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2017-08-13 | 🔗
Big show announcement to start the episode (2:37 - 7:41). PGA Championship recap, sort of (7:41 - 15:01). Who's Back Of The Week & Mt Rushmore of 30 for 30's we'd someday love to see (15:01 - 22:49). ESPN's Adam Schefter joins the show to talk about NFL Insider life, his height, being an accused Pee Boy, biggest NFL story lines this year and a preemptive Hot Seat/Cool Throne (22:49 - 63:49). Segments include Mike Greenberg's dumb rules for Bryce Harper slipping on a base. Bad Visual for the NY Jets. Football Guy of the Week Dan Quinn and Explain it to Hank/Drunk Ideas.
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on today's part of my take we have adam schefter in studio great interview we busted his balls bit we got a little insight insight of the insider and we one time with him we also have who's back mount rushmore of thirty for 30s we would someday like to see and a explain it to hank that we're all and for two before we get to all of that i wanted to talk to you guys about felix gray think of how often you look at screens you might be looking at a screen right now or you might be listening to this podcast to get away from one so you know all about that i rub moment when your eyes feel dry and fatigue you have a headache or your vision goes blurry your eyes curve a break so give them one with a pair of computer glasses from felix grays lenses there specially designed to filter blue light and eliminate glare i got my pair i've been wearing him nonstop felix
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r a y classes dot com slash pmt doing you'll look and feel good let's go my two monday august fourteenth and we have a very important show announcement we do this is something that i know
i've been thinking about a lot recently then a lot and i feel like we use the damn that's really serious that's how serious it is but listen daniel it's something that i've been pouring over for awhile and if there's one we pride ourselves on on this podcast were very open and honest with our listeners yeah and we'll stick we have you stick to support also there to support yes there's something that we've been thinking about that we just can't keep away from you before we say come we just if you're standing up please sit down if you're sitting down let us stay here play download out if you're laying down roll over if you're sitting down here gentry give your seat to someone who needs to sit down yeah okay so let's do it bill you wanna make the announcement really don't know wasn't wild bills too young to know he looked like beaker from muppet babies looking around and shot also ahead do it ok this is very important to us i'd like to take the moment to come out of the closet as being the first openly anti
c podcast in the world there is so i i i haven't heard any other supposed to denounce about and yes not you know play travis thousands so anyone else no i don't i think this is the other part canceled on it so we are yeah i think well we learned an important legal lesson earlier today i you can put the words i think in front of anything yet becomes opinion and then you can't get sued for it yeah so i think that we just yeah allegedly became the first anti podcast for it not to not to quote my good friend chris broussard but we are the first that we know of to come out and say that we are the first anti nausea podcast so there is if you're not see press pause throat well actually you press it wait wait till you press pause hold on we listen to this message we want to add before they press pause so we can get him if you're not see listen to this after we're done with this you're let's pause to going through your phone in the ocean ok all right now go ahead and do it all right so now we are free
nazi free podcasts podcasts right so it's very brave of us not to not to compliment ourselves but that's probably the bravest thing i've ever heard i'd say on any podcast i'd say so now now that we are the first not anti nazi podcasts we also have something to say we fuckedup yeah we took a boca for an caramba not bad not bad they're not as we talked up so actually actually find pictures altogether so we had some news that we broke that james washington from oklahoma stage with his out of the four games yeah it turns out we were wrong well we're kind of let me say that again it hank was right well yeah we technically we planted credit when they were right and then just throw me a little something wrong i don't know why i don't know why big cat just pin that on you hank because we're very clear on twitter on friday that it was our intern that happier account so here's tweet it out that news but it's take so shame on billy yeah so here's the punishment we've come down with the punishment and we've reviewed the internal processes process size of
our our news breaking endeavors and we have decided to let billy go to college yeah so we're gonna we're gonna let you go we'll let you go but we want to help so sorry for you and let go it's been let go but here's the thing so yes we were technically wrong about him missing four games but we're right about his injury he has a growing andrew right and so that he's gonna try to play through it probably get hurt and he's going
as for games it's like we know his body better than he does the old saying whenever you make a joke there's a little bit of truth in it well there you go it was just a joke but there's also a little truth easily was right he just miss worded it very wrong yeah he's yeah he's or or what it would be like a junior in college james washington so we still a young kitty still learning about his body he doesn't he doesn't know how it's growing feels all the time he needs to explore himself a little bit so it was great waking up on friday and being likewise all of oklahoma state mad at main and then i put it all together and i was like well we gotta let billy go to college now so there we go we are built it listen with the iron fist with the iron fist comes down it comes down hard billy even let go and as as an anti nazi i'm comfortable with scapegoating people because i know that that's not something that never do all right before we get to who's back let's talk a little golf so we had the bastard golf champ
ship the one that no one gives a fuck about a bastard or an orphan i don't know it's basically like it's like the new year's day bowl game they're like it's a new year's day bowl but it really doesn't mean anything that's kind of what this fourth major means too well maybe it's a golf guys it means a lot more but justin thomas big for golf isn't it owner windies no that's dave tom tom don't act like you don't know who the owner of when no i don't did dave thomas daniel dave top dave thomas that yeah yeah yeah okay sir justin thomas he won the fourth golf major what is called pga championship the tour pga yes and guess what he's also friends with jordan spieth's so there's a there's a picture of them as kids so that was that was common golf and golf yeah that was growing the game it was great it looked like it was a tremendous course the course las yes this weekend so the course is now over four yeah
who is won a major championship more recently tiger woods or a golf course i'd have to look at my stats going to say probably tiger woods i think the course probably had one in like in twenty twelve or something like that two thousand and thirteen but yeah there was no fescue they don't grow fescue down in charlotte nice little stream yeah and that was about it was it was an ok looking course you see jordan spaeth slap him on the ask he's walking by scott little locker room talk matic history problem hot seat but i know it's not wednesday but hot seat rickie fowler because he is now in the crew guys who win majors and he hasn't won a major i'd also like to welcome rickie fowler into the chris berman sweatshirt hall of fame i don't know if you saw him but when when his buddy got the trophy ricky was wearing like this dark gray tee shirt yeah and he had sweat that existed in places i didn't know that's what could be like top of the shoulder sweat doubts because then like top top boobs well that's the hot seat he's on not so yes he knows he's on how he's a backstreet boy that everyone forgets what we just size name odd day in cabinets kevin no no brian
i am trying to find the little guy with the hair that was always what he's that backstreet boy there who the is that guy all right let's get to our who's back in the week who wants to begin what you guys go first all right my i was back in the week just just randomly popped in my head this weekend was tiki torches oh i was just i was at the lighthouse at my friends house he had a nice tiki torch in the backyard and i was like wow what a nice
i went to a barbecue and backyard selling time whenever you see a tiki torch you know that it's about to be a really fun mellow relaxing time the best part about the tiki torch over the weekend being part of this rally is that tiki that had to come out and and denounced which you never really thought he was gonna get put into that corner but here they are it's it's funny it like it's a it's a cool game to play wondering what the next most innocuous brand to have to denounce nazism is going to be this is the best part though they had the the children's game bright light would like to come out as i mean that's a way milk they took away like now new balance is greater frogs everything's being take away but this is basically the are just appropriating dad culture yeah tiki torches said we do not support their message or the use of our products in this way our products are designed to enhance backyard gathering seem to help families connect with each other at home in their yard i would love to talk to the guy who had to write that up hey guys just sitting there on a sunday like what the fox would like i actually have to say the tiki torches are for you see those little citronella things over for bugs like why am i doing this yeah the silence is deafening from tiki barber though
