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Best Of 2017 With Jim Harbaugh, Theo Epstein, Tom Crean, Bill Walton, Danica Patrick And More

2017-12-28 | 🔗

We end the year with our best of episode. Starting with the best Coaches interviews we revisit our time with Jim Harbaugh (4:02-16:05), Geno Auriemma (16:58-21:49), Tom Crean (21:51-31:38), Jay Wright (32:20-37:12), Bob Stoops (37:13-43:30).

Next up we have the random interviews we loved including  Canelo Alvarez(46:22-49:03), Anthony Scaramucci (50:17-53:47), Danica Patrick (53:48-57:12) Ice Cube (57:13-58:12) and Mark Teixeira (53:13-1:00:28).

Our personal favorites with Theo Epstein (1:02:28-1:12:05), Bill Walton (1:13:42-1:25:05) and Hank Azaria (1:25:07-1:29:15).

Finally we wrap up the best of with our favorite recurring guests including Stu Feiner (1:30:47-1:34:33), Marlins Man(1:37:52-1:39:26),   Mr Portnoy (1:39:30-1:44:58) Blake Bottles (1:45:54-1:49:50),Billy Football (1:49:51-1:52:42) and and our favorite segments including the bonus segment from Las Vegas we don't talk about. 

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on today's pardon my take we have the best of the past year we have interviews with everyone jim harbour to anthony scare muti all your favorite segments and we have we'll bonus the segment that we didn't talk about in vegas remember that we don't talk about lady some people missed out on just call it pardon my talk ok so before we get to that from peter bull the creator of friday night lights comes qb1 a series a series it takes you lies the nations top highschool quarterbacks before jake fromme was the break out true freshmen leading georgia to the conference championship he was one of the greatest highschool quarterbacks in georgia history can be one takes you inside his journey to stardom follow jake along with tape martell and take on bowers as a tackled the most important season that their lives on and off the field
this is the true story the high school football in america told through the eyes of nations top quarterbacks watch cubey one every episode now streaming on go ninety dot show such p empty let's go lance none can have any idea how are they are welcome to pardon my take today is fry yea december twenty nine the last friday of the year enjoy twins
sixteen we still got so we have a best of episode for everyone if you missed any great interviews we had this year while now you can catch up you can look at the synopsis we have all the numbers of one each interview comes up adieu were to go through all of them come in and out every now and then to introduce them walter light of twenty sixteen the highly twelve sixteen was given a tv show on the caspian mine was cancelled because that was the best cancellation of plans ever in russia so real talk i've been going to the last like three four weeks of my life just constantly thinking how should in my life would be if i still had that following a decision shall right now we want to be able to do anything over holiday so you know what we're glad he cares of the show egg on your face we fired you again so first stop for our best of we have the best of coaches so it to a lot of coaches is sheer tom crean jim harbour
gino our emma j right who's your favor code in fact about the gene orient interview we actually cut out maybe one more interesting part i think in the interview where we talk about how the feud between him and calhoun get started oh yeah so it i'd turns out that or am i in calhoun don't like each other because somebody on campus like made a bumper sticker talk about how the yukon women's basketball team was the pride of stores kinetic yes and then jim calhoun saw one bumper sticker flipped his shit play mike stormy into geno's office was like what the fuck is this complaint like the ada cuz he's a little baby with little thin baby skin and we and we cut it out because of salacious but i guess everyone kind of knew it except us the other we just assumed everyone knew and we were the dummy's put maybe not i don't know if you know what's awesome though and we also thrown in bob stoops who may be the new coach of the chicago bears by the time the stairs he owns a house in chicago houses next door to each other
the compound gone on so maybe next oil japs i let's get to it this is the best of coaches on may twenty the coach is there a way to to build grit and people or is it something that you found is just either have it or you don't want to get on campus or if there is a way to build it how do you how do you figure out who needs to be addressed and how to move forward with that absolutely you can improve and and become better better at that toughness it's it's a talent but but it can be acquired to i think of it like building a callous just like the human body what a tremendous organism admitted it actually craves content it likes contact craves it as opposed to a car i met you back into a brick wall that would cause these two thousand dollars where the damage it doesn't have the ability to repair it
roar or or cattle over but the human body does so much like much like dish and can be improved and so can that callous of toughness and grit also be be acquired or proved maybe like you gonna blister its soft is it's ready to just got fluid in it it's going to just going to break but the the great thing about it when it does break and it's it'll it'll callus over here and stronger and harder in and better so now it's greedy i'm going to do when you go out recruit do you act like a tangible thing you look for the toughness the greediness how much some guys love playing football it will end up with if a guy is a five star recruit but he's not really in love with football would you rather have a guy was a three star recruit who loves football yeah definitely european
going be better at things that they love right and right now you're work harder additive and you if you need it to me i know some people some people need that need the support of football i would put myself i can't run i now i do i love a workable guys got three of us all need for bob i need it is needed it's some people like like and need ice cream you now they want to eat it everyday logger for like that i mean i mean drug maybe the greatest growth has ever been surprised by what that ask as it sums up too we need for that in the human body craves contact i like i would like to make it just goes to running into stuff so that those are we need for now you needed an endeavour you you liked culture we just need to watch it yeah we love to watch football our good grabbed a main praying look a hearty work at a mohammed interviews do work where some of the bananas derek ball waters in amerika i let you drive that
there are eight van around where's class that a class a it's ninety three yet class aids its work at the thing a lad he ordered at yeah best party line up there we named vanni would head because its great weaken danny what had is like the gritty sky so we neighbour van that might be the greatest thing i've ever heard this quote is is my fear grow here you haven't on the borders has eight hard being a football player if you're football player that's it did you know i come from a long many years of listening to people why and our complainer how tough things are and this is so hard in this is this is so this is so rough practices are long and that kind of thing but if you're football player you crave the contact you like going
bed at night heaven the head hit the pillow and the muscles are sore they ache you ve you ve sweated you're exhausted your head its appeal in you close your eyes you you know your sleepy you re like that so yea and it ain't hard baneful ballplayer if your full butler like that alone we might have to do that for bloggers took we're blogger harvey blogger if you're about like view if the head it's the pillow justice in in czech twitter for two hours and you know you got better that day ryan if if if you're sure if you're tired if you ve sweated i swear
he's right even if i'm not doing physical activity i still sweats they say you know what on earth are you walk in southern off right now you get an injury or something i don't worry i broke my ear the courtiers messed up of i broke my foot awhile guidance but like i said and i gather complains about our talks about it all that is walk it off i basically walked off for about a week and how i got hit by a dog walked off six months line about walk now on slots at all cut off a little bit of a wider question you have jim harbour has eligibility still left do you put yourself on the deck chart yeah yeah maybe like the back up here someone gets injured like ok i'm gonna go out there and take a few snaps yeah if only you i've been playin i've been play and i play in dreams i don't ever haven't coaching dreams but i have i have football dream still and i play
i play notice i'm not playing a mirth they're not so much tell games anymore hurry even sometimes you sometimes i ll be de one but you know more and more for some reason haven't played i'm in the deep three now i've got eyes of drivers it out i got another year of eligibility nobody would sigh may and i was able to get a are you playing is young you or you right now it's its young me i think i'm moving like young me out by star like i'm an older me face and and you haven't you ever hear you ever wisdom from some yeah and sometimes i'm just right back in and young me to that it's a dream you know so you get that you don't have a total out of control but i'm right a plan not coaching its of those her i love those those football
that's no say if anyone doubted that you'd need football you're dreaming about nepal dreamily out if there s which are typical stat line in your dream or you like lighting up a third are you are you coming from behind in the fourth quarter what play fourth quarter that that their dream starts that i remember the dream you have and happened where i'm most always in the dream can maybe he had just gotten a within seven just within three might of some might have gone bad and the previous years but then a measly trot now the dream ends i'm out there for the final series and i dont i haven't had one word actually finishes yahoo
capital however forever searching for that final today a guy role in that they say dreams it really have nothing to do with each year with real life at all but that's that as i see that as a rule canada dreams were offered while all the time for us what thirty five years something like that what would you be doing more your whole life what would you be doing if you weren't if football had never been invented i know this is kind of a scary thought to bring up but if football had never been invented what would you be doing it before yes that's how long have you been in love with football cause you're just doing the mental math in your head yeah now i've been ate up with football in love with football since the third of practice nineteen seventy three first day they put the past the day i was in the first day or ideas may not be for me second day ok secondly even though there was second had already this i'm good basketball player
outstanding shortstop and pitcher does this as added tackled the biggest tough guy the tv well i guess you're five o clock shadow year several resemble you know they wait about hard thirty pounds and i was about the five so to tackle you don't go to mislead you tackle him that's my fault my learned a lesson about but i do not mean that other sport daily this ok we always got got run over but we're still able to make the tackle and from tat day on i learn that a if i'm scared somethin we can transform fear into aggression that was one good lesson that worked and then the other thing was our football affable i've gotta i gotta do this every this is also in your body started to develop a callous it that is the first time you got run over it
yeah greer gallagher so well i'm gonna modify my previous question say because i have a feeling i do i need to get strong feeling your answer would be if you if you had never been invented you would play another sport somebody take all sports off the table of sports had never been invented and you yeah picturing yourself grown up what would you have wanted to become the appeal the onion back peel the layers back and get until they get down to the witch what's under their early did all the onion baby i love you i don't even know ya i knew from the very youngest age that i was going to play football as long as i could then coach then died and i really haven't
