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Blake Bortles And Paul Bissonnette

2018-02-20 | 🔗

Louisville is vacating titles and we're not making any of the jokes you think we're going to make. Olympics are still going on (2:10-8:40). Hot Seat/Cool Throne with a deep dive on Steven Seagal becoming a cryptocurrency ambassador and how Golf is now problematic (8:41-22:34). Jaguars QB Blake Bortles joins the show to talk about the Jags playoff run, what Tom Brady said to him after the AFC Championship game, Wikipedia Club for Leap Days, and a crazy fan that showed up to his house (23:45-41:22). Paul Bissonnette joins the show to talk NHL, bash basketball, and explain the time the Penguins made him change his jersey number because Sidney Crosby's parents kept getting confused (42:15-1:04:16). Segments include Josh Allen Update (1:07:02-1:10:06), he's tall and can throw it far, Sabermetrics for Lebron vs MJ(1:10:07-1:14:32), Bachelor talk for guys that don't watch the Bachelor and Guys on Chicks (1:14:33-1:21:28). 

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On today's pardon my take. It is recurring guest Wednesday. We have two of our favorites. We have Blake Bortles back the boat. We do little Wikipedia with him talk about Leap Day, also just catch up on him and how the season ended. 'cause, we didn't get to talk to him after the AFC Championship Game. We also have Paul Bissonnette Biznasty talking about NHL. Oh some fun stories from him about his one second and playoff hockey, and we also have because Wednesday guys on chicks before we get to all of that. We're excited for the college. Basketball tournament coming up March is the best month for that bud. Light is giving away, Vegas experiences to winners and their friends. This march snap, this scanned scan the Snapcode on Bud light bottles and cans to play a game and enter the sweeps. Only on Snapchat bud! Light is on
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welcome to part my take presented by seek geek today is Wednesday February 21st, and it's going we really really hard for us not to make any Rick Pitino jokes, be very, very testing. It was going to be hard for a second for, like twelve seconds in seconds of hard. It's going to be hard for Jerry full seconds, and then it's not going to be hard anymore yeah. Then it's going to be so I'm all out right, but we're not going to make any 'cause. We said we wouldn't make any that's absolutely so. The big news, it's always a weird little after an all star game, NBA hasn't started back up yet, and he shells
we were going to get some NHL talk with Biznasty in a minute, but the is the day was Louisville has never won, didn't win that national change of a two thousand thirteen. It's never happened. It never has a great news. Kevin Ware never broke his leg good. So that's good for habit for him. What else did it happen? Just give the title to you c: F, o okay, I can they do it. Can we just have another prairie? I do know the parade I for one, am shocked how long the banner was able stay up me too, because usually comes down pretty quickly, lock quicker than that yeah a long time, yeah yeah some good stamina by that manner. Chris, second, any any! Yes, I repeat, two is now when one again see into double let yeah one in one in assets that are how many national to
has patina one and on aggregate now I think one he has won with can talk with rock yeah yeah. If you want your bracket, picking Louisville does that does that it absolutely does go back hit up your friends and at Yahoo group that you had in mind what this is a really bad spot for for our friend dared rebel because he would definitely go back, but, alas, he does not fill out a bracket. We all know now- and this is you don't like fun serious note, though, like this is the day is this not the dumbest like most NC double a penalty just being like yeah? All those memories don't exist. Do they have rings to players? Get right, yeah indicted her to realize that too yeah. We just lives forever got to get that taken together. But but it is it's funny when they do this in the team. Just like okay, we're just like our friends or just a really. only thing that it punishes Louisville in is a Kentucky fans can now say they didn't win that and that will trigger Louisville fans but other than that. But you can't just take away title. That is that it doesn't work. Does it does
the NC double a have any jurisdiction to make Louisville like scrub numbers off their wall in the gym, like Albert two thousand thirteen on the wall. Yet no, that's I mean they'll take down the banners and they'll take out like the official record books won't show and what we can.
your fan. Louisville. Are you really sitting here saying wow? We didn't win that title. Of course you want to. You know who first reported. This was Dan package. He was the first one, so maybe an indie. They could raise a banner in the cold stadium. Saying first reported that Louisville was gonna, take their better that ice put in red. Yes, I I'm worried about our friend Dickie V, because he is a big time. Rick Pitino supporter, so he's probably going to get out of Paris gone parking have to hop on periscope, make sure no one swear. Dickie v might actually Custer in this press. Yes, that's how far up all report him our report. Him said what does this mean for Papa John? That's the big question everybody's asking bad year for policy after him. Does he have to vacate all sales from twenty? Four? All man he's out, he says that he sold at like the parade. Do those don't count a lot of questions? I don't know I just I like the idea of vacating stuff in general yeah, just saying something doesn't exist there. Everyone watch, Latinos wife, vacated their marriage. Yeah boom is vacated. That's fine! Yeah! I vacated all my funds to my bookie. There yeah yeah sign Lou,
I vacated my bowels earlier yeah right exactly that's not just the absence of presence yeah. What the other news we have its olympic? Still one of the Olympics. Ending, I don't know okay, the eye they should be over already. Look we get into this with Paul Biz nasty little bit but like not having hockey look. Forty was road, it's a real bummer and I know that we do have hockey, but it's not real hockey. It's it's the guys that don't play the h o. What's good for them. Actually we're talk about this, the other night I I'm legitimately like watching women's hockey. I think just as much as the men's hockey so Wednesday night is Canada versus USA, which will be fun, but the lack of so guys it was the anchor to the Olympics. That's I I don on me last night when I was like. Why am I not I'm not a heater? I don't he like the Olympic Sports. I don't think they're, not athletes. I just have not been able to get into it. I
know what where's the story give me a story and I saga yeah there has a soccer hasn't been like a a big big star from the United States. Yet we haven't had enough condom stories either yeah that can get me interested it real going to the women's figure skating happened. I usually gets us going right, that's towards the end of things that already happened to see. I don't know I just really ice dancing. All I found out, I think, should ice dancing is just figure skating for betas. It's figure skating for people that we're going to have to do the job. Yeah right, it's rhythmic gymnastics yeah, and I also saw that the bobsled team from K. In Germany Tide both golds. How is that possible? Like again not trying to be a little later, but you can't have a tie in the Olympics. You can't that's it see Olympic take them to the guest, yet go down one more time to think what the hell is he doing yeah. So it makes it like the and able to children, no when you died, but did you see
Those skier that did like the half pipe thing yes and she just have like a half an inch off the ground, half an inch off the ground. That was great I'm actually. I am on her team if you can in life, if you can find a way they get by in a technicality you grab onto that technique. I mean you don't let go until they make yeah yeah. I mean that was the old mistake. If you make it, I hope she gets the rings that too Debbie Fantastic, but yeah the going up and down basically finding a loophole where the one sport where it was the story, was she there women's see, half pipe skiing, you need to finish a certain amount of top thirties worldwide to qualify for the Olympics and Almost all the events. There were not thirty competitors, so she would just show up, go down the halfpipe finished 27th and events qualifying, I love it I really put it on a wheaties box that is, that is, was it hard work beats
I don't want talent, doesn't work hard, yeah, that's the best abilities available. That's right! Tim Tebo of halfpipe skiing right there. The best is to that she sometimes didn't finish last with someone else would fall out. This would be a few when you actually we're trying so she's working as she wasn't in last place at the end of the first day, because some people actually fell and she didn't so she was like she was in theory. She could have metal. It's like that, Eric that yoga member, that guy who raced he was swimmer, and he didn't like really even know how to swim really- and he was- slowly he had raised by himself if he got laughed like seven hundred times all yeah kind of us all sports, but we have the nice thing about. Our show is that when they're slow and sports we get to get a little weird with other stuff. So we have as an checks coming up with Blake Bortles coming up, but before we get to all that, let's do a little hot sequel throat. Let's do it get it going Hank. Why don't you give us, give us going I'd, love to my hot seat are pants, oh okay, so I don't know if you guys have noticed the weather lately, but it's like seventy degrees today, going to be seventy degrees. Tomorrow. Put those pants,
it's summertime get the shorts out their back. So wait. Are you just Now, on the cool thrown you put shorts now, that's where this is going on. I thought I'd yeah here to put pants on the hot seat. So, okay, so you just do the reverse. Okay, gotcha, the I e the one week in like February. It happens every year work, it's hot, never was like, oh, my god we're out of the out of winter, and then it just starts raining and drilling for on March and April, that's always fun I mean. Does anybody else want to give me a little bit of credit for bringing some back now your say start Hank, yeah, that's what that was really originally you I'm I'm sorry for a were also in pants right now: hey yeah, but I'm wearing shorts, underneath my pants, some technically closer shorts, hey Hank, thanks for putting pants on the hot seat bring summer back you're welcome, yeah cat all right. What's your call, sir? How my cool throne of the selfie Olympics?
