possibly going tennessee and then he saw tennessee and then person will say they got at first reading but who do you think like you had to guess right now who's gonna get whose closest to brady's camera under the patriots leroy we already or as a ghetto see leroy might actually get it because i might just tweet out right now tom brady is expected to stay with doing when patriots next year per sources if i didn't know your that's like sixty percent likely and then quoting on that and the lock your account that you didn't i locked account and then doing the end all the ones that aren't right then we'll have to go to all the team right then there could be a material change after the fact
drugs are you aware of but that's kind of my secret to breaking uses you just can't take it gas it out there that's the thing underwrite rays and and if you're wrong nobody remember right yeah do actually get into the plane tracking stuff because that's what i feel like espn needs a dedicated like message board die hard that knows exactly how to attract flights on that technologically sophist kate enough to do that kind of thing that's where we have few elites we can do together like of the field in the field travelling the plains that you know just seems like it's right i imagine feel like it just in a room dark room by himself like a red light just sweating like he's a submarine just tracking the plans are united states he's my designated plain tracking the crazy thing about fields is like he's got a name that i thought he was like seventy years old have any whenever i heard it as i feel the eight seconds ancient behind colonel in the in the civil war and his wife is yet the greatest name like you what is it again
it's him i am i really am render i was the occasion users like it acts into say like an old lady post all talent instagram science fair shapen that's good and he's on aids and right exactly that cheap and eating that's curios yours before she became shaping eights she was cheapen duke now you're lucky i do what i want that do you what should we do i do feel better now he's like austria in world war one war like you should have been a duke field the identical we certainly do first to feel the first has done little to ensure universal failed everyday he's there's somebody combinations of field duke do field yeats shape
shaping eight oh yeah that we can do a lot of things with their names zambians elegantly other listen they're missing out like any combination that sounds like the guitar play for johnny cash that's right here i'm like field shape india you could be you could planted country western brand for certain less use more quarterbacks yeah james where's you gonna be just a guess now these are all guesses these are not these are these are not like set in stone but give us a guess like to give guesses ok in a high if you were to give it you know i if i give a guess then it becomes a headline right it's just a guess i'm getting the headline warriors sleeper jamieson positive yeah i think you're certain realised that the trick of us it's if the sleepers and is just make headlines poles there is always in return we can we can make headlines and other areas ok here's what you do on what in a fell team do things
next in line on the congolese arise shortlist will you have the full story there yeah i really do because when you do me up that cleveland browns are really interested in hiring glad you that's what i see as our head coach i hope was lying with you remember that i hope you remember your lie the area maybe them it was irregular whose at order of my lifetime of my life what did you wait i've athens but yes please tell me you want to baxter please see one hundred percent truthful honest backstory europe showed that weak the browns fire huge action they have a press conference in which their general manager the time john dorsey is what you're saying we're gonna look under every rock internal every stone to get the best canada even if it's a woman tat was on tuesday wednesday so that friday as we're getting ready for the sunday shows i said let me call coupled to browse she makes them like a new many names right but there's not enough
the organisation that i feel like it's ok to now tell this story because swagger died people shuffled in people shuffled that while the homeless gather told him to draft recommends russia anyway so i called somebody would have been involved with the search and i said you guys brought up the fact that you're gonna look at every kind of including woman is there a woman that want to interview and they say yes police rice and i said a lot to report that and they said let me think about that and that afternoon the bronze call me back and said yes you can report that an answer today the pursue tommy como said you use at my right now she get he said is going to be great can which the reaction i see great on sunday airport the brows would like to talk to congolese rice is one of the work and it's like george you an hour later the browser statement we'd never talked about congolese array desires messing with your do you think they're doing that purpose i
