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Bill Burr, Arian Foster, And Space

2020-05-31 | 🔗
We celebrate the beginning of June which means absolutely nothing. (2:30-15:10) Who’s back of the week including Anonymous and Space. (15:11-27:44) Bill Burr joins the show to talk about his new movie King of Staten Island, life without sports and more. (29:34-1:09:20) Arian Foster joins the show to talk about the last week in current events, race in America, how we can all make small changes for the better good, and why white privilege isn’t a bad thing but something that needs to be acknowledged. (1:11:46-2:08:34) We finish with a deep dive on Bonobo monkeys with Billy Football (2:10:50-2:28:16)
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What today is part of my take. We have built her great interview with bill per. We talk about his new movie King Staten Island, catch up with him about a spy swiss world always great talk they'll bar. We also have our good friend areas foster on talking real issues. What has happened in America in the past week? So if you don't want to have your part, my take get real, you can skip it. We have no fest but we think it was an awesome conversation that might explain your worldview. Billy Football, that's the opposite! He well know he explained our world view with some. Oh yeah, Hoboes Monkey Tom you're gonna learn stuff about a lot of stuff in there in the course of this pact, and we are whose back in the weeks we get a pact Monday show, for you part my take his brought you by the cash acknowledged the easiest play, send money to your friends. It's the safest way, on everyone to go to the cash apps twitch page twitch dot tv. Last cash app show them some
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in free money. Every time they go live on. Twitch today is Monday June. We made it We made it my own river, the corona hours sleep in June Duma, their current of ours. It feels like yours, three months, member tire. King merits, Noons Tiger Chang TAT was legitimately I've. They do. I think the idea that your king hollowing costumes are gonna, be all the rage is that ship sailed tired king feels, like it was ten years what he thinks taken. Tell your king away from you how we got out his ranks jumpy. Nowhere not does not gonna become an outer banks. Pica us finish the episode finish the season, we're not doing this again. I can't wait for season to we're not doing this
after you left wide open policy yet hydra your king. Do they put a question mark at all of the wide open proceeded to baby? That's such a great feat of of cinematic moviemaking is when they put a question mark after the end. Yes like records, I off their subsidiaries, seizes the stupid fuck it shall we abacha we made it is June out. The maid Smart every month march. Ninety first know every new month, though, does feel like an accomplishment cause were basically getting through. The calendar is a fucking slog. It's not like you know we're looking for that
thank you know when you usually sitting there like. Oh, I can't wait for this this in this and you just get excited. There's nothing to look for two zero thing think about this spring as a conditioning test for your brain. Yet is a challenge for all of us or gaily were in wind, sprint number, probably forty out of fifty five I've had my hands on my head, yeah nosed wrong! Owe it all I dont get bigger and more demanding. I don't need more gas. There was such a mind fuck when I came out when they when they said that it doesn't make a difference. If you're, tired, to put your hands on your head is pushing ease, I still believe I've. You have your hands on your knees, it's a sign of weakness and I will explain. I also don't buy any of our call it a click clarify it because they are. No science is very important right now when we actually are fined the crowbar so are clarified as business insider video science. That's what the science that that I'm talking about. Whenever that science comes out, I call back
the science that basically says you know every like six months. They ll say: studies show that people drink six cups of coffee day live to a hundred plus yeah studies show red meets actually not bad for you and then six months go past. That d, like studies, show people who we much red meat diet. Forty from home, will. It goes back to the headline writers trying to as much engagement on their tweets is possible, so business insiders, the king of doing something like studies show that if you drink a pint of whisky a week you live longer than then everyone's like looks again would be immoral, and then they replied that with check out school new, both car concept boat car, they cause forty in dollars. That's never me, Actually, I anything like that, but hey it's cool, isn't it one of my favorites that used to circulate every now and again it was kind of like the drew breeze broken legs in the car action story, though just pop up occasionally was I. If it studies show that women
consume seamen, have a fifty percent decrease in likelihood of breast cancer along and all the fellowship hop on. The group chat immediately: Haliae, yes, a twitter! Ah I guess business insiders, one quarter place it still just gone now. Rex Chapman has found a way to adjust, and today's times yes use finding new viral videos to steal of somebody getting run over here here, Blocker charge. Well, it's kind of seriousness, time Rex. Yet we hear what Bobby if that an indirect Chapman did when it was the whole Lebron James, Steve, Kurt China thing he just wrote, Blocker charge for the Chinaman square picture yeah as a duty from the tat. Yes, so yeah were, or basically were just getting through through on the calendar we were here were June. First, we have great shelf rigging mental reps for sports right now, and we got this so we have a great show for you. We have billboard coming up awesome interview with him new movie coming out. King of Staten Island, that was, we both loved than we have
in foster on for about forty five plus talking about everything, as happened last week, a series- its tone, a serious conversation, but I think for those that can maybe put their like maybe we'll talk about some hard issues aside for second deal actually enjoy it. Oh, the cap, no big deal just said, that's fine on ahead. It's fine! We may, if you wanted to give Ellie, but I am not even saying that this is a political thing that were discussing because us now it's not political, explaining you're. My few. If your aunt I trump and you think that Joe Biden is going to save you from everything, as happened in your fucking delusional selected Not political in this sense of like we're not sitting down to politics, its fastening conversation, and I learned I learned something. It's amazing when you listen to other people. Talk you learn things about them, so try about yourself shot. I would love to hear from just one person who who does
like area foster, doesn't like that were getting serious and listen to it and actually enjoy. Maybe learn something just treatise less know that we're human kids. All we ask. Can I just make a point of order about the protesters? One thing that I've noticed here the guy's wearing the wine shirts yap, apparently This has become like oh array, swore white supremacist thing to wear: hawaiian, shirts, pineapples fuck, you forget it. You will not take I'm reclaiming hawaiian shirts, crazy that, like departing my entire summer, wardrobe to try to get people to look at something other than my supple. Bresse is to just put like random fruits and tigers in a weird shit ever seen the shirts. I, where I, where those not because I think they're fashionable, I wear them because the more you have gone on your shirt, the less people notice your gun
Oh, I wear because a fashionable yeah- it's like I truly by whereby Vashe I've might learn a fragment of as a fuckin circle change yes years, even though, as you know, parliament right mine is minus peak cocking, but I was. I was hanging up all my clothes in my closet. The other day I was taken, the boxes and realise that about ninety percent of shirts, that I own with buttons on them, are Hawaiians. So I will not allow the wine sure to be co, opted Why don't you ever dinosaur? They? They took milk from us. They took wearing comfortable new balances. From weighing the look at my finger. Might the circle tat Circle gainer game? I mean that was that's an all time game and it's gone forever. You can take my wine shirt from my red sweaty mighty. Stained chest yeah, it's not gonna happen, so you have the world's falling apart. But worse still, we're still power and through we have again great show
and great shows coming up. What's up do even have any update on anything minutes. There is basically hang it every league is like what is wait and keep waiting quick. Updating on korean baseball stove, dinosaur first place. Awesome I wash the buddhist logger and I was wrong you and I we roundly. I was wrong about the crowd, know who dislike all that. Is it up? They? Yes, it it works. It was good it what a notice it at all and if you do, if you have a dj or someone who or like a sound mixer, an official, sound mixer, it will work. So I'm off doing the sound for watching these games. It probably will have fans in it. They also had. I think some league and, like maybe the Netherlands, have huge Ellie De Video boards with zoom fans. Like people live watching, it was conical that school I would get
I can watch zoom into a game. I did see that discharge Jackson said that every player should be might up yet alibi awesome. I ll be ass, but Roger he does not gonna go for nearer any the Roderick Adele denied Dave, oh yeah, southern Vietnam's, you're gonna need children, watches Adele and the NFL decided the first time in history. The NFL they did a background check was too so that they could not accept shorter fifty thousand hours. Charity by unbelief boy, put also expect a silver lining. It's gotta go to. Tat right, how's man came in second place. A bidding together said you had to take along a friend or family member, but he's got a mermaid. No I'm talking about your mom, a family member. Oh it's getting late no, maybe you're, internets, stepson, o interesting I don't know Baldos measure out there. Let us know if that arose. Last good elders. Billing well does
It's not like I do. You say that the DE background check Davis not been convicted of anything. He got. You know attained at the we're rust ended at all. We, like those charges, are gone and are not a charge. Oh yeah, the other. Oh yeah, she's, the only address. Yes, you do get relaunched, yes, but those experts. So their background check was like oh yeah the sky? We can't let him in background check complete. I hope they actually spent money. On a background check, I look up their own flight from what I've heard. There was a dossier that was put together so somebody behind the scenes. Let me know that the Unifil requested dossier of everything it Dave's done. It's it's very funny to me that, like potentially the two top bitters on spending and evening encouraging those man gave are going to of their bids revoke because their security threats, there's actually conspiracy, theory going on now that we, I for partial, because he can continue.
Only plays in your hands, and I actually I'm starting to buy now, I'm starting to think that has not so far off to think they Roderick Adele is on parcels. Payroll deliberately to play the heel and never ever ever just do one quoth. He is the ultimate suit man. It's it's crazy! Think about this, dare and were well the rule, about who, by the way that was awesome, one like the World Forum parties, like you all know how crazy the world's gotten Nike deed is just retreat. Didn't I so on. Remember where you are dear Unravel, figured out eight years ago that, is, if you play along and maybe every now and then be the pot of the joke, you can pay, in grace yourself, ingratiate yourself to offence. When you play me one, I wanted loss eleven, nothing therein velvet
that out erotic Adele. Not only can he not figured out, but no one around him has able figure it out that if he just play ball once he probably would take like aisles eighty five percent of the piss out of this guide. I dont think that he could have pleaded worse now The way they set up just been win on are nine therein. When we pay him yeah, that's fine, we postpone them. We must pay him. Yeah shudder Roderick they'll, but if Marlins men does want a guest having cry won't side, although drive a dossier, I have been arrested. Not real. I've been arrested. I've there's a problem is even if I wasn't technically rest as I've said that I've been arrested times where the hell are, these guys records he keeps saying, has been arrested. We can't find anything I'm on a wild goose chase. Looking for all the records of of me being apprehended. That would be great, though, if it would be and for me actually, if I passed a background check to go, hang out Roger
That would mean you didn't get preserved meat, I'm now man here yet so you can't take that risk. So you need just go get arrested right now. Ok, I can do that because that go Roger. Who knows how many cut the tag off a pillow, the Middle Fifth Avenue are, let's get to whose back the weak, whose back the weakest thought you by our friends at body, Armor ILO body armor, it's delicious it's finally, unofficially summer, the web is warming up, and that means it's time to stay hydrate with our favorite sports, drink body, armor body armor. No artificial, sweeteners, flavors or dies is potassium, packed and full of electric lights. With all the things you need to help. Keep you huh during the summer months and taste. Great learn, more drink body armor die. Com or order any their flavors on Amazon right now. My favorite issue.
