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Barry Sanders, David Justice 06/27/2016

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The guys face the maximum amount of travel adversity to tape the show at 3 am and start with a story from Big Cat's weekend. Discussion then turns to whether or not Messi lacks the clutch gene or is just a descendant of Nazis. Barry Sanders and David Justice join the show to talk about their respective careers, why Barry doesn't smile, and how awkward is it for David and Halle Berry. Segments include "PR 101" for Johnny Manziel, "Not afraid to go there" featuring Tavaris Jackson's wife, "Hurt or Injured" for the European Union and our newest segment "Hey JJ".
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not my sport is the problem i take it is monday june twenty seven i am three days since my last accident what do you mean i am three days since i last put my pants
i saw this happened friday so on so this is how we're gonna start today show and i've been thinking about it you know there's a lot of weird things that i can put on the internet and in make my own i've been selling shirts with this research base sources our bread and finally the iceberg challenge from it it a job i'm trying to bring back the door is we as a team made hating stuff currie cool so these are all things that we ve been able to accomplish but none of it comes even close to what i'm trying to accomplish what becomes too making public cancer is an adult knots we should be ashamed of well i mean we're every man you know we're we're not we're not special
others we bleed so yeah tells you put your pants bookstore so what happened was that on friday he's gonna get a haircut i was driving you know how on friday afternoon had some tunes gone sneeze well i'm driving sneeze sugar and the far triggered approve here's the prom i thought it was just you know your regular run of the mill whatever a little of all wet for you we ve all been there how the carnival yet my hair cut through cats through the shorts so again stand through yes what was your car seat messed up yes i added i had a pack ads oh my god autumn into the barber shop we're waiting
having got your version will you i was i was he was afraid friday afternoon room the on the other side driven a couple miles i was too much too i was already committed to thereby woods i walked in i asked and i use the bathroom they said yes watch was shorts and what plans in my hands i walked out with sweat pants on a no short your underwear i throw them out so so here i am i'm a thirty one year old man i make snakes just like you a brave of you to meet that i just one so a breakdown a couple burial listen things happen i went to mexico a week and a half ago that considerable your stomach fur i will be used as an excuse by way for a long time ago i was in mexico in june so that's why do my pants in october but so here i am i'm i'm i'm weighing it alone on the on the table for everyone at home all the listeners it
it happens to you don't be ashamed i'm here for you i want to give a voice to the voiceless the girl on adults out there no girls loud in this club but i want it to be known that if you had this problem i'm here for you and here's rum adieu because i know how to make content out of my own mistakes in life i have a picture that right of the short i will treated alchemy part might take your account if we can gain a thousand followers the time to show where israel from twenty four hours so wet forty six thousand right now we have the forties seven thousand we'll treated out until everyone to follow poured might take don't say why is they probably won't find what if they understand why and then then at the end of twenty four hours you're saying if we hit a thousand you don't we
picture of isn't gonna be as it should just be the shorts i like to see the carter's is the car in the picture of the cards clean the devil is in the sea in the end you clean the girl you likely the car so how can we tell us did you throw down i died when i at home i did a thorough cleaning up everything so pleasant we can now start to show i just thought out guy get otherwise because where the trust tree always i thought i was something that people can relate to i'm just doctor you didn't save that for jimbo like play a real close the vessel and drop that huge huge jimbo on us it was too big of which it was too big a jumbo jets are not drop it right there again speaking of shooting your paths and embarrassing yourself about massey however about argentina oh yeah ok real estate to show great subway argentina while so they lose a copper i then everyone just quits death
i mean it could be a genius pure by message be like you know what i'm i will admit that i am embarrassing my country and so i'm gonna take myself out you're that that's new that's a type of commitment to you country above solve that you don't see from while these united states athletes you're in other afraid of a mosquito southern europe my message is afraid of killing everybody in argentina because he took so much so he's doing the right thing and dropping out and i'd like to see players in the u s sure to drop out for the right reasons is that wrongs geez bessie lacks the question that the question that everyone's gonna be talking about tonight we're has run it that's a great question of beer pole does measure lacks the clutching right yeah you know i think i think he does so he's lost the last three funds in a row right there are a number of things that i did just don't arab
