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Ryan Mallett vs Matt Moore and the guys remember some of the shittiest QB matchups in NFL history(2:05-10:40). Week 8 picks and the Fantasy Fuckbois(10:48-15:28). Very special guest, the return of Billy Football live from College(17:41-44:31). Billy has very difficult news to break to us and we talk about what the hell he'll do in the offseason. Segments include Thoughts and Prayers to Joe Girardi (44:10-46:26) , Locker Room Talk for Jim Tomsula(46:30-48:01), Stay Woke on the JFK files(48:05-49:23), Bad Visual for Brandon McCarthy and Explain it to Hank(49:38-58:11).​

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part of my take at check out and you get a fifty percent off or free scan through right now and have a great smile. Let's go welcome to part of my cheek. It is Friday October, twenty seventh Friday yeah their moon. It's Friday, a it's go time, our war. We had a why
on Thursday Night Football game not really best week ever it was the perfect way to cap off what was absolutely the best week in the history part of my take. We add Joe fly taking on Matt Moore, yes and It was everything lived up to be not to brag. I think we all bent on the right side in this game e m one and made some money. Matt Moore looks a little like me, Matt Moore, yeah you're, like I, your fat, more gold sold. Thank you for saying that, because there's three quarterbacks to look a little bit like me and all over Name Matt. So people can just make that joke. Matt, Moore Matt, Cassel, Matt Winer everyone's, like you're, well, that that that's an asterix because every quarterback is named Matt yeah. If you look at it Stafford, Matt, Ryan, true, the list goes on yeah they're, all mats, all right, so Kiko Alonso should he be suspended forever. He should be covered in bird seed and strapped to the top of mountain. Now, I'm not gonna say that Joe Flacco. He was no no listen to me! Your slide, shaming! No, I'm not your say Joe Flacco is.
happy he got concussed, but if you are get can cost his hair. Look pretty fucking sweet when it's helmet popped off yeah, like his hair, looked good well flat goes, has been looking pretty good for the last few years, so that's a new development, his ear having a bloody years. Just badass look there's certain orifices that when you bleed out of 'em, you look like your Arnold Schwarzenegger in predator. It's movie blood, it's blood that doesn't happen in everyday life. You know that that person either almost I'd or just played football game right, and if you, if you, if you cry blood that one, if you have blood coming your ear, that's another anywhere. I like a little paper cut on your like your cuticles cuticle blood is bad. Yes, no! I'm a blogger, cuticle club. I what I was gonna say some blood yeah. Some blood is when the checks is a thumb, blood. The the the ovaries start to function. Every time I see the ear blood I just assume their brain is leaking
that we can all agree with that right, like that's just that's scientifically. Your brain is now leaking out of your head. Ok good! So this started debate because we then quickly went from a great cute quarterback matchup of Joe Flacco Map Markers Joe Flacco is fantastic to an awful quarterback match. Up Matt, Moore and Ryan Mallett Old, old old, Iphone alarm, Ryan Mallett he's still in the league somehow, so it doesn't rocket arm so arm. I threw this out there? What are some of the worst quarterback matchups? We remember as football fans now. This is easy because there's like well
The actions is easy. This easy, if, if you've been watching the bears on, if you know that the bears basically verse anyway right before me in big cat, this game is absurdly easy. I grew up watching the Washington, our words so between the two of us, we actually share a few quarterback right in our history. We do. I will try some Eskimo quarterback yeah. We we human centipede each other with a quarter right, exact housing through Hank on for gently, the c Hank. This is where it helps to grow up watching bad quarterback place that you're not familiar so you're. Not welcome this console couple that was that just could came off the top of my head. The bears I remember this one Jonathan, quick, verse, Mark Brunell, an old US mark, we're going on for the red skins out doesn't win, might be the worst quarterback to ever play more than like one game in the and I'm not- and I know you don't want to you- don't want to say the name Kyle Orton but alarm to that towering Patrick Ramsey Match up of like two thousand five yeah was another good one. That's another day, I don't think either quarterbacks are passed like a hundred and ten yards. Yes here, here's one for you right after this one Todd calling
This for the bears verse Jimmy Clausen for the Panthers. Ok, Tod Collins. The bears won this game. They won this game, like convincingly, I think the final score. Yes, it was twenty three to six college you ready for his stat line. This is this is such as Todd Collins, stacking satellite six for sixteen, thirty, two yards four interceptions and the bears win: Twenty three to six Jimmy Clausen was nine for twenty two for six thousand six hundred and sixty one yard. Ok, I'm going to want to be ready for this, so fucking bad, ok, Jake Delome! Now this is like late model. Jake Delome, where he's running at more steroid Jake, is running backwards. He's throwing interceptions like with his left hand somehow against Andrew Wall, who won the raiders. I remember Andrew Walter Holyshit. Listen this one Jake Delome. through for seventy yards four intercept.
