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Christian McCAffrey, NFL HoF Pres David Baker and Super Bowl 54

2020-01-30 | 🔗
Super Bowl 54 is here and we’re finishing off a long week in Miami . We talk about the big Penn National Gaming deal and how we may end up on a slot machine (2:23 - 6:07). Coach K is losing it (6:07 - 9:00). Preview of SB 54 and picks (9:00 - 27:58) . Carolina Panthers running back Christian McCaffrey joins the show to talk football, how he needs to apologize for skipping the Sun Bowl, and his sick traps (27:58 - 41:50). NFL Hall of Fame president and CEO David Baker joins the show to talk about his job as historian of the game, being too big for football and the famous knock (41:50 - 77:36) . Segments include Fyre Fest and PFT getting verified, Mike Greenberg’s dumb rules, and a special birthday FAQ
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On is pardon my take. We have Christian Mccaffrey Future Hall, Famer Christian Mccaffrey, which works which work perfectly, because we also have the president ceo of the National Football League Hall of Fame David Baker, the man too large to play football? an enormous man. You know him from the knock on the door. We have him which are about the NFL Hall Fame, which are with Christian Mccaffrey about some fun stuff, and we have the super profits for pre. You hey, guess what Pfc there's a game being played? Let's Oh, it's crazy ball. It's the last in a fair game until September It's very sad, its crate. That is the last game, so organ embrace it we're gonna enjoy were in a preview. It were into all of that in a second, but before we do that. Also birthday, we it's also worth that we grant you birthday, I accuse so. We brought you by cash out. Not only is it the easiest place to send money to your friends, but
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Why not love yeah It is nice to see whether the part of my concern about the cash out go. Download right now use code bar, so they get ten dollars for free ten dollars. Tat S. Pc aid today is fry, a January p of teeth. Repay of tease birthday and but we're according it on Thursday, big cats for oh, my god, birth look at this
guys all sick a birthday week were actually gonna finish. The show with birthday ethic use. So we're not going to talk about a birth amounting to talk about the fact that my birthday today would have used rational Roy Yankee Adverts to happen, there is a gap. Thank you some. The ESA June. When is your birthday Judy? loser superfluity for general set before here we are finally here to last game of the season. This A very it's you wore weak. It doesn't feel like there's anyone talking about anything when it comes to the game. It's also the fact that its in Miami my aunt and we were just going to walk around here's one thing. I've knows about people. My aim is, everyone looks like they worked out for a living, only his their job to be in the GMO time. Some feel very inadequate walkin around her. But yeah you're right. There have been like huge story, that have come out this week, the biggest one. Is probably any red comparing his grandchildren too, to sweeten sour
work. Yes, so he said eyes: grandchildren are great, they keep em young and they keep em, but sometimes they also keep him old very similar to sweeten sour pork. Sorry compared his grandchildren, to his favorite dish. He invented the concept of the union, the yeah yeah, except if it was a fried dish from China I would actually, if I'm any reed, I would say there, like your grandchildren, like your appetite, because there's so much fun to spoil their ego. Like unquestionable said. It is a very weird feeling for you we got its Miami. I think also not to our own horn. Put the story. The week was Barston got a strategic investment from panache national gaming- you probably saw it happen late Tuesday, early Wednesday. What does that mean? I we're goin full town, I'm gonna be a pit pass So do you could imagine us people, we re a slot jack. I would love to be a pip passengers. Kick everyone out rightness at you I actually so when I
meeting with some of the guys from international gaming to I actually asked them like as a kind of there's meeting and I I just raise matters like hey: do No, you go see the eyes I in the sky room and there like definitely not like legally. No way irrational, yo, but me and the like No you the way they were just going to try to put together an oceans. Eleven ask why you'd have like Tsar B. Lowered from the ceiling walking out with a duffle bags filled with money. It was just a funny moment because he's got to take it. You know very serious. Obviously you know really good at their jobs and great. We're very, very happy that are part of the bar still team. Now we're part of them, but It was just a really weird moment where there's like this guy seriously, he just wants to go. Look at the cameras like I've always wondered that it tenderly I'd like to get room. I'd like to get a part, my take slot machine that would like more serious design work on their Stella Leroy here. Maybe some buffalo wings, of the other symbols, the seller, judiciary and Barnes.
One, maybe man, dog, twenty twenty three Quarter- filled Mon Dieu, dips, bitter yeah me, maybe trophy just attire, cornered Mon Dieu dips, hitter, with just pfc on, has not pfc right. Nobel Bell Taco Bilbil, yeah. That seems good. It pays out and roman swipes only maybe maybe a picture of of coach k laying on its side He has to pass out thing. I've ever give ever mother where you're, maybe are you worried bank? his gaze, maybe loosened his marbles after yelling at the dinner. Cameron crazies eyes wild move. Now, I think of you. I think those are recruiting thing. I think, of your perspective player, and you see that is she a coach that, like fire guys, even if they're on the other team right yeah, is thereby that paid everyone. That's on your team gets worse
when oil tobacco is because of boiled. Rice loves his players so much that he loves the more when their opponents. Now he deserves an equally his it's a brotherhood brotherhood for life and that a great example of shit but what about care is now here's where we get into the to the deep stuff? Is this going to affect recruiting for the camera crazies? If you're, just a new job, ask your ball fan. Are you and I want to go to Duke, knowing that your coach doesn't have your back? Yet that was a bad moment for the common crazies, its citizens Amran crazies, until dad yells at us. Yet they are not really the camera crazed anymore. Guys, because once coach K starts got, he did look a little eat coach k looked crazy, go or not
and then they all looked like they were scolded by their parents. Gap is ok. Now you guys, you want coaching and as we like football grounds, but I mean you can obviously only around this. No one code is going on is yelling at his player and what I ve always coating to MAR layer, coach cages ease cohesion, random key re. Those kids devising Euro zone is taking what I know a little. Now. Here's a difference, those kids in the stands. They don't get paid to go. Guys they are essentially they're making money for Instead of lay there, the camera crazy being exploited. You can yell at your place, if your secretly paying them with Bitcoin all the time their professionals they know they sign up for, but if you're student you're helpless, you're the victim in this Well, yes, I think the unsuitable they need to take a long, hard look as well, as the National Labour Board, should look at how coach case treaties unpaid employs the soon sex. My favorite part about that entire clip was when coach K turned to the camera. I did you get that
Did you get that Jimmy do another taking? And then he kept on going? That was my favorite part, really nice. It is super bowl with it is wrongly, but we had to get that because that was I mean: I believe these marbles Hank, I'm just saying this is actually Roy M coach Kay Also, we are going back. That's fine he's going to kill himself if this team who know he's under fire. No, he said I didn't say like you might kill him, if you can always alien and die before they get good again greatest. Does it take away their take away all all Duke Year from the came a crazy up given the game to get back into it, and only, though will use it going forward, they should make em all where Jeff cable uniforms? Yes, show, however, that I am right. Let's do sums we'll talk the talk some bets? Let's do everything would bring down? The game is a real with underwritten storyline about the Superbowl. Ok, I just uncover this one Sammy Walking is thinking about just taken you're off if they, when I know about those rights
said he just might chill leave here. He just gee. I might go back packing ruling. We Europeans, whose on designing olives emails using cheers and is a rich kid who goes yet goes to Germany for a year for Ngos to Harvard yeah a red is How would you describe debt and food terms he's like a brisk it you need. A lot unrestful allow one year when Russia is one of those those survive star, Michelin, restaurants, that they only serve like what they really can serve like five people night, because again take so long distance back up my theory that I've been investigating over the last couple years at Saint Wilkinson call right. I think that there is some sort of cot behaviour that he has planned This is: go right, table jobs, move down to Northern South America and develop will they re Northern South America sore talking like Peru, we're talking French Guiana, literary- I am people forget about bolivia- do that yeah. Think when they know that South America, like South America, its Argentina, its
it's a Brazil, it's giving our I'll show you that's all euralia, giving Owen be Venezuela, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Nigger, but today I am absolutely Erika. Bolivia did gets mice. Hikes, though failed to Bolivia, David down the road of death. They got excellent, stimulates I'm sure you'll, look real, quick, I'm a duke math map, deep dive, South America, moving alien to geography, dilated someone! I tell you wrote of death, which country I dont think about enough a great tourist attraction, YAP Peru Guiana, what the fuck I'm therein thought about Guiana aren't there. It is that's that's! The answer are, let's do survive let's get there. It's the week of the big game, and sadly, the last week to bet on football until next season to celebrate the end of a great season with Bet MGM, we are finishing it off with a bang. The first bet you can make during the Superbowl is on the coin Yes, that's why? For the last game in Season Bet, MGM has a special offer for aid. We also
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such juice. Now that usage score tv plus seven hundred, will there be a seventy plus yard tee with tv plus four fifty idle We have Lyman tedious, special plus one thousand. Do it all right. Now, a bedroom GM bonus that could be off now. No two out of three could have yet entails insurance paid free bets must be twenty one dollar. Twenty one or older must be New Jersey to place bats. Ria restrictions apply visit, Bedroom GM fullest germs terms, conditions, gambling from call one hundred gambler and remember if you Your new user, with bonus code, p m t and place your first bed of at least one dollar on the TAT you get your dollars. Gaza. So the outcome, pussy cat tails, insurance role of users, so each I'll bet MGM earlier this season. It's a great reason to get back on the ok. That is a mark of a truly grateful back. If you care pronounced last night. Yes, yes,
Absolutely that Vienna means yes, he's done. Just enough he's adequately knowingly is pre are not enough to you now really make me myth and be able to pronounces name correctly so there is also something that happens every week where we have the end of it run on food. I got now- are left in the tank it. So I apologise. Everyone there override Martha, run riot mild and I dont know familiar get the aunt em out you can Europe, I believe in you where there is one footprint in the sand. That's when I was carrying you begat. Thank you. Get to the finish. I appreciate that so Superbowl fifty for by the way I love the tales. They are. You carry a problem, I'm looking back and probably can't physically carry. You know you proud, cannot Maybe maybe you can several fifty four What do you guys like in this game? Where do we want to start? I guess we can just start with tales till
is there a sale of tales? I bet tales every single year. I've never bet tales. I mean I've, never lost bedding tails. That's absolutely false. I've definitely lost tales. I think there was one year. Actually I didn't couldn't figure out who I wanted in the game. So I just bet all my money. Hails. It lost that sounds like the start of a poor. Lay in uncut gems is year gone right off the law, as you have just ended, I do it yeah like tales. I, like you a lot. I do every year our select purple for the greater aid at the unknown anymore, because there is basically has been bet all the way down because was a rumour that one of the teams has purple, and then there was a rumour that both teams are gonna, have Purple Celebrate Kobe Brain, Oh so now. What is the purpose of a down tour dates? It's the worst kept secret purple. I think it's like one hundred and fifty now is so stupid.