Very banana. I can't recommended enough so go right now: drink body, armor, dot, com or any other flavors on Amazon today go go, go drink body, armor a car, ok, whose back of the weak Hank, ah my, whose back week is Andy Milon noxious. Who, yes at one members, this tv show. Probably not. Everyone is probably a lot of people that Louis Michel I got remembers on my head he's on ahead. Peas head. Please, I'm ahead, don't call me appeared. Pierre is actually my most famous birthday brow, anyway. Sorry, it is you, and animal now is hitting Hanukkah's asserting eighteen, the she's. My man crush me Monday. He tweeted the space launch happen on Saturday in he told you that talk about space, he tweeted. Congratulations to the astronauts left earth today period. Good choice, simpleton
You would think it a little joke little joke on the times, and that is now the third most popular to evolve, aren't all timely shit and the two ahead of him or Obama. Now, oh, wasn't Alan Selfie member on some very with heavy icy that we do not talk about anymore if thou on aged what else was in that programme? Jeffrey Epstein radically someone's money overpowers like oh, my God, goals like what's, cannot very much related to eat of all time. Ok, ok, ok, how many likes three point: one million! Damn it's like a tenth of the United States like just tweet I actually is that's good tweet put the better one was the guy who told not by me India, what non binding no, the better one, though of all internationally objectively. The better one was the guy who said James harden Ass, to be so confused that Iraq, it just was SAS warmly may owned. That's bigtime own owned bigtime owners
Sharon Andy Andy anymore, no, not great tv back in the day is at an end, So when people didn't realize that he had like whatever he wasn't. Sixteen yeah right before people realise that thing still funny that yet none of his chosen, but there was a moment, whereas there are specific moment in time that you just can never get back like one that's my middle school that lay at that, like my middle school, was like in shambles when we found a news when Ali G, like people didn't know that, like war in on the joke whatsoever- and he was just like it- was so wrong- so new- that kind of shit- the best how how much older was Andy than he was letting us like. Thirty also use what he'd know. Don't you know what I'm saying you wasn't it in you just acting acting in New York, the shit and looking every young and- and I was like this guy's twenty likely. My me, my middle school friends, like always one of us like look at us, kiddies superstar. I always tell you just like Tom Green with a head injury. I
I specifically remember watching him thinking he was my age and then they like, oh no, is twenty eight yeah he's floating on. There is forty four today and his children away on twitter. He was do it yet he was doing his big stuff. I think he became huge in like two thousand three two thousand for so that would make here now is the age of twenty eight as twelve out of my mouth right, whatever and he was old, I'm a book. I my who back early words. Eighty Jackie rats Eddie most. A week is anonymous. Anonymous, careful the hacker warm this, a very nice things by anonymous the hacker nice people continue, because I am terrified them, oh yeah, and if you saw their video unterrified terrified for good reason, it was so bad ass, The I was wearing the guy Fox Mask and you stand. In front of, like a digital background, with green code, those flashing on his face. He was talking in a computer voice, saying like we warned you we
we're have returned. We are Legion ACT, we are anonymous and I'm fucking terrified. So on terrified to, but whenever I see a video like that, I just think of like when I am making a video and I get like I like when China due to do the Joe Buck big head picture, something just king of anonymous like anatomists, his wife walked in and was like. Hey like you need. The car today is what the fuck I'm doing. The video making my threats yeah go Paley Gimme, a second he's doing them. He staring straight into the camera and his kid walks in the torn background, like that baby see Agri answers walking on Jerry ruin the shy? U S! Member, while I am in the reaction of him on the Kosovo any, I could remember why he disappeared. Anonymous, isn't one person Hank Anonymous is collective idea, but why did at it? S also turn my back with a made big came back with a bank, they wear the mask. Anyone could be in a non right bottles, he'll be with Vietnam nights, I could be maybe I'll. Think I'm good enough with computers
Yet as you did anonymous exactly he, I don't know. What is this sea plus teaching us? Also remember my point: where do they do not mix of word or some point? Our law petty, just doing everything a powerpoint to get us or no? No one. It is off Dave settlements. Computer folks There is a lot easier to three and I was a little bit a little bit suited that had a more thought. Anonymous and spooky goes from the same person, and I was like anonymous is back the fact that it is going to have to the family, because I waited powers to Helms Burton India. So back in obscure, like this is one of those situations kind the cow I like to align myself with robots that will one day take overall. Was I'm letting anonymous? No, whenever you need for me, I gotcha just let me know I'll help. You out my other homes, of the week is a super volcano call. This is also a notch bread, but we call this unless it show, I think we said after the murder hornet hullabaloo
but, like we're overdue for an article telling us that the Super volcano Yellowstone overdue, that's the ultimate fear porn. Article comes out once every other week. It feels like theirs when they came out yesterday and yes, we're all fucking tearing I'd, say you're doing it blown up by a volcano, not scared. I also think that this is operated. Some people see crisis here. I see opportunity because when I see that the entire United States is gonna get destroyed by Super volcano. I think to myself what would go in. My bag that I have somewhere in my house. My break glass in case of emergency beg. When I hear that were all about to get destroy next thirty minutes, I would have a bag filled with cool shit that I want to do like one last time before I die like my favorite, things, urges things that would be great unity with you know, because you're gonna die like
it's the I've accepted I'm going to die bag. I wouldn't how it's like Molly. How do I spend my last year? I think it would be Molly and Tar letter will know you play guitar, I think, would be Molly. I think it would be I'd probably have like a chick play sandwich in their get one less. Whenever honey, but it is I also have a microwave just mean I guess I'm asking you will go in your bag. I'll, probably cigarette ice on in my bag a three eleven enlarges, showed Molly went every wherever book, I'm reading he readable. You go our reading. What you're like AL, I live in your lives red or do I read you live what you also have wash nor it pre washed Orioles. You have to think that circumstance like If your bodies covered and ashes like that dude in pay
what do you want to be doing you last post, because the masturbating man is always gonna, be known as the guy that was jacking. Often the volcanic ash be sitting. There too said just he died. How he lives is children playing video gas, while his spies really fucked up. I spent sitting for a long time herring up effectively raffle ticket We ve never seen a human skeleton like this. You, I think I think heroin, heroin and chick fillet would be my my go two's if I had like thirty minutes left chief fillet sandwich, though, would just be sitting there for like the last five years. I wouldn't whenever we just in case waiting, is again a super volcanoes comedy. I my whose back is eleven mosque big time back? I think what People are talking about him being the greatest human being ever other. They were saying some people are saying that. Well, I haven't takes there's a big thing of like he's a grace American ever as a duty from South Africa, and then so we were saying, like I'm so happy to be alive dirt,
the time of Ilan Motley, already, did it. I dont get what we did that We ve done it and while who cares, we went in sports for less money, also independence, like the audio was so fucked up on the launch. A piss me off so bad: did you see that I didn't there was, I didn't tune and we owe the wanting a rock. You really want aspect of eight or later. I just don't know night school, I think it's cool. I think it's cool. A hundred thousand times already. We have not, though Hank we ourselves that we ve been on the moon twenty I think that much fifty Are these the moon? No ok, summits. Have you been in space? We ve been to the moon twenty plus more time. When did then Warrior Rivera gonna hit. We want them to move in the sixties. Right technology, that's a long way, but we must now go onto the moon. We stop going back to the moon,
this here's one hundred learn any going. First, we're not gonna, learn anything new from eleven months donors; nine that we just for him to pat himself on the back and a cool, well that a first I'm going somebody who, without the help of Nazi scientists, it's all, so it's also kind of like it's all appropriate that the world's falling apart and NASA like helped Elon Musk YO did when you need to get out of here like will help you get out of here. Thank you miss we get that most
yeah right, yeah ya, must good dip he's got his call the zebra, so basic law we are saying is: I e mosque is pony old, first Pillar day off, like I'm gonna take care. This car he's I'm running a right back, yeah, I'm a ticket around his first spin around the moon. You guys are killed this thing and will be good to go and I won't use it. I swear to. God will just use it for whatever you want to do in terms of like science and shit man, then the minute shit really pops office like I'm out. That's. Why named his kid like a line of computer code, so we can just act like it's. A robot he's with naming the spaceship dragon was recalled, give us adding sure Hank Are you not impressed by outer space? Did you not grope one? That's right! I'm a streaming! press outer space. My question to you guys, though, is what are these guys gonna come back with that. We then already know they probably broadening warm up there. They do all sorts of cool experiments like
There is a God and fellers always there's always I for one am astronauts on twitter he's always in space tweeting pictures of the earlier. That guy is so. I agree with MRS me. Hundreds we're this is. This is a good thing. I don't know I just I didn't. I know you're talking I also literal ringing out about us going spacious re knows what a cool it's kind of. I guess, you're. To be honest, you ain't, you unlike me, me little like. Why am I excited about it? I just I guess I am but you're not wrong like what are we doing with just someone knows what were they ve never been to the moon and night? Oh defied the fucking, the ship came back down and just sat on that platform. That was cool, which they also like. The technical errors. They blew up Iraq, IRAN, Fraga, who did you see that where they do it, they were showing that the platform in the middle, the ocean, then they went away from the broadcasters- are attacked words and they went back in the rock, was just sitting there interests not to be that guy.
Well, at least it's not, we think this is a real one. This was not found on a sound stage is true. True there anchor on CNN who his shoes I got. Full of science and what you sure cry really. So about your size person, school arrives and shit like that sick, you're, smarter than Vienna. Again it we get it. You do deals go to a different planet right, yes, I agree Ok, let's get your interviews yeah, that's a good point. Why are we gonna Moors right now I will give. You is always given more fuel too far away, Wiring Mars a lot further than we has anybody ever thought about bringing Mars to us, bring it closer to us. Its lasso moors with a magnet gown Ro Devilish do go to the moon. Put a man on the moon get Us Mars. Then we can. When it us us. No, it's us! It's like.
If you put man on the moon, but only only I like him, we were positive, magnet, put put pause, Magnon Earth positive, on the moon. So that way we dont attract. So we then pushed the moon away. I don't know I saw the mood is gone, why that is why now, as I think, we just gotta figure out what Mars is made of and then just have magnets that attract that thing got, it did yeah. Ok, I admit I obviously got billboard. Erin fostering the Billy football to end the show before do that cuts close in two thousand. Sixteen Stephen Borelli was struggling to find the poverty shirt. He wanted something they had enough quality, be worn professionally work, yet also enough style for a night out, so no matter where he looked, nothing fit the bill so, he took matters into his own hands. Result was a product. You could be proud to wear anytime anywhere without sacrificing comfort, cots clothing, its athletic tailored looking fit is perfect, for
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Very excited we watch the movie. I told you it is awesome and I'm not saying that, because your friend I really I enjoyed the movie and I feel like it was a role meant for you, the disgruntled, kind of anger problem firefighter Yes, there was not. There was not a lot of acting evolved. Playing an angry lunatic. Who is saying shit for kids and women. That shouldn't be saying so, no matter what acting for me, but I will tell you this stop because you guys always say what you're thinking you're all this Second, I did the KFC show the fact that you guys bulk, like inside the house stern, Howard Stern says he like someone, you know we like it cuz. If he doesn't he's gonna say it. So I really appreciate it This doesn't feel like you just you just ball watching me here, I don't know I my test with movies is: if I watch a movie, if I am thinking about the movie, when I wake up the next day
That means that I really liked it, and this is a movie that I watch on Sunday and I I woke up on Monday, and I was still thinking about it. I'm nice yeah yeah. I am Supporting role in its PETE Davidson and mercy, Tommy Stable, Shimmy, DOM on see it's just the powerhouse cast in it. I do not wish we had a great time. Japanese. How obviously was the creator force behind it, and we just we shot all last year. Remember that I came in. I came in. Didn't you hear what I porno stash yeah yeah back when people are allowed to go outside and hang out yeah? That's. That was a great time of five years ago. What I was actually could ask you bought that statue because
The shaved head in the stash is quite a look you you look like a gay nazi in this movie, Ed you protect where you pull it off. I don't know if that's like a plus or minus one word, I have heard words were really so spot on that, like you're you're, like a white supremacist and at the end its like a cabin spacey at the end of american beauty, I can always just went suppressing always goings on the other guy. I think that's the sequel didn't pull off the lot of girl out the character, guys, don't give it away. Gonna get away with the monies is getting away with. This is tat. We still got places to go at this correct and its true. What I've always wondered. We have a mustache like that. How how long before you start shooting do grow out the characters, hair or facial her, but how long walk around the thing. I that's why I need on this. I cannot shut this thing. Let me shut this off. Only fence. I I start. We started shooting in June, and I stopped
gazing in, like second, we they brought. I just I just grew the beard out just starting to get like the. I looked to stand with a red, Zack Galifron. Akershem of that one. Would he shaped said one of those are the biggest movies near the Bachelor party one I just came I like that, so we don't really know what I was gonna look like, because I really look like I just started. But like that, but I was very happy. I am site because a lot of people think its banks are like there's gotta, be a good mustache. Yeah knows you good stash. I don't know you ve heard this, but there's Moscow Buzz round. You right now just stay shaved it off really tell her up pic. I never tried to grow it like that, but I was very happy. I am site because a lot of people think it's fakes like there's gotta, be a good mustache. Here knows a good stash. I don't know you ve heard this, but there's master buzz round you right now.
I just got an answer, because we ve been talking about for saying that disaster both around you is that something you ve ever thought of in your life like Bill birth, a kind of uniting when you guys have been quarantining to launch. No, it's the only movie I've seen in nice spill is really good. That definitely has asked for both those good you are. You are very good and in mostly a dramatic rule in this movie like there. There are elements of the script. I were obviously funny when you arguing with peat and all that stuff, but actually thought that you did a good job in it in a prick. Serious role overall, as a comedian. It was fun to get an opportunity to play that this sort of thing where People see you, they see what you do and I think that that's all you could do and now the drama thing off Struck me funny as far as the stereotyped that are competing couldn't play drama where, if you really list, do a comedian act when they talk about their life. Is a lot of drama becomes funny when they tell the story, but they lived through.
All history dream divorces, break up some crazy aren't so whatever. So I you know, there's been a number of people like. That they finally led to it. So then I got to do it basically, so I had one last question about King Staten Island and then we can talk about whatever put the one line that really got to me and I'm not gonna, give anything away here, but you and PETE Davidson have an argument and he made fun of you for betting on the jets and that one for me personally, because I think that that is actually The meanest insult you can give someone is making fun of their bad bets, and so I dont know if you rely mean you're gambler. I don't know if you realize in the moment how how much that line like really hit when you're, when the gloves are off and you're going at someone and you're like yeah, are you fucking bet on this team and they suck you idiot TAT Wondrous was like all got punch.
