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CBB With Mark Titus + Old Lebron James vs Young Lebron James

2018-01-23 | 🔗

As the number 1 Josh Allen podcast we start the show breaking down the news that Josh Allen is not only tall but also has huge hands (2:12-6:40). NBA drama all over the league. The Cavs don't think Kevin Love was actually sick. Lebron writes an Instagram note to himself on an accomplishment he has yet to achieve. And Jason Kidd/Giannis vs The Bucks (6:40-20:00). Hot Seat/Cool Throne including the human race, Vince McMahon, and NBA trade machines (20:01-31:45). College Basketball Expert Mark Titus joins the show to talk about Duke getting all the recruits, who is a real threat out of the Big 12, Trae Young mania, and which teams have a legitimate chance at winning the National Championship. Sorry not Sorry for a TN High School Football team that was told not to pray before games so prayed even more (1:01:27-1:02:21). Sabermetrics Super Bowl jersey colors (1:02:22-1:05:01). Bachelor Talk for guys that don't watch the Bachelor (1:05:02-1:06:55). Talking Tennis, Embrace Debate and Guys on Chicks with an ending that has all 3 of us speechless (1:06:56-1:17:40). 

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