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Christian Laettner + RIP To The AAF

2019-04-02 | 🔗

The AAF is done and we remember that one weekend in February when Football was back (1:59 - 7:28). Coach Cal gets a contract for life putting him on the ultimate hot seat (7:28 - 14:18). Hot Seat/Cool Throne including Ernie Grunfeld and Jay Cutler (14:18 - 23:46). Former Duke star Christian Laettner joins the show to talk about his career in basketball, playing on the Dream Team, being hated by people, and how much hairdye Coach K uses (23:46 - 62:01). Segments include Shoe Roast for the NFL's new draft day hats, Lebron stinks, literally. Drunk Ideas from Hank and Liam, Protect the Shield Patrick Reed, and Guys on Chicks. 

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let's see as part of my take we have the heated christian laettner actually awesome interview though i don't his voice is so soothing i don't hate him anymore and he would talk about duke instantly tournament the dream team really good interview with christian laettner we also have an all right p to the a hot see cool throne guys on chicks in a lot more but before we do all that it's time to talk about the cash card from the cash app cash app it's a number one finance app in the app store for a reason the cash card is most powerful debit card in the world and the only debit card with boosts a money saving feature you can't get anywhere else because cash app invented it just select a boo in your cash app swipe the cash card and save ten percent or more at whole foods shake shack chipotle taco bell fully dominoes in coffee shops around the world want to go organic without paying for save ten percent every bag groceries with the whole foods boost it's not hard to spend fifty dollars on hold
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yeah so it's a real shame that one weekend in february after the superbowl we will always have that what we warned you about this is exactly what happened with the xfl it just died and we all got excited and then it died it served a purpose though it got us through the dog days of february at one weekend between the super bowl and the kambin and then johnny manzel ate nachos on the sidelines that was kind of cool again dave spurrier all time winningest coach did you see actually that he said he wants a championship i hope that they do what team is he he was orlando orlando i hope they do maybe a disney world parade yeah give it to you cf yeah george get it to him so steve your all time winningest coach trent richardson all time rushing touchdown leader eleven the af what went wrong so this is a tom dunn dunn tom done first of all if if you're gonna sail out from a guy named donna donna on
your legs not in good shape nope he came in an pledge something like two hundred million after a week for five thousand two hundred and fifty he end up paying seventy million dollars ok to the league and just like losing that people can i just stop you for second i love rich guy finances because he never makes sense and they never really pay for what they say they're going to pay for but like it's kind of like nfl contracts when the first number comes out in like huh turn twenty million dollars contract host only six million of its guarantee and it can cut him after four months turns out entirely just failed his test yeah every time a rich guy throws up money it's like this guy put in two hundred and fifty million oh wait he was paying week to week and he shut down four weeks in ok cool yeah so i have to wonder what kind of arbitrage is at play here because rich guys don't typically just throw away seventy million dollars yeah so what what i understand from the little reading that i did was tom dunn dunn came in and he
to accelerate the relationship with the nfl in the nflpa to basically make it a minor league system charlie ebersol and only in the founders of the af did not want to do that they had a three year plan to just copy anyone i guess can i just say hope it lasted real quick bill polian khaki all star yeah if we're talking about the face of the khaki pants it's like him harbaugh eric then and trying to think of the fourth would be me at the las vegas championship here we go caps on them also third team all dad sweater big time other zip sweater usually a blue sweater but yeah so the league fell apart because a guy basically basically the original owners didn't have money they need rich guy to save am and the rich guy was like fuck this i'm not going to keep burning money so we're out and then albert breer said that the speculation was that he bought that dun dun bought the league just to get
access to their gambling app then they were building so seventy million dollars for gambling up seems like a shrewd investment that and again he's right off but a hockey team in cal for in in north carolina yep so that tells you a little bit something about tom done done but yeah it's it's a shame because i was looking forward to waking up hungover on my couch on at least two more saturdays at some point this ng in sing football on tv yeah so i mean man would have been fun he was fun did he play yeah i played a lot of a washing after the first week he played a little bit here the most electric thing he did was he ate nachos on the sidelines what part did we have in the failure of the af because we stop talking about it after the first week i think we tried we did our best he tried but we also do podcast yeah okay i also found out that they were paying influencers but not us the fact that we're not you you can you listen you can buy me if you don't buy me
we doing it no dice no doubt i am i have to be bought at anytime ok there are some very easy steps they could have taken to save the league why us pay us to have superior miked up on live television every single game three that's no brain let you kick field goals on hold yeah for a play the games up in canada so it's no football for every game yup five more scoring yeah i actually now that i'm thinking about it i bet the over like the first weekend i lost every bet six that's your fault six vortex footballs instead that's actually put listen a vortex league where every game is guaranteed to go over huge so you can just and you always win yeah now we're talking huge think about that thank also one loses a no lose gambling leak who wouldn't do that who wouldn't do that
so i guess maybe if you should have a problem with the fact that you would take him awhile to catch up to that they also could have had one designated assehole per team that has to play a certain amount of snaps at running back example martin shkreli has okay for memphis has to take at least six hand off and just get a bullet rated yeah just like the national catharsis football league so v i feel like the a thing was was very imminent we not only had done done by the league but we also i'd hackenberg actually be like a focal point of the league i think that's where it went off the rails was when he got hurt the he got hurt it's tough to recover from losing your stars eminem was the smartest guy in the in the a f board room and it wasn't even in the board room so i feel like this is not a shock it's still sad because what remember it that one weekend again in february and now we have the xfl look for to which this is
and we can be bought situation we have a friend who works in the xfl he showed us some of the new rules and like the scrimmages it looks cool it looks fucking awesome it looks good we we have no problem i think it's ok to admit when you're biased if you just say it out front like actually a friend of a routing form yep so we're gonna be really hard facts were rooting hard for the actual friends now yeah we would route harder if you know those little cash coming home yeah we yeah i listen i don't know what else we'll we'll pretend that we love anything less and you give me enough money i'll get an xfl tattoo i said i'm not enough i do it for two hundred grand two one a great yeah jeez no problem i'm not talking about like one on my inner thigh like it like an what are the fees are face to download take it that would be a lot of money hi i don't think i okay what about it what is it about an asshole one
one on my ash inside your ask so that way you get a real nice close look at it when chris jealous wins at home run derby right up front yeah on inside interior asscheek one hundred grand damn man that's too much i feel like hank would do it for two hundred dollars yeah well that's ok i had to throw it out there without what about dictate you know what i get one right underneath like on the top side of the sax a winner when appear in yeah that was our own her long here nick yourself or you shaving that's like oh no you man scape yeah did you have to have to do a little bit why would you which thank you bush bush bush lotteries hank just rocking it out you going wear maybe put on a speedo and just let that fucking shit fly now i get it waxed
the bottom line is we're going to miss the idea that football is on television yeah there's really nothing else that we're going to miss because we're already into nhl playoffs and nba playoffs and yeah it served its purpose good job yeah you know what it was the the or if we got the name of the the afl is the app af that was the biggest actually problem is you can have an l yet and you know what two vowels at the
sort of your league yes listen these are things that we could solve all the i it how wait how many is the first the first time i said i was like why is there no l i don't know it's a leak yeah it's a federation what is the what is football alliance of american football there's not even it's not even a federation alliance yes it was just like a loose loose if you remember tween friendly to play football yeah if you've watched the survivor the challenge alliances are always falling apart yeah but here's here's the purpose that it served it was like the cocktail hour after a wedding ceremony and before reception got started right so you're done with the ceremony that part's over you just standing around for like an hour and a half small talk with people that sucks waiting for march man to start this agree and so you have a you have a little cocktail you have a bar that's opened up you know you do
