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Buffalo Bills Pro Bowler Richie Incognito

2017-12-04 | 🔗

The Fastest 2 Minutes and Football Week comes to a conclusion in the Buffalo Airport as the guys recap a week on the road, the Big Ten Championship game and a Sunday with Bills Mafia (2:17 - 8:22). NFL Week 13 recap. Who's Back Of The Week and Football Guy of the Week (8:22 - 36:25). Pro Bowl Offensive Lineman Richie Incognito joins the show to talk about the Bills season, his hatred for Thursday night games, what it's like to go through a 5 interception half and tips for Hank's Rough and Rowdy fight (36:25 - 55:15). Segments include Let's Get Mad About College Football Online where we break down the Final 4 and how Nick Saban white knuckled his way to another playoff berth. Stay Classy for the Chiefs and Thoughts and Prayers for Eli Manning

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