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Blake Bortles Wikipedia Club Oscar Preview

2017-02-23 | 🔗
NBA trade deadline and College basketball heating up (2:53 - 7:26). New game that is sweeping the nation "how long can we talk about Rick Pitino without mentioning his premature ejaculation" (7:26 - 11:10). Chris Christie is possibly joining "the biz" (11:10 - 13:33). Blake Bortles joins the show to talk about lunch with Matt Ryan and a full preview of the 2016 Oscars based solely on reading the Wikipedia pages (13:33 - 49:37). Segments include PR 101 for Jameis Winston, Just Chill Out Man for Kings Owner Vivek Ranadive, Spinzone for Aaron Hernandez's lawyer, Kings Stay Kings Skip Bayless saying Bill Belichick is a very good coach not a great coach, Thoughts and Prayers to Chad Kelly, and Jimbos of the week.
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DR now, over dot com. Slash drive now get that extra cash flow for Kamali. With that speak, uber, dot com, slash drive. Now, let's go well part of my take. It is Friday February, twenty fourth the end, a trade deadline- and nothing happened-
things happened, but a whole lot of things. More, nothing happened and things happened and let me just let me be first to say that I'm really happy to be back in the studio with you get that feels good. Now I feel so good. I'm done in here today heard foot long, all right, trudge through it those two seconds and making podcast history plan to pay. And uh the NBA trade deadline has come and gone, and really and there's a couple trades Maryland, Nerlens Noel too, to Dallas is a shame that Nerlens didn't go to New Orleans. Yes, that would have been incredible mouthful the bulls my poles made a trade and there are morons per year. They are doing the old we're trying to rebuild on the fly which has never worked, but for some reason I think they're going to be able to do it. I just like to say that with the term Woj Bomb, is being criminally overused if the trade involves the pistons. The bulls. Yes like
the pacers needs to be talked twenty guy yeah right, so not Jimmy Butler, Doug, Mcdermott and TAJ Gibson to the thunder is not a Wotc bomb. That's just agarin packs are fucking morons, but what else is new yeah? I agree with that. It's really tough day, though, for Adam Schefter. He got scooped on every NBA trade. Today he didn't report a single one of 'em. You gotta think is Adam Schefter, a system news breaker. He can only do it for the NFL Hank I want to hear from you real, quick, the Celtics for trade deadline, they're not pushing all the chips in there was talks, and if it's true, but the bulls, if Danny Ainge put the nets pics on the table for Jimmy Butler and the bulls, didn't pull the trigger on that the Those are fucking morons I heard was just miscommunication. Like the bulls wanted players, show the book. The bulls just want the bulls. What they want is they want like good. NBA players right now that they can add and draft picks. So that Jimmy Butler- and
Jimmy Butler. That's a good strategy is a wanted. Man declares right, you want the best player stay and then I want to be able to draft some superstar see how hard this is for them to figure out. If this is been like two or three straight trade deadline, slash and be a drop in a row where the Celtics are poised. big moves and you get excited like that ever the rumored to get everyone in and they get no one. So we were discussing, and I actually think that the Celtics missed an opportunity here, because I do think with Kevin Love being injured. They I had a chance to take that one seed and possibly win the east. If they had added Paul George Jimmy Butler yeah, I would I mean I would like Butler Paul George. I don't think yeah, I'm Jim Bell is better so we just got a whole bunch of crap being shuffled around the country yeah. The pump is big trade research baka to the to the raptors, and that was a couple weeks ago or a week ago that actually will matter and those the raptor yeah. They could do some and Boogie so yeah that their two story
Mine's, basically, teams that moved around a bunch of shit and then there are the GM's who were who just sat there and did nothing yeah the dead fish just it down and let somebody else give it to him right. So you're, Phil Jackson's in your Danny Ainge is yes, so Johnson and your magic it you ship, probably good thing for magic to stay back and not try to did you see, will bond going that first boy. Well, he knows magic. Johnson urban Michael calls him Irvin, but he was, he went in on who were mad, that MAGIC Johnson was being bashed because he treats like a robot and said the Lakers should go after Kevin Durant, Steph, curry and Lebron James simultaneous what do you say about that? He was just saying that the last two decades of magic building businesses, I think magic owns a bunch of Starbucks in movie theaters- should show that he knows how to build a franchise and when he was in the NBA he was good there too. So yeah, he hey, you never played the game, Bro so yeah. So that's. I guess that,
we were expecting big news to come out of the NBA. Today we didn't really get any so the Cape is pretty much the same as it was yesterday, but there was some news in college, basketball or man Rick Pitino, oh yeah. Again getting chirped hard by the Unc fans. Yeah they're, not classy, like the camera crazy. So it was reportedly said that just someone yelled, hey Rick, you suck. and it was hilarious because our friends at ESPN couldn't say the S word there. They were. They were going around it. There's like it rhymes with muck. That's what someone said so obviously, amid Cuck, Phuc yeah Rick, you fart, but not that long yeah. So actually we were talking about this earlier today and it's like how long should we go with talking about Rick Pitino without bringing the fact that he came on his leg in thirteen? Second? Yes, so do you want to like all right, give a shot right now ready? Here we go his son's, pretty creepy
he's, got that white suit that he wears and usually when it comes to March madness he's a good coach to have his skin is getting more more pale as the years go on kind of, like a ghost, looks like a Scorsese character kind of yeah. These is italian, like so probably need some italian restaurant yeah, like in all of guard or like right right, take a girl there, an aphrodisiac place in restaurant little bottle red hat white suck down some oysters, come on your leg, she's afraid of some all right. Well, we lasted longer than Rick. Pitino did Hey props to us, because Russell is heating up, though I love this time of year. It's when I ever gets pumped up Dickey be Dickie V had a great call for the Syracuse do came. He did, though, a classic oh you serious, Holio serious Oreos over and over and over is like yeah. We are serious. That's a great ringtone right there who Sirius just went off a field goal knows actually it was. It was a bank three buzzer beater,
so it was, it was a moment to ask if everyone is serious. My personal favorite dickie v are you serious moment came when Lebron James was a senior in high school and he did a behind the back pass to somebody or you serious. I put dirty baby. What else we got college basketball, I think oh Gonzaga is going to be fun to watch. When they burnout in the tournament. So you think it's going to happen this year, yeah yeah after they play a bunch of team, said the nice thing is we have the this gives aggie teams different? You know it's gonna be great, though, if they lose two games in between on the term, which probably is gonna happen with all say they lose one if they lose one they're gonna drop, maybe to a two seat. Right right now, they're not going to lose not loose again. People are waiting to shoot on Gonzaga so hard right now. What this is gonzagas here yeah, oh
That is the article that's being written everywhere like to scan Zaki team. Hey, hey! I know that every other guns I get team, just you know, made their bones by beating up little high school teams in front of two thousand people in weird high sounds yeah yeah yeah. What this comes, I get team is different yeah, so what they only have like three. That's a lot of great guys and set a five couple. They also did their into the big Euro and australian guys in the and Hank your duties I ate. So I flipped I went from thinking Duke for sure, like this is the classic Duke Year with coach K in his back. They had all this cycle Duke is Duke, is down and then they come back and they put it all together. I will tech game last night. They have that Classic Duke can't play interior defense, which I love exactly. I said they're going to lose in the second round and they're going to shoot one million threes in this and get up to Nardo
