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Chicago Cub Kyle Schwarber

2017-03-28 | 🔗
The Raiders are officially moving to Las Vegas and the guys discuss the fallout of where Mark Davis will get his bowl cut (2:58 - 10:02). Lebron Blames for his shoulder and NBA MVP talk for Westbrook and Harden (10:02 - 16:42). Hot Seat/Cool Throne (16:42 - 26:07). Cubs Left Fielder Kyle Schwarber joins the show to talk about winning the World Series, how he rehabbed for October, how many home runs he would hit in beer league softball and mean tweets (26:07 - 43:28). Segments include Mike and Mike Fair Play for Jay Cutler's ruckus, Locker Room Talk, Is Pat Riley Still Alive? Hurt or Injured for Tony Romo's feelings, Stay Classy for Bob Kraft, and the debut of new segment Hashtag Terrorists.

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