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Calvin Johnson, Mt Rushmore of Cartoon Characters To Party With and NBA Free Agency

2021-08-03 | 🔗
Football is back and so are training camp fights (00:02:44 - 00:07:50). We talk NBA Free agency and Olympics (00:07:50 - 00:17:32). Hot Seat/Cool Throne including Andrew Cuomo is not a creep because he released a collage of touching people (00:17:32 - 00:30:36). NFL Hall of Famer Calvin Johnson joins the show to talk about his career, playing for the Lions, Matt Stafford, Jim Caldwell and tons more (00:30:36 - 00:58:43). Mt Rushmore of cartoon characters you want to get fucked up with and guys on chicks
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As today's is part my take hall, we owe whoop three two one on today's part of my take your getting Jago cut that fuck you, you don't fuck with me, you never rocketry. Yet just before this, that I never fuck with you often weak continues. Talking to Ah, sir, thank you Hank all fame weak continues Calvin Johnson on the show. We also have me rush more of cartoon characters. We wanted you fucked up with We have got on chicks, we have. Some tension in the room is hate, got chick filet. It Billy wanted it really wanted. There is a lot of attention in this room. Lotta alpha energy organ. Do the show and were brought you by our friends at golden auctions. Did you collect sports cards or memorabilia as a kid there back in a big way, if you some extra cash. Your cards might be worth a few bucks now
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Well, there's a part of my take presented by golden auctions: dot com go right now, you're with me to get into the card. Collecting world golden auctions dot com today, is Wednesday August forth, and football is bad let's go. This is the last show that we're gonna do for the entire year before theirs. I felt football game guys not only that, but there's footballs back, because we now have training camp fights, training camps. it's, our back, the giant all had like it sounded like the Maoist, the palace in New York. Today we never a video of it, Now we're getting all these reports of fights people, those of a player. panthers you got waves, could where the head hunting practice way way way to put on the giants. Fight Daniel Jones was at the bottom of the pile, the arrows which some people are saying that awesome Daniel Jones he's a fighter has shown that he can
be more than just Brooks Brothers right, but I actually think the other way around. I say that I don't think that Your giants are tough enough if their quarter is thinking that he's even able to swing on I he might have just been caught under like heap. I would imaginative judges look in the other direction and in almost cartoon just ate him up. So, like a one, the giant like balls of dust, that's right around humble! We end they got him on the blind side. Then he fumbled side, no tumbleweed are actually very dangerous. We hit a tumble we hey. Can I had a tumbleweed when we were driving through New Mexico with the boss and it was like it was a fuck it yeah it's like a tree did pretty. But you just if you have a car, you just hit it yeah, but they're like no fuck. Your car up alone but you're getting a lecture the arms dealers, yet those that want to get a watch archery footballs back. It was asking to see, We have some MBA recharge member free agency because the balls are brought about
but yet dang Cambodia, candle man Campbell his outlet, the entire ranks of every he's, the most football guy to ever coach in the NFL, I think he's he is he's starting a blur. The line where he's no longer really football. Guy he's just kind of a football USA. so so uh. There's courtyard but calm monkey treated out this morning that day, Campbell is so fired up for the first day, a paths that he just went straight into a story about fighting on the first day of pads would he was a rookie all opening statement. That's not what looking for. That was the point of the story, So he indefinitely just started talking remedy his brain sort of reminiscing about getting in fights yeah, and then he had to do the like. The damn thing of like do, as I say not as I do get, but also wink wink. Please do what exactly I did yes, and then he had some other commentary made some of this he's getting blown like a little bit out of proportion,
where'd. They go man, I can't dank amble says he wants a physical football team only. I know we dig him coffee, yet no dog he said I want to see these guys compete on Wednesday. These guys get to the point where it is. Almost all out bra, but there isn't one If you don't push it almost to that point, you really won't get where you need to get in opinion in this lead to be competitive, the highest level of it all correct, Tangley issue from dank and take it to the edge, and he did have a great quote: he so excited about the first, it adds now we find out who can deliver some punishment and who can take some punishment who in order to find out. This is the year of of how football guys will do in our football guys, I should say in the ETA, probably his damp cable, Joe Judge, Joe judges dealing with it as well, because power the giants, grammar fighter, Malay, whatever you want to call it they'd
lapse hundred yard lapse, and then he didn't like. However, did it soon, then he made ever knew pushups and I feel, like that's, not gonna go over well with a bunch millionaire athlete they went over really well remember the Titans yeah got everybody to bind together. Yes, movie, Were you say fifty one for the first eyes out here and he's reference it a few times nor this first. I won't wait conversation who had asked me about it, but it will be the same. He had evidently happens. It will happen to say I am. I think that at some point we're we're gonna get a coach. It just doesn't practice we're gonna go. gonna get a coach. Eventually he use like I'm gonna get the fact displeasures yet and the guys that I think are the best on tape and then we're he's going to study and not ever gone practice and will see how that works, how it was a player valueless hot here earlier member Tawny, illegal, marry, you Jackson's like of some time we have to let them propped up like now. We want to save water, save sable. That was a meeting of minds,
yeah Jackson had taught Hayley talking football, and then you Jackson being like listen, we can you think you're way, but coach Self Harrison. I wouldn't I went over sixteen. I think I know what I'm doing. Listen when I get fired from this year, job my civil rights of the nice about me and you the bag the up, so we can do this the easy way or the heart. How do you want to be remembered in the annals of history? I saw some created pseudo MBA, rules are back. They have gotten very aggressive. crew, show laws a ball. de Marge arose in all the bulls next year. I'm actually legitimately excited Caruso is. Are you little jealous that I get to refer? Crews are not at all, because I think that by going to the both the value of his inability on the Lakers go, some they were making any more though soy good, The heat, the HE culture, Cow Lowry, then Chris Paul Gunjay, Tucker, Pga Tuckers, well, Chris Paul about like a hundred and twenty million dollars.
as a thirty seven year old, so credit to him. I think his career earnings are right above four hundred million, not for honey. Forty million, as inaccurately reported by daring, reveal- He idea Stephen Shea got on top of that use the apparently nailed all night just arguing online that with some site to be well, yes, even show was right. You know he was right. Hashtag J was right. Che was absolutely right, but I didn't It's weird like at the end of the day the NBA obviously still comes out. So why do you have one of the top five players league, but it fun, to see like complaint. A lot about the car packs situation and now The new balls front office is basically put that to the ground as fast as possible, so they deserve a lot of credit. I also think that I'm gonna have maybe sneaky. For the Lakers alone, but next year mellow, I move Yom Room for mellow and am also rooting for the that takes the start fly because when you have that many guys hunting is very
It's no longer Lebron James T hurry. I think once they get to play off its time. Baby yeah mellow in Westbrook, going Leubronn sit back. We got the uproar. Audrey, german, recurring guest, great recurring on the six years, You hate him now Hank what are the work of the salt accelerated. Ah, nothing southern priority of does reading a smart Murphy. Just we, this, according to a leak source, is to retain a salary structure that makes it possible to sign a major player when he comes available, most the next summer that smart? So this is literally now our salaries, verbal verbal meme is I'm squid word and, and everyone else's like signing. you're players in their teams are getting better and the Celtic suggests sting but, and it may be sorry as items which I'd be happy about, but what when he was their star player. They got slept in these commerce file. So it's not like he's gonna, be. The guy to take us to champion I welcome these great, no great players. Prince you guys, but you guys almost had Westbrook mellow
Dwight Howard who else is almost drive and ran a few Guerrero into the warriors yeah. keep your head in their lawns. Oh I want. I went on to how it I'm not forgetting the the big problem while other than a ball boy for four years. It is crazy. I saw a few people. We like one. I get to deal with all of our bought. What we lose. Our rules are not even to his existence. It disappeared. Second, we, as happened anymore. There needs to be a serial on what happened to him, because I think that we need to allay I'm pretty sure that Leubronn was like if your dad, are talking I'm when a trade, you a media. Yes, it will be genuine yeah. I think you did that. I, like Highschool Basketball League, and it was like an absolute disaster that that's kind of where I was following. Then all of a sudden there was like reports of ensued or like things than go. The way of supposed to in any kind of yeah appears MILAN, one also like it logs as like twenty three twenty four, like I think he s family, the zone of ours out.
