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Blake Bortles, Mt Rushmore Of Athletes We Thought Would Be Better, And Hard Knocks

2019-08-21 | 🔗

Hard Knocks Episode 3, the Gruden show. Jon Gruden was on full display and is the funniest coach in the NFL (2:28 - 8:45). Baker Mayfield had a hell of a time on the internet and we defend our guy (8:45 - 12:11). Hot Seat/Cool Throne including Hawaii Football being back for degenerates (12:11 - 28:52). Mt Rushmore of athletes that we convinced ourselves would be better than they turned out to be (28:52 - 45:48). Blake Bortles joins the show live from his Tesla to talk about going bald, the Rams offense, and Wikipedia Club for hair loss (45:48 - 64:39). Segments include hurt or injured ronda rousey, pmt sports biz minute, Talking Soccer, trouble in paradise Zeke/Jerry Jones and Guys on Chicks. 

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On today's pardon my take, we have the boat Blake Bortles New, fully shaved head. We talked to him about what went down. We have a Wikipedia club, your loss. We also have hard knocks episode. Three, yes, three review our hot see cool thrown in the Mount Rushmore of guys. We thought we're gonna be better. If the guys you convince yourself, this is going to be the superstar for my team and then before. We do all that, though. The cash out part my take is brought to you by the cash up in a more finance app in the app store cash. App is the most powerful way to send to spend and save it's connected to the free cash card. The
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welcome to part of my take presented by the cash app to download it right now use code bar, so you get five dollars for yourself. Five dollars to Aspca today is when- day August 21st, whoops Sunday night. Sunday night is at the one of the new. No okay, that's a new one. I've been waiting, All day is the new old one, okay, so what was old is now knew then, and I just found it fell in love with the new old one. Exactly it's like. Next year, they're gonna get rid of the NFL one hundred logo yeah after everybody falls and love with it, and you guys have to yep. I yes, so that we can be news, but let's talk about hard, knocks the Jon Gruden episode John in and leads the league in being pumped the I Caliendo Jon Gruden episode. This was the episode we wanted, where it was just so much grew and I fucking love him hi, I'm switching, I'm switching! We make fun of Jon Gruden. We make fun of the raiders, the
a hundred million dollar contract I have switched. I want Jon Gruden to succeed because we need him in our lives for as long as possible him just sway. Just throwing in swear words. It made no sense. What would you say to go on fucking neck, good it should drive, is great, should arrive man. I I can't believe the Jon Gruden went how many years on Monday night football without dropping an F bomb yeah, considering how often he does it in hard knocks just in his regular vernacular. They don't even make sense, you don't know just put in there and it becomes a football guy said: Creek should drive going to men, so yeah it was. It was the Gruden episode, it's great, like every every single play, no matter what he acts like. He has an orgasm yeah. You know we talk about Nick Saban, never coming. He never allows himself to nut unless he wins the national championship, then he gets one and then it's back to recruiting. Yes, Jon Gruden is the exact opposite he's like Dick,
even like. If he did Tantric play call when he does that thing, where he's got a little belly now and he like went belly to belly with Antonio Brown and you're just like they are, they want to fuck like he's like yeah. Would love to have you out here, man and like just like kind of almost like four play with his Kelly, and it was just it was the tension just was rising in the room and that's John today and that's how football coaches get close their place here, see the movie coneheads, where yeah, if they had intercourse by rubbing heads? Yes, that's what a football guy. Does you just rub his belly on in that? So we let you know that he loves you the other key to Jon, Gruden being a football guy when he had talked to drew rosenhaus. He looked like he wanted to be anywhere else in the planet. Doesn't have anything fuck this guy. I don't want be here. I don't want to hear about Antonio Brown's helmet. I am a fish we as well so sick of Antonio Brown helmet me the helmet, but in love with yeah in love with the jumpsuit in love with the boom on his pads put the helmet gate,
holy. I am now on MIKE Mayock side, just just decided, dude, I'm sick of talking about it. Like the whole, so he was with the team and then right at the end is like oh yeah he's not here, it's so stupid at this point, I'm sick of it just either find a helmet don't play with a helmet. I don't care we might riot if he continues to do the helmet stuff. I absolutely that we write if he continues to home. Yeah it kind of annoying, because it's like one of those things where you look out and said it they're. Eighty nine other guys out there that are playing it's just a dumb this story. At this point I thought it was a fun story when it happened when that first MIKE silver had that first tweet thread. You're like this is ridiculous. You were hoping, maybe would be like a two three days story that would get us a little bit closer to football were on what week two now week, three of this it's exhausting and I'm sick of it is. Do you think that when Frank Caliendo was doing his impression of groudon in front of the team, Mark Davis thought that he was doing impression of him? Yes, definitely think so. He's like yeah. This guys
I do be sound like that. Sometimes it is awesome yeah. This is good job bro try to adapt them up As perfect. As that's perfect other notes we had Luke Wilson are Guy Luke Wilson, one of the best all time, most random, but best recurring guests. When he told the story about the Seattle Super Bowl in the locker room. After he's, review of the Golden Gate Bridge pretty cool fucking bridge yeah, even though he's seen bridges before this is not his first bridge. No even he's gotta take his hat off. That's why he was like. I grew up in a town with the bridge, so I didn't think I'd be excited to see it another bridge, but that's that goes like Spitzer face the old saying when you see one one bridge, you see them all down on, that's not a trauma one or did it hits different Rudy Cool Brit was yeah. He's he's come breach of Rob Gronkowski, yes, yeah. India may grant that that her two is so good. I now
bogus- and we also had our hard Knox player, that everyone's going to draft late in their fantasy league because we get sold on it or he might just get cut, and everyone has a tearjerker, so let Devin could use the award. So it is What was the guy's name while I forgot Waller Darren Waller I'm pretty tired, Walter and Wallace yeah. I know I, I wrote it all down. Well, he he yeah he's right. He said like a bunch of substance, abuse issues in the past, so yeah I've. I slept in my little world. It's Dave, probably not a great choice, words for the not so book everyone's real high Hi Bill Walton was announcing. So that's true, but yeah otherwise, pretty entertaining episode yeah. That was pretty good, pretty good. It was good to hear Uncle Brents Voice to always going to play against cardinals, who is probably up there in the booth scoping out Cliff Kingsberry's wife, I'm I'm going to go with a three point: five boss, strong balls ray. Actually, you don't think it's about good balls out of five foot, seven out of ten balls.
It's like a so now you're doing now. You doing all I want to know is three point: five out of five five balls, but Hanks right with the math yeah I get, but I don't like it. It's a five ball scale. Yeah. What do you give a balls was. I was cracking up the whole time I've ever given. Four point: four balls Longhorn, forty four balls- and I was one of the most entertaining acts as a hard, knock Latimore balls for me for false all right. So then we average out to about a little show tick under four balls. There we go and yeah an epic Christmas under four three point: ninety nine balls, that sounds: that's pretty strong, yeah other big NFL news today, oh yeah, our God, Baker back in the news so we have sworn an oath to defend Baker against enemies, foreign and domestic, and he did an interview with GQ who clay skipper the author. You might ask him
from he to think about us yeah years ago. Remember that, yes and that's what we know clay skipper for: that's it! Yes, so he got Baker like to sit down restaurant. They were talking about Daniel Jones or talk about other quarterbacks in Baker, said some things that might have I'm off to be like kind of Saint John's, but I don't think I don't say, and I think that that's the cut you the type of quarterback, that you wanted to the guy that thinks that he's that that he's the here's. The thing I don't understand about this whole entire controversy, where the you want to call because listen. It was probably misquoted. If you wasn't, we stand by, he was misquoted and he use the barstool sports Instagram page to shut that out. So thank you for that. Okay, so grace so boom. He was misquoted, but let's say he wasn't misquoted. Okay, let's just go under that hypothetical. He said nothing different than everyone else in the entire world and I get it yeah, it's baker. So it's different!
