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Best of 2018 (featuring Mark Wahlberg, Baker Mayfield, Ed Orgeron & more)

2018-12-26 | 🔗

It's been a great year for Pardon My Take and as a thank you we have put together the best moments of 2018 in this podcast. We have the best moments from interviews including Baker Mayfield (16:01-29:21) Ed Orgeron (29:24-40:10) Gordon Hayward (40:15-51:19), Mark Wahlberg (52:00-1:03:35), Von Miller (1:03:38-1:15:12), Blake Bortles (1:15:14-1:18:20),Rachel Nichols (1:22:00-1:24:52), CJ McCollum (1:24:53-1:36:17),John Cena (1:36:18-1:40:16). Plus we have a bonus two interviews with Kevin Smith (1:44:15-2:05:27) and Charles “Peanut” Tillman (2:05:28-2:35:29). We end off with the Best of Fastest 2 Minutes (2:39:21-2:44:44) Best of Fantasy Fuccbois (2:44:48-2:57:57) and Best of Grab Bag (2:57:58-3:09:17). Happy New Year to everyone and remember Year of the Core starts January 1st. 

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on today's part of my take it is the best of two thousand eighteen we have some of our best moments are best interviews plus two new interviews with kevin smith and peanut tillman plus a little week seventeen preview for you to get ready for that and the football playoffs the college football playoffs before we get to all of that part of my brought bracci you by cash app number one financial app on the app store for more than a year it's sweeping she just like cbd matcha poke poke poke candle lit yoga and guided meditation speaking of guided meditation during this out i want you to focus on your cash you doing this pfd focus on your cash there's no right or wrong way to focus on your cash just go with the flow begin by getting comfortable but not too comfortable now close your eyes picture your cash notice how your cash flows in and out note now picture cash flowing in now
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access returning to a standing position i've never even told you just laid on my bed but i was doing it was because i knew download the cash check it order your cash card right now then continue your day let's go welcome to part of my cheek presented by siki today is thursday december twenty seventh and it is the best of yes the best of pft two thousand eighty
was a great year it was a very good year we had some we were going back through the archives some solid interviews we've got some great ones coming up yep they we've got what baker kochou blake bortles rachel nichols von miller a ton of really fun interviews i'm reading right now hold on keep going talking yeah no it was a great year it was a great year for part of my take and i think i'm just really looking forward to twenty nineteen wallberg creating some new memories yes so we have all those for you we also have two new interviews coming up kevin smith and peanut tillman we're going to you went to stop if you have to work on friday or monday to ration out this megalong best of episode but thank you all or subscribing in being part of this show it's been a fun two thousand and eighteen before we start all the best of stuff though and into new interviews that i that we got talk a little
seventeen coming up so we have the winning you get in colts verse titans which is going to be i don't know so it's gonna be fun well it's not going to be a fun game because they're not these aren't fun team so they're not they're not i think the titans are like this years will the titans and the culture of this years are we sure they're good yeah they're good bowl and yeah winner gets to lose in the first round exactly are if they tie it's too it's a winner get in or tie in bye bye the whole game i just came up with that right now nice pretty solid that's so yeah it's a pittsburgh could squeak in there if they do tie which god damn i really hope that it does embody so good they almost died and they when they played earlier this year yeah i was of women right right right yeah he went for on like fourth and eight so if they had a he hadn't done that wow it's will
morning yes sliding doors moment right there sure my purse yeah that's gonna be the big one that's gonna be the night game which is all i like that they flex that yes in the re flex but okay yeah they make all so basically for week seventeen this is a little pro tip for you if you are still doing family stuff if you're still on vacation or wherever you may be if you want to look like you are sacrificing yourself for family i'm in being like a normal human being what we call normal human being functioning in society you got to say announce to the world you know what i don't have watch all of sunday's football i could miss the first half of the one o'clock games because the way they've stacked it the one o'clock the only thing that matters is the texans game and the patriots
for the two three see it's just for seating that's it so in malta where all the good gives the afternoons you can just basically pretend like you were being this hero like a you know what let's go let's get let's go do so let's go for a walk the nfl has given you a well adjusted pass yes for every hour window on sunday in in in in in your significant other or your parents or whoever will be like wait i thought you love football like why don't you go i do but you know what not as much as i love you what let's go out let's go to a war the prognosis and he realized that talked over on fox that's right i guess i don't do anything your log support yeah they're literally giving you this though because you're gonna need it once the playoffs start saturday and sunday you're back to being booked so take the first half of the one o'clock games and just make a huge show of it you got a when i say making sure but i'm saying like you gotta walk around the house being like hey guys let's go do something planning activity yeah leadership watch football and then write it like two hundred and thirty like should i gotta get home diarrhea
got to go yes and make sure to walk past some place that's playing the games and then just like look at them and be like you know that's really sad yet people are likely they are it's such a beautiful day yeah this is a time of year we're supposed to be around family these guys are in a bar probably other fan watching a beach in week seventeen watching weird at all yeah gross what time okay i gotta get back so in the nfc we have actually some import games tonight we're taping this a few days before it airs but i do think the i think the girls are going to play all their starters because they do need like they can still get that to seed and to give up that it would be kind of stupid just willingly but the bulls are sitting there like come on bears you got to win this game they they need help and who else these at no seahawks or in the rest of them if these kind of set in that one yeah the only thing is i think the san francisco forty niners a kings of of showing up and playing a good game of gossip yeah i guess most most anybody but they're not gonna be the ramps now they probably won't
these are all i think the bears they you guys are gonna get three c school you know what we happy with it you know we got scoreboard watcher people like to say that like old you think they'll be scoreboard watching and then i don't know you know the court right now we're going to worry bout ourselves my favorite is work yeah your scoreboard watching my favorite is when coaches pretend that they don't know what else happened like when they're at the podium right it's like dude come on like you have an iphone in your pocket inside line and you have a guy who comes up to you right after the game it tells you exactly what happened i wonder if any coaches like check twitter during a game i would yeah i would say so what are you saying about me liking out perfect booties yeah how's the camera look like in my looking ok on the sidelines right i didn't forget where i put the flag or anything yeah it's gotta make sure you're not amazing yeah right let's do before we get to all of our best of let's do a quick prediction for the college football playoff so it's saturday night football playoffs alabama in oklahoma i'm taking the over no matter what it's like eighty but that's those ones are challenging me let's do it
they're telling me we won't do this and i fucking will what's the word with two i think he's playing and i am i don't think i thought oklahoma had a chance right up until they gave kyler murray the heisman because we've talked about this but nick saban if he has one little piece of motivation that even is a little bit real being like they gave i'm going to tyler they don't think too is the heisman he will hammer that in their heads and they will destroy a team so if i had to lean spread on that game i guess i how big were the points fourteen is it on that's a lot a lot i could see it happening it has there been a game this year where oklahoma is falling behind like big they were doubt yeah they're down back to texas but how how big was in back i can't remember the exact you like maybe like fourteen or or twenty points or something yeah i just wonder what happens if in the first half of that game before halftime alabama
gets up like twenty one three scores i want oklahoma does it say turtle do you think the turtle or not i don't think if they got the guts you oh you're talking about guts now you're you're challenging they were they were down twenty oh no wait no no they weren't never mind i'm trying to find it on the fly i can check to win probably yeah sure yeah yeah yeah if it hits in ninety eight our our above how does oklahoma respond to that they were down they were down twenty one points against texas okay all right so i guess i guess but that's rivalry game yes thrust record book yeah i can i can talk myself into a point that i'm trying to make no matter how many times my fax a review of what we do it is yeah i know i i think it my guess is it's going to be alabama in my heart is leaning towards them covering the spread ok alabama in the over and then the other game notre dame verse clemson here's ready for this and this is this is exactly how you are not supposed to gamble like one hundred percent never do this
what i'm about to say i can't take both so i'm taking the other day and i think they might win the game solely because the other game like if you look at your bedding card before sunday an your favorite betting fair you got it mixed up with i do that too sometimes i do that dumbest thing in the world you should never ever do what i'm about to do but i think alabama will win by a million therefore i think notre dame now you could just play it the other way you could be like i'm going to take clemson and wait cuz they play first and if they win by million then take oklahoma i think clemson has a much much better head coach franklin no i don't think he i don't think is that great i i think that job owns a lot of game i mean if you if you were star program tomorrow and you had your choice of any head coach in the country nick save it yeah obviously brian kelly would be what like mike leach ten
yeah he yeah yeah double would probably be number two it's not my cleats because he well a lot of fun can the data is the data it is urban still in the hospital will be my number two so you you will you haven't lost to a rival yet so he'd still be interest in place okay movie my number two then yeah you're right double with threats of double three coach for maybe yep dana fine i've yes stand for no both side for four who else are we friends with coach oh and dan are tide for for yep the number six is mike leach he's been on the show jesus really nice yeah kirk ferentz
ferrets yeah he's me have it your old bull pollini yep opal user to and then somewhere would be brightly be around ten is my point so i i think i think doubles like probably the second best coach yeah i agree i think is way better than brian kelly i think that i like god the clemson like the rock that's our lucky charm counterpoint you ready in this is solely because of what i said before that i'm just i've easily said i'm betting on their name because of the oklahoma alabama game makes no sense but if you want to feel a little better trevor lawrence is a freshman yeah you gotta remember anna love his hair yeah oh man he's all time flown real god he sunshine yeah him and he he crushes your flow bubba yeah shots fired i was getting cocked on all right yeah yeah i i like clemson a lot in that game i don't know notre dame just dave they mall you and clint
the more you well it's at their molars what do you mean who is the who is the analysis i'm breaking down which they must be more fun to root the volume yeah ok and notre dame is not fun to watch it just mall you ok ok in clemson they do a lot of sites it becomes defensive line malls you too i'm talk with our office or you use the term all you're always talking that office a like to all okay yeah do you listen to my gmail you know like that no i i actually think lives it has probably the bell calls go away yeah they're good they're going to crush the scale yes they they're going to win their their defense line is but you know what the defense line budget due soon that's what i like hard molly's luncheon do much of football playing jesse snow though they're gonna win all right so so low and also make sure to get in all your hunter renfroe to the patriots takes
this is the last game potentially that you could ever so one other take you gotta throw out there if you want to if you want to sound smarter brian kelly killed a guy who helped that too no the album always struggles with quarterbacks like tyler mobile quarterback yes vocal cord yes that's what the if you look at their losses they've only had like four in the last ten years they all came gets mobile quarterbacks so is that is a print out johnny manziel beetle there's a young little mobile quarterback cam newton beat him to swat kelly swag kelly kelly problems yeah got to be got to be careful with those mobile quarterbacks that's if you want i love when people say that they're like listen alabama if they've got the
so we see it's like no that's not really their achilles heel they've lost like three times yeah in almost like every quarterback in the sec in the last ten years has been a mobile quarterback right it just so happens that the couple losses they've had have been to mobile quarterbacks for the game just got insane acts like generational talents right cam newton john middle swag kelly kelly yeah all three one heisman's correct all right let's get you are interviews so we have first up we have baker coach joanne gordon hayward for we do that a quick word from our friends at blue apron so well you guys gotta check it out blue apron is the best way to get into a new you heard hank he's like i don't want to order as much take out well guess what blue apron boom done 'cause blue apron let's you cook it hum some delicious meals they have chef design recipes that use fresh seasonally inspired ingredients meals were sharing on social media in as little as twenty minutes time saving tips and technique videos help you
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com slash pardon right now blue apron dot com slash part and you can check out these delicious meals the go get delivered to your door you can cook come with your friends with your family either me feel good you look good it's a new you new year new you dot com slash pardon ok we now welcome on a very very special guest it is qb one for the cleveland browns baker mayfield so when we start the interview you poor guy who take criticism and use it to motivate you to be excellent so we're
start the interview we want you to have a great interview so we're going to criticize you right now so kind of cocky moved to wear a shirt with your name on it in face office that's weird yeah i also like on this shirt and big cats wearing you wearing sunglasses and that's kind of you also not any kind of looking a little short today you really six one yeah i don't know about that but yeah so i mean now you ready to go i don't think you're that funny i do you're funny oh ok alright yeah go see now we're gonna have an excellent interview i had made it going let's get it going so you talk about controlling your own destiny for i think most people know the story but to rewind a little here you went to texas tech you were the starter then was it that basically things very was too hot and you're like i can't be around this guy or why did you leave texas tech for oklahoma now i was after i got hurt and then there was just some
this is not going to get a scholarship but i've always had the mindset everything happens for a reason and i grew up in oklahoma fan so that kind of made it easier that i was able to leave how did a guy like you not get a scholarship when you were like a great high school course you think i'm sure right now you should have seen me back in high school yet sorry i've nine perfect five eleven yeah i noticed a five nine i'll probably live in during junior year when they were like recruiting was happening yeah i like that you know most critical time for uprooting and that's you know i can see things either you grew up in austin but you're you're in oklahoma fanned it never occurred to you try to walk on it at ut i didn't want to i grew up in open fan but when it came down to everything being so frustrating recruiting my dad called some people at a connections and asked if they had a spot for me to walk on and they said they didn't need me to walk on so i found
after the fact not even as a safety yeah round and even try to recruit you as a safety yeah i like robert griffin or johnny yeah this is special to so what we did you you got a scholarship from some schools all right first one close to rice and the option to play baseball and football there and then after that i had for more from army new mexico florida land an washington state and did you consider any of them washington state
mike leach or florida atlantic on the beach in boca redtone yeah i think the reason i didn't go there is 'cause i never took an official visit i might have if i did something else also i mean lane kiffin sought too so it's like sounds like you hate hot coaches he wasn't there yet but yeah his aura was around it always works on so you go texas tech you have a difference of opinions with coach kingsberry you decide to leave and then so you decide to enroll at oklahoma and were you not like this might not work out like i'm going to walk on in oklahoma oklahoma is a football factory was there any we're like this might not work out for me now and like i said earlier with like the draft process i always thought i control my own destiny that i could make it there no matter what and so during that only reason i got in so i left tech like december 13th i think and then i enrolled in school that next semester only because
it applied at high school so it was a quick transition and i wasn't able to be with the team until like three weeks into the semester and it was i never had a doubt my mind but it was not the best of times is that story true where bob stoops like walk by in the cafeteria like i'm gonna be the starting quarterback yeah so we were at a team dinner it was the first day i could actually be involved in anything team activity and they had a dinner in their suites in the stadium that night and i was in the table with some of the guys that i had met and coach stoops walked in i want to introduce myself so it was him coach all my life and i just want to let you know that i was there and yeah i caught him off guard here in kind of a unique position where whoever the next coach is going to be it's going to be kind of tide to you at least for the next several years if you were to design your next new head coach would he be named bob stoops or lincoln riley or mike mccarthy
never talk about michelle our john to philip do you think that you i mean as john dorsey we we obviously there's rumors are going around but do i think john dorsey will include you in any conversations as you've been open with you about like i mean it's obviously premature but now i i think you'll handle that i think he knows me well enough to you know kind understand what i like but it's not about me it's about this whole franchise so whatever they do whatever decision they make i'm going to roll with it just like i have been since i got here that's a super diplomatic answer i think it's the right answer to give but that's not what you're looking for that's not what i'm looking for and we're trying to get a headline here so like one thing you gotta learn about the biz you feed us we feed you then will protect you because you gave us good soup i don't think you're going to protect what we don't know is wrong ok you can call my mother fucka blake bortles and jerrod golf and all of our guys i mean we die for those guys you do i appreciate it so you are going to this position where it's like there
going to try to hire somebody that will be able to maximize the skill set of somebody they've just invested you know so much of the organization's capital and that's you so it if you're looking at an offensive guy are you looking to do something it's like would you be excited to play for a system that's like often she ran at oklahoma or what are you looking for person to me yeah obviously the easiest answer be yeah i'd love to run the offense at a oklahoma that's with i had three years to do it and i got so comfortable in it but i i think whatever we decide to do i need to relate those schemes that i've learned over time and just do what we're best at i can i've always believed that it didn't matter what we're doing as long as i'm making the guys around me better that's truly what it's all about if i can get the playmakers making plays and you know get the ball out make it easy on our offensive line
i think that's the most important part so however we do that to make the guys around me better that's the best option just so you know we're just going to take the first part of the answer we said i would love to run the offense we ran it clip clip it make the headlines there you go can we talk about the hate list who yeah what is that you keep of haters how has it grown where is have you retired i remember i went off i got something that yeah i think you still have a burn book yeah so how hot is it on your phone or is it like well i used it used to be you know on a piece of paper old school night we've transferred it for a few different devices was coward always number one now okay number one we ever get started early no no well i had some sweets i looked it up and i'm gonna read him to you let's hear it i said bakers tommy shirt is a dorms that was kind of mean my
