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Chargers TE Hunter Henry, Documentarian Gotham Chopra And Fyre Fest of Their Week

2020-08-06 | 🔗
Football stories are starting to happen and Jon Gruden faked Coronavirus. Mike Tomlin quotes and Harbaugh pissed off Ohio State again (2:52 - 15:35). Playoff Hockey, NBA and gambling heaven (15:35 - 21:47). Charger TE Hunter Henry joins the show to talk about his career, playing with Phil Rivers, always being down late in the 4th, and the miraculous lateral play at Arkansas (21:47 - 50:53). Documentarian Gotham Chopra joins the show to talk about working with Tom Brady, Kobe Bryant, Lebron James and some of the greatest athletes of all time as well as where Documentaries are going in 2020 (50:53 - 81:25). Segments include reading Billy's sheet and Fyre Fest of the week.
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On today's pardon my take we gotta too. For Friday we got Hunter Henry from the San Diego chargers and then Gotham Chopper, very interesting interview with him. He is done a key memories with some of the grace athletes. Vol Tom Tom Brady Leubronn aims Kobe Bryant Cricket Guy Cricket Guy Kelly, Slater off you name it you name it. He has done it so very interesting interview talking about what makes these guys grape and it's gonna be a great show, because it is, Friday. We also have a little football talk about was supposed to be back tonight, but that's okay, that's okay! We're going to talk a little and be a little high. The fire fast. We have it all. Also the Billy Free show, so Billy later out errors, Billy haters out there If you want to prove that Billy shouldn't be on the show, you have to listen to it. Seventeen tunnel jumped here it's in your hands,
numbers, never lie yeah with this gets double. This gets. Two million listens We will never let Billy speak again fact: epoch. Before he gets all that were brought to you by the catch up its great, because you're, not gonna? Listen to this no accidents, a great idea for marketing year, absolutely just biologists, Billy Free Show, yes, yes, that's more tv show should take a page. I hire somebody that everyone likes to bully and says that they will watch anymore and then would think about a person will take Malcolm ICE or brought about a cash upper always brought by the cash up when the cash studio, the cash, as the number one source distancing up in the world. It is, our favorite. You can lick it directly to your bank. Account is super easy to use, so money to your friends, family, fantasy football coming around use cash at don't be the limo that pays lass, everyone hates that guy don't be that guy use. The cash up and we learn the cash happen. When you download the cash app and use code bars, We get ten dollars for free tender.
The ass pc I so do right now you are getting up a few odd dollars in Europe. I could be also putting up you dollars in a great cause, and that is because The cash up is the best so download the cash out from the outset or google of waste, or today involved with the cash ok. Let's go. last night
pardon me, wasn't part of my body down right now: use postwar ten dollars every ten dollars, the S peace yea day is fry, eight August seventh and joy, our group has corona virus. Not eyes, like all time for poor guy move John Bruton expect the unex. Collective guys, and he holds the zoom meeting any has, I think, special teams coach announces at the start, scrutiny in the hospital he's dealing with what a virus in all its pledge, like, oh my god, what the fuck and the like
just kidding gotcha. Not but take this seriously yeah. Let's all learn a lesson from this lesson: sunk in yeah, your first clue that John Bruton was not in the hospital for corona viruses. I don't think John Bruton would ever go to hospital, never anything now if he had grown a virus. You just stand out like in the sun naked industry. Or about until he felt better or just die, or he would. I actually wouldn't be shocked if John Bruton, like went back and I'm too, like the nineteen twenties and had a duck on call who came to his house and was like here here you go doc. He John Gruner either do what you just said: Emily outwit or lay down in his bed me like this. My final resting place. Please get my papers in order. He laid out of fifty yard long and they have have marked Davis walk out. There were that black leather suitcase it old timer doctors is carry with giant metal. Reflecting thing the circular thing on his head walk out there, It is vital for not some dead variant,
field in LAS Vegas. I think that would be a fitting a fitting into Mister green. What this does tell me, though, is the John Bruton thinks there is zero point: zero percent chance that he actually ever does get kroner virus, because if you fake, you have krona virus, yeah people, gonna bash you and make for you when you actually do get grown. A virus programs like now, I feel confident did I will never get round of football guy who cried Wolf, return into yeah. I think you're I should be very funny, though they done it a little bit different and had marked Davis The zoo meeting remember how I'll Davis treated length given worries far have marked aims. Like an overhead projector giving details by Here's how you can protect yourself from the virus moving but yeah I, and it was in all time football guy move for him to be like. Let's learn a lesson from me pretending that I'm the unexpected x. I was thinking about that in terms of coaches that catch it can coaches opt out this year too because I have a theory. Well have a big time stay woke there! Ok, before you give me your theory there. This is
opt out, is actually an opt in put the ball. The reports I Chicago the Poles are going to keep Jim Boil and because of the financial strain of kroner virus, so he's kind of benefiting from crowed of ours. The verse reverse way what they dont want: a pm severance as that would yet they don't want to have to pay him to leave when there may not be fans next year's gave so I really smart thinking! You know, Brianna, ahead of the aggressive to shitty coach. Have a team be terrible for this short term, so you don't lose out at all. Like a couple Milly, you could pay Jim boiling with like a couple bucks your balls, Prepare night easy black thanks for the army, has virtually raids, good having a job. Here's a large hat with a pulls logo on I. So my big time stay woke on this. Is that Bilbil check he might up? If coaches can opt out, I'm not sure what the rules and regulations round that are, but he's got some many players on defence that are out right if Bill Belgian, jobs out the Daniels Pro it takes over ready
They go for Belgium, but it Mcdaniel takes over. They go foreign twelve all of a sudden. No one wants assign John over Daniels too the coach and contract next year, he can the team together maybe gets travellers the only problem. I liked the theory. The only problem with the theories. Bilbil a check is definitely in the camp of football coach. Is that, if they stop cogent football, they will immediately die yeah Joppa yeah, that's all he could get into lacrosse heavy this off season. It serve as a consultant wouldn't be able to handle. He just he's embody wouldn't be able to handle. Not coaching for you're, probably right about seem, allow just put down the backers. Essence, hair in case that does happen. I think that that's exactly what Bela check is reverse engineering here now I thought That is a very simple solution for coaches does have a hold back. I follow them around all the time. Preventing them from getting within six feet of any other person. Yeah, that's what they should you. That's the reason why you have do scrutiny, on your sidelines as a keep John away from other countries to be just a people,
following you around, but this so was supposed to be. The whole thing, gave a knock it upon everyone out. It was. It was post, we all theme games and we're gonna have hard knocks. Next week we actually Hunter Henry on the show who being taped as we speak with hard knocks, but it starting to get some of these football stories gets the juices. Because we not only have John Bruton faking corona virus, but we had our four. My Tom a quarter of the year. He said when talking about what was it Goethe? where's coming into camp in good physical shape. Ah, that was the jello we couldn't get back in the box. I think what he was gone for.
Toothpaste back into the tube correct, but jello is definitely more football, because there's nothing hijack about gel, also gel aloes. The gritty is deserved known to man, because you can know what one is a package of cost like twenty cents, yes appreciably Romany reaches our give it to you now doesn't come in like powdery. I know it yeah existing ever to put back in a box. It's very very yet you you put the packet literally into the box right, that's it! It's pretty simple to do! Who did the who did the who had? The quartet was like the greased up kid trying to get the greased up kid Epstein? no they're probably have no at the papers. I walked out what was the I do know that sells it ass. It is now it does on minorities, stop care. Looking Greece of kid. Just Google greased up kid emitted into a cage: young guy, Bess of greased up deaf guy, Oh, it was Spock greased up no don't Abkhazia images, others got it, you got it. It was it record
they taught him yeah herdsmen, yeah, yeah yeah. Somebody find that yeah disgraced up kid looks like a piano easily. We owe you grew up. Kids work. I saw another court from Tom when it said, were expecting ruthless burger walk out of a phone booth and put his cap on little clerk inaction, as does the one thing that I am a little disappointed about the whole family and, besides being able to a gamble on unpredictable first game football? That's always fun! I I was really looking forward to having big Ben just standing on the sidelines. Those lights and can because our field and those lights they look like a high school game a little bit and having been out there and in cross fit shape. I guess he's and recognise that the latest studies ever been he looks good. Another quote was he's a light. Is he's been in thirteen or fourteen years Did he say which, fourteen years those were could have been first for until then was a middle school? Yeah he's never been this like ours by you I was looking forward to seeing then on the sidelines with Twinkle in his eye
You know that he was going to get into the game. He wasn't on going don't play whose escort use go, stand on the sidelines, with an ice pact on every single joint and his body cuz, it's Probably he just waiting looking like he'd want to get em like acting like you need to be held back from getting, and yes I would then that would have been a nice kick off to football seasons. Yes, it would of fuck. I want to find this quote. Someone so much find it. I just search greased up Rick Riley Peyton Greece, fuck man. It is very much to see all these different head, coaches, possibly the worst equip people in the world to handle a global pandemic and how there are choosing to implement. These changes are on their staff right programs, like there's lots, a virtual bubbles, I'm really into virtual bubbles. Re S. A virtual bubble is just a bubble without the bubble in and I M, O B is trying to get to a virtual bubble. They have new rules debate. They should have to start.