because it's not a talking head, but everyone has spent the last five months. Shitting on Daniel Jones and Daniel Jones is used to it. At this point he just literally been getting Shat on and guess what Baker just added on. He was the last one to do it and you know what Baker probably is friends with Dan and Joe M was motivating them. That's true, he's probably Hey good buddy is really nice and then Daniel Jones had the most Daniel Jones responsible time. He basically said I appreciate Mister Mehra giving me the opportunity to learn turn behind Eli Manning and the end. Are giants organization in our very boring, shade of blue pants, yeah, so good job, Daniel Jones. I don't I mean we missed. You saying misquoted misquoted officially out of context. Okay So we're not! You know that he didn't jobs anymore. He was MIS quoted out of context, guess what it was crazy, the draft through six pack. We all thought that it is. We all said it doesn't mean,
be good actors, just be a normal guy. Just like the rest of us, you know what like what, when we swore to protect Baker, I don't think we realized how old full time of a job only god yeah I mean there is every single day. I don't mind it. You know it's a it's. A great part of my job at me, like I feel like we should outsourcing, which you get like a russian troll form to this yeah handle him or light work like his cowards, yeah, there's Nope Ical candidate in the United States. That needs a troll form of russian internet accounts more than Baker Mayfield US. Yet, let's get it going to go after power and I'm sure he said something. I don't even care he did yeah. So callard is just using that as a hobby care scares, and I Hanley who cares yeah. I had thought this weekend. I mean foreshadowing. That's basically you guys in like ten minutes. That's true. These we're tape in the beginning of the show after we take the rest of the show. True point, my house, my friends, that's quote by the way that I don't I
Do I care about these Stanley yeah? No, I care about Stanley and Baker and Baker both care about everyone everywhere all God's children. I care about just not Colin Coward, yeah, no fuck that guy know yeah before we do hot seat, cool throne, parcel gold, dot com, slash PM! check it out. We had new one bonus. One coming in a couple of weeks you can watch all of our interviews. You can watch all of our podcasts. You can see us right now, hi guys, site we're doing a special hand, gesture to just the bar gold. People it's only the Barcelo gold people know this one yeah. Everyone else. Are you listening? You don't even see it go check it out parcel goal: dot, com, Slash, Bmt! Ok, let's do our Hotsy cool throne Hank on my hot seat is Kenny stills dolphins, wide receiver. He came out on Monday or Tuesday and he was kind of came out a little critical of Jay Z and the whole partnership with the NFL. Today, his coach Brian Flores,
played eight Jay Z, songs in a row during practice, wool and no beyond, say no that's problematic right there! Well, do you play any Stephen Ross? Raps, I don't know he's pretty good. That's even Roscoe! I saw MIKE Florio tweet out that Stephen Ross is out. Of the Social Justice Working group yeah. I didn't even know that was a category at Westminster. He got kicked out, he got kicked, He's he's no longer certified by the Akc. That's right, yeah! So What are your thoughts on this? Thank I just feel like it's a bad sign. If you come out and say something and then your coaches responses to basically troll you, I don't I'm not talk about the whole issue, all that bullshit, I'm saying yeah. If your head coach, it sees you like talking to the media and then he gets so. So with that that he basically trolls you. That's not a good sign, not assigned not a good sign, turn off your Miami Dolphins, wide receiver yeah. So you just in
Research could also be just guys being dude so little. I know about it and it's it's funny. It's passing, but it's like it's. It's you're you're on the hot seat. Right you've been you've, been you've, been put on the hot seat. Right like right. Your comments didn't get unnoticed by a coach like correct people know it's going for you just a huge jz doubtful. I don't think that in I don't know it's got a lot of hits. They don't have a lot of hits on my other. How to do my just did. Spotify radio or whatever's boom yeah client could point left it on well, they would probably be made. Some people like to truly just clicks, all my other, how to spider man yeah he's out of the m c? U what is that hospital? Was he in trouble? No, it's a numbers. Okay, all right. So what does that he's out? What is mcu? That's the Avengers Universe,
So what are your allies namik universe? What do you got it out? Apparently there's some ownership issues. You know so many he was hit. His rights are owned by Sony and they're having issues with Disney and so they're saying that the doctor, let's spider man, appeared any MC. You movies, when he's been like the person, they've been kinda, he's like their top prospect in and see you, so it's kind of awkward God it. So I have a question: wasn't the avengers? the last avengers yeah. I thought so wasn't that I thought they were just like we're going to agree to not make anymore hundred million dollar movies right to make us all rich. So quote: Lashawn Mccoy didn't tony stark die. He died, but they basically set up Spiderman to be the new only start with the new guy. Ok, is it hot? Is it Toby, Mcguire Nope, damn Topher, grace, spider man, move, he wants a spider. Man know he was the bad guy. One of them got it but then ends Garfield Spiderman came on, he is no longer, so that's a made up name, nothing. Also, Topher, grace,
that's not real. Is a present write that real person as a present. Okay. Alright, so Got it? No more Spiderman Spiderman ever can see you. No, it will still be in Sony in venom. I don't see now. I have no idea. What's going Jesus Christ, no idea that was you can't do that. So two different his own spider man upset spider. Man is basically rose. Only Xander Sony, only guidance that Sony owned, spider man and let's say you know it's and I fell, and they let him go play in NBA for awhile, but he still put that a file. Now they're saying you can't play in the NBA. You can only plan that a file and that's it and all the NBA fans are very upset. Nba's were more popular despite a by the way. We know not only in the am on it's the in lake okay. What do you work for the ringer be traveling the entire time? Okay and then my cool to own is price averaging a pivot foot. If you're in Iraq to that's what I'm saying Michael throws the matrix: okay yeah, they now some majors for today, okay yeah, I
so yeah fuck. Yes, that's one of those movies! I just put that on my cool thrown into this one of those movies like Jurassic Park that I just never seen really so that one's fair. I remember vividly matrix one was like life changing matrix two. I think I watched in move in the theaters and is like this stinks, and I don't think I saw Matrix three, which is why it's surprising that years later, they've come out, but I'll go back for that yeah I'll go back for the NIST Alja factor. Which is the one where they had him meet, God, the guy, with a b It was- and I don't know I just remember being so bad about yeah yeah. I was mad about when he met God, because I was just like I'm way too high to understand anything. That's going on here we're widely dodging bullets. Exact! That's are signed up, for. I hope I hope Matrix for just starts out. If you just be John Wick inside a computer, I'm cool with that! Okay done all my other cool throne is crispy chicken sale to something you guys can probably actually to on, like my other three yeah, why? Because we like food yeah is
that comment? Yes, okay, I've already in it what is been going up pop. I just came up with a chicken sandwich and now it's on target sandwich and then in response to the announcement of the chicken sandwich, chick fillet, you know got a little cute the on twitter all little brand off yeah, nothing like nothing better than brand off yeah. I can't believe it seventeen time strictly dumped on pop. I don't! No, no, no! No! No! All Popeyes dunked on triple a nice chick fillet tried to you, know, get in the mix and then Popeyes and just all the fans just dumped on when he's got in the mix there's so the avengers of chicken sandwiches spark? No, not really. These are all going at each other, like a royal rumble. Second sandwich shake shack on them. It baby shake Shake shack and get the fuck out of town they're, not in the same league. Why doesn't Popeyes just like market too? Hey we sell chicken sandwiches on Sundays. I think they are. Okay, I think they've started do that. That would be great if it just became a chicken sandwich off and then Chick fil A was forced to sell chicken sandwiches on some bill, never do it,
I don't think I don't think they're going to do it. I don't know if their bottom dollar, what about talk about Hank trouble in Paradise? You guys would have a chicken sandwich not yet but torture. A chicken torta us that would be nine. You do buy a buy a of chick fil, a which is on Saturday night. He hang onto to until Sunday morning put inside one of those crunchwrap deals and say: hey: this is our chicken tortilla. Why don't we do that? Why don't we stand outside of chick fil, a with a bunch of chick filet sandwiches bought the night before on a Sunday when everyone comes through and like shit, it's like all the stoners like she is close: hey dude. We have a fifty dollars, chick fil, a sandwich for you. I like it's like a lemonade, stand for chicken pardon my taste. How quickly do you think that would get shut down not quickly because they don't have cops around on Sunday is perfect and they they have to be very politely. They say my pleasure sir that's true. They are very nice very slightly. Our is that it! Okay, pft, okay, my great job, jumping those awesome little grades, ridiculous that you need it, approval my hot seat, I'm going right into it. Greenland, yes on my hot seat,
