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Chris Bosh, Eli Benched, Big Ben Hurt, And Guys On Chicks

2019-09-17 | 🔗

All of our 2004 Draft heroes are dead. Big Ben is out for the year and Eli Manning has been benched for Daniel Jones. (2:49-13:34) The Jets need a quarterback and we have some ideas. (13:40-20:10) Hot Seat/Cool Throne. (20:11-31:53) Future Hall of Famer Chris Bosh joins the show to talk about his career, playing on Lebron's team, adapting his role, the famous car commercial, and ray allen tweet. (33:54-1:16:42) Segments include connect the dots Mort is tweeting out rats, (1:20:50-1:23:43) PMT Sports Biz minute, (1:23:44-1:24:44) Mike tomlin quote generator,(1:24:45-1:26:30) and guys on chicks. (1:26:31-1:34:00)

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we have future hall of famer chris bosh we talked to him about everything retirement playing for the heat becoming the guy who's maybe not the main guy living in lebron shadow he also said some salacious things about ron maybe not be we said and he just looked at us but we talk about all of that we have you i manning big band hot seat cool thrown guys on checks he packed wednesday show for you and it is all brought to you by the cash app cash app is most powerful way to send spend and save you already know cash app is number one finance app in the app store which you might not know is that you can also put cash app in your wallet with the cash card it's the only debit card that offers instant rewards and comes packed with premium features even a credit card can offer like boots you can get ten percent off your entire per
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from the part of my take presented by the cash apco downloaded right now use code barstool you get five dollars for free five dollars s p c a today is wednesday september 18th and pft all our heroes are dead this is tough tough couple of days for course within a span of about twenty four hours we had to deal with the fact that big ben is out for the season getting elbow surgery done the anesthesiologist going to come in with some pills inside some peanut butter put it on the roof of his mouth and then to wake up with a tingly arm again and then eli manning benched our sweet boy schirmer list what might be the end she listen to our son monday saying hey are you a bad coach and he said you know what apartment takes right i have to pull the plug on eli so that leaves us now with just phil rivers and matt schaub from the two thousand and four nfl draft it i mean these things are the torch bearers i think matt schaub might might outlast all of 'em these things come in threes much like them
is often so i don't know who's going to be next but one more note it's one in one if it's i hope phil rivers is ok i can't bear to lose all three of those guys in the same in the same nfl season i just can't it sucks because big ben a cz much as we have fun with him and we laugh at him and we talk about the walking boot and that he is a dog yelping every single time he gets you know sacked and says that he's injured even though he's not he actually is injured this time and big ben not being in the nfl season is a bummer because big ben is always funny and it's always fun to watch even big band in the fourth quarter when you know he can come back and he's always got his team in it now that's gone you are a little different case because you always been dead for a couple years now yeah but his i can i keep almost saying his retirement his benching for daniel jones
the end of his career i would assume and don't ever county lie out the archie manning pulled the plug at the perfect time so he's one hundred and sixteen and one hundred and sixteen career record so that was a call from archie to pat shurmur like hey we need my boy to sit down because he can't finish under five hundred now we get the discussion eli manning hall of famer of course first ballot hall of famer i don't know if he's first but he's got two super bowls two of the greatest super bowls to the most probable super bowl and any super bowl super bowl and and remarkably average career outside of those if you can spend your entire career how long has been the lead he got drafted what two thousand and four so he's been in the league for fifteen years if you can go exactly five hundred after fifteen years of playing football that's super impressive so not not
not just know hank listen to me on a dot on the job hey i'm not holding hundreds not to show that i had points not the whole very good when people do forget about our whole me that really good but but if you can keep any job and be perfect average at it for that long then you're doing something right okay so i obviously think that eli manning is a hall of famer because the super all is winning the super bowl is the pinnacle of american sports it's the it's the biggest trophy of all the sports and when you win the superbowl you are presidents cup trophies if you were there forever like that is you know joe name is in the hall of fame he if you look at joe namus stats this not great you want a super bowl the super bowl carries so much weight that i am totally fine with eli manning definitely being in the hall of fame because of those two runs and they were incredible once the two thousand and eleven run he was out his world he went four no both times goes on the road gets the shit kicked out of him in that san francisco game member when when kenny williams
i'm just fumbled every ball in the rain yep are the tom coughlin red faced game me out in green bay right so he does runs stand above everything else and i do i am a big believer in like it's kind of the the terrel davis thing terrell davis his peak was so exceptional even though was short s o u lies peak was very very short because it was literally just to play offs but i think it's fair to say he's not a first ballot hall of famer because the rest of his career was remarkably average i went through it he never his his best year two thousand and ten he's never been a top three quarterback in the nfl his to his best year two thousand and ten he was fourth in touchdowns fifteen yards ninth in completion percentage that's the only time in his co he finished top ten in all three categories yeah but he went to super bowl he wants usable every single time you go through if you go through it he was like almost middle of the pack for everything every single year he had
we had that two thousand and nine to about two thousand and twelve he he peaked as a as a quote track and even in those years he was not a top three quarterback in the nfl so i think it's fair to say he's in the hall of fame put a first ballot or should shoot at some point in his career have been the best or close to the best at his yeah but he went to super bowl i want to see also hank you should be the one beating the drum for eli to be a first ballot hall of famer because that way you can say tom brady's only our two out of those three super bowl losses came against a first ballot hall favor that's good for you in that yes i guess you i manning so i we don't understand what you br is not no one does know but what was his highest qbr in i see are we talking about the the stat that archie invented are we talking about the gas valve didn't really work passer rating of three out of one hundred qbr and eighty nine dot one hundred and seventy what did you finish in terms of overall in the leak
against every other yeah yeah yeah let your late eight was his peak he was pretty much like ninth tenth eleventh twelfth basically everything that's fine he he was right there he was i think for the majority of you lie manning's career he was somewhere between the eighth and twelfth that's quarterback in the nfl but he won two super bowls any at those two runs and i'm totally fine with those caring more water than everything else more wait sorry then everything else but i think it's okay to say is not first ballot also we don't know who's going to retire this year that's going to make a difference is like what other hall of famers is he going to be running up against by the way i want to put this out there lorenzo neal eligible for the hall of fame go vote for lorenzo neil right now it's been like ten fifteen years years since a real a real fullback in lorenzo neal should fucking be in the whole thing
name we need to make it happen i want him in the hall of fame i want to get that out there but also if so it depends on who retires this year paid manning had any any semblance of the moment he would come back for one for this year just so that he could talk his brother one last time are they going together yeah that is our would definitely make that happen yeah because here's the thing people who speak last they should they should speak sample to who speak glad baby cooper just does this bits is pretty little bit intros both rob riggle and cooper up there so assuming eli doesn't retire because there's a chance that he doesn't retire yeah there is a chance there's and also i love this every team i've seen this a lot on twitter and i've been throwing it in as a joke but i think there are actually some people who think that eli manning would help their team right now there are probably a couple teams and most people watched football
there are a couple teams it doesn't increase the quarterbacks that are in the league right now i still i probably could maybe that's what i'm really looking forward to though is for the rest of the year we're going to get something that we've never gotten from eli we're going to get sideline nila sideline eli is going to be a lot of fun to watch he's going to be do you think is going to go full had set all right i think he's going to have just the one ear piece and so we can listen to the play calls or maybe you'll just have like a book on tape you know the alphabet you know what the good news is though sideline eli still a game or in jersey that's true he could i'll sell that jersey that merch going absolutely get that going i want you like to be the guy that sending in the signals from both of you now they have like one guy doing the fake signals and one guy doing the real one i want to see what you i would do if you said okay do a fake signal out there for this play he just do the fake i got your thumb my arms off folks took your nose rubbing morton he pulls quarter out out of his car year robin my belly and
fit tap my head at the same time yeah well i i'm excited to see what he does but i actually think he's going to come he's going to play again this year you get hurt in the line is going to come in and win the giants a meaningless game week xbox them against the patriots oh so here's what hank you know i said there gonna have one meaningless random lawson mid season like once i saw that there were eighteen one proclamation that means they're going to lose the superbowl nope they're gonna lose a regular season game we should revisit by the way monday people were correcting yes yeah run your sorry about that calci settling in miami not so you guys are doing when i listen to it back i was like all that was done and then i was like i thought you guys were i know i know you know yeah we know we know it is a bit sassy askey socks in miami the superbowl unfortunately is where in miami that's tough that's really tough but if i'm the