oh he's, sees even though, in the sidelines The thing that I saw today was apparently the seventy six which are asking for a hall of pigs that are similar to what the nets dealt fur was it. It was cagey in Paul Pierce. What they want for Ben Simmons, but no ones. well. It's gotta be such as no one's gonna. Give him anything great advances, Evans. You must listen to the show because he actually has taken some pictures of the gym, so Grammy at a shirt off some. of a thorough, Strap Dwight? You, was it the gym, didn't see a video of him shooting a basketball, but it look like he was going to shoot a basketball de member a couple years ago and who is using a beach somewhere and he had a fish on the
of a fishing pole a level a took it off, others, it is not about. We took the fish off the hook and then try to throw in the ocean, and he missed the ashes we added yes, yes, that is spent yet you're gonna get someone's gotta. Make an offer at some point for right. I mean now the bulls have a super team, so dont want of money more, but I did at one point talk myself into yeah. Blazers, might do it. The bulls have a super team of just names. You recognize its debts, it is good as starting five of like. I know all these guys, that's good. If you can't remember all the names, realities and a crucial, I'm fucking soap The glaciers fans were really bonds, which makes it a great site yeah Caruso is awesome cruises legitimately. I think like now, a top five player in the east and weeds legal in Illinois. We owe. Is it yet? Well, that's good! So he's good he's good. Just don't lie was access, will they actually our good friend Tom Fanelli tweeted that item and he liked it yeah? He like like saying he liked it onto
being like oh sick. Yet when I got a good, what, when I told em switched to three Chung, he smell you smashed alike. On yeah, that was your treat. Hank Jose, We could take you ever college football preview. Almost oh yeah, big, tens coming out next week. I think ass. You see a lot more things, a factor in their cars. Rethink on bigger? You owe me too little have large volumes of right here as soon as this disorder, tom. I double check. No Athos outside of your previous pick. Taxes can be set here. Or anything else we got before we get to hussy thrown in the interviews and then about Rushmore and then guy subjects. All the Olympics. they are. Did you watch the foreigner meter hurdles, a thousand awesome Raimondo to plant this goal Opel Balding prove me right, yeah, Ok, if you can do what I can do, is one byles our queen, bronze back up.
She did even get a winner, Bronson Shawls, Hag Hague. Don't I've. No, I didn't she's our queen, not choose the girl she's, our goat. I go the most metals in? U S. Jim is history which shouldn't How is like bronze shouldn't count is like if you get Like Michael Phelps has like twenty three goals. Twenty seven metals total you shouldn't be like I'm better than Michael felt. She got twenty eight bronze agreed by which she's ok I've noticed that the track is extremely fast, its awesome. There has been well, it's been wet, but the wet almost makes it faster makes it slipped. I don't know what's going on, but I did the tree can feel it. I think that they knew that they had to produce world records. Yes, nor to get some buzz gone. Yes, be really dumb for suggesting this. But if There'S- crowded or does it mean that is more oxygen for the people to breathe on the track
yeah. Probably this is like my theory about wind in empty NFL stadium. yeah, so their sucking all the oxygen now yeah normally, but when there's no fans there it's a richer richer environment for especially distance runners, what it breathe more efficient. What are we got? Four attitude in Tokyo pretty low to the ground, I'm not sure other sea level you're out to sea level. One hundred and thirty one feet high corner but wait a hundred thirty one tab. I rely on average as hot We say why should you had four? That's it. as see you get up like we might. We might be either right now. How are we re now we're three feet now run like right. Right now is as unlike at the office like, I think, we're on a hill on the on the floor that we're on fifty five feet
thirty three verses, one hundred and thirty one, that's a big difference I Billy chick biologically after this, because I do think it's fucked up. I ordered it when you want to know now we're three stories up and its higher billion luggage, chiefly because his boss, you ever knows you loved your way. There's not a big deal. the man came in and warmer like each other halfway up Y yeah, you for everybody knows that really is the biggest chick fully behind the others. Besides Green T shirt for way I lost you. Haughty, cool throne What's he called road is brought you our friends a course light course light is the best beer There it is the summer to chill hey, listen, summers all over all don't say that summers almost over August one. to go.
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Wow. I was good order for you. Hence the boy. Did you order me anything no, what I asked you said: no, thank you can't get those tests. Do you hear me anything? I would leave something you're me everything now, don't ask me: why do you want a gesture Ah, my hot seat is John Oxford. Ok you guys, are no John, the axe man, Mr Ford, is a pitcher on the blue Jays that today was traded to the brewers per one single dollar. Why dollars or that is so insulting, so insulting for the ego, your professional athletes, but to being told that your values, a literal one dollar? Why and why? stacks for damn pollyanna stuff. I feel like it. Why not join our progress. Retire yeah make it a hundred dollars you don't you negotiate that Nazis yeah? That's The other, I think, was miles plumy. Maybe one of diplomas got traded in
He got traded with, like the fortieth pick for like the sixtieth pick, tyres, rude or they're, giving him up to go down yet rang. The rare I write stuff and then my cool throne is Brennan. Frazier, o the attack got Cason, quintet, containers, new movie, Haliae kites light care bar, so they do their like fake Photoshop thing in are very big: Brennan Frazier people So when I saw it on Israeli, like this, is a classic prank by definition, can jack and I work one deadline in its true and true balance. Walk yes rip here we should have more or time I got about! You wasn't bad at all, so on now about air. You ve not yet travel and so has two weeks left off. I search you get him all three were going to do it for what is a stark, retweet baby names. I may see troll baby. Maybe you know what we do with them. yeah really semite shit you. We might have. We might have to run back. Ok,
Bryn phrases the greatest actor, maybe ever may I cage yeah standing gentleman IP if to your hearts, equal to my hot seat is Jimmy grapple. big J, big Jimmy tray landscape as first reps forty this camp today and on the third rap, he threw like a fifty yards dime as he was rolling out to his left, jumping in the earth Across his body, that's we called the others. What does Wilson throw yeah yeah so yeah he could he completed against alive defence and All the forty nine hours be radishes Demille cream themselves core, and then John Lynch went on they are when I am chapters podcast said Jimmy is playing his best football. Since he's been here which sound to me, like a journal manager
being a guy. They send them somewhere else, labors, maybe to a place like Indianapolis interesting, but oh yeah, we start with a real quick, not always Carson. What's gonna get surgery bestows Quit Nelson adds a foot thing going under foot, their deal with some severe foot injury issues in any Nablus. Sorry bill. If we took your hearts, we'll throne, but yeah. I tend to agree with what you just for yes, so I even though cows and going into the season saying like can't envision a scenario. where, where Jimmy Grab LE would not be started or noise it, I can't visionary were tree lance. Would be the starting quarterback week, one and this is the same guy- that like can very easily imagine killing his gives that you know who's gonna, be loved him all facts out of acts. and then my cool throne, is an requirement. I was my call from tankers right when the entire world thought that they had this guy dead to rights, the old
Nipple rings Casanova of New York put out the good is the policy that you have all time. We're just showed him sexually harassing other people tat he did eat it ever was like hey age. Cuomo, stop touching everyone he's like look. I touch, everyone will have you why we well yeah. That was a point. We know that in such everyone we know that. I also like that. He threw it up. I never seen this move. You know people Always like oh yeah, that's like saying, like you know the old. Oh, I have a black friend He literally did I touch black people first yeah he did at first yeah. Just like look, I'm not are not only not a touch her a sexual salter about racist, either way. If I were a sexual assault, I wouldn't be races. Yes, we can't say it's not double J. I pick one of the other who you can also say they like in those pictures. He was saying weight
How are you go see that I touch people against their consent? I touch like so my best friends against their consent, all the time so yeah. Thank you, Mr Cuomo. We get it! How about the idea of like ok so They accuse you of something: and your first thought is. I know I have just just the ticket. Someone go find all the pictures cause, there's a lot of all of me. Touching people like that's so many pictures that he got yeah it's just. It was probably very easy. I would imagine they were work. Till like two in the morning and quabos acknowledge I caught
red and female number six cut little child number two like he. Probably that thing was probably a hundred minutes, long yeah, oh the and the amount of picture you have certainly probably as our own hashtag on Instagram, like Hashtag Cuomo touch me and one weird, what a fucking weird he should just gone with the italian explanation: despoiling I'm italian hands. We touch everybody here, I'm sorry this frayed, my Nona taught me how to do this. It actually kind of did that with his day and she did kind to say that with a deadly gray, another masterful piece of pr by either by the expert him so he started with his parents being Liked- is how my parents- and I always like touch teacher A little earlier to say was like this is how we do in the old country yeah what a fuckin hearing I mean that you just put the evidence out there. If you look back at his history to every single time that he does something bad.
