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Anthony Scaramucci (The Mooch) And Randy Moss

2017-11-03 | 🔗

Houston won the World Series and immediately got their heart crushed with the Deshaun Watson news (2:07 - 10:12). NFL Week 9 Picks (10:12 - 12:07). Fantasy Fuckbois (12:07 - 15:52). Former White House Director Of Communications Anthony Scaramucci aka The Mooch joins the show to talk about everything from sports, to investing, to women's sunglasses (15:52 - 48:37). Our old friend Randy Moss (the white one) joins the show to talk about the Breeders Cup and his winners for the big weekend in Del Mar (48:37 - 59:19). Segments include Man Card, Connect the Dots for the Egyptian Temples, the debut of the newest segment "Being the bigger man" and the return of Jimbos of the Week.

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on today's part of my take we have the mooch anthony scaramucci we also have our good friend randy moss who is giving us his picks for the breeders cup and we have the return of jimbos an fantasy fuckboys before we get to all of that i want to talk to you guys about our friends at mugsy jeans these guys chicago guys they've actually been sending me jeans for while now even before we advertise with them i love them i wear them it is mugsy jeans they fit be nice they have a high stretch super comfortable jeans that fit every single body type yeah that's a fat joke on myself but mugsy jeans has it you want to wear means that breed you want to wear jeans that have that athletic slash slim fit without having to be restricted and mugsy jeans all of that they are the most comfortable mens jeans ever made and they're just eight dollars and you get ten dollars off using the promo
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it might take percent to november third and pft houston is first well houston is a blessing and a curse all at the same time so recency bias it is yes they are cursed right now but twelve hours ago they were on top of the world they won the world series first team in texas history to do that so i don't know if that's true or not but uh it sounds right also the first team that has a fucking hill
in center field to ever win the world series well former hill i i wish they that they had kept that hill because that is the dumbest thing that has ever been put in a baseball field and it needs stay out so houston obviously if you're listening to this on friday you know the astros win the world series immigrate series terrible game seven and i tommy lasorda i actually got a picture an inside source picture that he still alive so as of right now we still alive i'm actually now shifting the concern from tommy lasorda to clayton kershaw i don't know if you saw this clayton kershaw said like the most loser quote ever he's like maybe next year i just won't maybe one of these days i won't fail oh wow that's just really depressing that is that is like the worst things and the irony is like clayton kershaws really really good and him just being like maybe one of these days i won't disappoint everybody including myself and my parents yeah
sucks to hear i am i am sorry to hear that i was for a little bit more chaos in game seven just like you open for bat flips and i was open for like like center fielder's coming out of the bullpen today have to pitch against each other because i feel like this world series had a little bit of everything and game seven was just is one of those ones where i fell asleep in like the sixth inning and i will up and it was over and i was like oh i hope i didn't miss anything check the score was like nope didn't miss anything yeah we got real don't because the series was so crazy we thought there's no way that the doctors don't make a run here they don't come back and and it just kind of like a like it was like a stale fart it just kind of ended and was like okay i guess the astros won the world series we all we're expecting a walk off for him crazy comeback and it's just like oh alright well good for houston i guess i pulled the double kornheiser yesterday not only did i fall asleep during the game but when i was waking up going in and out i kept confused i was like wait why are two national league teams playing each other
and the world series so now i felt like that was my welcome to the biz moment where i finally achieve singularity with tony kornheiser that's that's fantastic and there's no one goes to sleep earlier in the in the world of sports and tony kornheiser goes to sleep at like four hundred o'clock in the afternoon and he and he owns it he's just like will bond to say oh you're gonna watch like game seven world series and he just laughed in his face he got you getting me i gotta get up at five hundred am also you know i'll find out i'll look at the box score real journal also this is a big win for nasa getting throws to be world champions we've been talking a lot about how nasa is trying to get itself in front of donald trump more and more just so that he doesn't take funding away from so they do stupid shit like trying to the moon and i like shoot fireworks in outer space just to make a big splash on a one this is a great way to get in front of donald trump and be like oh that's right we do space stuff the astros just won the world series
cute well it actually i'm a spends on that it probably would have been better for nasa if the astros lost so we could have gotten a bunch of houston we have a problem at lights i would like what is out from that's from nasa that's a good plot by the way i am in las vegas we i'm sitting in the visa v studios i'm sitting in brent musburger's chair so so hopefully sound quality is great because of that thank you two are and the reason for hooking that up let's talk about the houston we do have a problem to sean wants and so basically the astros went for the the city houston was like this is the greatest moment in the sports and in the city of houston and then i twelve hours later the most exciting player probably in the nfl this year out with an acl in practice john what's yeah that was tough and it they said i'm going to read a quote here from our good friend yeah he said deshaun watson went down on a normal drill running option on a grass field per source didn't yell
painters took him off the field so big detail in there he did not yell okay some people like oh so tough to me i'm saying to john watson really love the game that much if you didn't cry if his teammates didn't puke because of his non contact knee injury i tell you about it that actually that was the first the first thing i thought of is if we don't get any reports of teammates puking industry on what's watson will be fine i'll be back in like twelve months yep that's the that's like that now our medic that is our are you know degree in medicine is how many players puked that's how we judge the comeback time for an acl tear in practice honestly that's more accurate than measuring somebody's bmi yeah it's like at or or doctor david chao giving us an instant reaction when he's watching a game on tv quick spin zone did the browns make the right choice by passing on the sun watson after all did did the bears make the right is mister buski now the number one quarterback in the twenty seventeen draft i think he had actively it you have to give it to him at this point
yeah tom brady is probably watching this and he's like wow did sean you should drink more water yeah you should have you should have just told your your need to not tear right before you city yeah your brain should have dispersed the force away from your acl and we're i don't want to like get jj watt into this but like jj's got a healthy acl right now this is neither broke not the not the league in itself so judging you could get yeah one that make the transfer altered by the way so the other shifty thing what we shift the always has this thing where he he basically reports the news it's already been reporting but adds one key fact so that he can pretend he reported it it was an all time one today today deshaun watson did tear his acl per source tests on site revealed tear rap first mention this possibility so you can confirm under the confirmation that he got tearing his acl which we all like everyone knew we did but then the source i mean come on shafter got the source so he figured it out so that's breaking news
please credit adam schefter yeah you you touched on this when we just got into the watch and he has been the most fun player to watch he's been and for millions yards and he's been running he's been getting a lot like a lot of splash place too so it's sucks that he's out now it guys trying to fill his role i saw that you tom savage is going to be the one that they go to and the son matt mcgloin i've been wondering where he's been i think matt it is probably also been wondering where he's been for the last couple years i guess he played for like a half a season under bill o'brien at penn state so he knows the system so but i was saying you know who else knows that system brock osweiler well that's that's the beauty yeah but it's like one death you know like when a person dies and then like a babies born that's basically what happened with the sean watson dying and then brock osweiler getting the denver starting job like we're going to okay we net netted we're going to be
