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2017-03-13 | 🔗
The guys are somehow still in Las Vegas ready to break down the weekend and bracket (2:46 - 7:17). All your favorite March Madness story lines and cliches are discussed (7:17 - 16:48). Who's back of the week (16:48 - 21:49). Brent Musberger joins the show to talk his new show in Las Vegas, gambling, stealing cars as a kid, the famous Eminem interview, his favorite call, and the meaning of woke (21:49 - 52:44). Segments include Hmmm, Just Chill out man for Russ Wilson, Sabermetrics, Explain it To Hank, and a call to our friend Lenny Dykstra to let him decide what color we put an 800 dollar roulette bet on.
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the point one tree for every mattress soul pledging to plant one million trees by two thousand twenty five lisa dot com such partial do it now let's go let's have a mighty wealth on the part of my job is monday march thirteen and we have been in las vegas for far longer than any human being ever should be in this goddamn city you age you're in dog years we are still in las vegas we
a great show for you we have brent must berger on the show we actually visit with him on friday we interviewed him at his new studio it was ugly wireless and his voice forever told him great stories you could hear read the phone book great yes so that's coming up but before we get to that lets tell everyone what we ve been doing in vegas for the last set what feels like months right while we were at nascar today and that was our first real mask organ ask our guys ask our guys officially met care of top there yes i'll just say it were underneath the the pod casting for or in the trust me right out he's even funny in person yes he is jesting look just a great guy did you see also we so we will we were at the race we got to see the pic crew we get see everything we want marvin drinkin beers haven't great time shut out natty natty light now is a great time but there is also a fight which always get you gone you ask why legato i love our nascar they just you know what if you if you
do some illegal out there you plump you grind robins rayson said it like a man selo two fists that's right lugano and was a bush yeah there were gown bush came to blows and pit road i guess lugano dropped in is it like an surfing he won't you can't he caught another man's wave yes and then he got another man's fist yes exactly so that was great i i i had a great time nascar is busy just show up get watch cars go really fast drink some beers and say well yeah zambia very loud and then the other things route to in vegas we broke vegas we as a team part my take what if i told you little thirty four thirty three guys with girl of four thousand dollars only lost three hundred dollars it is probably the most impressive thing that i've ever heard so what we're gonna do is we're about it we'll get to this
air but we're gonna go down to the roulette able and put a shitload of it on a certain color you'll have to listen he and i have a friend of ours decide that call investment strategy s so yeah we ve been gambling basically non stop we ve been living the vaguest life been eating too much we want the pact world championship game which was fantastic saffron builder the bill with two thousand three chairs he was sitting on three chairs the stacks months of each other is not tall enough and got to animal report my teacher to have time any love that he remembered us which i was actually really surprised by that knowing how bill likes it from one conversation to the other dont know if he has object permanence dog behind a bone behind your back up the dogging supposed gone but yeah he recognizes he remembered an empty political is like while fifty in big cat you're fine talented we are also at rock bottom moment at the game so you won't tell a story i s or just sitting there you don't we
the dabs on tv like we're in behind bill one shot so you're daban on tv up tat on america's face sums as i'm want the deal some stories norma gas coming up taking pictures then some story from like forty four away screamed a big adams like hey pick it up i'll give you a cook will you dad for me and just through a cookie a big out before you could even answer the question and they catches took it took a bite and sorry daban like a circus animal it happening and i didn't even i didn't even flinch i didn't even think twice about it the guy off of me free cookie and i was like you know what i'm to take this free cookie i took the bite i dab and then i had turned round and hank wishes lack like tears in his eyes laughing and it dawned on me that i am now i am truly a circus and why am i am a dog that will do tricks for treats and now that that is out in the public my life is over
it's down you're gonna get without it'll be ride me with little you know biscuits in what right crackers small snacks anything that can fit in your hand it so bad that i've even think too i wasn't like this does insulting manner i get through with a little degrading well you know what this is like you're pretty much a sex workers yeah you're just warring yourself out for treats that's a long letter unaware that end that leaves me but a second and well that's why ok let's talk about the bracket so what we're gonna do we we're going to have our friend mark titus on the show on wednesday to break down the bracket for real but before we do that we have to do our favorite thing that is our second second time doing it because this second that we're now passed a year of the pod gas or regain the redundancy quarter of area so i accordingly so we can talk about the storylines march vanished storylines what everyone wants to hear you are
yeah i'll get sorted actually with a recall from last year makes noise off so pay their competencies out there that could make some noise yeah better watch out or we don't know what noise means but like it so it depends it's like a sliding scale if a fifteen dig comes within ten points a beating a juicy they make noise yap if a ten seed they have to win at least one game to make right the sixteen seed of the sixteen seed is up sixty four and why three minutes in the game that's that's noise that is officially noise because people will start saying on twitter oh my god it's never happened kansas is down to get with with thirty seven minutes left to play you imagine you also have while we have a lot of people in obviously filling out brackets channel daring el does not thought a bracket so that is a spanish tradition for him telling the world
and he doesn't thought a bracket and he's on american and basically iter as in my green burg only fills at one bracket and one bracket only yeah they expect to get four days of coverage out of that yes out of why by greensburg only does one bright well i'll say this might gruber one bracket i can appreciate that because you know what its march she have i add that in my other bracket gotten all now there so that upset oh wow that that that fourteen upset you up i didn't happen in this bracket that you're looking out right now but my other bracket that i just filled out with a bunch of strangers on yahoo i have it on that i've got nine brackets are mathematically i've every single combination first round james one i favour guys