He just like he like legalise we'd. Yes, oh he just gonna everything's gonna, be the purge in New York City TAT, the next six months after what came out to ask everyone on ya think about some mouse, I ah that was my cultural as well by outsiders, the! U S, women soccer team is lost and we still also didn't know, because I just don't think about this stuff. constantly didn't. They were hated by some people on twitter yeah. I tweeted about like Oh, we socket soccer now and there are a lot of people who were like. Serves a right like for what and then I guess, dismissed a lot of stuff, yes owed. Its people, spend a ton of time online have very strong opinions, one with either the women's national team is like the poor. Embodiment of everything that is female in America right or they are literally Satan Rhine working to destroy. I jump. I think I was joking, because I juggernaut soccer. No one should care about smoking when here's. My analysis is are women's teams. Golden generation is key
to an end and our men's team golden generation that has just begun. I always loved the golden generation discussion when it relates, is like one team at a time can have gone duration. Belgium had there's there still gone. There still go on a little bit. They really want to lots of ya think they were anointed golden general. France has one now Portugal was one that had gone generation, the early two, thousands, they ve one every international term at every up, so Now it's archer, the USA is going generations just can start hell. Yeah we are. I Jake, you're hot sequel thrown hot seat is twitter fleets begone Lastly, what ever you obviously have? I use them occasionally, and I haven't for like two months, never used it, he's at one time, the first time and then never use it again yeah, Saddam, god you're that they still have like the fleets version on Instagram right now, and they will they get story story and then any story, they sell users than they also the fleets version on Facebook, which is like Facebook stories
but there is no bigger indication of pre crime and if someone you follow on Facebook is actively updating their facebook stories. Yeah yeah and then our core throne is animals on the field we had a cat, Unloosen Yankee Stadium saw that anyone everyone can ride together about an animal in the field agreed like everyone loves, it doesn't matter what happened in the game for the blow of its close through everyone. Extraction from the egg is being a covert disaster to trading veracity Rizzo in getting into the playoffs Three things are the wildcard. Wist was coming Harlan. Article now he usually is. I hope, re at the need for you to please. I love Anthony result, but I'm just gonna say right now he doesn't deserve to be with those bombs. Will some bitter very bitter, oh, by the way that the break up between the Cubs and in general The Cubs in and the three guys got trade is getting ugly, so they're doing like a he said. He said We offered him a shitload of money like no none of you offered anything. So it's gonna be an Celtics, almost Adam,
Rizzo yeah Billy you're hot sequels rub my huts. Is airplane travellers. We had two viral videos. Recently one wishes, your standard airplane fight over reclining seat, the second one. there was a guy who, allegedly God really boost up on the plane took his shirt. Offs are going nuts assault, to flight attendants and then ended up in the classic duct tape to the sea. It was upon, creativity of heroes grieving, like my, my parents have two million dollars. That's not that's a lot of that's a lot of money put its also not like. I feel I give your truck you're out of jail for free. Your parents had to have fifty million. I think that's that's fucking. Money on frontier ears is not fuck. You money. If you're on Delta are german again, it's a lot of money, but it's also like that. Doesn't I don't two million, is where you go around nosing your thumb.
It's not your money, your parents right. So also it's important to note that day they arrested the guy after they landed. And then they suspended the flight attendants that duct tape them, which I hope it's with pay, because that is that would be the best reward of your life. If you work, we're Frontier airlines is a flight attendant and they told me stay home for two months, while they still paid you up. That would be in credit. I hope that's what they're doing to reward, because that kid deserve to get yes and you crawl through my cool throne? Was U S soccer wing, the Comcast CUP, but my second cool throne is the plague turns others. De Chipmunks, around Lake Tahoe that I'll have the plague down parts of the lake ass mad and staggered so the plague. What is the plague Billy, it is actually a parasitical infection that goes from fleas to rodents to humans at some points where's the source, the black death. Yes, o d, the rat, and rodents. I get blamed for the black death. Probably
The worst deal of all time because they were the ones are responsible- was fleas that we're on a bunch of other stuff haven't thought it was rats. just get the rats at thy fleece. dude- I saw a rat- there was dead on the sidewalk that was like partly look like he had just gotten can cost and he wouldn't singly flax year eager dead animals. Should we talk about Larry, not dead, he's not dead as a scary moment, just yet Frank just killed Larry verbal He just said rest in peace. Larry the Goldfish Talk Cainy. I please Calvin Johnson Hall Favour before get to Calvin Johnson when talking about a great friends over across country mortgage crew. country. Mortgage is much like us a parcel. They are a people. First group of people, a dedicated to the fundamentals of mortgage lending which results in a fast, convenient and less stressful, home financing or refinancing experience? aids or unbelievably low right now. Don't pay the bank more money, then you need to our friends
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cross Country, Mortgage LLC, animal S, three, zero to nine all loans. Subject underwriting approval Debbie Debbie Debbie that in M L S consumer access, dot, org love, yes, ok! I welcome on a very special guests is an affair hall famer. As of this up coming weekend, Calvin Johnson from Detroit Lions. Ah Calvin. Thank you for joining us. Your big weekend is coming up. Furthermore, congrats I mean that's, we saw the video we ve had David Baker on ice. To imagine, even though you kind of news coming, it had to still be like a moment like holy shit. This is incredible, also manner. We knock on the door. Had ideals come in no new, One point I get in there, but are not getting the first ballot knows. However, I mean you. You had in amazed career? Some people, myself included, would say that you're, I think, you're the.