not got me good good point have have not heard too you barber come out yeah publicly can condemn the tiki torch we need to hear from him art what do you got pft okay my who's back in the week i've actually got a couple of them number one is the bionic plague don't solve this the plague is back in a big way harry mexico how could spread these things always pop up in new mexico for some reason like every single time the plague or botulism or like area fifty one we're diseases come yes always new mexico so they found orleans info more dot com or turn the frogs game all right what what what what what how did the how does the bionic play get passed around what would lease is please so maybe a tiki torch could stop that yes i said i don't torture and then the world goes round and round also fleas are commonly carried on cats much like the rally cat louis so maybe the rally cat cat is caring about applied to so it's back to be on the look out for that there you go re brand spins on for a friend michael rapaport he just hates bhuvana plague he's like the merry curie of this going around our goals and everything so shot out to the plague on the other who's back in the week i've got report to a whole
oh he was well your problem 'cause he's on the bears now and i'm ready for him to be all the way back our friend roberto aguayo the most mentally tough kicker an if you know what is back but you know what i'll give you spin zone he's kicking up in the wind now in chicago the windy city so wildly inaccurate that the wind is actually going to push his balls back towards the upright classic classic case a change of scenery this is this has changed scenery written all over it and i'm going to stick by that until he misses a really important extra point that puts the bears down twenty eight instead of twenty
yeah and i thought when you say important point i was gonna be like wait a second then i'm gonna be like that guy now also the bears front office is back because they kind of negotiate against themselves again in this situation by claiming him off waivers because no team out there was going to claim a lot of second round pick workers to the chest and now they have to pay the second round pick salary norm second round pick that's nice that's a nice haul now we have to first we have two first round picks with kevin white coming back and then we have another extra second round pick with roberto aguayo so i'm going to io jersey it's working why not all right my who's back people being mad at darren mcfadden
because ezekiel elliott is been suspended for six games of german fab looks like he's gonna get a lot of kerry's for the cowboys and when i say a lot of kerry's i mean a lot of kerry's in the first half of the first game in any good tears hamstring and everyone who drafted him is be really pissed off his hamstrings literally going to explode are you me that he's still on the team yeah he's he's getting the load he is taking as he could only its load yeah next in our i phrase that correct you know what whose back is next man up yeah that is my favorite phrase whenever somebody we never really found a player gets hurt guess what you're just gonna have to go next man up with it him an offer morse too right yeah people forget about out there were sad is gonna go pretty early in draft some people are going to be very disappointed because that's what happened there he might be the first player to ever die on the field from not not from like a head injury or spine injury from just like his hamstring ripping in half yeah i just internally his leg bleeds out yeah he in strongly they should actually more for their bodies and they'll have like one healthy hamstring no they wouldn't that would actually i don't be one of those one plus one equals three situation yeah they just get
worse and worse and worse i could i could date diver cadaver yeah could ever it would be like a superhero dead body shitty soft tissue yeah all right let roding is tissue yeah sure yours if you have problems dogs running your issue right before we get to mount rushmore want to quickly talk to you guys about seatgeek season football is here nothing better than do a little pre season get a little tail gate going because you know it doesn't matter and it's nice easy cheap and you can get into the games with c geek we also have m l b cons are tickets comedy tickets theater tickets do it all with scekic it is super easy to download that app it's free to do an they will get you in the stadium with some fully guaranteed tickets in the best bang for your buck they always price it all out and they tell you exactly where you want to see sit where the best deal is do it right now at see kik download the kik app and enter promo code take that's sticky and that's promo code
take for ten dollars off your first sequi purchased purchase i'm just buying you a beer right now here you go have a beer on us by downloading iggy gap putting in that promo code take t a k e and you will get ten dollars off your first see keep purchase all right mount rushmore this is chosen by the award winning listener watchers how to the mood choose an award winning watcher we found that out he's actually the only watch part of my day we didn't even know that we had something to watch when they they watch it all the time all right mount rushmore of thirty for we we would like to see or are r someday going to see bill you want to start good i think the micro ok so i knew billy didn't do anything so hank why don't you start all right number one is the gilbert arenas wizards
walker is such a good one the guns yeah yeah the the card playing gun plays thing is a lot i think there's a lot more there than even what we know now i like how it's referred to as gun play yeah like just horsing around with some pistols and he kind of ruined it forever because then he you couldn't care on your guns right locker room back it back in the day in america when men could be men right you could point guns at your teammates and have it stay in house and then david stern also like took wave you know people gambling on flights and stuff i don't think it actually got taken away but he like tried to sell got taken away yeah all right art my number two is danny on monday yes little league world series that was kind of topical
yeah but think about it right now yeah it was say he he electrified the nation and it could happen now anymore so right like that was when the last you don't think you could happen now i think you could i don't think there's some shady shady parents of google's pretty good yeah my number three is the thirty for thirty about the creation of the thirty for thirty franchise little and so that okay i like them a lot okay so it's just basically somebody on the couch being like we thought was bill simmons right yes we are in a daily so it i thought to be weird if we did documentaries yeah it's bill some sucking his own shot of skin out yes shout the moves again in the morning want watcher all in the my number four i had to left but one of them was a mouse the palace and the other one was just nba being raped
to see if i would like i will deep dive i would i actually would i'm agree with you i would like the the frozen envelope not like to know if if stern actually suspended m j for gambling right wing overs ring that can that lakers kings game yeah with any team seven on a day yeah yeah yeah twenty five years of the nba being right i'm with young talent derek fisher and robert worries yep like magnet balls that they had that you have found the basket yeah okay those are good you want me to go ahead okay i'll go ahead my first one is i'd like to see a thirty for thirty on derrick rose walking his sons graduation so google full circle that everyone to look forward to that would be great one just his whole career and then end it with him walking that is like maybe
start with him today all of his son's graduation is derrick rose know that at your son's graduation it's not you that works well you do have to walk somewhere right what you want your seat maybe is it really that important i mean it's one of my one of my goals is to be so wealthy that i just have like a scooter that i can go around places like in a motorized wheelchair i don't want to walk at my son's graduation true but i would like to see that thirty four thirty my next one is the thirty for thirty on lebron leading his team through subtweets an addiction to hgh so that will be a good one i'm very excited for that one can you get addicted to hd i think he i think that's his proof positive of that so i would
it is also hand there's really only showed up on the show when we talk hgh to gains alright my next one is actually little credit to us i'd like to see it thirty for thirty on one single podcast keeping tommy lasorda alive for well past his expiration date and does that mean the way i phrased that expert no i think i think tommy would agree with you then you smell a minute spoiled milk little chuckie yeah right you got probably going to put that one right down then i'm going to sync with what we're doing times were put him back in the fridge and then waiting for somebody else to take him out yeah hopefully no one throws hopefully god doesn't throw it away anytime soon so i'd like to see that one and then my last one i actually appreciate if you could put in a little bit music for this one this is what if i told you every year was there year three for thirty the caps year