I don't know if you guys have saw this, but apparently people have run out of things to do new trends, so they're just going back to old trends for two thousand and fourteen do himself, thanks. I do not notice when kids like do ridiculous shit in front of a mirror to take like hilarious selfies like they bring their match. in their bathroom and make it look like they're sleeping and they take a picture and it's like. Ok, this whole big thing you caught me sleeping. kind of not really no way embrace debate. Is it a selfie? If you take a picture of a mirror of yourself or is it a selfie just I always thought the selfie was just you holding your hand out and taking a picture yourself. I agree but in theory technically a selfie is just taking a picture of yourself, but I know what you're saying yeah, I don't know like I don't like using the mirror. As a stunt yeah to me using the Mers, a son was just somebody saying hey, I don't have a front facing camera. No excuse me are you have to you, have to have your dick out? Yeah, that's the rule, get a call yeah. So what is so they're back? Your calls are cell phone numbers back yet, but we're going to compete or what
yeah I might as well, which I have to write yeah. So all right, we're in the self healing picks will get the tattoo and everything all right. Hank you look If used, maybe they're, not back. No, I had another graphical terminal que. I lost it: okay, okay, if you get it then bring it, bring it back up. Okay, all right! You! Let me go ahead. I okay I'll go! My hot seat is golfers, So there was a New York Times, Op Ed title. Donald Trump is making me think twice Before admitting out loud that, yes, I am a golfer, so I think we talked about a few times that Donald Trump President Trump has broken some people's brains, and I would say this guy who is now saying he can't openly admit that he's a golfer, because President Trump also golfs, that would be broken brain territory, Is the real victim yeah? This is so. If you do this started with it, I'm a read just a little bit of it. Golf was so close. It was so cool close to moving beyond that stereotype. The image of a rich old unathletic white man, making sexist jokes and trading real estate tips the image of some
like Donald Trump, I don't think of these guys. You think yeah this guys, just like inside his own head a little bit too hot. He was, I don't know what where he was golfing or what he was thinking. I think golf is pretty much been the same forever. There's country clubs and paying people like to golf. We have a lot of money and free time right that doesn't make a whole lot of sense. So there's also an opportunity here for people to design a golf course where people can in private. We don't have to see them. Golfing yeah, exactly he also golfers know that he doesn't represent golf. So he's he's disavowing President Trump, the golfer he's speaking on behalf of golfers worldwide worldwide. This is, I mean, could you imagine thought process goes through your head being like I no longer comfortable, saying that I enjoy golf because of the president. That's very very strange! It's so
on the hot seat. Golfers hope you guys don't like golf out there. Also now it if, if you're golfer- and you don't disavow Donald Trump right, then that means that you support him right. So that's what this guy's he's drawn: a line in the sand right, drawing a line in the bunker yep and not raking it up. Yum Salzach Lee! That's a that's bullshit! Yeah! That's the rules. Are the rules of the Oh Rick Reilly has not come out and said that he disavows Donald Trump yeah and he is an avid golfer, so Rick, maybe a big trump guy now interesting, interesting, my cool, throw I could totally see Rick Reilly just pulling. his brain, switching and wonder. He's like you know what I like Donald Trump. Now I'm going to be a big Maggio. I was going to say I could see him just saying he's never going to golf around as long as as long as Donald. it'll go either way, that'll be it will either be as personal sacrifice.
but in all honesty it would be really good for Rick Rally spread. If you came out as a huge trump supporter now yeah I'd like you to make a load of money, he also had a full three Kate Upton poops. Today, the olympic curler from Russia that got caught doping. He said the broom was corked. That's pretty! That's pretty damn good, also pretty damn good boys sodas points, because that story came out three days ago, yeah so on right now that it's all over it doesn't heat the had a Valentine's joke, the joke on like favor. Seventy, a! the groundhog? Yet no he's got that got to get that workshop got a whole list, my cool thrown, I got to first, One is actually know. This is one of my other hot seat. I've two out seats. One call from my other hot seat is Scott Boras, so Scott Boras the number one mlb agent. He has had a tough offseason. He promised
a lot of money to a lot of people and he hasn't really come through so Jd Martinez. When the offseason started. He said that was going to get seven years, two hundred and ten million dollars. He ended up getting five years. One hundred and ten million dollars Hosmer signed for eight year, and he last year was talking about how has been signed for ten and Jake it is still not signed. So basically, the entire collusion against Scott Borders has worked and he's especially on the hot seat too, because he's trying to convince everyone how he's doing well in in the Hosmer Press conference for the Padres, he Did the Padres organization is a hot volcano of talent, lava, so he's kind of losing his mind. Their weight is that good thing or bad. It sounds like an awesome thing. I think it's good, but it's also like it's the quote of oh crazy man. You can't touch him.
The Padres are hot lava, really good, so so is on the cool throne, because Zen Master Steven Seagal ever heard of him has come out and he's going to be official brand ambassador of Bitcoin, two gen, not Bitcoin. So, going to jail. It's still, it's a new bit coin! It's the better because he's a great believer all created his own cryptocurrency antennas, two eyes a bit coin: okay: court to gent to Jan and not he said, Is it because he's a Zen master? He said flow with whatever,
may happen and let your mind be free stay centered by accepting whatever you're doing this is the ultimate and that that flowing with whatever may happen, is getting on the crypto currency wave and riding it out. now he's the official ambassador? I mean. How can you not by Dick going to Jack? I don't want to overreact, but I want to take out some high interest loans just so I can invest them in Stephen Schools, big corn. Yes, that's how confident I am in the I I I I was on. I found I found myself on the big point to Jan and website, which isn't even a real dot com. It's a big point to Jen DOT, p r dot, ceo so I don't know. What's going on there, police mining, all my data rate. I think it's just like a it's. A bank based in Aruba, yeah but big big coin to Jen. Has a Steven Seagal like resume, and it's just basically, all of like the books is right. It's just like he's got he's got auto spiritual beliefs in humanity or woven into like every aspect of his life, and he knows Krav Mcgaw and like karate and he's.
Sensei and he wears kimonos and that's his entire rest. It should just be a video of those dudes like running at him, trying to take him out and him stepping out of the way and gently like tackling the mall yeah like I want to invest money in that guy. I wouldn't be surprised if Steven Segal like basically ran the whole world in his shadow government, he's. Definitely on my list of people like Jay Z, Beyonc, Steven Seagal, and I don't know Stephen Hawking, instead Steve Jobs in Argentina and does a that's. Why? Like stop five, five, three five guys who could be running a global? You know government, I want to make a video for this new cryptocurrency. It should just be like Steven Seagal, you, member, when he did that that tv show down Louisiana where he's a sheriff yeah. It's just be him driving a tank or do our levels of banks and just crashing the safe open and then handing out all the money to pay that and then handing out all the court, yes to Jen, so get it, but I actually and we buy some going to jump. I would be shocked if Steven Seagal decided that
going to take like Bitcoin and turn it into actual coins yeah and then just make his own real currency and forget the whole like crypto part of it, I'd assume Steven Segal when someone explains cryptocurrency to him and he's like. Yes, I will be the brand ambassador for Bitcoin. Two gen he's just thinking that it's Mario jumping into boxes and coins come out and she's like yeah like shot like that or like Sonic just running around and picking up coins, right if yeah, if you jump on top of the bad guys head five bitcoins yeah right exactly so he's just going to carpet to start doing that. I think the only thing I'm worried about is, I do think you will steal all of our identities worse, so we will have Bubba sign up for Bitcoin to Jenn. Although I mean, if there's somebody that I want stealing, my identity is probably Steven, Seagal Truth safe, he's, cute and keep it said. Yes, he needed for his international espionage and all that ship yeah he will probably late for yes WAR, some some spice, some dark cell yeah her sword as he is such a good body guard. If you, if you
on your identity to be safe. For the rest, your life, it's actually better to give it up to Stephen Jackals, willingly, give it up yes yeah and then you might even get like a congressional medal medal of Honor right. It's like a it's like parents to know that they're unfit to raise children, giving them away to like daddy, Warbucks or yeah leader yeah yeah, I'm leaving my identity at Steven Seagal's fire station overnight seem a little bassinet will bassinets with a note into it, saying like I, he doesn't like it. Yes, sir, Please take care of my idea. He doesn't like this Paragus, he farts a little too much and he got bit by a dog once please take care of my identity all right. What do you got? My hot seat is evolution who hot seat? It's really always on evolution, but this week, especially because the big gator in Florida in Orlando is back. Of the one that one that always pops up and everyone's like how the fuck is this gator alive, yeah yeah, so that the gator singlehandedly disproves evolution.