Wide receivers ever play the game. Have you have you thought about that? Have you taken the time to think What you were able to accomplish, the using replanting and can a figure out for yourself that stacked up against everybody else now appreciate it. I can say that when I came in, I began to take from the best that you give the guys that I'll wash before me play in these goods in one package as really all want to do it. did you make all radically receiver and then I'll? They were accomplices, so as one of the greatest receivers Volta have to ask you Do you know what a catches you: were they not right? I'm a good is greater like an airline. Riddles accidents happen my career, but that enable the Chicago yet out, are we robbery idea out of here I was but I thought it was code messed up that they called it the Calvin Johnson rule after the fact, because they ended up changing the rule, that would have made that catch a touchstone and then it is,
think it. They call someone Calvin Johns rule. It should be kind of like the other way around but now they just name it after you and everybody else gets avatars down, but you're very obvious. Option in the Inzana stilled and count. no right away, but you could go back and go back and burn items that sheet of my answer. So you're you're speech coming up on on Saturday night or might be some eggs and others plunder yeah You know the way of eight minutes. David Baker told us is playing people off the sheer. Do you have yours? Each down you ready to roll with yeah I'm gonna go mean. I came up the first time I made my tin. Man is an article two minutes. Optimum use tie stop the swedes by all your football life into a minute. Scenery one thinks, but they should give us update this committee. Suddenly people out by armed you'd, better care. So your time football life. What would you say? Ah was like the year
that you realise like oh I this is this, is something I'm going to be really really good at you thought him? While I go about why my baby, college. Like you no limit high school, he still learning, and you know you don't know, go to college, don't know what's out in front of you, but When I got round the fire with the fire, I want first of all, training and Capital Georgia taken not only does the third day, but a second game play in organs. Clemson I lied returns and no big hundred at some yards up naturally tat Televise show. I know. That's why are there my ok, you got some, he doesn't, chancellor, That's got to be a pretty pretty sick feeling going. Ok, this little different. I can do this now. You're Beach, obviously I mean. Are you going to mention the lions? I dont know you. There are people in the organization, you're gonna, think I'd assume, but it's it's a little bit of a touchy subject. Are you well, I carry? navigate that portion of the speech Are you no stopping the bread value,
try a little while ago, at all alone, Tell me when I was cured, you're gonna say don't say almost state by that, and I will regularly not definite doesnt Freemason called you know so much respect for labour there in Detroit Self knowledge for too long David David really no trial? You know, are they all those people made man. Ok, so speaking of your teammates, will you be thanking our good friend tony shuffler? I think you should talk to you cool care. When one goal girls we fly away, one was interesting cast by with great ideas. yeah, I view if you can't jumped on Othello. Ok, I put you gotta. Think him. I need you to thank him on species omen there. There's gotta, be a bastion of yours. Are each agri looking tossing name in their yeah there? Ok, I perfectly you, that's all I ask, but have you when you were posing for the bus that they were making Will you try to do like a certain particular face where you conscious
The fact that the way them faces right now? Is gonna be frozen in time of forever? inside that hallway the amount does then hand, was my guide. I was stopped me show you. I heard a gamble national pleasure when he was at the house here ice of you getting investigated? How can sculpture yeah. I was very concerned as the librarian like what, I want to be too serious. I don't want to be just now. I just want to be like a focused. You know we'll see how looking to combat, but at last time I saw a rational today. It is it like, I don't really know hide. Put into words. Put will never be in a spot where it's like. You know something like this. Like a hall of fame, of a major sports events, thing this to this level. Has it hits you yet like you, will in a man for luck, We'd, better term like live on forever. Like you are people will go to captain the war
through I been there. You know you see the boss in theirs. Alan Johnson, like has that has occurred. Have you been able to grasp that mentally can one time is that close worsted there's like no can't buy TAT Alexander saw my bed or more planned like Cleveland, that mercenary beggar, my man, it's gotta, be held the cylinders logger, your light hair raising See you see no you're statue sitting amongst all the grave at you, but you wash before you. and now I think that, after the mid the day after when I go back through there, after it's all said and done, and it's up there, you know I'm model I'll, probably be overcome with emotion. like analyzing David beggars, knock on my door. That day this is this is gonna, be tough question. I warn you before I ask it: You might not I'll? Let you feel how you want to answer in the moment, but it's it's. It's a duty I come to your door right now. And I have a check for. forty million dollars in my hand as a carbon. I'd like you,
play for the Kansas City Chiefs. for one season. Forty million guaranteed plan B, because our planet elimination and do our you're gonna be called wherever I do it all you're going you're going planned. You play ex receiver. Ok, forty million! Do you do it? The motto retirement they prepare. Forty million a four year too, on a final, they saw him in the Sahel offer help. I would as Super Bowl chap at school. But I'll be my body was really the point. What point, though, were you I I'm officially officially, because I you? You were tired little orally. Ah, a very serious same way, where you still had something left. I would assume so like a year or two after. If someone I called you would have been like ok, I could probably do this at what point we.
Like I'm, officially retired. I probably can't do this light. Just enough time has passed. now more would have to say but may I wasn't longer than his play. I knew it. I knew it. I knew I was done, but before I would die, you know that your play, I didn't really one of the other half his body was uncertain, so much it wasn't fund be out there somewhere after I got them playing light out, don't say it seemed to him. I can't stop. I bet you're an all see that adopted, but despite my lot, foundations camps, I am merely out their? Surely you thought it was real the nice more after I got player fool out for Bulgaria, That's just goes it I'll. Have me, I don't have anything more or less the city, my stuff I'd ask where, in a little impact, knowledge is inflammation of the already a radical step, but like that. You know that I myself pain that come with that they just can't get to your regularly routine. You can do your regular practice. Will tat. No quality of life is
offering at that point you walk around and pain every day is not. Finally, that's why the change you? Yes, definitely a great answer and an answer that I don't think most fans realise because I definitely like I have a job to be glad to get two hundred yards like on the first week of The NFL worth? Having really think like that, like there's nothing, you can say to me that would actually changed. My mind was nice said about the pain and everything but come on you're super. Like I understand. Why is basically not possible, but once I see you wearing the uniform the visor everything? Ok, he's you get two hundred fifty interpreters. as Calvin Joy ass. You must have a uniform on my big Joe and tried to get there first could so so real quick. Let's talk about you're you're company primitive, which you're wearing right now so you spoke, open we after your retirement that you know use, can
is to help with the pain. A lot of people are become a lot more enlightened too that these days Michigan, obviously so what what you're doing with your company. That's helping like a you know. Athletes are boil a general with Europe. let us use it also just trying to recover from injuries. We form criminal law owning started a name primitive collar premises. Original medicine is most primitive formats and thummim. There's other payments is out there. You're just take it for that. He knows the early for medicine, an obscene Glasgow point of years. We have been able to use because of lower Austria Why are we not put in place, but we here too literally lift the sting off in this thing too, Should I own powers of the plant? You know that's what is taken away from we hear about Canada, Marijuana we are trying to elevate everything about the plan from the binoculars, too. You know just the professionalism and industry. And how would you like to say by highlighting the powers of the plant?
and more innovative in industry. Not an obsolete doesn't want to grow. Kick right. Can Gaga can't read the text, but we want a great Mccrae, innovative products, new things that would bring people to the table by ok, I'm able to see the hell I'm positive in this. Just you know smoking. We, everyone has no we'd have borne. By the same time, I want to find a way to help people call your wife yeah. That's uh, yeah I like, I think, it's about time, that people come around real sectors through your ways of dealing with pain and taking opiates. Or taking certain prescriptions. if you can, just if you can manage it using things I cannabis is waste I rather think that in the history of modern civilization. There's been an overdose on cannabis. You can correct me if I'm wrong, I'm pretty sure that, like the worst, that happens is fall asleep for a long time and you get a little bit confused that's funny. Various. I had your item four Anderson Nature were endured. Visa
over the years law. My years, I've never seen by religion. Anything encountered big battle eyes and anything like that. Cannabis is always inscription oh yeah. Yeah what's been going on the last year, twenty five thirty years in America with prescription pills. has been very tough to watch, and so I feel like anything They can get somebody off of that type of medication using some that's more manageable someday. You can do realistically for a longer period of time. I think, is really great car so set us. That's cool that you don't speak I'll be wiser, mean it was news easily get access. All it's gonna get so be that's what it had a horse stance on what happened in my career in eleven smile, some earner, where they really- while trade we gotta, stop the ices do not talk but that is not our guys have to always hope. You're gonna do that, but at times been append is a pandemic. I hope the United States, and I mean obviously I saw that- and you know my whole thing going to the league- was trying to have a hit list holistic way of being
is derived are not going to my body of ours is the right of the youngest of always wondered about that with the the total shots that you're about, and you can get a certain amount of those per year what does that few like? If you get paid, locking, shall like that. Does it feel actively tv better overall or is it just like a number of weight are going to be so great that sharp pain at your given every time you today jabbered at break down. You know you know it Norman color. You know you gloss over that rigid toward are also using the push through the pain and be out of place but over time techniques have too much. You know you're free system of the robot, frequently thereby yeah to talk more quickly. that's Stafford, so he is everyone's favorite story this off season. It's the idea that Shaw Mcveigh is gonna, unleash bat Stafford he's playing for rams in your mind, like is Math Stafford Hall, caliber you're, you are
Famer yourselves you played with him. I've always had these numbers will be there. Do you think that, at the end of his career Hill elaborate a decent chance or case to make it again, you know it all appears how much longer my Matthew and showed the play, and if you use that ring, I bother not ignore that day. You know vices we have two secular went out with a light three for fire decided. When I see Even if you don't want to know about it, you had the chance to have a cannon. I got the same. May I add very broad fingers nor did the sailor, but he on the accuracy I've seen that this guy displayed obviously He has gone. Everybody knows that. him being somewhere where he wants to be out there and call he spent a lot of time out there in the fall season. Where you want to be outside the day. The display is gonna like that elsewhere. So all these days healthy, I get to Gaza, the eddies tough I like, I remember that clip that game when he did
Katy, his shoulder. I thinking, came back seven separated, yes, areas shoulder and came back in in had the wheel, touchdown, Yemenis a tough, tough player I note also knows you caught him Matthew design. Would he be upset? If you hurt us combat, we know up. Yeah, They are no way back when we all know Matthew I've been combat. Am I really I would call a meadow permit me to say that the mother wouldn T name is that you should combine. Take it ourselves that really wants european states that we Whizzer arm is like a noticeable difference we need to catching a ball from mad Stafford and catching up. for many, the other guys you played with one hundred percent What are you to say opposite accuracy? By that I mean. Put your age ass matters Did you read it? We know that nobody else had a kind of loss of life, Did you know that you do not
have you had some slight to relax the busy? You see him if you see him and privacy standing always stand right, fishes question I like is hardly Jan. Am I do dissuade them? Also heart, you got relation here, so you ever sooner or later we will you promise bottom unfair. What is it? What is this border yeah? Do you think when your entire career with the lines, do you think the rafts have it out for the lines? many thought about that? Absolutely right that the causes they making sit. Another happened earlier on hundreds of share that Bert, I don't know, I don't want to say that it would be wrong Well, I mean everybody felt like that through our not appeal, I mean there's some very famous moments: tourism, primetime games. We like with that you guys say that the locker MIKE what the fuck is going on. Why no wiser alone is worth calls wonder. Worse Cobb, based given game replaiting is the taxpayers.
