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Bethenny Frankel, NFL Warren Sharp, And Weekend Preview

2020-10-09 | 🔗
We start with a time travel prediction and recap of Thursday Night Football. (2:26-14:32) Weekend preview of NFL Week 5, picks and Can’t Lose Parlay.(16:59-42:28) Fantasy Fathers.(42:29-48:38) Warren Sharp joins the show to talk about winners and losers through 4 weeks, Haskins, Trubisky and surprise offenses. (49:39-1:31:51) Entrepreneur, Businesswoman, and former Real Housewives star Bethenny Frankel joins the show to talk about business, reality television, being a boss and much more. (1:33:15-2:03:57)We wrap up with Fyre Fest of the Week`(2:05-51-2:16:04)
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on today's pardon my take we got some range folks we have to interviews worn sharp our good friend worn sharp we talk football though preview of the weak and also yeah just re capping the first for games what were seen trend wise were seen whose surprising us whose disappointing us in the nfl given to all then we have the queen i think he frankel he problem or from real housewives skinny grow margarita awesome interview with her i think she likes us yeah i think i would say so i think she likes us i like her so it was a lot of fun to talk to doktor something different for everyone have never seen real housewives so i didn't know what to expect go into this interview i want her back on she's electorate is great she's electric she got a lecture personality so i think everyone joy that we have fantasy fathers new edition and they would have fire fast and weakened review
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let us not have any idea how work on the part of my take thereby the cash out go downloader right now use code bar story you get ten dollars for free ten dollars to the s peace yea today it's friday eight october nine more time travelling we are time travelling you're probably saying will widen
you just say the bears or dare the bears are back because taking this in the afternoon we have coming up in a second are react instead the gates were actually gonna tape after the game after they recap everything but we're all gonna give prediction which is gonna be insanely correct exceedingly correct so pfc big cat what do you think i like nick full yeah i don't wanna say like to bear i don't like the bears but i like nick falls in this there's not a lot like it's tom brady in the force i've seen this movie before the math big dick tiny take your time i like the bear i like nick force night nicholls ok i think in my heart of hearts i was very down the bears ever see on sunday that game want me to jump from a boss a bus back i feel like bears are going to have a great effort tonight i also think p of tee i think the bears often skulker
i think the bears often is going to have some they're gonna having a few hundred yards yet here to fifty maybe i think they're gonna have a good started again i'm script i think fools has oh short weak obviously but maybe just a little conversation with all the receivers ass she took a bet out robinson two touchdowns plus eight hundred i think that's gonna happen and i think the bears arena to away from this being like hey you know maybe not the point for game but we just went toto we beat the box and nick folds looks good matt nagy not a bumbling idiots my entire outlook on this game is based on the opposite gonna happen to what i just saw last week so the bears were so bad in so rightfully boring droughts last week and everybody saw nobody everybody just talk about how should the bears are at that point once everybody reaches a consensus at least like early in the season unless it's the judge who stick or the right
ensure f words the chief good chiefs uttered a good football team write it whenever somebody reaches like a full consensus everyone thinks bursting in their offices painfully boring described gets flipped yeah so something weird is gonna happen night here's here's my board protection for tonight so we weird kicker night but i think we are in your favour which something united continent else i'm thinking cairo santos might do something good i'm thinkin was it is it gathers at suck up what is the whole area last couple kicker new year's decided you scared me i think it's suck up there i think suck up is going to some weird yes whether its miss to our three fuel goals maybe miss an extra point maybe kicker kick off out of bounds that's an legal procedure they have errors could feel position but which they then turn into a feel go up big points yeah i'm exiting the overdue because the bears again look like day have the offices ineptitude of like a high school
team that tries to single lantern at first i've been generous so i think i think taking the bear some take the over the also so i was down on the bears obviously after sunday everyone's kind of weird lee saying that the box or like a finished products i don't think they are made maybe i can we watch chargers game if just and herbert yo that that hand off at the end of a half dozen result in a fumble i think the charges probably win that game we're looking at this lot differently about steam that lost the saints struggle the little bit with the panthers and lost the charges instead they're coming into a three and one three game winning streak mammals like look at the say look at the box therein awesome t huge x factor which i knew you saw i sought this morning as well it's gonna be sixty six degrees it in chicago that is miss weathers whether he still gonna be there he's going on the sidelines and actually i made a power regulars i'm gonna actually i'm gonna wait until monday to unveil this but have a power ranking of my top five quarterbacks in terms of how crisp their hand officer and mitchell
the nightmare does a great hand on ice army gee up their jimmy g is up there yes he butterby he better be isolated it's funny i jimmy g and i had nick moments in my top five ok now says it's the system yes couches and of this embarrassment of riches she s ok let's do this it will actually know what billy wants you say what you think is going to happen and then we're gonna time travel so we are going to tape the reaction to the game after the game obviously now being a second but billy tells me you things can have tunbridge himself october's o hank says as hank thinks the area tank you have it down as one skull fuck tom brady on the bears billy your pretty yeah i think i think this can be pre low scoring but close game i think my main kronk he's like show some these issues something tonight but i'm not sure if he's gonna be like old drunk and i think the games really come down to when things like kicking think
bears here really let's go to come down to you whether brady's been aging weather you see brays age physically and kind of mentally what lake it would mean by mentally his mentally may yet slower his age he's never been a fast quarterback yeah but you know all you i explicitly like the smart quarterback public you not always with an ogre so so to recap billy you think to tom brady is going to make a mental blunder that's gonna cost them the game and that the bear pickers are gonna be really good yeah you're fuckin stupid i billy thank you billy doesn't watch any family doesn't get predictions right all due respect no suspect families our family you're fucking dumb ass i'm sorry is it the truth at some themselves here as i was an ok protection i'm just looking i ll it's time travel
ok it's we're time travelling it's after the game and the bears her back the bears thereby where do you want to start tom brady thing he was fort down standing there and that was kind of sad sight or matt navy being an idiot and fucking up the clock in the defence bill in the mouth oh i'm so glad that bad nagy did that though because we got to see tom brady do that at the end that was that was a moment where he was staring like a deer in the headlights at the officials can tom brady has never been that wrong about anything in his life is actually come sad to see cause you just staring there like what fall down i get it it was moving quickly it was bang bang bang it and the end of a game i just on fifty we talked about washing in football team i think this earlier this week maybe a monday like being in and out your inner like you got it you gotta find out pretty quickly this
tonight for the bears was my inner out game if the bears losses game and lost it poorly i i ve been like ok they are frauds guess what i don't think so nick falls looked terrible in the first half are probably the first time five minutes the game turned it but at the end of the second quarter and clear was a monster and i like met nagy dec i just is obsessed with throwing back shoulder passes to ellen robinson that either get picked off or really fucked things but other than that the bears she played well and are not can i apologize and am also i got bad i got bad thoughts going on in my brain right now superbowl superbowl now stand not superbowl i made the way that you winning aims these are all games that the bears would typically find themselves on the losing indicted by that i mean like these types of losses are bears losses however we must the script
no i don't want to hear anything about luck because no one put that in your head but it is it's very weird almost like team of destiny vibes like use the word superbowl lightly thought i'd now has in the us and i think i can you imagine at the start of the seas and finding out that you're gonna start for one and they you'd have a win over tom brady because he's going senile and he can't count the five anymore this is a human destiny stuff for nick falls he's got do has ice waters vents except for why stick out here that's boiling hot a passing through that thing but his you're typology back shoulder throws that he was setting down the field he is also not a pass interference monster he is shark we'll worked very well yet everything out of the flats was great and then the no he's so mad navies obsessed with calling these allen robinson back shoulder passes that i think through for games or five games there's been it's been in
three times couple times been wrought like around you spindly bullied out of it and then you have that one where he called why it was so obviously if you run clock and kick a feel goal you give tom brady thirty seconds in no time out in the game is essentially over instead montenegro let's make it as hard as possible let's make sure did they get a minute and a half and let's see tom brady can can bring the box down the field and it was almost there there's a couple of kids they had but i am not going the about matinee tonight because the bears one and again nixon started slow i act we are certain doubtfully there were some rumblings about mitch i say no no no let nick full settle in here started making some plays and again the france like coolio mac was a monster an absolute monster and yet the bears are back i don't i don't know what else to say but the bears are gradually saint kristen worth's it's a fun name to say hi
copy trysting whereas one i don't we wander away which where do leo sack brady in and afterwards he sacked tristan worse hip he hit slammed you should not be allowed to have to possess the strength required to throat christen works onto his head like eating tossed moves insane to do that what i would say so when he throws the ass her fears ball it shades of joe lack of that is like that is a very efficient play to under throw them by just enough to make defender run into you and you get that easy like fifteen twenty yards down a field if you need it also bruce arians very confusing i'm not yet about his play calling this decision making on forth in short i'm talking about this so the transition lenses away from the transition lenses he's now wearing the clear glasses no one the dark shades i don't know what that's all about i think it at some new the fact that he went early in the game forth and one on their own nineteen
and then laid in the game they kick the fuel go to put him up by one that was that was the most disrespectful cosette was causing us had started off like you know for twenty five minutes was terrible that the most you're off france is so abysmal like we dont care if we don't get this fourth and one on our own fucking nineteen thankfully it ended up we are not matters in the input jesus that was a slap in the bears often space maybe that's what will come up maybe go for going forth i was basically saying hey you thy sucks so bad we'll give the ball in the red zone if we can't get this fourth and more spock pagano off yeah i went when i was went so i you aren't you the rest the weekend preview coward happily who knows what come on oh yeah that's true no ok greatly regret its billy right do you guys out who has done i was now
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ok let's get to the rest of the weekend preview let's go through the slate not a great one its foot they're all good big our own right objection is foot this is like if you have like seven kids this is the six kid who maybe goes to veto a public university and you know you love them but he's not the first kid or the seventh kid he's just sitting what's wrong public university i went to abolish it s did i know what i mean i was a disappointment to my parents extra himself there it is it's not bad the the worst part about sweden isn't just a match ups is the realisation that the seasons slipping her fingers because it is the first by weak i know run by women that map through that the trick is by weak somehow survive until we do you think he as relax we as football schedule he probably actually just went into the woods because then he can't pick up a phone when they want to fire him that's for if you
check your mail if you don't answer your phone if you don't respond attacks messages you can't be fired right too toward me like you never told me i was fired i'm here you already pay me for the day my will hang out while you know what's in that produces defence you know inherited a bad organization betty indo they were i think the most successful admittedly that produces defence they literally give up second half leads a fortune four points every week just play ten minutes after the superbowl had just put him i think those fishing just there's a bunch of like slim fast six pack rings into the lake and then speeds away mabel deficient i may bills iraq it is true people forget is literally a rocket scientist he said missus roby crushing that challenger documentary rocker he should was actually on out for her for episodes and that's perfect analogy for his season thus yes yes sure it's not all ranks matt
mine i panthers falcons start their falcons this could be the end for dan quinn i have said many times and better respect teddy bridgewater more and that's why i love the panthers in this game and i just like i mean the falcons they have the players but maybe there is that also yeah they're coming off a short weak yeah i don't think you're bad they have made you just said they have i'm having a hard time quitting both falcons and the taxes and of those are two teams that you have like latch yourself on to in the past but both have somewhere around the idle thereby about taxes orally anymore but the falcons urges bat straight up i'm i'm gonna withhold my pick on this game until i if they're wearing the idea centres all blotches yes using although they have new throw backs i think which makes no say been oxymoron but they have new throwback
