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Coach Butch Davis + Free Solo Climber Alex Honnold and Week 6 Picks

2018-10-12 | 🔗

Eli Manning should probably retire and Saquon Barkley is absolutely incredible (3:30-8:48) Recapping the wild Jimmy Butler story in Minnesota and is Mark Wahlberg to blame for all of this? (8:49-15:35) Week 6 Picks and preview + Fantasy Fuccbois.(15:36-28:05) FIU Coach Butch Davis joins the show to accept his Football Guy of the Week Award, talk about his career coaching the 90's Cowboys, the late 80 Miami Hurricanes, the Browns and the insane rosters he put together at Miami in the late 90's.(33:15-51:15) Free Solo climber and star of the new movies "Free Solo" Alex Honnold joins the show to talk about climbing El Capitan at Yosemite without any ropes. He also talks about life as a high stakes climber, how his brain doesnt feel fear the same way as a normal human brain and what he has to do when he's in the middle of a climb and has to shit.(52:11-1:12:40) Segments include Sabermetrics Roquan Smith,(1:16:28-1:17:56) our Long National Nightmare is over Snoop Dogg and Todd Haley made up,(1:17:56-1:19:56) Kings stay Kings Big Ben (1:19:56-1:22:28), our newest segment Care to Comment where we comment on something we don't care about but people want us to (Kanye/Trump).(1:22:29-1:24:35) We finish the show with Hank's Grab Bag. (1:24:36-1:30:52)

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on today's part in my take we got a two fer for all you people out there we coach butch davis fiu head football coach football guy of the week on the show my interview with him talked about his time with jimmy johnson on the cowboys the miami hurricane isn't seen teams that you recruited in the late 90s early 2000s the browns all good and we also have a very special and interesting interview with alex hahn he is the star i guess is star of the new movie free solo he climbed el capitan el cap those in the biz the three thousand foot shirwal and yellowstone yellowstone no you semite assembly yosemite
for those days it's an awesome documentary and he'd call he we talk to him about what it is to be a free climber literally climbed three thousand feet up in a like basically straight wall yes no rope you raw dog amount yeah he has no fear he took an mri he's got no fear we talked about that really fun interesting interview some a little different we also have nfl we six preview fantasy fuckboys should eli retire packed packed so and we will start because it is friday with an ad in a larries pick so as you know lariar goldfish he's been making picks all year he's doing pretty well you probably only care of him you probably want to share them and we're going to start with the first game we got the cowboys in the jaguars right line it up here we go cash a you already know cash app is number one finance app on the app store which you might not know is that you can also put cash app in your wallet with the cash card it's the only debit card that off
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download the cash app and get your cash card now it is free in the google play market or the apps store intuition cash check that part of my team okay let's go welcome to part of my take presented by seek geek today is for
aa october 12th and pft it pains me to say this but i have to do it do it don't do it i'm say sir eli manning sir please retire no don't retire please retire sir happen was sir last week we went through this whole thing about how andrew luck he is the most like slapstick quarterback in the nfl we give credit to philip rivers we give some credit to james winston for being the heir apparent you i heard talking shit last week and was like hold my beer over may not he is a like in that picture a college with a girl who's a cold my beer my eyes o v e r over listen you i had a great career two super bowls happy tom brady how does that have better manning better the two mannings easily in my estimation never lost super looking guy doesn't do a million commercials
our only once yeah allegedly allegedly he always looks perplexed he's like curious all time he has a great thirst for knowledge not only probably will be in the hall of fame football hall fame but he will also be in the fan hall of fame for enjoyable karere that you can just watch laugh you know a couple good games he brought it all to the table but i've seen enough look i its offense of line is bad and it's the worst combo possible because the giants often the one is bad in the i manning is also a hall of fame self soccer and he can't he just like it's just not there like throws it he does make
throws that are just the just coming are out there remember a couple years ago when he got sacked into his own office lemons but an inmate his but made you lies nose bleed yeah that was awesome yeah i'm gonna put you i manning not just in the nfl hall of fame yeah i think he goes in the face hall of fame of all time yes all time face what spin zone for you giants fans out there se kwan barclay is absolutely incredible breathtakingly so he is he is as close to berry sanders as we're going to get in terms of like that squatty body hugh jass eggs makes everyone miss he had two runs tonight that were just incredible and if you suck enough which i you might do you will be able to get a quarterback
are we not giving you line of credit for being really good at hand offs because it's all those run startled was online any good at that no he's very good he's very good at getting the hell out of the way once no longer touch that he will never throw block and screw up a play by blocking the wrong guy a common theme on the show is that we often times do knee jerk reactions and then on learn all of our the things that we thought we learned and i just wanna say this right now because i looked at the schedule next monday night you know who's buying probably giants due to wishes it let me say what he has like first of all personal stoppable force versus immovable object i'm going to say it is it feels like the giants and the falcons
yeah i don't know what i i might just bet both of the teams for like max amount yeah i was like well guess what i can't quit either of i honestly think the giants would have been better starting lil wayne at quarterback it's bad it was really really bad and and full disclosure we're courting this at half you get over that confident that it that this ship is not odell beckham went to the locker room with like ten seconds left yeah pull the randy moss others a boat waiting form at the other end a lot he's out he's out here also fire jersey checked out fire jr's really good jobs and great pants i think you know what as great as sick ones are quads are i think they're really popped in those white pants with a blue and red stripes on the side in the huge name plates on the back yeah awesome yeah also resigned guys like me i really enjoy the eagles season is saved carson wentz there was no cut qb controversy but carson lance eagle season saved there are now three and three which is essentially like a ten game lead in the nfc east and i giants just look for the draft i guess i don't
it's just sad like you got to know when to walk away either that or see if you can get traded to denver and do that thing where you maybe you get like a few steroids delivered wife's name that happened in d yeah i know but then go today after that get a neck surgery in blackwell weird i can play again on the alto there will be great for you less peoples and just like imagine you lie in altitude probably stoned out in denver it's legal they're playing and the ultimate eli manning faces would just oh my god you wouldn't you wouldn't be able to tell the difference between stone or not know his face is just always just mouth mouth open it looks like he's on like a dmt trip twenty four slash seven yeah you seem to pass out he's seen god yeah and it was especially on display tonight we placed the gatorade in the giants coolers with ayawaska let's see if anybody can tell there's nope nope sure can't alright
we're going to get to our nfl week six by the way we fooled we fooled everybody this first part of the show was actually big tide commercial yeah so we tricked you into that like that asshole my brains not big enough more on that later but we have nfl week six preview i hate saying nfl week six 'cause every it's like the ticking time of my life we are halfway through the second quarter of the season second quarter we're going to get to that in a minute but before that we have to talk about the news that is kind of taken over the sport world and that is one james butler basically destroying the timberwolves in his his attempt to get traded so if you have missed everything what has happened is jimmy butler wants to be traded from the timberwolves had made that very clear there has been some kind of rift between himself cat karl anthony towns and andrew wiggins
we don't know what the rift started there's been a lot of rumors flying around whatever you can believe whatever you want to believe let's just say those guys don't really like each other and that's fair jimmy wants to be traded he has not been showing up to practice the media day or anything on tuesday he called rachel nichols and said hey i'm ready for my one on one interview rachel nichols goes to minnesota on wednesday jimmy shows up to practice for the first time and basically emasculates the entire organization he takes the the bench players the third stringers and beats the first team yells at the gm says you fucking need me he this cat he essentially just yeah like the whole team is just standing there like what the hell any beats them with the third stringers then walks off the court straight into the rachel nichols interview and rachel nichols like hey i just saw this world report this all happened he's like yep i did it and and essentially gets to use that
view to be like here's why so his mask so we're thinking that jimmy had this planned out ahead of time we called rachel because he knew he was going to do this yes well he was the first person who is the only time he showed up to practice he literally did this all this and then walked off listen i'm probably as big a jimmy butler fans you'll find out there actually i am let's be fair i'm a jimmy butler skeptic run through ok i'm skeptical of his top twenty iness but this jordan move this is jordan moosalamoo this was as pure jordan move as you obviously and then he called a players only meeting this gotta set a record for the fastest players only meeting in the history of an nba so that was shot down jeff teague no it didn't happen really yes and then i saw i saw somebody refused to refute no in yeah it's me like everyone just basically all over the place i also saw a report that karl anthony towns tried to like huddle everyone up after the practice after jimmy walked out it was like we need to control our emotions and i was like do you it's over yeah i like you there's