Because it hurts on two different levels. If you're an actual fan of the team, like, I think the gin, gamblers, who stood still bet on mere their home team, love It seems so much more. Can we know where they do those those left pieces on the local knows and they show He found the biggest long island islanders fanon about when I was back in the day to show this family. They had all the trash cans, the bead bags, everything said islanders on it and they got this for being the biggest banned, the biggest spanish, the degenerate gambler, not try whose bet he's down decades down. Poppy still cannot bet against his own team. Can't lay off is home. The level of fan,
that. I think a lot more people need to aspire to, especially during these trying times. The one of these days, washing generals or gonna, beat the globetrotters right. I've got a future on Rice S going to happen. Eventually it I'll be laughing everybody. What it does is just something about losing a bet and then having someone be like yeah you're, an extra idiot forbidding on this team itches, it's a fucking killer. It's a knockout punch yeah. I Unfortunately, I never got to crazy with it. I watched Other people in my life get crazy, so I kind of bar I dabbled. But whenever I more united with what gambling I more did it didn't house like I wait, you know I do thing a couple years with mercy. Poverty by we to do this thing where every we gotta pick for games bet against the spread at the end of the year. There was you know. Every year you every week you put in somebody in the end, it was too big. You know a lot of whatever I would do stuff like that cuz. When I found. You don't lose money to a friend
How much is it going to run into him he's going to break your balls, he's still your friend, they probably be around a beers just losing it to a complete stranger. I just meeting that guy in that Fucking parking lot was not back in the day you, the guy, pull up, your own is still good luck, Caddy, whatever I was always so cliches. Just like you, you couldn't look more like a bookie, then if you went to like central casting their like what is a bookie Dr Yacht, what does he look like? They often look the same. I just remembered yeah. I'm not gonna get into the details of that some of the people, my life, that he was I cool on the beginning, and then it was not so it's true because the I've been in many of those meet up situations and for some reason, in the back. Your head, you're always like this guy's, a good guy He'll, give me a break and they never give me a break. They never ever give you break there. Always just like you up thanks for that, I'm gonna go. You know, pay for my kids break braces. Now you fucking idiot.
Fair, it is when they bring along their guy. That's like noticeably bigger than them just to be the muscle. If anything goes wrong like as usually just the guys like friend, his biggest brass. Ok, don't go for. Rather these extra tag along they're, gonna, Fuckin Mcdonald strived hereafter tax on mine, a mighty exactly yeah. Did you get to kiss Marisa? Tell me: did you watch the movie? I did, but I forgot. Oh yeah right and you you thought it was a great movie yeah like how it wasn't like that and look up thinking about it and you woke up and you couldn't remember I was gonna. Have I don't remember if you I respect women that was local part of the move. I actually wrote down house. How often was it they got KISS Marzano. My question was Marisa. Ptolemais is awesome. Did you get to kiss her Yes, I did and they found it yeah. Maybe Naomi Times already
I think we do. I know I don't know. This is not about weird line of questioning where my life here bright, allows YO feeling how many times have you thought about kissing, versatile May, after you kiss Mercer told me, that's a great question A lot, but I do a lot I grant magna lie- do trees, a great kiss her and then also I hadda anxiety cause. I had never done that before movie. I never had a play something like that and I would say that for the first time we just movie was outside. You know beat nurse house and what was hilarious. Aside from the camera crew, the neighbours in the EAST us next door like right over her shoulder. There was. Five of them sit on the stove. Just sit near watch himself.
Yeah? I was kind of was: where do you think she liked it when you kissed her, probably not I imagine someone kissed her better? So many words sunglasses all the time, not afraid aware. Larry bird short sharp, as has already happened, and you didn't get to experience it. I hope you can you gonna, you start auditioning for movies and you picture, somebody that you wanted to guess I, so I have to ask your huge sportsmen we ve talked about. It time to come on. How are you doing without sports? Has it got it like I've gone through the transition where it's now the new normal, and I'm like? I can't even kind of remember what it's like to look forward to a night full of sports. How are you dealing with it I'm in the same boat as you, but I can't remember what it's like to such a game live because what I ve done is I I just I've dealt into our NFL history, Pre Superboss, because I just five
I get fascinating that every other sport will count there. Finally to the beginning of their league, beginning that the league started right out. The NFL I made on don't know date. They start Superbowl one. Sixty seven or whatever was the sixty six season at natures blow off all these other people. You know that Were you no part of the inception of the sport, and I just I think it's fair thanks thickets fascinate as a patriot spread that we once six titles it in a hundred years of the league and were somehow tied for the most ever and the number is its Collins single digits where every other I think it's like Montreal got like twenty four. The Yankees got Thirdly, at twenty seven Celtics got seventy Lakers at sixty, really fifteen. You wanna be eight times more guarantor. Everybody now Ipad says that, but then
The Green Bay Packers won like Niner eleven NFL titles and then one another for suitable, so data Celtics Lakers. What did you want to say Yankees today? It's obvious fell but for some reason, the steel the patriots are holding that crowd. I just fine. Now I find it weird because it's not like they didn't absorb other leads they have or the all American for all can't stay up. There I that they absorb was also the third week. He called the EIA fell. So You saw that weird things. I want to go back and just look at some of that stuff. So are you going back in your watching games from like in eighteen? Thirty, three just going back in reading his you can watch like title games like they'll have I got a sort of like a press, real love. It are a lot of it. Let it gave forth and you'd be surprised, the way they talk about. Johnny United Tsavo was three yards in a cloud of dust and then he came and started from the Bob. It's not the fucking case. I regret the throne and all over the field nor brand problem Bobby Lane? All these guys,
sort of looks like the programme in a quite rose Titus spiral. What best thing that I found was this: the first african american quarterback than ever started a pro game. Was this guy Marlon risk up for the, Denver, Broncos and he's dead. We wanted to make him a wide receiver, its it lets literally. It then sell movie and he says coach. I want the opportunity to try out to be a quarterback. He crushes it. They still say it like third string like nine white guys went down. I think these, even through the place kicker in that a fucking play quarterback they. Finally stick. The guy in Heathrow to like four touchdowns has like three and thirty five yards for the rest of the season. Next year they drafted a new white do and they just give it to him without even let them try out and the like. If his career as a wide receiving went to Buffalo and stuff. But if you watch Marlon, highlights
it's insane? You see the modern game it immediately. Nineteen sixty six right up to Randal Cunningham to Michael Vick. And, though the way it is now, we just see this guy that it's like, if you tell you what this army, these he's gonna run, you're lucky robbing an eighty I had an eighty are drive, is first time on the centre, the first idea, and then he ran it in the final fifty one leadership of the flicker, the rest were barely even looks like it was wet. Like you know, thirty yards away and like also you know terrible story on the centre right right. One thing that all always catches my eye when I'm watching old football games is the referees, always look so much more uncoordinated, corny I'd even say the referees corny and they make these weird motions instead of doing like the normal first down, they just look like there. I dare not. On the same level as days rafts they'll but the rat, notably that be
some other hand signals back then I actually was watching a gave. The other night, like the fifty one, He shook game or something like that, and now you I noticed in this It then why receivers worker wide receivers they were called ends. So I M going like all these old football cards and shit and I put the flap his flanks, and in all other stuff there's a lot of shit back then that they should be talking about how nobody took the kicking gave seriously till the Cleveland. Browns join the league and after Paul Brown in auto grand and Lou the tall browser they play for years, the all American Football Conference. They want the title of four years and Anna Elsa at a Mickey mouse, Fucking league of yourself, and they came in the early. They won the title. The maid embarrassment. The NFL and the any who the Rams be the Cleveland Rams, and then they
The championship came from nineteen fifty two nineteen, fifty five six years in a row, fifty fifty one right from fifty five and they on three and lost three and then finally be started. Crunching numbers gone: why are these guys beaten us so bad and they found out that they want fifty percent of their gaze, because the kicking game and Lou Groza was the first guy that forty yards out was accurate and he was a fuck enough it's a tackle any checks straight on no movement didn't look like and he could actually hit. One from fifty, that's also without the goalposts was right on the goal. I do that elected. The idea was eight yards into their therefore territory. This guy could hit one right. I've always thought that if you have a three hundred pound guy can feel go to be worth for or if you have the guy, scores. The touchdown kick the extra point that should be worth two a sudden have felt should have done, which I went to one game and I was really disappointed that what I saw was a bunch your coat
it is trying to make it to the enough now up. Rather than they would just call him the same thing in there. They had that thing you could have to four passes on one play as long it was as long as was behind the opposite line is scrimmage. This should have been a league wide rule. You have to do that once a quarter yeah aggressor get like fans to be like, the NFL, be unlike what the fuck is. This I mean that's what that but the eighty eight it yeah change like a different yeah yeah, I like, the? U N, that the initial question no about higher doing without sports you're in the key of denial? You ve got in a time machine you started over and you prepared. Now, if this thing last for the next ten years, you will finally have caught up to modern day football and right to hit the ground running at genius. Your gee, I have to say I was. I was already doing- that in other areas, with
global warming everybody Freakin had about Trump China, all that shit, but alas, like four years. I would just why, late at night back when I was still bosun, come home and I would just put on me tv outwatched, like the Rockford files or watch I like Peter Gun, Seventy seven sunset Strip, the Untouchables, and I would just lucky like America back in the fifties and sixtys. If I m it, it's crazy, though, to think we actually the last time we saw you was a lie ass game we went to. Ah you are so roll away from us at the National Championship Game. What you didn't realize till after the game. Remember I looked down and you're just standing right there I think you're with your parents. It feels like that's ten years ago, but fuck I miss live sports. I looked at you for like three seconds go like I was, I think, at the fifth avenue. In the meantime, the quarter we're literally like ten ten seats away, you're one raw ahead for
entire game that, after the game I looked down and like oh shit, they hurt bill? Ok, why was the other one? Will we both went to the Big House the up for the response and game and I was so hammered and you were so pissed about with constantly never ran into each other. Yet you walked out, I believe, yelling chicken shit football checking up. Well, what did we was constant punted down? I want to say seventeen in plus territory and like the middle, a third quarter- and I was like item out- they don't want to win this chicken shit football. They just want to be embarrassed and I just walked out saint Chicken Shit, chicken shit, chicken shit. So far. But while one of my favorite quota that year it is its chicken shit for Paul, you gotta play to win the game. I ah I do have to ask you this, because I've been curious. You Texted me randomly in January Levin think this was the end. If see divisional round, out of nowhere before
we Niners need to celebrate more after making routine tackles out of nowhere at wow. People did you try to talk to about that before you landed on me, Ah, it was coming out of you. You are part of that. You are part of the first cluster use, wonder reared in here like who. Can I read to you ever more peace? You see they like ten people and I think that no one is coming from you. I didn't want to test its New York People Cassandra. We shall vote in everybody's right, songs about their city, so they don't understand our meat, sky, and it would be an almost you guys will see you you're still young guys if something will happen in sports where Europe, I read it as these people don't know what
the fact that doing and then you'll gradually learn? The map is all I'm just old. Now young. There is a great text to get up just like an old man, yelling clouds- and you any just pick me- and I was like I'm in. I agree I didn't raise. I feel the same way about like quarterbacks and safety when they celebrated incomplete pass, but they didn't do shit to break it up like the guy was while it s one of my favorite hide away. I love clouds should be the name of my neck special. I will of all the ways my wife is this, tried to sell me up. I think I might have to repeat that to her I just going outside and just getting pissed at some clouds like. Let me just ran for a minute and then I'll come back and we'll have dinner guilty as charged so you're a big star wars. Guy bill, your big in star wars, to me right now I read a quota you had is a while back a thing. You called star wars, a cheesy self help book put an hour,
space with modern outer space, yeah yeah, don't say absolutely did. Then you got a job working for a star wars and you, like I retract, all that I'm going to college, not atheling, aiding the abbot. Ok, so you you're only man annoying Ellie, today, action more so than usual you're on demand oriented. I heard that you spite baby voters at her. I know you heard a lot of things. I can tell you what happened. You can keep your confession. Yeah is what happened I saw a bunch of people, a joint something and as a comedian just the lay up, so I was forever make infinite. People. Thirty year old people going down to a movie better dressing, you back and all that shit. So you know if you are My plot guess: I recently went off on painters, people who pay the house a bad. They are their job on this clear toddler and the Roma paint argue spoken paint everything they have no pride in her pocket job at the modest, yet that I got inside build my the gas in its last week? I taught them
people that go to the beach is inherently not smart people, it's good population. These easy. The test, people we set off the atom bomb attack on walked towards it. We can afford to lose these people so with this One thing: that's kind of what I was doing and also I wasn't like the second one but the other ones. I just by the time I fuckin saw him. I was like forty fifty I was to be. You know obsessing over the fact that I knew I was laid for a long time to give a shit about yet the markets face. So fast forward our army, forty fucking years, thirty five years. I was at a party a party part, for a body of mine who knew John Fabric. And die John was ice. It aim at I'm taking a word about the matter, only thing I've taken over this aspect- the star wars, there's a part in there that were riding for you. Do you want to do it.