like the groom's cocktail you maybe sample brides cocktail next thing you know you're sitting down at your table and the hot breads already coming out see i disagree i think it was actually the cold pizza the that they buy like fifty pieces at the end of a wedding when the music stops and everyone sweaty and drunk and like all i'm gonna be really hung over tomorrow and then there's that like you know maybe like mcdonald's or cold pizza in the corner like hey we got to this yeah that's what the af one for you know what he was over you stick around and you finish that pizza though because your draw all of course but with him while he was over we didn't finish this pizza yeah give your stomach but there the next party that's coming up we've got playoffs in two major sports then we've got a action packed some baseball and women based on women's world cup fox bandits football again and then his football again and then it's xfl yeah i know yeah yeah after next right next football season we have more football right once we just really football it football will never stop kind of this
spring league that's gonna get right right all right the other story that we had was kind of a slow news day but our coach cal party it has got in a deal for life yeah so now that would still put him on the hot right 'cause no one hi it's bigger hot seat right everyone dies now he's forced to confront his own mortality right like he used to be like hey you know if things don't work out i can move on wrong only way you're getting out of this one buddy is going six feet under this also i think proves that we were right all along by saying cows on the hot seat because you don't give a lifetime deal if a guy is not on the hot seat you know what i mean you just let it ride out these are like it's fine he's got a contract it's good and everything is going well to do this drastic deal for life feels like they're trying to get a front of the hot seat that prob
he was very very hot yeah no he he is he is received a lifetime appointment he's essentially supreme court justice right now they'll be awesome views coached in the black robe he has a little white lace at the top yeah i'm like just teasing you lose gator bitter gangs bird was on his staff yeah notorious c a l yeah that that be nice i think it's a win win for callin the stake kentucky because now you you don't have to worry about what you're going to do to replace cal after he leaves 'cause it's not getting any better than cow there would be less the other win for cal oh you have again oh i was going to say the win is that more guys are going to draft the nba yeah no just there's nothing worse in life than moving yeah if it i'm am listening to offers right now if any company wants to give me a lifetime job i don't care where it is i'm listening to it yeah just because i know i will not have to move i degree absolute worst so yeah he's got a lifetime deal good news is no contracting calling athletics never been broken one way or the other
first half away you know what i'm so dumb that it just dawned on me that yeah they signed to a lifetime contract that's just from kentucky standpoint right like cal's tell the the you see who is going to be our year he's on the end yeah pretty much still jobs i i said he wasn't able to succeed at that level so that'll be he's still going to chase that dragon yeah alright let's do hot sequel thrown hank you want to get us started sure you hank i gotta say man you look like you got a nice in your step today thank you you have such a great attitude you've really turned it around from your terrible performance on monday appreciate that damn my hot seat is human workers yeah so there's a few things there's video tweeted out today of an amazon blimp just sending over a city and then like a million drones came out from under the blimp which i guess was a test to show that drones delivering packages so that was and now you know it would take out all our postal workers and then more importantly the us open tweeted that they're going to add puppies as ball boys
coming up i was in the april june out of these one several third you got full the blue ones i was looking at the news got it yeah so the blimp thing was kind of scary it looked very it looked like a fish swimming through the ocean just like shooting out at seed onto like a pile of fish eggs so fish have babies it looked very very eerie to me like seeing this giant thing with drones flying out of it but they'll probably like it's kind of like when you're sitting in a like a basketball game and they have the little blimp come out and they drop free t shirts if those are t shirts in those drones on then yeah i mean i mean look free t shirts if you get a free t shirt from a t shirt cannon or from the fucking blimp that's the coolest thing you can do is a fan they should did should just like lineup artillery at the like
orders of all our cities and just film a petition search yeah and lunch teachers like half way through the city the highways i will stop worrying about the like drone apocalypse if you just make all the drones carry free tee shirts and they could steal lately a good drunk you come down from this amazon blimp scanned my right now steel all my my even my id and stuff and everything and then hand me like a medium make olds t shirt and i'd like that's pretty sweet deal also if you were one of the people that was getting your package delivered this way it would look awesome so to everybody in the city you like oh no this is dystopian this is weird but if one of those i meant for you anne it flies directly to you and gives you your package that's fucking awesome your package of like toilet paper that you order on amazon 'cause it's cheaper yeah you like this is what technology is meant to be is great yes sign me up all right what else am i cool throne is the rest of the nfl 'cause tom brady is retiring also in april fools joke
not that i despise i've got that one yeah i was a little rattled these were not going yeah that probably once got you a little bit little little has it's tough to be the guy who doesn't get the april fools joke awful day after april fools well i'm pretty sure is on parcel just as a regular blog so what yeah we're never wrong yet no never been if we are fifty dollar gift card and then michael my by real cool throne teasers teasers and trailers so avengers came out with a big teaser trailer like footage from their new movie and then came thrones has dropped multiple teasers in the past few days which you guys can talk about it when it's a big cat avengers it's a bunch of super heroes which kinds it man the super once which aren't there like you can't cross spider yep these man wait spiderman so it's not all the superheroes explain to big cat there's the dc when in the and you i don't i don't know
when alphabet is spring fully served the sound like spring football leagues i know which ones are in which ones but i don't know like much more than that thor yep he's a superhero season avengers ok greenland nope anyone from the batman universe is not an eight member judges were men robin number justice league the tv show superman now he's to face you see a few new journals nope are the explore nope hi blues clues all it's coming back within use galleon the avengers yes but steve is not there anymore yeah he was problematic right no i don't so was he i'm just going to go see with what do you do i figure out what ok someone tell me someone looking up what did steve do that's a lot less stones which ones with this steve from pop i don't think he's problematic guys okay
going through they found like a kid in his backyard jesus christ underground he got replaced like during blues clues yeah i was always problematic just 'cause you were the same stupid green shirt and viv getting replaced after one so he lost his hair oh wait there's other so right i don't think so i think he's pretty sure they found a kid somewhere yeah well that's find it okay all you go ahead pft alright my hot seat is tom izzo because really good because time is himself is on board the time is is over rated bandwagon nice he said that he needs another title to validate his time there yes head coach no you do every kid coach needs to titles yeah to be like all time great okay so i'm going to consider that a win for myself and i and if he wins this year the guess what i'm taking him off my overrated list got it how about that yeah my other hot seat is lebron james
because a study just came out that a weekly body bottle of wine is as bad as smoking ten cigarettes will actually get some more lebron equivalence little bit let's think yeah that stuff also lebron that's like seventy cigarettes 'cause he drinks a bottle every night yes and his kids do to my cool is saying things with the new fire fest yeah so ultra music fest will happen last week and there was like a minor transportation snafu were like sixty thousand ford temporarily stranded yeah that's not great but they were going in the next fast so now everything everything that sucks every minor inconveniences now the new fire system it's really fun to say like you go to chick fil a don't give
polynesian sauce chick fil a do fireflies my personal fire fat is my fire fest yes my train was delayed today that's my personal files trains are the new fire fest hanks on vacation again that's well no hanks new fire fest our show gets better usually so don't be mean to him we said we're going to be nice to me that's right did you find the blue's clues ok no that was a pouty face from hank that was my other cool throne i'm sorry hank the washington bullets yeah because they finally fired ernie grunfeld yes what were you doing a guy named grunt filled to begin war ernie ernie waited to it's a double whammy yes so yeah they finally got rid of him to thinking about firing scott brooks so actually you know being an nba gm is a sweet sweet gig well with the bullets are going to be they're not going to
if they hire you as the bullets gm for the next like four years because it takes time to build you can say like we're doing a process you're saddled with john walls supermax which like what that wasn't my fault yeah that's actually dream job right now for an nba gm just get in there and suck for awhile and then just accumulate draft picks and hope you don't get fired like they did up in philadelphia actually that segues perfectly in my hot seat is gar forman and john paxson because now they are the idiots in the room so it's like you don't ever want to be the last of the last to leave a party they are the dumb dumb and you could always say well it's not really great gun felt well guess what now already ground filled gone so so you are on the hot seat that's probably also the the wizards only trading partner was the bulls like yet they would just call each other when you think about this deal by the way i look it up here's the blues clues ready he said he could not make a lifelong career out of being a children's host in
