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Best Of Football In July Plus New Interviews W/ JB Smoove, Tim Howard, Prince + Cecil Fielder, 2 New Rushmore’s

2019-07-02 | 🔗

We have an extra long best of episode. We start with 3 brand new never before heard interviews with 

-Tim Howard - US Soccer legend (5:12-26:27)

-JB SMoove - actor best known for Leon Black on Curb your Enthusiasm (30:11-59:39)

-Prince and Cecil Fielder - The All Star father son duo  (1:02:30-1:14:08)

We then do a little Football in July to get you ready for training camp with 

John Harbaugh (1:20:40-1:24:30)

Ike Taylor (1:24:35-1:35:32)

Pat Mahomes  (1:35:33-1:41:41)

Jeff Fisher (1:41:42-1:53:04)

Mcshay + Kiper (1:53:08-1:59:47)

JJ Watt (2:00:00-2:10:07)

Dan Marino (1 question ) (2:10:08-2:10:30)

2 new Mt Rushmore's (2:11:42-2:29:56)

-Mt Rushmore of summer songs 

-Mt Rushmore of Pirates 

And we wrap up with a Blake of the year preview with best of Bortles, Griffin, and Koepka. (2:30:14-2:56:54) Plus Hank found out hottest Game Of Thrones takes (2:38:20-3:06:56)

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