did it so their new throw back your liu mid two thousand these look later that's real i think they're like an interpretation of a throwback but their new ok like a period peace yeah pretty much like this is what if we had today's technology this is what we would have worn in the night like wild one worse the movie is like what we're gonna go back in time and look at the world while wes except guess what this kick ass mackay spiders ice roy well smith and i'm a fucking bad and also i invented wrap in the eighteen hundred right exactly ok independence day well that if those are that's wilson yes if those are the jury's are wearing the fake throw back then i'm going to say no way to the agenda but if there were the all blacks i'm gonna i'm gonna bet on the falcons sweet okay bills titans is game even gonna happen probably not officially been cancelled or moved not yet maybe coming as you say durable roar and fell writer had the hottest take yes he said cancel the entire tightened season cause they don't respect covert
well no i didn't see that area known as insular well easy block me on twitter so i do not see that same but you u krypton someone sent me so much this take and i think it literally was like so he did the power rank your power rankings he had the titans in thirty seconds because he said we're not going respect covert i'm not gonna respect and then he wrote a whole peace be unlike cancel their seas ok well i think it's interesting that the titans even got caught in the first place it's actually fight it took them so long to be doing these practices and get caught because their their professional football team professional football teams you know could show up at a local high school for like a we can have doing constant like off the books practices and never get thought for it was like one guy that took like one high school or took a picture through a chain link from two hundred yards away like i think that i think are i'd be the titans edwin practicing at my high school field all week yeah that's for the titans rosters that's a tough look i just like the others came i
get stand the people who freak out after every positive tacit minute similar to baseball like we're gonna have when they are not a bubble things you're gonna go wrong right so everyone should allow cause i've seen many times wherever there's a new test there's a lot of hand wringing in like so much of the eta felsi vows cornwall lasted it still gonna go it's it's also a lot of virus shaming yeah making fun of them for being sick that's true i personally hope that the times get well enough the playful schedule i do to friends and there was there is some but i think adam schaeffer through this out earlier today saying that if all these games started cancelled the legal talking about maybe just making it best winning percentage at the end the salad sock did that for baseball yeah channel like like this there are sometimes didn't play all the games but i dont think it works for football the in the hunt graphics you're gonna get fucked up and of eagles ties look even better they're gonna have to hire like a whole new slave dad assigned right the eagles
the eagles win the fc east at like three five one the ego suggest they should stop playing right now as one to unwanted get better than that's good enough to get you yeah absolutely that's the top the enough sees the season i had a good take earlier today though he was saying that the therefore needs to be looked into because just so happens at the patriots best play on offence invest parent defence have covered but not enough for them to have to cancel games so they have to play just without their best buy interesting very reason it pay that after these out with photo evidence of gilmore in petrol homes patrimony broke protocol hogs haven't gilmore when you brought you wanna be hugged yeah but somehow he is i've corona but waiter backup dubious does or flip it bill but you knew that gilmore had grown as like hey go hug for he has sent him over there now because those who do things doing the testing whose reporting on the test results
sure it's nfl ok nfl whose my answer and i fell say bill i'll check we doing his own tests and off daisy he definite just for fun before his own delegation probably thinks it like ernie items is it is it is a bomb sniffing dog where he can just go up any sniffs everyone's breath as they come into the facilities like nope demanded the up as a budget sending steve bela team to team collecting samples wearing a as long as you shop somewhere wearing a lab goat yup peel we're getting as adopted at the scope so send him to their next opponent get their swabs check their dna yacht bring it back to papa now is get all the dirt i like it mother national unbiased football reporter take is at a variable and detain turning an extra fact because he's a former patriot i just love where your mind goes like that i also love so the raiders and chief you in retail rate like they're not going to come down hard like super shrovetide super hard but not necessarily because he's a former patriot but myra shaming i like that line of thinking from either
i gotta do many favours the air later chiefs next game might not happen as well so that one we're hoping is gonna happen booed might not because they're like p we're saying their hand wringing is going on really like but it's only a matter of time before the chief star path testing positive so it was like pulled for four days on the on board and its back on there i also just as a side note i love that everyone is talking about the chief schedule because it played monday night than their points on the plank thirsting and it like that are gonna play three games eleven days if the schedule had been fuck they would put three games in twelve games twelve days that extra they help so that like every gets fact when they play thursday football is that it just for its telling on yourself to not be like we put those affable happens every week so some team always plays in this short condensed time i like it when it's even further in the distance involving an even greater amount of time so i can use
give that they're gonna have to play like forty five half games in twenty eight days and then with a time watching jack witherspoon s coasts game elite exactly i when you looked at far hadn't say again scheduled i kind of like the raiders in this attitude because i've heard a lot this week about how john bruton is saying is not a rivalry because a kick your ass so much so you know that jog route in the us playing like snuff films like the worst highlights ever of chiefs were there's games nonstop in practice for so how they just have to go to last year because i'm gonna probably take the raiders in this game but all i can think about his last year when patchwork homes through four touch on passes in that second quarter ah so that feels like it could also happen again cardinal jets on i'm a quick ear was black or riots black oh so i did a great quote their off its greater by the way do you know who the jets orphans of is i'm shocked they had one know his
ms dowle log on dialogue is used mute bears ok that's why i am not familiar with his body of work oh yeah he was not good use the bears orphans of greater yet form so well if tat he s words is that bears gets office will no longer backs while he was quarterbacks coach i want to say for hut and then in then he got off and coordinate yeah i would say going quarterbacks coach on the bears too often a corner on the judges the lateral move yeah that is allowed no offense a calf but he said he definitely has a jersey toughness and a jersey edge tomb about flacket okay so jersey edge unbelieving believe or shorter doorway logging is also a short king is five six farrago top coat cos quarterback is presumably office of lime zoom says m seven twenty four that guy this game is simple to me
if the cardinals are even remotely for real they win this easily and if their frauds they lose i think that that's where death rates reared its abuse is your chance cardinals to prove that i need to start taking you even a low sir if they dont cover the spread which they are not in their arrives outwards correct eagle steelers battle of once albania i love when these teams play by weigh down on the partial sports books i know that we have that deal it's like a free it's a free sub in pittsburgh or philadelphia every single monday going for the rest of the season is equal to the steelers cover oak i obviously both can cover this game i think the social one i think so too uneasily i think so too cause body clock gabby abandoned play last week it which was an injury he was that if you had someone to complain and cry victim for other
people getting grown virus as ben ruthless burger than you one nothing because everyone exe that he will tell you what he was saying like it felt it felt we are not being in bulgaria less reduce these people got a disease that we still don't have a cure for but the real victim here is me because i didn't know that we can have a by weak and then we had a by what do they call sandwiches in pittsburgh is our hoagie hoagie in and in philadelphia hero group it might be grinder yeah no i just search grinder that's not yet at is leave out the e okay i didn't know that came up i don't know i mean they just started putting rise not romantic ok so if the eagles when everyone pittsburgh ass a calm hobbes if the steelers won then you just have to put fries literally in everything and yes philadelphia i next game rams washing football team we talk a little bit with worn sharp about dwayne haskins surprising that he got bumped all the way down to third stirring i think though
you have tea i think your washing football team is gonna come out is alive dog here with someone who can be removed the ball up and down the field i hate that notion cow allen had what sir scoggins games boxing games for small hands and i'm putting that item of memory for right now stop saying stop saying here like five good games lay at a moment you officially we had that moment where we're like his collar on having a moment be collar mirth and so i'm gonna i'm a ride cologne and this one i know he's got some magic and i like tat bengals ravens there's another one where i want to so i promised myself that i would only take the ravens against inferior opponents because though just ship pump but i think joe borough this here the bangles you're not gonna be good but actually norm ya know joe rose is foreign against spread so job euros are spread god of the season so far so you have to take the bangles i like that
the spread god i like that i think the ravens you're gonna win but i think the debate going covered right exactly spread got jaguars texans this should be on thursday night also no one cares missus prime time forget about this game happening on it's all its faso because its interim had go so you want to take the texans just basin the spark as we said romeo provides no spark right he's ease joe is the oder jim called while he somehow i think he's more alive than jim caldwell by like the narrowest of margins but he doesn't he do if he doesn't like like that fire like you like sheila interim coaches do so i don't know he's more alive than jim caldwell simply because he's heavier and when you're that heavy you can see it's obvious that your breathing i put this where he's closer to death and jim caldwell is but he's moral but he's less alai corrects like if you
if you had a zombie movie and you had a bunch extras point dead people you wouldn't want to do romeo colonel i dont think you get hold his breath for why yes where m caldwell you're like you i you're jane for upon your call the ambulance automobile riah romeo yeah ok i got that i still think alike i shall give you up by the way for the report there that he is actually was one who got babo brian bilbil i ride yelling at him a practice which is awesome i love that energy because you know what bill brian sucked and if you you want to save the city houston he's been in their franchise player for a long time now but his legacy should be you finally got ready bill brian by just being like i'm fed up i take it you are how much it takes for a j j water like publicly go after is coach like rats in front of his team allows private put prerogative but in all honesty i am too old to be openly insubordinate practice yeah like that
bill brine must have had some fucked up stuff about age nor he just was back are you just like i'd rather have you brother team changes are keys upper them i would imagine you just saw billow brien's face for the better no thirteen hundred day in a row and was like i just can't take it and does he can't take it anymore a coach you're only nineteen percent pleasure nine percent pain i need you to be a hundred percent hundred and ten percent reason and good job j j ai dolphins forty nine just let me know when to a place that's all i got this agreed but this is i think the forty niners that we expected are gonna shop this weekend is jimmy g what's his tie think he's playing is ok ices timetables right here right now yet let's go colt browns actually probably the best came of the day you you can't believe it pickles downstream one verse three and one this is a big time
i wonder if the browns wind therefore real but that would it make the colts frauds no idea i think this is an hour you for real game i dont know i did the culture good no matter what this is our first are we sure they're good game of the season put just for the brown culture good i dont know if there i guess i've only play they can t beat the bears by like ten points yea known we did beam in the fourth quarter ran time that's true i had survived yeah you're right let's do it are they are this is the irish are there good game of the week of the year ah the brown when this i just this is another one where i really feel bad that like why touched watches season happen in twenty twenty and the grounds are twelve and four and the bills are fourteen into no vans get drunk the moody lot or jump through tables and buff i think they'll make an exception if the browns go to lay offs you if you would ask everybody in cleveland like would you accept dying
i that you gotta go like an extent play off i think we said the same thing about the bills those two franchises should be allowed to at the very least like sign a waiver worth the risk yes will nailed it easily are giants cowboys i'd i'm surprised i'm so sorry i forgot his game socks and rub it in our faces every year so thank you to whoever made the schedule for not making me look at that uniform combination for the twentieth year in a row and problem i don't know the giants or so of the giants of scored three touchdowns this year three three that stuff to do three so the cowboys if you have any power you kill shit positive you absolutely killed them broncos patriot probably not gonna happen right what are they can move it to he's gonna how it is has already just isolated came its camp is your best players and in belgium will probably have to and then problem the gentleman who else is gonna
you guys all about you guys could beat the broncos with blood you could take the top half of your roster and cut it off and i think biological bilbil broncos a fourth place that's true i didn't think about that one first have at least four hours second order said something nice about one of our friends oman and then he had to do that i last game viking seahawks primetime kirk cousins easy yeah fun fat yeah we talked to decay about him being tied with stuff on digs for the lead league in reception yards yet he have had that one if he had scored the touchdown he's tied with stuff on digs the person who put the ball out on the one you are gone funding is little brother yes about that yes that is fun there have been walk circle lamely yeah i m you what's go through a picture quick why don't you hate what did you say all foreign in the pft and mine falcons are my favorite