okay because yes to watson scores a lot of points he's like one of the most fun guys to watch rock osweiler the jokes we make with brock osweiler like that's the i'll take that it as like a compensation for john watson also houston just shot up to the top of my power rankings for teams most likely to spend the first rounder on your man sam bradford okay like that go brian got a little taste of having a competent quarterback and that's basically like if you had to do a got a report of sam bradford it's just one word competent at nothing else yeah no computationally is competent yes well exactly when he's healthy it's hello occasionally competent yes all right let's get into our pics we uh as always we don't actually keep track of these pics but did you guys see that someone treated me are mlb picks oh yeah and the loser had to kill a debutante i think you lost him ah yeah i mean yeah
so anything you wanna say hank i don't know what a debutante is okay you can teachers yeah will teach you yeah we can give you debutante lesson so yeah you lost tank but i was the ultimate loser with my i don't know why i was the only one who picked the mvp but the l mvp miguel cabrera might have been the worst pickable i think he struck out one thousand times but alright let's do our pics pfd why don't you go and don't you fucking say niner i'm not taking the niners actually i'm taking the giants at home plus three one slash two against armands jerrod golf this is just one of those situations where you take the worst thing you can find if their home dogs and so that's why okay alright i hate what you got oh also traveling east that counts for something so yeah ran out points twenty five the rams are going to get there and already have lost all the points that they've scored because of time hank what do got i'm going to go with the r
aides who the washington our words it looks like a trap to me but i am also a sucker i like to just walk into those traps and get client up by the who are they playing the seahawks seven ok i'm battle the washington's here yeah i like that all i'm going with this one's gross and we just mentioned brock also i'm going i'm going with the denver broncos plus eight in philadelphia that's one of those games where you just looking at you like this is the dumbest pick ever so that's why that's what i almost did too it was between that one and and the giants so i decided bet against brock because i just i want brock to do really poorly so i can make fun of them let's do our before we get to the mooch and randy moss let's do our fantasy fuckboys we got it as always we have some fantasy advice for everyone out there this weekend
once you start a soft you have to get us going let's go here we go that's what i'm talking about this is very bad very bad come in that ship my start of this week is brock osweiler the block while a baby let's let the big dog off the leash is going to put up the i stood on his work tell the boss man did not obsessed responding to emails well the big game yeah you're thinking about the office let's go but the jam and wait for something test drive plaster get over it we will be with all right i'm gonna go my stardom is contact contact you need contact not only a good movie you can't get a non contact injury if you get contact john walked out for the year non contact you need to contact touch them up again bottom up with third the other guy my system is early early christmas people there the wars get mariah carey out of my face i need thanksgiving before i get for christmas don't even try it you put your tree up your might leave for josh gordon he said that he's back at his manager said josh is in the best shape of his life i don't know why but that feels like it's true he's on fire why would his manager say anything different on sleep in i'm not sleeping on josh gordon could still charge you could do would get off the road this is henry how are yeah my stardom is yeah you like to go bowling stick on the velcro though some lanes yeah so all the my system as well that's a cheaper car that's a wolf in sheep's clothing it's so hot in my sleep or is mac hall and see the rookie he's going to put up big numbers get him in your fantasy league get a menu sleep believe get him everywhere that tomorrow thank thank later now with all of the calls on the waiver wire my thirty six all right now is i like help is a book which is now does become how much can hang surprise us and he did it the older one wall i do the prize must i looked around the room yes saw the substance is booked instead of taking the i don't even i'm looking at the sound proof stuff in the in the control room i don't think that the wall but i thought of a greater your brick your brick
from making not to not to go trey wingo on us but you know look around and just pick out whatever is out love it look like i thought we were doing this after so i wasn't ready let's get to our interviews before we do that want to talk to guys quickly about seatgeek our friends at c gig hooking it up you download the cd gap and get ten dollars off your first seek purchase you put in promo code take seek has the best bang for the buck the great every ticket based on value to help you immediately identify the best seats that fit your budget plus every purchase is fully guaranteed so you can shop for tickets on seatgeek with confidence makes ekeke your go to app finding the best deals on every type of ticket from sports concerts comedy in theater download the c gap enter promo code take take and you at ten dollars off your first seek purchased we just buying you a beer right now do it you got nfl college football nba nhl everything's there
go to the sea kik app download it and put in the promo i'll take you get ten dollars off alright let's do it we have first the mooch and then we her friend randy moss with some breeders cups pick alright we now welcome on it scaramucci your title officially right now unemployed points out that so let's start with that you famously you the director of white house communications after eleven days we had a tv show fired after ten days big cat i am so happy one point now that it was one thousand one hundred and eleven people hurt my feelings by telling me i was only in there for ten days ok why jimmy at a nine percent of my career true am i right so well six days officially right now you are now so i was announced on the twenty first okay count that day in a
power down today we're counting that stuff what time will you announce now i would say that was sitting in the west wing seven hundred and thirty in the morning ok i got announced that way i got i got i got official at ten thousand am i did the press conference at two hundred and fifteen i'm going to be a stickler but it wasn't wasn't your contract like set up your official start date to be like two weeks later so what is a negative on a is we're going to clear this up let's do right now i'm barstool sports okay this is breaking news okay the previous wanted the to be delayed to august 15th because obviously was trying to kill me if you kill me before before august fourth white house counsel's office move my effective start date to the day that i was announced and they were able to do that because my it was already up for sale it was pending and so the good
as for me is i was officially the white house communications director so there's a misnomer out there because the press release said i didn't start officially august 15th and those rents doing that rents works unlike opposite of coughlin time where everything is like fifteen days to list probably going to get a job as an espn executive yes and then finally i was like this is so is it your favorite is schizophrenic sucker yeah we're going on a use a paranoid of people kind of so because if people have mental illness issues i'm sorry if i offended anybody that's okay so by the way let's just because we're on a record yeah that was a private phone conversation with the guy who ok an it's my fault i own it i'm not saying i didn't know i didn't know that i obviously own it but it just speaks the spirit of what human relationships have become like an r