and then they want to call it a Tod Collins, yes, also Tod Collins when he was on the Redskins against Brian Griese, on the bears. Yes, yes, that was another here's a couple words rattle off Ryan Fitzpatrick on the Bengals versus KEN Dorsey on the browns. That's disgusting. This whole endorses a great name, though it sounds like a great great game. You know what he had, though he had those sleeves fucking idiot and he was like Sammy Sleeves before Sammy said he had all the swag going from in college and then when he got out of the you I feel like if you are a quarterback, that graduates from the you and gets the NFL and you come out there with those sleeves. You should have like forty alumni that already just kicked a ship. Michael Irvin should just pop up out of nowhere and be like YO, listen, mother, Fucker yeah, let's hear from the you are hurting our recruiting class, even though we're paying him like fifty million dollars,
those pockets leaves right. It's like a genie. It's been Michael Irvin in Warren. Sapp is like a huge dip in just pop up and they're. Like listen, mother fucker, they rip the sleeves off Chad, Hutchinson, verse, Joey Harrington, and this one. coach by Marty Morning Wagon Dave Campo. That's like that is the super bowl of ship. Yes, and then do you have any other yeah? Oh, I had a couple more Jake Plummer against Okay, so you better watch your mouth here. I love to hate, you ever see him run the play. Actually, let me finish ever on the play. Action will recognize: okay, so real nice, Jake Plummer against Marquez to yes, the soap off and the only reason I included that one is because it was like a primetime games. Yeah watch it. Here's a really hot, when Ryan Lindley
it gets Mark Sanchez, Linley, had seventy two yards passing Sanchez had ninety seven and four interceptions- oh my god and and the jets one hundred and seventy six. This is the other one. I had the Tyler Palko verse, Caleb Hanie at at soldier field in Tyler Palko, threw a hail Mary to end the first half. Also we totally forgot- like we are very few months removed from Connor Cook, verse, rock osweiler in the playoffs in the fucking playoffs. So that was I love City Colorado weather like this. We're not complaining at all, because guess what we're watching football? Oh yeah, ok, so footballs football! I don't reach it! Give me indeed it give me the football another honorable mention this is old school, big Ben against a little quarterback by the name of John Beck, John John back, you know his name was John John Beck back is pretty.
beat the game was zero to 3's. Nickname was John back yeah and that's what you know you suck with your nickname. Just your name and Jeffrey kicked a field goal with like seventeen seconds left in the game, to make it as a thirty win. Yes, oh my benross burger people forget Ben Ross burgers first couple years. He like he was really bad. He just would throw the ball. He would basically be like if we just run the ball enough. Maybe he won't fuck it up at super bowl who won the first one honestly Hines Ward know Antoine Randall was a better quarterback history that quarterback that passed his word and I'm dead serious like going through this list. It moved but yeah like, I love bad quarterback Matt. Yes, I invest. I am standing at at half attention right now, so send us set. You know it was embraced the beat, if you can remember any that we left off, send it to us. I love it as well. It also honorable mention our Christian ponder for Scott tolls in I like Scott, yes got, it was
ok, not yeah Scotts, the best I love Scott. I love the other side of that matchup. Ok, so We have our picks for this week so I don't know how we're doing. I think not good I'm pretty I'm doing pretty well taken the I forty Niners are the way to the LOS Angeles when the one again this this week, fighting verse, brown, Saudi, that's good buddy That's good: it's a buddy! It's a big funny! They're talking about good quarterbacks case, Keenum, verse, Kevin Hogan, Slash, Desean, Kizer, Slash Code. Claire, who knows who Jackson's going to go with he's going to whisper every quarterback in that game. I hate you got free PIC Mitchell.
to the best sites, not told him that you that many points I love. It is good opportunity for me to say this speaking of New Orleans if we have any award winning listener down in the big easy who have a fast internet connection prefer what radio studio our radios to actually radio, so you're, probably better. But if you have a a high speed internet connection, and you are feeling hospitable. I'm going to be down there this weekend and I will need a place to Skype in so slide into the DMZ slash. Let me know what's up and I will pay you back by not fording in your house yeah also Monday. We already tape to. We have a form once or twice the triumphant return of the plate portals Wikipedia Club. It's been a while Blake Portal so that the jury reading, hollowing, which I think we did a lot
s here and Jaguar actually animal. I just want to clarify. I can't make the promise and I can for your house yeah. I will. I don't do that I'll Sundays can be Sunday I'll only use the bathroom for number one yeah. No, no! What I will make that promise I'll type up now. Let's go, let's be realistic. Pft will make sure he wipes. Yes, ok, all right. What's your front which are playing but you're, paying my pic, I'm going with the chargers so on the road against New England nice. This is a trap game for New England. I don't really know what trap game means, but when you say it's a trap, game notice, sound smart is because if they have, I think they have the bills next and they just played the falcons. So you just have to say that team before in the team after and then you can say it's a trap, trap game chargers either or I'm alright. I don't know what I don't know what to make of this line, and this is a trap game on myself. Are you in the Vegas? So I'm? No, I'm not in the Vegas zone. I'm in
I smell a rat, but I still going to walk right in take that she's urine. There's somebody knows something zone yeah. I guess on that. I don't know yeah go ahead and angles nope pills, two one slash two against the raiders: how does that make sense in Buffalo raiders have to go The weight of the bills are coming off a bye, yeah and the raiders. They don't have Marshawn right yeah, so this really makes no sense in my brain. So that means the raiders will probably win by forty, but I'm taking the bills MAX bet. Raiders have there coming off a long week of rest, though no but the those are coming along, undercover rest, yeah. So the rate the raiders have played more recently so they're in better rhythm tear. Us first trust will find out this week in once and for all. Yes all right. Let's do we have some good segments today, so we're going to do fancy fuckboys before our interview with Billy Football, so Hank oh trigger warning. Stella is in the studio with us. My dogs tell us so she probably going to mark during this. Let's do it.