play alpha there's only one cure for this and that's a sex boat yeah well you need to slap jimmy's a punch jimmy he needs to do something 'cause jimmy butler that is his team and he's not even going to be on it but it's his team like he's going to own two teams now he's going to in the heat when he gets traded there and the timberwolves because he just there was actually also reports that like the rest of the teams like wow that was awesome yeah and while that was really cool so there's no there's no way that he can stay on this team we're in agreement there right so he what he has like a list of three teams you want to go to i don't know how it's contract works if you as a no trade clause we can avoid a trade yeah but i know he wants to go to new york or the clippers yes right there was probably in the mining the atlanta miami yeah i'll just say on behalf of the new zealand breakers we'll take yeah we will take you and you know what output jimmy butler immediately in the top twenty of the nbl can he can also yell at anyone he can yell at are at the er owner matt walsh you can say you fucking need me he can do whatever he wants we're okay with that there also is now reports that in
either reports which it might actually be me because i saw a report was like bulls insider says that mark wahlberg jimmy but has changed since his relationship with mark wahlberg which is something i think i've said many times but it's true like he become full hollywood his best friends with mark wahlberg he how do they yelling at people i don't know how did that happen i have no idea but their best friends they were probably best probably in vegas for like usa basketball is my guess mark wahlberg used to show up to the bulls facility in like they made it like open your entourage i don't know like entourage have you seen have you seen some of the pictures of butler smirking though yeah take that he looks exactly like frylock from yes fourteen he's he's proving the more and more right everybody else right so she did a great job interview them and it was such a awesome like date of just jimmy butler and you're right do you like they have to trade him but at the same time
maybe they just treat everyone else except jimmy butler and he just plays one on fifty just leaving the third team it sounds like the third seems better yeah i really don't know so an let's just let's just because we're kind of all on jimmy butler side let's just say that's for sure it dick it like one other processes it yes it's a very weird moved on his one hundred percent a decade a diva nate listed like i've been a long time jimmy butler supporter but it's clear that he's really feeling himself these days right and this is what this was supposed to be like a perfect situation form going on the tips they did that hung in the air three they made out in the end he made on the saks with a football member yep yeah exactly sorry so i don't know like what other situation would be better for him he gets to miami sent back the bulls i don't know yeah back to the bulls yeah i'm sure that would work definitely were you totally trust the front office so that's the jimmy butler news if you get traded i guess our mission of
i just say fuck you to the nba for making me care this much about basketball before the season even starts well we talked about how nba twitter really likes to suck its own deck and be like over the best way to steve and four seven three hundred and sixty five this one warranted it because jimmy butler really did go crazy so this is why nba twitter if you're listening to this right now this is why you don't freak out over like an emoji or someone throwing like maybe a sub tweet out in early september save it for the most is that need it like this 'cause you're the boy who cried wolf when you're like nba twitter is the best no it's not always best today yesterday
it was the best it took me three days to actually buy into this story and say it's for real because it was like oh this is just another snake in the grass like instagram thing that's going on right now did you see jimmy butler store i assumed he put something on his ig story that was like talking to his teammates no it was actually legit speaking of snake in the grass instagram just a little shout out to the triple b whose future future recurring guest maybe kevin durant triple b what up he com it on home video on the barstool sports instagram it was a snake on a putting green and he just commented oh let get out of the way real quick and then we come back and do i like kevin durant now i'm going to say right now it will be but you can like a triple back be yeah he's becoming funny ish yeah see back in the day before he became kevin durant registered trademark evan to rent he was actually funny on twitter yeah you read his old where he's like responding to the models and all that he was
he's a funny guy just somehow somewhere along the lines with russell westbrook thing he rushed broke his brain yeah for sure and he broke his own brain being like i did not ring all right so let's do some nfl week six i want to start with or are we sure they're good games and maybe a couple other games that were looking at yeah i have a clear are we sure there good game and it's steelers verse the bangles yep that's a pretty ob well the bangles were in my are the shirt are we sure the good game last week yeah well that's that's so that you can do that okay yes still not sure about the bank right and also both teams i feel like whatever wins this because this is a this is theme for the afc n the steelers and the ravens are always kind of the big bad boys on the block so when the bangor we have a chance to make it you know their foreign one they win this game
they're five and one now and steelers are two and three that's a big difference so this is like if they don't win this game than the steelers like yeah we still kind of on this device you know who i've got my are we sure they're good game who this is weird and i say take yes yeah judge brown yeah yeah it's in a weird that i've got going around in in the are we sure they're good because they might be good i don't know i i think hue jackson is just engineered to play for a tie every single game so they play exactly to the level of their competition and the chargers are by are my number one they can't travel east team of all time yeah any time they have to get on a plane and travel times on them like that sucks for them they're not gonna be this i still have that thought in my head too i i think they beat what the bills yeah but that's through all those aberration really because what that what i think is needed my back yeah right back up in this one is the bears and the office yes so are we so the bears are good players are are loaded reverts yeah are good the dolphins now which has the arm sleeve on it has sixty days of the arms
gotta keep it on don't fuck with it yeah this is uh guy partisan i don't want to say what i'm doing ok i've already looked at it right looked ahead i already said i'm ready for six hundred and two hundred it's ram i'll give a one los in the next four but i'm ready for six hundred and two hundred and who boy now we're starting thinking by we like i did that i did that conversation with myself it's gonna be rams bears in the nfc championship and i have the pleasure and the bears are probably going to be done with that physical defense is going to be the worst audio to play back it's going to be bears patriots in the super bowl and we're going to pick big cat again tank god dammit is the worst idea ever erase all of this after the show do it do it like who did the deletion thing after like this hell no no yeah that's true good point no who did yeah this will delete zero banks yeah i'll do it do a bank around this read this part as soon as the pairs don't make the playoffs it automatically starts shredding like mission impossible yeah
that's why we need this mission should you choose to accept it so his release my loser leaves town game is the colts and the jets oh yeah ok yeah i don't think either i just think i think i think the jets could be frisky i think that the colts could be frisky if andrew luck's shoulder is as healthy as i think it is and ty hilton head to him last week was an aberration they were off of four days like this really it was three days it's funny when you talk about a team playing like the sunday afternoon game they start to delve into like the hours in the day on sunday and they're like well they finished playing their game at seven hundred and then they had to play on thursday night so it's really only a two day week for them dude you want to hear a crazy schedule anomaly that i notice when i was looking at their schedule the bears play the lions two weeks before thanksgiving they playing on thanksgiving day so we played the lines two eleven days i love that's going to be a little thing will certainly i love her on a graphic on nbc or cbs has the early game last time
it's two teams play yeah was eleven days ago well i feel old yeah one of you'll you you you let eleven days ago you hadn't gotten paid yet yeah for the 15th of the month that's how this this is your feeling rich then yeah now you're poor i have four i just can't quite a loser leaves town bucks falcons it's probably just win this game just win this game and let me believe again the one for the we again so that's my loser leaves town and then game of the week i think we all agree chiefs create is be awesome i will see if my homes is for real i don't he's had a lot of those yeah but you notice it like he was obviously he wasn't perfect against the jags he wasn't like the same as he was right the the denver game and the jacksonville game he was a little different than he was in the first three i think the chiefs win this one out right wow i do wow