And I was like during the autumn and I've been trash and star was for a long time. I don't know about this. And then he goes because I know I listen to you park ass. I think I think that would be funny. I think your fans would get a kick out of it. If you went in there, so I was like really my wife was with me. She goes bill. Do it that's all right, all right so I'll do it now needs to think. Had I known his star wars was going to look the way it looked. I've been calling him to get into it because I didn't know he was gonna. Do this spaghetti western bounty hunter. Looking thing air I do have to be honest it through the first time. I wait in the first day a right I went in and we were harnessing the scene on the spaceship and one one,
after his head, like always purple with tentacles on somebody else, look like hell boy Clancy, look like Hellboy Brandon was like Bobo fat near all talking at shit and, like you know, when you're in the Roman, like only you find something funny, he can't laugh were This sort of saying all this space ship to each other. I kind of had looked out for a second like regroup like I want. How do I, but I wrap a second. I was like I'm on fuckin, fragile rock. What am I doing here? then they set action enabled they were also good. They will I'm getting smoke and like three takes? It was weird, you just forget: bet, you are all aware of these silly get ups, and I need you shooting a shit about. Politics, are sports, talking to someone penal tentacles coming out heads about the super bowl. I think it's fixed, is really a weird thing, but fortunately I somehow got into the thick yeah, because why I do feel
guilty about it, because this so many super fans who should be in it. However, this was make up for raw. What are you my Jody Rosa who could give a fuck about sports? I remember. Ten years ago came up to media is always went right uses I can't be up. I was in a bar the other night, and now I had drinks This guy was somehow connected with the Yankees I his name. It was there Demille, look grandma, you gotta be shipped many serious job. Joe Terry was like Don't worry, he's like you, I had always the guy I go, you can drinks with Joe toward me was like you. I say it is you big guy in the year. I just I had to walk away this up. I call on him Oh yeah Hank was actually know. I waited. I waited. I that's me Joe Lucas DA
fuck yeah. I call them up and I said I Joe It's pretty much Norman, you hate my guts and he goes all absolutely front. Page knows right boys break Basel. I go. I got a little story for you I gotta go. I think he's gonna make you hate me morning us, because this is how to do a star wars that I said Joe did. I ever tell you about the time I met George Lucas. And he goes you motherfucker and I said Joe, I'm living your dream. Go fuck yourself what I hung up on that uniform is beautiful, so we know our producer Hank, who you ve met we're. Stands. Are you going to be a temporary box van this year. All absolutely okay, so have you taken agreed with you, the Hague gravity the story of buying a jersey risk is up to all the by a jersey right
absolutely. I am obviously ever for the Patriots first, but he has my thing. I want to see Tom Brady. Ok, take the tamper Bay buccaneers. To tell the super bowl in play. Patrick moms, in Kansas City Chiefs Mantra If you go back to back it up, right, he's trying to do. Your Montana didn't. Why do we may come to see the chiefs of play off? Team is second team, but he didn't when the whole thing and anyone seven he's got one more than Jordan. I don't know I think that would be that beyond but our very best I'm not lighting. It hurts like hell. Dad he's gone you know by any that happens in sports, but I can what what he put us on the fuckin map, do we were a joke with light and a high school football stadium. We were a joke, so
I would never be upset and I would never route against that guy unless the patriots were playing the buccaneers, I'm gonna roof with Amr Patriots fan. First, what However, he ate money so many times make sure that we had a good team anything. As you know, at nice, it was when it sets out the fucking cry about that, can't do it. So if you were to pick one seemed to make this Europe will next year you either get the patriots. Are the box which were not taken? The patriots I was a patriot span for thirty years before you came along or twenty years the boy came. Also, it's always gonna go home county first, but I am by no means gotta Rudy, Instead in like to in Florida, is not playing state taxes. You got a nice that contract good by him fancies. Out square on the training staff. Now he's got all kinds of stuff. Is gonna stern, show each well and get a fast Easy Tom Brady become a human being after he left. The Patriots organization was able.
Do you know the stern show all these interviews and stuff are you? Have you been fallen that at all yeah, but I'm? that's always bended did the genius. I maintain my computing and asked me if I want to update before I just say how does he said I d say tomorrow: I'm always do it tomorrow, it just hags. Never like a star, I think the Bela check his rent run. His organization, like I've Rheinart, belch exactly a really funny guy, but when he got in front of the press I was there anything he says: he's gonna be twisted and used as both bore material, so he's playing the game next week right. In the end, the proposed game press conference so- and I always thought that the press we were just sort of babies about. Where am I
I like the way you back just think the press was babies about the Michael Jordan thing, we're there like what is it just a flood pc, a total control? It's like do you. Fuckin assholes have been telling a story for thirty fucking years, forty fucking years, it was great. I hear he's version nodded and sometimes just fund to watch stuff like that. Like right, that's the thing they got to me. I can watch something on tv understand that its biased as shit and still enjoy it, because I was- is compelling television for four weeks when we didn't have any television other, so you don't have to take one or the other, yeah. I'd say this: that nothing was more nothing and that the ten episodes that was more biased there then trying bullshit when his dad got
try too tired to his gambling all these years. I didn't want to fuck an eighteen year old, jerk off random thing. It wasn't even a story, the fact that they looked the other way and did that I mean and then there's a couple, goes one New York, I cry and that he wasn't as too bad. It's fucking Larry's death, so bill you been properly paid into the Jew, Rogan thing he's gonna Spotify got a hundred mill, how much would you say that that makes all Billy Red Beard. Ninety five million have no, no, no! No! No! I don't think I dont think I even know it's even is like is thing. It is the biggest. I dont zombies has the biggest part, yes in a whirl immediate in in anybody with a microphone recording device can have a pot gas and he's the number one team or whatever you want to call it. Like he's the Chicago Bulls, the nineties, balls of broadcasting in I just its it was just
amazing thing having better a guest on his show when he used to do it out of his house needs scholars hours. We be sitting around the table that I think ruined this and that he was a total rugged maverick where he was like. I love that he's probably the outside the business and right in the business. At the same time, it did the deal himself from what I heard it looked talking out of school little bit when I heard he did that, so we I would like to say to all young pod casters out. There is to it all agencies are not gonna, be happy that date and get the wet there be gone. I think I saw make Euro Ed, a disease? Are not gonna, build up your podcast. So now what I'm looking for agents to do is when they signed young actors. Intermediates is they're. Gonna, try get in between the podcast in the money common. It is gonna, be there move, and there could be that we will help you bill. Did we represent this person? We can get advertisers in advance,
once again. Europe, he is gonna, go to them and then they gonna pay you what their name on their check, which opens the door. Are you not being able to steal from them, and they could just rob you fuckin blinds. If there's any young comics out their watches, don't ever give up the rights to your podcast. Don't you you build the whole fuckin thing itself and even if you fucking one tenth as successful, Is what they say and rugged got? You do pretty fuckin good through true good points vice I had one last question. I'm curious this from from a common standpoint. Where are you? go with everyone's gonna have grown a virus bets. What What's the play, are you gonna be like everyone else is doing it? What the fuck do? I need you or you can make for everyone else doing it I because you know that's like somebody. There give be a bunch of specials next year, where there's going we twenty minutes, corona virus, stuff and jokes. Is
even gone through your mind through all this while lesson, True, a patrol original like myself, you always have a unique. Take. A low united paused there, like, oh, my God, is this guy serious failures, you I'm gonna go on? I am but I'm not gonna go along with it has managed to. Regarding anyways, I think the do that right, you're the lead, the sleeves rolled up, like they did in the eighties, with their sport code that I'll take a moment to the back end up. What's the deal with peronne up with that crazy or what that's the beginning? I can't give away the punchline every that's a lot. I think its most. The gag right there is, I would argue, with our own eyes. Are we talking about? Surveys are what I was slightly off. I say this: what am I won? Comedy clubs open up. It's gonna be the show within the shop and that's what I'm going down there to watch, which is a bunch thus the him if he is going up there and a feeling, everyone is gonna, get knocked down,
If you are a headliner you're going get knocked down to feature your feature you going to be doing. You know, like a new jack hosts does it's gonna, be it's gonna, be a rough one, so it's gonna be I just hope and that it comes back. That's all I'm up rather than later over that some comedians are doing like zoom sets. To work on new material, and that sounds like absolute hell because most, What you want to get out of practice in the said, as I figure out what jokes or landing, when the timings working when it's not anymore, get that at all from no averting. Let's exactly right great point, I dont know how to do that. I'm just like I don't know what I'm gonna do I'm gonna fuckin when they say it's a people back on stage again amateur go back on stage. I did do stand up for twenty eight years. I think I can. A twenty eight weeks off and not forget how do it, but I don't think I'm gonna be as good. So
I've already talk to my agent about yet all local gig square? I can just Basically, this great data down the street. I just got turned it off. How the fuck in luxury apartment building, but I will go down there and I would just like a free show people just whatever our did the venue. Charge a little bit of money, but I would make him pay me and Just go up in just work. The shit out when did. That is a thing that it up very fickle business. So you can ever fuck where the people that are coming to see us, I would make people pay to see rusty me, and I accept that I think that's that's the way I'm gonna go about it. Brought there and just swing away for twenty an answer so have a few other friends. Do it then, the next night, two hundred and thirty, and just try to get it up and going it's fucking killing me man, cuz, I had to. I had a new ninety fucking minutes and the other
That was walking around in some line from it popped in my head, and I tried to think of what came before and after it was just nothing. It was like I just found like the fuckin artifacts, so at an up we'll see, alas, last thing little good news for you any chow as announced that their regular season is over and we are about to do a twenty four team tournaments. To host cities to be named later looks like it's coming back. It looks like when does yet. So, as I should go, set up so basically the black automated player. Somehow thank you the so so the way their doing it is the boss. Teams, play a five game series and then the top team play around rob and top for teams play around Robin for play off seeding, so comical debts that
Great NEWS at what is that start? They did in the start time they're still figuring out where this, where they're going to place. Others ten hub cities that their deciding between Vegas Toronto, Chicago Columbus, Edmonson, Dallas, Ella, Minnesota, Vancouver Pittsburgh. So though in eastern Conference City in a western convert city play em all their twenty fourteen tournament. That's up eight opened around five game series is electric. That's gonna, be great. That sounds amazing, they used to have that and what would happen was it a number for could not number one a number one, no problem. I was, of course the First Bruins game over went too was in that nineteen. Eighty three and we won fucking whatever the trophy was for I believe it was the one We got the most points out. I've residues on earth, familiar with everyone than it would have been a pocket, was callback that we won there and we went up against the Montreal Canadians at a course that aspect
You never beat him, they came in and they just focus What does we lost the first one? Could you like this is the year were fine, I gonna. Do a provider gonna beat him in the form and they came in the first game, kicked our ass you don't suppose you went there with the french exchange students. That's all. I got the tickets through my french class that I was taking a now. They already for the fucking Canadian. Does it does it got lunar Bateson do a slight was at all with rebook report. They are still number seven Ppr Peter, so I think one, the Vezina trophy that year the electoral Nab Rick Middleton. Can has been, I want to say, weighing Cashman might have in his final year. He might have retired by then stand that was at overlap from the Terrier Riley was still there. Yeah. I was a while ago. I give the floor. I think was still plan was he was still with them here. Some
A long time ago, I'm really say that sport is coming back to that is made my day. Twenty fourteen player format huge. I remember well. You wrote that back very common are brought up our broad sports back and he's wearing. It asked the same when we run this interview on Monday, everyone's gonna be like holy shit, old news, guys, oh by the way average for family also sees for also comes out June. Twelve. There we go we're out when I can plug LA moving Jus twelve. So it's a big day for all of us there Aren't you stop? I don't think there's gonna be enough room on the front page with you move and know what a day, what a day I pay or thank you is always beds, always always borne in we'll talk soon. Take her love, you guys, may I love it, giving it also keep doin it and hopefully will actually have some new sport. To talk about right. Yes, I was going guys Irene.