See now putting all the way down to minus one morning, our camp at purple added value and verbal. Here's hannah- and I like will bitcoin price, be more at the end of the game than it was at the start. Actually the smart bet to put out there, because everyone who gambles use bitcoin, that's I was thinking about that like you can bet on that using Bitcoin and you kind of yourself. Don't you right, because if end up being wrong, and you bet that it's going to be worth more then I don't think this makes sense, you lose less money, riser Bitcoin devalued over the course. The gate right. Ok, if you use big, went to gamble on Bitcoin you'll always make money, What is you? What are you actually picking a new scheme? I actually think the voyage data when this I'm taking the over you not picking side young leave aside on picking the over right now, and I am also taking the chiefs. Ok, I
I have a lot of conviction and that that Bulgaria, that was sounded like you can really came from the bottom of the semi, is thirty four Sammy. What do you have Hank? What he thinks you're having this game? I like the over pic. I just I've thought about this game. Put flop in my brain a million times, and the thing that I keep coming back to is the chiefs. Defensive were sir genes, which has happened in the last six weeks, then very, very good, against IRAN. Everyone's talking on, I just think that the forty nine hours or different animal and where they can pass above them want to encourage Shanahan is a different beast. Then everything else the for the Chiefs submit have faced. So I, I just think the forty Niners have that, like they ve been the best team all year. Nothing like because there are bad last year and it took a while for people to catch on in myself included. I think we forget that they
pretty much wired a wire been the best team, all your they play that gauntlets schedule in the middle of season where they went to Baltimore two new. Ireland than the Packers at home. Basically, they played three teams over eighty percent I represent are winning percentage. They lost the Baltimore. They beat the saints inwards and killed the packers. Then you go to the play ass. They killed the Vikings they killed the pact's like they wanted dominating fashion those, Stu Games. They had the obviously the weird slip up against the falcons that was kind of a weird like lowlanders schedule and the sea. Schemes or instant classics put otherwise forty minors have been closely like you're, not you mean like they have played really really well all season long and the chief as good as they ve been. In this last stretch. I just I think, we're in a war wavy, unlike that team, was so good. Forty nine years, I'm talking about and theirs Good all year, how? How do we not see that come? You know one another different animal is the honey badger,
The answer is making the difference in this game. He's gonna have at least One turn over. He has been the key to the chief stiff and stepping up like that dude is a guy that you, you can't game plan form because he's just so instincts fuel is such a smart player to So he's smart enough to get in the right position instinctively enough to just like make these snap motions where he the shoulder a fist on the ball, creates a turn over. He tackles people very awkwardly in ways that they're not used to being tackled that hope. To greater virtue and he's got good hands. I love the honey badger I would love to seem score touch in the sea or building it not because of patch most, but because the hum I'm saying you were talking about the defence like. I think that he is such a key contribute defence and he change things up, so I, like the chiefs defence, more than most people do they haven't lost since November tent right they ve been on a hot street. I think they ve delegate neuron aching winning streak right now. Patrimony has been laid up. He's super super healthy. I think as long as they don't spot.
Forty nine hours- nineteen point which they very well loosely away. They ve started a spot and fourteen points, I'm still ok with it. If this bottom seventeen you like downloaded. Well, you have to overcome what about sixteen? Sixteen, not the outtakes. Sixteen Twenty years ago I got you, I got you got. We say yes, so I really liked the cheese I like the often so they obviously everyone likes you often, but they ve got. They present a lot problems in secondary. For the Niners, and I dont know if designers have enough people to cover Hartman, Sammy Wilkins. Of course you can all party will to cover all of the weapons I have. I just do forty Niners deepened it's been very good and their front four wheel, get pressure without having to add extra guys like they will get there? If that's, where Holmes he's not going to he's too good to have a bad game like I do not expect Pat Mahomes have a bad game
I just think it's going to be a close game, the 49ers going to win and we're going to look back and be like that was a team that was an all time team. Do you think that Kyle Shanahan has been sandbag in us and slow plain geographical, yet not letting impassable. Bulgaria's like he has enough confidence again make people think like over a one, dimensional tee and then boom we put in the Jimmy pack. So that's it like if a joke. But I agree with like now. In reality, the because right you go into this game, the that she's going to this, name being like we have to stop the run. They have too because that's what the Menards have shown last year games and then they can open up. Here's little thing there it there might be some wind on Sunday check that I will now I'll be in I'm so make a bold prediction. I think that the Niners We're gonna hit him with a play action bomb on the first, Dr Woe, plaques and bomb okay, so watch watch out you now we Flickr George cannot maybe, if we flickr maybe of night- I'm nervous annual Flickr vibes, whose Canada
Two Debo, ok, you're, a deep of ethics, nice! Oh yes, Debo yeah yeah score Debo Samuel for six points. I too, I mean it be the perfect time to do it right. Jimmy through eight passes and last came in your right. There can be found on the run. On this rooting for Gregg Kittle to get Superbowl envy peace, so he has to get tattoos of us yes knives. Certainly, my fish production is basically a repeat of last year. The old! I'm there's gonna be the occasion to meet the new guy will not shrink from a page on narrative who you route and the chiefs under in the chiefs, but The ruling against former Patriot Jimmy fellow who learned everything that he knows from Tom Brady. Well, if we are really looking at it from like a patriot, effective arms, looking at the game, you know what I'm going. I know very well that you look like we ordered for dinner, ass, wrongly what'd. I think homes wins us and then he is well on his way to being the grace of all time, he's also win that you'd have to and six more. After this one right to be in that conversation row, but this
an early start. Then it would be anyone I do. Do. I do I just wanna bet on the knives I do. I like this is It is probably why this rule has no buzz issue, because really I'd better, go either way. I wanted, we don't really care either. Why would I be? but on the miners and I lose if I lose my bet, I won't I'll be mad that are lost Tibet, at the idea, like that's pretty often that any reader Zyobite it's I'm example its emotion, insurance that putting on rough. I like that. I like that technical I'm ready. I would love very much see any real. I think what could happen is your right that front foreign for United. They can get pressure on the quarterback, pretty easily What is Andy Red really really good at, like ever gone back to eating Dulcea eating ribs, that's number one. He eats ribs any throw screen passes he's a screen game is awesome. It's on point. It always has been. I think that that's actually good match up for the chiefs of ours is a good
because obviously those four guys front a really good, but its match up that the chiefs. Are more uniquely suited to counter then most other cautious would be. I just really want to have the cheese go down big and then say thanks coming out she's an impetuous sounds like it. After that you went Superman. Dhabi Call me I'm also just rooting for them to win to get some fire tik Tok from patrimony of his brother S, boy He might wouldn't you warmly pay confetti. Come tonight, Windsor Roy we pay little inside Tipp, I'm told us huge news by the way I can't believe Dern reveal has spoken about it. Yet the confetti, that's gonna, poor down after the game, is gonna have to it's on it. How I was that, finally, we wind up tweets and were dumping them on players, cut stupid, so fuckin stupid. Do you know that I'm gets the ESA finally get social media there, printing out, tweets and then dumping them on people's heads loose? Do I have to secure, Angela Hipster lie. I knew that I do. I did know that I always
to bet on the first didn't know, song of the half time performance as well I am leaning towards him so lie because that's the only secure song I genuine block yes she's from the book. I hope Jennifer Lopez was either us from free. The award ceremony is: is it Jennifer Lopez, featuring secure or other way around that grow, headliners, whose I am concerned, the block is always such a bank or to start with, is like you, not you arrive until I'm still Jenny from the luck right, whose common first a hoot, whose name appears first on the is also going to but people go here will reward, whereas comes first, okay, so she's mine put it in the bank. Anything else. You rule Joe Bach Drake men. I grew array. Joe back last night at a party I he was kind of walking towards vows. Go over and say what's up Joe and he just makes a bit I write to me any gives me a massive hug. I'm tired
big was erection, I'm talking to you yet it talked read. I could see had I will out at the top and round which is a pretty cool, and he was given me this hug, like both hands full race around my back, there was like hey Joe. I guess I guess you're on him. Dna right now is to Joe Buckwheat are pacifying smile, Joe Bugger, stripping on Molly last night. He had a candy necklace around his neck. He was shirt. Lists is actually the machine shorts on is the whole thing will touch you. Please do so ass. You look good though it is created This is definitely, I feel like the most CNBC insuperable. We hadn't five years causes Lamb had money c c b. I write to them the Miami vibe, though everyone's here I mean you, don't skip the Miami Super escape them in sort to suitable you'll skip the Miami suitable seizures, walked down the street people everywhere. And celebrities everywhere, and people going to the beach and knock
and radio yeah? Listen, I'm I'm very much enjoying the NFL, like the shirts that they put. I know we talked about earlier this week, how I we just superbowl merchandise. The shirts God. You're Miami are fire like there. That's the pink is the green is the easy, eighties designs item I'm gonna go back like a whole new wardrobe that shit kind of candy ass, Nobody can again be guess what we're in Miami is dimmer into doing Hornful. I hope not New Germantown Hood we're gonna, get brought out there to flip a rolled up hundred dollar bill, really tiny, that's really damn money. Now is a really good guy and I, like him alive, he's just a well adjusted like he'd loves Sorry didn't catch up a year later. What it's going to catch up on land of one year anniversary, review, Damn Marino again and just type out the transcript and try to ask him the exactly.