civilization to day i like the colorful language i'm afraid of that i don't i don't i don't suck their own car that's what i have i don't have any i don't have any problem with the call of a language but a lot of people unfortunately have a lot of mock and faux outrage emanated a call for one night we do i still say that those guys in like me well and i obviously don't want your stay now we're moving on your mistake was you didn't ask him we you have to just ask them if it's okay to do some walker of talk and then you could say where the you want because when you talk a locker rooms guys being guys i i don't have any problem with any of that it but the truth of the matter is i have to own that mistake so what are you listening you're in college be accountable for mistakes and i am i own it again it seems like i paid the price right i got fired so when you got fired after eleven days we got fired after ten days there was a little bit of relief like we we don't have to do any job anymore did you have any of that oh no no with the white house i was very disappointed i put a seven to ten page communique which is playing together for the president and for the white house leaks
i was definitely my hey look let me ask you you guys are asking rhetorical what are the leaks down yes are they down yeah i think so of course he fired fired fired or resigned or got rid of four of the major major league of course leaks are down and there's and if there are leaks now because there's always leaks in administration they're more constructive leaks and were trial balloon leaves there the set up a tax i like it i like this one is okay so you know they're they're going to announce the feds here on thursday you know by the way we just flow in different names to see talk to us like we're like five when i when you start talking about it will cut your i mean yeah yeah i don't know what is that you know federal reserve chairman is the old couch chair there are rules user of chairman okay got it i thank the chair the chair okay got it yet did
we actually talked about that last week yep that person's job is just to tell everybody how much moneys worth when everyone should go down i'll agree with that pretty much right stable currency problem were sports bloggers we don't know this shift so you know more than you do the same so when it comes to why did you get fired why politics over you know what 'cause people were sucking their own cock i think that's what it was really not that some do that there were some weeks now but i mean let me tell you something i mean this is a big thing now we are incredibly sensitized society income incredibly sensitized coach she got to be you know as politico we correct as you do not want to be cat so if if we're sticking a sports here there was a lot of controversy when you were hired about who the real mooch is so is it you or is it steve mariucci i love the mariners if you had him on the show no not at all right well steve you're out there listening he can take credit for being the first moves because a little bit older than the jackie robinson of mergers yeah he's the jackie robinson a mute which is if the action retire the name mooch it'll be because of steve yeah
you sometimes referred yourself in the third person as your nickname the mood all should i understand your stuff on i gotta call bullshit on that okay i sometimes tease to twerk lee it's so you have you people always a his 'cause he uses that i was at some time tease and say shut like that right it's a bunch of bullshit you know i gotta tell you when you're in the i will and your effective which you guys having to be effective or what you do you're going to get haters man haters you be haters if you winning you're gonna breed haters they don't nobody's we yogi berra once said right true the women sunglasses love those yeah what's up with that where where did you find out that you first light certainly is ominous i'm in i'm in oakley's okay first of all gender is a spectrum cats yeah get that right is a very rights back from end up when this is over you and i gonna go for patty okay all right i'll hang out with you will file a little look it might look it might look like schools showed up a bit all that and gross sure you feel like sandpaper to win and work on it but genesis
spectrum a mini oakley store on 44th st which is down from the hunt and fish club my restaurant need a pair of i broke my sunglasses and i'm looking at aviators they look good to me i don't know i put him on it look great i go to the counter right by him i'm at the white literally that's like a week before i get the job i'm in the white house and i'm wearing my sunglasses why 'cause my the suns out exactly right ok so now big to do you know they got a racially profile it's only going back it was like my school bucks over the press office all this crazy stuff i'm wearing i'm wearing the sunglasses and someone comes over you know those are women's ok the sunglasses ok i own that yeah i don't care how do they look on my cat that's good i looked at it really initials you got like seventy five which tpftftft today there were goods imus sunglasses guy it's not yet i admit i haven't i haven't by the way
get cole bear i gave colbert my woman sunglasses he snatched him like a venus flytrap right out of my hand but i haven't gained oh no i have the original one you have the rice or something i'm going to be able to wear women's sunglasses like i'm still holding it in my ginger i'm i'm very binary with how old are you thirty two by thirty two by the time you're forty you going to not care about anything because wear women's clothes here i mean i'm wearing a fuller house right now i don't care about a whole lot honestly i've never done that but if i did i will tell you what do i care yeah sure here's here's what you got to do okay you got to remember that when you orchid you think everybody's thinking about you when you get into your 20s you're like ok i gotta be the cool guy other people thinking about me the time you fifty three what other people think about you is none of your business what do you care live your life can't when your life and we to get their own you future on your life what do you care i i i appreciate it and i know you're very proud of your telling heritage i appreciate how much a hand talk or your i love that it's good right yeah yeah
a lot of pointing out of that caught some flak on ad i mean here's the thing about the president of liberals and oppressed they will never take a flattering picture of a guided date the average i know about that i'm having a light so you know your hands up in the air boom if i say something like that obama did right they never take a straight on goal okay yeah cameras are live charts that yeah i've been saying what's your favorite tell you meet well gotta go a couple cool man yeah like sausage i see i hot wings groundhog how to sausage ins boise my family sauce italian can gravy do the gravy and source big different my family's would happily down ok i got it i don't know what that means but what are you cat a month what you're going to take jewish half irish we have to get you to one night ok straighten you out there i'll be the one in los angeles the original one
but that's the original one so let me break so we did a pretty good job moving on after all this happen you started to scare muche post what is the scary movie post by the way there's a website it's way site will not yet not a website yet it's a twitter feed right now and that's it isn't bad it's in beta we're experimenting with a lot of different things and it's amazing because you get a series of people love it some people absolutely hate it you know if because i work for trump if i or cancer tomorrow there people saying what a horrific guy and because i put some hospitals and doctors out of business okay just the way it worked a bomber care exactly but my my my point is is that the scaramucci pose is going to turn into a revolutionary site overtime and i it will be an intersection on a highway of extremism in our polarized society and so give it a couple months you'll see that be great things on that so when you
i'll get intersection of extremism you know horseshoe theory when it comes to politics right the far right in the far left eventually curve up towards each other and become similar so what you're going for is like the for the horseshoe where it's like the just left in the widest right coming together to fight peacefully yeah or or let's even forget about right and left and let's focus on right or wrong because at the end of the day your generation is going to solve these problems that baby boomers the pub in political class of baby boomers have failed the society they got the can pass from the greatest generation in america built the country created the fabric of the middle class did the american jimin crap class mobility and these guys were smoking pot in his 60s on his college campuses in fighting it out with each other four thousand and fifty years later they're still doing the same thing active twenty trillion dollars of debt they destroyed the middle class in the lower middle class okay the wages are disgusting