thought about deviation from that plan spreads worked out pretty well that's it right there and that was why the stories about you how you started drinking milk at a young age just being like i need get stronger so how much how much milk would you drink as much elegant hope a i had a great job that really nobody how much school st francis elementary where i was they ask for somebody to deliver milk and they said you get a free carton of milk that was good you got to get out of class fifteen minutes there is always to people that did it so mean another i wasn't second great at the time and other nother like third or fourth greater and i were doing it and that the thing that i learned was at every kid that was sick was absent from school i get a drink their milk so i literally was able to drink as much milk as as a whole
in the programme and i never missed their school literally i got a perfect attendance certificate every year i was i was struck putting forward never missed a single desk i went i went a good five five six years without that every year that they had that perfect attendants sicker given that i always get now did you ever get sick and still go are we just perfectly health yankees walk off go you i didn't get a good on the pacific is walking up but that too so that many years that many years really and then continued into the ice goin the deposit being that opening my family's over six foot my brother john and my dad the second taulas harbours it's right at six foot i get six three that is that mean that i'm not a scientist we do sometimes dabble in science but drink more milk is it you want
for me we're now once you start jane i shaven everyday if you say we soon as you start shaven everyday that it's too late august so you're not on your growing but the for that and i think the studies are gonna bacchus up here right now milk is it does nobody gets us build strong bones you went from the quarterback that everyone says eyes good breeze little undersized to the prototypical size gets gather the arrow that's it that's the six feet six i've heard a lot about it too and drag milk as the magic that's a magic potion what are they restrict when i come out of the milk milk milk the womb male healthy stuff on earth at sea it is one of our favorite sponsors and you can go download to seek app right now and get ten dollars off your first ticket purchase with the promo
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and be to your team of course yeah i mean no brainer right as we will all be like caused quiet like the visionary division to did they end up common school because they want for whatever reason they came the thought you ve got a good life so now any time it's a texas physicals prowess of course they're gonna win of course they went away i mean that's like no brainer you down but noble the average man serena williams she's unbelievable yeah let's try that leaves you can be roger fellow said that what would happen those was weed explored this on our show to actually performance enhancing drug when she was pregnant could she had the strength of both the kid and her the same guy strike so she might have unable to be here now and double shrink thea la like that you know what
not only are you guys experts in the sports field i realize you guys would like in the science oh we actually know very little about me here one fact about science year peas actually stored your balls in fact actually know very little about the female anatomy but that's one thing that i know that when their pregnant there actually better sir you are that eyes paid state employee in connecticut as our right now i'm not good at also gave wikipedia stirred me wrong i was actually when when jacko is there a man a meant that workers given early next morning i'll get you the amount about that you want to try to get your eyes they'll know don't know i'm not near them did i did you ever think that maybe you should kind of takes a torch from jacko it and start restart the civil conflict with florida get that that old connecticut
versus floored of rivalry going back only rivalry central so you have already had a civil conflict now would not i will not go back counselor right now because it bob was still here and they have the civil and the kind of thing the scarf write that down essential florida it wouldn't be it wouldn't be it would be a conflict and wouldn't be what they did it isn t right through and then they lifted the trophy behind in the locker room after its parameters and you could get started yet if you and after a little floored is to that that was one of the dumbest thing in the world i liked it you gotta start you know you gotta get fired you gotta motivate the team somehow it's not all it's it's hard to get up for connecticut verse central florida so why so you do that you make a fake rivalry it up they're gonna get up because of a totally o o
back to get it to clear the clock as well as countdown without you know there are a lot of people in connecticut that were torn they weren't sure what to do on saturday what's the year harboured gave him a hundred fifty times or go to the yukon central slaughter civil promptly yet with you and then the civil conflict cabinet tipp the scales we play this game with everyone we have on its called would you coach so i'm gonna name tee hypothetically just would you coach the new york knicks yet which a coach i'm sure o making unless you're breaking news g g nor am i says that he would love to go to the next tosses her his hat and the ring ah what about the duke men's de jure oh well
sounds like we gotta theme here what about the cleveland rounds who now what about the cleveland indians yes ali what are your laxity in the most widely i've told you that it would be really good at it but i really like that guy you do you think are you are you friends is coach gay yeah have you ever thought about faking an injury when you need to motivate the team like he does you got it we know what we do now would you just get back remarked down you don't like me are we utilise tell us where shall we go up in these up in international inquired and you put it out there like it's real knows that but you gotta get nowhere were now we just have to treat me we now welcome on a very special yes we are in blooming in indiana
we are with coach tom cream first of all thank you for taking time to come into this van in a sketchy parking lot pressure that the sketchy the be city party last this yet i hang out though the barnes and noble here yes and the starbucks right down the way and the cbs and get everything in his idea this is where i hang on a scale of one to ten what would you say danny what are very would heads level of organization is i think you guys know where everything you kind of thing at mile right there that's what he's going to be like if i was if i was if this but bad was up for sale right and i was step in here to take a look at it you could get really distracted by all the close now you get distracted by the banks because
you have done could don't sit up their outside these guys are cool guy i'm buying this ban that would that would sell varying imagine how many bans d run around that have a camera in the middle of young be concerned about the internet on my concern about the speaker stereo system that is not the best thou but the duncan doughnuts says this is all classrooms so this is great week this interviews actually can be playing on wednesday when grit weeks technically over but it is a great weak extra bone tat and let's start there so you came up you the coachman and i went to a mac school cogent some of the smaller schools what does grit mean to you as a coach well aware
back i was reading a book by a got him john elliot wrote a book called over achievement and he said that confidence comes from your perception of your own potential and i had i think with grit i think grit is the ability to keep your confidence when your potential is not being met or when the result is not being met in a particular time in law for a particular moment like a game right when things are going well can you continue to pay i would not be an distracted without letting doubts without letting the doubters get in and knock you off your game and i used to think the grid was more of an image the grit was more of a it's a mindset but at you you must have a picture of grit right could such a tough word but great doesn't have of size it doesn't have a bench pressing maria doesn't have a vertical jump number and ate it
it's really more about focusing concentration and and sacrifices such job hard term in this day and age people break your belated sacrifice your own ego or your own desires and extend act into what's gonna help your team went that's really interesting i think you're the first person that's gonna put it that way in terms of ripping in overall mindset and the ability to can hold on to your your own perception herself how'd you teaching aliens in college basque well how do you in still that in a recur in a pleasure to be able to keep their eye on that but we do want funny it talking to different people older coaches when i was first start it was almost like the one thing that you had to recruit for that you really couldn't train and an end it was almost like we'll wait a minute its mental toughness that's regret as to me i mean you ve gotta be make somebody mentally tougher we were talking before we got in the van about the cross
port and how you like to learn from other coaches sure you seem to me like a football guy and you seem to me like someone who's you know uses the football mentality of motivation is that right well i don't know if it's much the motivation i thank you i think you can't don't have fire any conflict fire right if you dont have passion in you can't fake it right you can bake enthusiasm once in a while in you can fake energy once in a while but you can't fake real passion it's like sympathy everybody can face empathy everybody can see all your hope you're ok and can we call you need something but where they are three in the morning right that's empathy ramp empathy well i think it's the same with with with with coaching and so on i like to be around people that have incredible passion for baltic allowed people there like that but what i've learned over a of time baseball soccer hockey
there's a reason people are really really good at what they do there's different scale sets there's different mindsets there is different intelligence levels but matters very few that are really really good that are really committed to be competitive and don't have a passion they get there i love it when you get across the aisle of other sports learn from we got a friend i'm not sure if he i don't think he ever played for you but he knew a lot of guys that did he brought a story one time that you wanted to motivate your team by getting alive bat somewhere anyone looking for bat and nobody could find one for you what was it about now did you talk to him about this now ok go jim
james the back i know what jim had the bad idea right i guess this is great we're where we will we lost a michigan on a wednesday night launched a player for dell jones in the game got her were practice and on thursday guy john in chile are here for the superbowl ok they come in they had both lost in the aim of sea and if she championships and they come to our practice ok thursday were plain produce on saturday night the superbowl is sunday so jim got to the house probably tuesday here take a shower friday lie he be cool in this van right now but that he was on the couch when he came to practise john came in a day later so i had to talk to our team and they were unbelievable and in long story short with jim he starts ain't you gotta play like vampire that is a you gotta go into vertue like vampire bats
an and ah you got everybody jacked up so it is true we look what would we have to do to brand a bad now we know we couldn't handle it ourselves new right now i got back trainer right like batman we're going to have somebody i with the falconer glove exceed like john finger willing to pay right like i'd pay for it so there is no question we checked into it but what we found where some plastic vampire bats so we about a dozen up and i think cap one of em when we're clear my boxes i think i still have one in my good i might add unceremonious clean out of the office right i found one of those vampire bat plastic bats but we brought back said anne and in my previous speech i just start throwing them are on the line and we had to play our part on our team other forget it we won the game were coming and after the game we played well against purdue danny more at the one who told you know our dead
run it through the tunnel of mackey arena got we're vampire bats whereby a buyer all too gone crazy so jim and john get tremendous credit we want on a credible rather that the fact we went on a great run and the vampire bats they were the reason the bad idea was jim harmonizes giraldo well i'm not gonna give him credit for getting a lie buried media you try empire bat mantra yes we do so quite so you obviously mentioned german john this is you the greatest man on earth because you decided to marry into the harbor family have jim and john as brother in law do you realize how dangerous that was when you did it they made it easy john made a really easy