Please, this is a Pmr right. All of her key roles tell me told a I started this week: I'm starting to leader costumes for Halloween this week is right all right. If you start season on the boys and girls, make sure you get your. They give me the Yeltsin, the Eagles on fire and up against a week for the forty nine long, toenails cut those things I look older, there's nothing more relaxing than a bubble bath. You get a bill all right, there's re read,
I'd, throw it every week oh Melinda fancy but push button, fancy fuckboys well, well, I can't okay, let's get to our interview with our good friend Billy Football, a little pointing out there for all the award winning listeners. Billy was nice. Enough to let him to let us come up and visit him. Give us a little. You know little pump 'cause? We need it this week. Billy is in college Billy. Like to stay anonymous in college, he's point trying to trying to make the team he's trying to get some playing time, so, let's all just respect Billy's privacy. I think call can agree that more Billy content is great, but if Billy feels like he can't do it without getting blown up he's, probably not going to come back on. So we love Billy, you love Billy. Let's all just let Billy be a college student before we get to Billy. I wanted to talk to you guys quickly about seek seek, is the best place to buy tickets online. We have college football NFL, NHL Nba,
will be, is still going on for a few more days and scekic has it all and seeking it's every ticket based on value to help. You immediately identify the best seats that fit your budget plus every purchase is fully guaranteed. So you can shop for tickets on seek with confidence, makes make seek your go to app for finding the best deals on every type of ticket from sports and concert to comedy and theater. just download the cd gap and enter promo code take T a k E. That's Pro co. Take for ten dollars off your first see geek purchase. Alright, we got Billy. You want to mention that my ghost yeah would you set it yeah there might be go ahead. You want to mention, there might be a ghost I see a ghost okay, so there might be a ghost in Billy's apartments here like now. Here's the thing billion lives in a dorm. He is in a single, but what they don't tell me is, I guess, there's some sort of there's a happening going on there and I you can hear a little bit of static in his microphone now. I don't know if that's him, when you like, pulls the MIKE away from his mouth when he's
because you forget to speak into my crazy Billy, but just bear with us a little bit on the audio. It's not bad, but just a heads up. Welcome on, I would say, a very special guest. This doesn't even feel like. I guess this is just family we welcome on a piece of the part of my take family. We have I've driven an hour and a half to the middle of nowhere in Connecticut to see er son, not necessarily Connecticut, ok, so somewhere in New England. Yes, our son, our beautiful son weird: that's creepy, yeah I'll, take it overly football taking over from here big cat, it's Billy, we're so glad to see you were in your dorm right now. How are thirty, two year old, normal stuff like its parents weekend here at school, so we decided that we come visit and say hello. How are you doing I'm like I'm so great right now, if you guys here like
I haven't like when all this has been going on. I've just been like. I need to be back in New York with these guys because, like like, I need to. I need figure out what they're doing on you see how we can help. Ok, so we're going to get to your college experience. Thus far. We have some other stuff we wanted talk about, but let's start there You obviously see what goes on in the last couple weeks. What were you thinking you sent us a couple. Tax you've reached out. You've told us that were mental alphas. Those always are appreciated where you like watching us, get a show, cancel show all that and being like man like, if only if only I was with my guys, like we would figure this out I was saying that exactly I remember being in an airport Indianapolis, and first game news that this is actually has run true and in my mind I was like I'm what may yeah she may head. I was like
like I'm witnessing history right now like this is you are witnessing, is or the like yeah you were. You bore witness to the birth of the shortest running television show on ESPN history. So congratulations! Worse, we're real, glad to be here like we said it was kind of it was an emotional roller coaster week for me, and the cat and being here in this room being here, hang out just like being college kids again yeah, it's not really. It's really put a smile on her face. So so thank you, Billy Billy. Do you think you could save the ESPN show humbly? yes now we have done to say what do I have. You know. I think I would have been a great character, witness do you guys wanna John Skipper's office in New Bern? Like trust me, these are some cool bros yeah talk to this eighteen year old. He knows a lot about their gifts and lizards, salamanders yeah I mean like just
the skipper. You know how salamanders mate for life with these two guys there together, it's still surreal yeah you guys here is totally surreal. I've almost like this summer is almost been like a dream. Man, just like you guys here. Just like is like this was real and like this was actually me and not like some other person. Well, the yeah had a little time to get over the summer favorite parts in the summer ' what did you learn on your summer? Vacation like that Wisco Trip, check me meeting Jj Watt in Lake Herb Kyle Long was like silver. I mean that was like that was the highlight of my summer, but also just like, hang with you guys, before, like I saw you guys like bosses- and I was like- oh my god like make sure these guys are like, like
job, but then I was the thing you got over that feeling and he started cleaning up pictures of my dick in your phone number to call to this day. I still say it was definitely thump. It was definitely something that will edit that out yeah, so Billy you go to college, is a place where you find yourself, you experiment a little bit. You had some news for for the three of us when we showed up here, we weren't sure how we were going to take it. You know it's always kind of awkward coming out to your family and you came out. but then he said, I've become a wide receiver. quarterback- and I just want to let you know that would or you do that makes you happy were support you and we're going to be. Accepting of you. Love is love and it's two thousand and sixteen and so, if you want to be a wide receiver than Goddamnit Billy go be the best water you can say hi before you answer I'm I'm struggling with it. A little bit more Pft is a little bit more.