kay eagles are my underdog okay over and saint chargers yeah under jack's tackleton say ok ok what's a gave so so we usually don't you think we ve been widened say let me do i retire with eyes like a house of there was up yet gimme give me the over in vegas chiefs then love ok ok microwave ok ok ok delta nokia happy up in kansas city by the i think it's gonna only hurricanes go that far north well make the storm still just keep scholars rain becomes phobia it becomes a lesser reign over trompe stout hurricane echo go favorite houston my six also bonus favorite new orleans low
because of the october i like it i don't i don't want to know when you know that oil put that on the now that's online that on my hunting that's it that's the guy i gotta go i want my underdog is browns my my logic for this goes no further than i like home dogs yell of whom died you know whom feel doesn't matter i don't care i like i'm dogs data devalue its value pick began thank you are saying that the trend my over my overs philly pittsburgh forty we have taken over on that one my under his cartels jets yahoo satellite that want to me that seems too easy i'm scared how much i like that one but that's it that's a sign of a good relations are really like it under its got all i'm really like i've sparks fly between mean cardlestone honours might become an onto shown amr take the panthers plus two percent teddy bridgewater ok the over and generally raiders yeah going against you
over the cheese raiders i you know what it's gonna die on like i sometimes i'll make bets that i'll live with being wrong just being michael now i can just cross you off is not a real team if the cowboys don't cover the nine and a half against the giants i'm just going across from off is not real team so it's like a statement kit you either tell me that you're real or not but otherwise i'm moving on and then i'll take the under in dolphins forty niners and then i can't lose parlay because ready for jimmy cyclists last week was a setback last because a setback but that's ok as well i've i went and i got my system right the models everything our eureka was indebted to you would you want to start with the team that's all the least likely to win or most likely to win but it
lose right so how would you have a team that is less likely to whether some that are closer to the can't lose border that's they can't not lou right but i cowboys they're gonna win niners they're gonna win hank oh me i you don't like it a year that you are the year you're there buds for the can't lose parlour i have not heard the chiefs conseil these last two hundred years ago you're picking the chinese yet that's the can't look what did you not as is evident in asia alone haters uncovers very at it the mine went behind the bar later is taken super repaper all the taboos dealers that's it i'm ok and in the seahawks ox no might gain plus two seventy plus two seventy boots it on the bar still sports forgot i think it's like around to ten or he's u fourteen unplugged but its conspire to do
not at all you saw me what's real bearing on ok good good for actual third factor i too fourteen regularly to seventy if you want to bet on the bar stool sports book under exclusive it can not lose billy likes it billy what's really like compiler king would serve these if i like it if it is law a lost last weekend but if you taking their friends the programme parlay we go on in the tank will never do talk i know you're looking at them when you talk it but you gotta talk indeed i yup away so you go the this week's friends of the programme parlay is this all money alone bangles browns jaguars rams niners money on how many lively earth this would happen of saying i noticed angle the bangles pick you might change from a money line you a parliament where i met you i swear you lose you cry of making those hundreds of its plus five
thousand six hundred and five on the parcels forthwith i plugged it ok you're way how much tell our if you get a view we'll twenty dollars twenty make like twenty four hundred so lie or for lack of new twelve hundred actually billy with them out again that there's no way the twelve hundred now if you do all money line on those seems to oil i wondered and you put twenty bucks in it's more than that anyway whenever the end result since the original actually doesn't matter i'm like got tobacco parlez while sixty report lays different yeah marilla routine there's no way you can we actually really adds like getting the all but in horse race that makes you do responsibly mackay simply spots will gambling one hundred gambler yet you think you a problem you want to talk to someone that's there that's dead serious this should be entertainment this is fun should not be there more than you have twenty dollars that's like one sunday par lays bare the little window
right good point regimes like something a carriage as is only when we imagine doing it the other way around long have you been eddie rife can't lose parlay yeah that was that as yet which i will get moving pursuant to this year plus money are these things as in the hague just figured out what the can't lose parlors eugene restaurant yes most usually why eating is picked out while slates conway your violence let's before we get our interview so we have worn sharp football warrant europe come up and then we have an awesome awesome interview with bethany frankly if you dont know she is if you don't watch housewives you dont know skinny grow margarita you should listen this interview because lover she got some spice she's got little ah spice little doesn't take shit you won't say long but you would aragon snow asks a arrogance puts like funny arrogance like i love that type of arrogance is its it she's self aware and arrogant put its like a endearing i'll
i think the answer is i feel shown your mail rushmore people that like i've seen you get actually i was very very again she delivered i think she delivered by my she's cool she's cool check with due regard for hennessy others vanity fathers ready yes he fell
without its joseph oshea my start in this week is raking ruin your teenage kids weakened by tell him they have to rake leaves for hours before they can do anything else swinging with nominate want to make sure you re multiple times whether certain leaders on trees in the uk would again in two weeks we favour sport break in the same direction we will find the measurement nature used right trash my civil pick him up otherwise my sitting this week is mark andrews yeah he's touchdown dependent and if he doesn't get any redstone looks he's not gonna put get any points under team if its people or leak and that's true can't get score points if you don't get the ball in my sleep is snowflakes not the libyan eclipse the emotion kwairyo show the world that he got his girlfriend by descending a snowflake modular dams netted started their relationship so just to shoot the snowflake out in a tender text has just weekend in shirt at the shorter worth to you and clever only deems icelanders dishwasher maintenance scary may know that thing is how in time for the holidays
what's up guys how ya doing good i good i'm dead are never enough sleep now like telling dad jokes sometimes he laughs i'm starting bug spring this weekend candle making that flash and recourse to confine myself get books if the libraries well it's way they transmit disease it's gotta be safe sudden curve cousins gamester intuitively stamp watch it
also did just her cousins primetime takes a state like a bitch he does not not a great grill are you ass if he were to be react sometimes electors sprinkle little seizing salt on one side always treat i've got to watch my my blood pressure so dear gets at me the throne fish around in seattle i always liked them on your tea or they coefficient no i dinner they call here with no eyes i have no idea of tat usually let me say it i'm taking the mai sleeper has taken the stairs good exercise aragon other doesn't trust sister she says it's because they're always up to something i u i'm tired tired i'm dead stand cats this whole thing to all those dad especially with decent payments directly after i said that whence they show proserpina cap stardom this week is thermostat because guess what is getting cool out there
probably gonna have the women in your household try to hit that he don't let them do it make sure that they get a blanket sweatshirt they got to make sure that that living room stays nice and frosty layer withdraw yeah layer are put on some sox are not paid for the not those regular flimsy socks and make nowadays he'll get yourself all want with a woman but care on the harvard force he got a great pyramids and the clock yes of a neighbourhood by system is drawing to be ben ruthless burger been robbed us burger watch it is too much importance i asked
had that problem too i had a little addiction with mr skin back in the day and a lot of viruses haven't used computer since you're looking email me it will not work we can hit me up and my hotmail account ah my sleeper may only yes said yes nice my sleep where he's going to gather data condemns all rub k just turn on the tv turn on anything and you're probably fall asleep almost instantly and remember dont weak daddy you know what i missed the masters this year and i haven't got up since i was that was the day that i stayed on schedule for rescue ominous beyond the wishes answer yet double masters and speaking of which thank you for bring that up you will catch up this weekend it is daylight saving so make sure you change those blocks on saturday night do not make that mistake otherwise my shortly we leave i must join thurston
father for a job like stardom is getting kicked out of your sons popular games because that is people get a little to round up on the sidelines yell at your sons offensive coordinated tell my socks and giving my son of almost no you started overman ice for each of you listen you try sit on his power to powerful are dangerous you should make you build things with their hands and use their useful vigour while they can't really builds character
plus their dangerous my sleeper is her cousin because he's guy goes to church every sunday so this guy great guy did some data like that she's gonna hurt him he's gonna get his time yeah he's your dad you're gonna die away from it for your kids about ourselves very badly sometimes you just move it after underwear they show up your job don't listen to me that one out a little way really back ok yeah real we had we told you is really bad where is really where is it was really bad heartily met we are the premier our kelly wariness party ass disappeared alec three years later way i don't recall bill simmons ever disavow our kelly do better late than never that's what we say when it comes to our kelly witness yup right
we're educate our youth one internet a time while there's probably someone who like slept through the entire year of two thousand and thirteen is our kelly drugged and begin they just waken up now there was in his shoulders we did what europe or what does january they'll be awful time you slept all the way through twenty eighteen which was objectively pretty kickass year was it and then you probably were it wasn't was here when you were a metallic guy can't can't way for toy end of our problems can go away in january first twenty twenty one new beginnings i let's get your interviews well worn sharp first and then we're gonna beth franco right after as for policies will be different but pepsi is here to get you ready for game day no matter how you watch this season pepsi isn't made for those who play the game it's me for those who watch it is fresh aren't you need to power through game day go to made for football wash dot com to check out the leaders from pepsi i've made for football watching i've actually been drinking nice twenty ounce diet pets
every sunday get my energy up feeling good watching football she is the wishes so thank you too pepsi go now again made for football watching dot com to check out the latest from pepsi that's make take this awful policies and a little different you to work on monday drink crapsey on sunday feel good taste great watch football love love love it okay so thank you too pepsi made for football watching ok here is worn sharp ok we now welcome on our good friend worn sharp you can find him on twitter he's gonna podcast now what's the name the podcast sharp report are paying podcast and also on the ringer ringer podcast stuff and i am also doing some stuff remedies do you really like outside of the fact that you're good at your job having the last named sharp the possibilities are endless war you know i mean
we ensure is that a hollywood thing are you like did you you name to charge you change your name no luckily know how that work man that's cool the art of why we got we started that way but not rate wiped the great white shark who i like it here that's good you could have done that ain't so warm is here i you know we're we're for games into the nfl seas we thought to be a great time to catch up with did a little preview before the season started so let's catch up where should we sought you know what can we actually just start with the bears and can you just tell me everything gonna be okay now we're gonna run this on friday after thursday night so just want that claimer so that if things don't look ok you don't look dumb but what is their problem and is it fixable it is we're percent fixable look their defences fine i don't have a problem with the bears defence let's talk about the often specifically let's talk about this change to nick falls i know that
it falls you know i know you were defending mitchell dubinsky and i dont know what your cake was on nick false coming but obviously our expectations were that nick fools who is going to be better performing quarterback than mitchell too risky that's why they went out and got him in the first place and my i was happy had a full off season he may i've been a weak one starter i know your position was it's easy to turn to nick midseason yes oh regardless that's what they did and therein the position here but they are screw things up by the way that they're calling plays and you know i watched them the first game obviously against the courts and some of this stuff is pretty shocking in mind numbing so first of all i think about this on early down so we're talking first and second down in the first half of games when mitchell risky was the quarterback for the first three games they were basically the fifty run plan split they were just fifty fifty flip a coin that's what they would do on early downs now most team
going to pass the ball a little bit more because it's more efficient to do but they work now you get nick falls in here and you're going up against the number five best run defence in the league in terms of the indianapolis apple you would think that you have confidence in it cause you're gonna be passing the ball more but what they ended up doing was growing as close to a fifty fifty split is passed for without landing on fifty fifty evaded called one more run play they would have been at fifty fifty split so they almost the same makes ex stuff that they did with mitchell travesty the results were dramatically different when they were passing the ball they were averaging eight point nine yards protect when they ran the ball they were down at one point five yards per carry which is the lowest in the nfl and yet are still running the ball fifty percent of the time basically against that courts in the first half so we absolutely have to shift to a more power
ass heavy approach when they stay conservative like they ve been doing running the ball too much especially against a good run defence it puts nick falls in these obvious third in past situations which are not bennett shot him and then the last point and you may be of no you may be noticed this during the game was this methodical plodding slow paste often they were the slowest often of any team in the nfl in week for the urged over thirty three seconds between snaps in the first half of the game it allowed nick fullest get into zero rhythm whatsoever offensively if it not working by going slow change things up not nagy go fast first series yahoo see if that's gonna jump start this passing attack a little bit so they really need to improve their performance from both a play callings point from a play sequencing standpoint and just from a play ray