they're paying themselves ridiculous amounts of salaries i grew so i like this too because she i know she didn't blame the millennials in any of this you know a rotation of of the american culture no i'm not blaming the millennials i actually think the millennials the guy's going to save it the men and women all my on auto did you guys you guys are less politically motivated less polarized the some of your notes i mean i've been in these college campuses with some of you guys are nuts in general i guess as you guys are going to do the right thing politically like when you were there when you at harvard i was very liberal yeah now you know dead to harvard by the way you can look that up ok so yeah so so somebody hacked my directory and mark me to see something actually i think yeah i think i think some old stuff and wait no no i was more hurt us i think you have to have became the communications director for the president they marked me dead someone hacked into the alumni directory so he lost his head up the point now those guys
thank you guys look i mean the place is resounding lee liberal free speech is no longer exactly free it's free of your liberal if you're conservative you have a different opinion than what liberals think you should have they massively protest because they don't want to have that discourse 'cause if god forbid that they may be wrong about their idea in terms of content stop substance or factual context as a relates to history if they're wrong don't anybody know about that so they have to suppress your your speech look what goes on at berkeley yeah can't speak of your concern so your insider at wall street how lenny dykstra pick all the stocks correctly what's it like the translator let me let me tell you something ok lenny dykstra no matter what he's done in his life after baseball don't matter to me love love love
there's probably an idiot savant he probably got some adhd probably should have taken ritalin since the age of four so we needed more medication doesn't matter to meet lenny dykstra as we call them when i was a kid nails ok he let off he drove that team he ran himself into a wall he'd run himself into any second baseman or shortstop this guy was it a tough so b and davey johnson said without him you didn't have that spark that ignition the other federal that slayers to drink on a person not so much well no that's a reggie jackson comes into 70s god bless 'em so you're a mets fan right big time ok but i'm a baseball you guys a rat a medic baseball yeah yeah yes i own a piece of that okay it's been so that meant it was originated in my home that i grew up a mets fan put a baseball fan in general what do you when this airs the bit in the world probably over who are you rooting for the world series
well because i'm in love with and have a great personal relationship with tommy lasorda i'm rooting for the south we saved his life actually yes we save his life how did you do that we went to go see a psychic an we asked her to tell death not to take tommy then she told us that death will not take i until at least next summer yes alright well listen i love tommy tommy's a world class champion a couple of or years back i'm going the hunt and fish club my restaurant tommy's in there with phil esposito ron do gay eating a steak that little they had killed maybe two cows and then blend the steak in i mean the steak was massive okay what can i say tommy jesus christ i thought you were dead five years ago what what the hell are you doing here is scaramouche let me tell you something a little less so be he said i'm going to be a pallbearer at your funeral you got that i'm going to outlive your address so i flew out to la with bobby valentine is one of my best friends to go to his 90th birthday party at the getty museum how is that it was fantastically that all the old
the players are some of the yanks what is the man he is a baseball icon he said it was a great leader back in the day he's a great personality and so it's hard for me even though used and at a very very rough summer and a very of year and so heart goes out to that community because of my relationship with a sword and he's ninety years young i'd love to these guys went but it's gonna be tough very well match team yeah both teams are very well matched i the edge right now is city houston bull pen that's my opinion even though if you look at stats yeah dodge a better bill dodge dodge a better bull pen but they seem more tired yes then the use simple pet dishes out if that's how i feel green you watching the game they're great as as a good friend of bobby valentine did you ever considering like taking a play out of his book and maybe after you let go at the white house showing back up
at the podium where the classes in the mud and that if they let me many many songs yeah man yeah they're like wow i got away that's the mood yeah did i get so many you know where the coals give sort so many gifts like that but like if you go on amazon some some some cat the big cat yeah some of the cat is selling mooch tee shirts left and right yes remember the mood just moved john tore cancelled yeah eleven eleven they don't call because this cup is no leaks you know come on i get it i got like here's the thing cup so this that i think the cop said that ok but you could make that could you could probably sell it could probably say espn on it with the big like ghostbusters had to hash through it you know what i mean like that says steve bannon on it did bobby valentine really invent the rap the rap song
he says he did one hundred percent ok that was at bobby v sports one thousand nine hundred and seventy seven nineteen seven thousand eight hundred percent he came up with that thing one hundred did you ever have like you know like cobb salad was invented by the brown derby deli out in el a or the waldorf salad was vented at the waldorf astoria a one thousand percent invented the rap who is fry i became friends with bobby like in the late 80s ok and would you raps isn't like is he a big well i have restaurant there was phenomenal i mean he closed at restaurant open the new restaurant up in stamford phenomenal restaurant is also really a fridays before there was a fridays if you looked at bobby's menu with the potato skins and the nachos and beer it was one big mistake that bobby made i'm going to tell you what it was he had phenomenal topps baseball trading card collection phenomenal and what he did was he put him into the tables and
restaurant so he shall act into the tables and acrylic as well went to the restaurant you see like a great spot yeah ira you see garren with were actually valuable valuable courts in out of the nattering the tables are and so you know it was probably many thousands of dollars that he put it those table accidentally so you're actually an acclaimed actor you were in wall street too but i think we got cut right now hey are you made the final cut down to send you a good relation with oliver stone's my favorite communist what was your idea and i played i played myself what was your line i had several lights are why one of my lines was discussing insider trading with alley veci on like a c n b c like program on television i was being interviewed another one of my lines is i was yelling at shyla buff about day a great lebouef afraid trade that was going down and then i
phone call with josh brolin so you believe the gordon gekko ish character of that so you played yourself so you know at one point one you in this this type of business like you were at short selling stocks people uh well i started a goldman investment banking and then i moved into the sales area and so i was on the institutional sales desk for a couple years then i put into asset management and then i started my first hedge fund at the age of thirty two one thousand nine hundred and ninety six we got like three more so we are we were long we were long and short a lot of different securities at that time can you pitch me something like act like i'm just like in the old person at home and my phone rings like like bud fox yeah ok so so here's what i would hear that i've picked you if you were home grandson yeah i'm picking up the phone right yeah i would i would say hold for mister scaramucci buy buy et fs ok an
stay out of the individual stock selection business if you're not an expert that's what i would take this new technology it's a defibrillator for your dog it's going to be shooting up soon no one else knows about this technology i want to get you in on it first and the stock yeah it only to dock right and we're gonna we're gonna once this technology is mark is gonna change how all of all the medical world works let me ask you a question okay ready i i give you i need to know if you can buy right now i'm going to give you ten thousand dollars a day for thirty days deal or maybe or i'm going to give you a penny okay but it's going to double every for thirty days what do you want quick i want the first one sounded like more money to do that first house ok so now ten thousand over thirty days is watt it's three hundred okay okay