The accepting parent, your father, struggling but he'll come are struggling with it, a little bit more uhm I don't really understand like so you just used to be a wide receiver like what. How does that work? ' There's one day were like, or what did you think you were wide receiver? they were born and now you're like. Finally, like coming out is what like? I don't. I don't understand it. I'm just confused. If you could explain it to us, you know I got to college, I got to college and you know, there's a lot of new things: you're independent, there's, there's no like outside pressures on you anymore. So you can really like discover who you are because of like where you are, if you're like in other water sewer that like told you, hey, Billy your wide receiver to did he did he influence you? You know, I think it all started when you know you, I see new things. Try new positions in college,
so I was not a lot smarter in two months. I was out on the field and I don't know I caught I caught caught a ball. I fell right. I wasn't, I wasn't wearing gloves, yes yeah. I also do not in in on those. Like always remember, your first. What really happened, though, like what was the? What was the process that 'cause? I am a little disappointed. I'm not disappointed yeah, I'm sad 'cause. I always saw you as a quarterback and now wide receiver. Well, you know what what happened was I was a stud came in in my in my class total football guy son of a coach, and he was. He was doing different stuff all summer than me just like working hard like he has had one trade tradeable skill, and that was football, and he
football. So are you now saying that it's our fault that you're not a quarterback anymore? You know sometimes, when kids lash out they blame. There so my I'm actually put blame on a high school football in America is with what we're seeing at the college level. Is all these high school kids are running like fancy like pro style, offenses ready just hand the ball off in the play under center too much and they're, not preparing kids for the college game, yeah play the spread, offense we're taking it one step further. Do you think that your your high school coaching high anything to do with your lack of preparation in high school? The the way play quarterbacks lot more gritty than at the college level, and realize that I was out on the practice field wearing Red Jersey. No one was touching me. You know I was craving to touched by craves contact, Jim Harbaugh, Jim Harbaugh, just like maybe all the way back to the Harlem jets. Yeah yeah your careers at the
yeah, we ran a lot of quarterback power. Lot of quarterback runs, and you know and you know I'm learning to do run without the football. I don't know what to do with. My yeah. So we told him. No, when you see me run without a football, I don't know how to run without my hands with my hands on the ball. So great. This is like a guitar player in a band who is also the lead singer that, like breaks his wrist, an has to just sing, and he doesn't know what the fund is. It was strumming you're just used to having a football on your hands. You little come more. Naturally, you'll be fine. Your work, your way into it, but seriously like how are you enjoying college? How this like opportunity to spread your wings going? You know, I think, colleges. college is different because you don't have someone to tell you what to do all the time. True so of us anymore, yeah, I'd I'd so like so you are studying because I don't yeah. I don't really know what to do with my time. That's a pretty good use your time in college. I think we're in a
agree to disagree. So so, then one day on the practice field cited play little scout scout wide receiver, just jump in there like we need to scout wide receivers How do we get back to wide receiver? There was talk about college. I college I I k they called life. Is football because I I don't if I wasn't playing football here I would I would not. Did you tell your father that you're wide receiver should know? I ok, so I haven't told my dad yet I don't know how he's going to take it like he actually going to be missed. This is real. Now he's no I'm serious! I'm serious! I haven't told my dad really what's going to happen. If you come home for Christmas Break and he finds a pair of wide receiver, gloves back he's going to take the as you continue to search yard. He's gonna. Take me the backyard during Thanksgiving he's going to throw the cars you can me, so you want to catch balls yeah
to win it. We're gonna make a real life to give you shot. Sir yeah is this before or after you wrestle with Dale. Now we got so Dale's been talking a college degree. Yeah tales, gonna visit. ok he's been talking. Trash he's been talking trash about Thanksgiving football. I told I told Dale that I'm playing wide receiver. Now, ok, like I'm, going to guard you up, you're, not catching a ball on me. I say: ok, Dale, so Fuckin' Dale, but he's been he's been doing well just talking Well, the high school level sports so What about like being Billy football on campuses that have you run into that at all? If people then like well, there goes Billy Football, most famous guy, we've ever known, yeah. You know I've. I've tried to like not keep off that five and you know the first, like all training camp, just like coaches, like being like
Yup Billy Footballers celebrity like a billion I have to wake up for early morning, breakfast, like you, gonna practice in bed. You that's good coaches, like to wash your balls yeah yeah yeah. He has to yes to dominate the second, you walk in that door. Yeah and you know I hundreds and got the I news happening coming in, so I just like I grinded hard harder than I ever have like I. so hard to keep myself got demoted from QB to? Why is it because I was grinding, I was grinding around it like you, hard core, like being a backup quarterback like I I I like you know like I was just trying to be. They do with a team needing you know. The team like couple white outs went down there like we need you actually play like okay, more worthy them with a better yes old yeah yeah. Have you has this cut cross your mind at all, going from QB to wide receiver as a white guy You are now bill. Belichick's, like wet dream, have thought about that. I know you have thought. Maybe the patriots were going to draft you
I'm waiting right now to hear back from Julian Edelman. I sent him a dm and I asked him if he had any words of advice for you and he has yet to respond, but he will and when he could probably listening to this right now, Julian Fuckin' respond to my dm I'm, not not. For me to me this funky, not for me it's for Billy Football yeah like I I I had no idea about some. These things are playing rush like double sticks, like you know what we're getting off the line, yeah like what? What out, what areas of water saving you need to improve most on blocking, yep, I I need a block. Ward, get a mean streak in yeah, workable here get Hines Ward was great block, really good yeah yeah yeah. No one talks about that. No es, or do you ever do get jammed up the line, a lot yeah. but yeah gotta use your hands, get off the line swipe swipe pull through its and I'm working at it. You can hear by
play the Bros on the hall. We are truly in a dorm room. If you hear that those pros just screaming out there in the common room watching tv yeah, there's no tv just growing out tv in your room, you know 'cause. If I had a tv in my room, I'd probably just stay Watching ESPN, because that's not- and I don't want to do that- no we don't do that anymore. So Why didn't he wasn't even trying to bust your balls with that? I don't think he was just like. I would just watch sports until four hundred am because it's three hundred am they only play highlights that's what I'm watching more, so I gotta get work done. You know all those taking up a lot of your time in college and yeah. So what's that like? What's your practice schedule like so I got about a meeting,
today for about an hour, and I got practice from a about you gotta get there early, so I'm down at the silly from like three to about first guy, I'm seven and that's with like showering and all the other stuff. It also takes a lot of time, but you know just gotta learn how to your time wisely and it's not much time for anything else. To be honest, It's been the hardest part about adjusting to college life. Well, for me, they're less speaking, Michael for me, the the thank you that's not even a joke. This is where it is. I just I I I I don't know what to do with my hands with them. Yeah. I know he's working on a problem yeah. So yes, so call the hardest part about Justin College. Probably there is there's a lot of distractions like in high sliding with women. Yeah I mean those are. Those are like.
