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Chris Bosh, DK Metcalf, MLB/NBA Postseason and Bill O'Brien Fired

2020-10-07 | 🔗
Heat/Lakers Game 4 the Heat tried, they really did (2:27 - 10:45). We talk some playoff baseball and we discuss whether or not we should root for the Astros for maximum chaos. Monday Night Football clean up and Bill O'Brien (10:45 - 29:52). Hot Seat/Cool Throne (29:52 - 44:36). Chris Bosh joins the show to talk about his new music, the NBA Finals, Heat Culture, and does this count for Lebron? (44:36 - 80:07) DK Metcalf joins the show to talk about his awesome start to the season, fumbling at the 1 yard line, apologizing to Hank for that fumble and more (80:07 - 106:57). We finish with guys on chicks.
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a day part of my take chris bosh and decay met calf to four for the people we talk mba files with chris bosh whether this actually counts leubronn all types of stuff his new music and then we have decay our friend decay onto talk about fumbling at the goal line following it go line and also following the golan again seward by me men following legal one twitter any new music and his new music have mba finals emily play oslo monday night football wrap up hot see cool throne and guys on chicks a pact show for you on a wednesday and were brought you by the cash app were always in the cash apps studio we love the cash optics a ship is our favorite up in the entire world go down the right now use code partially get ten dollars free ten dollars to ass pierre when you use that cash app ah you can send money your friends you can lick it directly your bank account
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is powered night it wasn't part of my tape presented by the cash flow downloader right now use gold bars to send out for three ten dollars as peace yea today is wednesday october seventh and the heater did not dead yet not it's not no h e eighty g a d it is its unseasonably cool the he's not and yet we could have another he will come back i think that if they wish next game i think that they might make it to game six they gave it they're all they tried very very hard valiant effort from band to come back
from injury there is no way that he's on right now but they didn't count on the lakers press player the roughly davy is called ballpark enrages way yet rusty i would ever mean the glucose get every kind he's gotta know they also count on unmarked jackson breaking out the best call maybe in the history of sports now all heroes our capes no wasn't no that would have been great what he actually said was a hero is it just a sandwich ah nigh even as we like tat easy don't expect that but yeah i don't know man this is big the heat is enforced because i'm not gonna make excuses and said this doesn't count as a funnels win for the broad but you gotta think that if jogging play this game they people
probably went absolutely i mean we can all agree and not to mention bam out there with one arm and software to have k c p all of a sudden be good right like that's not cool i am also thinking ahead is dick like dude we ve seen your dick minnetaki over its over there night hanged no fans there no fans its october to cares it is toby lights of the brons very rested haven't taking the the ten seconds off prematurely last game ass you get a very load management yeah what they call that animal bron look here's where its illegal to me the you can't just start making your free throws that was a joke we had we were going with you mr free throws now he sought to free throws now is also make him i feel robbed of some joy there
also just one last pins or on this game looking at the lakers roster you had all the starters plus minus anti dave's was plus seventeen dwight howard plus three ah ah danny green plus five casey plus eight lebron james rainest we're not cherry picking that that's an actual stat alibi or other the lakers better without leubronn that's what many are asking i don't know if you put in rondeau and settle abroad he's a plus they probably by a hundred either way it was a good game that like the heat they tried good good job good ever get out good effort that's what magic johnson actually said there is like last friday night he said like does it does a solid performance by the heat in a loss i jake will view thirty seconds to tell us how you feel about your sheets it's a big night for jake he had the heat die at the end he's got the yankees losing their pinstripes it's bad night
is there no john karlsson above all to the fucking move tired i when it's home runs like him he amira judge when they get a hold of one it's all inspiring there are two on no out in tat the night right now as you quit this quickly jake give us something about the heat they are not dead yet we are working here from boss and a little bit he believes in the country will he did say they ve been game for they didn't they did not however are going to end the series in seven games nobody would make me happier my darling jake if their if leubronn blue with three one laid down we would never forget that lies at these rules the most important plaster the world we'd all agree absolutely yes i'd so baseball
we can do more and finally of course bosh sec baseball in a plot twisted i didn't see coming i think as a podcast minus jake because jake please do the game the right way we all came to an independent thought today legitimately like i was out and thou so i wasn't even here by going back i had this conversation with someone earlier that i came back you guys revenues conversation i think we're going to route for the i'm a hundred percent voting for the asterisk de la yeah just i used to work and i hear that korea quote and i was like for these eyes but now they want a couple and their starting dinner's like they did like george springer had you today i think grant to the other monday it make so many people angry yes in so many yankee fans angry and so many dodge like it would make
so many people i agree that i think we have to root for that night i think they're cheating again which is what i said they should do when they got caught they should do the exact same thing they did last year right now the time we're nobody's gonna expect them to be cheated they'll go the asteroids they learned our lesson therefrom surely they won't install another buzzer system using i breeders that they keep between a budgets when they step up to the plate no i think that they are cheating i am all for i hope that is yankees asked and i hope they beat the yankees and then i hope they play against the dodgers at that point i'm not sure if i'm gonna route for the actors at the dodgers above programme fidessa yeah i it's one of those ones where i in theory its here's where i want here's where all in on this i want the astros to get to the world series i do not want them to win because then you got to think about the other side of this spencer soon as we get the other side the nationals fans are gonna be insufferable and be like
yeah well we deserve it were the best we can even need a cheat this time we can have that so i want them to bother everyone and then old we lose so that we can shit on them again that is the perfect arc i agree with that the only thing i disagree with is the crown that i'll get to work there has not been if we're the team that disrupted the asters dynasty if we are those who isn't i guess you threw out of certainly would have won yeah they wouldn't want you run trees we broke the welcome lobbying euralia i yet we stop them from becoming the team of the decade i i just i don't want to do it i don't want them to win the world series i want them to be the yankees and then i want them to liqueur shot to like draw a perfect game does the commissioner to hand them the trophy i want slim ba got away yes i'm diego be fought but in a day will be as there are ceremony where the commission has to hand the trophy to the astro probably thou be very very funny ass he had to do that
he words them with an extra de age to use nexus yeah did listen the ashes of peasant people off and i like that but i don't want him to go all the way because i could no ashraf fence eighty know what the worst part is asteroids vans are also james hardened not an analytics where not all in nerd balder nuts are not only gives usa had their one let it little they had their one monet it also you the one that you can then always argue was tainted will then be tainted you're right they won't have enabled doing they won't have a legitimate who many taint yes imitates around saying like if they win an extra they win without cheating yes making clear as aids isn't real yes i know i don't want to i don't want to fill up in here if it slam diego i'm room for them it is the dodgers are you tell me that you're not gonna route for an epic clayton cursor meltdown playoffs now man
is it the end man i just at some point you kick you kick a guy so much you just want to seem get back up forever almost over story here aren't i mean like yet the end at the end andrews you weren't hake now at the very end you do want targeting the masters are like you water guy reading about me now and i care about what we are sure the morgan stanley cup after wasn't exactly one where they were like an old virginias good virgin is good good call blue without yeah you want that there that's what i'm or could does patriots after two flake yeah ok america does a wee bit people down than we let them back up and then when they get you good again we beat him back down again marin bury yeah perfectly have sadly hurry let's woody left by will you say i'm not saying i say
ask me stories are the usa ideology i was in his eyes out further gases that hangs napkins and i will not say that that is better than ever yeah ok let's we can some one in eight football oh she first talk about our friend bill brian losing to jobs three job three jobs corridor with eight they never nursery loss offer the ordinary that's true they said that they fired gm and head coach bill a bright but you might security at the very this bill o left some things behind in the office that he can come back and collect gradually over the course next for weeks one more thing romeo you my one at this into a game would be hilarious of an average rage if they're doing zoom installs and he was just pop in
yeah crash and change the passwords they did the thing where they let him talk to the press i like that that's like a new trend lassie ron rivera they do that with him when he left the carolina panthers yup bill o brien i think it just like if you ve been with the team for longer than is its actual like if you took over the team when they really stuck and then he got them to the playoffs at least once right and stayed there for five years they let you signal by the famous ron rivera when he said we won the annex ii south three years in a row and failed to mention that one of those years i think they went seven eight and one they won the innovative one i south but o brien has been fired you have to think that if he had just down the play calling move like two weeks earlier he might have an elsie this job i also think the hers i care member who said it put some moves like i he might have done them i'm thinking might have been calling the plays like two weeks ago but waited to announce it till the vikings game so we could take credit against a ban
defects gas so he was waiting and then if they had like off ups against the steelers you been like you always calling to place me instead he did it with the vikings game to probably come out and be like hey guess what guys the schedule is about to get softer i'm not cops are called the plays worse are winning football games he forgot the winning football games pop and now we are back to my favorite store why in the world sjambocked into serve deserves better i do think that you think he's gonna come back do you think that the underhand he's gonna come back to the shock that would be funny just demanded now that this is over i can come back here this this junk yard calcium here pitch cliff kings variant domicile we are we are back the whole notion of like to shun deserves better but my other restore line is interim had coaches and run your colonel is too
equally there interim head coach does he doesn't work he doesn't do it moved and has interim head coach title you wander interim head coach is actually like the five year anniversary of tony esperanto bearing the football today when he was the raiders interim head coach and you want you're you're in a guide to come in and like a spark romeo theirs i think that romeo the scream spark i think is the oldest head coach yeah in the i fell right now his motivational trick is like ok everybody has to get a library card i'm gonna now tell me what you read at the start of next meeting we have some nap time in italy have no you're right there the interim head coach is the best case scenario is the guys love him so much tat he becomes the head coach freddy kitchens he wasn't interim had got green order me i bade the guy's cape form so much that there like you gotta make him head coach and then that always failed but our yet you want to dan campbell play metallica dress in the dock