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So we thought you having an actual discussion was, one who has you know some profound thoughts and likes to have these discussions would be great, so we pressure you joining Us- and I guess I think, are also somebody that is way more well educated than big had not yet the intricacies of the situation. So so I guess I want to just let you gotta start off with like what have you, what you're? What are you been thinking? going through your mind. What is your coat econ, however things and folded the last week bed right of our separated, I'm your and appreciate you guys. You do your platform. Even have he's kind of cheese, because our social fabric in America is is that its bill? the born. Haven't these conversations and leading the progression, but on am I feeling on Meda is alive. He's gonna loaded,
question yeah. Sorry. I her estate in America right now. It's something nets, been bubbling for decades right. Nobody knows the racial wealth. I reluctantly say that Everybody should know the racial history of America and how it operates, in America, and still reverberates throughout area asset of american life, particularly black life. And so watching? All these events unfold, you start to see. Factions form you start to see. Side being taken and that's natural to me. That's that's not that's why I don't I don't. I don't see a problem with that, but the problem lies in the rear?
distance to the progression that people to have happened to society as a whole. That is the lightly. As your question about Phil, it's like I was coming. I ran a progresses, haven't dropped one in a, and I was constantly saying that. Something's bubbling in america- and I don't know this is the over full of it. But this this this is a part of american history. This is a part of America's history that it's a recurring theme, protests violet it's just a part of America is until it addresses its shortcomings, the yeah. I think what I've been seeing is that their there's almost also focus on what the real problems have been over the last year. In five or six years right so any time. Something like this of its police brutality. If it's marvelous,
something comes into the national light and pretty quickly. Least, on the internet. We move unto the backlash to the person. That's bring up the problem or to the person whose had some sort of injustice inflict upon them. We move on really quickly and then start getting mad at the people who were mad at it, and then we get mad at like one small detail about how somebody's protesting it and then all of a sudden we ve lost complete focus on what we originally talking about to begin with, like, for example, a guy. I feel like We had this conversation back when first it was going on and there were some. There are some actual concrete plans for how did you and things and how to make small steps. But people stop listening at some point along the way, peoples not listening, when when this ass. She was made that hey, maybe the same district attorney's at work, hand in hand with the police to power.
And need these relationships ships to continue to do their jobs moving forward. Maybe they and be the same individuals that are responsible for what and not to charge how the cases precede the location of the venue that sort of thing. It feels like we had something for a second which was a concrete the action which could be institute some independent oversight into these situations. So your the you like incestuous relationship, their fur, any any crime that involves a police officer and then we're, but we forget, about that? Because we got mad about how people were protesting and then we got mad at the people who were mad about how people are protesting? So I guess my question, I don't I don't have the answers. I don't know how, but I feel like We need to do a much much better job of focusing on what people are telling is the issue and believing them and then addressing that issue instead,
getting worried about all the bullshit that follows it right. I mean it's a great point. You up the the It has always been that right. If you, if you're student, a history, that's one thing that is consistent. Is that if you look back at every single protest, there is now a saying. This is not the right way to do things by every single one be occur, the or historically, if you look Nate people raises, you will love to quote Martin Luther king. They love him now, but in this the sixties easing the civil rights was born. Aren't they hated him raises? We were hated him. Ok, he was agitator. He would he was you'd, was found TAT by FBI. Coins April actually happened right. So it's. To have twenty twenty. In hindsight, with with with these issues, I'm just like. I said I'm a student, a history and I is following the exact same pattern.
They're, saying deluding in the right in this is not the way. I agree with your message, but this is not the way in two days, sixteen win win. The select few was needed for National to bring up these very same issues that a plug in what was the rhetoric. I agree with what you say, but this is not the way right, so you don't like peaceful protest. You don't like violent protests. What do what is? What is it that you accept it the point in time where we have to realise that they don't accept the premise that its problem and if that's the case These builders burn is what you gonna get, because if you don't feel like that pain at that death is a problem that went what other, what what are the of of of communication, is there in american history other than revolt? This country was built Moreover, this country was built on rebellion and you're. Gonna. Tell me There is an american or not the right way. I called and this is what you get so eat the Vienna.
Aspect I saw your tree in a maiden makes perfect sense. I mean it the fact that there was so much backlash due to captain and you had people saying deed of the national anthem not the time and now those same people are saying peaceful protests. The only way do you feel Did you see that coming or do you feel betrayed at all by urges? You expect that out of the NFL too, now release a statement being like? Oh yeah, we see for people who are upset about George Foot here, not I've been on record talking about, then it felt like to emphasise that the re rice does happen. We re right. Was Cobb boffin Lee Ford basic abuse right. This is at the heart of my career and they suspended every year or something like that and
I grew up by the household and so that that particular object he autonomy, and why was trying reiterated Roderick, to which I wrote a long letter to him can get a hold of him can get on the phone with him. Is insanity aspect, but I was basically tell him that you have an opportunity to have a national conversation about domestic violence, because domestic violence is an interval. Football player problem cops. Do it, firemen do military. If you do it doctor to domestic violence, is a civil rights issue. And so you have an opportunity to have a platform to have these conversations instead of hiding from so the anniversary has- track record of being reactionary rather than proactive, and that is exactly what they're doing right now. They're doin They are saying that there with the protests they're saying it, because it's safe to do so now it's very safe because you have the people inside on your side, but it is not
about, that is about retroactive stuff. Now, ok, if you're, really with it and condemn the ownership there has black we'll get condemned. The ownership has funded and backed publicly a man that is calling the same protesters, dogs and For civil unrest like call that up because these these bland statements of we want justice it. What the fuck do them, What does that mean? Legged do somethin, that's that's a popular or that that will affect your bottom dollar to. Let me know its root causes that causes not you. Just you just play status quo. Society always is leaning towards progression re as time goes on and is more progressive. So what data thought four years ago, is now they thought think today less because of the progress made by cavernous protests in all the work that has been done. So in order for them in my eyes to be genuine bigger
The walks immigration Beck and call somebody's owners. Do you? I also say to you that I really like this part, because sometimes it feels like. I don't know what to do. Cause, I'm not you know, I'm a white guy- and I am Wolf, who went out admit that that life is a lot has been a lot easier for me, will continue to be a lot easier for me and then no one really wants to hear my take on this put. I did of your tweet, we're like small victories matter, and you can get exasperated so like what are some of the small victories that people should be like in two to be like hey the weapons. I agree with you. I think in Felt has changed a little bit and lots for he's, not big, but I think that this David, please change a little bit of their mentality and, like it slowly happens and eventually get point where people won't allow. The sea things that happened ten years ago twenty years ago to happen today, ten years from now twenty years from now. Well, that's that's the best
Kind of cars have been humans is, is you you're trapped in the now, and so we trapped in the now it's hard for you to see that you are part of a collective and we are all part of the collective society in this basically human experiment of America. This is a big social experiment and so when you look when you view the world from that lends, it becomes. A very clear but when you view the world as as just right now, this is when you the issues that you have going on, so people are our saying I understand the frustration of that you're fucking, tired of marching, I'm tired of talking to these people like from protesters who are just like they want to go on call. So I understand where they're coming from What they have to understand is, and people and people against protesters? Well what you have to understand that you're you're a part of a long, lasting history of America and Europe?
It plays a huge role, every single part of it to white men with one of the biggest pack has on the Globe Talkin about Rachel issues wanting to hear from somebody who is black is a big part of everything, person has a has a part in it. We're not going to fix racism by the time we die. It's not going to happen This has been going on for millennia as though. All you can do your part fix your world like a sound soup accordingly shape, but is the truth and those small victories add up over time like I know cause amongst our community. We talk about a motorcycle time about solutions. Could thereby war on terror. Marshall. What about what we're gonna do a change it are you knock on change it or you can do, is fixed small things at a time when our again, I must do our time there would caps proves as do catch quota. Brought a national conversation to the forefront of America. The world relate to the world and if, if not only that,
It was it was. It was productive, but it didn't just due to a change political discourse. Now social justice, listen to the two thousand eight, credit primaries and listen to the two thousand twenty democratic rammers wool social justice, has taken a huge step forward and it wasn't just kept. But cap had a big part in that Does your question. A lot of people get caught up in the now like they want. They want legislation to change the moral snuck I happen. People have been. This system has been instituted, four hundred. There's. It's not gonna happen tomorrow. Has to happen by slow change legislatively, but also obviously from a public by like All legislation is, is our thoughts on paper does it is so the Zeit guise of meaning Overall feeling of of Americans is what changes legislation. So the culture has to fill the shock
before anything. Happen has to happen. There's been that's why some poor like shit like this, haven't conversations with people. You don't necessarily frequent right, yeah. I think a big problem. In white American, maybe I'm speaking personal experience has been the fact that a lot of white people feel like it's worse to be labelled a racist, then racism is dead. That's. Why you're like the last thing anyway, person wants to think about themselves or be called. Is a racist but it's time to have an this conversation with ourselves and say, like everybody, think most people most races have prejudices. We come with pride This is depending on where we grow grew up. Who we grew up around just are natural personnel, as we all have these prejudices
Thus we are all. We all have elements, racism, if you think, if you all those people who say, oh, I don't see color at all, then you're fucking liar, because the best most ignorant thing you can do is nonsense is absolute nonsense. So, like maybe it's time that we to have a conversation with ourselves and say: yes, These are the elements of my life. The these are the views that I have that contain. Four prejudices are elements racism. And here's how what did he say? It's one of that. One of the things it has been drive me crazy, is like wrestling with the fact that everyone wants there is like a checklist if you dont tweet, something then you're complicit put I'm not reading, because I think twitters assess pool and the men. I tweet something the first reply. We talk, as before you came on areas. The first replies always someone hijacking my conversation, someone's then taking away, and so like people will say right now. There
sponsor to hey. This is fucked up thing happening like well. Why people get killed by cops to it, but that's not what? That's what we're talking about right now. So, like that's the guy, what you're, sapient break their response won't be simply You know what this is fucked up. Instead of figure it out, people never want to feel like there. The bad guy run any situation and sometimes guess what news you ass. You are the bad guy. I am the bad guys in times like the issue, that joy is yourselves yet. The issue is when When, when raises people think of racism, they don't necessarily gets. It is a very small percentage of races, people that think of them as racism again in terms of the coup course client without openly admit, white people more superior, like that, that's not how racism works, and anybody who studied this shit understands is right. When you talk to sociologists economies like that, anybody who studies it understands
that's not how racism works and operates right and that's the problem. The problem is its hard to even point out. People's racism, because they don't view it as races of a great case in that is. Does the recent case right? Is Quickly, idolized, what it is that lady there Call the cops on on the birdwatching do yup, so Karen you could take care is it a care if it is not, as Mr Mer word so she called the cops on his due and she wept denies the police against the black man right. So what What what does that mean? she's, I'm gonna call the police on what does Emmy it mean. She understands very well the relationship between black people and the police in his country sheen. She understands that. Not only does you understand at she understands that, at when that police office comes he's more I we going have a high percentage of assuming guilt for the black man right away So she understands that dynamic right and then
When all that transpired always done. She didn't are drawn in her positive, but I'm not races back. She does a view. Herself is races there. How racism works by an end I was having a conversation was. Was somebody cats that when we first decided the new there's like a league wide tax conversation about she would do to? Should we not do? I ended up and it costs a lot want to do so was. I was telling him. I am our fathers and grandfathers had a very hard flight right like they had to My father had to be inside, for the lights was on, like there was martial law in LOS Angeles. My grandfather, of course, was apart of Jim Crow, like they had a very hard fight but I was explained to him how our fight is actually a little harder not in the sense that we that we haven't progressive society, but in the sense that we're fighting a blind enemy. I have to convince some up people there.