find patriot but you know what you know we're not going to let it get close to a field goal psg right we're not you know we're just going to run through the entire faction as a big patriots fan i think that we should trade for eli manning and just stash him so that no other team can get him because he's the one guy that's proven that he can beat an undefeated patriots team in the super bowl so take the off the board entirely so the e u isto so that you like conversation to to put a bow on it i think the greatest thing you lie manning ever did was have archie manning is a father and be really nice to the new york media because he actually should go in the hall of fame first ballot just for like being so good with the new york media what if he gets up in the booth after he retires and he's really fucking good
thanks a priority shocks the world now is like wow you i met you i was one of the personality now not cooper weird now he can't if he was up in the booth i don't know they'll be incredible women yeah i don't give a shot yeah but also i saw the the pagers actually there left tackle is out for a while he just got his foot hurt so i don't know marcin new houses on the team now he might not have been there yeah trade for trent williams new house play on the on sunday he started on sunday yeah so here here's what i'm saying is is there's a big this league thing going on right now around the nfl we have heard that much of this league from trent williams even though he's arguably just as good if not as young as john ramsey but he's just there's like a top three left tackle out there that just waiting to be picked up yeah i seem the patriots it would it would make sense for him everyone's trading for some pics of the steelers treated for trumpet for making fitzpatrick which ice you love by the way yeah i don't mind that two people were like what the steelers this going to be a top ten pick the tree
you're trading for a guy who's just drafted eleven and you have tape on him i was going to say it just like it because now i don't have to guess which fitzpatrick is which to see the back in their jerseys there is that ryan fitzpatrick yeah no that's that's makeup playing defense and running fast um speaking of quarterbacks we should probably talk about the jets so the jets have no quarterback ah and that was a terrible monday night football game and i still walk so i still know the browns are good i think they are i think the browns are pretty good they should've won that game by a hundred it was on the road against team that was coached by greg williams who does not coach dirty nope he'd like to make that clear never are they they looked okay that a good balance odell beckham so awesome even though he wore he wore the odd the wrong other advisers on his visor and they took him out i was actually kind of happy because of the under so that will really help me out on that one but yeah think the browns are really good baker mayfield he takes a lot of chances
because on slinger because he's very good let's get the gunslinger on things going i takes a lot of chances and sometimes they don't pay out form okay let me throw out some names though for the jets quarterback because sam donald who knows how long like i was so jets to have this it was that fake by the way the monitor nuclear okay okay no that actually happened that so the picture the graphic of same donald pointing at you being like yeah i'm the fucking man i want to make out with you how indefinitely mono yeah and i want to know how it's possible real quick how how nobody else on the jets got mono don't you notice anyone yeah but in a football locker room don't you sure you sure water bottles sometimes you're in close contact it's true maybe that's the le veon bell that's he's always had mono that's why he runs like that i was saying yeah you very lethargic and approach the line of scrimmage but like seriously you're
on these guys all the time i assume that i mean the old seahawks used to share girlfriends old tape percy harvin well well they played pretty well whoa uh so the jets quarterback situation trevor siemian comes in electric by the way just a guy who it was reminiscent shades of kirk cousins and andy dalton giving his pregame warm up speech like why they decided he was the guy to my cup i do not know but i'm happy they did that because i went to i fell asleep listening trevor simeon speak before the game but let me throw out a couple names tell me your excitement okay let's start with the way i need to know what scale i'm using my going ball scale scale okay ball scale write down the hallway eli manning i don't know two one slash two balls two one slash two balls ok i don't know if you can get done at city we talked about on monday
this one unfortunately just blew your wad because i got some guys that you're going to be more excited if you say tieba tivo yes even that's obvious bibles the jets and then my last one i what i would want him to go to come back and play if you did it for the love of the sport and the love of the franchise gets three zero dollars too much selfishness in this league zero dollars against the cap v last who is michael vick but the jets are in that spot where their season's over green even lost it on get up i don't know if you saw he lost how many went viral michael vick really yes how many quarterbacks the kissing disease is do we need on that roster right now i mean let's just do it let's have michael vick on their or colin nick but the point is the jets season is over luke falk is not going to be the guy i i would assume he doesn't look bad i would assume is not gonna state is slowly taking over the nfl all right i would assume maybe ryan leaf stole him on there i'm saying like if the quarterback position to washington state is like defensive backs to
axis which is the b u as we all know here's what i really wish though a team would just say this season is blocked were fakt let's at least give the fans something to have fun with yep tim he does not a quarterback in the nfl you never know let's just make him one for five weeks you never know i mean get the right that's exactly what i was saying about the mets into vocal on a lot yeah i'm he's he's not going to get the job done but he'd be fun to watch colin kaepernick would be interesting lee roy reported today that colin kaepernick and his family landed at airport in new jersey this afternoon now full disclosure it's probably because they were just accepting an award for the night so we were all playing games o j he reported the news as games he wasn't saying one way or the other he was signing with the jets the giants it would be the most i thing of all time if the jets signed colin kaepernick after all this time and then they just threw him to the wolves against the patriots on sunday
i have to wait three days signs someone let's have some fun sam darnold be back in six to eight weeks i don't even know if you want him back because the season will be long gone by then jamal adams already is unfollowing everyone on the jetta sli this league petty wars but it's just do it just give us something fun to look forward to if we're going to have to watch the jets i'm sure they have some prime time games coming up if we're going to have to watch him at least give us something fun to watch i agree although i don't think that look for his bad i don't think he's good here's you want some sabermetrics i'm connected dots for you on this one ok the first person i thought we'd about
there have been some others that have jumped on it too but it was ah johnny moffet i think that's how you pronounce his name there are a lot of similarities between luke falk and tb twelve look fox took over for injured jets quarterback in week two of his second season he was also the 199th pick in the draft oh wow oh wow so this is probably gonna happen continue they're both they're both six thousand four hundred and sixty five and way like two hundred and twenty five continue that's it that's it it's all they got yeah so watch out checks on the new dynasty has started for the new york jets that's what i'm saying i don't don't throw first year for our coach for the jets don't yes second year yeah sure i guess but cell check a second yeah yeah so second team set second year as head coach thirty second team as a second team as a head coach contract out for yourself for him yeah i'm say don't don't discount
look falk just yet by the way adam gase is the perfect case of like just get yourself around someone who's really good at their job once in your career and your set he was around peyton man they broke all the records and now everyone since that point been like adam common eyes rub some of that magic often a nice process if you could if you could take any tip any life advice tip just find your way to be close to greatness yep for a brief period of time and everyone will think that you had something to do that great as absent that's a great life factor that in also be completely average for fifteen years yeah that's in you're going to hold you had to all right so let's do we have some else we can talk about jail in ramsey are your true hockey cool throng okay we got some stuff for that hot sequel throw all my heart see i got a few let me just pull up my computer real quick my hot seat is jail in ramsey i had him too you india why had him yeah item for having god is his age
go ahead god his agent yeah well yeah call god and his agent he called his own press tom the judge i didn't really know players could just do in that the team just let him call their own press conference kind of a wild move talking about he demanded a trade to talk about the whole thing and deborah is going to be him up because he he is from the same dad diana rusini reported this time we're only went to high school with my uncles and dad they're all from the same neighborhood in the bronx i suggest avoiding potato with him at all costs will get about isn't listen then i did a five year old dog we're own versa i got to back up my girl die in on this one because her dad has seen doug moreau get into fights before yeah it's still an auto i get i try again so all one world order in the in the peak of his profession and a pretty strong tough dude i think i'd take my i listen i love done wrong he's a big guy yep