because the President of Denmark just said that is not for sale, so again I don't yeah even but everything has a price, but there's art of the deal cares of the present Brazil says it is for sale like week, the telemark own Greenland, yes yeah, they do! That actually does what you think Portugal, why they speak Brazilian in Portugal, yeah. No, they do own Greenland. It would be like someone trying to buy Porter So we're like not for sale, guys, yeah things I think, exactly which I mean if President Trump wants an island that doesn't support ice just go for Puerto Rico, yeah! It's just amazing that we should just right there, yeah rebuy Puerto Rico. So but there are other ways to take over a country besides buying it like it. Let's just ride or Denmark going to stop us from invading green, nothing, absolutely nothing! Yeah, there's, probably some treaty. That would stop it, but that's a piece of paper. Yet the market has bigger fish to fry. I have one more question regarding that: Mark yeah, okay, shorting to Google. It is the Kingdom of Denmark, but the guys goes by
the president yeah. So here's what happened in your o'clock, like a hundred gotta, be getting so above countries were like hey. We shouldn't have kings anymore because it's just about who fucks who and they, decide to have presidents, but the king still hang out and they get to wear crowns and stuff like the queen of England, yeah Queen of England, but there's a present England as well yeah. There's a prime Minister Rob Ford Guy, got it yeah, yeah yeah, Bors anymore, questions about that was kind of fun yeah we broke it down, yeah, actually we're going to have probably the most famous did mark citizen on part of my t. Gone what it sees. How about that? How about that one slash! Slash, delete Greenland, Slash Greenland yeah probably just buy Greenland from Morton Industry in zone own morning or on Friday. My cool throne is well. Are we gonna get into Todd Gurley's cat Hank? Let's do it? Ok, my cool
RON is Lebron Lockwood yeah, because I think what we just found out from Todd Gurley is that you can get a cat and sell ad space on it really easily and Hank seems receptive to the idea of owning a cat If you can get sponsored so hey, I can get money. Yes, so name your price, because I actually thought about this last night as well. If we got a cat named cash app- and it was yours how much money do does that? Do you need to be paid for cash app? The cat. Hundred what well I don't know, I have ten Hey lets me down twenty five inches now twenty five thousand dollars cash in your cash yeah. Now you know that if they twenty five, man Cachorro cash, app thirty cassia yeah also view write to your phone. Why are you negotiating over the internet with this, because cash is going to listen? We should make it higher. Well, I'm doing is good money, no, no
I wanted to just proved under a hundred a hundred fifty any four hundred out the door thousand dollars deal okay, so you you can you pretty much said that you would buy. You would buy a catholic 10k K. I mean that's the this is one of those things where it's like hundred k and then they're like how about ten. You like deal, here's the thing about tiger talked cat, though it's like you, Todd Gurley, yeah, you've been talking about get a cat for a year and then and then, and then you get a fake cat yeah, whoever work a little fake pussy makes ads out of their content. That's fucked up! It's disgusting like can you imagine using one of your pets yeah as like? marketing thing worn or line Instagram starting a bit and then having it become an ad and, like me, a whole week after it like in selling grit. I just bought all our We should sell group by the bottle holy ship, just water as it yet no just work and what are its air we
Go where, like everyone is year on grit Week, like oh here's, air from coach Harbaugh's office, here's air from inside the van yeah coach to breathe a little air in here. MIKE Ditka farted into this one boom done sold that one. Can sell that much 'cause. You can get it for free if you just walk around Chicago just walked by and like a pooper, scooper yeah yeah, pretty much, but that that write that down different coaches error. Yes, hot dog, breath. Alright anything else, that's it! Ok, my hot seat is Devin Booker. So there was a video that was released of a little run over the summer. Joakim Noah and Devin Booker so essentially, Devin Booker was mad because Joakim Noah sent a double team on him and Devin Booker was like hey. We don't double team in open, run and we're working on our game here in joke. Him know which I who I love forever was like yeah, that's part of the game, dude yeah, we do yeah, we do and it was an awesome clip because it just showed
maybe Booker is the S word softap and also he sent Tony Snell is the double team. So it was like damn. The bulls are back, I'm just I'm shocked and choke him know is still playing Ready, go yeah, yeah, he's ready for that New Zealand contract that you see that Kobe quote yeah, the Kobe Quote was awesome, so Will Conroy said I remember being with the Lakers in pre pre season. What's preseason six and during our open runs we double Kobe constantly. Not once did he get mad? Not once did he pass lol well yet, though you don't have to say this: has you wasted character, exactly that has no bearing even if he was single team yeah, he said y'all better, send three Tigard meet by the way. That's a year. He had sixty plus and didn't play the fourth against Dallas in that year in that year, so yeah I mean listen. Devin Booker, seems like a nice guy, but that is a soft move. Good joke! You know I love ya. Good rule of thumb is if you're playing in any sort of game, any sort of scrimmage that isn't an actual regular season game for a professional league. Just don't complain about shit right,
but from the time that you turn like twelve years old to stop complaining about stuff in practice. But it is crazy that Devin Booker was like we're here to work on our game. What more could work on your game then having a double team? You get double teamed in the NBA. Why wouldn't you want to be full team right here, yeah does Devin Booker get double yeah, oh yeah, he scored. He fucking lights it up. Ok, he can score by the bunches he scored. Would he seventy no yeah? That is right. Raising the point would be upset about something like that. You think that would make a better. My cool throne is degenerate, gamblers soul, mountain West and now to the nonce today that Hawaii Football games are going to stream live on Facebook. Thank God. So all you do Jenner gamblers. The chase game that everyone bets Hawaii basically has been part of your life forever? I used to do the move where I would follow like in Hawaii was playing rice. I would fall, Spell Hawaii and Rice Twitter accounts and then put alerts on and just sit there and wait for them to pop up, because the scores wouldn't update. If you were looking in the score app so but now
you can watch it. I like that, and and so what time of those games where, when do, they start their usually like midnight. Okay, I love that yeah that so you're, not in today. It's the game that you bet when you had a terrible saturday you're like. Let me just try to get one win before Sunday, okay, so the way I'm doing the math right now. Basically, we have like three hours of downtime between college football and win. The preseason are there, but the Pre Game Show star on ESPN like to Sunday. Will you forget that shop you forgetting about EPL at like six hundred and thirty in the morning, oh yeah, I had an idea about that. I just I love just the hangover, reducing qualities of just turning on tv and seeing grass grass english accent that helps, but if you just see grass just green grass in your television, there should be grass Channel dad someone, someone treated me over the summer, I think was round Wimbledon time it is the most like appropriate treat ever. He said, I'm so hungover. All I want to do is see a ball moving.
And that's really yeah. You just want to sit on your couch and just see a ball on your screen. Go back and forth on grass any yes, yeah, actually so excluding that four time I'd. Just football, though we've got three hours where we can fall asleep, I want to say I love that are going to be able to watch army against Oklahoma this year. I don't know if they play again, but I just remembered that is a paper view, because I want him going on that. I watch a periscope where it was just the dude dudes feet for half the time yeah it was crazy was that that was that you yeah those channels fares go, but he just had his feet in the screen. The whole time ever, like dude, get your feet out of the out of the up periscope of a live event. Uhhuh this. The comment section is such a whole area spot to be in the comments section. Then every now to get the guy turns the phone back onto himself would most like state yeah pro. What do you do and turn up the volume we can't hear Jordan? I didn't watch this football game. Look at it. Do you love it? I love it all right, let's get to our Mount Rushmore, we get a big one here before we do our Mount Rushmore, though, if the I want
Ask you a question which fear vodka? That's easy! It's new, Amsterdam yeah! It is new. Amsterdam. Vodka believes that when you have a nun compromising passion in a competitive spirit. You can achieve great things. The spirit has inspired New Amsterdam to produce a vodka, superb taste, an unparalleled smoothness, New Amsterdam distills, it's vodka five times using only the finest quality grains for America when resulting in a premium vodka with unparalleled smoothness. That is then filtered three times for clean crisp finish. New have sim is slightly sweet on the palate, smooth enough to drink on the rocks. Exit with the juice or soda or make an classic new Amsterdam you'll New Amsterdam. Vodka is the official vodka barstool sports get the pink Whitney's starting September. First, our guy Ryan Whitney one of our favorite recurring guest. He has his own drink named after him. Webster Vodka, it's a pre mix, vodka and lemonade, and you got to get it pink, whitneys, so check them out. Okay, here we go mow Rushmore of guys, we thought were going.