is the guy that says can you believe a woman one my office boy genji pick using the colors instead of doing like a normal persons and just picking your teams based on the start of jack that you had when yorick mascots yeah oh yeah i think that our deep blue devil really cute jeez woman one my practice can i believe we have the guy who obviously says at his bracket is busted after the first game so that's always upon one my bird by brackets posted when the when the ten seed wins at the oven the twelve o clock it maybe my favorite phrase is mid majors i m in life we're all pretty much men majors but in this parliament when they say been major the actual surprised that the bid major made some noise but in reality like ok these are two bit who could believe these division one athletes on scholarship or good at basketball rate peters this other team of scholarship athletes in one single game that actually brings up my next favour one is the up debts that aren't really upsets so
can zaga still obviously there the darling even older one seed them the final for they'll be a lot of talk about wow can you believed in zaga their put their busted in with the big i wish to state even though they ve been in the tournament for about sex five years in a row we'll be a nice one and unlike middle tennessee is twelve seed and there are one point underdog against minnesota so when they win everyone's gonna be wound crazy day look at all these upsets on that same note ginza white player on genes agora crying employer that gotta have that gotta have that brackets for everything that's my favor think for march everyone decides that hey look they do this tournament that everyone loves let me now do a bracket for favorite
ass foods or are you sick coms and then every movie you guys like brackets right let me show you this bracket that i made you should fill out now you have you put anything into private form i will click on it by whether grumbles interpreting make apartment take export of our soldiers that's ok yes roy williams breaking at the nice pledge at he waits to march to bring out the one that's got the real bright blue and the other one is that if you don't have the latest hd television what scram is probably going to fuck it were heads japanese kid seizures china wants ruin on well there you stood pixelate opponent your programme we have the first masters commercial yes you gonna hear that master saw beautiful and it's gonna put you to sleep not of instinct on the couch white male love the masters speaking as a white guy yes if you want if you're in a customer service environment and you deal with the latter
white male phone cars that are angry with her company how bout you just put the whole music as masters the essence that's any boy just superfluity or the browsers music due to chew tallow friends yes jimmy this month this is geomancy monthly overdose of demands which i'm ok with i like having gymnast around he's he's good to listen who's gonna take naps around you know it you want to throw that game on saturday afternoon take that hung over nap we also websites what what's on the game start we as is a bit too big a year we gradually see all week what time because everyone's wondering hey what's on my team player channel yet or tv channels georgie we hear how to find true tv i'm sure the boys respiration probably have that wanted the number one google search yes we ve also got
can be i'm being rolled around everywhere like he's not just an asshole that decide run a zone and found twenty years of success that way but the other gonna bring one every show and they said jim who do you like in these can be grumpy he's gonna be an asshole he's probably gonna say kansas yes yes we have obviously the northwestern storyline that's gonna be great until they lose by the way shots selection committee for putting northwestern salt lake city so that they can feel at home with a bunch of people that don't drink but a nerd gm right it's mormons are barred the biggest nerves of other religious no venture very successful people did you see this is this is truly of a battle of good verse evil where skip alice novel mike whereupon rachel nicholls green burg ovum amr for skip it's interesting because you ties state that has multiple wives in north western is a college where you never get laid
four skipper it's interesting because you ties a state that has multiple wives and northwestern is a college where you never get laid so blue juxtaposition of cultures are more more they can share behaviour available yeah yeah maybe yeah probably now he's documents what else we have let's see we ve got oh there's gonna be some six son of a bitch student athlete that fills out a bracket this year yes luminous spinners ass rightfully yeah maybe just yankee scholarship yup o camps andrea guided by the incidentally that even though this tournament makes them millions and millions imply billions of dollars they're giving is student athletes a good education and most them don't even go pro so don't worry about it they're going to use these life lessons for their career going forward in dribbling yes even though everyone in the stadium is wearing their jerseys and they get no damage for energy bills is gonna tell you he's gonna always just be angry he's angry all march yes yes also we're gonna have ok here's one my favorite phrases live by the jumped shot die by the junction
we're gonna say that over and over again ok i like that the charles barkley in the nba crew trying to bullshit their way through a month of college possible coverage is always my favorite somebody's gonna charles barclays say something ridiculous and he would go laugh because he says in that cute little action right and charles part all i was going to get a blow job right now that he's thinking i think he ends up on sea vs all month so all the mare who gets a watch and he's probably say something racially charge that will start a whole to do that would love ya was terrible stick to sports trials bert stick me don't even stricter you just know charles sick charles just talk about for a shack shacks i'm gonna be there to make fun of them i think we can great that's controls as well as best i i think that's it i think we covered it all at once life is going to have not only a couple twelve as you do but beware the guy who people know he's your bracket who picks all the favorites and pointed out came an you picked a lot of chocolate no i've won twelve
i've been a ten seven i'm gonna get that upset lot of minors that a sixteen team is never beat one either yes all we forget that actually actual bracket there obviously or people who were upset because sometimes got left out syracuse cow iowa and then it also the ceding i just want to say i'm not i'm not i am biased both causing got fought how they is there an eight seed which i'm fine with cuz they haven't really well but minnesota's a five seed and wisconsin beat minnesota to times this year so this is ok this is you getting ensure semi annual dick measuring gotta nobody was constant no other people here some years something you know everyone no regard set this people forget that was constant in and minnesota have this cool thing called reciprocal tuition is called reciprocity yeah where i've you grew up and was constantly an institution in minnesota and vice versa and acute i still