and run a bag was a dog will remain, forget, buggy ran, he gloomily fell on his light, but got up around the ends. Only kept running the player by and large him by the place already feel now in a reverie They say we couldn't review to play in that it stood as a test out, even though their wrought in Lhasa game with them on days giving so yes, yeah? I got it outward some. Sometimes it wasn't just bad cause. It was. You are also victims of the most obscure parts of the rule. Book constant You know I do know what MR yeah but rules that you never hear about growing up playing football but somehow I d is like the reps goats: they check into them and then they flew to the very back. The rouble put but the glasses on their like here
this one idea? This is what they did wrong on this, it's very little in awhile. Exactly what exactly easy is a test case scenario for love, I'm a guy. I think it is stir doubly momentary, like ethical lines, might be sneaky cursed here, because there are some things that happen you like this makes. No, sense whatsoever, yeah yeah, thereby using workers Jefferson bad energy. I guess there granted them supporting lifelong learning. Is anything nice denies, we're gonna, be all be nice. I was looking back over nuclear stats. You have three twenty nine yards and again what the hell, three hundred twenty on yours. At that point we did you feel like football, easy to You know a man when we met you imagine on the same page man we could fill. It is figured it out either because we know we're gonna. Do we price it all? We are we practise man, we present like crazy.
We're gonna miles a day boy, what sometimes Durham, also never sought only guessing gained on everything's trend Anybody know. Branch lab is ongoing. Still so I mean yes. after the first two hundred fifty yards. Did you expect a maybe those double teeming me your trouble, I gotta. Stop me. I can't possibly keep going I know that we are going to regain a brain card is real physical. We knew we will give them play. Someone on I also believe that it will not around chance. You get off that after the first man. That's quite another, one man who knew about two hundred at that point, but that, with a body within three p m Should this play right now? It's actually titled worse con NFL, thanksgiving history. It's a really bad cop. I forgot about it. Yes, it's real his elbow and his meal when they were unable to review it, up and ran like seventy yards for for the touchstone. Why the referees you did the right they just like a wee strode up is the car
Y know. Nobody would it be like ok, yeah, yeah, yeah yeah, thousands saying how did you manage that figure? Now, when you were going to eat on Thanksgiving, I'm always curious Y see the players at their I'm, I'm always stuffing my face. I'm usually, Three glasses are Audrey's your deep by that point, but had it, how do you know just not eat thanksgiving on Thanksgiving? You know you can't do I used all no more light Nogueira Clock like in the four water. You know you my boy. I can't wait to get obvious of addressing you somewhere fry Turkey, The boy you saw Nelson grazed. I look for debate You remember my dad. I'm a families here that our work is so what are your coaches, Jim Caldwell? Ah, did he ever like smile or even break character, because we are you I don't know and get a press conference once where he basically added like puts it? Add the rumours that he was dead and I just like his face
some about it. It just was always saying that, no matter what Did you guys ever sailor? Just it gives absolute platform loves a similarly nice guy putty really just had no facial expressions whatsoever are necessary to read Therefore? We were. We had more leadership. Council we met were all young the latter, who still so, I guess, we'll find a good. I guess he just different perspective without why I'm here where did you do? you know he was, a man had never curse autonomy, by die every young person I am. I on the bottom- might have heard say you, like? My shirt, want but you would not. A man occur so by the silent on game. We know that they should talk about a pitcher right now. Yes, whereby you care to God he had almost playing. Is it like your father signal I'm a deal that you give me that you know it Furthermore, all you do is easy for him. no way that gonna give you just one. Looking ass, you like the little shaken here right
That's all you say: ok, I gotta be gotta. Go to. This is the other. Is the difference between playing the NFL just watching the NFL, because that's all we think about is like hey is Jim Caldwell Lifelike. what what's going on is easier by partners, but obviously you know I'm a lot better were yeah. The lot a lot of time, thinking about that too much time, think You had another man, radio, coastal, yet another coach, Jim Shorts, who doesn't all time, fiery guy, he always seemed like you wanted to the exact opposite Marzano like you always wanted to fight, if not the other day, and unlike some of the guys on your own, you inside do you ever blood heads with Not really, but here will jump too, must make them all with their mouths. But my business, no one I gotta do so. We'd have any problem, but he was less watch a light and we need to start with a few. Firecracker, but it will go away with the EU. Will cheer you up to wrap up not attained?
game data is fired up by his relative ease, road awoke somebody, but by delicate downloadable him ass. He might by running I bought out, but you got a good outcome that if one hat after the famous Harbaugh incident. What happen in a locker, you guys, like hey coach, what what would happen out their dude like you, you good. happened. I I remember you added a game like little white suffers, thereby channels of each other. Yeah yeah little sent me a little extra juice like I, carbon slapped him on the back, a little banners and sourcing like that threw back. Bobby link Cardinal Mary is so paragraph on those wars in the same way, by Harbaugh, yellow Betty to surprise what s up border do pretty funny various media, the affable The other thing that Schwartz had which are again. This is gonna somewhere to you, because you played the game. We just watch the game, but ah it whenever got really excited he. He had very Turkey nipples through his shirt here,
We do want what yeah now he was. He was nip out all the time Ngos, nor does it was so it wasn't just the nipples. He had like very trying to learn Brazzaville if God Sideways Cavanaugh. Like he's really area covered. A pretty fair is now look. America must be all very happy that it may occur. We aren't you Jim cover alive, what the hell's Goin out from us nips he's gotta triangular pack said it accentuates rates, straw guy, so I am reading up about the Thanksgiving day. call, in the reason that they took that or that the touch I sit on, the board is weak. Jim Schwartz. too excited in the moment he threw the choice. and flag scoring players are always reviewed automatically there was a rule in place that if a coach throws a chance
and flag on a play. That's going to be reviewed, anyways they're, not the challenges which is a rule that they saw now related absolutely no sense at all, but- and I think the lives were the only ones that ever got victimized by Who was a bull were? How did you know about Alcatel there? Fourthly, I remember now either flag but you said because he bit of why it was a real replay they can cast look out for each of us knows no said he makes no, ah, my dear so dear to others who tabled Gimme had over three hundred what was as well as in your mind, the game that you were like. No one, you're, perfect game, the game that No one could touch you. And you're innocent result. will played out. I do have a lot of one one battle, but I have to go here: lay open to them Let me maybe if we keep our play off spot started. Slow!