that's that's really funny yeah no would be good right that's great yeah it seems like the bills the four super bowls of the bills never make it to the it just read called like the mini maze of the mini maze in dc or something stupid like that the swamp funk did you get there changing the name of the arena again what is it so it's now the mci center nae the verizon center in a usair arena nae the cap center nae the cap or one center oh and so i had a funny joke about would you like to hear it yeah let's hear it wait never this one every may you hear about this every may they're going to change it to the capital loss center oh ok that's a one point twenty five on the richter scale joke so my mount rushmore of three thousand four hundred and thirty that i just can't wait for number one surprised you didn't have this big cat that i'm that joe paterno crap from
not on the sidelines yes people forget about that time he is my favorite clip and he had to like sprint across the field and little old man water with diarrhea running down his leg before halftime he said he was all washed out which is that such an old guy thing to say it's like you can't just say you're sick i'm just all washed out ok two hundred and thirty four on the rhine lac de arrest down in brazil okay just because i want to see i want to see a series of interviews with lottie trying to remember what happened like a year ago if we look like a like a tlc version of the movie i really could be fine yes yeah so you could so i was there and i i remember it like this time is my dogs eighth birthday again and i don't i was celebrating my dog's birthday too hard and then the schools over so we put a gun knows it joe no job author i would like to see a thirty for thirty short on his dogs birthday that bad we like a minute and one slash two so i could take ok my three is
thirty for thirty on the time that mister belvedere sat down on his nuts so hard that they had to spend taping for a week yeah yep forget about forget story to his nuts are so big that he sat on mister belvedere ranking member that show mister belvedere ok and my fourth one is a for thirty about how everybody would look at the new england patriots as being the biggest chokers of all time if it weren't for the three biggest soup will collapse coaching jobs with pete carroll dan quinn an you read forgetting how clocks work so great if it wasn't for those three then everybody would say i think the world would be using with patriots wouldn't be dynasty it would be fraud overrated yeah yeah overrated frauds probably just put 'em together make it easier yeah fraud bumps oh you like that one hank yeah it sounds good ok by the way why is it so fucking hot in here again they forgot to turn the ac on again or something because it was like really cool in here and now it's hot again is to take some fighting through it i would love to see those coaches talk about those games yeah maybe not
but i'm thinking about hanging out a little like twinkle in his eye there that kind of sucks alright we have adam schefter coming up here before we get to it i'd like to talk to you guys about stitch fix if you're like a lot of guys you could probably think of a million things you'd rather be doing than shopping for clothes between the parking and crowds at the mall the endless browsing and lack of advice online mine it's enough to make you want to rock the same t shirt and jeans forever but you can't so let me tell stitch fix man they've re imagine how to find and buy clothes and you never even have to leave the house it's that easy just go to stitch fix dot com and tell me sizes your favorite types of those and how much you want to spend five items delivered right to your door you try them on at home and you only pay for what you keep shipping both ways so anything you don't want you can just send it right back this means you do
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as knows everything is generally insider yeah i'm one of the fun jokes to say is insider but i barely even know who that's a good start that's good start right there i don't care i'm talking appreciate we appreciate you coming on let's start you know what let's start with the question that i think everyone is going to kind of hold me to hear how tall are you five foot eight that that's a lie i got some lined up i can confirm looking like in confirm that so far i'm fifty nine an i tower over in a little bit so breaking news niche right yes by an edge you are taller than in rapaport
that's your thing we need to put out there we are rappaport gossamer cd i want thank you know yeah that's that's true if either cd guy opper out poor guy but you can you can obviously sway us here so you're you're you're being judged here all right so five eight i don't blame where the judges like the whole the score cards printed in my bracket you're being judged every moment five eight i don't believe it do you did you ever read i look back i did expose on your height about five years ago yeah it was a little bit mean i don't apologize a little bit for being me that there was a lot of meanness house there i mean this but it was also i think an important study that needed to be done okay and and what have we can leaders from the state i think you're lying i think you like five six five six seven of five so okay all right all right we'll greeted that is definitely i would we we should have a yeah a tape measure and here let me see you you are wearing heels going measure he's gotten these guys wanna measure
so seriously though we appreciate you coming on i what we want to talk a little serious stuff and then get into more fun stuff i had to get that part out of the way that's fine so i always am i'm always curious adam schefter you are all you have two phones you actually have the two phones right in front of the famous two phones how how what's the longest amount of time you go without looking at your phone whoa i'm trying to think of a time where do you go to the movies ever i i you know i love going to movies my wife doesn't like to go to the movies so we don't go to the movies and shows and movies optimized right that's just i think your wife just probably doesn't like having you next to or in a movie theater texting all downhill but she doesn't like what he does this is over it like what it what is the longest amount of time that you can remember that you wet not non sleeping you know i'll take my son was going to camp in upstate new york back two thousand and ten when they were doing the cba talks and
it was on a saturday and visiting day started at nine in the morning and i remember prison it's a version of prison right and so they had reached a new cba either that friday night wee hours of the morning at saturday morning early that saturday morning i don't have the exact timing but once i drove into that little area i was at a shin which i've never been for like eight hours so you couldn't get any text any phone and i was so thankful that was also before i basically right into the bermuda triangle right because because there that panic you don't look at your phone for a few hours there's not it's just it's really like a part of like people ask about sleeping and of course you sleep but you sleep it can little intervals like i i should know well that's that's where i live my life like i get up my wife
fall right asleep right to sleep one thousand one hundred and then bang but to a number from two to four how full back asleep for another two hours okay so rappaport you're listening to this the the sweet spot is like midnight yes we set your alarm is about to yeah we'll get you and i'm like out right away so you've got the two phones or do you have what it what's your data plan like how much you a month cell phone but there's a funny story behind that true store and i got to s p a disney employee so we do not get unlimited coverage plans for anybody like that's just not what we do you have to itemize all i'm like i don't know that i'm gonna be able to do that they said well we cannot with the unlimited plan i said ok first month third in the phone bill to them it was five thousand seven hundred dollars oh boy they got me on the unlimited sounds good i say so i don't know i had some deal somebody got me something where they were sponsored phone i think that's like expired an now i get random phone bills in between
my wife and my son and my daughter and their ipads and there i touches and and i get all of a sudden here's a in eighteen t charge for thirty nine i mean here's a verizon charge and i don't even know what they are anymore right no idea right so they're just so many of them they're coming in i've i can't track it and do you have are both of your cell phones on the same plan or do you have that smart in case one goes down right yeah well listen sometimes you're a cell so a sells on like you know i can reception eighteen t doesn't work so i got verizon verizon is work i tnt which was faster for tweeting well this is my primary once it's like my big one i don't know i don't know what we call this one and the problem is the movie's broken it's automatically always charging so i get in get a new this this one so when for beachy by like fifteen seconds on a scoop that you guys are both tweeting at the same time it have you found out that like one phone is your fast phone and one slow
because that way you can just well i will show you some things on the tcs would be if i'm going to post on facebook sometimes this is happened you gotta call it up watch so space gray space space space space space graces panic race what is the panic what is next loading that stuff for you i can say is it's like come on come on i see your blood boiling there what what do you get upset when you do get beaten by like you know of the other insiders by thirty seconds listen if you get upset yeah that's a yeah i think you get upset it it's okay to say that i think that nobody wants to get beat on anything right nobody wants to it at that uman reaction like you know it's just not something you want there are various stories that stick with other certain stories you could live with you don't like anything anything right but there are certain things that are tougher to swallow sometimes like what uh