Be better. So this idea came to me when we were talking about MIKE Glennon last week and I was convinced that he was going to be a fantastic bears quarterback, Ok, that one was like just you had to convince yourself. Well, it's self preservation going into a season right. There are all sorts of lies. You need to tell yourself to be NFL. So here are the rules were going to 'cause? I did a brain. But I just basically did like all the Chicago guys that have disappointed me in a long long way. Obama. So who were going to do you can pick to from the teams you root for yeah and then the other two have to be a national okay. So it's guys that you were convinced we're going to be better than the art. There will probably be some crossover with bus, but it's not necessarily a bus. Ok, alright, Hank! First pic, I had my first pick. This movie is probably like one of the best documentaries I've ever seen. One of the first documented I ever saw made me love like Horse Documentary sports movies, Sebastian Telfair through the wire yep. I watch that movie like this kid
is going to be a also. I was young and it was like a sports documentary that made him look really good and in my head I was like this he's skipping college. Like he's dominate Dwight Howard, he is going to be the greatest NBA player of all time. Yes, that's a good pic. He recently just went to jail, which was sad that video of him in court. How did you do that stuff? Alright, my first pick I would have put my life. My twenty know, my eighteen year old. Life on this guy being an unbelievable pro Joey Harrington yeah, I was convinced Joey Harrington was going to be so good. It was right when Oregon became Oregon. Haven't been that team, yet you had him on the cover of the NCAA Football game. I think he last like two or three games. His entire college career Joey Harrington, in my mind, was like this. Guy is going to be incredible because it was also like Oregon up temp
So this is all new chair. Is a guy yeah Joey? Why these go by Joe? What an idiot Joe Jeans. If he was going towards a list yeah, it probably would be good, but yeah Joey Harrington, I was convinced, was going to be that do yup. That's a good pick. I like Joe here into the lot to what he was going to the to the cover lines, and then they got him all these cover. They got him all these weapons at wide receiver, yeah, well, that I actually have a couple other guys from there yeah you can make a Matt million honorable mention yeah yeah, ok, my very first I'm going to have to go with the goat Friday. You do and we still don't know he still could be great true. He did that commercial with Paylei. It was at a time when America was like really really desperate for the future of american soccer. He was at that point America, with so far in the past, that we still hadn't had a future of american soccer yet, but he was the first one. I went to his very first game for DC. I did I was there he got in after. Like I don't know, seventy minutes I was like, if he's really good, he should probably be starting. That was my first clue,
maybe he would be great. It was like sixteen. He was like yeah. I was like fifteen or sixteen years old dot dot was of low yeah the, the start of the long list of guys who were going to save american soccer. Yes, he was. He was original one of those, my second big cat, probably as this guy in this little one of the best college running, backs I've ever seen RON Dayne, I'm RON Dane. I out. I still think one of these days for the giants he's going to suit up and run for a hundred. Seventy are he had that Thanksgiving game? He had one good game, but not the Texans. I thought he was like the next Bo Jackson, okay, on who's, gonna kind of up people on my team. That's fine! That's fine! What's yeah it is. I know this might
if you have a mother like your yeah all right. My second pick, I'm gonna go. I alluded to this because I said this might hurt someone's feelings, not a friend but a friend of a friend. I was big time grey gardens better than Kevin Durant and I was like how can you pass on a big man? This good, I think I was probably biased because he played you know. I watched him play the big ten Ohio, St Wisconsin played. You know twice a year and all this I would have put everything on Greg. Oden being that block he had. I think it was in the tournament. Maybe I can't remember it was like yeah not to make it where it was just like holy shit. This guy can do everything yeah. They need to win the national champion yeah. They did well that that national championship is like the number one, I'm so mad that that NC double a basketball has the five foul rule, because member joking no and Greg Oden Yep had like two quick files and they didn't play the first half.
Why are we watching this hand up? I agree with you on that track. Yeah I was like you got to take over and you guys can also like in the back your head. You still had a dominant big and like Shaq. Exactly all the way, so really this is the next evolution. Another Steve Kerr was going to come in and fuck everything up for everybody right, but when you his hand, injury is ricin drowsing. Oh, this is a fluke. He's fine he's fine! I don't care that is shooting foul shots with his off hand. Yeah it'll be fine, he's going to be healthy. He looks like Abraham Lincoln big men. This skilled never fail yeah exactly. I think I said that to myself. Kevin Durant couldn't even put up one hundred and eighty plus I'm saying right. He was little. He was so skinny, be we didn't even like the tarantula, nickname, crazy, nickname, that's, never stuck more
reaper or slim reaper. That was actually what I was thinking for. Two tarantulas Limerick, slum reaper is awesome. This is another one from my youth that I was just ignorant ignorant, but Scott Kazmir was a picture on the devil rays left handed pitcher, so I like went to a red Sox game. He dominated him. I think it through like a complete game and had like fifteen strikeouts, won the rookie of the year that year- and so I was like this guy is going to member Scott Kazmir greatest Player ball and I just looked up his stats 'cause. I was thinking like just brain dump and I went to look and it's like ten and eight thirteen thousand nine hundred and twelve and eight hundred and ten nine thousand eight hundred and seventy two and two careers over yeah Scott Kasner DOT Ira, yes, Scott Kasner, because also lefties you're, always like wow, yes and always- and I was like left the I'm left. You like this guy's life do you see yourself yeah? You have the doc had a little something something your dad. Let you play them Lily World series.
I have to distraught over that. I guess I mean it was only in retrospect he's here to let you play in retrospect, finding out that you didn't get to play as a thirteen year old in little League World Series, then the immediate reaction being like we're gonna kick your Mr Lockwood. It's a little! It's a little much my next, how much cooler with this podcast be, though, if we had a little League world Series Champion my whole way, I mean I thought you would be here. You would know no, no, you being the big yeah for sure yeah. My next one will be James Young. More recent but I kind of had a connection with my new am child. Same alone, I like had run into him a few times. He had that dunk in the tournament against Uconn Celtics then drafted him, and I like new, am I got to hang out with him a few times so in my head, I was like YO. If this guy blows up like I'm, going to be fucking cool with, like the best player on the Celtics, I don't think he ever played more than,
tennis game. They play defense right and he was like hooking up three on a like. You said in courts I with Riana him had that dog. In that tournament, I'd say he yeah, then yeah yeah, I mean all things being equal I'd, probably rather that than have a successful NBA career. I feel like the sex. Successful NBA career would probably be the without paying Rihanna, yeah yeah think about it. There just work cited Legend ever happen. Yeah I'll go with Chicago one. I still think that Rex Grossman could be a great quarterback, because that arm strength, come on and just throwing it to the defensive, but yeah Yes, I he almost manic Rex Grossman is a franchise court. In fact, you could say that if Rex Grossman had been paid Manning in that game, that many would have never wondering tracks, correct, fax, but yeah I still I don't know I mean dude guys who can throw deep, and he didn't mind throwing it. Why not you know what he did. He trusted himself a little bit too much little sumo. Look too much sexy rex. What do you got?
So my last two I'm going Dice K right off the at Dice K Matter soccer, no because Hank. Ring yeah, but he I hope I was when I was promised to the water right now. I was promised the gyro. Ball, ok and I never got the job. I was told that he had like five hundred different pitches that he could throw that he was going to come over and do things that no human arm had ever done before in the history of pitching and then he came over and he threw like ninety three on the black so that to Maine I was ball was very yes. I was waiting on the gyro and my last one I'm going to go with. Oh actually yeah. He only had one Goodyear yeah. We went fifteen one thousand two hundred and eighteen and three and then just fell off a cliff yeah yeah, it's unit, three wow a Goodyear. My last one, I'm going David Boston, David Boston, the wide receiver.