Questions in this same cadence. Are we getting ready? We get him to stay a little bit longer, you do a table red with em of last year's interviewed might be actually better. It definitely were his answers, were you would be better being able to read and we could change his name to like a different quarterback that he hates who did Emory no hate every quarterback with Sue boring right, dad, I'm trying to remember on CBS when someone referred to overturn it. You gonna be instrumental, nor does it when they said Peyton Manning might end up like a damned Marino. Sudan area was right there like what the fuck is. He also says and generate so yeah, which will promote the transcript and have it in so damn no say Phil stems from his eyes and then at the end, damaging obiang manner. Censure is an asshole height that was you Dan. Yes, the hold out with you get your interviews. We got a great in every with Christian Mccaffrey and then in all timer with David Baker, the largest man actually probably look yeah, one of the largest guy with a red on its leader, David Baker. Kane I write David
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Ok, we now welcome on very special guessed. It is running back from the Carolina Panthers Christian Mccaffrey he's here with Verizon first question. I have to ask you: you do in the one more Sunday campaign with rising and here's what the the campaign is. Fifty they want us to use all the time we watch football and then that time for volunteer service free service in the off season. Do you realize how much you guys only one out of a job? I am, and I don't think we have enough time to volunteer with how much football not only do I watch games. I grind tape, unlike in all twenty two junkie as yet I break that down. That's yeah, that's a eighty hours a week after viands tiring another open up your off season, so my other rise in question is you? Are you now in charge of getting us good self service in every single stadium? Yes, that's my job, so I can sweetie you where people can do me with any rise in question.
It was a bad mistake: yadda yadda, yadda, yadda yadda view of it that one will have will, have all business, PETE escalate, while others were recruited up. If you care Serbia so Can we call you a few drove him? I would say that, well, you can, I will follow our group, I mean really. I was looking through. Like you now you have you tried three years old now you have most receptions a running back in one game. You most receptions by running back in a season you're one of three guys to do a thousand yards receiving a thousand yards. Rushing in your twenty three. I think your Future Hall Famer Pritchett, so you say that everyone that's all start at Helstone introducing this year, you're a swiss army knife. But the big question is how quickly Katy decipher attacks from Cameroon takes a minute.
Have to go see translation on the on the Instagram feed, but I end up getting it done it stuff. You know it's another language that that I don't know how you understand it, but he makes deal with it and have you ever watched him like type it out? I've never seen it. I think he's keyboard is set to do that. To that all it, so he d types normally, but it comes out. The way comes out. Will you yeah we're friends Gregg also, he said that he like thanks a lot of the reason why he gets passes because He can decipher what can be better than anyone else. That's why he's been in illegal only reason, Gregg Estate and leaks of rake Have you met and talked with their new coach? I have yeah. Ok, I talked with toggle coach rule. Talk with coach radio
I'm really exciting. I think those guys are arguing. You look at the history of turning things around have been struggling and you know coach will wade at Temple what he did at Baylor. I think I honestly think we got the right guys to do that to you. Don't need a lot of guys to step up, but we got a good young bunch mixed with some veteran guys, so should be good you bring up the factory spit on himself in a bowl. I don't even see that cliff. That's news to me how we need to be right on this actually said we like RO. We think he's a great code yeah, but if you're NFL owner, when you see, on yourself. That's a nose ass him off the lay ass. Actually, I love to have him, but right s, basic things that I would do out myself all mad drool off when he talked did you get to meet it? division Madame face. Was you wearing a smart? He one way smart. Now you change right, a big cities retiring smile. I hope you, I hope it makes it makes a compact, I'm a fan of smart to be
to hear it's bad. He spent directly on himself, right now. I think it was indoors to wasn't a wind united. Somebody lies wisely where no boxes for I died down, he's dehydrate I don't trust the idea thick spit super not always work and hard. I can respect yet. I gotta have a serious question, because I've always wondered about you know when teams change ownership, the actual like dated eight stuff that impacts yeah leads I come is always figure. You know you go about your job, you guy. In other things, you need to work on it. You know when you go in there does is like a palpable. Since in a building when a new owner takes charge, I feel God. I only I only know from the transition from Mr Richardson, Mr Tapir, ah I would definitely say there was a new. There is definitely new feel in the building and
and anyone who knows. Mr tapper knows that he is such a presence. He wants to be a part of it. He loves talking with the players. You know he loves being in the in the nnn. He is in and he's a guy who's not afraid to to make moves that that he thinks you're going to help us win. So as a players, it's exciting, because you know that he wants to be on the forefront of technology. New treatments on you know is building a new facility, obviously done so much with our team already so from a players perspective, it does matter in its really cool. It is when you have an owner has like that. What about the other shield, the fifty hardline d are gonna, miss that. A change in the shield to the eye? I just don't worry Jones, Elsie S or I'm sorry, every obsess almost Richardson was you wanted to give respect the leave? kept it as the shield at fifty yard. Long I like yeah, mean
It was on the way and we have. I think we have the Panther now and I am very grateful. The very terrible will speak questions that yeah. We try to always ask questions. You may not get asked by every other interview. Would you like to use this time to apologize for skipping the Sun bowl as the greatest credit Aragon. I ain't automatic lad said that you had a bad message for the kid bad message for the house's director hope so much
I have a son shouldn't, say things like that when you have like a history like not good thing, I don't know, I won't go out far, but you know I don't have any. Alas, apologia yeah I've poligized to everybody, you nobody inevitably to the kind of haulage eyes to the kids. What what's the largely like you, too poligized directly to my opponent, some sign for missing the sunbeam, glad you, its little cat. We call little cat little provided are born yet, now tat. He had absurd to see you and a little cat, I'm so sorry I can explain to knock how apologetic fur for missing the somber. Ah, if I could do it again, our replay assemble. Just for a little on your ass off, I, I am actually upset the you skip the sun vote because the Sun boys, the famous game that right
sweat and watch mixture biscuit was like damn Stanford. I got to draft this guy- wade you might have been by the bears. History might have indifferent. Are you here? Silly right now, it's my fault. That's my for, because you and she might have fallen behind by allow. More point. Mitch would have tried to press little bit right receptions right and then they would at this stage by may do, do you feel like a little slighted that everyone talks about who pass on patrimony homes or to shine Watson draft not who pass a person. Mccaffrey now I I get that for me. Like man, they picked Christian Mccaffrey. Instead a patent homes at staring eyes. I have you, I mean I'd. I used its hard to complain and regulating obviously competitor, and you want to be the first pick, but in. I couldn't go. No better organization, great shamming, Charlotte's abbess on not just saying that either so I left. I went to a great team. Yo got guys like Olsen on the team. Are gonna come in Iligan.