bigger ones when you know the deal and you're just trying to get that final confirmation or somebody said hey give me one slash two hour so i can let this guy know goes something like that and you know it you know and then how many sources do you need to run the store every story is different okay there there are certain people you can hear from and you just know it's fact you don't need to verify that like there's no need to do that there are other people who are your sources after records were you two guys blake bortles jared goff well so here's how we do ours we have when when we get a random dm and it will just be like you know like fort smith sixty nine will be m part my tank and then help will show it to us but yeah run with that and then and then we'll make everyone's credit us and if we're wrong will be like high we're just can but that that's the way to do it and you know i i used to get the end i don't actually even seat my dm's or a not my idea of my messages very much they're set up somehow
my twitter settings were set where i used he all the things that came in and that's good and bad he mentions yeah the match okay so do you mean you blocked me for awhile what what what is so was it the people i stuff because i am i a did make funny you for that in all honesty there were so many things are horse track between so the height that people so what do you remember honestly there a lot of different things right here boy was you broke the story that mel mel kiper he never takes a pee break at the nfl draft and is that true that shakespeare has never taken a pee break down how long does he go he never gone to the bathroom so it's like eight hours or whatever it's at least eight hours in there so i said shop do you strike me as a guy who like makes the whole car pull over on a road trip because you got a p every half hour you all see boy that's far and i called for a while that's that's a confirmed dead so confirm she okay how big is your bladder you know actually lately
it's been giving me problems i had been having to go more often sort of like it's sort of like it takes you back to your college once that seal is broken yes you gotta keep going so i don't lose track his pgp goes in toilet if you say that to yourself when you're sober enough then when you're drinking you won't mess it up 'cause you have that in your subconscious yelled tip for you the gt but but to get back to the quote when i actually bought i blocked you multiple times you did that's why i mean it's like you know what it's all of those things like i have mutual respect because it's like i know i know what i'm saying things that should get me blocked with some a box you're not gonna sit here may i have a certain standard of my own mind like i don't know how many people i blocked or not so i thought you subject is not yet be well p you know you would be called voice so many times before you got to block somebody right like it's so ridiculous so it's so call me it's okay to calm the people i want you coming people are two or three times breaking breaking breaking on no no
it's both cell phones fine right now what's what's the better prank that's fooled you online when uncle chaps got you with i with the olivier vernon thing now you know what let me do the backstory there okay yeah to the backstop sir guy great one either great job here's the deal for heart but no one no one heard the story from my perspective right so i on that day that week that's like that's like christmas week two kids that's like draft it's a kiper and mcshay that's right there is that picture where you worked late at night that got weirded out there remember when you were in the dark room and you were still working even though it was like seven hundred and thirty at night it's well yeah people have fun with that i had nothing to do with that ok but people can say whatever they want i have no idea i don't come in here i'm going to work come take a picture may post it like i have no idea what there anyway so you're in your own world and you're trying to track the free agent news that's going on
i'm sitting at the desk in the middle of nfl live an they say to maine we're going to come you on olivier vernon i said okay fine like you come to me on a live verney come to me alshon jeffrey come to me on jeffery but whatever i can share with you i certainly will so they come to me and it says on the screen vernon size the jaguars now you're looking at at and your first reaction is god dam i got beat on a story by chaps and you got beat on a story oh you're being put on tv to see your reaction for the first time like there's nothing worse than that ok like sounds like you're blaming a lot of people besides yourself yeah absolutely on this one yes i'm going to show so they come through what do you know about this an to the truth the matter i don't a lot about it because i've been trying to track whether he's going to the giants right or the jaguars or somewhere else and now you're telling me that it's out there that
sign with the jaguar so well he was talking to jacksonville and uh currently he's made his decision an somehow at everybody's being hey shops dunked on you chat chat dot dot that's a quote right who is who is more trustworthy source chaps or the guy at the nfl league office that keeps feeding you the lies about the different vesti gation chaps definitely more questions speaking of which where is the fucking dez tape you know promise me a dez bryant tape when did i do that do you call years ago dez bryant tape is coming like two years ago ever say waiting for it never i'm waiting time where's the tape that wears the tape is there tape our parking lot where the tape exists by the way there's the tape exists boy that you like that
there's a hot point this time i totally forgot to not notice that some non denial denial because it's a tape didn't exist you would just be like no it doesn't you would know for sure if it didn't exist we think our friend mike florio's maybe seen the tape have you seen the tape i've never seen a tape when is it coming i don't think it's ever coming ok don't ever coming so jerry did a good job of burying that one huh oh well does big ben block twitter twitter no no he doesn't think i'm a people he he would have about actually dealing with rivers running that account for him yeah aaron young woman should solve what's up with you having so many people that follow you whose wife always leaves them i thought that say it with you guys that's the kind of seems like you got a lot of waller's they come from a broken home that's not us i you know when it's us you know when it's that's literally the internet thing that's not
now you have a lot of divorce followers as well i have a lot of divorce followers and even a few weeks back the cowboys are going to camp i wrote i tweeted and i play against just stay in my lane the dallas cow left their wives and girlfriends or go and report to training camp right in and a lot of people are offended by that yeah yeah like other teams don't leave their wives and girlfriends right do you have to pick on the cowboys i'm like okay you know you it went over it went past i should be attempting that i should just stay in my lane and not go with that so what do you what like what's the thought process when you do get out of your lane to maybe go opinion or choke or anything like that i've learned over time there are probably better off just not doing that right like what do you get the itch sometimes because you sometimes will treat you know a joke or something and every now and then yeah it's very rare i prefer to just sit back in the background
i'll leave the jokes to you guys you're much funnier than i am agree much quicker an wittier than i am thank you much taller than i am a great shorter bladders that i sat there platters seattle cagle's exactly exactly what is the biggest mistake you've ever made biggest mistake i've ever made hum probably sitting on some stories longer than i should have which story do you wish that you had broken that you didn't break boy i mean there's a couple of over the years that i could think of where you have the information and you're ready to go and so basically what you're saying is you could have broken every story but the only ones that you missed are the ones that you said i missed a couple where i've sat on them would you have anything
stick in your mind that are like that that way i could have that story if i just may be done one or two things well you know you know i'll i got when they changed my life so to speak the way i approach my work as i used to work out the morning and literally never bring my phone with me was my usb before right are there times that you escape from it and that was my rest but i would go to the gym at in the morning seven hundred in the morning workout run do something an i would never have my phone with me an it would have been a year and a half ago just about a year and a half ago it was the few weeks before the draft and i'm going to spin class
and i get out of sync classic card as a fellow time on the ship or yeah no we actually do it we have bikes at home never charlton is great that's awesome people should have never done that they're changing life you won't have a class you can just do it at home promo code take tha hooking up twenty percent off all accessories boy this anyway so i'm in my spin class i get done and i looked at my phone and usually at it was i got done with the class at nine hundred and fifteen it started at eight hundred and thirty usually i get back then there might be a few missed text messages it was like one thousand four hundred and fifteen miss texts including one about fifteen minutes after i started the class number one pick is being traded to the rams and it was just sitting there on my phone forty five minutes why don't exercise i have never now left my phone in my locker since then so now my phone is with me even when i exercise which i can't stand because inevitably