stay in oil and i think they will begin hunger stealing out of nick falls in this often so one follow up question is doesn't have to be specifically about the bears but when it comes to running the football and the wrong path split that you you talked about an let's say a team is not running the ball well but they keep running it do you think you know from a political standpoint you probably think stop running the ball viewing running for a yardstick a pop but from like these human element of it i do think there is a benefit when you have your office of lyman b to run block first passport you can't expect your office of women to pass block the entire game and go backwards the entire game i think that kind of takes the drank the way from them in the slowly but surely will like you it just socks going backwards all game like that so do you think there's human element of that committing to the run even if it doesn't work helps you
are often of lyman stay engaged be able to forward every now and then instead of constantly going back in past protection won't i i don't think committing to the run is the right way to do it i definitely don't think teams if they're bad at running the ball should commit to the run i don't think very many teams in general should but in terms of using a enough of a bal to keep the line men engaged i think is what you're getting too i still think look if we just look at the pure numbers here league why this year on first downs in the first half of game so this is what are often coordinator can control here passes ravaging averaging three eight point three yards per attempt and runs or only averaging four point four yards per carry so we're almost but not quite double the average yardage on past place i think the better prodigy is i've seen some cultures around the leg over the years not not specifically this year i haven't read a lot about it but teaching
often of why to be engaging in aggressive with their pass protection was still we'll be attacking even though their using pass pro techniques even other dropping back to pass protect you have to attack when you're doing that as you are there is a human element worthy lyman dont want to just keep being honoured he getting beat by the pass russia's you want to try to attend those guys and i think college you don't wanna be a hundred percent pass but i would not advise if your struggling to run the ball the answer is not run the ball more to get these guys more engaged the injuries teach these guys to pass protect with aggression and take joy in trying to get some some some pancake blocks and some other things like that when the time is right i'm look at this graphic because i've seen it pulled up a few times the season and suffer you talk about a lot we ve talked about a lot with you at the neutral situation past rates right so in other words like how often is a team passing the ball on first down first and second down
in our traditional you seen nothin like back in the eighties and seventys run run pass and still this very day with lot offices they just another schedule themselves we're gonna run the bonn first down every time pick up two yards run it again pickup another two yards and then try to as for seven years and third down which as you pointed out doesn't really work anymore but the top five teams are the seahawks the chiefs the packers the cardinal in the bills in past first it is just that simple like if you have all things being equal a good orphans r d now it loads of sailing an average office is death to improve you're out but by saying ok we're gonna past bore it forty percent more often on first out yet you if you would be surprised so if you look at those numbers and i'm not sure the exact once it you're looking output from from you the general numbers like if you just look at first three quarters of the game first downplays the teams that are like that tina the most pass heavy
is in the low sixty percent range and the team that's like the nfl average is around forty nine percent pass and but the reality is what i've told coaches before that have like play callers that work with don't use that are a little bit more old school run based in our defence far less control the ball and keep away from the opponent type philosophy is are you really have to do here is is throw one more pass all out of ten plays right you'll move from fifty percent up to sixty percent you'll move from a league average up too near the top of the league and end if you think about it like that it's really not that difficult just out of ten plays on ten first and just throw one war pass but it really does difference because those passes gain more yards on average and will save you from going into third downs more often so it absolutely be very beneficial simply by just drawing the ball one
time out of ten plays the difference that you get four that and we ve seen sometimes move even more beyond that like a team like the seattle seahawks moving to obtain that was very serve a couple of years ago a little but more neutral last year to now very aggressive you mention top five germs of past rate definitely deathly very beneficial keeps the team on schedule keeps him out of third are and the other thing that i've noticed this year from some teams i haven't seen as much of it in the past is teams on first down the way that there are throwing these passes there doing it more often their throwing more often but their throwing them a little bit shorter so that they ensure that their catching the ball and gaining yards they're not going down the field is often on first down drawing more concern it passes on first down a sort of like extensions of the run game and by doing so their key creating a higher floor of what these passes you're going to do and then in a dish
into that what they decide to do on second down is they throw the ball well beyond the sticks so on second down instead of the same type of conservative approach just trying to maintain that we decide to go beyond the sticks and there are practising third down avoidance we want be conservative on first on and that we want to skip third down and there their passing more than the running and their structure nor plays in that's in that sense and is definitely king dividends out on the field we see how much scoring he's up this year so i want i want scoring i had i had another question about the first for games give me a team give the people a team both ways so a team that their record their little worse than what the record says you can't say the bears and then gimme a team that they are better than what their record says we call them the teams that are are playing above like ahead of their schemes can call them fools gold
the other one another says you're with your your fools go hand in hand then gimme the team that you're saying oh that teams one in three or two and two but really there a lot better than that and it will all come to even out once the schedule changes yes i think the team i think a team that's easy to say is better than what the record is is the philadelphia eagles because of how injuries have derailed then and the performance of course once thus far in the season this is done only when they get their office of lyman back healthy we i mean there he played last game without it top three wide receivers there's not many teams that are going to be able to go into san francisco and we ve talked about this on your show before about circadian rhythm and how difficult it is for an east coast into play out on the west coast in prime time that home team out on the west coast has the body clock advantage particularly in the second half and the eagles we're still able i get the job done with no receivers i mean all the guys that literally chris cons within our michael's had no clue who these players were
they ve ever read their names before that very night when they had to study up on who is actually gonna be out on the field so i think they're a team it's definitely better than what the record is once they get healthier and once carson settles into this office keep a mind you know this this coaching status of evolving their adding some new thought processes to that coachee staff from passing perspective so it is going to take a little bit of time and repetition so i'd say there better i say a team that's worse than what the record is this one to me at least it's pretty easy to its the tennessee titans this is not a team that is on the feed three you know in the nfl thirteen barely was able to come back and beat the dumper broncos b the minnesota vikings as a team obviously now is being ravaged by some covered sitting she's out know what their status as from next few games they made me the play this game this week and are an end so i dont think that this team is as good as what the record indicate
interesting so last time you're we talked about feel go luck which team i've been waiting lucky when it comes to making their fuel goals are having their opponents miss as was too are the team that or the other way around that might have some feel go look turn around a little bit on em in the end the next quarter season so that's good the question and i should have been better prepared for that is what i have to take the blame on this one i can't pull up the answers fast enough for you on that but i will send you a copy of the report i will be expecting the report our poor also do give a landline i do have a language that is a power move like i heard your phone ringing you know that that guide does business if he's gonna calls on old school landline yes that is i have multiple cellphones plus a landlines blacks ireland drugs let's talk about the overs the hovers ah there
the theory that it's a lot less holding calls which makes sense there there's i think i think the hold the lack of holding calls on office have accounted for a point a game what else is going on and when can we expect it to we cannot turn back on us which is actually can already has because i think the overs on kick off the kick off what like the line at the kick off have oh and seven in the last seven games played so the afternoon slate and then the two money games so definitely exactly like we discussed before thinking that there would be over the most where's that have hit in the last thirty years at least could have been before that but i don't have the data back prior to that so we are at an all time high with overs and you're right the big talk of the town everybody's just been talking about the penalties the reality is most the reason why we're seeing higher point production is on account of a handful of teams that
are doing things way more efficiently and getting better production getting like the buffalo bill like a team like the seattle seahawks like a teen like the green bay packers who have definitely come out the gates you know just on fire and and and now i believe our by weak but then you also have this fourth down a great and we're see way more teams go forward on worth down and from a betting per active it makes a lot of sense because because you beauty if you guys are betting on these games like i am you know but when a team decides to go forward on fourth down it must always is beneficial to you because what they're not doing is punting the ball and so the team is at mid field and decides to the ball generally speaking your pinning the other team back where's regardless of what happens on that fourth downplay some he's getting the ball probably close to bid field which is a lot for less distance to travel to score points regardless of whether its converted four thousand or not so you want teams to go for branford gonna make it
the only downside is you know your within feel go rage decide to bypass that and they get nothing on that play but most time going for it on fourth down absolutely result in more points and we're seeing a lot more teams can going for it on fourth down and converting those especially on fourth and one the conversion rate is off the chain right now so that's why we're seeing more points to your question no about whether or not we're going to continue seeing games go over the total that's an even more interesting discussion so as you know i have a computer model that helps generate what my point it should be on these games and i look to see if there is any value and that's where i make my wagers where i do see enough of a value and one week four lines came out i saw it tony value in betting samovars so we and we pasted the board monday morning at like ten a m we bay five games overs and we move the number between two to three
goin on almost all of those gains for the games we moved it in one of the game it really didn't move that much in that happened to be the game we lost we ended up going for and one on those games so on thinking we got great closing line value which means and this is something every sports better should strive to do time when your placing your bet so that you can ensure that you they better number than the line closes adam and and that's a good what made a measure on my on the right side of this bet did i do a smart thing so we agree be closing line value to point one points per game on average which is very difficult to do in the nfl and we ended up to having a good result we went four and one slash two a sitting here sunday night after we force it was just a few days ago thinking okay gains for these odds makers what are they gonna set their toward a lot we might do the same type of thing again i looked at the ball on monday and compared it to what my numbers war sunday night into monday and i saw very little value
two overdose week which means the odds makers intelligently at here and listened to entirety of last week every single person in the media world talking about points being up in games going over the total and so they deserve to make a very aggressive move this week for and set the lines a lot higher than they did even last week compare and what they should be at and i and so there's not much value across the board bedding there's this week like their war the prior few weeks you do your spreadsheets take into account the uniforms of the teams of everywhere oh i do now factor that do you have you found an angle on oil the rush uniforms there's always it feels like it's always over feels like it so where's retirement lad i already says it feels like an over i could have told you that the de bears a guy if i'd known there were in the orange uniforms i would have told all my clients to pound the courts i would
since it s not a good thing for the bears now i don't do when they were those orange i think they don't you i mean i've known to school model to back them up and just feels the eyeballs felt lower in it well we could get that information to them and see if they can make some changes will dolphins where they're all teal deaths candy asked and the usually lose that might have been it offers lose a lot gardens the dolphins we got the doll faced at the door things have a grand unit you guys know chain gaily he's a grandfather he's been out of the inner fell for years and grandpa gaily is the one calling place there and this is a team i know if you guys we're on the dolphins last week or not when the sea hawks plato but they had every right to cover that going at a minimum we were an this team go down there they had five trips down inside i think to the eleven the eleven to twenty four twenty five and twenty seven in the kick feel goes on every single one of those trips on five feel those you're not going to beat russia was in doing that