i'm not sure yeah you know when you worry a little tummy sure it'll go on a on the go i said good thing we gave baker the heisman after week two because se kwan is incredible good take by may i say you ended up with great yeah i mean you know you know how long yeah i also said beakers rattled capitalize rattled that was during the rose bowl we rattled now okay i thought i might have been on the list at some point and yeah that was basically when you didn't show up that was your long list of three tweets that will know there was also one i found it said from fart box sixty nine he said baker stinks in his short he'll never be anything so that's that's our by sixty nine on the list i like well you would you like the little runner account the little guys make the brainless are only the big guys little guys make it all the time all night i did i went through your tweets and looked at who you liked and there was one tweet that you like from like two months ago he said
you will never win or you're not going to win a single game in your first ten weeks in the nfl remember this tweet and he liked it and you bookmarked result i said at the senior bowl i think that's when you firstly i missed the media availability because you're the flow yeah not available a rose rose okay yeah so i said i call this guy a baker's dozen because he actually he's thirteen see here's of funny story about that all my friends from back home soon twelve and no matter what year it is i've always been twelve years old so as long as your call me thirteen that's a win my okay all right good yeah yeah i'll take it what about jason mcintyre who said that you want your phone to quickly after the first one yeah the craziest take of all is that guy i can you here's the thing so my brothers and he was so mad about it is so funny so he sent me that the link of it or whatever was and i had had blocked on twitter who knows when i did that that was probably a long time ago but it's just
like that that they have the most irrational opinion and they never have to be correct right it's even more so than being a weather and you can show up to work every day if you're wrong i know well all right well we just move the goal posts that's kind of a media dress so i can run like baker's a bost you could win a superbowl on bike yeah but he hasn't won five super bowls so he still boston mine is a system cordoba yeah so you just don't you keep moving the goal post and we can never never wrong yeah did you did you when you walked out of the coward i mean that one obviously went viral you own him did you go walk out being like i own this guy in did you maybe shake hands after you still kind of we shook hands but now i i i walked away from it having the same opinion about it as it did before right he's gonna is gonna be a fair weather guy and as soon as i showed up he was nice and brought up stuff and when i proved him wrong it was still
he's not gonna say the things that he says when i'm not on air right when i'm actually there well i did know this out as i will just say about your leadership that it's only you in this interview and not the entire rest your team you know what i i can't speak on that you know it's tuesday is their day off so they won't come into work on the day off well they're not coming in interviews that information take a day okay andrew was the band's now you're running the student section that was such a cop out he would tell the flex on one don't even more run in the band when there's a question would you check first instagram twitter or your text messages have you read here for is that jets game i went i went so i got i went to my phone to check my family text yeah that's fair fair move i said when you you have that take would that take with better have that day like who wouldn't after one of the biggest nights their life go check you know so your family checking in with you
since i wasn't supposed to be playing my parents and my brother were not there oh so i wouldn't i wouldn't get to see them after the game yeah calling them right away 'cause normally that would be something that they're there and able to celebrate with but so little different right all take that jason mcintyre that's right that's right you start running the dog pound after touchdowns be the most like all jean yeah yeah that's what we'll get some more of those and i'll be able to do that okay nice i like that there's nothing we do it's called people also ask so on google if you're like if you google baker mayfield like people also asked like how old is baker mayfield people also i sat i don't asset do you how old are you people twenty three but then there was one that said how tall is baker mayfield really that was the actual question who the real answer really it must she beforehand or stretching where you can get an extra inch if you stretch absolutely okay okay you stretch good stretch six one six one
i measured in like six foot and five eights i think so you just lied a second but i didn't stretch stretch i've measured in over six one and we get measured from the base and you get that extra half inch yeah this is common stuff so actually if you stretch comes if you stretch you can actually like extend your spine i'm being serious i'm not even kidding you i did so i went first i visit my fiance's home in omaha nebraska they have the inversion table where you hang upside down and i'm not even kidding you i got taller off that like a bat sleep like a bat and you get taller interesting i'm going to i don't think you can really sleep like about yeah i wouldn't suggest doing that for too long you should do that yeah i'm not sure you'll be fine i'm absolutely totally shot yeah what did you learn from todd haley um he cuss now i had a few coach before that like mike stoops i learned how to do that with yeah no i think with him it was
always have fun because it was all the business that was new to me but he always found a way to be smiling and just throw jabs and make it interesting everyday so appreciative him for that but then i mean that's not even counting somebody off into stuff he had to oh here's a good question i forgot to ask you about hard knocks did you ever watch that that slow motion passed that you through but i want the clips that you saw so they took one of your practice reps and they slowed it down to like one two hundred speed the coolest it lasted for like five minutes the ball floating through the air you watched the whole thing yeah i want to suck the spiral it was it was such a great spot yeah it was so hot it's pretty quick so we haven't watched it yet you should watch that yeah why should you should watch that it's a great it's a great rep listen i paid more attention that rep than you did all right it has been a long time coming this
is one of the most exciting guests that i've ever introduced it is coach ed osier on coach oh at louisiana state university head football coach so it is great week let's start there if you to define great yeah what is great mean no you you don't stay in relentless pursuit of what you're after however the focus of a goal you know starz gonna happen you will face a very yet we said we say around here you got a block out the noise don't listen to the people outside those focus similar task at hand and get it done yeah what were you like as a football player you know what solid foods meant a lot to me i always wanted to be a football player solid foods we want to state championship one thousand nine hundred and seventy seven i was at allstate player was a blue chip player was a good player when a great player good teammate we die what would your high school coach have said about you as a player so
yeah did you grow up in a lsu fan yes it is all grown up well if you watch run is to my cousin shoes life to you watch it every every saturday night if you don't see on saturday night play soul sunday morning did he used to come to death valley when you were a kid or first time don't you know that valuable so rich people we could afford it and only the first time i got a ticket i was a recruit again rice game we all should be dry seventy seven the who nice that sounds about right for rice is pretty nice but that that story about you know going tell us you for two weeks home sick and then digging ditches basically right away that's kind of a theme throughout your life you have these these big moments maybe it'll set
you learn from it don't get a lot better and you can end up going to northwestern state university and become you know no great player there the us adversity him learn how to face adversity but are great players that push me you have a model is still much to do over think twice yeah in million dollar bill went up a double clues you gonna make mistakes but don't do it again was there ever a second thought of like i'm gonna go get a regular job sitting at a desk who was football it for you never i would try out of memphis sure bolt and it make the team had the more my friends cora call my dad on the way back i said i'ma start coaching i went to the coast the next day i i don't have much i moved up i took a cut out of the dormitory in a movement into the business dressing room and it worked there for free for year wow that's it
it's amazing so you coach a lot of good players while you're there it's kind of back in my name is hey dave what warren sapp the rock yeah who is the best player that you coach no it is hard to it's hard to separate court in a skin early russell marlon and warrants up in college those were the three best players and obviously cortez and racial became a hall of famers the court as a warm became alzheimer's right the wall three great players when you were coaching the rock did you did you ever occur to you hey one wanted this guy might be president never know but i will say to you he was the great young man his nickname was doing and he worked very hard and he's a quiet guy but he did have a plan i'm so proud of him he's a great young man do you still keep in touch them at all you know what he will hit me on twitter every once in awhile yeah i talked to his agent once or twice uh every time something big happens in my life you will tweak the support yeah
which is would you endorse the rock for president if you're in no question the questions that's that's the easiest endorsement i've ever heard it's very obvious to anybody that's ever met you that you absolutely love football that's all you think about at what point in your life did you realize that you were in love with football don't six years old and i go by my uncles uncle joe and my yeah my nanny would cook toast bread not even bought a whole loaf back then they go boy and that we would watch usc play my uncle joe loved usc and i watch oj run i think it was one thousand nine hundred and sixty seven you know i've got home just i told my dad i said i'm a coach at usc when they when i was six years ago that was sort of my goals wow
favorite food you know it's hard to it's hard to mention my favorite one i've got about one hundred of them 'cause i love food obviously but i like turnips do ok with pork in it over rice ok that might be one of my favorite things with fried veal cutlets oh ok i think i've ever had turned up stew yeah how much applied you had a week you know what i've gotta watch it because my weights won't show well i gave you all the good cajun food i want but every sunday we have a blast in the willy gumbo jambalaya spaghetti whatever we want that's day he said this i have on that day diet starts monday that's how i've lived my entire life at what point did you realize that you had a knack for being a great record you know you know what
first had a lot of success at miami but is that a good school and i loved it i listen to kohl's johnson watched tape with coach johnson i listen to him evaluate butch davis was on that staff i watched him recruit how relentlessly was so i kind of you know looked at those guys and i say ok i can do this like this i can do this there was a syracuse and it was a joke bottles or to recruit and everybody on or not to be true we do not do this miami so i'm gonna put all that together and when it became record quip coordinator would cost me carol up put all the things that are more
it was it was just it how has your your living room presence change since back in the day and that the universe miami's right now you know apply to keep mature almost of the you check what was the best way possible right yeah i agree yeah i don't lose shovel pass also how like to show that they won the superbowl yeah i've been central pass for really long time people don't get respect what about the full back dive full but does it you know i was gonna sixties yeah so taking over as as the head coaching position at
major program whether that's ole miss u s c l s u how much of your job is spent doing exynos verses kinda managing everything else are like you know how much is spent teaching no specific techniques to mirrors as opposed to just being a ceo of a of the blue i do not look at myself just to see you i come to work early in the morning i get that stuff done in the morning before but i guess the war on organized due to practice schedules of the recording anything i need to do any administrative stuff let me to do take care of the when it comes in a clock on multiple homer to go all during the day i'm doing football at night we watch film the night before i go home a check mark duties lonely to do i'll do it but i'm more will only feel coach a coach of the those of one of my
it's on a watch every piece of film office of defense well we have a say in here if we don't if we we've if we drill it with someone with them but we watch it if it's broke fix that's what we do like is there any jealousy from from other position groups like the tied into the wide receivers and that they don't get the love that the defense line gets my coach yeah you know what at first it could be little uncomfortable but i have to individual i will go to them i will send behind all those old true for all plants i do a lot of things it's all things that i didn't do when i was young so i think the guy said but they also see the benefit of my expertise on the defensive line helping the team something
yeah we have a little lease question so it's a promo code grip tore and you get a hundred thirty dollars off your lisa mattress you gotta get a lease a mattress okay you sleep well you dream what is your dream for ellis you and your time with ellis you natural chip one national championship for the state of louisiana preschoolers they yearn for the work floor in the war one of us tension you look like you're in pretty good shape though you do you so you hit the gym everyday you yeah well i'm in the weight room with six and try to get a little half hour left then i go running will ever know what he bench well you know i always convince three plates that's my promise ok promise myself at the start playing football anytime that i can walk in the weight room one running the best to replace all right
that's a great price still pretty good great idea how much squad yeah you know my squatting is going down but i don't know i can rip out three hundred and fifteen yeah that's pretty good listener or exercise in the world yeah right arm can you tell the story about the worm is that true there were many mouth yeah so what happened so here's i got the story from joe raymond peace who was a great offensive line coach it northwestern state and here is the story of cain he did it and i didn't know spring game my senior year started funny after the practice will spring game next day and i was looking for worms on the field my culture coach goes it goes my nickname baby go baby what are you doing here is a coup
well it was a worm she goes and there were some worms on the field goal ok well here's a big one here should maybe you going fishing i said no co says it's got a little motivational speech will give the team so here's the deal so we had him a big deal at night and spring game is my senior year i was a team captain i got up and said the store there was two man fishing in ice holes in alaska you know the one with catching fish in the water and they looked at the guy says man hey how do you catch a lot of fish he said man i'm using warm because i'm using warm too he said yeah but i need to feed my family he said the only way i know how to feed my family sketched his fish that i got to do whatever it takes some will tell you my secret doors worms gotta be real warm warm before you put him on the hook so i'll keep him in my mouth the warm up
then i put him on the hook i said you know just like that freshman do whatever it takes for his family to feed his family i'll do whatever it takes to win a pawn in the whole world that thing was crawling around in between my teeth and i was so glad to get that warm on my momma prophecy but you have no smell was twenty three years old i was along time ago you gotta bring that back it be alabama game it'll warm returns yeah maybe i'll get a sister to do it yeah ok we now welcome on a very special guest it is gordon hayward this is gonna be a hard question to answer truthfully i'll answer it truthfully if i were gordon hayward i always wonder when you're sitting on the inch and a team is having success is there a small tiny little little little small part of you that's like kind of they lose so that i was like so important that they need
be out there if i were gordon hayward i'd say yeah i definitely rooting against the celtics uh i mean i think i don't think you'd be human if there wasn't a part of you that was like i hope that we lose right mike it's a competitive nature yeah and i think it's on it like it's crazy to not be able to say that out loud i know you're obviously rooting for your teammate you want them to win but there's a party that always wants to be part of the winning team yeah i think so that have been the two at the very beginning of the season like we i got hurt we i think we lost our first two games but then we went on like a eighteen or in game win streak and i was like laying in bed like come on like what was going on right there is a part of me that's like do their winning without me like what's the deal but then you know there's another side if you like okay this is why i came to boston we're going to be good we're gonna have a chance to win the whole thing really rude inform you you know that these your teammates you know so yeah like two conflicting things going on at the same time and if if you like i said if you didn't think that like i don't think he would be he
right yeah natural can better you want to be out there they're doing well without you i mean but like i said that's why i came to boston i appreciate the honesty i feel like a lot of people won't be honest about that but that's exactly how like as a fan i'm it like you have coarse hair he's probably going through the same thing like for i wish i was out there i wish i was helping the team win i think to be to compete at this level you have to have that mentality like if you pulled every guy in the league if they were on it would probably say the same thing and you guys had a really fun team last year doing during that playoff run i remember watching it and being like damn like dave somehow figured out how to put these pieces together i've had two pretty big injuries how to make it work probably this crappiest team during the playoffs to scrap you're scary terry or marcus mott that's a good question i don't know if you can be scrappy markets or makis are you gotten hey would
i have while adding a chance to play in the garden so i don't think i'm that yeah yeah okay i was in cleveland they only that hank wanted us to start calling you gordy wears hang hang on a fake fan they he is that would parse every time i listen to you guys are always the one that sticks up for doing that not to bring up a sore subject but going into that national championship game against do what was his what was his game plan for that game because i think you guys surprise a lot of people without competitive that game i mean you should one bill i if the refs obviously hadn't gotten paid money for coach k at halftime and started calling fouls either way but like game planning for that do remember exactly like what he told you what the strategy is going to be an game so they were duke was not the most talented team that we played or had the best players that we play throughout the tournament take a shot at them yeah but they were the best coast in like the best the the most disappoint they're kind of like us and so for for them i
you we went over all their players all their players i don't remember exactly what it was but we had a chance to win a we should have won how many times how many times a week do you think about that shot i don't ever think about it thank you guys for i think about it all the time for being a man i wish that butler beating duke that would have been amazing you never think about it like just about every iran the moment you close your eyes maybe you're standing in the same part of the court or whatever may have okay okay okay if i see you have course out in practice just for fun yes then i think about you it just goes right through your brain oh my god i said is that right off the front of ram but to be honest there was a shot so i missed two game winners actually so the one before that i had a good look i fade away on the baseline it background that one hans me a little bit more that's that's actually a very football guy answer because you missed presumably more than one other shot that game too so i got the image in the first step that could be the game where you're too so it's life full of these
don't look back i i think you think about it more have a listen i have course i i'd i'd like i did when i shot it i did not think it was close at all because i wasn't trying to bank it right and also oh so what are you even count it could you call glass i didn't call it yeah but the banks open on mondays which is true that is true that is so it is all good which is the biggest difference between coach stevens then coach stevens now good question thanks that is a great question i can i can i get it would you let me come back on the show after this year i'll probably be able to answer it will your recurring guest now so you have to come back however i in you don't follow me on twitter but i assume you will after this but yeah you come bernardas how many burners do you have i don't have any burning back to my original question question is yet to be honest it's hard for me to answer 'cause i played one i played for five minutes last year so ok i don't know what about in pre season and preseason he seemed like he was relatively the same about a swag does have a swag now no
he's got his own type of swag he glow up yeah let's talk about that let's see what your swag so before the show we asked hank if you had any questions were since you can't hear he basically just sent us a school like just screams and screams of pictures of you before you got to the nba and pictures of you after so i then i selection is he thinks you're hot so yeah that's weird yeah what with talk talking to the glow up though because you went from wow that kid is definitely from indiana he definitely won the state title forty to thirty nine which is such a hilarious score as a terrible game i would assume to man that guy like he could be he could be european he could have played is saying from our allies yeah what happened there what was the process the purpose you know i've gotten that question a lot the process was like i feel like i just hit puberty i'm i'm like yeah i mean it i don't really
