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Chris Jericho, Dale Earnhardt Jr, MT Rushmore of Rewatchable Movies On TV

2019-06-27 | 🔗

Jimmy Butler to the Rockets for maximum chaos and Anthony Davis paid 4 million for the number 23. Preview of NBA Free Agency coming up on Sunday. (2:30-14:55) Mt Rushmore of movies you have to watch all the way through when you see them on TV (14:56-27:26) and Fyre Fest Of The Week (RIP Beth Chapman).(27:27-32:05) Wrestling superstar, musician, and podcaster Chris Jericho joins the show to break balls, talk about breaking character, and the art of the heel. (33:47-1:10:31) Dale Earnhardt Jr joins the show to talk about post racing career, his abandoned town, and NASCAR beefs. (1:11:50-1:32:30) Segments include Stay Woke, (1:34:19-1:38:02) Talking Soccer,(1:38:03-1:38:29) and License go Jill with Jilly Football(1:41:007-1:55:42)

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on today's pardon my take we have a two for for the people chris jericho is on the show he handed it to us he was a great interview and also gave us some tips on how to be better at our job very nice guy but also very very intimidating we also have speaking to the intimidator his son dale earnhardt junior on the show her junior has an entire old western town that's abandoned on his property it's pretty crazy he tells the whole story about it and much much more mount rushmore of movies that you have to finish if you see them on tv fire fest of the week and of course because it's friday our distance to jill with chili football at the end before we do
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welcome to part of my take presented by the cash out go download it right now put in code bar stool you get five dollars to yourself five dollars as pca you got to do it today is it's friday june 28th and pft have a question for you what do you need what do you need when you the team with two ball dominant players that hate everyone and are bad teammates third ball dominant player that's more ball dominant to the other two and make everybody hate everybody yes that is what the houston rockets are going for jimmy butler to the houston rockets needs to happen i don't even understand why this is a thing but i'm all for it because i want to see if chris paul james harden and jimmy butler can all in one single game dribble out the shot clock in different positions i think
can i think they can absolutely do it in jimmy butler is the kind of guy that he would really like a spark in that team so say say which one about jimmy butler but you will not accuse him of being fake nice to teammates or and building up all this like little under the surface of the passive aggressive stuff that's never going to happen with j but 'cause old jay but is going to come in like a stick of dynamite not like a needle under your skin so if you look at what the houston rockets what they've done the last five six year they've just had like death by a thousand passive aggressive note paper cuts are left behind to each other jimmy butler gets in and he just blows everything up i think that's way more entertaining and frankly more healthy and on top of all of that i love the daryl morey he sees the writing on the wall they have a new owner who is probably very impatient he's a restaurant or who i'm sure his fired of many people in his past those guys don't seem like the most patient guys in the world he also
came in after chris paul was signed so he's like i don't want to pay this guy who's however old he is forty million dollars plus for the next three years so he ok daryl morey and he says i need some answers and elmore says i'm probably going to get or quit in the next here to so i might as well just say fuck it go all in add a piece that doesn't really make sense but might make sense get my big three cuz it's all all about the big threes and see if it works and what's the worst that can happen for daryl morey he quits or he gets fired and he gets another job instantly because he's one of the best gm's in basketball so i like this it's almost like he's playing with house money at this point and jimmy butler j but is the ultimate house money move i like that i especially like the idea of term were getting fired and having no other options except to go to the wizards so that's what i'm really going to hope for i'm sure that'll happen but yeah you're right i think we especially if you look at what restaurant tours are like
we know one very well jon taffer and jon taffer is not a spreadsheet guy no he's i'm gonna look in the eyes kind of get the only excel i need the only sells i need are the ones that are you people so that i can stare at him and figure out if your man or not so i agree that this guy is probably not going to be married with with zero maury for very long there's really only one solution to the problem and that's get chris paul to the lakers yeah he also did the classic move when an owner holds a press conference after game that is just a huge sign that that owner is going to fire everyone soon because jerry jones does it whenever you see an owner get in front of it when you get that owner in the tunnel doing an interview an impromptu interview that usually means the guy's not super so i'm excited for that we also have anthony davis saying no thanks to four million dollars so that the lakers can
all the free agents they also just made a trade clear more cap space so looks like rob pelinka is little mistake has been corrected i think they have thirty two in thirty two million in cap space now so again hank i told you this the minute the klay thompson tore his acl you told me to chill the lakers are going to win the title chill all right i'll keep chilling i will i will stay here keep chilling but this is the sound pretty calm i'm totally calm this is a point of the offseason where paul there's no news were king for mlb all star break basically all talk about is the nba free agency which is coming up on sunday which we will have a big show for i'm also looking right now pmt sports is jake is showing me a tweet says yahoo sources
los angeles lakers star lebron james gifting new teammate anthony davis his number twenty three jersey for the upcoming season wow what a beta move does this is they're going to sell so many guy he should take kobe's eight or kobe twenty four or both home and away that would be nice are two hundred forty eight that works too triple digit think that means there's a and w it's anthony davis this team now that's true yes yeah i think it does if we're talking batman and robin the batman definitely wears number twenty three this is also i'm pretty sure it's a salary cap violation because you're usually supposed to pay money the weight of the veteran player to get his jersey in my right wait he did it he paid the most amount of money possibly paid four million dollars he said anthony davis make sure that you don't take this free four million dollars and i will give you number twenty three because anthony davis hot basically did that with his his contract today so it is now when the question comes up who is paid the most it's not
you know some random like oh yeah carson palmer once paid i don't know charlie white her say these t these are made up names because they were played together you know ten thousand dollars a and a chevy truck no it is lebron james paid anthony davis four million dollars so the anthony davis would basically he gets number twenty three and he walked away from the four million dollars they have cap space interesting very very interesting now i i i gotta be honest with you because we work in my head my doing that incorrectly in the davis walked yeah yeah four million dollars yes yes yes i'm i'm not a numbers guy per say and i know that you're a little bit worried about this whole later situation even though well you're so not worried that you're worried at this point
i am really looking forward to the lakers becoming a championship team next year just to watch kobe bryant's reaction to lebron james winning titles as a laker and then we get the whole conversation if if the lakers win too then it's like well who's the greatest laker of this century yeah is it kobe bryant brunner's a lebron james i'm very much looking forward to kobe bryant to handle that with dignity and class yeah and then shaq will chime in and charles bar who make fun of him and then shaq will get his feelings hurt and it would be great tv there too and then rick fox will just say well it's robert ory yeah it's robert or any of the other news we had hank kimball walker to the celtics looks almost like a foregone conclusion this is this league we're talking about is this week sunday sunday will be exciting now i'm happy that
although i will say that it's like it does sound better that though when it starts on july first like it's it just makes more sense like everything happening june thirtieth just sounds kind of weird but i'm much happy that's happening on sunday and monday like sunday will be exciting yes sunday will be exciting and i do love three team gets put in this spot every team who actually is trying to get free agents in competing their fans get the spot where they have to do the mental gymnastics on ranking players that they previously ranked differently so like can is now all of a sudden better than car you're having yes the angelo russell wow he's amazing the lakers definitely want him back all lakers fan saying yeah he's he's the best we need him he just need a change of scenery so those mental gymnastics i always love watching and i i do it myself all the time you have to do it as a fan try to talk you off into a new signing definitely an it's real big when you start to talk about well when that guy came out in the draft i actually had him higher
as a senior come out of college so like when kimball was just getting drafted by the more it's actually thought that he was he should be gone higher than he did i was hired on and then it then everybody else i knew so you can talk yourself into anybody i've heard through sources related to my dog two things two scoops about kimba that haven't been previously reported billy leroy gave me the go ahead that trial is not offering the max i think it feels disrespected he feels just backed by that so i i got this team last night so i don't know if you could report yes the basis of what it that's the entire lots of white kemba walker is gonna go to the celtics your program that will use a weight okay wait no okay so i'm i'm setting that up because i got a plot twists okay new scoop they came in he's using this as a bargaining chip for charlotte he wants to stay in charlotte he just wants to get a little bit more money so he's letting all this leak out there okay so that's just common sense
i'm hearing that can the walker is both can try to leverage for more money is going to the celtics i'm hearing officially per sources that he is considering the celtics as well as the hornets were his two next destinations and a lot of his decision has to do with who is going to pay more money ok so that's break is right there anything else then nba i mean sunday is going to is gonna to be awesome by the way what number you think lebron where i don't know i have no i mean it would be funny if you try to go under twenty four i think this is what you like in ninety nine or something who just yes something weird like that yes six you were six with the team usa so that would make sense and he yeah and he looks at all yeah i don't know probably do so you'll do six so that's not even that's not even a big it's for him because he was six with the heat you're right hank so this was e davis paying four million dollars for the number twenty three did you do have to pay that money
lebron probably would have done it anyway he got that space jam money too though that's yeah he's got to it yet ten million dollars from space jam reportedly that i just made up right now our i can also see him rocking number three just like father three just making sure that everybody knew that he's doing this year for the kids world wade he still steals his number yeah yeah but then he makes it but spends owns it into like a tribute to his favorite team made of all time right but just really making about himself taking over the number three that would be great because then doing weeds retirement or would actually go another year so we need that is one yeah and then you need to pass it along every year somebody where's the three jersey that's taking an extended trip around the country getting weird gifs ok so sunday night we have the nba free agency bonanza we also have a future hall of famer on the show this guest
surprise you all fame interview hall of fame interview future hall of famer debatable people like to debate whether he's gonna be a hall of famer but he definitely will be a hall of famer so think about that for a second he was a subject and in years past of free agency he was a baby of time subject anytime subject may be subject with the lakers who knows our you can watch that interview on barstool goal dot com slash pmt personal goal dot com slash p and you can watch all of our shows all of our interviews if you sign up today let's do our mount rushmore and then we'll get to fire fast you you had a question i do have a question is this guest that is going to be joining us for the nba show is he the richest guest in the history of pardon my take no we had michael rubin on and scott boras and scott force you