Which we extra ending start with a guy and third pillar. We said it, we said it. I think on Monday, show really K. Why not make a rule that if you get caught doing these things, you can't play anymore. They actually did that's the thing for listening, Rob Manfred. We appreciate it. No more milk! Until more milk nome, go out to just random dinners going out going out for milk, definitely sounds like a Lenny dykes for euphemism. For him, the Teddy BAR o one he's been actual money online. Recently I mean that's, not really news. Other football news we had, though, was Jim Harbour The bear ah Fucking love Jim are about so much because he's just so. Competitive all the time. So there was trouble in Paradise. Michigan and Ohio State has so they release the the The causes are now releasing their schedules. All conference, big ten release. There's ten game conference scheduled yeah, I know Wisconsin, somehow locked in employing workers and not a single house. They Penn state, tough shit. It's gonna be their problem
we get to the play off just because this year and that everyone's good, like asked, I would have put three aspects: are she had all it's gonna, it's gonna happen put anyway there on a car, prince call em Jim Harbour pointed out that he saw a picture of a lie. Backers coach with by guy players, which is allowed until Friday, and Ryan Day said how about I worry about my team in you worry about yours, then, later on that night Ryan Day addressing his team said he hopes Wolverines, better hope for a mercy rule this season, because his team is gonna hang a hundred on. I am I Love this this does. This gives the juices flowing I'm like real here the trade in sports is what keeps the world spin, you know it does. It also gives Ohio state fans in Michigan Fan something to bitch about besides corona virus wrong line, so now there attacking each other, nature ceiling. It's one of those situations. I team horrible through and through
I think you are too. I find it, although I it's hard to believe that in Ohio State Assistant, cultured overlooked, something I I'd die, pry went up elevated and rapid, proper channels. Yes, I can't remember, is a pen saner house does offer of aid to the property. I dont think that a head coach at our house they would ignore one of his assistant coaches, doing something don't they should actually, if schools, smart. They should just have like an assistant g. A change is legally changed named a proper channels down just tell him all the times it declares get in trouble. It's not that I wasn't. We have told the proper chant origins have urban. My irish apology. He had I'll be gray like, I know it doesn't work, turning retroactive I'd have urban biologists notes after Roquat can be like were committed to changing everything at Ohio State to conform with all the rules and regulations of professor there right is,
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I can watch this on all my pat him in bed and I'll be fine, and then I just spent a third period dozing in an hour and woke up. Thank God. I think my spidey senses and with like seven minutes left and was Ok here we go, but I just I I feel, like you know I feel like an athlete out there and I want to salmon athlete, but I feel like I'm doing just as much as after. It's always nice, if your teams not playing in the late slot yanking kind of zones or not do that exact same thing where you wake up and you miss two goals in like oh wow, that's cool yeah, and then you kind of fate in for the last no five tenant the game, and then you stay for overtime, because overtime, in the playoffs is like a drunk god. I would not have made overtime was like you know, it's not much longer. I still want to make yet buddy it's great when it's not your team play when it is your team in that lay time slot. Unless you live out on the West Coast, that's tough, that is, for us as bloggers. That's his call
so we get to competing in America, it saps the energy and speaking as having energy one of the annoyances of life it I'm so happy is back my Phone battery is obligatory it, because Andrews checking scores all that yeah she's, just like that's the best thing ever where I am chasing a charge all day long. And I'm sitting there like, I had the realisation ask: why is my phone always at twenty five percent? Oh yeah, you have don't stop! Checking all of your bets like compulsively for the last five hours and that's the best has your phone argue that thing where maybe around five o clock in the morning. If you wake up, you check it and it stop charging overnight, because, as I usually you finish, charging me between the hours of six and eight a m. Hey so I'll catch up there, and then you you, take it off the charge you look at it may be put and a better something like that. Put it back down you never
get it back into the charger and your heads you're like fifty off it when you were chasing chasing a charge all day, it's something you can recover from you just know it too, and I wait Alex when you wake up and you like, This can be me all that I'm gonna be the dude looking for a charger all fuckin to work as a hack because they talk about a few weeks ago. I think, but the Iphone is definitely do Yang, where on their formulated, straining everyone's berries way quicker than youth. Yes, it's it's! It's new Iphone sees yet for my work It's been tell me when I wake up its argued, are not getting as much sleep. As you know, I guess yeah because hawk models until one thirty five hours sleep last night, you hockey worth it just by You put that in the whoop like hockey, yeah law
watching hockey on tv. This whoop, if you listen right now, that should be one of the strain categories that you can put in park is watching play off hawk. Yes, because the heart rate really gets up there and then shot out to the NBA zero idea. Just don't have grown of irish tests anymore, like they dont have any positive which is saw its dad is the best sign that we can do this because they keep every time they three tat I oughta reaching unlike yup: let's go, they put their virtual bubble into a bubble. Let's face claims, it is awesome in right now off it's on my head. There are more teams that nobody wants to play in the playoffs. In the NBA at this point than there has ever been a fat. Ok, no one wants to play to run on the playoffs. No must play the heat in play off? Someone wants play Oklahoma City in the play of newspaper blazers in the past, not even in the play out of your way up. No one wants to play the Rockets in the play. People want to play the clippers and the box. Nine. Our plan will hate you, the Bush trash. Yes, I therefore they are trash,
This game is Novia, but no one has already when we think about who have no one wants to play. Your Celtics Microsoft my Green Bourgh Celtics. He picked them. As his are his liberty decided or the happy and new show called greedy is out. The new green is with greening they re again. Somebody else named green, so could have been greening green. What kind of show Chris long in my green bird is reaching OECD wants, don't go radio show now they get Europeans gone, they're gone heavy in the green paper, depart yeah, they're, gonna added they put out like at imagine the suits. It has been sat in a board meeting with a big, sharp and there like? How can we get back to hear more green they just laughed at us sticker like a refrigerator sticker on it of my green book space. It's very simple, mathematics, it's it's which warn of these anchors.
Can carry the most adds. Hearing a given show Green S, grace of the Rhine and the green train until he dies of exhaust green is like a Mount Everest Sherpa who just got adds to the on going up the mountain yup now having this is the top one hundred flowers and may hinder tractor on his back at the same time never been done before more greeny. I let's get rid interview, so I can do Hunter Henry first and then we have gotham? Chopper second gathered the. If you dont know he is documented, Is that why you say that document term Tartu, Sir, and he has worked with Tom Brady he's worked with I'll be Braun Kelly Slater. All these like incredible athletes, so he has some awesome stories, so it was great. Talk to him, but before we get to Gotham an Hunter Henry most, as a different ways last longer, but think about baseball doesn't always work before Roman and online men's health company are changing the game with roman swipes, this or two longer slashing sex is no
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Wilson, whereupon I m t shirt on the day. He got me out: you're, probably not gonna get cut because you signed a franchise tag. Rights thou be the be pretty damn good bad, if not a good sign of it, but we can yeah that was deftly, wrote the brand for sure. We could send you a shirt, ok I'd! So let's start their way. How have you noticed the cameras already? Are they all up in your face man, this? Yes, deftly noticed something definite know. Somebody it's beginning to fade a little bit because, but this train, a camp is so weird so far it shifts different than anything that I have ever experienced just because of the cove. It in within its goin on but one where there are you deaf, we noticed cameras a little bit. Their death like China, pick up on the continent discussed last week really were in the building. Pass all these Toby test. Last we just to get into the building That's better law. Different train can therefore start
So I'm a couple years ago, I think we had Joe Thomas on the shore right before the browns were hard knocks, and we asked him. I think we correctly predicted that Bob Wily was Yankees. Break out are of hard. Now, yes, and you opinion whose one coach or, like a guy, the team that we might not know on a national level that you think is gonna. The guy that world talking about on Wednesday morning. Man, Underrated star. We were talking about this the other day who had been underrated, star, excited for people to see Joey a little bit more. In only does it show much personality with this dude is he's he's hilarious like everything he says it's hilarious a low key star. I got it's pretty funny. A coach has a lot of energy Gus Bradley our defense coordinator out for nine. In on him. He has a great personality- hilarious interesting to see the storylines, especially with the rams coming into it with us. So it'll be interesting. Are you guys? Are you guys?
