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Adam Schefter + The Lakers Are Dead

2019-03-05 | 🔗

The Lakers get the done chain and the Celtics continue to be an enigma. (2:13-16:05) Bachelor talk for guys that don't watch the Bachelor. (16:06-18:42) Hot Seat/Cool Throne including the Giants for letting Landon Collins walk and porn in England.(18:43-30:05) Adam Schefter joins the show to talk about big J life, his graduation to pee man, an honest conversation about his addiction to breaking news, and the time we beat him on the Mike McCarthy firing. (33:00-1:12:55) Segments include locker room talk for Pac-Man Jones, (1:16:41-1:18:51) we watch the new Game of Thrones trailer (18:52-1:21:42), talking soccer (1:21:43-1:23:52), the return of "dead or alive?" (1:23:53-1:25:41) and guys on chicks (1:25:42-1:30:42). 

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on today's part of my take we have adam schefter back on the show it's been awhile were occuring guest adam schefter he joined us in indy we actually it was a very interesting conversation we demanded the dez tape we demanded the other name in the robert kraft scandal but more than that we talked about his addiction to breaking news just like real talk it was uh guys doing real talk we also have hot seat cool throne bachelor talk for guys don't watch the bachelor we have the new game of thrones trailer back out we're going to bring back one of our favorite segments dead or alive and then we have guys on show because it's wednesday before we get to all that it's time to talk about the cash card from the cash app the number one finance app in the app store for reason the cash card is most powerful debit card in the world we debit card with bruce a money saving feature you can't get anywhere else because cash app invented it just
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from the apps store or google play in order to cash card right now you're not award winning lesser lets you do so go download it okay let's go welcome to part of my take presented by our new youtube channel make sure you subscribe because we got a music video coming out on friday and we got all kind
stuff on our youtube channel check it out right now today is wednesday search six three six mafia day and the lakers are dead yeah well just lakers are on arrival i don't know if they're dead just yet oh yeah they aren't know if they're dead just getting less and dirt can we just say they were in preproduction for space jam two they are as dead as dead can be they lossed again lebron james weight hold on first of all we need to back up because i see what's happening online right now and i'm not happy about it because people are poor out lebron clips that can be easily explained like the two for one video and using that like look a bronze not trying and bubble blah we have
be careful here because lebron stands are waiting for us to slip up yes i am ok yeah pft is waiting for us to slip up hank i was actually only criticize the things that warrant criticism we can't be doing the oh look at lebron he's going like the two for one is the most classic like everyone watch basketball knows that that's exactly what you do so well brown was in the right there let's just stay with the lakers think someone had to say it so there was that clip which was a bit of fake news and then the other deep fake that hank put out and passed all over the internet was kyle kuczma pushing lab on to go go guys shooting three point that was kyle kuzman who's man's so so so his name is how do a good job everyone out there listen i know the the vultures are circling don't put out take videos on the brawn just say hey the lakers are not going to make the playoffs for the sixth straight year and before that they had not gone they had missed plus five years total total in the
franchise history now i do have a take about time i made up that snow that no that sounds right but i'm gonna go with it yes it it feels right that's alright simple and your phone still great to me the the one thing i'm keeping an eye on here i think lebron i be taking this season on purpose is kd is going to do the opposite thing that he did last time he's a free agent katie is very it's a prisoner of the moment he's known that it's felt bad him golden state has felt right yeah you got you know he's winning titles and people say be be be able say is a b b b he wants to reverse that narrative so he wants to go to perhaps the worst team in the league right now that it's like the los angeles lakers because they just lossed to the worst team in the league two nights ago so in fact i think that this is lebron james super team setting up a long long proposition here ok so the lakers i'm done chaining them or they are five one slash two games back with eighteen games to play
they basically have to run the table have no chance they have to run the table to sneak into that last spot so this is going to be available audio city they did lose the clippers have beat them in the cupboards are probably going to make the play yeah they are year whether intentionally not trying to make the playoffs did you see would skip bayless said he said if you give patrick beverley's heart to lebron lebron would be m j spotlight i think if you have patrick beverley's liver he brought a b m j yeah because right off this is great the world knows liver because right now lebron's ransacked his own body is organs are feeling on a pickle liver he's got the shed weight he's got the shakes at the free throw line of the lebrons yeah i know i'm just saying he needs a new liver okay i'm saying he's lebron james is the best athlete that we've ever seen in anyone's lifetime again with the cabbie out of american pharaoh greatest athlete of all time
but his liver his liver is betraying well it's funny bring up secretary so secretariat's heart was three times the size of a normal horses are lebron james is liver is three times the size of any other n b a's liver so it listen all i'm saying is skip was right to kind of toss that out there yeah there is something that lebron's he's he's he doesn't have this year these have the years in the past and i think there's only one explanation and that's that he's doing it intentionally to get kevin durant in a lakers extra so he also came up gimpy with a growing which is we circle this for a while now the phantom injury is coming i think even said that like he was definitely gonna play unless unless he's hurt unless he's hurt i am kinda sick of talking about the lakers but they keep doing things that like demand our attention it's similar to in a segway to hank your boston celtics they keep doing things where it's like we got
talk about it because they just demand all the headlines right now before we get to march madness yeah no they're not looking very good i don't know if you saw this last night but to were fans in la chanting we want kobe when lebron was shooting still want kobe do you think that boston fans are going to chant we want scalabrine when gordon hayward shooting no maybe maybe the truth but the this is the thing with the celtics and thing with the eastern conference is that yes the suburbs are kind of a dumpster fire right now joan brown said that that it's a toxic environment he said now this is this we leave and just like i hate the fake news because now you can't believe anything but there is like fake news left and right even in sports he did say toxic losing is toxic yes and it was the quote was he fits a toxic environment so anyways yes it's crazy because i know the books are much better this year i know the raptors much better this year but i could still see a situation where so this could be the sixers like be the box like be the rafters and all in all it takes is even one series and then it's like every
going there's no chance that you know we don't have to know about blackhawks there's they could be the box they're not gonna be to but i think i agree with you that they could beat the sixers because i've kind of had the sixers number in the postseason recently and then there's the raptors and i i'm not going to believe the raptors intel i actually for raptors of raptor is their red team different raz we've long said on this podcast red teams out of the east they don't do well hank you just brought up a good point the blackhawks in the cap so you're saying that the celtics just need to get a hot goalie yes ok yeah yeah bring back big baby yeah just get that hot goalie soak i read the story has been it actually started with adam silver's comments the sloan conference bill simmons about players being unhappy and kyree irving there was a there was a story in the ringer where he basically said it was reported i'll quote here these days irving plays lackadaisical defense and unfocused offense sources around the team told me the irvings persona has changed too he's become disengaged
and detach from those around the team there's irving's friendship on the team start and end with tatum with whom he shares an agent two sources pegged irvings change in demeanor to early february around the time he was asked about the possibility of joining the knicks next season that's when irving famously said he'd make the best first family that he didn't know anybody ship he also said that he doesn't he's sick of like the cameras and the celebrity that comes with being an unbelievable athlete and i'm beat i'm we will i be a player in a millionaire many many times over sure moving to new york would would help that probably he's not happy well you can always not how you james dolan i just want to be happy that's all i really want to carry it so much better when kairys doing his thing where he's just taken one on one drives the hole in making his like crazy little layups with a spin off the glass and he's
happy is not doing that it was also actively pursued like an acting and movie career well i would say i was is no but it's like how can i don't want the cameras on spectacle we don't like my mind and also be like in my off season when i have free time i'm going to go be a movie star ok so my take on this is that kyree irving like he's twenty six years old and i think this is actually a very relateable thing stars they're just like us the quarter life crisis kyree irving's going through his quarter life crisis everyone hits that point in your mid to late 20s or you're like what's the meaning of life is the earth what am i gonna stop producing part my taking do stool seats not kind of quarter life to exactly yeah so we all go through i actually think that it's it's it's the most relatable thing the car you're in could do now it's clearly on a ridiculous scale because he makes a ton of money is gonna get paid wherever he goes to make you happy doesn't money doesn't buy happiness to just buys all your problems away but he is he is essentially like you get whoever's