god take jalen ramsey in that well it depends how fired up years like to jalen ramsey comb fredo on the sideline because if so that could just light a fuse in somebody i do like it that like hey he's from the bronx or wherever queen so so he could definitely beat up this guy who's like twenty four years old and at the peak of his peppery every if diana reports that it's true everybody from the bronx can beat the shit out of jail miranda that was diana receipt he actually did like my dad's stronger than your dad tweet yeah i believe it in full seriousness are you at so jalen ramsey's agent is god yes he said god and my agent will figure it out so i have to think they're in that's pretty powerful do it is have your agent in god working on your trade request so wait so where is he going to go are there any rumors that probably i think he's going to stay with jack it's five hundred and thirty right now so there's something might happen later on tonight after we record this i want to
and thursday night's game i want to see him play he will play on thursday night it's gonna be able to put a gear in color frustrated yeah easy you'll get rid of the titans that would be amazing walk down the block i walked on the hallway no i think the jaguars would be crazy to trade him crazy i mean he's really really good really really good and they're asking for two first round picks for him as pete prisco said just pop in the tape from sunday and you'll know why they're not going to trade him that's right pete prisco also the blocking of twitter also pete the all twenty two doesn't come out until tuesday you said you haven't popped in the tape yet did a block on someone an wrote a quote treat and then said oh and ps c oh yeah he's a king of syria you're outta here you fucking joe west picking people out of the game mother hostages liz ooh ooh canceled kids culture is hot in the streets these days yep she's the latest victim she org post mates the other night and apparently the post made livery person stole her order and she
you need to go online screenshot screen a picture of the delay every driver in your name and a picture and everything was like yo fuck this person they stole my order and people are mad at her for snitching i guess docks ah so she'd been canceled for that yeah i think that as a post mates driver you should be allowed to steal some stuff occasionally dependent yeah it's really going to be like one rest over the garden this order from this place comes through like i'm taking them it's really a victim prime now when you order things to go or for pick up or delivery ninety nine percent time something about your order is getting fucked up and if you work for postmates you know how easy it is you can just get a job like you can go work for another delivery service if it's a huge order and you just steal like two hundred and fifty dollars worth of food worth it now i have a question liz oh i don't know who that is who is she is one hundred percent that bitch describe her what does she look like she's curvy she plays the flute curvy yeah it works great
workers curvy yeah okay plays the flute if as electric performer as a fellow curvy person it's really you never want to tweet about your food not being there there's a fellow kirby person how mad would you be if your food got very mad but i wouldn't take it to twitter 'cause i feel like you're just setting yourself up for it against dunk dunk nobody would steal a food order from a skinny person right but we're going to steal a salad to be like hey i ordered this food and didn't want to get off my couch and now i'm complaining on twitter feels like a cell phone you know what i say would she apologized for it to write oh good so she's back yeah oh i forget people in the castle pot on behalf of part of my take we officially forgive liz oh i don't know hank said hank's got one slash two vote saying no uh i'd like to see her i needed i like i want to know what the order was yeah i could see your execute a few posts mate orders without any incidents
it depends now you're blaming her for getting your food stolen no i'm blaming her for complaining online about it because that's a decade thing to do okay well you you are the airport king that of of mocking people who complain online about airports then my cool throne is anyone who's bought stock in lerri too ok he's do for huge week this week no shit and there's only a couple more weeks to buy stock so if you have bought stock already congratulations you're smart person and if you haven't bought stock he's do now this week so get on with the train is hot right he's going to go on fire like with exactly the east is statistically do i'm okay what is record i'm looking as chart right now okay to to stop and you can you can like map out charts on stocks yeah and see when they're about to bouncer or fall down i've got a very good feeling that layer is about to bounce back to us weekly after okay
so by your larry shirts you comes with a stock stir certificate you own a goldfish but only for two more weeks you can speak out as a goldfish owner yes okay pft where you got my hot seat is laboratories across the globe uh mostly just in australia and russia first of all there was an australian lab it was a mass is a massive semen explosion after a blaze hit a bull art fishel insemination laboratory and firefighters were forced to dodge the projectiles being shot out from the bull semen lab this feels like fake story it was a listen it was a newsweek yeah no no i was on sector i'm not saying you you did make it i'm saying that i always like australia he said yeah i'll show you like they haven't been on the map for awhile why not make up a fake bull com store i mean it
so i'm sorry a chilean bull seem a actor right bloated just sitting spews everywhere because there was cal sperm okay that's gonna be pretty nasty as a firefighter i would say so mu cocky i would say so yeah nice one point seven balls attention although if you get hit by the new year yeah what can what starts to melt yeah thank you global scene is radioactive are you like if you're a firefighter going to laboratory were shot after watching snow walk like that's just like i don't pick up the rocks right yeah i was like yeah yeah i think if there's like bull semen just spring into the air that just means that the council was elected a new micro next season ups are the other at that exploded was in russia there was a smallpox explosion so a laboratory that had smallpox in it for some reason we still keep that oak stored in a lab somewhere that exploded s oh i'm sure that's fine yeah not a big deal no good thing you got your kid vaccine yes i thing we made him yes we did the internet made him yes the internet made major kid get
and my other hot seat is is odell beckham because it turns out that the watch that he was wearing pregame remember a lot of people priced it out as being like a two dollars million watch well according to and rebel who a we did a picture last night that is true i was very upset but he's an expert in spotting phonies because he has many mirrors yeah he identified it as being a fake watch in a very cheap knock off watch at that just maybe a couple hundred bucks so oh damn on odell gotta know better than that i kind of like that by odell because he's everyone's flipping out about how it's warming up in this watch and it's all fake yeah that would be nice right yeah it's a funny like he should smash it on purpose he should've smash it on purpose till ravel ruin the joke and then tweet it out the vagina the vagina explain that role so revell tree on a picture like are you think the jets season is bad look at work look at the fans not paying attention and it was a picture of a guy looking at a picture of what looked like a
an anatomy chart of a vagina wasn't even a like flesh and blood vagina it was a drawing of a vagina and of course ravel tweeted it out and scarred everyone and i would assume what we get i laid it toward turns our service rebels definitely see more like drawings of john is an actual address i was i did a day probably too much thinking on why that guy was looking at it's less taxing because he was sending that to someone else do you think he was chirping his buddy that was the only reason i could come up with for like why you would like google image vagina and then send there definitely was like the only way why else would you be i would say it would be sending there's probably some inappropriate trevor simeon jokes or something involved in that oh about him not
be able to deploy to with stand up a broken ankle an like torn everything yeah that's probably i think it's probably actually that's probably what it was my cool throne is deez nuts jokes because football guide nick saban apparently loves deez nuts fix this is like his favorite thing is pulling the ds on people so if all you people that say that nick saban doesn't have a sense of humor he actually does it's just very specific to only deez nuts jokes he's big beaufort guy too probably he's gonna get around to bofa and the imagine dragons joke in a couple years come in at any point okay my hot seat is triggered people online because mike leach is online and he triggered the o c d community by tweeting out a picture that had like a little like a little fuck up where it said uh lcd it said like it was a it was a hospital a school medicine and it had everything listed
like academic affairs evaluation clinic and then at the bottom was obsessive compulsive disorder and it was just a little off centered triggered everyone and he actually got a response from the international o c d foundation saying o c d is a serious disorder that affects an estimated one in one hundred adults it can seem funny to those who aren't affected but for those who are it's no laughing matter we hope you consider deleting and directing your followers thio i o c d f dot or ge and michael issue said warning i got a couple complaints today on one of my tweets you read my tweets at your own risk viewers pression strongly advised fuck you mike leach uses twitter like your your elderly uncle uses facebook yeah he's just get into the meme game is just getting into it and watch out world he's going to as soon as he catches up with like he he definitely will be in the political meme wars of two thousand and twenty
oh for sure he's gonna get he's gonna throw his ad in that ring absolutely all right my cool there on his dog the bounty hunter because he's doing fine he had a heart attack i think but he's fine i have been a open heart i read had a medical episode that's fine he's fine he has someone tweeting from his account saying that he's fine and i have no reason to believe that he isn't fine because he's gotta be fine where did this was a situation like i think it was woodrow wilson had a stroke when he was president and his wife kind of acted like the president for the last six maybe i'm just describing the movie dave but i'm pretty sure there was a president where his wife just pretended he was still alive is like it come out now for the last maybe year or so of his presidency would have dog is just incapacitated when his social media manager would he still tell ice heads to go with cry yeah the social media manager that can do that yeah that's fine that's fine he's going to be fine ok let's go