is awesome and I'm not saying that just because he can dribble behind his back, which is always impressive. He does the girl behind the back in the game. That's always like when he's casually. I'll get the course they do it like a move. He did. He loves to dribble, It is not a big job on the back. I have always always love the dribble. Behind the back. It's okay! I, like the I like to spend, move yeah. He has that to move do it all. Can art is. I said this last night. I hate how good he is can't hate him, because he's so good, which makes me hate him even more yeah. It's almost becomes like a self hate thing. I write like. Why do I see him? You should be telling this to us a call psychiatrists, psychologists yeah, whichever one is, they can prescribe the drugs for you right and it will just go back to the two thousand fifteen national championship, game Grace and Allen. Op others news. We have. We have a potential radio war on our hands. We didn't we've been itching for a radio, we've been good voice, but you know what like it's it's the does not return, but good voice problems. I don't. I did good boy. It like
then my dogs are not see yeah, but yeah we've been itching. I've been ready to like really attack somebody drive the ratings up. I've just been waiting for the right target. I think we've got it now Chris Christie is target in the world. You can't miss this target. Chris Christie has been reportedly mentioned for MIKE Francesa's replacement. I think he's up. I don't know when my mic, for instance, where he was like a David Ortiz, farewell tour on steroids on more steroids, been dead for years, actually princess. It's a common misconception they've been weekend at Bernie's in his whole, show right the last like three years. Christie would be a great traffic guy. Yes, I get him up well! I don't know you need like you need a blimp yeah. Does it take him up there and have him just like do the traffic Christy, although he I
that I saw this was like no way can Chris Christie do Sports Talk radio, but then I remembered he's done a couple things right. He bashed Philly, that's like step one. We just say: hey, Philly sucks, it's like bam, you already hard, Lowe's, Bruce Springsteen love the Cowboys to LOS Cal boys, so these are three check mark, so we kind of already is there older white guy loves to eat? So this is, he has he been a sports talk, radio host his whole life? I think so. Yeah he's been the wrong profession, and this also I'm gonna just say a little stay well clear. I think this is just to cover up meet meat. Loaf gate The whole Donald Trump order, yeah we're just as your own name out there. So that is like we don't remember that Donald Trump made Chris Christie eat meat, loaf in front of them, so yeah I I would, I think it be- must listen radio if he got on there yeah, especially the heavy breathing, absolutely, and anytime. You can get somebody who's brand new at an industry like that and get to listen to them, learn on the job. It would be great for Christy,
buy. The second should be like Fuk this all right. Let's do our interview with Blake Bortles, it was actually not interviewing meeting. It was, is a meeting of the Wikipedia Club and we went through the entire Oscars. So if you're, getting up gearing up for the Oscars on Sunday haven't seen any of the movies guess what neither have week. So this is the Wikipedia Oscars Preview. paper and is the number one fresh ingredient and recipe delivery service in the country. Blue apron's mission is to make incredible home cooking accessible to everyone. They achieve this by supporting a more sustainable food system, setting the highest standards for ingredients and building a community of home chefs blue apron has established partnerships with over one hundred and fifty local farms, fisheries and ranchers across the United States and as a result, there seafood is sore sustainably under standards developed in partnership. With the Monterrey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch, you got
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Oscars on Sunday night, we are doing a special Oscars Edition, where we haven't seen any of the movies, no we're just basing it all off the Wikipedia. Let's start, though, First Blake, where are you right now, I'm in well. I I'm in southern California, actually worked out and did some some productive physical stuff this morning and then, when has launch in Laguna Beach and I'm actually on my way home right now, that's good! Do not there I'm just hanging out This is why I spend most offseason out here, come out kind of the guys I work out with Hasbro with, and do all that stuff with right here in southern California, so try to get out here and enjoy the weather a little bit and spend some time. So I saw picture. When I say I saw a picture, I mean the stool, he was creeping on you at the bar, the launch, wherever you're eating your with Matt Ryan. Is that already out there?
someone treated just a picture at me, though, like oh, that Blake and Matt Ryan are eating lunch right now, yeah, so it's totally random. So a cruise down to Laguna and like this guy had recommended But there's a guy called, you know, try that would like to walk in like it's like a thirty minute. Wait not like will have others to seek out there at the bar and they're like yeah. You can sit there so go over to the bar and sit down and then like he taskmasters like hey. What's up dude I just totally random other him and his wife are sitting there eating lunch at the same spot. So definitely immediately. Give me a you know a little more confidence in the quality of the food. So did you eat with him? I mean I guess I do well. If you call that, like a lunch double date, I mean I think it's safe to call it that he was third wheeling him yeah yeah. I guess I mean you could also call it. There were talks later at Ryan. So so what what? What was? What was the like? What would you say? Would you say like a members are
remember the super bowl type. What did you say? Did you say that come up uh yeah? You know we talked about him being out here and you know how long without here, for what he's got going on a you know, a couple casual, skis at launch auto on a Thursday and uh. You know said: congratulations on everything, but did not bring up the super. for sure. Did he didn't say anything he didn't like mumble and look off in the distance. It was like twenty three I wasn't trying and you have like a hypodermic needle sticking out of his arm, he's like not completely junkie 'cause. It's always a little bit awkward 'cause I mean get an unbelievable year. One NFL Mvp, just actually came short and the last game, so I would feel a little weird when I'm again Well, congratulations on everything and you don't know if they're going to take that as well. You know we didn't win the big ones, so you know kind of thanks for rubbing it in or how they
If that's always kind of tricky. Ok, it sounds like you remember those those fake facebook conversations that you'd see between NFL cubes yeah. This is really really had one like that in a bar. That's pretty cool right, yeah yeah! It's definitely one of those. Are you talking about the ones where it's like you know what so and so's text messages? Look like yeah yeah? Basically yeah! You like all the quarterbacks like you, I Manning says get out of here. These are all my new friends and then paid surveys. You I'm your big brother may drug might not sack over your head or you know you know training and then Tom Brady's, like I don't even see these because I destroyed by phone yeah exactly those yeah. I know it was a I like that all well. Now that we've let me let me ask this place so you haven't seen any of these movies heavy. Oh you know, I'm not really sure what movies were talking about. So I don't know, I think, some alright, alright, you will land yet so I've been meaning to do that
Ok, alright! Well, let's start so here's what we're going to do we're going to do the three best odds to win the best picture and we're going to do the same for me actor and best actress. So to start we're going to breakdown la la land, moonlight and hidden figures were going to have you seen any of those? No, I have not. ok, great! Neither have we so this is your first ever Oscars Preview from guys who haven't seen any of the movies in there just reading. The Wikipedia page is a lot of nerds out there like to say. Oh, the book was better than the movie guess what the Wikipedia page was better than the book correct, so starting with Lala Land. Let's celebrate into it. I'm pretty sure it's a musical, so well. So this is where we get into the kind of nitty gritty, because I look at that as a positive 'cause, we're evaluating the Wika Pedia page right and not necessarily the movie true. So I like the fact that it's a Wikipedia page about a musical because you don't have to actually hear the music you can make the music in your head, whatever you want it to be