right now if you are in your late 20s you're sitting in maybe your cubicle you're going to work and you're like man what is this is this going to just be the rat race for the rest of my life kyree irving is doing that and he's just saying what is this my just going to play basketball and get paid
thirty million dollars a year for the rest of my life yeah he's as i say that it's the most ridiculous taken he's going through that erica rose like he wants to make sure that his future children will be able to walk what is it like no he wanted to be a walk in his future chilled and this children's grad yeah pj okay does that make sense so like it's not a wedding you don't have to walk them down the aisle across the stage but it would be weird if you like you sit down to an entire have you ever been to graduation ceremony the only thing that's required of you is to sit i think he was thinking he was gonna walk across the stage with his son that's how it should be yeah hello not batter hell yeah right right you back i have a slightly different take about curry i think he's a method actor i think when you got into character as uncle drew yeah as like a baby boomer now he hates all millennials around all right so that yeah we should go that he was he has on call drew his gun in his brain has become uncle jack he's so he's a character actor right now and he's still stock like andy kaufman got stop yelling like his mind got messed up like you managing that playing a character for so long that starts to affect your brain and everything that you do i can't imagine that
no but i think that's what carrier irving is absolutely doing and now he hates all the young around and wait you do remember you saying that right that have skype show that he hit sorry it's a pass if you don't but what you're saying that he hates know young kids around him will you took it one step further he basically just became uncle ok yeah so i run the same page so i grew that i'm just taking it like mentale correct that's why he's disengaged millennial part i didn't have we agree with so he thinks that everyone is just like a loser millennials even though he's twenty six that's what that's what we call stacking takes in the busy we just did it we just stacked right on top of each other it was basically verbal meme on two on tween weighed and and i don't hear a low brought down to okay i know you're doing the hand thing i'm doing the hand thing and your the lebron stand dunking yeah for me cut reason old yeah the ball says curry thinks he's uncle drew yeah the difference being that the celtics are still going to be in the playoffs and have a chance to run the table in the lakers are out now
what about a single would have to look you would have the lakers played in the east they would actually be in the playoffs yeah i'd be like a seven seater i think you have it on a ripple up they would be they would they would be the a seed right now yeah it would be the ac instead of the orlando magic that's kind of what lebron's done in years past is kind of coast in the players would it be easier if at the end of this season there in el a big big lakewood town big entertainment tinseltown tinseltown lot of jokers out there would have at the end of the season they finished last place and the team socks and lebron just the aristocrats yeah now ha fuck this whole season i so funny right and was it's a documentary the whole time it was going to go out on what is this thing the shop no no he's got like a monitor
yeah and interrupt branch ivan it's going to be just it's actually going to be he's going to put it out as a series of instagram stories so that everyone when you go to watch the browns instagram story it's just a bunch of little miniscule that's that's you put seventeen hours up on fifteen second instagram he had an all time instagram store the other day when he was just like it was him videotaping himself in the mirror and just dancing and listening to two chainz smiling and scream people it'll brunches walks around with his phone on himself all day long
like around his family yeah his kids probably hate him is probably his kids probably think that daddy has your lebron stand yeah i'll remind you well that's okay i was you don't have time for families in america when your superstar even will run stands are falling off the wagon hank certain effect you what it is it's a cool hat hanks where we're looks like a seal is eating is his entire head you look like the guys going to put it leg through the wood chip chipper in fargo that's exactly who you are right now anyways as lebron stand all i'm saying is that he is he's taking this season going again next year is going to have his eye on what is going to do during the playoffs well i was is probably gonna be on like you know our countdown or something espn you know what is it the jump i doubt it i never i don't think so maybe do go with mellow to like a i mean i said it and i was kind of a joke but it's not like i could see him
going to all the warriors games and wearing warriors jerseys it just be in like these movies my team i have a dog honestly i think he's going to be a celtics fan i think it's gonna be room for carrie i think throughout the course of the season he's gained a lot of sympathy for tyree and they they kind of see each other as peers right now is being just terminally unhappy people all in all it make this point out i'm off to find their tweet because can pull him credit for it but they said this is like a perfect hollywood rom com where lebron and kairi or both having like their shut apatow is directing this like they're both they're both like sad and depressed and then next season they come together and then cue them on and look at sleepless in seattle maybe they go to the super sonics yes whatever he does do i would just not want to be a perfect booty this spring this is the first time we won't get zero dark three thousand and twenty three in like fifth here's he's gonna be tt watch out of your perfect booty on instagram watch out by the way
you guys agree with me anyone who does instagram if you go over like twenty instagram stories in twenty four hours you're an asshole great you're just making us the click it over and over and over when i see all those dots at all about that look like morons that's a big rg three and so real don't be so selfish all right before we get to hot sequel from let's do quickly are bachelor talk for guys don't watch the bachelor the the the the jump the fence jump it happened it happened it happened and is everyone still alive are you guys okay i'm i'm okay so explain to me what the fence jump was so offense jobs what they they for shattered at the beginning the season it was like the climax it finally happened i'll get into that the bullet points first portion i couldn't watch because i was watching football if you guys oh so you do watch normal unfortunately you couldn't watch the bachelor 'cause you were watching football yes that's too bad tacia got the first fantasy suite date but her in colton did not have sex shock yeah cassie
dad showed up in portugal to talk cassie out of getting engaged to colton so he traveled across the atlantic ocean to say like don't do this oh i just blew my mind for a second i was thinking portugals and so then s america and then cold newspapers illion in portuguese too cold hold cassie he loves her and will pick her at the end cassie then decided to leave on her own anyway which is like the seventh girl to just leave on her own every person that colten starts falling forward just leaves which caused cold in the freak out jump a fence and to get away from the camera so he couldn't he couldn't handle it because it's like a royal rumble where if you jump over the fence in both feet touch the other side you have to divergent i mean i've been saying that that that that was uh impressive athletic eat and i know we've gone back and forth whether he's a virgin or not this would be leaning tord the side of he is a virgin because if you revert and you don't drink you still have hops like that's the trade very green yeah
he's i think he might be doing like a smoke screen thing like you see in the nfl draft where he's it's like telling these girls that he really likes me to go pick him at the end but he has no intention of doing it and there is always first round picks yeah to the raiders yeah just just for a hand job right ok i don't hate that theory but cassie so cassie was the girl that all the girls were trying to go on well i'm trying to ok i gotta tell you guys i'm just making sure the other girls tried to warn warn colton about cassie he didn't listen to her and then it backfired on classic ok so who's left eyes are glazed over uh i don't know cassie fasiya weight is colton allowed back and feel like if you if you leave the ground so he told the girl he told the girl he loved her is going to pick her and she said no he just ran away from still another episode where except they're doing the whole the producers are doing like if you love someone set them free maybe the girl just touched his dick to be and that's why he ran away yucky
i want this i grow get out of here all right how to cool give it to us my it is our good friend larry the bus driver they're the goldfish is doing great yeah still longest living wary the goldfish ever yep official well in our captivity yeah i mean because i mean well isn't in our care isn't even in our oscillator the bus driver for those that don't remember he was the guy that was hired to drive the d bars or be with us down to atlanta he was a character with him on the show i
for the weekend and got a twitter which is basically as big as i said earlier it's basically create thoughts guys like sixty five is from the bronx yeah even for the internet it's quite shocked last weekend he put out a tweet that said i went to the borgata for the saturday tournament i bombed out four hundred dollars by and then i sat down to one no limit game however the rounders did not like my loose play when they started busting my balls i invited him to the parking lot he called the floor supervisor to have me removed he look like he's got kicked out of casinos said catch me outside yeah then today he tweeted out a picture of someone's body i think his wife's widebody wise body like send over a carol situation thing on him now it all you wrote was help on tract yes there is it's safe for work kind of because i don't think that you see any but crack or no don't do something like that yeah his wife pinning him down