what happened was is that your number when it happened the internet kind of broke yup you broke the internet people were like what are they do and they just want to get ideas like that's that's all was was like hiring kindly connally researchers personally had interesting told you getting her perspective no one in the world we live in that's probably wise she had been any worse than what they ve done no true scale we accurate employer but she's never coach football so was now read so late that she's not fooling around because as we know is a statement that jesus i said what right so what there is in that one either you have made in a way we have almost did you think i would have made like we're we're we'd that have come from i was so preposterous i was the most logical explanation you just you had a fever dream you're down in your way no the airplane glue and her colleagues
so either somebody was messing with you on our there's no you don't think that their mess with one hundred percent are there are trying to find a leak in front office and so dorsey gave somebody that your breadcrumb areas like this sound the news i know exactly who is leaking amateurs day is a person who told you still there we don't have to i won't i said i am not sure that i will just say this do there's been a turn over them put it behind the on going schreyer over i owe me how come you didn't get whisper in this way the pursue told me was that involving the search process what to say that ok ok but was our second that you stopped in euro ok i know that this person just told me this but maybe i should take a step back and think about like are they really going to hire i did right and then the person protocol back saturday and we talked about what we can to combat on sunday
so it's me that sounds like a person was very thirsty to get that scooped out you ever have like i was thirsty just it was again initially take the contemplated weather they were willing to have that information go public because again we discussed it nice it is your own credible let me know and they could not good interested you have like a speedy since that goes off there was some is being like a little too thirsty to try to get you this certain scoop and you have to think like that what was their angle on the day i mean you know how something you ve been through this i've done for thirty years you have a sense of justice and instinct for what's legitimate what's now what's an agenda driven item what's what's real what's not doesn't mean you're always right mean you human make mistakes but in that particular case it was his honest
debate ok aren't i got one last question see my boy did did did that clear up the congolese yes you do not like we reject a driver won't inside its fahrenheit i'm leavin on tv and you know this is happening i haven't on borrowed awhile let me figure out what i think i think next human have if the jail where'd you get it done marooned do now we all room for that they're gonna interview elisabeth warrant dared it oh god perfect as first reported in my life lies in saying largely searching initially it semi automatic primarily pepsi key question promo code take you get ten dollars off your seek purchase i have to check in its were five six years now we'll fuck as it does taped it will go back to that i mean why you said you had the does i never said i you said you would release desert here how we want if you really want do does taper gimme the bigger name in the robber
i've had job but that must be our name i didn't i remember these things i'm waiting it wouldn't have you told us last year you since you say at the outset of this that america and guess who if and when we do this year and next year you will ask me about the disturbing you allow we're gonna be batting you told us last year that you would give us the bigger name in the eye in hand job tape you didn't we have not had a bigger kid rock one of whose out of shelter were you deny that was easy work dia we you'd say that one hundred percent was not you gotta hand job in south florida correct ok i'm not going to say anything about the ordinary but i was so adam we're gonna be on your podcast on monday when air this right is a woman question what gimme like an assault meter on a couple things you're walking i intentionally trip you assault
i say to you dead the eye hey adam i will kill you motherfucker not itself that is all that's that's december agraea trotting verbal a sucker whether italy europe has walk up behind you you're on tv i give you what willie any pierce off annoying as crazy not sata not assault bow yeah debatable but what about a face if i see in the hallway and i give you just maybe maybe a little hip check like not nothing big assault unnecessary roughness unnecessary roughness ok and one i steal both your phones i throw the trash can unlike trashcan far week in freaked me out case some of my tax we're going to my old phone you think so lonely are you still onto phones or have your created through to use ensured like you know how i'm john called vandam had his hands ensured you should get those insured in case i got new phone last week in freaked me
as some of my tax we're going to my old found some welcome i knew it you have a phobia belike upgrading phones when change it if it is awkward is it takes a long time to get used i'd incident the first summit when my phone stone the toilet basalt when that happened so helpless south was all you can solve assault yourself if you have that haven't you drop that is dropped dead men european there will obviously air was keziah comic people here s your orders are forty toilet generally about your barehanded or does britain rice or out of it swollen people their lives have a careful people it's a bad idea that that before any actually if your p phone after that incident