gently along kasich casters marsh isn't talking through that door in new england cell number last year alex smith went up there and torture indian patriots season week one they never recovered tax only i'm going to say it's three one slash two points is a lot i don't know that i would take that i think it's very close game i think it's over fifty nine yeah and i'm betting it yo listen when vegas does that to you yeah their challenge is seventy three air say over are you man enough yeah or it's like basically get a chicken it's when it when when las vegas makes a total over fifty six points in the nfl i'm essentially
walking into my own version of guts the old show like do do do do do you have it to us well you bet it over fifty nine yes i will and they will probably be twenty to seventy yep and i'm i'm absolutely taking the over on the house okay the thought never occurred now it takes you know no hell no are you what do a couple pics yelled to it all right let's do a couple pics you have all right i'll take also with under the know that i love love love this week is the jack cowboys under forty and a half 'cause the cowboys can't score and the jags have a good day in the boat will probably win thirty seven to three wonderful uh you want to go where they played that's in dallas right in dallas yeah baby i like that one my under is going to be rams denver so it's fifty two one slash two
going to be in the snow it is snow football which also means the return of i fucking love cocaine gifts games well let's not get ahead of us because it might be a dusting you know what they were still full ok i'm already mad at myself because if i get all worked up for a snow game and then i tunein and it's a flurry or if there's no snow that's the most disappointed i'll be all you see i think you just have to go no expectations 'cause it is early october still like you can't or mid october you can't do it you can't you know not to put it against expectation it's going to be a blizzard ok i will take as my favorite i'm going to take the seahawks minus two one slash two because john grew it's vertigo every time he gets on a plane okay my entire reasoning and i love it yeah it's london baby it's london you never know what's going to happen to my favorite is going to i'm going to take the browns minus one against the chargers i think and i'm not you know what i'll
hey i think this is the week that the browns put it together offensively and blow team out whole ten points or more i don't know all the charges still can score you forget their traveling e oh that's true that's true that's at least ten points so yeah you're right time zones around ten points there you go my dog of the week oh this is going to be tough i already i should have probably written this down before i had gotten let's take the broncos okay that's right too yeah all right let's do it at all let's double on the altitude yet the everyone's not on the broncos are ones up on the rams give me the broncos and then mine over i actually like the bengals and steelers over fifty two and a half okay yeah i can see that one i can see that andy dalton is good anti so far yes yes my over is going to be the ravens in the titan's forty one and a half whole that's that's going to be one
that you're gonna have to match right here on your check on the scratching hair on your chest i'm gonna look like mike very very blessed to have such a tough one yeah hank give us one last one oz my george costanza pick of the week it's the texans minus ten because i don't understand why it's ten because it's the bills it's bills but the tech wrong that good but it's but he's on the road the texans deshaun watson bills counterpoint sean watson is not that good jj watt john hopkins is going to do is you just have to say the names of the players in like yeah will ferrell fuller the fourth it will fuller has always worked in once in the nfl blue how many how many followers of the bills have because the texans have for none yeah i mean that you got well actually convincing me about fuller kelvin benjamin is very fat he is very very very fat i mean i'm taking a tech and so i like what you guys are saying okay all right
stu before we get to our interviews we have butch davis and then we have alex honnold the free climber who free climb el cap el capitan is capital l capital you i actually felt like such a loser 'cause we're talking about it before i was like you said el capitan i was like dude no one calls it el capitan people in the climbing community called el cap and then when i when we get to the interview i said el capitan he's like yeah you know el cap yeah you can but then you said it was a minority then you also said it was in yosemite and then you have first inside yellowstone yeah you're right the first got bad i got bad info yeah it that info so this guy is if you haven't seen the movie go see it yes i i'm serious like i i saw a couple weeks ago it's awesome yes i saw i saw the i watched the preview and the previews osman so you might be better than the movie it is actually yeah i like the book all right so and then we have but she was so before we do that that time of the
yeah fantasy boys pft starts off with some of the common nice i did tell you all the info you need well we can guess what started this weekend i'm starting been there amplifier that's right i got my hands on a bad boy mustang cm shot out all that sucker the subway jared is this will go straight well this week in opposite not learning catalog but the fact we're jbj travis robert tells me like a dog a slightly more sort of i sleep with this week kid rock con you got all the fall for the white house destroy within that drop was saying it my daughter all right this is mark yeah i'd work my status josh gordon tools at home in front of the program said looking good he's really spot gonna put a big number this week put him in the lineup get some points my system is rajon rondo treatment or kevin gotten that by doing that tipoff ritual with bitter enemies brian james that's up you don't do that it's disrespectful how cool i will broaden the you are you out from the post why forty second wife actually that'd be right my sleep is allowed in the greatest disney movie of all time yeah i said it is being made into a live action movie star will sort of nobody is i like it all right boys all but it's off the week chino portal the role and i'm gonna start he is one john waters i don't give a wally donned a mall we will run the white mike twenty thirty all right bye alright let's talk about it he hi joe block i thought i could trust you then all the sudden this is the i see what going on a i don't walk i love all right my i full passwords you saw six zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero his eye caught the bug we're about to see kim kardashian do it for the first time in our life let's call it you better lock your iphone's folks because it's a it's a bad world all day okay real real shame so yeah all right this boys by the way we got breaking this
seeking berkeley at a fifty yard touchdown run so add another awesome sequin barkley highlight their souls that's even hey guess what other great hand your you guys say call barkley if you're a giants fan embrace the bait like your team sucks you know your team sucks your quarterback who you love is gone and it needs to retire but i mean sick on barclays definitely got you like holy shit this is going to be awesome least for four years ago i'm you out in the back your head when you're watching all these runs in your feet the ball thirty times a game you're also thinking he's going to get an injury at some point like he he's going to get his legs can get is going to like a knee sprain or like a sprained ankle or something like it is not contagious because dealt can just pass that right to own so much muscle yeah no chance i trust me i know how that goes all right before we get to our foot injury interviews
let's do a couple ads aladdin some larry's picks at the jags in the first one i'm not going to tell you what he picked next time like you got listen yeah i just told you to put pick the that's awesome you're lucky wanna gift that was very nice but let's set up ok we got we got the chiefs and the patriots sunday night showed over the weekend of the week came in a week right here we go the game of the week there's no better place to watch football with friends in buffalo wild wings all the games on wall to wall tv's come in for their five dollar game day those five dollars thirty eight ounce pictures of bud light coors light or miller light five dollars cheeseburger and fries five dollars brought and fries and five dollars select cocktails five dollars craft and import talls include blue moon belgian white
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put your mascot it's panther yes you got it exactly like millet board apparently nailed it yeah so coach davis has won our prestigious award football guy of the week he wanted because with an all time quote when asked about turnover props he said we have a prop we let them keep their scholarship so let's start there that's a great quote so i think we can be on the record here saying that you were never going to have any weird turnover props on your sideline yeah i don't think that that's ever going to exist in our program i'll just try it real quickly you know big cat i'll share a story with both of you ok defensive coordinator dallas cowboys ok and we were three times nfl's number one defense in the national football league during the super bowl years ok so i'm
the coordinator mon on mondays you give out all the warts game ball this and know who played good and given that the guys in the grades and stuff like that now this is this this goes back old school crazy stuff okay we had a piece of absolutely poster board that we would cut out out of the game program small little two by two black and white pictures of the players they did good because this is like week six and we we would cut him out which ticket on that deal and you know and say you know he was the defensive player of the game or he made a big player just set the other to help us win the game so i walk in and talk to the team i'm looking on the front row and jim jeffcoat who's a phenomenal great player first round draft choice other errors on the state he said mayor live ball poster