Who's. The legend coming out of Ohio state he had an awesome year on the cardinals I put up the stats. He had one thousand six hundred yards and eight touchdowns pretty good year, and there was a legitimate debate which receiver is going to be the future of the NFL David Boston or Randy MOSS. I thought it was David Boston I was some would say I was wrong about that. Take but a body like a fucking Adonis, and then he just decided quit football and become bodybuilder yeah, so not a bad profession, back back up plan, but I agree with what he was awesome yeah. He got caught using steroids and then he was like. You know what I might as well. Can I steroids it'll us pick I still again the these hurt, because you will think that you, like young on two Tyrus Thomas, could jump out of the g. Why virus Thomas could jump out of the fucking gym when He went to the final four with Lsu. I
was like in the polls drafted on the date was same draft. The the draft Lamarcus Aldridge trade them I was like Tyrus Thomas at For- is a steal. This guy he had the like classic. You thing works all up side. Yep he's thought he was the ultimate. What Don was also length guy? Why of all time had on my life? Did you know, as does my next, but I mean he Do you remember how high you could join us? It was insane that final four run out that they were incredible incredible and he just got better every single game in your life. That was a call all time draft stock. Our tournament where's like tires This goes into the tournament. Okay, maybe you could be a pretty good. Pro comes out of the term, like holy this guy. He was also very fun to play with on two k the first year I yeah, because he was like the hot yeah yeah yeah right, who the all time draft turned its stock guys Wally Szczerbiak well deserved, spend yep yep. Melo, mellow, yeah, big time, mellow, anyone, the Melo yeah,
Did you ever use like a four? You know: SIRI yeah yeah, alright, your last one, my last one, speaking of mellow, I'm going to go with Melo Trimble, ok, yeah, I was at again I went to a Unc game. I mean all mine are basically like things I just saw in person, but I went to a Unc Carolina game in two thousand and fifteen. He dropped like twenty five points was the best player on the court. By far- and this was the year that if he went in the lottery, he would have been a lottery pick, and so I was like wow. This guy is destined for great yes and I don't even think he's playing anymore. I don't know, probably probably Europe, which is yeah. That is crazy. Fifteen. He was yes like lottery pick yeah. He the game winner against Wisconsin, is only showing for Melvin yeah okay plays in V L, his arrival or whatever I never thought he'd be yeah. He's thinks he's he's stuck out loud from the day. I sat is also one of those ones. Hank, where you see mellow and your mind. Just plays tricks, yeah, and also just the last name Trimble yeah yeah, a badass name across the board
he had a few shots that were like court, like the crowd silencer. Yes, big tank, the big time play good, hair to sick flat top all right guys at Miss less ice right. I'd say I did a Chicago dump. I had MIKE Glennon Eddy Curry, jeered, Allen, Ben Wallace, Gabe, Creamy Fukudome. I went to his first game and hit a hit a off Kanye and I was like holy shit holy this guy's NBA Hall of Famer. I I smell, I would throw a flag on either. I would throw a flag on Joypad Tear down- I favor yeah, I know, but he when he came to the bears like this is the piece that will take him over the top, so that sucked national Ones, Ameca Oka, four, same thing up big guy big. I can't fail. I had. I thought Robert Gallery was the greatest pic of all time and I call him in a bar in Iowa City, in like two thousand and five. This guy is so fucking. Do you like huge disaster. Br awesome. He looks like the the basis from Slipknot's. Dad that yeah, how big it will like came with a little bit, can make sense. Yeah
yes, but you know why everyone thought was going to be great. Pic was because he was a safe pick for the ray right, like the raiders didn't draft a wide receiver that you know was a sprinter until two months ago. Yes, this must be a. Also often someone would you take like gave cream is a perfect example. When you take an office, why many like? Well, this is great like they they filled like you got to build from the trenches. This guy can't fail. Yep you Did you just assume those guys don't fuck up Gabe Crimi had that look too yeah. He just you know he looked there due yeah yeah, you can send it called I've got if we want to go home towns, Patrick Ramsey was on mine, Patrick Ramsey. He had a fucking cannon, He was the NCAA Javelin Champion senior year at Tulane. So for that reason I thought It's going to be a top five enough, quarterback yeah. I kept saying that for like five years as a tick mark, Brunell out don't get off.
Well. If that help me he was a javelin players. Guided cannons aren't either on Charles Rogers yep, he would die was like the the lines are, making the greatest moves, just get all the greatest wide receivers. Charger MIKE Williams, yes, Roy Williams, Michael in my questions, he'd like to work with us is another one to where I thought is going to be unbelievable. Yeah, and I also I was convinced. Maurice Clarett was going to be awesome. He might have been. He It might have been if you didn't get that year off well and also get his goose. But that's what I'm saying that you're off you have a lot of time to be goossen. I was drinking the goose in yeah, the Gatorade bottles and saying I'm get my goose argue some Jamarcus Russell yeah. I list yep people forget he could hit. The crossbar was wearing shorts, the up from fifty yards Harvard Rhuddlan, you guys might know more commonly is kick a licious. The trick shot kicker from Like Denmark, a lot of Denmark talked yeah but he was doing all these trick. Shots on Youtube hitting the post. He would've been great, bears kicker action. I think about it, but he was fun.
Awesome, and then I got to try out in the NFL. Hey did pretty well in pre season that we just never heard from again, and there is proof gone back to the u to life. I did think Ryan Leaf was going to be an awesome quarterback to yep. He throw him in there. Anyone else think that you had no Kimbo slice in the UFC Kimbo Slice, the UFC, dude, Kimbo Slice and Dada five thousand greatest fight of all time. Its greatest fight of all table. Both those guys had like multiple heart attacks in the yeah they get. They both got doubled kayoed by. Own body they're on the title on each other for all knocked around out, it's hard to say, but probably Yabu whom you bought it. You bought the Abu Stock Ole your ulcers, a Doug, Mcdermott Thank you, bye, yeah and- and I mean you kinda- can really does pick up. Somebody make a teacher for what you have yeah if you're like Yabu, it's like this God is good. Then we're gonna sell so many t shirts yep. I Jim sold one jammer Jenna to one person that bought the Abu shirt yeah when it came
there, because you just assume you're like well, he can he can shoot what else matters like he doesn't have to do anything else. You can just shoot and like oh yeah, he is so bad at defense. They just blow right by I mean in obvious one would be Robert Griffin as well, but You know, there's there's glory hasn't been told. Your husband told the young injuries, while we can still, he could still make the hall of fame. He could he's he's trained from Richard. Yeah a quarterback form. Yes, I also had myself as an honorable mention I thought when I was in, like elementary school is going to major League baseball player, yeah yeah. Well, if your dad, let me let me play in the Little League World Series, but my dad, wouldn't let me do it 'cause. I didn't qualify It was good Mount Rushmore. So a lot of personal ones, tweet us the ones, I'm sure they'll be some funny names that you can throw out there that really you were like this guy is going to be it. This guy is the thing: let's go to our interview with the boat Blake Bortles before we do that simply safe according to studies actually pft. Let me let me ask you this. According to studies, how many br
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Blake portals. Okay. We now welcome on one of our best friends. He is a quarterback in the NFL for the LOS Angeles Rams. He also is a newly bald man. It is Blake Bortles, the boat runner up blank of the year, runner up wake of the year Blake. You are calling from your Tesla and who are not, you, do not have your hands on the wheel, correct, yeah, that's great Tatiana gun control I thought the on a bus and down the highway at the others got the wheel arm. Alright, so we're we want to start, because this is jarring, and I think you know we've kind of pushed you towards this for years now, and then all of a sudden what happened you just woke up and you're like hey today's the day I embrace being a bald guy. I never thought me shaving. My head would would attract so much attention, but it was kind of like a combination of things. I got somebody. I've been getting
peer pressure from late and some of the guys, some fellow fellow baldies and then do it. I got it Barbara here and every time I go in I've gone in like sixty seven times and every time. Is that what you think is today today would cut it all off. I'm like dude, like give me a normal haircut, so I went in the other day and he's like what do you think shave it off today and I think that's good go ahead and no way So what was the first thing? You thought when you looked in the mirror and you saw your new haircut. Were you happy with it or wear you like a little bit like unsure? How is I was unsure going into it, but I mean in all honesty I was kinda side, but nothing can make this look any worse, so I think anything's bigger an upgrade. So there was a theory that maybe, when you had your first preseason game this year and they had the graphic of you like tossing the ball to yourself and you couldn't wear a hat- that my I've been part of the reason it pushed you over the edge. I tweeted a picture of it. It wasn't the best picture, we did
have anything to do with it. Yeah I mean you definitely said into some of the peer pressure has going on for like five years now, so English is kind of a combination of of of a lot a lot of jabs at at my hair. Open settings if she ate it off now. Now now that you have shaved, What has been the reception? Has everyone been? I mean you said, is a picture you look? Oh, is that Tatiana yeah? It's not gonna be pissed at me. Did you put your head back on the wheel? What, by the way we got to talking, we got some of the tests of hers. I get the the we'll go back to the bald when he, you told us a story about how you bought the test, because you wanted to quit dip. I didn't. I forgot that, like tussles, you don't need to dry they are their auto driving. So that's actually the greatest card to to yes, yeah you gotta get both because greatest cut. It did then, but at the same time you don't ever need to go to the gas station. So if you go to the gas station you're strictly going by Bishop, ok, alright, so
back to the bald. What has been the reception is ever been like holy shit, dude you're hot anyway. Revenue 'cause we're firmly of your hot, not the weren't, hot, but you're hot tour. Now that you have embraced the bolt right now I appreciate it. You know it's been. It's been kind of a mixed bag, some guys like it a lot of lot of people saying out of brought the beard. So I think that might be the next move, but I'm gonna feel more. More, are dynamic and really got him will get better so that we all get there. Would you say you feel faster, yeah yeah, that's good, Have you experienced any issues with like facial recognition? Software on your phone like identify you hold it up to yourself. No, I was actually first thing I thought up to was like damn is my phone gonna recognize me and it was fine? Do the scariest thing is like out of track? looking down on the ground and seeing my shadow and it just looks like a hub so like when you
that your shadow beforehand, where you were seeing flowing hair because it's like yeah yeah, oh yeah, yeah yeah, I mean you can't see it in the shadow, just a little lettuce well in different directions, and then now I look down then yeah, it's just completely hairless. What's your shower time situation like? Did you knock a couple minutes off that right, old spice body wash on the whole body? There's! No need for even any head shoulders. Yeah! That's weird! I didn't even think about that part. Like the practical things of hey. You don't need shampoo anymore yeah, Yeah, you really really want to shut up. I got it yeah. So was a touchy on your shut up, yes, art! How do you? How does that it believed to have flown? If anyone didn't understand it's not an actual person, the next tool, but you know that point cut back on on shampoo cost. Of it. So all in all you're feeling pretty confident of this. You think it's new year, New Blake, new hair right yeah,
I was definitely a longtime common, so it's time to time to just embrace it and until I find Brian Erlacher's guide, I think if we can look yeah, then we can do a big reveal on pardon my take and you can do a big ad deal. So the other part that we thought might have had some. Do with. It is You obviously were in Jacksonville for your whole career. You come out to LA all. Two teammates did that to push you over the edge where people you know beforehand: they're like oh, we continu Blake when he had hair, so we're not going to bust his balls too bad. Then you show up like new school and everyone's like damn this guys still holding on this is disgusting. Is male pattern? Baldness is gross, makes one up you can my mouth yeah there's. Definitely some of that because, like you said like I had there are some here when I first read the jacks and also it wasn't bad guys are kind of saw me struggling through the process, whereas I showed up out here. Is the new guy know she's like well, the new guys balding like would be doing so yeah it better that played into it was one of the many factors and colonel.