same facility or sharing facilities now now Are you guys? Are you gonna do yeah, that's where you guys are down it arm, fuck, whereas it does warehouse A gourd caused Mesa is technically the city that were an arm episodic. So hard knocks up in your ass. I we're soaks. It hard knocks is going to be the one thing that war once we saw watching it would be like. Oh footballs come back because we don't have the hall of Fame game. Has it amiss? Everything has it felt like, oh yeah. We have a season coming up in like six. We this is. This is crazy. Has it yeah? Honestly, it's been so weird. Like I said, training camp is this obviously last week were born in the building and then this week is more like just walk, throughs and strengthen conditioning. So what better there were just lifting and running conflict. We ve been doing and doing waters so kind of physic protease unaware
So it kind of feels like we're still far away from the season, but they once we start practicing and didn't go. Definitely a ramp up. Have you been one eye running bowed sketching passage yet or is it just strictly getting in shape for yet on the field getting. It shape man, it's crazy, it's so weird ledges meetings and we do among zoom in our economy away from each other. We can see no outside of the outside of the field. So your basket, Granting additional were from all around the walk through buzzwords walking through, so even liked it. The titans meetings that you have those are all resume. You don't have like a meeting room where she s, you guess so we did zoom most of the. We just had our first one, we're in a big ol room and urge for us and we were like a huge ballroom, unlike you like, early see the screen, because that is the way in the back yard. Spaced out like crazy, where Mass, so it's it's different atmosphere for sure
I realise that can be tough for the bears to have their titans distanced themselves caught his they ve got, but you got ten still right: nine, nine, tighter in his job in my life, I tried angelic twelve a few days ago. What formation ass, the good, oh nine, Information was not the best person. We had three personnel how much, do you not saying anything about just Herbert, as I'm sure he's gonna be great, but how much do you miss Phil Rivers, still on their use. Is a start and I mean It is very underrated. To me I mean is this: I think he's same player, and you know everybody must debate that, but I think he is a man. He he's a and the things that he does. In the background that I got to see just first hand how it prepares high plays interest. Plenary is smacked on the field: just
everything. He is man he's just a troop football player at quarterback man, and it was this. It was so fond of be around so deftly it's it's weird him not being there waiting at the premises is all you say, smack talk on the field, but he doesn't swear. So what would he? What is for rivers smack talk like. Yeah he's he's got a good swear. Replacements grace where replacements man horse mass is to go to a horse. Mass is crazy. Love not like When I like showed up man, he said horse mass, like the yelled at me once I'm at work, that's horse mess outside no hot, so back to that now Golly Day was the other. We ve heard I gracious to peat and three grace the p. In all time. For sure Alzheimer. That's is always Santa, He just has aware enact man on the field honestly issues. The he's a clean smacks
but he he he lost his back Not now we joke were obviously huge football fans and we joke that. It always like Sunday doesn't feel like Sunday until the garters or down a score late in the fourth quarter. It's like six. Forty five last game on the Red Zone Channel and Phil. Like trying to bring you back I do feel that they have you had those moments. You're like we were here again like deja vu yet again on. He said we talk about nonstop yeah, it's fertile. We put our or in every single game, always somehow find a way to blow it and we make up waste. In our last year. We in our midst they'll go or return and obsession at the end game or around
gonna, be there at the end like we're gonna have to drive, you will either go kick available to tie it got over time or sound a winner. Yeah. We were always there. And I made us the biggest thing. We're trying to focus on this year's is China, finnish games and may now you know it when it was close on something. That's really with the good seems now fell dearly when the close games you know that's a forty five game swing I wonder, when last week were What year was it I want to give you a complement. What year was it does need? I declare that It is the best him not make plans that Syria down seventeen. Maybe you guys, don't it's pretty much. Every year you got the best economic player that old acted without all for that year, yeah annually on IRAN, who, unlike nine out of last eleven, I counted on, saying like don't let the charter's getting the playoffs, never lacked me a year. A year and we will not have we won the last year we beat the raiders here, like the bills. Does the
bills got in the outer, lay the jag, some pretty sure, we lose the bills out, and so your wasna bills- and we saw the bills, got at your dislike gas. Yes, I did, I get the bills and they get in that goes back a long time and charges history like. I think there is one team I want to say two thousand and ten two thousand eleven, where the charges had the best office in the Unifil by far the best defence by bar, and then there are weird things like special teams turnovers that for summer It took you guys from being like one of the best teams of last couple decades. I only I'm thinking it to play off that you're anyway, so, yes, the small stuff, I guess So how does Anthony Lynn start this training camp being like? this year. Is the year that we're not gonna fuck up the details. Yeah, I think the biggest
king of Prussia right now. Obviously I mean I think, the team that handles cobra the best right now is going to be. You know one of the best teams at the end of the day, so we're trying to attack that in a way and, of course, the protocols right and do everything right, but I think I'm just paying attention to details, man and that's the biggest thing, throughout the whole practice, and then you know knowing situational football so thus It's one thing we preach around there because we were trying to get better at situational football because enough for a while just work, playing good at the end, the games and also planned good throughout the gap, is sometimes his place early on in a game. Tat crowd situation of Heaven Vienna to Managerial and to go when the game so there's a lot that goes into it. I think turnovers were huge. I think we're going to try to really focus on that. We had too many turnovers last year and also I know defensively. We really didn't take the ball away as much those are two big things I hope you're for whatever we
So when you sign the franchise tag from our pursuit, whenever we see franchise tag, we'd like to that sweet like that's a shitload of money, but from your respect for you like, I just really on the car. I long term contract like how does what was the thought process. It happens when you sign on the dotted line for a lot of money, but it just for one year. Yeah me, I was happy. You know I mean I was excited for I'm gonna get it for guys and I get it. I mean. I definitely wanted something long term for security in all that stuff, but I mean I've been banged up in my career cuz it's so I kind of know that I got to go out and prove it and I kind of have a chip on my shoulder. So I'm excited to attack this this. During the French I stag em, and it is a lot of them. So I'm excited about it in every aspect. It's just another year to go. Go play ball, So I M excited, I wanna go
two are too, when you are senior in college, the combine right afterwards. You, u declined to, do, allow the work out, but one of the two work ass though you elected to do, was the press where you put up thirteen wraps. So we can take your man card on that. If we want to play the Jewel Box barrage right there, so take your measure. Why did you decide like yeah? You know what I'll bench and then you put up thirteen. Why was that when the ones you thought actually put up at put up? Eighty may not Martin knocked off five first offer my hips came up bench LE too much. He said so eighteen, but not five, so I looks kind like scrub so that such deadly, they'll embellished her bud. I was gonna do better and that an odyssey come on we're socks. I hated the carbide so much understand not Elsa combine at all like I'm just not tackle player. Just like a football player, I'm not gonna blow you away in the common.
Drills or anything like that? I'm I'm I'm good football! I it s a very good way and also by hips came up every time I try to so I got zero. Yes, it's bullshit! So, like your hips come up at all on the bench, it down and at the end like ours, they just needed. Stop me at some point losers, but ok and music eighteen, minus five thirteen side, while that sucks we can spend that or you can be like. I have the most explosive hips at the combine, its or great yeah. That's for sure I'm a big heads down a bit like a lot, but yeah no internal work on it. So would you You went to Arkansas from Arkansas. You get recruited by buying portrayal idea. Ok, so getting recruited by between now and then playing for bread. Parliament, that's two different worlds, although common same world and weird way, maybe off I don't think, fit on motorists who had the debate on it
you go to Arkansas and now you're gonna play because those Arkansas teams are first years, Brett Beumer and I am always cons. Guy throws piss when he left the first years at Arkansas. You guys had good team. And he was laying grip a football. I remember that you guys please Alabama that year, the closest they had. A game, like, I think, was like seventeen. Sixteen in the rain was it we Adele going to argue I've been like. Oh, I thought I was gonna, be little more wide open and now we're just fucking. Some bet mixing everyone and just running the ball down their throats yeah, so it was actually for myself. I got recruited the train. I left my he got into trouble. My see my junior year area junior year, and then they did that all John elsewhere, Then you run an interim for four months. Whenever it was like the season and then they are Crosbie sought honestly, I I
Didn't really want to play for protecting our allies in the phantom honestly, so actually was honestly They close at that time. It was. I was interested in Burma and Georgia our two to three teams coming after me, I was like really close with those guys, and I was really close and in what could be a hired, I got to know. First the timing, coaster, coastal money and she's a clear manner be at Purdue somebody tied into the NFL. I was like this is no brainer. You know I mean he's work with you to put me on the end of being in the NFL. So you know the office postal markets and we brought in a lot of studs early on really really did me. I looked back at our huddle an offence in pretty much all lemme guys in our at all my sophomore junior year plain and it fell so new talent It was kind of like discharges that we lost a lot of close came at the end of the end. Again,
we really did good teams. Unnecessary Wessex is brutal at itself, so you know, but we definite played our solve all cause. Baseball baseball ever go to dinner. With that coat beumer I never did never did rail, it still have it yet I need to do that yeah. He feels it will lose the capital and has been recorded, but that's about it. Ok, we're almost there fruit that you know says he's gonna put on his best best. Yeah right, not be out. You're, not party, and you know, he's probably let never get seconds no black thrashed before he gets seconds kind of thing. Since wicker guess the show yes yet will win, win good come into like the team dinners he feels it could gather, would double dip. That would take his dinner beforehand and walk around the prevailing view. Was that try to maybe it s a little here? They're, like she's yeah, maybe do the standing room just eat by stealing and then go back. I could see it. Yeah.