From him hang out him. So it's been good yogi, like things worked out pretty well for you overall yeah how they work and I grew up a Redskins fan. We got round Rivera now up there. I am actually very sided I'd kind of the Redskins and I have had a mutual parting of ways over the last five years- has put it that way. But now I'm actually reinvigorate, because I believe in that guy- and I think you know when he left the Panthers everything you heard on his way out was nothing but admiration and glowing praise. So it can you just suck convince me that the Redskins Superbowl yeah her. Why think? When you win, you know Ye Amelia said it best. When he laughed, I mean the Carolinas were now just thankful that you got some time with them and he's a great leader, great coach
he's got a great staff and I use a winner. You know I mean the league is such a revolving door. I mean no one lasts forever and you know it's very rare, at least so you know when twenty think about coach Vert, I think of a great leader was consistent. You know he he's not afraid to to put the hammer down. You know when needed, which I think is something that you know in the league is much its needed a lot more than people think so eyes. A great coaches obviously got a lotta. The Carolina staff Goin to him- and I M excited to just makes everyone plan, but I am also against the air. So you're your whole family, incredible athletes like your office, your dad put in the your brothers, are incredible athletes, your brother, who is a quarterback Michigan, Dylan yeah. In love with football. He loves football. Now I didn't know he's in love is Papa he's in love with it gets cold shower. Baha is a good friend
cars and he is a sniff now he's going to sniff. My he's so so deal has been there three years now. Ok, so he in Harbaugh him or close obviously saw- and I hope I hope is the guy. I hope that they can finally get over that low hump of be no house the young and go from there. But yes, he's in love a football. Do you think you would but I will make in the NBA. It's tough man, your humble evil bass, popularity playing all the sports yeah I'd have been a great Hence man. The heavy May Samuel Nobody offences, but we need a foul I'm in You know we need someone to me. We turn it over, but probably not a man. You're recruited to play at me. I'm in my home
car out of actually were my dad's coaching now? Ok, they recruited me to play out can play football, him, basketball and I wasn't going to, but they asked me to see a shoe and in Detroit already one, ok, snowman, something you made the right choice, so yeah so yeah recruited I saw some highlights in Europe- is a man. You have obviously incredible athleticism thrown down in the air. Am I may be courteous, Tufto just guards or six five in the NBA point guards I would have been an anomaly I'd like to see. Do the dunk over the goalposts celebration without because I doubt like surprise a lot of people, yeah! Maybe I'll do next year after the early in the year in the legs or low fresh, either when you have a lead, because I think it's a penalty. Fourth quarter of the legs are pretty gas, though not a lot of volume to the United might have to be a tone setter. First Unifirst Series touchdown
yeah? I think I might have to be a fly like that. Little multiple choice for you. Would you describe yourself more as a gym rat, a ham and eggs guy sneaky athletic or a coach on the field? Tough, Jim Rat, Jim Rat last one leave yeah, that's big big! I guess I've always wondered about the first and last out guys, because eventually, I have two of them on the same team. Now, there's only one and at what point is it too Much at what point D get there too early like I'd rather sleep, the extra thirty minutes and be bet. You know I mean right as I think that sir it's more old school now actually love to sleep and I loved you know, do my process. But if my process now is over, I go home. I stress Mccaffrey lazy. The new narrative clashes off season. Good, let off did a husband voter, really tell you that they involve envisaged in watching player. That's a true story theirs. You might face me and my my my mother's right next to me at added The Heisman dinner
play. Sorry, dude. I had to go to bed. I got to know if I should have gone to the the deal but yeah I don't know that's a wild story. I have one last question: it's kind of a stupid question, but how do you get your trap? So look so awesome. I think traps or genetic honestly, fuck or behaving like I want does you'd, like our here's, the guy do twenty minutes in the jam. Now I don't know I mean I think you do do like cleans. I think that might get the debts an underhand trap work. I don't focused solely on this on the trap. Ok, dead, lifts, yeah big widely, I like it. I, like a bag of chips, from behind the shopping, your chips and then pick up- and you know what website you d better get worse, unites Purvis, stay the same like that again better. Yet, where I do like headquarters for boycott referable cook goal is everyone you failures, not athletic. That's my last question now
yeah, I'm here, such as Algeria gaslights. I wonder just like that. That shows up to a family dinner and I can do my crosswords now Now we play our role. Play oxide playin little brothers, both play football played multiple sport. I would not like we had had the gene pool version, which was nice day fortune, Do you ever did you call John Outweigh Uncle John? I do not call Reading when you're never caught him. Uncle John well recovery. Thank you very much appreciate it. Go check out and Duke me service can be a lot more misery to agree service he'll next, whereby he began right click here and if you have problems wifi in the stadiums we just saw Magdalene, any your tweets out three. That's really thank you! Things! Mandates thanks, guys appreciated that area the Christian Mccaffrey has brought to buy bud light seltzer. They actually sent some into the office couple weeks ago. Railway came
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K. We now welcome on a very, very, very special guessed. It is the president and ceo of the Pro Football Hall of Fame David Baker. You know him He is the one who Knox wearing it. All that, but before we start. I want to raise the business card you gave us, So U S business card almost instantly, which that's classy move. Could you ok, I feel like I'm friend for life. If I ever in trouble me give you a call words. Good for free admission to approve a ball of ambiguity. I did it. I thought it was just cite: is I'm David Baker? Here's my measures, Liberia, users, you let me know when you come in and will rule out the relocate preferences on the back it says honour the heroes of the game preserves of its history, promote its values. Celebrate excellence everywhere, so do Explain how you guys came up with this mission statement of what it means Commission statement is something the drives: every decision that we try to make a profit.
Not always easy, but tat honour so the game, not only the profitable whole hall famers, but every guy. Replacing the NFL has an archive, and there archive can be added to also it's not just the three hundred and twenty six guys, whoever bronze bust. It's all those other guys, twenty seven thousand guys who played- and we can talk about that in a second to to preserve its history. We get such my pictures, forty million documents that preserve the game and then to promote its values. It's not just about. The worship of the while here or even the worship, the game of football, but in a week s fancy every one of these guys fell at a great. Not one of them did right there's, not a guy in the Hall of Fame, whose quarterback who didn't ya Throw a lotta, incompletion sore running back to fumbled all were Lyman who Mr Blocker difference of guys. It must tackle these guys had earned their greatest say at a fight for it. They had overcome adversity
and it's really about the values that they use? The young, are truly committed people, they persevere, they don't give up they there to plan their diligence, and how do they use those values to drag a lot of other people to greatness and then lashly of celebrating excellence everywhere, You know when you look at the life of a Roger Starbuck or bill cower. Jimmy Johnson, you just made it in with the blue Ribbon committee. You now you may not be a hall of fame coach or health and quarterback. But you know those same values can help us how to be a better that minimum or better. You know broadcast professional or her. Thank you. I was very nice and it can also help us learn how to be a better community in country I want a lot of lessons for Brett five about how to become better at the internet.
Notably like it doesn't matter how retired to screw up as long as you succeed like one or two more times, and you screwed up you be February, that look look. What got? U? European yeah. I mean it's incredible, but I will tell you: are we in a breath was one those guys Yet, when we selected his class ten hours of work with all of our elite media selector to really work hard on this thing, all did your long. Took ten seconds for him to be selected. I turned to the Green Bay Gazette because they were supposed to give his presentation, and I said the next. You know finalists his bread, firemen turn the guy from Green Bay nieces? Here I've got a presentation, but do you really want it, and I got paused and looked at the rooms are now We want a spread far yet ready. That's interesting! So I do not know this, as part of the selection process There's a media organization that is assigned to like make your case for you almost like at her a trial attorney trying to convince roof. Yours, it starts with the presentation of five minutes for those yes,
and we didn't have even hear the one for bread. But when I knocked on his door, he knew I was. How can this door I knew before ever came to the city of the knock on a store? But when I told him he was one of the three hundred to best players, coaches and contributors to ever play the game. At that time I got it he stuck his hands in his pockets like a ten year old kid and he just hung his head. And the word I would express wish humility He knew the shoulders he stood upon, even if your bread, far right and then of a good begat. What we take him over the honor show our guy we're in the audience were all famers, walk upon stage and shake his hand within press conference afterwards when he happens to be next to me, as we start, my shadow, you dont niggers. Are you kidding? Yes, I do. Quickly hand Roger Starbuck, and I would have thought these guys play golf or dry and said: no, you don't understand. All my life. I dreamed of being Roger, stop right and he paused for signing us, hey
I guess I'm honest team now right right. Right, I said forever, is pretty. And so it's ok. It's it's a great moment when that happens, that's fantastic because it is like you, don't every single generation the generation before then they looked up to the guys that were there and then they join them. So I just want to really quickly go back to how the selection goes down cuz. I think it's a bad thing, so you guys are all in a row. It's fifty people right. Four thousand eight hundred and forty eight elite selector delete selectors, and you have people come up make the case, so you whittle it down from a pool of how many to generally, every year. This is a different because its assent in and we're having twenty four twenty twenty, but You know most years, it'll be eighteen, finalists, finalist, ok, know, generally that's a senior and contributors that make up three. And then it is players and coaches who make up the other. Fifteen finalist I am the seniors and coaches at you to go out on their own,