there's the tracks right from what you're doing and so my workouts the last year and have not been nearly as good so with uh you get do you have friends that hit you up for fantasy advice like on friday or so you know i some people they don't know what to say no like it's sunday morning you're in the midst of it and they just keep texting you texting and texting you i don't listen i don't really right a green green website there's certain people love helping i'm i love helping as many people as i can i have at this time of year there must be two thousand and thirty people that come to you what i do is i would make up like a little cheat sheet at the end of every august and i said like wide receivers running backs quarterbacks these
guys like in that way when people ask i could just email on my sheet everybody anybody who asks the sheet right you guys want the sheet i'll send you the sheet so you are doing the what is it twenty four hours or staying up for twenty four hours to matthew berry it's twenty eight hours twenty with hours or two thousand seven hundred and twenty eight whatever it is five foot seven five eight twenty seven hundred and twenty pm right cause they ok for seven hundred and fifty four days a year up with matthew berry the whole time you're doing it on espn for twenty seven hours you're giving fantasy advice for the entire time you know i honestly don't even know how it works they have it set up with producers doing very segments i know i'm still to be on there for the twenty seven hours i'm sure there will be a little built in breaks but basically yeah two thousand seven hundred and twenty eight hours throw and last year were like how do you do this it actually was really fun we had a great time and at the end you felt like right you feel like you've been through something right it's sort of my version training camp because even me for as little as i will sleep i won't sleep that
little all season long from this point on everything from that point is like gravy it's too hard knocks hard knocks adam schefter stays up for a day and peas like a million times oh oh yeah will follow you around what was it like on sunday mornings working with chris berman in the guys would you guys eat big lots of big food guy if he came so i love food too really wanted out restaurant new york but like if i said to use borrows ok that's it yeah no wild wings is mine but we haven't i don't know yet who loves buffalo wild wings who just told me they live buffalo john goodman josh allen josh allen ok josh allen who is josh allen those buffalo wild so so what was the spread like on sundays what would would would soi meet its standard you guys are in the spf eight standard espn for the people there do a great job yet but come on he would you know like
peter king it might go you know you're to be so what what a service as i said you know do you want to ask too sure sure he he said they they we just check off but if we want we want to learn from del frisco through how to learn from the carnegie deli when it was open we we want to order and whatever we want they go get some like wow that's that's not the way it works yeah we get like we make fun of it more make fun of tom jackson hot dogs that would sit out for six hours you guys have this out there anytime you want and then the sitting there sitting there not real appealing boone likes his false okay yeah my goals late in the day yeah it's pretty much a sub or even with spaghetti just i just so what what what's up what's up in your star hang on we are big hot see guys yep so
so but it's tough whenever possible so it's tough to come up with the hot seat in all its now it is not at all you girl that's an excuse there now 'cause i remember there have been other years i've tracked this like if you look at this there are going to be year to year six point eighty six point nine head coach changes per year and somewhere along the way in the last few years gm's have become as much endangered species as head coaches except head coaches get hired again for second and third gigs gm's don't head coaches get big salaries gm's don't get as much as the head coach is so gm somehow the spotlight fell on them within the last five years all the scrutiny and it's made their jobs and their futures tougher than ever before
i will put you have not yet but we just want to do that you don't just put it out there right now we don't like to talk about another man's job these these people have you know families are making millions of dollars but they might some day have to move their kids to a different school we just want to say thought everywhere's family them who is on the hot seat well since you asked me to give you another name something name i'll start belichick definitely he's got win this url so else he's never been to back to back super bowls since two thousand and five over ten years in trouble not consistency which would you say bill belichick's coaching for his job yeah he always coaching for his job yet this job is to coach at the shop is literally his job he's coaching for his job and his job is to go to school it's interesting you brought up the fact that gm's don't get hired some do some getting second chances as a gm what about mcluhan well he was he well he was pretty much a gm for san francisco seattle and washington no
the gm in seattle's john schneider was in san francisco he wasn't the gm i think he was the director of personnel look it up i don't think he was i don't think he had the title of gm i don't think it maybe you did what he's and that would be an exam he's been a top personnel guy shows as god is definitely one interesting thing about him this time he hasn't gotten any new sniffs for jobs so like carolina got rid of get gelman gelman gelman why isn't the clue again that call well the when within the organization or marty hurney who is around the organization and it was a quick easy position because it happened on the eve of training camp and so they may decide marty they made this out open up the job maybe they would call somebody like scott scott is an incredible evaluator of talent but with everything that's gone i think something you can have some questions that he's going to answer and it's going to make it tough for him to get another gm job i hope he does i think is worthy of one but it's going to be tougher what happened down there in carolina 'cause that seems like a really really strange time to fire a guy first he was very
at what he did but he also it's not very well liked amongst the players not that it's his job to be well liked amongst the players and i think you know jerry richardson he's the most powerful influential men in the nfl have what i like about jerry is he it's the midfield logo he keeps it as the nfl record she has not no team is bigger than that yeah he had a heart transplant a while back in a lot of people say that he's not exactly the same that post heart transplant nicer something good not not quite as ok alright so i've got it but he's got a mean guy so i interrupted you but you're saying why you think that went sour why it when carolina i think jerry had some time to think about it and eventually just decided you know what i'm making this move here it happened after the summer break because they've done a really nice job with personal it was just very strange you don't see a team make its just very unique and unusual so it takes somebody the that like
unique and unusual circumstances and artillery the full reason but how we handle the josh norman thing the way some players were handled greg olsen and thomas davis who are favorite uns in that city and deservedly so i think some of the reaction again he was the most popular guy locker but was not his job to be popular locker machines just to build a winner and he did do that out what do you mean you mentioned owners being influential we also like the you know jerry jones america's the rooney's you know bob kraft who's the the name that we don't know that has a lot of influence in the league office and you can't say all of the entire state of wisconsin well actually mark murphy is a guy that has a lot of influence and he was like the president the packers yeah i mean but it's actually the influence goes to all the packers do you have any shares snowflake that shooting in the worst alright here we go
so tell us what's the owner that we wouldn't we wouldn't you know expected he's got more but i'll i'll say this pat bolan was that for a long time before he got sick yes and i don't know that people recognize the power that he had but he'll create something i football he helped to the tv deals he was on all the mideast finance committee he was on believe and he was a guy that i was around so i know i have an idea at least of how much he meant to the league in right how much she meant to with all the things that he did that would be one guy that stands out a guide now you really named the name yeah but there's got to be one guy who's you know he he he has a quiet respect the people don't you know when he when he he can push a vote one way or the other or or get in people's years clark okay clark is a very powerful influential owner that you don't hear mentioned along with the marriage and crafts right and rooneys clark hunters the got in ok