but we are not come back to win again to stay in a play, all fine light to hardly hours in the day when the textiles up they'll follow my favorite is always does We find it do it away his eyes even more for your home. Is the game away the shot, a proud that my family yeah, I'm looking right now, so you had nine catches: Turner, Fourteen yards to touch Johnson of fifty one yard touchdown reception, gallagher? who reserve any corner back there you matched up against in Euro like this guy. This guy gives me the most trouble. I do too. eyes on my first: no, by likely out here vital twice a year, Roy comes at a time he he always hated me out. I didn't know none about how to I heard were talking about the need for later. may all he does, but the scales in your face a referee. Let him get away with it. Yeah yeah, I'm all behind. Taking my also look, I gotta worry about you see where you got it all to have it again. This was an old remiremont demean myself and I got a good taste, the wild cat.
This is how it is this. The battle I gotta do want to remedy. This is This is how I gotta tell myself into the sewer gotta play against. We base our not twice a year, I gotta listen! This is business. He was the the wonder nor model that Madame Game after but as far as the aggressively that I came with United Fight at line scrimmage. It was TAT, would have to plan. I guess I'll, hey here's by new, not a fine mass news that I had come with in an appetite Pat Peterson. You're the best athlete I've seen over there on the corner. Back as that interesting, I have one last question: robot questioned use code, Pfc on rollback, dot, com for twenty percent off your first purchase or age. Be a sea k, dot com code, Pfc they make the best performers poles in the only performance pause we wear and for Today we like to give you a robot performance. Cues up on us, you posted
picture of you in berry Sanders just having a talk, says words of wisdom that I'll never take for granted when berry centres get together. Do you guys just like sigh? Do you like a man like lions, That would have been worth it Yeah maybe becomes up when member. It only has been a whole lot of time to get a moment. Every altogether knows, What are you talking about life but we're at it Wagon mortars, ass, it was were added at the time but at the end of the day you knows to tourism No Jimmy Jimmy man. I got me a bit your dad and though the Bible Bible moment yeah. I think he's got a great laughter whenever very starts Latvia, everybody else yes, Tilbury by a small number of Roma in the obvious power he never smiles at all. I remember you to hold blog about only five years ago. So what's
would bury Sandridge. He doesn't smile and any pictures. I think you should sleep him. Some primitive, like loading the smile man I wore calvinists been awesome. Good luck with your speech remain Tony shuffler, just throw that in there just Lebanon there, there's gotta be like there's gonna, be apportioned your speech, were you just start listening off names get tony shuffler in there, you know he's a good team. I agree. I love you forgot I What makes you so much carbon? We really appreciate it. No brow bitter Thea, like men, they give value at any rate, was brought in by a great friends over at noon. LA times you can face pressure. Pressure on yourself. You have to fit other people's expectations, You can be dealing with some issues that are making it harder for you to get into the shape that you want. To be in
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numbers allowed times. If you try, crashed, I you're not touching those numbers. Even if you do achieve Regos guess what that weight is just gonna come right back on, because you don't change. Your mental aspect, you dont, need those rules. You need the knowledge you need the wisdom you make smarter, more sustainable habits and numerous here to help you with that. all you need is a daily ten minute check. In does no good, there's no gruelling. Early warnings are big chunks. At your day building better habits for healthier long term results Santa pre trial at noon. Dot. Com, slash! Take that in oh, oh, am dot com, slash, take but I just get real solidarity. Now, former Rushmore cycle hanging a swamp any cell, so how titles me you're gonna turn our seas around rivalry. Recording right now as it is this is this- is the sort of Hanks Championship DVD yeah? I saw her. Do them out rush more of cartoons you wanna get fucked up with so party with fucked up with whatever? How are you,
Two party: that's what you're gonna do these cartoons that weird get weird Hank, you just heard is getting society eyes and through it comes to Mount Rushmore season. He's got the yet better help take on past my prime, I guess I have two years ago: fella colleges firing in all cylinders. You get the twist these while the young boxer here, a kind of you always headed, you always like whoever was an electoral map. You always had the young people, and now you got younger guys who are stealing that from your sandwich did fortunately, the two younger guys are not done so putting up record numbers now, although they, whenever it every time, just one by overwhelmingly margin gambling on that area for each one, with big and pantry. You guys had the option of EDA yeah now we nonetheless fires could pick. I area
my Rushmore of cartoon characters, you want to get fucked up with again pre. Contentious right now are eight Hank. You pick number seventeen ass. You know what now now draw our no. No, I causes that's like it cause. I will Lakers winning in a coal video. It's not the same. Ok, I thought out into bubble. Aren't you picked at the draft order? Now, what do we or do we don T, know ass hell? You you got what you got Cnet I'll go forty eight hours ago. Seventy can count on our thoughts,
I regard such a sweet, sound forty, nine sixty eight sixty eight billion saudi order billion Jake. You decide your first we'll go first. Hey Google Secular here. Look at your job spawned Rob square pets. Ok, he would so owing to get fucked up with. I can advise all the time he is he's like doing he's, gonna, win vision, goobers, I've, only mad rival dumping workers pay up to unite picking that would have been, whereas you guys we're gone so mad, but I've never seen it. We seem one episode all nose like he would be like getting fucked up a timetable. site like he is. He loses ii, the smuggling of weapons movie.
