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Baker Mayfield

2018-11-13 | 🔗

Eli Manning still has it and other Monday Night Football Thoughts (2:27 - 9:25). Mexico Field Update (9:25 - 13:22). The Warriors are imploding and Kevin Durant is definitely leaving after this season in free agency and this is in no way an overreaction (13:22 - 20:54). Hot Seat/Cool Throne (20:54 - 32:46). Cleveland Browns Quarterback Baker Mayfield joins the show to talk about being drafted Number 1, changing the culture in Cleveland, all the haters, and why we could motivate him better than anyone if he gave us a shot. Plus a very special t-shirt with collaboration with all proceeds going to the Special Olympics Ohio (32:46 - 75:21). Segments include Bad Visual for Markelle Fultz, sad Carmelo, Thoughts and Prayers Stan Lee and Nathan Peterman, Hue Boy for Hue Jackson getting hired by the Bengals and guys on chicks. 

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