and as far as I'm concerned, it was like a sublime. Let me stop you there, because I saw John Legend was like an executive producer, so I'm assuming it was his moving. I'm assuming that Chrissy Teigen was just making a stupid face off camera the entire time waiting for you know the crowd shot to come around, so that kind of support legends in the movie. Twenty he's in the movie yeah. Ok, what are your thoughts on John Legend? Big fan, ok, How many crosses sets the tone we had so you haven't seen all in, but you want to see you all and what have you heard? Our I've heard of the musical- I think, that's like part of the reason why I'm struggling so much to go, see it kind of
as I immediately think about like glee or high school musical, and it's one of those sites. Comma, it's a drag to go, see it and then at the end, you're like oh, that wasn't that bad about this. I will say that I tried to watch it. I watch it for ten to fifteen minutes. You seen it and then I was on my phone for the rest of the movie. Ok, so you actually sat through the entire movie, but you just don't pay attention. It was at my house, but listen to your roommates were watching it and I just got so boring after, like this You listen to the musical and just ok what about Ryan Gosling? What do you got any thoughts on Ryan, Gosling Blake? That is one hundred percent. The only reason I will watch make sure that I eventually watch that'll movie is out of respect for right. He is, if you were, to have an actor play, the part of Blake. Or to listen. The story of your life, who would it be, will Ferrell or uh- I don't know like a mix between Kenny Power. Then cal Naughton Junior and with the guys name, yeah John C Reilly, yeah yeah,
I was gonna, say Larry David 'cause you're, both bald but very yeah yeah. What would make movies next movie? So I'm giving you all in two thumbs down, I'm giving it three and a half stars all right I'll, give it four songs they played take on me in the in the in the movie what it? What creating you can read it. However, you want yeah I'll go sideways ok, sideways, so well in right now. Actually gang symbols. Next up we have two Roger Goodell. We have moonlight so I'm going to throw this out there, guys Moon, it's my favorite to win, and here is why you, member that? movie precious based on the novel push by sapphire mouthful will get but Moonlight also a mouthful. It is Moonlight Bay. on the play in moonlight. Black boys look blue by Terrelle, Alvin Mccraney and they love to say those long. You know long
else. That makes you are you like? Yeah right, oh wow, it's a! It was a play. Now, it's a movie friends, a book. It's an adaptation, big time! Hollywood thanks! So I looked it up. It's about crack. So Oh, I guess cracks back, which is good. We haven't had a movie about cracking along time. It could be like, easy rider until Reagan's been dead. A long enough right, right, pot brought pot was brought to the forefront by easy rider. So now this is bringing crack back into the national consciousness. I don't like the that it's called moonlight and it's about hard drug use. It seems like those two things: really good I'd like to see a stronger title, Blake so Let's just will make it relatable to you a Florida guy. Let's just pretend it's about bath salts. What do you give it uh right there I go. I go once I'm up on come down, ok and right now, just solely based off of the fact. that. I see here. In the second paragraph it was filmed in Miami FL. So being a fellow Floridian, I'm happy! That's why they decided to film that ok,
so the Hollywood loves movies about poor people. They just love. It 'cause, it's like! Oh wow. This look at look at these people struggling. We can really relate to that all of us in our Hollywood bubble. Let's wear tuxedos and talk about poor people yeah like wow, it's the art, it's the craft, it all! Oh I'm pretty sure it like was released in a bunch of film festivals. Another bonus, you always want the movie that was put out a bunch of film festivals first, and that way you can do the thing where you release it like a year and a half before the Oscars yeah. So you've got a full like eighteen months to build up the buzz. The premier was at the Telly Ride Film Festival. Then it went to the Toronto International Film Festival, another big one, then the New York. but I actually don't think anyone seen this movie just a bunch of Phil.
That's a good way to to build up a ton of buzzes make sure that people don't actually watch it right. They just hear critics say: oh, it's very powerful right click. You ever been to film Festival, no, I'm not, but they do sound good. I agree with everything you guys are saying. I think it's kind of one of those things that everybody's heard about it from the people that have seen it at film festivals, but nobody's actually seen it themselves, but I don't want to be the person. That's like. No, I haven't seen it so they just like yeah yeah. No, it's really good. It's the aristocrats. This is that what this movie is it's actually not even a movie. I don't think I don't think this movie exists. It's just been talked about a fast one on us again right exactly yeah. The other thing. notice was rotten tomatoes, the ranking, ninety eight percent. I don't trust that at all. Here's the thing, the people that actually use rotten tomatoes like the users that go on and write long reviews about them, nerds yeah, but ninety
percents good percent. We learn that lasts through that's gonna, be a be a yeah. That's a good point. Ninety nine is too much your trusted. Ninety seven is like okay, there's something fishy to percent worry about it. What what's your? What's your go to movie rating site, I am a here's. What I do I okay, what the I m d B scores but are actually click on Imdb. So if it's as like seven or above I think it's probably good movie, I usually just click the most viewed tab on you point are, MR skin. I got MR skin, the end of its recommended, then I'll check it out. What do you use quick now, all the famous Iraqi like this group of the movie and that the one that's right there that I and if you want, I Scala that's above a seven. But it is not approval of what was the last movie. Have you seen any of these movies? Did you see Manchester by the sea? No uh is that the one with Hemsworth that's the sad one song after everyone said there was like hey. Don't see that so sad, here's how dumb I am I'll be on a subway and then I'll hear somebody next may be like oh moonlight, it was great,
Then I'll tell somebody at work, but I hear that moonlights are really strong movie. We should go see it yeah, so I'm very Influ very easily influenced. So, let's rate this one moonlight, I'm going to go, I'm going to go with seventy five percent on rotten tomatoes? That's my rank! Ok, well here. I just notice that on Metacritic it actually has a score of ninety nine out of one hundred, so I believe that yeah little fishy, I'm going to give it one star: ok, going to be minus b minus Sunstar aka, a moonlight yeah Blake when you got I'm gonna, give it a and it has to be, I mean, as date, it's up for eight oscars, so I feel like that is work, something so I'll. Give it a six point, two mile Imdb, ok we're all over the place I like this is. This is the only show that will give you Oscars ratings, that on every single scale
stop. We have hidden figures, I'm just going to say right now I haven't seen this movie, but I want to see this movie 'cause. It looks unbelievable, I've from everything I've heard it is the most well produced well managed just really best overall film in years and years and years I can't wait to see it. I thought it was the best move. If they don't give this one, the author, I'm I'm my boycott, the Oscars yeah. Well, it's head and shoulders. Above anything else, that's been made like the last five or six years, everyone's been saying. What do you think like yeah? I know I agree. I think this is out of the ones we talked about, that that's the one that I definitely have the best for saying and I'm kinda fired up to see yeah exactly in. Oh well I'm just reading this right now I just realized