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per nba hall of famer i can say that right give absolutely ok it is true it is chris bosh he's in the studio i don't even know where to start because doing some research obviously i know you're at your your basketball career you have about a million interest would that be say it be safe to say yeah you have like music we you read you're you're writing a book what's actually start there you're writing a book you just told us before the show started you're writing a book yeah about writing a book of is a working title but essentially it's it's kind of like one of the the working title is is letters to a young athlete i want it to translate to everyone so you're you're like cocking the entire players tribune business but i like that i like have you ever thought about doing it lebron james style and doing letters from a young athlete to his future self about his past self like his instagram post i wouldn't try that it can
did you get into the matrix and yeah you can't do that so you're giving advice to young athletes are you saying like what you learned yeah it's kind of like is that i learned in sports pretty much and um you know it's been so many things that's been valuable that i've used in both aspects on and off the court you know so i figure if i could take that take those lessons and then take you know my favorite stories and stuff like that and you know just kind of let people in on um what what changed for me um things that i've been for me and things that i use tools that i use then it really work okay so lesson for a young athlete should they have a burner account or not no no i didn't even i meet multiple bird yeah i mean you know what you see here's the problem now if you have a burner account what happen
might forget it yeah but knows how many dollar range so hot or you might not and it looks like they have like your number one fan is very vocal in your defense although yeah but that's like making another personality right it's like you can't be two people right no but i mean you can't be just you know just like yeah yeah i got the burner account in them now with full disclosure i used to do that when i was in high i was in the chat room you had burner count yeah my responses of what wasn't even burner count it wasn't cool to put your real name on it back right you know so i was it was this website called texas whose dot com yeah i used to go on it when i was in high school yeah in the chat
like you're wrong shouldn't pass more or less what you mean we're really good dominating was trying to defend our case normal though yeah like that's a normal reaction at least for high schoolers i know in texas sports in particular it's almost a professional sport the second you step into high school absolutely and so there are people talking about you like their professional analysts and so for somebody who's fifteen to eighteen years old it's natural i think to stand up for yourself but then at some point you have to learn i can't read everything that's being written about me at what point did that occur to you or did it ever occur to you did you show yeah it occurred to me once we got to miami once once i made the decision to go to miami uh you know it changed everything changed i used to always be on twitter and always back when like i think what
came out in two thousand and six and i forgot when i made my account but it was like right around two thousand and seven slash two thousand and eight and so i was always you know on social media but once i start reading the comments and stuff made that mistake one because it wasn't happening everything was positive before that is everybody wanted me to go to the play for their team right so then after you know made my choice people let me know that they did not and then you know you get all the other stuff on top of that so once one day i just had like bad day reading and i'm like men it really messed up my day i'm really upset what am i doing i know it is reading words on a screen that's that's insanity to me so i just stop you know see it now it's a kind of a story line that's going on in the nba now where a lot of guys are you know adam silver came out and said that these guys
eyes that are millionaires young athletes have the whole world at their fingertips are actually incredibly lonely yeah because they feel isolated because they can't go on public because they're spending their days on twitter and like reading the negative stuff yeah heavy do you i think that that's over blown you you see how like that's actually a true thing going to i can see how some people can be like that i mean even for me if i go outside everybody wants to take a picture right no so that alone is something that i have to mentally be ready for exam yes exhausting a little bit and you know people want to talk to you and in you rightfully so everybody has a camera of course everybody wants a picture you know but it just another added thing you know on top of that is more popular than ever it's more money than ever in the league so it's kind of you pick your poison right but um i think it's just like and to cope with things and being okay with that and sometimes saying no like i don't feel like taking a picture right now
you know and i want to go about my day and enjoy my day right you know and learning how to cope with that and go out in public and stuff like that so when you got off twitter that was in your it off i just like i stop reading the comments and you know i kind of fell off it for awhile right so that happened in miami do you think it was because you guys were winning and kinda big on your back or getting played yet had you done the championship celebration we did this one but we didn't have the championship celebration till we want to channel right now you have when you have the water now that we have a celebration when you want to say you know we had we had a couple celebrate was actually would you after that happen did anyone i would imagine you get in the hallway like was like that kind of weird we just we just celebrated championship when we just sign though we are celebrating
let me yes and he's not alone right i love talking about this because it's so interesting because like we got blame so much force like when i'm not an event planner right what the hell do you think i'm just gonna like sign a contract you know bring my whole family on the miami and then orchestrate this big thing that's came there and that was their people like we're therefore i thought you were on stage before like positioning this smoke machine lights were hitting yeah you like no i need two i need one on each side to get cross team did anyone say little brown like yo did you just say we're going to win seven
no way just i think we got a little ahead of our that's one of those things too where you're just everybody's so happy and you're just like yeah yeah let's just go for it you're not thinking about what everybody else is gonna think about right no you're just everybody's happy right that was i mean it was more so one of intense i would quit twitter too if i was part of that so yeah it's over okay before it's a good watermark to stop reading a common eyes that that was about i think the next day like oh you know it's funny because we were in our bubble about two days later you know he starts watching tv is like oh yeah the rest of the world sees he can win seven five games yeah anne anne just the reaction you know there was very strong reactions across the league
yeah you think if you're a player on another team and you see that that absolutely you talk about bulletin board material they're like yeah there are already counting this they're discounting us out already before they've even played a game together can't wait they're not even that good there's also the element that i'm always curious about of playing with lebron i feel like brings added pressure to everyone around him because he's such a star and there's always so much attention on him did you feel that right away yeah but it was like gas on the fire after that one it was already the thing and then it was just something totally different i me to transfer scented and transformed right once and things you know more and what i thought but you know the championship pressure i i wanted to win a championship that's what that's what we were all there so that was kind of we knew we were getting ourselves into kind of kind of until we experienced it and then you know that was really you know the brunt of it man we didn't we were just in the middle of the ocean is like well you gotta you gotta swim now
we had to jail together as a team and figure out how to navigate you know trying to win in the league is you know you understand okay michael jordan in those guys you just think it's just watching the game and watch tv it's so much more than that would you like to apologize for ruining the nba by creating super to no no okay so you know you're basketball fan i'm sure yep the as you know super teams have always been a part of the right right you know in the eighties show time the lakers robert parish larry bird you know kevin mchale you know we could go on and on the lakers stay had always tell people like the lakers hat ron harper ron harper won five championships don't even mention around harvard ron harper robert ory both of 'em multiple championships between them ron harper robert owen and michael jordan were in like you know the same converse
asian in the league when they just got there you know so it's always it is funny to me though how how people point out that he team and they act like it's the first time that three really good basketball players wanted to play basketball each other yeah it was just on the way it was wrong was the dow by lebron it was the going from cleveland to miami and it felt it felt very orchestrated beforehand i know you guys have talked about it but do you how far in advance did you know you three we're gonna go somewhere together it didn't happen to foreign advance because he still had you know to a decision to make right we knew that miami had the cap space to do something like that every i don't think
did anybody else i think miami in new york yeah yeah i mean i'm a bulls fan chicago you guys have said in retrospect that you were thinking about it i always just assume no one ever thinks about signing as a free agent to the bulls 'cause we never gotten over it was very you were actually close no way yeah man look they had um um jo kim uh uh young deer heroes yes he won m v p that year yeah lule dang yep um kirk hinrich kirk hinrich had a side i mean those are solid pieces and i mean i think almer ask to yeah the the lynch mob yeah little bigger back and so yeah it was a and then and then we got carlos boozer 'cause you went to miami and then the thing was two of three there thing was two or three got it so so was the pitch like for everyone else like i've read some of the stories people just you just show up and they show you like photoshopped into their jersey yeah