in all black coat show in at usc andella she was legendary who then he became the issue had coach that's what aspire romeo canal they're just plain the string and its early to play to strike yes you want you want your interim head coach to be the substitute teacher that has an open carry licence romeo canal is the substitute that comes in and just like falls asleep at the desk yeah and like every now and then wakes up and yells at someone like you better stop fucking around back there in the false bacchus romeo's gonna wheel in the tv cart also back in elementary school put on bill neither science guy and fall asleep when he turns light one of the kids gonna like steel the remote and turn off the tv and romeo's gonna lose it trying to figure out what's going on so analogies not his strong salubrious aging not only the oldest redcoat right now vienna for research the oldest person a coach a game in the history of the nfl at seventy now there's pill parcels togo mama run we think about within merger fisher
hurrying jeff nigeria houston have him the team to tennessee and then move that seem to hell i liked there like a los angeles taxis too bad for bill bridle it's that chin he's gonna go somewhere another notch on bilbil checks i'll let you free and then you can fuck up franchise belt yes this was actually his is masterpiece yeah it's like they got a great quarterback they have probably best wide receiving the unifil bill i need due to trade away sean walk uneasy straight away the under hopkins to the enough see form yes ruin it so that was the bill brian news we had money i football double montana football which was very confused medway real quick it just just on me right now this timing makes no sense to far below bright no absolutely no sense because you gonna you're gonna let him trade away your franchises best player then you're gonna give him for games and then fire after eight where you're under the assumption that the texans are like a franchise it does smart
that's true i'm just so in my mind it makes perfect sense this is exactly what a dumb franchise would do let their coach become their gm in a power struggle have him wreck everything and then fire for games in the season that's true that's her that's a long time to launch as dealer ripe hatreds and see out whatever the houston texans dear i'd makes i think i realized also its piss me off about this is that its thrown off the whole time tape of when we expect bad coaches to be fired yet it's so early people are saying like frank when after that laws he's gonna get fired before he gets on the plan in none of these these firing happen either in the by weak are like we ten the earth like after thanksgiving i did what i saw a tweet today about dan quinn and it was a report from about falcons beat reporter and he said i might occur
under my sources dan quinn is not expected to be fired today that's when you know you're in trouble yet when there now reporting on days you dont get fire using the key card update their queen access the eleventh hour guzzling that's why nothing about small but today tuesday dan quinn kept if i may i think that dank when will be just fine he said after the game and paraphrasing here probably no one more upset than i am and will take a long look in the mirror it starts and it ends with me i'll there go i'm in full evaluation process from the top down and we're looking forge getting this thing turned round because we ve got a great team they deserve better the defence deserve better so it starts me again i'm looking into the matter and you know what the falcons their got up probably emma look up their schedule real quick but they're probably gonna play for dan quench up there i'll say something nice about the falcons they
we're trying on monday night about they weren't a dead football team now matt ryan i hear certain see goes he started to see goes he's there's a couple plays you're like what does he looking at but they still have although first rounders i'd so the falcons play the panthers the vikings alliance the panthers broncos ok they could start they could yeah look if you are talking about schedule flocked date they start they started the season gets the seahawks which some may say is you know the second third best team in the league they lost and that crazy gaming its cowboys he lost their crews games it gets three november and then they played against the packers you saw miss eyre as the top three oath three team in the league so you want to go to schedule fuck the falcons are up there for it i think dave quinn might i think tank with my keep his job i think he might rattle off enough wins to get to eighth and eighth and keep this
damn job that's i mean within the next five games you just mentioned right there they seem all winnable they could go go not well once my one what's what's one of my what three things amadou this year respect any bridge one more so that's right i'm gonna beat the panthers ok but vikings lions panthers twice broncos that that feels like the vote that we could be sitting here half way through the season and you'll be like the thousands of three and four and their heating up there on a rock yeah i think i i think dank went maybe spend less time looking the mirror more time looking at opponents running back into flat that would work that would be nice if that if they could garda running back very obviously about the catch a pass in school for your first yes i'm also so that game of error decide these can be an bp again i'm so fuckin second this shit the hard counts back hard it's bad he's messing with people he's gettin cocky with it his heart count this week he said hard count instead a hike yeah because he knows every one
listening are you getting another argument you got to cocoa frog might israeli billy's territory be deep throat and toads good yoga yes good don't let's finish yes but yeah yeah remit aaron rodgers second people are the hard count and there's a fucking time you gotta get out of here man they don't they give progress that don't don't do this packers eight the packers or and i know it's because aaron rodgers not the receivers but there the number one team of just throw random dudes out there and they'll just ball out what it was funny cuz aaron rodgers laughing and people were like why is he laughing so much because he's it's a big joe to him that he is able to complete touchdown passes to his tightened yeah he never ass good title ah that game also there's nothing or demoralising then died ever seen an over killer quite like that's we seek some events where the hackers got stopped for
then go on the one and then the falcons went on a ten minutes twenty play field i'll drive and it was a ninety four your dry joy sought the life out of tat i was tough it really was over i also had the over on that one d i'm so the other game that the chiefs patriots this was like glimpse into an alternate reality of what would happen if bilbao check didn't have a quarterback because holy shit brian hoyer those iago for thee raise their brian horror also some nice things while pride here he's not afraid to stay in the park well he's getting satin and there's a rush in front of him and i'm out and he has no time out he had ease fearless she's cool under pressure the internal clock it just networks
fire he does not see goes another no he sees the player in front of them sacking him yes any still like i can get out of the room was at the start of the sixth sense here the first five minutes so that game hank like it was the pigeon that was away it will gain river didn't explanation on the path from homes turnover was it back check was complaining in mr because no though there were or the rapporteur would ever came out today and they said that they call them down because he was getting sat with inadequate when they hear there wasn't a website ran credit today told lamellicorn can challenge it ok couldn't challenges so dave told though whose like the best special teams coach in the leg he he will use occur the bears when they had hester in that run but i've never seen a punk get off faster not thing you linked to that point was up here in belgium was like out on the field took off both of his masks drawing let the reps about that when he was pissed off i don't blame him for being mad
i will say stidham has a great hand off his hand offs look written off the eyeball test he passed quarterback controversy new england i'm instead of it's one of those things where it's like you can't really judge a guy until he at least start a few games i can if you're not if you're coming in backup it's not it's not really a fair sample size how can we also i know i rented about this i think last week when matthew berry tweeted the thirty one teams passed on cam newton which was crazy to say but this like the patriots were thinking about starting then i'm overcame you know they learn lawson radiate out no they weren't bilbil chick was playing mine games with everyone there's that that was brought time corona when there was no sports going on and there is nothing to talk about but that also is that's accredited bela check in the coaching job that he's done it entire career where the fastest way for a guide to get hype is for belch draft you the late round the quarterback was so idling ryan mallet yeah castle like you just name all these guys brian hoyer you can name
funny guy who he drafts in areas like what did he see that we didn't see i've not apologists thing i think brine flores was a coach step before the seasons heard wouldn't even acknowledge it came was going to start a core vacuous act i think they're gonna have open competition those other guys are pretty good that's another classic that's belgic telling his former type alright what to say immediately that gas up we are right to call me brodie yet russia india great the greatest you meagre romola greatest job you can have it all sports is to be like a fifth rounder that gets drafted by bill bout a cause smart by him he always like he feels like it takes quarterback every other year which smart organizations do that but he instantly gets pumped up to like a sec rounder just by the image results i'm trades to project as trade emeralds like black eyes washed out it's gotta be something tat is in everyone's head yet and so like mohammed zanu they picked him up last year they lose ike
what a clouds are fine i think mohammed there's been cut back to teach a country's government's oh yeah everyone thinks automatically you go there there's something about you like belarus i get a job soon or is he is yonder giants zone the giant jabbering anyone here right now we run labyrinth splint yeah sprints which you have just my only concern about cam is that their doing all their contact tracing and testing at the other patriots zero other new england patriots besides cam of tests positive natural one day wanted to add our squat built ivory squads everywhere hilarious no starters nobody on the offices tested positive is indictment on cam news leadership cause you know that ambrady had corona when he was in new england jewish settlement would be the one like driving him around outside the hospital without a mask on waving to his fans jewel
would be like julie we get you a test positive within thirty seconds of tom brady testing for i love to see what concoction outgrow would come up with clear corona vertebrae holy water we drank it at your head eat this nickel yeah how some cabbage yassum hose water younger i'm gonna make a broth out of loose change pockets and we're going to add in some i have newt and we're gonna give you deep tissue massaging your throat i'm gonna need every tomato in new england exported to the state of new york i can have tomatoes within three states his brows rural is definitely like poor tom brady aside during the pandemic been like hey man i'm oil to you first and i'm here to do a job for you but if they call upon me to find a vaccine for this europe of ours i got one like he's like icon that listen i'm not gonna put my hand up but if they ask me i can fix this thing
it just drink a lot of water to double your water of talk here of thoughts and want whereat where a copper undershirt to bed and then not sleep with this crystal and inter pillar man i'd so that was voted for by the double money for but also i loved the two planes that the patriotic too as against the sick planes the death penalty as this is the spirit airlines and then this is the real planes jet blue eye i have to admit something i in a moment that like having more and more dad moments but when this kick off started eight fifty i audibly said this is to wait for me here i don't know what that those thirty minutes did but i was like what's a whole game i still said like jesus christ it's fun