i know since a gm yet out the what you didn't want to cross with jackie right right as every guys that i was supposed to be afraid of jack i was afraid jackie because like jones the only daughter right lacking in jody is joan he's got harbaugh toughness it is you got harbaugh competitiveness she's the best looking arba but a meeting she's got all that right and so john was great gm size that up but i was cool with that right was a size up guy you knew german sizing you up right you don't eat i challenge you to arm wrestling match or saw now didn't do that now i mean after all you in the interview with him will you will you comfortable from the moment you walked in about five time i'd say we ve got sized up easily eyes a simple little doesn't want to gems great strength sizes you that's why you such a great recruiter and evaluate because he does it we could say hey this guy great disguise that are more right player in the country this guy's us he's not gonna what we
days gonna what he see just like you say he care play he can't do this he's goin on we say he's gonna what he sees and that's what he is in his size so what water the family like you know holidays like with the harbours is are you i do not imagine you guys just playing football in the back jim taken away to serious level that have a glass of water yes that aberdeen that happening driveway basketball but last time i play when what would happen there who one are you not lose you don't you can you can be jim but you're not gonna beat jem before the day is over location alike you might win a game or two but whether you leave i mean he would eat which he would hold your car before you are able to leave a game if he didn't win the jim has to win and that's what makes him great whether you're an award winning listener tuning into your favorite podcast or you're into ghastly crimes or how
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the knicks i'll go right to the guy's a nice inspired madison square guards but we're kidding of course because i don't want oh jake early jobs jobs jobs you write to the net erected a hurting refers in a downward might take i want a worse place to say something about it i shall now figured about having too much funding or you have someone else is one where you deal with south asia we play with sovereignty opposite fashion malta please when you guys quotas to put it up now that we can make sure is j k is jackass or in other words will our word winning a properly will treat it put they also jake the hell they don't worry i can but the problem is all your listeners like my sons who live and die by you guys they get it but when that gets out the people were like sixty seven years old they don't get it and it gets real that's my director algae right does not want a coach they nba but if he were
the coach have i want you to quickly give me if you are a crew you're you're looking at my game i must tell you my strengths and weaknesses assigned me a star on the five starved gimmick tell me you would take me a villain over you re strengths hard false moving screens fighting sir screens i've never i'll never let anyone put a pick on fight rights readily the i'm exceptional boxing out rebounding communication in like when i'm getting tired and like someone get my man at the fact that our there's a guy i know this guy locker room joke some guys guy leap it loose that's you need that re for the weaknesses dribbling shooting
shooting when someone gives me like a really good pass and about expecting it away up i'll miss those lapse every single single moving without the ball i always forget to that anytime i play with a shirt that the sleeves your little to type you know that i know that guy you can't you can show your gay and then finally remembering drake enough water that is also what you said you take me you you should get you should get that you should you should print that because that is every guy on the oma fraternity team at bucknell that i coached they were called the enigmas so i we couldn't play you know if your on the varsity team you couldn't play near also might fraternity was sigma chi so we had all those guys and they had a team called the enigmas and i was the coach and those guys still take credit to the for me being a coach that i could deal with them and they were all yes just an indiscriminate all of em like you'll do just cause you're tired don't point to someone
else go now you gotta let me remind you that there is one other thing you're pretty good at is holding people back in a fight yeah so he's the remaining starting right then home in holding back i'm really good holding teammates back ever so many constable on the sidelines as having i make sure you don't get technical so you take us i would take you i'll take your honor fraternity it is about red list that is not working i owe you realize tat way i hold out now that is our greatest description of the game have on you you get to the end of the game you got you gonna fall you don't want to have one you're star gotta make gillian ransoms got four files you don't want to have him foul of i've only five free false five about five years ago you gotta you could have played but they ve instituted the flagrant foul rule now and the impact you would not be able to do it in a way that you wouldn't get a flagrant fao am really hurt us or possibly the opponent worthwhile that's that would help i said
if we re all averting held all big issue would have been i've and it's not you not like it's why rodman those guys can play a final question we do this as everyone it's called headline grab boy so when i try to get a headline grab caribbean they're gonna set the target interbank worry i should get a bury your next headline grabbing baby you guys defending national champions will back to back in a guarantee it there's no no guarantee no guarantee but it is it is it there's a there is a concern when you start to season that you don't even get to the tournament defend your back to back and i i don't know you you know that into factual research i know so you do what you don't have to europe to look back i don't know if that's happened anybody but is a little fear and a big gaily shit we might not even get their site i'm happy right now they know we're gonna get there with a chance
and then when it starts its a tournament anything can happen guaranteed guarantee utterance constitute twenty six we give your career in oklahoma best player you ever coached too many too many die nato they're gonna name can also apply here and you say you say now if i'm right adrian petersen he's in the top ten tommy hairs top ten guy roy williams talked and i'm a big i am bradford jason light iceman trophy rounders top ten josh ipo heisman trophy runner up national championship quarterback quentin griffin so two thousand yard russia nineteen hundred and some yards rushing there are great thorpe award winner i alone am i gonna get organised anabolic i gotta kuchma sam bradford for iraq or when he was playing quarterback at oklahoma he actually had a normal said asleep zones jersey and he gets i fell now he's wearing these sleeved like the jingo sleeves on his arms that he can trip
did he ever asked you for bigger sleeves now i recall that about miss that whole deal the sleeves amazement leaves now oh yes you have to pay attention to that you're gonna pay attention on sundays and volume like men wise you weren't sleeves iter triple x l hey man again the worry but i'm worried about that and i ll say about i'm gonna find antonia seriously say i'm gonna be ok linearly you that's why there's a big sleaze more for his wallet can afford what what about a guy like adrian pearson whose just so naturally gifted did you even have to catch him are you just like i'm getting out of a wage lent him you know you don't have to give him a whole lot of poaching in a coach gandhi did a great job with them are running back oats in our coordinator for them but he's what a special athlete not i got from the day he walked on campus would you know was the man i mean you know it re all yeah you know sums up when all the seniors come through your author i coach have you seen
at that time we weren't allowed to go to work out there that they're all like wide i'd like you should see him work out i'm like well i can imagine now he was running the show from the day stepped on camp so that's interesting because he's going down neurons now and he's gonna have to share time with ingram do you see him being able to two like platoon in the back fyodor see the kind of guy that's gonna want the ball the time i dont neil he'll do whatever he's a great team guy he always was with us everywhere he's been so he'll helpful the detained whatever they want to do but he'll a visa he's a force you know which everybody has seen through all these your absolute if i tried to
actually how many bones what i break you'd be in trouble just one example of what we were worried but my padlock elevator than is unsure so technically low men when you're right you're pad level what matter oji say won't you gave us advice we wouldn't attack later and you get out of the way ok just push amount it is out of the way out of me i'm just really get it lay down and hope he added lang rumble strips angle actually so reigned and ankle or sent out of the way who are you so so you and not your retirement alot of people were shocked i was mostly the first thing i thought of we now have no good visor head coaches anymore so steve spurrier retire you're you're old mentor and then you retired do you realize the gap you
often the visor well visor less yet doug petersen is basically the heir apparent put it that's nfl yeah or low lincoln whereas visor though so ok so you should arrive hopefully i'm not sure that might be one of those things he asked it to suck up to you and now that you're gonna go around like hers arians angle i had that been good you liked it can go look at you i do i tell you what ferko jerry's it it's perfect you gotta give it all now at what point where you like i'm a visor guy rosy i was in kansas state back in the probably early nineties others have pictures of it in fact i had approved that some people
a copy to just from spring i say i was a kid state before i knew coats barrier with the vice or and you know when you have hair you can whereby right to dual barrier ever have like a motorway mano like only sidelines only big enough for one visor now fortunately we ve always been good buddies and we ve always been able to get along and share the sidelined together and we had a lot of fun when we did to so at a really good type the visor is one of those looks like you have to fully commit if you're visor guy your visor you know what you are you run into trouble though night games its gaining right snowed you still where the sun visor when it snowing would you now i can't opted for the hat on those even pulled up the hood above the hat and so on and you're gonna think you're gonna think about that's a lot of tax and when you ran out and at what are your thinking i'm givin up the lucky visor right did you have a visor guy like fortunately wonder national championship at night the first year in two thousand the second euros there and i was wearing a hat as it was at night why
i thought why you can't really go out at night and put on a sunrise right right right did you have like equipment guy who's yeah you're visor guy had a sort of georgia through that yeah well do i wear the visor you may get closer someone else do i've made but i had to confer with france showed what am i gonna do here this is a big decisions alone i did a national check it general aim for each game they set out like three different hats advise and let you pick from not kept the lucky ones through the season usually same visor behind but then of course you have a bad game every now and then you can besides devise or what was the most important thing you learn from co spurrier obviously you you learned on your own that you're supposed to use on screen on the sidelines his barriers not a big sunscreen got all yes no no he s behalf like four no no no no he sees all in thirty fifty one got yeah did you teach you how to that thing with his lips at it it was and dc where it goes