became the one that you got all the good stories acquired magic poverty friday we do i assault the earth salt i call the backbone of the other one urgent text about one of the other when it comes to sometimes it comes in well i got him linked up in order to avoid what's wherever you fall well you want one foreign affords message you created worth self assurance you do you come into both at sea we used to both oh wow i can get you a daytime so adam thing he was always we are going to be on your show on monday red tape it right up yes so go subscribe nome from adam video the salt assault happening zone should be the name of your salt period assault without after yes that's all gathered up so that we are starting adam assorted adam s that's then this is actually we just help you up big time
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it's always a scary the site ended up that's true running and heels i'm gonna yeah i think maybe one night of go and heart is probably the plan for me be my friday night i think if i try to do too in a row gonna i can't do that i mean you're gonna do two days because yesterday you're like the go hard on saturday i feel you mentally we're already you are already preparing mentally go hard on saturday and now they are getting their day early in just said that you're gonna go hard on friday yeah you move your flight ups that are going on thursday which does screams me that you're going you're gonna have a hard twenty four hour we u contradicts eaters he's gonna do one night i don't worry nice has an ominous rang out by the pool on saturday and its via its fine just moved up my flight i'll be there a little bit longer now it's behind me if they want to start with your fire fast yeah
of two so my far vessels to be reliable for lahti you guys at their my watch stuck on my wrist blow heard we talk about a little bit in the in the empty address i'm not wearing a movement watch right now i'm wearing a watch in a word out last night a decent watch but doesn't think as i confirm my movement and it is come my wrist i can't get it off somehow did the locking mechanism is broken on here and my hand my wrist historian feel very claustrophobic i'm actually panicking little bit even though it's just me wearing watch if you can't get something off it's like i've got a tracking bracelet on that that's what's going through my head right now and it's it's starting to really really really gimme the will is there is an uncomfortable feeling when you have something numerous it you cannot get off you're absolutely right so what are you gonna do no it's like a sturdy metal watch so i can't like cut through it i can't use a knife and cut it off why
i'll bet you the very first woman i asked if they can help me take my watch off i guarantee their able to do like project for some reason girls are always really good at a type of stuff i was looking on valentine's day i went to go valentine's day shopping and i went to macy's in the like drury section i was legitimately like ten thousand square foot of just watch different watch stations in my head i was like there's no way that people are so buying what is it well except for movement right but movements moved from tat moment scraper like the story of the stock front in the amount of watches that are out there to seems it's crazy yeah we always try take it off right now folks it's impossible i take it off i got something for you what they want you to get your dunk your hand really quickly into battery acid ok where do you think they keep the battery ass in this hotel maybe chicken next the ice machine
you just saw just stupid him of deputy my own piss legislative great yes yes if you piss on it like if you pass on that watch ten thousand times it will come up here should i go piana right now you're p watch i paint you do is fire vessel he's europeans why my fur the first was that we were in in in the yesterday and we change our flight so we had a super early flight this morning and law night you in pay of two you know you go to look the dinner coach merged with the coaches s are really my thing i really know these guys personally like you do in realizing do much more i realized issue at like seven o clock even though i could have like about an earlier in the day and is blocked in early wait i realize i like eight o clock that i could have you gone home last night instead of waking up soberly and is kind of you miserable morning so that as my fire put aren't weren't you happy that we got to spend time together and we had a nice dinner it was a nice dinner
right so we lose a lot of time together by the way the waitress is is i have to barbara with this is an additional one if you order guinness glass mad if i press i'll try to get the boys to get some she's a bottle of sheets and because like i'm going to get it sounds like our fukitol good against i'm not going to order a glass of sheetz on my own so if you order against a restaurant the legally should be you have to tell you whether it's a bottle or draft because no one orders a bottleneck but i love a draft guinness so words very illegal like i find plenty to shut you i don't know what he did he might lottery acid allow hope we s majored so recording yes or we're still go ok yeah we're still yachting so he hates fire passages hanging out with us yeah the episode of the stake out last night those probing the funniest was when hank was considering or ordering the kobe beef