much i really like i started to care a little bit about my hair so i got a nice haircut i got married actually it might be my wife started helping me out on that front yeah well i do remember it was it was like i don't know what year it was but there was a distinct year where you came back for the jazz and it's like whoa gordon hayward like figured out what a weight was and how to lift them and he got a really cool haircut that's right and that was it and did people start respecting you more i think so a little bit yeah i think that helped me out yeah interesting that your wife wanted to make you more hot after she married true she sort of justice feeding you friday through it low yeah i guess you fried food that's what she did in your fat yeah get you off the market real quick should we bring up the daddies always happy video you can if you okay his daddy happy they always always happy yeah really i'm wearing the hat is so what what point did you like you clearly were not happy in that moment what
what do you like i'm just going to roll with was it that'll clear yeah yeah the the funniest thing ever so at what point were you like okay i really wore my heart on the sleeve my sleeve here any it now let's just set the context you have two little girls you know third child right you know what yeah we won't mix it up but what point you're just going to roll with this and embrace the fact that i was so clearly not happy and so the thing is like i didn't want to do reveal video yes i was inside the house probably plan on my phone or something everyone was outside robbins i come outside and
this box in there like what are we doing like i did not know this is no prize party like we're like what's going on she's like oh we're going to do a gender reveal video right now and she had our nanny was filming i'm like why are we filling this i don't want to build this 'cause i didn't know what was going to happen right you weren't prepared i would definitely wasn't prepared gotcha journalist ann i was like banking on it being a boy which there's nothing wrong girls no about art my girls are beautiful girls i'm super happy about the third one being a girl but you sound like it'll happen still sound like just over the moon and then we do the video and like i didn't know how to react like it was pink balloons coming out of the box again an i think i probably thinking my wife like fall i like thirty minutes after that and then she was like get over it an
my moment to get over it yeah now it's fine did you get a little more yeah you have a moment i think also guys know like what i was feeling which i thought was the best part of the video is i had a bunch of friends that other guy friends takes me and be like dude i know that was extremely relatable and then i went by right yeah they had a bunch of other guy friends are like my with my girlfriend is like how to do that so sad like i would kill him like all the stuff like did you did you ask whoever it was that the nanny the folder right yeah did you ask her to not uploaded to like instagram yeah i didn't ice i specifically told my wife don't upload this i don't want this to go anywhere and she said no i don't want people to think of fat they have to know that i'm pretty good points that's fair by her i think that we just didn't have gender reveal parties until the person decides like when they're eighteen yeah i'm going to that's what i'll do next week on tunein next week and pardon my take where i'll reveal my gender yeah you could still adopt somebody though you could adopt boy
i have a couple ideas so you made this a positive you have yet shirts you have had yes and all the all the proceeds going to ms was eminently ccc or anger parents that can afford diapers and blankets and all that did you think about holding back a little bit of the proceeds for your daughter's therapy when she watches the video a little bit no okay around if i can we're gonna raise sensitive okay yeah and then so now here's my idea if you were going to have a fourth i don't want to assume that you have one slash four child i think you need to do would you find your spot yet if got got a lot of money mean and been you i would do a us three four girls is up well here's here's what you do i mean how many times have you done you still don't have a bass mostly what i little rivers that you have just gotten about him seven yes elena generous or any yes and you can do the decision it is
gender reveal over gender reveal and then if it's another girl that will be may not be a raid was an answer paper if you get people to shell out money up front for it would be great too because we have like what will have a yeah we have a paper view and it will be a gem reveal and then they'll be a room where it's just a bunch of stuff that you can smash and then there will be a room with all your friends and cigars and it's like where is gordon going to go after the trick is i mean i don't want to graphic but the conception has to take place in a man cave somewhere that makes more masculine or in the back of a pickup ok well move on ok that was baker mayfield coach oh and gordon hayward all recurring guests all guests that we hope to get back on in twenty nineteen i'm actually going to guarantee at least two out of three it was also a really mean joke what you guys did to me with court what telling so we are not allowed to have no he didn't yet so we
old yeah we take wasn't with us at the time hank had he was on vacation so we are interviewing glass not he's doing it by hand works and we made sure to tell gordon to talk a lot of about hank during the for the inter before the interview but we never told hank that we did that so he thought that gore hey we're just actually hated him completely natural just out of nowhere is like we're tank yeah what is a big fan yeah yeah the kind of broke you little bit all right so we still have a lot of best of yet we're gonna tell you when you should stop if you want to save some for monday now is not that time not rationing yet no because we have mark walberg von miller and and blake bortles coming up on our best of this is actually a nice little nice little three we got the guy who were like very good friends with very familiar with with blake bortles von miller who's creeping into the very familiar territory and mark mark wahlberg who we hope someday to come back on the show because
he had fun i think he liked us even though he thought we were complete jokes but he's i mean he's used to dealing with hollywood types who are probably even bigger jokes than us yeah and it was also it felt it was a big step up for us because not only is he an a lister but it was our first time going to one of those press junkets where it was so organized it was scary like we felt very uncomfortable they they basically brought us into a hotel room the mark mark wahlberg walked across the hallway into the room did the interview then laughed and walked back across so that another press like team could come into the room just it they had us off in the corner like we were not to be seen by anybody else yeah we definitely felt like the odd man out there like we don't want other journalists to see that these weirdos are here right they were afraid not they have what we would ask mark but what we would say to the
and we also always take i feel like whenever we go to one of those there will be like a spread of whether it be coke or sparkling water or whatever it may be we always put like stuff our bags full of them after we leave and people look at us like these guys homeless my movies i take a diet coke before the interview i take one after and i usually round up some biscotti crackers even though i don't like those cookies if you have crackers any kind of cheese i'm eating all of them right in front of your face raw dog and turkey like tommy lasorda hopefully no one coming after us is hungry so like i said mark wahlberg von miller blake bortles coming up before that ft you got another ad for us yeah i want to talk to you guys about bud light everybody knows but like i don't even know why we have to advertise bud light here's the thing for bud light it's so good does itself you guys probably already drink it but you should start drinking more of it because they have some new flavors out they've bud light lime and orange
and when you're getting ready to watch your favorite teams's football season there's only one light lager to satisfy those taste buds it's bud light there's nothing like an ice cold bud light your first one of the day maybe you just bit to a nice crispy hot buffalo wing and he wants them to take the edge off that's when you turn to bud light it's america's light lager for game day and it's our favorite to its famous amongst friends you guys know it we know it let's enjoy some bud lights together this holiday season watching football games ok here they are mark wahlberg von miller blake bortles and when backing back more ok we now welcome on a very special guest it is mark wahlberg how is netflix you mentioned like the the price of movies how is netflix changed like the movie making so see you or most movies made for a lot less money now no i think depends i think i think for us television
change the game more than streaming services i mean we we started producing we started producing television now with hbo with entourage and so instead of having instead of having you know seventy day i'm gonna get that i have for you at this is actually my phone isn't in a long time yeah but they get out they had my you guys the plan that but no it started out where was like you know you had x amount of time an x amount of money in the wee television it was like you know you had a lot less time a lot less money so we were just kind of doing things on the go and then when dvd sales started to decline in and studios are crying poverty really well we can make movies for less money but we want to be able to participate in the profits if they're successful so take the risks of real the you know reaped the rewards of the movies work and then with with never
x was streaming services i mean people just you know technologies change everything change the people decide when and where and how they want to view their content so i'm actually making my first netflix movie now as an actor nice and and to be interesting to see you know will still get a theatrical release in that stuff but people want to watch one where they want to what i was gonna be able you cannot fight the and yeah i was going to say you have to be to be a real artist now you have to make like a super indie netflix release and be like this has been my passion project for all my life and now netflix i could do it you gotta do that your sound phone yeah i can wait sound yeah general you're like oh he's reinvented himself is you doing curls yeah for an hour and a half ago and you've just been it's your netflix passion project you and paul ryan then we all right in your store i don't know yeah see what's going on on this island i do
okay we will do that later today well i actually do have some pictures for you so you have entourage yeah then you did entourage for for the nfl with ballers you ever think about doing entourage for like bloggers and podcasts yeah just think about it we're basically like nfl players except we're not rich yeah i don't really have sex yeah we're just boring versions like yeah just like one percent milk version right is an audience for them there's a story arc where one of the podcasters like i'm dating this model but it's actually you just made it up and he's like you guys you i don't even know how hot she is she lives in canada that whole thing yeah there's a part where diagram guys could were interviewing some actor and then it goes way off the rails like you can include like all this stuff yeah and he just wants to punch us but he's not going to just staring at like one of the guys because i like you guys so much more lately yeah i have so much cash in my pocket from my hamburger industry boom and he's get us all his money so when you guys are real
stuck in this room together all the time yeah each other packages talent is sexy to women you guys got to get out there we do don't really thrown out there we didn't finish the what do you think our favorite movie we never got to yes and yes i did fifty okay movie yeah get a lot of issues right to the chase all right i'll just say boogie nights yeah but you know this is not you too yeah we pissed off that in what use your own car no no i know you didn't know it i'm like what's what still i'm not yeah no that was about it yes in actuality yes in today's day that would be body yeah yeah i would have a i would have a a loss we're going to go watch football in the rest of the day that's basically our job so you're more than welcome to come hang who won the jaguars eagles game we don't talk about that were close personal friends with blake bortles so if you thought about bashing him in that moment don't blake why what happened
great guys were just saying through sometimes yeah did they bench and what not look at last week's cody kasuni they patched him no i didn't actually ribbon i know i didn't actually i knew that he was out of the game but i'm thinking no i didn't know that they benched him because i actually have a day job so i gotta lot of shit to do but i thought i heard i heard i heard something that he wasn't playing and i never heard about him getting hurt so i was like it's a bench him is absolutely crazy so why are they still playing eli manning at the benching blake points fairly sense i mean here tom coughlin if he was
still the john always yeah yeah he would be the light would be fine if you want to hang out place which i think is crazy do because you lie you know i mean you brother two championships even though they were bullshit when they were well the account yeah there was a guy that being denied for control of the pressure that is being said i mean you live should to get the kind of respect that he deserves from the giants and and all these guys a flip and so quick well i don't know why it can't be sons for what i believe in hell time on it i don't know what it look at the page have done what nobody else is done right that that that performing at the level that they are for the amount of time that they have is just unheard of right so i mean the guy won two championships okay you go you get sick one barkley you kinda rebuild you overpay del you know you got any you we made some good moves you make some bad moves right but you don't go on the guy i thought i i disagree i think that you've been brainwashed by our to manning i have a theory that the manning
i have no idea i've never heard a and yeah i mean anything about or yeah i heard you know i know who he is and we play for the same time as another son who is now doing broadcaster yeah yeah actually the nicest of yeah i don't know i don't think they should have said blake bortles but i also think you know that the the jags were for a little bit more hype you know yeah yeah they were known still blake's gonna be fine don't okay yeah yeah all right to seek your sack put in promo code why you guys just in this guy's a friend of ours who have status house yeah
all the servers we were in a life with their house we like sometimes couch now to check it out okay and if and we won't if it were if it were fifteen years ago when i was single absolutely no you're not alright so my yeah like what right yeah what do you like the levels defense were given a blake bortles right now if you said that we could stay your house anytime somebody attacked you you would get out of it but we would be yes we'd be all in their the walrus young women and that guys i don't really do you just have a couple things and then change the subject really didn't do but you're not allowed to play can lay out of the now you want to go i want to go out the door you'll he's not a ask if i want to go on the looking at is a yellow i'll sit on you okay action pro could take here's why you're intimidated i read on the that that you have three nipples as for i got for you got it wrong so what's up now you too what's up now see i wanted to
and i have a super deep i have a super deep belly button there's four that's not in ocala serious like a cigarette but seriously ship yeah its belly button i don't even think you know he was about to risk it all i don't hear something happening apples i think i think it's nipple there's four yeah i got i got thirty three percent more nipples right now how do you stay in such great shape exercise yeah i was going to that yeah you just always and ripped yeah that's right no i'm not always it it really depends on what i'm doing for movie i've gotten i've had the pleasure of you know putting on weight and deepwater horizon and getting to a two hundred pounds that wasn't fun yeah well i mean we were a couple weeks and then it was like a high is that was just
it was a weird having to sit down for my sake a getting back i desire and i'm yeah and i'm in louisiana and it's just fried flow mmhm you know i mean and it's the summertime is is hot love it yeah i i got i got tired of that after awhile internal code eating and drinking again yeah when you when you try to put on weight for like good reasons you don't get to put on fun way into seems like fast food what yeah pizza and ice cream is like okay need to drink this milkshake that taste like and has like seventy grams of protein or you got a bill makes it right yeah well i'm well i'm i know man i'm invoking season right now all right mark walberg there's been handling the mother yeah it is it's the nipples they grow a service like that having a nipple is like little fertilizer will patches fertilizer for chester on your belly and you wouldn't know because you only got to i how this is your third it's pretty pronounced
defense allowed on the lot not like all right all right what it's like a boring apple is not like a man apple did not a little bling together would you tell okay is definitely says no two and a half a little more we're getting the cover got we're getting the work done yeah or enable your nipple not you not you burn yourself sparkler them we are at a matt damon concert will get killed we're going to get killed we put a we were doing this forever it was fun yeah i appreciate done it forever literally that's not like we're gonna do you guys actually on air personalities the members of the completed differ all right we now welcome on recurring guests from the denver goes it is von miller do you that's the first question do you remember being on this show before you remember that you are a recurring guest
not now i just play i remember yeah sure this skype was skyping ok yeah ask me about like my ex girlfriend and like i'll type stuff on there yeah ok well yeah we yeah we did we talked about that we did we talked about if you laugh every time you see the word bukas on your bucket trophy you just yeah it's a funny word yeah that's the answer hey why don't you go by bonnie uh cool do like girls it's like my name is bond so it's just like naturally for like yeah go to save money like my real name what about your middle name the show to be a silent bouchon the p is silent you i would go by that i like that with sean miller yeah but to be silent i don't know but the whole name on your back it just i mean really don't feel like it has like the ring like okay you know just think about it maybe i think about it so yeah maybe like if you know they do
dom grady like if you if maybe you start quarterback vashawn or starts quarterback for the broncos and von miller please defense i would love that i i mean i've always been open to playing quarterback in the national football league are you a little concerned about the fact that you know you're being so vocal about her because you worry how your boy swag kelly is going to feel at that time let's yeah because of my guys those are my god now you don't have to say that i mean i'll tell you i was a member so i mean it is yep set it is like a weird situation is like you know it's like you know you got to you in a relationship now but you're saying like oh i would love to be yeah you know but
you're married but you know if this riana yeah like wow kirk cousins riana i'm just saying like that is the biggest kerr because in spite of the world if it's like if you're in a relationship you know your your girlfriend would understand okay race you got to wondering i mean what he's on your list right package which i understand yeah did you sit down with like travis i mean he's like okay i've on not have three quarterbacks of if you run into all the while you're allowed your laos's recruit yeah yeah list and i mean no he didn't say that but i would hope he would like take it as that you know it's nothing against those guys out like i loved yes i love i love packs in a little trevor i love i love chad i mean they know that come you i have to rock brock idea i mean everybody knows i love everyone does g sync too tall no i think the size that you all use it so if you're not all like that if you told me that you have long arms in his delivery you can wait if you
master is like nobody i have alarm like that i like i like i like talk quarterbacks from brock osweiler ryan mallett josh allen i really around a lot just just did you're the only one we found the one the one guy who likes ryan mallett i like romanno harbaugh like that too yeah did you ever miss his alarm and show up late but i will never own a team win but he was my roommate we see just like them he's a rookie he was my roommate at the ridge so you like him as a person yeah that is a shocker okay so you will kirk cousins you like right now it i think we have to start question your judgment i think you just like all quarterbacks is in general yeah whoever rocking arms yeah i comes above the six for three involves like in ellis maybe back to like i you know it it is it is it is a real like if we don't get hurt because and you know then i got i still go back