These great man I love goes beat. You know is he's the man Airlines. I mean. I have nothing bad to say about no honest, this market how people, maybe Wisconsin people, have stopped save about him, but I I love those being. I would love to that's her ever know. I actually honestly, I understood what he was doing because he had been buried as a shadow out just more disappointed, because I thought, if he stated Wisconsin, he would have liked the he would have been people to be there for thirty years and run the same system for thirty years and been good father lairs. Where I mean we're paying it, we are paying a pretty gets yell along with, I think, the it s, his tea and attacking I mean those. There was nothing left for him. I was, I think, those who wanted to take that step up so you also it Arkansas part of one of the craziest place of all time. If you haven't Seen it I'm sure everyone has seen it, but if you don't remember it, it was
we're time against all miss forth and twenty five in Hunter Henry through the boy a backwards like basely wasn't looking and they converted the fourth in twenty five years, cuts down and won the game. How Often you go back and watch that play. Then I've seen it so many times in the last. I don't believe it I set out my spine defiling when people brain up, you know, and we talk through it. I've done some details, Ike LAW, There is on it. Yeah wants out. I mean I've seen it time. Obviously, it's kind of famous in Arkansas and obviously College for Boardman had pig implications on college football even in that year, so it was just a crazy play, and I honestly never thought I'd be remembered for thrown off and I make I guess: sweet catch in the UN's owners of them, but never really thought I'd be, went through on the ball like latterly it and not be remembered that its awesome play. Jerry Jones. Was he like paying?
you then, and then he had to stop. Writing the Czechs once you signed with another NFL team, or how to that work. You just switch the payroll over to the charges. Yeah I twisted over. You know easily Bigger big, don't enter over there in Arkansas for sure we like to repair job. So I know ISA is given a lot's argon saw but yea he's twisted over the charges of charges and hands clean on that and have you ever met bolt man? I have it whose boatmen Ah well, you re no boat man, but he was. Will you wanna see Diego team for one who was here to answer that he was the unofficial, mascot use the big superfund that had the job like Yahoo very critically engage you it's a number of town council meetings to try to keep you guys are, and then he saw his life for like sixty thousand yeah fuck. What I just want to know is: why are you just matter but yeah in your mind, I remember in Ireland is a legit who was
favorite teammate, on that San Diego team, and why was it Danny? What had Danny? What had for sure I just remember show up. You know: you're a rookie year you're up like just everything big I'd anyway, I guess we're gonna sell. This is crazy, unjust, meeting, Danny and just whom dislike. Running jokes and just him and Matt Slauson, just just getting astern locker room. You know it just what's a lotta good times in a locker man in with those guys and then another, I think another team at its matters like that was gates. Modestly, all tat he made great did treating me like a little brother feeling,
It's a stolen he's gonna play this you're right, I related weak. Nine ample, I'm is you sit now, isn't gonna hold our camp, and then I ll come back once gave is, isn't gonna be awkward catching a pass from somebody not name Philip Rivers like Canada on a serious note, is zero a big difference, could you pick out a fillip rivers. Spire like, without seeing who, through it, paired, so you know any back up that you ve caught passes from or go back to your days it at Arkansas yeah good thing in out honesty, I have seen it so many times and then say a strong motion is so unique, but yeah it's gonna be different. Definitely, but our our office, honesty is gonna, be a completely different issue, so snow shade to fail at all, but it's just What it is and now definitely have a different kind of this year in a lot more movement, lot more different things: they're gonna entail
someone asked this question in a way to knock and get you in trouble could take a second yeah I'm trying to stop it. You want to ask it to me, and I want to be like how much is it really suck to have no fans at the game in like when the Steelers come out No, it's all terrible towels like how much is that. Are you excited to see fewer Pittsburgh? Steelers France, this year, yeah right honestly even playing field for everybody. The shirt seller held up the of the satellite helps us out a lot, so we I experienced, but that we do they have a lot? Spirits would what's going on this you're! Ok! Now it's but we are opening a new stadium, and so we were very eager for the fans may of this year. I think that was the biggest day, and so you know we honest, we really deal. We do have great fans, bright lights went there's a man.
They can overshadow the chain packers the bears behind you simply everywhere. Energy me another. I why I wanted. I want to charge back in sending over touches me so spigots, ending a charging, the LA chargers, I view picked out what your favorite new uniform is of the whole you guys, I did the chart there's absolutely nailed like now Other team we rose uniformed all time, we cannot always uniforms and they all are fucking gorgeous, but is there one the air like? I cannot wait to wear this one. Obviously, I love the powder blues. The powder blues are all time I don't know I have something like that. They put kind of like a new Navy blue in the navy. Blue in the ball on home. Is Navy Blue around all navy. Honestly, I think that's my fair and I've always kind of been a big like Navy guy, I love are all Navy's. I think, they're sweet see the powder blues are kind of honesty, the best, but maybe the loser sweet. So
you feel it in the locker room when you guys are wearing your like best uniforms. Can you feed kids? Does it feel different? Like oh fuck, we look awesome today, oh yeah, for sure that look good, feel good night anytime. You walk out like that. You're feeling, good You know, you look good. You feel a little extra swag about see I'm I'm so happy. You answer it that way, because, as fans, we just assume that players are wired, the same way are stupid. Lizard brains are where world Oh my god, if we could widows those uniforms you'd be so fast so good to know that, like that actually is going through your heads, when you were there s uniforms, you like we look sick. Oh yeah, I mean you're always try to look at a very early and myself, you're not they're, not then their lines you right away for sure. I'm in the you know your China look you're. Lucky yourself enough in the mirror everything, but once you get the game another thing about, obviously by life, for the aim like Davis, I can't we looks
CIB like you as soon as I get soon as I fell down or made a tackle or something, and I was like Shitt. I got grass stains on my uniform how do I get hamstringing interfering warm up severe? No, I'm just going to a mature on the sidelines, stand behind a coach tragedy, on tv, a little bit looking good, but as for that, like tackling shit, nom good Progress, no grass dangerous cubic clean the photos girl good because you get those while signal not further, so yeah some big id cards every year. We are, We usually ask this question to a linebacker or defensive end, but I'm gonna can flip it on you required, especially joy bosses, new contract. You just get paid, Would you want to ever get any wraps at defence event? yeah. I would it before I would love. I would like to come that feel. I think I need some work, but I think we could train. I could transition to
safety like Robert Caskey, like a hail, merrier related, went into that in work. I think you're, better tat where rob at this point your crew them. Yes, now and then work out for a bird idea now be sick, I mean I can learn from joy. The men They got there. I give to blossom in practice of every day. How much you have Isaak. It therefore makes you better declamation better. We ve gone against each other now, for whatever it is, for you and so you kindly anew. It used to it and everything, but it makes you better enthuse based a man, Is it so just technically sound nice thing to like our seas, a freak but his hand? and just everything you guys like you just so detailed, and so it is a top down block
It therefore makes your boy covered. Add hips, though I just looked at his combine stats and he had zero deductions and bent brought you a little bit more blow YAP the explosion. I guess I got him on explosion about five. You know my hopes for good has. Has he changed and signing a new contract, as you like walking around MR big shots? absolutely no, I saw in the next morning. Is the same dear. It's like that I guess it's just drive and try to dry. Humor is duties crazy way above it around them. We came in the same year, Saint Draft Glass, so it's This crazy, we re actually play unknown of some time to lower the same age and everything. So it's his honesty, business, then do it ever since Debbie Signal. If you shut up the first, they have their content, it is rather like a sleigh shall be ass, got yeah the three wheel, car flippin, everybody laughed looking, really be made at times event at all. He is the most low profile guy. It brought low profile guy ever
I had one last question, so taking you back to December two thousand eighteen, you who are injured, you're, probably lying in bed, just waking up on the West Coast time. What happens? your phone, when Stephen a Smith, says, he's excited to watch Hunter Henry tonight, even though had been out for a very long time, what a legend Alabama, what a legit basins. Thank Stephen Arabic shouts you man yeah. I was pretty crazy. I was actually went with the team through that game. Repent achieves and it was a big There'S- an eye damsels I also go was that this be funded to go to, I'm gonna go to it so I was honestly starting to kind of come back for my acl. That year sounds like an s when I kind of came back at the end of the year, so I was like although this gave in- and I woke up in a hotel that morning, it I'm getting alone up by everybody. Like everybody, my twitter, everything to text, my comments
new room, thereby like day right. You ready for an eye a row. I really look at everything and then their like. Yes, even age be blowing you up it's like, while this is crazy, may I just crazy the whole process something else. I was like what is going on dude, but I was big shot at Steventon today at four. Knowing your name here, he said he said he had a brain lock, which happens to the best of us his read out Alan when he was done That is a good thing, though, because it, if you wake up in your phones, can bloated blown up like holy shit? Why my trending on Twitter? That's probably the best reason that you could be trending is costiveness, Miss Greeb, something up not because some you did for sure it was yes, the best way to be turning a twitter for sure. On hastily What is your record gonna be this year Sixteen. It knows the goal right whenever game but every week by week,
and amended, Bengals at our first game. So out of eleven- and you know this category by we our water. So sixteen- and I was what our journey would, I also heard- was guaranteed. First week victory against bangles one, and I want to know hey man, you got to go on with top and some and if you don't go into the game, thinking you're going when you know, then I think everything goes in thinking, they're going to win, and You know that you got it, you gotta know, you're a man gone and everything we know or at least have a shot to wind down. Seven with two minutes left it's not our play this year to new year from now actually Harry, I'm ok with you guys moving on, because I would rather just go with fill to any Annapolis. It feel more naturally dials doing it's out of chargers. Thing rates will become runners, although it up, but that we love. We know we love him. What he you know it's it's it's not even the fact you guys are down it's more just like
