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Baseball Legend Keith Hernandez + NBA Finals

2018-06-04 | 🔗

NBA Finals Game 2 and the Cavs are dead. JR Smith's hot seat gets hotter and Lebron's eye makes everyone want to puke (2:27 - 14:27). The Caps are a wagon and DC is feeling a Championship for the first time in forever (14:27 - 21:59). Who's back of the week including a stay woke on Melania Trump not being seen in 23 straight days (21:59 - 33:44). Mets Legend Keith Hernandez joins the show to talk about his new book, what it was like playing for the 86 Mets, his cat Hadji, and what baseball can improve today (33:44 - 68:33). Segments include Humans vs The Sun/Talking Tennis, Hockey Tough for Brandon Prust, PR 101 for Buffalo Wild Wings getting hacked, Hurt or injured Clay Matthers, and thoughts and prayers for Nick Saban. 

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