I tried like and also like how do I say this there's a lot of distractions, English. So I was just asking the whole point. Talking question was for you to say I miss hanging out with you guys, that's a given and, like I'm so happy. Ok, thank you through that I can't believe you guys real came all the way out here. Of course we did you don't realize that, like we're we're we're we're moving on right, we're we're moving on from from parcel vans talking all that bullshit, but we need a pick me up and you are and now don't take this wrong way, but you are like our like our therapy dog. You know I'm down with that yeah, so it's like when we need. Pick me up when we need someone to be like hey. You know you guys are alphas you guys, you guys fucking rock. We come see you and you tell us that so bow being mentally alphas. I remember the first time I kind of got that point is your driving interview, Jj Watt,
azure in the car and you're, like man like hopefully like hit this like this is a big interview we gotta get. This sounds like guys like Jj. He might be a fricking physical monstrosity, total alpha, but your mental alphas and that's what sets you apart from the rest. So what makes you when you say, talent always wins. It's, not your talents, instrumental alphas, true yeah, that's true like feels good yeah like hard work, beats talent, and you have that perfect combo of hard work and alpha this mentally and puts you ahead of the rest, so that feels like you're implying that were betas physically well when you first brought me in I'm, so I think I was right on that when you first brought me in it was to help you guys die yeah. Now we yeah. We look to look bill for everyone who's. Listening to this
Billy just one Pft said how do we? How do we looked really took one glance at my gut and then looked off in shame like he had seen like his like make a grandmother. I mean you, you got just like that picture of when I first met you guys yeah, we made a lot of strides over the summer for like two weeks two weeks we did could ptosis and it was good. I dropped like ten pounds but slower start to feel like after going to see a doctor 'cause. He thought his blood was poisoning. Him was ketones yeah, oh boy, so we're not looking good yeah. You guys got it alright hybrids. I want to know about the oh. You learn stuff you're asking. How are your grades and also give us a fun fact? Something you've learned 'cause, we know you've learned something but tells your grades first, so I haven't actually gotten. grades back, I've been told. I don't know the exact I've been told that everybody in college on every campus in America is a is a snow, flake yeah. You know you, I realized politics, even if you have,
bro stance on politics. People will still just like not like you for it and assume, through the other, what they are like. I really do not want to get into. Politics or any part of politics like. I just wanted like study and play football, and you know like eat in the lunch room. then there's like protests anyway everywhere in just like. I just want to walk the line and that's why I love apart my take yeah. So what what about a fun fact? So we've learned some you, like man, college, really is working on my brain. I was blank out when you guys ask me it's really it's coming natural, but like one I had that you know that coal Wallace I have before me. All of them not there's no chance. Every Koala has chlamydia. Most of them have committed. They pee on you, they'll, give you chlamydia, so What has chlamydia does that make it a disease or just part of their like didn't have chlamydia with a with a with the one that has disease right, I'm not
right. It's just like it's like a scorpion's venom boiling. Really viruses might be means they might have crashed on media right now. You know why 'cause viruses don't have all the facts of life like lot, life needs to like reproduce they need like Nucleuses viruses replicate they replicate, but not like other cells. They don't Faulk I'm not I'm not sure this year so like it would make sense that they evolved on different planet in you know, just with the flu is from Mars yeah, you know what else I heard about. There's ticks that make you a vegan there's a new type of disease from ticks Yes, yeah right here! Right! That's true! That's true! I looked it up. It's true me. Billy were in the gym one time this summer and I heard a guy. I heard this happen real time. A guy came up to Billy this sort.
talk about Capper Nick, it's a random dude, yeah, so random dude. This are talking about capper, Nick and then that conversation evolved into how ticks from New Jersey wait what there's a guy got gotta tick on Long Island and it eating, a vegan? He can't eat red meat or cheese. In or any meats without breaking out into hives, so he has to eat vegan. Also dairy. He else like this is like a serious like. Why is anyone talking about yeah? What is one guy on long island? Why are we not raising awareness, I think, was one- do name Anthony that like actually want to become a vegan? I don't know how to tell is italian family that can sit down here, along with a million ways like a grandma, grandma and MA and PA turns out it's a I got bit by take. I will sell Sunday dinner, yeah hello, to hold the gravy yeah I can eat the ride home yeah hold hold. The gravy would meet any eggplant parm yeah. We know that time. No, the
that's so that we could get the egg wash yeah. You can't, but we get the pros going crazy again, all right, so we put it without was also when Billy said that his problem, your problem with K it has nothing to do with his political stance is nothing. I can do with the fact that he had what what what's your problem, Colin Kaepernick Happer Nick, is a vegan. How can you like? Look at all the vegan, Look at Arian Foster, he's out of the NFL 'cause he's a vegan. Your boss necessarily think that's true yeah. His hamstring fell off yeah because he's a vegan yeah, true fellow point counterpoint, yeah you in a corner off like a Qantas tale, yeah like four times yeah a Qantas are Vegans yeah. Seventy crickets. no they don't eat plants. Yes, well the green you can
I've seen grilled crickets yeah. They do that in the mariners games. Yes, that's not that's not where real pineapples yeah, true the call pineapple true also true, alright. Well, all right see what should we should wrap this up? Billy. Do you have any higher education questions for us yeah, any tips that you need from us? What do I do in the offseason? Oh, that was so. We actually were thumb, drive it's going to be going to be miserable yeah you're going to does just how little there is to do besides football yeah, I don't no other hobby. Maybe I don't know if I have any trade will skills so run instrumental sports yeah. You play football not allowed to yeah. yeah like my summer. What would you do if there is no football? I'd probably play football? Have you ever have you ever tried like drawing just using, excellent drawings? I'd like X, Isanos, yeah, I'd, look no up here. You could write your own place
yeah? No, no! No. I listened to the place given to me. I do not think if you, if you started to draw in your free time after you left, you could sell your weed help you it's very sure. If now it's kind of like I heard art, makes your mind a little too it softens. Your brain yeah heard makes you lazy right. What it can do is in the wrong brain muscles when you do yeah right with without football. What it can do is it makes you two creative right. So then, you start to think more in, like think about different stuff than what you should be doing and you're like hey, maybe be cool if I like, if I move to Europe and just like went backpacking there for awhile and bicycling? Instead of put your nose in the king playbook, alright Billy, we love you love! You will see you thanksgiving. Definitely, definitely ok! do thanksgiving or if you start a game yet started game come up. I understand yeah