why didn't you just because the patriot game had started and ended up to seven o clock right over ninety already like this is ass it was ass though that i just i was in its every father in america any any game that starts past eight o clock they're just like now dad dad strikes expires when the sun rose now states that it has not made wake up in the fourth quarter on the couch and be like what happened ok i got it i do think it was it was a good game for the chiefs to an ugly they prove that taken when again that where they don't look like they're all wealth is unstoppable this is what the chiefs are now too is dead you that you can stop him for a quarter too but they're just going to figure out a way it seemed to have all the chargers game chargers played a great game and we sat there watching it being like well i mean a seven yard touchdown was going to happen at some point that they always have that in their backs levi obviously the pick six was you know a bigger deal to make it look like you're a bigger of a blowout but it just it feels like the chiefs are always just waiting waiting waiting
counts yeah i'm i'm just i'm glad that any red seems to have made it out ok that was my initial concern when the patriots tested positive came new tests positive we can't have it any reach of tat came from inside one of those big bubble balls are hard to have to abolish the atmosphere from american gladiators we can't have anything get to just go and hit other people with it i love it you will get knocked out twenty twenty seven been bad enough we lost anything happened today we can our image or ip eddie can't lose any robbie bound got covert bobby's god we largely rhine we gotta keep bobbio last toots shut autonomous orders is fuckin motor the largest in ages yet thought on one october fabulous tommy lasorda probably probably has antibodies from the spanish flu and nineteen eighteen he would punch corona face yea into a fight with it he would now you'd he would you'd put you'd mixed up with some gravy on a sunday afternoon need it with some meatballs ah i let's do
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the logical result grimace chagrin fibres and i'll call the fervid drink take back during these games fijian class areas like bacteria may go but alternate variously cranberry unpalatable grabber since it back also reasons partly heart cells it now such a good job jake that actually if you slow it down it spelled f you see k fuck did real yeah if you played it says paul is dead all i will say pfc call me off the air if the yankees play the stress and things go poorly its building it could build up jake dropped off are deaf bomb at his desk today i just looked at him i said my stars yes oh my life how dare you all my land bucket hake hats equal trump my it is dark rivers went and we owe our whose back and this is for a different reason so he in he was doing an interview these new sixers head coach up in this area he was saying he is to get rid of the dark
nickname and go by glenn and somehow he thinks that that's just gonna happen here that doesn't have you don't go from to learn because really ideas there's only one doktor in only one doc and failure that doctor j but you're damn right i was a nice press conference quip i had no you're you're you're doc you no one is known to make glenn river also can't stop doc i mean you really kick it cooler than becoming doc like that's the cool nickname claim to have you should actually just embrace it and rock like a big white lab on sub yes the hiv actually good trick joram beaten to losing some weight yeah you are it's me doc wearing establish a been summoned to radically right handed yet age all your tangley obese we're gonna have to cut down the surely temples ass it is hosty my cool throne is storms like hurricane delta coming to the gulf calls bad but see it
storm when the wmd championship good ok so we're hurricane delta is gonna hit it did they called delta because its cargo and there is no less than as an aim ok yeah round aims schubert sobered nice dub got it the up seattle passport back shout spencer hostile bitching about this on x start respecting the wmds or stores doyle storm start respect mr i loved of ambition of a bidding on double nba some day mush cargo skier gonna make it indeed actually i went to my people forget i went to w b finals game by myself no content and somewhat took a picture me because i had three empty seats next me sit sit with
your friends in hurt my feelings but i also have a great time but they lost today sees it take in order to and i won't city by doing well treated like this this fat person had to buy three one thousand person who screenshot that one and got daring to trouble i love that thank you very serve yes prescience yes someone whoever tweed that'd be a river actually took a picture tweet out now retreated again it's a very funny picture me sitting with no one my hot c is jerry queen companies are i believe i said i write a new toys on your seat its underlying felt no it's the mass got four arson oh yeah they dismissed they sat excuse me it's it's england they sack there are long serving mass gatling some on the same day they spent millions boys dinosaur oh so maybe you're getting rid of the animal ordinary i in them on the same day that they pay a fee of forty five million quid at so that's a lot of quid for athletes
because madrid thomas party and i was talking soccer they sacked the person who portrayed stumble ascot gunnar source that gunnar sores right name right hank that is a bad day overpaid there never paid gunnar soares classic athletic madrid so gunnar sorest lost a job he had been in the role since nineteen ninety three very depressing as a great name the end the transfer window in soccer is actually awesome like this its honour sarajevo in the for years they should do that for every sport though because you basically have one day where i mean i've exceeds the it's like a trade deadline but just buy and sell i mean how fund would be even a full policies you could loan out a player like does watson right now and then saxons start one in six a team could be like art we'll pay disarm watson will pay the taxes
sixty million dollars for two shall watson for the rest the yeah i mean only i was back yet you can you can do that's of this guy's a contract with athletic go but then it goes sometimes you going on loan i also might have made up some of this so journal i think i feel like the pigs on own thing but it is only right that we then account sounded just gets the transfer and then he just stays there your own but he can also go unknown combat you can just like an open relations yeah he's i gotta source could have a whole pass where he's like you know what i'll go out a mask for the astro yeah it will be sick though if we just had a uk pay whatever you want for point let me sit gunnar source open invite the football team needs mascot reaction he's the bullets we're not gonna ganem dinosaurs no that's the name of the neatness nicknames advance we're gonna go back onto gunnar source not there the gunners yes yes arsenal gunnar i know i don't know if you know epa like oh i know
are name one of their place terry honorary boom jure jerome food all oliver girouette although one thomas party thomas from use player at let it go madrid any last year nor you illegal trading attracted a lot of money so yeah i guess we're both arsenal enhance over her arsenals that's all i know who throne is mike tomlins the source yeah so mike tomlin give press conference say they asked him what is different about this weekend how did your team then the time when they had an unexpected by weak his answer was we took a weekend to observe competition on a global perspective which it it sounds like somebody making up a fake job experience for the like it really embellishing what they did to sound smartly ice we are as we watch the red zone we watch we watch football for two days on television but really
when you get down to what we did was we observe competition yet on a global powers we want all the games he also said the eagles don't have a bunch of injuries they have a lack of availability to wide receiver position i love his this i've been does have appointed action addiction he's just an enthusiast when it comes to observing he's an internet enthusiasts yes web m d he's not he's out of porn attic whose also hypochondriac he just loves observing and an notifying gashes native invite private mode that's always reject as incognito specialist i my heart seeds is twitter so unfortunately you all probably thought yourself twitter is our one place it we can escape from this world from politics yeah from all that stuff just yesterday the auto politics i well unfortunately that no longer the case because keaton
government has left espn and he is starting a political show for the presidential race we actually made a he did a periscope any said did you think i was gonna sit out this election season and i have two competently said i did not think for one second where's been worse keith oberman ben he hasn't been tweeting sir reside yeah i know what i didn't i wasn't like men development sitting out this this political narrowing season maybe not allowed through no i know that you know what i'm saying is like they need no points was i missing keith oberman tweeting about i'm really address what the world which side he's gonna take like because i was at european we don't know a guitar magician building up these take root yeah you should do like a gender reveal for who's going to be voting for it was it was very quick he told me it's being like you know what twitter like you probably were wondering who will tell the truth who will talk about politics well me
he's all right i'm here to do it once it was the children we called my guess is the key for keith overman show strength opened its keats old man you too i think he said the though i think he said this presidential elections for the worse person on earth or something and that that might be one causing ok i don't know i'm already out i'm done with key i know i'm all like the best he's old man is when he is just only tweet
sir resign sir or you know what i'd even unfollow furs politics i followed him because every fuckin day tweets some more some like the sad dog that needs to be adopted excel mcloughlin commercial all the times even worse than that because hobby like this dog is going to be executed in the never man minutes do something less people retweet this you fucking do some lessons you tweet has fifty thousand retweet star will we put down every you wake up on a on a tuesday morning in issues keep over like this dog was beaten and dragged is about to be killed and put out of its mercy unless someone adopts it right now twitter is really just the reverse rex chapman yeah taking dogs hostage yes use our emotions against the stocks bra i my culture is earth because billy sheet says it there's three huge asteroids that will skin past tomorrow skinny i'm so fucking asteroids do subjects its there's they're all talk no walk this is what we said background or to back in february care asteroids
do something even one shit in what is thousand years will have idea when when did it millions show me one three million nearly a million years gunnar sources extinct you do you know that fact wait six point three billion which one is it economically i've never six hundred thirty thousand so three days it's been sixty three days since we ve been hit by an asteroid kilns sources you know what if no one else will do it i'll coma asteroids you're my shit lives in la i've won your frauds yeah if it shows up the earth the it will probably me up with fraud i've million years sixty million there we go billy the words mercury moorish don't talk to me when you're all my blocked on you when you're at my door gas roared yardage yes i billy hussy cultural trash towards my hot seat is the baby sharks are so a court ruled that
playing the baby shark song on repeat is basically torture and that its illegal you can't play the baby shark song on repeats secondly torture my cool throne is our seo can i d yes i d w w e board sleigh queens huge do you think that you when he gets done i kyle gets initiation it's like they bade the breaker charging heavy and mortars is they put a bunch of sir men in front of you you can't sneeze and then they study euro do this anymore but unlike explained to hank legato understand boards and yet is pretty much just dumb important people that are smart but i got out of the company yeah and they help words like decisions it's like what i think we're accompanied it don't work for the guys like other companies go the sender seals on loan for an afternoon to go to a meeting and then advise the other company right they can do russia cross pollination it helps you like a new set eyes actually this is great if anyone
out there was a company that needs aboard where we will offer up hank services to sit on your board and report back i would love to see they can literally just your board legally i won't legally frank to be on a board and he will get bored well while listening to it so we're not going to say is gonna do anything goes ideas yeah that's your answer actually i think the best the best i become possible to work with are you i'd sooner listening put me on the board should be company that hey table hang us nothing idea no idea about what they do as a company i put him on a biotech board yeah he's let your brain cook on it are cars can you still options a pervert let's get your interviews got to cover up chris bosh and the red decay mecca after that before it chris bosh our friends from robot the guy's over rollback had been sending us their performance polos cusic pull overs and hat