scott boras has more money than me i'm maybe not for my b rubin sorry f worth more yeah michael rubin definitely does yeah okay second is second richest guest in his report my take i think okay maybe blake griffin it's up i die the math oh you did okay like crypt blake griffin also has to spend to maintain the and lavish lifestyle and a rotating yeah we had a run on so we are definitely as more money what do you say about attacker management was proven in court actually completely yeah okay all these off there yeah he's there he's up there he's got listen he's made a lot of money let's just leave it at that for first of the week in all of us mount rushmore first and then we'll do fire fetched so the mount rushmore of movies that when you see them on tv you have to finish them who's up first i think they yeah but you i think it's me now it's my turn and then made second and then big cat yeah really but i went first are you sure i went first last
right which means you and then what are now was the time before i went through what we've done is false somehow we've created a new snake draft out of a snake draft that's a right there jake last a sweet so so i hang on big cat pf no so i shouldn't be third i should be first i thought that i should be first nope it goes the other way it goes hank then big cat second then pft third so i'm second yeah that might be like a drunk trying to find a biter this is yeah this is terrible i don't i'm ninety five percent sure i'm first what was the order we did it in when we when hank went first the pft go second clockwise i think i went first time we're sitting in opposite seats you know we should do i should get your first twice in a row because i was the last for your first just like a snake trap we see you at first last time on last last show or no yeah
pretty sure i did yeah right so then it should yeah then it then it makes sense hank me pft yep that's what it should go that's how los removing was around the room yep yes that makes sense all right my number one obviously the biggest criteria i'm going to get into it no do it get into it well no i mean you kinda said it's like you got it there there's a lot like a lot of movies are hard when it goes commercial to stay on the right has to really catch you in and the good even though seen a million times you have to be committed to just watching commercials my number one pick hank i no catch me if you can whoa leo leo and tom hanks that's good great movie always always catches me like it's just it's a great movie okay that's a good pick i am happy because you didn't take my number one overall that i had written ahead of everything and that is good fellas if good this on i watch it all the way through no matter what i've never not sat there and watched every scene from goodfellas you know it's
about that though is i've seen it so many times on tv i always tune in when he's looking up at the helicopter flight like phone around i am always just start there yup and you always finish it you always finish worries just coming out of his house in in you know as a regular shinnok eating catch up egg noodles and catch up in the middle nebraska good fellas all right in here is on you have to okay for my first two i'm going to go with con air okay number one just impact from end to end star studded also caters started yep alabama accent on camera po and i'm here to land this plane because my wife she had babies that is it just wonderful movie john malkovich performance of a lifetime the guy from forrest gump bubba from four jump is in another movie so it's always fun to see him doing something else love
my second pick is going to be training day who okay hi come on jake okay check like you get what i'm happy because that means right my number two overall pick is still there i think you would have taken this hank in your next round step brothers stay brothers is so rewatchable you know it's crazy when i first saw step brothers i didn't think it was that good now if you see it on tv every scene every like in between commercial breaks holds up on its own and you have to watch the whole thing so step brothers is my two yep that's a good one i actually didn't have that one down i had a different interesting comedy but my number two pick happy gilmore who okay even though that's like that i probably know that that movie the most like the whole the entire movie by heart yeah can repeat the lines but they still there still funny and then my number three i will go with national treasure nick cage okay good
nick cage is getting actually documentary he has all that shifts real nick cage is getting a lot of rewatchable zan the movies that you have to watch all the way through and i'll go with nick cage as well for number three the rock yeah i mean come on watch the whole thing when the when the rock is on and that's an old classic pft i have two more to finish out your mount rushmore i want to mix it up a little bit you kind of a comedy situation i know you guys picked a step brother that was a very trey wingo decision on on your part b cat i don't like that the step brothers guy he's more anchorman wedding crashers several yeah he's going to read it all right i am it's yes the brothers is to host two edgy he's he's not step brothers guy per se but he's a big do you want to cry out in the garage guy okay yeah i'll say that one over and over again okay so for my third i'm gonna go pitch perfect okay real classic mix it makes sense some music some songs not that pitch perfect two bullshit just the number one the uno
and then my last movie that i will always watch the end when i see it come on is heather broke swimsuit in husband study what two thousand and two what the porn heather scott is to top you did appoint you two hundred and study fourth pick the the ps sir because you thousand two yeah i got it okay well car i call it is throwing it because you don't want to ever give one hundred percent effort and lose so what now wild card all i i'm in my wrong yeah not on tv but okay i've never on tv somebody doesn't have chromecast it's not on tv but ok alright my fourth pick here this is going to be tough got a few all right i'm going to go there's a lot that got left off the list but i'm going to go with a classic point break anytime point break on i got to watch it got to watch it all the way through so feels like jana it's got to be on here somewhere utah yeah utah get me to gary busey
anthony kiedis surprisingly good actor yes yes make your picked number do some honorable mentions my last pick there are a lot we left off the list but i will go with the hometown classic the departed okay that's a good one any mugs got a light that one's a good one okay not to give away nothing but the zoom in on the rat at the end the rat symbolizes a rat nice that's true pizza rat lot of people pick up on that on that new the first five all right okay we three there's a lot that we missed princess i threw out there i think that one would date me but if i watch that it's on all the time and i'll watch it all the way through here's one i saw the other day that i found of watching all the way through that i think holds up because it's just interest and it's always kind of appropriate to our time social network i watch the social at work all the way through the other day and i was like enthralled the whole time what else you guys have
more but go ahead i'll throw it around social network social network is going to be one that's going to age even better i think right the more that we learn about mark zuckerberg exactly like i want to see how this weirdo got started i had a john wick on there okay i had four another tom hanks movie yep the only problem with forrest gump is you know that you're going to cry at the end yeah that is the one movie that i will always crying and so if you sit down even at the start of it you're basically make a plan to cry in three hours so that's kind of tough but it's still great movie and then i had shawshank yeah that's like the classic one but it's also really long yeah so it's forrest gump forrest gump though the reason why forrest gump works on tv is that they can always pick the right spot to like transition into a new chapter of his life to keep you in like involved in it you know what i mean they always find that perfect commercial break an unusual suspects speed roadhouse thrown out a few more or do you mean
usual suspects usual suspects unusual suspects suspects is different one that's the the that you watch speed roadhouse big lebowski any these and these hidden i had blood public gave me house tommy boy super bad or good one tommy boy armageddon all i get is a great one the number with the other my number one that would probably number five that to make the list would be remember the titans that's a good one too my one of my oddball ones that i threw on there legally blonde you don't like we would want nash i think that's a good number and it's it's rewatchable as fuck because you just i mean it's not bad and it's very very good movie and it's appropriate to anyone who's doubted in life and wants to and everyone says oh you're just looks like they always say oh big cat you're all you do all you are just a piece of meat you're just a bunch of looks like no i can make something out of myself so yeah that's why i like it yeah and was mom isn't it that
american pie american pie all american pie hangover two hangover one hangover big time rewatch will die hard with a vengeance you wanna talk about movies that have these like little perfect times you can cut to break and come back and something news happening yep it's like you go but you go to commercial any come back he's got a different bomb he's trying to figure out how to defuse this isn't really a movie but this is one that i always will just go through the commercials is like the national geographic like the national parks shows yes well they always go to break with like in this baby lamb is going to the creek little does he know that trouble on the way they have great cliff hangers yard i'm i got it i got to see what happened in spring time these animals come out of out of hibernation and then they show the bear slowly coming out to just a wreck on everyone although sammons you sam and you're about to get eaten
actually i love it when the bears right before they hibernate when they're at their fattest and they can barely even walk for awhile yeah unit bears those are great we should do at some point about rush for of shows tv shows that we like to watch when were high with nothing else to do that's all because the planet earth is is got to be right up there it is definitely up there all right so we probably left a bunch off if you have one let's throw out there tweet us your most re watchable movies on tv that you have to watch all the way through really good because i feel like at some point in the next twenty years we're going to lose this right like cable will be gone and everyone will just have everything on demand you won't have this oh i always turn on i think yeah like i always hit amc and see godfather two on i watch the whole way through i was going to put godfathers on there they are very long so it is always that's like a for in with the commercial breaks like three and one slash two hour investment yeah
cord cutters are actually ruining this entire segment that we're doing yeah okay let's you are far fetched the week when we get to there are interviews with chris jericho and dale earnhardt junior p if you want you go first fire first of the week was not being invited to blake griffin's booty party so i don't know if you saw this headline oh yeah this is actually for all of us it's a headline for all this is going to double as a let's read a headline it is blake griffin chandler parsons booty boat tour party on ibiza yacht so it did article came chock full of pictures basically is seven women on a yacht with blake and chandler parsons just shaking their butts yes we were nowhere to be found so i i saw the pictures obviously it looks like a great time i just whole time man i'd look really awkward up there with t because there's no way i take my t shirt off around rumbling also did not see a phone in his hand yeah
i don't know if this is the time to really be written up blake the year years coming up and he's got no phone oh sorry i was on it's one thing if your excuses you're playing for team usa and in defending our country's honor it's another if you're twerking with chandler parsons in the south answer wherever very beezus yeah actually i think that that's probably more patriotic than than playing for your country in the olympics is just having a girl with a big butt just shake it nearby that's as usa as it gets yeah but you got to do a really made big it's us in brazil that made big cool yeah we got to do it like lake tahoe or something or you know out the miami somewhere in america you can't south padre island you can't give a visa all these big box i got more than enough to the they don't need a surplus of big bucks yeah no that that's a good point blake just how bout you keep it
in america go to the upper peninsula of michigan yeah that's basically the the ibiza of the midwest yes okay so hank you got far fetched yeah my five present general is this segment like it's kind of hard you know i i consider myself very lucky i enjoy my job a lot so it's it's kind of hard it's hard coming up with like you know for offense was very traumatic event for a lot of people and that just doesn't happen with me a lot but had to find one i will go with the fact that we have interviewed julian edelman one of my people i like the most in this world and twice now and i forgot to take after them two times are that's tough that is a although do you really want to take a picture doing them and put yourself up against him yeah can we the picture it's a query thirst trap at and i have never looked worse that's true and we actually fine we look fine but we've never looked worse i look at tough and i was like you got a