where you and he looked at a menu price and is a said twenty five dollars salt per out and i was trying to order like one out will bees are anguish really get a shot of wag you just like a gigolo of of kobe beef and i had a cat portion me no i know i didn't i said gobbler how dollars for wag who hunt whose a hundred twenty five four five ounces i'll stick with the dinner to firefox the first one is that pfc you just won't believe me that medium rare plus exists even though every time we go somewhere i order it and the waitress he it's happened probably about a dozen times returns the waitress or waiter and like is that real and they also like a guy up the piss a cave art the piss were hell yeah but my reform of so great right now so retirement unlivable i order medium rare plus and then he turned services that real now we say yes and he still doesn't believe me dick
roll their eyes you can see a real right when you say that we have not only that but he we order medium reply he ordered medium rare we had we looked the stakes there was a difference any just switch the argument goes i'd rather have my state than yours my looked way better left i think my steak i am convinced that at nice steakhouses if you order medium rare they will always under cook it instead of cooking its medium rare they will always err on the side of caution and i dont like err on the side of rare yeah i don't like the medium rare minus so that's why what's my name is that a thing the air i don't i don't see that's what you should do dried you tried last night and i read i said medium reminded like down no you could get rare plus where you can you rare plus i'm sure that's like the same thing is medium reminded me that actually as minuses right out of my other fireplaces we were but hank can i were in an uber and we're driving by lucas
well and i was like oh we might be back here for wisconsin if they get to the sweet sixteen and the guy that uber driver just completely out of left field was like oh your badger fan that places had some really bad gains for you guys unlike dan just kept on talking about he's like there is the two thousand fifteen against duke when you guys lost again seen oh how state and haggard liam we're just sitting in the back just like you thought there were listening to like dave chapelle open might like that it was the funniest thing in the world sarge get roasted by an over driver and there's nothing no worse feeling zero stars did you write em now again five stars yeah i did a game five stars also we first of the people we also added over driver who was the troll balance avatar he was a bruins giant services go giants celtics packers fan
so like from nine to like eleven he won all the shit all the tide unbelievable how does that hasn't happened you should packers centuries the giant super old so is like the domini also seems like the early eighties yet he bases like you you is like i loved willie mays larry bird and then i don't know how he became packers and then bruins i don't even know prob ly bobby or any just he had that he had a stretch well it must be so awesome just room for teams all the time in every support while there are always good buddy was that stretch was incredible that was an incredible wrapper and i mean recently being a san francisco giants vans been pretty good overall yeah his fans good being assaulted trans good berlin a bad so if a wholesale quarterback only one one suitable seems a little easier for both the packers
yeah i don't know i think i think packers have added a very nice stretcher the last one on a wonder how much you left on the table i must do some segments sabre metrics the use nationals were getting plant a shitload already nine times have like forbes spring training games i'm so excited for this is the story this is what we ve been talking about this needs to happen for the entire year i want to find out what the with the line is on the amount of time that the answers are going it being this year in order to take the overall no matter what because that's gonna be such a fund back to track as a season goes on but on the sabre metric side of things are the houston astros actually going to have like a record high for on base percentage this year because they're going to just get the one that's true it's a good point i feel like i might take the the season when total over for the asters just on that alone its values that's what you say would you have like a really dumb
the argument that people who are actually smart won't really believe you just say there's value in that pick does value there so that's what we're taking yeah i'm just there's an account that i followed today that i am a shout out real quick because it's u everyone has followed if you're in ashraf hater because it seems like they're going to compile it for the rest the oh yes the countess called ass tricks tore the twenty twenty astro shame tor and they're just basically gonna retreat every ashes player that gets plant and every sign that calls him out and everything so that that seems like a good place they you can just abrogate all your astro hate yet a lover i next up we have a respect the big we had a pretty big problem at the combine today i do you have that
in front of you got phd i do yes sir this is from our friend j p findley he works at a d c great follow if you liked easy sports he says they're out of diet pepsi in the media room and people are loud mad the catering i have said more come at eleven forty five in this dude stormed off said that doesn't help me now he had his own big gold cup to peak nfl a so yeah thoughts and processes is apocalypse movie stuff right here when it comes to sports this is running out of diet pepsi if you want a ride journalists are all about the polite discourse till they run out of durable low calorie soldiers will at all came out today that because of the corona virus it might affect like coca cola was the way they do their artificial sweetener so that we might be in like a diet coke recession where are we as a pod cast on corona virus like where's it ranked are they are they title shot are they