french doors you can google this right now you aa penny everyday thirty days it's five point four million usd dollars right we should have taken this also like better hope it's a general spanish bit hope it's a january date because the thirty one days you're going to ten point eight well there we go wrong balls fit in a seven hundred and forty seven that i don't know but i do know the laws of com pounding ok if you want to start out poor and get rich study the laws of compound so all i have to do is just double my money everyday yeah that's one at a time in thirty days would be a rich guy but you don't have to double your money every day what you gotta do you gotta you gotta double your money every six seven years ok uw money x6 seven years by the time you get to my age would be a very rich guy so which stock should i buy if i want to double my penny every day right now none of this if the dog i'm aware of the dog just you and i know what you guys are that is what you guys are children around dogs you listen as a right now burning into their brain the laws a compound and yeah gogol laws a compound interest and get
but your brain educated 'cause if you want to be rich and transform the society and transform your life but don't start saving some model lips i wrote this down see your senior vice president chief strategy of the u export import that's a fake job isn't it knows will jump sure x art van that sounds like a big job part the you never seen seinfeld yeah yeah yeah yeah okay i think i'm really here almost to know that you just put a bunch of people to watch stuff together you put a bunch of words together and that's a fake job that was born in job is a great you doing ok now that ships gotta go the export import bank is actually uh agency is put together in the 1930s it's one of the few agencies the united states government actually makes a profit for the government more than export it helps american companies it cayenne
some foreign companies i will take credit for the exportation of goods and services added the united states into those other cars like american sales team so it's it yeah exactly it actually reduces the trade deficit what we export import only on like us have at airplanes have a bone over you know we should start start exporting white flags to france yeah for their army that be good soggy french fries because she little money while keeping other friends why not he is he could pick up his game winning everyone who initially going to be ps td and post dramatic stress disorder here why do you why do you want to put it in the fridge what are they doing it's easy it's easy win who helped the united states create the united states would be the french mafia john long yeah unlock was a brit but go ahead and keep going alright i skybridge do i get one of these things from my computer you want space
yeah yeah get mortgage interest skybridge just come up with that name 'cause i'm convinced that like all these wall street guys they just they just click create all these companies with just weird fake names oh i'm a i'm in my car ok the name of the company in the beginning was called sk capital 'cause the guy that i started it with the name named andrew line so scaramucci klein capital sk capital in and i'm listen to bloomberg radio in high bridge which is a very big install is colossal hedge fund this back in two thousand and five is being call the jpmorgan for one point four hundred and forty five billion us dollars so i pick up the phone i called to call ryan barnes who is one of my associates at sky bridge getting the firm started
it ryan we got to find a name that rhymes with high bridge because this is gonna be very good karma for us can all cover song yeah me back call me back secure sanso like vanilla ice sampled freddie mercury and queen yes we go so he school going google and google and called me back he is i want to get through everything it down as what about sky bridge were already calling the thing sk capital and we called sky bridge i said is it available he said yes i said book it right so i have a couple for you ready would tell me if you invest in this company omni global on the global financial yeah don't think about it but you like him think there may well okay what about investing things you don't about hudson street advisors would you invest with them i don't know the i don't know anything about it what going granite bridge associates up yeah only thing you missed out on a worldwide in there asset associates get
will get a little runoff business from aaa thoughts on that i'll look it up in the phone book select sample the exact thoughts on that yeah i mean you know come on come on dudes background trust block black rock trust lack rock is a world class organization like this i never heard of black rock is a world class organization and if you have money with them you doing a good good for yourself and your family serious question because you've talked a lot about hedge funds and it sounds like that's an easy way to like start doubling your pennies up if you start a hedge fund well get through how maybe mean big cat could start a hedge fund and also slash what is a hedge fund so a hedge fund put very simply is a diversified investment partnership
if you think about a mutual fund or you think about your own e trade account mutual fund you're going to get you're going to get along style like that mutual fund right how 'bout mascara muchi muchi scaramouche i'm thinking about a whole makeup line cosmetics remember generous generous spectral soldier actually to get this is why i got fired from yeah intention through gender warms my brother sam is spectrum now if you nice i'm going to bring you pair my woman someone ok so so what a hedge fun is is an investment partnership you can go in a mutual fund you can buy the stack or you can be in cash that's sort of long only you get long the stack or you're in cat in it such fun you can buy this doc or you can sell the stock and go short the stock you can buy derivatives you can buy call options other types of output options you can buy future contracts and so what it is you're entering into a contract and a port worship with sophisticated investors that recognize
your talent and they want to give you a piece of the profits of that pool up for your talent always be closing is that true that is true what about coffees are for clock coffee is for closers i don't really know what i don't nice resolved when riley article gun ross always be closing that's a hundred percent sure that's a part of the american dream yeah i've been closing you this entire interview what do we do you need yeah i for me no you're just gonna give me some money when he walks out second only to mine i'm gonna realize money for what are our fun are just also shut phone hedge fund coming back to the white house real quick you you did work you would directly reported to donald trump if it's just kind of like lurked around to eavesdrop make sure you were talking trash about about he he wasn't happy with that let's put it that down so you had been critical of donald trump in the past what was that like you for and like i am imagine he's not a guy that let stuff go very easily agree
surprise that he allowed me in there for for for for for first of all i mean we have a mutuality of respect we grew up here in new york both new yorkers and when i made a commitment to him to go work for him you know control in all in and so what happens in politics you will find that there are sparring partners we have to understand is the press in the media wants a position that they'll run that they'll show that clip of me attack king trump they forget about the club him attacking the hedge fund industry which inspired me to attack him he punched first like i said i i said this from the press podium in front of forty two million people i apologize to the president hopefully so my apologies i think he did university balls about it here all the time my incessantly yeah well lumias him you don't think he's a ball buster so i'm sure he is that's why i was wondering what he said he is the best smash talk shock jock that there is ok he came up with the best nicknames mean listen he had a clear
teen people off the field we come to brazil united states need them all you think the media will mark i think the media wanted low tj you think the media wanted to be present probably not why did why did they not like you you got acid vitamin i think what happens in life you are an alpha they caught your scent and they know that they can compete with you consider yourself an alpha triple what are you pencil alpha body of a beta body of a baby you can let me feel yeah the thirty two years old is not this kind of set of climate change and let me tell see this table yeah i started two businesses from a table smaller than this ok and i aggregated those businesses into politically decent sized businesses both those businesses so for over nine figures each trick question the cables