larry it's would literally be the hot seat he would be on the hot seat his wife would be on the hot ceiling in that tub yeah it's why it is single word howard taft situation is not going to come anytime it is jarring jarring jarring so i guess it the lesson here is don't ever let your bus drivers get twitter right yeah i guess it mama don't let your babies grow out of the bus drivers a twitter account will charges that he said helping trap it is him he was trapped they don't noting that what that's once a month okay so it was it's trapped actually like a call for help yeah all right somebody call nine one one and say yeah hello operator there's an old bus driver that's in a bathtub somewhere and he's probably not going to get out yeah i hope i'll be i'll be running later soon so i have a feeling this is not the last chapter of larry the bus driver hank
on my cool throne is the iron throne would be disavowing very soon yes the iron throne ok go on we'll get into later with the game of thrones talk but you know everyone is talking about the iron throne who's going to sit on it what's going to happen to it mwe so what happens when you sit on the iron throne you become the king yeah shotgun loop it's a good name for a toilet yeah yeah we're going to watch the game of thrones trailer in the segments portion of the show i'm going to no no no you do it do it do it or not i'm going to try doing that is that i think i basically have to watch all six seasons this weekend it's possible it's doable you're not going to do it you should do it how much maybe how it now how does one go about doing that you have to have like an h b o go account yeah i'm a poor can you share that with me my password absolute thank you got my hotsy start season three
my hot my hot seat is porn oh because larry the bus driver no because the united kingdom is requiring porn sites to have logins where you enter your name and password to verify your age before porn on such popular sites pornhub and you what the fuck yeah so it sounds like the start to the worst episode of black mirror ever this is where you just every the government is going to eventually have a database of your passwords in your email address is what videos you watch i'm very long woke on the fact that eventually all of our
poor history is going to come out yeah i mean ten years you're going to know what kind of porn your present watches i don't think that's a problem now i think there are some people no it actually will break down a lot of beers you know i mean because people i feel like people across the aisle across different you know backgrounds whatever the bill okay but we like the same you know we like we both like double teaming you know like all that's cool towards the great equalizer yeah you like you like you get are you get yankees and red sox fan being like hey hey we watch the same heather brooke cumple look this is what is our boys fans an eagles fan we're not coming like to get paid yeah exactly but yeah so yeah i guess like it's weird though because in the united states you have to log in to verify your age to even go to a website that talks about beer like every year oh yeah every beer website if you want to look at beer in america sure you have to verify your age but you don't have to verify porn in
it's like yeah anybody can drink a beer as long as you're old enough to like lose an adult tooth and it's like two which is like two for number in england and but you still have to like verify your age when you want to look at somebody naked so that's why the countries were press that's why they lose their ship that's problem over like looking at pippa middleton's dress like her tiny button addresses like wow holy crap look at that this is because you don't have access to all the hot anal stuff that we do it right so we're desensitized so that's my first hot seat my other hot seat is a count of monte cristo to tell he has been officially replaced on the all time raj power rankings by the city of new orleans set on a movie what is on over the counter montecristo it's the most legendary tale of revenge of all time oh i knew that consult your local sparknotes but so new orleans has been doing mardi gras this week and today fat tuesday and they have had numerous every tuesday
i they've had numerous floats dedicated to just slamming roger goodell they it's awesome the blind referees they've had i saw one nude roger goodell with a tiny little dick like that trump statue yep i'm still the only city in america that can do this like daisy i i i i i was against the garage for a little bit from as i can't get over it we saw that symbol coming up but i i as soon as i watch what new orleans could cook up they're the only ones who can hold a grudge like this it's fantastic yes i agree in a i i think so i did a little bit a researcher i looked up on the new york times at an article of how to get over grudges and they said the best way to get past a grudge is about your feelings and that's all they do in new orleans ever is that but their feelings are just like
i'm excited that i'm hungry or i'm happy that i'm drunk or i'm pist off at roger goodell full from bennie bennie soul from the ben yeas and the hurricanes the drink obviously i'm talking bout there so i think they're actually handling this in a very good way very productive way yes my cool throne is swag kelly oh because he just plug not guilty to gettings kick by vacuum cleaner so he's on trial not guilty in america you're innocent until you're proven guilty so swag kelly is officially innocent for now wow vindication cation weld ag today are you gonna own add one more one more quick relate on oreos oreos doesn't cauthron big time because quentin williams defensive tackle the guy that ran the forty in four point eighty six seconds said that his breakfast before
he ran that forty was for double stuff oreo cookie us breakfast of champions i'm gonna try three technique oreos yeah i'm a try that out all right my hot seat is the new york giants so they cut sorry they won't franchise tag landon collins are gonna let him walk the guy was only five years old made three pro bowls is used to be like the heart of the locker room so the giants are letting him walk in a i think the giants plan is to just keep paying eli forever and that
yeah he was at mardi gras two i don't understand start with giants or khaki cargos i'm sure we're going to get allman quote out of it but i don't understand gettleman is just saying you don't let the horse out of the barn until he's done with supper this is one of those weird things were like everyone you know judging off of twitter and giants fans like everyone is saying what's going on here why are we doing this is eli manning is still a super bowl winning quarterback it's crazy it is crazy so landon collins is going to be a free agent it's big free agent class so landon collins antonio brown also hot seats across the board for safeties yeah every safety is getting really scared as well safety market is hot hot hot it is yes it is alright my cool thrown i got to the first is is tampa bay football because marc trestman is back i'm going to root for mark trustman because he's not he doesn't affect my life anymore i'm going to reform he released a video that
i mean if you're tampa bay xfl fan and you aren't running through a brick wall play this video real quick hi i'm marc trestman but coach of the tampa bay franchise of the xfl i'm excited to be here in tampa and we're ready to get started just chill it chills chills absolutely chills if you're just listening to it you should go watch the video of it because he looked animated like in alpha yes he is chills he has that look where it's like he kind of looks like tom cruises character tropic thunder except with a full head of hair yes he's i'm actually i'm i leave excited to see if marc trestman can be successful in the xfl because it seems like the xfl is going to be very office of heavy and i'm gonna enjoy that that's a our trust mundus yes course policies baby alright and then my other cool throne i have decided that i'm going to take the virginia cavaliers for real
really so even though they're going to score fifty points i'm guaranteeing an elite eight appearance ok it says here that because it you know well no because we're in a one seed in and i think you will get a once in the only team to beat him is to okay i know what you're doing you saw rick pitino's without the other day there a lot of good teams it's all up in there but the only team that's guaranteed to be in there in the final four is u v i said that does not see that yeah i'm going based off of going to the carrier dome having sir just give him everything they had and just absolutely demolishing them in the second half virginia i am taking you for real people two thousand and sixteen i basically wanted national title for villanova so don't take this lightly cavaliers all you people in charlottesville you find people in charlottesville
off my daughter treatment they are you doing did you say there many fine people any trial people in charlottesville problem i am on your train until chris long you probably won't hear this because you're in kilimanjaro just hiking up mountains and be in better than everyone else but i am a so you going to say the virginia cavaliers they're for real not gonna make fun of them i'm gonna disagree with you the harvard of the south okay is not in a position to win anything disposes i'm ready for your ready if you're gonna be are you going to be betting overs and the cavaliers game hello now that's a bridge to you know what they can do the black i'm they're going to lose and i'm going to take the over for the cavaliers in every single game yeah don't play one close to sixteen no actually we should hammer them against sixteen seed can't you don't think labels right why no they will take it so seriously and they will like it that's a game that they will have to win by like forty i'm a big trend they can't ever be losing that big trends guy and right now in their last one the cavalier