because it's a dinosaur is what it is and so we're going to get a lot more of the like bigfoot type videos taken from across like a lake of it. So I'm still not one hundred percent sure that it's real it could just be. It four or five people in a gator costume, walking around yeah. It looks like it's something from like the you know like Disney World, yes or like entertainment, studio or whatever. What is it Universal Universal studios know it looks like it moves so slowly. It reminds me of a chuck e cheese, animated mouse like this playing in the band, so I'm not discounting the fact that it might be a robot just yet, but I want it to be real. You guys Disney World kids out to Disneyland in California Yes, I was ok. I never was my parents took me to universal studios and, like basically like yeah, it's the same as Disney world. It was not. Actually I like
personal better than this, or I I yeah. I was one of those like it sucked you don't like being like the kid and never got to go to Disney World, and so I will the deep some thing of stuff down that I'll. Probably just you know my therapist, I had to do a roller coasters, I'm pretty good. Pretty good, I'm pretty good. I don't puke. Remember one time we did. We did cha dogs on the roller coaster, mall of America, one time yeah. I was pretty good time. There should just be a ride where that's all that you do it just do a lot of you just get the natural spent. My cool throne is millennials because checked us out Lineal's are now getting five percent on their cash back purchases at whole foods if they have Amazon account Which means that they'll be saving seven thousand dollars per avocado, ok and they can put it into a ring. And propose with it it's so Hank you want to tell us will talk, will dovetail this into Hank's hot in the streets. the newest trend out there with avocado's newest trend, is taking your,
storing putting in an avocado and that's how you present it. Instead of a box, you have seen God Playlist discover card. Oh, this is a doppler. Let it get complete rotten, basically like so basically at Instagram Account posted like a nice picture of a engagement ring in avocado and was like tag someone who you want to do this to you and so people So we took the idea and ran with it and all the pictures that people have done it like that Cato's, like Brown like it's disgusting right, if is all squishy If you put an avocado out in the sun for longer than two seconds, it just turned into a looks like a piece of poop yeah. I think someone out there neither either work New York Times are Buzzfeed is creating these fake millennials like memes and look at this new trend just say something to write about. No, this is real. Pete kids everywhere are using our customer, and then you know they say the girl looks and, and then the guy goes, walk is extra yeah and then they'll have a good laugh about him, or is it that avocados from Mexico this yeah you go just like the commercial it
most relatable thing of all time. Yes, all right. What do you got colder as Michael for all? You do? Okay, all right! So, let's get to our interviews. We're gonna go Blake Bortles first and they were to go biz nasty before we get to that What else millennials are getting into the cash app part my take is brought. my cash app we're switching to the cash app I've. I've tweeted the the competition a couple times, I'm done with that. It's simplest way to pay back friends, family Hank. Anyone Sending and receiving money is totally free and fast in most payments can be deposited directly to your bank account just a few seconds, and did you know the cash app? to do way more than that. Now you can even buy and sell Bitcoin. I hope that you can buy and sell going to Jen because I'll be doing and on the cash app for bubble will get your paycheck deposited? correctly write to the app pull money out of the atm with their free custom card or use it to and anywhere you like, you really
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went to the s yeah, you went to a FC championship game, you went into Pittsburgh and you beat the break so yeah check the out of them instant, classic the question we have to start with, though, when you lost a sea change, your game was that in fact tears on your face. No, I in Ireland I Didn'T- even I didn't even know about it. My mom actually send it to me, and she was kind of. I think you go back a little bit. She was like you know, I'm sorry how everything happened. Yeah yeah yeah, he works so hard and I was then she sent that picture and I was like, like you know, I'm not crying in that picture like I'm, not really sure what happens if somebody like you know, maybe I missed my mouth with a water bottle or what, but it definitely didn't. Look like I was crying. I was really really upset after that game, like I thought I thought for sure that going to get you into the Superbowl and that big cat now we're going to go, see, play in Minnesota and win a Superbowl. I thought that we were going to be witnesses to history, so I was only crying. Are you still a little bit bitter about? Maybe how that game was officiated?
uh. You know it was definitely interesting, but you know some. Some calls went their ways and some didn't go our ways, but I wanted to win more so just to be able to talk. Show it to Dave. Yeah yeah, but I would I would so we were. We were discussing in the office and you can correct this put. We were talking that we would probably be in like to for Blake, Bortles friends and family box. If you went to the Superbowl is that is that true yeah? I I mean, I think you too and Hank for sure what has a spot in the box hell Yes, hello, yes feels commitments of feels good to know that that that that that's gonna happen support, do you got it now and that is that game ends. You guys had an unbelievable season when you know farther, Anyone kind of expect the beginning of the season. Is there a little bit of it where you look back and you're like man? That was pretty awesome like? Can you take a little pride in the jaguars season, even though it came up a game short yeah
There's, no, you know, there's no moral victories or you know any of that. We got beaten and didn't make it to where we wanted to go, but I think you know as an organization and like a city that is kind of struggle for so long. You know to win and kind of see the people in the city all excited, and you know everybody fired up to the game, all that it was cool. What kind of see, you know the city just bugs about the excitement around the team, so it was cool to be a part of and do that going into Pittsburgh, You guys came out real strong in that first half. I think you had a couple of at least one defensive touchdown, a lot of turnovers created and You went for it on fourth down and so like a coach was showing a lot of faith in you and then Pittsburgh comes back in the second half and been rough. kind of wakes up a little bit. The offense goes crazy, where you, feeling like a little concerned going down the stretch we like a ship. This is you know it's going to happen again
It's going to be a tough loss force or where you like super confident. You know it's interesting 'cause. It was real similar to how it went the first time we played a man Ben, never got going like our defense kind of shut him down, and so it's kind of had the same feel you know we come out to a big lead and then he threw a bomb for a touchdown like right before half I'm the Martavis Bryant in the back of the end zone and those kind of like oh wow, that was a nice throw, and then he made some plays in the second half that were just unbelievable. I mean he was. He was putting on a clinic a little bit and you know so it's kind of like, let's just hang on and every time we get the ball to see. If we can score- and you know- and he kept scoring there's kind of a back and forth deal, and you know I guess we just we scored a couple more points than they did so when we got to move on yeah, that's the wind didn't feel good to just stick in your head or space after that game. Just to be like hey, you yeah, I uh yeah, I would have loved to uh. You know shoot some birds just around the
yeah. I do you, would you listen? Do you listen to the haters? I mean you you. You said you don't you're not on twitter anymore, you that funny quote about Lebron when people are talking about that. Do you Do you like? Are you able to tune out all the haters I mean we're fighting for were fighting the haters on the frontline. I hope you know that. I appreciate it, and I you know, I want you guys to know that I would love to more than anything to be right there. Next to you fight with you guys in the trenches, but it's like tough being like the one that guys are going after, like 'cause when you stick up for yourself when you say something like you just get crushed by everybody else, so I feel like it's better to just not paid any attention or ignore it or anything. But I appreciate you know the efforts by you guys are putting up for me, but it's kind of it's like you know the thing that kills me like nobody ever says anything in person which is nice, like everybody is always extremely nice in person and nobody ever says anything bad or negative, and then it's just
on the internet, and you know people people get nasty online, so yeah twitters, definitely undefeated. We we had Chris Simms come into the studio just so we could fight him yeah things that go on the market? While I saw that was a little bit upset about that. So we brought him in just to have your back to his chest. Just like the wrong yeah, yes, comma piece of sheet he was, he came in, he was so nervous. He thought we were going to jump. Yeah yeah I would like to been there for that have been awesome because basically walked back a little bit what he said. He was saying that, like he was just trying to say something: a little inflammatory and then you got trapped into like having to today. all the time, and so it turned The thing that he didn't think was going to turn into a thing where you would be like the nation's premier portals hater like skip Bayless is like the nation's Premier Lebron James Hater. So we just had to put him in his place, real, quick and he
He rolled over. Let us scratch his belly and then he left. Well. I appreciate that yeah. That was like. That's really the only one. That's like bothered me just 'cause, it's like when some when somebody else has tried to do it and then and have really any success of doing it in those, but they at least have an understanding of how hard it is, and you know it's a challenge and all that and then to then turn around and go on tv and talk bad about somebody trying to do it I just don't really understand that that process, but I agree you know more park- will jump back to the AFC Championship game. Real quick did you? Did you shake as a Tom Brady after him? I did. I shook his hand as hard as I could try to pop the stitches, does he have any advice? Haha yeah No, I said what first of all, I'm walking out there right and like playing him in that environment in Fox Borough, like so many cameras around, and I'm not used to doing that right, there's not a whole lot of cameras that go out to the quarterback meetings, usually in the games on it
then, but that one there was a lot right. So I'm like he's in the middle with the cameras, all the random and I'm like outside standing behind all the cameramen like trying not to get trampled by him. So I'm like trying to move people to get to him and then it in there give a nice firm handshake in you know, look him in the eye and said good luck. There you go, and I think you said I want to say you said I think you said that that was fun and I was just like man what state yeah, I'm I'm a glad I could entertain you a little bit. Do you see these tears on my eyes? Come on Tom yeah? Did you did you eat a have? You ever had a baloney sandwich with Doug Marrone. I think he got like enough baloney for our whole stadium.