the cameras catch him in slow motion any look ridiculous idle figure are concerned about it if you ve ever followed a many so well that night i'm telling you the best thing about coaches are competitive he was he was stan and how we enjoyed in me i really gathered that from enjoy and i felt like i always have i thought you were going to say you learned from old balko chowder run up the score against arrivals well he has been very well there are already well throwing throat deep when europe forty that every now and then going up and a time rules a means not an intentional i still have never had anything any opinion change more than tom cream getting into that van never meet the people you hate this it'll meet your heroes actually disagree as a meteor heroes because it's usually
did you find out that the people you idolize are kind of just regular sex of shit like you did definitely don't meet the people that you hate because they'll make you love them tom crean still text me all the time check up to see how we're doing and it's like he's a nice guy i remember when he was when he was fired by indiana there all sorts of articles that came out right after him being let go that said i could it does while he was still there but he's a really nice guys modernizing issued a written that say the job i next up we have the random guest interviews it turned out to be awesome so are you sure can allow whereas in spanish ice cube europe ice cube which i still think it's a hit a nail it the mimic the mooch and danica was your favorite part of those was so ice cube would you say am i better than offset lamb we cardi b put the pussy on me yeah you're better than takeoff
water over that sky high good he's also make us take off offset the olive oftener now look over about about i'll at my favorite with data just because the setting of data was so funny it was like one of those press junkets where a bunch of people like went in and out in interview danica and they all were being like professional journalism and like you know had suit and ties and rationally questions we are they like showered that there we were like those we were the last interview with her and some once one of her people was like danica not a great mood is like this has been a long day and
she comes in she looks at you and swept pants mean a bmw jar track jacket unlike literally laughs our face like ok we're good she's actually gonna fuck she broke before he had a jail even open about years ago these guys are these guys are guileless the problem and to talk about diamond masturbation which is exactly what did it power crystals of all sorts of fucked up stuff so large a fair part of those i like talking gigantic about diaper soon that was cool canelo your spanish is lighter than believing that it can never is ass we began you wonder dirty as displaced noting that was so good because canelo was like we had no idea and we got there we got those like one of the rare interviews we got set up through booker yes why retailers if gamma boxing phantom of canal and we
upon and we're like hey can i know what's going on and then he just start speaking spanish and then a woman's voice pops in with translator like we look at our like figure i didn't have a horse he doesn't fucking speaking you don't know whether to pull the plug on every week we rode with it and it turned out it was the most fun of a relatively minor remember my little yes i hear it is best random interviews chambers are we now welcome on camillo alvarez he is getting ready for his big fight september seventeenth against triple gee you can get that on paper view can thank you for joining us i'm gonna start with a super easy question what round are you gonna knock triple gee up nothing nothing can help with an operation well what about it but i know go about it but i'm a bloody you don't want a buffer
now because that he doesn't know what round twenty did preparing freight and knocked him now and then that's just knows that he's going common one by one knocked out wouldn't well i just like to say that if he would like to refer to us using the informal as opposed to those tat that's fine i feel like were closely monitor all that's ok i would actually like if i could ask a question in spanish actually love to do that canelo point or albania where's where's this data was no no you just said that you'd like those put no is don't you mustn't is not always donors albania not whether lover that one level at the level of the moment that was an answer but you can't
get distracted at all when fighting together out they're gonna miss the axe and lastly we do this with every one of our gas we just say something in spanish for our guests here's gear here i go i'd canelo you can just respond everyone made me may mortal own peril of s you that's bad the need for all people in homer don't speak spanish i said i got hit by a dog once and i can also that's bad that's pretty good may goose areas of esa cerveza three votes i believe the load of bombing was what he said back here by acting in a fight thea can celebrate let me see clusters cerveza toma displays the fight no you're not normal dogma but i got a letter you don't buy it now
upper right now where after that might not much masturbation motivates small surveys those posts familiar miller million light gwendolen dirty his voice dune nerdy already yeah i don't know how to translate tardy in dear dear party how do you say party and vanished siesta dear dear fiesta and noted vs ie the best of it being brought to you by the spoke post bespoke poses subscription club that offers monthly themed boxes carried from unique and coming brands around the world to get a wide variety of box themes get style got grooming cooking drinking travel
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oh you may the final outside i go desolation oliver stone guy favour communist always you're an eye plate i played myself what was your line i had some lights while one of my life was discussing insider trading with the alley vashti on like a cnbc like programme on television i was being interviewed another one of my lines as i was yelling at shale above about day i'd read le booth hurried a trade that was going down and then a phone call with josh brought see police accordant gecko wish character of that dumb of that era see played yourself so myself you were at one point where you in this this type of business like europe's short selling stocks people why started goldman investment banking i moved into the sales area and so on the institutional sales das for a couple years than i moved into asset management and then i started
first hedge fund at the age of thirty two ninety ninety six we out like more miles we had already up and running we were lot we we were long and short a lot of different securities get on keeping me somethin like act like i'm just like in the older unlike us at home and my phone rang like like bud fox yeah ok so here's what i would call it a pitcher of using my grandson heredia hour i would say hold for mr scare me what i buy eat by e t ass ok and stay out of the individual stock selection business if you're not an expert that's what i took up this new technology its defibrillator fur your dog it's gonna be shooting up soon i no one else knows about this technology we'll get you in on it first and only a penny stock yet only hailed outcry and we're gonna we're gonna once this technology is mark is good change how of all the medical world works let me ask you a question of money i'm gonna give you see
if you can i right now i'm gonna give you ten thousand dollars a day ok for thirty days who deal worse just i only say tat made him hey censure or i'm gonna give you a penny ok but it's going to double every day thirty days what do you want quick i want the more might use temper one sounded like more monies anti that first as you said a ten thousand over thirty days is what its three hundred thousand ok ok mammoth honey oars you can google is right now you double a penny every day are ready and able to asylum it's five point four million you is right we should have taken these so like the better that it genuinely aspect of its a genuinely date because a thirty one days you're gonna ten point a romantic punk balls been some forty seven that i don't know but i do know the laws a compound gave you want to start out poor and get rich studied allows a compound so i have to do is double my money everyday yeah that's it
in thirty days be a rich guy but you don't have to double your money everyday what you got to do is you got to you got to double your money every six seven years i know you told me monday at six seven years by the time you get to my age be a very rich guy so which stock should i buy if i want to double my penny everyday right now none of the dog to familiar i'm aware of how the dog you would another you guys are that is why i don't buy you guys are children around dogs you listen is right now burning into their brain the laws of compound in google it allows a compound interest and get your brain educated because if you want to be rich and transform the society and transform your life but don't got articulated summits are all lips july are it sir simon etc migraines if you get a migraine take etc danica we appreciate your time i hope this wasn't the worse interview had today
now we times i welcome nearby and i know you tell me about your bracelets before we geyser magnets wounded junk science you jumped science person if you mean of junk is like a mad crystals in stature ochreous vessels were picked crystal kyra stalls like reckon brady actually we're just talking about you got any moonstones on no resign or laboratory i think though what labrador right that tell us made out in dogs so if you're what is grey not a mood ring oh that amount ok sir you know at the all like energy cleansing
get along the world i have i have i have crystal balls at home sandals hoeyer do those aren't cheap have you ever had russell wilson's concussion water that might help you the migrants actually have you ever you guys should look up this you to clip its eye club it's like an hour and a half but its loose change human had said the human response like the hue and something about the human consciousness and the effects of water and you know whatever met physics has a lot to do in metaphysics and so it's about how intention changes water so you'll talk to water and you say i love you and then there's that glass and then i oughta issue and you put that glass on detail what use is the emotion attached to that water and will be from the same water source just different word socio action and then it shows what under a microscope what it looks like with the word intention associated with it so
the more than five minutes later did the answer made over deftly not getting to you now dude after moonstones on i am i like i'd like to send a message to her kane i'm right here until i saw a hurricane irma would turn around out here yes or junk science guys were you know if you if you can give us shortcut is that due to my right or is that what are the stones in the second one you have got turn voice going and copper i see copper me we actually we have us we have a woman that we spoke speech you every now and then who can speak to death dalmatian jasper as well i think that my being here to our calling him out look at that you're gonna and this is a rubber band i could go on for guys if we're getting onto crystals then we're losing it here see that when i should like to say say it you see our craigslist that funny
i got a while ago were already has a duty to set use like crystals like i got criminals but the pond like the whole point of it was like i'm just looking for another due to jerk why reduce out their love crystals is much like it's like i feel like through to you ass easily on the reason why it is that you respond now i've heard a lot about it but because it was for my job you can hear it and then all of a sudden you have crystals also worry i'll show inside it all makes sense so many synchronous cities suddenly seventeen fifty thinks he's wrapper i've known rapid so can we please just a quick how low freestyle rap off you are going to be ready yet again pay
chilling with ice cube me and big cat and hank guys being dudes sitting in here record enough podcast you better watch out or i'll kick your ass asked her i'd ask you fix i wanna check about this fight seventy i was all the time i hope we do appreciate why don't we get b i hope i hope you at least got a little bit of a different flavour than every other interview you ve done tonight not for you actually although our sleeping when i can you won't we want but now they actually interviews gonna get a really good ice cube yeah they're gonna be like goddammit now you're gonna be ok i won't have any more touches you like ok listen make a clean underwear guy for i pray went on amazon and would like their these dry fit jock straps for when you work out or play golfer tennis or somethin they will change your life it is the best way