jane gaily is using an old cool philosophy in an old school book to how to play the nfl and brian schottenheimer is moved to the new school book they're going for it on fourth down there aggressively throwing the ball down the field and to a team that's playing like that you're not going to beat them playing conservatively and kicking these filled those you have to try to change your stripes a little bit and i'm not sure if gale he's gonna be able to do that young women to go to to anyway what about turn overlap have you been monitoring that i have been monitoring it again it's gonna have to be a report because i don't have the will take on at all lies with us at its real will take our lives real right it's a pretty turnover luck is a hundred per cent on its primarily primarily fumble walk is definitely a key factor because when that ball is out there expectation that one side of the balls going to recover it slightly more than the other but you definitely have a certain teams based upon where the turnover is and how many guys they happen ever on the ball that just fall on it more often
and those things tender regressed to the mean across the board yet and also just unlike returning turnovers returning turnovers i remember like the bears was like eight years ago they start seven in one i want to say and it was every game they were turned a pic sex or fumble score and every like i'll think this can lie and of course din and everything fell our because as soon as you dont get those points it doesn't look the same year though is the p punch was glad era ironic and and they absolutely we're doing a great job with that and this is one of the things we talk about in your show before i would absolutely be coaching my team specially on defence when we get that take away you have to try figure out a way to block those orphans of players you got three hundred plus pound sense of lime and only a couple fast guys on the football field at that point we need to be scoring these plays is the easiest time to score points in the entire game and oh that's just a paramount importance the bears definitely pray
does that in those years are with without your middle linebacker wasn't a number fifty brine or a lack of an end and other to lance briggs i mean tat was because although some every ounce of those guys yeah yeah exactly and so they were deftly do another there are certain guys though where the turn overlook eventually just becomes turnover habit like we joke around about tire imagines that guy's are always rather for boys guy knows for viable he actually but does it boy like yeah oh yes just saying somebody's ball hawk sometimes you're saying that about a player that had a great season where they got no seven interceptions and they'll never have that again with matthew it's like he he always is where the ball bounces i dont know what it is about him but he does have like a sixth sense out of it impossible to quantify but there's surely there has to be like some element of skill to all is be around the ball all the time while people that tend to watch a lot of film under stand the habits that the other team is going to use so defenders that seem to be around the ball lot are defenders
typically have watched a lot of film and understand where the ball is going to come and then on that interception we're gentlemen tipped it in the monday night game you now please you like if if you just lowered his head and went for attack or he doesn't get the ball but he understands like this just a swing pass is but again very many yards anyways let me just play back a little bit and see what happens here and sure enough unsettled and has the high drop operate in the vienna fell over the last couple of years so he probably do that any just knew that the out some of the play if you raining for attack was not really gonna minimum as the yards anymore than if he just stood there are lots and gain extra yard snuck in there is not a plate is gonna be very productive anime smart read on it so high he is a tyrant have you a super smart i've got catherine open into question here but i think it's very important when that a lot of people are asking so i'm just gonna let you cook on it dallas cowboys what what the fuck yeah
i know that everybody is mad mike nolan and mike nolan certainly potentially guy that job just as a favor and you know could read into those innuendoes if you want to and they were not buying very while they are playing aggressively they do not appear to be trying hard on outside of the football it's a defensive thing more than its an offensive thing now that being said the offences out of rhythm we saw against atlanta one of the reasons why we thought they were a little bit out of rhythm was because while they were trying all these fake ponds they are trying these really growth strategies and that a lead to some easy points from the atlanta falcons and gave up their opportunity you score points when they're making plays like that so maybe that's not really the issue may be the issue is just these decision making from the coaching stuff but as we can the fine it's gonna take it a bit more work from my mccarthy to figure out how to control this orphans and you look the guy open
we lied on his job application to jerry jones he completely admitted to the fact that he goes into says i watched every play i watch the film i studied analytics in the offseason then is opening press conference he comes back at this by the way i lied about all of that i just wanted to get the job coaching the cowboys so if that's a very bad dart and now we're seeing that maybe the sky was just chilling you know superman daiquiri down somewhere and not they pay close attention to what he needed to i think they're going to get back on track one of them biggest issues is going to be there schedule gets a lot easier you have played some ridiculously difficult offices so far the season which makes any difference look bad and they ve injuries along the orphans of wine they ve had some players menacing on the defensive side of the football so i sitting here with this team having a bad record right now being in second place since the end of the east and selling them in writing them off right now i still think they're going to be able to get things back on track but the
absolutely must get better effort from their offensive players they ve got get better strategies on that side of ball and offensively ah so the washington football team pull the plug on to haskins conifers are because there also but i saw that he was imitating snaps the poor question one was too early to pull the plug on doing haskins from what you saw in to what is generally speaking there's no obviously rule of thumb here but what is generally speaking though you analyze quarterbacks like what how many gains do you need to see them before you like i this is what this guy is i know what he is it's gonna be about them and we can make a decision based on that yet my second question is very important because that's the thing at scott turner and enron rivera were not able to see from haskins because they had no precision work with the guy so it thing seeing him in practice drawing passes against air
but it's another thing actually seeing in there in the games i think the bigger issue for doin haskins is simply one z responding to the coaching because these have no allegiance to dwayne haskins they didn't draft him they were i built a winning programme and more poorly then getting wins out on the football field you know from how runner vera like wants to build a culture there it's about doing what the coaches are asking you to do and having some town ability to that from what i'm seeing and hearing dwayne has it was not able to respond to the coaching like they were asking him to make red in a certain manner they were asking him to get the ball out to these places you're asking him to keep his it's down the feel there is a lot of different things if they're asking him to do that week after week he was fail to do in the games and at some point there like i don't
of those guys ever gonna clinical get it like is this guy going to get it can respond to what were asking him to do i think that's more important than his actual execution because if you look at that game against the baltimore ravens i mean throws for over three hundred yards actually there is an interesting story behind that game like without getting too detailed like yours is a impression in expectation that there is a good chance he's gonna get benched at half time right and so were blue there are a lot of problems that you can bet a quarter back and so you can bet under completions in under passing attempts and under yards in ever under touchdowns in every which way you can bet doin has and under especially good props if you think you could get bent straight sat down at half time and so a lot of those projects are being back towards the under and he looks like crap in the first his first for drives are punt turn over pont me
we'll go another turn over was in his fault but regardless of zero points on the board they're losing fourteen did nothing and they got one more dr left do not have and i am fully convinced that if he does not go down the field seventy five yards and score touchdown which he ends up doing he ends getting bench at half time and all those props cash but he goes down the field scores at touchdown gets play the rest of the game and going over on all of his props and now and the team decides to pull the plug the next week yeah how does it makes sense that run rivers gonna have this short of a leash on dwayne haskins but the wash football team did not make an effort to bring came not there ass they had to feel like cam wasn't fully healthy that could be my only expectation on if they thought they can wasn't fully healthy or the only other thought poor the big obvious they didn't want to rebuild
from the ground up with a guy like camp there maybe they didn't view maybe they view came oh he could be healthy for this year right bought how's it going to work with dwayne haskins whose already honour roster we don't know if we like haskins or not we have to play him in order to see that will can be this is one thing i dont history was about some tea use in and on that inside buildings so i don't know maybe this is a real thing but the thought process alive a really good quarterback he's gonna mess up the walk a room chemistry if we are going to sign in with the impression and he knows that he's not going to be starting and he may get a shot but it's not going to be now like how could that i will not work how could we not find a world in which can would it struck the camera three about locker room but i mean for whatever reason they just felt like him being there was not going to be conducive to finding out what they had in dwayne haskins and they were optimistic that goin haskins could be something i on pretty confident that if
they knew that haskins was nowhere near close to being the start of this franchise their were a bigger emphasis on bringing cam in but i do think that there there is a school of thought that camp might get a year or two or three out of camp but the injuries in the way he placed football might come power and upon one another such it she's not here long term answer quarterback and if they don't liking haskins they're fine with losing gains the rosters knock rate overall they want to get that number one overall quarterback and what we ve seen in doing that like camp the com in wine get here so i thought i find the cam revisionist history so fucking lazy though because people are forgetting one he was injured too a pandemic so you can't have you know you can't bring him in facility yeah you could probably have a good a doctor go look at but you know how paranoid weird nfl teams are they're not gonna take date they have have their doktor look at some one and three
kim and rightfully so by camps in camps defence is he wasn't gonna go and compete for a job i don't use ever competing ensured that am i don't go bela check ruse but he wasn't gonna go like if though if the washing football team said hey can you come we're gonna totally give up onto in haskins yet she had to compete for job cameras like hominem bp unoccupied for jobs chicago like came out right to say that so this revision is history that all these teams passed on i just don't buy it i think can probably was like a starter i'll go somewhere and prove it but i'm not gonna go compete against some one and not be guaranteed stay i think it's a little bit different i do think that you can't said about like thirty two teams obviously but with ron rivera and bringing up the entire offers of coaching stuff i think that like if it they would no more than anybody else what can was like was present condition was like it and bring a man i tell you not that i didn't want to bring candidacy for just those reasons that we talked about which was in
he might still be hurt or you don't want to undermine a young quarterback i get that when it just seems like if that if that was your long play in d c see what we haven't haskins in going through have games or for games does it they give you the body of evidence to know whether not he's a guy for the future will they couldn't see him though they didn't but they re no prices that they still yes no training can i'm saying like four weeks is a very short amount of time to give a minute if their whole plan was to say like work to see if we ask is good we don't want to risk bring somebody else into undermine now alex maybe if it's like the forty niners routine like that i stand not bringing communicated steam that has anywhere close to an established quarterback i get to get why wouldn't it is late to be like well all thirty to tee passed on care labelling should get him that's not the case i think there is joint just based on rivera in turner and in the office approaching staff with this it it just seems a little weird how this
one thing is shaken out wherever i think can not link on the best terms though at the end they weren't land i don't i don't know specifically i think i did see some things about that you know anyway she wishes and well at the right but i think a good tobacco p if these points on this i do think that the reason ultimately why there are sitting haskins down is not just that he's not winning games for them is that he's not responding to the teaching in the coaching worries not doing what they're asking him to do and i dont know that it is like an example being set of him but i think it's more so that we can allow this ticket and you ve disguise not doing what we asked him what we try to work with them over and over and over again let's and the other thing off hearing is that they think if there's a shot to win the end of sea east converter bad division that they want to see what this other guys gonna be able to do josh island if he's gonna be able to come in here and do anything so i don't think going to yes that's me means that i i can't put grudge
on rivera here because he had no idea with in a normal world if he had o t aids if he had no training camp he probably we have known this would like long time ago that the dwayne asking doesn't look the way he wants to look and he doesn't respond the coach in the way one put since they probably went in with great intentions images didn't work i i disagree with that i think they really wanted to point haskins to work out that would have been in their best interests they ve got a franchise quarterback it's gonna be able to engage more than their pride not make the play us this year the end of the east as the cowboys and the eagles those regimes that are going be very good but at least they ve got stepping stones for building a franchise here in d c and obviously you know we see that dwayne haskins may not be the guy for them so based on what you ve seen so far from doing he's any i think it's probably right because it if there was like if they thought he was not the guy it probably would have released considered trying trade doubted are drafting tour