he said i knew i wasn't going to be doing children's television all my life mostly because i refuse to lose my hair on a kids tv show and it was happening fast so that was why he was problematic male pattern baldness okay i was i was close all way hold on hold on will strive to me is always been really strange some of these claims who did death from a heroin overdose being killed in a car accident and like what was rumored to have happened to paul mccartney in nineteen sixty six him having been replaced look like this is all a lock for blues clues yeah okay so i guess he wasn't problematic i think we can say he was a problem at all right yet yet yet somehow i are my cool throne is jay cutler because today is the ten year anniversary of the bears traded for jay cutler i think we can also look back and say that was a great success i think the bears won that tray i remember vividly driving in my car the avalon our r i p and
and listening to why don't sylvy on the radio 'cause they were afternoon that or their midday and i was like the bears problem in two super bowls from j color what is the josh mcdaniels bloodletting right yes yeah so see his guys he needed his t bo and kyle orton who we gotta get cold on this i tried to follow my instagram miller he's got protected account that's ok he wouldn't do it he will travel i would love to have call security uh yeah so i definitely all my takes were great when i when the bears straight for you said that they were going to be great you were walls doubles at least at least well i mean the defense is still good and he added a cornerback they should have made the super bowl that one year yeah except your colors me yeah yeah so good good job but you this is this is one of those circumstances where if you're if you're not going to go
the super bowl you might as well have an entertaining quarterback like somebody that gives you stuff to talk about and he shared and he sure did he gave him he still paying returns on that in fact i would i would submit that part of my take might not exist today if jay cutler hadn't been traded sliding doors yeah yeah he gave you a lot to talk give me a life yeah all my life to him alright is it weird like the shittiest people that we owe our lives too like i think i it wouldn't be here right now if it wasn't for roger goodell yeah probably not so thank you roger roger thank you jeff who would you not be here today because of god okay shut god that is true god no rob gronkowski because on your original resume didn't you do did you quote your robert caskey hype video are made of robert house has video called croc the world i want to see that do you hanks resume is baby
greatest thing i've ever seen in my life and now he's the producer of the number one sports podcast that's why he's the best i mean that honestly we love you you i love you i'm sorry that i was mean to you even if you are far fetched no you're not my fire fest you're my you're my rescue from fire fest now you're my dicks sucking guy you suck my dick wait no no you're yeah no yeah you're my weight if if someone was like a part of my takes gone would you be would you antiquing king us for us yes definitely okay so you don't actually have to do it you just have to be ready to do is not to say it on a on a netflix documentary on that you were going to but it's actually mean we cut you would become the new meme so be a picture of your face everywhere yeah but part of my
could still live on right then yes well it takes alright alright thanks i can get let's do let's do our interview with christian laettner before we get to that are friends of bud light it is march madness bud light sponsored us all march madness we had the bud light busters which is one of the best things we do here park organ oregon one kb no swag went to vegas for all of our one plus a out there throughout the rest of the college basketball tournament bud light once took up the award winning listeners with some sweet swag so you can look your best when sharing on your team for march madness all you have to do is tweet at take a nap bud light take some pictures of you drinking some sweet peapod lights and we're going to select some lucky ws and send you pmt bud light swag it's easy watch college basketball drink bud light steak of of you drinking a bud light and the tweet at pardon my take at bud light and use the hashtag bud light busters and we'll send you some we still got the final four going on we're going to be
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i'm very special guest it is the greatest college basketball player of all time duke legend christian laettner he's here with land o lakes so landolakes is doing a really cool competition out in minneapolis for the final four this weekend they have box robots doing a like a a shooting contest and i guess so are you going to be shooting against the robots know the robots will have a horse competition between themselves ok so that's all from land o lakes i think we're actually going to be there so we'll see you there as well i i heard that it's constant where i went to college is actually in the final four so that's nice that we're back in the final four feels good maybe are the robot company we're yeah we're on where you're from wisconsin yeah i i went to madison i don't know because i'm up there all the time yeah you can go to bring about we got talk about muskies too because those fish are if anyone's ever been to a leak in the midwest it's like those things are there basically dinosaurs and we'll get
that but so thank you for joining us we appreciate it and i guess i wanted to start with let's start with the current duke team that just got bounced were you do you still root like hard for duke when they're in the tournament or do you get disappointed when they lose when they get bounced of course i do a we're all in the duke family and i have a son now who's thirteen years old and when he does something good on the court my heart gets warm when he loses i get a little sad an i feel the same exact way for the kids that play at duke nowadays and i don't know if that's weird but of the program so much and i'm so old now i'm fifty that these is literally could be my offspring because i have two daughters one twenty two thousand one hundred and twenty so that's right in the age group and so
i'm very involved and i get depressed when they lose and i'm very happy when they win and i'm sad that they're not going to be at the final four have said that the do planet duke nations that could be in minneapolis with me do you get the feeling at the start of every season i can you tell whether or not this is a do team that that's got what it takes to go all the way or if this might be like a year that it will be good if we make the sweet sixteen early date i think every year i'm expecting them to be good like the whole world is i think i think that's one of the hard things about the duke and playing for duke and it's also one of the fun things about playing for duke is that there's high expectations on you so coach k still there and they're still getting great players so i think every year to the in november of every year i think they're going to do great i think they're going to do well in the tournament i hope they make final four every year i want them to win every year but you can't sometimes you run a cross a michigan the team that's as physical and
have maybe a little more junior and season senior leadership then we head and and that makes a huge difference in the tournament if you have some upper class when they give you some experience yeah that that seems to be the color of the m all would do now because they've you know coach k has done so well with the one and done era in getting some of the top recruits bc team like michigan state who they don't have any black free picks on that team not they play as a team so do you think that you like have talk to coach k or anyone in in college basketball about that like i haven't i haven't i haven't i haven't said the coach k hey you better start getting some gems for your guys yeah yeah you go to answers no i haven't said that but i'll tell you what i love to win and to be gold wire was on the court for them this year because he's a senior he's he he has some experience and i think their best team was when he was out there he's great defensively he kept good space
is on the offensive end and kind of gave rj in zion there room on the office events so i love when goldwire was on the court part of the reason i love when he was out there because he's like the only upperclassmen with lots of experience in i mean i was i was fifty times better when i was a senior the compared to when i was a freshman so coach k is doing a good job in this error with the one in dunnes and everything's freshman freshman he's doing a good job but it's a hard game because as soon as you get in the tournament and you run across some of these veteran laden teams it's hard to beat those guys yeah yeah i know it's not mount rushmore season we typically save mount rushmore's for the summer time but if you were making your mount rushmore do players who's on there johnny dawkins is on there 'cause johnny doc sins like started alright he was you know the biggest fan is for duke basketball between
eighty four and eighty six and that's when i was fifteen years old and that's when i fell in love with two basketball so i think johnny dawkins is got to got to be on there i would say gray it would be on there and then you can put anyone you want after those two i yourself yourself in what joe he may be but there's a lot of players out there and i don't get caught up in the who's the best in his eye and the best in his late near the best in his grant hill the best but i do love telling people that the whole reason i went to duke was because the johnny dawkins and tommy am occur and mark gallery in jay billis and all those guys that me love the duke basketball program and that's why i went there that sounds like the confidence of someone who knows they were the best so you were the best two player it's crazy looking at the staff the fact that you played in twenty three out of twenty four potential tournament games is insane like some guys don't you know are lucky to get to a sweet sixteen elite eight and you played in four straight final fours was it what