i understand why you and you still haiti on everything that is its most passiveaggressive midwestern thing of all they got screwed that's fine i'm not really shouldn't receive an education outside your own state download armada me mad artless do whose back the weak by the way that is one of the weirdest things that you get upset about you think you've said that maybe that's the third time you brought that up on the podcast and something is of others does room hang on a bad luck i'm an sweating right now you're regulator triggered snowflake stood near the ways triggered your try that i'm triggered about who lets you whose back when he got home i was back there is johnny football oh that's right come back seas god engaged to show that he is committed and is made come back so it seems like he's got everything going form putting forward guy that's how you do it ring make an honest woman out of so who is this girl that he's engaged awesome and severe model see that's where it well that's where i get confused again is what's the difference between
and just a girl who has an profile and in instagram girl who ten thousand dollars then ideas emotions a model when she's done not signed an agency so she doesn't get pay if you only ten thousand followers you're now it is grim she's good looking and she stands places rest ok but i want your selfies shouted i am shocked by the way for he wasn't he wasn't bad at all that he missed out on the brain and cook straight i was the funniest thing of all is i'm like three hours after that britain cooks trade get broke he was like with sweat it out and so you think i'm gonna break something here's a really inconsequential thing and they put it allocates huge news he also did the classic chapter where you boys get so upset and it's so clear how absurd it is when he doesn't get to break the news so he came over the top the news broke and he came over the top and said i sources are telling me that the saints might still try to trade for malcolm butler had so many does the old listen this story
it was brought by someone else but i have the full full store and he's also big on doing the quote tweet in saying my sources confirmed this yeah thanks diana i got to speaking i would have to if you did say for speedier triggered guys shelter we know that your triggered every time you don't break the news literary we see it will snowflake woody ever whose my whose back in a week is the sector means yes this is my favorite commercial of all time every year it happens and there'll be a couple the second clinics that put out oppressively saying hey we're offering half off the snip snip first day of the ncaa tournament so that way you can get away from the wife for a little bit and sit down and watch basketball all day and for the low low price of just getting one of your nuts cut off so it's it's my favorite day and one thing that i love about it is that they're acting like this would be the weekend that a guy would get to go man i will i would predict that they're like no babies born nine months after the start of march man
because no guy authors for no this is the weekend that a guy gets his girlfriend man out of drinks through many beers eats nachos and then farts alot of macao is breakup season is what it is it's after spring break you probably did something that you regret and now he just one what possible for weaken not being very supportive partner so if breakups isn't that oh that's why our schools have the cut off date between grades like late september because our no kids born then connect the dots i dont think that that's the correct math no not even close christmas the eagle no babies born at christmas except for jesus my whose back tvs home office so tgv obviously its left out of march madness because it's a true tv situation so oh they always just bringing dickie vd they get him in his home office and tampa he's got his dick you ve met me amelia behind me screaming and yelling usually makes a joke i think you ve always good
this whenever there's a snub in the bracket he says my eyes i got one bad i want good eye and i can still see how bad this was it i can make that south africa right dickie these strikes me as it can i get it has books written by himself on the bookshop behind us and i also just would guess the tgv not wearing pants anytime you don t you can me dickie former where predictive ie is bermuda shorts yes he's living to drink i let's do the brent must burger interview we touched everything taught him oh yeah oh we touch every on talking about how he stole cars when he was a kid little gambling talk catherine web favorite put favorite call all of it to talk to you were word we did also talked about pissing in the press box yes so here is brent must burger the legend and our talk with him gentlemen if you're wondering
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the different we now welcome on a legend hall famer drive home off i'm right here the whole thing you can probably recognise that voice its brent muscle thank you for joining us on part my take we are sitting in your beautiful studio live from the south point c know this thing is fabulous by the way is great you build this all yourself mr gone help me about ok somebody at the cheque book so before we get going with everything we want to talk about you know your career betting march man but before we do that let's talk what we do now and this great show that i actually was just on your on serious you're doing a gambling show what took everyone so long to do the shell nears kind of interesting it's crazy is noted stayed the these guys is as long as it did in the you know there's so much good information to disseminate about the match ups
and the games in the spreads and even if you don't at your registered in the movement of money who does the public like in this particular game or that when i it's a fascinating subject and its somewhat endless because of their sport the people love to aren't you can usually bet on it in some form whether it's out and out gambling out of game or fantasy or having pools with your buddies and of course the biggest unregulated gambling in venture in the united states would be the bracket the injury or die every year in everybody pose as american is apple pie actually tournament bracken what's your favorite sport tibet whatever's next
ok that's lots of economics and my heart that's actually very bill wall mansour here is a similar one the other day you mentioned this earlier but you kept you kept this a pretty good secret i dont think that anybody in a leaked the news until it was on your term so how long did you how long did you realize that this would be the next step six months maybe that quick somethin like that i have to tell you it's ok i call you appear to ok that's fine love the singular thank you i have my address is like an honest i ran on here for more going on the measure you know i wasn't sure that they could put it together ok without michael gone wounds or south boy we would not have been able to do what he's one of the last of the great independent casino first in nevada his father was the legendary jackie gone used to own a place called the barbary coast so he thought listening to his three bookmakers that this might be a bridge
