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Cat Killer Michael Rapaport 09/14/16

2016-09-13 | 🔗
The guys talk about the NFL owning their mind, body and soul as well as their excitement for the new color rush jerseys(2:14-7:59). Wednesday's Hot Seat, Cool Throne (8:00 - 13:31). Power Rankings of what football guys eat (13:31 - 18:43). Michael Rapport joins the show to talk about his recent cat murders, fantasy football and wars on twitter (18:43 - 45:50). Segments include the debut of "Humans vs the Sun", "Sabermetrics", "Spinzone" for Rob Ryan getting his lap band removed. "Respect the Shield" and "Jagging Off" with Uncle Chaps. The show ends with a very special shout out to ourselves for being Rainmakers.

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