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two time nba champion eleven time nba all star it is chris bosh chris has a new single out so he's been working on his music last time you was in studio we talked about his music they released the single i want it all october second through daddy jack kurds awesome everyone should go listen to it this is exciting so what is this all the song is about cobby and it is a tribute to call correct yeah pretty much i mean you know care turn music come to find out as you know very challenging thing and working with the artist than and you really prefer in the people that you work with or get in a good working situation guys and you know you just can't i got you have the kind of arrived the wave and obviously mean being a basketball player you know that
aspires alot of a lot of the writing and at the same time is just how we were filling especially with you know everything so fast nobody really thought that he we're gonna be in the files in words so inspired we just made something and you know i was able to call on the contacts to make some things happen it's us a very intricate business but i'm learning more day by day and precision gas for the shadow yes ass was up what's that like what the process like when you're writing a soccer are helping to produce a do sit down at a piano dude you helped them what's yours what are you i'm not that nice eye of a pretty much started getting centre right at first you start out by yourself you know i it's a very yeah kind of lonely lonely beginning but you have to learn how to put things again you learn what you learn and eventually hopefully you run into something
it was a writer a performer whatever it is you noticed that ok my music is but there's no words on it i can't saying i'm not one of those guys unease about single in it or were wrath wanted or whatever it is and you get to that point and then is this no really honing in on an getting better and better at that life for me it was like having like a lotta beats you know that's i pretty my started that became like my basketball you sooner san so instead of like you know get up in the morning in shooting a thousand job offers our being now make up the avenue bees was united stand like whatever the equivalent in his yeah and you know teaming up with guys this particular guy he's eyes an artist i've been working for the past couple of years and you know is very tight
ass it very great writer and an artist and you know it does make some start place amusing via about an unjust recorded and hope that is something to happen so you mentioned at the start there d be no one expected the heat to be in the finals thankfully they want on sunday night so that we're gonna run this on wednesday so there still is going to be a finals one word their law will be again via wearying aim five i soon hear officially your rooting for the heat not leubronn well i mean to be honest with you i have very close friends on both sides rain leubronn another exposure you know sir believe that so you know it's just you have to come to a point sometimes aware aegis let the guy's play and you stay out of it yes wanna see guys represent themselves well you wanna see guys play well in and whoever wins where's but i got guys
all sides looking for their first rang like very close france son i love i love it so and spoelstra i don't know if he's underrated anymore because everyone i think his given him the respect he deserves but what is it about him as a coach that he's able to get your the heat did people expect the heat to be the final inspection to win a game in the finals what is it about his system his coaching the culture that has had them in the fire and has him in the discussion of top three coach in the nba as i think most of all is consistency don't you want to see animals most coaches really you want them to be consistent he always has a message as far as the the things he wants to implement it no exit knows has its own place in the game as far as coaching is concerned and he's gotten better at that
always having a salad staff he's always surrounded with great guys around in line david fears deal you want howard and they see chris clan amongst others he's just a team first guy changes here always trying to get better so he's really now worried about what the situation is what thing this call for what he's coming toward the next day and is all about what can we do today to get better he always likes to say one percent better oh my goodness man visa use a true believer in man and i think you do that you just kind of staggered gives up and looked back and see what she half he's one of those guys he wasn't really worry too much about what
more abrasion what yesterday was his word about right now and i think you know that give him quite a bit of success and it looked like the game plan early so big part of it in this most recent game was attack anthony dave try to get him foul trouble early because the lakers play different when he's got three thousand first half and he has to play different s play more conservatively for you i'm sure there are probably some instances in your career were you knew that the game plan was to go out you try to get you in trouble early how do you continue to play a good physical events with the understanding that these guys are doing everything they can to jump into me to make me leave my feet early make mistakes they compete with cheap went on i think you know i just comes in with learning not a play you know play game and annoy anthony he's probably know says greetings it's a delay in i can relate as far as like having to take it to another level in finding out what those western conference finals levels are or the final levels are
you notice this feeling that difference i think importantly like each other after you just have to know tat score and your situation as a player so there if they have a loose whistle which means there now call into many thousand be aggressive progressive but you pick up one you might wanna play a little loose there there call in a tight you have to recognise those things in a just your game accordingly pretty much on a fly what she'll do but is hard away again seven may not my games of course sorry to think so is hard game three of europe to our not an onion making any excuses or anything but your credit the four they came out swinging on their backs against the wall they don't wanna go on everyone tell him they can't do you know you know are we not a human nature you tell somebody can do so i tell my four year only handles london is
what is my right in here and do it right now just as this human nature and people have to understand how hard it is to want to challenge yeah i know it's true the hungry dogs run faster kind of motto of you know tat the team the car wants it more in that given night so that one last question about the coaching staff i always love when players can point to one particular instance or game where may be supposed her or the coaching staff implemented a game plan like in one of the heat runs at you had it to two championships we're like oh man they figured out this team and they put us in a spot like we knew they were to do this and we were ready for it was there ever a mom that you had that were you went into a game and what they told you was going to happen happen exactly that way and you are able to execute and when man yes more one abroad not nothing particular within one particular play happened right but
it was more so situations to where we want to get too so who in particular one the main thing that we used against the spurs was pudding leubronn off the ball but you know we dig they kept running africa which particular play was it was strong pretty myself high screen in rome we would i switched that with the for man and leubronn would end up one tiny you know so figuring out those just visas to get the lass like eight seconds or five seconds of the shot like match up that you want that's that's what they're really good at inessa we did not think he saw a ladder last series without a brown on gmo mercury yeah you know so just things like that's where we could get the message that we want late in the club because in this particular
here is one we replant san antonio that's where you know we get burned for three years that is for sale some somehow they make eighteen passes to open three out of their yeah i had now it is true that we note though spurs teams that was they would always trot if they would always find the the open guy in that in that particular both is it see you seem in my dream how many more years you think tat you doubtless hassling can play based on you ve seen physically stared physically is not even about physically of he if to do to do our out do you know a few times i was always one of our things and he works her i mean he's one of he's gonna be one of those guys where he's always i'd be doing his off season and forces and workers as a hearty worse you know it's just a habit for him is not even tonight even something like the old guy get off his bow
you know when i try to go out there and now he's out there in the he in the warehouse big fan in the corner that doesn't do anything but is blowing just hot air and he's lifting and get it in and i'll buy taken part i've seen what he does so he can play the game for as long as he wants to as much as he brings really a voice in a locker room i mean is pretty much grandfather dad what his bill i shall listen where he could possibly do in the future you saw before game to sports for said he almost he almost started has on because hasn't gave a big speech and lock them by everybody that would be great bloom in there for like two minutes that determine maybe get a shell yes as long as nobody does that anymore man i was just small things and you know it's funny you said that i was looking at it and i'm like man that's one situations where you love to have you d
the team made within your hated because he's gonna be talking to you here i write we had plenty in those markets and we used to feed off of each other and i went in you know we have so many battles in practice is being each other up you know you get to that point where and if you look again one engaged to will you can you know he saw a lot of slouch body language you could tell me you were kind of philosophical themselves and blue beard because you know everybody's heard you eventually i have to get over there are no operating my skin can think him i hear what he probably say i love it end of it red and of game three some people are saying leubronn walking off the court with ten seconds less was pushed league made at all about the broad tran ups up stage jimmy's unbelievable performance which i think statistically was i saw us that whereas like the second highest raided mba finals performance
ah says they started tracking that stop unlike the mid eighties oh yeah put some people are saying the bronze kind of those bush league not us but somebody or say tat what would you say to that is one game with he supposed to stand ass and say me play the great game you know given the spot the sab india metal and give him some gatorade and plans to lay ok the game it was the gang was over if you want us to ward off the floor than ass a choice i mean it's not a big deal and always say was as it i understand i understand now but the final i think i heard some people say well he was in the gang which on their part it is what it is but let me tell you something if the brown was the war the court in whose those that yet as you know in the end and i understand it but i've been very matted after a loss and i walked off the core with time less so you know
i am sure that he really did not expect to lose their game answer place a wealthy he didn't have we usually elsie ass if he doesn't have six turnover is i think i was that was the play up to their potential that you know and it is what it is you you walk off and you made a choice i don't think it's that big of a deal are you shocked at all lebron just keeps like he's thirty five now going to be thirty this is when he wants to be he just dominates everyone i think he does do the thing now aware leubronn paces himself well and you can tell that he'll take a quarter to where he won't be going to the basket nonstop because he saving that there she which is very smart shabby but are you shocked that this is still happening like this eight into you know his career and how many years in miles he's wrapped up yes and no i mean you know for one with with you know
you gotta hold in regard to years of retirement but are heroes in j right he was thirty's they still play on the biggest stage like when he hit that shot he was still a man in a league you know so i think every the person that eventually after that i would assume if here especially you deem the chosen one you pretty much the you your i'm all and exactly was possible and in any have to put in a word ass one other thing things that broad he's he's done his researches found nothing he puts in the word daily so to see him still playing at a high level now i wish i was still planet at the level at a high level and then be able at my age right now that's how i saw myself i just didn't happen for me yeah see him actually deliver with it isn't credible but with their said he had
