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Blake Bortles And Randy Moss

2017-05-05 | 🔗
NBA Playoffs, Celtics vs Wizards Fight, Lebron Blames and the Capitals are officially in a load of trouble (1:52 - 15:02). Randy Moss from NBC sports joins the show to break down the Kentucky Derby and give us some winners for the big race on Saturday (15:02 - 29:43). Blake Bortles hops on for the monthly meeting of the Blake Bortles Wikipedia Club, discussing Kentucky Derby and Cinco De Mayo (29:43 - 44:56). Segments include Thoughts and Prayers for Tyronne Lue, Bad Visual, Lane Kiffin blows our minds again, Shoe Roast for the new Big Baller Brand shoes, Respect the Biz, Hank Hot in the Streets, and Jimbos of the week.
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On today's pardon my take. We have NBA action Stanley CUP playoffs. The caps are officially in trouble Randy MOSS on to talk about the Kentucky derby being give us. His picks he's got winners, winners, winners and winners and
Portals Wikipedia Club is back in session. We have a meeting with Blake Bortles. We talk Cinco De Mile in the Kentucky Derby. All on part of my take. Let's go tools Friday may fifth happy.
good day mile friend, Phillies Cinco De Mayo, Amigo Amigo, yeah, hey, hey! Let's have a good single day Mile show boys, let's not appropriate anything nope nope like we said we're, gonna be talking about it with Blake Bortles. Before we do that, let's buck Little MBA, because we got ourselves a little bad blood in the sea. Six wizard series a little Kelly on Kelly action. Well, when I saw this fight go down, my first thought was: these are probably the two Kelly's that you would least want to fight in the world. Like name me. Another Kelly, you'd, rather not fight rip
movie aloe she's got that weird stomach in the Audi yeah. I shall be showing what mark plug to never fight someone who two rules in life, never fight, someone who wrestled in high school, never fight someone with an Audi belly button. Those are two rules. I live by right. There she's also she's, really spindly. Also don't fight women yeah. I don't put women that's again with the third row. I feel like she would just stick her hand down your throat and just show you choke to death on a receipt puts. Okay Kelly first Kelly rare to happen, but we had it I had the theory right away. This is just two guys who, like the somewhat, does only there's only room for one Kelly in this town and you probably go through your life. Getting made fun of being a Kelly as a guy and they have
trigger hatred. What do you call here? Try the a chip on their shoulder, yeah, the guy other branded the ready pop at any moment either way. I would say that Kelly, who brave a little bit of an over reaction yeah a little bit, how do you pronounce Kelly, is only yeah Olympic, a letter, yeah yeah, that's right! That's a guy that he's canadian. So you can, you can actually say his name. However, you want okay, as of mine, he's got, he does have any valves in his last name. So that's a red flag, but he's a kind of guy that steps on the court, and everybody wants to punch him from the get go you're looking for an excuse when Kelly Olynyk is on the court with you, you are you're taking any excuse that you can get to just punch him in the face. That's actually great point, because my initial reaction was Kelly Obray little bit of overreaction, but you are right Kelly Olynyk, has that face like this guy. He needs and also I all right Kelly if you're going to want a limit. Okay, if you're going to be a clinic. Yes, if you're going to the clinic Olympic, it bring to hear
Do you go full punch bowl with that with your stupid little top on thing that you have to be out in the last like a centaur with is like half like mullet yeah he's trying to clean himself up, and I don't like that. Just go full heel for Kelly either way. Are you worried Hank? Are you worried at all, because I was asking yeah, I mean they. They they played outside the the they got little bully ball and they kicked the Celtics out. Little look up call as a Thomas continues to be the worst first quarter. Point guard in the league yet teach problem again tonight: yeah yeah, it's something I mean he got his tooth knocked out that my health care what's wrong with this team does not floss sick. You fix it right. What he's you? go dentures for the rest of the series. I think you should go no tooth, but I think we should go with no teeth overall gold to save a shitload of money on mouthguards yeah. Maybe do you know what he should get a two doesn't wear mouthguard yeah, that's the problem. We should get a tooth with a mirror in it. So then he smiles and you see yourself dribbling the ball you're like whoa, that's weird! all right. I made sense there. I know I'm in I'm into it. I was thinking that you were saying he would have a mirror because who
is being up is so dumb that they're like a dog and then I go to another dog yeah. That's right attacked themselves in a race right. If you get kill you ray looking at Isaiah Thomas is mere touch. What happened was a Kelly r Kelly Amir images occurred was speaking a blow out. The spurs who we basically the the take that had the least amount of shelf life. There was that the Rockets were going to sweep this person. I was like wow. The rockets are going to kill the spurs after game one and then it just totally flopped and I look like an idiot. That's what I hate about the NBA. Playoffs is 'cause. My mind is so dumb that it can trap itself itself around the fact that a team can lose by twenty five points and then, two days later, they can win by twenty five points out. How does that happen? Yeah it was. It was a wild game, one to two. The spurs are back but Tony Park quadriceps, which I it's just. They should,
issued a statement but like Tony Parker, turns out he's really really old and he's just hurting a lot of places, so quadriceps turns out yeah Tony Parker skips leg day yeah I had to look up with the quadriceps. Tendon was because most people, where is it on the planet, are, are not forty, five years old like him and they don't tear the quads is the thing that connects your knee cap to your upper leg. So I guess I mean that I guess that's bad, sometimes important. We also had Lebron blames little quickly, Brown blames the brown blames the beer company that made an ad out of him grabbing a beer for a split second in game. One in game two went the exact same way. The raptors are joke. I I love our canadian listeners but derives over our joke of a franchise. Can we just agree with yeah? We? We definitely can so you, you kind of trailed off there. Are you saying that the beer company,
that Lebron James, he grabbed their beer. They put him in an ad for their beer shouldn't have been their competitors beer because you can take a sip shouldn't like you're. If you're, what was it like great great lakes, brewing company or something like that, or they should bring back bitter beer face yeah or it should just be. You know like like Papst, should have that commercial be like look at Lebron James face when he realized what beer he's about to take. A simple mostly shows how to face. He is too when he like pays for Dante. Jones is fine and then, on the other hand, is like being super super petty about his fuckin' likeness when he makes a billion dollars a year and is getting a little mad about a beer company using a picture open photo shop and shop at all. Let this be a lesson. Teacher picked up the beer. I mean it's. It's only athlete out there. If you ever find yourself with a beer in your hand, quartzite you chug that ship Yes, you skull it slam it. Yes, man card
RON, does have history with this beer? The beer, I guess, created a a quickness beer when he left Cleveland the first time I mean he did quit not Cleveland. So it's fair. I don't really know at the front just trying to raise his excellent. This is with this. We talked about the stress and affect Lebron James. We would not have known about the quickness beer if he hadn't sued them earlier today, yeah true,
and then the other series I mean the jazz thanks for coming out. I like that these names Rudy go. Bear, though, because I was saying it to the tune that clash Song Rudy cant fail, who Rudy Gobert? That's all that's all. I got that's my only taken tests, I was gonna, say also Quin Snyder sweating, all the time and just like just cocaine using out of his pores. I don't know if you actually use cocaine, but you have to admit he looks like he does. This is out of I'm. A fan of that is also Series were Steph curry. They know that they're so much better than the jazz itself. Curry just keeps going deeper and deeper threes, so he just got by game, for you just can be taking half court threes. The whole game is your shoes arm out, in only one ball, don't forget all right, we'll Stanley CUP Pft capture in trouble own goals that big cat, when around the office today, just telling everybody to make sure medal solve your own goals. It was shockingly bad with that one of those mobile us yeah. It was the Cavs scored on themselves. So in the game. Yes,
yeah in the game. Yeah like during play is going themselves you're not supposed to on the caps actually outscored the penguins last night. So where you at my blood edit button. Is it's fully engaged right now, but I'm telling my torque well I've. I've I've been through this before okay in the in the leaf series. I ran into the same emotional mindset where I can't believe I still care about sports. I don't know why I can't suck it's so much better to just make fun of teams that lose, as opposed to like actually wanting a team to win sports over eight people, yet is way. Overrated people forget that in ninety five percent of teams lose at the end of the season after season ends in heartbreak traffic. I don't know if I did the math right. It's about nine eleven. Ninety seven we'll go with that point three. Three repeating and then they get the caps to their classic thing of out, shooting the p. When's, like a million to five. I had was the final total and and caps fans, always act, surprised