will be there. It will take a little, have someone periscope before us and take a healthy dose of prozac and put a smile on her face. That's our boy we're here to support him. Look at him run in there and blocking on a three yard. His hands are empty pitch wow. He really got out there, but we do love you and will see you thanksgiving. This was as therapeutic for us. As you know, this might have been good for you. This was exactly what we needed, honestly, like you guys, like I didn't even know it was real till three hours ago, 'cause you guys are like but we love canceling plans for dopamine eyes, and I was like oh yeah. We do we do. This was actually a way of us canceling every other plan that we had right. Well, let's just forget about all responsible, and we're going to go sleep over Billys storm room for night awesome, guys just normal,
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Or wager on the house and two hundred percent extra bonus when you deposit this promo code, take twenty five, alright Before we get to some segments, we have a note. We have an update. So in the interviews Billy, you heard us say that we had reached out to Julian Edelman to ask for tips for Billy, I same job as he transitions to his new life as a wide receiver. I don't know what pronoun we should use for Billy, but as why is, why is? Why is why yeah so Edelman actually did respond? Shout Julian, he said Billy to continue to think. Like a quarterback really watch Top route runners, like countless hours of it this. Visualization, is huge and learning something and tell him it's to be very hard. If he's never done it. Just gotta keep grinding through the city days. Level minded so Billy that is straight from Julian Edelman,
the Jackie Robinson of quarterback. Well, no Antoine Randall, Jackie Robinson, I'm Julie, and we just did it more most recently. So we think about him me so that I take that to heart bill. You can do it well. We, when we technically that I've never seen someone so excited like that's why Billy is Billy, because we like he was like. Oh my god, to an animal and talk to me and now I'm gonna be like Billy. I was ready to go and doing well I did say to me Age- is on the side he was like. Is there like a drastic Difference between Julian Edelman and Billy in terms of athleticism said Roth. Let us in wrath lettuces and I'm going to say yes Julian made. It seem like it's working hard, so Billy, just plucking puts his put his head down. I think Julian he's got more quick, twitch yeah! That's what I said. I said that I said that I think Billy might not have the quick twitch, but the fibers. You know what fuck it there's someone said about Julian at some point. True true. If you want to get better fibers just start
along with your whey protein just pounds Metamucil every morning, yeah you can do it who's gonna be in the either well. I believe and we're gonna be where we're gonna be sitting. There looks like all the way to the top of their pens and they're gonna show us and like look. We have the home and away jerseys. Yes, they read all sits together right down the Middle yeah bill. You can do and- and you said that you've never heard him so excited. He was pretty x I'm going to be pulled up yesterday, yeah, so when it happened, we drove up to his college and Billy just comes sprinting direct at the van with this currently or space, it was like those videos that you see when, when soldiers come home from Iraq and their dogs greet them,
that's what Billy that he ran up his whining a little. His tail was wagging like he had a smile. He just started bouncing on his hind legs just wagon. He did. He ran around the car. He was looking so excited. He was just reading, gave me a hug and then he ran back and give you hardly ran back and gave hanger hook, and then he looked himself for awhile yeah. He looked his butt and then looked are face. Yeah, there's, nothing! We don't care are Aston season. Let's do some uh segments. We have thoughts and prayers to Joe Gerardi, who did not get fired, did not get him contract renewed. So that's yeah, good spin, Zoic difference huge. His problem was, he could never recover from having braces. I don't think you can't be a little braces, don't be a leader of men with adult braces, even though they are, they are tips for your teeth yeah, so it fit in pretty well on the Yankees, but you can.
If you can't straighten your teeth out, you can't straighten out a clubhouse. I feel bad for him because he's about to be like the Buck Showalter of the late, the Yankees, like someone like right before right, buck, Showalter got fired right before Joe Torry came in and want wanted billion championships. Yeah whoever's coming in, I'm not going to say they should take a look at my boss, Alex Rodriguez, but if, if they were smart, thank God would be a hell of a box. I know integer. He knows how to keep the guys lose for Sierra. You know: that's always a good time around a rod. He'll peel p on the club house floor. If you know get out of line to bring his brother ex husband, your cousin, your just p everywhere, yeah yeah yeah, no, okay, a ride PETE cousin you're just for allegedly well I mean I'm work form, so I can say this yeah well. I've signed the Nda well yeah and also you have to you can say it
You have to send it in an email to like millions of people. As long as you have the signature that says, everything in this email is confidential, on every exact that always keep that covers your basic yeah, no one ever Hillary Thomas I'm going to refer that out in the mail. Alright, we have locker room talk. This is for a long time friend, Jim Tomsula who's back on the sidelines with the red skins. In this clip he was miked up, which I I don't know who not that it would be good. I did my cup Jim Tomsula, but thank you yes, because that is a great idea and he was yelling at his line at one point saying everyone play but ask make it. I don't even I know what that means when you, if I play but guys naked I'd, like you know like when you don't
like if you're, not when you're sure you're like oh, like this, could hurt like a ball. It would hurt more if it went through without a shirt on. I disagree. I think now that I think would pastor you cleaner, because everywhere sure you get the you get the shirt fibers inside the body. I know it owns by it, but us naked. It means like play like a caveman yeah for they had before people were, were all pc and had to go and things like yeah yeah. Well, that's the class. They could put that put us make it either way. Jim Tomsula just screaming that on the sideline like that means, football is fully backing he's. Just he probably went and Lynn slept in a Honda Civic that night it was like yeah. I got those guys point, but as they get, they should allow Jim Tomsula actually coach naked. Yes, I do watch. How do I yeah no you're about to get a shame on it, don't be ashamed about you right, I'm not shame, don't be ashamed of your feelings. I wish him I would. I would be way more likely to watch a football game if one of the coaches, the most football Guide, the coach, he probably be arrest, yes for most of the game they just drink
It just break the challenge flag over his where they hold the red flag. Yeah. Oh man. Alright, we have a stay. Woke for the JFK files. So what's going on with this, I guess they're getting unsealed soon. Ok, so who did it yeah? It was Rafael, Cruz, Yeah, probably probably probably don't want. Out there, who would to Donald Trump said that he was going to release him. This is like a wet dream for me, like. I can't wait to I'm a big pour through documents gotten like to get some income to my thing fingernail, so you actually said that when we were in the in the car, hangs like what's still JFK files in the in your like, very seriously no joking alike, I'll, let you know
I think, once I have a chance to look over the document, I need to plug. No, you don't look over at you pour through documents he's getting right. Also, it's this time of year that Alex Jones is going to be a must follow. I'm not talking is right here. These are all publicly available right now. It's a piece of paper that is fucking holdings left by is giving me the documents that wasn't his brain coming out. It was just a bunch of chili pulls out his neck yeah thanks. Thank you, too, be careful.