eyes all red and an interior be sniffling and i'm looking at gym what's matter jim i'm sitting there thinking oh my god something happened to his wife his kids go through my pictures not on the wall i think about this guys he makes two one eight million dollars a year ok and he's worried about a black and white picture on a cardboard deals posted and taped to the wall in the team's difference a meeting room and and i said jim i should you've been up there now three times in the in the four seven or eight games and i said march the secretary she has to go find another program to cut your picture id does she better get it up soon okay so so that's you know so when people think about you know motivation i get it with you know programs trying to do things to to motivate the guys but you know the championship team super bowls in the national championship teams of miami and the great players near greens no ray lewis's and the people like that although
to do is win the game and they want to be the best defense in the country where there is in college and unit for and you know so you know when i said the deal about you know more or less and keep their scholarship if they do that that's kind of the the culture that we're trying to build here is is it the football itself its own turnover prop like if sean taylor strips of football way takes you to the sideline that's his own turnover chain he got for himself yeah founded on the nfl absolutely i mean that's what guys do they get to touch down and get an interception and and stuff like that some guys will keep woman and you know in the end of most of the time to be honest with you all those things i get autographed me give nine they're given way to kids and children at children's hospitals in and making some of mr special or unique obviously like drew brees the other night i mean that was spectacular you know number one pastor in the national football league and then lo and behold he breaks the record with that with a touchdown which you know those kinds of things and i'm sure there's tons of people employed to regionally in in the nfl it you know some special like that happens you deserve to keep the ball or whatever you know so you mention the cowboys are rod marinelli just gave out his old neck role to jail and smith that's like his thing that that gets to wear for the rest as he's kind of like i we're necro they don't think guys were there close ladies were little sausage ground things you know long time ago but now i don't think they more many more yeah yeah
so you have you been a football coach your entire life have you noticed any difference like in the kids you're coaching now and having to deal with him a little differently the props or the foreground video games are at you know whatever the moment you know we always blame when deals which is kind of a joke but if you notice you had to change your process yeah a little bit absolutely i mean you know i can remember going back to working for juniors in assistant coach and you'd go in and i recruited guys like jessie armstead and some of the most elite players in the country that common play for miami in recruiting guys like leslie o'neal it was a phenomenal player for the san diego chargers played for us at oklahoma state and you go in and you know i mean you'd make this great home presentation and you talk to him about you know what sports they play well coach i play basketball
i play i play on the baseball team i run track like ed reed a lot of people don't realize that not only was he great football player use a terrific point guard in basketball he won the louisiana state champion in the javelin i mean he was just a great all around athlete and you'd go in and maybe there would be like one or two little trophies and maybe they would be a little ribbon with a metal around it now you go into homes and it looks coopers town i mean you go into a guy that i'm not even sure if they're good enough to give a scholarship to and they got like three hundred trophies two hundred plex they got all these ribbons and they've they've been given stuff so absolute the culture is changed you know and you know you gotta you gotta understand you know what motivates kids and what's the what's our desires and and you know and sometimes you know they need to be a little bit of d recruited once they get there because they come in thinking that the the greatest thing since sliced bread and and i
will certainly get on the team and they find out you know what there's about eighty other guys in this team that's pretty good so how do you do that how do you go about d recruiting some guy
yeah you just tell me do you you'd be honest with them and you just tell me that you know unfortunately i've been around a lot of great programs what i'm really really good coaches and good players and you say look this is this is the path that guys like a russell maryland or you know cortez kennedy when i was an assistant coach and then when i was a head coach you know obviously three years ago robert quinn was the defensive player of the year in the national football league was of saxon and so when you're recruiting the kids it's come in and you say look let me just say what what you know robert quinn was like when he was a sophomore junior and a senior in high school and two time national champion in wrestling and just love to compete love to play didn't care about all the you know the trophies new or do you just want the team to win so you know you you just be honest with him and tell him and and all and share stories with him about the guys that you've been around right i was blessed beyond belief to be around guys you know the jerome browns and some of the great players alonzo highsmith back in the in the mid eighties the mind days man you know when i went back
is the head coach to miami you know we had you know phenomenal great players i think we had like twenty three to twenty four you know players after in like eight or ten or one thousand two hundred am with first rounders you know like a three year period of time so you know when you so stories guys i think it resonates in any kind of wakes him up and they realize you know the sacrifices they're going
make it they're going to be good so you mention the miami and and i actually it's one of my favorite things to do is to go back and look at the two thousand and also two thousand when you were at the browns then be recruited a bunch of guys to look at those rosters and just have your jaw drop at the talent so i'm gonna say if you the names of the people at home who might you know maybe the younger listeners that i have a couple questions so you got names like in the two thousand team it's like clinton portis santana moss reggie wayne andre johnson vince will fork and read our chante s r sean taylor like you have some in to see doctor jeremy shown yet kellen winslow roscoe parrish like guys that can dorsey ken dorsey you guys get got name dj williams played the other for like antrel rolle it is insane russell look back at those names and see what you put together so my question is two part one what is the best recruit what is the best player you've ever recruited into
what is the hardest you know like the hardest guy to sell or the best story like hey trying to get reggie wayne or whatever it may be in terms recruiting living room hulu as well i mean obviously i mean all of those guys i mean be the hardest to was maybe dj williams from the standpoint because of the distance that he was he was in california he was usa today a defensive player of the year he was he was kind of divided as to whether or not did you want to be a linebacker did he want to be a running back 'cause he was actually really really good and people don't realize this before he became a first round draft choice as a linebacker his freshman year just to get him on the field because at that time we had danny morgan we had allisonville mommy we were loaded with linebackers in dj was such a great athlete he actually played fullback in the year that we beat florida in the sugar bowl and he caught a touchdown pass but he played fullback his freshman year just so that he could play and then he flipped over
next spring in two thousand and one became known obviously a great linebacker he was one of the most difficult ones just because of how many players we on the team and the distance and those kinds of things and it was a little bit of a tough you know so for him but once he got there got around the culture got around the players they like all football teams your players are your best recruiters and they saw them as to the culture and how good the team was going to be and and the likelihood of him playing if he was a starter in a high profile player there he was probably going to become a first round draft choice so he's a great story to tell kids that that people are do appreciate it and they don't have a great like they're not the five star guy and they can ends up being the five star guy if they got the work ethic well yeah in addition to all those great players that you've coached i was looking through some of your career here you actually
with a lot of really interesting coaching staffs so i'm just curious like between the the dallas cowboys of the early been nineties you actually coach on you because the cleveland browns team would bruce arians and then obviously miami and all that what is the most fun environment you've had in terms of coaching staff that you've been around yeah the funding varmint you know was probably the dallas days because the majority the how is it world in the dallas staff that you know helped win all those super bowls you know the originally five or six of us actually started out as assistant coaches with jimmy and oklahoma state animal he got the job i was fortunate to go to miami the first because there was only one out and so he took me and i was there but actually tony lies and a war instead and a lot of guys there and then guys that were on the staff with joe brodsky's the hubbard alexander's you know because we but so many so many years together and coaching staffs guys are are it's almost like extended families because we went to thirteen
thank january one bowl games at miami in that program so every holiday every christmas every new year your families you know you're never at home celebrating those holidays you're always in a hotel someplace in the sugar bowl of the fiesta bowl in and in all the we going to dallas and stuff and so those were because the relationship that you had uh you know that was that was unique and special about the cleveland one was was remarkable from the standpoint that the staff that we put together but you know in year two we took the browns to the playoffs and on that staff todd bowles who's the head coach of the new york jets right now chuck pagano who's recently the head coach of the indianapolis bruce ariens i mean we had some terrific football coaches there and trying to turn the culture around got him into the playoffs and you know it was a you know that was there were some steps being taken forward there that ugly things could've stayed on track there could have made it did she turn the browns you know french