it's produced by Peter Chernin Arbaugh. So that's so weird weird, I don't know, but it's I mean I made my rating before. I realized that yeah same I didn't know until you just said it right now, but like I, I might actually bring mine a little bit down knowing that it's out of journalistic integrity like we have a little conflict of interest for me, plus I'm supposed to play plus yeah. It's only the best movie, the last four years, that's, fair, that's firm, but fair. This movie was set in nineteen sixty one big time going to be for the costumes people of the costume period pieces. Exactly here's all you need is just like some pointy glasses and some like modest miniskirts and boom in an old cadillac yeah you're, good, you're good. You just made your movies in the 60s, so this is the movie about the three women that are mathematicians for NASA. Is that correct? So it's technically a prequel to two thousand and one space odyssey. So these three women they invented HAL the evil
computer, oh yeah, they invented Skynet. Yes good, for that is. This is actually the pre pre pre sequel to Terminator yeah, one and two yeah. So just think about that. What do we give this one, I'm giving it one hundred and one out of one hundred? I know that doesn't make much sense, but it does. If you know how good this movie is, I'm giving it, one hundred and ten percent. Okay, two thumbs up I did that uh, I'm gonna go Aplus! Ok, alright, that's firm affair! You almost want a plus plus you have it hidden figures, alright, so favorite those are Oscar best picture. I think we all agree. Hidden figures should win and if it doesn't it's a travesty, also hidden figures. I just notice made quite quite quite a little bit of money so props to whoever put that whole. together. That is, you know if Peter has extra money that he's looking to get rid of yeah, maybe just what our because row Williams to the music, and I think he was a producer too. I wonder if Peter ever saw as big cat good question yeah that's on guys all right, let's
onto best actor. So for best actors we have Casey Affleck Denzel Washington and Ryan Gosling. Let's start with Casey Affleck, This is for Manchester by the sea. The sat aka the sad moving. It's it's an old Oscar trick. There's two Oscar tricks. I know you can either they mentally handicapped person or just make the movie yeah or make the movie so so sad that people just have to be like that should win an Oscar. What do you guys feel about that? rectors technique of like putting an actor in an actual scenario and not telling them and then recording their emotions from I'll. Give you an example like MEG Ryan was doomed that movie where she got lost in the woods for a few years. They just gave her a tent, and they said here you go MEG set this up and they just record or trying to figure out how to set up a tent and they use that. The footage to show like with a new her character was. Are you aware that yes done some kinda like not proper under
Bill yeah, exactly so it's so with Casey Baby. They just like told him over and over again how how never be as good or as richer as famous or as talented as his brother, and he was just sad, the entire time and then they use that for the movie I mean, I think, that's how you truly get the best out of somebody like that: yeah just abuse and Well, I agree it is this as good as gone baby gone 'cause. I like that movie. That's all I got on Casey Affleck, I guess we'll see. Yeah, I don't know, I I have no interest in watching a movie. That's going to make me cry in less it's Forrest Gump. I watch Forrest Gump every time. The other thing I notice from Casey Affleck's Wikipedia page ready for this guys he's been a vegan since one thousand nine hundred and ninety five something about being a vegan pre, two thousand, that just rubs me the wrong.
Where is he getting his information? Fisa pita? Guy too, I could see. I could see Casey Affleck, also being a nine hundred and eleven truther and put that like how long what's the longest you've gone without eating meat. Men beat man, man made me that men like to be just choking down. Some meat dude mean maybe, like I don't even know. If it's been like twenty four hours yeah, I agree for you guys have you guys ever had tofu. No I've had tofu, we really damn card hidden tank, please thank you. Go ahead. It sucked maybe more puke, now I ran to the store and bought a steak afterwards, by the way you're in Laguna Beach right now. Have you seen else uh? No, I have it up, but it was kind of like cool 'cause. I was driving. through like little downtown Laguna, and there was like not in a creepy way.
it all, but there's like a bunch of girls walking down the side of the road. There were like one thousand six hundred and seventeen years old it backpack spots, and I was just like you know how cool is that it's bad? It's like possibly like modern Day Laguna Beach, the hills or seed type tv show big film, I I agree: kinda creepy nope, not creepy, he said not. Have you seen not creepy before hand you're good? That makes it all also there's a there's, a sliding scale for Callie teens, because we've discussed on the show already yeah alley, teens their special read, they're very they're way more mature, your older yeah, it's like a thirty five year, yeah they're way cooler than I am have you been into. Have you been intimidated by any galatine since you been out there yeah, you know a couple of it, because it's just more so like one of those things where it's like you see him and it's like wow, She could be fifteen if she could be twenty eight and I'm not really sure. So I don't know whether to look at her and give her like the hey, how you doing had a good day at school type, LOS or like out out of really approach that
yeah but better safe than sorry. I just stay away. Have you been? Have you been mistaken for an actor out there uh uh! No, I mean nobody has come yeah I mean no, not at all. Do people really come up here in California? I've always heard this about being there, they'll come up and they'll say: hey here's, my name! Here's what I've been in. Or like here's? What I worked on like more so like in the play Hollywood area up like I haven't, spent a whole lot of I'm there with a little bit of time? I have this. Everybody is super int so like who you know and, like I had one of my college, roommates jelly for work and the first time I went out to visit him. his roommate, I walked in the door, is like hey, my name is so and so and within like two sentences was like hey. I want time played drums for Selena Gomez in the studio I just Media tly through that out there to kind of try and validate his celebrity status of some sort. So I think there's a lot of that going on as anyone
No, no! Nobody just told me the name right away. Has anyone told you they fought with your vision? Let's build said that rush. What is that Kidzee thought wait. What is the function of your vision with your vision? Let's build build. Ok, that's the rest of this podcast. Let's do it next up. We have Denzel uh. Finally, Denzel getting a little bit of recognition in the Hollywood world. He hasn't ever been a noteworthy. You know Oscar nominee right yeah, that's true. Or big cat said earlier, he's never won and he did for training day. Yeah best actor go ahead,
Jake. I don't know you like to get wet. You have piped up my I don't really care about whatever Denzel movie he was in this time was offenses as I was called. I have no idea, okay, so whatever fences, whatever yeah, he's, probably gonna win, let's just Pencil Denzel and it was probably good, don't really care I want to. Instead, I want everyone to see their favorite Denzel movie. You go. First click yeah super cliche, but I think remember the Titans, as unbelievable Denzel or for jaguars for both 1b flight. When he turns that thing upside down. Oh yeah, mine is man on wire man on fire. In a five minute, walk awful documentary about a guy who just walks across like Scott. I want you know some french guy. Yes, man on fire, I like the scene where you he puts the bomb in the guys, asked yeah. I like the scene where he gets where he's like normal and then he just gets really angry then kills everyone
Oh in Mass Harvey, that's the only movie ever did that yeah exactly I I'm going He got game, but I want to just throw out a little nod to inside man. That's a good, although I should have to go, and so I mean he was a little junk use great movie. I thought they were the same movie. Actually he and so many good movies. It's actually crazy, because I will like American gangster training Day there. So many movies damn attends all the time and again go. He read the Bible everyday. You see that yeah the whole thing book of Eli yeah, another good one and he was gone. All was spoiler God, damn it all right. Next up we have Ryan, Gosling did you guys know Ryan, Gosling, Canadian, get Canadian I did not know he was canadian no way