so i was looking for the chefs right yeah so obviously she chefs the shoes i was looking through your resume and you you're kind of thing doctor there well here's the thing here's the thing you went to both michigan northwestern so which told you decide to be more pious about i'm not part about either one i can michigan i spent four years there they were unbeliever years my senior year your friend horrible well that was not my scene in my freshman year he was unbelievable took the team went to the rose bowl i believe a fiesta bowl is freshman year in nebraska who could forget that i just did i just did did you know did you meet him on campus i never met him on campus get rid of different crowds yeah what he in all honesty every girl on campus had a crush on him at that time i remember that because i'm a freshman he's a senior member every girl being gaga over that guy you know it he i really was drinking the milk that was back then yeah probably because was having a good time on campus
i know my senior year they won the national championship in basketball an my friends and i traveled around the second round was in louisville ky we saw him beat north carolina on thursday night virginia on saturday or friday and sunday whatever two days were and then go to the final four in seattle where they played illinois that salary which was an unbelievable game thirty three lead changes and then see tonight and so when your college wins the national championship in basketball amonth after a fire is it take coat three just before you graduate four months after the rose well that's the way to finish off a college career that was that was that was so michigan always that's my school now northwestern i was there for one year one year and lived in evanston three months of downtown chicago for six months i i love love love chicago i can live there but at the north which was a graduate school i don't feel as connected to the school
as great as it was specially now since they lost their accreditation right right yeah exactly so you're saying a confirmed adam schefter michigan man yeah i'm a michigan man we actually we have some breaking news about you and michigan i don't know if this is public yes we saw this oh yeah let's say you probably know you might not know you might not know though you are under consideration if not have already been confirmed to do the coin flip at a michigan game to show that i did know that ok i'm told anybody not till just now i so we broke news about shortlist we saw the not and that wasn't a joke about your height and we saw the shortlist on harbaugh's you blocked again which is a when we interviewed hard by yeah all the names your name is there yeah he he called me last monday and i i i so we knew before you yeah we've gone for awhile yeah we kept that i wrap yet you guys are actually there
ask me about it about two months ago and they said we still know so anyway here's the source i said they said is there a day that works really well how 'bout the game against air force and they said well we were thinking of getting barack obama michelle obama joe biden and the armed force acts in your life but i'm shocked you tell me when it works for you and i'm in and so they can back to me he called me i i did not properly convey how much it meant to be able to do that how much i appreciate it like i was so surprised and taken off guard caught off guard that i didn't properly
the institutional mission something like that texted him coach harbaugh doesn't really like understand emotion anyway so he probably was like yeah he text me text me text me back a great text like i appreciate your attitude of gratitude for you actually going to flip the coin or you're going to have an app on your phone that you press that does the coin flip and then still just zoom in on that now excellent idea i really don't i do feel bad that i'm harping on this but like are you going to run out with the team and you're going to really short right there going to lower it for you hi i'm rich i'm gonna jump and hit that global better i'm gonna hit that banner if it's the last thing i ever do big careful please tell you alright so wait so when you so northwestern yeah you're like walk around and have like a secret like a jeep wave with everyone at espn once there's a lot of interesting people and i like him i'm very proud of the school for producing all these great big jays
i mean there are big jay z on the east coast on him yesterday some say it's ok the big jays screw up some groups will bond rachel nichols mike greenberg he went to saint michael no that no mentions it j little there j at dante who let espn to go teach it northwestern if was like a west side story street fight between all the syracuse journals at espn yeah like syracuse who who who went there at espn now like give me the to rico yeah well i always say yeah can you show me where he might have yeah it's true northwestern in a landslide chicago is yeah yeah cassie hubbard went to northwestern so you know and then it was thirty two good school also we have a the game we want to play the game we're going to play yeah let's play a game
it's called isn't news so this is kind of going back to the jpp hand injury that happened a couple years ago i think i remember that was fourth of july do you regret that no no no ok how do you regret not also tweeting out a social security number i feel like you could have gotten a little bit more in depth with his personal information his social security number was not on there was it it wasn't on the x ray now would have appreciated again i want to check his credit score and i could walk us through the thought process there because like obviously it became a big deal
and a couple became a big deal misconstrue i'll be i will say that i'm sure there will be people who or not please i'm going here but i'll give you guys a little bit and then i'd ask you to move on ok what i would say is i sent the mistake that i made was not speaking it through with my editors more than i did i have been given so much autonomy there they've been so kind to me that i get to basically get news and file and so in this particular case with the sensitivity of the situation my mistake was not involving others in the conversation the way i should of that was on me okay what i don't i wouldn't change things i would have liked to have in hindsight listen to the various opinions hey this vantage point this vantage point this vantage point rather than acting independently catch as i did okay so it and and
so that's the one thing i would like to say but ok so along those lines were going to get regret yeah that'd be great we're going to give you the is it news test so this is whether or not you would tweet about this so you want to go i'll go first if aaron rodgers if he actually but dialed his brother and they had like a fifteen second conversation you guys first right in a couple hours well i i mean you yeah this is a litmus test for the big j well again how my get information who's giving it to me too i have also but screen shot you yeah text of like the phone call fifteen so i would say that you would watch your butt man be careful ok so you want to use it on that was on the bus is it news andy reid orders a salad at a steakhouse that is big news so would you treat it that i'd have to tweet that we've never seen him order the scientist exactly ok michael sam is working out with an agent yeah that's what they're dating well
oh so again i don't know i think i think michael michael michael service no breaking news now i'll check both cell phone what is it well as i want it's it's more of a personal nature michael sam is not these is in the news he's not a public figure we should leave michael similar look ok what about this ezekiel elliott netflix and chill on a friday night that's news that he's learning right he actually keeping it keeping a clean t bo batches of circumcision blood everywhere doesn't do anything wrong so that's new that's true true jeff fisher a regular appropriately sized shirt jeff fisher get a job again at
will do something i would think he's football guy but he's a football quiz give jeff fisher another shot i don't know what's like the league buzz around jeff fisher you know i don't i think i could to him being brought in as a consultant working around a team i don't i don't know if you can get a head coaching job that i don't know about that if it fisher get through wants to do that does he wanna go yes he does yeah he's got more seven times seasons ago he's got some unfinished business you bring jeff fisher in he's got that swag walking through practice like tom coughlin's doing down in jacksonville even if he's just like an executive vice president or consultant like that coach is on now yeah you don't you see that guy walking through that's more common yes is john fox on the hot seat but you know i'll make this very simple i think any coach who doesn't win on a regular basis in the nfl is on the hot seat so they have do you think that he was blind sided by mr brzeski pick
hi my theory you can tell me if i'm right or not my theory is that ryan pace wants to extend his shelf life is a gm i i also also coming from the thought process that every single nfl office and every team all the actors in that facility are working for their own good and that's it and besides maybe the patriots and a couple other organs that maybe the steelers but for the most part that gm is just seeing how long can i get in state stay here the coaches saying how long can i stay here who can pass the blame back and forth so under that premise i thought ryan pace is like look if we draft a quarterback or two we now have i now have a shelf life john fox might be gone i think it another person gyms that have had that mindset before because it does buy you time that you could say the owner look we draft this guy with developing the sky we all deserve extra time there