you when you talk about getting tougher and being bad your senior year what was that was that coach k or was that your teammates toughening you up like what what what progressed in those four years it's a combo should have both of those things it's definitely getting tougher it's being more of a man being more physically mature but it's also knowing the system better like when i walked into duke coach k said you're not going to play unless you do what we on the defensive end first slap slap the floor plague defense then once you are caught up to speed on the defensive end with us then we'll let you maybe play a little bit and play on the offensive end so it takes a year or two just to learn the system so you're not making any little mistakes and when when it's all fresh
and out there they're still making little mistakes defensively start at the end of the game against michigan state that end up costing you the game so he does good job with it and sure there's other coaches doing a good job with it lake kalapet calla perry he has a lot of kids that are doing one and done and it's are doing that and it's watered down the game a little bit and then everyone leaving early for the nba i think waters down the nba a little bit but it's hard to stop kids from soon their dream if they have been dreaming of being an nba player it's hard to tell him no you can't go right do you always play to the kind of a chip on your shoulder i thought you were great competitor my dad called you a jerk by the way so if you have anything you'd like to say to her one thousand nine hundred and ninety one he said christian laettner's a jerk and what that shot is phase where is hot that where did where does he live all right northern virginia or the virgin yeah so maybe just pissed off at you and says your country icc country big rivalry arm but so you
always play with kind of a chip on your shoulder you know there's that three thousand four hundred and thirty i hate christian laettner there are a lot of people that didn't like the way you played but you were a competitor but that edge had to come from somewhere where did you where did you start being like this super hyper competitive dude did you have a chip order from somewhere did did somebody slightly i had an older brother who is four years older so he was always beating me up then beating me in games and when he beat me at a game he'd rub my nose in it and the game could be something like sushi shooting our paper ball to that basket and he was twelve and i was eight if he made more than me then he'd run over and grab my face and rub my nose in it and like a dog like literally like a dog and i i've heard a lot of stories like this over the years from athletes who would say you know i had a brother who is three years older and beating me at everything and dragging me to every game to make me play against older players that were better and it's a comp
he should have all those things i had a father who was a coach very good basketball coaches which is sunday that's part of it i an older brother who was better than me at everything so that get competitive and then he would rub my nose in everything when he beat me and then i also had a mother who was very competitive and we would play monopoly be at the table and she would throw things at me if i beat her so it's just part of our makeup but it mostly comes from i think my older brother trying to be did everything and trying to get me to catch up to his level so so he did beat me at everything when we played street hockey in buffalo new york he didn't want to the game ten nothing you know he wanted to be a little closer so he hit me in the face since they get better and that and that the competitiveness comes from ok what about the first time you ever beat him
his favorite story to tell is that when he was eighteen he went off to college and i was fourteen and he came click to much later for fall break and he went to wrestle me and stuff me between the bed and the wall you know like you do when your brothers and and he couldn't do that anymore so that that was when all the wrestling and all the fighting style that he started towards the end of your loan yeah yeah yeah so if you mention obviously the the documentary i hate christian later by the way to do that that title bother you the tide oh bothered me until i called my mother and then i called my mind i said can you believe this is she said don't be stupid you use your brain and i'm like well what do you mean and she says well they don't want only the duke lovers and the late or lovers to watch this show yeah they want everyone across the board to watch it carolina fans kentucky fans you can't ban so what other way
get a draw those people in then they say you know then the name it i hate christian laettner because now it's universal everyone's going to want to watch it and see what's up and what's going on in and i totally because it's such a provocative title that right to everybody and it's also like interesting that they can put something out like that twenty five years later i hate christian laettner and everyone's like like the like you saw people like yeah i really did he crystal if you're late or which i you know it may be different for you because you live through it and you had people truly hate you but i have to think that have in that like over people even to this day where they still you can still make people mad is kind of a cool feeling like you so that you beat everyone but we know that but we don't want to let everyone know that ok alright so let them know he never though get to a point where 'cause we actually had jj redick on the podcast he's a friend of ours and we talked about how his years at duke
and sometimes it actually got to him a little bit and it beat made him a different person that he wanted to be because they hate and the constant like fans going after his family was there ever a point there where you're like this is kind of getting to me a little bit you know we want to keep that quiet ok but the funny thing is that i don't understand why people don't realize that i still have that power over them if we choose to hate me like just let it go yeah how can you ever let anyone have that power you even for a second or if you think about duke basketball i mean oh i hate too fast like i wouldn't i there's no in the world that i he right now because i would never let anyone have that power over me even for a second in my life so two years younger than everyone i know rational not gin not i don't know just on more simple yeah i
i want a slow paced life and i want a simple life and to think about everyone else and what they're doing and their hate and how good they are or how bad they are that's just it's letting other people occupy your mind and i don't have time for that so what was the second part of your question did it ever bother me i never get to you like while you were at duke where it man i can't why does everyone hate me so much i'm just being myself i'm just competing two things the first is that it it did get to me once at lsu when the whole crowd was yelling homosexual not leg and that was in the thirty for thirty jail it you could see when i'm at the foul line at that one scene where like i'm i'm kind of flinching around because i don't know what to do i don't know whether to shoot my shot or to give them the finger or to just laugh because you know the cameras there too so you got to be careful so a little hello there
the other thing is that i can only hope to be loved by my fans by people who like duke i don't expect the carolina as to appreciate me or to love me because i'm trying to beat them every game so i don't understand the dichotomy of that of how how can you worry the opposing teams fans because i think should hate me because i'm there to try to beat their team sorry and i've never seen a basketball player be universally loved i mean lebron gets booed places he goes and dr j still used to get booed in boston it's that sometimes and he was my favorite player ever of all time practically so sighing comes pretty i was close but i think part of the reason you're right why some you know rival fans were able to cheer for sign is because they're like thank god he's not to be here next year true and then you
so i could probably be here seven years and had dinner at for final four zero where people that hired is set to cnn yes when you're on the national stage of rooms like him why is this is this guy still in college how is he still in college and every man from march first until april tenth there was a christian later model for four years in a row so yeah that can happen it's just part of the game why did you bit besides you know you you watch johnny dawkins what was there about duke that made you want to go that you're from western new york so i'm sure that syracuse is in play for you at the time right why did you decide to consider syracuse well thought the acc was the best form of basketball best style of basketball for my game if you remember and eight thousand two hundred and eighty three that was when ralph sampson was dominating at virginia and they went to lake three final fours or you know three and four years or something like that and so when i started watching college basketball on tv it was ralph sampson and the acc then
it's like the big east in georgetown years you know what i mean and and then i started to see north carolina and the way they play and i love north carolina two then i started here about duke and how they played an offense and they let their big guys be outside a little bit and at georgetown and syracuse like the centers had to be in the lane the whole time so i the c c style of play fit my game the best and then do the thing about do as they had never won coach k the hottest coach the nation right around then he was just blowing up in eight thousand six hundred and eighty seven so i want be a part of something that had never been done before they had already i wanted championship of carolina and i only made three visits is all acc schools carolina duke and virginia if i didn't the duke i would have went to carolina but i went to duke because i loved their nickname