that we're running into hot goalies when maybe it's because we're shooting the puck from infinity meters away yeah and we're like use meters there for Canadian yeah so meet me. Trys limits are and yeah. It's really easy to look like an awesome goalie. If the shots are coming from the red line, how many shots at a veteran get? I don't know to to even dress. I don't know I didn't. I I'm not a stats guy. All I know is that ads some point. You need to look at yourself and be like hey. Maybe we should stop maybe we should look at our shot selection right now. well! This is also that time of year you know we were talking about you. You have these triggers every time a year, it's like, oh, the it's springtime ovett. Skin probably has that internal trigger he's like I should be on the golf course right now and that's why he should download eighteen birdies app, it is makes golf great. Eighteen birdies is the most complete golf app out there it
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the lawyer speak for you no purchase necessary void where prohibited restrictions apply, see official rules at eighteen, birdies com dream games Download. Jeanne birdies today and make your phone the s, club in your bag. That's a new level despite coming from you that wasn't spike those, but I don't know that. Wasn't that worked perfectly we're talking about Alexander Ovett skin play golf in time is it he goes. He goes on low fat. He goes on russian lakes, with bottles of vodka and supermodels, and probably the prime Minister. I have a theory- and I told you this theory today. I think the caps are going to win game five and six because they, the capitals, have like knack they're, not going to let their fans die that easy they're.
The Cubs rate or the book, or I was saying, like Wisconsin teams were, but where they don't, let you go the badgers, don't let me die until I have a little glimmer of hope left in misery. Loves company of the cat has been just digging into mean, but he's like no, it's fine, because I I root for city teams to yeah. Well, what would be the Blackhawks lost in the two thousands? It was basically two thousand fifteen playoffs now because it's been so two things yeah number one, I think it start it's fair, to ask now, if the penguins are better without Sidney Crosby, maybe it was a mistake accidentally intentionally taking him out there's a theory for that. We should come up with the Crosby theory. Yes, that's right there. It is if a team, if you lose your best player, but your team gets better. The Crosby theory can't get. paperwork that let's get that trademark. The second thing is: here's here's a little phrase: I'm going to live by okay when the caps when in nature, when caps,
Meltdown penguins get fuct right through the points so right now the caps are melting down and who's going to who's, going to suffer the wrath. Yeah, it's going to be the diving penguins did you see him dive? You see those this will be of this. It is the spends on. This is what this is. If these scratch scratch your call log at the bottom of the barrel, because he's just I I I I love the passion from you. But yeah. This is
I'll put I'll put it there just sit there gonna die I'll put in again we're gonna die going to have to on the soupy ocean into other little flippers, don't work anymore story and then the giant squid you're going to eat their lunch at the bottom of the ocean. So all right, so the we've established a took a lot of should be shot so put in terms you guys can understand world war. Two two member with the Japanese did in world war. Two they put a bunch of balloons above bunch, balloon bombs and then try to send across the ocean and like one landed yeah, that's the caps. Offense right now is they're they're, counting on the go, the jet stream, the Gulf stream to carry pucks into the net from across the rank, and they they need to get back to playing actual Hi Marc, Andre Fleury is not having any part of that. No, the snow flick. Also we have the rangers are back, so I want to do a pre calling it here. We're gonna, hear a lot around New York City feels like nineteen. Ninety four, because that's the last time, I think any New York teams ever what yeah just get out of jail, the White Bronco Yahoo, wow yeah,
okay, stay well guys. Now we're getting over the Rockets could go to the finals holy. I really sure to get OJ on the show. Yeah great would we had Kato Kaelin people forget. We had Kato Kaelin on the show, one of the weirdest interviews, yeah overall time that was yeah. It's tapped arm all right. Let's do our interviews out what's to Randy MOSS first, so will do Randy, MOSS alike. He said: he's got winners for you. Kentucky derby winners were giving you free money away. Randy MOSS is doing that the White Randy MOSS original Randy MOSS, and then we have Blake portals. We talked a little Tom Coughlin and then we get into Cinco De Mayo and Kentucky Derby. So if you didn't do your reading, just it doesn't matter yeah doesn't either if we didn't either so all right here
all right? We now welcome on a very, very, very special, recurring guest. If you have started to listen to this podcast in the last ten months, you don't even know about the original Randy MOSS, but he is here. The original Randy MOSS a k, a the white Randy MOSS. He is a horse racing expert. He also is an NFL reporter Randy, thank you for joining us. My first question is: have you been fired ESPN I was with ESPN. ESPN from nineteen, ninety nine to two thousand and ten, but I left on my own volition. I feel really bad for some else. We do too, but I didn't know if maybe like some, some mail got crossed and they were going to try to fire the Vikings Randy MOSS and you got the notice, like maybe If you do get the notice, you should just not tell the Vikings Randy MOSS and see how many days he shows up to work, even though he's been fired at if I
we're still there. I would probably have been fired just because my name is Randy MOSS. They didn't want to on the same period. That's right, yeah deduplication. They take one of them off the list yeah. So we're really excited to be back. You made us some money last year, so we're horse Kaiser three weekends out of the year. The capital account it's like six or seven look at the Arkansas Derby in your in your hometown. So a great time in hot springs, ar how many bags have you taken in your life, one sit and I'll. Never do it again. Do you mean just like in general, are in hot springs? The hot springs bass they get, they get the right yeah. What do you mean only once yeah. Well, I was probably thirty years old and I and I went to take thermal bath in famous uh, you know spring waters if I got it was born and raised in hot springs, never went to the bath houses, so I went once and it was just like old. Seventy year old guy scrubbing you down in a bathtub
again? I could probably do it outside and I fail to see what the problem was a little weird, it's a little weird, but I think that I have been healthier ever since my one bath in hot springs AR you, I know a secret, you know a dirty little secret about hot springs, AR my hometown, that I love dearly do you know the the thermal baths in hot springs? Arkansas were all the rage in the night in thirties 1940s and then they began to go downhill You know why they begin to go downhill too many people feeding penicillin them. back in the day that was the only effective treatment to eat ease the symptoms of an aerial disease, also Hall, hi. Okay, why that's why Al Capone, yes was the room, was a regular Todd Springs Arkansas? Yes, and he was a huge believer in the thermal baths and their healing powers, and ultimately, now
Phone died in Alcatraz, yeah yeah. They have. They have a statue of him on that park bench. I stayed in the hotel that Al Capone love to stand. When I was there, the Arlington, yes, the Arlington, it should be just a fountain in the shape of his winner that slowly trickles out strange colored water, that's L, Capone back yeah yeah died. I did know that, but that is something I don't think I will. I will do just because I read the Wikipedia page, because I was there so Little little known fact, Randy MOSS County fantastic race track, yeah from privileged grown up there from from the town that cured STD S with water. There you go so we want you to make us a little bit of money this week. Can you just give us your top three horses just overall, all
All yeah your time at the Kentucky Derby and talk about the talking top three bats over on yeah yeah, with the whole long hold on hold on before. If he doesn't know this one, he wants to hear this. We have to talk before we get to that. We have to talk about the story that everyone- let's talk about, the one eyed horse patch, although there's a one on one training in the derby. So what the hell is the deal with it? How do you get a one eyed worse, what's going on with it like? Can it doesn't run side ways how the hell is this horse going to compete in the number one horse race with one? I, let me tell you what you you guys right: hardened media, aficionados of all sports. If I, if I took you to the Todd, Pletcher, barn and I said, come on we're going to go, see patch, that's his name, okay, believe it or not. Patch. You would want to take the horse home and keep him and pet him every day for the rest of your life? It is this. It is the sweetest nicest,
horse I have ever been around. I don't know if that has anything to do with the fact that he doesn't have a let's die or not he's got like a it's pretty gross desk, actually an when you when you first see it when you first walk. to the stall, and you know he's got one. I heard he's got one eye, but you walk up there and then you see it and it's just it's like a like a with hair over it and you're like and then you're like, oh god, that poor horse, but he's fine, he's, ok he's a horse, he know who is very probably doesn't know you know what I mean right and he doesn't. He doesn't run any difference: Hill inside he'll go outside he and it seemed to really shy away from anything he's just a sweetheart and he's going to be forty to one something like that and what I told the people Let me see if that horse wins the Kentucky Derby I'm going to immediately jump off the set.