back in the unifil draft but based on what you ve seen from doin asking here it is time we use is he shrugged move on mentally i need to know because i'm scarred from the jason campbell experience where was i just give him one more year he showed signs of progression i'm scarred from that ptsd from jason gabble judges judges rip then it often say dwayne not the guy i think that it's gonna take a lot four dwayne the rest of the season to get back to the point where you can say he is the guy so i think for right now for your own mental health you should assume he's not the guy and who forward and dont pay him in pay him another thought go don't waste your time stress on him and then if he reappears any play a much better than you can start may be trying to fall back in love with their younger eternal sancho spotless mine myself and remove that part of all dwayne haskins knowledge and then if i get reintroduce it am i might be a go whose
sky i really like the sky so ok thank you for saying that that's it that's very good from our it so add one last question warren the we're gonna run this on friday can you give us maybe equipped breakdown of sun in football gambling perspective for the people yes a sunday night football right now the seahawks are favoured by seven points total is fifty seven and a half so we'll see if those lines are still there the seattle seahawks orphans is one of the most productive in the nfl but nobody really is paying close enough attention to the minnesota vikings office which is quietly doing significantly better because they ve got just jeffson involved in passing i have no idea why they decided not to court freedom early enough into each one in two but this is see i use on an early dawn success rate metric is one of my favorite metrics to use and the minutes the vikings orphans actually ranks number one in that met which is essentially vault revolving around passing third down
and one of the reasons is it it's like because they ve been losing in these games we ve had to turn it on a little bit quicker there are actually having a lot of success throwing the ball down the field i think seattle heading into by next week so that their play this week then they have a bye aunt greece did know how many of their defensive players are actually going to try to rush back for this game and then they're gonna be on a by next week i think just like we saw and green bay with the items you may see some these guys you sat down to be determined and and not that will help the vikings dolphins even further but the bigger question that i have for the vikings often we can say everything golden about them that we want to we got kirk cousins not playing at one p m here and that's the biggest story line is this true i'm time issue with her cousins and how he struggles tremendously will he be productive in this spot we know that there's no now can be any
loud noise we know you're not will be any fans was he just scared and the fans was he are getting concern because people were booing him or yelling adam and he'll play without fans or was simply the fact that he such a creature of habit as we ve heard him say before that any good that's not at one p m it throws off his daily routine any can't figure out how to operate this change time condition so hopefully it's not the latter and react to replace plays a good game here but which would be equally as funny because it gets so scared like a guy shooting a free thrown away school jim you four guys about probably done that and you're at a road game and you're playing icicle bonn the crowds another case in just kind of ten sought maybe guise of ice in your vans either but you know that her cousins might be that type of quarterback so but but i i think that the seahawks offence there's clear advantages for them push the bog down the field super high total right now i will to see if there's going to be some rain involved but i think
got to defences that can be taken advantage of here and if you look at that my see oh game from last week the one thing you should take away as five trips with feel go range five feel both for the sea ox they sit sorry for the dolphins ramp our gaily settled for those will be minnesota vikings often be a lot more aggressive in those spots go forward our fourth down try to punch it into the end zone if they stay with a more aggressive game plan hard to see this game really petering out not being entertaining unless it's entirely hinged upon her cousins can't play any time other than one pierre m mentioned the rain real quick i've i've always heard and maybe he's just from big check as we talk about the rain versus the snow versus the wind that the wind effects point all more so than anything else we ve got the wrong in what is rain do right rain can be a definite factor from two different perspectives number one drizzle really not an issue like resolve the surface
the field sometimes gets a little bit like which can actually help players in an end and that nowhere the running cut and then hundred fall right but the two air is that it's a bigger question mark is if you have heavier rain that definitely makes it more difficult and i think it actually nobody talks about this but i think it actually impact certain quarterbacks differently than others not just for my hand size perspective in their ability to throw the ball but how act they are with passes because as you guys know if you're playing in the rain trying to reach up and extend yourself you can't really make one here the catches where these big extension catches in the rain but if you have a quarter bacchus drawn it on target right between the numbers those balls are easier to catch in the rain so it could hurt certain quarterbacks more than others go back and look up some of the splits from russia wilson in the rain it's not gonna be pretty what he typically has done in the rain which is shocking actually because he's he's a good quarter back in his hands are actually i think a decent size but in the room and he has played as well on the
i think that this factors into is the hosting philosophy because some coaches instantly we see some rain out on the field and we're like okay this is going to be tough game we're going to have to grind it out maybe more run plays on early downs let's be careful points are going to be at a premium so the enter the game with that sort of philosophy and just leads to lower point across the board because watching matters tremendously from the result play the game and if you got a couple of coaches you're even one who's like we're going to play more conservatively than we normally do we want want to pass the ball as much you want to run the ball more we're okay with punting the ball we just don't want to turn it over later a tremendously kill a total especially one that's at fifty seven and a half yeah really really high i will warren thank you is always at sharp football on twitter you can listen to his podcast you can find sharp proper analysis dot com sharp football stats dot com be a smarter football
ban with worn sharp ah you owe us picking report a report in which though the feel go losberne overturn lie front over and feel go look i'll get those reports to you by the end of the day i could do all right i tweeted on friday when we bring repose the shop ok how can we up you don't on friday a three hour friday and also since your bare there are three and want i don't know where we're going to have another great record hopefully soon and they're gonna do even better things but we'll give thought free one percent off anything just use p m t only one already have thirty one percent off i lie until thirty one beautiful i warrant thank you learn much man prescience we'll get you back on soon thanks guys in that interviewed worn sharp was brought to you by our great friends over at roman and roman swipes most guys have tried different ways to last longer in bed but counting backwards from and doesn't always work conditions
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when you choose a monthly plan that's get roman dot com slash take get your first month for five box when you choose their monthly plan and now bethany freckle a novice completely different do you know who we are nope you know who i am i am a big fan of yours i know i know about you yeah i'm a bomb a watch her real housewives but will also give you some tips on pakistan we ve been doing for while the number one sports podcast so call not to brag manhattans neighbour so if you screw up tell him yeah we actually irene yeah yeah he lives like just about across the street from me well you better number ones but let me just looking glass i only say yeah we're ok here we also had a tv show that got cancelled after one episode that was taken out of embassy raw right we're andy's stuff is well that's the upcoming current cost you
it get cancer at the one episode out how the fuck did you do that laws are not our problem is one up a soda it's on them was like three or four up arrows thing then we'd have to take a long look in the mirror where'd you get the bad boys sports television yes peer to peer put it i we're gonna go artless judiciously that an ocean i get in here you got three two one ok we now well come on a very special guessed it is philanthropists entrepreneur author producer you may be seen her on television it is bethany franco she also has a new path i'd casts which is out i'll just be with bethany franco bethany thank you for joining i'm a huge fan exciting to have you on which you re generating we talk a lot of sports we have nfl and then we have bethany frank lawn to talk about whatever we want to talk
range is gonna bet smart it's true i mean listen let's see if i can man that's war but we'll see what we got going so i asked a lot of friends what i should ask you because i don't watch assured never watched real housewives that's on me i'm not saying it's a bad show i might enjoy the range if i sat down watch it shall not anymore but it's it's really it's not gonna is that raise your iq any you now but so worker dennis i re acadia mine can't get any lower to begin with some good but people but tell me like be careful her she's she can be means you me feisty i would i've watched him interviews with you i've watched you some clips of of the show on tv and i i think that you mean i think that you're i think a very direct and i dont think you don't care what other people think about you so much of question is how do you do that cause i want that ah is very liberating it sort of like being honest you just know that
you can just live in that because of your honest you never get jammed up your cool you don't really care you know it's better to be and there's no ran this life so its black or white polarizing and that's ok it it would be worse for me i it's ok i'm not liked it would be bad if i were not trusted so that would really bother me but i'm definitely trusted i am absolutely direct payments and then i wonder and i am not one of these women that talks about like what women gatt and what men get its actual by actually i think i'm more like a man and i wonder if i were a man if they would even say what you just said you know of a pearl arise how will we be something the people would definitely sammy i had a big meeting here my house yes oh seven guys and data there is a little bit more i can be unto you you aren't you are to me because you are extra an extremely successful you do get what you want i am afraid the show you're not on any more like you said but i've watched every episode
real housewives and of new york i have a reality tv behind the scenes question how many times when you were on it would you watch the apple don't be like wait that's not how it happened like the edit drives me let's hear it's out of your control happen or wino did not happen often what was that now what happens is they crystallize with a narrative but a blind day you can go on a blind date with someone for an hour and a half and you come home and you just basically explain like the bottom line you like sheep sheep should her pants at the table she you know ordered a lobster and she said something really nice about my hair and that's what the episodes gonna show so divided things could have happened on that day but its courage crystallization it's just
it's gone more manufacture over the years and i think it is different now than it was then i do here that for many areas of a friend tries where when i went on you and even put here make upon you shortages wing you don't have to go over the top to create drama just who wants was very dramatic and now you know come and throws a leg tourism are rips a wee vowed or every guy tat each other and it becomes a little more manufactured people are really friends but they have to sort of produce them as if their friends so it's a very strange dynamic because you're living this world and these is that your arguing about are very important to you within this microcosm but in no other situation of your life with avian the minute you walk out that show after four months you can give us good fuck about an eighty people or what you are talking about but it's what you're doing right there appendix any sat juggler makes sense now what about though are the trip my favorite part of every season is the trip when it's like things
gone to well with the ladys let's all go to make the co drink a lot of booze and fight for three days did you know that before you would go on the trip every year being like gotta get ready this shit is gonna get wild ok so to give an analogy to sports to what i was just describing a sort of like i imagine people were on a fee altogether who in that moment there killing each other and resolving thing their teammates or what i would ever an imposing an opposition to others with a goal and the coach has a goal but like when they i feel they go hunting i what their kids they live their life and it's like that's not what they're doing what they think about it and press it's coming out about it in their like dealing with that but that that sudan to the next question that yes yes absolutely like after the game you're like ok good game like now mcgowan and live my life that mother fucker brown deliver them who cares like or i love that person or whatever in that so but then the trip
sir designed to put you in a pressure cabin gather with everybody who work through bring up every issue when it sort of like a drawing room comedy where you're cut to one room and see if you see people talking about that and then one person will come out and tell everybody in the group situation with that person then a little fights that starts and so little many forest fires is that with any luck from for production beginner giant one big fire for the finale of what this thing is and then for the last night they would hope to contain the fire and then though still be like remnants the fire when everybody gets home right now aren't you going to morocco or de moyne or newark new jersey and it doesn't matter to me certain people on the show that are losers get excited about these vacations is far in places it doesn't matter where you are it's gonna be the most disgusting experience of arguments and toxic
city but it wouldn't matter to me like animals rather not be somewhere nice because i don't want to experience bali in this way were all about caught and craziness and you don't even take a hall from like your spouse or your boyfriend like you're in the zone your literally that's your superbowl you're not taken side phone calls you dislike i can moves running plays you know you're just in this is viewed you just and its kill or be killed right this is just or be killed and that's what they why they design it and it is before we go on a trip one you are i think we shall we lag everyone lama which is like then the drama of producers are burning the show to the ground