change your lightweight just a jockey chair all jogger put us all extra chalk strap and short so you got naked ass you ass was chaps yes your asses just rubbing understory ok business that's it that's the beautiful thing dry fit shorts dry fit jock strap ok it is the most it took forty five minutes but we finally got there we finally got the controversy we're looking for mercury era is that dude who wears a job shrapnel gulf yes you pull back the onions upon aren't you down long enough there why wouldn't you like this if i think when people ask i tell my friends this lebanon for years they say like did why are you wearing a jack straw on like why aren't you that's the western i'm gonna connect the dots on this and basically you're saying that like if you take the most immaculate care of
but in your balls then you can wear jocks rap for all of us know earnings as i don't guess we're walk around maybe like sixty seventy percent cleanliness you can't afford to be weren't you can run it's a hundred percent humility out there right now let's go let's walk down the street and look at the facial expressions of most men and i guarantee the most men have this like pissed off look on their face you know why working rights not because their job or their family or when it is because their walking around with chafed legs swear swampy under carriages i've never seen anyone care more about something than you care about you have a smile my face of all times because i'm fresh and happy all day long that's the secret title this is this is it marked sure never gonna controversy because he spent all his time think about how to keep his ask is also just like a fun secret day you have we set off everyone you meet
look i'm in the eye and you know that you're wearing jobs that is common now familiar i'm talking myself a new jobs rapid like silk it's like it's like sleeping naked and silk you guys had no idea this is where this is your invitation i go any good idea we add what it's crazy to know that like anyone who says pod gas if you ve ever met market share he probably had nothing covering his ass i still can't get out of my head that mark share walks around with a you know jocks trap that was atlas enough and cover his ass tat of you took a hard right turn in the last like fifteen minutes we thought only opened up yet act up to it takes a while to get to the to get to the middle of market shares tutsi pop yeah but it's actually very easy to get their cause he doesn't where underwear yes so next operated you are personal best of so you are choice my choice we feel epstein phd
i am going to put belong in there or friend bill worry one purifying talented yes he was just oliver the map and i love them loved overtaken and hang his area whose oh how i like hankers area because he was one of those interviews that i enjoy doing where the person might i'd be known for being an athlete are being in sports so he has talked him a little bit about sports as a fan but also like their weird past that they ve had all the interesting shit that he's done and being part of substance was i was really awesome from europe actually sit next to most lack yes and build on what i'm most excited for in twenty eighteen is doing another interview with belong him having no idea who we are you gonna let me get high for this one now i think i was right on that i think his contact i like we we barely kept i review together and being
i probably would have road it even though i think i would have connected with them on a weird plain that only him and i see that's really wrong you needs like if you want to connect to belong to different plain we have to like get a syringe and put acid right into spinal column know what if i had a freak out though in italy and that would be great mushrooms are mushrooms before a guy doesn't really do or can just be like these guys are just doing an old tired trope about dead okay well guess what you heard it here first two thousand seventeen we're going to be doing mushrooms belong and airport reviews yes and a which we already built that's right now i hear is viewers joy snow bloggers choice picassos choice she actually april artless do some fun questions because we did you may serious questions you obviously famously went and had thanksgiving with kurt showing to try to get him to sign with the red sox did you know he was crazy then
what are you try any means is still there has been a unique diplomatic way to the rest of us the best story from that trap was to get stories one is so we are negotiating back and forth he had fired his agent he's representing himself sovereign negotiating a contract extension back and forth we're only and that's it smart really gonna meet yeah that's what i thought it so i thought if i were done pretty well negotiation them we reach a deal were happy with that and we go back to printed out and his little home office as we using is computer printer printed out and there's on his desk as it is a well worn dog
a copy of the book negotiating for dummies yeah that's what he was here every time you returned the other batteries running back that's like michael we can be sure you not in any other good story is so we did after giving dinner at their house and shoulders wife was very nice tuned to invite us and she cut for us and i am sure is totally unrelated to the food but jerry is dead and me and yet got really sick so we re back to the hotel which are actually the next morning we were checking out jeddah so sexy search thrown up all around the hotels like this i ate piles throw up and we're late for the airport i also add i just had like like maybe the owner box army and twentys i did know to do work relates i go out each pile throughout by their like a twenty dollar bill ethnic coral for them a hate what is there we got jed amass onto the plan we are but we had we are showing signs of get you were talking
clear about how you are now starting to look more towards the make up of employer as posts it just numbers bottom so is that your way of saying that you're thinking about bringing tito on board her i don't think i d as about the crowded into a double play body that drove in iran so that how would you evaluate that's pretty good right yeah yeah yeah at our collaboration not allowed see knew that you just need to get the plan we were actually wanted one of two teams that didn't go to his to his trial law is i think the other so many so many good players granting there ass is often the independent leagues and you know have made their whole life's work to try to get a shot in proba that we felt now maybe we instead we actually sent the scout independently asked our aim is to try to find a kid is but we're actual years to deserve shadow shows how to play baseball yet but i need more power to the clutching sabre magically defined the clutch jean that's a long time debate you now
i guess i'll get it again will you aren't you can't prove that exists by the numbers guys have tried but i know a search for and clutched i know intuitively their guys i want up in the big spots and not just the best it or other guys who keep their heart below and drive and those more instead a back and why do you think it is it it is it's funny that you say that there are definitely some people out there who just look at the earth and their convinced that there's no since you are what you are like the notes the sample size in everything but i agree with you there clearly i didn't tell you watch enough sports you get convinced canada kind of scared and wants that big moment overwhelmed and get out of the play without it coming down in ireland who actually wants the ball was the date the big shot wants the baha term in a big situation i think you can tell can't prove it but you out of sports in you cry again speak sweden which do you think the cubs when the world
please if that railway doesn't happen because that you were speaking rattle than every year the shots to the dugout now did not look like most common again something you can't prove but i doubt we win without first of all if you blow a lead late in any game it's hard to then come back and when it's hard to win on the road next drownings in any game and we were i mean you can't get more extreme than what happened to us three run lead for out no one on base for us away from winning the first world series one hundred and eight years in the game just got away from us like that in a fashion that really you know kicked everybody off and so the guys were shell shocked as we all were a train delay i was lucky i actually was cutting to the club house cuz i had to go meet with the commissioner about the the radar and how long the rain delay would be and i caught a little glimpse of our players meeting and it was awesome instead of usually during the rain guys this door lockers check their phones change your jersey there is wrapped up in their own staff are players at the instinct led by heyward to come together and i think that come in
other they rallied each other this area choppy we're gonna pick you up when we want a hundred three games of the best games the baseball human baseball win this thing right here no one can take us away from us doesn't matter what has happened shore by your leave novel yet let's go right here than ten minutes later they went out did it so obviously from a narrative standpoint and i saw it i gotta had only when the grocers without that but you can't prove are you are you happy that heyward was the one that gave the speaker your contract aiming as happy for days yeah cuz he had he had happy for all of us maybe we don't win the world without that if if you don't perform in the first year of your your contract has a tendency so i can attach herself in the team because guys get embarrassed when they have huge salaries and they're not performing and then that can create kind of a desfire all were cats away from them and they start kind of hiding and i slay
thousand hard to recover from that jason even though obviously he didn't have the air of the bat that he wanted or any of us expected to his undying credit like he stayed right in the middle of the mix all year long he never backed away from the struggles he never stopped being vocal he never stopped being the pro's pro and his teammates and worship them for that so what put him in a position to call a meeting that is usually when the guys in two thirty tries to call a meeting right doesn't go over there wrangle when he did it they were all there in a minute the free agent deaths per hour spirally mention that's basically the wash redskins roster for the last twenty five years fifty million dollars a year do you join the redskins its as a gm add about four hundred million enough time in a hundred million dollars a year to run out boom contract now at any point on president now now than it would if i were you another job it'll because you know has some of their some real meaning to format summit
i can do while doesn't want to finance night yeah ivory error that's interesting ok i want you to listen tweets oh yeah we do would you give you know that jimmy camel red mean tweets yeah so we read mean tweets to our guests ok so we got a couple here the first one as is written by partner nora these are real israel on this so i mean real me important to note that we just found a month or two the first one is from at genoa is actually the real genius for twenty sixty nine said pay oh i know you're really good but the fact that you were molly jim sunglasses makes you kind of a douche bag they looked so stupid on your face skin i do have a really like narrow phase is hard to find that's why they had on guys i've only rise emerson another song it's crazy they knew you were married jim hours and writer this one's from from be ball fan sixty nine sixty nine theo you look like it for
gump walked into a tell porter with malcolm in a little while that yes it nl the sharply i don't even know what i mean by an agony get me i'm lucky there's not a big part my game ass one the last one is from at jed horror underscore it just spoken it we know you that want to submit your worlds agree or disagree mercenary narrowed it s pretty genius were much i don't know them figured out come on then the next to it was better and we won the world yet again need to handle cutler caught the camera and dissipated skydiving now ok figured out oh here's the other one and haiti or do you fucked your spreadsheets
i thought so that was our mean tweets we swear those are real tweet that roseanne go look up and find them all right last question and we need your full honesty on this one alright yale nerd sabermetrics computer since my epitaph tomorrow morning you could wake up and be a couple of guys like us real sport nice guy has now not a guy that hides behind and it's mom space not a guy we wouldn't we give you know swirling to you treat you trade lives less right to be