What did you have any teammates that gave you a hard time for shaving your head, or was it all just universally Blake? You look like Jason state them. We're so glad that you did it yeah I mean I probably give me the most shit so outside of that I was alright. Well, I was going to say is Jerrod worried about his job now, because your new guy like this, is he had Blake the male pattern, baldness guy puke in my mouth guy, show up he's like oh well, he's not gonna take a job. Now it's Blake Jason state them walk. He looks so hot. He might take my job yeah. I know I think, there's definitely I would think more so than taking his job just more of a chance, and maybe I was getting on the field same time for a trip like oh yeah. Well I mean we did show that play to Sean Mcvay. Remember that it just looks like a dick. You guys ran a seam route that looked like you guys were just making a big dick yeah it out. Look like a potential big blood have you? Have you been watching hard knocks at all? I saw I watched the first episode just 'cause. We went up there practicing in some for a couple days. I was just
trying to get a feel for who they had been. You know kind of what the guys are doing, but I haven't I haven't had one and then what the third one coming out: Not tonight! Yes, so you saw. Did you see that Jon Gruden used to call Sean Mcvay piss boy? Has anyone in the facility called tried to throw that out of him? You I would that I don't think anybody is spent that directly to his face, but I actually did see that clip. Has he paid that forward because he tries to be like little groovin himself? I was thinking. Maybe he's got somebody in the building that he calls piss poor now yeah. I know No, I haven't heard him actually call anybody pissed boy or if there's anybody, that's actually in that wall. I don't know a little bit of different and are you back in the day. It was a little more acceptable. You kind of talk like that. And around the building. So I think that maybe it's changed a bit right now. You have to say piss person right, use the correct pronoun right. Exactly we gotta
everybody are you. Have you found any friends in LA when we were last out there? You were eating dinner by yourself and it was kind of a set It was a sad. I felt sad 'cause. I love you and I don't want you to be lonely. No appreciate it yeah. No, it's uh! It's gotten a little better, I'm I'm probably getting closer to filling out of my space to Wait! Whoa there we go. I like have you gotten more attention from either either some old flames or some new? Ladies, ever since you you took the hair, You got a new look Tom. Yeah, well not say United States been kind of a mixed bag. Out of is there a garden? I've gone cold in some conversation demolished picked up. Okay, I think would be if he was actually asking was what is so? If you really think about this.
I haven't heard yet from Mama, so minutes negative, just a friend by the way I just found in a friend of ours will look well little. Your close friend here as we go by Instagram right, Sir yeah, we are in the. Are you the close friends on Instagram alley? I know you guys are pretty tight, yeah we're in the quote. We get the we get to tour. This is. It is a two part rotor on that also shout out, shooting was so subscribe rate were okay. So do you want to talk any football how's, the football going? I mean this is training, camp kind of sucks, I'm sure, but you're you guys are winding down getting ready for the season. Yeah, it's been good. We we just got back from Hawaii play Dallas over there, so it's going good. You know, Even games are a ton of always maintaining a bunch of surprises that they kind of get thrown out there. Yeah, I'm thinking so far. We stay healthy for the most part, so it's kind of keep getting for it. Then we got. We got two more to go. Oh go ahead. I was I was curious if you've gotten hit at all in training camp 'cause. I know they tried to keep the quarterbacks upright
but I know that you love contact a little bit. So have you been able to say safe, vector, yeah yeah? No, it's been alright every now and then not are actually more of a lot more than every now and then and Donald gets back there, but he's pretty good about right about yeah, that's good. So I for I had to ask you: Todd, Gurley's cat, the add cat, so did you get? Did you get to the Hulu watch? Is live sports cat or But overall I haven't seen it yet. We we had a brief conversation about it. He seemed pretty fired up about it, so I was at before, but he's not keeping it yeah? I know I think it was more just a photo shoot. I'm sorry about that. Yeah Instagram thought it was great
right before we get to Wikipedia my last question for you, you promised us that you would get back on twitter because that's kind of what backup quarterbacks do what's what's up with that yeah, it's it's in the worst. I think it will happen here. Pretty soon I probably probably bring the social media it back and get back on there, so it's got a kind of sit down and do it. I guess if you want us to run your accounts, we will. Yeah. That honestly might be the best ideas. Yeah, yes, will do it Barney. Dude, don't even say that it's you, it would be awesome if you had a twitter account and it was just like run by Pft and big cat, and we just we did random things, but everyone knew that it wasn't you and you know we wouldn't obviously jeopardize you, but it would be funny if we just had like maybe we just live tweet Idd like Rams Games either then like place. Looking awesome right now, talking from your own account yeah yeah like the I micro, no senator account for when you run for president yeah yeah. I know I'm okay with that. Just like in game live tweeting as
I'm standing on the sideline yeah I like yeah and will sprinkle on some Wikipedia links to write. It will just be like everyone knows: it's not you tweeting, it's us tweeting, but you should fall Blake portals for all the relevant Blake Bortles facts not on me and I think you'd be a okay, all right we're. So, let's do a real, quick to Wikipedia hair loss. I'll start with just the first sends hair loss, also known as Alopecia P. Baldness refers to a loss of hair from part of the head or body typical, typically at least the head, involved. The severity of hair loss can vary from a small area to the entire body. How's your entire body, doing the I mean the body. Are there on the rest of the body? Strong? Okay, I think I would I've heard. Sometimes it even gets stronger as you lose up top yeah here's something on this would Andre. Agassi is on here we need need someone to switch it, so it's Blake yeah did the that picture that my heart kind of sank. When I first open this 'cause, I thought that was a picture of Maine. Oh
went to. One of Andre will get another one at the top. Is that God one of the top yeah yeah, the one at the the one at the top like there's, definitely resemblance there. We could maybe get get someone to work on that one too. So there's that yeah go ahead. When the barber had put the mirror behind me and goes to check out the back. So there was a diagnosis section. I wondered how much of this you did. There's the poll test. You can you gently pull to see if any hair comes out. There's the pluck test, where you pluck him out by the roots, to see if they're, just falling out. There's a daily hair count. Wait. How does that where you just pull it out by the roots? I don't know you're here trying to. I think maybe this is a doctor. Does this what it's crazy, that you need a doctor to be like: hey, dude, you're, going bald? What was the test that you did other than just us, making fun of you for the last five years, uh yeah, no, I say
two. So one was the white interior on the helmet. You just wear a helmet all day and then you take it off. You see how much hair is in there and then the other is just washing it and then looking at your hands. Ok, so, like you know, both of those for kind of my two is like yeah this. Is it going? Well, that's not supposed to be falling out over the years when you're doing the White helmet tests are just monitoring whether or not the amount of hair is increasing right, yep it when when I leave it in there and let it build what year would you say like you realize? Okay, this could be an issue probably I'm in my second year the NFL is going like this is going to be a problem yeah. This is going to be what else yeah go. Do something forgot to revisit here pretty soon. There was also where was oh, that was Tatiana shit. What up what up? So? There was also a part of this. We gotta find it so
traction alopecia. I just wanted to mention this. This is not for anyone as much commonly found in people with ponytails who pull on their hair with excessive force. In addition, rigorous brushing in heat styling. Yes, are you worried Pft about losing my hair because of ponytails? I don't do ponytails. Ok, that's why I do the high. One nice. I do it. I would also says, and hi bones in it. No da is corn rows. So I did corn rows once probably yeah. I don't know, maybe not going to do corn rows anymore, yeah I'll make it yeah. Okay, that's my resolution. No more corn rows for me, I feel like Blake, would be sick with cornrows. Yeah that I wouldn't mind that like. If I had err, I would you know all you can get a clearer tattoos who just get the tattoo aired on yeah. That would be subject to the boozer. You should do the boozer
Just do the full thing. Shave the eyebrows and get those tattoo too yeah, there's under under my favorite part of this Wikipedia is under management, It actually says part of the managed you can do embracing baldness. Instead of concealing hair loss, some may embrace it by shaving their head, a shaved head will grow. In the same manner, at the same rate as a shaved face, the general public has become accepting of the shaved head as well, though female baldness, because less socially acceptable in various parts of the world that eight made actually cool. So that's wrong, but there you go You are socially acceptable with your shape head yeah. We got to make it seem like it. Just recently became acceptable to yeah, just you did yeah you. You are the manager de stigmatize people going bald. Thank you. It says you can also go with a comb over Oh yeah now did you ever consider the comb over 'cause? That would have been. That would been a look,
no, no, I never had enough for for the for the real comb over. I was more of just which is covered this thing up with the hat, I'm going to say something right. Now, it's probably going to get me in trouble, but shout out my dad he's been rocking the comb over for like ten years. If it's done well, you just give up, he just doesn't think it's happening to hang onto it. Hang onto it as long as you so I read here. I did not know this, but it says that in men anywhere between zero and seventy eight pairs each day fallout. That seems like a lot yeah. I know. Definitely that's not if you're, if you're losing your hair, that's normal. So it's is when you, when more than a hundred here's fallout per day, then that's when you're starting to lose your hair yeah, that's wild stuff. That is wild.