good idea and if the fellows know how to stream at which he knew nothing about like me over the older generation but then seriously so what you fellows also are and that radio network when they came on board that help give us an outlet in and go to build it so they lead to another and suddenly there were doing three hours prior to his superbowl and now that five hours on visas in vegas that's an information network which which i thought by the way
was a great name and a great logo and i am hopeful that they will soon produce tee shirts the girls here in the summer time need teacher yes absolutely very good love yes so and now you want to give us the honest answer they just want to live in a casino extra sports by hey that's what i wanted to avoid a man that's right let's am and i have been doing that hotel for fewer ray i get up and have already right first what shouldn t shirt i come down get a cup of coffee out over the front door i come in here i grabbed the sheets with the numbers i see over there some other carriages and front but unfortunately danny my wife going to arrive parties over i'm gonna get so bill i'm i'm gonna it's a male area alien methodology and already other co oh no i won't be evaded edge of this bridge or re rate while i mean it's it's clearly living the dream here working next to a sports book actual we're
guys who like to have a little action on the game and in watchword so that's that's fantastic now because you obviously i have retired from calling games have you had that moment yet where you ve missed it when you you know maybe in the middle of february and you want to be being aims iowa maybe not aims baby die like let's try a different world little february dewey i am open area or maybe doing sandy egg spillover yogi everywhere or going over the university of hawaii additional through ok to have to tell you the truth i i get a normal satisfaction out of watching a lotta games because s now i started the business was with the nfl today and watching all vienna values the sunday afternoon maybe you asked me the same question next october were known not an tusk illusory one of those other great citys for college football match
be a little bit different but no i i really have not missed so that's seeing that you said that you are in your career obviously started just watching a bunch of game so it sounds like you are a blogger before bloggers for bloggers did not spelled did know what a man that's emmi the bay safely that's what you do premise of our job was how can we get paid to sit around and more logical aims yet we are living in your mom's basement appetite no i was not i'm not like you guys i got kicked out i should told me go to work now hazards rodya did you know i m put on fire baseball four year got kicked out of north western free on bad now heard about that use used on a couple cars and today having dinner was authorize you i didn't steal by not arise i wish you to pay my father bigger cash for that watch yourself over so he did go north western wee wee wee we ve been talking about a theme on our show where were you born
sing for that but i love our school yeah we're gonna curves listen this is a nice time you can buy you use in my only your car yes to drive to medicine because in you're still union the up i was my fake i d get a call glaser bear or the only i was going to school tat was dry you could not even go to a grocery store deficit by a good colbert so either you are the most civilised school that i'd ever absolute i think you should be allowed to steal a car if you're using it to get beer i didn't steal it it was our legal i would say we ve made a cops right it thought it was stolen but provide so you get hurt by reputation so back to the question that you deflected so so artfully there is northward there's gonna be in the tournament first on we think now they're are going to be an experiment i just want to seem like depositary penelope so are you sick of yourself yet not
i will because you know i'm sick of coverage so now you know actually out it was great last year i loved it i've loved i bet the cubs i bet lucinda division awaited formed a loser world series game than i better but a better price to win the world series i caught a nine game when is reached during the season bedroom every day nominate loved it loved it ok now stop stop with this dynasty ok the dynasties happening the dynasties on red sox fans became insufferable analyses the cup for let's just see if they have the dynasties aren't you kids i think but are you going to be talking about northwestern endlessly like my green bird mike wellborn dare novell who have already exhausted it before they got into the eternal actually positively not good
ok i appreciate the huts i'm so tired of that produce get in the tournament win the game and get back to me ok you ve never better that is why should i sit here reva by loveth i've got north carolina got fill the team i want a rave about is gone zaga and it is time for the zags the move and get to the final for coming here they ve got one of the greatest coaches marshfield mark who comes out in montana in the summer we have a place up in it and loves and loves to fish he's a trout fisherman is a fly fishing outstanding great companion wonderful guy does a terrific job of their school get to know respect because body but they still get no respect and why want them in the final form
tell them the funding for the northwest play say marries twice a year with roger full of australia anybody so he's gotta they drink beer after were now i've got a conspiracy theory that there's some doesn't hygiene scorn on for say marries that they get a pipeline to us tralee bringing people over four from the various rooms the various yeah like what slammed donkey a rebound initiative regular yandah lambert i've got exactly at their programme flashed on it and on top of it the terrific folks so i actually saint mary this year i gotta my own head it's termed the you might not be familiar with called being woke it's a millennium as like what you get lonely enemies kindly gave war between your eyes are open to say strata you know because happier derisory so i had it can we are convinced that saint mary was shaving points have have you ever ben like someone a little birdie on your shoulder been like eight brent i think these guys might be up to some funny business nor could i
got my bookmakers my guys guys back here i go back and they keep track of these right about my body jim over kara was in ireland there is a state can re of years right the funny money we shall i mean not again that might attract two hundred fifty dollars total guys we're companies that five six thousand dollars but some funny going writing down it was shown up all around town so these other got the one thing but the integrity the integrity which it is true we should all hope for that when you got it image you watch it better than these guys why the integrity more than anybody because a business to that right now it's money is dollars sense reg i don't know do you start distrusting it and therefore does not mention referee referenda beyond economic he was the last had citizen then i remember it and now it was carefully i did games when he was a referee