And then, when we get to that fifteen, you go from fifteen to ten and then you can a whittled down to five and now what does that room like our people arguing? Is it the greatest sports debate of all time like it either gang complain about the coffee? It seems like a fascinating place to be well, as we ve learned a long time ago, the way to get a leap media there is food. Yes, I am called. We accept these four yoga yellow today's eight I know, but now I think it's it's one of those things we have to wear the Peter King told me that he does a tunnel twenty interviews. All year round, just to prepare for that one day and we got a guy like John Clayton and Southpaw Antonio endured Bell from you. Today and these guys taken. I wish fan could see yeah how seriously they take it end of them say that it's the most important day, their year. Well, knowing how much
Fell fans love the NFL. I think we should probably put it in like the middle of April and make it a tv show. Well, listen. We, you know we hadn't I'd, watch it waiting Times endorsement where they had the whole editorial board sit down. They put, it does make a very. I watch the whole day. Well, there's things that we're looking at in the future. That might be a little bit different right, but I will take care. Guys. You now I didn't get this job just goes on sport. Good luck! I gather volume four hundred pounds in You need a big guy who to run this meeting. No one's gonna. Give me back to have the best knock of all time. I think that was really just Erasmus right well issued a piece of wood. No, I hear knock on the african Duma. Knocking naval right. Absolutely fair, Knight TAT is why you got a job, but you know limited. We ve gotta be done by certain time, because we announce our guys life to the world. Rarely in the middle, the come a high point of the ownership rights
and so we gotta move and but it'll take many many times that I've been here. It's taken ten twelve hours for the Blue Ribbon Committee. That selected this could centennial class. You know they met together for about twenty one where's, while and in guys are passionate about it and one or two things, I'd love for I can't share. Goes on in that room or what said, but I can tell you that good stuff, bad stuff right. I mean two guys really get into it. Just that conversation the end and that's why it's confidential? that guys can share stuff in bound off, but I do think it is, you make it into the hall of fame. You have gone under an incredible level of scrutiny by whole. Lot of people were experts at it. Ass was interesting. Is that you know you ve got the others Antonio Will that are getting it right now? Can you expand the classical bit? I think, as the as years move forward,
You gonna run into a lot a log germs, along the way, because of how that the game is grown in the media. Spend so much that people are more way more familiar with players. Played in the early two. Thousands lay two thousand up to the modern day Then they were even with guys it played in the mid nineties. Those guys are so tv rights weren't ubiquitous they weren't everywhere. He can watch on every single bar guys are in danger of kind of fallen by the wayside, even though they had great careers, Is there something you guys have planned going forward where you make sure that There are some spots in property. For the older players BP after you, that's really what the centennial class was about. You know I mean This year we have ten seniors in that class and annually, that no MAC speedy or about Bobby Dylan nor Dukes, later you'll be ducal. Slater was an african him. Who played for ten years on the NFL from nineteen twenty in nineteen. Thirty nematode, you better be good player at that time to play in the interval of time
a great player, and so we have our senior committee and our senior committee meets all by itself. Lot of time and energy to funding. I show me a fallen between the cracks right. And then we have our contributors to many because, the league isn't just those guys we're on the field its those I mean, do you guys will ya know four payroll out other kids college fund because they had to make it all. General managers who put these teams together or or a great guy like Steve Mabel I mean: do you guys, will ya know an early and is eating out of the reason why we don t I Phelan, while the others, because a Steve's able it wasn't just the score all of a sudden. It was the frozen tundra, lend Warfield and that cloud of grass come. Your face mass gonna, horrible you're lying to me, showed you the determination rifle each absolute and the character of things at an end and then we're looking at a special category. Just for coaches could sometimes yo
for a lot of modern era guys and in one of the things the whole thing does it's pretty cool? Is you got away, five years after retire to be considered. So if Tom, Brady or drew breeze wish to retire now or Eli. Adding retired just the other day, there's five years from now before he is eligible for the profit of aim and I think that's a pretty smart move because it gives perspective. It allows time for history to settle and to go in. But it's a very difficult process. It is now with so many media outlets, like yourself with the cell phone and bread five on the internet. It is there's an opinion everywhere right. It's extremely controversial but what I would say is it should be hard to make it into the half. Yet it's not the hall, a very, very good,
all of you for yet that I want to be Europe. Is it out to be the president of the whole of very good? Do? What's that? Do you recommend I take to achieve that dream? You know what a phd I'll take. You know you, to me and have only known yet air for maybe twenty minutes, but I would tell- You excel at mediocrity world That's nice that it is an agency commitment of everybody. Might not. Everyone can do that. I got butterflies and my euro. We talk about you for some and knock on my own door. Congratulations! Pfc! Thank you! Pay! If you didn't play football because you were quote to literally too big to play, for it was at me. You you're a great bass, we'll play played in college appeal in prose where I regularly up. They weighed you to play. Football is a kid. Ok, ok, you know what I was ten years old, I, was about phd site.
And ass, I what do you want here all day and they would have put me up with fifty year old right, but I I we kind of corrective this in the next generation, with both my kids Right SAM played in the Unifil and the other three time honoured ass. He had been played Golden Iceland, some Duke and an end, but I've always loved football. The most yeah basketball got me to college rain. For me, it's important because we all come from someplace For me, my mom and dad couldn't reader right and if it wasn't for sports, I want to go to college. I want go to law, school had the opportunity to play around the world and Surely one be certain with guys like you here, probably downgrade yeah yeah. It's gonna watch it in a pretty special play. I love that story, though, because you are you now, the guy who's, basically in charge of the history of the game, you're the presidency of the Hall of Fame.
You love football from everything. I've read more than pretty much anyone who's ever walk this earth. When you employ but then almost as is like poetic, imperfect, because that's how much you love it can that's kind, and- and I appreciate it, I do love. And again what I love about sports maybe a serious topic for you got no, but what I say what I care about. It is there are so many lessons learned from sports yeah I got the greatest job in the world as I'm hanging and was on the best football players Laura, but I've learned their they're, pretty good people to her and the game isn't just for those guys, whoever bronze botched or those guys who got paid for it. Like my son, the game is for guys who become firemen and soldiers and police officers and fathers and respectfully when your life is screwed up, and every one of us are at some point again when Eliza split up you don't go back to your chemistry teacher, you calculus steed
if your life advice but idea- all this go back to a coach, and I really believe the cat is because that coach teaches you how to keep Goin when you don't think you can or how to get up when you get so I love this goes. They're saw its it it's. Football in man. I love a ball but I don't love it as much as John Madness near or some of the other guys that I've been with, I mean that's here: they bilbil check Bilbil chuckled are blue Ribbon committee. Ok, and he said it was one of the best days of his where this guy, with eight rings you're talking about being at the hall of fame on that day, making history by electing the centennial class. These guys love the gay brain an end to me. It's it's It's a fun game to be friends to scream and yes to cheer, for your team to drink a beer,
but there are so many wonderful lessons in it in its done. It's a lot from me. Sports has done a lot for me. It's a lot from my two boys right, and I hope that I- and we can get back to say you. Ve been Oliver TV last week's. You surprised Bill Calories prize Jimmy Johnson, the waterworks start, to flow Your Santa there are, so it was great because you gotta see them in the moment where they realize and it all hidden like the common To my career. Is that I'm amongst Sicily, group and you got to that that reaction, just looking at you and you ve kind of Been famous over the years for, like we said, you're knock on the door. That's what happens that Saturday before this. All right you go around, you tell everybody can gradually since you made it, I'm wondering if there is one person who store you may have knocked on. That was more memorable than the others, whether its four strange reasoner or for something that spoke to you. Where are you I gasped me which, when my kids do I love the most. I does it actually. Let me ask you that kid that when do you see
Kid that went to Duke and Ben says I love him. I love him both the same. But I will tell you fifty it it SAM I learned a lot. My first year we didn't have time to knock on the door, so we had to call guys we had to get him across. Newark to Radio City Music Hall where they were going to be revealed again life to the nation. I call Michael straight first, because he was at his house, then called their books because I knew Derek books are considered nobody and wanted to give some news good Buddy, my third one, Mr Re Guy Punter. Finalist twenty nine years he'd been eligible. And my area code on my phone is seven hundred and fourteen from Orange County. So it's not three hundred and thirty from KEN you almost didn't answer, but fortunately like the fifth ring, you did and he's got this great son Miss Phoebe draw any said. Yes, sir, and I said
he read this day break from the new President Hall of Fame I've been there months. I sat down. He said yes, sir, and I said I just want to tell you that it is my great pleasure- and I got that far and I could hear him fall to the floor, his phone as rattling around his wife, the sand, any baby. Our UK and I thought I'd kill my first all of em hat. I stand here, but it was like two minutes wanting again. It was two minutes to get him up. Which is a long time and you're, trying to get somebody on the air array radio, city musical and it occurred to us a man. We need to let fancy how important this is and so from there Andrew Medicis door and he got down and he had there been a couple times that he had so he got tired of waiting and felt he did make it again and he laughed and the maid came the door. I told you a little bit about bread, far right, Kurt Warner Whisper.