The heck with the tv show, I'm going to rundown to the winner circle and get my picture language patch. I love the Porsche I'll. Tell you what my worst nightmare is patched now. Winning the Kentucky Derby in may not betting on him, because I would feel like such a jerk. This is going to be. His number is going to go down just because of the sympathy pet yeah, So it sounds like he developed a great personality because he wasn't he's not a good looking horse that happens to humans too yeah they get ugly girl in Highschool. Exactly so, do you think that, because he's such a nice horse does that make him any less competitive 'cause? He doesn't have that clutch gene softap it could He is that that's possible because some of the best horses in thoroughbred racing history or total jerks and and they did they- try to bite everything that came near them and they were very difficult to get along with and they had a reputation for that. But there are also another one of the nicest horses that I've ever been around was american Pharaoh
the triple crown winner, so you really, you really can't make any point get statements, but I I I think trainers would much rather have a jerk in the barn and have a first it would just be totally sweet and calm and do anything you wanted him to yeah. Well, remember that japanese horror slasher, he was a real jerk, and he didn't If patch wins? Do you think they'll give him a glass eye, maybe clean that thing up like come on? Let's clean it up, he would, he would definitely deserve it. They went with some horses do either what they do with some horses that are like that they cover it up with like when they're running with like a
a blinker except it's like a cup over almost like a patch, but they just let this horse run. You know and and maybe he'll scare, the other horses no get out way. It's like Randy Johnson, on the mound back in the day, pig ugly. I like that. I like that alright, so I I wrote down a few horses. I wanted to give me a quick quick Why you know how you think, if I should bet no bet so the favourites I'll go through them, real, quick, always dreaming, Pletcher barn. I was reading that he has, he didn't lose in Florida. You, like basically beat he wiped the floor with everyone. Is this one that we should bet on possibly I'm not going to say I'm not going to say no but move on? Okay, how about Classic Empire, who we both saw win. The Arkansas Derby came like a rocket in his ask down the stretch he does. He have a chance.
So be it to me. He's he's going to be the favorite and he's not worth the eight. It might be. The favor and he's not gonna be working shorter price, okay valley. What about Mccracken? Who is very, very familiar with Churchill downs? You can bet all alright! So there's one Irish warring sexually. Well irish for cry: you can bet okay and then the last one I wrote down of the favorites thunder snow, who some may say is the best horse in it, but he just came from. Do you buy it? First of all, how does how does it work with the new immigration laws? And horses? Can they just freely come in? as long as I have a passport, no problem. Ok, so thunder snow he's irish horse. No back! No, why no bad, no
I'm not a girl bet, that's a no bad! Okay he's out. I don't think it's fast enough. The there's good reason they are the three year old horses and you buy- are not typically as good. The dark horses are not as good as the ones in America. Okay who's a good horse whose who's some good value, given what the track conditions are going to be like this, because they're they're to be muddy right. We don't, Oh no, no, no, we don't know it's but supposed to rain today, a rain. Today, it's raining right now supposed to rain tomorrow, tomorrow, night, maybe Saturday morning, but race track at Churchill, downs drifted dries faster than you could ever believe in it happens year year in and year out, it seems like almost always rains under every week a lot of times it rains on thirty day, any amazingly, the racetrack is still faster spectacular about that. So, unless the derby is run in the middle of a driving rainstorm, you bank on the racetrack being money, but whether it's money or whether it's not muddy you want horses, got a good, a good chance at a decent price. His name is him
I wrote a Dnc e hints. He won. You want race, believe it or not. In El Paso, which is not exactly a hotbed of you, know, derby, prep history. But he looked very good winning in a couple of horses that he beat have come back to run well and he's going to be twenty to one is trainer. Steve Asmussen has never won the Kentucky. Derby picks for the best trainers in America is over he's not one of these horses that was bought by the by the war as cartel. Was it because there were, there were like two dozen that got confiscated down in Texas a couple years ago. Does or quarter horses that was quarter horse racing. That was a big scandal in quarter horse racing when they discovered that some of the some of the mexican Drug Cartel drug lords kind of see
Italy clandestinely on the horses yeah. No, that's not thoroughbred racing. Ok, that's the shorter x as we call it rock the quarter horse in community good to know. I don't want to get in trouble for laundering. I got one last one. I wanted your thoughts on because I think Pft is going to have a little twinkle in his eye for this one, the battle of midway. No, okay, open that was open. Sure quickly. Is it because he's not fast enough? It's because it's because he's he ran in a tent and either derby and every pretty well, but that was kind of a bad race- normally the California horses kick, but when they come to the Kentucky Derby. This year, they're down a little, I mean not like Cleveland Browns down but they're, just not quite as good as I usually are. Ok so so, hence throw Henson all your exotics he's
the be all your car, okay, what the? What yeah give us give us give us some what exotics the alike like super factors. If, if your plan is to perfect that one thing which is the top four finishers in order for those listeners that don't really gamble on horse racing, very often thank you it, it's always good to have huge long shots. In typically, there were constantly way back in the pack and and pick up the pieces when the horses that were fighting for the lead or dying and Stretch and usually get one of those every year and this year I think the most likely one of those is a horse big price. His name is looking at Lee, who it's harder to. Yes, yes, he was third, the Arkansas Derby and he he'll be one way back during the early part of the race, but he always comes running here, like the distance of let's keep coming, keep coming in is a good source of third and fourth in those trifectas in Super
love, it love it that those are usually much trifecta box guy. So I'm going to put him in there you have any other pics for either the oaks 'cause. This is coming out tomorrow morning. So before the oaks start or derby day. Do you have anything any other horses you like in any other races uh, I think? as a horse in the oaks that, I think, is a play in the oaks. So I think there's a pretty good play. There's a horse, that's going to get a lot of publicity and she's really good, and her name is Paradise woods this is tomorrow now this is the Kentucky Oaks, but she had everything her own way. I think she wanna race bike. Fourteen links at Santa Anita and she ran super fast and the whole nine yards, but every Bing went her way and now she's going to face a little bit of adversity and she's going to be. Door Prize. So if you throw her out and you play exotics, she claims act, isn't trifectas and stuff and you use some of the horses like salty. Okay, that's a horse that,