which one the real wonder, though, thou like the one that was, I really know, they're really danger. I do like a real like they do the thing where they make the cartoon, like three d, help having Patrick got fucked up all night, the goofy goobers I'll betcha Patrick strolling gets factor because was a hug you the whole time, maybe annoying after awhile priests, square would probably get into SUI season. yeah he's on particular. I don't know, that's a good Pickering. I honestly don't know I'm just now. I do I don't. I don't want I've seen what we sought to episodes were really high and I think he's a thing is all time character, but if you're thinking in terms of like people, you wanna get fucked up with someone with a high pitched voice, that's like annoying and overly positive might not be the most phone. I put counterpoint. That's why you're not getting drunk the other groups I was using Workin yeah counterpoint without could say was people you won't get fucked up with like Jacob Billy might not be your pic either. That's true growing. So it's AIDS, everyone's taste, so that's good crew for you guys or cut. Ah this one,
again, I'm not I'm not apparent her, I'm just gonna Goethe. What goethe my gut go with my heart. There was a movie. The goofy movie, knacks Guph is Santa Maria here. The fuckin scale border is an absolute legend, he's pretty ragin. Maybe you know you guys yeah yeah, I so MAX Guph, ok, one to whom God one ideal is power line together they have song was a jam. Yes, by first pick undergo Randy Marsh from South Pole, Ok Marsh get us in trouble who probably get you to fight, but you have maybe the time your life hang out ready march when your waste, ok, good pic, I I'm gonna go where first, Nick I'll, go with homer about Homer Simpson. First pick, you know he likes to drink this guy he's just a regular guy. In my second pick, I'm gonna go with I I gotta take. I got to go now because I don't think I'll come back to me, but you can have
is all do that your party so I'm gonna go Jessica, Rabbit Fargo, just a rabbit. With my second pair of embark, I mean that's. Yeah Let's just say I dont want to just hang out with four dude, so Jessica Rabbit is gonna, be my second peck I mean that's the only good about those first to pets. I I think to just grab pig. Is tremendous value item marked as a first round talent for my second flip. I'm gonna go with shaggy from Scooby ok, symbolism, perhaps some of maybe you had already long shaggy do you have one now, not our joint school. Like me all he could do on yesterday. I shag you at all times stoner character before donors or even really thing on the average up good pick, I'd Hank, pressure, Hanks, gonna, pay, nor I did have a girl. Mail is to get at odds Gatwick, impossible
collar bieber? If you want to reach her, I would love to do all those then she's she's our flight Blimey in her little aim is passed, Is there a secret agent? Ok on ice? Wait! Wait! So that's good peck! sure about guided. Yet I like it- I don't know it has good pet and the teenage me ninja turtles. So you have to pick up. This is what you are asking before Billy's, that can we pick a combination remit it like Billy. I have Michelangelo written down Raphael Guide MIKE levels. The party is the obvious choice for them right or so you either pick one or you don't get upset. I think their betters group, drawing tears out of this dual use has been made. Jackie. Do they get your magic who's, your favorite, Michelangelo, yes, right through, take good pick. Read it fuck you into making the right choice, and I was crazy and I will go with our bugs bunny. I know we talked about the looney tunes being good vibes, abolishing space jail, yup,
Billy is looking for. Failure approves like the draft room on the same page. Jake was standing on the table. Are you could probably tell from the graphic which ones are my pics and which ones are Billy's picks for everyone? Here I have Billy. Why are you looking upset about this big? No just I was consulted. Our account heard there was a home workers. I told you. a wild forthwith others awkward cake, Bart Simpson. we have a drink with an under age. Get there I mean to get some trouble. You think our gives a fuck about yeah, no underage drinking. Have some fun like you would have a lot of fun getting fucked up. Part sums yak defection there. There was an episode where he got drunk at Duff world and he just threw up into the river yeah yeah, ok or maybe that was LISA. I don't know, but I love parts. What time? years old, he's gonna like prank. You know that no, printing together, that's like when we ve caught all like pranks old people
I guess I'm in whatever I don't hate the pic, I'm just letting you know you might get like pants underside, trying to think of a crew that would be funded fucked up with that, yet more rational oaken big composite would probably Falk part before you. On the right road through an exotic scared. Like that, we met you see, I check treated she's like we should really have porn fur for children for children and teenagers yeah. You say people took this out of context like no probity what I did. I think them with the message behind lay aside our I will ok wasn't fossil, but you been sorted. Sittings with theirs should be porn for children. the message behind. It was like it's gonna fuck, the kids are watching poor working each other's yachting down. He just throw us fifty your third pick, my third pick up
with Duff man from the Simpsons Duff. Man from the Simpsons, I think, is an outstanding picking in this draft he's gay. He has a fucking belt, that's just racked with beers. Drouet he's gonna can of beers that he can shoot into your mouth he's literally a mask got a beer, ok, good pack, I, my third peck, I'm gonna go with need someone who can maybe make some food. I'm gonna go with Remy from ratatouille on no one wants combat, ok, your life around to it he was He was an excellent chef yeah. Why need someone who can cook like you get drunk you get hungry? You want to build a cook. You know who's, also, french yeah, as a french guy and then my last pick undertake the genie from eleven. Ok, I could pick India, so we get to do some really fucked up yet get to pick some weird shit that I regret that Robin the Arab Robin Yup, rub. My am some also looking at this picture of composite we're right now, pay respect,
for my poor thick, I'm a fucking was worse, where we literally setting up as night. This has no. That was a call back to Pierre. Did you fuck? I came into office the day after we record that in gas, just cameras and tables did Hank good. My last baker Mean Valentine. lap on this one The old version of Lola Bunny gotta Lola Bunny God at ninety ninety circuit. Ninety, ninety five. Ninety six ok gotta have a chicken there. I now duke feel like she's now change forever, though as issues a figment of your modulation. If I can't pick a certain version of a cartoon that I want to change my pick. Ok, What is I don't one else I don't want. The newly has been changed. What does everyone think like she's, been changed forever. Technically, wasn't a sequel. I was a different movie right, that's are in
That is her is active cannon, as they say I don't know. What's, cannon innovation has now brought J. I fucked up the entire can terms you out here is in times of candidates to different stories, but it's the same care right. That's why it's dumb! It's not a sequel right by solely my letter of the law. No what's kin was not because Don Shuttle, as the algorithm might have completely screwed up the history. The space Jem franchise, and everything in second one might begin, and I think you can put Lola Bunny and unjust. Ninety six, ok, what what I think I'm gonna change. My pick I don't want to. I don't want to have to deal with any controversy hooker our eyes with this last pick so in that case undergo a sandy squirrel Felix square would be a fuckin trip Hochheimer, whether an fell, as is only when her last they ve sandy cheeks yeah. You talk about a dynamo in the sack what has shrunk Spongebob, which use knows a lot of you. I know that she is a cowboy squirrel.
that knows how to ride. Ok lives in a bubble, ah art go you gotta go to go home, from dragging bossy ok hours. very lost I am growing up and get fucked up in a hyperbolic chamber? Great pick, you could you could party for like ten days and come out and it's been like four minutes. You to train. Oh that's! Gotta cool. So where can we haven't boys night? Just keep the chill so you can like going. Crazy, we're in go with a treatise, robot football player, not a cartoon. Think it's got a cartoon, I think he's see gee. I know that's cartoon, you see opportunities in he's in the fire cardinale. That's e g, a subway! That's why I'm here. I want to find a cartoon with this guy in it. What would I search on you to please no he's, not only when I was in.
one cartels issuers hates it what's our minds in that? This is what the definition of Khartoum to celebrate. Billy's brain sorts go when he knows he's been cotton alive. What am I try? How pander pick its know? How So what does that abolition requiring big? I think that this is not a cartoon. This is definitely a silly. Every animation you're an expert but frogs expert. Now he is eating out of inevitable robot. is causing a single geike. Clean, isn't a dry, it see July You have made by a computer I urge you to meet. My computer has not cartoon that CD like me and make another pick you up. Sure, tat the Tasmanian devil. That's good that you go! That's a good pick! That's cartoon! That's good! For boys night! You guys we're gonna. Have you got let's just say this, if you were renting air being be, I would make you double your deposit. that's gonna get out of control, what are remiss I cable is no one pig, Peter Griffin,
Peter Griffin, Hank Halos thinking about Brian, the dog, although he could be kind of annoying, but he does like to drink quagmire. He probably like get you some weird vendor from future are minor? Was these rank he before not after me, doc pain for shit. You have paid for shit beard and are even end. Butthead would be good will be busy about heads were, or if your Billy, Beavis and Butthead yeah more you say, limb donkey from Turkey up the up, Eddie Murphy. We are facing our donkey. Armani animation was Donkeys, an intimation here is our two movie. clearly not in a movie or shall have to be to move your show. No now now our bank is confusing. Yak is The donkey should count darkish count why but no offense. I would love to do that, but under those rules you pleaded I clears procedure I, but he was in a show like if you'd like. TV show that all cartoon characters are also job people.