is it is it properly right is overrated underrated right now are they that's how they is overrated right now having a moment but i dont know if it's got the clutch jean because it hasn't mutated get so i would say that the corona virus is over because it only as a two percent mortality rate which frankly is trash two percent get out ok and i would out honestly get thrown virus just for the content i think would be a good addition to the show we should do i am thinking about it now like top twenty five i would say corona viruses that others receiving votes and they ve that they got like six votes there you see ass like i want to talk about them but there are actually not either hinder they could be it a couple weeks but there i'll have raked right now i know the media there severe shoes in iran right now they ve got a bad public health situation right there so you don't talk to me talk to me when you do some damage in scandinavia couple good whoever they relates right
who have the right nobody they they develop easy schedule so far they ve got the secret of chinese meant that would rather just totally ignore the entire outbreaks and have to like disgusted opening them the list of issues in iran right now they ve got a bad public health situation right there so you don't talk to me touch need some damage in scandinavia where they have good hospitals talk me not when you're on my block talked me when you're at my door grown virus its weak food or in corona virus beats they pasted you're built at home they beat arkansas and faint veil and maybe they played like you tap in a in the non conference schedule so they're making noise but they're not do not write yet there is no question about that cover the spread against yes he's clearly inferior opponents right now but we don't know who they are i'm not up the up say to this way in my whose now bracket the
corona virus is a solid eight seed oh ok ok let's finish up we got some ethic hughes and then we'll let everyone go for the weekend hank you wanna go recites on a class people can no one ever they want a shriek and leave when every one other we do have some really good interviews that we take the new the apple is coming up with some coaches coach france you'll tell you tell people at the end of ethnic you so they say i will tell everyone the three names the ended ethic you say you stay i'm in a new relationship with the girl whose very confident in her ability to beat me in a hundred yards foot reese i take it as a direct challenge to my explosiveness i i told her i'd smoker and we are planning to do it next week what is the proper punishment if i were to lose this race to decay mccaffrey that's why it's why brought it up similar situation by ourselves i figure out punishment what's an appropriate punishment for guy listen to a girl in a fortress
they give you lose you have just keep running until you go for two miles yes have had it also like one of those weird things it when you when you're just gonna feel like an asshole through this is like i don't care how much bloating she was doing before the fact if you be girlfriend underfoot race and then like yes socket pitch of rest then you that's probably an indoor relationship so you almost have to throw it and not win and then you're gonna have to keep running for two miles efforts rights you're kind of just a weirdo once you win it and then you're like wait i was making that big of a deal and now i'm just a jerk so play cool man don't be an idiot hate sean cat and pft pretty furry tiger there's a lot of talk about the forty yard dash in the combine who would have the faster time if you switched weight cat or pft
that's funny i think i think big cat definitely yeah i'm deadly the slowest of the of the group here that's that's for sure i if we switch waits probably i probably libido who think good when between mere pay if they want to do that to do this we do as a warm up for decay aren't even now i'm not eyes but i think how much anyway one seventy five hours i would smoke you absolution i'm not gonna i'm not gonna definitively so you wouldn't get another i think we have but i think i might add my view and i got longer longer schreider fifties facets of the group find out before for decay ok i feel like baba sneaky really really snap slowly so yeah yeah yeah maybe again play demand a mental they receive fast when varies and i know i shall say no he looks like if you just saw picture of baba
probably say he's the fastest of everybody in this by gas but then i feel like when he moves heave apes too much sense then yes like stopped for air after fifteen yards yeah barbours deceptively has deceptive speed he slower than he looks yes some guys my girlfriend tells me that listening the p m t makes me dumber but she finally agree to us to one episode with me and our road trip which episode should i have listened to for this crucial moment did we ever do you do the howard stern thing will remain a woman orgasm i've ever met were will nor yes maybe this then when you get this it's like hey what's up thanks for listening we love you yet do this nor orgasm also housing he going know this when he listens to it so nicholas here's what you do act into the life advice one