we can't do that without a team not at the table was like actually it was sugar lemon way ok we got a little worse tables when i'm here you gotta get a worse table and you gotta watch your expenses but you guys seem like you do and i gotta i gotta pick up i meant it to the barstool sports guys again you look like yeah yeah i mean just look at the way she rest and everything like that so i go outside and look at the whole thing but the bathroom was spot oh yeah that will come back here come to sound like some big broken windows theory guy ok let me tell you something at sky bridge if that pants she was dirty i'd go bezerk ok so here's a question here's questions you don't want a client coming into the pantry to get a cup of coffee and seeing a cows on the floor i mean come on you guys not so you're a fashionable guy that report came out yesterday that manafort spent like five hundred thousand dollars on suits and rugs is he good dresser this a night so here's the thing you're going to learn about life ok i think people are innocent until they are proven guilty in the court of
and so what happens with the media they've already adjudged him they've got a trial and they've got a sentence in place for him and they're running around i to nail him to the cross he's got a family i work with them i thought he was a very good guy when i work with them i don't know the inner dealings of the thing but what i don't like is i don't like politicians that cut and run from their friends when something bad goes on with their friends every politician get exactly so i'm a guy that would run towards my friends yeah so paul got a problem he's a friend of mine and if i could be there to help him with his problem i'll be there to help with this problem account if you say off the record to somebody who's wearing a wire for the fbi i probably not what did you say are you a cop there goes my strategy it's interesting things if you go back to constitutional law i took that like thirty years ago what you get i think will get an a minus oh minus each so what happened there
hey i was like my best grade at at at harvard i was a straight be sort of a guy i like to get a degree yeah i would say about anything it just legally speaking if you just going around or if i'm at four just going around and everybody that he spoke with just hand i'm a dollar and said you're my lawyer then as i understand it that's protected under client lawyer confidentiality right that sort of stuff you flip on it yeah that's sort of the hypothecate on when you're in a dorm room but that's not really how it works in my life is basically a dorm room because i got that i'm willing to wager at what about some impressed with the bathroom what about salmon street advisers would you invest with them seven of them not a swim upstream yes i want the stuff you don't want to cover that goes up sorry we were in that we break the pack which no emotions there's yeah we go against the grain co gets the water you were in the best is what was your logo b r it was tomorrow be it would be like a big always win so yeah it would like
big guy just let me have a body of abated flex yeah i don't know i cannot come on would be that i'm looking at you right now i'm thinking thirty five percent body fat right there so that's probably that's concerned one would be the scales of justice but it would be like just money on each side yet in your silly weighing we on the other out yeah right if yeah market logo is mine would be get food be your your your penny paradox and it would just be multiplying forever and ever intend to see africa that song if ever create compound interest einstein said was the most fascinating part of mathematics and he did you lie at the time of bombs and he married his cousin resell so that was married cousin did you know that you don't relay the cat you have like these little obscure fat yeah now a batterer not know that the not sure it may be phased out but you say it with such a conviction my brother einstein very is present on various acts of this first i'm sorry your i'm very impressed the gravitational pull of your purchase more thank you okay about
that interview with anthony scaramucci was brought to you by btn tailgate you guys know i'm a big ten guy i love the i love to watch big ten football you run the ball you punt the ball you run the ball either punt the ball pass it may be seven yards out throat the ground then punted again that's big ten football i love it and be ten tailgate every single saturday morning you got to watch it ten a m on the big ten network my friend spice adams he's hilarious you have to watch it it's the best way to catch up on all the big big ten games on saturday there's some big games coming i think it's michigan state and pens you're playing with who's playing indiana that's a trap game there are some big games so go right now you got to watch it big ten tailgate big ten network on saturday morning one thousand am eastern and here's the fun thing they have they hold up signs behind if you should be there you can get your sign there you by texting two hundred and forty four
ten that's twenty four thousand four hundred and ten it's the fantic in line you write in what your message wants to be maybe you roast pft i don't know you could do that you could do it by texting into twenty four thousand four hundred and ten the beat can tailgate on the big ten network saturday morning one thousand am eastern big ten tailgate you got to watch it and text in that be really says if somebody were to roast me on that a real shame yeah real shame put one more time four thousand four hundred and ten real shape right here is our friend randy moss and ava something completely different all right we now welcome on one of our favorite recurring guess he is here to win you money he is the original randy moss randy thank you so much for joining us not always it's great to hear your voice i have a t shirt thanks
says returning guests one of my prized possessions i love that t shirt heavy rain like rachel nichols an maybe blake griffin like the only three people that ever got those shirts yeah really not many of these what he's on his way we have one where i just crisscrossing the country i think is going up like to seattle to spencer hawes next week or something so i don't know yeah so yeah alright so here comes is this weekend you are it's in delmar it is the best weekend for gambling on horses for those do not bet on horses or do not usually fall horse racing give us a quick explanation of what breeders' cup weekend is and what it looks like breeder we weekend is essentially cliff notes version it's horse three year end championship there's the triple crown which obviously gets the most attention of any of the horse races but then even those horses if they're still doing
will run at the end of the year in the breeders cup whereas the triple crown is just for three year olds the breeders cup you're talking about thirteen different this is over two days friday and saturday you've got young horses older horses phillies males grass racing dirt racing it covers the whole spectrum i dumb question for you has a horse ever competed while pregnant yes is it better the horse to be pregnant because we have a theory that it's better for a female athletes have to pregnant the total sources have that special glow you know at that that's when you know they're pregnant now seriously i've been numerous situations in horse racing where mayors that were just on the verge of retirement uh an were bred still continue to race and race well for awhile they were carrying a baby that does happen that's great frequent but it does happen
i love the store last psalm so the breeders cup the the best part about the british government from my perspective and you can correct me if i'm wrong it is the best chance to make the most money because it is all fan plastic horses the prices are all you see a lot of races the prices are going to be high they'll be five six to one favourites or not favorites five hundred and sixty one horses that can win that is that a true statement yes conversely it's also the best opportunity every year to lose a lot of money well well we're optimistic and look at it so good yeah so good it's the most difficult handicapping challenge of here because you get a race with forty horses in it which is pretty common in the breeders cup all fourteen are accomplished race horses who have had sensational races in their background and it's like a rubik's cube