as completely around i was going to ask that does anyone ever like do you not take pride but has anyone ever calls you like hey sorry for what happened to brown because you were actually the last good coach they've had because they haven't been to the playoffs since the kerchief the curse of butch davis so it's the curse of me but yeah there's been people that have said you know i wish things would have gone differently and unfortunately you know one of the biggest tragedy of the whole thing was was when mister al lerner passed away that people actually you know him he was a phenomenal phenomenal man he was next marine he was talking was gritty he'd been in business he's actually gone bankrupt previously in business so he knew all teams in hard work knew all the things that made business is successful in morning to see that in his in the browns franchise and
you know the year that we in two thousand and two and we did go to the playoffs as to why you know near the end of that season and it's a shame you didn't get to see it to get into the playoffs but he was a very great man and i think you know had best way i think to to than a lot of a lot more progress made towards you know making the browns a you know a real contender every year in the the nfc central yeah i have seen central do you still hate florida state sure red so i guess i guess that's why i got that sign in my office yeah you have you have a little bit of resentment go to the action you coach of miami for eleven years and not yeah right that's there are you still you still feel a little bit cheated about the two thousand one or double absolutely yeah i would too yeah there's no doubt i mean the very first changing the entire national championship before they got into the playoffs committees and stuff like that was the very next year was let's consider head to head and everton because we had big florida state and we'd run the table and
you know and obviously i think we earned the opportunity to play oklahoma in the orange bowl that year yeah alright last question the c key question put in promo code take you get ten dollars off go see the fiu panthers you can go for ten dollars cheaper with promo code take coach you just mentioned charles haley one of your top five players he ever coached you want to give us a couple more of your top five guys you don't have to make in order to you yeah you don't drink in order yeah jerome brown you know unfortunately passed away in a car accident but i think clearly he would have been a pro football hall of fame candidates i mean he was a freak i mean he could he was one of the most dominating guys on regent level that literally from the defense of line standpoint that could take the game over and he was kind of a version of like jj watts is it the houston texans that if he's on fire you get your
pulling the ball and i mean he just dominated teams like oklahoma and penn state in west virginia in florida florida state i mean he would be their biggest nightmare you know he was one of 'em you know ed reed was spectacular i mean it had this much football instincts is maybe anybody that i've ever been around i mean he just literally i mean before broke it's almost like they told him what the play was that from formations and motions and pre snap reads i mean he was just a phenomenal playmaker he was he's one of those guys we already talked about robert quinn you know his ability is a as a pass rusher and stuff and north carolina he was he was spectacular reggie wayne you know i mean the almost instantly i mean
he knew he was going to have great success in on the collegiate level but you know in the in the national football they just from the standpoint that his route running he was smooth as silk in and out of breaks and he could break your ankles and anne had great hands and he was tough and physical and you know so those i mean i've been blessed and then there's just an awful lot of guys you with with that three shows to go through all the guys that who were unique and special yeah it's crazy it's it's it is crazy look at those i i definitely tell people if you're if you're two thousand two thousand one miami hurricanes look up that roster and just be odd he's got one less than five yes somebody told me that in that picture that we had i think it was like ninety seven guys in the picture and like nine thousand and eighty something up more work scholarship players and eight hundred or ten walk ons and stuff and i think fifty two of made it to unicel that's crazy so we always talk about usually as a joke could alabama beat the browns i legitimately think that year two thousand
two thousand and one team at the university of miami could have put up stiff competition against an nfl team what do you think not no chance i don't think that i'm actually the alabama to my because i mean people don't don't realize the even even teams that go forward twelve there about twelve twelve points away from me and twelve and for the national a day or so unbelievably physically town just the size just be all you know the the worst players on the team would be superstars on on the collegiate payment it's just you know i just nine i've never felt like you know that he would ever you'll be if you remember back in and you guys are way too young but third once upon a time the collegian all stars used to play in the nfl championship teen in chicago may get smoked i mean they would just get you know any
you took the forty five best collegiate players in america and played one nfl team in the score be you know forty two to ten or something you know and it back in the 50s and the 60s and i just don't think they could do it i think you would have held the nineteen ninety one buccaneers to under thirty points i'll put it that way yeah maybe so i don't know alright well coach thank you so much congrats on winning football guy the weekend if we ever make it down there will definitely take you take a check it out do visit you gotta bring present day down get him get him in here and help him rock decayed yeah absolutely absolutely alright coach thanks so much good luck this weekend have a good day bye later
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it was something completely different ok we now welcome on alex honnold he is you can see him in the new movie free solo he they free solo climb of el capitan three thousand foot granite wall in yosemite and he so let's start here like explain to people what el capitan means to the climbing community and you you climb this entire rock with no ropes nothing you just man verse so explain though like how long you been looking at this and wanting to accomplish this yes so el cap is is probably the most iconic wall and and climbing on is one of the most striking that was in the world and and i'm from california so none i you know i grew up looking up and up it all happens you know is or is represented to the technical climbing to me and so young man very good
i think that's a fair characterization and just climb in finding a wall without wrote though you know that's after twenty years of climbing and and two years of practice you know so better to quite a long time to actually be able to do it is yellowstone by the way my fault i got my no no no no no you know what is it you know if you have any national park yeah okay got it your i wasn't right frustrates cat who i so i watch your movie two weeks ago i i which first what would you like to apologize to me for still making my hand what to this day how long you should you should thank me for about character yes thank you for building for building my character let me get up and you up you know yeah i appreciate i need it so the first time that you sat down and you watch the movie i i assume that you've seen the movie yourself many times now
there any parts that made you nervous watching it or maybe not nervous but but certainly the first hour through the film i find sort of challenging to watch all the all the things with my relationship with my girlfriend and and my family and just you know the the effects that that my family and friends and i find that kind of hard to watch but but the climbing i find so i never really dry i i also noticed during the film you seems like a little uncomfortable having the cameras around especially when you you know making the attempt and i was wondering what inspired you to do the movie because it it seems like you're more into the climb just for the climb in and the personal accomplishment but what what inspired you to say okay you know what let's let the cameras and try to do something yeah yes very question i mean so so the the co directors dimension and chive us rally dated just they approach me sort of fresh
the success of their film area which i had seen and and really enjoyed and you know is is great phone someone approached me about working with me there is a big opportunity for me and in the okay that is something that i had been dreaming about for for maybe six years at that point but but sort of too afraid to actually try and so the idea of making a film project with them it was sort of a reason you know a way of forcing myself to actually putting in the work and working on this this project i've been dreaming about for so long but certain intended to start i nature is sort of counterintuitive that that they added pressure the film would actually be helpful but i thought that they've got there would be no i wanted a reason to start working on the thing that when you do so badly okay so tell me tell me if this is a rude question but i feel like it's something a lot of people are thinking about you're making a film and you're doing free solo climbs in the filmmakers themselves say it's