are you being serious? I'm dead serious? I I know I had no idea. I know I do use Canadian either. So actually I used to be intimidated by Ryan Gosling, not anymore, Canadian Gosselin. Yet more movement, we go more awful than him he's from London. Ontario Jesus come on Bro yeah. I think it was english talk. Not to be xenophobic, but I don't think you should be able to win an Oscar if you're, not from America. I kind of agree. This is our thing yeah, that's our show what are you going to? You think he's a heartthrob right click. Not now. I'm a big Ryan Gosling stand for sure. That would be like a I feel like that would be the one dude that I would volunteer. You know for like a girlfriend or wife that it's like a you know. It's you want, like a hall pass like you, can add whoever
walk, but I also kind of for wind gusting in there. For me, like. I think I would also sets the lakes cook wish. Yes, Ryan Gosling, like that, I the only thing I don't like what Ryan Gosling is when he does. He like where's those those nerd glasses that make him look even hotter. It's like dude come on is trying to be entered. I also didn't like the movie DR, where his character was just basically shut up for two hours: aha, just like be quiet and then check so just think that you're hot how crazy they get is for themselves because he was in Rome. The Titans is like. I should head kid right and now he's like going out, I'm for best actor right, yeah had a fund intel. I die given like little intimidation like a speech before the Oscars must gonna put it down. I got a little question for you here. Gosling has been linked, romantically with Sandra Bullock, Rachel Macadams ever ever, Mendes isn't even even better okay, so he has been linked. Okay, so he's married, so probably not romantic one, either
wives. You know I'm saying yes, one Rachel Mcadams Blake Click on Rachel and I was gonna say like who's got the better resume hammer, Derek Cheater who jitters is longer yep I'd, say Jeter because remember Gosselin's, Canadian, you know what I'm I'm gonna change mine. I like Sandra Bullock. I like old center book yeah, she is available. It was definitely if you were a kid, a child of like the late nineties. The center block definitely was remember when they try to make her a nerd in the net and you still hot yep. That was like those she's all that before she's all that right, exactly whites are tender. Blueprint yeah, definitely show yeah Leanne to eat. Cho chosen that Laurie Holden hello, don't really are you over I'm going rate to make out of just because I I ii would throw it out there that Rachel Mcadams in wedding crashers is like the hottest
then, has ever been as a character. Wow watch married in what movie wedding crashers she was. She was wifey material there. Don't you agree, yeah yeah funny cute they were icicles around even then is in training day That's right! If you go with okay, that's our best actors were coming around the stretch here. I feel like we're doing all gods like we're we're really doing it for people here yeah, it's like when we do the bachelor recap right. This way at least be able to sound like you are attempting to know what you're talking about us, not an Oscar. For you now know: Casey Affleck is a vegan loser. Yep are all right. Next up, I must so. This is for la la land. Little. fun. Trivia that I got off her Wika Pedia her first, name that she wanted to use in you know have to get like the sag card or whatever Riley Stone Total porn
Chris Name, it was so is Emma Stone, yeah or Emily Stone is her real name, also porn actress, name anything stone ok, so yeah okay, I just had to look up a picture. That's Emma stone! She. I always thought of her as like the and half away, if, like in halfway smoke, weed in high school he's like little boys right, yeah, cool she's also got to Gerry Mcnamara thing going where she's been around for so long. I didn't really showing twenty, but she was in. super bad like ten years ago and she's the with with the guys in Perry Ellis yeah. So it's like what we, what she's, only twenty eight so she's been around forever. We got him on Emma Stone, bleak yeah. I know I'm also just looking here out and so that you're, not a grease she's Curtis Super battles forever ago I thought she was awesome and super bad great fan. Za solve one as well and then, as she said, moving said until Lala Land Quincy, when one with the other.
But also she did she do a Harry potter. She's done a lot of stuff is at the other orange hair girl oh she's, cool she's in Spiderman, which I didn't see, which one of the last seven that have come out in the last seven years. Here's a fun fact about Hank that you might not have known as Hank doesn't know any movies. Besides star wars he's a big star. Wars fan he's a nerd, move on to Natalie Portman do STAR wars guy blow you STAR Wars guy! I I've seen all of them That would make your star wars Diner, what a good amount of it. I was too busy trying to have sex watched or order enough. I will take it. Hey do so speaking of star wars, nice segue, Natalie Portman, is next up. All I wrote down from that. Import my Dave and read the Wikipedia. I said: is she the one that steal stuff 'cause? I got her confused with Winona Ryder yeah common mistake feel, like that's failing, Natalie Portman steals is my heart consistently because she is a fox, figure out a Natalie. I know your recurring listener, the show just say: what's up sometime what
I think what do you got on Natalie, oh, no, ok I think, the computer page. You want to go ahead and come back to me, I'm going to I'm going to actually throw this out there. Little debate, for you guys are, we sure Natalie Portman is good because I went back choose good in black swan. Yes, you could in Thor uh another thing. or either or game seven fire I don't know I'm looking at it, you could go, she could she could be fourteen. our two and fourteen. I thought she was getting that Zach Braff movie, the one that sucked oh, are the one with the postal service, yeah, Jersey, Jersey on garden, state yeah, the shins and postal service, yeah sixty nine each other. For ninety minutes we take drugs. We listen to postal, Sir yeah. This movie was garbage which was in an accident, and I will movie really good. She was very good and that what he thought unhappily Port Republic, I got a so we'll all card. She was broken Jerusalem ministry she's in
are aliens. Finally, jewish person can win an Oscar yeah and I think it's you know, since Arctic after us, one wanna kinda is open the doors for every other inside the he. He said that he got in there for talents, and now we all we're fully inclusive yeah. It it's wide open now, but no, I think I think Natalie Portman's awesome and while she's thirty five, now she she she works out. Well, yeah! Very well, do you have I see Jackie is that out yeah it's! Apparently it's really sad to what happened to John F Kennedy in that all right last up we have Isabelle Huppert these french horn and so on. We care about her and that's all I got he. She doesn't not look like me. She looks a little bit like
She looks a little like you're not going to lie she's a fifty year old, french woman, and she looks a little bit like yours truly. So I'm a fan I was reading all of her movies and they're all french. Oh it's like Gabriel Amor. l last Saturday morning, there's always one of those movies at the Oscars that It's like a four movie that nobody has seen in America and for whatever reason, except for a ton of Oscars, and they end up winning something, even though nobody over here just seen it yeah it's just like a door to black and white ninety minutes of a woman just like writing in calligraphy and drinking wine, silent film. Listen to this- and this is the most french sounding film ever made pour le Chocolat If you just made that up- and I did not- because I mean I basically just got second, I got secondhand coward from that actually sounds like the name of your memoir Missy Portledge, Color Gabriel,
oh yeah, it's not going to be here, I'm getting it to Natalie. I would give it to Natalie Portman every single year. Ok! Well, the last thing I want to do quick, Oscar Snubs, so everyone pick one movie that they thought should be included in the Oscars this year? Thank you, wanna go first I'll share obviously star wars. That's a no brainer going to be the accountant out the older brother, I'm going to go with. any all twenty two there's never been all twenty two nominated true for an Oscar, and I think it's about until that? True also, I want to toss this in here. A snub for best supporting actor Michael RAP Law for his role in Sully. Yes, I like. that I'm gonna go with MIKE and Dave need wedding dates, korean movie. That is a great great movie another I mean I laughed the entire time. If you haven't seen it go, see it and I'm actually just pulled up all the peer to