and you know had i known that he was shown up i could about the over by re rackliff somebody like let's let's be honest if you say that you have never bet a game that you ve called that's not true right you ve definitely became so if not the last time author had not the last time limited by the last i just kind of interesting it was nba eleven thirty at night game amy the ogre los angeles laker team was up in portland okay and i bet dinner for the production team with the director a legendary director by name of tony verona ok and i had i had the lakers and three points ok coming to the last possession there were down four points to a decent blazer team ok i'll never forget this and they throw a ball the johnny newman young should the good player at omission he was a laker uniform that night he take
about three durables in ajax it fires up this long shot ok had no chance to go in and bounced away port luke got the real ran out the clock by being i lose a bet i swear about fifteen twenty seconds jumping on china nome what a terrible why would you take a shot like war i'm tellin you folks i am by the way and i would have a my first coping russia proper i didn't want to do that so i really gave video games that i'm announced in every other game fair game fairly ok if i'm not because that influences i would not recommend that any analyse reply but like i do a game simply because it influences how you do the game and the athletes are without a doubt that everybody always thought that i did now the difference was i always do with the spread was i know what other people are betting that i knew what the over under number was on all the games that i that i bet so i knew when there was a
crazy cover mac door cover somethin like that going to die stayed away with him and after that people always noted when you would noted on air and it was like oh my god he's talking about gambling that always seemed like the most genuine thing like that people are watching this game you're watching a blow out because you're seeing leaving routinely backdoor cover this is why a good deal of the audience is watch so i appreciated you giving that little hat tipp to the guys who kept on those events exactly you really ramadan there like in and there is the agenda but you're like the overnight like jail ride you always a job which i know you're not go i'm a sucker actually actually talk over honours the two i tell people who are not really familiar with sports betting i said if you want to have a good imagine just enjoy the game bet the over i said
i tend to be sometimes under better in its agonize it agonize it is but the over you can pull for everybody and still have another call beer red handle it and that that makes it all kind of absolute you and i'll michael's you two are really the only ones i would ever even casually introduce any sort of gambling admission the game you ever spain's i'm in vegas with him he's a good craps player who he loves to go to what was the old hilton which is neither westgate i knew al's father really well to anna s father was a terrific horseplay we re a good you there their horse players in the narrow horse players i mean there's people about the kentucky derby and then there's people who bet the horses ok and now michael's father was an outstanding course player and so al i grew up learning about that he's a good craftspeople there he follows he follows sports i dont know that he bets a lottery he's been over four march madness at some of the casinos and town good guy
very very well versed tonight i always thought here part of the story here either cultures were honest i would on the show with lou wholesale and in those days when he was coachee notre dame we didn't have the internet to get the point spreads and everything so i was danny sharon's line and the usa today and he would open up on tuesday at the staff media and he would look at the spread and say that they were playing you i see and i say that notre dame was thirteen point favoured and whoa whoa or let's say maybe they were a ten point underdog any thought they should be the favor louis xavier staff who what do these people know that we don't know right edge biggest more how'd you know what that number is that our will into admit you do know what do you think they coach drugs convinced lane given does i am and i think that they stayed there thinking in their head you got a bunch of booze first you got a bunch of people in the programme rich guys
probably pudding action on the money so if at the end of the game i need to feel goal or go for it you think that any coaches don't like that well i think they now have to be careful but i think the your question is yes onawandah headshot and i think that there have been no coaches certainly in the air in the past who would cover for the alumni in a certain situate ryan there's a difference in bearing on professional sport in the college what i was talking to a group of people a game he knew who want to make it legal the united states and actually told him i said the urine if a ground convincing the nba in and in a fell major league baseball nature that day get by legalise gambling that you will ever be with the college's i said that's you gotta be careful with the college gambling makes because it gives us a pay right now i d how much money will it take to fix them and i fell gained at every retorted hundreds of millions of dollars rivalled
it wouldn't be worth gamblers troubled out the issues you have to watch officials like we did the nba but in a car game i feel more sympathy having been around it and watched it this for example the one about the ssc people up the big ten they one about the big ten i was it up commissioners of the leaves i spoke about so you could not get everybody who agree but if legalised bearing on professional sport became nationwide then eventually the college's would come railways take a look at a time because people people to solve these for example the one about the ssc people up in the big ten they want about the big ten i was at a a pact well basketball game the other night and the team had lost the booth i was there with a group of oysters they lost again and we're gonna went again but the spread was don't play ok and so they have a game within the game and it was
you'll find a watch these people i don't think they were big betters but they had made small wages to the casino forego the and was guy you know it this they got half a loaf you know from the one that cash about right yeah so i've ones asking this question for wild but i just feel free to be totally honest your voice its fake right yet is too big for some other give him my voice its its affection which is affecting the voice fundamentalist vague voice the voice is is so iconic and it's so perfectly suited for broadcasting that part of me quite simply that is fake but coming out of college when you say that you want to be broadcast or how long did you have to work on it did you change the voice or was it has always like that it was all right and i ever decided i want to be a broadcaster i want to be a writer and so i was a writer in chicago and it all went down because w bbn which was only cbs switch the format