experience because you could be filming someone's death at any moment is there is there something that you guys agreed to before hand that if there was a fatal accident that they would still air some of the things or how does that work no we never talked about it i mean i basically didn't care because if i died you know i don't care what they do with your dad i'm done yeah yeah yeah i'm i'm totally untroubled by that and i'm think that they had discussions between themselves but i was never privy to it and then clayton never played out so yeah yeah it's just interesting 'cause you i mean it's such a hearing hearing i still haven't seen the movie i watched the the the promo i'm definitely going to see it's called free so you gotta go check it out but here and talk about how
it's so scary and it's it's a conflict took to watch someone free solo through a lens because if they get in trouble what's going to happen you're you're filming but what happens if you get in trouble up on a wall by yourself for you just screwed i know no totally depends and actually if you watch the film uh i did have an attempt on el cap when that i didn't complete is he started it and got scared i'm don't to you know spoil the movie for you anything but you made it you survive yeah you are likely we're talking to you so that is a spoiler itself yeah yeah i guess i guess that the ultimate correlation there but the rest yeah but so basically i had i had a failed attempt on el cap where i basically lose under prepared and just
what not for it as our crime maybe the first five hundred feet or so and then and then started cheating and sort of cheated my way up a little bit further and then call back down to the ground what is that what is cheating mean like with him and explain to people who aren't you know into this of of the free soul climbs like what how does it feel when you know that you just don't have it that day yeah yeah so so cheating is complicated basically i started using so i was free climbing which is different than so going means climbing by yourself without a rope but free climbing typically just means finally if you're handing your feet and and using a rope to protect you and your clipping in the bolts and things you go and and the distinction is between refining and an eight conning artificial crime would be when you call on bolton pitons and like year to assist you upward and so i was coming by myself but i got to a certain point where i got scared and then i started using the bolts to assist me like rather than just resting my feet on the on
really small little quick holds i started pulling on the bolts and stepping on the bolts into sort of cheating which which i would still by myself and i still didn't have a rope but suddenly made the difficulty of it quite a bit easier yeah you know i cheated my way through the hardest part and then i sort of got up to this area that had had ropes going back down and i made my way back down to safely use you said some interesting right there that you got scared part of the way up and you have a very high tolerance for being afraid of things what what is the scariest that you've ever been on a mountain or that's a good question thank you i mean i was actually some of some of my experience correct some of my experiences were maybe last winter on this expedition to antarctica just because the rock was really rotten and it's funny because people ask about my fears experiences expecting it to be some of the rope was coming soon three selling that i've done a really most of my scariest experiences have been with a rope
because when you have a rope and gear you're more willing to push it into the unknown because you assume that you'll be able to find protection at some point but or if you don't if you don't quit your open anything it you know you can still be looking at it you are for fall which is still certain death and so you know basically you're more willing push yourself into really harrowing you know positions when you have gear on your that makes sense like the illusion of safety yeah exactly exactly did he bring in like a few more moves i'm sure i'll find him here right right keep going yeah and you know he's going to go in for do you like one hundred and fifty feet above your last piece of gear and you're like oh my god i'm going to die for sure yeah it's pretty scary what would be the highest survivable fall i don't know well i mean actually their records of pilots and things falling out of planes from twenty thirty
quincy and clamped arriving let's see what i mean and then point yeah yeah i probably now i know i mean i think that if you're falling more than forty the there's a very curious chance the that's them so you took it you took an mri during the movie free solo and it showed that your brain doesn't register fear like the regular person now do you feel that in a experiences like i'm still a little afraid of the dark have you just i've been afraid of the dark i'm not i'm very afraid of the dark but i think that i'm afraid of danger i mean i'm afraid of getting killed i'm afraid of being hurt you know the same as anybody else uh i mean think of the real takeaway from that brain scan was just that through through enough practice i sort of desensitized when i make the which is what they were scanning to certain level of stimulus so basically because i've had so many scary climate experiences i'm just slightly
a separate of of average things interesting well one time i went to the top of the willis tower in chicago and i stood on that glass that glass encasement where you can look down the crack to actually have you ever done that our have you have you been skydiving a little i haven't got having him work i had to but so but so skydiving a good example i mean i found a pretty scary i didn't i didn't i mean i i wasn't at all scared nope you are how much are you there just once tandem no just dropped in japan i'm good you got some dude strapped well let's not kid let's not get bogged down in the details here alex i wasn't scared you were scared and i just assumed that it was a he that was trapped in cats but it was it was it was it was too heavy yeah nobody but i found skydiving pretty scary i mean it's just so fast and frantic and
it's just there's a lot going on there's a lot of stimulus you know like oh my god i'm falling out of a plane yeah i think that scary yeah i i mean watching this movie i can't say enough it's it's fascinating it it really takes you through like every single emotion possible in a i would rank it like at the top of any sporting achievement ever that that has been accomplished by human arm what would you be doing if mountains didn't list of climbing didn't exist what other interests do you have i don't know i mean honestly i'm not sure i was i was studying engineering for a year before i dropped out of school to be a climber i don't know i have a foundation that's been supporting solar all over the world so i mean it might be you know working on environmental issues like some kind of environmental or something i don't know i mean it's funny because it's such a departure from from finding to mention solar energy i do you think that the sun is hot thank you i think it's a well established the sun is but how come space called who that is profound yeah
think about think about that so do you like gummy bear do you like paper straws uh i don't i don't love them yeah they just haven't yet i haven't got the technology right you got it maybe yeah so like a hardware dialed yeah okay it there all right you you maybe do use you know you did i'll capitan maybe the next biggest accomplishment is figure out a way to make this paper straw that doesn't fall apart after two sets i mean that that would that would tend to have a bigger impact on the world yeah i so i i the other question i had you know reading all about you you you mentioned your family i mentioned your girlfriend is there going point where you're like i'm done climbing because it seems like guys like you were wired a certain way where and i think there was a quote in in the pro like you know you need climbing to live in like why would you take away something makes you so happy so do you ever see yourself being like all right you know what i'm going to walk away and not you know fall
side of mountain and then you probably would actually end up getting like hit by a bus or something because that's just cruel but like do you ever see an end in sight i mean so i can't really i'm i'm sure i'll be fine in my whole life i managed love climbing climbing takes many forms and i don't know if i'll always be free so long at a high level in fact i mean i doubt high level my whole life just because you know it's just something that requires a major inspiration and passion for it i mean i just don't know if i'll find other objectives that i care about the way i cared about cap you know so you know i mean if i want the rest of my life without free selling anything else at a high level i'm i'm sure i could still lead a happy life you ever going to do it again you're going to el cap again so i mean
it really see why it wouldn't i mean what is it okay okay i'll give you scenario someone else does it and they do it faster and that i'll be fine i don't care about the speed that much okay ship your it's it's funny somebody at somebody asked me if if someone offered to donate half a billion dollars not foundation in order to watch me through tells watch me free solo cap out for sure do it that's like a really sick like for like some rich do jerry jones yeah yeah very voyeuristic very weird like wide shut but okay not a billiards aren't that sort of thing yeah well and what are you know how like this weird rich six dudes we have a lot of listeners eyes that your call yeah i like where nobody bit basically my point though is just that on but i really did enjoy the experience doing it but it takes a kind of a lot of effort to to feel comfortable and so it goes
incentivize i mean i could certainly go through the process again and and your comfortable out there if you just take a lot of time and work and there's no real point in repeating something that i've already done on us on a work day yes how much time in workers reading for how much time or did it really take to to i i obviously you were climbing all your life but like from the moment you said i'm going to do this to the moment you did it hot what what was that time that you put in i mean we we see the film it's basically the two years that we were filming together though i had a few setbacks along the way i mean i think that if i were going to try to do it again i could probably be ready in six months or so but that's you know that's a lot of