can produce that as well or MOSS best movie. I've seen since hidden figures, yes see him back to back, call it too for and then watch a plan of the apes there. We go ok, yeah and the heat love you Peter. Blake. What do you got for your Oscar snub? My Oscar snubs? I got, I don't know his name, but did you see the movie split with the guy that plays like twenty three different personalities No, I think you just made that up. I think that this was just you inventing a movie you talking about mental, you talking bout Momento, me myself and Irene. Oh yes, as a good one yeah I agree. Did you just not understand Momento? Now the sequel air Bud two beer bud three. that is our Wikipedia called Blake. Do we got any last words any like? What's up next, when are you going to come to New York and visit us uh? I plan on coming at some point this summer, so
but it's awfully you guys are ready, and hopefully one of your the couch, the baby exits, the call yeah. We we still need to get tattoos. That's right! We gotta get a Wikipedia club to do one last question: if you don't think about like the spot like that, we're gonna go Miss Cooper. Third or I was thinking yeah, I sing in a singing full back absent I'll, be like the in either the ankle. You know something real manly yeah, he picks right next to my butterfly one last question, for you have you interacted with Tom Coughlin at all? I have so I went I was. I was actually just there. This path we can and then, when he originally got hired as a sit down and talk to him so he's been awesome, I'm looking forward to it, oh speaking of that, when we were setting up this Wikipedia Club meeting talked yesterday. We decided on a time you were twenty five slate, which in Coughlin time is about four years late. So what's without hoping you working,
not a problem. It was kind of like one is kind of the same thing that goes into like this or Wika Pedia engage global network near on top of everything. Is Andrew Luck is with this club, and I apologize to our our our some readers, but I'm not really sure they care. Now we don't have a good thing, but it was too and it was like because yesterday I was like alright cool. I got my day planned out. I was like I'll be done at noon. I could hang out for a little bit and hop on the call and we can do the podcast and then next thing. I know I'm eating lunch in like shopping around and pull out my phone and I had a missed call from big cat. I like damn it Constantine. Let's get it on we're going to we're going to change all of arc when you come in August, will change all the clocks so that that you feel right at home. Yeah, perfect, ten minutes fast. Let's just go ahead and get ready for it. Yeah alright Blake
thank you. As always, we appreciate it and I will see you in a month or so. Alright sounds good. Yes, I'm Larry MAC, America's crew chief I'll, be at the track. The entire Daytona Speedweeks covered with great american race at Daytona, five hundred you win this race, it's truly a career change. Trust me. I know download new apps Codes of Larry MAC, America's crew chief every week at podcastone dot com or subscribe it onto Let's do some segments first up, we have a little pr one hundred and one for Jameis Winston Jameis Winston did some talking in public, which We're really goes well. We kind of skipped right past the whole rehabilitation phase for Jameis Winston. We went from straight being in trouble to now. He is a motivational speaker. Yes, there should be like a period of time where he learns to like actually correctly control himself right before he starts teaching, so he was with of school children. I don't even know what age they were elementary
preschool children ultimate locker room, giving a motivational speech, and he had this to say all my young boys stand up. The ladies sit down all my boys stand up be strong right. We strong we strong right. The boys. Tell me one time I can do anything. I put my mind too now a lot of boys we're supposed to be softspoken. You know what I'm saying one day: you're all going You have to have a very deep voice like this one day. You'll have a very, very deep, voice, but the ladies they're supposed to be silent. Polite gentle, my men, Mama, I suppose to be strong. I want you all to tell me what the what the third rule of life is. I can do anything I put my mind to I know. Females no females, yeah sounds good is good. well, it's it's a bit hypocritical that people are jumping down when since throat when he was told He had the right to remain silent. Nobody said anything about it. Right now, he's telling women that- and I guess that's not fair. It's like it's misogynistic or whatever it's uh
text message that he sending out there because, like he said a lot of boys are, supposed to be soft spoken, so let's make sure they truly aren't by screaming and yelling, get well all the women. Stick, you just stay quiet, you sure sure sure sure mouth women I'm going to have everyone talked. I've got some pr. One hundred and one form this took place at an elementary school. Just say it was a puppet show and it was the puppets that were saying it. So is the characters this really. The problem is this is what opens when elementary school like James. You want to read a book to everyone and he's like I went to Florida state. Let me do this. Let me talk off the cuff here who, how 'bout hatchet yeah we catch it. Ok, let me let me just do a little motivational. I got a little riff. I want to do about men, men standing up by themselves, idea about gender roles. Yeah broke boys. I want you to stand up repeat after main break fuck, her right in the pussy yeah, hey gay boy, yeah
right. Exactly get up on your under cafeteria table Fuckin' right in the push a breakthrough that glass ceiling boys. Let's do it Jameis, like I said, just, don't talk he just he really just just you should take the advice he gave. The women and just yeah just lay low for a little bit, just let's just someone needs. That would be great if James just had a shush guy like a hype man, but he just walked around like James sure, like one of the golf guys that holds up poles and just as quiet just push your mouth. Just don't talk anymore. We have it chill out man. This one goes out or out to the kings owner. I can't even say his name very rich. Yes, Sir ran Ronald Eve. He he. I guess so. He traded for Buddy, Hield, lopsided trade, trade, Boogie cousins for Buddy, Hield, the opposite of king's, taking you out of his best game right exactly. He wanted to draft buddy healed on draft night, an apparently
time Buddy Hield would Sacramento. He will. I went up to is like we're still gonna get you still gonna get to stock them. He stocked up, that's kind of creepy. He also said these easy keys convincing me. That's the next step, curry. What do I in undersides guard yeah that nobody thinks gonna pan out people forget Buddy Hill has an accent, I'm kind of accident Oklahoma and oh really he's from the Bahamas. Oh yeah his name. So I was wondering what the name buddy was about 'cause. That's like almost. If you name your kid, buddy you're saying you're going to be in the friend zone with everybody right, that's what the name literally translates to people. Don't forget your name, though. That's yeah, that's a good point, but for all the wrong reasons, right, you're, not a tough guy for names! Buddy! True! You don't have it you, don't you lack killer instinct right, as you see like a lot of GM's who they do more negging of players that they want to get
like Phil Jackson to work on your game. Yeah yeah, exactly a bill. Parcells is really great at that yep. He even miss genders on players. Money right was really good. I think he threw out an Edward every now and then yes, fun doesn't just to make those players want to play on this team more so this guy is going after a little bit too hard he's thirsty Rite aid Vitch come on lose their schedule. he probably had like a whole. He had a room that was just like a buddy healed little literally went and sat in with all the posters in the shrine yeah, some incense that he would burn form chill out man. Next up, we have So this goes out for Aaron Hernandez his lawyer. He, the the big they've they've they've, gotten together. They said how we're gonna get Aaron Hernandez out of this murder. Trial turns out the gold there yeah in that, will he hasn't been suspended. Don't forget, they've gone with they're going to go with the marijuana charge. Oh the whole, we makes you kill people well that's a really good legal strategy and I