they had been played by play they had been talk they had been and they switch that cbs radio format to all news which meant the only sports ever gonna do was two and a half minutes probably every thirty minutes the sports director at the time was a fella named rick weaver he hated you what'd you do play by play in the worst way a did a talk show and a youngster maybe twelve years old car say mr weaver whose a better place dare willie mays or hank aaron we're cannabis i would question is that why would you asked me a question like that so the general tanager brought me over from the newspaper to sit with wreck during this shit so the one who got ass a question like that they would turn to and i would say well the different kinds of players of maize young man is a much better outfielder faster than egg hankers got more ga power that is another
so what we ve got the job as a play by play radio broadcasts for the miami dolphins and they general manager call me and said we'd like to hire you to be a sports directed to the strips and so i kind of him than hard because over the column us at the time of scholars american i was really enjoy being a writer in chicago and he said we will pay you seven one thousand five hundred dollars a year and that was the magic why i bought our first house and i was making around eleven an idea money for the mortgage so i went over to the newspaper told luke carol the general manager was good but you couldn't leave a column to go to radio you crazy no one leaves a column and i should had had he counter the said would you be an extra three thousand i'd still be a newspaper man with me it was but the money we did have agents thin and so i was looking for the money that's that's how it all came i was i didn't tell you to broadcasting courses at north western probably too
advantage i took a lot of other courses and a one time i actually egret the news moss angeles connie chum that was great various too and then i knew the day was gonna come they were gonna save make a choice they probably thought i wanna take news i shall go back a sports because we have more fun i enjoyed sports what are you pelagia what what is your most memorable com what to call that you look back and like i really nailed that no i know i was not one there is not resale married they flew sale mary what pluto mary is heading the story because i didn't know who caught it ok visible arms elbows helmets muddy al qaeda after him and we have a graduate abbas the college and the truckle pull the key back to my head said anne said it was just our fail on broad failing sores goes on i i throw failings name it don't dugan idea especially
from the play many years later and i told him the anecdote and he started a laugh and he said i didn't know cod i should come on doug did know he's gone up the tunnel the orange ball i turned to my center i said who caught it who caught up as it goes down target was your roommate ass ever so that's that's how it is that you are obviously that was a memorable day the game the gets play though probably the most is over on the nba channel they they love to play the triple overtime game between the boston celtics and feeding sons were gar heard knocked down that shot that kept when so you no longer one of whatever the fans like undue member that night that the other day when i told you that i liked minnesota hence golden state while medicine
jumped out to an early that game i you know i don't know they're gonna hold you you know that was a smart broadcasting track as it were you ve told me that five minutes ago but my dump ran out there were airing this on a monday lifesaving what are you talking about you some minutes ago what where it is in all your famous moments where does your interview with eminem rank oh right near the top there was did you do still like what what the hell did my smoke before were well here's what happened i didn't i really still don't everybody everybody you sought thought he was high don t you think ok he hears what truly happen he standing in the middle of it and as a monitor rightness face which were used up in the booth it is looking at himself and they had turned allied softened the stadium the band was doing something with flashlights i guess down on the field and he really was spooked
ok he really was i i talk to it before it has even i've that i'm not gonna be able to convey their everyday buddy later dinner we should send my best wishes why now my retired replied he probably still hasn't got over the fact that i asked you detroit lions we're gonna cover the wait wait eminem wrote you he wrote you a note saying congratulations congratulation thy great career was very nice people will always remember me when they think of your career enough and then allow us but he was worth reverie lady fawn up there and i enjoyed it and got almost as much attention as when i called a beauty queen beautiful which now i remember that how dare you were uncertainty about you how much you ate twitter be honest no i don't dislike it does not really i mean when you when you do know called out catherine webinar iron flinch
watching cubs games on dvd and i'm pretty sure one of the camera means job the sole job was to find my frankness that right i've put twitter obviously goes crazy and towards the inner twitters twitter is a little bit of a gotcha business so they show that they sit and wait for that moment but i dont because honestly i know i don't pay all that much attached to end i'm flattered that their listening i mean i'd last night that nobody's gonna like if you're in them in a media business i got it doesnt life goes on in our so it is what we deal with the whole change tack dollar julie though has made my job a lot easier ok serve the people all the time that information those know use i paddies computer when we do the recent show am looking for information in all the time and you can take it get quick sentence in europe
soil i we didn't used to have that in the years to come in with scripts and prepared things so that i really like today's technology it is made the sports world much easier because you're going disseminate information and even on the twitter world to tell the truth and i try to give the people credit i get espn over the right hand side there's a love a lot of the coverage of quick became stories reared things over there so you grab it and i think was very use it because that's why they're disseminated it but i'll think is fair we also think is fair to give them credit for we had about on the show not too long ago and he can act of the same sort of like everybody is a gives him it gives people a platform to hate the broadcaster if they're on twitter but we're talking to him about some of the other dangers of doing the job and he expressed that being in the book sometimes you have to use restroom and
during i think he was calling a touch sound with drawing up in the booth and he had to actually getting into the bathroom entropy into a trash can that was it up in the both of you have done that you know what it is how about that story is it answer questions no the usage about your story is really funny i'm not destroy jobs father i was very closely jack work games with big strip cobb guy the guy guys guys guys so hagstrom was is endless monday i radio indiana fell and i did the pre game and a half time and when they were in new york i would actually go out to the meadow land to be the stadium was just to get the environment the feel for ever they so one night stratum had to go to the men's room and the stats guy ran a got him an empty beer cup ok