walking but i yeah you know like a you know i love you guys we took a shot how many more years do you think you have like or what what years this this is your twenty eight twenty nine well after i got like two more ten more if i got like i probably alike it's like six or like sam and like real years it made in the last yeah just the you you just get in on third downs you have to start you're going name a white free style just center in the middle there that's where you go to that's when you go to get on i just go to like yeah if you have a show that i go to like just pass rush on third down so so what you know have you had to change your game at all you know getting their late twenties going that maybe the athleticism the burst isn't exactly there is still the same same you have felt at all no i haven't voted us us i mean i'm only the mother between us right but if you change your game at all well i haven't i mean like if i'm changing my game like i know like i don't have to run i don't it's like i know i don't have to i don't have to do this to accomplish what i'm trying to accomplish
i went to the barcelona fc madrid match and like i was like dang you know i was just watching messi you know everybody is watching mess it like they do a lot of got the walking you really don't you know run as much then like he turns it on like whenever he goes like he knows the perfect time to like and i like i feel like that's the same way you don't know about to run fifty yards down the every single what is time to go i'm i'm going and that's what i've learned like over the save your energy work works not harder yeah i i i want to tell you my energy for about thirty three years so i'm ready yeah i got him i got that out or you don't you don't waste have you taking some time off from from working out like after the season over to give your body yeah yeah i haven't i don't work out to like a week ago you like to see how much can you bench now i don't know how i should i'm
should a rookies i'm sure i know exactly how much i can i'm sure the guys at the combine you know they got me right now but i mean it you know i'm like you said before morning your eight you know i recovery is a huge part of you know the game now at last year right when i see and we we won against the raiders and that was a sunday that tuesday who in san francisco training for the oxygen you know i approach totally different last year and this year i'm just trying to recover and then i'm here or in the second half of the year you spend some time with the chickens play some time with the chickens make sure you know peyton into markets those guys are doing good i got i got chick named after those guys really to name one after kirk cousins if it is i paid more so we get it we get kirk cousins on the name one after him his own his wife everybody will get is the peyton one get extra growth hormones hello i'm
in another him my hands are and yeah yeah they sent it to him and then accidentally just give it to peyton this ticket at all my you know much chickens are organic and humanely raised okay you who's easier to tackle cam newton or chicken can moon because he's bigger you know and he's not you know he's it's more to grab which again is like you know yeah but it seems like russell wilson yeah check it's never made a business decision yeah do you fall cam on instagram oh no do you have your scene i should i should though but i the hieroglyphics c t s yeah you think is an for that well i mean i just is is creative that's one way to put it is is creative i mean when you can you can write you can create your own language you can right he did what do you get the itch though to go back to football like when do you start feeling like man i really want to be out there august really yeah
i mean is that changed as you've gotten like you know would it would it would it cover little earlier i just i just feel like it's i mean there's only so much you can do to get ready for a season yeah i understand the importance of all season in you know t a z i abroad really understand it but you know for me i don't think i don't i don't i feel like i don't have to do that yeah but i do i have a mix of was it like ten college to where you just knew that you know you guys think i'll just this is what you have to do you know it's like this is what you will get this is what you have to do is go to the pros and then when you get to the pros like right we'll have to do the right arm what this is the hardest part about playing in the nfl that fans don't understand the hardest part about planet in a field is this is you off the fans like you know will judge you on something and they don't really understand the truth behind it this is me off about the fans just
it is just were really pleases me off is like in my comments or like somebody elses comments or like any like football players comics and what you see like you know big buff guy six thousand six hundred and nineteen commenting on you know jarvis landry's page like man you should just take the money you should just you should just take the money you're being greedy like this and it's like i i hate i really hate right right you should play for free if big swallow six hundred and nineteen was a real person say if he was a teacher in another school offered him more money to come over he ran right and teach he would do that it's not like he would be like i'm staying with my students i i'm taking less money to everybody everybody you have to it's a it's a it's a it's a growing process as humans you always want the best for you and your family you're not just going to take less just because everybody says
well sports are weird in that way because it's the one part of our society where people side with like the owners is even though is the craziest thing right when your everyone has a boss they don't like or their you know like the feel like they're underpaid for something and in sports it's it's everyone says well yeah the the owners you know that the players to play with a discount i think people feel i think is fancy feel so of the they feel so text organizations cuz organization is been there forever right so if it's the if it's the cleveland indians you know you like man i we don't say that with my the i words the cleveland yeah well we can see like basically it's fine we don't say that fucking name yeah ok well it is like a baseball team yeah thank you they can be there for a little bit of that like the braves yet but yeah it if the redskins yeah they've been there forever he was saying like they've been there forever so you feel attached to them and then when your favorite player is leaving them you feel
i betrayed right right is is is we're you know is is definitely weird that's what i hate the most you know okay that's it one last final ask question give me a guarantee for record next year my record team record i the facebook show is going to go undefeated ok you know we're not going worker morse gonna have to stop by and wish i feel like i feel like her curtains be my second guess on season two of our most to you and then we talk about how funny was to get recruited and all the stuff that i did do you think you'll win the division in on your facebook show yeah i mean you know i'm going to get stuff shows like you know the ball family show yeah in the marchand they show right tom brady's you know show on facebook ones but you guys could be making out with the sun for ray s sex yeah you're you're gonna make a kiss your dad on the show yeah you do that because it i can't your dad i q some with tongue and you'll get readings i kiss my debt like is it like when i like this is not a it's not a big deal like right yeah everyone
how's it going let me see let me facetime idea right here yeah ok little smoochy smooch to get kirk cousins come out he likes vans a lot and you should just give him a bit conversion van and call it van miller van and put like a month yes yeah yeah loves conversion vans i'm telling me absolutely i did i did yeah i know i kiss you in the mouth no we kiss in the mouth in my day yeah we i was telling me that tom brady not the only one that has not been about two but it but i did i want to know that's fantastic alright we now welcome one of our favorite recurring gas it's the boat the best of all time
blake bortles blake good to talk to a lot has happened since we last talk you went to the s yeah you went to a fc championship game you went into pittsburgh and you beat the break so yeah i feel or sick the out of them instant classic the question we have to start with though when you lost a sea change your game was that in fact tears on your face no i in i honestly i didn't even i didn't even know about it my mom actually sent it to me and she was kind of i think she felt bad a little bit she was like you know i'm sorry how everything happened yeah yeah yeah he works so hard and i was then she sent that picture and i was like like you know i'm not crying in that picture like i'm not really sure what happens if somebody like you know maybe list my mouth the water bottle or what but it definitely didn't look like tears i was crying i was really really upset after that game like i thought
i thought for sure that we're going to get you into the superbowl and that big cat and i were going to go see play in minnesota and win a superbowl i thought that we were going to be witnesses to history so i was only crying are you still a little bit bitter about maybe how that game was officiated uh you know it was definitely interesting but you know some some calls went their ways and some didn't go our ways but i i wanted to win more so just to be able to talk shit to dave yeah so because it's february we're going to do february 29th leap day trying to get to the bottom so i just pulled this up for the first time i have not read any of this so blake why don't you start yeah perfect uh god i mean like technically really ja rules only like seven years old right i got tell you the store real quick i had a kid come to my front door the other day like fifteen years old
and he brings the doorbell and i opened it and he's just standing there staring at me and i'm like hey man what's up like you know you wrong my doorbell is there something you'd like to say and he's just looking at him you know so i started asking him how he's doing and he like all these things said you know you had you guys had such a great year was fun to watch i love you on pardon my take when are you going back on and i was like i don't know you know hopefully soon we'll have to see what those guys are doing he said all right and then pulls a busch light out of his back pocket just one and gives it to me it turned around and walked away like i mean fifteen teen years old pops love you on pardon my pages of busch light i'm outta here that is now the official greeting apart by tech we no longer say suck my dick we cancel that one we no longer say we're not going to say it you just hit you silently hand somebody a bushel you don't have to make them drink it you just had to walk away solid good icing thing it's just of a peace officer just to sort of honor amongst friends did you drink it no i was able to
for special occasions so yes ridge yeah let each that's yeah you gotta let it age put in your wine cellar right yeah yeah no exactly going to give it the right camp and let it breathe and do all that that's such an awesome story blake bortles i love him i hope i want him to get other starting job but if he doesn't maybe just becomes the third member apartment pardon fifth member he'll come up here he will live with us brother shooting out probably just hang out in the office for awhile just hang out just do some ships you know how matthew mcconaughey is now the ambassador of culture for texas basketball yep he should just be the ambassador of culture for pardon my take i would work that would work as great showing up to his house and just seeing like a litter of one single bush lights just like on his dec yes more than more kept on coming when we were at his house yeah it's like an old fairy tale like one of the old grimm brothers tales just like neighborhood children come by to
to wish the spirit of blake bortles good luck and good fortune by leaving a single busch light on his doorstep all right so we have coming up here we go again don't stop yet will tell you when you want to stop if you want to save some for monday coming up with rachel nichols in the hilarious story about bill walton art theft we have cj mccollom someone i would love to get back on with the hessie hey hey hey jim bay and john cena another a lister who was about to risk it all fuck my belly button tiny dick he said he has a tiny dick i didn't say it he does another fun interview so let's do at pft you got some more adds quick yeah that's right me and big cat even playing on fanduel all season long by now we're running a sixteen week season long contest with the leaderboard and the winner at the end of the season gets a trip to the bar stool super bowl party in atlanta and don't worry if you missed week or hell if you missed five or six weeks so maybe you start
at the season maybe you forgot about later on they only take your top eight scores only your top aide scores count so you can play whenever you want and then you can still join me and big cat in atlanta i'm very excited to share a bed with a double oh yeah i thought myself into it now we had yeah well he really no choice yeah we're gonna build a fort some sort of fort mill of your writing under the fort there will be fighting under the fort wow now you know what i'm gonna say this hi the pp i am not which had the pp you hide the pps i've never went on my p or like p p as in yeah tip of the we're not gonna we're not going to play stash the salami we're not going to play bury the gord we're not going to play hide the pp we're going to have fun going tell ghost stories who knows who knows what hank will be there to sounds like you're starting to get a little like your jersey had second thoughts are coming i didn't consider the fact that i might have to fuquan but it's going to be fun
we have a good time trust me be an old fashioned sleepover not only that the place is two through fifty will win an autographed pmt car stick and we're going to be giving out cool weekly prizes to give stuff from big cats pile the car stick is still very much in play oh yeah places too fifty are still wide open to sign up at fanduel dot com but pmt play with us it's fanduel dot com flash pmt we're going to be playing there all season long we need every award winning listen to come play with us if you don't give that a shot pretty much saying you don't want to come to the super bowl party and build a pillow fort with me at the super bowl and that hurts my feelings users get a five dollar bonus when they make the first deposit on federal come play with us at fiddle dot com slash p m t fiddle dot com slash pmt bonus not available for troll state in age restrictions apply i for full eligibility rules and terms and conditions go to fanduel dot com okay so here they are rachel nichols cj mccollum john cena
alright we continue mount rushmore week with the third member car mount rushmore it is rachel nichols she is officially first time first time mount rushmore recurring guests congratulations where does this you probably this over text and i texted you back but like no lie i was getting a whole bunch over it yes yeah we're very excited and i could sense the enthusiasm so we'd like to send something let's call it enthusiasm yeah you're actually i think the only recurring guest that has gotten their recurring guest t shirt so that's an even more exclusive club that being on the mount rushmore yes where does this rank in inca rear comp lishman tce it's on my mount rushmore it is now so you say that you're very excited you say that this is one of the most important things you've ever done yet you are fifty and it's late to call in for us to record you so what gives i would like to explain that we
i want to show today okay actually i mean i know they don't seem to have more we know bill two wells you literally have talking through there but i had to throw to break with him no parking he kept talking through the break i was still talking when we came on the air for the second segment and then and this is really amazing after we're done he gets up and there's a bunch of like art photos is like a hall of fame nba players on our set he gets up and he goes over to the wall and picks the bill russell photo off the wall and says i'm taking this with me and i say haha bill walton that's so funny and then he literally texted under his arm and starts to walk away this is on the set there's a giant hole now in the wall which is probably see an i say bill haha we do need the photo were on the air again tomorrow and he's like yeah i'm taking it
i really like it it's beautiful this is like a beautiful photo yes it is that's why we happened and then he said well i'm gonna just here here and then he takes a sharpie out of his pocket 'cause who doesn't travel with a sharpie in their pocket he walked over to the wall
and then signed the wall where the bill russell photo used to be and then said see here now you don't have a blank space anymore and then he walked off the stack with it under his arm and that is what i've been doing for the last fifteen minutes alright you could track you bill walton art thief they should make a new oceans movie about bill walton i'm happy you continue the story 'cause we could've had you would just saying bill walton we knew exactly when we lived in uh yeah well we interviewed bill walton we went for about three hours in and around our two by two one slash two hours in he kind of just came too and he's like how long does this podcast go for like that's up to you bill and he's like alright let's rap up it's like you you're the only one who's been talking in credible all right we now welcome on cj mccollum from the portland trail blazers he has podcast it is called pull up pod so you a squatting on our corner here
where you know your basketball player who decided he's going to podcast we can get into that because i got a tweet it's outrageous we need to but ranking these weakass journalists with descriptions of their strengths weaknesses inability to make up sources what are we or just eye candy for you you just rank us like it or not that's very problematic i think when you reverse the roles a little bit people get uncomfortable i mean i would say so over analyzed breakup would you rank us right now how would you say we are certainly obvious you guys are doing it's terrific job you guys are number one on the charts in pretty far behind you guys so those kind of shows you you guys are this is just from looking at us you could say my weight it's a struggle with it you can say that i've got stupid hair
yeah i don't i don't really know what your weaknesses are right now i have i need more time to kind of analyze the situation that i have to go back and listen to a lot of previous podcast you know where where consistency waiting until you get out of her locker room to talk on us that's actually big time journalist moves you so your exam is this considered locker room yeah yeah locker room yeah we'll get into that but i would say my biggest weakness is a journalist is that often times i become best friends with guys i interview so then they give me their number and we text all the time after this talk about them when we said okay
after this then after after it's all over were such close friends that we won't ever talk shit about you on the show and but then you'll give us courtside tickets when the blazers come and play in new york and scoops are expensive yeah i know that but that's like when lebron's visiting or do you want us to bash you or not i mean we are pay for play journalists who they say any publicity is good publicity so that's exactly guys are going to talk about me talk loud and clear so they can get my name right in spell it right ok what's your diet like during the season you have to clean all season long or do you give yourself a cheat day i eat pretty clean i say eight thousand five hundred and eighty percent clean ship does a good job of mixing up shot there should be chef john besh out
the following grandma shift i think you should be kitchen ss and i will be a chef be kitchen kitchen assassins yeah actually go to might go to my instagram and you'll be able to find it cigna instagrams mine three d mccollum case you guys are wondering okay not his i wasn't but now i am so i actually i saw that story what i think is actually a couple days ago when you said something about how you you know not putting every single work out on instagram doesn't mean you're not working out right i tend to disagree i would like to see more box jumps in slow motion but how annoying is that when you just are in the off season and you're trying to enjoy yourself and fans are chirping you being like what are you gonna get back in the gym knowing you're probably in the gym everyday exactly i mean it's a part of the lifestyle was sometimes it's frustrating because it's like that like the same goes like a teacher does it tweet going to work today go right each student taking picture teaching my kids you know what i mean a doctor's not like opera
turn the table like i always do cuz it's it's a slippery slope a lot of fans want to see that they want to see the progression they want to see what you're working on some people are fans in general and just want to still work out from you so it's not encouraging for them the only see you know the pictures of you on yachts and which a ballet out and you know enjoy our concerts are built to go you can't drink well in the fashion shows or just relaxing eating food and looking like you're having fun because you're supposed be miserable after you lose i guess just standing in the cave after everyone that doesn't win an nba championship should not pose should not travel outside their state and you should never put you should post anything ram and less you're working out and you can only work out twenty three hours a day you only get one hour yes i should get a leaves leaves little fortnight so that's that's to start your playbook yeah that's true i've wondered for awhile but you know players that are at your level right now you know what you're capable of going out dropping you know forty fifty points in night if you feel like it what do work on in the offseason to actually improve
you work on a new move you know do you know the hesi the their teacher has egypt jumbo i like girls they're real basketball had like me i like to have the jumbo but you gotta has the off the jumbo on our own thank you bye to shoot no gotcha into your all hate fake jimbo has he then you're eligible hesi okay you're all that's a life away okay a what's filet fillet i got to get the full weight my game is actually just travel growth and pass the ball because everyone realized i just traveled and then just kind of stand out of the year and then you're good cutter cutter maybe