For me. Cause I've been Commissioner Arena Football League, you know but a rod, Wolfe was an interesting guy because came to the door. Thank goodness, and he had a. We was responded with a tie and issues were signed, but he didn't want a wrinkle was pants. They were hanging over time, also. I have this camera crew with me. Like your guys here, and I said ass it here, got good news and bad news. The good news is you're in the hall of fame you're going again, the bad news is your national team and he said it did Jerry most humble cry, and, and specifically bill and Jimmy I dont have a vote in any of this. I just run the meeting. I don't have a vote, but when I open up, the envelope which is done by auditors urged in Young did this one, and I am always- prized, and I was surprised that it was Jimmy Bill and within about
minutes. We realise that Hale ones on tv on Saturday ones on tv on Sunday and we start did you go to work on that because again, what was really cool about that wasn't day Baker beyond on tv I mean quite honestly, a terrier pitching to do my job I disagree. You add another year you added elemental, Woodpecker Agincourt, Packer presentation that rightly born out of similar idea, but but I think you get what I try to do is tones writhings number one you're, going to candid cantons with special place with forty eight hundred volunteers to take two weeks of vacation to put on. Since Raymond and every player wants to begin his career at the drop of they want in their current chanted. The second thing I Tom is that their own into the profitable hall of Fame, and the third thing is that working to keep their legacy forever. Chris Norman, who passed last night, we will tell him that the guy who's got day, beggar job hundred day bakers. Now what
the story of crystal, but not just of a ballplayer areas, but I think a very special man, so Yo Yo refer us, it just tell em S door and then it's getting out of the way, bill power is a private, you gotta check out there on the sidelines showing that determination. But let me tell you once her that in once he saw his wife and daughter and Jimmy? I thought you are then we're gonna give him oxygen, yes, but that's what we want. We want fans to see how important this is to these guys, because when that, when it happens respectfully I have had the opportunity to do this may be sixty times now and look into the eyes of these guys, Randy ran MOSS? Was adding Randy Mass. I think I got privilege. The watch him not just be agreed for ballplayer, but be a great man he's taken in his sons, kids he's, I think, very highly of Randy MOSS
but you know when that happens. There not think enough records in lombardy. You said statistics there thinking about their mom who drove him the practice. When there are ten years we have to think about the dad, didn't let em quitter the coach that inspired more the timid, yeah that sacrificed for them and managed it all manner of why I should just a thousand images so much so that Jimmy Johnson just couldn't doc right, so it's it's! It's real special it in the special part of that way. We can do. It is to have fancy that ever fans to see special so what we do in the media is we like to say someone's a future hall favor, Well, they may be. Are not would you be in stood in possibly consulting with us, so we, call. You up be like hey David Baker. Can we say this guy's, a Future hall famer, Are you out of here,
You know I don't have time to do it out, I'd be glad to do it for good James Wednesday. But but you know my interest, probably I was gonna should be the same. Yes could be Oh me, you're, not saying nothing. That's good! For us we'll take a not no dream is Winston but that's we'd love to do that without a safe. You drove him of this future olive ever that I think we need committee, whose, like someone is heading that committee, w future or fame, I feel like I could. Actually would you give us the commission? you act on your behalf and legally as long and winding do not involve any payment or pay absolutely sire, all legal documents as effective and do it also security number here a match? I am interested to know you. You mention the phrase the Elite Committee of designers. They get in that room.
It's almost like a twelve angry men situation. If what what are they applications. How does one get into that committee? its generally. Somebody is very respected in the media number one you are by law say that you ve got to be in the media coverage football, now. We also have to holler famers in there, but they happen to be guys who were involved in the media, James Laughter from CBS, and I'm your lab Dan faults, who I believe is with Assisi mysterious CBS. Well, but don't you know these guys are the best in their business also happen to be hall, famers right and again. What we did with the Blue Ribbon committee. This year was a little bit different. We had thirteen elites electors who were meeting guys. We had seven football professionals yeah, we're all of amorous, we IDA, John Men, Dick low Bow, run Wolf Bill, Poland, Gill Brandt,
I knew some set out our check with anyone and then we had five historians, There was a wonderful perspective and an end. How can I put it this way? I forgot from Partial Swartz, it's like being in the bar yo talking about with enormous information. That's availed debt, write your film data other stuff in and have a great. Safe, but the Conseil gaily conversation involves stuff like a wonderful guys. Career was interrupted by four years of military service and more water. How do we treat that guy? What if a guy I happen to be a great they are, but is also a great coach or regime will go in there just in depth, converse action from really really good, intelligent football people that bring different perspectives to it. Are little bit of a different question KEN August, it's hot,
you sweat through your suit yeah. That's impressive. You know, it's a lot different, the Newport, California, again by the way it's different during the winter drying up right again, yes, but it's it's a great place to be by captain is a magical play. He s the end and watched to have all those hall famers taboo, hoboes volunteers there, if you guys haven't been real, had, would welcome them. The fruit bouquets I told you were going to so we ve been our goldfish is actually buried again, Raymond and he had a goldfish debt picked six percent against the spread for Tire NFL and made him a little gold jacket and, buried him in a tree right, on the other side of that highway: ok, you rightly seventy seven. Yet over and of York down, we had a whole ceremony, so our gold fishes in camp is agreed marked yet
Black on the tree, unmarried right in front of me, I will look for Zalm, we're due, weird move come with me, I got it. I swear. I am in the grand scheme of things it strange, but given the two individuals you're looking at smelling are for the court of auditors stated that it started the hollow very, very good. That's a sort of laws is under the actual Larry little because he was using our use very good. Sixty percent is very, very maybe it isn't it animal wing of the in France, for example, of swagger to the new, brown dog, I think he's still undefeated at home. If he and his career undefeated at home, I feel like there should be an animal way. You know what we have talked at one point in time about having other hall of aims we do. Have the Ford hollow fans ok, so on Friday I will also knock on the door of one of the three five Z, hotel room, fifteen,
I work on fourteen. But finally we can we can be in the summary of the room open I'll keep it, albeit only about the non whose common in the search for France- let's see it, it is a temper bay. I know that civil J and oh they get the eye with eyes a big night or whatever these are always guys. You you'd recognise the adverse difference, but the guys who one last word here, we're from Pittsburgh Miami and from Chicago. Ok, actually pick three that first, What about with theirs afford hollow fan said is very, I love that would about the Seattle, see hawk. You know him the guy that say that a thorough, I don't think you should a nominee this year, but only those guys participating. What's the processes they're just like who is the best? Banners are like a community service, all money, it's online, and can I see you leave it out its real carry its. I think when we vote on it, say one more time, a wee bit again later
internally, we back, I actually use, began indifferent hall themes. Can I First, you in the big call fame, was an idea mine a few years ago to big dog shirts melodies lifestyle brands, but you don't understand if I'm not in a potent die which I live in our no doctor, I'm a big doctoral, yes resolve this is this is actually like serendipity, because I agree on the porch. Yes, I said when I when I said I want to make the Big Dog Hall of Fame. I sit inaugural class, Glenn, Robinson big Dog, big show from rustling Beethoven than actual dog fur, Thomas and Robert tractor Taylor, and I said
we need you to be the commissioner of that often is whilst body let's get an endorsement, gives my answer and let's go it's everyday. I could go on and on every year we just end up to new big dogs. It ought to be great. They could be whatever there's big dogs, guys images of becoming the road there, big dog, celebrating excellence. Everyone feels of large and re issues that might be out on my dog Leroy is a big deal, dies gorgeously. He is he's an english massive, so at its peak, is about a hundred eighty pounds. Ok, but he's also a dog, you think he's in the business you stretches of French, but not a french Mastiff as to why don't you Doug they border again. Monsieur enough, we can get. This was a year in the big dog. Often is a great day. My life, I've got you knocked on his door. I go and put him in the bigger exogamy unframed, commissioner.