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thecapterra dot com slash pmt for free today to find the right tools to make two thousand and nineteen the year of your businesscapterra dot com pmt capterra that chapter are a dot com slash dot com hp empty go check him out today ok here he is adam shift okay we welcome on recurring guests adam schefter recovering were occuring lycra kirk in time you have a podcast change the name of the name of it it was such a bad name yeah it was say beauty i think it was initially up and adam and was it up and adam no i was just a matter of what is no them from now i go back to what we i'm going to call my column in college and it was up and adam were a chef specialty or northern from adam and so i guess on the matter was
it was so memorable that i don't remember the name of it like is it now now it's we got a bunch of espn executives in a room together yeah and we spent a and we can brainstorm me to come up with something like at the end of three days of arduous meetings an much debate and contention we went with the adam schefter pod that's good what is know them from adam even mean i remember this biblical right i followed the building on expression i mean how many times people said to me i don't know him from adam and i don't know him from adam oh yes definitely kids don't say that it's not it's not quite well enough yeah ok so the adam schefter podcast good name thank you it's good be back on as a recurring guest yeah you are since the last time you were on you have graduated from pipboy to urine man well hold on if the
let's win four games yeah i said why is there any urine associated with my name at all i mean you're in is going to stick around yet or what i mean that's yeah yeah gp that one time it's affecting you get that you don't even have to pee eugene or you the guy you just he's all over himself yes ok so why am i the urine man with pretty boy or whatever as well mel kiper not peeing and so i just assumed deductive reasoning is that the origins of that nickname yes i listen those are the the man never went to the bathroom so you could call me pope two yeah i'm sure everything with mel kiper that he just has one whole like a bird and it's just the same one a the firm i ended and he's got a million of her like a bird right i can talk to yeah you know what i i actually does this year okay purse here is back to looking like he's got that prove going again yep now that he's india's like the the wind pick them back up again last year it was it's sort of like to a little bit it was like that that thin and black fish or was a black
oh i didn't watch that movie to press yeah the one bar code will work will the dorsal fencer droop but this year i feel like he's back he's ready could be the hair product he's using yeah yeah because we yeah so all right so so what you're you're good at your urine man you've graduated i won't give hard time about that but there's two things that we do have to give yeah i'm about to get out of the way i demand the devs tape and i also don't go back to that i demand the other name of the person in the craft stink well first of all i think we addressed it this tape uh we might have but i still demand it i would just say rollback the tape what do we say well you probably said it exists but it will probably never get out and i said well sir i demand satisfaction i would like to see the dead state well ok i mean i don't we may never see it that's right now i would guess we'll never see are you realize like every time like if if we you know both live another forty years
every single time i see you i will say where's the does take and i will say to you look if if it was going to exist peek at it be out there right and then we check in the tape is like bigfoot yeah i will definitely exist then yes well does bigfoot exist yes absolutely yeah so there you go and then what about the second name we need the second name the big name first of all you know it's interesting about that is that uh wasn't john havens who second in command at citigroup has big name like i had people from cnbc i could show you the text texting me can you i mean literally i could read it you right now john
let me just get this thing he ran sales and trading from morgan stanley was the number two at citigroup how can people destroy their lives ok hold on the thing about that is he going to billionaires who really cares about you want big names in the world of sports how do you know that there wasn't one advice little ticks like it does not easy sports i just anything besides that guys job that you just mentioned yeah that's like you wanted non financial guys yes anything with that again i don't have the name i don't have the name because i was not given the name ok an again maybe i should have framed it a little differently because the story took on a life of its own yeah right and i just said there are people down there telling me now people tell you things right that sometimes come to be in sometime don't so actually i brought it up because i wanted to ask a real question about how your day today like when you present the news and we present a story it kind of goes
permute presenting it to then obviously it gets you know it's a life of its own it's run on all the programs nfl live sports and all that stuff do you ever get worried that like you story will almost take a turn where it's like wait that's not really what i meant and now it's become well it happens often where you're talking and you'll say something i can't give examples but it does happen where you'll be talking schefter says right the cats being tricked well i didn't really say that and if i was saying that i would tweet it out follow to espn dot com for the bottom line or it would be on espn com right when i have something to report i do that were on tv were talking a lot much of it is informed speculation much of it is stuff you hearing just throwing it out there well sort of you don't just look that it's a typo i would sure yeah you're breaking news sometimes and then sometimes you're giving opinions informed
yeah writing guy nobody you you if you're sitting on a full live someone might say hey like what do you think about this and it's like well i hear i'm hearing some things in this i can i yes i try to base as much of what i say off of fact and what i'm being told right now i'm all be as informed as the people i'm talking to it yeah it's interesting because you obviously do have opinions somewhere deep inside that onions somewhere deep down inside i'm not that opinionated guy though i'm really not really so really so if i were to ask you right now who the best quarterback of all time in the nfl is you obviously have an opinion on that would you care to share the best quarterback time would be tom brady okay be my opinion have you tracked up with sources well back up with facts facts are switching soup bowls i do have two sources have confirmed yeah that hombre
is the best quarterback of all time but less time i write all their you guys waiting for that ok there we go speaking of sourcing how pist off where you at us when we broke the mike mccarthy store i was hearing about him berating retro he got for you know can i get you know i did i created i created big jays after the fact that it took you a good thirty minutes after we budget our tower yeah we got you started to get some flack from that credit yeah ok hat tip to these guys well excuse me for not being quicker to credit you yes allow me to give you the proper respect and props that you deserve for that sucks so only for you when we win like we just listen linda something like that hey we're at and we don't open taking over it was well guys named sledge what's the slug this log on this mug
yes dear on twitter well listen you slug got you that slug i never like that slow man we're on the mosh pit of news and information it comes out and what exact wording on the tweet you have these were very careful i believe it was uh according to sources per sources mike mccarthy could be relieved of his duties as early as this week expect joe philbin to and for all that so i want to say something using that could word that you used yeah antonio brown could be traded all right in the next few weeks yep antonio brown could be traded is always legally so order so when he gets traded i want you to cry okay here's the exact wording hank just handed it to me sources
just a part of my take have informed us that packers head coach mike mccarthy will be relieved of his coaching duties within announcement coming as early as this week please that is cutting dry please cut it dries credit part of my taking this happens that's that's going wrong it is fifty that's outstanding that is that is big j journalism right there sources are also indicating joe philbin is in consideration for the interim position also fact yeah also fact joe philbin yeah was got you a job so well i think men before the matter got it was our steam coming out of both ears when we do we do that are just yeah it took me a long time on your own long time yet what do you do they were steam come out of the phones there steam coming out my ears you stop around yup that too and not to everyone's walls can i i yeah broke two fingers yeah it was it was rough it was a rough twenty four hours not sure i mean karma ended up getting me too because the very next day we got another source coming into the dmz that gave us some really
bad information about college transfer and i was feeling that high of breaking news which i'm sure you basically live in a state of just you get that euphoria at certs i don't live in the high and it always okay i can use and so i was like i got i'm on a roll and so just broke store those completely wildly incorrect twelve hours later and what it would have about that i would i got burned yeah about my source we stopped in anybody said anything about that did you like the the j get flipped around if not really can always just say it's satire when i something up i'm gonna try that lie yeah yeah no you did not you did speaking of that like rush on hbo real sports you said i'm i was actually worried about you because that interview you were like in is work i wrote on the quote he said something like wait a few things in life are more satisfying than a big story and you said you're addicted to it you got you got to go to reduction to go to your story problem
i'm a story and then you you so the name the things in life that are more breaking the big story more yeah make it big story uh i don't say like don't be like oh my kids in your father like yeah but that is true yeah now we don't have anything something that's like tangible that other people can like i don't know i don't know i don't know i was going to say dunking a basketball have you ever dunked never yeah that was l dr so sacks yeah problem like better or worse yeah that's more satisfying ok a good slice of pizza i would say hold on me and my buddy every thursday night the c at you in jail tells on air but yet tell every thursday night yes after being in bristol day we would stop at the same pizzeria every single thursday night i love that and and
