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Bills Tackle Marshall Newhouse + Paul Bissonnette reads roasts

2018-05-18 | 🔗

The Browns got Hard Knocks and we're so damn ready (2:30 - 7:27). NBA Playoffs and is Steph hurt again (7:27 - 11:03). We're not worried about the Caps, not even a little bit, not one iota (11:03 - 15:22). Grit Week preview and is Bubba's broken foot annoying for the rest of us (15:22 - 21:47). Bills Offensive Lineman Marshall Newhouse joins the show to talk about signing with the Bills, his famous fumble, and how the locker room will receive Josh Allen (21:47 - 44:21). Segments include thoughts and prayers to the CHL player that is addicted to video games, Sabermetrics the Cowboys O-Line coach judges his players on how they get ketchup out of a ketchup bottle, Hmmmm Boogie Cousins and we break news about where Lebron James will not sign in Free Agency. And we finish the week with listener roasts read by our friend Paul Bissonnette

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