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Blake Bortles & Stingray Steve 11/23/16

2016-11-22 | 🔗
Thanksgiving time is here, time to loosen up the belt, crack a beer, and watch some football. NFL Picks for Turkey Day. Hot Seat/Cool Throne. Special Edition Mt Rushmore for favorite Thanksgiving activities. Bonus Mt. Flushmore for least favorite Thanksgiving day activities. Blake Bortles joins the show for the monthly Blake Bortles Wikipedia Club with topics "Tryptophan" and "Question Dodging". Stingray Steve joins to give his College Football call of the week. Segments include People Forget That, Locker Room Talk with Lenny Dykstra, Sabermetrics, Talking Soccer, and Thoughts and Prayers. The triumphant return of "Uhhhh Hey JJ" and a special bonus leaked scene from the new Matthew Dellavedova Movie.

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