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Blake Bortles and Jon Anik 08/19/16

2016-08-18 | 🔗
Ryan Lochte's international incident is now the story of the Olympics and gets a PR 101 from all angles. Mt Rushmore of "Football Guys" with a bonus Rushmore of football guy FUPAs. Jon Anik joins the show to talk UFC 202, whether or not the Diaz/McGregor feud is real, and if Rovell's name is no longer allowed to be mentioned at UFC headquarters. Blake Bortles joins for our weekly Wikipedia Club (This month's discussion is shorts and banana boats). Segments include Spinzone for DeAndre Jordan, Sorry not Sorry for Danny Kanell, Please Respect the Biz and Jimbos of the week sponsored by RGIII getting his new girlfriend's name tattooed on his arm.

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