Like four years now, people just sent him that I've never actually eaten one with him, but I have had some baloney sandwiches at the stadium. I think that were part of his doing love. It love it's funny. It's like they found out. They like one thing and then every baloney, CO, America, ships it to Jacksonville. Yeah, that's great, that's perfect up. Did you get a chance to have like an exit interview with Tom Coughlin after this season? Oh no. Why I didn't hear or exit interview consisted. He came in the locker room kind of we had a team meeting Monday morning and I'm incident background kind of cleaning, my stuff out and throwing stuff away, and he walks by- and he said, hey that was a good first half he played the other day. I forgot thank you That's perfect around and walked away, and that was all that was. That was my exit interview. That's perfect! You said that
we. We are interrupting your call of duty in the Offseason Howard. How are you as a call of duty player? I I'd say on average at best you know. I know I'm not very good, but it's like there's a lot of guys on the team that play call of duty, but they all play on playstation and I have an xbox right. So I'm trying to get I'm trying to get really good at it and then I'm going to buy a playstation and start playing and be like hey got like take it easy, I'm trying to figure this thing out and just kill me, he dominated. We should squat up I'm on Xbox. Are you yeah? I have to do a minute ma'am my dad comes over sometimes, and he loves blank duty. I don't think he's ever had more than like three or four kills, but hopefully for hours and what your? What is your weapon of choice. Uh. You know I'm I'm a big shotgun guy 'cause, I'm wrong! That is shooting, so I get close and just try and blow him up, and I get the bullets that, like the guys on fire, yeah yeah, you just run around with a shot with I'm the same way. I either go sniper and just hide or I just go shotgun go.
you run around just just spray: everyone, yeah yeah. That's the only way to go Are you? Are you able to play video games with your with your wrist yeah? It's part of my rehab. Alright, let's do so we're going to do our Oscars Preview with Blake Next Friday, so make sure you tune in for that because we we're doing recurrent guess Wednesday, and everyone requested We have to do at least one Wikipedia page so because it's February we're going to do February, 29th Leap Day, trying to get to the bottom of this. So I just pulled for the first time. I have not read any of this so Blake. Why don't you start yeah, perfect uh? So so I mean like technically really job rules only like seven years old right. So it's it's kind of the first thing I'm seeing here it looks like jar rule is the only person that I recognize that was born on Leap Day, so
I mean, really, is only had like six or seven birthdays yeah. Well, I still don't really understand where that day goes, so it's just like week accumulated over time. So I just did a little bit of reading. It says that each lap around the sun that the earth takes takes three. Sixty five days and six hours exactly so. You multiply six. By four. Can you get that extra day now to me, that seems a little too convenient. Doesn't that it lines up exact? to equal twenty four hours, which is one day right, like the fact that the the rotation around the sun equals exactly a year that's really makes no sense. How did they that's coincidence. I'm sure I don't see, I don't understand, but I will say that when, when Leap years, when Leap days happen, it's pretty cool it No in Aurora Illinois on February 29th single women are deaf.
guys Dinar allowed to arrest single men subject to a four dollars: fine okay, yes, we should probably go to rewrite yeah. This is also an interesting fact. I just found out so the chinese calendar, because a leap the Leap year Hers are only every four years and there are all even numbers, the chinese calendar. The date will only occur in years, of the monkey dragon and rat? So still it really spread the wealth on the Leap day for that for the chinese calendar
smoke or do you have a dog right here. The dark, yeah hungry dogs run faster. That's what they say. I'm in Philly says one other fun fact about Leap Day. That's when part of my take was first recorded, so we are only half a year old, almost kind of crazy. How much we've accomplished in just half a year. Now here's a good question. If you die on Leap Day, do you actually have a date of death? Are you dead or you just a zombie, wow yeah? That's what I said: lock the key to eternal life, that's that's a lot you just so I'm going to die on Leap Day. That's my plan. I don't think I don't think you're dead. Well, I'm not do the list of people who have died on Leap Day, nobody that I recognize so well. Do they ever even exist. No, don't say that Pope hilarious, oh yeah, he was funny yeah, good guy. That's a Rick Reilly joke right! There right it's right! So
Give me there's a pope hilarious yeah. It doesn't look like a lot of death. People have been kind of avoiding dying on famous people dying on Leap years. Here's a fun fact Leap day would be the safest day of the year, then yes, because so Few people only like I studies, have shown that Leap Day has less than twenty. Percent of the deaths of other normal days. An in Greece. It's considered, lucky to marry on Leap day. So that's that's good to know as well. So, if your, if your Greek and your every four years, there's one day that you shouldn't get married. Now they call it Bachelors Day in Ireland. Also, fine, a day for the boys yeah there we go yeah Leap days are for the boys. We should make a shirt for that, like it's pretty good, any other fun facts found Blake, not I mean I think you guys covered it all. Yeah
We did two days where you that's actually what Ryan Tannehill should be focused on for taking that it's a leap day of taking the next step. Yes, exactly? What do you think you think next year is the year that Ryan Tannehills steps it up like yeah yeah, I think uh, I think Ryan Tannehill is also taking next. that's what people are talking about. Would you celebrate your birthday on February, 28th and march? First, if you're born on Leap Year, English great question, I think you get boat yeah, you get. You get two days, yeah just right in the middle you just get to squat on it put on that What about paychecks? Do they come on the 28th or do come on the 29th when there's Leap year last the month these are these are questions were not equipped. voice that saw that what is not yeah yeah, I'm all right. Let's do our last question is to see key question are put in promo code, take for the cd cap and you get ten dollars off your c. Keep purchase promo code. Take in the c key gap there presenting sponsor we love Seatgeek are blue,
do you know Greg Olsen's wife? I don't. I I saw that Ray in the bus or in the band. You guys talk! No, I'm not that somebody about that. Well, yeah. What Hey. You know. I don't they're just just so many that you might have matter yeah who who knows yeah, I know I don't buy. That is crazy, because there's not a whole lot of people that I meet outside of a veto that are from mobile yeah. Well, it's a big world out there, so it kinda loose ones, are outside of the veto. People from all of that is that that is true. Alot of them don't leave, though they seem to kind of stay, stay right around that area. Yeah, oh, by the way, congratulations on. I think he won two games this year in the snow. Like your first to snow games, you, I think you're. Actually, defeated in the snow. It is that just saw for the first time
have you have you by the way? If you talk to the person who's behind the plate, portals off facts about twitter page, I have not yeah, not. I noticed the. I think he did like an interview or something, and they were asking him all about it. What do you guys but that is funny. I think it's pretty funny. I mean it's just fax, like Billy portals the I'm reading right now, I just want to play, pulls, never lost an olympic event. That's a fact right I mean, I don't think you can argue with anything to science, great Superbowl losses, Tom Brady, three point, four: zero, fax back, thanks? I, like all the specs yeah, so I think of you as well and the more facts on the front line. I feel like
Is we probably got recharges guy because he's like on the front line with us yeah, and I think that here's another good fact you, you are the only quarterback to have beaten the Buffalo bills on two different continents this year, oh wow wow, you really got serious. You really got their number. That is interesting, yeah yeah, so so I I got into the store real quick. I had a kid come to my front door, the other day like fifteen years old, and you break the door about when I open it. You just stand there staring at me and I'm like hey man. What's up, thank you, know you're on my door. Is there something you'd like to say that you're just looking at him? You know, so I start asking him how he's doing, and he, like all these days, that you know you had you get a great years on the watch. I love you on pardon my take. What are you going back on? Like I don't know you know hopefully soon we'll have to see you know what those guys are doing it at all right in the polls. The Bush white
out of his back pocket just one and gives it to me? It turned around and walked away. Like I mean one thousand, five hundred and sixteen years old, stop love you on pardon my pager Busch light, I'm outta here is now the official greeting apart by tech, we no longer say suck my dick, we cancel that one we no longer say we're not going to say it. You just hit you silently hand, somebody a bushel, you don't have to make them drink it. You just had to walk away, solid, good icing thing: it's just of a peace officer just to sort of honor amongst friends. Did you drink it? No, I'm saving up for a special case: okay, yeah yeah! Let a that's yeah! You gotta! Let it age put in your wine cellar right, yeah yeah! I know exactly you gotta, give it the right camp and let it breathe and do all that it's such an awesome story. Alright! Well, this kid is going to be pretty happy because you're not only on this show, but we're going to see you for next Friday for which preview on my favorite shows of the year where we didn't see any of the movies and we review all of them based on their Wikipedia pages. I can't wait. My love
have you seen Dunkirk? Yet I have yeah. So what will do is will do we did like a short reenacting of it. Last discuss it but will kind of Linkedin it out so be aware that do it so yeah so make sure you get your like your bomb noises or like it like a Google Google water right right, work on that, okay sounds good. Alright, we'll see you next Friday. Alright, see you guys wait. Portals was brought to you by a ring. Ring's mission is to make neighborhoods safer today over one million people use the amazing ring video doorbell to help protect their homes, ring nose security begins at the front door, but it doesn't end there so now they're extending that same level of security to the rest of your home with ring floodlight cam. I don't have a house, send it to a friend who has a house Chicago and he loves it, ring nose home. Pretty begins at the front door, but it doesn't end there so now they're they have this ring floodlight, cam and just like the.