that is more satisfying than a plus we walk in there at like eight hundred and thirty nine and i scarf down four slices it was not one bite everybody it was all bytes we do you still do it oh yeah ok of that i love little traditions like that and and there is something just so refreshing right about your thursday night pizza he goes only so satisfying about those might be walking in and just score for stuffing your face sale the whole day yeah but do you know that they're not you finish today ok happy all right so the other part of that story talking about how your dick to to it do you think the addiction like when is it it's not like it in addiction it's okay to say is sort of it's what you're likely to hire you right is that we we live in a very similar or you know some out where when we're doing content and we're doing stuff like we'll do it big interview would you know john huh
when you get done and then we're going to think that was awesome and then twenty minutes later like alright what's next correct one hundred percent the feeling right so you have the twenty minutes where if you got on this it's well maybe this twenty minutes feels good did your job did it the right way on to the next thing what's the longest you've ever gone without breaking story great question don't know you guys have the stats right now we go we don't we could have espn stats and resale wait nope i do have it right here i was waiting i was waiting for the herbal the punchline there we got that big securities like you do get antsy if you've gone you know three four five days without putting anything meaningful i don't think you think like that i just think you know when you a successful day of working you know when you've had an unsuccessful that you know when you've had a good pod so when they're floating you know when you have it and you know
but if you don't have one then hopefully tomorrow be better and and i mean honestly you guys are good enough for what you do that i'm sure they'll be ones like at stake in the big ones that are better and the better ones will come along and the other ones will outnumber the flight once so at what point go like we'll do you think there will be a point in the future we like you know what i'm going to step back from breaking stories all the time well like that it's actually i'm actually kind of looking in the mirror right now like we're actually having almost a therapy session here like so okay when do we walk away you're right check it out yeah okay yeah we will be able to walk away there's the world that we live in right it is more demanding than ever before i had this conversation with somebody this week about this where at least i feel this way phyllis you just feel like you just never get away from it right it just it's a part of you that's what you do we love it like espn said to me look you're going to take some
month after the super bowl and i said great and then after the super bowl and brown went crazy on social media column or the saudis play in the nfl kareem hunt sign with the browns joe flacco got traded to the broncos robert kraft was in south florida and it was every single day in the thing about today is is everything is big everything is important everything carried at the same time it's not and then show it's like okay well can you come on to do an awful lot okay will do an awful lot what can you do the six sports are now the late show snap and this becomes everyday an and it just feels like right yeah it just you know get away do you love them back back in the newspaper the analogy that i used was i always felt like when i was working the right command reason never potion and i loved having
sixteen years on an nfl football beat for newspaper 'cause it was just blue collar every day for sixteen years you file two three stories every single day because there was that appetite for football nfl in the colorado area and you follow stories an as soon as you get in the sport circuit what are we doing for sunday and it's like well i i just followed you three stories today that i busted my butt on and now you want to know where doing sunday and he goes yeah we got to figure out we're doing for friday also and it was like telling somebody to go to the waves at the beach stop the wave from coming in and go stop next week and that was a pretty good analogy back in the day but somebody that i know one of my friends came with a better one he said it's like being in the batting cage with the pitch is coming and they just keep coming hit it hit it hit it hit it and they never stop coming and so that's where we live in an incredibly blessed
fortunate to do what i do i love what i do but that doesn't mean that it doesn't become overwhelming and draining and all encompassing it right right right you do something with you guys yeah well you you basically describing i love my job blake i i think i have the best job in the world but there are absolutely moments where i'm like like man can i just come up for air or just like we got to figure out the next guy the next guy out like the next thing the next morning on your mind all the time you know what's right as we took our one vacation last year where we was like around the fourth of july and we were both out of the country you and enjoying a little bit of time off and that's why lebron james had he was going to be a laker i like shitt i'm never take another vacation again yeah my wife and i have gone away in the last six seven years one time their ten year wedding anniversary we're going to nantucket for two nights we were we got into nantucket the was like one o'clock in the afternoon was friday it would have been
june 22nd two years ago we sit down to have lunch myself goes off that john dorsey is being fired as joe manager the chiefs okay next six hours on the phone from nantucket that friday night and then target now yeah no no no right so we that we now sound like complainers 'cause there's probably people and no no but i like big coming out we do have the best we do but it is it's real we're not really new conversation not complaining right were explaining so it's a real conversation explaining so to you like a vacation as you just take one of your phones i'm leaving the other one right now i'll say this with different one of my phones two don't know do different providers one of them i keep i don't get cell reception here at all i don't know what's going on it's driving is driving me nuts get a pager that would be fucking bad acid he walks around all deeper too hold
antonio brown just got traded yeah right okay you're trying to start with zero well you're still be chasing your good friend sybil but i mean nothing's fine yeah so early more or was it like a large thirteenth is what about what about a pager though i i feel like a pager maybe an earring was an issue like i come in ninety four yeah but you got that would intimidate europe like if you think in rapport sees adam schefter the pager to owns he's like wait what am i missing here i guarantee you must see be my car by a pager the next day yeah this is this is crazy like you know what we do who's who's paging him like well you never know and then that that's how you dominate you getting ahead of the opponent i like the ring idea too yeah that's just boss yeah just maybe a little like very bonds hearing situation
yes that's if you showed up i don't know if i'll live with that that would be pretty cool organ freeman like or who is the group's michael jones i was a sports center yesterday and and l duncan they were doing the jeff darlington into with antonio brown and talk to me using now man who i don't think will ever grow blonde mustache adam schefter how do you know i won't be yeah yeah i won't don't box me in like you look like you could grow a little bit of a beard oh date when i worked in fl network my nickname was team ok so let's get it back why you gotta do i want it was a joke that i would need to shave two three times and i do have a nice yeah but you should grow beard shaved an hour ago i get a beer like you why don't you grow one you know actually funny you say that i was in minnesota let's go to do my first nba game of the year and kaden three days and i was all scruffy and i said to myself oh i got an idea oh this really great with the rockets and timberwolves i'm not going to shave
it's hard going to score thirty plus again for the 30th straight time yep he's going to be the post game interview i'm going do about the game going to ask him about the record and then my closing questioned him on three questions was going to be and what point there's can you give me beard for growing the beard right yeah and so michael got traded to looks like there trains every story it is every every animal shelter so it's like so i was here and then so i could get traded to denver i gotta go one of my bosses cause migos what's going on at the beer tonight i'm going to for tonight he goes yeah lose it it looks terrible might wait no there was going to be for the beer you guys yet you you really look awful i like that idea that that like nba adam has beard yeah and then i fell adam is totally just guys yeah nba nba adam i'd a purple sports jacket and a purple tie my way yeah you are too loose little bit i wore to the cleave
cavaliers game last year i did a friday night game was the cavaliers first the pelicans and and i wore and i got a call from my wife what are you wearing at a set yeah i'm just i'm keeping up with the nba honey yeah and she it wasn't very impressed it what what what's the motive behind the nba you just love the nba hello i it's like the good old k taking everything about what's your hobby houses okay right exactly yeah you make big bets big wagers right what's your hobby pt i guess i play guitar okay i don't gamble i don't play guitar but i love fans do basketball no okay basketball love to the point where and like a few years ago i didn't watch nba game since i was in high school an it was at the end of