like a a a troll with lupus their pft right one little trudeau troll dolls but it was once i covered up julian elements face i was like that's that's an average picture for me nothing to write home about but nothing bad and then i look at you and i was like oh god big cat wow yeah you don't have to get a little bit but then i cover of julie's face i was like this great picture danielle is a decent picture me and then i looked at it with you in there and i had this stupid smile on my face like hey hey bro act like you've been around a hot dude before chill out like basically coming in my pants while i'm standing julian edelman was embarrassing for so yeah hank you for that bigger firefest all right far first is uh darvish signed a six year one hundred and twenty six million dollar contract he's been on the cubs for a year and a half and he has zero bins at wrigley i know who's injured all last year but zero and i'm supposed to be nice to him he's got he said
it be nice to you be nice to you it's it's getting very hard let me just say it's getting very hard to be nice to you my other fire fast we lost a legend beth chapman she passed yesterday it it we talk about celebrity deaths all the time this one we took the wind out of me like just yesterday i was watching beth scream at someone that was zip tied handcuffed in the back of a minivan telling get their life together go with christ bra beth is now with christ and i'm sure just taking care of her either way we lost a legend i love the bath she was the one who always just kind of she was basically dogs dog she would run behind dog and scream at people and she had her own leather gloves and she would you know she had baby lisa who she she helped bring along and made her a bounty hunter so my thoughts and prayers go out to the whole dog family we lost a good one with beth chapman
i mean when you think about it jesus is a bounty hunter for souls right true he sees some things going down on earth he's got come can collect payments pastor so she's in place i i kind of had the wind take him out out of me too when i was reading that news because i didn't realize that dog was five foot seven really i kind of changed a little buddy maybe i did know that i think when i grow my when my hair gets very long i look shorter dog grows is here i think you have to reach a point where it's like pastor waste almost down to your knees it i guess it makes you look a bit taller some point yeah the i don't know how long the appropriate i don't know what the corporate amount of time is that dog will be grieving but let's just say whatever that lapses talk about an eligible bachelor who come on it's on it's hit song is on dog dick pics getting leaked within probably six weeks yeah all you ladies out there your has
in pain bail bonds so he's coming for you that sounds really aggressive but dogs pretty hot so arm okay i have one last fire fast in that's just miami in general yes so i'm down here in miami i'm i'm the dnc debates check out i'm posting like columns i interviewed tom perez the head of the dnc i'm interviewing some candidates today they'll be like some more content coming up from that but it is about ninety degrees outside and it's ninety percent humidity same as we experience back in two thousand and seven for the all star game yep it sucks walking outside of miami within like a half a block you're drenched in sweat i packed a lot of white t shirts like an idiot so i've got three slash four of my nipples sticking out everywhere you can see everything it feels awful it feels of walking down the street in the whole town is just people trying to pretend that they're not hot it is terrible so as much as i like florida and i like hot weather this is too much
i feel like i'm drowning here it's suffocating it's suffocating heat in miami in the summer okay before we get to our interview with chris jericho a quick word from our friends at devour they've got all new menu items out there devours the only frozen meal with the cojones to make a pizza with three kinds of pepperoni get out of here with one pep pies new pizza alert of our foods has introduced a new line of incredibly meaty incredible cheesy pizza as you and your instagram followers will not believe the cheese poll you get on these is now available in your freezer i'll you got to try it a sap the card
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it's on the list so they can overachieving i get in the van like this and raise right back that's right right right down the line i realized i release things aren't so great after yeah you're not me lester i would never like you know tom cruise would not be sitting in here he was very sure was tom cruise like a lot more comfortable right now i know that big cat left out podcaster wow yeah that was kind of a freudian negative should he did that on purpose yes i did do that on purpose you're right that's fine i was gonna say out of all these things that you've done what's the most fulfilling a generic question you can answer that in the back of what amlin there's that's just give me some pop in sir stats okay have you ever worked yourself into a shoot and also what does that mean i'm but you sure you know more about the rest of your natural and i have you know it's funny to me when you have i don't know ten thousand
it's easy to tell me what your motivations for instance like mad like hobbled so like what's your favorite type of putting all go to the okay i was i was happy to run through i was just talking about as you do you is that the proper pronunciation tapioca user tapioca tapioca and saying that but i'm from canada yeah right okay i feel because i would put us with this with the soft p yeah yes yet yet this year comes in at such a thing as a soft how to get new floppy that day and took offense all over the yeah all over the fad wagon all the cashiers pretty good okay well i'm not sure about that have you because i was talking about you're very nice also was talking about tapioca just earlier
hey really how often do you get a chance help along the tapioca pudding i keep saying tyler literally literally it was like twenty minutes ago that's a canadian thing where everyone just says the wrong thing and they're like oh no that's what it is no that is not what the word what's the word tapioca it's got a p i would like a a lifeline if this was a who wants to be a millionaire yeah i would say that life one right now okay do you save fourteen or putting what city is that okay yeah hold that's just eating gross like no i know i don't i stand up routine yeah this is a generic categorize ation of singer canadian list like booty let me tell you this hockey i located let's find that's that's all good but i left canada in nineteen ninety seven to talk yeah got it you can i've never heard of it gene well now suddenly everybody's mister putin poutine decide anything
put it is not the national food of category i have never had poutine okay not have food to eat become a rick patino i just i just cream myself yeah fifteen seconds yeah you cream in the booty yeah hello that's what we'll losses so i'm gonna i was gonna ask you the question about the famous time when kid went up to you outside of madison square garden and ask for an autograph and you didn't give it to him well you're being a heel right and then i was really but why are you being nice to us but you aren't being nice given under oath they'll be in here i sell so this is what you're doing you're just to heal all the time well no not really he all the time is like i say when you're sitting back here is a stretch between two piece of man meat like this thank you five thank you i mean but it wasn't autograph it was so when you work in madison square garden the naked you have to park across the street i remember the first time i worked at the garden i pulled up at the back door and the guys looking at me like i'm insane he's like you know
oh my god chris jericho room wrestling here tonight is like you can i park and like mick jagger doesn't even park go across the street all the fans know that you have to park across the street so they'll be like hundreds of people waiting for you to get out your car and take the elevator up my thing is when you're when you're a bad guy heal you i'm course just the character you play when your on site at the arena you have to play the care yeah after because if you don't if you're nice to everybody and then an hour later when you're in the ring and try to get people to boo you do like how i i can believe is really actually not a sign my e semi t shockley so i got on the elevator and this kid and his father got on the elevator to and we're about eight floors down that's a fight on the parking garages or parkade if you're canadian okay or for kd four along at home today so i got
nothing i hit you know they're hitting the floor one in his eight and it's seven that goes hey my son's a big fan can you sign something for me i just kept staring remember just like eight hundred and seventy six hey hey hey aside from from a kid here and i'm like we're not going to college me now we're like five hundred and forty six what do you think yeah huh three too well you think you should don't think you like aside from my kid and like if we don't get to one pretty soon this guys in the physically so yeah we got tawana left in all her as i was a jerk ago fuc this yes but there for later on in the night we all the bad guy and people are booing me he's going to be even more vociferous with his booming is it yeah there's a real son of a bich you wouldn't like it he wouldn't boo boo boo that's the commitment that you should play when doing this kind of live theater that we do we are a little part of you that's like man i really don't feel good about being addicted
and i don't know if i could do that now at the time it was where i was out like it really was dropping into things like the acting classes and just really getting into it but i think you know like i said i i think at that point in time you can do that when you get older and you have kids and you kind of feel differently you know you you play the part of maybe a little to do then you would point did vince love that i mean he must love that he did yeah i mean there's a lot of different things there is another time when i was in the o two arena in london they had these glow sticks for d acts they were like these rebels and they had socket yes suck it they had like glowsticks like you did have a rave and the people make out of them and they were two for ten ten pounds dividend pants made our ten
uh huh and uh somehow someone through one at me in the ring and i actually just watched a video of the day i'm talking some shit about england and lovable and england sucks and he got bad teeth or whatever i said and right in the middle of it i get whacked right in the eye with one of these things when you see the video it comes like and i was so mad as like you know i'd like to see the son of a that through that you want to throw sometime it does not meet the and it's like a avalanche a snowstorm of these glow all like a as kind of service yeah and i'm like hidden away with my hands like a jet i and me one of the these things cost like ten pounds and they're throwing like fifty of them and they didn't know what to do they just started johnson is music to stop them but that's once again like it when things go a little bit too far over the line but if good heel someone like
this would appreciate that yeah rest the company was really mad at me but he was like you know this is just part of get is awesome yeah those are the moments that people remember when yeah exactly have moved to the point where everyone's like actually angry at you well that's the some some as good as we had a lot more yeah it's going to yes it's wrong yeah that that that that that done done done done done but it was like you know i think when you when you have a show like we said it's like alive morality plate which is what wrestling is like a shakespearean reality played want to get philosophical about it you have to have a good bad guy really good good guy needs a good bad guy and it gets harder and harder to play bad guy now because it's a lot easier to get people to hate you than it is to get them to like good point once they start hating you that's when they start really liking you yeah if you think of best characters from darth vader to hannibal lecter to the joker
every time you first see than the terminator you're super scared of the men in this by the sequel they're always good guys right right so interesting right and right to seek a resting how do you get to that line of making people hate you but have them to continue to a writer you say it's easier to turn face than it is to turn heel no i'm not saying that i'm so well i'm saying when you first appear on the scene it's a lot easier to to to be abrasive and be kind of a g addicts of people hate you but then if you have a good of character the always like you so i wouldn't say it's easy to turn face but it's a lot easier for people to dislike you from the start so you started you were jack action well that's that's the worst name ever well it is the worst thing ever that why did yeah that's very canadian it's from a walk action this little wasp album ok it was banned waspada single jack action looking for looking for jackson and i thought well that's really cool so before my first i was writing jack action with in that would