first few possessions and i get tired of your space are then i'm going space service very very nice what do you do at your level to like actually improve your game like is there a move that you were kaiser different skill set that you work on and that's a great question i thank you i think pretty question thank you that's another that's another journalist wrote when somebody compliments your question you take the time to and then your cohost doubles the comp yeah ok you're sexy if he's great question basically you you watch a lot of film figure out you know weaknesses witcher good at which are not so good at and you continue to build on your strengths and then you work on the weaknesses and i think for me to continue to work on my body was one of the big points of emphasis from a balance standpoint strength standpoint core latin help the lateral quickness that'll help continue to tighten things up often silly and defensively so i've and spend some time i am new d b c is where all the people brought a lot of those guys there trainers are for they have biomechanics kind of study your body figure out something to do
fishing season in your movements and joints and ligaments and all that stuff so started there and just kind of tighten the body back up before you get back on the court and progress to going through moves obviously working on were gonna move katina tighten up your stuff i do consistently shooting dribbling passing and then you take the movements that you've done in the weight room in in that into the court so the slides figure out how to get in and out of your cuts coming off screens figure out how to chase better because like you said before the team up in the in the west coast conference who seems to be in the finals every year i think black guys who run screens so you got to be able to chase tight avoid avoid screens and zambian shape enough to steal scoring offense which is very very hard doing this league so that's the next just continue to get better on both sides of the ball and it all starts with your overall body this year you hit your career high fifty points against the bolts in january were were you in the zone i think i was in the zone i think i was locked in was a back to back i was pretty tired slept in a little bit i think i to sleep till like
again that night it was one of those nights where you just looking up stuff online watching that trying to pass time yep next thing you know looking up stuff online to get a spotlight that's all the time you guys just looking up stuff online next thing you know the first course i had twenty plus and i'm like oh this is gonna be a good night tonight could you feel it though could you like the basket you know yeah once i had the first couple shots the basket continue to open up and the form is chris i didn't really feel like i was tired much and coach coaches let let me rock players get kept feeding call the place for me and in county empower me keep going like keep going to somebody came to like
fifteen hours like i don't know like now if that fifty burger will you maddie are you mad at the game was over because you were like in a once in a lifetime type his own i didn't even play a whole quarter yeah you don't play three slash four messed up do you think i wasn't tripping man fifteen three is like yeah so people can get fifty in a game well i don't know a lot of people probably can't but fifty and three slash four is special that means you're like a certified killer like me clay dame kobe certified those kobe you should have i mean kobe would never have taken himself out of the fourth quarter had been like coach i'm going for getting asian no one else is getting going to score forty in the fourth do you think there's an asterix though because the bulls are tanking i think there's an answer by because when i have kids i can say i scored fifteen three quarters against the tanking against a tanking team got him resident think the shaka hawks chicago bulls other team jordan play for you enjoyed it was garden he liked all campaign was on that team this is before campaign got a new team that's true
he goes he goes in and out and just kind of lingers all the time look 50th fifty i don't care if you do it at your at your church she charged league or the community center what about on xbox it's even tough yes it is have you ever put yourself in the trade machine espn no that's the yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yes that's a looking that's after you look up stuff online late at night then you go to the trading that has the late at night well you did you say you didn't sleep let's talk about this particular incident where it was a back to back we landed late i had to research this morning yeah i got a research and planning for that a plane you got a plan your vacations in advance for all these are great a research what makes me the most morning sometimes those already know that yeah that will all fall yeah
first in the blog who is katie called him blog boy oh yeah shots in a block boy you know we call kate kde comeback pitch we do oh yeah it's very hard but he hates us he hates blog boys i think it's mutual love honestly i think he was just confused i think i think katie would have fun if you have his number can you call him right now i have his number oh oh wait outside for me to call him while i'm talking to barstow why 'cause i'm going to say he's a big back pitch like yeah you're right you're right on that point that's just such a harsh
ours were always is very demeaning blow boys is like it's like a fun fun loving what we're from when you say the b words he springs get out of hand okay in a hurry okay so that is the word yeah he's just a baby we will take out back we are supposed to yeah i know we started it we are we're we i listen i actually the nice do you okay i'd love to have a long time we mean it would never come only to keep this respect and like that i got to be nice talk about a two time champ katie was he i've i've totally switch i don't think your baby back but yeah now is that your baby yeah people who say that you're b b b you're actually big baller brand good job child big baller brand yes shut up stop deleting anything is possible who who also reach now
shot him a snap jessie j m john the my big about to start on the cleveland browns so the cleveland browns you're going to win a game this year we go in at least six games let's let's win well my allowed to bet on football i yeah i think so i am i don't know i don't know if you are yes ok so you give us your money will bet on football for you i can't agree to that over the airwaves wink wink wink wink wink and beth pushups right there we go let's get fit cj thank you so much appreciate you everyone subscribe pull up pod this is been fun you're now recurring guest so anytime we want you on you have to come on that's fine longer guys continue to show my podcast love not here for you shut it out every single once i'm not going to say i'm not going to say the team name that you don't want me to say anymore on the podcast also i'm going to i'm going to say this right now because you
who have told us that kevin durant's not that bad of a guy and that we gotta stop really nice guy i mean i can't be distracted i'll stop saying be back patch i appreciate okay cuz he's a nice dude he don't deserve to be treated like just a regular pussy yeah are incredibly ok alright we now welcome on some have said greatest wrestler of all time who jim ever heard of him no i've never heard of i asked on this show he is not yes he has no no it is not it is john cena that is that is a bold faced lie how many times you have what's that how many titles you have with me not just just in general with twenty five general none okay i don't have any in my purse and i have none stashed at home mister john cena that's a title yeah i believe you're talking about my father who i like that you can things when you want a championship
sometimes if the the places are open late enough we go get a burger and some rings okay all right what's the best way to gain muscle mass without having to work at performance enhancing drugs okay yeah all right we've tried so yeah we try to do really work because i you are nothing like i don't tell you that part when you do when you do it and then they're like but you also have to work out i thought i could just you know rub some cream on my side and then boom a generalist prayer was putting on it yeah i'm for why i think speculating the future possibly dna altercation okay so messing around with the miles that gene yes stressing that you bring that part up because i think a lot of the fact that that you were able to you know recover so quickly has to do with the fact that you are part robot well if you had asked me that question in two thousand where my personality was half man half machine right the prototype you would have been correct so what was that character like it was awful it was awful it was just
horrible attempt at trying to relate to an audience that was can you give us like just a little taste yeah so here it is also the humanity those pretty good yeah you should do the voice for alexa i would rather have john cena doing the prototype voice coming from a robot inside my house then alexa spying on me whenever i tried to zhirkov yeah but my weird laughs a lot more creepy give it to us no i can't because i'm a creep you out and you'll use it as a set amount will cut this part i do have be so sunday m as i slide news dms everything ok do you really yeah be there otherwise he never you are you are definitely going to get the group chat window wasn't can you see that he read your damn oh no i can't breath guy he's got it like yeah jeff jeff knows about keeping things for keeping your information private your big cargo shorts guy i respect that thank you they're very utilitarian when did you decide that you're just going to give up on looking cool i it's probably in eighth grade
when i wore mc hammer pants when she goes to matching rayon shirt and that's pretty cool though no no no not even at the time when they were in it just wasn't in so fourteen that's something to look up to though like if i could just live life as a fourteen year old you'd pretty happy yeah yeah just and jobs and jobs and jobs go wow nice thanks somebody's fourteen still different than some yeah i was gonna say still never had sex yeah yeah so you are obviously you used to be you were a bodybuilder for a little bit you have a great body urine very great shape this is this question is coming i need you to tell pft has four nipples and i have one of the deepest bellybuttons you'll ever see can you tell us do this let's see what's going on let's see that's that's a third one and i got the fourth one ok ok dc is belly button you get lost in it that's a good one
okay so how far how far could you get your tiny penises in here well that's honestly that is that looks that looks like only the giant yeah this is a big big belly button hole has to cave first of all you could probably them yeah there you go the house last question you have the the belly of a golden retriever as bruce beautiful nobody loves golder yeah you wrote those you maybe this year hell yeah those it's interviews from our best selves were brought to you by pellet and want the convenience of joining alive group cycling class in your home whenever you want don't let a busy schedule keep you from getting in a great workout looking for something different this year to help you continue to beat your goals well check out pellet on guess what it's two thousand and nineteen a few days here it's time to get serious about your fitness this actually did that sound good
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the reason very we're very strange like topics that we don't normally get into with kevin smith we went there a little bit with them yep he's a fun guy yeah i can see why everybody loves kerr we're not mean big cat are not comic book guy's no not this i want courcelles big movie guys if you want big time movie boys check out lights came out it was tough let him that was beautiful sight we're no i'm not i'm being told that when i'm being searched that was i'm honest with our list but that was like a gorgeous yes set up so do go download like and subscribe to come to lights came a partial because those guys are the and then they know what the time of their funny guys in they had kevin smith on as well they did so you go listen if you like this kevin smith go listen to the other cabins and if you like you have to calm her go listen to the the show that i did with them two right now go and smite him okay i don't know if anybody out there like to come to and then we had peanut on peanut tillman four for hall of fame he is one of the best quarterbacks of all time and he was very fun very fun guy to talk to
one of the he's one of those guys that i feel like around the league of like yeah here till one best guy ever universally liked and we should say going into it that we were told that he would not able to answer any fbi related questions yes he's becoming an fbi agent and we could ask he would just not say a word to us and so we did ask and he didn't say anything yeah no we didn't ask we played ball and it wasn't like that he is trying to not talk about it we just can't just legally not allowed to discuss exactly we didn't ask it's similar to how you can't talk about being in the cia exactly right so here they are kevin smith and peanut tillman to ship new ones just strictly damn it i gotta get on phone my handler okay we now welcome on kevin smith he is the talented filmmaker actor comedian comic book writer he's got the
a new special comedy special silent but deadly deadly man ok that's what it was called it was on showtime and now it's just available everywhere you could stream it and buy it and stuff like that nice nice so we are i was saying to you before hand were obviously a more sports podcast i am i'm not i've never a big comic book guy but i'd like you to explain it to me 'cause i'm interested in that world and i've never fully it's one of those things that kind of just passes you by like if you just miss it you miss it and i missed it let me show you how close you were real exports to yeah what do you like it's the football right yeah they all supported these ball games yeah all superior football football football football you've got good guys and got bad guys and they all work costumes and masks and they all face each other and there's drama because you hope that your team the good guys are going to win same fucking thing with comics holyshit yeah i guess we should comic book guys the only thing is like think about it like i know some cats who are big into athletics or sports
necessarily view wrestling i'm pretty sure i love russell ok love late 90s wrestling thing about it that's late 90s wrestling all wrestling is pretty much predicated on comic book adventure they wrestling that we know not of course standard greco roman wrestling right the idea of like here's a heel here's a hero and all that stuff that's straight out of comic book ok so who's the biggest villain in all comic books like the number one guy that you're like fuck that guy i mean now what do you mean fact that guy we love a villain right like so think about it like the joker but good and hated villain in the batman universe you hate personally the most hero or villain who do i hate you know i hate people that don't like this shit okay
'cause you're getting into it will likely have yeah we have like an open door for it's true dismissing i'm not talking about you i'm talking about people like captain marvel trailer dropped yesterday for marvel's latest movie captain marvel female superhero in this is actors in the lynch pin to beating fan knows in avengers for just alert dude no that all over the internet but you guys involved i don't have the internet yeah i mean is that where there's porn since i was i got naked pictures there okay done that fax print on movies marvel movie sometimes a sports news i'm so that character has second trailer now movie comes out march and still there's a small contingent on line that's like group griping that she has a smile in the trailer makes me just sit still while more if you know people would like you if you smile more maybe wanna leave a bowl meanwhile if you go look at like the trailer for like you know i don't know almost any other superhero movie it's not like the male leads are like me right
you know never not everyone is robert downey junior that man is not exactly like he's pretty serious do man's all thing is to not spot here mad you watch about metro your spot mother grasso donnell smiled a little bit when his plane robin as did he did because he was like i can't believe i'm getting paid yeah he's like i was it marlon wayans on a label i'll be on and see i us but for now this is good yeah it was great i actually so i did my my research mostly came from my buddies a big fan of yours and he the one question you want me to ask you was in the movie clue when randall was on the phone yeah and he's listing all the names of the points was there any that got left out yeah a bunch look left jeff and so i can't remember the ones that got left out specifically but i remember there was a short list and jeff some played randall and there's a little girl in the store who had to say listen for him and she was like three like so a and it was my friend vincent's
sister in law had the kid and so they they were the ones sitting there listening while randall goes through the titles zero randall jeff anderson goes oh man i don't know honestly like some of the show i don't want to say in front of this lady in this kid like can you change and i said ok and i took the list away and i added like twenty more titles and then handed it back to him so he wound up doing a mall in front of the cats but some of 'em he he wouldn't go for it 'cause he felt they were too graphic the one that made me laugh the most was predicated on a real porn o title of the early 90s was ger my come crown and color me white and pretty good is a fantastic memorable title i'm not sure the plot of the movie but i'm pretty sure i can base it based on the title figure out figure out what's going on but he he the fact that he did that
and left some mothers often like that's your line hey i like that one yeah i mean it's got to have a code so true so that movie you you've self funded it right in our barkley last out credit cards everything was there ever a moment like holy this isn't gonna work and i myself if it just that when i was walking in here today was like home office clerks i still owe that credit card still in trouble yeah def definitely but like there was no choice like i went and saw richard linklater made a movie called slacker and i was like oh my god like you just make a fucking we need permission your new studio you just do this so i really the way i look at it is there is no choice like everything i do in life like good or bad like when it lands you know so you get a good result where like people like that thing and then sometimes or in my case most most often you get bad result where people like font that and fuck you and stuff and so you're always faced with that moment where you have to cut you go like okay was it worth it like did i
do the right thing or blah blah things i was things always to of say to myself in those moments one is you wanted this like god you wanted this so bad you change the fucking universe to make this happen you made people like put down their lives and come out of their way you found millions of dollars to do this like you wanted this so don't ever fuckin' sell out on him billick wasn't steak like no you but this you made it and it's yours and then the other thing i would say to myself is what was the alternative like seriously what was i going to do sit there and wondered my whole life if i could have done it right i would eat at me like a fucking cancer i'd probably be dead now so it's like i'd rather try it and no like my limitations billing well obviously i couldn't pull that off or even better try it don't get it right the first time go i tried again which is something that i did say to myself first time was screaming the movie i was hoping it was going to be to a packed audience maybe people would be buyers it was the case was really empty screening in the first ten minutes i was like why did i buck and do this and then i was just like
know what man like you were spent this going to film school so just it off that way go like you it's like you get paid you gotta pay off it's credit card so you could pay off the minimum but i said don't sell out on yourself like make sure you do this one more time again before you leave this life because when you were doing it you know exactly who you were for the first time in your life you felt comfortable like this is what i should be doing and now that it didn't work out and fucking your dreams are going to crash like don't sell out on it like pay your bills off and then make sure you do this again before you live leave this life and thankfully the movie got picked up on my bills got paid off and boom i was beginning again and then as you kind of continue your career you've obviously become very very successful in in a lot of stuff that you've done do you still ever get that feeling when you're working on you know big budget movie you're already kevin smith you know you are a thing do you ever get that feeling like halfway through production or like before it screens and you're like i blew it
oh god yeah absolutely but it's a matter of perspective who did you blow it for like the last movie i made was yoga hosers an if you look at the critics boy did i blow it but i look at that movie and i'm like actually what i wanted it to be like an my tastes aren't matching up with the mainstream or the paying public's taste at this moment in time some it does sometimes you say the right thing and people like here's money for that that makes sense then sometimes you make yoga hosers where it's like um nobody else seemed to get it but i fucking love it like i'll die on the cross of this movie 'cause it's exactly what i wanted it to be but clearly what i wanted was not what the rest of the world wants as well so as long as you can get the folks their money fact they've invested in it and stuff like that like then it's it's not bad it's not like we've lost everything home video will catch up and stuff but for me i'd rather make the thing that you know people
the maybe everyone doesn't embrace because that's the thing that i wanted to see the only reason i do this because i'm like i want to see this thing and and if i can pull it out into existence up i'll be able to look at i'll be able to watch i'll be able to have it like i have something to show for my time and stuff so it's always worth doing if it doesn't work you know yelling afuk and then but i've learned over time that like even though it i work in a minute sometimes it won't the bergen mall rats when the second movie ever made came out critics shipments al from the movie made like two million dollars and nobody fucking liked it and should people like stanley have a kiss this now that's the movie that most people talk to me about oh my god i'm alright i fucking grew up on that shit so it's a matter of perspective it died in the moment but now twenty three years later i get off on that for eat out on the movie yes it was so when