the wild olaf worthy report not to be a sports projects it was you know that's why i've got as it our aid for twenty five years to get the approval of real sports gathered i always i would definitely yard close yeah yeah you do something in the following manner to give you unless you have us then we'll meet you in our key my head down keep working i bring you guys beers when you need every sunday i'll be led it i mean it's gotta be at some points like you you know you do all your stats instalments like man i wish i was just like the sports gathered has hot takes and can go by the i'd eyeball test your aunt em theo epstein the greatest of all time i can set out there my greatest nerd it is there that is not an uneven and no matter how many great things you do you can never be us do we noted a start has also brought you guys by pellets on what the convenience of joining
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bring up the time i got to know pain is pain is no good and don't ever discount paint cuz it's the challenge in life is to get out of it now we're busy and air lazy i would pay of tea and big cat housekeeping struck again the bringing into our router ok reinforces the view of all this was let's do another tea or yeah i forgot about it i mean it's like tv or back when we get a story which is exactly what by this interview debate no thank you were busy force of evil do you and day pass ever have a tone what the fact that doesn't believe in evolution thank you i had to wait till it gives him and to ask you do you bottle of champagne women i love discourse ok tell them i love i'm at intercourse period i love i love that i love my wife my wife is fear skinny
imagine being married to me what they pay you guys i lama tequila some chocolates and south all my gosh you can't do it for breaks you can't do it all day long don't do it at all sites or do you talk to him at all about i cannot believe evolution daughter no matter what you don't know you ve been there are after all one of the great trips ever yet taken there i did not hear the vagaries of very young scenario dont know we're trying to bring people long we're trying to get my job in life is to be a human forklift and a human solar power panel so i'm a row greater so also like
a more one of those traffic cones it's gonna like dirt on it and is everybody gets a status traffic but think of the think of the forklift of forklift picks things and people up and put him in a better place think of it as a sort of solar energy is the biggest no brainer in the history of the world are you kidding airplane saudi helper away more solar energy hits the earth every day but now let me stop every
don't why don't complain you could do the sun or we could just go in and burn court another worn inevitably run i'm chosen the sought ok irish soul nato tomorrow here are good starting new ice age kill all the humans are not then dinosaurs come back then they die then millions years after that we get more oil yeah what could maybe do paschal believing what kind of trip or you guys edward and where we were hit we sound like did you love whole what i've learned over the course of these now sixty four years never rake reader compare that's what i said my girlfriend championships concerts children coaches or congratulations would have enjoy them without teams like could could you can basketball be researchers
why am i not supporting the parent or not it was perhaps more here for you the best team ever played on was eighteen that won the championship you put bread when i play for but you must know my hero i played to win i didn't play for personal glory i didn't play for was the most avanti near lloyd on its way when the chief pitch of rats advertising is interesting because you and your loses like there s the worst i mean i spent six years in the clippers with some of the nicest people norm nixon in marcus johnson and junior bridgman brian taylor and will be free and swim nadir in these fan tested guys and bobby gross lionel haulage enough report london sidney weeks have just really terry coming really fantastic guide but when you
which all the time it just so is it breaks your heart and regional interests vizier taught you guys ever distant amelia yes ok so it i'm in this new young grew right now and his chest fantastic images all did you know in an inward one of the things about vietnam one of the things about the craziness of nixon one of the things about the craziness of that did the bigotry and segregation and the racism is that has led to courageous creativity of the human spirit which manifested itself in art and in sport and the songs in the music that came out of that time which told our stories which told our struggles are pains our fears are frustrations there still so relevant
day and all this evil that we're seeing right now and the selfishness of i got mine heck with you really there's this there's the scene in the movie i've ever seen the movie where the buffalo rome phenomenal about a hundred lopsided hunter lawyer
joe murray right bill maria hunter ends up in the restroom with nixon and there's this scene in the restroom with nixon of hunter interviewing nixon in the rest of it it is just incredible go see the movie see this and that's what we're dealing with right now and in the other forces of evil that keep coming with lies to keep coming with the intimidation and negativity and there were never their caught whenever there call they d start another one it so don't get distracted dont get distracted dont get it off in another space savior distractions for fun when it's when
the future of the world is if the balance focus discipline execution so it's interesting because you're talking earlier about you how can degrading if you're on a losing team for an hour and how much you cherished winning when you are on this arose teams in the uk but from what we discussed earlier it sounds like you're also very caught up in the importance of the process and in the moment of of being a good teammate and all these if your valiantly i used to think so process verses outcome like wings ok i used to be all about outcome and i've changed now i'm about the process i am completely into sustainability i want to go on for
and i want these beautiful sunny days in the statue of liberty and the re river coming down here the colorado river and filling up all the dams and everything it in i want that did just keep going but if we don't take care of business if we don't invest in the infrastructure that was what john wooden was all about because ultimately he taught us to thinks he taught us how to learn and he taught us how to compete and if you can learn if you can compete you can do anything if i can learn how to speak what's to keep you guys if i can beat a broadcaster for the pact twelve conference a champion the patrol network and he asked me if i can do that wants to keep be candid p of tee from doing anything hank from red red hank does not worried about you
ok for himself soon ok ok producing casualties why don't i could dont even though i'm shorten howard stern we're on me you guys pick your choices as to what you want
the king and i want to duck anyways i just remind myself it's fucking is precise this get back to the process for the two handed lapse submit to the process as opposed to the results because coach wouldn't he came up with all this stuff it was a teacher in when he was a young guy he didn't have authorised of he get got all this stuff when he became a teacher and if you really want to learn something in life try teaching it and he would always save people ask him questions constantly and even you can always say no because people come to say what a way to hear how do i teach hardwicke torch what do i tell him in his answer would always be to prom it's not our what you teach each who the teachers are themselves and then
you have not taught until they ve learned and so when he had this perspective of life which we didn't have we were seventeen where we got there with a thin hawketh upward i don't care where the greatest above but he knew he knew where we would fail and so he learned he ass she changed himself from being the first great player to having to become the teacher in the coach who could only sit on the sidelines of you couldn't do anything else other than teach he couldn't ronnie couldn't jumpy couldn't make the shot she couldn't hand would stop work in his leg stop workin but he still kept teaching and so he came up with and this is what i now realize too i use different words as he uses more words he's gonna much
but her memory than i am and i have no memory at all but he he would talk about big the success and what it means to be successful it and he boiled it down it in my language the effort the effort to be your best to do the best you can
and he knew he would always tell us all i want is your best guys you give me your best annetta be good enough but whatever it is you do don't shoot yourself don't short changed herself and don't beat yourself that's the worst kind of defeat you'll ever suffer we didn't understand that when we play form i still didn't understand it until my spine failed and that's when externals back to the concept of everything that's why as we look around and everything we do as he did just wheeled in that task room service give packaging
you guys must be really famous erotic fool because we never get stuff head but anyway there is some of that stuff might not be good for you sold out agree that collaboration that concept of everything you i'm not sure when you learn net but it took it took a life threatening life changing spinal failure and collapse for me to learn what we think the way we work we will let you can we gonna have kept you ass your party to rescue sanctuary sanctuary another something completely different
ankara's area may twelfth we have one last they were do some table reading with you so amory how much we have to pay for this a lot roof i so i would like you to be a poor if you could and this is the famous seen from scarface where tony montana walks out you're gonna be my wife and i ll be tony congratulate i'm gonna why do i have to be your life what kind but what is this ok i'm your wife or right you don't you don't even know how to be a husband but did you every day without having six up your thugs hanging around or all of the time i have their the nick the biggest there as a friend what kind of a life is this you can't you see what good becoming tone
here we are losers we're not not we nurture go home you're stoned not don't you just don't get out of here no i'm not going to go on with you i'm not going to go on with anybody could because i'm leaving you i don't i don't give a shit anymore tony the hookah local another quite logical let me again what you look you all a bunch of four carousels you know why you have the guts to be what you wanna be this is quite a monologue you need people like me you need people so you can put your finger say just a bad guy so what would make you could not could you just know had height how to lie why am i still here
me i don't have that problem me i always tell the truth even when i lie so say goodnight to the bad guy gone last time you going to sit back i like this again let me tell you gone make way for the bad guy that was famous scarface scene pick out your great idea you very ok hand you gave yourself i thank you gaddafi model and i take notice you idiot the script eddie handed to help its line log line a dialogue solid paragraph b i you know i had to let myself can leave yourself wins spread your wings look ok so i can still say that are better than all the time i've got another one this is the scene for why do more work on this and i dont work disheartened from recycling waste the amount of work that you don't a week is seen from concussion i dont have you seen it with we have not seen can so this is the tell the truth syn
i'm gonna need you to be doktor maroon as they can you do that doctor nick riviere yeah candidates ok i'll be doktor been hey are you ready if you want to follow up the national football league i want to solve the problem who are you what what what are you asking europe pathologist i dont know why that is but you ll perform autopsies which i also done thou art that is just i'm a mere pathologists that's it that's all i am why how do you have any idea the impact of what your doing yes i do you understand the impact of what your doing if just per cent of the mothers in amerika decide that football is too dangerous for their sons to play that this aid that is the end of football k k aids colleges and eventually is just a map