into a star like paul stanleys decides that she even lamer on like this like i know binder that i had like there's a blind user keeper keeper and the guy that i was training with he looked at me like borders with dropped auction is not going to be your name i'm like i guess that's the worst thing i've ever like yeah of course whatever lady and james bond yeah well that's the thing that might be ok it's blended with linear sir mastered jack action i like overtime hockey yeah exactly it also some kind of a masturbation machine or something but also action available the velvet rope down your dick in here like disabled velvet rope in century city so i just decided that that wasn't going to work and there happened to be cassette tape of this and power metal band and they're
called the walls of jericho and i thought well jack actions of the windows about chris jericho it's jane yes i say and here we are almost thirty years love it faster love it thank fastenings work no yeah knows if i say agent helping him i was the humble yeah i was really interesting like you that you you you got the name you get your first to name from two separate heavy metal bands yeah yeah what kind of shows where my head is at your big middle guy you know i was wrong i was really everything to rock and roll yeah i mean i've been playing in bands since i was thirteen and when i was a did pretty early on i decided that i wanted to be in a rock band and i want to be a wrestler and didn't worry with they are crazy i'll never do those things i never saw any reason why you couldn't do those things and here we are once again i felt just i don't really know why people are so concerned about what i wanted to do i just focused on it myself and and made it happen
kind of it worked out are you a sports fan other than hockey oh so now okay so like i'm trying to think of it as well i mean i like some nfl stuff okay let's have a ball stuff kind of fun so when teams or players get in the zone it's usually happens in basketball when they can't miss were you in his own the night that you beat stone cold and the rock no i mean this is show business right yeah i mean i i'm not that i'm probably much more or not and i'm not i'm not no ending you understand the concept of an interview i'm getting to the point okay all right i think went when that took place so you almost
mr on this whole brilliant store in about to tell you all right let's go as you're reaching for your beloved because my producers gave me a look all this was a look mean going to wrap it up no no no he's actually wrote did ned stark still your hair cut or is it the other way around very funny no they got this deal more sucks looking to destroy alright let's do the story and don't rock the night you beat the rockets still i mean last name that was fine it was fun i mean it's great all this is a great honor but i don't know if i was really ready for that at the time so it was cool but it always look back on it going like just the the pinnacle of your career this really not to me there's been the ones like having the match was shawn michaels at wrestlemania which was the best match of the show the match ahead of the tokyo dome last year against kenny omega which was voted match of the year to do that in the tokyo dome will for the first time ever working there
other than that you're going to have this saturday in it for for the first all elite wrestling show double or nothing for this vs kenny omega for the rematch i think it's some it is very important as the first show in a history with the biggest match that we have the scott tons of of the the people are very excited about it and so that's going to be very important in the zone type of match right so i think sometimes people think certain moments of your career or better than what you think to me it doesn't it's not up to me it's whatever the the people like the best of whatever they think was the most monumental but if you ask me yes of course is great the great thing to be able to brag about the beat the rock and steve austin said i've been bragging about for years on the show but when you really go back to what i thought i thought it was seven out of ten interesting okay and at the time it was probably the best i could do but here i am eighteen years later and i know like
the much better would you have done differently than i can say that it's just the way that that that you that you were thinking at the time compared to now there's nothing i would do differently it just wanna watch it go to seven out of ten yeah you live and you learn we can look back on everything and that's the same as anything else i'm sure you know you guys but you knew that you did two years ago of us will have a much better now i will just because we have experienced a different mindset i wish i could piss my pants the first time when we had mark schlereth on the on the podcast like slayer yes we used to piss himself and every football game i see i don't even know this guy and i tried to piss myself and i could do it that was the hydrated yeah i actually peed my pants i'd be my pants night before by actually i got the power much more yeah yeah exactly then i did it later but it's like i look back on that one performance i did that i could tell it was a seven understand his user to i'm going to have a pistol i have a long day ahead of me so i'm answering tell if we talked to phil's going to be right there in a second insurances does that make it easier or harder much easier to pictures
yeah i said breezeway coming let it just go right through yeah you know when you're wearing skinny jeans size skinny jeans mean nice shirt i'm wearing everything i got to kevin smith sells later i can't show nice brackets almost yeah we've got him on the show we already went through this with no but we don't know yeah just please before you did yeah exactly warmed it up for you dude that's cool i was actually there three years ago so far that's alright i was there for years ago are you doing the heel thing again why do you keep saying that i don't know i can't hold well yeah i had i've had a comment i've had in my brain the whole time card just get it out of there please ok get that lonely thought out daily i was going to say that's really nice bandana my dog has the same one that's not bad yeah that's pretty good right cool yeah it is really cool i got this guys to wear scarves on time and that was watching the van halen video the other day from a live performance two days no one wears bandanas on the subway and then wait and see how many will start i've been down as a because of my dog
yeah well you men's and and yeah yes mr house but even so yeah why not yeah i'd like to call or outside of yeah get a little messy i knew i open myself i don't know why anything no one is going to be wearing that caller yeah yeah that's a very canadian move well i'm feel of fat is extra moreover your film in leicester yeah see all right so this is yeah i i knew i open myself up i probably should have done that but just stuck in my brain yeah i mean i don't i'm very confident in my fashion if you get caught back up i think you look great i'm here's a quote from our i want to respond to this quote our friend colin cowherd great guy really super individual on our yeah that's how i heard this cow herd yes sir how to it is a pronounced coward i call this your second language it is my first day calling hello dolly yeah and he says wrestling fans are pathetic lonely booger eaters awesome i think calling card fans are
perfect yeah you go here's your headline hell yeah people say stuff like that like like i'm going to get mad about right this is it gives a shit if you want to pick your nose and eat it go for it now i don't care yeah everyone is done at once at once resolve this more than once at least actually don't like going so you're probably like him either we don't like him how do you like the podcast game um once again that's a pretty open and if you don't go with it however she is another with us that so we have a podcast yeah tell us about it talk about the potters thing ever okay so i'll i'll define it a little bit better but you start obviously you know coming up in wrestling a lot of different places mexico all over the place trying to build yourself up to a point where you can be like this big star now you have the ability to control your own media in a situation podcast okay yeah does it it just has a pretty good right you go directly i will i end this way you got a
i can't talk is jericho is really great i really enjoyed who's your favorite guest who's your favorite cast better than anyone well i'm just trying to put the podcast for kind i appreciate that yeah we're gonna cut most of yeah right all of it no question my social medias could be me and you guys we photoshopped out who's your favorite guest it's it was funny because i think the best gas are the ones where you just have a conversation right it does look like to me that's why i love doing podcasts because i know what it's like to have somebody that sits down with taking the piss but list of questions and they're so concerned about what the next question is the not listening to the album i haven't read any of these questions i have in that i can read the scratching words your john chris yeah chris but i think if you're going to if you could have a conversation with somebody like if we just met up at a bar because some dude and then you just start talking yeah and that's kind of what i think the brains of the podcast is but it's not easy to do that sometimes you have to
the injector south of someone's going off the rails sometimes like when i had mike tyson on i think he thought that it was a yes or no question and answer session because that's all he said after why just like all right i'm just talking you can write me iron mike but i think we when you can really learn how to do that and then the great guest on top like for example like william shatner what a great gas because he'll listen to what you're saying but then also okay so i see that you have your nice sunglasses where did you get the sun as we think the benefit of sunglasses are you like then you're talking about sunglasses with with live chat like those type of gas or was a lot of fun i think vanilla ice i had on he was a blast i mean it's it's not that those are the do bass but it just popping through the chris tucker and hulk hogan paul stanley gene simmons lars ulrich from metallica anybody the person as it as a kerry conversations five right when you have those guys like the the dude from casts are lars are you starstruck
little bit as you grew up as as a fan no because i know them now i mean when i first met them i was but this is pre podcast times you know when i met i had to i only on for black sabbath who's possibly the greatest heavy metal riff writer of all time i'm not going to but when it comes in but it's pretty cool but i got a job to do you know i can't be mark you him that time when you're in black sabbath those was awesome like once again this just going to kill the interview so you just got to be cool and run with it and go with it you know one of the big paul mccartney would if i could get paul mccartney he's done a few podcast chris hardwick is adam yes yeah yeah yeah paul sir paul so what would you say to paul that he'd never you know been been asked before i'm not sweating just something going forward in the most in the beatles i mean you might get that you just kind of read the situation i'm sure i'm sure if you got him in the right zone you could ask
the ethnic if it came up that way how much are you hate yoko yeah you know he's dead are you in the schedule what you're saying and i get the scoop yeah and that everyone who knows but i also love i do a lot of paranormal shows a talking to go centers and wall all right do that let's get out i believe the possibility of all those things because i think if you if you didn't at least entertain the possibility to be pretty boring world that we live in but when you talk to somebody like once i had a a flat earth society guy on yahoo now i don't really believe it but when you're finished talking this guy for an hour you walker to go on he's got some
good for you exactly i'm gonna look at these you do there are there any flights from new york to hong kong or whatever not much really from australia is yeah it gives you some some food for thought of perspective and to me when you have a great guest on this committed to what he's saying it always makes for a great show yeah what the topic is i agree we were there was always a lot of we're gonna have a flatter through on our show but then the problem we if you have a flatter there on you like look into that purse background and the other stuff they believe and they believe why yeah that's the one that microphone but that's why these don't let them go astray yeah right talking just about the flat earth society and the flower of concept and one you're done i mean you like i said you'd be gone this is a great hour of of of of audio whether you believe it what do you think it's total hog wash or whether you think there's some chances to some that's what he saying it makes for a really entertaining subway right if you're going over my agree so have you ever been touched by a ghost i haven't been touched