pitching stuff to the money guys like you said and you know it might not be a sequel that you're working maybe it's a new id like your grocer's how do you how do you like push these guys buttons i give your pension us right now right how in just pretend me we carry billion years because done and one day we will be yep i'm going on the watch rest can sum for hours and then i get a so you've you've done so well with the sports teams that you're looking for some money in an entertainment yeah yes entertainment well first years outside boys
put money into movies with the most foolish investment you'll ever make in your life ok go on investments i'm interested you know why 'cause sports people always want to go sports of seasonal it's cyclical so you can always count on money coming in on certain points are going to see a movie as a crap shoot man that's like a really bad job pitching anyway you know i like you write code that part you put you could make a ton of money that's the thing that's the thing i'm going to tell you it's risky but when it works oh heavens does it tell me that one either grew one that's going to work here's what happens you make a movie that connects with the audience some way and i believe that this movie the world megan right now i think it could connect with the audience in this way you do and suddenly like they're paying you for dreams like you giving you money for something that that isn't there is something they walk out of a movie theater don't have something to hold on to they paid for the privilege just to watch your dream because they dream a little
twenty i honestly feel that this one connects man like here in this instance will make it we're making a sequel to jay and silent bob strike back school jay and silent bob reba so i use that as an example see i got you jamestown bob time honored they've been around for twenty five years as characters and we made a movie where they were leads once we haven't made that movie in seventeen years of seventeen years later we're going to make a sequel man people are going to want to come out and see that just for the freak value of it alone even if they're like fuc jay and silent bob going to see what these tools now up too so i think we're going to make our money and silent bob that sounds like he doesn't speak so we don't pay him that's right you don't know if he gets paid by the word yeah you guys are done how much how much did you have to do with goodwill hunting goodwill hunting was ben and matt wrote it are you sure which which one yes sure sure you sure positive i would
the band that is winking at a site without leaving we credit if i could follow it up yeah twenty one years later winking at who did most the writing out ben and matt i would imagine i'm gonna say matt okay okay good guess yeah but i think we'll see i hear i'm gonna default amount because it was matt's idea to be one of the stole it from some guy right now but their friend erin had the title and they bought the title from johnny had a title for something he had called good will hunting and they love that title no i can we have that and so they kind of mastodon took their flick i mentioned that i imagine ben affleck his contribute contributions going back into adding in different lines of austin i'm sure mark do actually well educated like his mom was a teacher so he's he's well spoke okay so so how much you have to do with it though i this is what my involvement with goodwill good will hunting was i read that script and i was like oh my god this is a fantastic script and let me see if i can it ends miramax an we sent it into our guide john gordon he sends it to the top guy top guy bought it
within forty eight hours of me reading it mirror spicy does pay you had a lot to do with it then i had a little bit of juice back then but it wasn't me it was just the script was that good like they had the script was already bought by castle rock castle rock wanted to make it but they didn't want to use ben and matt so they had this little window to be able to take the script out and so they were like hey man you work over at miramax you think they'd want to be into this and this let me read it i fell in love with it brought it in made the plea for it right the script i mean i know my friends wrote this but it's legit good i think the script could win an oscar and they read it believed it we we're off and running so that was my only involvement and i swear to you if i had anything to do with it oh my god you heard about it like ten minutes i've heard about it while it was out and heard about it i would a stone that credit like crazy i tried to steal credit you just wouldn't did you ever think it because you obviously have been in a lot of your own movies your think they were crazy to be like hey look this script is so good just let it go don't you want to be in it i'm no
oh i like some people i think they were familiar with the story of sylvester stallone like when he wrote rocky studios wanted by the script but he was like no i want to play this part and so he wouldn't let it go unless he was attached to play it so the boy did kind of a stallone they were two actors that weren't getting their brakes and they were like let's write a screenplay and they took a page right or the book as well so i think they were holding on the whole way because they knew it was there ticket i knew that something good you have that many people interested in something you know it starts see dawn on like how we shouldn't let this go and the people that they were talking about letting it go for would like the usual suspects back then it was leonardo dicaprio and tobey maguire so you know the boys reliable would've killed it yes and but the boys were killing it already those tulio majorly would certainly like
but he did later on kind right when he ended up number two departed apart it got a good will hunting with guns yeah i this is right yeah that's awesome so you lose a lot of a list actors there you've worked with a lot of really talented people in in the past do you find it easier to direct a really good actor alright let me rephrase it is it more difficult to direct a really good actor or really hard act so easy to direct a good actor you don't do anything like that yeah like alan rickman great actor news and dogma you would say action he would do what he was going to do and then to cut generally you walk over and give notes to the performer and then go back and do it again like second tech or whatever so i'd say cut block over alan rickman just booking thank you and just walk away 'cause there's nothing to say there is no like you should try it like this so if you're a jedi if you're a ninja like you don't there's no directing that goes on
like even on something like super i directed the most recent episode super grow go go up into the cw shows every once in awhile so i've done some flashes and some super girls like melissa let's plays that character two thousand two hundred and twenty three hours a year like or twenty two as wrong twenty three different episodes of that show per year there on season three now maybe four three or so four season she's been playing card danvers and supergirl i've directed for up does not really going to go onto a set me like let me a middle aged man tell you young lady at a place super girl she that and also she knows like she's done it to death so folks that we have done it a bunch sound like i'm going to come in and give him some incredible insight where i'm like this is my geniuses director what your job this is the set of really nice tables that everyone could go fucking eat so you know bring out the toys so everyone could play real convincingly and ship an when
we're doing that already when they're used to doing that two thousand two hundred and twenty three episodes a year i pop in yeah so it's not like well let me teach you bookers about acting like they really know really your job is just stay out of the way so it's very easy to direct a talented people and to be fair it's very easy to direct quote unquote unchallenged people to as long as they're willing to take a ride with you you guy could teach anybody to deliver a line because yeah you just have to be some i needed a lot of dialogue who's the bad guy from school who's the bad guy from scarface you give me the line you give me the line i'll jump in this direction who's the bad guy who's back on sorry i thought you were actually saying the line was who's the best star face that was a script who's the bad guys from start scarface i can't really direct an impression who's the bag i need to do something there you go but i liked the fact
from start to give you ten who's the bad guys you tell me which one you may get the full thought of who is the bad guy from scarface that's the who's the bad guy from scarface goodnight who's that black folks like i like the idea of you give me a series that's what it's called yeah but you can't go that fast i got to process each will give you five who's the bad guy from scarface believable next who's bad guy from scarfing believable next who's who's the bad guy from scarface or borderline insulting ok hey who's that bad guy from scarface very good so i got two choices right there for my editing suite in my head i'm done with your coverage 'cause i'm like i got two that i really like ok ok i know you go who is the bad guy from scarface it's believable go again hey who's the bad guy from scarface i don't know if i buy the which that bad guy from scarface perfect there we go more who's who's
supply for surface pro acting over there but i got two i got to the first and the third particularly is ok and that's direct oh man alright well i know you gotta run this has been a ton of fun i got one more question firewall so i think maybe the lights camera barstool guys already talked about this but you well i guess your wife authored my favorite tweet of all time too read it out loud july ninth two thousand and nine can you open up is coming up on the ten year anniversary in july of that two of the tweets as a ten year anniversary of your ten year anniversary with your wife yes ten years in an we bone like we're cheating on each other with each other a decade plus and her eclipse brown slash taint area still pones my dick yes that's true so not not issued absolutely does i didn't write that tweet i can't take credit for it she wrote it but doesn't matter believe that one hundred percent and were ten years removed from that twenty years or now well twenty years or move from the first time we talked about ten years removed from that tweet
which she was technically refers your wedding night no oh but i didn't say that you said like ten years for ten years or some you fuct totally but that was ten years ago twenty years wasn't saying that dick when we wrote that we got it yeah math class so what right yes home and on a regular basis owner i want you to back up real quick is what you just said was when we wrote that tweet yes so because he was he is offering up there and said this is what you wrote we will fight when you wrote it knows after five okay she was very mad at me because i better use tweeting and write it then because after you suck it's like who cares and they're going to talk again bang she was she was irritated because i've been like tweeting i've been dirty tweeting nothing that bad but like i would talk about like i like sucking my wife she's like why do people need to know that and i was like people like it heading and so you know this is what this twitter is for and it was like early early in the twitter platform yeah so she to kind of like punish me was like i'm going to write something and you have to put it down
and she's like and then we'll see if i can you can find it and so if other people if you and it is hurtful or as as embarrassing as i find it when you write the shooter there's nothing you could possibly write as they would ever make me feel enter embarrass or anything like that and she goes i go ok and she took five hundred and ten minutes and she went through the internet and she was reading other people's writing and then she said ok i'm ready and she composed it by saying out loud and i typed it 'cause it was on my twitter and stuff like that and then she was yeah i post it and she's like you can never tell anybody that i posted that that's part of the deal is like fine totally fine five years after eating shit from people online go on like that tweet bro why would you put that why did you misspelled poem i was like it wasn't me man it was your new yeah yeah i hate that my internet is a place you were like you don't you yeah i was i mean i she was to be fair she was imitating what i was writing at the time which i was being very like complimentary about her and and
the fact that we've been together so long and she's still even now twenty years now after that owns it is ponent opponent yeah it's pretty great we actually had this conversation like last night where i was just like and it sounds like some kind of thing you say oh i thought it was like legit true like i was like i don't think i could i in fact i know i couldn't get into a relationship with somebody else most of my sexual fantasies are predicated on her right so she would have to be involved somewhere that's awesome pony i like that it helps is to people pony each other's brown's wins it's hard to do it hard hard to be a married man but not when you're pulling in the brown and the clay thank you so much for that your average with another something completed to okay we now welcome on a future hall of famer and we'll get to that bear legend it is charles tillman peanut tillman he is here
i'm a stone foundation monday night football contest can you tell me quickly that's so we have grand prize we're giving away two tickets to join you and you have a private suite for this game yes it will be a private sweetia teamed up with another former teammate of mine kurt coleman who plays for the new orleans saints we played together in carolina but yeah i'll have two tickets to a sweet some food a sideline pass pregame silo as yeah what kind of food our man this is caroline cels on both great food is down south okay okay and so southern hospitality at its finest and caroline so people can go sign up right now on visit any of your official social media pages to enter or visit go dot c a u z e o dot com yeah and sign up
and yet or you just add peanuts almond almond that's what our in instagram that's easier weight so can i sign up by just saying to you verbally right now you can not okay and is the good thing about this is only ten bucks ten that is cheap yes ten bucks to get all that so okay will be a good time ninety nice will thank you for joining us like i said before hand i want to use this time that you are on part might take to just craft your hall of fame speech you should be in the hall of fame and i'm mad that people don't talk about it enough so start talking about it okay okay your you're framer i would like
to be in the hall of fame it be nice if somebody would vote me in with people if the people voted manager official eligibility here i don't know i'm not good with math i think i've been retired two years now this we got some years to get the hype going but we can get some we can create some pamphlets it's weird to me that it isn't just a node outer peanut tillman's hall famer you had a half a turn over a game in your entire career which is insane to actually say out loud i didn't know that yeah true it is absolutely true that like seven hundred and seventy seven turnovers peanut tillman had seven seven turnovers three thirty six it yes thirty six interceptions forty one forced fumbles and your to actually kind of underinflated because you didn't play against jay cutler sounds mean well does that mean that size just went i mean it's cameras on i'm eating green greens recording i mean it's true yeah i just got the big guys here you go deangelo hall people talk him for the hall of fame
for games because he had those games against jade or i mean not for games for pigs yeah he had a great game that was a good one do you did you ever in your bare career because you obviously went through the whole you know hey we have quarterbacks if you want to call that did you would you get mad at the offense when it when they would not you know pick up the the defense how good you guys were oh yeah for sure you get mad i mean that's just a competitive nature of what we do if you don't get mad you shouldn't be playing i'm sure they they got mad plenty of times not if i'm missing assignment in it it happens we're not all perfect i've missed plenty of i've missed plenty of assignments and i've been cursed out many a town by teammates typically brian he's he's cursed me out a ton but that's just the competitive nature of the sport and we hold each other accountable and brands
different he would hold me and everyone else accountable and when i would make a mistake a he would wouldn't spare no curse word to to get me right and then the day of the game when it's happening i'm yes sir yes sir ma'am and then i'm trying to make for that and then we can on the cylon and then he apologizes hey man sorry i didn't mean to curse is jeremy i'm sorry i'm not mad i just want to win i knew better in it and i mean that was always refreshing and reassuring that he did it wasn't personal and i never took it personally one of those things where if he's not cussing you out it means he doesn't believe in you know if he doesn't care about you know right right which he did an again i appreciated him and all the other teammates that you know when you make a mistake it's they're not but billing you they're just there holding you accountable a that's your job make the you know what play did you curse him out when he got choked out by tom brady up no i was still fairly young in that time but i made fun of him out outside of that you had two picks in that game i did have two picks that game yeah yeah
and like i said again would be like yeah well you had this you have gone out yeah yeah we should have won that game too which is the one thing that six season when did you know that that defense was like special special oh arizona yeah arizona the the day we we came back on that monday night football game yeah off is it in play too well i think yeah yeah they didn't play too well did you yell at rex grossman that game i did not i did not see i'm not i only would talk about or talk to the people on defense because i know our defense i don't know what office of players do i don't know their scheme i don't know their place so i would only focus on our office excuse me i will focus on the defensive players an whatever we were doing and when i knew a guy was supposed to be in and a cab or gap and a i need you come on now and mine was more or less not the yelling but i'm just talking to you right in all
when people talk to me and they're not yelling sometimes when you yell people they feel some type of way they get along a man you can yellow me i never took it like that so for the most part i would just talk to you what is turn voice not really yelling and then just say hey man f up let's go her so so that game you guys obviously huge hole and then it all just kind of avalanches on the cardinals and the defense makes play after play after play like what's it what's it feel like when a defense 'cause you know when you watch football the offense can take over a game where they're hitting everything it's something special when a defense takes over game like that and it's almost like every single play you just know the defense to make right right so i give olin cruise credit for that game because he gave one of those phil jackson the coach from hoosier kind of speeches at halftime and he kills a man we're going to win this game ok what shall say
we're going to win this game whatever you got to do hit the man in front of you him in his effing mouth and we or win this game you can say fuck oh ok it's podcast ok well cruise not to be trifled with now you're going to win the game you better win the game yeah and we did and it was like yeah we all listened to him and then we went out there and i mean the rest is history everyone just everyone start making plays it wasn't we're waiting for brian to make a not like everyone went out and just try to make a play and that's what made i think that's what made that defense special we would we all may lays we were all playmakers it wasn't just one person and i think it stop i mean we had the rams chiefs game earlier this year everyone saying the best monday night football game of all time i think that bears cardinals game was at least top ten yeah for sure like men and how it all went yeah watching something and saying how is this happening i can't believe what's going on the thing about the rams cheese game though is it was great to watch the office of play but the school
word over one hundred points like there's no defense well there wasn't there was defense though there was the interception return for touchdown and comma forced fumbles but yeah i don't tell you still gave up fifty seven points like it's like oh man i just can't i can't get down like i push you off watching the nfl now it does because the rules favor the offense so much and as a defensive player maybe i'm biased caller which you won't i don't really care but they favor the offense in it's it's frustrating to watch and fans for whatever reason they they want to see how high scoring games in it to me it's not fun that's not good quality it's not good quality football it's impossible to cover guys it is the way they call peas on defensive players it's ridiculous in when i look at all it's a players with how much they slice the push off and then they don't call nothing
looking at the rules i'm looking at sir say to stay quiet i mean great offense rookie player of the year for sure no doubt but i saw him stiff arm somebody the other day right in the face i mean it was in it buckled the guy's face but he tried to grab a man he's just accidentally grabbed his face mask and he got a flag and i'm like come on y'all is the face mastering the stiff arm oh you can hit me in the face right on offense punch me in the face you can punch me literally you can punch me in the face and it's legal is fine but yet if i'm on defense and i'm rushing the passer and i slightly touched the offensive lineman face true it's a flag like come on man what was your favorite trick to get away with 'cause i've noticed that defensive backs used to do this thing like especially on a crossing route that passes come in they like slip their hand behind the back of the