a fine job what you ve got me off to the professional guy came joe he does autopsies he started the accomplices he has a pace do you know what history does to people positions will ignore sites where i am not burn history elapse if you can you deny my work the world the night my work but men your men continue today their families left in ruins tell the truth tell the truth you should are you sure you want is i would ask you the same course in fact the maroon that was that was tense all oh man bill walden i still just listening back and besides i was
i was really excited how hankers area could do the vocal sketch artists nailed it i last up we have best segments and bess recurring guess so marlins man mr port annoy we have blake borders wikipedia club really branch down twenty something tat we really really got out there we have italy football we have our eighteen year old reno best friend we can say that we also have that thing we look to the beginning a little bonus segment that we filmed in earth recorded in vegas he might amidst did we talk to fund or to this stew fighters in their ok yeah students learn you lucky we were long overdue for seeing stew first stakes you know a real we really have to do at some point is gets to fire and moral is banned in the same room at the same time and just walk away they won't even at age writing off you they would they would be talking but neither of them would be like internally
and with the other nelson two separate conversation yet i'll get going they would like other had not like they do they wouldn't know that they met the other person outbursts do finer bats will really need do is we get a recurring gas like just like every same rights do finer mr port annoy emotions man who and ability sitting there being thrown off on facts about salamanders the twenty year review native if i might add is lit up all right this wrong the best of here it is this is the best of recurring guess and segments lovey guess define our september which i only got arrested once and it was by donald trump at the trump castle and ethics story
that's it must work so sweet so you got arrested by donald trump out exactly what happens if i trashed a room first of all we leave my house at twelve fifteen and this is when gambling stopped at four a m in atlantic city we get there were three o clock while i'm checking in i went down hands and i piss while i'm checking in at the counter and i empty my window rigging like twenty beers twenty beers after you know snorting like two eight balls with three peoples my friends twenty first birthday we check in we go to the room and i trashed room like like like keith
keep move as my idle donald trump as my i'll j pull getty was my idle how would use my although my four idols growing up the been replaced by big had p o t k of sea and l presidente so that's how it works at hank but right this second he was my idle keith moon so every time the who went on to i read all his books are riddles dams who is my favorite banned the great rock rural ban the world quadriplegic greece album that's ever been wide awake number one nothing even near it so i trash rooms we trash the rooms the security guy comes up to the room and then the windows opened so what i would do is what a three thousand dollars worth of room service and destroy the room smashed the mirrors break the shower and throw everything out the window there i think because of me i made it will you cannot open windows anymore poles or change architecture not exactly we think knives rid open ripped open the beds feather everywhere
strong it fifty also now unlike in academic courses about like how to design buildings there could be like dinner there's a man named stew ruined windows for actually i threw furnish rather than i ever thing that could go out the window went out why did they let you upstairs if your pistol over the front desk heat they never saw the woman ever so i'm gonna put all your sneaky about my friends were behind the hysterical laugh and they never saw the only thing is i had that might keep tapping my feet so i wouldn't step in my own pet sounds like a like a mexican dancer ives like everywhere and up and up so we trashed room destroyed secured the main guy comes up first while he sends to underlings up and they hate me they they said to have a disgusting eu they're ready to beat me up no less arrest me the main guy comes up and i immediately cease name honest tag i call him by his name three times and he loved me i told them i store he loved me i showed my friends licence that it was this twenty fourth birthday he loved me love what to do for a living from about it from riverhead i seduced to guide the guy love me since our democratic get out here we go downstairs and this is the trump castle world
hannah the song the whole thing until like a castle theme and it was his big bust of like this like swordsman and i said i got to take this and bring it home and put it on my my brother was desk so i tell my tell my is that i'm going to do what they said no there's no way you doing it i said ok no problem i won't let me just take a piss go get the car they go get the car and i ve worn out with this problem is a cat ga i can't fitted into doors i can't fitted in the trunk so now i'm sitting there and unlike our it's disgusting that all the son you three security guards com cause jump out grab me grab the boss they don't have guns or anything that heavy in handcuffs but they grab me and they say you're going to jail you getting arrested and all of a sudden thank you god the body who liked me from upstairs comes and goes what are you doing
so upset me like the guy must cry is disappointed argued i do i told him i could only you and dragons sadly we are crushed him so he says just do me a favor get the hell out of here and next time take it the valleys so we're getting in the car and to real cut costs came and amiably put cup saw me and i went to the priest they got thing a printed and ps3 games like five hundred i was a community service i worked with handicapped children retorted children four five hundred hours and i became a better person the best of his also brought you guys by my bookie if you watching the games it's time to start making money my bookie is the industry leading website that hooks you up for oil bedding needs and with a great odds fast pay out and decades of ex expertise you can bet with coffee your team does even have to win they just need to cover the spread so what are you waiting for down some cash when big today or if you know your team sucks two's off a favor and better gets them if they lose you can make even if they win you'll still be happy where you bet is just
important as we are betting on that's why i'm urging you to make your way to my bookie i trust them be rather take my word for it check them out for herself they have game live bedding and mobile site that makes wagering on the go easier than ever you can also check out unlike casino if you'd rather just play a few hands blackjack or rule the dice in craps joy now in my book he will match your deposit with up to a hundred percent bonus for the last time this year he's promo code p the empty activate the offer visit my bookie that did you today you play you win you get paid back to the best of us want from john hey billy football have a question for the guy's my roommate told me he's going to make our room a trip chamber yeah finding your roommate amelia way we don't want to hear this one out i've never done acid i just need some piety advice on how to go about ok only do one tab first just start slow
that's right yeah that's why i'm going to disagree with you i'm just aware of this is this is the biggest red flag i think i've ever heard in my entire life if if you're seen i school and your calling things a trip chamber in your your own veiling strangers open we haven't yet saying that you draped the wars and velvet and replace all the light bulbs of blue glades yeah this is not a guy that you want to be trying to study in the same room okay so first of all third man card who the hell studies in college i love this guy this is this i'm so jealous of this kid you're about to park and spend a year of the trip chicken if there's ever a time to just i mean this is probably bad advice but i'm going to give it no this is good advice make your mistakes young when you go to college first year spending your the trip chamber
fuck up you can blame it on another kind of gypsy ever my farm on a kid i walked into the church a joint letter the church over what do you mean what you expect reveals a poster child forbad influence here so again there is there is a bit of cord blood so you can pull on this one but i'm dumps could say for the record take ass it is very dangerous stick to state save things like binge drinking your freshman year just years here's my last resort by just makes you a drink of water that's all but got that all in general that as other do that all women the trip chamber until you're what please please email back in a year and tell us how the church might just referring to my desk you'll live their trip chamber which is to show from the chip chamber the trip chamber is our great now unless the bell is like a for three and a half gave up the markets
stockings what's our minds what's going on cigars report my take iron so do i baseball game which i've been doing now match or those who buy who'd you wave kitty wave was how i will send you away i can see you i can see you do do the shock or to shock of what are termed laughed aloud sweet now wait do the schools symbol i just offer your eyes how yeah what can you say hi to my mom for me just say hey pft's mom mom are you gonna be the most important first install never had his ball hey miles when are we on tv right now
hell yeah can you give us away on doing do little do little kid you can do the macarena out the added dab dab can you do a little i just do just like the hip shake from macarena the poorer quickly enough agreement but the runner nothing was a boner livelier megalomania rare or i might point we were quite suddenly sixty i'd let's get to port most complaints people cup of the people the people don't know our lawyer my poor nigh something's gone
we don't get em riled up every now and then some king instead of bottling it up he comes on this show any lets us know what's bothering them and we could turn solvent right the first thing i want to say that i am very disappointed to you what i think you know why he asked you to stop using a to g were gave up on that there was very little effort i might know when we last good twenty over the weekend we're not effort guys i can see that yeah i lost it either sorry dude i was unhappy about the other thing which is a general thing which is blubbering me more and more if you have an issue with these companies like yahoo over and somebody
look up a motorcycle i'm gonna do a little boy guy now you oh you did it you per thousand exactly i expect wages while elsewhere the especially you god what those are the years that was the word over your accident was pure common i anyway you ever try to colleagues people on the phone i telephoned the impossible there was no number to call to reach them stack somewhere
you can't get a hold of them you wanna tell somebody and i know they have on the cites especially i won't say it again the car pickup service if they have only save we happy in this and that you know the tories who really have any kind of a conversation with them because the the picture you can complain about the cow is dirty things like that one appeal it something else you really don't have the opportunity to have a kind of a dial can i give you can i give you a little lifehack for that one what lifehack lemme tell you how to get to a person you called the number and you just and then you just mash the zero button over and over and over until someone eventually picks up now when i of complaints about service and what not in other instances like would comcast and things like that i dont off that works with those companies use which you do then we which companies i'm not gonna say
you do if you can't get a hold of an actual human being keeping the sales line number because always pick up on the sales yeah then you know tat your money and then you know this i burned through this and then when you start to talk about while you're calling you know what happened or they'll say a word the parliament will triumph over to customer relations and then me what do you think happens you get this they just hang ammonia yeah i've lived rodya ok what do you have another one i the only other one that my wife was away for about ten days and she's the women here i thought you compliant you ever watchdog shows that those cloth of shows two point two i hate that i sometimes wonder time television i get better myself goes i feel like i'm getting dumb