it goes as far as i know i i've actually to be honest with you i just did a show for the travel channel but looking for kind of a mysterious creatures in the new orleans swaps who are that was based from voodoo which is based on a burial ground where there was some real brain shift going on with spirits and one of the guys this ghost hunting crew who i can tell you know when you've been showed these guys are not liars they're pretty legit and the pure hearted people there's a ekg thing or so hit the thing and then the it's green their spiritual i see i was going on someterse the the ghost dahmer and that thing when you pointed at right here my arm right there it was like green you point enough green and i'm like there's no button on this there's metal on here and for whatever reason something i had attached itself to be there on do you want to be and not only that i felt weird like i
ok just been on a roller coaster in my insides have been kind of shaken up and a little bit nauseous you got touched by something was going on what we're doing this i had a machete 'cause we're cutting through the four of the swamp and i put the machete in the ground to start talking and talking these and that's one of the weird stuff started happening when i took the shetty machete out got connected to the yeah yeah yeah their job abs yeah maybe stab them i don't yeah and there's a dude i've seen and done it all i would be spent in this yard if it wasn't tell you that it really has i believe you i believe really yeah i felt it yes no specially in louisiana in what we're looking for trouble there's something about louisiana where you just step yes these matters and you like this is unusual right but in a great way but then this made for great
we were there looking for trouble and the handsome yeah now we did a cleansing after us a whole new a whole different thing the voodoo things so because when you tell some people at the go did you get a cleansing because you know you could have like and you could still have a hang on you and your distributor tech like whenever you yeah go back to the jack that jack act jack yeah that's what it is but i mean i think so so i have had a few of those that experiences but mostly just enjoy hearing about that yeah i tried to buy a ghost once on craig's list yeah it didn't work out they they got cold feet because asked many questions they said that you ask too many questions about selling my soul is in a little shoebox they're going to ship it to me really yeah like a ghostbusters put in the little boy yeah just get a sense of a woman bad i was asking for ali to our box that's pretty i that's a fair asking to have of photographic certificate of no i just believe them kind of like you're saying like you could kind of i don't know i i like to believe people who are eccentric people have
stories and when they like really feel invested in it and tell it you can feel the authenticity i've got a ghost in a box do you back in cell two hundred and fifty dollars deal done it where is outside your mother would actually i'm back to the we would actually my daughters from the right yeah you guys are so so it's soccer and soccer as long as you have but that would be bad karma for you yeah you can't do that yeah to sell fake ghost that's backed down real goals or not it goes yeah yeah right you are going to be about money that you got for agree yeah have you ever sneeze around vince mcmahon he hates the using yeah because it's a lack of control control it he also doesn't like whiskers what does look was struck catch what what exactly that you he would he would seriously like he did deep down inside like not like any of our beers right
does not like people that when they get sick when they get a cold that's not to either very interesting guy for sure would you what was your relationship really good yeah i was really good like really got some some good perspective a good respect for each other and that's why when i left in two thousand so one seventeen to go on tour with fozzy and then i started working for new japan i did like form is the last year but i told him about it and then when the a w thing came out the new company that i'm working for now i told him i think maybe i was bluffing at first but then when i actually sign there and went there he was like are you kidding me you actually went quite told you it was you know i gave you as the talk but
so yeah that's it i don't know or our relationship is now i've got nothing against them yeah you know now i'm working on the other side of the battle lines yeah he seems like you guys that it it takes a while to earn his suspect of course it does i mean how many people have worked for him over the years right hundreds thousands city get vince's respect you got to earn it but once you get it you've got it does he like test you at first i guess you're the guy that he will probably i was there for almost and years before i think it lived up to the potential that he thought that i had so a lot of there's a lot of testing is a lot of a lot of the military type covert operations going on but that's kind of the way the business is run there but like i said once you can get that respect then you've got it for life yeah interesting i mean is a fascinating guy because he he obviously doesn't let a lot of his private out there but it's like run such a successful business for so long and the stories you hear people can't sneeze
sounded like all these stories are like this this mythological guy and they basically is right i mean like i say like if there's only one of the guys i can think of us like him as lorne michaels from the creator life is created this kind of iconic lifelong pop culture phenomenon that's based on talent philly coming and going right and sometimes you get a real hot one and then they go down and it's kind of a rough season and they get somebody else that comes up but the one constant is the vision of vince in the vision of lorne michaels and neither one of them can be swayed and what they believe is right or wrong who they believe it can be a top top guy we struggle with that at barstool like that's kind of the riddle that bar stools been trying to find out for the history of the company is how to like
in new talent always be like reno not recycling newtown but like figuring out new stars and all that stuff because you want we all ran to live longer the brand is bigger than any one star but if you get one of those stars that becomes super huge and popular then how do you know how do you replace a will ferrell right place you know all these people that have come and gone over the years and it'll be all isn't socks there's no big stars within some more popular instantly style as they hit again same with that would be you know there's no big stars right now well there's a couple guys in the works maybe somebody strikes big and then suddenly got a hot a hot commodity yeah so i think that's something that that those two guys can be compared like nobody else i also think there's a a element of a victim of your own success were like for w w perfect example is everyone at least my age group thinks of the attitude era yeah like late nineties early two thousands that was when wrestling was wrestling they'll never get the attitude era back just like
still a lot of our fans of like i miss when it was just five guys not a hundred fifty people but i mean once again that's so that some things you know evolve right like you can never go back to like what i liked then it's showing rescue was playing and getting you two hundred points a year you're not going to get a guy to get two hundred points again in hockey ever you just aren't because the guys are bigger the rules have changed the concept of mindset of what the teams do is different so you can enjoy that a friend but you're not gonna get it back i added to their it's not gonna happen again on top of that if you actually go back and watch the attitude era you know there's a a sketch comedy show canticle sctv classic martin john candy dave thomas andrew martin catherine o'hara genius well you go back and watch it yeah there's a g
yes there's also a lot of crap on there too and it's the same with the attitude era maybe every show you'll get two or three or four great things in like four or five things that that's really it's how you're out yeah we're now just now you were when you were watching right exactly works on blind item and i bet as little school right know the right thing and there's some albums that you listen to that you can listen to legitimately now yeah but then you'll go back and listen to that sublime album go well i was more or into that when i was fifteen it's not really catching me the same as it used to you get that vibe but i think that's one of those things that with with w b plea for so long right at added to their they but to be set up with that it's just the wb i think now with eighty w even coming into existence it's a great thing for the wrestling business because it gives people choices yep and there's nothing wrong with having a choice yeah on top that gives the guys who are working the rosters girls and guys some some which were looking for we
as the judge choice between two some leverage yep and then it's also going to stick a brutal princes asked you're not just competition error if you're running a race and no one's behind you slow down your stop have a drink whatever if the someone right on your heels and your boat ready to lose the race you're going to run as fast as you can yeah it's good point good attitude era came from that w c w did goldberg in like and never been like colbert's may i love that and then right after that vince one right two thousand and one he bought wcw that was the end of viable come now you actually have a group of performers who have worldwide name value in experience who haven't really been seen on the national scale here with the exception of me you've got a couple big name guys that people know like me jim ross was that the guys you got huge financial backers in the convent we
that own the jacksonville jaguars the only full football club in the premier league well they were the primarily about that i own a team they got relegated to do you're really yeah yeah do they do they got really good team of ghosts swanzey okay yeah and this one's a yeah i only there before yeah you'll miss it is one well no i on the team okay point oo oo o one percent a one percent in this arrangement there's an owner right five ten pounds yeah it's a non owner i own three glowsticks worth of swansea we well the gx goals yeah okay i understand you but my modem official plan then then then then throw in not only the financial backing to the cow and then the two television deal with tnc yeah which incidentally is the same network that that doubles every night you're was all out now you have a viable alternative all checks boxes are checked i think it's the first time we've ever seen this in aids is real question is how much
the secret sauce of wwe was directly from vince is brain and how much can be get in somewhere else because he touches everything right like he controlled everything everything and then like i say when you get a guy like that i mean it's like okay if van halen's playing guitar van halen they quit so they get better steve by we got a guy was a brilliant player but it's not any different way of thinking and i think this is one of those guys easily easily he's a genius a bag on vince for like he's losing it or this was a bad idea how many idea the guy had over the last thirty years a ten thousand ideas if nine thousand of them are great and a thousand of them work that's a ten percent failure and ninety percent excess x rate he still has that it's just that now he's in charge of this billion dollar company that's corporate to publicly traded so he's seventy five years old but he still understands the wrestling business that never changes the bottom line and basic concept of what wrestling is doesn't change
what's the secret sauce for jericho is learned at the at the at the hands of vince mcmahon and pat patterson his kind of boot main lead right hand man so there's a lot of things i've learned from those guys that i can bring to a w that no one else knows from working so closely with vincent from having that trust not that you're betraying but you're learning and again using those skills for your ability so when you get a chance to study with a guy like vince take it and and from as much as you can because when he's gone you cannot replicate that right cannot replace them all right i got one last question siki question put in promo code take get ten dollars off do you see keycorp i guess is that we get tickets yeah
i have used their golf pro could take you got it you i say save you ten dollars all yeah okay okay last question is the one that's the mood was swanzey game yeah yeah you give me ten bucks yeah okay tickets are probably less than that now we're not and then i can buy deal yeah right do you like us good question thank that's great yeah right a very broad question is how do i do i do like you guys yeah i don't think you like a spot well i think that you should shut your mouth limits show this is not really i'm not how are my goal in the walls are you big you go very abrasive at times if i if i answer the question get madame is this going here yeah a little bit annoying yeah right but as i said earlier appeal yeah i'm just i'm just i reacting to the visor down i like the fact you're doing it in this van
