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AJ Hawk & Canelo Alvarez

2017-09-05 | 🔗
The Red Sox cheat (allegedly) and the Yankees are accusing them of illegal apple watch use ( 2:03 - 6:52). Talking Soccer for the HUGE result in Honduras (6:52 - 10:47). Hot Seat/Cool Throne (10:47 - 22:07). AJ Hawk joins the show to talk about his first year post football, his new Barstool Football Podcast "Laces Out", calling the Liberty/Baylor game, and the Vontaze Burfict suspension (22:07 - 45:25). Boxer Canelo Alvarez joins the show to talk about his big fight on September 17th and what it's like being the first ever Pardon My Take interview en espanol (45:25 - 55:48). Segments include PR 101 for Willson Contreras DM'ing pornstars, Bad Visual for Bryce Harper's new hair, Talking Tennis, Explain it to Big Cat, and Guys on Chicks with a special bonus "Hank forgot about his fantasy draft so we helped draft his team for him mid show".

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