for me that messy like he's got too many tattoos now he didn't used to have them in tattoos i feel like they like them he's embarrassed as his skin i the covered up i can see you you you want to use the t work go ahead you can use it to work tat is well but of a thug it is easy to guess massacre and this code so this join the larger theory that i have about messy go i that messy might be oh it's him of a nazi a lot of them went argentine after the war to trial escape i'll there is a doctor that argentina from germany is the second son of a bitch in world war two joseph mengele mingle join us last night he performed a lot of scientific experiments really terrible stuff he was
unable to uncover the clutch gene an isolated that's why you're like hitler if he had had the clutching he broadly when a choked private on yahoo you wouldn't gathering mozilla what i'm saying years miguel moved in south america i had sex with an urgent union a few years later you get messy we're not we're not you guys why doesn't really work out but yeah why does it does because he was alive until the eighties he survived you never captured a b i guess he had enough time lessons have saxon and may give birth to little lie now he made a messy ah here's i think the best you can do what you do appear wanna one for messy ah i liked adequate he can either go home to europe and just
where is the rest of his life and his native your europe country whatever europe country he's lit his front or this is kind of a hot in the streets thing when the whole world thinks you're quitter and it's down on you you go the cleveland anyone a championship i don't think you can see i dont see messy being cleaving guy just cleaving animal esteem you ignore things so you get so confused walking around cleaving like this is obesity is what what is this desert my message of those pretty good big uses congratulations on burma for apparently signing leo messy young round outer stable squeezed cameroon and to have carried the biggest jokers in the world so i guess you made a lot of money off the or so i guess that's good forum should we quickly do u s talking soccer yeah so i'd so here stockings offer
the united states of america are great showing in a meeting was tournaments third place game but ultimately lost that should improve our ranking it was a statement loss statement loss in a meeting with china that we shouldn't being because we're not in south america so big things for usa and that was talking soccer ah away what might rushmore do we have today that's right that's what we're gonna continue to surmount rushmore i thought today we would do mustards oh we have a lot of people talking out there with them out rushmore of numbers that started huge debate online i think we had like four five thousand votes unopposed number just have a little while a disclaimer what one from by way before we start this lesson however a little while a disclaimer here here he's voice sounds awful he was on a bachelor party we are
retired here's the deal we're doing this show at two thirty in the morning because our past is a great with communication jackson me around noon on sunday when i was sitting on my couch in chicago and said you have a meeting at ten a m in new york on monday so i hope on why it was delayed i reservation when my hotel got screwed up so here we are it's too early in the morning he if these awful yeah i'm aware where hank was i put my three days ago but guess what we're rank the mustard for me don't background it was rather right gate number one on my more mount more of mustards is dijon mustard delicious sandwich chance you're such a fancy boy number two is horseradish mustard oh great you don't like also on a sandwich
because all these monsters report they shine through sandwiches maybe you could do a pretzel wet but for the most part it is your standard sandwich mustards number three i'm goin fringes plain yet simple but it's perfect ok i saw the other day that hides is trying to act a girl a mustard company tune out there i go don't buy fringes anymore the cook out and we cannot dogs because now you can just get this double back of heights how i want my fringes mustard on hot on a number for spicy brown mustard great on a sandwich ok so that tragic happy that you brother because that's on my mark rossmore so that are either that we share that's amazing that we our job is to list for different kinds of mustard each and we only take one that's the same yesterday
actually no that we might have workers the year time the golden right the spicy brown yeah yeah that's actually my favorite muster asked my number one as might that's my bottom bitch if you will of mustard whenever too i want the honey muster guy i knew you guys say that britain mustard it is most four children it's terrible is is this is it this is doubly another one of those moments ran like we're gonna lose all by the fierce riddick aid budgets but worrying worry mount rushmore seize him and were committed to mount rushmore season i actually i'm gonna give branches of just a shoutout i figure with that just because i usually use it when i'm at the ballpark park they have you'll have it in the in the big tub enable i on my heart i don't go catch up what was your what was your fourth i meant worse reddish and dijon okay so i
out of nowhere to go to my fourth am i just go with the i don't have one we're not one is not gonna go with that relishes my fourth muster well no i like that you know just because it's my rushmore it doesn't mean that you need to you don't you have to give for in it if there four deserving one so i appreciate i appreciate that i have nothing on one hour of mark is almost always trash o o that's the fiery opinion either he is now the debate is on it's better than ketchup guy dollars with this work we really got it since the miller summer guys hold on with us it's gonna be some are there's gonna be a lot more about rushworths that one was pretty hot that was our mount rushmore mustards and now the debate as yours we put out the what as we do the more rushmore we then release into the wild and