lever and pull on it and write down right in front the rest is going they've got good a call on that but what was your favorite like little dirty trick to do so the trick really is you just have to grab the back or so i know we're on video and i'm cancel if the quarterback is coming from this way is this your your tight end your left tackle yeah this is this is this is a receiver right here got it down there so my my lovely wife is is the quarterback she store new the ball it's hard for receiver is easier for you to catch it with this hand right so give me right here i would just try to grab this hand i'll let you catch it with one hand that's that yeah yeah cat yeah i'm in i'm somebody crosses the safety and i'll get on your face so there's there's there's certain ways to do it you can't grab the jersey because when you grab it it all that shows like i see a lot of guys doing that mostly
i get so frustrated with these dbs we're looking at the game the other day the db is there odds are in the backfield they have terrible ice your i should be on your mainstream or carrots yeah it just something something to look at the man look at who you're covering that's the one thing that pisses me off more than anything as i'm looking at so you think it's a coaching problem then now is the there's 'cause i'm sure the codes are saying keep your eyes on the prize which is the person your garden i want to prize that's what we always say i think as an arrival here it is impossible to defend the back shoulder throws the true no not at all i wish you could stand up i could show you arm i'm on orthodox uhm they would tilt so i like to squirt i take the inside away i'm going to make you throw the fade right uh at a time when you see and you can look this research it you'll see liam you can search it too yeah we watched that we watched all twenty two everyone's hands are down like this and you can go
thank in come back on your podcast you will say see that i'm right deby's their hands are down right here in as soon as the ball snap they put their hands up right here well if getting into fighting you want our fighting i promise you i'm not going to would you like that with your hands on my hand on your side going to be right here and i'm thor number ones and twos all day long the receiver gets a free release off the line of scrimmage yep that just allows him by so if you jam him at the line of scrimmage you mess up that time the only thing the quarterbacks doing he's one hundred three in so my job is to mess up that timing so when you're off the ball and your hands down
you're not really re routing you're not mess of the timing you're not doing anything you're given what they want yep you know what does that jump ball i'm a try to re route you with my feet my hands trying to mess up the timing to give myself a better chance to at least make the player be in better a better position okay so the best way to finn the bachelor is just not let them throw it at all well yes that would be nice but you really got good to clear for what i'm trying to say is you can't look to receive your free really how right you can't let him know your physical you gotta get physical at the line of scrimmage you gotta move your feet jam a little bit discombobulated all month get the timing it's all about timing that said nothing but a timing play you play like flag football or anything now that you're retired no i'm i'm good
arnold i played the real thing so flag it wasn't it it is yeah i mean are you could tell i don't know you don't play you don't go out there no i i here's the thing i think if i were to play flag football i would how many ever gonna be awesome i would domination is amazing yes it is amazing right the dominate but i i really think if i were to play in a flag football amateur league would get that one idiot who's like oh i'm going to tell me gonna beat and then he would go out and just be like uncle rico from napoleon dynamite and just do some crazy stuff man like i'm i think i'd be like damn good the only way i would play flag football is if i play with other professionals that we're retired because they get it because they get it they know we're out here we're having fun but yeah we're still competitive so we don't need to go too hard yeah yeah do you ever find yourself just everyday life wanting to do a peanut punch on people like you see them carey
groceries and they're really lose yeah yeah all the time all the time sons football games got my son's flag football games and i'm looking at the little kids carrying a football on this is like oh my god son i could you could just push the ball out forget the flag just knocked the damn ball online yeah but he hasn't he hasn't quite picked it up yet so what does it mean to carry the ball like a loaf of bread i mean i know what it means but why do they say that i have no idea but it's the dumbest thing ever because i mean that loaf of bread would be would be messed up it be all squeezed together and it just it wouldn't make it would be good to eat would you rather force a fumble or pick somebody off ah i think i like forcing fumbles because i did it in such an on orthodox what's your brand that's the word of your day yeah that's the word of the day yeah yeah it was it was different i think i'd i'd i changed how people thought about one damn he's
dilaman or a linebacker he's got all these takeaways or excuse me forced fumbles so yeah take away games may we gotta keep saying the whole thing going that's the phrase the a half a takeaway haptic we game your entire career who is the hardest guy to the punch aha agent peterson thing i will i knew you're gonna say that he he runs hard he's a hard runner and he's he's very difficult to bring down marshawn lynch he runs horrible after i'll show you i think i was mic'd up hemi my phone jack i was miked up game and you see this is when he was in seattle solids miked up for gay man i run
over to women you know he eat he sees me and he goes hey now i see you i see you again as you would give it and we go down to the ground he's like laughing nonstop he's like hell hey i see too cold for you to a man i was like hell no you a hell no all do you think that actually end up hurting you that that you had such a memorable you know you the peanut punch like everyone knows what a punch you could end up hurting you later in your career where people were always expecting it no and ready for it no okay so here's the thing so people people would talk about how they would expect it in after a game when we won or lost you'd walk to players in a black man we worked on this stuff all week the dallas game dallas two thousand and ten i think we're losing an i hit it out of roy williams is roy williams hand right so after the game
and i'm one of the receivers on what they said it in a press conference is like man they told to do was going to punish the damn ball out we worked on it literally all week long he's still got it out it's like i mean you could tell it was like duration on their mind it was it was also but no i don't i don't think that heard it at all if anything here we go nice missy is the answer i got my volume also you can see it right away right in front of us but i swear to god you good man i sent you i sent you is that a clip out there or just you have i think i just have it
it's on your own that's pretty awesome that's awesome yeah if you need to place in life where you're walking around their own private highlight yeah you have the unedited i got it yeah that was i don't know what year that was that was back when he was in uh those one i think we still had reebok uniforms so yeah what was your favorite game that you ever played ah so i have two two thousand and eight uhm there was this located his name was decks and axe was diagnosed with a very rare form of cancer an my wife says hey you know and he was he was terminal was three years old he was terminal he was trying to make it to christmas it was his favorite holiday my wife goes you should honor him some kind of way and i'm like all right so i wrote dax literally all over are wristbands and ahead of a sweet rag or the white towels i wrote dax it i believe as a sunday night game and it was a hoe game for us
desean jackson he's killing it right now you know he's getting like you know he had like four or five touchdowns for over sixty yards so i'm covering him and i just had this mindset was like all right i gotta shut the sean jackson down and you know donovan in aptos a play throws in a ball i force a fumble but next thing you know he gets another wall force another phone boom okay i'm feeling pretty good late in the third or fourth quarter will sean mccoy's running the ball and he's already got like two guys on him and he sees it and he puts too hands on the ball and just covers it up and i just ran in there and just was hoping and like the dude on the the man with iron fist i just wanna there and just punched and the ball came
again i have a clip of that as well hello reason i know that is because you you posted that yeah the shots were those guys that i i imagine when you just saw run with the ball at all times your mouth would start to water because you hold it like all my goodness all men it was always this like others like blood the water but that that so after i i i get it from the shaman core out after four cell phone but when we get a spice anthony adam he picks up the ball and i remember i was so i was emotional like everyone was like all good job good job and i'm like i kind of a little bit i tear it up and i thought about this kid and i remember looking at my wife and i'm pointing to her and she's pointing back at me and i'm just like oh my god what is going on and i believe early as like many stradey crime it it was for me was just like a very emotional games yeah like the the babe ruth when he you know i point out his the home right yeah it was just extremely emotional and
we played a monday night game in we played a monday night game in dallas back in two thousand twelve it was another young lady that was very close to our family she passed from some heart complications her name was molly and i did the same exact thing six stop except i did forced a fumble twenty room will me a pick six on monday night football and running it back and was this like normally i'm excited but for those i was excited but my excitement was in a different way yeah you know i thought you were thrown out there the titans game in two thousand twelve that was in retrospect looking back at it that was kind of almost the last not the last straw but sort of the last straw for the love e arrow yeah yeah for sure four force fumbles an it was like i remember watching the game and just laughing because it was every single it was just turn over turn turn over turned over and the titans had no chance that game it was a fun one that was a fun game
who's your favorite quarterback to intercept here in rogers yeah i've only intercepted him one time no technically twice but once it was offsides play and they didn't count it but yeah we're going to count that is that one counted then it would have been like five one turnovers per game math is as good as mine these peanut this highlight video of your peanut punch yeah so on this is pretty cool yeah the eagles one that you just mentioned was yeah so that was yeah again like that game was significant because it was i was playing for something else i was playing with something that two thousand and twelve season you had was going to keep hall of fame if the whole frame commissions listening one thousand and ten forced fumbles in the twenty twelve season you only had three picks so common stock but they were all pick sixes
i'll take that so let's go how it's gonna like if the whole fame i might i might i like i like how many protests kids be cute into exit yeah i'm like i'm a firm believer you you are g u your numbers stack up with any cornerback that is ever played the game and people don't talk about it war is i don't know man i i i have you guys i have barstools boards the yeah yeah what is the s stand for liam so previously you're not cool and in other kids with all the threads yes this trip is off the charts what do you think about what do you think about this years bears defense i think they look good i think they look good i like what i saw here see more people making plays other than kolomak any jackson call fuller hicks they're all making plays and again it reminds me
bus and we didn't want to live in the eighty five bear era you know no one does no one will live in anyone else's shadow and i think they were they probably get tired of hearing about the loveliest bears yet air and stuff like that so i think they're trying to create their own identity and so far there i think they're doing it doing a really good job do you think that sometimes playing for offenses that you knew you weren't going to be able to light it up actually made you guys better 'cause you go out in the field and you're like well we better score two touchdowns today oh yeah that was the thought and that was the thought process but i thought process going into again i remember cole smith came to our room one day in goes a we need to score have to score if we score this game pick one if we use like twenty you can pick it yeah i know he goes if you
if we don't score we will lose this game i'm holding the defense responsible for this game we need to win and defensively we were good because we thought differently than any other team will that be all it's like i think all eleven guys on the phil at the we knew we were going to get a takeaway we knew we were going to score like we just we truly leave that we were going to do something amazing and the majority of the time it it would happen yeah i mean as a fan i would i remember just being like wow i wish the defense back on the field just the ball let the defense because that that's our best record sometime yeah yeah i think to we play for each other we were really tight knit group and we would do things outside of halas hall who who who set the tone on that whose leader o'brien yeah right he was he was a good he was a good captain he was a good leader we we do dinners whether be it
team dinner playing cards dbs would do stuff bowling like we just we hung out a lot and when you do that you build a with the people that you're going to war with and you know about them their families you learn to trust that person will be bit more because you're spending that much more time yeah them them collectively i mean i could say the same thing about when i was in carolina in twenty fifteen and we went to the superbowl like it was the same group of guys like guys that cared more about you guys that would sacrifice themselves right on a plate they night might they might not get the credit but they know if they throw their body near create the pile you're going to get the tax that's all defense was at the thomas davis broke his arm and that was back in time to the superbowl did you see this car that was on in the game i didn't grow holy gross yeah with that guy like so
phyllis gas will not play for other people gas put an online so two thousand fifteen i the titans game we played tennessee a partially torn acl after the game yeah partially torn a them or i whatever the next day partially torn what he wanted well i can still walk i can still run i'm playing i'm pretty sure it's going to tear but you know what at this point in time we were like twelve and oh new we're going to the superbowl yeah hey i don't care for tears and not on the starting corner and i'm what we have well then if it tears it'll tear i'm put it on the line all for this team and i made it to like the last game of the season before it actually toward and did i know what was going crazy yeah i knew we now i know is going going to tear bomb yeah it was some our time and i was trying to get as much as i can to help our team win and it and it worked out so i super bowl but do you guys win the superbowl if you play
good question i don't know what do you think cans business decision yeah i think you just go for the ball man you know and be a team player rank your quarterbacks you played with camels i love canada you can especially that you're not he would i mean he was great because just he wears j just tell me which i don't know where jay z's yeah i mean i think jay in jane camera the probably the the two quarterbacks i play with the malls arm make cam good that you're was his presence on the field like he he he had a swag about himself and i think offense they gravitated toward that and it was fun to watch was like watching this big six foot two hundred and sixty town kid go out there and just wreck havoc on everyone what do you think about his post game outfit cell in a lot i think
very eclectic yeah it's awful lot he needs to go with two different he needs to have the wind in the los outfit 'cause yesterday he looked insane wearing the suit he wore after losing to the box so i couldn't pull it ob i personally i can't pull it off some of the some of the stuff i love his hats though i i gotta get out props hats or his hats are always on point the other the suits and the the the slippers id hampton i can't i couldn't pull it off okay i mean i can do it so bat back to the big cats question jay cutler rex grossman kyle orton congress three kill peene callaway yeah cat so all all do todd collins don't even get me started yeah yeah todd collins fan went game was that worries in twenty ten the he came in and then killed painting finished the game but it was yeah because j hurt his knee
i wish alex brown was here right in your deepest played so well in that game the defense played roger scored on their first drive huh yeah josh mccown account you look like you have ptsd should just let him yeah one of the dope as human beings alive no right yeah he is the dopest this talk about not just one form he never spoke to me about heavy scenes youtube video he's very anti porn because when you watch porn it's like you're getting on a plane and you think you're going to land in minnesota but then you laying in nebraska after you watch porn like how did i get here you should check it out it's very informative it is ok okay alot ok if you take it personally when it was no not november for second were you like are they talking about me no not at all never not never not me hello this is like a he's a dope human being yeah i know he has a light pole character yes he's this so okay wait hold on view i
josh mccown this much that means you have to like jay cutler out of the transitive property because jay cutler basically brought josh mccown back yeah he was a gym teacher j brought some point eight point j every go point j yes new york jets a man if you don't like your quarterback someone back to chicago because he he's he's also he is good and the city loved i don't think we can all yeah i don't think we can handle having the valium get along whole thing they tell us that was quite a thing all right so everyone hit up not on twitter on instagram anywhere you want anywhere i want and sign up this is been a telefon preciate hall of famer charles tillman hall of famer forty five more than rod would
more than brian dawkins i yeah sanders i think was more than dion sanders there was that there was a whole list that i had they need to put together some blind resume yeah we got are you going all put together yeah we're we're masses spends on we can you are way better than all those guys i'm not saying that i'm i i give credit in pain how missed all those guys because they made it to the hall of fame and you'll be there they want some super bowls too so i sit front row when you make it there yeah okay that's how much the world if it happens entire world thank you so much thanks guys okay that was kevin smith and peanut tillman never before heard new interviews that's what we do we give you little best of will give you a little never before you do new stuff so that you have a little this little that taking you into new years just a reminder we will be back with a live new episode
on january second recap and week seventeen recap in all the bowl games recap and new year's eve everything that you need will be back on schedule for the wednesday and in the friday ready to roll and it does mean we're going to have to work on new year's day yeah we always do it which is a lot of that you would think that we wouldn't like working on new year's day but there's so much stuff to talk about it doesn't matter how hungover we're going to be going to do absolutely get back back in the saddle again all right so let's finish our two thousand eighteen and well thank you everyone for listening this has been the best year for pardon my take two thousand and eighteen we've grown month over month it's actually we're having this conversation last night how it's insane just think about how big we've got we actually don't like to do it no i don't think about it because here if you do think about how people are listening right now i just psych myself out turn into big puddle of puss right we wouldn't be like hey let's hit a gravity bong know you like to think about think about this for a second hank think about this
how many people listen to pardon my take how many cops in that group it's got at least be like fifty thousand yeah i think that i mean just do what is it one in every three people in america is a cop that's true that's good are in the cia yeah so damn more than that it's like three hundred thousand cops listen to this you wanna hear something else no matter what team we talk about if we're making fun of anybody we're actually going to get probably thirty to seventy thousand people violently angry yes always no matter what that's the beauty of sports a lot of people yeah it's a lot of people so it would stop thinking about it but it's been an awesome year and we really appreciate everyone listening we have a huge two thousand and nineteen coming
going to kick it off right away with the superbowl little road trip yeah you heard that right little road trip but we figured the best way to end two thousand and eighteen question real quick we do this so this little teaser yeah so stay tuned for the best way to end two thousand and eighteen what team do you think that we could slander that would have the fewest amount of people matters phoenix kira fessional team the phoenix coyotes yeah we'll biz is biz won't know long doesn't know how to use nobody knows even where phoenix is or not phoenix has a hot is it doesn't even know what it is yeah what do you guys play like you just have like a some rich guy pool that's indoors at you you turn the temperature way down ginger skating rink least losers the least amount of feedback we get for a football team nfl football team we've got actually a lot of hate from dolphins fans that we have a lot chargers