He gets so demonstrative unease I like kicking and doing audibles and just shocking it and the bus, yet everyone rivers with his back against the wall is a delight to watch Yeats we ve done a lot. We ve done a lot in everyone's pastures. We're gonna deftly try to move on from that that that's our planet ended twenty twenty season for sure love love. It will well Hunter. Take you so much. We appreciate it. Man, good luck with hard knocks will be watching will send you some yeah progress in your shirt. I was in your hat, so you can wear it or not, and I would like oh shit, all rapid irrelevant for yes loaded and that no gas, thank you. So much man can talk on earth, that interview with Hunter Henry, whose name translates to catch a fish with their bare hands. While on vacation from reply cast, was talk you by three key, three key is the leader and hemp derived cannabis, Lloyd products. All these people
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you ve done it all man, you ve done it all. You ve been around so the greatest athletes of all time. I guess. Let's start there, is the greatest. Can you give us a goat of all the goats man? That's tough! You know many go something kind along with something controversial, what's out of this series, I being around alleys later, maybe maybe it's a sport. I don't really know very well. You'd have served, maybe twice my life, but there's something Kelly's tire kind of like Tom. He sent his forties he's been there done it off is also leave. This crazy life so there's something kind have pretty. I don't know this in turn to her own him? And you say more is another one. I mean to me like fastest man on the planet, and heavyweight championing the rather too, like untouchable things, ass again, Isle of but we can sit around and debate. You know it's Tom, the greatest of all times Brown versus Jordan but when you are like the fastest man on the planet, that's kind of untouchable.
Right in the nice thing about sprinting. Is you can measure it and compare him to people? I came in ten years, twenty years, thirty years before, I've actually always wondered when it comes to an event like the hundred metre dash. How much faster do you think The human body can even go like obvious We can't run a hundred metre dash and five seconds, that's just beyond the scope of moderation but at. In point we're gonna top outright you they yeah. I mean yes, but The format in mind for the longest time, like you know, was, was the thing and we just we make quantum it's every once in a while I mean Jordan, the Bron. You know The debate is fascinating, but take what you're doing the boy on is now it is physically and is everything about him? It's like you just I can see that the gas that is unique to this year- I like it. We made an evolutionary leaf or like even you think tank. Yeah like what I mean he's just like, blazing a trail, sir? I missed the great thing about sports
Naturally, I miss spoke a second ago, because Britney spears ran the hundred metre dash and what four seconds energetic. I think that online out longer, but being around all these people? Are these people who were obviously like lead at their professions? Who were Carter than everybody else. Is there a moment where you're sitting behind the scenes and watching your process, where you like this is actually insane to be doing it. This way yeah. I think it's even like I'll go back to convert this time. You and I work on man, so women started that I think you know with several. We it was only a few weeks after the twenty eight to three come back that super bowl against the falcons. And it was probably that what that happen February, we were maybe at the end of March. I was out with him on a practice field filming, he was working on destroying most ending at his throne coach house with them, Tom is really like. There's something about his get whatever that it's not working right or whatever tweaking it. And I said to him- I said: do you like
Three weeks ago we won the Superbowl in the greatest come and he was I gave a thousand three weeks ago. Like for him. It was just like you know: tat it was yesterday. I would do I care about two over and he's thinking about the next one. That's what the maniacal met consistent mean that Leubronn. Let's take all of these people to stake. There's this, but this God, given talents there and gifts, but he's just like this. Yeah, maniacal devotion and in this area and it's always a little bit of me versus everyone, making this greatly Scott, You see consistently like even better rabies in the Lebron James, its acknowledge nobody believes in me. It's me, against the world. Yanza visuals, something just like second the mind with these athletes solely themselves. Yet
So I had to questions about Tom first time, the persons a little silly, but you put in all this hard work and then the most memorable moment is Tom, kissing his son on the lips. Were you like what the hell like? Do you guys not washed arrests of it? It was really cool. It was Tom Brady like the like, has never been seen before her I mean I think everything that Tom did especially off the field like movie became a thing. I like the abacus. You know I Jack was a thing but like this movie the thing, and it is because I think no one had ever been side, no one's gonna. He now he's on social media and every writing, but the time in evidence ceramic account like he was barely say. Just everything we took on this larger than life, so I mean I felt bad because its mercy, Jack from you, her jacket, was like premier privately minors, all right. I wasn't very surprised and bothered by air. So funny when, when you have a such hard work, you put together something so big
and then the one take or not the one takeaway put the one that the internet runs with that. Just the internet can never control it somewhere the question about Tom first time, and it was the Did the came up with the last dance allotted. Our memories coming out, where's the line when you are doing a documentary with the control of the person you are you know, filming and Our story and how much you let in how much you can take out like the creative control. Is that all decided beforehand? and where do you cut a fall on the debate? That's been going on in media Look. I think this is somewhat rosy generational down on. You know like Some young whipper snapper coming, but this is the sort of timber and style documentary completely at the end game, you really It has no version the subject having any control, but I say in a working with Kogi, in particular, announcing the first high profile, one
It was no version of that in the best version of that was going to be something that the subject was really invested in, and I mean a mostly like bells quote ownership where it, and so I should have come from the perspective of like while I dont could see you have created control or finding a kite or anything like that I do I found the school of like no. This is a partnership. This is not on you. Copyright Tom Brady. This is with you and so like every story. Every question you're asking me as a choice like you, you may choices and that's kind of guides. The story and you leave stuff out, and so you don't that's as part of the process It doesn't mean- and I can tell you again- special copying is combated like he was thousands nature. I mean there. In this creative yelled debates, and and also like. I want my fair future. He wanted the fair, but that's where the process from from my personal perspective, I
Don't really have a problem with it, especially if its, if it's a veto admitted its full disclosure like hey, this person had part of the create EDA like it's, not you are trying to do plus or like here we got inside Tom Brady and were put out stuff. He didn't agree. Do I actually appreciated on the level that all these, We spend their entire career being covered in having the the media in their fans project there thoughts on them of who they are and this may be a chance for them to show their own side. Instead of having someone else, tell them how they thought about things. Or rivers or whatever it may be? So I get the power back, which is kind of a cool dynamic there. We ve never seen in sports until today, yeah, Is the trend of water ass? Each have their own production companies are, or there. Platforms uninterrupted. There is to be, and others that are really built on that premise of light, damned we did. I think you know people
myself. I still have a role in terms of helping to guide a story like work were making the story and yet all that normal thing tension conflict set up. Comparisons have I got, I think that with agreed, but we're not trying to be manipulated ever and these definitely lie like you can feel it sometimes eight when you are being lie too, and therefore, are you buying internet those are the areas that you really kind of have to be careful about, but in general, like you won, T be the subject of feel sounds like this. Is my story? Wangwana share this otherwise you're gonna end up like, like everything else, so yeah it's interesting. They mentioned working with Kobe because if I feel like Cobby, so in death on everything that he says he's got like. He had this passion behind him, where he would focus yo solely on the task at hand he would do be able to Canada go into it. Our field interested in and I take that on with a guy like Braun when you're working with him, how much
when you talk about the creative ideas it you're coming up with together. Is he getting down to the level of eyewash, here's he'll be great place for montage. We should do a voice over here to Morgan Freeman to do that power like how granular does it get with these athletes, I mean why you just described is Kobe: Bryant was co beyond the product. So, like you know, every little detail like in the minutiae obsessed and you know the truth. These guys are the same off the court that they are on the cords. That actually is not that surprising, right by Kobe, always wants to hand in this the ball in his hands, etc. So, the right kind of top there. Like either he's. He's a facilitator he's about like how do I get my guys in the right in a position? what they do best and and if he does, that kind of off the court as well he's got a core group of guys maverick, ardor, its faults that has grown up with that try so actually working with abroad
largely working with those guys, because they kindly nobody likes, doesn't nights? I mean he's he's out there like a few times right. Interacted with him he's very supportive. Let me I can t help if you ask him for his opinion on something you'll give it to you, but he's the guy, at least in my experience in the other room, rolling his leave. Where's cobby I mean with him to three. In the morning, the guy was like an old leaving those leaving only get. It is right and yet it was recalled it affectionately. Toby jail You know that was thousand process with him, so religions, Sports in your around all these athletes and it's a religion for them? Do they ever fully understand how it's a religion for fans like what? What are you? What have you sense from being around these? These middle men the end women had I fully understand the impact they have on their fans, and how much
of our happiness, which is sad to say what is true, is dependent on them. Now. I think the guys in women later in their careers. Right like they do might they ve been around long enough for me? So you know I started religion of sports in and my two partners are Tom, Brady and Michael Street. They both into it. It wasn't a business plan. They got them. It was and I know what it means to be at the epicenter of listing I under. Stand Not only is this my life's purposes for Tom to play this game, I know I can feel it when I'm out there to say what you, how much invested in me and say I get this idea that you know sports it. It's not like, like a religion, it is a religion, am in it sort of invokes the same type of buildings are, I think, a lot of them do towards the end. You know when it's partly it's also.