to try to figure out ok which horse is going to be the best on this particular day and what makes it good gambling is that the the nature of betting in horse racing is all kate on how much money is spent on each individual horse when you got so many betting options out there the money spread out and it makes the price is higher on all the worst so if you're right you can really get home let's talk breeders cup this year what before it's the breeders cup classic give us your favorite race or something you got circled that we should look out for from a gambling expect it there is there course running friday the very first race we do very first race of all thirteen in the breeders cup on friday there's sourcing rushing fall
f a l l rushing faltering by chad brown who's one of the best trainers and business use great with brass sources she said to start you want to both last time out you look like an apple which superstar there's some european horses in there that are going to take a lot of money and are going to raise the it's a little bit on rushing fall she's going to be one of the favorites but i think he is a on our way i think there may be some spectacular things ok nice roll it out and by the way when you say average you will be on nbc sports all weekend long an nbc regular on saturday is that right here's the way it works it's in b all day friday okay and all say saturday until the breeders cup classic rolls around that's the grand finale six million dollars yadda yadda yadda i think there's an hour then over on nbc the flagship just to cover the breeders cup classic put an ad it's all sm ok nice
what you got you got type picked out we got a special tie got it all laid out what's the got my got my special zinnia breeders' cup tire to need to go for saturday got a circle a purple tie step that's the color of the breeders cup the color of kings so that's that's for that's for friday so i got it all laid out so in iraq give us maybe the three horses that you've got keyed up that you like bob baffert has or using like in the breeders cup classic the first time in history a trainer has had four or susan class that you've got it he's got the spectrum in including the horse that won the race last year aerogate who was the number one rated worse in the world for much of this year problem is that in arrogates last couple of races both of them here at del mar are you laid an egg especially the first right terribly in his in his first race at del mar last
he ran pretty well to finish second in the pacific classic but he still was not the arrow date that we have been accustomed to seeing so he looks very beatable coming in today and the horse i think that's got the best chance to be his gun runner he's never been able to beat him yet he's over to running interrogate gunrunners got better arrogate seems to gotten a little bit worse and i think this is gunrunners race to lose the other horse in there is a trained by baffert name west coast who is the best three year old in the country right now he's got taking a little bit of a uh disadvantage going against the older horses the four year olds in gun runner an arrogate but he's really on the upswing okay last question and we appreciate you coming on every time and in us money the you always give us one got one horse it's a late finisher that we can throw into our exotics who is
that horse in the breeders cup classic who is that horse come from the clouds you're talking about just need to finish third dr you know west coast is probably that horse he's not going to come from way way back there aren't many deep closers in the in the breeders cup classic and you don't really want a deep closer at delmar anyway because the stretch corona del mar is the shortest stretch run he major race track in the united states that's going to be huge for the outcome of a lot of these just 'cause you get far back at delmar u you turn for home you got no chance for very little chance so you don't really want those type of horses in the classic west coast from off the pace is probably your best bet if you want horses to be rallying at the end ok are there any just crazy horses that are liable to either put together a great race or like flame out in the first one hundred yards wow i mean you've got thoroughbreds
nature are half crazy so you got you know you got some you got some crazy type horses you know in almost all these races there is a horse running in the race right before the classic and highland real in breeders' cup turf last year naked he came over from europe he's irish based force and last year he came over and where normally in grass racing the worse is just kind of gallop around there and then they all run like hell for the last quarter mile down stretch this horse just took off uh a shame as separate irish jockey opened up like eight months on feel that we're all going what the hell is he doing and it was a beautifully judged race the horse went wire to wire an and beat out horse influence sure that we all thought it was it was going to win the race why one reels back again so it's going to be interesting to see what the short stretch especially if he can blast off like that
in and i would be able to do the same thing year later i like it crazy irish horse alright well randy thank you again we really appreciate it you are our favorite you're only horse expert but you're also our favor i have to tell him that you are number one in alpha and omega of our horse racing experts and if we win money the official hashtag is let's get randy let's get ready the best of a very short field of your horse racing guys out there that will help you in all of our tronics alright thanks randy have a good weekend you too i'm going to still text you by the way i will text you for those pics there will be in vegas so i'm going to get you i'm going to text you better text back alright that interview was brought to you by blue host blue host is a top rated website provider powering over two million websites whether you're a blog or a small business owner blue host is everything you need to build the website you've always wanted bluehost is the best tool to build host and manage your personal or small business website
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yeah that's that's a problem for me because you want you don't propose at the best possible time of your life because everything is downhill from there it's too much of a good thing you want to propose when you screw up really bad and and be like hey i'm really sorry that i got somebody else pregnant but to make it up for you i love you let's get married we called killed kobe ring yes did he invented that the nice the the big the big old kobe ring yacht yeah i i agree like it's i have no problem with with i mean if they're in love you did you what they do but it's i don't know why i'm talking like this but i like hey if a man and a woman love each other they can get married but the my problem is this is like after winning world series it's got to be like the ultimate guys night out because you just basically go right into the clubhouse and you a beer and you guys all hang out now you gotta like text to your family and text her family and do a facetime come on like just win the world series get really drunk then do it
like a week later when you're in bali or something yeah and also just imagine your parents if your parents like there they're so focused on you having just won the world series and now you update them and by the way we're engaged they're like okay well i'm already happy so that doesn't really do it you want to spread their happiness with you out it's very rare where they're like a hundred percent happy with everything that you're want in your life so you want to make sure that you maximize it what you're basically doing is giving yourself christmas and your birthday on the exact same day so why why would you ever do that on purpose it makes no sense to me and now you're going to have to one up this every single time you do something with her you're going to have to like your first kid at have to be like at your hall of fame induction ceremony where she goes into the next time you win the world series like you're going to have to have some and come out with a gender reveal right after this is you raise the bar way too far if we can teach you one thing on this podcast is put the are all the way on the ground literally laid on the ground
and then every now and then you can kind of like almost lift it up a little bit roll it over your body and that's usually like what you know if you want to if you want to do something nice for someone if you don't expect too much i might not let you down by the gin blossoms said that if i could get him chris berman mode a little bit so he was the world series then proposes net zero rings on the day all we have a connect the dots this is for egypt so the egyptian i don't even understand what's going on the basically as far as i understand egypt egyptian like scientists or something found a hallway in the pyramid that's right they found a new room so but they did not know look around like they didn't check open all the doors the guy from the guy that found it said there's no reason to worry about it basically just tried to get everyone's eye everyone sent off of it that's what i always say when i find a new room hey no reason to get spooked about this room just so you know the rooms totally normal