yes, busy like delivered stream faked, it's real tits, I'm not going to and honest shall giant its Fox NFL Sunday. That's a shop I think we know programming will Francais Look is our universe. Where is it a gardener arguing about IRAN and legs and regular all current? Whom also I mean- and this is a limbs honourable medicine- Ok, I would gladly have included cartoon Wade bogs from the Simpsons yeah. Problem presented, I would of I would have if I had been able to have. We done the Billy method of you can pick like two people together to more Palmer would have an awesome these their vibe setters, just the happy Drunk Ciera, whatever nothing can can deposit vibes only what the flintstones we add, your influence them Sebastian, the corral crab from little Mermaid Jamaican party guy for Party guy we are thinking about what about beauty
the bees. Would you get fucked up with like the plates teapot? Maybe the teapot the candle are known as MRS we handle the candle was bomber? Wasn't EU yea was like always sat ass, they would just get drunk and peered out peace. The whole gives me like: I'm a fucking point, socks yeah, that's true! Ok, were you say Billy we do worse. Cartoons yeah. I guess the candle would be a good way to start that people appear yep yup absolute house. Yes, you have to be honest, rattle minors, NED. Flanders would sock smelly kid from Charlie Brown yeah car, you pen, I didn't know that Billy's original they bore was all the cartoons who got cancelled and last year oh really get Lou rattle ravages Kai. You Arthur just be tolerated a legend. I know every hilarious get fucked up with car. You know if we get the Arthur's, not a human, are those artwork yes Show is called that blew my mind
there is not a human other people were like wait, Arthur's. Well, that's just day. I think parcel sports is the greatest incubator of like. If you put enough people in a room, someone's gotta dumb thought we have yet to do so, and I like Jack Map, a thousand dump squid word, would definitely be up there. Fat Albert voiced by bill. Cosby yeah, probably not a great joy gas it over his rank. Zog too big, like thereby eyes to beg you do here, just knock she'd overall time, you'd be drinking beer and he would not get over your your area with Amr. This whole tribes because loves money. He would never pay for you drank the view tat fuck. What the fuck is, that Tommy Jerry now snoopy know. What's Charlie Brown, Charlie Brown Bomber, yes would plank, sneaky plankton might be fun death. and some destructive shit who planted spot enemy or MR crowded enemy, ok,
Patrick STAR. Just so I can feel like I'm joining the conversation, maybe actually chill Betty Boop Betty Boop would sought to get hammered with. Could you just start flirt nor games at everybody that Betty Book was a fuckin whore, his sister from Phineas in fire by his Betty book by the low? You know actually would stick it on Reckon Morty, but I'm sure people back how'd, you forget, reckon Morty having here. As you know, the sauce Mcdonald's party rubble would probably sock known. What's the druggist guy right, but it was a good guy, though he was like the drunkest guide to be in your crew like then, you Don T care was rolling over. Was that must happen over time? Oh yeah I felt like Barney would be the guy. That would be like hey anything for you for Adobe. You doesn't driver yes, but that's also sucks. The guy though the free like every time you get drunk the Billy. when he Texas, like love, you guys, it's really am I socks alike. I wouldn't say enough guys: I love you
but only one wrong. I like those tax bill, but if you, if you have a jungle guy, if you dont have to you and have a drug is guy in your crew, like it's, probably you yeah how to do need one. You good boy, good counterpoint, Popeye just be like: yellow need. Only a vague consoled, Eileen Heaps Popeye's, Ike Steve will do it just fuckin put now What then raising amounts taboos given all teslas opening up his gullet and put down like a handle? Now I really think that Papa would drink. That much. I think, he's too focused on his his body is so absorbed. Only vodka soda CMS Russia is either that or you just doesn't drink. You just say no, but I'll show you know I'll put language and move in my water and walk around? I had added from ETA Nettie here's, my boy which add Eddie he's a short one read and now is the time love me:
I could call back callback still sat oration nobby we tartar manage it is currently without it, hey Fox Lockwood. I should think goofy will be found to get fucked up with the refugees, be like a laugh amended, not a guy that you like he'd goofy. Together, you meet at a party, hit it off immediately and you like, You know I am looking for a roommate. We should do this. We just live together, yeah move and we goofy any soggy aid of an addition. No this is the place is a mass is always it has always coming over trotted be goofy. a good, no Rushmore good, more Rushmore, guys, please What are these boy from team Titan? I will end on one that we now April o Neill, that I had a thing for April Everyone at us Velma fell
you're, a great call, Billy re Card is Velma would be the worst stood one I wrap up. We are guys on chicks, an Billy's recap which I fucked up and I forgot a Monday. That's my bad hand up. I fucked up. Guys on checks, shorten abbreviated version of guys on checks How do we achieve bigger cat, because only pretend not to like the shows that, generally speaking, girls love, it seems like men were to shit on, shows like the bachelor of Ireland Outer Bank cetera once they have a woman, their life that forces them to watch a Danube loving. It is not. That mention a woman's guilty. Pleasure shows. No, I'm actually opposite. I love real housewives. I've been very up from about that. I just never got into the bachelor yeah me the same characters yearning here s. What I tried to get the bachelor, and I realized why people like it it's a great show, but it the bachelors, never not. On television. It's it's later ridiculous, except constantly on ABC Theirs, break in between seasons like we love football,
Would we really love football as much if there was like NFL too, that sort in February fifteenth. Probably right, so the bachelor doesn't give you enough time to reset. I do I I think most guys actually like women chose if they just tune into the air, and I love again. I love housewives Wherefore cannot touch. His balls, looks millions fingers after Does she loves lewd after working out such going for run, most the tiny, tries to get me to smell it. To sing you know you love it sky and requirements is this weird It's pretty we're on our fuckin governor brow. Now my governor it's pretty weird to do that. Actually, not don't live in New York? Oh, why Our first time. We could do that. You Chris Christie, Fantasia, have good job and illiteracy, although at the beach soldiery additives we couldn't before either when she's like weeds she is equality, is a goal that girl
ass, isn't she inquired that's your title? She's girl, Bosnia, Europe leads the singular. Ah boyfriend, is a small package. the only way to get through sexes. Knowing you have a toy once from sleep. How do I get to him and or how do I ask to use them with him? You never ever break into just bring the toy in part. The toy out act, natural but dont, say ailed lilies mode hedge on, and I think not guys, don't care, you break into life. That's tough! Do not break it to em Toby. Ok, your dick, so small! I mean it. I think he knows it's now He doesn't know that he is a small penis but He just doesn't want you to also know you want. You think that his penis is totally normal size. I last What's up yet
daddy fat cat and hanky baby, my twenty one year old boyfriend of four years refuses to wear anything other than clothes and shoes from goodwill and Platos closet. That is all his shoes are falling apart to the point he dug takes them. You wear them longer analyses years or so we're not. They look like Phoenix How do I get him to stop buying raggedy, hammy down and start buying new close chatting uniform years, thereby for surely that's the easiest question ever. And if you thought of everything, if you get him something he likes, you ll get to keep doing like duchess how it works. If you get him some, he thinks he looks good and you are now you just unlocked every I'm also thinking like what we're gonna weirdos gather, duct tape issues together as we move strangled at only shouted goodwill billion, devilry docks issues. You do have a pair, Did you get here when you get a hole in your ok, yeah, so issues Asia? I always present shooting on surrounding you right away. My leg running shoes get holes in them a lot inductive fixes duct tape. Is
better than a hundred dollars and where the new shewed caress or frontier airline people. I Billy So it is little run down some things in cover, so the Joe Judge Giants fight. The reason Daniel Jones is on the bottom was because it was from Logan Ryan, levelling Evan Ingram in the back field, and then, since down right there in the fight start. He kind just got forgotten about yes long ago same, he got like just yesterday and then also day Campbell, did have a fight at Detroit practicing slap fightin, wanna ones between to rookies. names that I will butcher the pronunciation and also during the Olympics, that a four hundred metre hurdles? the world record and had a forty six second time, the world record, for the four hundred metre non hurdles. Just running is forty three seconds yeah, and I also row. I saw that the recently that competed in the non hurdles who Time was slower.
Guy that one in the hurdles, Jake Ridiculous, like an Olympian got beat by that race. Quaint Nelson had a pre existing condition. That coach said She was born with and that's what causes injury was opposed to a pre existing injury that Carson whence had also one word fact from shooting covered on Monday, killed, Dress'Ll swam, fifty meters underwater without a single breath and which is very unique and also one of the things that may be seals have to do to call five, a Navy seal training, so he just did it in law, guys pass out and die and he did operating at the fastest. A human being can swim in the water. Can you do it? I can go?
fifty meters underwater. I cannot do it that fast, but you can't get underwater. Yes, ok to what was he doing that as a nod to the Navy seals like? Thank you for your service? Probably he probably was such bad ass. He likes animals because refers to really think about, like physically is hot, all is, tattoos are from animals from Florida. What about the Olympics, while the Eagle yes in Florida, but from Florida the it's in Florida lacked announcer localities alligator on their engage us, he doesn't. Blackberries does have the olympic ranks. Who was that part of Lord is that from sixty nine, Eighty eight sets well short of the largest fish love. Yes,
I mean it's porn, mighty prison abortion, sports.
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