Had this forever goodbye term who knows about hung it'll go on for, but it's it's that connection this word it doesnt. Last forever. You have you thought about flipping the you know the camera I made it wouldn't be footing the came on yourself, but flipping the Cameron like following, a clean, Embrowns Van who face paints and dry. As you know, our rom out of a bowling ball and throws it Hagen the Moody law and then goes and screams his face all day and then gets up at night seven in the morning for his construction job. On Monday morning after the Brown lose again, that's the religion of sports. We need that documentary do under the true recovers. The true believers, yes in the young, I absolutely EU market back me bottleneck my job. I, like you, know like in terms of those people. Those stories, as you guys know, they're out there s this tens of thousands of billions of I mean today, like opening day baseball middle. This weird endemic in this time like this, when again it
It's I'm gonna, wife. I know you desert might be eighty cents amaretto expand, but I can't wait to some when I can watch Yankees nationals because of what it means the euro and its is bigger than sports yeah. You mention Michael Strain and Tom Brady, I'm interested to know what that relationship is like. If you ve ever been in a room with those two, if I'm sure that the other friendly with each other Michael strands hard, not to like the guy Does he ever just bring up a suitable and he's? Ok, look at this item. Look at this. One they're like active members of the company, both on the board every Single Board meeting starts with Michael backing. The fact is kind of like yellow and for Tom looked at me: nine Superboss, six of them wins buddy, the losses in its that mass. Eighteen in one asked that her the most that's them This memorable Michael does not mislead sensitive need. I remind him that use at the epicenter them.
In the weird thing about it is in a way, I'm sure that that loss actually motivates Tom Brady to be the quarterback. Daddy is today because he suffered that defeat on. Eighteen one season that actually makes him greater down there. It actually makes him stronger a fisher I'm is agreed is good. I also think that I can analyze there to greatness which is about failure, because the truth is its diversity here's that are the most memorable for athletes. It gets the wonder, always talk about, leaving it you go like if you watch the sea areas like the bronze, the game he talks about as in two thousand and twelve game, six of the Eastern Conference I know, but really what it's about his game, five which he lost at home. He talks about Paul Pierre setting a shot in the space of everything in his eye because of that game and all ever could this was before all the so, stack game. Everyone came out of the bronze. Yeah loser camp in the big one is always choke. Is it that it was the failure that sort catapulted the success and to that end,
consistent things. He would be greatest yeah, so around Tom Brady as much as you have been, I think, more People are fascinated by the tv twelve method. His relationship allows Guerrero my whole taken, I it's totally uninformed but two, I'm is exception. Because Tom Brays Exceptional and his work at this is exceptional. Any is also a kind of a freak athlete in certain respects and whither without. Alice grow. He does that. It's almost like I'm, not a placebo, affect put it's like an extra thing to believe what what was what's their relationship like. Do you really think that it's out grow is like a man your pardon Tom, Brady playing for as long as these plagues, I feel like temporary. But I found a way, no matter what yeah I'm like. It's a good question. I'd, say: I've been around home alive last year for years and Alex is a huge part of his daily life like
does now miss even during the off season. You know other body work. He does I just pliability in it No other wait. He doesn't use waits everything's about you know again my stuff, his muscles and suchlike that lengthening unloosening. So I, You think, especially as his crew is gone on and on and like the years about it up, I do you think, The big part look there is theirs. Whole bunch of stuff. They do like the body work, then Tom, to endless this duration, his sleep regulation, There's a lot of stuff and I dont know where the line is like a man Stop is functionally really important versus this is part of like Tire Tom's. Like, I said, maniacal psychology I'm not sure where that line is, but I would say I don't know like specially. You know. Tom did have a catastrophic injury early in his career, and this was like that. That was the turning point for him.
He has done this. I mean the statistics show that well I've gone heap, no matter how talent, the arming, I'm not most talented guy and he ll be the first to say so been many more talented guys have not played as long as he asked, how much water does he drank Canada, the heat like look on there. I think I saw could today of him showing up at that time. A ban facility and he carried this job answer. Yet I have made this can go into some crazy places. This number, like that water have some secret in it, that you knows prolonging spur. I dont know by Tom Carry that thing around, and I think he feels it multiple times a day and so he's just like he's he's a mad scientists like when you, you know, he's always tinkering with something There is never a moment that he's not like thinking about
So I was reading your Wikipedia page here and one thing jumped off the page to me and I wanted to ask you about it. It says that you were lyrical adviser to Michael Jackson at one point. What what Michael Jackson songs did you write yet. I have made this can go into some crazy places. This number ninety I've known my eye, you Michael starting one. I was pretty young and then, when I was in college in New York and Columbia and Michael used to live in that The four seasons therein in New York City and I used to hang out with them and like some of those who, mainly their own history, so besides I stranger in Moscow, history scream. We'll be there. Some of that stuff. He and I just put of pre internet I got was like. I was like bringing like rhyming dictionaries and the downturns like helping him. You know find the right words I mean he D, Aubigny elixir, unwelcome take any credit for that.
Did you any royalties off that? So you guys can appreciate. You know. I was in college at the time. Go down and hang out with them and helped to like to do the morning, and then Tom, I'm town, Michael would be they came as how much do I owe you and I feel, like I don't know he used to keep pillow sex, full of money like in his in his Hotel speedometer, and he would, just give me cash and at the time I am, I thought again like five thousand six seven thousand go get its government I call my friends and we would go out to some of the things that college students I feel sure I've doesn't always in their pocket Nanda as an epidemic that, like this, a great man- I never thought about residuals or anything like that. As always better than residuals. I gave. If you gave me the choice you can either get five thousand dollars cash when you're twenty one years old in college
or you can get like five thousand dollars a year from when you're twenty five until thirty five, I would take them. Five thousand our lump sum in college and just go, have a hell the night I have great story star, so you know so you better on all these people, even counting Michael Jackson. Put all these athletes out of all of them. Who commands a room, the most who that guy or girl who you in the room and it's just or they walk in the room at all eyes on them and they just how- control of the room, no matter what setting it is. It could be a board room could be a bar whenever it is. They just are that person. I think it is a part of this answer might be because of you know, what's happened, but Toby was a rock star and I get never really been- around. Anyone like that and Toby's you,
when he was at the transition obviate like there was a pre social media, Coolby era and select, The kind right now like because arrogant all over social media feel like. Even if you don't know them, you know them, because we ve been around them through there. Toby had that. I remember like only working on the problem. We got to the point where light good, but it wasn't great and companies I came out. We were not die. We have a long way to go on as they Toby We don't have any more money from the network Showtime at the time and globally. Set up a mediating, we'll get plenty and I remember like walking- into that building and whose I wearing sunglasses in everything, and he it was like. Where we should have more money, because this guy this had hitherto charisma and yeah, we walked out, like you know, with as much money as we needed to finish that project before we had that I mean look. I heavy speculator deep friendship with Tom said.