and who knows where it's gonna got people are gonna be debating mustard all day long it can be said i i know that we talked about this literally like ten minutes ago and we moved on but i wrote a joke down on the airplane so i was flying back from a bachelor party it will it wasn't mine the one that i was on and soon i saw the score the game of zero zero said chile's lying with ten men and i was like you i was going in and out of my hang over shakes yet sometimes and i was ago he i gotta get joke i take it into this google docs don't want shirt is chile's got ten men and no one scores sounds a lot like my weekend resources are remembered on this is worth having sex with we can can cathay that cutting back here
here we have something that we didn't tape at you to read the morning to it he's coming for you that berry sanders are printed fanatics let me go out there to one of their chosen rosemont all noise interview much people we berry sanders and david justice bury sanders unfortunately he was pressed for time i was getting enough enough enough maybe thirty seconds into it i think i got three minutes out of it that concept i apologize through that still wanted to use it because it is very sanders so we figured we throwing david just as with that so you ve just as no longer it was really good conversation i'm calling a jimbo for both piazzi and hank but tell me to bring up haileybury now realizing that how very like they based each other on each lies i think so that was really awkward moment they yield here when i bring up i buried to david it's called being a journalist stand you have to ask those questions
if you have not ass david justice about how we bury then everybody would have been like while you're fraud so i did you and i'm justice i'm sorry i didn't build enough rapport with them has come your problem i so here s where to go back to back airy senders and david justice we now welcome on very centres and if a whole famer heisman trophy wonder where the fanatic sport showcase i saw you were doing the vip showcase experience with some fans what was that like you know is pretty unique something had really ever done you know sort of taken some handles my few vans and catch if you pass and think and maybe even through a boar too i saw kids were blocking for you that was a young ask that as well you got a chance to get out exercise on my i guess you can call the exercise right you officially called their exercise right right standing up is exercised remain some absolutely
i want to start by asking thirty once again only records can you name them all up amazon do i tell you i just want to know if you if you were if you had to would you be able and probably not you got your too humble that's true probably look at em but that in the wild eyed why would eliminate sheet and just handed out to people that's a good idea can you still don't you mean on typical yes probably not people to people will remember that you the hops that you could throw down we i mean i could actually played lotta basketball love playing at one point even thought i was basketball player you know or
yes you know i was thinking but maybe i'll go to college and play basketball but when we don't get recruited in that kind of pretty must make your decision of your decision up out of me this money of anatomy games i how did you ever injure a player where they didn't touch you like with a duke and they like tear the ratio or something you they don't even touch you you duke them out of their shoe elephant even now that wasn't me ok now i would never do that obviously retired in nineteen ninety eight a lot of people talked about that i want to know at what year were you like i probably couldn't come back anymore or has that not happened yet he probably won't you say maybe twenty fourteen
i'm not even bury my dad i think up and so like two thousand and eight was like you knows out their scale perry sanders like he can get someone should sign him so it was a while i also did a video in detroit this year why asked lion spans if perry came back on sunday lord is that i'm look like and i had people saying you get it two yards do thou naughty relate i was the same way about jim round you know well are always yearly rumours jim grounds coming back line it probably it was no true toward whoever but you know it was deficit would talk about re make you know the very interesting right do you ever you ever have little regret that you miss the mat milliner use regrets i use regrets over the last question
what's the question i asked you don't have to answer if i'm going to ask anyway why don't you smile in your pictures i'm just a pain sam a very settlers in detroit lions life i love it thank you so much better i really appreciate i we now bring on baseball great david just this we're at the fanatic sport showcase first we like to start every interview talking a lot about autographs and maybe a memory of giving
kit an autograph or you an autograph collector yourself well know the goodwill of the great thing about i guess you got a graph shows as it does giving opportunities to see the fans casting about em if you think about all the past with the team that play with brave junkies india's ablaze not every fan of europe's as not to really see you and speak to you so this is an opportunity for those barriers i guess in this area close to want to drive come see you but i was on applying recently and a guy who can now i'm fifty years old now saw a guy he was like a forty so he's a grown man and he was telling about when he was a kid how much used to love me i'm sorry look name like do you you got to be my yo me i need to be a key if but anyway i sent out a graph him when he was like ten years old you a young and that moment us being able to talk that makes a specializing breathless for verbally may because we all share in it you know me even though we're on the field there understands but we all share and fun and drank emanates surely there's memories i have memories