the doorbell, for they came as a motion activated camera and flood light that connects right to your phone with hd video to the audio that lets. You know the moment. Anyone steps on your property feel like Tony Montanya. Was the bad guy e and speak to visitors even set off alarm right from your phone with rings flood like canned when things go bump in the night, you'll immediately know what it is ring. Flood light offers the it's made it home security with high visibility, flood lights in a powerful hd camera that put security in your hands, save up to one hundred and fifty dollars off a ring security kit, you go to ring dot com take ring dot com. take, that's ring dot com take! Do it now ring dot com all right here he is Biznasty Inova, something completely diff Alright, we now welcome back all recurring guest Paul Bissonnette Biznasty, hey man, your
media! Now, what's let's, let's start with that, you are now part of the coyotes media. So do people trust you or you still one of the guys. I have but the luxury of doing both sides, but I'm more of still towards the guys? Ok, ok, it's nice! It's nice 'cause! I get better interviews, I've kind of like you guys where you get you get the juicy stuff in the fun stuff or all the other guys kind of you know they give him the lane interviews where they very cliche answer this question hockey you guys now yeah yeah, you hockey players, you don't really say anything interesting ever to us all about the team. What was what's the best story that you sat on, that you haven't told anybody we'll just we'll edit this out or something yeah our water here. Here's the problem with me telling stories now is I have a big boy job. Where is she? If I, if I see anything and and you know I'm representing the team now, okay, really he had trouble, I I would have to be
Jordan joined, pardon my take as a sister, something like I can't. Well. Let me rephrase pfts question how many coyotes are currently taking Adderall Unprescribed good question: Our role is more of a baseball drugs for NASCAR. Okay, yeah tell you what Paul I can you give me an estimate on what percentage of baseball players do you think are taking out all all. I I had spoken to people in baseball and, and the assumption is, is right around fifty percent. I don't know what the rule. I don't know what the rules are as far as, if you just get a doctor to prescribe it. It's fine by MLB, if you sign something and center in the league. Obviously, if you're taking it and you're not done the proper steps to tell believe that you are taking it. You can get in trouble. That's just what I think, ok great, what I've heard breaking news, Paul Bissonnette, but yeah thanks that over half of baseball players take adderall. That's put that in the headline grabbing the headline grab yep there. It is we just we're just going
it's going to be doing that with every single guest forever. Now just getting him to to narc on other sports. Well, okay. alright! Well, there you go, I mean, basically, I also heard baseball guys are like undercover dirtiest athletes as far as the way they crush, crush on the road. You know beef is when they call it. Yeah slump, buster system all right. Let's start it yet account for four days. At a time do they have like girlfriends in every city, yeah yeah, the old mark grace. alright. Let's talk real real hockey for a minute. The golden Knights air, the story of the year? I think it's safe to say: do you think that for real in that they I mean they they're they're leading the west? Can they can they actually win a cup in with that be the most incredible story? Basically, in sports history, a franchise team going to Stanley CUP yeah, I mean I
If somebody was right, the other day on twitter kind of going to make the rest of the League look really bad 'cause. They all the other teams, gave up all these guys and they're. All like the the quote. Unquote NHL rejects are the Golden Knights Beer hockey. no they're unbelievable, if you ever been to a game there, no, I haven't. I need to go, do a man, it's their game, ops or out of control. You leave there in your exhaust and it's so loud. This is like nonstop energies like you're at a rave party. It's I think they put ecstasy in press box, I water jug there we go another another scoop there. Do you think it's going to be? Do you think Vegas is going to be like a big free agency destination? Knowing people can go live and you know have fun in sin city? Yeah, I don't know. Is there state tax? I don't believe there is no. There isn't quite right there boom that to draw sunny weather all year. That's a draw most hockey guys golf boom and uh one and works there all degenerate gamblers go noticed. You've never had nice. Everyone wins! I like it all.
This is a real question in this might be a dumb brain, small brain question by me, but do you think it's harder to play in the warm weather. When you go from like warm weather to ice and like back and forth it kind of up your system, you've done it, you did in Phoenix, I there's no, so there's no like actual stats to back up my claim here, but I feel like that. Would fuck you up. Well, I mean, if you probably, if you have sensitive skin like Pft, probably but I like the vitamin d and for me I always felt you know, look good play good, so I would always be decent and my teeth would seem wider, even though they are the color of a beer bottle but yeah. I know I Really like the warm weather. I think that you're wrong again. Ok, I've! Actually my skins, not that sensitive anymore. I've drank like a lot more water recently, so I've got rid of the sunburn product found that followed me around. I want to. I want to jump back to comparing a couple sports together. 'cause there was a real hot meme going around the other day with the
the lightning's player, wasn't it I'm interested in Vladyslav Vladislav stinging could get Cough did I say that right, oh geez. Well, no, I don't even know what you just said. Ok, well, I thought you were going to talk about the guy who got cut yeah, that's the guy right, so he took a ski to the other guy yeah yeah he got, he got all cut up and there's a meme going around that said, Lebron James would have missed months without injury, I'm opinion how many games with the brunt of missed are probably not you probably would have put on that now skin and made a big deal about it. Everyone of what have been like Aussie, that's. Why he's better than Jordan describes the man? That's true, I'm not a I'm! Not a huge abroad vanished. Your he's very calculated, like I felt like when he cried after he won it for Cleveland, like he felt he had to cry because am J cried when he came back in and it is staying in and it made a motion, all you know like a Colby did the same thing. So if you,
pretty self. On that that territory greatness, were you cry after you win the championship, all right so from the king to the king? Do you think no real hockey question? I think the Rangers should trade King Henrik off draw. I don't know how to know, but there this thing I wasting is prime. Does he I mean there's even no trade clause. I don't know I think he's just our hands on that. We can talk anybody out of anything yeah, but don't you think that there is like I mean they're kind of wasting his prime here. Don't you think you ease is still an asset. They could trade him and and kind of start over right yeah. I mean very good general letter to the organization or sorry, the organization that a letter to the fan base saying they were going to blow it out right yet
Oh, I know I don't know. If he's one of those guys you do that too he's buddies with Mcenroe. You don't want to mess with that guy. True. How would you feel if it did a band with him right? You know that no! I did not that's really bad with John Mcenroe. What kind of music do they play? How cool I don't? cool music. I don't know it's gonna be cool. I'm surprised that James Dolan hasn't made him like joined. The band would have been joined, his band JD and the straight shots yeah. If you on that Rangers team in your ownership. Put out a statement like that, would you be? Would you be pissed off? No, because I know I was staying, I mean probably or trailer to get players how's your day, good on you guys senior adult. Are you going anywhere? I'm not I'm. She had a really bad
but you may want to pick me up, but there would be an element that would be like this sucks that are teams basically admitting that were given up the season like publicly yeah. No, I I think, if you're going to send a message that you're really giving up completely you're, probably keep me on the roster, say: hey we're, keeping we're really trying to go for that. First overall pick, this guy is going to be playing first line minutes. What the hell does Cox too, because it feels like they have to kind of do a little mid blow up here where it's like they're, they're kind of in a tough spot. It's it seems like you. go the route of being like right. It was one bad year. One slump, you know everyone get their rest go home in April. 'cause you're not be playing recharge, but it feels like
They got it. They got to fix a lot of things. So I'm I'm here to defend that core group of players and the coaching staff. I know you're a hawks very you're, probably wondering what the Heck's going on that core group of players has played a lot of heart you over the last eight or nine years. I think that I think that they're all about a hundred thirty playoff tickets, you factor playoff games- are probably double regular season games, because you're playing way harder, your bank dot and also you're not getting that summer, the proper summer training where you're you're playing catch up, all the other guys you've been training for months and months. I know it's not really an excuse, because last year they got you know four straight fight. I think you guys need a full summer hit the recharge, but I think they're going to be okay. I know that they've been getting smoke for all these big contracts. We gave out I'm a big shot. What would you get a
whole Johnson caves and came in and say hey our we're not going to pay that money. Has. You know we think maybe a few years you're gonna be over value when you just want your your team, three Stanley cups come on right in the problem. Is the it's actually Canada's to blame because isn't it the canadian dollar the the reason the cap hasn't gone up because they they they gave those contracts hoping the cap would go up. It really hasn't or yeah. I did, but should always gonna call manager got the dollar and chocolate yeah Elle timidly, it's true does fall. Okay, I like that. I can look without some say. Sorry. Well, I'm sure, there's a favorite comic. We just changed our national anthem because it just runs at it, yeah It was a gender friendly, so they just I mean not all as you want yeah, yes, you're right. Ours is a sorry say. Sorry to me, I'm sorry if there gets up to see that those are the main problems going on a cat, as opposed to our things may be going on here.