i think at some point we should take a cross country trip in this van esl that all the way yes i was sit like this right like you know really elated new york knows you like it's a lot more i think if i got to know i'd like you lot less yeah i think i agree i think where i am right now is probably the the highest amount of like you're going to get with you guys which is good you always leave people wanting more and this case you're leaving people want to write okay like that was that was just the right amount of they never want that again that it was funny no never even told you guys names were now we well we just jam and s sam and dave yeah so you were yeah yeah yeah i'm dave i'm sam he sam he's dave no fun at all those okay we'll keep them big cat dan and save yes dan and save his name is it called me save yeah see you save many of your model yeah i i gotta comes there you go i guess his name is dan yeah i remember that which in and save okay
yeah let me say obviously that's actually a pretty cool cat and say yes say vince and pretty chill david santan dave sack yeah dave sounds like karate kid yeah davison it just occurred to me that what you just described probably happens a lot we really like people that we interviewed that we're really good friends them and then they leave also like when you have when you have a a press the right which i'm doing right now you have a list of interviews that you do so the wanted to before this is that serious it is for vino and rich yep great guys but as i know their names but now i have to on the fly figure out which one is go vino yeah yeah which is pretty easy to figure out the one guys of the the span a guy one guys in new york i so i got that one so i did not see also was barstool sports pardon my interruption thanks yeah i take i did not see dan and save okay and now how do you rank us against all the other interviews you've done today i think it's probably it's been the longest
oh good but they we're never letting you out all the interviews i've had today this is definitely one of them okay i like it all right i mean we should in there this is your work and he said i've been an interview yeah i like a creature dan say they haven't said chris jericho legend i you're welcome on any time thank you yes you get a minute will you guys all know your names yeah i really really like what that really not gonna bring some free goes don't around with that you can't give a goes you i was about to buy the box it was a direct i was find did it could you you realize what you're about to do to business so you must sell me a box and it goes very happy with well the ghost would have come after you for ever they would come out of you for being a dumb to give a hundred bucks i agree to disagree chris jericho
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stuff to get away and hashtag bud light contest that's hashtag real enough to get away and hashtag i'd like contest on facebook instagram see bud light com real enough to get away for more details and now dale earnhardt junior and i something completely different okay we now welcome on deal earned junior dale we wanted to ask you a bunch of questions but we're going to start with one year to be a smoker and now you're nicorette gum chewer and you got a new ice meant lozenge out so tell us about that real quick yeah smoker for fifteen years then quit for about a non smoker for about seven years and uh
maybe this new product code eismitte laws and talk about and wanted to know if i'd be willing to tell my story and how i quit and try to encourage uh people in the same situation that are wanting to quit smoking to try this so that it could give advantage they need to to finally knock out that that terrible habit i'm glad it no longer part of my life and want to get somebody else at saint happiness alright so dear how's retirement going let's start there i mean you're obviously very busy you gotta podcast you are at the indy five hundred year at the kentucky derby how is retirement going other than the fact that you're doing like a million jobs thing man i didn't think i was gonna be working as much as i am today um anna 'cause i get down the road i'll do a little bit better job in managing my time but i
i don't own and and it keeps me busy which is which is nice but at same time i got a new daughter i wish it about fourteen months and well i've been around her and spend time with her and so i'm trying to figure out a way to sort of manage my time a little better where i can be where i can do that but it's wide open we wrote a book and we went on victor and and did that over last year obviously when you know i'm i'm working with nbc year round we cover the races for half of the year box cutters the first half of season we cover the second half of nbc and when when we're not cover cases for nascar they send me to other sporting events that they are a big part of that's been pretty fun to see how creative they get plugin me into this situation
and i went to the five hundred first time a life which was awesome as hell i mean i'd i'd suggest anybody to go to that have been at least one i went to the kentucky derby for the first time in my life to be here and again that's a bucket list item that you have to go see at least once in your life i went to the south korea for the winter olympics i mean i've never went to in my life much less been able to go to the olympics
as a race car driver we're so busy we could never do these things but since i've retired it's open the door and teaming up with nbc is is really been a vessel to get me to these places could be able to go around all those locations i basically got this grand tour of the kentucky derby ground during the biggest day of the year for the for the for the race track uh i got up close to some of those other horses and goats and horses are incredible man they're impressive athletes uh and we got to meet and talk to some pretty cool people uh so it was i enjoyed it it's a little bit nerve wracking 'cause lab tv you just got your going to be nerve you can't help it you're going to be nervous about the you know they're getting ready to throw it to you are getting ready to be on tv in front of one hundred people you don't want to make a mistake you're in the eight thousand five hundred we were in the snake pit which is
thing i've ever seen you know you're going to make mistakes and so i think at the daytona five hundred while i was standing there doing it with red on live tv for the indy five hundred and your come in here goes hey you you screwed up said the daytona five hundred take the are have to figure out a way to come back on air you know moments later and talk about how awesome the indy five hundred is it would be more difficult to make the transition from racing nascar to racing horses are racing horses to race in nascar's i'll be trying to go race nascar would be that uh for transition yeah probably yeah do you think jockeys are athletes absolutely ok that you had a hangover that horse i'm just imagine this like when you're sitting in the gate and that horse takes off i think it takes to everything that you have to be able
that will be thrown off the horse in that moment and be left in the gate i mean the horses at horse takes off it's hot as an i don't know man i think that you'd have to be an athlete and very athletic so just hang on in that one moment their strategy to it as far as how your horse races i'm right some horses are closers the horse that won and got disqualified he was the guy that jumps out and leeds right away in and he'll leave the whole race if he can't and so is that your the jockey you got to know how your horse performs and when he needs to go and they just don't how take off take off running first the first one back there's like a process in that raises the how they they use the horse and when the horses you know when the horses going to be able to perform in close at the end of the race what do you miss
racing the most is it the competition is it the rivalries is it the speed where you dicted to speed at any point your life the one thing i miss about racing the most is probably the the my team the friendships that you make on your team you travel with these guys every single week and you're racing there working on your car trying to help you win and then your life is in their hands and so you you build these great friendships with the group of guys that you're with uh the thing that i miss is probably just adding a car like i think the car is is like making a shot or or scored a touchdown catching the ball intercepting the mall passing a car is a is a success hello you know in a all of success throughout a race and so trying to get around
they are trying to figure out his weak spot or trying to figure out how to make that pass happened is a lot of fun and you can tell when your car is better than somebody else is and it's just a matter of time before you're going to get around this guy that moment is really exhilarating yeah i like that yeah the car i've always wanted to like at after after you win a race you guys are always so great about shouting out all your sponsors is there like you have to stop which sponsor you say first ever every time or is it like always a set pattern you like okay i'm gonna think budweiser first them to think this guy this guy this guy either one option is going to pay the most money and that's the one you better get in your primary sponsor is not you shouldn't forget always great about that i mean if you look at some of my interviews i rarely even mention my sponsors
but all it you know because i would talk in the moment and i would talk about my motion and how are they older you know it and answer the question is genuinely as i could and a lot of times it's a not going to work into that that was not the best at doing that now it you know but yeah if you're going to if you're gonna make your sponsors you want to go from the one i am the biggest bail the wanted but in the mail for your team because today in motor sports for a white pickup team it cost about fifty million dollars and a twenty million dollars to rate and in the end nascar sick that and usually one company is going to be paying for the majority of that expense so that's the guys you got to work in speaking spanish it's how much mountain dew do you think you've drank in your entire life i'll
i don't know quite a bit not not as much but why is it that we drank a lot more budweiser out the existing while yeah yeah so your your big red skins fan i i grew up root for the team can you please sell me on why you think that this year is gonna be the year that they're able to turn around i mean it happens which me excited as a fan i mean if we were going into this off season and and again came up and and pre please and out happens look at the rest of the quarterback i mean i can't i can't i'm sorry i can't get it about that case keenum doesn't do it for you no not really you know what i mean not that you can't do the job i just i need it ob i would rather there be a little tougher competition for him and
we got a draft and i'm not in you mean we don't know what's going to happen with that well then eat with the quarterback situation and who's gonna start out like crap but at least we got something to look forward to i don't you know i've gotten to the point now the redskins fan it any better than the law three more is not i mean if it was about that out equipment redskins playing along time ago for me it's about give me something to look forward to give me something to be excited about players personalities like we've been drafting some really kick ass guys on our defense and i hope that you know i want to watch them play out being a fan of trent williams and watching him work that offensive line over the years is what kept me a saying that's kept me as as a fan of the redskins it hasn't been this success on the field right it's been the personalities and the people the people playing the game the guys that will go
out in the shittiest years and stick around and give it their best like trick the perfect example that he's an all star tackle one of the best that there were quite a bit at least for the read in and he had every reason to want to get the hell out of there anytime in there and give it everything you've got and we're draft a lot of good character god at least you know across the across the board and the watching them dudes rank here again and all these guys developed and and you know be key players on the team in is really fun for me at the end that's a great great reason to tune in and the quad band through through crap and only the pre season let's see what happens in the jail
i have a question so when i was searching like fun facts dale earnhardt junior some interesting things popped up so i need some like clarification on a few things that i read the first is do you own a gas tank at your house i have a gas tank at my house that i keep you know we it's cheaper to buy it in bulk so i'm i keep gas thinking to fill up there do you ever let like your friends fuel up or is it just for you somebody else better be using it i like it so alright so you should you need to go all the way though you need to have like a little convenience store next to the gas tank two and have someone like working at twenty four hours so you can go grab like you know some mountain dew and some fritos and feel like you get the full experience that sounds like a pain but ok all right next one is do you did you at one point have like a wild west town on your property yeah well it's a western