that is running in the oaks and then another one called Abel Tasman trained by Bob Baffert. Those are two horses that have also run pretty well, they have a little different running style from slightly off the case, and that ought to play pretty well in the upper right of it. So, okay, that's perfect! As always I'm going to text you before the derby and get your actual pic here. Are you going to text me back? You been good attack. You will go to texting me back. Your actually, good luck, because that's where we're at the Belmont or the Preakness, I think, is the Preakness last year. Yes- and I think I texted you five or six races or something- and I don't know, I think I want 'em all yes, you did yeah spoil spoiled you totally spoiled you so Okay, I know I know how this game works at the Arkansas Derby. I I bet- and I won big on my first race the day and then I lost eleven races in a row. Yes painful yeah, so I know that okay, this
don't worry. If you give me a loser, you still have a job yet exactly all right. Well, we. What will we love to talk to you for the Preakness, we'll see actually in the winner's circle with patch? Yes, you have. You should actually bring an eye patch, just in case he wins, because that would be a hell of a picture. Yeah it's been fun as always. Yes, thank you and and expect a lot of people taking pictures of you tweeting about us all day on Saturday, which we openly ask our award winning listeners to do what will big head? You aren't like I do with Joe Bob you're ready for it yeah all right I'll, be ready for it. Thank you so much for any pre another something completely different. We now welcome on Blake Bortles Jacksonville Jaguars starting quarterback for the Blake Bortles Wikipedia Club. It's been awhile, we did the Oscars with play. We do the office p, Oscar yeah, we're gonna, learn on whoever. Maybe if we have some new listeners out there, the backstory quick abbreviated. Andrew luck start a book
club. We tried to join it. We realized we were booked, guys. Blake has been a longtime friend Sir Wikipedia Club yeah in a hundred percent of NFL Qb that are in the Blake Bortles Wikipedia Club have had their fifth your options exercise Oh, so there we go not to brag hey boy. Can we borrow some money yeah? Of course I mean that's money that I will probably never see. I think it's for like two thousand and eighteen but oh yeah. Are you saying that the world's going to end before two thousand and eighteen, I think, there's a chance that it good either that or or something else could happen, but um yeah no definitely sounds like you been reading up on your Stephen Hawkings him saying that the world is going to end soon. Alright, wake
Thank you as always for joining us. Where are you? Where are you right now, so we can get a visual? Are you in Jacksonville yeah, I'm at I'm at my house in Jacksonville, we gotta be there for OTA's and doing all that fun stuff. How do you feel about for net? I like uh, I haven't, got a chance to meet him that he was in the building the other day, or I guess the day after he got drafted, the land, but we are working out and he was doing his press conference and all that. So I didn't get to talk to him, but I think it's awesome. I mean obviously helps me out a ton. You need to be able to hand hand the ball off to a guy like that. It's a big dude and something that I was also pumped about is now there's like another bald headed guy in the building with who good point good point. as Tom Coughlin Watch, you lift weights. Yet our e hazard, but it's been kind of weird like there's been there's been.
Kind of cameras around everywhere and you don't ever really see him. So I kind of just picture him like in this office is live streaming. Winds. Guy he's got a control room blackjack table yeah all right. Let's do it. We have today were doing very topical, Wikipedia. I I'm actually excited about this 'cause. I I want to learn Cinco De Mile 'cause, is Cinco De Mayo at the airing of this show an Kentucky Derby Hank, which one do you like to do. First, sue single mile, ok, great, alright, Cinco De Mayo, first off just going to throw it out there turns out. It's not. Mexican independence, then yes little known fact that I learned from this Wikipedia page wow What is a? What is this actual celebration? So it is the
Battle of way, but basically Mexico beat France in a battle which I don't is that really ever beats France, a battle you, you shouldn't, have a holiday to celebrate, defeating the french army. All right. That's a participation for me that you're giving is correct, correct so turns out Mexicans. Independence day is September 16th the commemorating the Cry of Dolores, so that wild there celebrated their official tea party celebration. No, no we we, I think, we've appropriated that and just been like it's a mexican independence day. So the other thing. I really liked, and you guys can you guys, can take it any direction you up, but one other thing I wanted to know was they have like a list, of everywhere that celebrates it and some some loons in Vancouver hold the Cinco De Mayo Skydiving event, which is
I think of any other way to celebrate fake mexican independence Day then jump out of an airplane in Canada. That's perfect! Yeah I mean I would like. I would actually enjoy doing that. I think if I'm going, God, I'm gonna Skydiving Canada. I feel like they would take their safety precautions more seriously. I I thought it was interesting that in the United States we really started. operating Cinco Tamayo when a lot of mexican population of California kind of took it upon themselves to it to make that. Their local holiday, and then it kind of grew from there to other cities that had lots of Mexican. hi Mexican, be careful like Houston yeah, be careful, so it kind of it started in California. So it's the Californian celebration of Mexico, beating France and also I saw that the actual battle, the French outnumbered, the Mexicans eight thousand to four thousand, and that was their first, France's first loss in nearly fifty years.
Which was actually the last time that they fought a war yeah. I was gonna say that's that that was the start of a big time losing streak for Franson. Who little did we know at the time Blake favorite part of this Wikipedia page yeah. I think you know it's definitely the I found that it isn't even like a holiday in Mexico like I don't even think they know the Cinco DE is a thing. It's kind of. I think just a excuse for the the world to drink and that beer it says here, companies were actually you know once I started diving in and you know doing all the advertisements and everything for the kind of took off. So I I think it's just an excuse for Americans to drink. What's your go to drink on single mile question: hey yeah! Well, I think you have to pay tribute, so I think some sort of like Pacifico
figures, nice Kilo, zero. Never whatever comes from home one yeah. I love a good. How are you yeah yeah go to chili's, maybe get the appetizer sampler at you. Don't you're not silly, sometimes it, but like the chili dust on the rim of the margarita. Yes, that's what I like that! That's what I'm here to route in Washington, let's not we'll start with Hank, will go around the room. Well played just pretend you're sitting in between a compute. These you go second salt on the rumor. Now now! Yes, yes, definitely I am a no or two hundred and twenty two and two were really great debate, we're getting into it right now. Oh here's, something fun that I didn't know if France had defeated Mexico in that battle. This was going to take the side of the confederacy in the U Civil war so and so Mexico kind of save the United.