Still fight to be had right after convince races that their racist cause. They don't see right right. So all these dynamics working against the common good, is the issue, and until we addressed that, like you have a really I was just like you said, own prejudice is to me. It could be a very positive and thing I don't know: think prejudice, prejudices being produced is a bad thing as long as you don't bring any extra baggage to like. Like saying AIDS is the driveway exit. Funny joke right, it's but its. But it's a prejudice thing to say like it can. It can be a gateway to understand in an entire caught right if you use it in the correct way. But the issue is the negative stereotypes. That we bring to our prejudices, actually harm people, that's an that's an that's! When racism comes to the party So when you say
black people are less intelligent right when you start saying things like that, that's what that's when that's when it becomes dangerous because of how racism works here is, you might not think you're racist, but you start to believe in some of these stereotypes. Then you become a conduit to to the oppression right because which then doing your sign is ok. Then you're doin, you you, you agree with it, but then say you're a position of power, so you can hire people so you can do whatever. Whatever the case, maybe you are and in a position to do harm? A police officer, TAT, study after study, says a black man is more view, viewed as more harmful than a non blackman. These stereotypes harm people that's how racism works, they think it's just a little bias. Prejudice, it is but when it when you bring that into the real world. That's how I should operate in. In its interest in that you brought it up because it becomes
it turns into actions and it turns into harmful access than those actions beget more more like Is it bad situations across the board, because now you have entire generations of minority? To grow up in they're afraid of police officers when they get pulled over day, their anxiety goes through the roof they get nervous. They do with these like mental issues as well that stacks on top of it and it's it's a ripple effect and like I'm, I'm starting to see a more more. I also think that it's kind of bullshit that at least in her profession, and you know it. If your sports fan you deal for the most part, if you watch the NBA or the NFL, especially like your lives, are invested, you care about these black men are playing a sport for your entertainment right, but this and they start to all sure, there's their shared experiences. A lot of people are so quick to just say, oh bullshit, and just like turn their ears off and not even listen antics. Sport, you care
It's. I always think about myself personally in that situation, where it's like. I can't a good conscience interview, a black person. If I don't listen to what they have to say about their own experience. I can't interview a black person and expected to be a productive conversation about the sport they play or whether it has nothing to do with race whatsoever. If I'm also unwilling to ask that same black purse about their experience being black in America, I super dope away. I think. If progress is gonna happen, Winnie Webby will argue. What is I know I know I know I don't want so they're they're gonna be a bunch of people that are now no Charles Vienna gonna show whether they come at me with your white in all, were virtue signal now, whenever I thought we absolutely cannot yet the Maloney jointly major interest, Aero quick, because I hear that a lot from raises. Beware they'll say I shouldn't have to fear
guilty about being white right. I agree your complaining guilt with em, that's all it is like it saying. I see black people struggling right or I see the play against people, color is, the same as saying. It's wrong for me to be white in the scarlet. Nobody saying that's a strong that nobody is. Nobody is propping that up as an argument at all that complaining guilt with emphasis, all it is- is embassy. It's just like the exact same is not directly analogous but is very akin to like the transgender, and people mixed gendering them. It's like I used to. I used to be in the cab of that yodeling two sexes right now, and I only get too deep into this cuz. This is about something else It is kind of analogous where I used to isolate others only two sexes right until actually Talk to one, but to a transgender, a woman who
Let me understand her smears makes per hour with everything make perfect sense, as was like, although I dont feel how she feels, if that's how you to be called, why would I not Do they just to ease her life? That makes you have I'll call, you would have you wanna be called, but to the point its issues may be an empathetic right. You said it aren't you Da Gama. Do everything in my power not to hurt you right here right so so yeah medium for expecting daft imbued like a million people tomorrow, because it will be just oh, my God, Phd in big cat with the white guilt like holy shit. What, It's. Why? Because I am a fantastic point by you: it's not I'm not feeling guilty trying to learn. I'm trying to be a better person overall and understand. I spent all weekend with CNN on being like, I fucking hate, seeing my country just rip art like this socks- and I don't know what to do. I was what I think would help in a big in the belief that, like there are people who
set their ways. The people who treat us like guilt. By way, we could do We could send them a thousand dollars emulate, listen this conversation and they still wouldn't and they still wouldn't care and we still couldn't change their mind, a more about changing people's minds, who kind of just sit in that middle spot. Where they're like what? What do I do- or I don't really understand this, so my question to you is when I get pulled over when I see a police officer, I'm a more mad that I got pulled over like men like they're, probably get a yell, before being on my phone on driving, Well when you or anyone you ve, you know your ear, we're your friends or family. You ve talked to what is that like, like what I just feel like when you have interaction with the police officer. I am, is very question. So if a lot of them to at disputes are readily that what you said earlier, what you're gonna get from your crowd is more more, why people killed by black people right.
When you are just for the population, it drastically changes. One too. If any dead body by a buyer by government officials as a body like something should be wrong. Yeah we're both were born in a society where it's ok for a guy I meant to take a life. That shit should by, but at any regard to that point, how I explain to my web browser? This is this is this is, How often do you have a conversation, or did you have a conversation with your parents about how to interact with police probably very rare animals, community, no rights as a grown up. Was it was known like this is how you interact with them. The issue, one more go deep into or issue with the more why'd you are killed in black people is,
it's the bench, paragraph right, the whole facts over feelings, crowd right! Is it s I'm thing to say, when you talk about social science, because we all know is not physics. This is not calculations, right, we ve thought about social signs in data where they do in their doing pulling into doing research and they're doing count like bodies where I saw, What does that not account for, though that is not account for anecdotes? That does not account for how can you quantify a police officer. Roughing you up. How can you quantify that? Could you reported to where's that in your data, is not how do you quantify decades of that? You cannot You will not that's why police relations and in an inner city communities are bad, has a lot to do with the drug war as legitimate race. As you are I'll as one and addressed ever the quick? So point it's a great yes like the facts. Over feelings is
what a lot of go to view the chart that they are. Everyone tweets and they're lying near the facts. Get your facts. It's like this is not a strictly. Best thing. In what I just said, I don't know how math words, modal diamond- I never one of the disproportionate rightly, but there's a size and population reporting it like you said you can't. You can't put a fact on something that doesn't get reported rightly and then, if you automata, if they, if they want more effects, if they want more facts, the Department of Justice did a study into doubt. Nothing with sixteen fifty where they found inherit racism in the Chicago pity in Baltimore, PD and anything like, therefore more the re found inherent race
I'm structurally inside of those police departments, and so when you give them that what they say they say all justice depart deals with its corrupt right now is what trumpets banging is. Did the crook? So when the facts come out from your government from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, I say, black people are are have more moderate. Black people are much less likely get your bubble erect. You accept those facts, but you don't accept the Department of Justice and that there is an error races of indescribable and in the bottom up pretty like you have to pick a sigh and it any intelligible, whom we want to stand it. It's a nuance, conversation that issues you can get. One piece of data got dressed ass, tat s why they should have been going on for decades, a millennium and there's reasons to why, but it's all multi Faceted America's melting pot, but
when we talk about echelon day. But I mean I'm not to appoint as want to add to what you just said like you can look at at stats from like the street crime unit in New York City and like the eighties early nineties, wherever that was- and you can see how many people were pulled over just because they are in the wrong I'm unity, and so they poem over just as a matter of principle. Search them all that stuff and then that ripple, That goes off, that those people, then carry around a will to the police, they teach their children. Ok, here's what happens! Here's, how we're being discriminate against our community and then that country leads to a mass of massive divide. Anyhow, Miss Heritage, trust between a community and the police. That's not going to get any better and that's something that will not show up in it in a graph, so feelings Ok, you can say feelings. Don't count the same as numbers they might the count more because there are so many people out there that are affected mentally by what has happened there going to contribute to violence in the future? And that's not you don't see that around
absolutely and that's why that sentiment, that factual feelings sentiment in the context of Social issues is just plainly. Stupid is very plainly stupid and Data can be useful. They don't get me wrong. Data can be and is very useful, but, Sir, two compartmentalize it as the The objective truth is just ridiculous is just as is not even like. No social scientists even takes that seriously and to meet like the reason why some by like measure Para, has a platform that he does is because your he'll, say a thousand times he's, not races, thousands out, but he speaks this. The language that from speaks in so far as the dog whistles to people who feel like that who fear like this country is making me feel guilty for being white? Does dog whistling
that's the issue with their families. Well, one of the jobs over with Bishop we're not is fine and I wrote them all the time I do an impression of em, but I had a high. I also I also say little could also say that, like all our lesser base, I dont want to act like our lister base. Is gonna. Listen, this conversation in hate everything I was now because I think the vast vast majority them will listen to be appreciated and do what you have to say. I'm talking about the people who won't listen, you still get mad gratuitous white guilt arc unless they're they're not sweet it without listening it be like oh look at them: they're Fucking Cox. They wanted illicit. So does the runners ottoman item unoffending those most people to their sugar to appoint? So so I grew up in a my father. Specifically taught us how to interact with police when you get poured over you can leave hairs on stairwell you domain any quicksighted movement you don't reach for anything. These are the kind of conversations that we ate.
We were just oh, I didn't think anything. Other Colombia, Grogan one house or outside of air body it wasn't it. I really started going to college, has been interact and another kind of communities, rather YO, yachting out he's gonna conversations. That's as wilds amused, so used our understanding. Your role in society Two to another point: why the facts, are funny stuff is kinda. Does it make any sense like when I was younger? like I said, Agrippina domestically vile household, and so we, the cops called the neighbors called the cops on US on a term. What does want house loud, and the cops came in and my sister on the phone and with my father think it was not my mother, somebody and she's what, if he's all right and the cops had put the phone down he came in aggressive, became upset, and I'm at this point I'm like a lover
game of grasses that you like angry and he's, I put the phone down she's like no, I'm talking about and she's fifteen years old and she takes off running into her room. Saw. I sort of man is, grow, mad, tackle her right I'm eleven and I'm scram crime screaming I try to run, goes even further cop hymns MIA that shit like that. When I was when I was growing up in when what, when I moved to Santiago, we had all our stuff in our in a car. We draw Robin illegal visit, my grandfather, who just past my dog. But were driving from San Diego allay we import over buttercups and please officer walks up and he goes about a car and my dad is, absolutism denied it s just step out of the car and when he tells me that you do everything he says as iced it put him out of the current in couple minutes later. He
he pulled me out, says you set out of a car to, and we were both article five and assign sit on a curb. He makes his open a trunk, for all of our bags out of the trunk eat. He then take all the clothes out of the bags right. It's like two or three bags, full of clothes in any just apparently was like for drugs or something I don't know and probably looking for it so easy. Half an hour, he is now the father and son sin here. Packing close back in it s is degrading, experience right, and so that's it. That's the that's what it's when our conversation with time alone- and she was explaining to me how she felt like to protest at the initial protests, the kneeling was dishevelled and I'll. Tell that. You don't have a monopoly on what it means to be american and how to fill in America and so, when you see the flag and the STAR Spangled banner and striped, you get a real good.
They're all feel good feeling of adult. I don't feel like it at all. I don't and you and you can make me feel that she I wish I d finish when I heard the stars made about National was a I, but I don't like this. All the flag I ruined different about the flag. I don't feel like it's inherent like I love to be an american like. That's is not, and a lot of us feel like that, I'm very grateful for the opportunities that I've had. I'm very grateful for all of that shit, but The experience that I've had in America does not make me feel all happy. I be joy like it does for you when you say I'm american it's not the same in and that experience is valid right. And in what they're doing is they're trying to invalidate that experience and aims, and we do that you will lose their battle, because this is how people feel you can argue with. Emotion is on you, you have that you have to acknowledge that and if you want any kind of, if you before any kind of diplomacy. If you really want peace, like you say you do, then you listened too great
as a fucking great point, because it's just something that you don't like. Eight really is what everyone goes to is don't disrespect flag and don't disrespect and after them, and I definitely feel pride when I see the flag and here the national anthem. And just hear you say like hey, that's, not the exact emotion, I'm feeling like Dat right. There explains, you know, why people have so many difference of opinions on line not wherever they may be, because the emotion that one singular thing that everyone assumes is exactly the same across the board is now is enough. My is another request when we had another one that like win you bring it up to like razor deepening our shit here we go again, but it's a real thing, like If you guys do your family history, like your lineage, like you, have a family crest and you don't know where you come from an end. You re all. This is where we found out. I note that often ask all right
It is like amid a thing you, but when we do like, if I do it better we go so far? to a slave owner is the real thing and so that heritage sites like this? Is this? What I don't think you understand is like our heritage in America is racism as what it is. We can't go back and trace mines, as is I can cut off He saw my my last name. Foster was a plantation owner like Thus it is a real rang, like it's a real trauma and its discounted, and it's it's it's millennia. Upon learning to me, it is the core reason why black culture has been the mecca of entertainment and the mecca of music. It's because We translated that trauma through pay
into that entertainment is why hip hop is the number one genre in the world? That's why you have sports and we dominate that that that genre is at that's. Why it's, because we have used that vessel of entertainment translate that pain in the end. All at issue that you seen in in these days is just reverberation from that. On top of it, like I don't wanna, it is not just race. That's going on right now and I think that's a big issue that needs to be tackled, not a bigger. It is a pity that needs to be talked about as well. Is there Tom acts are more that people are end with all it issued a fresh. Pinta. Frustration is Penta, frustration, but all comes from the have Nots Iraq. People will be frustrated, so you need a gaunt. Listen. Are you going to beat him to death and that's that's to meet? That's the we're all here pop. Hypocrites to sir certain extent right, everybody it, but this hypocrisy to me is like unforgivable. Is that you
you're, not ok with you loading a burning building. That's not! Ok! You don't like the destruction of property, ok, cool, but you are Ok with police resistance to that and then be inviolate. You have the big czar Do you like viruses? You dont know violence, fact that where I met that's where we're right now is like you have people I would. This is not the way less. You give me a solution. I don't want to hear from you on this. Not so what is the way yet thirty years, and never ever gonna be a time when somebody is going to agree with a method of protest that makes them out to be the bad guy. Like you look back, people were killed for registering people to vote in a legal matter people have been killed, Adieu, Godfrey came to death, basically on the floor, the Senate, while he was following Roberts rules Elk in order- and I like it, doesn't matter how like proper, your protest is at any given time like people going to resist.