No, the United States! No, we have no problems are only problem. Is nhl cap won't go up as a matter of fact. Speaking of no problems, is it all of Chicago, that's racist, or is it just the fans that sit around the penalty box? Oh, that was that was so stupid. I said there now, there's a debate. Ok, so here here this one big cat, so say you own those tickets, that you can't make it to that game and you sell them on Stubhub people are saying the person who sold them on stuff, is somewhat responsible for what happened because they sold those desktop. I do agree, I think, I think that stuff is to blame? They should have you see instead yeah, who could point good point
so we'll see key for this hypothetical Stubhub racist yeah. Well, you see a bonus on your paycheck. Oh yeah, yeah, oh yeah! No, but it's I mean I do not think the original ticket holder should be held to blame. I think like it was a terrible incident. I think the Blackhawks handled it pretty well kicking the guy out right away like you guys are right away. You know releasing a statement, making it very clear that that shit's not cool and it's for it's not going to fly so arm right right. So, in a note socks I mean there's it's good, that you know they were proactive about it, because there's drunk people are idiots. all over the place- and you just got to try to deal with it- you know right away and and don't don't, drag your feet on dealing with it or try to say that wasn't racist, because all he said was backed up all, but we all know what's right for any time soon. You try to be racist with not coming off as racist, but that
what what about from racial calories. Absolutely I saw on your twitter recently, which is a really funny. I I don't know if it's true you're gonna have to confirm it that when you were playing with the penguins the pain
ask you to change numbers, because you were eighty seven or no. You are sixty seven and said the kids. Eighty seven people were getting you guys confused. Well, I guess I'll give you the full story and PFD is probably going to try to take this and run with it. 'cause he's a caps fan and probably never want to Stanley CUP as long as cause he's playing so take out here comes to start my story, so I was, I was in training camp one year didn't think I was going to make the team. I was given a training camp, sixty seven, not a great number somehow making the team and we went and played our first two games this season in Europe and part of the World Premier games, and so I kept that training camp number 'cause. They probably didn't have time to change it. 'cause we flew away right as soon as they picked the paint. So we came back in the trainer. Calls me in one of the first days were back and says: hey. I just wanted to look through this list of numbers and pick a new one, and I was I looked and I said no, I kind of like sixty seven, you know it's probably some luck and what he told me was. I don't know if this is true. She said well when we were over there and you played.
you've got a couple scrums, because that's that's what what my job was and she is Terrence kept thinking it was hand, and you know they don't really don't want you wear that number anymore. So I had to change my number. Sixteen his parents were getting worried that their precious little baby was getting into fights. Did they watch? You handle the puck, that's a pretty good sign he works. He said cross trainer. I think Sydney's got a concussion yeah, you are now. I think I simply let the a pigeon. Why is he able to? beard. Finally, yeah, that's weird now, shame at that might have been the trainer deflecting blame off himself, but he didn't like the end that number yeah I played was shared and he's a great guy, and- and I know your chops answer your art and then brainwashed to you were not here. Khalifa probably have like a a log that you wrote we are, a lot of blog together but yeah, it's the okay, okay.
So even mad at a forum, so he gave me free content, that's right, so he was mad because his parents about because you had his number but the capitals actually have his number. That's narrative. I'm going with this you're gonna start saying that the cops recently have had Sidney. Crosby's number your comments on that you're in saying that my guys got their pain, yeah and and a big chat you can vouch for this one. Are you ready for the Cubs for us as long as you've been born and and even when I feel like once them in Boston Broker swamps, it's a possibly fun anymore. It's changing! I wish that yeah yeah, just like I wish it's like cool for five minutes. You like I, was kind of fun like complaining about stuff. It was. It was cooler than
five minutes and I would say I would definitely still take a world series, the not so, but it definitely changes things, but I think I think caps friends would still rather not flame out like they always do yes. Well I'll put it this way, I'm going to eat a piece of horse if the capitals win the Stanley CUP, how how concerned should be about getting my hepatitis shot right now I mean for the one year or two years in the league haven't really been talking about the much or maybe this is the year to get over the hump. I I think a few of those guys you've been there awhile back sermons and all the I I got to do deserve it but, as I said, the narrative of them not when kind of fun yeah. It was fun for you, yeah, it's fun, for I could see what do you have if you had to be invited, go go on your head. Who do you have in in the in the cup final? I didn't say that I'd probably pick NASH Use is going to cost. Let us go. I also transfer to death. Okay, all right! So that's not going
yeah. That's no! I like that so ramping up for the playoffs, how I mean you played in in a playoff our first second, how do you what what's in my How would be in this like months before the playoffs start? How? What do you? What is the team do? What are they trying trying? You know to fix out the kinks they trying to lay low and and not use all their energy known. They got a real real, tough two months coming up. What's the mentality of the locker room, you own this home stretch? What, it depends where you are in standing, some teams are still pushing 'cause. It's so close. Some teams are trying to fight for that wild card spot. The reason why I pick Pittsburgh again is 'cause they're, always ramping it up right after all, STAR break and then they hit their peak going into playoffs. Where you know I mentioned Washington is usually come out of the gate firing every year and then there are so worn down by playoff time, but I mean I know when we made our playoff run when we end up being out Chicago, not a big deal, it was ramp up time right after all, STAR break 'cause. We ended up winning the division by a point, so
We were we were in playoffs since basically December. Do you ever feel bad for you mention that win over the coyotes over the box, you're feel bad playing with that scum bag, Rafi Taurus? How high did out in come out or that Flopper MIKE Smith, which way you want to go with that. Rapid tour is one of the best guys I've ever played with in any please play with him, will tell you that you are writing. That was that that was borderline. You never want to see anyone get hit. This is probably the most political answer of all time and I hope I'm not getting death threats from Blackhawks Well, no, I would be more nervous about you're doing it the right way, because Raffi Torres will come and just elbow you in the face when you're not looking. If you say anything
either way I'm dead, yeah either way. So it was great knowing you guys, but but moving away from that that I got to play in a playoff game that series in Chicago. So the fact that I was playing playoffs, I was so nervous and then, of course, bowl leg was in the lineup and I was pretty amped up and I was mentally preparing for the game. Doing everything I thought I needed to do to be ready and my line gets called so in the first period of my is going to be my first shift. So as soon as I step on the ice, the whistle goes 'cause. There was an offside, so I lined up and then Quinville puts bully gone. So I know where we're going and I think they were down in the series two nothing so they needed to to amp it up. So we drop the gloves if he's getting a pretty good scrap- and I forgot to do my tie down so my jersey comes up over my head towards the end of the fight and that's you get kicked out for that.