that's a great answer i love you i love the behind the seeds reality shows just so funny how the trip always just gets insane houses love the term pressure cabin i address we should call a studio the cash out pressure piling sounds all right you eyes showed it fell upon didn't you like grows their animals that life your girlfriend's are wives were like the way you really act when you beer and eating wings and being grows and like put yourself in a play your group that there will be some fights who are certain days work three four days in a bunch of sports things going on in maybe that's going well have you describe it doesn't like our are business argyroneta harry distantly the business maya we literally do that all the time i dont is much area used to accept gonna try do not mature ferries in beer you shall recipe so smart is a businesswoman she invented barston sport yeah that's without realizing but super for you became known to america you are you're still you're not you prefer for a while but i guess you were introduced to
to the nation really on martha stewart apprentices are right so i was young women when you were like preparing to do that or even for you knew that you are going to be on reality television would you sit around watching reality tv and criticising the moves that people and make an and think of the strategies that you would use if you were to find self on that's are the camera now and there really wasn't reality tv then there might have been lacking the real world years ago which with different but the practice was pretty and in fact the first time i ever heard of anything like that in this way the celebrity apprentice this was them they'll ranting those cell lemonade apprentice and then i was on the martha stewart version so again it had the sensibility of the first see the first round of housewives for me where i was just so authentic and so real enabling young kids ex striving for a dream just panic stricken that never seen a camera and were sleeping in a place where i didn't have phones or television or newspapers per month no
well where we slept all light you went the bathroom you're following you like just another pressure cooker silver real in ten business competition now our other shows where its big brother whenever show they have they're all derivative you know it's hard to keep recreating that's it answers happily not uncertainly perhaps less because it was not called housewives carbon hand moms i was even a mom and i was like this question mark sort of carry bradshaw character that no one knew what was gonna happen with me so what a natural and that sort of how i like to do things as i never liked to do something it's been done before so my new show the big shot with bethany which is much more modern and realistic version of the apprentice is that unlike any other show before and i need everything i do to be like that i'd never was japan has my entire life is still happening in some am live in i did mine not to be self
to design rights is writing wanna know anything i want to do it like my own i wanted you my own way and be fresh in this say fuck it so about your podcast just be with bethany frankel so you never listened podcast do you how to find the podcast not never that's right you about gas knowing a lot i've listeners why brought in which i like into a just it doesn't have to be on a lot because not only do i sell well but i bring in a new audience the broad and a lot of new people to podcast cas overall like a ridiculous narrative i've never done it you welcome that catalonia in our pockets yeah hell you bowling alley who doesn't even know how to subscribe currently yeah you off the road if anyone knows you listen to this show and she's gonna like be like these two guys in the funniest fuckers ever yeah i'd like you to look at that issue i like that good wives always good thing so who like gas that your i have on dream guess
the director of the podcast when this is herring cause i don't although the latter since i have had more cuban i've had it andy co in paris hoped in a maria schreiber and brian murphy and i think we all share well then i booked forever if i'm about to say it and christianity and allowed for his people but i just book somebody like mine blown crazy to say alice would be like belittling like we're all like the debate so i can say that now i don't think i read let me give you leo dicaprio i wouldn't it respectfully i don't love leo's built an actual businesslike maybe but all these people in a way we had you have seen that we obtain a wife to us but you have no idea i've been yeah he's extraordinary i would welcome it short harry visionary mobile game too dangerous about an hour here it's not really just my thing so the
they would book leonardo caviar obviously but no respectfully julie in order to gabrielle much more insane i heard you be now and she's not a business now will be very great we'd be very excited like whereas this is better thirteen jason earth trump a change of policy jaycees bucket west of their choice is ds immobile wanna businessperson and so is doctor drag but now but i'll i'll let you know next week will have to reform it ok actually i've got texted the answer but we're not going to say because we respect you that yeah yeah we did we got respectively languages yeah are pr personally but where we like you so much we're not gonna satan but good get what do you call right she's very good job and the only name change i will keep say who had nice nice item
that's great so it so everyone should subscribe thank you for bringing more people to the podcast world just be with bethany frankel ah i have a couple other quick questions but real housewives if you want to answer all these but it's really iqs that she still goes by the countess right gas boy you know what the hell is a kansas anyway to begin with what like one like mega markel was god was it was it was a briefcase girl and she's gotcha because she married into it so forever she'll be banana she's not a duchess like who gives a good so i'm not i mean i'm a theory princess i'm the fairy prince as you now and forever you mommy that very point as it does even matter no it all it your title yearning for people don't watch the showed countess louis deals up so she married french royalty out even though some maybe i don't know either yeah i who is the cap
and i don't know i beg you give titles a lot i think not because i don't want any of that stuff you know what i mean that's what it all means it's a social i think here right and so in the first ever season bethany called we and by your name the wind and the and pulled her side was like when we're in public as we say count countess yeah i did he's been divorced from the count yeah for a long long time but still goes by the count i can i can come to understand that because humming countesses do meet you know that's a title that it just it sounds like you're evil sound i people shot i think you lose it when you're not when you got married to the count anymore i agree that you probably have to give it up but if you are currently married i invite you to read your account you should have to wear like a big girl like a big black coat cloak everywhere you go and were dark makeup or really are to be the reality star formerly known as i don't guess like the french room yes us ok so that was one of the other one was one worse
inviting someone to your party or got showing up to a party that you are invited to cause i feel like eighty per cent of the fights on real housewives is essentially like you didn't invite me to your birthday party or i why are you my birthday party and you didn't show and that's really the genesis of most bites you're the greatest sergei that i say this out but its let me go a little deeper it's these are people who can stay and each other you know and standing ok so i'm very big on both a very big on not inviting very big not wanting to be invited ok that said the people around me you know what i would have thought that the union's support me yeah you don't you think so you're using common support me and i supported you and i came here things i don't want you at my thing and i don't want to be a your thing and i was wondering if i had to leave the show in my mind is very small recent there's a much bigger picture but like i
when i go to things that i dont with these two people don't want to go i would never go to these things for these people if i weren't michel having to deal with these mean yes they do the same or in the real housewives world is quite literally show going up to a party in the hamptons drinking a flood of champagne and eating like stuff mushroom that support that bank grant that was mama business that's not real so you created the business to have content on the shower people that you become friends with on the show at the kind of support you in that business now and that event that wouldn't happen unless the show helped coordinated support support its show up so that other people can see you at my fake event and then they'll think that my big business is good because my thick friend was here yet great great low hanging fruit argument on it on a reality shall yeah warrant me it's a great low hanging good argument acceding com and she told you that she was with her dark sick but i saw her
the ilo garden downing bread step was wrong and i have the response i have a photo of her at the isle of guarding ghana brent brits yet the net seen as you know the producer thanks go to oh you know she now that you know you ve got the receipts and you know that she was at the olive garden because you know they were had had a drought i'm fucking and sow addressing road i get that you on the other hand have a very real business one that i was already well aware of before i even was introduced to bethany frankel which skinny grow margarita i i enjoy skinny girl i feel like fraud if i'm drinking it because i'm not guinea girl exert any room in the market for like a like sick boy thick dumb ass margarita yeah take disaster sports fan well the roma merida ah
became a whole line and i sold the cocktail portion of that business i so i dont owner anymore but a lot of men drink it just like men watched housewives because their wives drink to the women are the purchasers of the household so the men drink it oh i don't owe not brand anymore i own a hundred per cent of a skinny grow brand except for alcohol that was my big sort of cash out exit and it was very creative of me and innovative to say we can have that but i'm keeping the rest of it so for example gray goose when they sold baiting keep that they get to keep the intellectual property and the name and make other things out of it and sky by can i can aim fifty fifty brand that don't do that so i it's a go make gene sal addressing them popcorn and preserves and everything else in the brand skinny role that i own so that was a pretty foller this move by still have the rest of my schedule stash at my house and men do drink it you're a tasty yes do you ever look in the mirror near like like queen is loading yourself like yes queen
i'd like myself and i know you do it i like myself more i would we want to be friends and myself because i'm very and i own it and i don't ask anybody to do anything i haven't done myself and i worked really hard and i'm a writer play good and centred mom and i honest man who i am and whereas in my life and how old i am what i look like and i just don't fry and el i would i like to be friends of people like that and i like to laugh ally and comedies first comedy is the first pillar are you still i am cool with who i am you know i'm going to talk to it which is nice and it's i feel like it's good for my daughter to see those aspects of me an addition to just my sense of humor and being nurturing to our side out myself do you want for president lou while i was said i should run for mayor president but to be perfectly honest i don't think i'm i'm not knowledgeable enough about foreign policy
but i know you can get people around you to help you and if you know what you don't know you can get very far done you know over seventy million dollars in relief work worldwide and he that got more debt not people said i have gone into more done than the government has gone down in the time that did it not in question with all kinds of disasters there is but that only one area of politics raided like shoe in ten thousand people in a row like i dont think i would like touching so many people and just being fake and phony but i good at the game and on i'm really pajamas ninety percent of the time and so i don't think i think i'll have to like like being handled mom time we gonna do this and then you gotta go there and then you gotta be those to be able to make a living touched and handled all the time so i don't know i'd like that part but doing the right in the country i think i could actually do i mean i know i can but the notion of what it's like to be a work is changing so quickly and especially in the last six months with a pandemic some
self has done remotely i think there's less handling going on in general but you have great social media presence that you could use to connect directly to people see have to worry about going to as many fakes movie events and plus i think that there's like a certain amount of its refreshing to deal with somebody and you can tell that they're not losing you you know they can you can tell you something i'd be the honest politician and be able to figure out the game without being corrupt and not bullshitting everybody a hundred percent i just don't i go about being a president somebody that was important came in and like me up at my house and took me to the place i'm supposed to go and filled out the paperwork for me cuz i'm not going to do that then reply and see if i got the job but i also know leg leading my daughter but i guess it would be like a nice fun bus that you give me at home school so yeah i'll do the whole house do you give your louse yeah i'd love to renovate gracie mansion or the white house and i get away some people would like
i'd have to get real education on foreign policy and certain issues but i guess that's what everybody i've been beef oh shit about i beg of you want to get things done and be wise and be strategic i'm very good at diamond executed so that of people but of ideas so rapidly now i could handle for sure but i was we need someone to guide me so you just mentioned by doing the paperwork would suck i read that your biggest financial regret as you just filled out the paperwork wrong on when you made your business a cost you millions of dollars how do you have someone for you that for you i did it's not i felt what happened was when i was doing a housewives at a certain point i had a lawyer and the house i have said to be honest housewives you had they paid in a certain way way some whenever my job or business was then i could take a while to setup like your corporation or your healthier escorts and i'm not good
that kind of stuff and i don't pretend to be so but then i was as a personal entities being paid through a reality shows so i guess signed up for i think it was either s corpora had been analyses i don't remember i said i remember when i signed that i checked the boy to be will that was well i started skinny grounded all these other things and good agents but i didn't have you know like i have now seven hundred our lawyers you now and and by the way it does it matter very did lawyers and agents at miss things all the time and everybody was listening needs understand that you be a con person and you be minding the whole shop and understanding has moved by mistakes all the time and deals and things that i would again fucked on all the time so anyway i kept moving improving and selling my margarita then you know to my surprise beam came and they wanted to buy it and it was a very lucrative deal and it took months to go take the deal and even if i had