yeah 'cause you have like all the moves planned out you like wrote down what you do in basically every part of that is that fair you have like every step mapped out yeah exactly yeah i still have all my journals such an obvious i mean i still remember exactly how to do most of the crime that's it so deeply ingrained within me know right that's probably pretty smart to plan it out and not just be like a function to climb this mountain yeah when you got to the top did you feel relief or did you feel joy mostly joy i mean a little bit of relief for sure but not even just released like oh i'm so glad i survived or i'm glad i made it but also just released that i was glad that i had sort of seen through this whole process while i was you know i don't want to say well i was young enough to do it but but that is kind of true now i'm glad to have done this big dream with line and not just like let it slip away yeah was there he would be the go ahead sorry well i just i had so many years of dreaming about all cap and not actually putting any work and not actually doing it and so i sort of had this fear that one day i'd be forty five
and thanks man maybe i should have actually tried to do all caps at some point yeah i'm ok with having that with having that thought when i'm forty five right now and i'll tell people i could have done it too yeah well that's that's you know that's fair did you was there like a moment like maybe two thousand and thirty feet left that you're like oh wow i'm actually going to do this this is incredible no actually the last five or six hundred feet kind of felt that way oh wow i'm just because he get through sort of all the hardest climbing and then the last five hundred feet are so are fairly secure style like like it feel safe even though it's still fairly difficult but it just doesn't it's not slippery in the same way like it feels comfortable and so i kind of charge to the sonics i was like i'm doing it you're amazing this is this is gray one of my favorite parts of the movie was how you lived out of a van for a long period of time before you finally kind of gave in and bought a house were both van guys mean big cat are big guys we've got our event it seems vanny woodhead did you name your van i've never named
i've never been under but as i've lived out of the van for a think twelve years and that's pretty good of a job where do you where you in the woods are in bathrooms are oh ok oh that's a big gap is it good point what happens if you're halfway up the mountain and you got to go i mean happens uh i ideally met you pack it out somehow it just because otherwise there's too much poop on the wall but when disaster strikes you just have to find a way to bury it or dispose of it or make sure that you you group somewhere that people aren't going to be climbing it's very considered about that's been very consistent there's a there's a lot of oscar buzz already around have did you ever think that you would win an oscar hi well actually i think that even if the oh my i can't win an oscar because the subject doesn't really matter i don't think i think it's only the director and producer so so either that has nothing to do with maine but no i definitely never thought that that anything
ever do would even be remotely considered in the film world it would be pretty messed up if they want an oscar though and they didn't at least invite you on the stage i think there are disallowed i i think they're not allowed to if they are you should go topless and with a carabiner your speech just be like play on on blood well no but that's that defeats the point oh yeah sure language but it's for free solarmovie big cat doesn't get to spirit yet so literally the only thing i know about climbing play on on boy well that's the only thing you don't need to do it for free they it all right i have one last question for you and everyone here again check it out free solo i'm going to watch this movie for sure how many pull ups can you do oh i don't know maybe maybe thirty five that's pretty good it's not yeah i mean it's it's a fair
it's not a con i mean you don't have to be able to do that many calls to crime because crime is more about your school work and technique and finger strength and you know it's not as brute strength all right okay that brings up all right so follow up question do you what do you do when it cramps in your hands and your feet so imagine that happens right uh not really you get cramps in your feet a little bit because climbing shoes are super tight and so throughout the the crime of all caps i would stop in third place in public shoes on and off to make sure that my feet didn't go numb but but no i mean you know that's what all the cover and for us to make sure you know like a marathon runner at like in the lead marathon runner doesn't get cramps part way through and stop i mean that's about to the train for yeah very true up my last question i want to know if you do you sit down and watch those are like russian teenagers climbing bridges and and build stuff and if so do you think that they're actually better climbers in your hi i have
in some of that and i will i mean there i don't want to disparage them too much but uh but i think it's slightly stoopid ok all right well that's the perfect selfie all right alex thank you so much if you ever come to new york please you know we come come by the office would love to talk to you in person and maybe watch you climb the empire you sir coming buildings like that member that spider man guy that went viral or the raccoon yeah did you do the in minneapolis you start just climbing random buildings and all the day are considered going there to get arrested i mean we've direct you didn't didn't get arrested in in line in the sand pin scurried away yeah i can't promise you won't get arrested but i can promise you go viral yep that's that's as good as five hundred million dollars yeah maybe i mean i don't think it is if you guys promise to post bail i don't consider it yeah yeah sure this is a different your man of the nature and the woods were were men of the internet so i that's that we disagree not that they're not they're not all right now with
expert thanks for coming on so go see free solo it's in theaters is it nationwide right now is it just like yours yeah i don't really know the difference yeah it it's in cities all the country right now okay go see it and and bring like extra napkins paper towels to wipe off your poems because you're gonna sweat a lot of accidents you're gonna feel physical pain like i did spoiler alert he survives nice nice thanks excel is great that interview with alex was brought to you guys by pellet on if a busy schedule and you're working all day if you run around for others will guess what you can still get intense workout in the convenience and comfort of your living room guess what if you on a pallet on bike and you fall off your not going to go splat on the ground and i so that's a real plus for working on their bikes you can start or finish your day with a game changing workout at home what a time saver the motivation comes from instructors throughout pelotons library of live cloud or throughout their library of classic classes and they have live classes as well i have a pallet on bike in my living
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four times now and i haven't listened anytime full disclosure so that's locked up as you know we've been selling stocks in our gambolling goldfish laree i don't know if we should really put it lightly regulated we've been stocked we're done we're done selling that we've been skating we've been selling stocks yes they can't understand going to run on the market you can't buy anymore like two year olds but in the barstool sports advisors which runs on sunday morning at one thousand and thirty on the barstool sports website or if you're in philly in new york you can watch or if you're anywhere you have tvg you can watch it yellow time one thousand am or one thousand and thirty on the website in the barstool sports app that's where larries fifth pick is and as one time one time offer last time only if you'd missed out on buying stock in larry you can tweet us watching the show used the hashtag be advised we're going to pick one person and send them the final layer stock
the heck was that hashtag again be advised advised so do it watch it tweet us will retweet it and will pick one winner in the stock and you know what i'm just going to say that stock i'm going to make it worth zero it's going to be worth double okay twice as much as you go you heard it here first folks we just we just made our stocks were all the no no just tell others you know how it all works little bit but that's okay so do it hashtags revise watched larries fifth pick he's five and oh on beyond the barstool sports version five and he's so will pick what games he picked this week he's picking the london game so he's raiders seahawks here yeah ok let's get to some segments first up we have a sabermetrics most sabermetrics pft the same metrics are also this is kind of a nerd alert for roquan smith future super bowl winning linebacker this year of the chicago bears facts they ask at least to buy they asked him about how his speed helps him hit hard and he said
equals mass times acceleration smart guy so he remembers his physics smart guy he's fast yes fast in there if you're fast you hit hard very fast i love roque once with because i love saying the name broke one you know what he is was a thumper he is his wealth offer he's not fully thumper he's more of a speed are violence speed and violence violence violence that equals past violence that equals force right yeah but i love him so is that one of the laws of physics which one is that fma thought mary assault yeah that's what he plays so it's a kinder gentler first is going to get at you newtons first law is when von miller is diving at you make a business decision yeah i actually fully buy it on like the al davis let's just get all the fastest guys then at least if your team sucks in the pregame that they can be like a watch out for team speed listen nike instagram posts have taught me a couple things about speed one is you can't teach it and the other is speed kills yes