Yeah. I know him better, better yeah yeah, but sit on, has you know a Christmas you? I think people are very curious about him and everything, but Yeah Toby, had the sort of rocks are the keys to fire, I mean Tell me again, I likely, but in a helicopter. Like it was a bad man. You know the ashes and so special have you. Talk to Tom at all, about seems like he's coming out of a shell more had the has. Is that a conscious decision that he's like this is going to be different? Maybe maybe it's the Tampa move made It's the end of his career, but just he's showing more Tom Brady that used to yeah. I think it's like it's Then the combination of acting a couple years accident on Tom versus time was a big part of like the catalyst for that, but ending it says its it's over time, and- and I could you know, I'm a patriot- Drugs are like I feel like. Should have seen this coming. I probably didn't see it coming, but then I just denied it causes a patriot vanity, but we didn't want. To happen,
But now, looking back on my girl, you Alex he had to me like he just do it anymore and that environment and He still wanted to play, and I think he's really excited about the challenge and for I mean I've been down there, you don't have with him for a few days, and it's like that he's he's gotta differ. Type of energy. Right now there are seen last year's nutrition as a filmmaker do have a limit in your head as to how often you can use gimme shelter over montage me. As soon as all about having good editors and our answer now, I'm in tears. But that's the grating by sports, thinks so cinematic. And so on and every sport was different yeah I had the last question so come of the reverse of my last question. Who's, a wonderfully big star that you ve been around it Play Tom Brady. You just said that you know him so well that is just a regular Geier girl like they're your shocked by.
Oh, my god they ve done all this stuff and they seem completely. You know, cause We been around athletes famous people, it's no! It's not. Dis on them that life changes. When you have that type of stature, but demo me for people like wait there, just a regular do like they're. Just compare ITALY, normal, You won't even know that they weren't MBA player and NFL player. Just by the way they too I can in hang out yeah Thus I mean I have been around what I feel like. I do have to say some very low, pretty well. You know how she interact. Its last year were good staff scurry for life. Almost staff. I mean air quality in some ways, but also just like a really sweet, humble guy, always around family three young kids. That's a lot of hard work. He takes a really serious they do not like tons of help he's doing everything I father as to do so
and, like I went to the Astor game with him last year like on working together and staff, is like you know, he loved, of them to call them Please stand in North Carolina. There's a girl chicken. Go get a vastly cookouts jungles OJ yeah. Dangerous step is absurd. The boat and up down there, so every moment he got exactly that's gotta, close angles and Hence it is like a really should have ground a guy in that way. So you probably the most relate in ITALY is there's. Somebody that you want to work with really badly in in sports are otherwise that maybe you're circling. Maybe you feel you thought about, but haven't quite got around to make an introduction yet I mean you know like a kind of started with Kelly's later, like this for its accuracy that Ivan I'm almost like. I don't know how much I grew up a huge you have asked for football baseball guy. I'm so year I look here who is Hamilton, make formula one
or yeah lotta international soccer players that I find Bassi because of looks kind. Them necessary, but what they represent so Mohammed Salah who place from Liverpool. Do you know Rinaldo who, in my opinion, they probably the most famous person on the planet, is so weird. The theme is an interesting thing. Sir I can look at those just like those are interesting. You know, bigger than the person does. It think that are interesting. Will this be an awesome man? We really appreciate it very interesting stuff. I also really appreciate you. I don't love, you realize what I did there, but I asked you for the biggest alpha and they the most regular Joe and the Brown. Wasn't your answer for either of intra interesting I don't know, look right now that we're Leubronn hate well. Some of us are the Brown he did some time dismal Braun try to trade you away from his filmmaking team. While he's really well. You said it was the same off. The court is on the court.
No, you didn't hidden, but he ok, here's my thing by the brain, the prize, I mean we we sit around Ebay. Do the passport poor thing on the court? Blake off the core like what that guy stands for what is done in Britain all of that stuff. I beg my uneasy. That's the damn thing kills me because I I like him leubronn, but I know he's such good guy, which drives me in saying that drives in saying that we want him to be led. I want some guy get use a real assets like no one's ever said that I mean think about like a meal, we learn very, politics for the next four months ago were who is the one I think he's gonna stand up and speak yet no land for some before I let you go we're trying to expand into the indian market by talking about cricket every now and again, and you d You were closely I'm gonna butchers name as a tender car.
Something to do with our efforts to get yet on the master glass or did I might be easier or the master blaster? That's sick, like a Stevie, wonder song Would you can you give us a real, quick headline that maybe we can use to market to an indian audience about their favorite curricular, mean in a country oh over a billion people of every faith yet on the planet, there's one God and it's the master last year in a second he's everything he's Leubronn plus Tom plus the same both times a million in terms of what he means to that country and what he meant: that sport ok, I've. He might be my answer now and somebody asked me you just who's the guy who's. The graves athlete on Planet earth right now, master. What's the matter, Sure blaster, like tat go back. Superfine Yankee Man, lot of fun and have you ever New York combine endless dude in person yeah a sharp
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kick Billy off forever. That's our promised you light when, when Roger Adele introduces a shitty rule that nobody likes and then He saves the game by removing that. Should you yes actually believe your lesson, we do love you. I love you values, not listening, and it's so perfectly. Billy too, like his stock was going back up as like gotta take quick vacation, guys yup, so on there be out here what price support has taken vacation. Ok, last week on board my take villefort introduced the conundrum of the chinese seeds that were being made to America. What do they do?
Are they used for surveillance? Are they used to as invasive species? Are they used to just screw with american rural communities? On today's pardon? My take we get to the bottom of it. The mystery behind the chinese seeds will be unveiled next week in Philly football returns from his vacation because he knows the mystery and we don't Spencer, on promoting or find out on Sunday and he's gonna have no he's not going to be easy, but what I think is our talk about other Billy. Planet, seeds and then just down to mister. Yes, yes, will grow. Super supercomputer make these seeds exe, h, H, I'd so his sheet, though he did ass a sheet. Jake Paul got rated he's on steroids by who the FBI Authority too. Now what happened now, ear shot guns he had guns to have one.
We had the guns like there there's like someone like a helicopter, something like overs house needs had like guns like like chilling, in the back yard, so I don't even like there, Obviously, like guns to free reign of Gandhi, s back your! I think when you, I think you get to a point of wealth that you just run out of things. So you can buys you like. Now, I'm going to buy a shitload got near their easily store where you can hang on the water almost artwork and then, when you buy a bunch of guns you like well, someone might still. My guns need Morgan yeah, when Red Log Dag when Redondo variants house like half of this house's just guns because he's gotta protect he's got yet. He has the smaller guns upfront. I ain't as you go through the house J. I think you're actually right rise, the more rooms you go through the bigger they get right until he just got like an atom bomb, rightly spent seats, a self fulfilling prophecy just needs of keeping guns. Until you have so many guns that your guns can ever be. Tough also think, when you're as universally hated his Jake Paul you probably have a lot of people who want to kill you? Do we hatred powers? It logo? I think we like
Logan right, Logan Only time will gang is both of them. Why they're, just forcing the Vienna Logan was suicide, for though I thought that was Jake is the gun guy, I thought Jake was in the suicide forgot. Yes, we are disavow depends, yes, disavow all Paul brothers and then also I saw a again when, after next wisher I fucking love us again? He should he needs to. I wish you would managing somewhere, but that guy he always because mind he's fucking hilarious. I was Podcast Jamie reality. Actually yeah forget woody page. He what he's fine on its own to his own show. Yes, just haven't those who go back and forth Vila. He should actually do a pike ass with the radio leisure from Chicago MIKE nor through they had may run its now would be they were just
oil and water. That's about it called jaded. The hard F word yes harder. Yes, let's see, Clemson was named number one rend. Your friend are my buddy good friends. What this actually is bad for. Clemson because, like ninety percent of dabbled motivational skills come from say nobody respects. Yes, do not they're, not unanimous. Now so not get enough respect for Clemson. We kicked out of the box, the wild Beavers in England when right to remain- and you know we run out of river otter animal planet portion. I I agree that there should not be beavers, an Otter river yeah. You know, Then I'm your business exactly! It's not your river! Stick to your own So, let's finish up afar fast, let's finish up with our first, we have a great weekend come up, there's pda championship. All sports are back. So excited Brooks we even mention Brooks roses. Right for second dude. If democracy it, I don't want to examine
Brooks wins the Pisa, let it be sweet because I put in a bet by the way, a legend for life too above all, is actually a sneaky gambling guru. I dont know if he knows anything about the sports and we ve been waiting on. Did I been asking him for advice and picks and as a unit mean Baba our six four seven interlaced seven. This is also why we put were heavily leverage on hooks to win the Piazza Beginners Lock ride him right I oh, I ever that member the first time, one of the first time you ever been horses, it shows on we'd when we sat down and we hit like a trifecta, get those instantly. Those of my first raiseth that you have announced that, yes, we must bear this in mind. We hit it for like two hundred bucks like is, it always is easy. Nope yeah I don't think I've won a horse recently. So yes right? gimme your lover? I was, Firefox, Hank, I've, a bond I have a bunch of our. Let me I took off my shoes. Ok,