Wild confirmed alright, I got one last question is swieqi question put in promo code, taking at ten dollars off seek purchase, have you learned the entire playbook and is Sean Mcvay? A genius uh, I would say I know I know everything that we put in is obviously still still some stuff that hasn't been installed in some game plans. Specifics, get more and more comfortable with everything that's in, and then I would say yeah I mean he's he's extremely smart. Really good at talk, and then explain in a coaching, and I mean you learn something from just being around them every day and a tight end plays in for you. No, no! I'm sorry! I stay after practice, sometimes and work on my three point stance and get on the jugs machine and stuff, so just kind of stay in ready. In case I did get my number called. I like that you guys should definitely run the Philly special at one point this year. That would be
Is it when it? Yes, it like that at that point, that's the pinnacle of the Blake Twitter account. When that happens, no good light sweet by you guys that one, so it be so amazing there's one other option, though, if you're losing your hair, but like nobody, only probably losers would ever do this one and that's the surgery to get new hairs transfer you gotta be of a narcissistic loser, big loser. To do that. Huge loser, yeah Definitely just you gotta just on it, so you can really do anything about it. So right, yeah right! and then you can never specially can't say that you have surfer hair. If you get surgery exactly right, you have fake care, that's like the old! wine in the statement that there isn't my real hair. This is this: is post surgery? Just let everybody know it's not your actual flow. Exactly trying to become a porn star after you get a fake dick right. Kids come on, but you can't do it yeah. All those guys fix everyone knows yeah, alright, Blake. Well! Thank you for joining us. This is
I think I was more excited than you were free, now you're on the plane to Hawaii, and I was like dude. You gotta call you like I'm on a plane to why. But I was. It was a huge night. It was huge night. Hey man, I'm glad you guys share in my excitement. Know you really do look good. That's the first thing that we said we saw the picture. You look hot you'll, great Blake, Just make sure to use sunscreen on your head yeah. You truly are the embodiment of hot boys, summer yeah, yeah. No, I don't. I could get a good base burn and they had all kinda just plan it from there. I love it. Ok, alright, thanks Blake talk to you later man that interview with Blake Bortles is brought to you by me. Undies! That's right me! Undies is here to change your underwear, not literally, but it's here to change the way, think about it. They believe undies shouldn't take themselves too seriously. They also believe that undies should be soft fit everybody like it was made for everybody and offer fun patterns. They give you the. Freedom to express yourself and me. Undies also has new women's underwear
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drive, different drive, high, get a DUI drive, sober or get pulled over ride, sober on your motorcycle or get pulled over. If you feel different, you drive different, don't drive high, it's not we're, not saying no big deal and it is a big deal. If you get a d, why you're gonna get trouble you can herself, you could hurt somebody else and look out be safe. Look out for your for your friends. Look out for yourself! Don't drink and drive, don't drive drunk. Okay, let's get to some segments. First up we have hurt or injured raw find a rowsey. What happened? I just saw you you're, just like oh, I wrote here. This is exactly what happened. It looks like she was fingering a jugs machine because I looked at the picture on Instagram and it's just I'll put it this way. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers probably have strong interest in signing her as a pass rusher. So she about door on her honor fingers. You got her finger shut in a boat door.
And her finger basically came off. Ok, I, like I like I like looking at gory injuries. It's fucked up. I like puke videos whatever, but getting something slammed. If you're slammed your finger in a car door really hard, it is the worst, the worst, probably the worst pain involved time. It's awful somebody send picture to pro football doc and see like hey. She ok, this spring. Is she going to be ok two to four weeks. It is one of those injuries that when you look at it is just revolting. I almost threw up yeah when I looked at I saw yet you you were just like of you. Do it is that what kind of was like that I mean I knew I could do it, but I was just like yeah bro. You saw the news on a gross, but is: is that an advantage if your, if your boxer or not a boxer, probably but if UFC Fighter, you know what to do? I godchild official, true anymore, true and guess what she's she's, not a
she's, not mma anymore right. That's right! Yeah she's w w e right, she's, fine, she's time less and less it's a middle finger and she's like stone cold, which she flips everybody off right. That could be an issue that it will be a big issue. I think you just sent us something water, people mad about breaking moose breaking news. People are mad online. Are the Mets tweet out a video of a fan reaching over the appropriate, like whatever like? What do you call those things railings? If you will catch a foul ball, so that the Braves player couldn't catch it which is illegal in the finger kicked out for it, but the Mets to eat it with like best fans in baseball and people are mad That's a promoting your aches yeah! That's the cardinals fans too yeah. Everybody hears that stolen valor with hard yep Joe Buck is going to come. Kick your that was actually the Mets playing the Indians, wow Hank odd to the Braves, a quick look: yeah x, aha, yeah, big big mistake, big, like that breaking news brought to you by
which I can look for a fox. They took the sign down. No no by the way were soundproof. Now we should well, we I will say that the top of the show, so this is just time traveling built with chocolate milk brought to you by built with chocolate, milk things to build with chocolate, milk for giving built with chocolate. Milk for maybe also buying, hang a cat, get real cover that tastes real good yeah. Jake Marsh good morning. This is Jake Morris with the PMC sports biz minute. We've made it week, zero in the college football season Here, the headliner, the Florida Gators, the Miami Hurricanes Saturday night, in Orlando. The warm zero has a few origins, one of them coming from italian mathematician leonhart of his on out a k, a fit but not cheap. Other words. Forty include not meal, zilch, zip and, of course, love how I roll at the week with a number that represents. Nothing actually gives us everything, but that an in state. Why-
sorry, the beginning of the fall bets to win but more to lose and all the other baggage that comes with this beautiful sport. Football is back. One of the biggest faces in cereal is taking over college football. Tony the tiger. Sun bowl is now a thing and will start On new year's eve in one thousand nine hundred and fifty two Tony edged out k here, the Kangaroo Alamo the elephant and Newt the new to become the official frosted flakes mascot. That's rpmc sports business that Mister comment here back to you thanks Jake, there's people that was so cool yeah, those very cool. How about some talking soccer M ls rivalry week? It's imo less rivalry week. That was talking soccer. Ok, I just know that I'm juiced up you guys just horse I mean who can forget, have no, I I New York, Verse New York, it Lana Verse Orlando's got be new, Yorkers Boston, probably right now, it's you got to.
I think it's a derby Hank. I think it's actually New York DC node is DC, Marvel yeah, that's true, Spiderman's gone but yeah who could forget rivalry is well. I do know Seattle Orland because it yeah so each other, like ten times a year, prior, okay, Chicago yeah, yeah, yeah, Chicago fire and then, who the give us all of art rivalries, Minnesota verse Kansas City. We don't have all right. Those talking soccer, I trouble in Paradise. Dallas, Before we get the documents, chicks, trouble in Paradise, Zico Elliott's matter, Jerry Jones, 'cause, Jerry Jones, said Zeke, who and Zeke said that's very disrespect. It was just actual by Jerry Jones and furthermore, they just signed. What's his name, my Jalen Smith, to an extension.