to put this out a couple years ago. If you look at the facts surrounding that, right, he was he was with his fiance. He was also with a friend who is a female that he was also having an affair with, and then there was a guy that he killed. So it could have just been a game of fuck. Marry, kill, gone, way out of hand 'cause, there's almost no high, just boys will be boys yeah. I don't see. I don't think this defense is going to hold up I'm just as some who's smoked weed before I feel like that's the you don't wanna go, kill people everyone now eat some food. You know put your hands on your pants call. The I want to kill. People will play call of duty. Well, you do you want to yeah if you smoke weed, then you're, basically trying to kill yourself with all that poison so makes murders if he gets out of this with the weed defense
I I mean that's, that's trial, sentry rest. Take my hat off to as low as like. Hey you somehow figured out a way double jeopardy to prove it to make the than most non addictive drug. That would be a problem, though, for all the stores out there they're trying to get. We legalized in America, now we find out secure. This may seem like a commercial reefer. Madness, yes, is commercial from 1950s weed kills people. Let's do. things that kings this one goes out to call in or no skip yes Sue said, he's not sure if Belichick's a great coach, no, and say that he said I don't think he's. A great coach, I think, is very good one, so wow kings taking I mean it has only been in eleven out of fifty one super bowl so check this out. That's a great point: Hank! is missed out on. Forty of them do use search that Ok, here's a really good deal, see metrics, ok, listen to this line of reasoning, though he said that
Forget the patriots started, oh in two in two thousand and one a whole. So when it brings back a pretty good, really wasn't the quarterback well, he did he did give. He did the reverse of that would be really said. That was 'cause. You know into an yeah pre, nine hundred and eleven yeah. Actually so, ok, stood to gain the most Alex Jones, ing on your real quick from nine hundred and eleven patriots completely change, the course that are franchise after that and look into and who was the head coach before Bill Bella check for the Patriots Parcells nope pick up Carol! That's right! All plot they can. How okay did say he said that Belichick has when one without Brady, it's like You could just basically choose your own adventure here like when he was the defensive coordinator of the giants yeah, but we see the head coach of the giants to know, but he now could he win without Lawrence Taylor on the defense, the quarterback of the defense yeah
bill. Belichick has not won a Superbowl without a quarterback. Not that good good he's great. he's very good, but not great right. Exactly with that, nine hundred and eleven investigated. John Harbaugh wanted quarterback without a quarter or one a super bowl without a quarterback, he is a great coach. Yes, Joe Flacco as Joe Flacco I was just I was just putting. We have a thank no actually along talking soccer, yes, like Chester City, they their manager, and I was talking soccer. That's it yeah they stink. Now they were five thousand one. Last year, people forget again how you see yeah. Now you see how crazy that was, and then they went back to sucking it. get relegated. That will actually be the most amazing to go winning it to relegation. They are in relegation danger, that's like when it do
he's really hot chick and then immediately balloons up to like five hundred pounds, which yeah like a set for the rest of my life equities jobs. I am gonna chill here yeah when you think about it. If you were on like Chester City, you would probably do the exact same thing without a doubt what else you have to prove like once you make you really want to make that commitment to being the elite soccer player. No, you just want to sit back in and get bought beer in your local pub right for the next. Fifty years by the regulars were like. Oh my, you get me to miss doing a little tighter title. Title hang over right, yeah, even The hangover, EPL Hangover. Everyone knows about hear about it. All the time we have before we get. Kimbos. We have a thoughts and prayers to Chad, Kelly Swag Kelly. He has not been invited to the com, and I think his agents like begging his he's, basically been banned from the NFL combine because of off the field, issues yeah. So that's really know you're doing well, when you can't even get into the common they didn't ban swag Kelly, though the band Chad kill true so
no more makeup pass in NFL films pass for swag to get into the kambin, so we can send that to him. I love it. Maybe MIA Khalifa trying to think suck off or she could just run her own kambin, where she sucks people, often that'll, be good visual get his name out there. That's all in the real drills, get your name out there right exactly swag Kelly get your name out there. The broad jump where you just leap over her quick man card to Mitch Trubisky by the way he's not venture. I would bench so hard. If I was that, that would be the only thing I would try, and that's really the only thing that, like you can measure man demand, is the bench presses, the bigger man? How much can you bench alpha dogshite? What do you bench? looking for a quarterback. You want to guide that commands lock room. I got the benches more than everybody hang much bench, and would you bench Hank? I don't judge me What would you? What would you bench right now, if you benched one hundred and forty,
it's not really possible. Thirty five two plates! Well, you can always a little to no university. But to that little baby, please tell me that you just like come on each end of the bar, and I haven't couple ounces. What do you? What do you mention probably put up to twenty five thousand say like I'm? I know probably like three hundred one one rep MAX three hundred yeah and it has a breakdown. I don't know just amount throw it through everything on this little bunch of plates on there until it into modern bricks. Yeah exactly just get that benching, I would only care about. The bench stretch show out but that's that's. If you're looking for an alpha male, you look for the guy, that's acts up to the bench press and puts up fifty reps and then terrace labor. Exactly you want you want your arms, so big! You can't touch your show. You don't throw with your arm. You throw their heart Mitch it's about to be summer dude. You need some biceps beastly girls Mitch, probably is not going to be laid this summer. If he's not going to be benching. True,
chicks. Don't want the number one overall pick that can put up a few pounds. Hank we got jimbos we got does not a lot of great Jim. All right, let's get the gimbals back with. This is a call much too much poop in your pen. All to my costing we're we're pretty much set the tone for the for the, in both like I feel like. We don't set a good press take after us, so maybe we need to start talking more hilariously as we were basically parents, who are like how could our kid Phuc up so bad well, this is going to be a lot of part of my table like how could our key end up such a fuckup right now. This is unbelievable, were taking trips to Vegas every other weekend and wondering why are kids having parties pass right uh right. I just started a new job where me, and this other guys sit in a small office together, we usually listen to the
still, but one day I guess your voicemail to that. We should listen to pardon my take we're listening to you guys and right wing. Locker room talk comes on our supervisor walks in who is a woman. Now we both have to go to a sexual harassment class for the day actually spin zone uh in corporate America getting to go to these little seminars, that's pretty much a vacation day for you yeah. So if you're not getting fired, you're not going to reprimand there like hey, go, listen to these people, basically give you phone. So and just tell you about all these hilarious sexual interactions you can have in an office. That's pretty good day right. Also, this guy not able to just get out of it by saying it was locker room, talk. Does he work in the small room that he's talking about or their lockers in it anywhere is there just is no lock on a door, I would say even a little little desk cabinet little whatever of drawer yeah is there under? What do you call that filing cabinet? Yet? Is there a keyhole anywhere? Actually I'm going to consider like a button in a zipper on your pants or lock? Is there a bathroom within four hundred yards?