need to i don't know if that was the case here at all and i don't think he was john fox was completely blindsided at all because he went and worked out this guy he was a part of the bears contingent that went and saw this guy they talked about him he clearly expressed an opinion of john fox said boy we went to that trubisky organ that guy i stunk i don't want part and they trade from now to me headlines news sweet that but i'm sure that he watched him liked him support him and then ride patients went and made the trade that he did ok ok you got anything else yes so along the same lines of you were saying that every coach beyond the hot see if a bad season what about the jets what about todd bowles because they're going to stink going to stink out loud and probably next year too i mean if you go into camp with hackenberg quarterback ryan version that i think everybody knows that yeah and so i don't think there are high expectations from so if they finish three and thirteen just todd bowles deserves to be fired for that when they just don't have a lot of talent right now no it's just quest
they want to look there's a chance they're going to number one pick and it had number one pick they want todd bowles and his coaching staff watching over josh allen or sam darnold or josh rosen or whatever quarterback they decide to pick so yeah i mean yeah it could be in trouble obviously over under three one slash two wins in that particular case i think i will take the who that's right around there i'll take the over barely get the undertaker for i'll take it you know what i'll take it i'll take the under an i get to call you boy five times when she bought it for four wins and i will never call you people again under three and a half wins and i get to call up boy five times okay this has been burned me up for awhile when is sam bradford going to get traded for another first round pick again we are overdue soon soon
okay let let's say that a story gets injured let's say ob carson palmer gets injured lou well no because see if i do not like see how much money how much money sam bradford is made during the course of his career alot he had his deal pre cba so he was the number one pick i think it was like fifty million guaranteed got another deal with with the eagles got now i checked up again he's a ponzi scheme he he gets all this money and he's traded for high value picks so okay we'll see our boys heaven forbid jerk off gets injured grams to bring it back his number they had a lot invested in him there's a big year for him and sean mcvay the rookie a coach who's a star who can have a long time in this league it all depends if john wants to do i'm gerry got gonna prove self to sean mcvay this yeah right yeah that's our guy are i think that
do you have any questions for us if you want to be a big journalist you know did you not prepare the saline prepare well i i like to let you answer so my question can enter free interview what do you what what are you interested about this job do you want to hire you why are you well i again i'm impressed with how you've risen how's your relatives or do you want me to install again you are how's your podcast going now it's it's listen not like your guy said is not great i'm going to let you know that adam it's a mouthful you know knowing for matt no them from a little gypsy i didn't even i didn't even remember it it should have just been shifted
the report should be it should have and not have to report about this one schefter damn near killed her hello that's a good one yeah yeah the bush after inside her yeah i just don't have any wins yeah i do have one last question we used to play this game with every single guess that we had yeah who is the most famous person in your cell phone the one that's on top the good cell phone most famous person in my cell phone i got a good one for you okay i would say this person would probably be the most famous person in my cell phone what well it's not well it might not be here every time you pick up your phone i get so excited okay so it's jamie father's socks or call just okay you will call your given call him call so what we don't know is we're on
right now and you just showed that go into our camera that out right now i get to go to the interpretation that you do yes you do you want to give a slide show presentation yeah what about who else you got uh let's see how about how about i got the oh chris paul as anyone who just call him yeah die actually is my final question what it's going to be the ones that fascinate me yes calling us what do you so are you trying to become like mba school no no no no just love believe it just it's honestly to professional vacation okay i had some nfl people should be like what you wanna do that no no no i just some time that's an example of ignoring my phone like i was in a coma city for nick thunder game in february and i'm like you know what i want is what i meant yeah bring to much about the nfl i'm the
watch russell westbrook put up a triple double here watch how much the next ink and it was great just kind of fun what about the fact that like you purposely are picking a sport with the tallest athletes and you're going to work next door yeah that's a problem i mean listen i it's very humiliating very demeaning very degrading that i have to stand these guys looking short as i do but i can handle it like if i've been called pipboy then i could certainly stand next time i look like a people asking them with them we gave you credit for alright adam shafter thank you so much this is a lot of fun thank you guys appreciate pleasure check out so then i would ask you to say that in my pocket but you can't say no not too long imposing insider i barely even know arrector damn near shafter damn near killed her adam schefter do you know him ever heard of him he went to michigan and northwestern that's that's a good title for god she was pleasure being with you that interview with adam schefter was brought to you by wordpress here at part of my take we know that creating
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all right thank you again to adam schefter we appreciate those phone interview yeah i had a good time with chef yeah well i think i think we all came out of the interview laughing at am shift a little bit he was he was a good sport i didn't expect i would i've been i wanna apologize a been kind of mean to him over the years and it pre i appreciate him being a good sport yeah even though is people he was able to laugh at himself yes and he would let him know i can if the jets don't win more than three not games like i get to retired people know yeah if they win last and i get to call people it forever alright let's get to some segments first up we have mike greenberg dumb rules this goes to bryce harper who got injured over the weekend thank god he didn't actually tears acl though in the face of baseball down the down the toilet right away your face but scott boras has come out and he said that they need to fix the bass is the base of too slick i've been saying from where is it why why do we have bases in baseball true
why don't we add another base that was actually billy suggestions at five days a fifth base yeah that's actually called this week all the back door for him saying yeah you know about that billy wright the fifth base you know the dugout in yeah i'm talking about yeah so boris wants to change i guess a very important i'm told that bases are important to the game of baseball but i guess he wants to stop with like painting them every day before for rain yeah they get here they get wet they get real nice and wet you know what i'm talking about billy get well yeah ok so get real wet and i guess that's why i slipped i think they should just change it to ball pits when that be
i mean i've been about or the newport yeah i've always liked the phone pin before they could do just poison mount so no stretch stress on like multiple people running to the base the same time showing throwback to the picture yeah like i like that too but the real culprit in this situation i don't know if you saw but as he was stepping on the base price harper was more concerned with adjusting his hair said it to her and he put his hand up there to try to straighten his hair out look good for the cameras guess what you should have been paying attention to your knee if your dusty baker you gotta go hey bruce listen man you gotta cut that hair hey bruce harder you gotta cut that hair i need to see you need to take a seat in the barber you know what would be an electric because little league world series back if they had every team play one game at the little league world series
how also that it is launching guys like throw a hundred miles an hour from like thirty feet away yep and also use aluminum bats yes and so if you do connect on when it goes like six hundred feet i would watch that i would watch the out of a show yeah grown men playing on with grown men playing little league would be a great sport are just have a little league team play against a major league team that would also just write the big leaguers go yard yeah it just just just russia hitting gab beating them the pictures back in the head with the balls are we gonna get off this joke because billy's laughing which means sophomoric are a bad usual the new york jets this i don't know if everyone saw this but over the weekend the jets had their preseason game eight hundred and seventeen to three shut out to clay travis for blood bank lock of the week while also denouncing hate and a half a tweet but the jets there was a ticket counter and he was basically just taking tickets out of a bag and