he believed himself without jack real any set the beer cup down but tone ok an energy ignited reached up but he accidently clicked it all over his leg he was so pissed off and has died he didn't after getting business that he did not talk to hank for about a quarter and have never even brought him into the bright lousy may i exaggerate now and now you tell me that you had to relieve himself during their no i know i never i never had to that now you can see me about forty five minutes afterwards i've got three budweiser than we ever have handed over the games or does the other thing they said was he likes to drink exactly one beer to get started during a game just a kind of remind himself that not to herself to seriously almost eyes at that i'm an thing you see a lot of guys just pounded appear before the didn't know the eye
nor guy propounded vita before a game that was how i go so yeah ok but a couple shooters hard till i what pets camera pounded the taliban anything seems like a scotch dichotomy now michael's you see the dinner would you ever eat no is for i do remember after baseball game i was going to radio with johnny bench down it was a great fabulous one thousand six hundred and seventeen a game playoff game between houston and and the mets and we were on the radio and the abc both is right next door and so we finished and all of a sudden around the corner with the game over came this big hand with a bottle of vodka and keys jackson was hand in that area and other weeks earlier now i was now or better afterwards i never i never really needed it before a game i was i was i was kind of interesting
how come the gamble spread because you bet on it because we know that your eyes you bet on it may never game as well i will wrap this up we had a couple last questions i actually wanted to just get your number on favorite college football than you are that just two from time to time what i missed the last years amiss dearly was notre dame because nbc got the rights and sulphur level a decade now i didn't do a game on saturday afternoon in south then but i do remember one of the great ones we did was noted aim in miami and that was the flicks versus the convicts fellow solar t shirts and get kicked out for presented me was one of those teachers which is one of my cherished possessions catholics versus the closet and it was a hell of a game
and so but there are other values or the one that surprised me was so good and everybody knows about it now is clemson were they the team around stadium and abortion and they come down that hill with some surprise more players don't get hurt you it's amazing to me i saw one of our announcers get trampled ok jack a rude fell on his ass would never come about it here but i must own is mainly in the name of january as winning the scene is usually pretty good now the pact twelve might be an exception sometimes the kind of laid back you're the best thing about the scene at stanford is when the ban comes out you know because they're gonna take everybody off and i get a big kick because like they are what fans in a rose ball they were over sensitive the music they were playing you know about them be enforced breyer hey you re a grey area but they were they were great fun it
one time there was a there was a school they were plant cover players have been charged with sexual assault and i will never forget that the trombone players came out with prophylactic sons may i add that they would get banned right i'm dr diminish neighbour by do that anymore aroused her while doubly so sure about this name forbear that's that's why they did the title nine thing is they like i think they got kicked off for having like a orgy in such they live they live to be suspended young correct sets out about life you used the word almost as much as i do i'm a big big forks guy can i just ask you give me one solid forts folks you're lookin lie we're doing a podcast danny cats every girl and tee if too late last question because its march madness your favorite betting angle
what's the angle that you always go to give some give the people the brent must burger special so that they can win some money march madness underdogs underdogs underdog ok underdogs underdogs underdogs there always barking if you don't see it in your lucky see your team could lose so don't leave you're lucky seat but you pick up your phone a computer and order beat up to go off you ve got a big group calling for the party menu that way you can order wings pick him up and get back you're lucky c and if you do lose while sitting in your lucky see you can still feel lucky eating your feelings spicy feelings keep your superstitions we but for you the buffalo my way here sports president participation various parties being locations for details would be prohibited i lost you some segments first up we have humans verse the sun shadow daylight savings gonna fuck you up a threat
saving some actually don't mind is much too used to because i'm kind of a bad boy when it comes clock management area i just don't change my clocks over the wintertime absence i live my life on summer time the or the only person who doesn't have to worry about delay savings tom coffin and also that one the town in indiana and arizona which yeah so yet arizona just they say fuck you yeah where's weirdos we'll need clocks we get the sun brother i it takes me a good like month to get that our back adjusted i'll tell you what this i woke up as little hung over its las vegas daylight saving sam is like giving your hang over pieties because you you get that one our of sleep that's so crucial that you miss out on entirely so woke up the sun was tubes everything was off but you get about four hours back into an ok with because at my leg is that i've been mentally
living on summer time this entire what are some good i agree we have a just chill out man this one goes to rush wilson who he's been acting really weird only under which is i gotta question broken your head had do they teach you how to read time in school a little time you know the little hand in the began to do how clocks work yes ok they also really mean i didn't like millennials just was ugly those ugly when my phone buzzes i wake up i also dropped out of school so i'm not quite sure ross wilson he's acting weird i mean he always weird also who do you even user clocks who uses really locks that's what i'm saying no one clocks are there and tell my knowledge of the path i tell my own time he has been going weird like love letters sierra he said i love loving you ps though the legs though dang you fine we also did he also posted like four different tweet instagram post about the one you