dates well or the south. We just lost by more without added the French. That's a great point like I'm in a speech subtraction by addition, when you have the French to to any battles. The other thing I mean, I I I I the aid Blake, I agree with you. It's kind of like a hallmark holiday. We've been, you know what a big big, big liquor industries have kind of been booted who's with us. Here, a little bit been like, hey guys once you go, drink, get drunk for mexican Independence Day and now We find out it's not even Maxim Independence Day here, so you guys are kind of looking over to the okay. The translation of single to mile is the fifth of May oh wow, that I'm trying very literal yeah, yeah. This is this. Is this the holiday they just the whole they put on the? The skeleton masks. No, that's uh! yeah day, less work to us as stated that it's in October Halloween. Yes,
okay, alright yeah in the in the Cayman Islands uh, every single Demaio they hold like this giant air, guitar competition and there's like a winner each year. Wow. I want to go to that again, don't really what that has to do with mexican culture? But I like it a lot I diving and air guitar. We should actually find the exact middle point between Van over in the Cayman Islands, hold a skydiving air, guitar competition. That's perfect! even something that makes less sense than that, like maybe just a bocce ball knitting yeah and the world's biggest poncho. that was Cinco De Mayo. Everyone celebrates Cinco de Mayo safely, yes, and make sure it's not culture, the appropriate mexican culture. That's a big thing. Every year you see some college kids get in trouble where in the sombrero doing the mustache thing. Here's a here's, a tip if it in
always putting brown or black face on no. No don't do it. No also free one. If you maybe a few too many Cervezas and to just twitter. We're all banio, learn that one in six grade. Uhnd survey, so Massport for forget, wound yeah. My service put it. We are upon. You me paying guy boost Cinco DE, Plateau Plomo Plomo actually from. I don't want to ruin it, but was published a book who's who's, you never see him back. I like this he's actually cuban, though so now we are culturally appropriating problematic. Alright, let's move on Kentucky Derby the run for the roses. I wanted to start with this just by pointing out this isn't even on the wicopy, I'm going a little off script here in England, they actually called Arby's Hum
during the season. Yeah darby I like it. I I I kinda, like the sound of Darby, sounds like a hat yeah, making that up as their Darby hat me now, maybe I don't know so where Darby at yeah, those are called fast meters. I I also went off. I I clicked another with Wikipedia page is sometimes we want to do a fascinate or is the woman's hat that they wear? I Kentucky Derby that just make the basically just call it so click differently, but we all know it as the hats looks so a big cat wants to stop making us all look bad and doing extra homework and size to the teachers. Okay, extra credit for I'm sorry, all right, so I'll I'll pass around here, Hank favorite part of the Kentucky Derby Wikipedia all the I got a question from them, the page it says it says the track his left handed awful. How is that possible? What does that mean? are left handed when they race in the Kentucky Derby yeah so
in the jockey headquarters. There's like can openers are left handed and stuff all those with that weird. It's like a simple made, a call that the stranger. What's that I don't understand what that means, that the track is left handed, they just go left they turn left. That's at NASCAR's left handed to I think all races are left handed actually yeah. If you got anything you want to know yeah I thought it was just. I thought it was really fun how they describe. What Burgoo was so everyone talks about the mint julep right which is a delicious drink, to have two sips of and then get sick of and throw away. But people don't talk enough about. Burgoo Yardbirds you it's Burgo, it's a thick stew of beef, chicken, pork and that it just sounds like a shitload of meat that they heat up. Okay and it's a popular Kentucky dish served at the derby. Yes, so I've actually had burgoo at Keeneland
the other race track. That's in where's where's, a university of Kentucky Lexington Lexington, it's in Lexing Keeneland's, my fave. Racetrac, probably in the world and the burgoo it really is just a put a bunch of different meats. I think there's even rabbit in it. It's so delicious. I ate. Probably ten bowls of burgoo over two days had diarrhea for a week seems like a really high packed protein snack, yes, delicious chocolate, milk to shame! Wait! What do you got for Kentucky Derby? All I really got as the men Joe I went to, and only because I've never been to the Kentucky Derby wanted to go, but I went to Kentucky Tear Kentucky Derby themed Party one time and they were serving mint. Juleps, but I guess It had run out of bourbon. So by the time I got there, they were actually used tequila, and it's like something else, and it was just one of the worst things I've ever had. So I've never
interstitial mint julep, but I would like to try once was you probably it's into that party on single Tamayo right? It was one of those years where it counts, so it was just combining them. Yeah yeah right yeah, they just they put it together and try to mix it an. I could see why they would do that. I think there's a lot of mexican heritage involved in the Kentucky Derby. Jockeys but yeah exact, but it didn't go off. Let's do S. Why doesn't everyone pick their favorite Kentucky Derby, winner name wise, and don't anyone ever even think about saying that neck with our who wants to go? First, I think what you go first, majestic prince that's right I got one Tommy Lee, because that horses, Dick, is probably as big as Tommy Lees. I've
at I'm, going to go with Seattle, slew just lost because my favorite part about Seattle, slew anytime, you talk about him. You have to talk about how much he fucked afterwards and he's got like two hundred horses that are named after him. Yes, yes, what a guy Blake, I would say, a jet pilot back in a back in forty seven, wow that ones that's a nice one. I, like I, like the ones like the horse names. It basically mock everyone who's, an idiot who gambles which I see myself included like spend a buck or yeah genuine risk. like all these names that are just basically saying hey, you idiot foolish pleasure, you idiot your your, so good for betting on these horses and I'm even tell Can you buy the name you're betting on an you still bet on it and lose all your money? One thousand nine hundred and eighty two is Winter- was called Gato Del Sol, which is the sun cat. Yes, I like that name. I might change my name to that.
so then I'll stick with a mile that race, let's let's check it out, like this one, how about one thousand three hundred and ninety five thunder gulch? Oh yeah, that's a really! Oh! Let a black one thousand nine hundred and sixty eight forward pass nice a invented it. We do why? Don't we all come up with a name for a horse? Okay, you go first, okay, Elmer's, okay, Andy Reid's Fupa! Simon the Bunny Bunny rest in peace, L, Elmer's secret recipe
barely legal there you go. I like it. Yes, the card, a gelding lets you last call anyone have anything else. You want to maybe throw out there to the club, whether be this page, another page anything yeah. I anything back. I just want to say a little cease and desist to the Kentucky Derby they're, infringing a little bit on our good friend Chris Berman's trademark of the fastest. Two minutes in sports That's what they call themselves their very unfun. Maybe we should we should have Chris Berman announced the Kentucky Derby winner. What if we had the horse just would just make up name for all the horses. What would boomer? Name all the Take any last words um that there is always different tracking then at the Kentucky Derby, so you never really know which one you're going to get something fast summer sloppy summer, This is something that yeah the final order
yeah wouldn't necessarily understand the changing weather. By the way, did you see that Broncos player, who got drafted in the heap, saw snow for the first time. I thought of you Blake. No, I didn't, but I can totally relate to that. I don't like how they say: it's a guaranteed purse. I don't like how they gender they gender, the money. Well, you could be european all right, that is our Blake Bortles Wikipedia Club. We still need to get tattoos forget. So maybe, when you guys come to Jackson, though I've yet no okay, yes, all right perfect! All right! Thanks! Wake! Bad man! Yes, thank you guys! Ok, I like that. I didn't add that I wasn't even supposed to do. Will probably idiot. Would you like ask that I was like he's about to do something that is I was thinking you were going to do exactly what you did and I will talk soon
but alright, let's do some segments first up. We have a thoughts and prayers to Tyronn Lue coach of the Cleveland Cavaliers, because he has said coaching Lebron James is the hardest job he's ever had. Well, I mean I kind three with him. Don't you I feel really bad. No, he didn't say is the hardest job he's ever thought. He said it was the hardest job, this coaching job in sports, it's the hardest job by far yeah, so between with Blatt sending you death threats, probably and like David. I think he probably just send them to Lebron but yeah. Ok, I'm here you could see him holding a grudge and then you've got your star player, doesn't even have an instagram account. So how are you supposed to communicate with them right? How you supposed to sub tweet? He read his subtweets about you yeah. If he's not on social media, then you can't communicate.