I go to the box and I see the rest huddle and I'm like, oh god, they're going to kick me out. So I'm trying to rip the strap off my pants like that piece broke, but I couldn't get it 'cause. I wasn't strong enough and then I end up getting checked out. I played one second in a playoff game, sucks that sucks astic. You got sweatered. I got your jersey hard by bowling tough. Tough. So I was looking at your Wikipedia page a second ago, and I saw that last time you were on. You actually broke news that you are retiring on pardon my take, so that was like a year ago. Almost done. Is there a part of you that, MRS, like being sore or misses being like a little bit banged up and injured this time of year old man? I miss the grind big time, but you know the times where you were suffering and you're on the road like in the American League. Don't get treated like the NHL we're eating like soggy subs, on the bus after games, and I know he would complain about it a lot, but we go through areas without Wi Fi. If you can believe it where we're driving to other to play out
teams on the road and yeah. I really miss the grind: Mister nice, guys in the locker room chemistry I miss, I miss shower. I'm with the boys. Worse got it. The locker room talk just getting cleaned up: yeah hazing, each other yeah yeah, that kind of stuff yeah all right looks last question we give this to all of our hockey. Yes, yeah go ahead, you get a minute. Here to bash basketball say whatever you want their big kind of you know I see Jimmy Butler didn't play in the all star game 'cause he was hungover. I I feel like Nda is so entertaining off the court. It makes up for the production on the court. I like that, but you do see.
how little defense is being played in the all star game. It was like nothing going on. You can't beat the NHL for parody. There's fuse you, like, maybe fourteen five teams that are junk every year, but everyone else is in the race right now. I think they should implement a salary or does a basketball have a sauce Stop the the best laws, cap yeah, but you're right you're right, I mean like the NHL, I mean like you but you know like everyone's got a chance. Every year, like the penguins, the Blackhawks, the kings, everyone's got a chance yeah I mean they have a few of the best players in the world, but by snap off. Well, ok, what about Nashville you? Where did you see them coming from uh yeah? They they didn't win. Did you did you expect them to the hawks in the hawks score like negative Golden, so I do not know. I do not know. I did not one last question: have you gotten into a fight since he retired? Oh good question thanks God? No! No! Just on twitter, just like yelling at people, man,
yeah? I need you to get into like a fist fight just to make sure you still got it. Oh, I was gonna say you guys need to take care of that that Rappaport guy that was pretty intense over the week, yeah, it's yeah. Will you fight rough and rowdy? If we, if your called, I mean Ryan when we're talking well, we can work something out on a flight. That's my body, but I would you if you guys know I I don't think I actually. I would fight in that sense. Okay, I'm gonna thanks a lot yeah, but I would. I would like to comment commentate, okay and is anyone from the all? is this going to fight rapper poured? Is that going to happen? I think the problem is he's like seventy years old, so we're going to have to find someone his age and just like terrible body and figured that out he's. Also an area zip code. Maybe we could just tell everyone, he is fighting and then Ryan Whitney Ifitness place and then no one knows we have we everyone. Everyone goes home, happy yeah, I like it. I like it all right, well
Biznasty. Thank you. You gotta come visit us sometime when you're on the road hundred percent boy, I'm looking forward to it. so much man will talk to you later. Thank you that interview was brought to you by quit when it comes to your health. Brushing your teeth is one of the most important parts of your day. Quip knows that they've bind dentistry and design to make a better electric toothbrush. I only use quip and everybody's, like damn pft. Your breath is off quip is the new electric toothbrush that packs at just the right amount of vibrations into a slimmer design at a fraction of the cost of both your traditional electric brushes beget you're about to complement my breath. Yeah, you press is still Licious big Tara, Hank that my breath is good. Thank you. last year, which gives you the best breath that you can ever have in quip, also comes with amount that suctions right to your mirror.
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that's right for you. That's wordpress, dot com, slash, p m t! You get fifteen percent off a brand new website, wordpress dot com, Slash p m t. Alright, let's get to some segments. First up, we have a Josh Allen, update so Josh Allen, the tallest quarterback. That's ever played football also going to be the number one pick in this years. Draft he had a video where he hit a crossbar from fifty yards, pretty impressive, pretty good, accurate, standing up. Yeah stand it up. You know who else got nailed to a cross bar Jesus know you're sitting down, so his knees on his knees? Yes, never gone wrong. Taking hits Russell quarterbacks. You know what, if you can find a quarterback that takes a knee. Everyone's gonna love in the NFL there. It is so fun a roster spot for sure no I eat it was awesome. He's got a rocket arm. I don't
like him, throwing from Disney's, though, because it makes them look shorter, well and it just brings up the Jamarcus Russell. Yes, he he needs to realize that his height is what he has going for right now, it is, is bread and butter. Yes, stick with the height and speaking of height, we're everything's kind of. Moving in the direction of Josh Allen being the number one pick because Bill Polian came out and said that Lamar since to short here his liking Lamar Jackson, sixty three Josh on six, four but still sick. I you say, might as as a Thomas yeah that makes a big difference out. One inch so does just keep it going now that the big and she's a huge is a very big get. It is an enormous, and essentially it's like you know to is the is the worst Lee Davin Hockey six three, so four big ascension in inches, I'm actually, okay with the six foot two quarterback, because if you're, that short you're practically midget- and you have to learn how to overcome adversity, to get to
that, as a good college, going back if you're, six foot three, it's like you know, you're in the Connells owned right, I'm six three! If I was to do more suckers! No, that's why we're not clear about what I want says. I'm I'm like like Paul right, six, forty, but well! Look I stalk race. I like big, is in your nickname or anything else. Well, that's more, though, with so. Let me ask you this: have you ever played quarterback at the college level? No, probably because six foot three or more preceded to terrible height to bring you should probably figure it out. Love about bill. Polian, though, is is pants. You don't talk enough about bill. Polian, khaki game. This whole look, yes, all game. He strikes me as a guy that that weighs about one hundred and ten pounds, but his khaki
So are those of like a guy that weighs three hundred and ten pounds, and so he looks normal sized. But that's that's a guy that if you got him wet, his khakis would just like stick to his bony little legs and he looked like a like one of those tiny little like a miniature poodle that you pull out of the lake. I just every time I see bill pulling on the tv. I just think of the story how he was walking around ESPN, just taking free ship and thinking he didn't have to pay for it for like two years and then people being like hey bill. You know you're supposed to pay for that and he's like. Oh really, what do you need money? I drive to PETE, that's the Joe Paterno defenses like I don't know that that existed yeah. What do you mean? What money paid money for snacks? Yet no one explained this to me: people forget that Bill Polian did not draft Ryan leaf. That's his big claim to fame yeah. He did a great job at night shop. All right now, step. We have a sabermetrics. This go there's to the king skip Bayless, he has did. Lebron is now this close to M J and
you're waiting to see how close he is well, he's dot, dot, dot, dot, dot, dot, dot, dot dot about font seventy periods and then parentheses infinity so Infiniti close to Lebron Vanity, close, that's hey! Well, I'm think, I'm the number right infinities number yes on fifty plus one close right, but also I'm thinking through my my scrutineers, Erro, paradox and technically were all infinity away from everybody else, because the error will never reach you yeah. So, even if his arrows pointing up, if he's reaching goat status, he he's just as close as anybody else is TIM J yeah. So I watched a little undisputed today. I don't know why I watch so I knew I was watching 'cause. I thought wrappers come on and start bashing us, but I got caught into watching. Basically, thirty minutes of totally Ernest Lebron verse MJ talk and I can I believe that is actually what they do. We joke about it, but it is. They were. Absolutely serious is February 20th. They went player by player,
on the sonics in jazz of the 90s versus the warriors? trying to say which team was better to prove which player was better? It was incredible that they actually do. This I respect their commitment to the game because they have found new ways to argue the Lebron MJ debate right like that It's a very creative way to do it, and I think I heard Shannon Sharpe say like. If you look at it there are all sorts of Michael's out there. There's Michael Rappaport, there's Michael biz Bing, there's like he just named like a bunch of Michaels, and he said how many lebrons do you know there's only one well known, then I thought about Junior yeah, but then I thought about it. I was like I actually don't know. What
which side he's arguing for that right. Are you saying that Lebron's not great enough that people named after? Are you saying that he doesn't inspire successful children with his name right? Are you saying that there's only one Lebron because he's that much of an individual and he's better than J I got to know, blew my mind. Yeah they all just kind of go the it's a dog chasing its tail. It's a rorschach test. Yeah is what it is. But you know what I don on me today. The Lebron first am J, is the goat debate and and so yeah. I think it's the goat debate at this point. It's the go to bait, and that means that RON M J need each other to be a part of the go discussion, because there that go to bait and you need when you need they need teammates to be the goat debate. Are they co? Goats right, which means Kobe's ago Kobe, need Lebron or MJ to have the to be considered a goat debate. Ok just Kobe, that's interested, but
and then it's not a debate that if you just declaring Kobe right in order to be a debate, you have to have somebody you're putting up against Kobe Verse, the Colorado local. So no, no yeah, I was gonna, say Kobe, eight versus Kobe, twenty four every go! So yes, you're right. We don't need anyone else. He did to me to be against himself. Yes, okay, I'm into that settled. Yes. Fortunately, we have like four more months of this yeah the off season to summer yeah. We got to talk about something in July. Yeah, there's gonna get it's twenty four seven, also New York Times, one upping us, because they've we've seen a lot of the south are bubbling up. Recently. People are hopping to quickly into Mount Rushmore season. You don't know. Okay, this is is mock draft season. Okay, until we reach the end to we reach memorial day, it's mock draft season. but a lot of Mount Rushmore talk out. Their New York Times came over the top and said who is going to be the next president? on Mount Rushmore who ouzo embrace debate good question.