you know the nineties braves that was a team i always loved so speaking to them let's go through real quick funniest teammate from that team marble rimmer easily awhile lock are ok craziest teammate craziest t mate with a bunch of crazy my crazy i our team was crazy fund i don't know i wouldn't go crazy like i don't want to be alone with him we didn't have no one like them heads he didn't have ok teammate you're still friends with from that's marquise grissom alarm of raymond greene immigrants mark lanky decrying gone and on any so much ass the best pranks round that team but probably jim blausser a wildcat yeah oh yeah for sure ain't so you i like you just said he played oakland new york leave in atlanta you you know that for great citys for baseball can you rank those in terms of fans
and just sports towns generalizing number one in terms of knowledge we yankee fans ok number i think i would give a tie in terms of jes overall fanaticism between cleveland and new york we do i say cleveland is because i played their basic for years and we sought out every game in cleveland weathers terrible rain
my range leads snow unequally anything there showing up right and they know every bioenergy atlantic as i was drafted their one there without always be a special place to me that's just accept are landed at home that right all right and then oakland is great because you know so much you hear about that team has been in london i spent a money yet they still gasping diehard oakland a balance that will be out there chair for that team rain but yeah yeah i would say that's how it right here you're smarter than i am i try to trick you into bashing atlanta is about sports tom but you went right through that's all my hats so cleveland i love you saw the believe lynde thirty four thirty not heard about it and see it yet so you on both sides that so you guys beat the indians and the world series in europe with the indians the emerald city when you guys you know didn't didn't finish the job right do you think
it's a curse in cleveland do you think it's that the entire thirty four thirty basically said you know the pessimism of the fan base seeps into the teams and they're always kind of waiting for something to go wrong you well well that non and we do not have that film because you remember and ninety seven we one game six right pagoda game seven right so that were the case we would have we would have had a detrimental in a week we arms it thou we're going game seven and we had it do i went out and night nobody aren't i can still remember being just remember the moment when he left the old just begun by the one another world series and it's so unfair that any just fell apart so unfair i just think about ah how alison those guys we're been immortalized and we want it you know what i mean airing in ninety seven oh my god they would i am leaving europe yet bad memories i want
all right i thought about i ones you want the subway series i mean it was an all time classic series when roger clemens through the bad it might piazza do you guys all comic given little space after like let's not go near roderick as he's probably punch one of us no i just think that was personal between roger and mike you know and make him a man i'm really good friends mike piazza and clemes of my teammates so you know that's between those two guys but know
you know i was might be our hour to set a whole lot more than what is it ready rush it right who is a bigger hot had paul neo roger comments i don't think i'm concerned both hot he really answer now as i consider them when rogers on email you feel like you plan for universal texas because it's out of college atmosphere we re tired of he's ready to go and moreover i guess i'm proud of radio paulo neil aegis passionate made haste to get out many guys tell parliament you gotta know daddy had you play this long you gotta make out some baseball re given rotary for three and then get out sport abandoned go crazy watercolors openings guys you know they show the nature of the wind and he shook the play horse or directive two guys you want owing to the absolute george steinbrenner was he means aiding s owner ever did you you weren't like scared like people went sale below here comes a boss where they would say that the players wooden
but people working at the stadium right who would say nice of you do with noisy you guys were not scared him as as some of the people at work the order was never afraid of i had almost respect because only i've ever seen owner now wants to win as much as doors time rwanda wind like that we play on her sister games i really think that he wanted us to win a hundred sixty games when i now one law right and when you set the bar that high all the guys know they gotta greener again and whenever he would talk stuff about the team in only one plan well i didn't care because is his team area was right right we just gotta play better right dirt eater do you ever see him in action with the ladys
no no no asylum at a bar like no while low withheld g2 just do know he's got that man in black wand ok he just goes out and you don't know one another i know they things actually unbelievable things about it of how long he played in new york there never was any you no story about there's always rumours and stuff but no woman came out and said did you write a book how to do it as mega anonymous author right jesus this blank came late amazing the most amazing job by their analyses we do a well ain't nobody gonna burn him i love it i we had tom gladwin on the show about a month ago and he told us some stories about great maddox wiping his ass on stuff like just be an oak this never did he ever screw with you like that now he don't you know burnett but he ate his mask