the other watch it up it's good year in then he turned the channel and you watch trump coverage twenty four seven you get your smart tobacco yeah exactly a captive of his nonsense what would gossip in particular we talk about her we'll highlights another name you know like you know em they're all their also indicated bravo roselli do lazy out in all regions hope offers no no you know they have stories on the stars and wish you good luck in open you have like e g m c live in their awful i just sit there and i feel like i'm going home and you can say what they wanted to leave the room i also felt that what are we to get up early which i could but it took the grating tv watch so you sit there and watch it
i miss report and i thank you so much we appreciate all your help we're not gonna sign that employ handbook we're gonna have you back on an old mansion did you talk to me about you say that we are a little secret yeah are actually not knowing what if i actually think it would if i little feed to my dog better be good someone really right step one ready digitally were right want me what is important they deserve much one point further did is hardly ever sayings of weight and rubber ober i don't speak
herman because you know who else but german bad guy i still don't get it i don't i don't see the difference between what i'm saying and what you are saying here that's similar them now come on now please whoop
ok what's goin on haiti anti and especially his up my boyfriend gives young omaha every time you switch is sex position any laughs every time you does it that's what you want isn't it means a football guy working fighting fucking is this chick dating billy for both because i could i could actually see billy going audible back and you know what you can change defects cause he's colonna laudable switch the mike on every visas hot rowdy searched on for the back door you know it's come you gotta move the safety experts he's given its eu right there you got here if you suggest maybe getting another girl involved with whose animals whose wish upon him you put a guys in the box friends and i can say that i am sure that i am a great models november twenty second let's do it wouldn't do a quick
thanksgiving history here for everyone a home so that this item be some nice fun facts it you can throw out there we haven't thanksgiving dinner so pull up the wick be i think we all pull up the wikipedia second ago i'm just start right now shocker of all shocker canada does thanksgiving they do what the fuck and its before hours they cocked or things in the caribbean islands hausa possible lives in liberia o bigtime lib move who we cook your thanks human sorry sorry so i don't know what's going on here but i feel like this is this is not right we need to take back thanksgiving and make sure that only america celebrates thanksgiving irate an american traditional make us like it was there was what the programmes and the indian
like sitting down and having dinner together color you know someone working out the deal of new how we're gonna take their land theology of white people coming from england they taken over yes oh this is plate of beans right here is manhattan genetic manhattan yes ordinary men have yet little bill clinton s analysis like i'm gonna take a little less into starts eating everything the pilgrims and you blake were you guys were not so far dissimilar because you came over from jacks bill to cleveland sauce now for the first time and you won the pill arms had never seen snow they spent there for like two winners getting snowden they lost all their food but then the native americans help them gave them food and i was kind of a jimbo in retrospect like just keep the people live there we're gonna just take over your society what do you think about second you we're pocahontas which one was it that then taught them how to plant court sexual saki julia john smith do
thankful for second you hear you yes i think i could do it did a lot of good obviously help them either alone of unequal gal sack idumea how we clark we don't know who savagery is so you fuck knows that it really is that was that was a nice like canned wikipedia answer there that was good did you know that australia has a thanksgiving this is ridiculous i don't know i'm gonna walk that back thanksgiving is generally not celebrate in australia however on the australian external territory of norfolk island they celebrate excuse me sir norfolk island has earned thanksgiving that's pretty cool tears here's a fun fact ready for this a little little how how does it have to be get made after was the
one who changed thanksgiving day from the last thursday in november to the fourth thursday in november which sometimes might be the last thursday in november little interesting fact for you to do that i don't know but that's crazy huh so that's how we get the thanksgiving being like basically every year now we just say wow thanksgivings a lot earlier than we thought we've been saying that since one thousand nine hundred and forty one embrace debate do you like your thanksgivings in like the we're twenty second range where do you like it better in the november twenty ninth i like you i lay not i like i like thanksgiving to be not only the for thursday but also the last thing i grew that because i want to ask thought it was always november twenty fifth until like a christmas lying like we're staying on the calendar year budget going with the twenty five what about what about the fact that it was on a thursday every year yeah
you know i don't know i just thought it was twenty still happen worked out soon they inevitably go onto worked out i agree with hank began when you have this week in november after thanksgiving is already exists you like what the hell you still do nothing is like tanks giving is early november is the guest of six rana party too late where all the other people have got all members not becoming uniting your fridge entering like a next repeats at your house agreement can help in one go to sleep here december's not coming till the following saturday it's weird yes that's not right that's not right billy football october twenty seven so billy you gonna college gaza is a place where you find yourself you experiment little bit you had some news for for the three of us when we showed up here you proud current sure how we were gonna take it in all its always kind of awkward coming out to your family how do i said he said i've become a wide receiver quarterback and i just want to let you know that
whatever you do that makes you happy work support you and work accepting of you love is love and it's too sixteen so if you want to be a wider sera than god dammit billy go be best water see you can lie before you answer i'm i'm struggling with a little bit more poverty is a little bit more of the accepting parent to father struggle i'm but who are struggling with it a little bit more don't really understand like so choose to be a wide receiver like what how does that work look i'm just one day were like did you thank you are wider seeber from they were born and now you're like finally like coming out is what like i don't understand it i'm just confuse if you could explain to us you know i got to college given the my i gotta go i got the college and you know there's a lot more things you're independent there's theirs
like outside pressures on you anymore so you can really like discover who you are who because of like where you are you're like another waters here that like told you hey billy you're a wider servitude he did he influence you you know i think it all started when you know you try some new things try new positions in college so how is it up others i was i was locked smarter two months i was out on the field and i thought i caught cannibal i felt rain whether i wasn't i was away and gloves yes we ask in audience like always remember first well what what really happened though what what was the what was possible that because i am a little disappointed that disappointed yeah i'm sad because i always saw you as a quarterback and yeah now i'd receiver well you know it what happened was yelling a stud came in in in my class total for
all guy son of a coach and you know tough exhorted be he was he was doing different stuff all summer the me just oh where like work in higher labour usually like like he has one trade will skill in those football and he's doing football so are you now saying that it's our fault that you're gonna quarterback anymore sometimes
when kids lash out they blame their parents ok that's our show thanks because you welcome back bonus episode
no not episode bonus segment for part my we ve been warehousing was i call this the secret segment the of you made it this far secret in your actually like a secretly high level of the woman he s don't put on talk about yeah don't at first rule about being hungry i take yet pot might take so we ve been promising the heart and my big we said that if we go if we ever went to a state where was legal smoke where wanna we would do a little cock make a legit high holy smoke yeah weakens hey why didn't know what i say we didn't i think we said we were allegedly right so we're in nevada and it is legal to smoke where one about another we did but so we went to but it would have been really fine if we have if we were to spend three too just take a look we got we saw my favorite part about going to a dispensary in i've been the one in oregon as well as they are they all act like they're doctors like they're like i was like what's that tahoe alien in the woman was like
are you having trouble sleeping alec yeah i don't feel like what are your symptoms like i don't know like isn't that just weed let s get you hi symptom is i wish i was how do you see you when you got the tower william leaves aside what another type of these different chooser gummy is ever so this is made only seventy five percent which is really clean high ok it's really good body high is like what you would take if you wanted to sir paintings martyrs are sitting on a couch and watching a movie i was checking out and he goes owes extra really get stuffed his smoke it last night personally i'd watch netflix catch us it's like every other weed out there oh so you just got super lazy and eight exactly so we're gonna do mount rushmore secret borders about rushmore of things you light eat munchies things you like to eat when you're allegedly high in nevada or any others
it's that have legalised marijuana hypothetically aquifers a guy you go first erskyll snake my number one would probably steak and cheese let us go on ok i'm gonna go pringles get outta here not let's not because our sitting right next meet our just as it is the last thing i looked at it ok my first one's gonna be chips and dip oh what i'd maybe like doritos chip the analytical ranch tomatoes get out maybe some two zero saucer you got cool what will you do that have done a banana do her embrace play i think it's actually good headache no i can would it thinks it myself we just got forget
documents they hope go with buffalo wings what's your favorite of had sometimes those things that carries over i will go with you we didn't smoke forefingers i'm gonna go with slices of cheese take the slightest i pulled it out and for many faces one cherry naked and no nice snack oil string cheesy up go slow i like i like i did i get it either strangers upset when you do you ever measure relating to examine some months ago string cheese and i give a little too still and then i take all go back and forth i also like
airports who voted for you can eat in the middle kind of like the strangest thing but you can like eat out the middle the carried out when you smoke that city they hate that seventy percent they gave ample caution is dive bomb a carrot and take or how did you just say the gore did i hear you right are you are you and share it with you and like a giant eat around our food or as a perfect what's was so string cheese and carrots at your folic foods i've just at slavish weird shit you brought up oh yes you could point by my pick em ago with water awful dots good i really need some water available labour to save cottonmouth semitic gator it yeah you ve ever done for mine i'm gonna go ass if i can't think of any foods and what are you hungry for ready now
peter me if i can the pizza wilderness i'm gonna go get there ok i'm so i'll go pizza and you mean to sandwich harbour we're gonna go look up a cool gotta go mooch my last one frozen yogurt that whole like going to go the frozen yogurt barn you get everything yeah it's actually not so much it just shows yogurt stuff you put on my picture candy pringles and water programme ended with racist yeah the goat thought i could call her all right i don't think we're ever going to do this again but we promised we would do it and we get it allegedly no
we may have done it we may have done it
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