anniversary of his engagement day so now his wedding anniversary his david he got engage with this this was the first girl friendly i don't think he actually dated his wife i think he was just born married to his ex wife because does the barrier of a seventh greater whose in love for the very first time it's just very i just don't understand like why you have to tell the world constantly that you love your wife from an you married her yet we get abronia you have a kid coming with her yeah ok future child futures future child futures future brother futures future son i would like some you're getting married to future gestures on future juniors future brother there we got it we have a will you ever so the backup catcher for the royals injured the starting catch her for the rules at the world baseball class in humbly collision also self sabotage yeah
actually saw it was an ugly play i don't understand i'm not a big world baseball classic guy because it just we already have a lot of baseball and i love a spar there's a hard sixty two games like see long season i'll do we need more based but the one thing i do like about the world baseball classic as you get a little bit more anger so the as our play for contracts replay for the country true so they sometimes get hypnotized into thinking maybe they're in a war yeah and so the other country i'm going to run you over that's got to be that old school baseball that's going to suck for him when i goes back to kansas city and he hurt his catcher yeah he hurt the guy that furthermore the debts are correct i think pete rose actually believe that the team who is playing against was a different country every single time every single game are utilised target that's why you further back at his thoughts and prayers for jim bay haim he had a little teeth which jape jim baby i'm always has
oh you know he is like the temperate tantrum king the adult temperature from king has always been this much of a baby eyes always gonna been a little curmudgeon so he went after the city of greensborough for having he hates they see tournament when it's there it's not there it wasn't there this year you know who else attack greensborough the union army the soul has referred and sit there i t in an ultimate troll move had you and see greens ro play they haven't playing syracuse in the first round i love it it's the best fuck you jabez best and he's gonna be even more upset about it and syracuse i know eric uses upset because it and get in the tournament elderly beaten one away from the carrier dome the only thing that they have going for them as they have a lot of allow me in the media that kept mentioning with syracuse gonna make it run with an absurd use and the bubble teams i don't know i can never really get too i am talking about the bubble team yak as they want they gonna win the war games i want thing and i
if go for troll job more often just really laid out there really yeah yeah that's your opportunity stand out is by kind of being a dick i agree we never out you know what jim behind is the kind of guy that major psych policy and from the energy thou be great just hey hey university greensborough shows up please like no one point but he would answer yeah he wouldn't admit because as you can see gee you would just be like you know what our team to play that well and i need the gas to folks and academics right even though they all don't even little class because i've been just passing them all next up we have little locker him talk this actually we went to us we have spotted so we do a lot of talk and we have some money sit in our pocket that we want to roulette we'll tonight and we're gonna do it we're talking about like what to put
because we want to go it just pure either read or pure black and the best strategy we can come up with wood was to consult our friend who is an expert in investing his name's lenny dykes re may have heard of him he's six hundred ten and one in his career so if we get his luck i feel like we're not definitely doubling up i was trying his put up in a while hey let me read or black rhetoric back what's report on the roulette wheel our debts suck my dick later ball
run red we're gonna go down egg is going to be recorded that learning we'll let everyone know how we do take slanting rebecca next up we have a safer metrics and this one is sad this is the two thousand and seventeen in the in the year two thousand seventeen which has happened yet stilted on sixteen the hence have one one single game at the barclays that's pretty said duke has one now for games the borders so could you basketball beat the nets i think it may it's time to sort haven't i conversation i was i went to double check this sabre metrics and it's just so many else so many read out by the brooklyn that's it is just a boot cocky of red
let's play a game rockwork it's called name three players minutes go the lopez guy he's a target of fellow the up the other of the white guy ireland will go there we go finally we have and explains hank which he told us is coming on very excited for it let's do it explain to me why what the reason of checking out of a hotel is oh i just don't check out a hotel yeah i know and i get that but today i walked down the lobby and there was a line although at the door of people waiting to check out what is that their nerds those are all northwestern gradually i here's the thing i don't think it hotel makes you check out except for vegas hotels it's very we're arranges hotels still try to make you check out here they try to do what i tell you there is no point in check out last week yeah their people
you're probably start laying it that hotel i'm a fugitive wanted men outside note we can say that the caesars all week i just want to say so apologies to peter turn and because they have they put out candy they have the candy evan i address eaten the candy every single night i think it's probably i for a hundred dollars and it also arrive for snickers minis are seventy five dollars and on that i had one no you drink today and i honestly like i was shaking when i was opening hours ago bad this asylum thirteen hours it's a rush to teach a hit up the menu bar because you know how much that's gonna hurt you and your wine dating what they're doing you open up the bar you open up the refrigerator and like lit from the bottom so all the bottles looks so heavenly in their miller light looks like million by me just to one year
i can see why do one for two images do one bottle of bud light for twenty eight now you know that seen in in flight within a washington knoweth enable them over yeah where you looks at the many born electrons them from the room that's how i've spent my entire week here i just i just look at the beers in there and i want one why just figured if you dont want for the many bar you're lucky to candy that's fair the candy should be for there are one of the other dhaka greedy all hotels new new idea hotel the one the sticking point is free any other time does gumbo machines in the room with all kinds of can fill the bathtubs upward with skittles perfect martian lunch will be personal checks you i'm pretty topical that's our show we will see you on wednesday like we're we're gonna mark titus on our show to talk about the bracket break it down for real for real and we will be back you're just in time for a huge snow storm and will see once if we get there kenya is love you guess
shy arbitrary upon said to me it's pardon my ten percent stools
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