yes yeah. If so, this should be protected under lock log talk I wanted my. I went to my classes, Running for pre exam review, my professor star, electric. By saying this exam is not going to be easy. Instinctively, I mumbled to mice friend you think. dresser. Somehow heard me from across the room and demanded I leave the class for being wise and disrespectful. I missed the entire exam review and ended up getting a forty seven on the exam. If your professor, ask you to leave a class because you're wise? That means that you passed right, you may lose. You basically got the credits oppressors on a hole in the worst. Let's just get that out there. They think they know oh so much more than you do, and they really make they do. Is they just do the same slides over and over, and they talk to you like you're, an idiot like you, don't know the material right, an all you think I don't think that's offensive. I think. That's just being like: hey, listen, don't be dumb, really stupid, you ignorant slut, don't be dumb. I'll, say this, though professors really haven't figured out they've managed to create tenure, which, if you
there's no other job in America that you can get tenure at which basically means you can't get fired well up until last year, St Louis Rams, head coach, yeah Jeff Instead of going to the Supreme Court, might just become a college. Professor yeah, I wanted a first date with a guy one of the first I told him to suck was the date is, it is a lady yeah. This is yeah since twenty sixteen does matter only a true one of the first day with the guy, when the first thing that told that was the death of of the gambling goldfish that I'm a partial shareholder in he didn't get it and now there's no second day it happened. Well, you know what sounds like the guy wasn't good with this money, or else he would have jumped all over the the investment opportunity. Try to convince you to best in his goldfish. We were talking about this before the show. Larry, I believe, was the most miss goldfish of all time. Yes,
which is an outrageous claim to make, but I think it's a fair one. There might be some like six hundred thousand dollars, koi goldfish over China and not as many people knew its name, not as retweeted right. Here's the most reach goldfish in world history. So whatever your name is lady, who emailed the guys a loser, he doesn't know what current event Are you don't want to be with a guy like that? Anyway, he probably doesn't even eat. know: what's going on in the world yeah you can't handle it Larry. I haven't fished out a good political conversation with them. We had a really stopped dating ignorant people. We are really tough moment today because we have tv came back to the office and we showed him Larry who is now sitting in our freezer, so body dead body the nice bodies bees, the TED Williams of fish. I still haven't fed the frogs. That's just
we're grieving thing. Well, yeah. I can't focus on the front. The frogs are sitting Shiva right now, right there, not people. Why can't eat for a couple days. I think you did them a favor. It wouldn't be the worst if the frogs died and I'm not. hey. I want to kill, I'm just saying it wouldn't be the worst real shame. It wouldn't be the worst because it would kind of like help me grieve. Maybe it was like the whole tank was poisonous. Right, it's like when you change the water, you poison the whole thing and not just playing one took care of that fucking goldfish. I went to a minor league baseball game with my friends and got asked by Q promo girl. She was flirting to do a promo in the sixth. My buddies wanted to do so crazy, because I would be in the jumbotron. So I got on top of the dugout and started playing the promo. I pissed my pants in front of eight thousand people. They had to cover my crotch to the bug. the logo on the jumbotron pee splash in the promos guys feet. Everyone heckled me in the and will girl didn't want? My number after my stump, ok, translation. There was a promo girl
Who saw you in did her job and she didn't know how drunk you were and then you completely ruined her day. Wild guess here. I'm thinking this guy coaster, Strip, club and think strippers are in love with him, just a wild guess, just a wild. Anyone who puts parentheses flirting yeah in the description of anything that means that they weren't flirting with you also. You should just wait, wait a little bit of time. I assume, because it's a baseball game in the middle of February. This was last summer, so since that time. It's a good point yeah. I think it's just kind of been alive since that time we've had Pist dogs and then recently we saw Justin Bieber walking around LA with his pants. So missing is cool in two thousand and sixteen all right this one. I don't even really get going Let's see what you guys think you can't read it or yes about math. Quite understand it. You don't understand it. Ok about tax lot of big words, friend and I went out and got drunk at a party. I was stated his house that night when I did
How is it that his grandmother is staying in the guest room within the right near the bathroom I sleepwalked, so I woke up disoriented, mid p and walked out of the bathroom and end up getting in bed with her. I got out and left the house before she woke up that morning, but she said to my friends, family. I don't know much about that kid, but he's going places. I haven't talked to the family since ok, where were they? words. Hank last night was a joke: okay, well yeah! This is out of sight. I did not see that come as a surprise twist, so you he p it on a grandmother and then the grandmother didn't notice. He said all he said is that he got into bed with her and then he left before the family woke up. First of all, yeah, but all the grandmother said to the family was that I don't know much about that kid, but he's going places could just blame it on a ghost ship like that doesn't mean that was a ghost that was your ex husband who's right. Exactly
is it going to war as a younger version of your husband or what war yeah yeah I'll say this, though, when it comes to sleep walking, I've slept walked numerous times, so you can't be held response. it's like when you're high. You can be legally held responsible for anything that you do. I am a big sleep. Well, I've. I've could tell that recently, but I'm I'm on your side here, because I have slept walk in the past issues. Just use confused there. Also the I t bro right He goes in toilet right. I'll. Ask one want to see my girlfriend's parents for the second time today, her dad and brother were throwing the football in the right. So I thought I would join me and we're running little routes while brother played QB well, we went up with the same ball and dad ended up coming down with a concussion and a broken nose from running into my elbow Jimbo you just more of a man that exactly you just showed who the alpha the family was come over the middle. Basically, that's the equivalent of asking for your
someone's daughters, hand in marriage right if you can knockout the Father and the daughter will touch that's right: the daughters she's up for grabs yeah, that's embarrassing for the dead and he's not going to he's going to have to. like lift a car off of a little infant or something get some dad strength back, do that I know that don't know, know Hank Hank's absolute. Okay, the only lines are just the ones who shake your hand and crush it. Yes, yes, that's correct. Moms are the ones who can who have enough empathy for children to be able to save their lives right. So that's that's yeah. I benched three hundred pounds. Mom mom strength, also man card for the dad for admitting that concussions exist, you're supposed to be from a tougher time and now you're out here using like Millenia
medical terminology like concussion, spends on, though you can drive drunk now and say that you can't count because you had a concussion Cedric, Benson Defense, yes, that it that's it all right. You guys have any demos this week earn. I try to walk in. No, no those you have walking problem, you're, walking! Okay! I can minute that's fine! I should just probably stop walking into yeah. I started a diet. Oh I saw eating salad today, let's jimbo less real, I'm going to get some chicken legs really sucks when you're trying to do a diet and you're not really sank, was supposed to start diet with me and you just pounding cheeseburgers and lunch, and I say so nice right. That's our show
we'll see on Monday, Post Oscars uh? What do we have? We? Don't know who we have Monday be good guests. Always a good guess give us some give us some tips out there. Yeah and hey like it's been awhile, since we've asked you guys to do our job here, we're going to subscribe on pardon my take on Itunes, download or follow us on twitter part of my take. Let's bring back row's, I'm going to say: Jimbo's are done for next week, we're suspending Jimbo per week you all ward winning listeners have a one week suspension, but we will do rose and the rule with roast. You leave a five star review on Itunes and Who roast will read it, make a mean, make him funny will read: 'em Hank will probably cry great how about this? How about we suspend Jimbos until after spring break? Ok, I feel like we need to give our listeners a few weeks to Fuch up spring break. That's why I'm on a diet. There you go, look good.
Alright, we'll see you guys Monday
by mark sports.