because that is unlike any other up and seven so that one and then she while these guys have really candid conversations about zaire is their work lives in their toil us how to balance out professional goes with private lives and then right after that just play one of the ones where are we just throw up on our selves yeah or play the kobe one right africa be passed we were really serious and cool he asked when you do monday recapture you play the music a studio if so how do you get timed it to run out of time to run the correct amount of time if not other i just making noise and doing burma's voice in silence i actually dont know where they take place it but i don't know how the rest it works we do pay the music we don't play the music though for fancy fuck boys that won't you i just would like allow weirder
yeah we're just screaming in the studio with no music underneath so thou and stuff i allow weirder if you will count for fast us right away one of the hardest part about writing facets two minutes every week is that we have to write it so it exactly times out when the music server so we right we very any keeping everything under presented syllable yeah adjusting was sober we write knowing that we have to squeeze in all sixteen match ups in exactly two minutes time so he adds its tricky it about halfway through we implemented playing the actual eagles instrumental which i thought helped a lot with the melody you guys were much more on pitch yeah so very very some bang on sunk as i don't think i've gotta be british rate sure bang on sangsues sunk as why is it that europe is well bigger when it's cold but your dick and balls shrink
i actually know the reason for the second part of that so when you're when your ball shrivel up when it's called is because the are seeking warmth does your ears sperm factory right you're not sack so it has to stay closer to your body to be the right temperature to produce sperm because the optimal sperm producing temperature is a little bit chillier then the rest your body that's why they're not internal that's why they hang out outside your body makes sense are by a motorbike what's up mr thirty five and dad cat what's the up on twenty twenty squats and pushups i do it every day yeah my last few days did united out people are doing it people now i'm gonna do it today abandon it every day so yeah miss one day a week a day
our last one ivan does ensure third good guys i've a too far for the people pay of tee how did you how did your parents react me told them you're going bridesmaid an upcoming wedding that have you told them to four dead cat have decided that you're going to be the cool dad out of small cast future friend group like let's say you walk and on future small cat ripping a huge do but the boy what do you do you gonna happen rotation are you laying down the law by two hours i think i think that cool dad thing doesn't really work that's that eighteen plus now really cool now that is called your hashtag boy dad to cite just in fact i with the fellows its yeah that's one of those ones where i think it would just make your son hate you weigh more
all your friends well dad so cool somebody like no is not exactly i definitely had some friends his purse would like smoke with us all the time when reactor and at the time it was a kind of cool but five six years go go past and you're just like that was fucking weird they should i've been doing that right i think what you want you want your back from college though then it's like that it's cool but both in high school it's like that you're like the personal mean girls and as for me i have not till my parents are going to be a bridesmaid in work so if we can keep up us will also at the pictures of unit dress is that something that you plan on like that them seeing that one you just hoping that can it goes pass the radar depends how hard i look i mean if i'm a fucking smoke then yeah i'm going that should everywhere
ass absolute mom i want one thing that i am a little bit concerned about is the level of excess rising data we need to do with distress because it dawned on me the dresses don't usually pockets and i've always been a guy that where's types of pants with pockets so i don't know i've drafting a purse to yes ass i gotta get a bag and then does my bag have to match my dress orders imagine shoes all all the above all the same color and then i some way till we need to get a garter i don't oda garters verily i like wearing one guy get that in a veil and then not for the bride nobody would only cool yeah yeah yeah i got upstage broaden wedding dress though the power that i'm foreseeing running into with his dress situation is that if i get addressed that fits me i feel like it's gonna be tight around
the growing area and that could be that could be just a bad visual for everyone no one wants to see that so do after i dressed it's like two big now you got this i don't think you should worry about the visual just fucking do it's vegas vague i wish there was a girl there could go dress shopping me right now because i think i need some help you got that i'll send you guys glaciers from the dressing room ok ok yeah worry we'll give you feedback i that's our show will see it when my grable jake rudin deborah cyril monday love you guys don't get this out i love you guys i love you guys i love you guys so much listen i love you guys i really love you guys i love you guys no matter what cleaner has or what he does i love you guys think about me switching back and forth between saying i love you guys and i really love you i love you
you're gonna die don't you
its pardon my tail presented by bar stool sports
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