call whiskey river it's got saloon salute and gail sales sheriff's office okay with roots going to church we had weddings there we had a lot of parties there holy what are the laws in whiskey river the different from from north carolina state laws or what's what's different about it at all one person updated i got a little too drunk one night otherwise you know pretty much the same law yeah so if you go down there like you just hang out in your town like that's that's pretty much the coolest thing anyone could do was build themselves their own town yeah i go down there and hang out we'll go down there and drink and pretty beers and pretty chill thirty ghost down there do you believe in ghosts i don't think there yeah i believe in ghosts sure okay good answer good answer right then the other thing that i read which i can't believe that you and your didn't talk about racing that you just kept it
father son not not getting into the details about racing is that true it wasn't hands on bad like let's go out to the yard paul let me tell you how to have a corner you me let me tell you how to drive around this track there were a couple scenarios if it happened i can count those of times on one hand he just wasn't very hands out you know he was racing as well so he had so much crap going on he didn't have a whole lot of time for really anybody um and he was don traveling i was home going to school in and when i would rate i would go some i would go right at other racetracks outside so he hardly ever saw me right for the first four years of my career wow i yeah i mean that's crazy because you obviously think like earnhardt senior in her junior you guys sat down
talked about all the racing but that that clearly wasn't the case was it weird growing up in earn heart in the racing community people look at you differently did the maybe make a a preconceived notion of you before they met you and found out the type of guy you work i think so and happy i don't know you know there was some kids that like racing but it wasn't like the press didn't like it the athlete now that the guy that played basketball football they didn't really give anything about it i played soccer and none of the guys will start game my dad was dale earnhardt so it wasn't a it wasn't a real advantage it didn't make me cooler in school i wish your but it it really did so one bunch of advantage there but once i i think once you know i got a little older people thought as britney
that you know they thought it was cool that i was that was related to him wanted to know all about it you know you get out you get questions about him all the time uh even today people want to know so much about my dad uh so it's something that i'm proud of yeah i wish i could have been something that would help me in after school good night yeah yes sir i've always wondered about nascar if if there's how much like gamesmanship goes on because obviously you guys want to win every single race at your end so a lot of times i'm sure that people take like little of the of the cut corners here and there but how much how much actual cheating you think it was on the sport or is it more a case of like if you can get away with it it's not cheating if you can get away it is not cheating so ever since racing began guys have been trying
break the rules are bend the rules in their favor and i'll say this like out in if you take a stock if you take the car the legal from front from front to back completely legal through the rule book you're going to you're not going to run very well you're not going to do well and the greater the current g the great wall the team that i wall are the ones that are willing to gamble and and be aggressive with the rules and the rules maybe break a few rules oh that that's what i'm competing against and the guys with the most creativity and ingenuity or the guys that are going to build you the best car the one that can go out there and have it have an advantage over everybody else i like it i'm so we are a denny hamlin podcast and with that we are an anti joey slow gone podcast i know you're friends with joey slow gone but he did make a like an age joke on your podcast recently what
this deal what's that guy's deal is he's a jerk is one time joey had a problem trying to get to a race track he was flying to phoenix and he at the last minute he called me and he said hey i need a ride i'm having trouble getting there with my plane or something so i said no problem pop on i wasn't a big joey fan i didn't just like the guy just didn't like you it's kind of either way and he rides on the airplane to phoenix runs his race monday morning i got a check in the mail to them to not foundation for ten thousand dollars from jelly add a canister it's hard for me to give him a lift to the racetrack that weekend i mean got decent heart are down in there he's all right now
he drives a little different but he got beat up you know the guys were pretty rough on him for a long time when he was a rookie when he was younger he got pushed around a lot yeah the sport all the guys that would have raced against him had sort of created what he is on the race track uh huh so i'm still not going to like yeah yeah sorry it sounds like you have to pay for friends yeah we're denny ham yeah we can understand that can't leave our guy through and through like denim you denny hamlin fan and an even known each other for probably two one thousand five hundred and twenty years he's i we good friends all perfect have you ever hung out with michael jordan with them i'm not hung out with michael jordan and danny at the same time that is not ever ever happened to see you hung out with jordan separate from denny i've been michael around no in my kidney knows he knows him really well yeah yeah
denny we've had any on the show a couple times and he called michael jordan forest and he picked up the phone call is pretty much the best moment of my life any better than that yeah all right i have one last question to see key question you could put in promo code take and you get ten dollars off your seek purchase where do you rank all time junior so yeah ken griffey junior cal ripken junior your soprano before he died where do you think you rank in all time juniors it'll i don't know man there's a lot of awesome juniors out there but uh and the fact that i'm being asked questions actually pretty cool but i was a big king griffey your fan i had all his baseball cards when i was little so i put
up there i had i haven't uh a cal ripken second year fleer card um he was pretty bad as he actually had race is named after cal ripken really i might have one one yeah we had a cow in four hundred or something it was i think i might have won that race are i can't remember always crazy why did they do that he sponsored i don't know he went well no he didn't foster but some company he was paired with was with brought him in and he was at the race and i'm sure you can you can it all up figure it all out but yeah i'm looking yeah you want it yeah yeah i'm looking at right now the two thousand and one mbna cal ripken junior four hundred there you go
one it without him with the juniors cheese cake that's pretty good too yeah damn good job for you cal ripken junior that's junior junior that's like the that was the best junior date of all time two thousand mlk junior too he was a good one that's true with harry connick junior yeah cuba gooding junior cuba gooding john f kennedy junior freddie prince junior yeah yes shots fired we got some junior on junior crime going on yes alright big catch assess his last question i have one last last question will let you be on your way if dan snyder has one seat left on his private jet and he can either pick up you or matthew mcconaughey who do you think he's picking up good lord pick me up you know could be cool but could you imagine talk redskins i have no i can imagine talk anything with him besides just like having just chilling out
i actually would like to talk redskins with him i wonder how i bet he talks about i bet he talked about all the super bowls and really slow real slow talking oh yeah i'd be pretty interesting actually yeah let me talk to you real quick about first time i laid all right thank you watch our junior appreciate it everyone go check out the new nicorette i spent lozenge also deal has a podcast you can go listen to we appreciate your time and any time your new york city stop by the studio i got a little bit thank you all right thanks man appreciate it that interview with dale junior was brought to you by no bull it's to demand more from your work out gear the way you demand more from yourself i'm actually wearing my noble shoes right now you're pretty sweet very comfortable i actually cut down his little fun story going off script was that the at the pool roof of my gym the other week
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over also said they were going to explore an idea of a mid season tournament to i guess the side playoff seeding or whatever it may be a cop a cup or not that so here's my stay woke i think adam silver is us art good commissioner but i think the reason why everyone loves him is because he will just listen to whatever stupid high idea that twitter has and then publicly say we're going to discuss it because guess what every time they talk about shortening a season and people freak out and green is fallen for the bait here he like get had a full freak out you just have remember if they shorten the season all the players and get paid less so there's no way they're ever going to shorten the season and all the owners are going to make less money so it's never going to get shortened but adam so
is a genius because he just takes like he just basic goes on n b a reddit reads the most up voted idea for how to fix the nba and then says we're going to discuss it in this off season and maybe we'll make some changes so he's busy he's trying to do what they did in the epl like english soccer i don't understand what's going on with all the trophies and cups it's very tough system to understand but i know that they're like three of them that are happening simultaneously so he's trying to muddy the waters who live in the u s i think that you're right about him listening to too many ideas but with with greenie greenie should green should be happy that silver listening to
dumb ass ideas from random corners of the sports universe because at some point he's going to listen to one of my greenberg zone dumb rules true like he's basically adam silver sending up the bat sign for agreement being like greenie let's get fucking weird with it you want to throw some weird rules at me tell me that we're going to raise the rims to eleven and a half feet during november and then i'm going back down like let's get weird grady and i'll discuss it all that she is going to happen though they're going to i guarantee you in the next few years adam silver is going to talk about moving the three point line getting a four pointer getting rid of like you know intentional fouls making technicals all these things if you have a dumb idea and you get enough traction on twitter adam silver will announce that they are going to discuss it just to appease everyone and everyone says adam silver's the true commissioner of the people he's open to all these ideas he embraced gambling first adam silver gets
for embracing gambling first but that is the most obvious thing to do in the whole world so as much as i want to say good job by you adam silver i'm also like yeah no shit everyone should embrace gambling adam silvers just smart to say it out loud first he shouldn't get credit for basically a baseline of intelligence that gambling will make people watch more yeah easy stuff to do if your commission i think that's what most people under the age of forty what we've said like day one on the job right so yeah i mean it maybe we can get him to embrace one of our dumb ideas like letting players score for whichever team they feel like point the middle of a game points for our best best own over twitter troll kevin durant becomes even more of a supermax guy best cover of the traditional no governor sorry governor okay
also before we get to license to jail when really had a sickle talking soccer he yeah those talks are whose it was sick is a screamer it was it was well what's the difference between a screamer and a howler from depends where from yeah i guess yeah i think that's a northern england southern england i don't know would you say that okay catholic protestant i think it was a screamer wayne rooney absolutely tomorrow that's like his third goal from beyond and feel free to visit three breaking news from hank what is actually my good friend uncle chaps you justin for me so this week he posted a video of his daughter playing defense she's like a little younger daughter it went viral was all over the place they talked about on the jump they talked about it on all sorts of new stations and he just told me that tomorrow today for the people listening this on friday
she's going to be on good morning america whoa so good for good for our friend chats good for mccartney it's it's cool to see people from you know our company when they go viral in and hit the hit the mainstream that video is so funny and she is she's patrick beverley in kevin durant's head she just went so so hard on the defensive end and it was the perfect time because nothing else is going on so like they have like a full segment on the jumper scotty pippin breaking down her defense which is i mean that's something i'll be cool for the rest of her life did in didn't who go bear said go ahead and just give my defensive player award to her to chaps daughter so courtney mcnealy is the official winner of the two thousand and nineteen m b a defensive player of the year award i i like it american back she got invited to the spurs and the bulls camp jeez