Yes man. If I was, he got be pissed off about that to sit out. Man Zeke may be banned. All this disrespect being thrown away by Jerry Jones. I don't have to take it easy, it's kind of a bad look, though, to be like. I can't believe that he said Zeke, who I mean. That's like that's kind of a funny thing to say, but your Jones isn't it Z, Q, yes, dq! I don't know who Ezekiel it is yeah. I mean this is Jerry Jones negotiating in the public that this is what he does he's not drunk. He wasn't drunk when they asked him or maybe he was blackout drunk and he actually forgot who's equals. Do you think Ezekiel it's going to sit out at all? No, I don't either. I don't think that he will. I don't. I think As you know, he's in Kabul, Kabul, that's when Cal was go to come when you believe the Dallas cowboy would go to Kabul JAM for game down all right, let's to guys on chicks as wrap it up so boys, especially tall pft.
And I I don't know who's that person's talking to. I was really nice. They put a memo Jim trying to I work in a sports related fewer. My department is Male dominated, for example, there's one guy who called in by the wrong name and now all the guys consistently calling by the wrong? Name 'cause? I think it's funny. How do I get there? I stop and make sure I start my dominance. Call Chad yeah, you can that's good yeah call Chad, Brad, r Incels yeah, oh yeah yeah. You love to love to this, you it sells yeah you get all in the friend zone in cell bitches or you could just cry he he that's actually great, always just crying
cry and then guys will change their behavior. They they probably have a crush on you. I would say so. There is a little easily grade school bowling. You yeah, the call you are they pulling your hair. Is this? Are you actually in seventh grade, because you might like you yep? I might might be the case. You call chat and Brett owner hey guys, especially daddy cat. I have an important question. My boyfriend of five years just recently moved to seven hours away we're trying to keep things fun to distance as a guide, a committed, long distance relationship. What would you like to give out? What would you like to receive from a girl to keep you content and satisfied until you can see her again? I love that you're so about this internet life that that everything's content Moon said it can sent that. I know for tough, it is tough goal number. So yes, we we talk about content all times, yeah gold membership to to a barstool sports and gold membership to brazzers. You decide which one you want by
First double gold, I like that yeah, it's like you, can either be watching videos or getting content and being content. You should get his Momma sex toy, that's good send him letters to be one of those hipster people and then you'll show up in those like. Did you get my letters and will go into a stack of unopened mail? Be like oh yeah? Did you hear about that all the time where they're like? Well, we were away for a year, so we went off. And then World war, two yeah good point Hank. I think that nowadays, if the Post office notices like somebody receiving an abnormal amount of letters, they just report that person the FBI just saying letters baby write a love letter to see how it goes. We appreciate your business, but we have to flag this list Can you write a love letter he's either all in or all out? If he's like? That was weird. Don't ever do that again break up seal with yeah. I don't know how you do that lipstick, yeah yeah. I
else. I don't know Skype yeah, it's just a lot of nudes really type it don't do, don't know, but don't do too many news, 'cause guys six. I have watched you for it. I did they do all the girls just did news and they just ended up on a really no nudes. Don't do new. Actually, that's good advice, yeah leaving want. I want you, I mean. Is that not what happened literally Every single girl had sex in their boom next thing. You know: there's a sex tape out there, all those kids, so we said, did nudes. If they get thirty four and I'm a dad. My boyfriend and I are huge fans of the show and after last Friday's episode, where you reveal place to hair cut, I was anxious to see how we looked after seeing the picture. I stated I thought he looked extremely handsome yeah and my boyfriend got offended. Is this something I should be concerned about or is just common knowledge of the
bald lake is better than a plate with a full head of hair. It's common knowledge that just everybody in the world is intimidated by Blake Bortles yeah, because he's a good looking guy, really good. Looking he's rich and successful and lives in LA and drives Tatiana. He drives a Tatiana? Well, it also process tip as much. I would imagine your boyfriend has male pattern baldness and he's like shit so I should have done that yeah. So, if yeah, if you're in that situation, you have to be first to market with the with the bald head, uhhuh uhhuh, big time, Sub PMT boys, especially hot boys, summer pft, so my boyfriend, I had an argument this week about whether or not it's okay to pee in pools like people do in the ocean or weekend, and I have never done it in my entire life and he thinks it is the most convenient thing ever. I think it's gross and unsafe. What are your thoughts you need to stop being in the don't pee in the pool you run say. Yes, exactly p actually makes a pool safer because there can be too much chlorine in there and p? Is
Ellen so waters it down a little bit. No, but seriously when you I I I have been watching mine under some kind of on, like a I'm sort of in the FBI. I'd know serial killer serial killers like they've, had trauma when they were little kids. They skin cats, they you know her abusive relationships and they get out of the pool to go pee all facts, that's it! These are all straight up facts here, here's some more fax you're, more likely to injure yourself getting out of a pool getting back in. Then you are, if you just stay in the pool and p true, So I mean unless you want to break his neck. I've met that might be something that you're into also peen. When you're wet standing in the bathroom is gross yeah, that's Grossen! It's feels gross all. So we need to take a that's the work I mean you're wet. You have to take a shit. Do you poop in the pool for the pool yeah, I'm going to get a pool, so I can have open it just basically out toilet yeah, that's good. I mean dirty have that birds using but seriously when you think about if you walk through the house. After being
the pool you're, creating an enormous slip and fall hazard. Facts like if you have children are. You have the elder, We are both around and your tracking water through the house your base, putting a gun to their head, yep, so p. In that sold it to you, take your piss inside that pool also due to break up with your girlfriend she's, weird yeah. This is very strange behavior to ask: what's next in, like don't don't be in the bed, make sure she still subscribe, though last question sub boys I've been seeing my boyfriend for a year and a half. Until recently, I thought we are pretty normal college couple last week. He gave me a promise ring when I gave him a weird look. He said it's not that kind of pro. Answering some hoping you guys can clear up what kind of promise ring it could be done. His death rack up. Yes, we got you, he got you a promise ring, but then he would, when you said like this is weird. He was like Psych it's like it's a classic joke, do is like on an engagement ring all the time how how long? How long you been doing your and a half
yeah Alex couple if you're over a year, I don't think you can get any kind of jewelry that you can put on your hand without it being low rank yeah. I feel, like that's kind of also getting a ring in college like what are you doing also getting a promise ring? What are you doing? It's listen! It's two thousand and nineteen Australia's wasn't a mood ring. I was in the mood rings like a couple years ago, promise ring, which means that you're going to marry them eventually yeah, so engagement ring It's a promise. I won't cheat on you, it's a Yes, we're going to get married as soon as I figure my shit out you as soon as I have enough money to buy you a real ring as soon as I promise. As soon as I get the courage to marry, you I'm going to ask you to marry me yeah, so this person was, the guy was just feeling like super anxious. Oh, I just fucked up. You know he was just he just have more on. Yes, he he gave he brought a promise ring to a wedding ring party, yeah and she's like no. This isn't going to cut it. Buddy He he he entrapped himself, here's what you have to do get her pregnant. That's the ultimate promise ring or an std. Attracted std for more dog, get a dog together,
a dog yeah the promise he is yeah all other speaking of last last last one subways especially all of you, that's nice. I work for will not stop with this over the top session of us getting a golden retriever if she's a couple in public with one who literally trying to have me, killed them into a green. How do I convince him to adopt don't shop and get me an adult that pop yes he's in a w? Also had him hard, okay get the dog in here's here's. Why should
because Golden Retriever puppies are incredibly Cuba? Don't shop, adopt clear the shelters, hash tag, clear? The shelters have lives on this show. Yes, we do well. I what I want to screw this guy over so bad on the street, because it was him his girlfriend, as Griffin was like tell my husband that we need to get an English Mastiff just like this, and I was a kid you got to get his like to come on. I think it's great he's a great dog and he was not prepared to go from, like zero dogs mean to a hundred, sixty pound dog yeah. Sorry, sorry dude! If you're out there, my bad yeah, that's up but yeah, I'm I'm cool with dog, shaming people and being like hey. This is awesome. You should get a dog I how many people have you talked? like I got a dog it sucked yeah. No one regrets a dog. Now now ever that's fax! What we would always that I read your report. Why would he sent not Michael Vick? Actually? No now he Michael Vick regrets getting two dogs because in that room his career, the first dog he was good right.
Then we because like this is awesome. I love it so much! Oh shit. Who else? Are you talking about nothing? You talk about someone specifically, so you were great someone regrets getting a dog. Alright, that's our show who regrets getting a dog. Hang, I don't know Hank or Utah.
No dude that I don't know what you're talking about. I'm not talking about anything. I'm not talking about anything because and that's fucked up. That's fucked up here come on Eminem love, you God, damn it love! You guys what to say.
It's pardon my take presented by bar stool sports.
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