he's in the michael let me let me do it nba daily fantasy game and i'm like well that's pretty cool my wife opens the better the first night she she's watching best with doesn't think anything of it second night does the same thing but more curious their networks and she's like since when do you watch the nba like i started smoking cigarettes yeah right right i said now and it's become hobby to the point where i lose sleep over my mba fancy lap like a mini s p league it is fun close of the day following the or the or the a year round both okay both yeah love yes see on words so that's better than breaking story winning your satisfying yes is winning that would that would qualify as something that is on that list absolute like i wanted
i mean i won the league last year wow i'm going to pass this year yeah i know i get it and no one gives a shit except me that i'm trying to replicate and it means i'm talking to anybody but it means everything to me it's so out of whack you play fantasy football 'cause i feel like you have well we would leg up on everybody because you know what every fantasy league relies on your information true for their updates fun we are in a sixteen team espn league it's me en mort and matthew berry and our boss said mark manningtree lingo and louis riddick and tim the back brothers it's so for rex ryan last year was in our league for the very first time and by the end of the year you bring it the tv is player come on score they know he's totally i said i love this because he's going to be the first guy that goes back to coaching
fields on fancy line up right now because if you like he's right it has a fancy guy though like rex here was not he is not objective yeah now you got you got the hook in the yeah he's a fancy baseball guy i love baseball loves and now now he he's come over to our side and is fancy football guy and in our league i mean i'll say this you begin to you know you're thinking begins to change like there was your city kitchen table and i get a text that the browns are trading trent richardson to the colts for a first round pick great read my first thing is ok i got a file the story to the news desk as quick second i've got a post on twitter and i've got pick up isaiah crowell and see very just kind starting jumping over they'll to go over the browns yeah back job that year and so that's how your mind begins to think and we have a fun time like you have you know
there was one year where tim has picked up matter so back at the time we were wondering whether matt hassle back or he knew something yeah it's just it's there's no more distant like more one year picked up tim tebo in the middle of the year i guess if you all are somewhat connected and so it kind of evens it out and makes it fun everybody has knowledge and really the whole goal the whole goal the whole goal of the league is just to make sure that you beat matthew berry that's it that's right yeah he's got big targets back yeah so there was some news that came out from espn yesterday about jason witten unretiring slash retiring depending on the way you look at it where you pist off that he didn't give you that scoop wow we tried to get that screw in december we reported that he wants to come back and was going to come back but like
you know he's a team it was great the cowboys said it's not true right i mean that that that's how these things work it's it's amazing let's listen he easy to do what's best for him i wasn't upset it was surprising like everybody was a as just in the time of it because again you knew it went on at the end of last year despite the fact that they denied it is not true yep and honestly this was the best thing for to do yeah like now the people didn't like it was broadcast they're happy dallas is thrilled yep it was it was it was a great move on his part it was a great all around yeah there's there's news involving somebody at espn yeah is there are you know is there like a cold that you get upset with that they don't you know fung that through the company my mother ship i was a call like that with anything with our company they do get sensitive like i remember getting a call in december that j
when was going back to the cowboys and i called some people in my case just wanna give you heads up and they're like okay but just be careful like the the right what is your people you go through your people just to make sure everyone's on the same page before your poor anything whereas if it's not our people which ten percent of the stories are not our people they just trust you to do the right thing and report the right way but case like that you want to make sure that you are on board with the people yes i get paycheck i yeah what what's so one time that they got a story that you've had to back down from and can you break it here yeah or it's like walk back like you were maybe the facts weren't one hundred 'cause i watched that hbo real sports and you were talking about uh is tony romo yeah back so that happens all the time right where you were right but everyone was telling you hey why don't you back like no pun intended but like back off of this broken back story and
like no no no i'm right even though jason garrett saying that i'm wrong i'm right has there been the reverse where it's like you thought for sure you were right and it ended up you were a little bit wrong or do you have an example i i don't know i'm asking no no no i don't expect you to come at me with everything i'm not and you're giving totaly eyerly test credit like having done our research in ten in the morning that were pretty much up you know but it's the demands the job they've got yeah yeah i know exactly back in the day you would have that information at your fingertips you throw at me yeah i'm going to washington calcific exactly exactly the morning so that's neither here nor there you know what it just basically comes down to the fact that i more and more i'm amazed at how much resistance there is two stories in this day and age like figures it's amazing like there
multiple examples dangerous where jason is coming back that's not true right he did come back randy gregory he's going to get he could be facing on this not true so you're just doing the reverse of my question telling us all the times you were right i know people throat and people like to know certain things people don't know the stories behind the stories like right when deny things right and you're like okay that's pretty cool so you're basically like you're you're the omniscient narrator you know all no i don't know if you said no right but that that's our job is to do the best job we can like do you think you just calm out with things and make things up right sometimes you because you hate my team that's literally what we do yeah which teams do you actually hate a which fans
definitely right when they say you're just putting this out no the as your editor you know honestly i think most fan bases are very strong and defense of their own organizations like i mean you just pick a fanbase saints they're pretty relaxed oh yeah they're very they're very chill about that defeat i mean they took that in stride no issues with the billboards in atlanta when he was taking can you imagine if the super bowl had been in new orleans this year you imagine if roger goodell had turned the machines back on and and did that clause was a clause seventeen or something and so they have to come back and finish the game he was i do that well if you would like could you imagine you just did something that wasn't real and i did too it was awesome that was great what do you think raj dell does about the bob kraft thing that's going to dress yeah because that's another fan base that historically shall we say get along well with commissioner goodell well
i don't think it's going be roger goodell that does the things regarding robert kraft i think it's going to be owners that do the things fell owner correct interesting anyway so how does that work is that how it works with jim irsay i think that's a dangerous precedent too like i i don't know if jerry jones is going to be the first person well do you like suspending guy forgetting and job because i let he who right who is without sin cast the first stone right roger caddell his bosses are the owners write an i believe his bosses will ultimately decide so how did you mercedes russians handled like because that's obviously the most yeah you know and now just thing and and now i guess now it's yes and now this thing the this because it happened very recently it was a crime maybe i mean do you i obviously probably i able who who what's interesting is on point
the other day that there's never been a player or coach or for office exact or owner discipline for solicitation in the nfl has now what about the what about his name and yeah in the super bowl who's not punished he lived with the embarrassment of getting beat the next day by rod smith and along play and the fact that you bring up his name here right and people think of him whenever there some sort of issue the night before super bowl or unprecedented it is impression it now again just because nobody is ever in discipline for solicitation i think that all these things a lot of things happened pre personal conduct policy emergence in two thousand fourteen right when that became such a huge deal you're right and pre me to move the world we live in is a totally different world even though there have been over time a group of people connected to the nfl who have been charged solution is never so we really never seen a charge like this at a time like this to have any idea to know how it's going
handle and it's craft it's like there's a difference between craft and the other owners i would say you know there's like craft jerry jones said everyone should be treated well i don't know if any he will but you can't you can't believe how my whole life there are no other owner if there another owner give me an order like just i don't know see the answer of the cardinals ok ok michael became one of them one of them were involved this would it be as big a deal no right cause i think we have six super bowl rings yes they are not the most up to be quite a story yeah she got like martha ford or virginia mccaskey were in a baseball it would just say hypothetically dan snyder does it do you think he should be killed serious question though is dan snyder ever going to sell the washing redskins ever i think he loves that team too much to sell them damn it text kelly hot it's hard for you i'm going to own the team one day i haven't figured out how to jordana you just keep doing these podcasts you just keep building the empire just keep getting the money really just starting five thousand dollars per show