pass that was the thing everybody had an ipad with like a app is that what the bulls did yeah everybody course they fucking you must be like m a like you right wait i can see my raptors jersey and now and then and then like i came in the home arena united center reaction they had like that thing up and you know it you know and that is is it's a crazy bank of mike jordan played you know right the house that michael bill right and so you know my jamie's up there is like wow this is crazy so and then what was pat pat riley i would imagine because you went there had a little bit of a different he didn't take out the ipad no he didn't take out an eye i don't believe you i didn't get it see this is this drives me insane that they're like they honestly thought like hey this will be cool i don't know i never see a photo shop if you need a different jersey so what is pat riley do instead
i took you for a nice steak dinner way we know we didn't have a stick then it was you know it was the whole thing and free agency thing so it was like meeting so we had him we had all the meetings at one time okay all right i know steak dinner was after it was afterwards imagine a couple of nice bottles of red wine for sure it was lebron already into the chiefs game the wine game back then no i don't believe so not his head and definitely not heavy as he is now i think it's a problem what his his is working on the bench one game walked into the games with full glasses of wine yeah you don't like wine i enjoy wine not while i'm on the job now are you on the job now we're not trying to work i'm just saying yeah i read this is good that's a good point i read that you were your big harry potter guy yeah if you were to put you lebron and d wade into houses in harry potter it has a an interesting question
how slow drain is that one so yeah and you know i don't know i don't have the broadest later yeah but he's a good you know not to like to decide yeah don't just look at you guys are gonna yeah i'm griffin door that's obvious obviously and man you know they don't they don't give the other two houses enough love man or raven client helpful part of yeah they don't even get a mini love yeah yeah wait wait wait which one is hufflepuff d wait d wade do you think so yeah i think so i don't have much in the photos i've never read harry potter no but you knew this is just clickbait i'm just trying to get people to click on this yeah but ok you're looking on the internet right now so you knew the houses are you just like the closet harry potter i know all about the sorting hat and then what has this like hazards the last one he's got he yeah yeah
uh she whatever the tough ones give me yeah he's talked it yeah up the good one thing that i always liked about you you weren't you were never afraid to put your sense of humor out there a little bit yeah i remember seeing you do that car commercial use car kommer where you're wearing the giant cowboy hat yeah first was like what the fuck is this guy doing was like this is weird but it was good it was a weird yeah it was weird it was like it was kind of weird it was it was like it was definitely off the beaten path for an nba store at the time to do something like that i think now people try and you know they try to produce comedy videos but time is unnatural and when you did it was like this guy was just really funny is it when you were sitting down you actually decide to write that or how to how that whole used car thing about man and you know i've told people the story about the time so pretty much like that was the first year the big three in boston got together and so
lebron and kevin garnett were hammering me in all star votes and i knew i wasn't going to you know win but i'd start at one time and i wanted to do it again so i i just want to make it look respectable in the numbers this is like you know lebron one point six kevin garnett one point two you know by us four hundred hi dan i got to get the number up and so i was like man i always loved internet always i've always been doing this my whole life you know pretty good coach like videos you code the right kind of you know what coding is i don't even have another constant you know but you know looking at that stuff i said all right make a video and put it on you to just to get my because you can vote on line now he also get my vote so that'll mean i'm a figure out some and so i have one idea which i was going to be like making fun of president bush at the time
but i said nah does not really going to be a good one 'cause you were at war and all this stuff and that'll be pretty insensitive so then i just was thinking of how i could execute this idea and i was off for a couple of days for christmas that i shot christmas eve and so me and my brother were i was back home i went home for a couple days after christmas and yeah i just wrote it out is it may yet you know you watch those crappy videos from back in the day with the used car salesman yeah i like that and i was trying to you know the evo for me and and okay i i got it and that's what i'm going to do that would be traffic to my website great if you did the george bush one yeah you know like boogie cousins throwing a shoe at doctor right away well it was it was yeah it was not the time
everything was very fresh so so along the same lines of that question your comedy and showing your personality did you create the video bomb did you create that because i feel like after you know the press conference after games on the n b a court you i feel like you were the first guy who during the nba games yeah or or a sporting event and on purpose multiple times yeah yeah and the only reason i did that was because we were winning so much and it was just a out of fun and i said man you know what i just watched a lot of tv when the kids so i i immediately my mind starts wondering like what what the people want that are watching this on tv what would be funny right now and you know because i'm like doing an interview in it you know for the umpteenth time de is right there brown is right there and i'm like okay i'll just do somethin in in in in in he laughed and thereby kept laughing so i said alright you know i might as well keep going i had to stop though once people say you know can take a picture with you
yeah sure can you photo by me yeah i'm not photo yeah that's it it's over that's too much what about the people who used to say that you looked like the raptors logo you want to know was funny yeah people they thought they were cut in deep with that i don't think so high school friends were joking on me like that i had to laugh at that one listen the raptors it's a great looking logo right it wasn't a logo yeah yeah but like they used to call me you look like a velociraptor high school so fun that's cool like that's k looks like the the yeah he slowly a it's like one hundred one dalmatians when the old dog owners walk around looking like their dogs like it's a cool yeah like only you can only draft players that look like your logo yeah that'd be pretty how did that happen like look like the wizards logo yeah i wanted to
we'll go yeah there's one if you had to pick one in the mba east at least i feel like that's number one where you were you actually we've pumped up this year for the but raptors in the playoffs yeah absolutely see that one salute lee man you know what i got to see i got to i worked the pregame stuff with tsn the canadian network and i saw a lot of old friends there some of the same people are still working there at equipment managers the trainers you know bartenders the album the guys running the seats and stuff you know people to help you to your season to see them just you know have a have a peace in that was was really really cool i yeah so how for them the host city we're do you ever have regrets about i mean i think a lot of guys say nowadays like the kind of wish they played for a full for the same team the whole entire career yeah do you not even think about knowledge to go on trial
yeah you can i couldn't change it so you know and things worked out pretty good yeah they did i would say they worked out pretty it was pretty solid man so let's talk about the championships yeah first time you guys go to the finals has eight points in that one game i just mention that off top my head i can't remember why i remember that what was it like after you guys lose out first one of the mavs and was there ever a feeling of not to spare but you were very good team yeah i felt like this was the thing in the super team and all that and yet all short against a kind of a random n b a winner in the maps sure yeah they were very crafty older team more more savvier than we than we were and they took advantage of that so you know first of all having to come back it's embarrassing you know it's depressing you
find out you know you find out why you know some people don't bounce back people don't bounce back from that right now it takes like a lot to even try to get back on the horse and even if you bounce back you can just be like ok i'm not gonna go for the championship i just lay over here in a nice comfortable part the league zero six c yeah just you know slide on out in you know wave goodbye be on the hey you know i mean no problem with the body's good you know but you i we realize what it really takes and and and that pain of you know dealing with that yeah and so then you win the next year against that's going to go down as one of the craziest teams that you played in the russell westbrook james harden
yeah i don't think people are going to get it anyway but you beat those guys wait three mv ps yeah beat him but they were on the same team yeah yeah yeah yeah you beat him and you beat him convincingly yeah that moment was at the champagne picture with championship next yeah yeah that was that was a great picture yeah yeah thank you yeah it kinda me rubbing it in people's faces gets a little bit yes so how it must have felt probably like we talked about earlier you got jokes against you people criticize the heat criticize the bron criticize you and then you get that last laugh i mean it has to be greatest feeling is awesome but you know what like is not even you don't even think about those things what what was amazing to me is what was going through my mind right after and you know the the links of the season and how much it takes to even you know get to that point right and you know i've reflect
on that stuff you don't even think about prove them wrong in the garden man you know you got some work to do yeah add files against the thunder was it more like i'm motivated 'cause i need to prove something myself or was it was there amount of the haters out there like it's going to be good to drink champagne in their faces and dunk on that no is i was born to win an nba championship that's pretty much it i love i like you know what i mean that's what james what i did i watched this since i was a kid i'm a historian of the game this is our time i'm here i used to watch this with my dad you know what maybe pizza parties you watch the game you know so you know i understood what at what was at stake in with everything so like for me it was just like being happy to you know