This is a deeper who isn't folks. I got the documents right here. The CIS give me documents or three shooters in LAS Vegas right. We have bad visual, too bad visuals one is for Brandon Mccarthy is both World series related people say we don't talk about the world series by the way that was an unbelievable game yeah. I still can't believe Janssen. Like he's human- and I don't know if you heard, but it's hot in LA yes, it was like what ninety degrees and ninety five she's thoughts and prayers. How do they ever deal with that? Damn hot, that sports town, Brandon Mccarthy? He pitched he got the l, he didn't copy Eliza recurring guests, but He was pitching his tweet. Like five years ago, that was my penis. Looks ridiculous in a bathtub went re viral, which is, I actually don't think that visual, I think, that's just a very like he's right. This is look ridiculous under water. Well, let's, let's embrace debate does is becoming toenails agrees. Yeah does being as of the clutch gene Mmhm. I went
but I would say no, he says penises might not have the clutch gene on a big stage. Your dick has to have blinders on yeah foreskin yeah keep your eye when did straightforward. Oh yeah, he doesn't tell us. If he's, we're getting to car so you're in too deep. We've done a lot of Victoria effective token Jim Tomsula, AJ, Aj Hinch. The manager for the Astros also has a bad visual 'cause after game one he got in an altercation with fan. That were like busting his balls at the hotel bar after the game. So did you get into a fight, he says, source, say hinge, snapped and unleashed on the other patrons cursing and yelling in the middle of the bar. One witness tells us the incident turned physical and cops were called to separate the two parties. Ok, so it sounds like it was great night, take it easy man. I know I'm ok with that okay with the manager us in the middle of the world Series. Yes, getting chirped and being like flipping out. Yes, after a win, he does a loss, no wonder,
Now we got the game once you want manager in a high stress situations. I'm ok with that. So he sounds like he's. Got he's keeping his cool he's really he's got. The good boys like under control is poking fighting some drunk joining away, the martini at the hotel bar you wanna know why I'm ok with it yeah 'cause. It was in a bar. It wasn't in a club, well Hotel BAR, that's yeah, that's the difference! So if it happens in baseball, it's always referred to as a bar. Happens in the NBA. It's always referred to as a club. Yes, so I'm okay with that with a bar fight, true AJ, Hinch Chief, you gotta, come on man, keep it together. Gold just go to sleep. I know what again. That part I like it, keep doing you age You got you this for all right, but not least, we have explained to Hank. Oh wait. No, you had one more yeah stay, classy, ok, so big stay classy, going to Trey Wingo. Yes, at ESPN Tray, hacked Adams, there's twitter. Now what are you doing? Releases nude, so he pranked him big time classic prank tweet it.
something really hilarious and goofy from his account. You ready for this hi, Scott, Scott Scott just got scotch goes down down in my belly. Is there room to stay classy? Look for making us all. Have you seen a command? Yes, I just saw the other day is pretty good right, pretty good break. I love lamp. So is it? Is the movie of two thousand seventeen summer? It is so good, so good escalated quickly. The police is a flattering: police are in two thousand and twenty they're going to start making like Ricky Bobby quotes yeah there are two years away from that will get there will get there. It's going to involve. Do we do wedding, crashers, Jenner, they've gone now, that's too risky yeah. We should do that rule four hundred and seventy six never leave a crash behind. Do you do wedding! Crashers. Do you the you know? How old are you? I was young enough for those the boobs in that movie were like life to all yeah. They were yeah. Call me kk
yeah. I get it um that movie, though, like started. I think it was like we're, probably like one hundred and twenty three twenty four and like people actually started crashing weddings, and it was like really is what you guys do now like they like. Oh look at us, we like fucking, were like Vince Vaughn. No, I'm Vince Fontaine, arms, it's fine, I'm Vince Vaughn! You're totally. Will we put some some syrup on everything? Know your nose, reusable some kid! I'm the big one! Alright, let's to explain to Hank it is r fry, a money who decided what piece of paper is worth more than another piece of paper. You talk about FIAT Currency, ok, we took it off the gold standard back in about one thousand nine hundred and seventy This is this is a heavy one, not actually 'cause. It's like it's money. Yeah for now I mean I never understood why. I understand what inflation is but, like. I also don't understand why, like the you can't just
me like a million bucks on the side. Here's what here's! What basically happens as I understand it through infowars dot com, prison, planet, Theplan, DOT, tv, the Federal Reserve, just basically says like once a year how much money is worth and then everybody this agrees that yeah? Ok, we will believe you, because if we don't We're going to start killing each other and stealing everybody shyt. Once we all realize that money is just paper like golf, it's a gentlemen's game. Money is a gentleman's game. just like, let's just agree, lawless amount you're actually ritual the Illuminati. If we, if you really want to get into the Illuminati Slash, Reptilians run the Federal Reserve, and so since the reptilians from my roof, they have kind of advance, mind sets where they can make us. They can hypnotize everybody in America uses it all. Or you know, if you have money in your pocket its act.