putting him through the scanner and then throwing them out so that they could fudge the attendance number spin zone they set a record for most tickets sold to many tales girlfriend so we go half on the richter scale that was that it was pretty hilarious the most jets thing ever ever to goose numbers for a preseason game yes like who the fuck cares about preseason well that should just be running forever like that should be the jets or maybe the giants should just take that take that as their commercials like hey look at at least we're not the jets exactly yeah who cares about the preseason it's not like i was gambling on this game i mean obviously we gambling priest here's the thing about the preseason the product is just so much better at home watching the preseason games on tv just pageantry is so wonderful and that seven to three barn burner i took the over so i lost that i did take the jets so i that bet the already site my here's my theory for preseason bedding is if you have a first year head coach ok the house on that guy especially in week one because
or like oh i'm doing the nfl i'm going to show these guys that i belong here i just bet on whichever team has a better backup quarterback and since i love backup quarterbacks i usually do better in the preseason in the regular season hi the my client had a really apps he he he kind of broke down the preseason when they ask about came to he said came to the preseason is more important in game one but less important game three that's true so my gluttonous really he's he's really starting up he also had a a perfect in a bad way passer rating zero point zero and they all came on thursday yeah which as i understand if it's zero that's just that's actually just the absence of a passer rating perfect so as long as i've been there doesn't count yeah did not exist alright we have a football guy the week and it's a controversial one because dan quinn has replaced his clock in his office with a clock that just says now for every number i person
i think this is a fake football guy move he is he is now the michael sam he is not thinking about blowing the superbowl he's so not thinking about it he's just completely not thinking about it at all times that he put now on every single number in this clock i agree with you one hundred percent this is not a real football guy move if it was real football don't go out and buy their own clocks by the way they just have whatever somebody their assistant like puts in the room because right dude you should have a clock at alright the clock just as like one liner that says ok time to go home and that's at four hundred am also isn't the now like isn't that kind of why they lost the superbowl like shouldn't it be like plan ahead here know the h each number should be like run the ball for a few yards and kicked a field goal no each number should be like think about thirty minutes from now and what you want to be doing that and the sticker out a plan to get there yes that's what each numbers and such either that or it should be the world's first clock with four hands on it one that is it's a secondary minute hand that is set to fifteen minutes
for the actual time so that's football time there we go that's confident i'm that's football time and speaking of football time we have the countdown everyone's doing count outs you gotta do a countdown otherwise you're not a real podcast or website so we have the countdown to football season with our football guys so there's twenty five football guys were counting him down all the way to the start of football season to follow us on twitter and on instagram we're going to be posting those and we're going to be talking about it on the show is going but we've got something special planned for like the top ten so at pardon my take instagram and twitter alright with that we have the end of our show we have two two segments left we have first hank hot in the streets so hank i know pft sorry you haven't i've got a hot in the streets that i'd like for hank to explain to me 'cause i don't understand it but i know that hank will time magazine last week said put me on to this this new cool phrase that all the millennials are saying it's hold my avocado so when a millennial wants to tell
i think that they're about to do something cool to say hold my avocado i've heard like obviously i've heard like everybody saying it on mtv and like all these kids shows so then i'm wondering what it is that i would love to meet the time magazine millennial corresponding 'cause it's definitely something like old fat white dude who's just like i heard i heard those kids talking about something now it's burning up the streets everywhere so what's going on with hold my avocado so we basically this time this time writer saw one of these fake news tweets i got like seventy thousand retweet which is probably like really one thousand and it said stay woke hold my avocado there's no that was basically the usage of it he just then said oh that's one lineal say i'm going to write a whole article about how people say hold my mikado when in fact no one actually i'm going to start saying ok okay i'm going to time starting trends i'm going to work that in between when i say that's cub oh yeah
there we go let's get it all just saying to hold that avocado yep so it's like hold my beer no yeah hold my beer hey hold my avocado bro i'm going full sent yet sad there is like these days it seems like more millennial men i'd rather like just eat avocado toast then let's go fight and die in a war right there such policies so hold my whole avocado while i pick up a rucksack here we go this is i mean there's no way that anyone has ever said that billy you know what this is perfect billy i've let you go to college you need to at college hold my avocado trending now okay
no bill yeah i know yes yes that wasn't really a question i don't know what you're talking about i think i've ever had okay billy's like going to the terrible twos right now where you learn to the word no for the first time that's all i can say like on one in that way i don't have to say i don't have to do whatever my parents tell me to know i don't want to do it no actually no i told billy this last week he billy could be a tremendous vine star i want to bring back the vine platforms yeah because it kind of reminds me that guy out yeah well you know the guy was wearing all sick paul g callers just like looking talking to my not like has to not necessarily attitude but like a little bit of the answers so maybe look is or the mere here don't be a d bag d yeah and start saying hold my avocado all asked up we have and explain it to hank and i actually haven't explained to big cat too and let's do pf drunk idea what do you got hank i would like for you
to explain to me how when you put a pair of headphones in your pocket it gets tangled up point where it takes you like an hour to untangle it after one time we get in your pocket i experienced the same problem all the time i don't know what it is they're little ghosts that go in there and they have little tiny fingers and they just screw everything up yeah i haven't hank would love to be able to tell someone explain this 'cause i wanna see i watched a video on this ok here we go let's go can't wait for the thirty for thirty on how headphones get tangled in my pocket so how billy watched a video one time and thinks he's the expert on it it's more ways for your headphones to move to get tangled than not oh thus like wow quanta i'm buying it yeah and i probably no video i think you're right i'm buying it because like yes the headphones are there one way to untag untangle headphones right but there's like
nfinity ways to get the more tanks so that by probability you're more likely to be gambling nothing good i would have bet on the untangle headphones and lawson every single time all right my explain it to big cat this is kind of just like a drunk stupid thought so it's kind of like the drunk ideas are we ever going to run out of music yeah they're only any core progression thank you so what the fox it is not going to happen then when that happens then guys like ed sheeran will just make a billion dollars stealing other people song ok 'cause i was thinking about that the other day i was like wow someday we're going to just run out of music wow everything is a sample and yeah sampling god g ross sampling the universe okay which actually omits the pitch of middle see people don't know that i thought was that was some illuminating stuff thank you for answering that no problem although hank well are we eventually going to run out of takes no
long skip bayless is another more takes ical now you know that's a good question right what you're drunk i scared myself yes this is the th move on so my drug idea and i actually i'm i've convinced myself that this is true the mcgregor mayweather fight i think mcgregor is kind of like a pikey remember that movie snatch yeah it brad pitt where no one understood any of those words like that was the greatest movie ever like taxes pedicle blew it kind of yeah yeah so here's what i think is going to happen ok i think we all know that mcgregor has agreed to the rules that you can't do any kicking you can't do any takedowns because then guess what take all his money he doesn't get paid if he few cheats if you break these rules i also know that mcgregor wants to beat the out of floyd mayweather and impossible right i think that may or that mcgregor is sending out a bunch of goons to every single casino putting money on floyd mayweather to win in the first round and then he's going
about and just shoot him take him down do like a double leg beat the shit out of in this case but he still gets paid like a few million dollars or with any okay so we need to mayweather heavy on may first round okay i like this idea this is yeah well yeah when you once you do that if you were mcgregor yes without a doubt yeah just have everyone the irish people just going around just putting down big time bets boom pikey revenge is a flock of a thing i like it then they just roll out of vegas like we took all your money exactly like ocean's eleven i'd like to see a thirty for thirty on that all right that is our show we will see you on wednesday we have a pretty good guess lined up for wednesday so get excited and will see that love you guys
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