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Chris Long On UVA's Title + Blake Bortles Wikipedia Club Is Back, EMERGENCY UPDATE - Magic Johnson

2019-04-09 | 🔗

The Virginia Cavaliers are your National Champions. Recapping the improbable Virginia run from last year to this plus instant replay is getting scorched online (2:27 - 16:50). Hot Seat/Cool Throne including Space Jam 2 and Patrick Reed's Masters menu (16:50 - 36:22). 2X Super Bowl Champion and UVA Grad Chris Long joins the show to talk about the National Title Game, and the end of Virginia jokes online (36:22 - 53:51). Rams QB Blake Bortles joins the show to talk about his move to LA and choosing the Rams plus we read the Wikipedia's on Famous Floridians and the San Andreas Fault (53:51 - 77:27). Segments include Kings stay Kings for Skip Bayless, trouble in paradise Aaron Rodgers/Mike McCarthy, and Petty Wars Antonio Brown + Guys on Chicks. 

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