that doesn't come true that's pretty cool just growing up knowing that you're going to win one day and then it happens yeah it really is you must feel like a genius after you gonna happen along yeah you do but then it's like yeah you know not that bus fitting so next one is obviously the rebound to the shot which can you talk us through that play and it's an all time i'm iconic play we're talking about ray allen's shot in the corner to save the heat in game six you're the one who gets the rebound if you don't do that the heat lose an you guys have one championship yeah this is a little different yeah a little different so where things moving in slow motion or was that yeah moved in slow motion was lebron shot it that's how i remember it's funny because you know how you remember things sometimes it's not how it really happened so my memory of the whole thing i remember the play
i remember everything but the speed is way faster than what i recall interest you know i felt like a long time to make that decision because i was able to watch the flight of the ball that's why i was able to make a play on the ball to get the rebound i've you know they both both boards do and tony parker went to lebron right so that opened me up with a free lancer bass and have anybody in front of me so i can just concentrate on the ball and then you know i just felt you know one of my all you get this is for me right it was that my my ball and yet as you might think that we're like yeah right yeah well yeah i mean you know i'm i felt contact and i think was mine and i look down he was there and i looked up and what ray was looking at me with his hands going back and i just i can't even tell you why it happened i'm just happy that happened like yeah it's an all time shot all time
play so you just got to always be in the game you know yeah it also is kind of a microcosm for i think your career with the heat where you were such an important player but you probably never got your total do because it was lebron and d wade what was it what was it tough to be that guy and maybe sometimes have people not give you the credit for sacrificing some of your game for them it was tough being in that position but is also tough when it change it is to have been the first guy right in the second you know is this is just what it is and i just use that experience to really really learn about basketball is like i had to strip myself down all the way and build myself back up to learn how to play basketball you know and play off the ball cutten you know in a team player defense you know so i learned a big you know more so much more of a portion in the game and mental toughness man yeah there's not gonna be right and you know i'm sure spoke
wanted to help me a bunch of times but this like you know i can't it's not much i can do for you you just have to do this and that and you there is an element to the game of figuring out on your own so you know it i never i never then on top of me never really worrying about what people thought you know the proof is in the works is there an in home you can watch every game if you want to write a cell you know i i know where i am as far as a player when i was playing my career and everything so we are happy about yeah i mean it's always interesting because you go from the guy in toronto to a guy who asked to you know in a lot of the players the nba they want to be the guy until they have to be the guy and i just thought it was it's interesting career arc where you then were able to your ultimate success was being able to
that kind of take a step back and like you said learn different only one in the eyes yeah and well you know and and you know being the guy sometimes is in this fun i would imagine you know if the team is struggling they're going to ask you first and not that i meet with shy away from it or anything but it's a tough position to be in and sometimes it's like hey they're double teaming me i'm going to make the right decision to you know make my team put my teammates in the position well i mean sometimes guys don't all right you know where your team isn't that good right that's one of the things that we love to talk about that in the media is a soon as two good players to get together the first question we have to ask is who's get the last shot which doesn't really make sense because i'm sure a lot of that is gameplay independent but when it's like you d wade and lebron was there ever was there a time when spell esther would sit down be like ok we're going to give you the last
not today and then you know i earn practice would he have like three different last shot scenarios for you guys know i was just understood that it's gonna happen a certain way it's understood i mean it's like in the flow of the game you make those decisions in the flow of the game usually if it was tight and he was having a good game maybe d no coming downhill you know but then again you know is a good decision you know to have you know even though it's hard because you know you have a bunch of great players that you know you can make a play for and we'll probably win the game if we draw it up right right you know it was always lebron most of the time you know because his play making ability and that didn't mean he was gonna shoot it you're going to get a good shot you're gonna get a shot at the basket of burn had in his hands he you know he hit me a bunch of times for late game all right um shots do you think the spurs
intensely turned off the ac in that in that final absolutely force that was yes i game the craps game yeah that's like your mom yeah that's like the with a red our back was known you know or if you're in boston yeah the the fire awful whatever you got to get out the the build and everything and i said man it was that damn red auerbach right i mean he never denied it right right right right yeah if i'm them i'm trying to win you trying to win right now but i could do i could use it not incredibly hot it was hot it was i knew i knew was going to help them realize that yeah because his muscles are so dense he cramps like more interesting because it's so big yeah and so he's
always like you know drinking wine yeah actually yeah gains weight during games i still understand that that's not true i still don't understand how that works so like you know i knew it was hot a man is you know some of you might you know he might cramp up a little bit it was crazy in there it was it was very dangerous i'm glad but you know nobody got hurt for real yes ended the spurs one yeah yeah well you know everybody everybody always says do you think if you guys would have won that game that you would want to serious and it not just pretty good and we won game two right and they did what we were talking about earlier the ability to come back and be all in that spurs team
on a mission all yeah she is is after you get your heart broke that bad right and i remember we were we were there lived there about the way and i'm like we just got hammered we gotta go all the way back home at least we got beat well not only could be mine is still kind of wack to have to get on the plane after that and go back home i'm like man no one is maybe i'll as tom plan together yeah you know i looked at him as a man last last year really sucked eyes like meal you know yeah there yeah can grasp tim duncan i yeah yeah so so the end of the heat like you know lebron leaving were you clued in it all how did that all go down none who is you know right before and did you did you feel like you were left out because i i was never like to win we took a flight flight will bron yeah and you are invited no i was in africa oh ok i was away from that i was away from the madness were you shocked at all that he left or did you kind of expect it
it got to the point where i knew that it was free agency all over again and that this there might be a change i knew that i got that feeling you know so that's why i i negotiated you know i continue to negotiate and stuff like that i treated it as for you yeah you know yes you know we can you know we always say when god you traded lou is a business is a business you know so and his business i'm going to handle my business in you know business will be taken care of yeah and you've got a nice yeah you actually have a very well it worked out yeah i worked out very well it worked out did you ever ask ray allen about the tweet what to eat you know that you know the two eight of that so we never mind that i'm getting there through me in my town max or and now does access
let me tell you something that could've been typo he ever text you like that by accident that like something similar like picture no he meant to some of somebody else call phone call phone calls great as smart as smart i read that you sued a domain squatter who squatted on a bunch of athletes names for websites that was awhile as you guys are finding some funny things in there man what the fuck man yeah that guy has every right that's like that's the internet troll slash commentors goal in life own chris bosh dot com before chris bosh fact and you did and he did and he's got a story right but that's cool she cool sued him how how many did he have he just had to give him back
do we didn't get any money he had like eight hundred over there was a lot i logged out for few that sucks it was a lot now what it has on it wasn't just one or like yeah collected everything he had a more you know everybody hold phoenix suns team ever lyokha moment come on i love that country like it was his is goldrush striking oil w texas sorry course or did hillary felt like yes are you ahead of the curve shrimp you know if if that was his name i mean i think it's bullshit that's that is like the american dream to capitalize off someone else's name you should register him right i mean you know it
if that's how you see it all right so along that same lines what do you think about copy writing something like taco tuesday taco tuesday i mean it would be funny if it if it goes through when it be really almost threw him yeah a lot of people yeah there's a lot of people right now in america in the world like that's math i invented i invented that it's no one owns time everyone owns taco tuesday yeah you know we'll see this for the people that will see if if he gets the copyright i well i want to interview the guy installing took all those websites that honestly is fascinating to me yeah we just had him all that it is how to fasten i mean it does take vision yet have to give it to him and just take vision did you ever in court there was no no no no no no it was just all handled outside it wasn't even that big of a deal i know a guy who bought cj spiller dot net but c j spiller ended up sucking so so