and the colors in the blue and white and the adidas and the adidas top tens they were wearing and i just loved everything about it and then the the clinching factors coach k yeah do you think you think you get he did the same amount if you were in north carolina or virginia it's i could just get in the exam if we're at north carolina and we went to four straight hours and three national championship games in two titles maybe yes it is chicken and the egg because if you go somewhere else do you probably doesn't win you know those two titles and now the hatred for duke isn't the same level so you kind of started at all your case here oh yeah maybe maybe yeah if you go to maryland everybody hates maryland yeah to this day
well you guys are we would hate want to be in a roommate but you're being a little nice now cuz i don't know if i go to marilyn if we win more marilyn just cuz of me it's it's not an individual sport a team sport you need very good players around you like bobby hurley and grant hill and thomas hello my buddy thomas it was up here in new york city yeah did you ever do you ever get angry when like a new duke player comes along like a jj redick or grayson allen everyone's like disguise the most hated duke guy you're like wait hold on still here no i love that if some of it in some of the hatred gets even though i don't hinge my happiness on it right if it happens naturally or some of the hate kids taken away from me i don't mind yeah it's now you're kind of it's actually probably nice to be like in a fraternity of hate instead of just the sole hated guy like yeah you're just like a group of the they'd rattle off a bunch of names now you're
it's much better to be included in a group of three or four and and i didn't mind when grace in was he is a little bit i didn't like him to see him make a little mistakes and you know we're kicking or tripping over there i i didn't like to see that but it doesn't hurt to be grouped in a bigger group the of yeah of than just one yeah so you know they do gets all the calls right but i have a theory behind why the wraps always cheat in favor of duke for you guys is because you're so so diligent about doing that little teamwork huddle after every single break in the action and i'm convinced that you guys don't even say anything to each other and that little what could you say after every like foul shot after every little whistle but the ref see that they're like these guys are disciplined they would never commit an intentional foul i totally agree doing the funniest thing that i saw on facebook after the uc
game yeah i don't know if you guys side but yeah these guys acted like they were the producers for cbs and they were like okay we can't let duke win we can't let do glued right as right this guy takes the shop for you see up i'm gonna push the button and they have the rims gonna move that actually opted out then we got to do it twice because the rebound well how do you explain in two thousand fifteen in the national title game win wisconsin had like two falls in the first half and thirteen in the second half other than you know you know some sometimes sometimes the powers that be want the product that is the best product ok ok now put my put out there yeah yeah but seriously what do you guys say in those little group huddle meeting we say come on man let's do better in uh
maybe that's a coach k won't let us where our jersey may be about maybe bobby hurley and i would say different things and they say to each other about yeah but they encourage each other they say what they're gonna do a defense that they say what play they're gonna run on offense so there is a purpose to it yeah all right so you do car basically like i said i i introduce you as one of the best college basketball players of all time for street find which i think is crazy real the best college players of all time are pete maravich and kareem abdul jabbar lew alcindor the first and then maybe pete maravich on the conversation most prolific now i'm in the i don't know what the word is decorated or poor prolific maybe keep successful in terms of just getting to the final fours and championship but but not even close to the best because i only averaged two points maybe yeah i that too but there's been way other players uhm wow
i go to bed at night i might say to myself okay success we had some success because we went to four straight final fours and three championship games blah blah blah but i don't ever think about best in college history and i don't need to hang my hat on it 'cause it's not true ok so here is something that you did you were the only college player who was on the dream team which is the greatest collection of basketball players of all time do you ever sit back and think like holy ship that was wild i do that's exactly what i say oh my god i can't i can't believe i was a part of that an it i was like i was a kid on uh roller coaster just hanging by the seat of my pants having the greatest time laughing giggling playing against all these guys that i looked up to all these guys that i tried to make my game like there's you know larry bird and magic johnson were the first guys i ever saw six hundred six ten bringing the ball up having guard skills so to be on a team with them was just on
what team are you on for the greatest practice ever now this is the ninety two dream team and they had it's like the most famous practice of all time basically the best collection up errors michael jordan magic johnson charles barkley all these guys which side were you on for that i can't all i'd have to watch the film but i think i was on george his team and we might have i don't know i don't remember i would have to watch it i would have to watch it again with the guys nice to you i mean you were you obviously it so much younger than a lot of them and hadn't accomplished anything in the nba yet you know they were totally awesome after the first practice once they realize that i wasn't too much of a prima donna and once they realize that i could take an elbow from patrick ewing and not cry about it they were awesome to me they just wanted pro athletes lake for rookies takhleeq rookies you know get their cigar scary their laundry get them or
juice that they want orange juice and i was very willing to do that so once they saw that i was willing to act and behave like a rookie they accepted me and they were they were all awesome to me yeah because games like you do we're we're players keyed up to play in a they focused or star where they just okay we're gonna dominate this country they never simply basketball they were super keyed up they knew they were going to dominate but but the uh the nineteen ninety two was starting to say oh we got good players in europe and we got good players in germany and all this other stuff in spain and the guy and on the team really wanted to show the rest of the world that we were still by far the best and i heard say things like we want to win by four thousand and fifty points in the locker room because they start to get mad that the rest of the world thought they were catching up with us first impressive stat i think you guys in use a single time out the entire tournament
it was the greatest thing ever yeah it was domination yeah do you play one on one against any of the guys that's the greatest thing you know besides representing your country and winning a gold medal in the olympics the greatest thing for me was that i got to play one on one with all those guys every single one did you beat anyone skews me i don't think i played with magic because he those doing media stuff right see we play one on one once practice was over and the media would come in and magic and michael would have to go there and then me and chris mullin who no one wanted to talk to a chris malik didn't want to talk to no one lot to talk to me chris mullin didn't want to talk to him to the media so we would go play but i don't think i played against magic because he was always doing media requests i don't think i played it oh i did play against laree and i think i yeah one turn against michael later she went in exchange no
you your dad would have enjoyed it yeah he would've it's we release so yes were you out with charles barkley when he threw that go through the winter he did that during the dream team i thought so i don't think i think you got into a fight in barcelona yeah i wasn't out with him there but we did go out in portland we had the tournament of the mirror america's in portland and he and i went out a few times for dinner and chris mullin and it's just awesome times but i can't believe how i'm still shocked to this day on how good they treated me yeah yeah i don't know why i even jordan you know he was a care carolina guy and but he is awesome to me too there are some and then you actually you had a very successful career in the pros how long do you play for like thirteen years fourteen years thirteen years average weight like one thousand two hundred and twelve points a game something like that what was the big position wizard point where you get to the nba and you're like hey
this is a business now it's no longer you know like the all the fun i was having back at do i have to change the way i do a certain thing well that's that's part of the not fun about the nba is that it does turn the business a little bit you wish you could just be basketball but even in college it's not just not just basketball it's school in some other parts ally if basketball you always wish you could just be basketball but it's not and in the nba there's a lot of other factors going on but i loved every second of it even when i was on losing teams you love every second of it i mean it's best life in the world you're playing at the highest level you can paid some money everything's five star five star travel five star hotels so it's just the greatest life
i'd give anything to be twenty five and be able to go play again so i was listening to interview that you did not too long ago and you basically said that you said like the nba was the best and it was so much fun now though today's day it feels like a lot of guys are having fun day today and like there's a lot of guys that are unhappy with their situations but kind of a story about this nba season anthony davis you know because i in san antonio all that stuff what do you think like starts is it social media is it that everyone is a hype celebrity now why our guys seem to be having more fun in the nba well when you start saying i want to go to this team and that team then people think you're unhappy so then the whole dialogue of they're not happy as they used to be you know starts going in an infinite circle and that's why i never said i don't like this team i want to be on another team or i demand to be traded i never did that i don't i don't think people