I think you got to put someone really should be on there yeah. I think you got to go like on Jimmy Carter. Calvin Coolidge just put a sweater up there yeah. I just put you all know it's Jimmy yeah, I was thinking, maybe even who's, a good Buchanan yeah, but he had became the writer died like instantly William Henry Harrison was at Emory, Grover Cleveland. I know graphically
One was present twice. Howler is that we had a good present name Grover. You know what we should put Grover Cleveland to the left of Abraham, Lincoln and then at the end, a new spot to right away. Yeah its seats see hate is Grover Cleveland. The greatest president. The Kobe is a Kobe debate. Yes, verse, Grover, well its longevity yeah verses like a short burst. Yeah like Abraham, Lincoln, he's a you know it. He had injury concerns at the end right. What could you have done? He could have been a much better way, more attracted a lot. Yeah lot left on a lot of what ifs you're, like Mark, he's like markers to pre, Grover, Cleveland governed in two areas: man, alright, let's wrap it up. We have guys on checks and bachelor talk will match them together. So start us off with doctor, talking so this was the week when they go home. The bachelor goes to the girls hello! I love this week. Kendall showed are Y, all her taxidermy stuff and they put stuff and they stuffed rest together and put clothes on them. Rats. Ok, ok, Kendall,
Then then Kendall said she wasn't sure. If she was ready to get engaged, you can't you can get in a relationship with someone who's into taxidermy, because that's just you know that when you die their taxes or they're just going to have your dead body sitting in their living room even before you die, you know that they're going to be thinking about the different ways that they're going to stuff your body right. There gonna be staring at you from across the room like you're nice steak. Just think about how they're going to cut you up and like what position they're going to put you in rats. It took our racing any tried showing off then t at then he sent to your home after that's that stuff. Okay, so He tried to black, beat him at his own game. We are as a racer, it is a race car driver. I hate this guy yeah Wall, So the last. The last note is that Lauren B she her. The military, Lassell Lawrence Yep scared are big time First question he asks are was do play golf in our said. No well, that's good because there is golf is problematic. Now true, so it's actually good job
yeah stages that will stay out of politics, yeah right to sports. You never want to talk talk politics with the Father in law. Yeah! That's where I would say, don't talk about golf. You should stick to sports yeah, exactly it's wrapping up, like there's like I'd, also like to to our basher episodes in a row either this week or next to marathon users. It yeah it! It's actually genius move on ours, part just to like avoid spending time with the dad of somebody that is not even dating right. Why would you want to do that? That sounds miserable yeah yeah? Alright, let's get as I'm sure you're gonna be hanging out with an old. Do you better be having sex the starter? That's what I order them or him yeah, six plus. What's up Where is my boyfriend has been taking a shit while I'm in the shower for awhile, I told him was gross, but continues to do it. How do I tell him to stop? point of vomiting in the shower. That will just meet just ask him to step out of the tub yeah there. You go. Oh wait, sorry I know you say you should be on the toilet. Is in the toilet. Well, she's a shower yeah! I mean I've embraced debate about this several times. I have never been one, that's comfortable with this,
Nick another like crapping in the same bathroom at the same time, people are really into some people like leave the door open? That's a vicious by him. What is he? What like there's How many hours in the in the week- and you just have to pick every time, she's taking a shower trying to break up to yeah? True, that's true! So that's a genius Matt is a genius move. I don't think it's ever been done just in the same room as your girlfriend until she breaks up with you yeah I got to take my hat off to this. Guy had actually is genius, so so either break up more comfortable with me that he poops on the bed. Well, mostly right, right, ASA, P, M t. I love you guys, so why is it called the period seriously, though? Why man? I think it's because cycles rate like through three periods, that year girls have three pairs year. Talking here to the gun he spring and fall. Okay. So so as not hockey, yeah
I think, it's because uh, because it makes dots on your underwear yeah or it could be that actually in olden times they I have the calendar, they just did the calendar on when you had your period, that was in the month, and it's always a period to the end of the month when the when the queen gets her period, yet that that is a long month right exactly gotcha yeah, that's exactly right. Ok, I got a nipple piercing gonna win this weekend. I was really tried to show my boyfriend and then the piercer told me: no one can touch it for four months old. How do I break the news to my boyfriend? I think your piercer was having fun with you, because that seems like a really long time for your move, and I don't know the polls are sensitive man I know four. I know right, so that's you gotta get out. You can have your your your your boobs, not touch form uh
the falloff yeah right. If you don't use it, you lose, it is some dudes gotta touch those bewbs every single month, no matter what he's going to start but in the bathroom with you, when you tell him that you can't touch your boob for four months supposed, actually big cat. Oh my friends and I recently got my single roommate, a dill doe for her birthday, She claims she would never use it. So she left it in a drawer in the living room. I've been single well for a while and decide to use it a few times over the last few months, the other night after a two of my other roommates confess they've been using it. Since it's been left in the drawer. They still don't know that I've used it as well. Watch I do in this situation? First grade tests, yeah Kamidia also just be a good roommate, an maybe hang up a White board and then have you know who's week. Is it to clean the Dil Dori or go like you know like crunch fitness? Has all those wipes next to the machines, just yeah get an ice box of wipes and put it right next to the dill DOE and just be like. Please wipe off after reviews the Dill DOE
you use a treadmill? You wipe off use delta, wipe it off also is two thousand and sixteen like you can just go online and buy a dildo or vibrator. Nobody will ever know you don't have to be. Like embarrassed about it and then the fourth girl is also using the delay by the way, all four using their delta. So that's that's actually interest so you're having or juice interest group sex. So you're twenty five in your boyfriend gets you a promise ring Not just saying he's not really ready to commit to you, you live together, aren't waiting and are both adults in Hs, I don't know what in Hs saying like it's not like we're in high school anymore. Well, it said, and in Hs isn't that how you would perceive that, or am I the only one
thanks. This is weird. I know. That's weird yeah promise ring is definitely weird. That's a that's! A good move forward like a sixteen year old yeah. What this guy doesn't realize is there in the you, don't be a promise ring, get a dog, that's our dog, you get the dog and they need it, and then that buys you time so dog is definitely like a more effective promise ring right. You can walk away from a promise ring. You can walk away from a hungry dog promise ring who wouldn't? and is the promise learning look like I think it's that's for virgins. I thought it was for. Like yeah, I thought it yeah I thought it was like: hey we're not going to have sex until we're married. I thought it was like you put right colour, onboarding, more people that can you put like a layaway right. You put a different color ring on depending on what you've done sexually that's what all the middle school kids are doing on the news. Ok, like those parties, you ever go one of those parties in college where it's like you have to wear red, green or yellow yeah. Exactly and yellow is like so you're fucking, someone else yeah, but they don't know.
here, maybe yellow, maybe otherwise. I'm sharing a dill doe with all my roommates yeah. It's common strategy. Yeah promise ring is that's a wild. Wild thing is basically saying I want to make you think we're gonna get married, but we're never gonna get back. I wanna keep my house is open, yeah smart play by him. That's it all right! That's our show was checks yeah. Thank you questions. As we were great questions, we will everyone on Friday love, you guys