to him in his own language that he understands, which is passive, aggressive subtweeting and Chloe Kardashian's, probably hanging out in the locker room and your owner is sending you emails in comic font. Yeah, it's awful and you don't have deli around anymore. So he actually said that it was hard because people, criticize him when he doesn't play Lebron and then, when he does, they say playing too much. I feel so uh for him. Tyronn Lue, I'm so sorry that you're gifted in NBA championship and you get to coach the brunch and here's a deal with that. You just play Lebron James too much yeah, you just plain too much. That's it! That's all you do plan to the cramps and be like yeah. I play him too much. Yeah, but aren't the best player on you. Would you want me to do you want me not play Lebron James right, yeah? Well, It sounds to me like he is Stockholm Syndrome,
like from being this way, because this is something that Lebron James would say about himself like leading this Cavs team is the hardest job. Yeah are being Lebron James, very hard. I think. That's you an exact quote, yeah last, so I think he's he's kind of absorbed his stores mentality a little bit. Well, here's a little zone so on for you Tyronn Lue. If you're listening to this, which I know you are start, just playing the godfather theme music on your phone in your pocket. While you just walk, looks like Pavlov's Pavlov's, dog yeah in that bill yeah and then all of a sudden, the brown striking up a conversation with you asking you about. You know Michael Corleone. He just finished chapter one also since he's in the finals. Every year he coaches the most hours so spending time more time on the job than anybody else Caesar some over holy. What is a member with
people. Problems was hot in the streets and was out like two thousand fourteen, like two thousand nine yeah. That's that's! Basically what Tyron Lewis yeah Cavs coach problems a real relatable Tyra harm. We have a add visual for ESPN. Obviously everyone knows about the layoffs which have sucked we've actually had. as you've been laid off, but this one was Sarah Walsh. She was with twins and the day she was due back from maternity leave, they just don't letter her in yeah, so as beneficial to bed. Visual twins, though, and when and twin insolence. Yes, so I guess I mean it's a Disney owned company. You can't have a lady walking around with too little sex trophies everywhere, yeah it
Disney Disney did the parent trap. That was a fiasco huh when the low and then turn out well for them. So yeah they're they're a verse to twins right now, yeah the the twins too much sex in really what twins? Maybe she had sex with Richard Deitsch, who also has twins. I explained to the audience how to twins happen if they, if, when a man and woman love each other very much, and they have sex twice, really fast right after each other, I was thinking it was just the sperms tight, at their tails, are tide together or do they tide to the egg like they got there at the exact same time, tie goes to the twins. Listen it's two thousand and seventeen right. Now we have the technology to monitor which sperm hits the egg first, it's like in swimming. When you touch the wall, little Electra, every Womans, their ovaries should have a little right impulse like a little charge on it yeah. This is ridiculous. There should be no ties in twenty. Sixteen yeah, I don't like it next up. We have lane Kiffin continuing to blow our mind. He wrote a tweet
if tomato is a fruit. Does that mean ketchup is a smoothie I and this is like the sneaky best recruiting ever because he keeps go every single reached every single tweet. He has like this. He gets like one thousand retweets. Do you think he's just becoming a super villain like? Is he turning into the riddler? I do you think that he when he goes to the living room and he he tries to recruit a guy and they're like well? What about the education at Fau it pulls up his phone he's like well. What about these tweets? Like? Oh, it's old, it's a good distraction like it. If he's re branded himself from being the Cuck guy, the guy that's going to fuck your wife. So now is the harmless guy that just reads pops stick riddles on twitter yeah! That's true! You people have not spoken about lane. Kiffin being
cock master of Florida. You know how you see, people sometimes with rubber bands around the wrist. They slap to teach them like if they have a thought that, like if they're thinking about an ex or something yeah, they snap it to condition themselves associate that with pain. Maybe every time he thinks about cooking somebody, he just gets on twitter and tweets the least sexy thing possible fires off a tweet. I also the tweet underneath it was great because it was in Alabama, Paul coach or Sorry Alabama announced that Nick Saban agreed to an eight year contract extension, he quote treated said Congrats call coach with four exclamation It's four exclamation points. It's pretty much saying I hate your guts and you don't do four. That's not real! That's a sarcastic! Your mother fucka ran if we saw each other in a back alley. I try to fight you to the death. It's like when you respond to a text with
like five house in a row. Yes doing too much there right, I look back three hi. This is the most that you give. You know how. I know that I catch up is not a smoothie. How, because as people from Chicago won't dunk, their hot dogs into it? True, that's how I know true link and continues to blow our mind, he's going to keep doing this he's going to he's off Bitmojis? This is this thing, though, and if I know Lane Kiffin he's going to be on this for at least a month, who is he tagging in these because he tag the same person every e mulberry? Who is that maybe he's only got twenty eight followers who was chased Moabery. You find chase mobile and you find the answer. This riddle interesting. He's got a picture with Roger Goodell. He looks like a kid huh huh interesting is. This may be a child of cooking? Oh
is, is that this is a link, Evans, Elige and making. This is how he spends time with his kids and gets to develop that bond with him without the world knows like reading to your kid in twenty. Sixteen is basically sending him weird tweets lane Kiffin tweeting at you from from a different house. Here's what's gonna happen. We're gonna find out that the kid is like a he's, a he's got a disability or is a sick kid and planes trying to be a nice guy and then we're gonna. Look like I'm just fast forwarding yeah tomorrow morning. Yes, yes, we're we're debt. We're definitely going to be in trouble for this. Yes, that's, okay, I'll own it. We have a shoe roast for the Big Baller brand announcer the Lonzo ball tubes, one zero twos. How do you have to it's genius marketing, he skipped past the one you're looking there so now, everyone's like one day, I guess what you know he's got he's got the ones on sale on the website but sold out yeah. I can't buy those anymore points, so
four hundred and ninety five dollars six hundred ninety five, your size, thirteen or fourteen? I don't like me- yeah, okay, cool, so the lawn so ball, the law of our ball ones, ball, big baller brand has launched. I would skeptical at first. I was like this ridiculous. This isn't going to work then eat then love ball tweeted, this big ballers loose. If you can or does Otuz you're, not a big baller I like that. So we just basically called us all. Poor I'll show him yeah, I'm going to buy five pairs of his stupid shoes right I'll, show him who's who's, a big baller, so we're poor, if we don't buy these shoes We have to buy the shoes. I also like that, This is their first shoe they've ever made, and it's like infinitely better than the stuff curry's yeah.
