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Blake Bortles And Blake Griffin, Plus Phil Mickelson Ruined Golf

2018-06-17 | 🔗

Phil Mickelson has broken the spirit of Golf. We talk US Open and Phil's moving putt that took the golf world by storm. Was the Course too hard? Many people are saying it was (2:27 - 12:51). World Cup talk as Mexico takes down Germany (12:51 - 17:32). Who's back of the week (17:32 - 25:52). Blake Bortles joins the show as our first member of the Mt Rushmore of recurring guests to do the Mt Rushmore of times its ok to cry (25:52 - 38:19). Blake Griffin joins the show to do Mt Rushmore of trades that make no sense (38:19 - 69:50). Segments include Ass in the Jackpot for Kawhi Leonard's ass being in Stephen A Smith's jackpot. Hurt or injured every soccer player in the world. Bad Visual German Newspaper saying they'll build the wall against Mexico and Trouble in paradise for Todd Haley and Ben Rothlisberger 

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