i mean since we were always tell the serpentine allow lately in our early twenties he was stretching twice a day the habits in the foresight back there i was strengthen row i was here it allow me god is lousy mickey mouse you know whenever i wanted i didn't stretch i didn't take those on those prick i should my body which it wasn't it was the thing back there yeah so he was on his back then and i mean this is pretty much i think we're just now getting into the meat of his you can try really if you want to call it that because i was it i guess i guess he took a year from now compete in the files now is back right right so know so when he does become a free agent where would where would you like to see long go baby goes maybe goes to boston close out his is the south america maybe to new york
how many how many years as one more year after this dear i don't like he's always free asia just they were always raising amr we're gonna be like where's the broad going i think that's definitely by design at the same time i think yeah i mean you know it i would have thought about that back in the day over the many rules would have been like that where you can be just like our man i got a couple championships i think i'll play here cuz there's a good team i mean that you know that's kind of this kind of tough to pass up if you can which city you can live in but now the lakers seem to be very serious about having in the run so i mean really really tough to see him kind of i believe that on the table and go do something else but what they said you never know you're in two years from now totally different situation if you are starting a new team if you are general manager
and you had the option but you say like for the next for the next six years who would you want honoured the age that they are now lebron james or jimmy butler how'd i'll even though jimmy reimbursement is nothing there's nothing against jimmy but tehran i was kind of joke hinges he has another gear in his career i feel in it's just my philosophy yes i was watching jason cute on their bench one day and i am you know jason q magic johnson would have here his game in the feeling met of style where he's averaging lie sixteen seventeen eighteen points a game antenna says you know him still do envy and envy be candid right you know he can i still feel can do that and still control the game essentially he be gone through going on a brief point line and you just you know but
look what they said i'm sure he's thought about those things and you know as the game progress is he he's going to continue to progress is game will see how long it goes well and he also has an alpha dog now with anthony davis amidst kind every day that seem right on his work let me say i have seen some players jealous bam out of bam adebayo and anthony davis man ngos are those guys man so india's because one on the lakers they feed idea yap they gave him the ball in here the problem down there and with bands him getting the ball in those situations in him being able to read and react off of a hunter the screen arose and slipped the game me and i mean look at their office of systems and apple must have been on the classic old guy now run like well i would you blah blah blah
no here you're right it i'm sure you ve had it in a kind of sucks to have this thought but the way the game has evolved your skill set in your prime was perfect for today's mba in terms of you noticed we tabled a stretch five and others not really a centrepiece any more like that you probably look at that and salivate say man all twenty five years always out here about ass if as thirty five about have been i was kind i you know i kind of start seeing i didn't i was gonna be like though as fast as it is now but start seeing a trend i was smart enough to be like okay in my last year in the league i'm going to shoot you the point is you more three she now for factories again but then he got to the point where you knows find a year whole career you don't wanna play the five then a little older and say i mean i think that fire position is pretty good
but we had a sign at the time you know so we were a bit unique and our attack but he again as i see it every time every time i see the other they play a mouse is man i just wish i would it could add that was that was my dream to have that i guess twilight phase in my career trying to figure it out in this newly again and i like where was gone i was just trying you not put my imprint on an even more yeah words are to figure out if this is the hardest nba championship to win or if it's the easiest has asked me one or the other there is no room for nuance in our brain so you could make the argument that horrified a u turn and right that does not seem lange that hard against other you can make the other the argument that everybody's isolated it's tough to focus on basketball if you're you know just trapped inside epcot sinner wherever they are so get and one or two which one is it the hardest or the easiest
i actually with sand as might be the heart is only a champion this is like two months ago how not if you're the lakers think about it i just think about this disneyworld as co uk you rather as they are in a better not induce me were there in a bubble there in the world is the world bubble and i'm sure they gotta lotta amenities there but why guys go on every three months you really gotta want or when that thing you know you know guess is relative men and i think you know a team that have three pleaded put that to the side back to back and prepared for them set aside because those years i feel are much more difficult just in my short experience with it but you know all other titles as far as like a first year definitely think this is definitely been harshly i mean you don't have any she's real say i didn't have the regular energy from the fans everybody
still lies in the game it still gonna be play whatever the intensity is they give there's an mba championship you know africa no wise you say i was in the bow let me say something if you lost it they would say well you know who it was i do not have the easiest one aware like them you lost it you know so that's what guys have to realise and asked why i love like i don't think they you gonna makes it make it to the files i be honest with you but i knew like going into a situation like that way that their bill in a way that they think i knew there we're gonna be a problem because they were
never gonna be coming in ready to look ass anne s pretty much when it came down to with this this particular stretch of the season so in talking to guys were in the bubble i would imagine team kid the one part and i would say argue is is harder when people probably from the outside look at it and think it might be easier khazar altogether but i think it might be harder for team chemistry to be together non stop you saw with the clippers that fell apart and you're thinking like how this fall apart they don't like each other and they spend every second with each other in a bubble without their families and can't go out you know some steam probably gets on their nerves so do you in talking to guys have you noticed that it is like the teams that have the chemistry the teams that they get along it's been a little bit easier than the teams it might not have that chemistry might not have been those wars together i haven't had those conversations but i can tell you notice from experience here you have to
a good solid team a well put together team i really do when a championship here you gotta care about each other you have any have to respect one another even if you don't like that per person you have to respect that person because you have to dive which he used to have a dive understandable as you say hustle you have the hustle for that person you have to do things that you wanted don't wanna do you know another team can be successful if you like the person to your left in your right let's be honest you now gonna go that extra mile as just is what it is you're always gonna have that thing in your mind and even if you the ball is gonna be that little split second that'll make you go forward and then you'll be too late you know so yeah indeed i think i think indefinitely brought things to a head if you didn't have a good team and you know
one thing about this beautiful about ass a boy you can't see it again you can't lots of a game i can look at you and look at how your plan and see how the team is planned see who's given half ass to who i can see who said next to whose talking to who she had their collective teen thing gone then you're probably not gonna wind so i think a bubble was definitely one of those things that kind of exposed the export ban and i should always be at the top of guys less how can we build a great tee what are those in time jables we need to do to be a great team before we even get on the court you know it it's a great point and it is part of the reason why i love watching basketball is unlike any other sport where how the guys get along and play together and can read each other and know that you're going to click on the one thing i love about the heat
they're always cutting and they're always making kotzen and guys aren't you know what i mean like guys are always moving towards the basket and it just watching that when it works there's nothing prettier and then you see a team like the clippers who flamed out and no one's moving and everyone standing around waiting for someone else to make a shot and you get your right you can see the chemistry can read it on a team whether there really getting along and seeing on the same page pressure is all about one time sir now one there you know now in a cool you know not one it's easy it's about when it's hard you know is about nobody believes it is sum is even you don't believe it are you still gonna come in a word the next day and be positive oh are you gonna believe or you can add that faith he needed to have to get to which you need to get the yeah i think you're right it's it it helps out the teams and close and also really hurts the teams are not close a kind of puts a lion
the sand and ease everything that was very obviously the closest was the heat on the west it was the nuggets and then the lake is it just afraid that leubronn would create them away if they don't hustle so there is a lot of innocent so that's why they're going that extra mile not yours so yeah you got you had a secret working in real life without i think i noticed though i feel like the refs are getting bullied more in the bubble maybe it's because they can hear the players more they can hear the coaches more but i'm start to notice like usually if a ball goes out of bounds if it's a fifty fifty call the first person that infactly points like we got the ball this way the rest are given him that call i'd rather not have these affairs to be to bully them i think more code you should coach their teams hey no matter what happens when a ball about just you point as hard as you can mediately and runs is going to give it to you regular users as very by
one thing i would love and size our mothers he always is of your refugee you're gonna get a hard time period i would just lovely to stop the instant replace yeah that is killing the game i have turn as a consumer of the product turn the channel multiple times and i didn't come back towards the game because there has been an instant replay because when looking down six has been eurostat someday i got tat in the face a flagrant bessie the part of the game you know i'm not gonna be old school or anything but i got wipe interface pregnant plenty at times and you know you just keep why're you noticed stopped again to see and figure out of it it's a flagrant one of players to exist most of our really i mean getting smack and faces a part of the game if somebody does it intend to lay that's one thing and maliciously but if you
follow me and i just do basin somebody you know is crazy you're crazy you're absolutely right it's it's happened that every sport where we have taken into replay which is great like at the end of the game if if you want to find out this shows the ball last that's important so i want to let us assume is right right that's what the problem is we ve taken its replay to be like will now we'll have a perfectly officiated game which takes out the human element which is always gonna be there that there's physicality and when you slow something down course go look like oh jimmy hit him in that in the face of the noble goin up perhaps like that just play off basketball i agree i think there's a level of not to be like i think there's also like the losers were like nineties basketball all that was when it was real we know that these