my first one speaking a vacations in. I don't really take any some inexperienced in kind of the whole like how figured this now is, is your vacation. You realize like you're your job is to be on vacation and right now you, your work is to be like on a beach somewhere and your actual vacations behind them I like that, are so I was trying to go back to work. My family had a trip planned for some reason. I was always in the oppression of the first week of August. It's on it. On walk on a guy. I booked Annabelle account in block island, the rent. A car got a fairy ticket and then there is a big storm coming out like Texan, my parents, ITALY can actually Thursday morning, not Wednesday night and there like all we're. Not. Either till next week. So I just had the completely wrong weak but I put all the things fourth scheduled denying. I got the time off from work, luckily, that that got approved by you guys and just completely often the the air, so
Why? How much money did you lose in that? Do you want man? It's tough, breaking their work and extra weak, though then you get all that money back true, true, ah Hank operas That thank you means are coming from you guys. I know how much do you tell so naturally failure to advocate. So I thought you miss the most important, he's trying to work as rise again right, his family, just one let em where exactly My second one is, I watched doc. In this respect, we talk on the show he finally came back when I live stream. I why shit for an hour and a half and just a holding screen, he never actually live and he's doing it tomorrow. So that was just a waste of like two hour. I thought you did not answer my two shrimps today. Put out a song. Darted spectres is directed to making songs, but I'd like a song that this track know today,
it basically just like you dislike to show off his voice. I think ok, yeah, he's he likes to Chavez voices likes to like his graphics. Oh yes, that's pretty much right. So then he will you didn't. He went, live corner quote, but I'm just a cool graphic that played for an hour and a half and I'll just sitting there, with my party my hand like with fuck, that's Henkle, that's like the regiment channel. If you go to a right now, you will take that very much. I breaking news, so I think we're gonna play this lie that I haven't listen to. It is broken. After the round. I think he he's doing so again. Today. She'll get online. There's no reason to be cited. It's all beyond the numbers and stuff like that on track, games going to go, play We should use my God, you know exactly what I love it I actually did sit down and watch the video that Hank was about the other day, the like fifteen minute long. Your rising to Sambo
saga about him coming home from his lied. A gulf is word. Island film is one of the more in saying things in his Bentley that I've ever seen in my allowing a house. I have no idea what he was doing. The doors one scene he's about to make breakfast any set up his camera on his kitchen counter right next to the refrigerator and then he closed. The door greater door and turned towards a camera just to show. His stomach idiotic speck in it. He I deleted my aunt comment on its room last night: that's messed up as they move exactly it's I ran move other ants. Are the course this week I don't know other ants in California. We should get who's gonna be. We should send him an ant farm. Yes, we're sure! Yes, we can again. Please stop toying John Bryson, the atom Oji. He does not like that and we're not trying to get on her skin too much like love it. I right what else and I have one reversed fire fast. Ok, something really good to happen,
yes or no longer in a Lotta ADA view as downloaded the play bourse lap a got close to two hundred thousand, but thankfully will not, thankfully, it unfortunate but apparently what Canada are not able to download the app? Because it's a different country? They have different regulations for that type of stuff. So I think that captain under two hundred case. I don't have to get a cat. Ok, Ok, so you killed a cat. So we keep that story like going. We will someday get you a cat. Maybe yes recent Bryson and farm. We will also send you cat, yes so how do we get a cat? At some point? I would have a man word I when it, when I put one put a cap on the line. I will always honour the bet. Ok, fifty what's yours Firstly, my five rest of the week is: I have to come up with new reasons in new ways to defend Tom Wilson.
Oh yeah scumbag knows a scumbag eyes have said what I had done. He's clumsy want scholar. I need a workshop, a few ways. I don't actually happens to be following what people are saying that Tom Wilson's running into people's backs and boarding them dangerous, lashing brains. I don't think that that's the case at all. I dont did the best, I could come up with this point is that people are afraid of tunnels, they're afraid to make eye contact with them. And when you don't want to make I caught the contact with an awful like a dog park. You'll, never like look at the alpha dog fear, smaller Mapuche. It will turn their backs on time as is approaching, and he accidentally hits them in the behind. Have you thought about just saying, fuck it
just put your hands up like hey, you'd love in the views on your team. To that's that's great. You should just it's a great way to defend a guy. Like me, I too should like hey guess what I know is a scumbag. I don't give a fuck he's. My scum he's a guy that you love to play with, but you hate plan against right, which is just the best code for he's a fucking ass, or at least we. I don't think it's a fucking Ashley's out at every levels. Every grain was past Tom rationally leases score. Maybe there's something different about the customs in Canada that he's not getting acquainted with just yet he struggling. Culture shock. Yes in Shiraz, lipping it is ices slippery yeah yeah. I know the ice in Toronto is really really bad. We went over this like if this was out and Edmonton.
I think on he be fine. He been fair play old way. Building would have as it stands. He is boarding people again and then have to do some mental gymnastics to commit myself. Those on tension of my other fire fancies. I more Britain, Gloweth rising Dish, Ambrose broke his driver, oh yeah, which we will find the regrettably tree to now. Did he brought how rake it out of it similar with out of anger, out of rage out of some sort of rage Maybe you gotta worry about art that is reliable as it gets Yeah always had not known. We did that he would do it like a scientific way, already slick, a video of like I'm gonna. Do that stands yeah no, he would have liked If you spoke- and he was holding it, if you is, it is mainly the result of that. A good court of law thing that appears holding it broke, he broke. It will bring a news again. We have more trouble, God Mercer or something.
Why is it what is ever breakfast? He said bacon in nine protein. She likes that my god fucking love price. It is probably going to complain to the pigeon. No worries, Dublin Congolese Brooks is being mean. Do absolutely he's like Brooks is pulling me on its also, partly because its golf and in there is like his unspoken like gentleman's robot. Why wouldn't like Brooks competing its price in its mocking sports yeah. What like deeds trash talk for careless and I think that the chamber wants people to stop William, maybe than he should start doing the exact opposite of everything that is done in his life, but he would you know- even if we did that he would do it like a scientific way or release like a video like I'm gonna do extends yeah. No, he would have like Sabre metrics about who the most likeable people in the world are like. He pull up a Tom Hanks us like like an excel spreadsheet logging? Every word that he said
and then try to mimic those and then be IKEA? Ok, this is fake price and you know what I'm I'm fine with this, and I am glad that there is rivalry in engulf. We needed something like this. The tiger filled just Do it for me gangways, yet him today, actually one of the first times that I've been watching golf. And I've been more excited to watch. Somebody else besides starting hell. Yeah, it's been awesomely! Oh look at this picture. It took us what like an hour and a half into the shell, but fuck you Bryson here, foam ding, fuck, you Bryson into sham Crisis go cry, run Europe so that the Gulf the head of his driver, is lying on the ground. Next, to his feeds. A very sad looking picture, I done you can't does not rule like and head one horsey Andre now cause you're. You can't like to wander through six so got a long way to go
you can use a new caught. Now you don't get. A new driver can call rules official over here. He probably did a price tried, duct tape God, oh god, here's what he said He said. I guess it's all the swings I put in. Oh, my God That is why you should never practice thrice in. I am certain yes, I'm so strong. I know my own strength again. This is a problem that Brooks would not have because he doesn't cracked right right. Clubs are fresh, always My fire fast is our failure. God, my bed sucks ok, my bed sucks now it's broken, and so I dread getting in and out of the bed. This slide, It's always collapse. Every morning I wake up at the back. Ache now feels like somebody should fix yeah long, getting amended, killing someone I'm yet no, no I've. I've already put an order for new bed. But in the meantime, like heavy there's, no worse feeling and being really tired at the end of the day, or maybe after a twenty four hour stream, and
All you want to do is lay down your bed and you dread. Laying down on you dress. The feeling of the irony three I would have put set in well. I guess worth there's no way to fix it. I just have to order new bed in Europe. That means now have to assemble a new bed. Yes, socks about what yes, I am I our presses, I I actually got an invite to be a virtual fan and I bought a hat this later Dan. I sat there for an hour waiting to get let it never got leaden like fucking idiot and then allows our Laker Dan Hats yeah. They bought one at the store, the liquor store. It came with many flag to Joking no age, yes, sunshine! and then we found out that Leubronn just invited all his fucking kids from school, fuck you ll abroad. Those guys like those kids, Europe earn Akron they're, not real Laker fan outweigh the calves way up a Laker faintly. He invited kids from a school on
need thorough wearing your day night. It was on a school, my ears, like six thirty, so on on a school night. Well nigh. Nonetheless. Yes, what about the second graters, like writing, is greater than one was gasket, partly probably learn anything this morning, Dude I'll. Remember this leubronn you dont want Laker Dan to show up I'm sure you say thou not of you. I really really don't, but it's kind of a threat, so
therefore see every Monday. Let me guess.
Its pardon my take presented by bar stool sports.
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