no no he got really upset when we kind of made fun of them for losing for the san diego community for losing the chargers maybe you know what i didn't probably the arizona cardinals card just holes there is only one ticket up in two thousand six yeah let's go i i do like scott still yeah of course schedules grace management opens a lot of fun yeah you just drive around restaurants restaurant it's it's either a restaurant a bar a strip or like some weird sonora hot dog stand love it's it's great or like yes some place where where your mom can get cowboy boots yeah national are like a a gun store in a strip mall he had exactly so listen if we have one goal for two thousand nineteen is that arizona starts with some more part might take you get mad at us on you guys don't change our clocks you probably like is because we get confused at times on still yep so
here we go the end of the best of episode thank you for listening we have best to boomer best defensive fuckboys best of grab bag so it's just a whole mish mosh of the things you loved in two thousand and eighteen happy new year have a safe new year we will see you right on the other side actually know what will see you next year see you next year love you guys
we start in cleveland where the dog pound had their chubby's out nick that is now the carlos hyde is gone the browns made an impact substitution putting the falcons defense in trouble trouble trouble the space telescope also had a ninety two yard touchdown which made the falcons see stars you could for the browns in the job after that win in atlanta on the express train to the off season children children children job twenty eight sixteen if your job loss for more than four hours please seek medical attention immediately in our nation's capital the bastion of liberty and democracy where clinton's jackie makes his return to dc what the redskins experience elect tile dysfunction lasting more than four hours james caan air last nicolas cage job how did all sunday law wrong movie boom or teach connors movie where you have to overcome the violent sexual deviant that we're trying to take the plane off course no that's not been robbed burger there's one way what was connor the movie with patrick swayze or keeps getting to bar fights noble mutica taught haley sorry to joyetech i've had one too many good to know that rec room for three one two hours that okay to just open up some right next stop the city of brotherly love tara reid would wild on julie urges husband the eagles fought hard with a defense offense combo of long and small would carolina had nine lives on sunday and in a touching tribute to kim kardashian the cats went down early and then came from behind i hope you had a fat paypal because my free cams newton put on a show for the boys two one seven two video as ty montgomery was showing his old old to the point spread of seven point five and one point away from the overall the song sprite todd gurley breaks loose and he's right look like an angry no culpable for the draft the ravens lamar michael jackson is trying to tell joe flacco took double was trying to spin records carolina was trying to teach a more it's sort of a running back or wide receiver what do you think about
not fantasy play teach weird flex but ok in arrowhead the kansas city chiefs chiefs and all their pitches love sammy sosa want kids and it's always macaroni time for andy reid joe flacco would rather be a cowboy baby then throw into wide receiver lamar jackson and john harbaugh went to bog abandoned and diggy diggy diggy said the boogy setup jump the boogie remember to vote on tuesday folks kid rock two thousand and twenty at mile high the broncos popped out of bed tucker swag kelly and took a look in the mirror and said actually forget it let's just lose again with case keenum in the words of my close personal friend pink
jj watt don't you ever ever feel like going the stan vontez burfict steelers two thousand eight hundred and twenty one comes great standing on the corner of jameis winston tampa fl such a fine sight to see is it odd my lord in a stolen phone and he's back to lose his job as well see come on haley your offices just let you be you and it will be smooth sailing the giants follow one of sex i'm even sick one charles barkley thinks that bus laura wilder was terrible the store will terrible just terrible horrible but it was the andrea anthony hopkins who we
the bills secondary with some fava beans and a nice scanty let's take it down to the field where we have patrick mahones on the broadcast patrick talk about but i'm sorry what does levels games of justice for the plan is to watch i certainly simple over the first happened over going to haunt me for the rest of my days they got credit cut to go trade so we kept the ball in my hand it was over there on the sidelines bundled up just like clifford the big red dog fortunately i had some tricks for himself i could just remind me to love my big twelve days back at texas tech with a rat undertaker on talk almost over and we have him live in studio for his post game comments showtime you know it's true
i plan on the lights get this lot of scores of some light up the born in such a real treat it wasn't a print out late at night in band boy out at tell you why no i sure hope all the good people in kansas city or watching at home on their respective televisions were made aware of the fact my dad played baseball and i love him very deeply yet i would also like to know if i'm going to be starting up a business venture works cummings phone sex line called balls deep but is a little graphic but very rough you boys time let's kick it alright if you start
hey what's up this is giovanni get all yeah is jimmy jam india this is chris to pretend to saggy this is a re out a nadie this is polly pistol dominic dom and nice this is frankie fear smelly yo doesn't dominate this begins hey what's up this is bobby blue route a three game like to party broth what's up voices mahdi mcgill cuddy patrick's older brother this is mike yeah i'd work looking milkshakes giovanni gonna call me point tv spiral we do laryngitis for presale but a teeny all for free seo we know you what's up boys this is luke just woke
s okay my star who the are you your boy ricky manually hi this is tony me you might remember me from being a goalie this is vicky lee gainey veto feta chico tito portal lead all expeed always the speedo we know the speed filled the focus on the hello on big pony tightly a tally but my friends call me frankie frankie told my stardom is blake griffin okay his main competition completed here stop and my cranberry sauce with thanksgiving coming up you might also be what i'd like two oldest what you will so that's what i that's what i said local and it's actually have gone better than the cranberry in my start in this week is j r smith you guys will get sold is gonna make a sex tape while he's in the game listen to this is my question just a short
i'm so the a this weekend i'm starting the cheerleaders uniforms probably the last year we're going to see you but guess what when they dress up like cartoon characters my mom used to read me before bed every night before she took my little focused and that gets me baby all avery know what's better the cheerleaders slutty cheerleaders i don't know i don't look at ports or still gonna stare down girls and on the sidelines i'm sorry okay baby so i would stop what is a me i don't know a thing about trial red pulls the plug i might just be impressed you about social networking meeting though find out my start of the week start date that's right record they're going to stop with the old days this is this is the lord will bless what hearing as a hologram live with this friday yeah we would boulevard use codes with free entry that's got if it's hologram not live hollywood bowl i'm starting that's right i got my hands on a bad boy mustang gt a shot out all that sucker the subway jared is this will go straight to start started watching replays of old red sox playoff i'm talking faster tell you what my body jeffers what times an orioles game i told that told to rouse goes for his mom i would check the got the last laugh about what my stardom is that it she that's the hot new meme if you want retweets favorites on twitter reply to anything on twitter that any team they'll come flooding in our motto start you got that little dip in the air you a little odd that means fall is all the ladies now this is in fact that's right still the play offs hi mike said told you we talked about it all right let's talk about it they keep my comcast braid tied commercial joe block i thought i could trust you and then all the sudden you sit back to a commercial joy this is a commercial and i see what going on i love to be by single about the work that he's going to he's going to think he's going to call my system is the world series trophy piece of gold could even take and hit by a couple beers without getting dented to be a little tough the last time i saw two beers messed something up like that i was hanging out with hank that's right that's right let staying on your wrist also i one time i jumped out of the movie because i saw alright i got road rash or was that bad i didn't cry i just i just washed down with a couple nights nice because you love your pickles you don't send and on those deals well my sit sit hot coffee i'm not ready to give up my iced coffee just yet you take yes you hey hey don't you see that part of that i don't want i just want to drink coffee have runs the dragon other black coffee that's right rally for you is kobe bryant it's not even a top five liquor anymore now brought their got dropped from his two thousand reallocation all of those obligations and also on the plus with the details the new sexual abuse and power it's not my system is rajon rondo his mentor kevin dot net by doing the whole tip off ritual with bitter enemies abroad james that's blocked off you don't do that to an all day whenever it's disrespectful keep it in house i did lebron invented that move you you you know you are you are from your first wife forty second why are you actually that'd be right now yeah my sentiments bombs in the mail everyone knows that in our business you shoot someone in the back of the head you don't put a bomb in the mail and i will put a bomb in the mail for you avery just say not saying a well i'm just saying that i quoted that's right you i would say yeah i might put one in a restaurant sweet insurance money does for those are my sleeper is oddly to walks in the fall you know a little you know he just like this is beautiful picture what a one i like to go for two days in october two weeks from door to door i you know what i like yeah i like i like to take all right now she got a bag with a joke dogs that already i'm sleeping mango tool pods that's right they said they were going to take these away we fought back against your ready made the liberty and it was the fourth of july okay nothing like a tasty dessert it just so happens to deliver nicotine so bigger because unlike a single forty that's right the most deadly animal in the insect kingdom baby with that man who sick blouse if we my sleep is marcus mariota he's hot that haven't pineapple some people actually pineapple on the thanksgiving feast donald you feel good he's just sleep book and then go aloha the girls with the ladies and in the you know for the grass volcanoes i put a couple is will goes on the cadillac no no i mean no they have a bed the whole a talking diaspora with bodies in the trunk hanks right you know the little things that you put a friend of ours you know yeah billy batts got out of jail get my son back home of your own child who's no more how just sleep well i'm talking about sleep in an extra these days talk about i'm more about to use that extra hour of sleep if you call all the wings and beer i drink on saturday time is more the well i for password you saw six zero zero zero zero zero kim kardashian nude for the first time you better lock so it's a bad lightly buff guy he was on the sidelines tonight i think that making a comeback he's going to be going for president twenty twenty and i'm gonna vote for my sleep well is that part of the because that's what i'm going to sleep listening to tonight all i heard wrong all right okay my sleep it stop box which is world you guys seen this city kills wife knowing you know he fought his wife killed them that's up does it mean that i don't think so starbucks which is where you guys see this it's a operable drink for which is so service which is the real this is all say is i can't get arrested when a black cats in the room all i'm saying is i watchable dolls which is when i was seven years old and i had nightmares for the next six years of my life true story right around the world alright on a hobby horse holy up scared right now the book is mike right his star qb doesn't have feeling in his arms bell is where i'm from recall that the stranger gonna be for my third like with that rate was going to win friends before the game that's my qb one baby my sleep a lot of reports i don't know people might also knows what they've been they got a brother because it runs with the guy from grammar school jake is going to be back with the no i know but the san francisco not really my cup of tea no i'm saying what i think jay call is going to be great in the san francisco forty niners good good good right or or see the hills like you read about thanks so they well i sleep with the read about the rate hey why don't you wish and he did it he twisted please sometimes you just gotta squeeze an eyeful live okay meetings with his i feel really self conscious about my talking yeah you don't want to say that okay so self conscious guys right do the all right his name okay not that i said i was self caught you want to give you did was you better bring in doctor i'll take it out to twitch with my teeth all right hey grab
let's do it if everything is made of atoms what color is an atom that's a good question these everything made of atoms let's start i don't know if you would have no that's actually not true what are atoms made of what about when you split an atom that's fired ends let's bomb so they're made of fire so obama is going next this is two more adams that i don't think about that stuff do you think about that stuff you get bogged down in the details you get then you hurt you know what it is if you about that too much then nothing's real right it's like oh i didn't do that a bunch of atoms that are posing as yeah it's like thinking too hard about space you think too hard about space your brain starts to cramp up an you die woe is almost three percent of the ice in antarctica is actually penguin p wo how much languages we wouldn't be able to tell this white how do you
have you ever been noted on piping no i'm assuming they're not white right we don't know actually most animals i feel like they don't they only jizz inside of females nice yeah penguins are groups using allows game week yet another pool game real week they aren't just jizzing everywhere out assume that's that's a fish do man yeah never seen a fish not not yeah just sprays it all along the floor no those are for the eggs no they go spray and pray yeah then the eggs like all build up ok why is nothing called nothing 'cause it comes right question what causes cell phones to vibrate when you're horny interest you mean like what inside the cell phone is there like a little guy yeah he just shakes it playing the drums in their cell phones are wild and when you think about it when you really start thinking about it when you stop thinking about nothing you start thinking about cell phones there wild they are wild like you're connected to everything
forget the the phantom vibrates where you could see is that your phone was vibrating and reach down it's just like it's nothing and then you feel like i've got a real problem could you imagine going back to your like like twelve year old cell phone like hey at some point you're going to carry around a little pocket computer in your in your pocket and you're going able to masturbate to it that's wild i mean honestly that's like heaven usually when i was twelve years old you we have to wait till midnight to watch blurry spice channels but you can pizza in zhirkov using the exact same thing the output in your bets that will probably lose you know what the original cell phone was just your mind you could do all those things with your imagination true oh i don't have in my head anymore damn got it nailed it i can't find it
more mocha bom bom oh i got it i'm back alright welcome back to rick pitino's podcast we got some segments first up we gotta why the prostate why is a prostitute party so bad and i didn't know about it but if i did would it be that bad that a couple recruits got the dick sucked i'll take this one no it wouldn't well we did we didn't know about it but if we did but so far we have a couple of dicks got sucked i'd rather than begin to dick sucked in a building
with my name on it yeah then in a building god knows we on the other side of town right now yeah i'll go they could get rob to some yes or or we could smell the sauce everyone up with the kid they don't want to do yeah exactly then you go to take you to the subway and does she get an abortion in my day you put a tie in the door everybody looks the other way it's fine it's a different day and age now though yeah kids these days i get you your bottom a process to try to get him to go to your calls next thing you know the right books about it very sad state of affairs talks not my day purple is live royalty what is the color of poverty well that's mean that's ugly i mean that's really ugly why you know we don't porcher green it's not streaming if we don't get such a run it is probably green because like poor people probably have more cash than rich people do cash on hand nine and in
what's well all my cash is the cloud bro lot of rich people they they're they're not fully liquid well they got to see someone actually have no idea how much money i have i like to stay on a hundred percent living with at all times yeah but to get a little bit more liquid yeah a little bit you gotta liquid if you're not liquid you're not making i know that's a good point why did purple become the color of royalty i'd like some some fucking king in england who fucked like all his relatives and they just made more fuck babies relatives one of them was like he bumped into his coffee table and the hematoma like bruise got really purple on his shin and then like oh my god that's like king charles that's beautiful and then they said
oh that's the color of the world family and then you just killed over and died and he was also seven years old that's actually close to my theory was going to be some some king or somebody in europe had like a skin disease when they turn purple and we're really fucking ugly yeah and then they were like actually this is good yeah so you should human value you show us strive to look like yeah right like this is i'm the hottest one here because every time that i brush up against something i get a deep bruise in my skin it almost kills me it's like back in the day when they use it just tell people if you're fat that's actually the most cool thing to be back in the day yeah let's come yeah a aspects to it still a back from power for wealth in was in yes that was when she now it's yeah but now it's much she's mound yeah right whoa if people are allergic to cats and dogs does that mean that cats and dogs can be allergic to people all right whoa oh maybe that's why cats are such assholes all the time they're all large humans whoa yeah
so crazy cat ladies are actually works really animals we have souls and they're allergic to souls yeah yeah let's changers don't let's steal babies souls when they sleep if they sneeze know if a baby sneezes a cat will steal it so yeah that's actually true it takes its breath because we're also allergic to them yes for cats yeah i'm on the record at c at women yeah who who owns cats explain to hank what the thick and thin in the saying through thick and thin sick is like if if you know gil junk in the trunk then is if you get too skinny so through thick and thin to check i promise to love you even if you really got that booty going or if you're some becky with no but yeah find that i buy everything that was said right there by the way i was informed today terrible news verne troyer passed away
i did not know that until today i had several months ago really fuckedup that you guys told me that that are well josie died to put the guy from kid rock how long ago did virtually die it was recent this year yeah is recent just looked up to just lay that on these little liver couldn't handle it yeah man attacks by the way like fifteen days soshite yeah october 15th not for maine did yours and last year who is number one on your list of people you want to interview but haven't yet aaron rodgers he be good it's interesting that you say aaron rodgers 'cause he would just hate him so much yeah i want it all kevin durant actually i want to call my backpage to his face i feel like i told you it would be tough for you to know i'd say i'd have to come out hard at first and then soften it up aaron rodgers i would kevin
i think would actually be good after a while after we got the old baby back that shit out of the way aaron rodgers i feel like aaron rodgers if he was not in the right mood could be a very bad interview you know i'd like interview jerry jones a little later glory hole yeah can all look it up and talk to jerry he give us some gold for sure if we talk to him about you do an exit interview with jerry jones and just haven't being glory hole think jerry jones a entire life all is just an idea i had to stand on the other side of this wall and you have to eat whatever comes through oh my god i got a will for you guys how can people who snore really loud wake other people up but they don't wake themselves up well well well it's like if you have a wet dream you come put the person that you're having sex with in the dream i come probably maybe they maybe they do
yeah i stayed you haven't you've never proven otherwise yeah interesting how does windows do all do all wet dreams have a partner i think they do it might be like everyone on earth has a twin somewhere you just have yeah you have a wet dream body that exist somewhere like out of mongolia the just noting in the middle of like a a llama where your wet dream what is not in yeah your wet dream buddy always not yeah got it ok 'cause mine but yours is nutting nothing it is unisexual that's not the right word for it it's it nothing not no gender boundaries it you can use it for male or female genders but nothing is a spectrum yes nothing is a spectrum well here's a fun fact though the job of a male
obgyn obgyn is to to mansplain oh my god hank obgyn yeah trish and kinda cologist yeah i mean how the fuck you supposed to like no that didn't put any periods in between the letters or anything just last time you got your pap smear attack hey confirm thank does not have a china anyway without a job healthy with all these demands plane women's bodies them there for their jobs guys on checks big can pay of tear practically doctors hello okay yeah i'll take it i'm an option yeah i don't object to
my main
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