and they made under an economy i wanna yet we all want to close line to the three girls we don't like there's gotta be born things are lagging right right other also lay the ground and i'm sure everybody's play pick up in you been smacked and a face like oh maybe this check let's keep with keep limbo right you know too would have liked to somebody dismay hold up everybody stop let's review that yes and everyone hates pick out who has too many file it s really what and sometimes wish it also can benefit the team that just committed the fao in a weird way if they go back and they completely stopped the game take everybody out of a rhythm economic tools the reality is plain really well at the moment if you have to wait five six minutes to figure out what's gonna happen like these should these things actually do in effect on the game and then you have the aspect of like trying to figure whether or not a play is reviewed herbal before they go into the review and then that's enough
distract from the game i'm with you like tat is the ethnic modem idle like just completely lose interest mind to disband is usually fifteen seconds anyway so if you take me out of that i'm we'll pick up my phone i'm gonna like walker montgomery dns is harder and irregular season right yeah i mean if you're watching a regular season game and they take your attention away that's no for anybody was this a flagrant he hid his eyelash amen there was in the upper whatever and ass to free throws on the boy you know and if he does it again he's out the game superstar yemen by then i don't even care because i'm watching mash or something like that so you mash guy about mass aha when will my grandma where my grandma do religiously i had one last question has been great chris we appreciate it you can go listen increases new a single i want all you can listen to it on spotify
i wanted all new song out there now with deasey brown final question is brought to you by cross country mortgage america's crazy good mortgage company go to see see em lens dotcom slashed take to learn more about your future home by experience or refinancing needs equal housing opportunity so give us your prediction for the rest of the finals and then follow up why do you think this doesn't really count as a final point for the braun if the lakers do win because you were saying that before that aren't really how good you are saying that before that like it's kind of an asterisks forests are tabling origin maybe you're like your allies and astrid for leah distressing we're not counting this really gary other what the hell are them put whoop all your aid i don't have any files lands and twenty twenty or nineteen oh eight
i mean i think i think i got i hate taking game for man who i want to i want to series i don't know if jimmy can other performers like that but i think i had given his team competencies inspired them and aloof the play a much much better game of course it'll be closer game down to the wire buddy god i got the headman dramatic finish and you know you take all in the next two out of three love anything can happen you should tell him that you'll make you write a song about them if they were in the nba come on i mean maybe that'll be asked and we'll go right to the studio light they will in the end a day day sgi this thing you know closed and close it will be understood you as has happened you have people people get him on the trouser up i do have one one last question i just thought of this if you are on the heat right now chris bosh as your thirty six right thirty six
i'm thirty thirty six you're a veteran your wily veteran on the he right now are you paying for jimmy's coffee ok that's why i thought you do they go sage artist disneyworld i'm a guess somebody disneyworld coffee ok now are you saying though i wouldn't boy boycotting i wouldn't boy causes wouldn't buy it i wouldn't hurt would you feel it would you get would you be like jimmy give it to me on the vet here and i address i see and if he resisted everyday i could go on but i definitely try to stay calm lay on that path ok i'm not paying for coffee but that's the thing is i talk about jimmy getting like all this yo charging always teammates its cause he's probably charging ought like they got young guys you're like duncan robinson is paying for the short myers leonard now for the coffee now with their said with that said if he makes a great cup of coffee that's a whole conversational i'm serious
by coffee you know and i mean i don't know they probably don't have cash in the in the in the in the in the bubble i don't know how that works i don't have cash app and all that stuff like you guys yelling saying you know i mean by life if day it is as if it is worth what does it forty dollars now things trade is it up to forty nine i note with idols pressing like this greatly premium prize i mean it is worth if you'd best satisfaction i paid to twenty forty dollars workable coffee and i get it then ok but he's got him i got a hell of a cup of coffee and the cops need to be like you now you can you can take those who have ever yet federative guy had a fine autograph it i need a picture
probably due to tweet me a shout out i need or less jimmy probably did get it right i am deliver just to his room and public at a nine ninety nine surcharge on our draws so easily have business has a logo he's got the hats i mean this is crazy wholesale awesome over thank you chris we really appreciate it man and hope that we get to see in person sometime soon neither sherman i'll be gathered be unsafe yeah definitely definitely deathly will love to come and see you guys up there again man you guys have won the crazy spots in new york manager has one air and rats on the music brigitte appreciate i takes ranting easy thanks that interview brought to you by our great friends over three she yes no three chee we love three tri i really ensure their gummies like their vapes too they ve got tinctures they ve got oil is three she is the leader
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christy mecca ok we now welcome on recurring guest my good friend fifties rival bitter enemy de came a calf from the sea elsie hawks top five wide receiver i'm here in that buzz well but for me no from ever i said no i see then i said you are top five why receiver actually as much shit doesn't give you i said that on sundays show i look you up i looked it up on line this kind of backhand handed compliment embassies said for overreaction monday randy came at calf as a top five why receiver which is like saying he's not top five wide receiver so do you take any fits by that not me i don't care is i know who i am and mama but procedure the support both in always do you know you you get me a lot of crap i appreciate the support of carbon
if i was you book now damages go go back on sundays and contained do may contain do my back so when you say continued do you could you do your thing does that counts dropping the bargaining stripped the one you hard line like where is that part of your thing now i mean you wouldn't understand because you know you've never been in front of a defender as far as i have so i mean it was a stupid mistake on my part i really thought i burnt them bad and didn't think she was going to back of their harbour no earlier than i learn i doesn't happen again so so real question though what happens like take us through the next five minutes on the sidelines after that because obviously you're a tremendous competitor you beat yourself up but do people come up to you and like hey you got the next one or someone like hey mood iron idiot that's the worst
you know during the game i think you would call me you know that idiot like you know you should have done that but because i already know that but you know people just trying to encourage me like just go get the next one just because the next don't let it happen again but that's what everybody else was saying on the sideline but i was i was really just laughing it off cuz i was like i really just did that like we just tried to walk into the end zone and the dude really strip the ball away from me like knock it out of my hands like it was just like one of those like daylight my heart sent to my stomach right out there happen we heard you want you want i yeah i magic tell us what the what the what it looked like the someone just walk in your room miasma goes opened the door ok
was film like though the next day nobody they showed that could have a couple times there you know you can't do this scandal that happen again i was sick and tired of saint clair barrier even the next day on a monday and it just happened sunday sunday evening i was tired of seeing it i know i got mad a couple times and i didn't talk to anybody their enemy hours laser focus from from that point all but you know i'm glad it happened to me and not anybody else though so i know i can take to reach out to you and say hitman it gets better i'm pretty sure you you should have reached out to me why did i do i would point out that it in here but from you i did reach out to you because i told you online i said decade the big red flag about him was his one yard split was the slowest of anyone receiver group so
that last yard that you got caught on that was something that scouts new coming out of college you know what i would like to see though as you do that the one you have a guarantee on faster than you and one you split i promise you that i promise you that promise also promised but are you concern maybe you you ve lost a step because you're you're cuts are too good like you ve lost at streamline speed i don't lose it still ok i don't lose a step of as you you can t you just told me sunday that up was gained the step in my opinion could you got me a top five hours a year ago when i came in their case do you can do anything are you deaf i'll kick your in order for you to feel happier nokias i know the middle never never changes i my own worst critics if i start to tell myself on the top five kicker i start here and that from you that's rat poison and i don't need that from meeting as like you i'm just unfocused and do my job or would you gotta give me cause you're not a tough united that there
i will one other thing that you said was you you came at me because you want to go viral you want to get your clicks in whatever that's fine took us cheap shot and said that i dont at you on sundays which i've rectified by the way but and you accuse me of having a man crush on new cause i tweet about you when you screw up but in reality i think you have a man crush on me because you're always check my timeline after game see what i might have said about you you see that's where you got to misconstrued okay so i have to actually hear from other people that's where the real like no comes income like a real man would say something to me instead of instead of sub just display my name in a tweet light at me the at button is therefore reason
because i know you got search might you're gonna search your name your eyes met idling leg my name i don't say my name people tag me in in what you say and then that's how i see it was i don't go looking for trouble about this i'll have big cat tag you inheritance launching somewhere you he'll snitch i you on it yeah i got you what that made the mesa yet i got you what do you say to fancy owners that might have lost because you got stripped the one your online put themselves will that they did not think like personally if i had your my team i probably wouldn't start me over you exactly so but i would also like you not fumbled one your line is that too much to ask the main put yourself in either to every fantasy honour out there let me ass it do i do i not gain
is many yards or do i not score on purpose is that that something i don't do of course i would have score of course i want to win of course i want to get as many yards as i can tell the team win
fail anybody who has a problem with the light go start yourself go to draft yourself i'm pretty sure you know is probably impossible to do that so don't know come at me when you know we say on that try my heart is a man you know i really i wanna see myself do do gooders as well as a thing so i'm not i'm not out there just you know since the ban on purpose yet always good was you score touchdown later that game so you can always say like i scored that touchdown for my fantasy honours out there to give them a little taste because i did screw that one output if you lost and fantasy because decay fumbled that touchdown please tag him tomorrow and let him know ah there you demand justice and that's what room into yes said i tat i have some statuary the oak as you have been having an unbelievable year not to pump you up because i know you got confidence where i saw this stand today in its eye popping you have right now you're averaging twenty five point two yards per reception that's insane sixteen catches foreign or three yards on page four sixty four sixteen hundred yards now i've seen the player comp analogy that's been going around i actually kind of agree with it but tee o hollow famer do you model anything after him order i mean like when people say that are you like thank you
created but i got a long way to go or what what are your thoughts i do appreciate that comparisons and all it out but among person i'm not gonna be like anybody else some gay mask on china be light decay on the field i mean the comparison of the great bear comparing meta allah famer but you know ma am item on china be mean i'm trying to be the best me me directly but that's it that's a great comparisons have whole famer so i think you what you should do is you should look into it and you should demand a trade in really bt oh i don't get the junk you do get how could you smiling you should demand a trade through some driveway set ups use of dr we later love workin out with it with our general order back go ahead