we met them everybody moodily mess what did he say whether certain guys or yeah of course mean that those pictures if i may i will hang with the pitcher right now they ve doggies momentum we born same day same year all that but as someone that low nasa's dvd but he never did i stuck with us ok tissues are one guy you would pick on more than others i don't see him as my pick pick on nobody who live in that category pick on by me rub bourgogne himself does a man come on i will wrap it up with two final questions we ask everyone these two questions the most famous number you haven't yourself one may do i guess so maybe at had ever my muff whose along the ear like ok things like you re all just my partner so did i did not one that you have a little special like oh i have his number no well a while i started one right now
is bill russell ok i don't want a strong are absolutely not just call me mccall bill russell right now that honest we ve got a few people on i'm not going to rest upon cheaper than are you on culture argyle jeopardy work out you know what you want me to call it's your call people that's got you'll love it being lives of all he's probably hunting somewhere intimacy with drastic we started this question when we were asking people who work famous i guess i've cell so you probably have an so maybe we called sean camp a few few weeks ago now in essence well ok shippers probably he's probably out their hunting somebody probably as him though
i last question it's a question i ask that you don't have the answer brown mask anyway it's simple its action even question remember you're married haileybury it's pretty awesome as it does it does it yes i said i was a child the nineties so after the statement now the law unless it it was ass if there was a long time ago rca c c door well in her life here no light a great zile good appreciated thank you so much that's a marietta problem i reckon i saw oh yeah don't if you ever see gave just as we are me david just don't bring up a library word for it the idea of his face is facial expressions came through the park gas i'm guessing now but they were not happy did you want to fuck you you do you want he just was like you gave it is look i come on man really
it was the come come on man saying that which i really segment tomorrow well i'm glad they brought her up just halle berry she's one when the autumn rates i'm how we bury fans through and through thank you for going down that road you went there they go there was already go there let's actually another great so they re by you i don't want you doing this on purpose or not i think you're not hope you will genius but we're gonna go there are going to together we're gonna go there please us is to bear there's jackson's wife did you hear this story idea all time story not really funny open till point this diverse jackson i guess pull the gunners why that's not cool he said i'll kill you bitch he pointed the gutter and joy as in his wife said to him
you better be accurate because you ain't accurate on the field that's that's so quick like you were there everything's that who thinks that fast whenever gun pointed out and not only that but when we say not afraid to go there but she actually is facing death and still not afraid i've read together hall of fame i'm yours great take that you can have you guys feel free to use this one any time somebody does something really terrible liking gets arrested i would say point gun under wife council doing something really terrible young thing one thing you can do online breaking news roger adele suspense verse jackson two games and then we will just go not no love because the hooray rice thing it says that ones on the house how young thank me if you get a billion retweet speeches go for it another thing that you can do is you can say how come tom brady ass you go the supreme court but terrific
action pose a gun in nobody cares about it also good good little i mean tat church ass i dont want to defend him because he is obviously a scumbag for doing this boy he didn't a team and now we can claim that everyone blackball them so he can be like i was good enough but like ray rice just like re rice everything everyone got together like let's not sign this guy that's the guy not a bad way to go out you know he can you blame re rice for this work for whole ray rice situation nobody would starting job somewhere her do we retroactively go back in and grid childress is draft when you when you select tavaris in the second round as i'd like to after in light of yesterday's events i'd like to the change my red to de i think i was a degree draft i'm not as you know i staggered back as they say i'm not a judge a book by
cover guy but i totally am i judge every book by its cover brad childers is doubly in that camp words like that guy's not really a block of trade yes in the same way you look at me like a bad idea a presidency if children enjoy feldman we're like hanging out and some like dennys diner and the harbor came in there just kick the shit out of we should just offer up our brains like listen i know you want to think outside the box i know you want the next generation of the next bilbil jack just before you get to the last step call up the boys apart my take let them look at the guy let the maybe sniffing out if they want stuff i'm in a locker dont hire him good boy will we will provide that service just like me you don't even have to meet us you'll have to realise that his beard european i'm thinking about hiring what we call it was a joke feldman disc is his