in the middle of negotiating to deal realize that it would even call claw back you can't go claw back in check box because you're on another road so i when i and that we solved and got the money the check i got was march seventeen two thousand ten m eighty they'll never forget it i was on an electrical and i don't know sometimes things hit me in the weird time and i just said hit me and i realise that as someone said something to me and i realize that it had been registered as act so i had to be paid as acts millions of dollars a house in the hamptons million the big house share their people works the worst i hate that we move on from a really become a post paperwork society right you also you'd like i think in inside you should be like you're my bad like bilbil s think like everyone aids paperwork north paying attention there should be gentle little bit of
ok yeah up like you look just fix rebranded the claw back as they just my bad yet my head up that's on me let us make a right yes you sound a little bit like south rogan sometimes just then you did which one of us you have to which one may short hair short have they got it yeah i'm jonah he'll talk about the empty patents you i bethany what is up will either be strong that's coming out soon to write i'll be stronger than the philanthropic oh yeah guess where germany be workers yeah you got me you got just be you got be strong you got the what's the hbo show that the big shot but my berea my our production company is be real the who drive broadens the philanthropy i have done relief work all over the world on for disaster relief like being the first one on the ground to basically you know we flew fifty three planes in it
for rico week with aid and then multiple barges and millions and millions of dollars and like fifteen in pounds of of aid the bahamas we did a similar massive effort like major efforts one hundred percent goes to the initiative so there's no confusion as to where money is going in a very transparent on always keeping people acted about where money their money is going to have a good return on their investment and for the for the four corona virus and put the pandemic i just thought we were gonna get out twenty thousand kids for standardization gin and prevention but what i ended up happening was i ended up distributing aid to off people eat off fifty states we dead two point one million hazmat it's an masks and ah
to buy one has million has met its mass over twenty million dollars of ppp to hospitals and police stations and people all over the country saving p lives before the government could kind of you now politics so it's entirely with pretty are intense it was very corrupt and was very much hacking your way through corruption and it was really insane that's that's crazy yes crazy here and it seems like you just all all you companies all your ventures you just dominate the letter b you own the letter b yeah i only you come up with all your names by herself and at the end biggest namer no matter what it is you tell me i'd you caught me some idea of her shell in five minutes unlike i got the name i'm really good names pack a slug dogs and one of them is going to puberty and a pack of saving town blood dog
long and very close yeah actually that's that'll be the pigeon version of it s pretty you said before we get started that you really to horse racing you grew up around horses lot i like to have you back onto give like you're kentucky derby picks and belmont packs preakness left of it how many women come on had left it i like all these they do yeah i don't feel special right you're the only one last woman you're the only one we don't you like a lover judas would anyone here this is so surfer somewhere corcoran we now we have our are per hour kelly set this up who shall kelly she's the best she's now typing all the names of women that we ve had onto reminders linsey von the list it's going rachel nickel is literally goes for hours and hours and hours lay loudly yeah fact rose
rose laval about a u s one is national team will be competitive so that time the other girls you ve slept with american basically replace what are really brunette type through i will just say that strong enough for you one ass last question for me was the favor tagline you ever had cause you are creative if you're gonna take a shot at this be you better not mess while the tagline sustain yet so bad there so bad there so good luck like you're going to love me or hate me there's no in between awesome mix metaphors kyle say beverly hills the cream rises to the the un rarely held the truth always rises to the topic of freedom i think man there the best or betsy this been awesome we
i appreciated a sofa everyone go check out the new podcast go check out a bethany shown each be also just be with bethany franco's new podcast she had or her relief effort in all the stuff she's doing with me strong she has yo show anything else what else that i missed and miss anything else you during the mongolian pigs we can send you the products we ve salad dressings and popcorn and preserves and not only a where you look beautiful any shape whereby perfect i could have you little in the bill in the chest i like some specks yeah my cry out now thank god skinnier upskilling eurostar guinea girl who throughout skinny boy it's better than specks yeah i do actually need this i will i will take some thank you it does give us your sizes aren't you a nice building brought acta would you they hubs like work would be my female size x x x x l
what is the mass the man i gotta cancer physique right now you have to stand out now i'd rather not the big so much really appreciated thank you sir imperative you'd better frank was brought to you by policy genius it's halloween this month and policy genius wants to market asian by making something a little less gary and that shopping for home an auto insurance that just saying the word shopping for home an auto insurance it gives it chose it sounds like a most painfully boring thing to do as the last thing on my to do list that i would ever want to do but policy these can make it super easy for you save you turn a time they combine a cutting edge insurance market place with help from licence experts to save time and money basically what they do is you just you fill out your information about what you're looking for and your details on what can homo canada automobile you have and then they look for the best companies for you see i have to waste your time getting quotes from everybody
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in your pocket policy genius when it comes to insurance it's nice to get it right let's wrap up the the friday episode report my take with some fire first that will send everyone offered to their football weekend i think there's a best ball games i haven't heard too much about actually all star with firefox my firefox is actually that i have put on us wrong face too are darling jake when he constantly asked me do i think the heat have a chance knives and no chance but there was a moment in the third quarter of game for wow whereas like i think the he can win the series and boy was i wrong and boy does that sock because i told them self not to get my hopes up and then i'd tell you what about this is our nba recap we're gonna get ahead of it we're not gonna germany lakers technically one good job lakers where'd you go
ethically wade ago you won the game serving susan i jake jake you can break your heart come on jake jake you under your far fast actually i've won i think what you always prepare i love the hours haven't about your channels or modern pocket he told me or others that are so we it does this tool frames live he does his homework interviews everybody that's gonna be competing he says that tip we in any given game you only want to use about fifteen to twenty percent of what you ve prepare for so he over prepares by eighty two eighty five percent of do the math right now you got it every time he does broadcast that's why we like to end with five her fast so every week he has a fire fast and we pockets it so pretty much like the bad things in your life you pushing them down as hard as you can he's been like let's not talk about now i like that about you jesus if i called on us trot in serve your irish you now irish sure ok
i think my email got hacked i've got some random we gee i last few like wine cellar allows you look at me now if you look at porn oh buddy you online american shield warranty xavier sharper affects three sixty it's annoying are you in your junk mail now you shall go his rights member so jake like a normal american be like ok i have a lot of junk mail that i'm never going to send to like the the junk folder right now i've like fifty thousand ready nice ruslan subscribe and they watch out i should see the porn boss get in here and watch the watch your email address the splashes while it's my purse so i m here what is it wagon fix it what is it i guess sites it's on my website its don't send any more spam guy don't sign jake the public debate
it's that saw the other website i showed the us my interview yet i totally looked at it where i was written in the third person towards my fair report in its written is it like it's like jake marsh did this chick worsted that yeah i love this i love it i was gonna actually bleep out you say in your email so the people one send it but now it's already but now it's really immediate answers not reunited about employing all jake you're the j don't sign up for hilarious to lesser known nosegay really bad yet no it's going to now they're not going to hurt you got it if we take it off your website but i just said it unless you keep it up wait will be paid out and take off your website there ok sporting my phone after the yes you should ok go ahead take longer
you know you haven't nod i told you of this well thanks looking up his far fetched the week by far pretty easy one i'm being investigated for forty thousand dollars were the damages by serbian be oh i just found out about weaker parties so i rented a house inside of long island on labour day weekend in what they were doing inside we are in labour day weekend i rented a house in long island i went out there had a pool fiscal i just want to get away from new york get away from the city where we can since i haven't really left the city since march fighter occasion early more knows on days that we already had off our forebears had fought for to get labour day so i want to honour them by taking one day off of work so got a house that have had to pull in the backyard basically hung out took it easy drain the poor skateboard drank a few of a few beers by the pool and are now the homeowner has contacted me saying that i caused
forty thousand dollars worth of the pool all did that poor peasant at which i did a lot that's who i definitely definite peed lot net poop however they say that i didn't keep the pool at the correct level and the motor and the pump broke down on it oh by the way that was not in the listing for the urban be telling me i would have to do any sort of poor maintenance i shouldn't drink all have walked i'm not a poor boy did go to school and central virginia that does not make me a poor boy but i did rick roderick alot of beer but i i even took the hose and i use the whole is to fill up the pool every day that i was there i think she's scamming make because she's get me a picture of the the like work the person like who is in charge of fixing the poor the mechanic he rode up report saying this damage was caused by your house guest pdf tee not filling up the pool enough which is bullshit as i did in everyday anyways i feel like forty thousand dollars is a lot to ask yeah just don't respond
why did i how we have seen where in the world on your side all my good the sick my poor annoyed him yeah get if they want it forty thousand dollars asked me for four thousand dollars are probably give you forty thousand by accident but no i didn't i didn't cause a pity worth of damage that place but i am looking forward to low public fight though yes gets a blog on let me know of your yeltsin yet like you and i will show up i gave them i gave i gave a motorists double birds today long a middle street phone line feels great yeah i was shocked to their door unjust yelled them from a distance take your fire fast you got you they can keep thing about the challenger already what billy i hate does now go ahead building my five has actually billy just in life in general terms i called jangling other big fight and we point maternal and last night we came and dead last and now we have to write a five thousand word blog that and will you know five thousand words i actually have five thousand like a four thousand word
paper on moby dick so why we just like summits as i thought i would say that the hold her hey got had a words yet which isn't that bad now put i'm so sorry work out for you your firefox tank is that you are fighting with a twenty rule twenty one year old about video yes yeah i mean i gradually macro level like that definitely is what happens whirling i i get really upset and and i take a second i'm so what am i do you wouldn't do what's goin on here right here billy you gotta firefox we do a number guy well my fire fast is i actually kind of lost my an billy was screaming laying he was screaming at our friends in the background he's having a party or something i was not have your partner he has for funding winston which let us the most preposterous scrutiny claim to have my friend it's he's jamaican
as for now i was gonna ask you view that zeilinger with turtle pope situation what what's goin on here finishes since this could go any different more angel i accidentally law but a down payment on a hedgehog was nobody's i lost a down payment beside basely wrong you got my lay last sunday like fucking only by a hedgehog yeah then i woke up people do that with our parliament next day wait a second and all your monitoring on the animal impulsively by animals does rabbits papers is like a tiger king situation by ilium salesman's gangway away on a i've been so am i gonna either bite the bullet to get the headshot how much does one put down what is twenty percent of a hedge basically the down payment on a hedgehog was in that much
but the actual hedgehog his lot how much it all seventy five die down payment and a child's about two hundred fifty dollars on how to fish the warder current must sock if they made you put down that much is down payment here i think about how many times you can fuck this headshot well now you can't that's the prickles are you that's all i know your views on what i did not know you could focus on a few issues has an entire like series of websites as radical i like this seventh fingering of this hedge pays for itself ok for now i love abilities rig up his animals that we keep me how do you like your lady i think you might try using a hearing that is fuck yeah right you guys you make me sex with why aren't you while you do it on your own i don't go anywhere go have these was once not it yeah why i guess so which i had over fifty combined touchdowns in high school sir oh father
three nights i do he's moved it you why do you need a hedgehog you can just talk about those touchdowns we water of course you do of course you do if their likes huddles awesome because it just hang around pull up any right john one will be interested to know how the internet you can watch i regard highlights eighty forty this view i don't either jacobs price will be hard pressed right to a one day we're gonna get really nice he's gonna be electric we want those could be electric icy guys lobby us keep prices writing me
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