i'm girl i promise you i'm living as you can see massage room here you look your bedroom looks like my dorm europe iran looks exactly like that it where's your boondocks it seems likely that the greek that umbrage yeah i'm pretty god is the latter matches unjustly right there it is these kids is like a scared straight hey kids this what happens we get drafted in the second round not the first round bedroom with decades i've noticed that you ve been gone real hard on the rustle wilson for india petering you're you're leading dave tweeted about him and obviously like i can see why you say that about your quarterback so he keeps passing the ball but the fact is he has twice as many interceptions josh around us so that's kind of problem as voter as in bp voter i look at mistakes first and that's kind of red flag from her new concern about that
josh alan has has half as many interceptions easier as vessel wilson is your thirty one oh yeah but not counting when i can now we're owns yes to fewer interceptions and russell wilson does toes those of the twentieth course there actually if you count the john brown i'm so exactly as many is as russia wilson native dumas analysing stance russell at sixteen percent while i thought he had thirteen when i took away three because arrogance a cable agree that certain counting as you know was deeply fifty he would have seventeen that's true a losing the magic if you call them can i pay magic if he has like fifty touched on passenger cars is fifty one would you can feel like then i'm pretty three as moreover is an area that makes your tied for the for the lead league and receiving
we stefan digs yeah if you if you had one more yard at that time i say i'm not even given if this conversation lazily i'm pretty sure you ve got will we will have been ganda heated argument but yeah you're over now that we're doing this now we go by war we really gave you shit how will we why not even travel but last week our yeah you and about what a phased out you happened it yeah so i saw that you also you put out a rap saw you didn't collaboration with shady is that safety is unable or chaise amazon who's the other guy on the track the gotta carries sounded from come up is the out of his name is room he goes by king gotta ok you you really like the auto tuna how much are you really like israel
both this rumour was no opportune honour not much now i did notice that one of the lyrics you said that i like it was covered desalvo tough guys talk and tough on twitter out there i couldn't help but feel like i was a slight at me a if the sioux fits there if you put out only the other day i have to say is why why do you feel threatened by the earlier because i know you spend all the time schoolma tommo you're probably looking at my time while recording that inevitably rapid gus tallow tracks on me i'm not afraid to claw back right over the godfather you yes you do you tell you you doubly form because i'm faster than you got you their girls who worked alongside and use every announced this draft i know i know i a real question with either we touch a couple players since the seasons are tied to mark ingram in camp george
last week but is how is it with no fans is it tough to get like hyped up is it tough in their moments in the game where you come in so now maybe not we're on the field but on the sidelines how does the energy feel like from players for such because when the fan perspective it looks same as long as you don't show the stands obviously you agree i may feel the same other and i got no yola sturgis they still keep score is still a difference out there trying to stop you saw in my mind the way i feel is this not an indifferent miami sunday and just to have some
and understand it their field different am i am i felt better even though it was thereby therefore bear in mind i believe that i think that like even like having to steal your having seventy five hundred fancies does we can even a few france has to be better than no fate as it just feels like someone's actually watching you exactly a year are no appearance yadda with her head to toe i mean just the does have an iphone make a big difference where this not thousands two thousand or or fifty thousand will make a big difference but our laughter for the sea ass to allow a cup of back and stating appeared pity could you imagine if i see hope was there in that he that's his ends on it decay fumbled out of jesse would have been he would carry out he would a rage see hawk and then like five guys where the receiver glove they would a raft those guys it s there's one that has like a hawk like the hockey invested
it is about is is about this when we allow fans you come to ok and out a hold up a sigh saying don't stop yet we you knew how do you like the babe ruth like were sick kids are you promised me one fumble out of the un's on though thou be amazing though if you score to touch down it was i can't noon hit the ball to rewrite the girl he just came up to me in the front row gave me the bottom lenny you lucky bernie amalgam magazine abroad ok it's up five receiver overreaction windsor though whose audio bigger ah i am call it a neutral and here i mean obviously if it really got down do it like you fifty looked at me and gave me the look like you're we gonna fuck decay up we'd fuck you up put up until that point like also be friends do you really think you can do that yeah there now if he gave me that long to us together with your voice tat while you're wasting woody
in writing while i would walk you out very dies you you're not rohan hands and i would fuck you up and then i would do the dog piss on you but miss the old miss celebration the that i already got final term issues without moves us i'm going to fight middle school the fact that you read that long about it how we tells me you're not really now for me in the cat we throw down like every week yeah just stay sharp club how about this now at this reason i have to think about is a law was i had to think about when the last item i really actually travel and not over twitter colonel wallis regatta practices worm here yeah i'm what you're out of practice then what about on the football field have you ever have you ever tried upon somebody who's weren't helmet as does the two points and by when you think too much i would imagine most
max ain't my try i would say that they probably dont want a try you have you talked to lane captain we're on the lane train now i know my boy piety hit me of ease his excited about tat now i have it out on ok so we're bigger almost fancy near that's crazy raising do you think we will work with you supporting it almost or as the as some people call or piss is that why you wanna danger this is for obi top and didn't have a football team i might not alternative didn't get it if they do therefore voting doesn't matter a basketball team ain't no stopping obi top in future of chicago thing like a pretty nervous because you you just i twisting her ankles i'm a guy already it is actually loosening up my ankles and cases gets more he can't gazing
it's illegal and i have to run out of the studio yeah would you what did you think about link if inflation the toilet or immediately a mere very funny i my opinion namely the gaza conflict with one another to i think he's drop in a deuce deftly adieus he got up and in light of course he's dublin bay ranked it out hit the flush by way we were taught matters last week how bad does that flight to miami sock if you have to fly down their play game in the fly back it seems a god ruin my entire week
we hope that makes our lochlann get meal yet if peter that's their beds on those planes vows an owner i would i would outweigh like yeah but i'll get jumbo jet endangers put a bunch of like like king size beds and have my team be real comfortable see not as which i do really big over there at the great owner that's that's a fucking awesome lower their seventy people flying on applying seventy beds at school you can fit that how many pink one balls inside of a some forty seven so i was having a ping pong ball and sign some for how many how many
lights was lampposts in manhattan these that's how you have wireless low when these are german of these questions you're gonna have to answer when you're out of the league in a couple years yet when you have to get a job work and i like wolf a wall street type started this is how they figure out who the real smart people are as global work are not while i will have you have been unbelievable this year i do like to see i can't leave you don't i guess you don't wanna be compared
her guide put the teal comparison is spot on i mean that in the best way like you or me or people i would rather i would i have no problem being compared to video anymore scavenge ass an earlier as down no problem being i don't like being compared to anybody but if some i said those for non undertake able to grant asylum to keep a push number is now not a bear comparison giving name you need a nickname to guess robots gonna basher became less funding ok that's a pretty good nickname what about what no actually i looked it up because i googled dk mecca nickname you gave herself a nickname when you're in high school high school highlight real optimists mega calf woe that's pretty cool how did you think i vow it must have a lot of friends how how are you and you thought you'd devastated have any friends we're like do that's lame not everybody liked thereby was
an optimist or money doesn't let me ask me i have one last question i searched who sometimes you do the guy if you go on google and you people also ask though be a bunch of questions in the first one is how many passes has decay mac half dropped dearly answer i dont of his seventy four casual targets the former almost stand out had seven passes from star quarterback russell wilson slip through his hands as result mac half finished tied with the fourth most drops in twenty nineteen that's last year that that's just what people ask i didn't ask that was google i didn't i wouldn't ever asked are you mad that that rustled doesn't throw as many interception so that where you'll never have the staff to larry fitzgerald stat which is he has more tackles then drop passes there you go compare me to know another purse wanting to reach that because russell selfishly doesn't throwers many interceptions yeah he doesn't let us tackle status but at least are google my name for real true i didn't ask again i think you're having a great year top five tee o me too many passes over this year you drop one last week
i do my may be made me that yeah well the formal council like five in my book but it counts as one that statistically no zero actually i think that's two councils caught patent yet why don't why don't you run at people in punch in the face more light like george killed us the question about the same size and he did not do it get over to a girl is obese let's get up these yeah i just think you began your big enough you could do it i'd like to see you knock out a free safety this you're not like to see you play in nfl gang yeah abstain you have one drop this year jake just looked it up that's not bad so you actually affects our party again there we go fuck the groom appreciated
yeah geographers dodgy guy you given questions arise only go on all well yes by any questions for us before we let you go i mean you you know that we we like you aren't even of you listen on mondays but we ve been pomp and you up everyone well i really am i really don't know how to take their because your boy opening out so much i know i've been saying good stuff about you d gauges during the game aren't sharpens are you know you vital coach you apart i know how you like to be coach yes sure if i'm if i get on your dog cos you then you might not perform next week so in reality should be thanking me for being such an asshole p of tee i got a question for you do you feel about the fabio compared to fabio
absolutely oh no you came back ass compared to the sexiest men in the history of romance novelty like all women want to know i'm just the essen and finally in comparative fabio that's good fabio is famous for last fm gray hair guy by that burning roller coaster knows broken by a paragon falcon are you named lately i've been here lately i've been here in the trolls comparison light which one which one you going to do we haven't heard from fabio in awhile what's up with fabio is he passes prime like is fabio getting his ass he dead how funny would it be if fabio was just fat as fuck
fabio lawns only what's he up and see what we still live what has happened to fight yoke here's a people also ask what has happened a fabulous foggy always hear americans isn t done sixteen lives in los angeles where we now enjoy life a lot of people in hollywood celebrities they take themselves to seriously that's cool from fabio this pretty good too they said so and ask them why do women always go crazy for you and he respond by explaining its just because he's always himself so you just like it because i'm fabio right that's a dumb question on fucking fabio yes he is fabio so yet dick i like to family or comparison the the trolls all comparison i think that just kind of came out of nowhere else they glow far below far fetched on that one is about us i was thinking the same thing i would even compare yeah so