i'm going to podcast my way into owning the red seventy five thousand purshia how much do you make per show each each one makes seventy five thousand a lot less but not share prices were how much i make for each podcast watch zero you got to cut you gotta start zero bank yeah well you got you got to give me that your podcast the ages to i'll get you as much as seventy five thousand so how many pondered hey that's literally made up i hope you know that well
i believe that when i see she doesn't think that we actually get it you're not getting that then i think that you need to go back to the bargaining table to get the seventy five thousand and seventy five billion times getting paid like twenty million dollars a year each two hundred and five week times fifty two i never stopped to do the math you know what i'm thinking about thinking of all these people on friends and seinfeld or getting a million dollars an episode why don't we just start any five thousand dollars or more so someone i think once asked me on twitter how much i get paid per podcast like that's how it works it's not work that way and i think i said seventy five thousand and some people are like holyshit there's also there's a bunch of reports out there these days like you see him in adweek yeah about how much money podcast or making and they throw these insane numbers out there and some people just assume that put a number like seventy five it's like yeah but they can't be anybody making more the podcasting world in you guys joe rogan
yeah so rogan in a couple of npr shows and then uh oh by the way you guys knew that right away yeah i mean you gotta know your polished if i send you there can't be anyone who's breaking all the news stories before you adam shafter you'd be like in rapport right right right you always know who's eddie you always is you off when you beat you by like three seconds his thumbs or his little from you know maybe my thumbs are yeah yeah it's a hundred how do you even type i wouldn't put it past you get surgery
some surgery together all the elders like they're they just become the the old the palm pilot or bluetooth i'm gonna i'm on the island i'm gonna get plastic surgery i'm like that are in the mid to stop yeah that's a good idea yeah art get when the side kicks remember those who had the actual keyboard or or blackberry yeah i hear the bring those back by the way the blackberry at national keyboards love that that would be i could i could literally right a whole story on on on a blackberry without looking down yeah he was like yeah even with these day yeah the was best
i got one last question siki question promo code take you get ten dollars off your cd purchase i do yeah mom great yeah that's i mean that's pretty nice geek promo code take rank your top four sources top four sources yeah jerry jones one how many owners do you have the cell phone number self and it looked go ahead you phones right there is like a phone we have all the time the world top four sources would be okay mort one that doesn't count trailing to know he's always hi matt hasselbeck three yeah and teddy bruce before okay okay what many coaches do you have phone numbers of all the that's a pretty
good number of 'em is that that's not all of 'em is there a coach who's number you don't have that you've been trying to get and he just won't give you his name or his number well i was get mike mccarthy's number but sludge had it before i did yup slug slug you have mike for number we can play game right yeah well i'm trying to find which number i might have that you don't and i really just only have mike friebel's number so that's you know you have my only chance is this your only yes yeah to susan ahrens although we have courts are because you know i've got yeah bruce arians doug marone let's go no women no women the women the women and if you don't have
cash when you get that could be anybody one of my favorite was number three a like one coach for one coach okay so okay that would have been nice and it's okay all right that's my last question i really i really thought i had you there i'm not i have a question i'm reading its myself in and sound it looks mean it looks like a mean quest you want me to read it not that i'm going to yeah you have thank read it let's see if it's really mean it i know it sounds mean but i i think i well what's coming even ask this question hank did i can't even get close to the mike do you have the friends i mean i mean i think that in a way like you obviously work all the time yeah don't we have hold on one that's up hey come on be nice woman like i thank
a lot of your time is spent i assume either at work or with the family yeah do you have time for friends do you have any friends honestly yeah it's hard yeah it's hard to you guys are friends erica yeah not really i think the older you get and the less time you have more you with your family and your work i love my friend but there's not as much i don't spend as much time my friends at one stage just because not 'cause i don't love them but it's just hard and i don't mean to to do a brain grew and you don't longer thing naturi friends real no you don't like last night i was it at a function talking to a group of college students and i have a buddy in town from college and he's going to see it on my you know it's a tough week where you got four days here right i get the seas pressure will want to come to this event she came in so i spent let i spent part of last night with a friend a college friend who i for thirty five years there we go it was great to be with him but i don't get
that very often right yeah so are we friends a hundred percent there we go so we're devoting time well spent lunch back in the day we weren't friends know you blocked me but now we all our friend yes right around what do i think a donated to charity do you do that where if you donate to a charity you you would on black people i'm pretty sure you did that at some point no yeah yeah and then i did the whole spin if adam schefter doesn't block me he hates cancer yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah or loves cancer why did you block him to begin with it was either the people or the dez tape i can't remember i probably longer as series of transport yeah yeah there's a lot i tried to measure you up against the is there anybody that you would you would have to more than me ravel ravel easilly yeah
he deserves it you didn't deserve a title that you deserved it as much as ravel like i probably took some of my ravel anger out on you unfair happens yeah it's under your your good guy i don't care what people say i said okay got would cover with a long way it's nice it's nice alright shop the are you married today you might be a groomsman wall we're best friends yeah go ahead yeah i would you know my friend tom alright shifty thank you everyone listen because we are actually right after this we're gonna tape about fifteen minutes with schefter on his podcast it's coming out on monday i hope my pa i guess is good i may just have i would you on me on my i can i call that if you will of all that is i have an idea for your podcast reprieve you real quick you are so sick again i'm going to save it for your podcast you ask us a question about the
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xbox ships regular size products at regular price so what are you waiting for get your start that for just five bucks right now at dollar shave club dot com slash p m t that's dollar shave club dot com slash emt n okay let's get to some segments first up we have locker room talk with adam packed jones so pacman jones was arrested in nevada for it apparently we he essentially what i think was happening with used playing table games at a casino and after he would win he would try to bet more he would yes stack more chips onto his bat genius which is actually very good technique i've got blackjack i'm all in no i was all in the whole time yeah right so he got arrested he got kicked out and wild checked out he fight everyone not good and he also said fuck you suck my dick you're bunch of crackers he said suck my
dick to the police officer correct after we is in custody and he tried to escape and apprehended not a good look for football player to get still no leak he played seven games last year damn yeah pets pac man still run also in bad when you when you're at the point of your career where the only time we remember that you're in the league is when you get arrested i mean that's kind of pac man jones imo yes it is yeah it's like yeah exactly so i also notice in the mug shot he's five foot eight so you're back well now i'm five nine okay i'm just saying he got it yeah i'm fifty nine and negative and five nine and negative one slash eight scottish so who's back is being five foot eight fuckyou kyler murray we don't need you but as we've said jones yeah exactly as we said on the show jail is the ultimate man cave so you should be able to have locker room talk to your heart's content in there well i really think back when jones at this point like jail is just totally normal it's been feel like he's gotten arrested how many times ten times the well
that an it's maybe not ten listen getting arrested for like stack your bets at a casino and spending the next like six months in jail is actually good thing pac man's offseason right because you can't get arrested for anything more sir right double jeopardy like that's a very very rearrested right that's it that's a soft charge to take like good for him he's not going to deal anything this offseason he's not going to get any fights in any airports this offseason he's going to be under the watchful supervision of the the bata shoe clark county correctional facility yeah great show by the way all right let's do it everyone's been waiting for it it's the game of thrones trailer reveal i'm going to try to watch game of thrones just going through that out there you ready yeah are you ready here we go kids faces a woman's face she looks distraught onochie ok she's running down
all way she's trying to skip dire wolves i bet that's for by the many faces many faces god gone up the brightness real quick so we can see it's very dark soul show the santa maria pinta in this is tricky it comes out in april 14th right before tax day masters no ones getting things done big castle is at the miller like there's no way underscores like password all the corn syrup these are the white as a dragon two dragons they are gingers back then two dragons you don't have one darks the starks whole family any relation to john stark why don't the dragons fight each other a gift even if their bros like growing growing up you bro we got kissing and death swords oh incest