do that because a whole new world wind starts right anthony this might just want to be on the lakers because he might want to win a championship or have a better chance to win a championship but once you say it and you say you want to leave your your team bad things can happen bad things happen been me and i never even said i wanted to leave right right and and i think it's the greatest honor in the world to be on one team for your whole career because that means they want you you're good enough and they never want to give you up so i wanted to stay on the timberwolves forever yeah is that what is had the most fun playing that's where i started i had a lot of fun there but i had the most fun you can possibly imagine every step along the way every day playing in the nba it doesn't matter where i where i was washed in minnesota atlanta every every every day is the best yeah yeah that's a good attitude to have yeah
all right i had to ask questions what's the biggest muskie you've you've caught a fifty four i have ensure out of lake bemidji in minnesota if people if people listening don't know what a muskie is go just google it it is there prehistoric fish is they will eat a dog they'll eat a small dog if your little like poodle jumps into the link there you're the armos and they're the biggest baddest fish yeah in the fresh water and there are a lot of fun they're ugly as hell yeah they just slowly go around they'll they'll be swimming around in there they're crazy muskies are crazy where they where they taste like you don't eat yeah we will kill you if you eat a muskie really you must put it back and someone else catches let it keep getting bigger and bigger that's it so they're just a bunch of fish to get that have been caught a like kind of source yeah and they don't remember that they got caught yeah well they're not smart and once you hook up to a big one like a fifty inch your it's like you know having
proficient line caught up on a bullets just bucking all over the place and jumping out of the water and going out under the boat and it's just a lot of fun if you enjoy fishing there the funnest fish to catch hell yeah and then my other last question was what is your favorite wing place in buffalo like there too many there's too many but my favorite wings were my mother just passed away well two years ago but she would make the best chicken wings she'd prime like everyone else would and and she put her sauce on him but then she put him in the oven and rhyme up a little bit they were just awesome but in buffalo ny you can't go wrong really any place yeah we're keels gabriels gate and bar bill those are our two favorite places up there for sure my last question your middle name is don donald that's a cool like don laettner would've been
a better name yeah if you wanna hate if you're just gonna die i think people would be honest i cannot it later my dad would have been like i love donnie he later slap on the floor dodds better yeah but just if you if you're ever in need of repair not too late for me to change my name legally no john later also sound just like a good sales person name yeah that is hey i'm not and later down late show on used car later how the hell are you this western new york town later yeah well actually also coach k how much is he dies hair ah no but he's got a little we're we're we're do kate admitted to caters but i actually think we were talking about earlier how you can't let the heat like people you can't let the that other people have the power over you i think part of the hate is what makes sports for
i'm like i despise do a i have fun with it and it's a little ingest and it's a little it's a little tongue tongue in cheek and i realize all that and i don't mind it and a lot of time walk up to me in the airport and they say i forget h u but they pat me on the back when you know you're also kinda like that right and there's also like the that you have a chronic moments that they remember part of their life and part of their sports watching life so i think there is that where it's like i hate christian laettner but he also has i have memories of him that right ma'am it's in jest yeah except little tongue any i'm sure yeah the fans and yeah and you can yeah they actually like when they say they hate you they really hate you yes what about i go to kentucky the musky face all the time i've two last questions first is how much to coach k pay not a dime and i'm so more than someone else
so a lot more than what it is i look at my my said questions actually kind of sears because you are one of the best or most clutch athletes i think in the last thirty forty years like you've been a terry jordan there are some other names of the tom brady i guess in color if you're going to make jay cutler danny woodhead all these names come to mind but for you they were the game slow down in these situations where it was you know at the in the u n l v game at the end of the kentucky game or do you like did you get more calm what was being in that moment like for you and why do you think you're so successful i don't know if things slow down but it just feels like you know you've been here before and and we've done this and especially with me now when i was off more and i hit the shot against uconn that was a little bit of a frenzy and like a quick hitter and when we can
out of the timeout i was supposed to throw the ball the phil henderson and then right at the last second coach k changed the place so that was kind of like a new thing a really quick hitter thing but we still handled it well because coach k trains us in those situations okay he at practice so every day he'll say okay the starters are down two points with eight seconds left let's see who wins you know so he changed you at that and then so things do slow not slow down but you feel like you've been in this situation before and then what was the second part of your question is your mindset more my mind set my i want to stick it to these guys no my mind said came from a pure or placed in that my mindset is i don't want to lose for the duke family i don't want to i don't want to let them the duke program or the duke family so i think that's like the to start you could have 'cause if you say to yourself
i want to hit a last second shot right i want to hit a last second shot that's a little selfish in my opinion so in my mind in my soul and my heart before the kentucky shot i'm thinking i don't want to let the duke people down so i think that comes from a pure place i think it frees you up a little bit clutch gene maybe no the clutch gene pool really guy do not there's no such thing really no not really at all you are you buddhist no i'm not buddhist but i've been told that a few times before in the past over the last twenty years were there like with some of the things you say your think is a little buddhist uhm i think it's your weight will you talking very soothing manner but it just it frees you up if you think i want to do this i want to do this it just makes it a little too selfish if you say gee i don't want to lose
a duke team are i don't want to see coach k disappointed in me then then it just comes from a pure place ok so the clutch gene yeah yeah it's ok this every time like i don't want coach k to be disappointed in maine where christian just did for all the listeners he knows he has the clutch gene but if he says he has the clutch gene then someone like elon musk is going to harvest his organs to try to find the synthesizer with smart of you to just deny that the clutch gene exists yes that i don't want to be put in a laboratory he'll get you in there alright christian thank you so much land o lakes appreciate it will see you on sunday so we're going to be there going to watch the bots shoot play some horse you guys will be there will be there is mostly dynamics competing in this do they have one of their robot dog so it's not sure yet i hope i actually might see you friday too i think you're coming here recording device will do a little show ok garverick thanks christian thanks both thanks don
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on top of it so they they designed all thirty two teams brand new hats they tried to incorporate some of the state flags into him so this but most of the city city jerseys right yeah most just ended up looking like a dog crapped out of jackson pollock painting and said here's your new hat it's going to be three thousand nine hundred and ninety nine couple good ones but like the chiefs won i don't understand that one makes no sense the steelers won looks like like you're driving old yellow cab yeah it looks like you're in a ska band yeah and that such one looks awesome i like the charges one yes it's very sudden bears is just the bears
just the bears the raiders one looks like blue lives matter flag a little bits got the american flag and then the raiders shield on it either way good job and i felt because you got to talk about your hats we are tied literally like the we fell right into the trap and basically they put a big piece of cheese out in the middle of the floor and we're like that she's looks good snap you're talking about the nfl in the middle of april this is the nail in the coffin for the area this is what did it so flax yet no well it came out before the air folded and there i could you know what we can't compete with draft night had right right even have hats for for game day you can't even pay your players and people are going crazy be for a draft hat that looks like shit yeah and people buy it they're going to buy him oh yeah the giants one looks like it's got a barb wire tattoo around the entire hat which is very appropriate for the fan base jaguars it's okay dolphins looks okay the saints one just looks like they just got lazy
that's a major louisiana who cares yeah that right there just still pictures three florida lease on their data one yes all right next up we have a lebron what we would call this just lebron lebron stinks literally yeah ron stay it's literally new segmenter tank lebron stinks literally channing frye did an interview on a podcast and he said about lebron there's three things that he tells everyone number one he has smelly breath smelly breath that was number one so it's going to be really smelling two he was a freaking nature and then three cow korver and i fixed his jumper for one year so lebron james has stinky breath which shouldn't surprise anyone yeah yeah i'm not shocked at all not just because of the wine but because lebron definitely is surrounded by yes men and he probably just does halitosis breath in everyone's face you think maverick carter's going to be like hey bron how 'bout a fucking piece of trident yeah hey rich baltimore breath smell