so as you know some investments you strike it rich some yes shop the market is great corny no you think so no i'm not a drake guy you're not a drag i just know why did not address comma drink because he just never did for i know i understand i respect that some people like his music for me it's just it never slapped right for me just like it seems a little slow his flows kind of lazy really slow it is a thing where he rhymes the same word with the same word a lot yeah i feel like a lot of people like drake because he has a very good image and yes it makes a great music i have to give it makes great incredible song i like her i do like the beats i like pizza yes and your producer too right yeah yeah yeah yeah do you sit down to play the piano do you play arms legs are under trying to learn the piano i'm i'm you know i'm not that good at the guitar but you know it's a it's a work in progress
are you like a whip out the acoustic guitar and just start playing it be no i'm not i'm not that no one like sex you don't like that i got so i got asked to be that guy like a month and a half ago and i was like i'm not bringing my guitar because at that point that's the line i'll bring my guitar you know but i'm not just going to be like alright i wrote this song yeah right little tune when i was out here no one asked you for yeah and you know in in in in in in you do back to back to back yeah like yet at that do this again so you have do you have music coming out soon home hopefully okay hopefully i've been i've been working with writers quite a bit over i mean it's been with fire of megan five years been crazy but you know the learning curve has been great i work with and you know some great people has taught me a lot and so you know now i'm working a writers
you know because some songs out there that's awesome yes so you know i did and and learning the business too it's a very fascinating business in a very fascinating tom right and i just really really like it right you know sonny digital said again you know so digital yeah i was actually ah man last in may i was in atlanta met sonny digital yeah out it is yes these men do the where is he cleaned up we went to yeah right when it started is yet well yeah look as they look yes i'm in together now but yeah we hung out you could you could see him you know he's got a lot of stuff around like you know amps and all this yeah two of our songs yeah yeah really yeah yet as much yeah we go and may yeah yeah he's does have deal with them drink pain and shock yeah i have not okay yeah i'm not surprised alright i two questions left the first is i never fully wrap my head around how the end your career like the medical side of it so can you explain
because i remember just being like that's a that's a bummer and you know the come jax were rumored for a while and i just kind of assumed you would be back yeah and it never happens so can you walk in through that um the first time i a pulmonary embolism very bad tremendous pain in my left side of my whole left side of my body thank god you know most people don't survive that that's crazy you know so it kind of gives me chills just thinking about that yeah you know and i was in the hospital had class loan had to i was in the hospital for five days i thought i was a
to go home they bring me in office to say all right you know we've got to do surgery on you tomorrow that we've got to clean out your lungs because we cannot drained the rest of the fluid from your lung that had to get my lungs drained that sucks you know and so they said well we got to go in there this has happened this has happened so i was in the hospital i can't remember for how long after i want to say another nine days eighty nine days and um
had to recover from that you recover the next year and then pretty much what happen is i felt i had a sore spot my calf right before the all star game me and my son i took my son and i were to go practice to three point shooter so we went back to the gym at night and got some shots before we headed to toronto next day woke up in the morning my calf to soar i start freaking out a little bit because you know in our research of everything we've done with blood class we know that it reason a sometimes if the source of that could be a sign so i went to the hospital and you know it was a i guess a blood clot there so yeah is it like mentally that has to be each
challenging to you're a professional athlete you're in peak shape you take care of yourself you don't have something failure like that i mean you know what i don't even think it's ah thing that fails i think it happens all the time yeah yeah i think it happens all the time because i did another casket wasn't there you know a few days later yeah yeah you know so and i was still in shape and i was still feeling good and this is you know i thought i was doing all these precautionary measures and stuff that you know an it kind of you know you kind of go to sometimes even now saying man i should've system but i can't do that because it's like okay that might have been the one that'll get you yeah it'll be the one you don't see coming especially after surviving something like that so i just you know kind of let it run its course the heat were in a tough position that was obvious because liability insurance contracts and all those things so
it is what it is that is what it is yeah actually i've got this company that had a blood clot and it was like the week maybe we can have some like that after you yeah and because of what you have just been through he knew what to look for the religion hospital got to get yeah well there's always you so yeah that's all see i had a i had a buddy of mine system coach and he was having the same you know symptoms in people the end because people misdiagnoses sometime and he was misdiagnosed and he said man is so he kept being persistent and turn come to find out he had the same problem my my last question is question question promo code take you get ten dollars off any ticket we've hung out now for thirty i feel like i know you look at let's turn off the cameras how annoying is lebron for real so why would you think he's annoying major redbox wrote for godfather line now i'm
so i re i rebook yeah but he may be making has his own book club that he gives fake reads books because you can say you know what we will cut this part why you know why you don't like actually i just wanna lebron i actually like i enjoy the sport of hating lebron so much it's actually one of my favorite things to do sports fan i mean you know that usually what happens right you know you get stuck in this spot in your like this is what i am doing a hater of this kick it out he's doing space jam two men yeah it's going to suck you think so yeah for sure we know what it is in this day and age you think is also yeah kill their lost money on it yeah well x bunny yeah and warner brothers she asked you to go on it no one not a man i'm i'm doing stuff okay would you have done it absolutely of course
is a loner shoot what about for example turn on my i'm afraid i'm a free agent you know to mean i might be a little bit too rich for warner brothers blood true nobody stole the movie of maine movie is basically a front that he's using to try to get people to la circumvented cap give you a production credit on space jam two little extra walking around money in pocket have any of those guys reach out to you by the way of like when they get traded to the lakers or they got traded to the calves and been like hey chris how do you what's the best way to fit in with lebron yeah actually talked to kyle kuczma to do night before last saturday night you talk to him before this season or yeah okay yeah that's probably why he's he's still on the lakers you can get you a because i thought yeah well i don't know if i gave him any pointers he he'd have to tell you that yeah but yeah eight we you know he asked me a couple questions and you know i just gave them some things to look for and that's
things to take advantage of so they trade the whole team every time they were going to trade everyone there like but kyle kuczma like what's going on here is chris bosh told kyle kuczma how to be friends with lebron days ago yeah but we're going to just noticed for racing retroactive perfect yeah i think we're good alright chris thank you so much appreciate it there's been a lot of fun yeah you're welcome anytime thank you that interview with chris bosh was brought to guys by movement let me ask you something real quick how much time do you spend in front of your digital screens for me i know it's been hours at a time looking at my screens between my phone work binging new shows video games scrolling right before bed checking it first thing when i wake up in the morning checking in the middle of the night when i should be checking it checking it again in the middle of the night when i should be checking it that's why
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ever it's not it's not because of sub tweet each other at espn they just show each other pictures of the dicks on the phone it's about ian rapoport yep so in rapport has been a naughty boy was a little backpack and ah he's been stealing information apparently now the accusation is that they're stealing scoops copying shifters reports because there were three separate instances last night where shafter would tweet something out then within a minute or two afterwards rap would tweet out basically exact same report ice and then that was followed by a morte tweet of a rubber rat first there was one rat then two then three i said it was like the plot of the departed yep we're at the end the rat means a rat yeah i have to when the zoom in on it it's so yeah who would've thought that chris mortensen is espn's attack dog who would have thought chris mortensen knew how to work a mochis i t brought
just as they were types in rat he googles rat and then copy and paste that in i love it i don't need it we need some or ah you know insider versus insider you know spice it us yes spice it up with rats rappaport need someone on and rather where i run out of i need to start doing it back i'm sure you could flip the flip the switch and has so what is the shutters on the same thing with the cheese he's back that we need to get someone in a film that work that does this like it's more we need to get one of his most trusted sources to give more a fake report have more tweeted and then read the cheese that's not a bad idea yeah like you driving force yet it saudi or get james later to start tweeting just what which which should the counter to mortensen be if there was a mode you best as cheese back adams cat or
he is a killer right right yeah yeah yeah okay viggo mortensen we got this we got problems is showing up naked in kicking the out rapoport i just love this type of drama because rappaport and shafter i think combined make might wait to under fifty pounds that's too little little guys just like scrapping it out there they're they're they're fighting in the one hundred twenty the wrestling in one hundred and twenty five pound division they both can't the two too short to ride let's do it yeah god help you if ken rosenthal gets involved so so we that are really out so much money to see the three of them battle it out frisco frisco would win first obviously see a yes you see he kick him out right away all right let's do our pmt sports