There is for PAN European their day, almost lost his life several times when I got up to go to the bathroom in the milk occurs out Orgasm Christopher area, whereas I your favorite most obscure item in the hall of Fame. My thinking, One thing you walk by and you always stop and maybe look out a little bit more so not all famer put in my wisdom and if you'd like cleats, for calls, however, goes. I think. For me I mean you're, probably I'm it. We ve got stuff there. Yo Tom Brady, get in trouble for deep lady all right again, let me Paul Brown horrifying coach here. A ball warmer. That looks like this pineapple thing that you put the ball in great go so that his quarterback would have a warm ball on coal days. There is enormous stuff there, like a said, six main picture, forty, my dogmas and a tunnel right, but I would tell you seriously. My free replaces the gallery yeah. There's a lot of knights and I'm leaving Workin it'll be midnight
nobody's their and our walks through those Bronze Boston, Coachman had the famous and trams which we say that is convinced that when the last fan is left in the janitor turns out the lights and all those guys talked each I believe that he actually believes that. I believe believes that I ask you are right p of absolute as you can't come in some other way. When I go into that, sometimes I'll I'll. Take an extra fifteen minutes, walk through that bronze mushroom, this made up and die. It's it's. The coolest job in the world has ever occur to you that one day your boss might be in there as well, I think, there's a weight limit yeah, so their added value when they had asked me. I don't think so. It's nice of you to say that in a moment, but there will be some moments where you like. One day this could be may never whoa Ramrod, I gimme chilled young. These guys
are solely did so special. I don't think it's just about the worship of a virus, We were just a workable game of a boy. I think, there's a lot of good here and you know you guys- I think you ve interviewed Belgic, but we have not the wound and my love to guinea. So that bill is a guy who you no commitment if you're gonna play for him, but in all those things I really important in the interval with their more important on the battlefield, the more important in a family there there are important in your company, to do so. That's what I love about it you know I'm getting aid for doing something that I really love had sent ass. His wise, actually gonna, be in the whole affair is because the question was: do you ever picture you? often the whole fame and use went on to describe all the great qualities of the well that are in the Hall of Fame and football, and how much you love for? Why you daddy, That answer you saying why you should be in the whole thing was
actually the best campaign ad that you could ever have to be in the hall right in my only last. My last question was going to be what suit size or you for your jacket. I'm about as sixty four Nor can we get older, we'll get, etc. You guys you guys are built power and Jimmy Johnson right yeah and you realize that the camera adds five pounds, sometimes work as soon as I was probably about four or five on that is ok, but But again I appreciate that yeah, maybe someday when I'm through with my job, and I and you guys are still donors, When I love to you say it man that guy cares yeah, I say right now: you can't act. I care Synthesizer world decisive. Therefore, what it'll enlarge should be a big dogs jacket. I will deal Baker. Thank you. So much has been great this week? I do have one lousy. Last super quick question: what
do need to have on Erasmus to be eligible for the pro football. How do you have to play in the NFL you have to be a professional football player can be involved in professional football cattle. A general manager might not have played an honor. You know pebble unless you're ways as less arena actual access, all players be eligible, react, very profitable. Your we haven't has had won over by the way we ve got a broadcasting award. Yes, open your rosella warlords. What word of what on the phantom work again will give you ought to give you my room key make it easy to Morrow by no offense programme, but I suppose I'm not the only person. You said that too. I several is mostly to answer delivery. God, yes, have you talked about the iceberg, didn't baker. Thank you. So much remains as one appreciate. Thank you guys for all you do for the game,
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I want you to go re, download this episode and give us more money because we're talking about the Superbowl Superbowl, but I have to say after sailed now we just one object: people love people like hey, you guys must, must be rich. Now all business PETE here So we got most that money from it. So tweeted him ass, for money. I think he's gonna kill everyone where he's cash at Edinburgh. I think, as I twenty dollars for the first five hundred people to cash ahem hit up all Bisbee, not that Monday. Yes, I, like fifty, have slightly wrong so the deal. I think I do know you do you you do because it's the first fifty people to get treated him get twenty dollars. But if you tweet is more than ten times, then you get ray turned into it, messire right. So why is situation right after the ten tweet to all business? Pete, everyone, after that is one dollar that he will catch up you so that you tweet him a million times. You will get a million dollars
is the ten Initial registration too our official Superbowl, PETE, money, giveaway right, yeah right off now, making seventy six thousand dollars and a lot of big check become India after every episode, Firefox also. I know I don't take this segment seriously. Sometimes you know I I don't really have water Firefox, but this week I know it. I know to celebrate or weak Bartels value in whatever all that could stop further weak birthday week, you guys thirty, five years old. Why? Yes, like that it just bravely back back. Women represent hard gas was started four years ago. You guys are young, thirty one year old, Whipper, snapper thing you're. Thirty, two at that point too. So time works, we're going after you know satire someone's com podcast go out to do their nearly three thirty, four, thirty five for four years, we were thirty one. Thirty five forty one or anyone. Thirty one math class would work out we're all
Unverified is young guys go into the world going it going to take on traditional media in today, four years later, I alone, I'm the only one it's unverified, I say, nothing can change self gonna happen, nothing's changed, but I'm just looking in front of you to my eyes and I'm looking at two blue check there for that we used to go against the most swear. I've been verified for a long time to help the airline industry and Portugal verify on Tuesday night lie intimately randomly. I was verified a couple years ago and gave it back but lay the kept sending it back to me. Like you, move houses and your old cat follows radio. One seeding ass for the cat coming the agents and in the end I don't know how these things were inclined to behind the scenes there. Everyone. Alhambra got verified classrooms magician in light of the twitter, agreement and the license that, if Johnny to come and explain why you chosen me, but
we'll say verified. I ask that he may. I did use the power of the check to hit on be nice. I see you that's what was keeping her from falling in love me in responding to me because right we get a lot in common. She next morning, sex, but the only thing like more is checks right and so now I've got to check fervour, and so now I think we're gonna live happily ever after ok, my only question you Phd is where you been found doubt that mantis it socks Dave. Why the law of you, your own same call you the other day. These yellow got verified the exact same time. See you couldn't say that it was the excess fell, randomly verifying you. I don't even notice that anyone else I thought I got verified at least a few minutes before they re Gazette was. The plan is like all the Ex affair must verify. I didn't have a plan. I didn't have a plan because there was no action. I went out of place. Why would I go and make a plan in an excuse for desiring? I don't need to
The bottom line? Is this blue check their nothing changes? Might give it back? I don't know I haven't decided yet, but you have you gonna, wait long enough for us to forget about it and then keep it, Also don't you for? I asked for it openly said that I have no another. I Thurston. I asked check my allotted age. You go on the airlines said I just that, I'm not going to say I didn't ask for when I did ask for it and pretend that was randomly intimate also. My other minor offences jumps generous over forever no one's comrade nature has gone back, it's gonna come back. We had to do judge or floor. You because you didn't want to do it. You know I'd this had stress about it in Florida was forty was impossible. National championship are ya, I told you this pocket situation. I wore jumpsuit. That day I changed because I didn't want to lose everything that had I broke, my new high formed whooped jumpsuits. Oh, I wrote my
last night at some point, the more I woke up this morning in my phone was face down. On the top floor last I was moved into the bed snow, was a movies are tiger in your bathroom now? Well, it's I wanted jumped back to what Hank advise me too. Even in New Orleans that probably had something to do with. Oh I've fallen off the bed just a junior is not dead. Now. This is not a year to year what you're killing jumps Jamie with your? U vibes bad vibes, Bro you're mad vibes where Miami we have more jobs for less tend? Is this don't shoot on Sunday on Sunday and Monday I mean we really war jumpsuit. On Sunday you don't remember Sunday. Discover that I totally fast away. Hank all remember the day I do I work on better upsetting? We go with no pockets, on the radio on Monday was trying to stay true to what we started working jumpsuit, I I
you guys have spear right. You have crushed monsieur de outward and by which of our take out your leader when, because has shown up like January seventh game and genes told you how we view be any I'll. Hang the energy is always strong and don't just be a living for whatever get somewhere on the subway, a sheep. Yes, people I ve would survive ass. My fight, fast is. I was actually going to go in on how Twitter, when other way to verify how much so it sucks when stuff like that happens and you're not prepared for everyone cause you Sally, even though you are doing things sell out right just so I'm getting unfairly attacked. I feel, but I guess another fire fest would be more towards this- is geared towards Hank there are some rumours going around that Leroy been he's begins messages slipped under the door of his doghouse and Jews. L
allegedly touring a school in all boys, high school woe in Nashville, and a so what's up connecting the does it. What should be your firefox yeah? given what is a space, in fact Pierre professed for now. I knew that you struggled to sell years about our kids. It will take whatever measures to know that they get containing these fire fast, as he asked to be the one to break news to you that tumblr he's gonna, Titans Tommy exploring options and do whatever he feels is best for him and his family are invited text rebel, rockwork and see. How did you hear this room? I actually was. I actually was terrible. It surprises me. We'll know he takes me said browser fully precise use and I ran prettier, challenges, never text. Coaches birthdays are proposing, replied, Ojo, borough, quick and let nice nice we require, show my fire Is there
Picture gone around of my right breasts. That makes it look like it might be a sea or de cup, sigh solidarity. I think, if you look closely enough, it was the lighting and some shadows were at play. Is that is not what it looks like also my check, my tit was so fucking like more you look like I should have been milt. I look like I was in pain because my bra ass were so large, unlike hurt, because there are some milk! Soon. You looked like that method. Guy, whose heart just like beats out of his chassis, constantly constantly just got like like a skinned. Cocoanut is big. Why, in the fact that it was, Oh paled, and do you any favours? It was bad those bad, I don't know, what's wrong with salaries. Looking at that needs action, I would like to say how many beers it's a good thing, because it's like you have to
thus in life and need to be kept. Humble and then you're varies supple right. Breast becomes fodder for the entire internet. Gonna put you back in your place. I Kay you got tits dude yeah, you might, you might be doing well in life, but the end of the day you got tits and tits are usually for women that's true! You I mean you get a little treat every time you look in the mirror. It's it's a tough one. Live it's! Ok, k, hey ashy! Can I not be accused of massage me because I have us, your heart, women's! That's exactly how work right! It was also good move for you to sit so closely to Brennan Walker after that patient comes out because he is if someone's lookin for man tits and a picture. Yes your eyes are going straight to those two puppy. Get close to more tat is what I have to do now: Vienna, while boy gonna, hooter scenario up, it was bad. It was a bad picture, I'll be the first to admit very, very bad picture. That's a nice passage,
those. They happened to all that all we were doing a hype, video for Gregg Kittle- and I looked at some of the pictures of me- and I I whenever I play the Gordo Guy. I tie my hair back the ponytail yeah. I just looked like a woman. I guess honestly, look like a man and that they were any looks like one day will now Derek the world's number one feminist and I'm a sergeant, podcast love, it love it. I last up before we get to birthday, I accuse the embryo all star game MIKE urged some rules. I dont. Ok, I dont understand their tried. You attributed Toby, yet they should just make it first to eight hundred and twenty four points. That's not what it is. Instead, it is twenty four to read this tweet. Where someone said It's always interesting with someone says people, it's not hard zero zero to start quarters, one two and three one hundred thousand dollars on the line each quarter. Take though
scores, add them up to start the fourth time the score. That's ahead at the time at twenty four to it. First did that number, Wincey, all star game, just watch and enjoy far too you wanna teams, as I like forty in south fourth quarter, right. Ok, so here There's no one hears years where I think happened sake if a team is up by forty to start the fourth quarter, say the score is a hundred two hundred forty, what they would? and do, is they add twenty four points to forty, so now you're at a hundred. Sixty four- and I mean the fires. Honestly. Really. I wish sorted this weird is the first time to get to a hundred. Sixty four would win the game right, but the tenets of parties, obviously at their first right so I mean it been playing better, why we re setting it after every quarter. Correct I be
as they want to give out a hundred thousand dollars after every coordinate every two or three hundred thousand dollars after the third court, but there's a box score that shows who won the quarter. Listen, I'm not on the side of the NBA. Here you could just give a hundred thousand dollars trans border. Yes,. To set the score back: zero, zero, like turn on the NBA, also game in its if four minute did the second quarter and its eight to six what's going on is gonna fuck with you. If you're betting, the overall it you're gonna, have to have like your own advocacy, you're living room, keeping track of what the score the Tire game is agreed, that's that's! this call they didn't want this year. We didn't want this. He would you would have liked- maybe eight first twenty four thus issued and what it should have been: teammate first team, twenty four or t Mama, first team, Mama There are so many ways to to do likewise? things were corbies legacy and how this moment they just decided make it really really confusing? And I guess it's working that we're talking about it gap is the classic
where to stay relevant baseball except ass, well, I've got a couple ideas. Why don't you just have? player, whenever they shoot the ball, they have to say Kogi let me now suited in a like that- or this is actually an idea that could work. You know how the NFL has their footballs named. The Duke named the basketball, the co and The ultimate ball dominant move without us, dominant player of all time. I, like you, I will ever be ball Dominic, as these can be stamped right on their here's one. Last one I'll throw out there how bout you have a dung tank behind one of the hoops and every time that hoop scored on Smoke Parker goes to a bed of lava. I like TAT, went to I think that we might want to reduce and whitlocke. So it's like you the cobia eight of all time and they just continually get dunked org. While I would love to see what happens to Jason Willox hair when he goes into a doctor, I e g would stable effort order was heads in August.