Being called an asshole in it. Instead of addressing, may be what the root of the problem that right, and I am obviously think that you know unnecessary violence and destruction at some point, it's like what what are we doing here but you're, absolutely right when you eat the, when a police officer murders, someone in broad daylight, the The society had been broken so, You can't be like. Let's put the rules back on, by saying no destruction of property like the one that is also contract is gonna thousand percent year you're holding you're holding untrained civilians to a higher standard in new arch are holding train government officials and you'd have to check yourself, like you have to understand. The the ramifications of what you are asking of your civilians, that is, that is this is just not even a logical step to take to me. I do want to say, though, that the people that are coming in from like
four neighborhoods, like the Jake Pause of the world up and Minnesota that are just like taking part in the looting for fun. Anne and destroying local businesses when you obviously are not connected to the cause or what the people of China protest like a normal yeah but but but fuck. You too jet Paul, is what I'm gonna. Let me ass. She is, I think we can all agree. Let me ass. She assyrian what like Ito I I know I have a couple friends who are police officers and they're good people, and I do not think that every police officer is a terrible racist person that wants to kill people in cold blood. What is the answer because, like what is that, once they have from the police force perspective like? How do I fix it, because I do? it's on them to work air their relationship. Society in general, and the black community in particular right there's it there's a few there's a few remedies. Fur was known
the first glance one is you have to admit that as an issue right, you have to admit that there is a problem. And if you have a police department. That does not feel like there's a problem. Then did the rest of the world, but as is null and void, so How do we do we have just as in our hearts and our society? So in order, in order for this to happen you have to have a system in which it is commonplace for there to be just right. So that has to be the norm rather than the section of officers, which is what we currently have. You have the judges, the district Jerry's, all working for the say under the same umbrella, and so what they're supposed to prosecute the people that are all happen. Branch with that must not happen, and so you have to have
serious talks within the branch about making sure now These things are are cut off it, rule of the systematic issue and a part of it. Parliament is? Is us as well? We have to learn. Wright's more for sure, but I don't want to I don't want to. I don't want to testify a conversation I had with my people research about how the rules shit between, like the district attorney's, That's right! I rang okay. So if you want to make things look inside right right, ass to be just as improbably restorative justice from an the consequence is that the police face for these kind of things just aren't enough, and that was the initial spark of the entire thing. What kind of government who say is there
is just not enough. So if you want change, has to start from their like there was it. There is a margin, Jersey right. Yes, it is let s go to date. Where there was, art and the police officers join. Yes, I what is I say? Yes ere. I should certainly always trying to reach wheat because no one you talk like that, it will be on CNN, it won't be on. It won't be on Fox because they It do sell off of America is falling apart. I was like them. One foot mission as it isn t. There is wonderful in Michigan, whereas, like the police officer was talking about, let's go March together. It's like yes like these. This is why, when we say it's, not bad police- and these are the police officer. We're talking- are art ass, a hero down and use. Yet China came out ahead of everybody else. We should say that we should be promoting that liquid. Instead of saying it's, not all police officers than hoping that you just potluck promote the good. What's the problem,
everyone wants trying they? Would they not be silent as well right have to condemn that shit? They have their now, but be loud like fuckin, loud right, that is, it issue. I made a few a huge part of it it and it's about us about accountability, but it isn't is not is not going to take place without it to me like the issue. I have would people there of issues with the protests right now, I meant to say why this isn't the way or looting doesn't do anything out and I'm just call em bullshit theirs. It there's time half the time again in american history, where rioting and looting has caused change in America. Happens over and over and over again. I can tat time after time again what I would, as is the case. We love to quote.
Our Luther king. We love to quote the summarize movement because it was none. Pilot and edges because it makes you feel good. That's that's the only reason why, like Pain is still pain and you can't mitigate that shit and you can't tell people how to fill and you tell people that she should doesn't work because it does so that's why I like that an advocate for looting and that it advocates a burning building, but I'm I am also not saying don't burned abundance, I'm safe you feel for their building like new think, like that man's family give a shit about the target target, came out and said we would the protests like will rebuild, will be. I said several small businesses of coming to command said. Yes, it has because they understand what's going on and what is at stake, the soul of this place is at stake. And you have a divided place, and so, if, if, if really what does this? Only things will happen egg, or else you gotta go
You have some one as it is what it is. I would never put on a cape for target. If it's a David Busters, then I might have to happen. Attack outside it. Yeah like hey so Canada will fit, will fix the target. Yet. I also think that the there's something about the job, the very nature of police work that makes this a difficult hurdle to get over and that If you're, let's say that you're one of the thousands of of police officers and want to serve your community out there, the entire force is built on the under in that every one of your fellow. Sir he's gonna have your back and it's very, very tough for peace. Officers to speak out to forcefully and because at the end of their career, a lot of times, then maybe no was only trust them. And so I did, I feel like the right answer to this is maintaining more independent oversight, because I don't, I don't think that we're gonna be able to count on every police officer to come out and
it forcefully against their their fellow coworkers for fear of retribution or just because something that they elect not to do yet? Not enough? That's fine, but that's the problem. Right is, is a view of you? Don't want us speak out against injustices, then you're complicit. That's it how as well and a lot of people vous is, if you don't want to speak out against the near okay with and if you're, not ok was it. You can say something and in a much about tweeting about Ray I'm talkin about talking to you office is about to sit A lot of point, which is when I was loaded with losing much tat was what what else can we do is like its training is cannabis, is treated like we have to change the training of police officers we have to. We have to. We have to have an emphasis on human value and de escalation rather than aggression,
of have bodies that have trained to- and you know, I'm pretty sure each police forces different, but the ones that have I've talked to his we're. We're trying with the mindset of like leave. What do you say to leave is it, come home with the same amount of holes. In your body that you that you went to work with it is better to be judged by twelve, then carried by six, I guess the mindset police off his hair like that's the mice and in the head, and so that a lot of the issue is legislation. Why? Why are there so many interactions with spoons anyway? a lot of these laws and that we have our just we're just used to. They're. Just there just nostalgic We don't need all of this oversight like- and this is this is our whole another political conversation, but a lot of the police interference is unnecessary, n and out alive Here I want to agree with that won't, but
It's just the truth like. If you look at like what the main cause of black, we will mean in jail for people color general, Dangerous drugs is its petty, petty drug crimes. And so that causes so much police interaction. If it that's it, that's at a legislative lowness of if, if we could if we could somehow Decriminalize these things it will. It will cause less of a letter lessen the probability of you, interacting with police yeah. If, if you, if you could further walk around what we write in it America. This just dropped the rate in which we are even having to come in contact with each other and announce a lot more to about to the actual facts, but it's a multi faceted issue. Just as your question is a lot of things that weaken we can do, but it takes the start like this is to have a conversation. Media are you? Are you optimistic about the future, because I spent this entire weaken just being sad, just being re sad about the state, everything and very pessimistic about, like I believe
things are going to get worse before they get better. I hope I am wrong about that, but I I put myself in the category of pessimist right now? I don't like I don't like field pessimistic. Are you they feel optimistic about things. About this particular subject now I think in It's going to be a long time before I real change happens. I think this is going to continue to happen for a while. But I'm pessimists by nature some pessimism biomed, but I'm a pessimist because, I want good. I want there to be good it bothers me, give me up a night, and so I think How I do with my pessimism is: I just try to do my part like my world is, like I said, is corn is like the Dolly Llama shit, but it's like in order for me to be a sane human being.
And not be angry? All the time may have to fix my world. What can I fix? What can I help legs or there's plenty things? I've done for communities plainly that continue to do things on planet do in the future in and that's all I can do I can. I can fix it by myself, but let us restart conversation makes spark? Maybe maybe everybody that listens to it is like fuck that dude full of shit y'all are full of shit. Maybe one person is like you know what that Shitt makes sense to me and I'm going to go, have a conversation with my family about it, and if it, because it at issue was worth dot. That's pretty much my intention with this. I know that, like we said earlier, there will be some backlash still be some people that will accuse us of virtue, signalling whatever that means, once you have touched at the end of the day, when I hit you up, I was like I just want to listen. I just want to hear a note. A Europe decided not living myself. That's what you your point. Is exactly right, like people, if you, if you want to do something, a tweet, really
doesn't do doesn't do shit. I hate that. I hate the fact that a tweet now becomes the like checking the box. I tweeted. So I'm good. I shall listen and people she's Levison, Romania generator. I I you to feel like they're too, like I was like such diminish. It isn't the fact that she didn't do anything, but does No, yeah and I'm with you. I meant because. Prior to social media, You do know how people felt right and that's why there was a little bit of calm in our society. And the reason why so disruptive right now is because a social media and it's because you can't really hide how you feel you can add broadcasts and unless you just take a neutral stance right Mozart, most time that the neutral stance is is. It is anti this movement but tweeting. Letting your following.
Understand where use stand on a subject can be comforting for them, because. There's people out there who are in places where they are the minority and how they fill in. And if somebody that they like and they love and look up to, and they listen to. Understands what they're going to understand that Then that can change and keep them motivated to keep fighting their fight, and so are you so like that, but aside social media it it is real. Like. You are the main issue. They were too. It is not really real wishes. She goes down onto it should stand. I change have. As onto the news happens on twitter loutish. It happened. Turkey was careers, get started people's careers, he ruined loutish. I have as regards social media, those like out, which is annexed to this day. Sentiments like you'd rather have a conversation extended. I'm not saying you have treated ass, I what I'm saying all I'm saying is,
understand. The other side of that is like a does social media. It is engaging in a way that they can be beneficial to to having everything was, of course it's it's good point. I probably also like I just get so exacerbating when I do treat some serious that it just gets like I said, hijack the eye. The first reply then becomes a conversation about something totally different, but you're either I mean it's. It's a good point think batter the couple ways to look at that perspective. One is from one area insane witches. There might be somebody out there that identifies what you say in what you put out. Their makes them feel better about their place, makes them feel supported. That's once What is the other side of things when a big cat, and I were alluding to where it's like? Okay, you tweet something out and then there's a big argument that just comes into your mentions and that's the focus of the conversation or it's. I guess you said this, but why aren't you speaking out about this that's more on our side and how we feel about like ok.
Expectations that would go along with like putting between. I think a lot of people do put out. We just to feel better about themselves right. They check that we do a lot of stuff. I know big it does. I certainly do behind the scenes. Are we don't broadcast everybody, because it? I feel like a lot of times. If you, broadcasting every good thing that you do every everything that you think is good, that you do, then it just becomes no for all the wrong reasons like your seeking I was out of attention, and that's not a trap that I want to get into on on a litter. Little lighter note, I you have with the other day. I think is made twenty six. I want to ask you about this. I think it was Mr Aigner, the exact there I am referring. Ethical rates were around three forty wanting it have something like twenty one replies. What you deserve gross that you got ratio twenty one replies one week you two hundred twelve likes me at tabs or everywhere. Last three tabs love tat number one
A Britannic article N Y Nazis, weren't socialists, tat number two, article outlining the contingent contingency argument. For God, article three, a guy, research on where to watch blank man, so my question is: what did you find out where blank banners gives Emily whips ass, absolutely it's on Amazon, Prime, where there s of it. On this has been ass, a man. I really appreciate doing this. It like honestly, not and for our listeners. For me personally, you boy a point that I haven't even considered. That's really all I'm trying to do right now is like hey. I don't even think about that aim and think about that perspectives. Oh, this been awesome man and we really really appreciate it and you always welcome lack Al Europe. You know the ear your ideas,
thoughts and everything you thought through, and yet we woke me back and also recently to Micro, dough summit on twenty two Microsoft, your podcast and I'm gonna try to beat Alabama tonight with Tennessee, so will I will be there? Brother will beat you ass. You did actually weeks ago, you're like a year like I'm, a fan of coach dogs as like all right. Let's go get em and make and tenancy Mama Mademoiselle Rum room. We yet- and I pay my players just see now second. So it's a member representing! I haven't you ever saw if, if, if it's you like you. They wanna because I'll, never claimed to be like a social like jailers. None has now. I just I just know what are now in a region where research unknown, It affects my life. So I'm just gonna, take it upon myself to read upon it thoroughly and so one of the greatest of otherwise I'm currently. If you want to.