is minute good morning this is jake morris with the pmt sports is minutes unfortunately one of the big storylines from the nfl season so far has been the amount of quarterbacks who have gone down drew brees big ben nick full sam darnold i mean it's just tough to see so these teams turn their second stringers of course it take snaps under center and that got me thinking what the heck
position on a depth chart have to do with the peace and strength while the answer goes back to the time of medieval archery when a man needed a second string for his boat if his first string broke he could take out his second and proceed as necessary today's death chris boss hold him one of the biggest rebounds in n b a history game six two thousand and thirteen nba finals in his career boss told seven thousand five hundred and ninety two boards and on the court here in two hundred and thirty nine million sixty three thousand six hundred and twenty two dollars do the math fan that's more than thirty one brand her rebound not too shabby that's your pmt sports biz minute mr cotton mr commenter back to you thanks jake very very cool very cool jake and now before we do guys on chicks we have a mike tomlin quote generator
so mike tomlin has been given some some press conferences recently what with the health of big ben and everything being questioned he's had a couple of fire all time mike tomlin takes and i've got actually have three mike someone quotes one of which is not actually said by mike tomlin so it's like two truths and a lie which one of these do not come from this is mike tomlin talking about so i'll guess at the end yes this is mike tomlin talking about what's important in sundays game what they're looking for an office we're looking for a analytically winnable possession downs who okay then this is mike tomlin after the game being asked about putting in it back up quarterback you have to overcome adversity and we under came it okay the third one talk about getting ready for next week the forty niners secondary is a fundamentalist outfit mum i'm gonna say number two is fake
nailed it yep yeah such thing is under coming out well but my thoma might he might use it i would be shocked if he hasn't used in the past the fundamentalist thing that is something that mike tomlin says about everybody yeah i i went back through twitter and i looked at all these quotes from his press conferences before he's called the cowboys the jaguars the giants the forty niners and the steelers all funding this party all fundamentalist yeah yeah the the yeah the burke a defense that covers everything mike tom and what it i would love to just dr mallu that brain oh my god just look through it yeah tell the truth to new to the truth getty hank guys on checks hey guys i'm from new england and i'm a big pay actually one sucks suck boys boyfriend and a couple of friends over we talking about that's fucking hate against the patriots but you're the one that's dear applied science hey guys i'm from new england i'm a big picture
but i went to college in ohio the past two guys updated and my current run of alban browns fans what does it say about my personality and my a sucker for the lovable losers that are the cleveland browns do i secretly want to be a browns fan to me constantly disappointed because being a patriot fan has gotten boring because we're just so damn am good all time true like we already know we're going to win the super bowl week too please advise please advise not dating again if you were to call jenny i think i think that's what it says yeah he went to college in ohio right so that's really what what is your personality say to to go live our ohio state i assume she says just ohio ohio earlier lynn all has got the fifth most porn stars okay well act so boys especially diehard cheesehead pft is the new packer is the packers new and improved defense signs of a potential postseason run the corner back to is much improved in the d line is very impressive thanks boys oh wow
damn she flex time i think she knows more about football than i do yeah yeah matt leflore he's defensive specialist so yeah this is the new look new look packers i can't tell you how much it bothers me makes me mad makes me sad to the packers might be good again oh they're really good oh it's not really i forgot they defeated you were talking kirk cousins any other quarterback wins that game any other quarterback pizza first two games i have a fun stat this isn't really about the packers yeah i said it but i forgot to mention it at the start so fun stat alert to any other quarterback will be the first game in kerr cousins would be there in the first game probably but any other court about going to beat them in the second game meaning mitch could have beat him in the second got it yes okay noted fun stat alert if the chiefs weren't allowed play offense of football inside their opponentstwenty yard line this year they would still be average
twenty two one slash two points per game and have the league's 11th best offense by comparison the bears are averaging nine cool what about the red skins you homes are linked to the field never mention the red well it's it's not cutting time on monday yeah to find out want to go in and out a redskin fan when it when your team who you know your offense is on monday the bears are the regular and let me just i was back to your packers fan he treats fan dolphins fans have already gone that's it flacco fan yeah who else phil perverse man who prefers fan all right go ahead hank hey forgot when we're talking to chris bosh earlier about like coaches and players that start to look like the mascot mike shanahan yeah it really developed red skin yes after he started a hosting washing well as tanning salon that's true yes house hey guys my roommate and her boyfriend were dating for a year and a half and then she found out he cheated on her and they quote unquote broke up flash forward to the next week
are all good and by the next weekend he was back partying with us we were all kind of shocked but we went along with it we went to the bar and got drinks and sat down in a booth and apparently they were downstairs fighting they came back us and they came back up and he started calling his friends f4f words and then he walked out of the bar and let let my roommate at the bar with crying we walked her home and his roommates told her about the numerous times times he cheated on there she made it seem like those over for good now like to after that they still fuck all the time and it disgusts me and i don't know what to do all caps help sender this clip stand up for yourself girl him no no you don't want to say that don't fuck him don't i am a people crisco cia i'll be honest with you i lost the plot of that story about happy basically he just keeps cheating and she keeps bring him back you got to see him that a c s about that bad boy i did yeah stand up for yourself girl power
hey boys especially dad cat so long story short i slept on and off with the dude for a few months and he's basically super vanilla before sleeping with me the only weird kinky has was putting my tongue in his ear and trade for him degrading me which he was super scared to do trade for degrading only thing the only kink was having you tongue his ear so that then he could to grade you in bed this sounds to me like it's a little tit for tat where she wanted to be degraded but the only way he would do it was if she put her tongue okay so that doesn't count is the only kink that's a pretty big kink yeah it's also a w l and is the person who got me listening to p m t just want to give him a shout out for being a baby back pitch that's kind of cool that we've been in the same year as your girlfriend has this is reminds me of i
i think they do this anymore but in college the badger herald which is the wisconsin newspaper used to do shoutouts and it was just anonymous like notes of people just ripping each other yeah it's pretty fucking crushing each other college newspapers were no fucker like just the original message but yeah it was fucked up he boys especially peter ft my boy hasn't washed his jersey my boyfriend hasn't washed his patriots jersey since december since they haven't lost since then damn it's been that long and smells like dust farts and beer he says he won't wash it until they lose should i wash it secretly or let him wear it until they lose he'll know if you wash it also like it it's like a dog when you come home being able to smell somebody else on you like another person's dog we also you can wash it dude because we've we found out
on monday's show that the only jinx it matters for the patriots is ernestine bills so that supersedes all other jinxes you're fine to wash it as long as interesting bills doesn't rudely try to walk into a room that skip is in at any moment anytime you're fine by the way i kind of believe in that stuff though not washington course jersey it's for real also the smellier it gets the more effective it is well and you also feel like you're like your real players like i gotta put on my jersey yeah there's a war just something whack about seeing another man at buffalo wild wings in a perfectly new jersey ropes as i come on the trust gap here bandwagon all right last one what's up boys my boyfriend is one outfit that he calls his quote unquote dress up outfit that he always whenever you have to dress up for anything yeah yeah nice jacket every time we have gone to my parents house he wears the same outfit yup my mom noticed it and grew concerned so i decided to buy him a new
no still wears the same old up outfit is it's normal or is he just being lazy and doesn't care about the stuff i bring him to totally what do what should i do slash say nothing if he looks good nothing that's listen if if you're if you're a guy and you find something that works you run that play still doesn't work anymore so it sounds like it's not working no it sounds like it's working it's just people gave you he got a girlfriend yeah right yeah he got a girlfriend who was nice enough to buy him new clothes you got a girlfriend who's feels secure enough in the relationship to introduce him to hit her family that's that it's working really the only move they have left is to accidentally spill something on it and stain it don't do that don't do that 'cause he well he'll never go anywhere nice he just won't every time you try to go to jesse i guess that part of my life's over yeah it's like nope sorry don't have my outfit and it's like taking superman's cape away from do not do that do not do that
will see everyone on friday love you guys
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