any also wasn't there he's is the one the report it but he wasn't even there to find the room so this is either you also to have sex room like the weird things that die rumors you gray has yet the boom boom room or at nash room in the in the jersey shore yeah i was just a this was for was just a man cave maybe where he had like but they didn't have tv's back then so he just had a bunch of wine and then had d had his like servants playing a game that you play where the loser gets killed at the end and that was like his horse again we just kind hang out and just be a dude yeah you just you use someone like the servants common they feed you a ton of food you puke on yourself because you ate so much food and he kill the servant do you think maybe that was his boom boom room for the afterlife so he knew like hey i'm going to go into heaven the old lady in stole it or going to be around a lot i need a place where i can go away and just kind of your own thing so i think that's what it was like the secret apartment that a lot of professional athletes have
to be honest so what what it really is and i don't know if you guys are on the same sense as i am but this is just promo for new nick cage movie i was it's going to either that or like a history channel special yeah nick cage somethings going to sum things up with nick cage it's going to be a great movie i don't know which one i don't know what like he's on with all that he has i feel like he has six the franchises going concurrently right now the field right like national treasure like seventeen is going to come out soon yeah and then he's got it like that that hell rider or something well think cage actually has national treasure movies come out like simultaneously third in the fourth when both come out here same time so it confuses you oh here's but what if it was hitler in that room and they found hitler like still alive he's been chilling there yeah and they're like everything's fine everything's fine don't be alarmed they said that it was the discovery of the century by the way which is you can't overblow like finding a room more than say discovery centre
discovery is century for me was like the day i realized that dog the bounty hunter was taped afterwards and it wasn't like life they found across with discovery center yeah right you found a little nook alright we have right when we get to jimbos we have the debut of a new segment it's called being the bigger man so we have we're going to take the high road when do when they go when they go low we go high which always works it always if you look at history and politics that always works we're going to go high espn taking one of our stories the geno auriemma saying he would sorry luigi area my saying that he would hire rick pitino if you had an opening at assistant coach and then took it and and put on the front page just like ten days after they say they didn't want to be associated with us in any way so well good for you guys that's awesome i'm actually really happy for him they also put it on first take talked about also they really they got a lot of mileage out of which is great because
it is an organization like espn i know they've been shrinking a little bit but any store that they can have to kind of extend and and kind of get the most out of it i'm fine with good for them i'm happy to help a in tide lifts all boats is what i say so yeah if they can take our stories and use them to help them i think that's good for the business yeah that's but that's really nice because it when you think about it webber wrote the story whoever put the story on first take like that those they probably got a little you know another day of their job done and that's nice that they were able to do that because there's people like you know the people that we hired for barstool van talk who got off fired a week into two dropping everything for that job yeah six but it's yeah but it's good that they're they're giving back to the community it's absolutely great and that's it it sounds like they've really learned something so i'm happy to help and then the the thing they announced a new policy shift for the people on social media i don't know if you read this if you saw about this if you read about this it says uh do nothing that would under
your colleagues work or embroiled the company an unwanted controversy hi i say good for them that's good timing i think that that it's it's great that they don't wanna do anything to like hurt their new colleagues i think it's just a wonderful wonderful addition to their policy yeah that's nice the sam ponder rules like the larry bird rule and that's great she got her own rule that's way and it's a really it's a really positive rule that's like hey yeah be nice your coworker essentially she got the golden rule named after appears that wow that's awesome all right now being the bigger man i want to puke right the whole time like buck everyone there fuck them for taking that story like two two days after like you putting it on first take i understand that like the the the actual story that they wrote it's probably just a robot it actually probably is a robot that said espn news services yeah so it was sarot program within putting it on taking using it like fuck you guys fuck you
you really undermined the spirit of being the bigger man with that ran yeah we'll get all yeah i would just like to it i would like to distance myself from i colleague big cats comments i i think that would have been doing is wonderful ann i totally support it and i denounce big cat ok that's be part of being the bigger man as you get to say do your the bigger man and then as soon as it and you get to be a small ma'am very small but i'm ready bigger than you right now so by the way but the the new policy like the biggest winner and all that is darren ravel because they basically like we want everyone to be as vanilla as possible at all times and rebels just fist pumping is like buck yes i actually thought this is my chance i thought he was the winner and all this because it basically says do not make fun of darren rovell yes yeah if you see by the way he he he just like got obsessed with counting down how long the game seven was the other night like it was like this use one hour one minute time it took for first wings of game seven and then like an hour deputy
two hours twenty eight minutes game world series ends i did not see that it's the bottom of six i did not see that because i block turn ravel walked him yeah i i reversed on him when we became colleagues he tried to explain nice and he was like i i you're on blocked and then i immediately said tough luck i don't i don't take fairweather followers darren that's very big of you credit to me that's not to be is not very big you should just bury the hatchet with i just under all right let's do jimbos the return of jimbos hank would we got our first one is from frank one thousand two hundred and twelve it says i have a moderately large social media following and i tweeted publicly that my girlfriend has chemicals wow that's a big mistake yeah that's not a stand off of that sounds like a mistake that a young person would make it does once you get over the age like twenty five or so you know that nothing good is coming out of publicly making fun of your girlfriends parents even if it yeah
even if you if it's a prank because then you have to say i'm so dumb that i thought it would be funny to make fun of your personal appearance here's here's our here's what i hope this person frank is that his name frank one two ways to rank yeah i think his name was on frank will they'll grow yes but i i hope frank has fallen our previous advice in that you got to lower the bar as far as you can lay on the ground because this is over time to buy some flowers flowers you draw the flowers out there it gets a literally gets a sent off her cankles allegedly well it's good advice for frank yeah pretty place you frank next one maybe like twelve dozen roses also frank if you're listening the podcast you produce i don't know just the two podcasters some money
because they probably you know what whatever just a really smooth things over and in turn the tide of public opinion for you you're right i'm i think it's a are you pay your way out of it interesting all that is our show we'll see everyone on monday we have my mike is back long time recurring guest is going to tell us what a catch is probably not anne will see everyone on monday i love you guys welcome and then one more she damn son where'd you find this
this thing smoke
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