geez there something that wine glass for sure everyone scare the dragon student this lady let's try the like the drugs really like crows they get let me see your dragon it's the first dragons that have been in westeros for three hundred years ago don't spoil it the little guy what's his name dinklage tyrion yeah peter dinklage yeah i drink in no thanks now they're all hang up for battle and guess what a horse there's a horse that the mountain is mount okay or did the bud not kill him the game of thrones final season april that was a left a message with a beta you have to be showing up to a battle on a horse and the other guys got a dragon yeah just go home did just go home you brought you brought a horse to a dragon fight match being a white walker one of the white walkers had a dead zombie dragon on their team is that what happened
wow well you had to be the white walker you're doing the trail around i also who are at the office the following morning god dammit so excited hank they're excited no spoiled you should you guys should really well i'm going to try it's it's worth it it's you guys should try there was no sex intimated in this trailer will know that i'm talking services sex did you see the wine glass thing she was like roof they probably made this good they probably made this season so that you are allowed to watch it in england yeah exactly know porn alright let's finish up before we get to guys on chicks we have talking soccer pft yes so this is a hell of a story coming out of turkey in the turkish third division ok so there's a player who under investigation his name is mansour sular salar he slashed players on the opposing team he like a little blade that he had in his hand and so there's footage of him going up to the opponent and just like
kind of nicking him a little bit you can see i'm glad that and then the players just like look down and they took pictures of themselves after the game and they all had it looked like knife wounds zoro yeah is or who is slashing disease i'm thinking that they've just got the last boy scout movie in turkey and that's why this is on on that creating see or they heard our idea about giving like one player on the team a knife during punt trill and so is the future football the oaks yes the only way to stop it if one guy has a knife is just give every soccer player and i i would actually i would be okay with that if re player had a knife but you were only to stab people using your feet on the knife so like it's a it's a blade in your boot yeah if you could pick up your feet and then use your feet like you're like your foot
somebody in your kicking him oh no you're holding it you're not even playing soccer just knife you're just like hand yeah you're just hand jobing at night you hit your foot job in a knife into your opponent i say that i say go for it but here's where it gets kind of interesting ok so the reason why he had the knife blade in because you what exactly is this phone was because he wanted to stab his opponent so little plot yeah records that was common yeah well there so if you really want to get into it the real reason he had the knife is because he's a dick yeah and he wanted to motherly through time so taurus game yes but the real actual reason who was he played on a kurdish team and the other team was there i guess from central turkey and they played a which of nationalistic military videos before the game even started and so they said political sports he should have stuck to sports the whole sports ok that was talking soccer before we do guys on chicks we said we bring this back let's play a real quick
on dead or alive we haven't done this in a long time shot to someone tweeted this at meos jesolo bear heat it dead or alive today that i got wrong i thought it was a great one so i'll start with mine jerry sloan dead or alive slugs live yeah you still i saw i thought he was dead now seventy six he thought he was the guy that that quit coaching like bear bryant had a hard so yeah i thought he was that not a told me don nelson was that to it it except he was like and you know those videos a couple months ago about jerry west since it's still off yeah bad one jerry sloan he's old enough to be the logo the only time i thought about are the only second that i thought after you said jerry sloan i was like wait do they name that nerd conference in boston after i'm already 'cause he died because he died my dead or alive is schrodinger's cat trick questions trick it my real one actually we should name hanks cat schroeder's council
my real generalize on slow lebron middle name perfect booty lockwood art garfunkel from simon and also will paul simon's alive so i think he's still alive alive bridge over trump yeah he's alive yeah i wouldn't treat me up a minute i was like maybe we haven't heard from good old art for a long he's been laying low alright thank you have one sterilized live forever he's going let's go bubba don zimmer don zimmer dead dead yeah what you probably don't know the answer no i'm ninety eight percent chance share that he's dead yeah he died in two thousand fourteen ok yeah alright alright sorry to break the news all right hey go ahead hey ben boys mais hank awhile back
i got the chance to meet big cat and end up putting the picture on my bumble to maybe find other a w however all responses are received now are for him and not me in my ugly or is big cats too hot for bumble to handle to should put on grinder let's see that there's a dummy big cat account on grinder i feel like that we should work eventually right just like a common like you're probably just going to get a fat guy that's a problem yeah also you probably attract each other you're probably getting a lot of replies that just say suck my dick and you're thinking that they're harassing you right there actually just doing the inside joke yeah sub is especially hank over the week the guy spent the night in was passed out in my bed until noon i left in my bedroom and let him let himself out what's the appropriate time to take the walk of shame that's awesome that's when you wake up just don't fucking know it's the weekend it's a sliding scale now you're saying that you went home with them at nine no he she
she brought her house and he slept till noon what time did he fall asleep though if he fell asleep at nine hundred and ten style they have no so much say i got so much respect for the cell but that's that is a power move to just be like sleep till i mean someone's got right in and tell us the the you stated stayed at a one night stands place i consulted emily post on this and she says she's the queen of etiquette hank she says that elise order some seamless of the house yeah in just treat everybody to launch he took off after led by the way i i i i hate to say this to you you seem like a nice woman he took the biggest dump when you left like the biggest yeah hey p hank and sub put chunk cat who chunk that's a good name i'll be and bar exam in july and shortly after everyone in my section from one l will be going to europe for about a month trip to celebrate the problem is my
your friend can't get time off work to come with me the full time he wants me to miss the first week of the trip so i'm not there alone without him what should i do am i being unreasonable for wanting to go the whole month now here's what you sue him you're becoming a lawyer put that ship work immediately file an injunction against him not wanting you to go over there just like i won't i will not i won't fucking any dudes like just like in real world like it always works don't worry and as a lawyer you should know if you have your fingers crossed behind your back you don't actually have the contract is null yeah i know actually real answer will answer you should you should trust you if you don't trust you get nothing right hank truth he quit the show ended so since
i'm off right check it out thanks for all check it out bleep that out with boycotting it how do i tell boys that i'm not interested in them without being a bit about it also i definitely already banged him if that changes your answer yeah interesting changes things just a little bit i would say just tell me have an std yeah yeah i would that's easy you know what that is actually the easiest way to let a guy down if you're just ok i got herpes i want to guys like well ok well maybe it's now here here's the thing is we're dumb so just say it cuz otherwise he's going to keep think he's got a chance if you're like all i'm busy this weekend all i'm like i'm not feeling well like if you keep subtly doing it he will not pick up on the hint so just say it last unsub boys especially bubba so i've like this guy for a while and we flirt but he's always had a girlfriend so i gave up on him
dating another guy for the last few months that i don't like as much and i brought him home to my family so we're kind of exclusive slash we have sex now the other guy and his girlfriend broke up it said i break up with this current guy now yeah that's how long do i have to wait until i pursue the guy i like i think the fact that you're writing into a podcast ask or vice on it means that you definitely should break up or the fact these that i'm dating this guy that don't really like yeah such a mean you know it this is actually a great great thing even if you don't submit a question to guys on checks just the act of writing out your quote yeah you'll you'll end up telling yourself cry you really feel correct yeah so i think i think we did our part yeah and you should stay with this guy for a long time marry him have kids and then once the kids leave the house and you've stayed together in loveless marriage get devore
and then go date this guy that's your one true love yes especially if he's got a wife of his own and he can bring up their marriage yeah absolutely that everyone's world comes crashing maybe you introduce your husband that you don't love anymore to his wife that he doesn't love anymore and you just do a little switcheroo the heart wants what the heart wants so go for it alright that's our show will see everyone friday i think we have one of our favorite recurring guests also a total meathead and he's actually been looking weak recently as he he sent me the other day he sent me a new gym work out that i should try for my arms can lose no i'd appreciate it so you can guess who that is to be here on friday love you guys
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