More of us of that a Mars out of the of the of the hour in perspective, when it most Brian may, walk in and in have been doing it for years is named corner west by heard of him before, but take to his. Book sticking to his catalog, listen to his speaks at when he speaks he's always on his toes all the time. He's he's really brilliant in in and he's really diplomatic as well he's very he's not like devices like he's not like fuck them and we're going to burn this might be just like our brothers and sisters are hurting. He delivers it in a way that shit sues, you nice. Our second, I little homework for every corner. Where I area take so much man really do appreciate it. Oh Mamma, is there anything you want applaud? You got a new album It's coming out in the next,
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you want a billion producers there we're going from a very thoughtful conversation with areas foster to Billy Porpoises Whiplash set all my God, you guys remember. I got you a twitter beef within it, I'll kill and wool yeah do such vague. It don't that he has any more than yeah crises, not realize he's a fry. I love her ease. Vague in is like a total procured. Visa folk in the dude you, don't trust the man made up of plant proteins I'll tell you that not a big it anymore. So, but yes, it is whiplash Billy Football, deep, dive, Billy football. We don't know what we're talking about this week's want. You go her yet they so Pfc. Don't answer this: how many grey apes. You guys know great apes. This way you just want to answer or our hake, whoever
well, too soon bill. What is a great? I don't even know what a gracchi bless our eternal a gorilla yea I like like, grew like apes. Like me all the ape sooner Carrillo array mighty Joe Young, monkey promiscuous spider Monkey chimpanzee NATO for me, the the hottest, knew a on the biological spectrum, is the bonobo ochre? So let me tell you about this. No doubt you doubt me right powerlessness these ships. So horny they made a new species for them. They factor into an entire into new dna sequences legitimately there so freaky that, like biologist like, These are regular chimps. We gotta make a whole new thing, because they're just like out of control.
The Andrew, like the Andrew winner of the great apes. Exactly so he's not a human he's, a different species. So, ah, if any winner, as my vessel, these there called dwarf or pygmy chimpanzees like their property, but mostly will combine Novo's and there the only your actually the closest living relatives do the only other species that kisses in makes love face to face wow to thrash you don't, even though they like it daylight, They know measures watch game. It runs your head, I don't know I die so now. I know I told you not to worry. Ok, the the itself. I should like to check the so, though the Bonobos day they sure now eight point: seven percent of our dna, which is more than ships more than guerrillas, and these guys have governments.
Eight up on sex. What's yet so so, like Victor's there's a head honcho female who like and then all the a huge, your simply and cheesy cheesy alpha, because all the male bonobos simper and they have huge orgies and like incentive like a group of bonobos me another group of bonobos, they don't fight, they just make love Walls, pretty sweet, so Billy, where, where did the wouldn't this happen, but dont Democratic Republic hunger, but when we work well, how do you you say is a new species? Yes, so, and so the scientists in lake showed their historical the pay. It me shit, chimpanzees, so they're like out there just like small chimps and then scientists are like spending time with them and their like what the hell I d, guys are not like chimps at all, so they discovered
eighteen, twenty eight and then there are like in the night you fifteen's Nigeria fifties there, like your desired not regular shapes these guys are freaks their nymphos like what are these things like? What the hell like imagine like you know when they're like wandering in the jungle and you're like oh we're, going to find giant. King Kong ape like these, like new species, like that, thoroughly idle hands all that several times lay at last weekend. Actually doktor living stay last July relations. We're about to find the missing link to can be super cool humans at like have this whole civilization, but no, they found a bunch of super horny chimps that, like Heather governments like they also know how to use drugs. What are they self medicate. They have their own. Like Shaw means that the one share one bonobo in the group like knows all about like two different her.
Around their environment. Where does it lead highlanders like they get high on differ roots in shit. We today like drawing, gave her. They have won drawing on the rug guy. They have a drug guy. Do these guys are so like more highly of all than us that they didn't have not really pay of tea? We have a drug european tease, early drugs, drug bonobo, it's called the generally and they also know how to make fire dude. We all know how to make fire, though so hazel lighter yeah, do so. They have sex for three reasons: pleasure bonding in peacekeeping and like the zoo, like that so do like all sorts of sex like like homosexual group sex. Do you like the current italian Earl, did the the males documented sword fighting while hanging from the branches worth
like where their dicks right, yellow, docking type shit. You had stood it saying. Oh I'm looking at you right now, but nobody made of our little. I very heads ass appears: it'll, come this list lizards, listen to this year. We discuss them. Fucking. She's broken it thou spake, his heart Now we're just Consequently, we must level is a crime billy? How did they go about choosing their queen, so bad bad? yeah that radio monkey porn assumes good. Do damage legit, ive bonobos doing
was it had or guys and one girl. I was the first one, there's one like like quit They all stand in under a bunch of seems in that's how we're right right. So how did they choose the queen, though they choose the queen by like the females like Bang. Get to the top, and then whoever like using sexual. The biggest study confirms the top like policy policy is a perfect example having read dragons that that is not a perfect example. Whilst at three draw guys it's so if you queen has the highest body count Billy, I I let me yelling way. We look something email, dulled, stormy, bonobos, bonobo societies in some reaches, say the constant humping is away to reinforce social ties, but they also resort to Saxony. The distress or crisis. When a group of bonobos encounter a new food source, another band, the bonobos or a problem that requires cooperation, they don't freak out, they get freaky, they just have sex.
It sounds like they just living Portela. It is hitting out get high shit in bang, I say. I wonder they make music because legitimately like this is a medium festival just but like their entire existence. I want to be a bonobo yeah. I mean I see there but they shared ninety eight point: seven percent of our dna so, like ninety eight point, seven percent of us just bonobos and I think we should unite as people under that guy We're all bonobos on the inside yeah we are, A lot you describe LAS Vegas. Basically, they live in my eyes I saw there was problems I mean this is incredible. I'm looking at them right now, they're just they're just living the best life of all time There is a general you like, like PAN pernicious, is their latin it away, so they give head to her. Yet they do all sorts of shit. We found a leverage over there
free there like smart enough, they used. Basically they got higher intelligence. Then the rear average chimpanzee in all they do was used to figure out different ways to bow own get high. Unlike she'll, let me see they make music. How did the other peered store common Plato? I have no idea. I out her free adds Diana. We don't do that to me. Aren't you that, but sir There are also working on immediate, literally just u bonobos, just fucking law, guys, commissioner, but not really their color standing. Oh yeah, she set her hands kindly language when the when the arm, when there when there are, unlike the kitchen, the There are like all. Let me help without Piper, then they start talking on the countertop UNESCO it has been, is doing right now these these two of these Alford Chimpanzee, the alpha bonobo girls, should have a podcast
it is talk about differ wakes. I could teach us all. They could actually and now three thousand they'd never break off right, because the main dark, not a patriarch, so there are never ray a suit. Man comes long trust homework, yet there is always one queen, yeah fuck, you simply suit filial trust would happen, saw the female bonobos don't attained. The ranking of Queen Day go stay, go they poach other males. They basically run around the jungle. Big o is your queen. Giving enough attention we're gonna form a new harem, reverse harem together and form a new banned, the last with that's amazing! So are other banal, both in zoos in the United States. Can we go see the note but noble? Yes, honestly? Ok, I actually so the Bonobo exhibit iron. Now I had a flashback, my childhood. We were in the Bronx you on his last week. I think, the Bronx you where was another you anyway, we were allowed to go to the exhibit
too high for tv you out for little kids, questions will be raised. What are they doing? I hope they live in, like a roomba shag, carpeting and there's like a funk, guitar going on all the time. Dim scandals, but also there's like chimpanzee don't go into their habitat. Like think about that the chimps are literally walking through the jungle. We like oh shit. This is bonobo. It's a red light, even though yet, even though their like how much bigger and stronger than the bonobos doesn't always are pygmies the chimps you like? We don't fuck around with these people like you, let's get away from writers do they use sex toys? Do they masturbate? I don't I dirty. Probably they don't ask who really a banana regular Joanna was set the effort, anything they rock. They can make tools like me. Higher in do drugs. They deftly do that yeah sure I guess how their geared Billy
I want to say this man. This has been a fascinating because I had no idea that the Bonobo Monkey eye when we started this. You asked me to rank my great ape and I could even nay more than three exactly now, but closer clearly number one. Absolutely no. Those are the limits of apes Billy. I have something for you that I want you to do. Are you free to come in on Wednesday Ike, I'm free all week? Ok, I say you're gonna come in on Wednesday. I just thought this idea Phd, because Billy is our resident deep, diver and history buff Wednesday. We are hosting Kentucky sports radio. We do it every year it one of our favorite year days of the year, I am idle. I don't want you to that much, but I want you know studio, because I want you from now until Wednesday. I want you to read as much as you can read about the state of Chucky and we're gonna have our Kentucky hours trying to stump Billy about Kentucky.
Ok you're not going to read, are you know I will by not say everything I want you to know Kentucky front and back. I want you to look at maps. I want. You know all the main rivers younger owner, like hurl theatres, and I want you to know like this history Kentucky sports. I will allow you Billy, you can bring in one flaw ash card full of information that you can write down five by h sides five by sides. Ok right count as much information as you want. There has put fit on their otherwise. You have to use your brain and that flashcards- and you know what will give you know what I'll even throwing in actual thing will we'll be giving something away, maybe a teacher something the person who stumps you best or something I don't know we'll figure it out the hilly verse the state of Kentucky yes taken on all color. We take a call, there's gonna, ask your question: it's gotta be long, was giving a question your aunt I ever take the call. I I want to bring about
It of Kentucky Fried chicken to just just a justice. Again there had actually Billy hears Now, my brain is really churning. You have to come up with the list of questions about Kentucky as well, So why should you could ask them a question? Bluegrass yeah right! That's the thing so you Queers Derby, so you quiz them really you and you see who gets more the other person's either I got one wrong, then I hit them with a question that they can answer. It then recently tie. I think both sides get through. Don't worry him to talk to my ok, so both sides give one it's it's on aggregate both sides get one Billy is taking on the entire state. Yes, he can t kid it's either. It's a win, lose redraw like you. If he gets caught a question, he gets it right and they get their flesh righteous. Apportion we go to the next person. Would you know that I took you right now? Billy I know oh, I know chicken. I know I know who the Kentucky Derby
they use steroids, race resources. I know that there's bluegrass yet, and I know that it's quite I know that there is a big, seen in, could talk. Ok, we're gonna, be all right. Let's forget that part! Ok, I'm also. If I, if I beat Kentucky, I wanna go to Kentucky and I want them to serve chicken. We're gonna, give you the key to the state of Kentucky. You're gonna become the but the mayor of the entire state. Only them I'll be a colonel. Our colonel, I grant you wanna, be. It's like you colonel. We'll colonel. We will make you guys you colonel guys by the towers. Bestows me. I guess hosting a sports radio show. Yes, of the live Joe Pfc. Remember that the severe say about the New York rats cannibalize, each other yeah. I do have you ever the legend of Rat Island, no, the rat Ireland is an island right next to Rikers Island in
new things as long sound, I'm not the exact body of water anyway, So you know how to get rid of all the rats on radio and they brought in butter. Snakes is actually could learn, learn or carry a big big pit right with on flat sides report a bunch of food in it right, so then all the rats jump into the pit dealing all men, always food like hundred rats, jumping right they eat all the food have a huge party and then, at the end like there's no food, they can't climb out. So we start eating each other holy shit about this at the all, each other, absolute rat anarchy. Then there's one rat left that is eaten all the other rats or be nor the rats he ate the other browser dooms. Then they take out one giant, cannibal rat. That's like the strongest rat. That's like king, the rats they take. A rat in they release it release it onto the rest, the island. What in that rat, killed all the other rats on the Isle of rights?
because he was decisive, you'll all the rats in the pay to let you know it was like killed all your the rats on the opulent because it killed like all the other rats in the pit of? Is it you stories known, where's, the right now worse, a proud of ability? Audio? I may not be true here. He died a lonely, lonely rat on Rat island after eating all his friends, Contemn, yes, get my elbow rats. Actually this is, I don't know if this is true Billy, because I'm look right now, don't worry, although, as you said, there was a great storm. You want to hear this. Nobody told is the Rat Island Wikipedia page and under name it says it is not known how the island received its name. Why don't I just use your might be before they happen when when they bought Manhattan for twenty one dollars, eleven cents
Please I'm dollars alone said from the Indians. There, like your what's this island there like YO, with like think about what we did. We like made this pit and killed all the rats and was also what we rats came over with the way you think untoward notes. Without social show will say everyone on Wednesday. The new part of my take on Wednesday and one billion Teddy Sports Radio Tuna ten to twelve eastern in the morning and will be they're on Wednesday love, you guys you can't.
To say became became a determined.
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