no no king hey king how about an altoids known sale that as a matter of fact the king's breath is actually the best breath right yes your go back to the old times the king's foot that was the size of those unit of measurement yeah the ideal foot yes so yeah lebron your breasts most perfect king yeah he this is this so a in you know what like this obviously shouldn't matter for someone of lebron stature but it definitely someone says you have bad breath it's very like unsettling cause you wonder first of all how long have i had bad breath that like has my ball just smelled like a poopy diaper for a really long time i don't know i've been talking to people all the time and you start questioning everything so lebron lebron definitely sitting at home right now doing the yeah that thing the bad breath is the great equalizer everybody can have bad breath and when you do yeah i don't care if you're the biggest star on the planet or you're a guy that's selling hot dogs at the game you're like yeah if you go with your breath you could be you could have a billion dollars look great be the king of the world you're going to
feel very self conscious in that moment how much one do you think he's going to drink to get rid of that bad breath a lot a lot a lot it lies right gonna come out with like a mouthwash slash wine combo yes it would lister quill lister quote overhang that's what he needs lister quo actually not come out for the entire playoffs server go zero dark thirty perfect segue we have a new drunk idea from both liam and hank very excited from that for this lister quote was the last one which was the fact is not made yet is crazy we make your own you know you just need is a bottle of each and then one slash three bottle to mix it in careful yeah yeah but bubba why don't you start with your drunk idea this is the producers drunk idea i'm very excited for this ok so when everybody is looking for a new restaurant they go to yelp but the majority of people especially like around my age yeah only care about how it looks on instagram so we need a app where you just rate it based on like how
gram worthy it is in scrambled so we've got that much a shop on the corner and i'm convinced that all macho shops were just designed for instagram they're like pink and green and very friendly to taking pictures of your it's actually like a baby poop colored drink but for whatever reason you the right filter on there at pops on ig lia may i add to the idea yes ok i love it but here's what we do you go to a restaurant and whenever you order the waiter then they send the restaurant send you a text message with an awesome picture of what you ordered so it's like a perfect optional photo of what you ordered so you can put it on instagram well because even like the food kobe good live it doesn't it's not like presented while these people don't care right so does roasted so you know if you come to my restaurant you know you're going to get a very gramble picture and we do different pictures different angles so it's not all the same so we have like
under different pictures of tomato soup why not also just have your servers trained in photography that was so they come out and they take the picture for you or someone else able light yeah this i'm saying so got the whole set up there and it's like a photo shoot at every single table also i feel like because a lot of shaming going on recently of people taking pictures it was before the utterly ridiculous yes yes so in this gal shame that this is a unshakable restaurant this is for the people that are sick of being shamed yes we are synonymous shame you understandable yeah on jan shameless yeah boom done and william h macy's there feeding his son's college resume into a wood chipper hank i like that idea that's a six one slash two out of town i give it three balls alright i'm going to keep it short so if you guys click and then i'll explain more ok podcast about commercials ok
you have my attention i like that so i mean you know we want to know what a lot of tv on the weekends and like i i part of me hates commercials the part me like you know what to spanish game you know you're going to stick through the commercials and watch them all some of them i like to hate some of you to they grow on you and some of on you get sick of so this podcast sick of so this talk about your favorite ads we about get some of the writers like i'd be interested in hearing from like the in hearing from like the the progressive writers like david progressive writers a girl like i think there's a whole this was born for dinner if i was gonna say this is right in his wheelhouse is perfect so you need him but then you need someone that's like a more likable version of him to actually do the show jenna jamison ginger person and there are all teaming up at last the end everyone we know watch daryn we do here dear and who's the person that usually i like to see such a sextet from forced to watch i think we should breed i think we should breed in new
val and just get him out here our own their own turn i don't know if you can push this terror fellow yeah doesn't sleep is old four hundred and forty forty he's a man younger younger and hunger i don't know there's no one who's hungrier than me eats like one bite of everything everybody was so it's good it's a good will put that in the idea for the hague i like that idea why don't we just do a commercial a week on this show we can that's kind of where it started out as a should talk about commercials and all that weight that sounds like the most boring segment ever yeah but you know it's more of a niece podcast needs audience but i think if we review to commercial week you would kind of be funny if it was a ridiculous commercial yeah i mean that's where depends like some that's what like the nc double a commercials for
and the like great commercial arsenal coke you hated it but now it's like i kind of get stuck in my head i like come i not only sonic commercials like i originally hated him but now as are on so consistently that yeah it's kind of like progressive commercials are the worst like you just like wait i know what you you like the sonic guys but you don't like flow slow as twenty times the range what about the fact that would that would that that other guy sucks the orange head guy who's trying to be the new flow oh yeah i got it single kim yes yes do you like guitar anger out on the geico commercials are funny like those are like well written in the old ones that they're bringing back are great yep ok commercial week and everyone watches tv so the market is already there or how about this how about we write our own commercial for a product that has a shity commercial on television right now that would be part of the commercial that we said we fix tweak it yeah we fix it yeah but now here's the last question about this would this be not relatable to all the cord cutters listening
no i mean how do you watch march madness those commercials even on illegal reddit streams so we could have a little pop up ads horny singles in your area we week the you the card twenty this isn't just blow your mind want this baby is a blow your mind how many singles are are in your area all the time gold i didn't it's the new animation that's really the the the porn animation that all the let's play this game and see how long you can last well yeah i'm not i don't really come while i'm playing video games it's too much for real and then right after all right last up we have i like that hank will do commercial week we're going to try it out on friday show all right
i'm just saying i think there's everyone think about why do they want to do it should be called brand new segment brand new segment alright last supper with you guys on chicks protect the shield we're going to protect patrick reed shield because patrick reed his mom got a computer my blow up by the way that anyone is here and that's ok social void no i just wanted to put that on the record in case it does ok that's fair so patrick reed some jeff shackleford road april fools joke column where he said that patrick reed is consulting with guy fiete for the masters dinner is actually not that's an april fools joke you're flying a little too close to reality yeah for who holy that yeah well i actually like the guys idea and the puppies at the u s open idea those are just great yeah those great
yeah it was option be good idea yeah that just pisses me off yeah so like the the casinos do idea that we put into the song who cares it's louisiana yeah that's that's a great we made that up right but after i wrote it down i was like i would go seven days a week to this new casino absolutely you take driver kids off this dixie zoo no the i was going they had seen the casino and then i go to the zoo yeah so then patrick reed's mom replied to geoff shackelford saying it was a joke it's april first saying of course i'm just going to say gee off 'cause that's how you always pronounce the jeff with the correct a joke at someone elses expense obviously you can tell the importance of one's job when they have to stoop to such low levels hashtag funny not funny g off funny not funny is a great hashtag now here's a couple questions one is how could you be offended by this two is uh i'm pretty sure patrick reed has divorced from his parents remember that story so is patrick reed's mom
still going to bat for patrick reed on the no internet trying to get him back i think quite the contrary i think patrick reed's mom is going to bat for guy fierri i think she was pist off that he was making phone calls gary that makes sense by saying like my shithead son has such bad taste that you would think that he would hire guy fiete in reality guy fieri should be reserved for the upper echelon of flavor palette yes i agree so that's what is so she's mad at okay so yeah matt it which i can't do this land i can get behind that too yeah don't drink don't bring guy fieri down to that level funny not have sect funny not funny g off let's just quickly i'm just gonna quickly just do a quick cash check sure sir