is a classic case of looking like a loser i now say i wouldn't go there and then you can just not higher basically opens owner would just have to tell me a picture joe feldman embryonic hey this guy stockard shit about you and just dodge my reaction from those like if you set began campbell about ok well he's more than welcome to talk about me but it s image of open about bobby next weight on down ty miami i'm going get back i kind anyone a higher net saying what we got pierre werner one gentlemen's out this actually broke friday afternoon this ash i'd this broke right when i put my pants johnny and i were the same picture at the same time i got one question about the pants pooping story here did you put your pants before after we recorded the show is writing ok ok i was i was just thinking like the last time we talk did you have
the store in the back your mind are you mad about that i also david i wore a bathing suit arrest the weaker just as a precaution thousands move by me right why don't they make diapers fur like middle aged white birds they may come they for kids to make him for all guys but there's nothing out there in the middle ages like guy demographic we cooper paths to i started the discussion minus fortune had started this discussion in the world diapers for men you know i do escritoire would you like national shit your pants day in solidarity with the gatt john removes all he needs our help once again so his lawyer accidently texted the eight p m said basically there looking for a plea and then this quote heaven help us if one of the conditions is the p a bottle talking about
johnny men's ills probation when he gets it and then father said the druggie and needs help you wanna one i mean you actually gained some some lop ear because turkey father got should gather that don't believe in them now johnny's in that boat no more sudan like openly say hey made my sunday shithead right yeah now i don't think there's any way that you can not feel bad for genuine so when you see that it's like that right thompson story about johnny that that he wrote use a senior at at em where his tat was just like my sons an alcoholic and it's gonna hit the fan is can be really ugly when it does he said that a journalist before any of these problems and republic for johnny so like his dad doesn't really have his back so yeah i think naturally there goodwill or he could the colonel in kentucky fried chicken commercial
i gotta they have like six or seven different colonels i think of me funding need if johnny just showed up and was like tat the five dollar villa that's it that's all i'm telling you like prescribe his alarm in the barrel disney stunning urgent is the germans are these provide chicken guy i also think is lower this was such a classic trip i swear his large does want peace work anymore say what i just tax and all these journalists some very confidential you know client lawyer privilege stop she got a fire me johnny so it is the ap just one guy is it like a nickname name a guy if we have one phone how do you like it hurry texting on i the associated press right now i can make its group tat s probably the most boring group checks water raise press virginia yeah
albedo in oklahoma johnny men's albert to take a piss that's what record scratches is journalism zones law together with that yes the count me we're had yes ok so i feel like that explains lawyer a guy that works round with a cab we had that big probable their son had to teach them how to text so like this guy i guarantee he's not a wizard on the palm pilot you nonsense that's very good point my this question will join in itself given gives any idea right now do you think he knows is worded this news that common druggie or do you think it's gonna take a few days schedule i went yet when he wakes up he's gonna be pretty pissed off instead but i don't think that he's heard this yet i also regard sleep then wakes up their sleeves and writing as rightly edge a weekend
right that's enough pretty naive of me his council should i usually last all on monday tuesday so when he finds out he's probably pretty pass let's hope that he don't you find out sooner rather than later we have a harder or injured is gone outside we don't we rarely do this really go outside the sports were heard or injured the european union we had the breaks it breaks it has every breaks it yeah sure it was a good instrument by the way up until a few days before it happens so that was ass pretty good bye england is leaving the eu finally we have a country for white people so england congrats right but your are we asking the rigid yeah the eu in my pain is hurt i don't think that there are injured
this is a minor was it the minor setback for major come back you up who's gonna swords i just think it is in terms of a break up guy the people that voted in favour the breaks it they even started wake up the day after like i was reading a story by like ten a m the day after the the vote people who were supporters were like oh shit this is terrible idea it's basically like they got drunk and broke up with a girlfriend now you know what's gonna happen as girls do in when they get broken up with their going you're through those lovely face so the eu is gonna get back on that horse they're going bring in like turkey and russia and and really get friends attention in bring up care we fucked up i'm sorry can have you back maybe i'm like a little love letter with some alkaline trio lyrics in it things get back together that we find in the long run this is not an injured