State AIDS just nail than their yea out explained, so this takes either way. Obviously, it's gonna be a very emotional Aust, our game, and they should do something for Co. We put, I dont, understand this, but why this isn't just make it first to two hundred and twenty four perfect, as he made first team. Twenty four make so much sense. What an arduous allow passing a lot passing Maoists, yeah, Oh it's an or you can only shoot if your trouble teamed yeah I like these are all better ideas. Are we need? Better aid is actually do think they should just name the barber Kobe there I like that or maybe make the minority all star or the envy p trophy is for the final assembly plants, Brussels, other parliamentary rights, so that an leary order I may region, we see lyrical o Brien. I don't want to slip Lander Larry, o Brien before I know how important the names of the ball Kogi like on the trophy than though the stand is the Larry O Brien stand, who I like it
like when they have a stadium in my Darrell K, Royal Stadium in Georgia, male feel right, cried Larry, o Brien was an american politics. In basketball? Commissioner? He was a democratic parties leading electoral strategies for navigation or the great job bunny I the Cobby, yet so thou the Larry O Brien trophy is the cobbler anchovy. I birthday ethic use can actually start, though, before you, the ethic you Pfc. Are you mad at me, about my birthday this year. Why am I mad it? Did you see the fact that what did I see the fact, though, that no today is the sixty nine six thousand nine hundred and sixty nine day after two thousand, ok appropriate laughed at that three years ago, down your mad, I'm very loved have sixty nine. Sixteen, No, is. There is no days euro. Now I just sixty nine you bad math and really tonker
into a mere trap on our Hank good Quick Lay breaking moves, Bud, Gregg Olsson and the Panthers have decided pathways mutually o cash out, Girouette bees retiring Jason witten to the parameters Gregg Orson to the booth, great, also coming home to Chicago, ok, bring back. My marts are at birth ethic use, happy birthday, boys congrats on being as close to fifty as you are too being twenty shut up was tat though, but were farther away fifty than we were from twenty one new accounts to twenty me next year, Idiot good point, also big cats closer, I'm not yet true, happy birthday, Mr Cat, Commodore, which is a bigger. It now consider your almost old enough to social security. I'd like to ask if you- consider retiring in Miami or Florida for that matter, after spending some time in the Sunshine state Nigh Florida, I don't hate Florida, but
it does turn your body into just again humidity, tent. I will you step outside Eriksson and the best suitable by far No I mean I haven't seen the sun. Really, but yeah you into the beach Hank must be nice, the COMECON Hank. Would you resign flora? Sure, Our problem floored nature during his term human. Maybe ourselves mandrive shrink into my ties: what's the better deal by two for the price of one or by one get one free press two for them rise, align juvenile pricing because it sounds like it's more cause you got number two in there and they never want yeah. Yes,. Also, when you good to buy one, get one free, if you're getting say too Pairs of like the same shirt right, the same shirt and you getting two of em, you get the first,
First of all, don't buy that shirt, ready willing by one gallon where visa sure that's what I'm saying. So, if you buy a shirt and you pay for they like? Oh here's, another one. That second sure, even though, is the exact same feels like a piece of shit right. I guess a bad sure there will be giving me there. You're too, for the price and wanted just like oh they're, both on right, right, happy birthday to birthday cat in old, but still kickin p of tea. Since you are both of legal aid to run president. What would the first thing you would do in office as the President of the United States operate, but a cigar and interns vagina, nice, nice, I think that's usually good stuff to do Yes, the oval office who rule one day is a national holiday done. Also no more taxes. That's gonna, be a challenge. I get bad, will figure out later, no more taxes. For me, yeah! Well, let me finish judgment here. Do you outlaw taxes, but you publicize it and then,
only nerds continue to pay a correct and all right boys that just throw the radar guess why your home for it? Yes, what is the plan for years? soon to be mid life crisis. I think area Had mine, Guess I start a podcast. I think it's like what you do right. That's the new by a corvette yeah I've been thinking about it. I don't know. Probably dabble was made. She aged some point, the next four years. I'm gonna continue to die, my hair, probably even more so I'm gonna be its had to start doing some sort of weird fit this trend. I got this class past thing here which have just been abusing and only using the points to do like massages and relaxation stuff, but I think I'm probably gonna get I'm gonna try to get it ex back. At some point. I will question: can you have mid life crisis? If you ve already use accepted that Europe midlife like I don't I will go out. Our journey that stuff saw item of is that my eligible for mid life crisis. Yes, I feel like a mid life crisis when you keep tried chase
trying to be the young guy basic over the next fifteen years. Any crisis you can have a mid life crisis technically, but you know what I'm saying Lugano, but you at you, chasing it here. I don't wanna be young anymore right now. No, I rare I dont want to be on, but that could but it. But when you are already stop going out, then zero yet know you If you start going on more, are then you're already going out zero, so these are going out once a week midlife. Currently I would, if you become a club, got I gotta think about this. Unless they had understood, I don't think I'm gonna have that happen. We can produce it Three that I as the point we could potentially Darwin moral Right, and so that would mean that a mid life crisis already happened to nurse seventeen years. All right, you enter like our mid life crisis is, I want to get. What degree right and that's what I did for my maid like versus and bottom. Then you set a hack after hearing that any actual us last too many many are calling age- thirty, five, the baby back pitcher
here, we can expect a certain someone to come on the pod to discuss. Yes, we'll say if I don't, if, if we don't get Kevin Ratan this podcast in our age of thirty five cancel my birthday next year. Oh shit yeah, I just say thirty, five for every eye Oda. Heaven forbid! Haven't you better, you better, not back out of this one day, thirty five rounds we're in right. There yeah! That's it Were I say if we don't get Kevin Doran on this year, we were not allowed, say his name ever again. Right right are at last, hey boys? Would you guys watch the bachelor, but instead of people picking their soulmate is just still rivers deciding who is favoured? Kid is, of course, something the best. Television programme are rife, probably gonna, be the one with the biggest arm. Yes, absolute, just a vast athletes is his favorite D. Actually, this is
Phil Rivers, you decide is next team. He should have all his kids, where a t shirt for like anyone who is interested in them and just throw the ball up like it's the fourth quarter and he's down a score and whoever inertia, that's a team egos. It's like at his wedding when his throne who right he stands tosses it over his head Ryan. They fight for right. I like that I like- noise, gas or real. And run around and stop around in panic, ok and then throw it up. Whoever gets it you're gonna team fell and then he has to put a garter belt on the kid that catches Airbus's and fulfil its not fills addicted boy. And we've as we the show on the show he is gonna, be faced with a choice of staying at home, with nine kids and having more saxon, more kids are going to work and getting a break from those nine kids. I think he's gonna go to work.
That's our show. We take some awesome interviews. This week's we got them coming up. We also have, of course, Monday will be the recap of super bowl. Fifty four enjoy it, brace. It is, alas, game of the year. I dont know how God here over here and we'll see every Monday of yes, Jane what
today. Ok the birds
long in coming
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