not bad, looking shoes. No, they are they're, not they're, not bad at all, I'm, but we have to roast and that those are the rules yep. If you were not exactly if you really start on Saturday at a rush but they're not that bad, they look like something that Floyd, Mayweather's fry cook would wear. It looks like this, compass on the back yeah. What's up with that, yeah I I'm! Actually I can't roast them. I I I I can't roasted, because I've found out that if I don't, I need to own a pair. Otherwise, import! That's true. I mean this. Is it's a hard sell, roasted and then Byam yeah? I mean like those shoes, only someone who's, a big baller would wear him. They look I'm looking at the shoe right now. It looks like they bought their material from like a foreclosed candy bar company, and I see it real quick. We also released flip flops by the way only two hundred and fifty dollars two hundred and fifty dollars for flip flops, holyshit, big baller and
do you need him both maybe need a backup pair. Just in case my flops get torn there. They are right there who the compass is call Hank yeah they do did you look like old guy shoes they've got that nonsense. That non slip looked to him like you might see in in like a crab restaurant. Maybe so maybe so it actually know what it when when now you get a job as a caterer they're like right Okay, like here yeah here you can you, everyone needs to wear the shoes that look like this. You don't have to buy the big baller shoes. You can go to Jc Penney and get him for five dollars, but you gotta get shoes that look like this How much do you think? What do you think the market place like how much you think, they're making a purchase ship Probably la I'm, not I'm not a shoe math expert. I mean we can get three hundred fifty bucks. We can get down Revell on the air to it completely botch. This but I've, my guess, is they're, probably costing like yet twenty for,
I've only made in America. That's what he needs to do, but that's where he should do. If, if you want? the big baller shoes and you want to I'll, bring jobs back! That's right! Let's get it wrong at the making the shoes from America, Trump and and Lavar Ball, they kind of they have the same thing going there just trying to get their family some money they're doing it, they're being good parents. I don't know why that we're. Turning on the floor, how how do you think lawns is officially like fully embarrassed of his dad, or is he just going along now? I don't think he can be embarrassed because he's grown up with his whole life. True he's like this is what a father does. He is a father to a father walks out of the meetings with Nike and then makes our own shoe company and sell them for four hundred. Ninety five dollars as the entire internet rose yeah it it's sad. It is kind of sad that they're, like
and a taking advantage of their fans? So much like make all this money off of. Unlike us that part of my take check out barstoolsports dot com, slash, p m t: we've got an all: store lined up we got sweet shirts for the summer, we've got tank, tops app for beach weather we've got sore t shirts. We've got Larry shirts. How how much do the four hundred and ninety five shirt for nine hundred and nine oh, oh, like twenty five to twenty eight dollars or so. Can you believe that if you can afford that shirt, you're, not a big baller? Sorry, sorry just deal with it. Yeah yeah! Let's get everyone get those shirts going. You guys won't buy him yeah! You won't! You know what I love. I love our award winning list, but they're, not big ballers. I don't buy. Enough of our shirts to be big ballers, but maybe I don't know take these are coming up
so they want to win another war. They got a banner to defend the a real shame if, if they didn't buy enough shirts to win an award, I've got my eyes on on Simmons Podcast listeners right now, they're coming in at your heels along the police. The bill is: oh, my god. It's a loser, leaves town match up yeah when our listeners and bills yeah, we sure, he's good sure, we're good. Now now get real said. I don't know I would have to check where we got three games next week and then three shows a week. Okay, yeah yeah, I mean we'll find out a lot in the next couple months or before we get to Jim, as we got two more room to wrap it up. We have a respect. The biz this one goes out to miss admins third grade class. Is that right? She he had a shark tank, science, fair or something, and the third Place Prize was the car and cuban help to award it right? Yes, literally, a third grader one, the third place,
actually tied for third place so is fourth place, are same thing that Hanks big idea, his his our retirement fund is based on interesting and interesting. The Marquis was involved seems like the six degrees of separation. There I get what you're saying right now like a little seasoned assist here, you are the inventor of the karstic. This kid has stolen it, but don't I the story here is that a third grader finished third with the car. Stick! No, I mean it's a progressive idea. Like obviously clearly this lady doesn't know what she's looking. Ok and you know what the best inventions in the planet are. Inventions that a third grader could easily understand and benefit from so you're like hey kid you
store all of your music on these five thousand cd's. Aha, that barely fit into your bedroom, or we could just put him on your phone. Yes and the kids like yeah I'll, take the phone take to pull that makes sense. Hello, ma'am watch, watch your back, Miss admins third grade I actually don't because she I she felt bad Hank and I retreated sweet and then she went protected on twitter because I think people are being made be nice to the car stick. It was also a kid in a wheelchair which was like not at so bad. I mean you wonder why the kids came in third, when there's a kid that kid that kid could have invented. You said: are you saying the first place? No pity votes would probably happen. Was the kid in the wheelchair invented the wheelchair stick 'cause? He was sick and dropped his phone in between the armrest in the wheelbarrow. True kid those kids parents need to respect the busy? Yes, they do they do. I bet you, that's not crazy. I think that one of those kids parents listens to the show. Well, so let's get this cleared up, then I think, if the choice
although that would be a hilarious situation. If the kid came to his dad like the morning before the size and was like hey kid, hey dad. What I didn't do my assignment, can you help me out and the dad thinking you would never go anywhere. I was just like: oh how about a car state, as he heard a slave and then now more Cubans to hit your back. If he could take this car sick can go suck my dick out the door. We also respect the biz Jay Cutler's thing about going in the booth so I'm excited for it. I think If Jay is like honest and self deprecating, I threw out the idea if he did something like Grudens grinder, but it was just that don't care pass of the week where it's like oh see this triple coverage, I'm gonna throw out there anyway. That would make more sense for Rex Grossman. I would like to see him direct supposed to be like the pocket. Let's go deep and overthrow. One yeah, so I'm I'm all in for Jay Cutler in the booth. I actually think,
I. I said that I want him an capper Nick to team up somehow I want them to host a show together where it's maybe it's moderated by Fitzpatrick yeah, three quarterbacks that can't get a job. This offseason! Yes, and it's just it's just politics though, and it's it's throwing out of a world event like a crisis and then colors like who gives a, and the cap ex like actually look to tell you about all the different ways and trying to impact us now. Here's here's an idea that I just thought of this. Why don't we have Jay Cutler, just rotate. All of the pre game shows where everyone's to doing the way over the top laughing and he just doesn't laugh that
awesome just to watch him try to interact with like how we in Jimmy Johnson is there like laughing at some stupid thing. Terry Bradshaw said in, and Jesus like that was stupid. I would just like him and Terry Bradshaw to be together. That would be great just to see them interact, yeah that be good. I I will say that if he does go in the booth, they better fit him up with one of the headsets that has the microphone connected to it, because there's no chance the Jays gonna remember to hold the microphone to his mouth for an entire game. If the, if the someone actually someone tweeted me said, that would also be great if they did like the fan. Cam are smoking J. of the week, so they just went around and put cigarettes in people's mouth, and while he never or he could substitute for Dr Oz and start telling like new mothers about different alternative vaccines that they get the he just said. You want to get on tv, he didn't specify you want to be in football. True
We have. Finally, before we get to jumbo's Hank hot in the streets. This is a rare one, because Pft and I both have like zero idea what's going on here, but we got few people saying we need to ask Hank about the Red bathing suit. So here we are Hank. What is the red bathing So a company, I'm not going to say the company for free advertising, but your advertisement here, but they ' put up an instagram picture with the original red, redbaiting suit girl and said, if you repost this picture on your account within twenty four hours, we will send you the spitting sued, wait, wait. What do you mean the original Red bathing suit girl? There was one, so they see like there was one picture that so they invented the original band. Yes, is great because of the original one, and then that picture got reposted over and over again, but in class Internet formed people start being outraged about the picture and started posting the picture being like. Please stop posting this picture.