what's your in the future you're going to drop the troll comparison big cats going to at you every time i talk shit about you online so that you kept informed of that and i'm going to continue saying i'm a fan and hoping that you know you can seem to be like to yell and just dominate everyone and i believe you boy big hours eliza care about issues it out autonomy authority time and say we're gonna fight by its authority is secure above i decay are always good catching up with you man good to see you don't take you much offence when a drop of fire as distract on you and hold the ball when you get into no touchdowns free ok she remembered the distress hindsight and yeah that's drop another ball at the guy and also everyone who who lost or fancy match please make sure you advocate among the hell you did hang you egg dear hake law
this bears he mounted became where it without a word is thereby come from who think hangs expert our producer he's sitting behind the idea he lost its god sank tell him tell me how much damage went through a lot a lot of them it hurt but its art i'd rather you my boy my eyes i i'm sorry thank you you just don't ever thank you gonna do bad because you know i've met we have we have a connection over them that it thank you maybe that ever more to damage lot yeah i d take so much man with thailand and i would like to say that at her cousins yeah good luck on sunday night my preacher seamen the interview decay was brought to you by norton three sixty and especially ignoring three sixty four gamers before get your gaming on you should know that hackers might be attacking your devices with malware and taking over your webcam maybe you want to get they want to snipe some cool
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the empty sat up now it's much better do it before you needed then try to fix things after their already broken after supper criminal gets your personal info don't wait that long good enough dot com slash gamers today he's promo code pm tea and get twenty percent off ok let's wrap up we got some guys on chicks southern a shop or wednesday billy you're looking lean by the way in your shoes still dirt you gotta get some new shoes billy's i switched off from washing issues to now just wearing shoes are naturally dirt color where are you like those white shoes note yet another word light is gradually here talking to migratory bill you lie low the naive dude
nothing reeled out locally and thank you have been trying yeah bellyful palsgaard it's good because we don't want like an ugly in turn would be so grow survived for the people would be like issue we have far jim ariadne don thank you vision yeah i go hank hey fuck cat oh that's rare had really original i have two friends who are dating i have always been really good friends at the guy but now since he has sardinians girlfriend our concern myself super close to her too i would even say that i now consider them my two best friends the promises he too tell her all the time and oftentimes and the people in our friend group even the of one of the girls in our group everyone seems to know but her if they were to break up about take his side as we are offering to them first many of her friends the confront her about him before they events are dating introduce brush off so now your friends are all his friends she's truth
we must on earth and he's an absolute piece of shit but i love them dearly do i tell her about the situation or continue to act like i don't know anything ps billy dear me back ok wait so oh billy generals antis we so this guy it's all his girlfriend and also stole all her friends could he's like such a good time and apparently soaking up with them because ass sky sounds like a fucking jesus cool shit rely virginity can you right can you tell this guy to deem billy stability can be fraudulent beyond his each him his ways yet her reply to his ear yeah i don't know i would say i just as a piece of advice like real peace with voters get drunk drunken teller once well no oil nobody no yes it's up early told her not to try to beforehand she i off i think you are not the easiest right enormous that's good i like that maybe go also know like a ransom an al
but your magazines that had the different letters and then use those like like your tunnel stay way way under cover so she can't raise the handwriting back to or just stay out of it because yeah i just stay out of it you never want to involve us of that is a vacuum cleaner there is a vacuum going what i get my fiance present poor wedding day did did you that won't get wedding day where'd you get the wedding they take to the present all the cake you can appear arose cake is always like the funniest thing where it's it's like hey we have this big cake and i gotta get your grooms cake and your only interests are like the new york mats yell where is your groups can get us everywhere a singer layer cake shaped like a placed asia you're so shallow that the only thing you like your life besides me is the denver nuggets yet
and you're the present right that's how you should look at it there it is you the present another yet again present skeldergate get him the fucking europe mascot maybe have mr met come to the wedding and flip everyone hours as we always say cash cash caches care something like a toy our bill strike the more turkey's asked don't spend all one place here then steel problem we fuck him later we never talk about as tweet billy i'll take you got out of you guys saw this but it was when can you explain it billy eyes war engagement ring i thought that guy's an girls guy engage you right now i'm gonna buy up that's between that's why because i'm such a it was i know you're through your list i add that you're right i got out point everyone got rings that's good point that's actually really up but i really thought that the guy by himself and engagement ring and the girl engagement ring and then he engaged
he's the man i was my views on the homestead the better ring was the engage rings and pills are the only problem the home statement is the engagement ring takes up a finger where superbowl ring could go azhar you listen centralizing em to win more rank gather you thought he was saying that the better ring was engagement ring son but his own personal and i thought that i think that your neil emil give the girl engagement ring cock ring on you have a ring and then when i ring song around drooping all ray i worry just hoping that they get yegg ida why would i know how malaria wring our promise ring if you're imaginable homesick would you where you're you're superbowl ring as your wedding bent yeah i would does give us but that double jeopardy furthermore guy la hague jake philly cat p m t in big dick billy oh i shall
to all sides what size issues false advertising what size fourteen and what's as yours using twelve that one person when you'd soon you gonna tell me that by those with the reverse parlay the tenant perhaps in some consider hanks get normie some shit i though is running out my brother size twelve unlike basically for probably like sir of more junior senior year fresh me your call i wore size twelve i convince myself oversized why then like i got older i guy i'm not again why must resolve it out just like i put on a small pressures are these actually fit these footwear therefore was like a gold fish in the size of the tank that it was into it we grow expand until failure i lay back you respect that her questions do all men shoot tobacco and hide it is time impressive and does billy haven't only fancy d got hurt
actually delete my onlyfans i not all meant you tobacco hide it but most yeah alarmed you don't have buffalo not tobacco shadow isn't like one where we think tat impressive i think he put his dick on only fans eiger i gotta tell you don't know that as pass tiger yeah we're pretty impressive i am saying be passed i know i know who target was not don't tired twisted i'll take explained made you ever twister yet to rule the roof down raw that one video the twist ahead there's a big how she was those checks so hot weather it was a celebrity all can make you liberty over now fuck google twist of music video hot hey pdf tee is probably been carefully if three big hat hank football ivan odd one for you i said the baron
big daddy cat and small daddy phd hey hank we get my boyfriend and i were out and about trying at a cat for our house where i got my period rhin we at the pet store told them that we have to go home i know this sounds normal but my boyfriend it's kind of obsessed with periods and thanks to the closing ever and always ass if he can see every time i tell him what i do and how do i tell her i let him gently for stopping him from wanting to see also fuck the cubs go cartoon he just curious is curious and in terms of your not me he's a vampire having itself a group called was getting his aunt izzie iron deficient because you might are you looking at nothing about high fresh and big i am yeah twister had get wet and then he followed up with wetter yeah that's prima is simple are you sure twisted twist he was like early two thousand yes yes he had a couple music videos but it might have been songs that was that were featuring twist
the big guy that would be the use of each year is feature to lie on i'm i'm sorry but i'm checking out until i find let's go with little john i find this yeah you idiot i'll bring about like trying to find an old boner almost your basically going back in time what was that thing that turn me on i gotta find look up soon already twister's lebrun when was that one of that come out mid two thousands maybe finding a boner hello everybody they can pay of tea and dipshit billy sunrise really i'm a welcome an endless factually correct with my boy prince thought process after a big fight that we had i told him i don't want to see him for a few weeks into leave the house tried com calling on but knowing this is fake my bed and then a big picture of this this fellow in the soft bed you got me hey guys especially might have been overnight celebrity with no there was really it really got me
how can you get verbally wooded like intercourse if they write entire question then it says like than theirs like i was caught hanging out twist absolutely levy pretty cool do that the next my husband of eight years and i know my husband nine eight years are going to jamaica publication in mid november congrats on a vacation and last week he's been forcing me to watch that movies i didn't know why until i overheard talking to his body tongue is body it is trying to make me cry which supposedly make me start my period saw not of my period during location my question are all guises oblivious to women's body or is it just him like this trend create the moon all you need to do this is so simple this guy's an idiot just up paint a full moon on her ceiling are put like whose glow in the dark moon stickers cause the peerage are controlled by that i'm silicon for this i'm out pertains question yes
every guy is is exactly that down when it comes to their mysteries to us for might well be trying to do calculus so boys said billy i love your fact please keep them going why does my boyfriend fall half naked girls and i d into this allow me to be half naked on i or only fans i d maybe only vans problem why you guys follow half naked girls because their awesome to look at it algorithm we don't have a choice not our failure as true i get pushed into it sometimes i'll follow a girl because shall have like a very pretty caption and then in the next picture that she puts up it's like oh dumping them out right i can i feel violated when you join instagram it's like who to follow and adjust they don't have a choice that they make you fall like tend to a hundred counts right off the bat yeah and it's always girl for some reason a really nice i follow like seven different gin salter not tribute in the algorithm did all that for me
our last one big heads checked out high i think i found it but i got that's bad do regret your boner from back now are you knew never regret a boner well featuring a certain are kelly will you do know the time to forget it
what's in our kelly actually decided i would also do you know if you dont along a path worth a broadly or we'll talk about our kelly but all weeds ellie billy's you're take every number under the flower learning for more than forty forty four just no it's very bad it's good these jets eagle noise eighty eight the eagle noise in western movies in what people think the united is really actually redtail hawk i told you know what i used to require redtail ha when things geneva that's good fact look look look look due to a minimum the heart out love you i love you
given the number of days in maintaining divided anybody eleven days then began to be another gave me lying in the nineties
its pardon my tape presented by bar stool sports
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