this is awesome this was so cool about having a kid is that you can put him to work just creating content for you on what she did she is use content factory for jobs okay so that way that breaking moose was brought to you by chocolate milk hanks been doing great so let's see how much he's grown without hurting your dichotomy tell everyone how great chocolate milk case using the words pull base and delectable bach i know a boy base means yeah you can see it sometimes sometimes after
doubt i'll get a chocolate milk and a bagel and spread some boy a base on it and it's just elected you want the electable you wash it down the chalk milk boy based bagel can't beat it when a natural break come sir sorry that's that's just when a natural break comes to wrap up the story i read the part we had last time yeah yeah but that's a natural break right so learn more built with chocolate milk dot com nailed it we now the only i like who your base that sounds like something that they would say in the course of a bubba sparxx on yeah bully based sounds like something you could get really high off too yeah ok let's finish up with our intern chili a okay it's that time of the week it is lice to jill our intern julie football is here she has worked our hashtag game hashtag josh and we didn't see you all last week but killing it on twitter thank you no blood too
do you have a drug problem i play the fifth okay all right so that means yes let's start with how we always start license to deal with what you were not mad but disappointed in in this last week's content okay voice the dramatic pauses killed right now i'm not mad but this one i'm a little disappointed can i say in myself yeah sure i i tweeted and i don't you know i'm still new to it yeah but i tweeted about the eggplant emoji that i found out this last week
it meant yeah yeah so i guess i didn't think i didn't see it coming all the deal with the mentions yeah okay so now and i'll probably get more but no no did you get a lot of them i well i did but i first i had to ask a guy in a bar at the airport what it was critical can see it was a little what did he say he said that's an eggplant and i said and then he kind of hello read so that i when i got to my i asked my son in please confirm so here's some other ones to watch out for the mana obviously and then i can mean similar thing the peach just me but yeah big old dumb the three water drops you probably want
boy that are just one water dry yeah you're kidding yeah when you get well i don't know jack you asian way maybe you're watching basketball are you well you can use it that's what that means yeah you don't want to get wet then also the mean raining though how it does not mean raining well if you want to do the rain yeah rk i can still be like yeah you'd better bring that's right i sees don't use the i'm okay one the okay sign because that means that your white supremacists yeah and you can't go to any clubs can now so be banned for life from berkeley just be careful that one yeah this is learn you have so much to learn the rules so when you tweeted the egg plant were were you surprised at how many egg plant you got back that maybe had water drops on i don't think i noticed that good good good good okay good so did we determine what the jelly beans mochi was are we going with the grapes i think i like
the greater good is all the sheesh yeah of grapes jelly beans all right so it when chilli beans is is going after someone the the jelly beans need to just weed out the grapes right near mentions do we get you an instagram by the way we we get you on the i would like to see some jelly bean instagram story starts straps and jail yeah big time so what's the other thing that we're not mad but disappointed in in the show the other day and i you know they they run other sometimes mmhm someone so it is well i'm i was disappointed in and not mad obviously but disappointed with the the guy you interviewed who was six four at
dunked in eighth grade mark titus good friend okay well what happened on why did you go to the nba i mean well i have you been to get lazy well no okay i have more for use not grow he was also part of like the greatest a u team ever which you would know if you ever met him because he tells you right away okay so yeah he he's he has friends mike conley greg oden who else is on the team that's i think that's it no there's a couple more if there's five it's still a good team it's a very good team and mark hi i'm mark died in march right from three he's a guy that if he tweets the the droplets i just means he's in the gym yeah so you're not mad but disappointed that mark titus never amounted to anything yeah i thought maybe they're lazy you know just to name a podcast yeah
everyone else he wrote a book and thought he was like the best well what he did and this is very smart of him he realized that he it would be easier for him to just be a bench player and make fun of himself for never getting in games it would be to actually work hard enough to get into the game rice and so he made a career out of that which i mean credits if you can make a career out of admitting your laziness that right and stuff it's the ultimate like i'm not going to try i'm never gonna give a hundred percent effort because if i fail then i'm a failure but if i always give seventy five percent effort and i fail it's like well i know i was a joke i was really trying and if you can make one yourself for being so bad it what you really want to do deep down inside yeah there's also market for that too right exactly so that's kind of where he landed all right so i am a good hour so not have to put this i didn't know the story yeah there's a story all right you have some license jail for us will wrap up the show with that
hey laid on us if you can unlock your phone no there is that yeah my beautiful angel chili bean and handsome dad cat what do you find most attractive in man and okay how do you get to it okay okay i got online and swipe that's why i made the joke about unlocking the phone and you just like cruise right cruz right by it out there you go yep okay i'm so sorry hi morning i'm you make me nervous maybe no okay i think you scroll past it maybe this is there you know hi lester right there right there no no no sorry everybody on that phone when get you with the when we have two words per line are you at the point where you have those the house line with the huge huge dials like the
okay no you don't i actually like those hours we got that my grandmother like right before she died we got that i was like well i hope i'm not going right before i die i hope i'm not saying that you're not your health your shoulders all these could be it is very helps run the new look mmhm okay what do you find most attractive in man and how do men today compared to when you were big cat pfds age good question well do i find most attractive in men man it's always been the same yep the smile and that's true you know i like well you know i like a little rugged good luck like stop all new men yeah like a all that you like the lemonade guy okay
yeah the oreo yeah okay ok what else can right what about what about height anyway i like i like someone but i think the that's not hard done we're done with that answer you know hi there's never been a big thing okay weights never been a big thing eggplants matter gets you know we explain our i'm well that you and about i'm kind of leaning towards the echoing noted got it we're gonna like back in the day where there is there any truth to the fact that back in the day it was you know guys had more shipped to him there are more rugged they were more in vinegar hiss and vinegar nowadays it's god's rule coddled these soft hands never worked a day in their life that's true however and
there an athlete a real athlete they never they were like soft okay i never liked real soft man more more guys have become in better shape correct than they were back in yeah absolutely that's wild really were little you think it's too late yeah a little while like think about thirty years ago there's like work gyms yeah well that's a big that's true yeah the you there was no planet fitness or anything like no we had jack lalanne yup course teddy atlas can can basedow john based on based on my bed he had aids it we did johnson now what do you ever do no just urban legend i think what i'm gonna i'm gonna run with it yeah okay next one okay hey julie i've got seven siblings and three cousins i'm the fourth
all the rest of the eleven of us and i live the furthest away from my grandma how can i move up the grand child our rankings and get past the little that i've just gotten they've just gotten by by being cute yeah move in and take care of grandma do you think that that can you all absolutely okay not a grandma so i don't know right what can you who would you say you can go up and down the rankings because i myself i always was the bottom of the rankings for my grandparents i knew it i knew where i stood i was always like you know he's a blonde or who the fuck cares about him okay so you can move up just so you can to really try hard that's the problem
now it depends on grandma ok what about this if you just have a weekly standing phone date with your grandma that's good that way you can say like oh saturday morning so that's my phone date with grandma that becomes like something that she gets really into and she will love you and you will move right to the top of the pile okay all not to put you on the hot seat here though you have five children you definitely have them ranked right oh no well come on you there's one there's a lot more than everyone else and they all know who i they think it is but i will never say ok but we know who it is right do you yeah christina top of the pops top but you definitely have moments where it's like okay this kid is now my favorite yeah standing out of head and shoulders above the rest it depends on what they do for mom
yeah okay could be so what i salute mom can be by what would you do have one of them had like a really good week in terms of how you and and that kid got along they they did something to distinguish themselves would you be cognizant fact that you're giving that child a lot tension and then try to make up for it by lavishing praise on the other four just like over doing it on them now or would you do like an hour long special with kirk herbstreit revealing the rankings in making everything i would georgia number one there we go all next one okay we already did that one did i listen to monday show if so what life advice would you have for someone in their early twenties and what did you think of the guy's advice they gave i did listen to it but i don't remember
very powerful well we impact on their me i'm old i forget what happened today but i can remember what you said that's fine that's fine not ok next question next question that was a perfectly answered would you ever take a gravity bong rip with the boys would you do you know what i you smoke weed you burn choose you are yes hey asper she definitely burned yeah i didn't live there but i've been there and so when would you rather do you know what a gravity bong is no but i don't think i'm willing to do it it's tough when you get a big like think a big water poland springs water jug cut it in half and then you
do you have it you submerge it into cooler or sink and you basically lift it up while you're pulling all the smoke 'cause you get the smoke on the top and then you hit it and it fucks you up real cool in the end still in okay well that that's just what it's for everyone listening at home i know that we promised some things that we never deliver i guarantee you by the end of the summer we will all a gravity bong absolutely silly footballs gravity bong you're going to make it will tell will give you directions and you can make it i can make it yes you can make the gravity bong you have to make it it's not something that is sold ok will get you so high yeah you're going to be so fun okay so are you she she glass she should get up last weekend what's that one time when that she's got the best of you kid number three five
it's good answer that's good answer alright let's do one more could you beat your darling jake in a fight in your prime hell yes yeah so pm sports is jake verses julie football in our prime you like you were scrappy awfully sports only in america okay would you pull hair okay fighter world star should fight you hell i'm you know which of them for alicia worlds behind who are have rough and rowdy yeah who you have six take him that takes care right shoulder we'd have to make sure is a hundred percent so i feel like it could popped out any moment yeah all right license joe julie football thank you keep tweeting kit you're the best
we appreciate it you guys are the best happy july fourth we won't see it fly fourth ok but we will see you the week after you have the week off he actually go into a new york i would like you to participate we're going to after the week of july fourth we are going to do a live show for the home run derby because of christian yelich wins after each other's so i'd like you to participate with that not the acid in part but the watching the moment or watching the commentating and watching the eating you can watch you had whatever i'm not gonna tell you not to do something you want to do you're you're grown woman yeah but you don't have to find out your neck plant woman so yeah i am now this is more like a corn but whatever this is peach to beach yeah right thank you guys
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