'cause, like kind of like crying Jordan. People are like cried Jordan. Would all they were doing was bringing attention to the crime? Is it? Is it a good swimsuit? Not real? and the company has, since it went so viral they backtracked, Well, we never really said we're going to promise everyone that gets it because we have too many orders also have to pay shipping handling. Also, were we can cap this whenever we want? Ok, I know, what's going on here, stay well tank! I'm surprised that you're not woke on this, yet by the way, I'm a little disappointed under the weather. So I'm going to someone coming back him up on that. Ok, the Baywatch movie is coming out like a month. This is in viral ad for the Baywatch movie. This is easy. This is too easy. How does the cloud work in, though yeah clowns are due for a comeback. It's coming out in a couple of months, right, yeah it yeah market. That's such a scary movie, alright red bathing suit. at least I know now, 'cause, that's it basically was the fire fest of
suits also. We want to fire fest creators, name that was in general, yeah Billy Mcfarland. How much is a twenty five year old? Okay? Now no, we have to make our we have to make our fake music festival at this point, pretty clear that if you signed up for fire fast, you deserve any spend all the money like giving it to Instagram models to promote. But that's what I'd be like sense. Now, all out connect some dots it. It might the only one that kind of sees Instagram as a giant pyramid scheme of that have no talent. Are you telling me that that TI that makes you lose? No, that really is from your waist. That's real that the t c that just makes you scored on diarrhea through a screen door. That's real data actually is my favorite part about Instagram is like they get these hot checks and they're like check out these pills in this t, and everyone's like wow. Look at how hot this chick is like. She had diarrhea for four weeks straight to get that hung
This means she's got a real clean but though yeah yeah, here's alright. So we had this discussion awhile ago about when in life, do you reach the change between if you're murdered or you just murdered or assassinated. At what point? Does that become a thing at what point in your internet life? Do you switch over from being just a chick on Instagram to being an instagram model? I think it's the check mark. That's one and then I'm going to say you need a hundred k really One hundred cat seems like a high threshold. I think I think that the threshold is gone up. I think it's used to be back in the day. Like ten k, these t companies are wise enough and they just can't through their money. I yeah. I have anybody Hyundai, okay, I think that's when you can officially call yourself an instagram model which I'm not not because I have one hundred and fifty thousand I'm an instrument with a blue check mark and I'm not saying it because of that. But if any diarrhea too, companies want to want one, throw
some diarrhea team, my weights summer, Bob Season right now. I'm all for that summer. Job would you do before and after with that, with your weird to me, yeah, where I saw were like the before I just stick, my got out in the after your socket India, MIKE while in seven days I lost six six inches off my waist and yeah, and your thighs are just covered in brown little fi gap and that's what that's? What gets? That's we get the boys going. Yeah right. Let's do gimbals Hank, you got him yep couple. Couple of northwestern wants to start. Oh, my wife's cousin told us he wanted to go to northwestern instinctively called him a nerd to his face. He got really upset turns out here and bullied at school, yeah he's like you're talking to a fourteen year old, whose life's goal is to make it in northwestern, you think we're dealing with a nerd. You don't have to call that kid in nerd, he knows he's in there. It's like calling me fat, it's like. We know try to introduce my girlfriend to pmt and was playing the most recent episode of Rachel Nichols during a long car ride. She just committed to Norwood North Western Journalism, school
and didn't realize they lost their accreditation or whatever until you guys mentioned on the show. She proceed, of a panic attack and freak out about how she made the wrong choice for college. I was stuck in my car with my girlfriend crying and freaking out for two hours. because I just tried to introduce her to pm to you. You know what we we did our favorite. Well, if it if it was at the point where it to Is this for her to realize that maybe getting an advanced degree in journalism wasn't exactly going to be a money maker yeah then you're welcome yeah. Well, I mean what was your plan to write for a newspaper? Yes, yeah. I was trying to kick a puck out of play and accidentally sent the puck past. My own goal is going on myself. I didn't write that I didn't write that one that was, I think I think what that one was was the own goal from the capitals game. That don't go. We were talking about earlier It's group project season
it is also group. Member evaluation season are professional required us to turn in detail evaluations of each of our group members to go along with our project, I submitted my evaluation an hour later. I got a text from my only friend in the group saying thanks for this city review. I can't wait to never see you again after this semester turns out the review. these were also public as the prod That's thirty. Everyone plays all what everyone else said about the people in the car while- and this is why, if you're ever in a group situation, college just stopped going to class yeah because it's gonna get turned in and if the professors like hey how come your name was I'll, be like. Oh, they left off little tip for anyone. It's been a while. Obviously, since I've been in college since you've been in college fifty, but how I used to deal with group projects in college, is you just set the stage right away like hey? Listen, guys, I'm more of a closer. So if we need like someone late night to do this, tell
me, but I'm not going to come into the meetings or just say I'll present it yeah, that's a great role that really good in front of people. Look I'm the people person. I guess you guys you're, really, hey you guys are so good at doing the research, but I want to do the heavy lifting and get in front of the class and kind of talk to them about it. That's the most nerve wracking part, also throw throw out a couple jokes on the chain: email so everyone knows you're the alpha. That's always a good, also yeah, if you can just get it sporadic emails thrown into their that way. People know that you're still working on the project, even if you have absolutely no value yeah project, just get your name in front I got high and tried jerking off to in the air tonight by Phil, Collins, yeah. That's why I I guess you're Jimbo was you wrote this from your prison cell disk as a psychopath behavior? I might try it I've. I've, never jerked off a music. I jerked off to a lot of things, but
a song where the trust tree, that is a fucking jam, and it's got it gets progressively faster. Well, that I might try and intimidate of your stone if you're still, you should try it. I can see I can see, electric moment, if you time it just right to win the drum set, see now you're into two. Maybe you maybe you're going to want to listen to it one time through an then when you get to the drum part at the beginning of the second time there you go yeah about four minutes: perfect. I bought. A part of my taste tie dye shirt war to bar around fifteen due to so many suck their dick in weird out the girls heading on to the point where she said. Sorry, sorry it with guys who are by okay. So we're done we're done with the suck my dick we've we've we've decided that we was a.
bad choice of ever punch him in the face, if they tell you to suck their no, no. No. I don't want to do that. Hang this is what has been happening recently is ordering list would come up to me like I'm want to say but I can't so just do just go up to people and be like, I want to say it, but I can't 'cause, then that's a little intrigue like then, then the check should be like what are they talking about, like, oh well Actually, a CIA agent or something or his head, do the head nod yeah, but don't stop, keep no or just ask permission to be like hey you want your locker room talk. Yes, yes, that way: you're right, it's always important to ask for consent, yeah and if you're, in a situation where you don't want to do, locker room, talk and say: hey, I'm not I'm not an Lrt mood right now. Yes, that's! Ok, pft! they will call you jeans for nothing. That is exactly what we need to do every single time. It's you up for some locker room, talk,
that is how you approach another award winning listener. Yes, that's it solved. That's it does a pretty good jumbo's. That's a really good idea. We're we're we're back moon back baby. It was. It was scary for a minute there. We didn't realize how bad of a situation we have created and so on all right. Next week we have for sure, Blake Griffin, we eat, don't have anyone else as of right now. Yes, so if you're a superstar athlete wanna be on the show next Wednesday slide of those the in your duke, if your name is love our ball, please give us a oh, yes or mark cuban care to discuss. I've been little behind the scenes. I've been emailing Mark Cuban, I have his email and he responds and I've just been asking him if he'd like to
discuss and he's just getting more and more angry. Just like discuss what he said discuss what last time I was like, you know, care discuss so Mark Cuban, probably never coming on, but we're going to keep trying uh all right. That is our show. We will see you all on Monday. Good luck in the derby love. I guess
all we
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