this is also like when you say oh you decide what we want to eat for dinner and then you let someone else decide what you're going to eat for dinner and then you and then you end up eating something you never ever wanted to eat england is like a boy had people you decide if we should be the eu and the funding let's of england did that but i will say if you know history like we know history everyone has had for thought five years they have been suffering under tyrannical rule and only the free does it right right to free good good good for britain we still have a queen and you know that they had a queen yup what's up with that where's she do it's just she's just like an old white like you'll be great he night
this would be a boss move if like on his last day in office brok obama just said like a guess what usa we just joined the eu senior pray star spat opened up we're in the eu can have all straight out of it i notice you it's never let people vote on anything because we're just gonna fuck it up we don't know what what we want when we wanted ah speaking the eu i think america should be in the euro and examined it comes around northern ireland made it to the knocker phase we could be northern ireland railways i was looking at some of those team now i didn't recognize and even as i whales well i wear that an animal that's not a country's whales northern ireland slovenia slovakia you can't you tell me that the boys from the you ask him canfield
pitch of eleven gents too to take those guys on listen listen guys just bear with it's almost over its services being taken literally at its three m self just just now that we we fought anderson heavy heavy pressure here let's finished the ship with i've favorite new sanguine pay j j did you see did you see j j why friday night he a game with jimmy found hilarious gave you to smash eggs on her face j j ate his egg he ate it bad ass so you because the protein right because approaching my page agent there's like billion chicken that are killed for their flesh each year in europe didn't hear eating an egg there could have been a chicken j j each egg is actually like chicken abortion so
a cure basically condoning mass murder we need that i just some to think about hey j j you know kids probably want you know show and now they're gonna think that should he rags and they're all gonna get sick and probably puke and had diarrhoea j j he j eggs producing unsanitary henhouses certain drugs are basically sweatshop for chickens i'm so that's cool a j j that single egg could have fed an entire african nation and you're just sitting there letting it rolled your chin on live television cool job dude that was very jesuit dig i have actually want by up and said gave its runs finale i didn't want i'd never actually watch any became a thrones break did hear that like two or three weeks ago some guy got
eaten by his own dogs cats i'm crazy so that their fatima i i i occasionally on the game thrones time one new and when the shows on people tweeting about an answer apparently one shake was like the astor why do you fuck your brother and she was like because feels awesome and so that seems like it's pretty girls here now is carried through those those talking germans runs the best forgotten gave a throne spans like we make everyone and we will it is pretty clear what this shows is that when we make for a game its people actually like to show good offended you can make fun of everything in you can you know sunrise everything but don't go after my dungeon and dragons guys don't call me a nerd some it was like this is the worst is the worst bet you guys have brought listen games ones for nuts we watch sports you why your little fantasy land shit if we're gonna go
if we work well you know we're nuclear nerd and you're gonna fucking like ok boom roasted yanks loved like we are even that even the city of cincinnati has code of conduct the terms with the fact that we're just gonna call their favorite food a plate of diarrhoea like they're kind of coming round to they know that that's where we stand here but gave a thrones people there fighting tooth and nail everytime you make one of them the actual a really good show like have you ready the books the real needs the people don't watch it the sort of cuba's you haven't section saturday night sunday nice for the weekend i'm a maniac i've which certainly know what made it is yours and you busy watching you stupid game thrones the only show that i watch and hbo real and ends with sex scott real sex any given once they are real your sex
let me give one thank you for letting the sheriff you ve made it this far and i'd like to offer you my sincerest apologies okay here i'm sweated might like my body is going into convulsions i'm swearing outside dogs fighting do those homer spur to two hours tonight i went to the hotel the first hotel they said they dynamic reservation i called five quotas are our like nope not reservation i almost broke down a grant as homeless in new york close for you to be like topic on twitter and be like at holiday in hay again you idiot screwed up my reservation oh my god who would have how did i want to put my pants and a weekend and that wasn't the worse moment it's actually probably the best free bramble hunter now you the desperate guy was that for i've been that for a long time thank you everyone who made this work we will pick it up
we're together in new york so we're gonna have some great show was for you wednesday friday and also i'm really really excited very are it salary let's get where this week we have some an awesome idea that's gonna be really funny with someone who is already had on a big name so make sure you to him upon us we all listen you care about you care about that if anybody out there has some pure went to one suggestions for us after this report in my take let us now its end i want a ball and subscribing we review
we review but use memories from other showing you will see you on wednesday because we need to see but slowly ending isn t say after me it's no better to be safe than sorry
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