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Blake Bortles Wikipedia Club and Stingray Steve 09/16/16

2016-09-15 | 🔗
The guys talk Thursday Night Football and the death of Bills Mafia (1:53 - 5:26). NFL Picks for the Las Vegas Supercontest and an update on Larry 2 (5:26 - 12:51). Blake Bortles Wikipedia Club discussing Toilet Paper Orientation and Cider Donuts (12:51 - 30:03). Stingray Steve comes on the show to talk SEC football and gives us his call of the week for CFB Week 2 (30:07 - 37:42). Segments include "Spin Zone", "Stay Woke", "Connect the Dots" with Curt Schilling. Humans vs The Sun, and Jimbo's of the week.

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