The tool of hypnosis and they control that money and they make it hypnotize you to show your mind. They all yeah, so basically being yep, makes sense. I only buy things using heirloom seeds yeah, it's my. I buy things with the good old hand, shaking three d, printers
now I still know I know like what does it actually create something? Yes, yeah, the the future I want to create, like all I feel like every time they do like look at this three d printer and then they create like this little like cut out of something like okay war. We use out for it, so you, let's countries will be cat. You can make a figurine in five hours. Watch just watch this from three d printer. Do what someone in Japan figured out? How to do it or got me seven hundred years ago right and you. They also get a point where they're telling us that they can three d print food. If you think I'm gonna eat printed food, it's got. It's got food in the name. Yes, so I'm worried. If I don't. If I have a three d printer on my coffee table and I don't have to leave my couch, I don't care if it is like agreed where fingernails come from like what's going on the fingers. They're, just they're, just hardens skin. I think her blood aren't. I know this is your hair there, so your skin gets really hard when it gets long yeah when your skin is exposed to. So
here's! What here's a fresh skin happened to the air exposed to so The guy look at me like that. I'm right little guy talk, girls maybe put earmuffs on hi earmuffs, get it like from that movie. So we put I get it. We put a lot of lotion on our hands, guys that we usually goes on moms right then get fingernails hard skin because you don't lotion up ever the back of your poems. So that's where that comes from. I think it's the exposed skin your soft skin, your scuffs off little baby skin. Ok, it's exposed. Ladies earmuffs. You can take him off now. Ok, wait! They couldn't hear don't just blast something really loud right. There okay. How does alcohol I'll make your brain dumb.
It actually makes you smarter, I think, of a strange, so much I'll, call that I'd I'm too dumb to even notice anymore. Here's how it makes a smarter. I think, I'm stealing this from from the show cheers, cheers yeah. You are very top okay, if you just made fun of someone doing wedding, crashers, okay, so it so we can drink enough. It actually kills brain cells. That's fact, look it up. If you kill it it's targeting? The smaller weaker brain cells? First darling, Buffalo herd and if you get rid of the weak ones, that makes your brain function more efficiently, just like, if you kill Oh Buffalo, the herd can move fast, result: correct, Schrodinger's, brain cell, Correct Schrodinger's, Buffalo, yeah, mini sized coffee, creamer cups. Is it ok for those to be stored at room temperature? Oh there's a lot of shit that we store at room temperature and I don't like why do you put up in the refrigerator, but then at at
throughout sets out taste, better 'cause like a Shity, Jerry Seinfeld. What do you put the catch up in your refrigerator? I think its european, I think that's the answer. Europeans. They don't refrigerate schitt yeah. They just have like they have a dead cow that just hangs from everybody's like kitchen, rack right and also they just like put don't like Europeans, put like milk and shipped like that out, and it just becomes cheese, that's how they make all their cheats. So they just like they actually fill their bathtubs with milk ones and then, after a while, yeah sure, generous treasure yeah. How does insurance work now: it's ponzi scheme, yeah it pretty much is. I think it actually is a ponzi scheme. Well, if you as long as you, don't get in like any car accidents or get sick, or get injured? It's a ponzi scheme ever yeah. That's the only that's the only thing, though you got to those things.
What is what it is so cold after the jump back, not dumb insurance. Are we talking health insurance? Are we talking car? You need to specify everything. Just insurance insurance runs it. Yet if it's health and there what is insurance. If there's a health, it's insurance issue, then is health. Insurance is just a death panel. Where Obama comes into your house and kills you got it, why does okay, so cold after chewing, mint gum, I've. I don't know I think that's probably the mountains, you like cold water and then fuq, I'll go next, alright, last one. Why does asparagus make your pee smell? Why is it the only food that makes your pee smell? Will pineapple make sure yeah?
I don't know, that's actually a good question. 'cause, I could spare guess fuqing succulent body telling you that poisoning yes, asparagus is poison, green vegetables are poison and then you eat, the asparagus is the worst veggie like asparagus is disgusting and eat it, and your body is like Yo Dude, just a reminder what you just hate. That was really disgusting. Here's some disgusting pits, so you never do that to us and I think that's half of it. I think the other half is letting people know that they and hang out with you ever if you get a lot of asparagus so back in the olden times before there were bathrooms and we're just cave men running around the jungle, we'd poris on stuff right. We just pass on trees and then, if Abreu was walking down down like a street in the forest, any smelled. Another man spits on a tree that had asparagus. He be like gross that's some sent away from this guy yeah. It was just kind of warning that, like watch out you're about to hang out with Elena yeah, don't don't don't go near this nerd? Go the other way, yeah Turner fell, puts a spell. Your son's pizza. That's true fact: yeah
It's actually anchovies, but same thing same reserves make your pee smells gross. You never heard that story in college He was he's such a fucking party, animal that he put anchovies on his pizza so that other people wouldn't steals pizza classic Classic Classic move their TI. I got one last stay woke someone dm me. Neil Armstrong first person walk on the moon right oh. I know there were. This is going. I like it. Neil a spelled backwards, alien wow, nice? That's our show. She'll take on me. Is Jack state love, you guys