tell me that's the only one that's the only one area funny were some of the menu items on guy fairies let's see jack fried bacon mashed potatoes something definitely would have been like out of bounds what was it you had it runs by donkeys sauce and stuff like that yeah yeah guy and i chatted at length about the menu we're pleased to welcome him to the team his insure patrick stays on his current diet wall the former champions get something better than what the club wanted patrick to serve not no idea about menu suggestion g often go far enough that's the only thing that you should do if you if you're doing this yet just do a fake menu and be like hey here it is there actually was a fake patrick reed menu that went viral few months ago yeah what was on it it was a slow should stand what yeah i was busy like hot dogs and we're macaroni and cheese yeah so you grilled cheese pretty much i'm still your what look for your wallet it it's gone burger you can't pay for anything i'm ready all right hank because on ships do it send your receipt you guys some boys especially dad cat i started doing this thing where when i'm home over and i go pee in the morning all p once wash my hands then immediately p again what is wrong with me we'd say it again the morning i'm hung over
i go to pee in the morning a p once wash my hands then immediately p again that's occurred you just bladder infection like when you're hung over all bets are off whatever you got to do to make the hang over go away i agree it's fair game i agree yeah sure not i mean i mean there there are times where i wake up in the morning i'll just sit down on the toilet and just out p and then i'll wait so long that i'm so hung over there are just here again yeah that's true so she's good so is your your front your letter instruction your drink more if that's actually true if you drank more before you went to bed you have to pee harder when you got up and you get rid of all the drag strip a lot of water for some guys except heartless hank no my boyfriend recently made a burner count on twitter and it's become completely obsessed with trolling online it's really corny to me and i just don't get it but he is completely stopped all of their social media and called himself with this every twenty sense he makes him seem less and less attractive to me i don't know how to confront her about it what do i do it's important to have hobbies loser hank as a former troll yourself you wanna explain i mean this guy was a loser i i don't think there's anything got break up with them just get on your life when i get like this so the mind of the internet troll it's it's a complex thing but at the end of the day i just at all all i can think back to is like
eventually the person is going to grow up and be like what was i doing yeah i also think there's degrees to troll ing yeah so true lincoln mean a lot of things to a lot of different people like is he just is he making fun of people is he like dropping like racial epithets 'cause once you once you cross a certain line then it's no longer tro ling right you're just being a complete asshole but just think about it like every troll has grown up and just given up tro ling at some point yeah so just think of failure in if you're in the phase of strolling just realize that you're going to grow and grow out of it and maybe just accelerate that a little bit no it's you gotta do is doxim yeah docs docs your boyfriend it yes and it right now hey pmt boys just wondering is it normal for you to look at remnants on the toilet paper after you poop yes i have a car that was the only way to know if you need to keep wife or not but now i'm starting to doubt the normalcy of that thanks for
house to know how to stop always do you guys look at a kleenex after you sneeze also lose for the present time there's blood that's true what about what about the times where you wipe and then you're done wiping and then you do one for safety and then it's like full again as i did i just i just poop i don't know we did get some issues he boys especially hank thanks for scrap yep thank god you didn't have to get a cat out thank you i just started dating this guy in so far he seems pretty perfect the one thing turning me off he is really really tiny hands like really tiny how concerned should i be about this slash if this is a big deal to i wait it out and make sure this is the only thing wrong with him or do i end things right away yeah really that's a good question that you have i think that his hands are just fine the way they are he's good at pressing
and pressing stop button and there's nothing to complain about there's someone who has overnight inch hands and can be in the nfl not unlike my co host minor minor exactly nine and they weren't they offered him and they weren't you took out you took it like a five hundred and ten five thousand nine hundred and fifty eight floating scale but yeah just just see if you can grip a football if you can't then dump hey boys especially the cat that hank killed yeah i miss you well that cat can't even say anything 'cause it's dead as a ghost cat
my boyfriend never lets me use this phone even though i've looked through it while he was sleeping so showering and haven't found anything suspicious or concerning why is that you never know what's going to pop up their things when you have a phone there are things that could pop up there that are totally outside your control it could even just be as simple as like a book you being like hey here's my how she lost little things or like owns yeah oaks brought your group tax chain that you like are you here's the thing it could be it he could probably be doing something nefarious but he also could very much well just being like i don't want to explain all the inside jokes all the time that is we have to explain an inside joke we have run with your friends it immediately becomes not funny he also probably doesn't want you to know what's on his like recommended playlist on spotify yeah he probably has just shitty taste in music yeah hey boys especially kat my fiance and i started talking about having kids and now i'm scared to have good sex i feel like it really good sex makes my baby i'm gonna feel weird about it and think about it every time i see my kid that's true to all parents think about the actual sex that made their kids yeah i don't think so well here's a quick example dot if you have sex doggy style you're more likely to have twins that's a fact if she's on top you're more likely to have girl if the guys on top
or likely have dude 'cause your dominant if you're sixty nine ing you could have anything and you can't get pregnant in jacuzzi yeah it's pre come then it's going to be soccer player can't can't get pregnant jacuzzi pre come as a soccer player all these are facts these are just stone cold facts i think that you should just never have good sex before you get married that way there's no disappointment whatsoever yeah i think you should never have good sex ever because if you do then the next time you're going to have to have good sex again and that's a lot there's a lot of pressure lot keep that barlow don't ever have good sex so just be happy with the sex get your nut and count your blessings hey if you come it's cool yeah i did my job alright last one speaking of come sub fellas i've always wondered why semen is
the print sees chunky sometimes in this is jim i'm always going to assume this chunky sometimes and super water other times my boyfriend always wants to come in my mouth when i blow him sometimes it's like drinking chilly through a straw okay is there anything you can do to fix this or just need to i just need to power through to drink more water yes my answer for everything district more water i think it's like i think it's like poops you just never know yeah i don't eat less tapioca pudding if he if he's in a ton of top yoga that is gonna come out chucky that's all i know i think yeah you girls do pineapple i think you've heard mango yep hot sauce asparagus really really guys will just if you tell a guy that there's something out there that will make his come taste better that news will travel around the world so fast most guys are so easy to share that information pepperoni pizza combos heard those make
buffalo wild wings delicious spicy garlic sauce you should do come tasting no it thank you sir we'll eat different things uhhuh this is terrible this is bad is terrible terrible into the shelley through a straw i'm sorry everyone yeah this is terrible into the show hank and this was something light artist those puppies would've been awesome to do the tennis ball thing yeah that would've been sick yeah and they would have known if it was yellow or green with a problem like you'd have to i swear to god that i saw like pictures of being built in other places so it was it was a corgi i think in the picture that's how you know it's not true or he's don't do anything now it's all breeds are welcome well that's true yeah would suck chasing tennis balls still doesn't give tennis ball blind hubs right there we go so we
so what's in it yeah i do have another guy's on checks question says that no let's just send with with tennis balls and dogs okay awesome love it i picked mine to
i'm asking for march madness based on school color mascot teams and got three to four final fours right why do guys get so but heard about this also why don't guys just are randomly picking teams to win since it obviously works so well and so you picked a cat you thought that a cavalier a red raider a you got more eagle tiger we learn that it was tyler you got this and a spartan were the coolest i call bullshit on that because none of those are objectively speaking or call mascots you would have picked the red raiders yeah what for yeah what you would put what wofford if you were picking cool mascots the answer to the question though is we spend so much time wasting our lives watching sports to then be humble to the point of not knowing anything it really hurts every single march because you're like i watched so much shitty college basketball in january february and i have no idea what i'm picking but i feel like i do and then i get humbled by someone who did this it sucks egos are important to men you got a stroke them and make them
yes and then after your soft again tell them how smooth and not chunky life wasn't that fast love you guys it's pardon my take presented by barstool sports
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