i fully by and in robin's races robin is racing i get all the fast guys that you can do its work for the raiders yes you can't doubt the track record of success now all right next up we have long our long national nightmare is over so this is for todd alien stoop who have apparently buried the hatchet snoop dogg showed up to the cleveland browns facility they hung out and if you remember snoop dogg was posting instagram videos last year bashing todd haley then offensive coordinator of the pittsburgh steelers which one of snoop dogg's sixteen favorite nfl teams yeah and so they're they're good he gets a pass on that right like like drake is the guy that we all point out really click this front runner but snoop dogg has sixteen teams yes but it's it's because
snoop dogg is the one that would actually kill you right we don't see this cool right yeah if output this way when somalia is fucking up and rushes fuckin' up with human rights abuses will send troops to somalia but we want some russia 'cause they got an avon right and that's why we steered clear yeah right so snoop dogg i would love to have sat and watched that that conversation because my guess is it's started with a couple laughs ha ha ha member and then absolutely nothing to talk about because we saw todd haley in hard knocks not a fan of rap let's just say that not a fan of rap i hope you got to talk about wiley yeah i do too that would be an awesome now would have been listens i would that i hard not should run all season long i'm thinking about right now snoop dogg was high enough which probably was he's probably
the facility just watching bob wiley say hi res probably we hazy the ones watching for its like this get stuck in a fish sauce how long do you think snoop dogg spend watching that slow mo video of become a filter on that went past yeah it's probably a long time yes rewinding that you should just stock by the way it's the the surprise news ever that todd haley had beef with somebody else yeah i feel like he has beef with everybody he's walking beef he's got beef with everyone this house that he's not currently having sex with her and even sometimes that doesn't really do it i'd say he's definitely cut beef with round yeah like there's for sure haley household does not go a day without the you know we next up have off king st kings and it is big bad our our our eight now our guy in terms of you know the funny quarterbacks like because you lie like we said he's retired and big ben is all we have left into in that department and he pulled the best big move the most classic big ben move ever on tuesday
he went on his radio show and he said his elbow altered his he hurt his elbow and it has altered his throwing mechanics and forcing his throws to sail on him then on wednesday a when the reporters ask him about it he said i'm actually fine i'm good he's just forgetful but can't give a break i get there so there's nothing better than big ben just i've never seen any
i like it he literally makes up a different injury every single week i love how he said that he had he had an elbow injury that was accidentally making him throw the ball too hard yeah he's like he's like rookie of the year yeah exactly watch rookie of the year he's like i have that yeah that's it yeah i watched this movie i have that he's a dog like fakes a limp and because he doesn't want to go on a walk my dog did that i think i told that yet i'm yeah do that rp that's that's big bet yeah that isn't he's also the kid who fakes an injury in like one leg and then shows up to practice the next day an limping on the other side of this is like i thought your other leg oh yeah you know that went away it's because i was favoring this one and i strengthened it too much so now it hurts to compensation featuring pigpen oh my god oh another briefing to take one another do it again nope guys guess it's a giant related double
i'm shot pat shurmur no but it's about a ouija yet another sideline meltdown so he attacked the concussion ten he attacked he head butted i don't know what it is we but it's started on the sidelines and then it says been screaming jesus christ anybody punching like in in that in that and adam and all that's his thing he just loves to fight things that can't fight back he just he hates nouns it's insane he's a this giant season is yeah i mean it's time to ask if pat servers lost locker room yeah he's arm watches on yeah that's the video of him going off yeah i know yeah let's you know what he hit the hit the big heater all that's a bad not now everybody is going to be cold but at the big heater jesus christ odell alright our last one before we get to our grab bag have a new one what did we say oh comment that we're going to comment so what do we say we're calling this
please comment on please come over how how come you guys haven't commented on yes i know this is trying to couple weeks ago where people will get mad at me on twitter and be like how do you view not commented on fill in the blanks for instance the brewers beat the rockies and they're like if you're not commented on the brewers beating the rockies so i'll just reply here's my comment so the connie to the white house talk with donald trump and it was a whole thing and here's our comment he did it yet that is a thing that he did so that's our common yeah that was it was a thing big news hanks looking hank would you like to comment how come you have a wide view comments it sports okay come with with this is actually just a play we're gonna put in the synopsis and be like his hot take on president from and connie's meeting and then they'll get to this
podcast and like these guys didn't say anything uhhuh actually know what let's filibuster real quick quick baseball preview of of the alcs nlcs pics you are you worried about the red sox can see ashes ashes are wagon things could go seven games with the red sox going ok i think it's going to be brewers and the strauss i think it's going to be a repeat dodgers strauss i think the dodge that are going to rich hill is going to do something but playoff kershaw playoff cursor is the press really gonna sir came to looks like it that might out rates on a football like if they price starts having meltdown yeah he doesn't have the clutch gene that david price is due but in layoff the other side he's doing great makes a fairpoint statistically do was he over one thousand one hundred and ten over ten oh in ten well if you listen to this on tuesday then i'll be right kirsha price now
i need that to happen in the world series can you imagine yep oh my god it's that game is going to take this fourteen hours if it is each other this is going to be incredible alright let's finish we gotta hanks grab bag friday let's do it are dissimilar of in the in this grab bag but people are if to are allergic to cats and dogs does that mean that cats and dogs can be allergic to people whoa oh maybe that's why cats are such assholes all the time they're all richard humans wo yeah so crazy cat ladies are actually works very animals have souls and they're allergic to souls yeah yeah let's let's changers don't care steel baby souls when they sleep if they sneeze know if a baby sneezes a cat will steal it so yeah that's actually true it takes his breath because we're also allergic to them yes for cats yeah i'm on the record let's see i mean yeah who who owns cats they never die
they really don't they don't have nine lives yet they don't haha hahahaha apart server wanna be in fat robert downing junior use awful reasoning to validate terrable opinions if you sat in with these guys for an hour you will hear just as many smart things said by the goldfish as you would the hosts ok well you know get better killer yeah there is yeah i don't know yeah he's five in on his sunday pics so yes he's he's an anomaly of aphasia he's smart we should all be as lucky as to be a sparkler yeah that was a that was a terrible row smileys don't bring larry into the roast them i really want to be sir for they have to share a little bit your hair i had no i haven't hank yeah you in a little bit all explain to hank what is the thick and thin in the saying through thick and thin mythic is like if you know gil junk in the trunk and then then is if you get too skinny so through thick and thin
to take i promise to love you even if you really got that booty going or if you're some becky with no but yeah i buy that i buy everything that was said right there how does an island flood shun the ocean become more shallow as a storm picks up the water how does an island what type of oil and we talking about so the oceans pretty big so parts of it can be more shallow than others but in island floods during a storm even though the storm is picking him order let's 'cause waves it's 'cause of waves waves waves are bigger than their taller than the rest of that was like a trick dumb question was like he had me for a second i like wait but waves people forget about waves yeah as a surfer i will tell you all about it we use we use can get gnarly mann they yeah if you don't shred it right yeah if you don't go to if you don't tube yeah if you pit you're in trouble sup
is especially liam explained it to her really well who is pft favorite mlb team threats reds all right now i like whoever's playing the cubs that's actually not true i i read for big cat this year i'm not ready i had money on me to die slow yeah i don't want you die later i like the nationals i like him reds in that they still they didn't lose a playoff game this year yeah and even more husky john belushi and kid rock to up to tackle the world of sports but mostly just porn conspiracy theories and bad advice they are accompanied by their pet cow that moves better than he reads but keep the other two old fox up to date on the latest trends making him somewhat hold on we do one fucking riff about fat guys bellies in pov porn in our foreign podcast i feel like that's boxing us in a little bit yeah i thought it was actually pretty good advice that we gave to the point community now possession they should be listening to this exactly do dogs lick
skin when we get home because they know there are bones in there yeah guys so fucking high right that's very well oh my god that's the highest man ever that's amazing i like it yeah yeah i think i gotta get through the both think it's gotta be true yeah it's gotta be true last one on a two more true triple bees inside controversy in the sports media world by giving back to the community by teaching their producer common english those mean yeah it's very mean that's very mean sort of triple b word better would never say we don't you don't call us triple bees we call kevin durant trip alright last one how does a master key work it opens every door in the building yet other keys can only open certain doors wait what master key fits everything yeah
it's like out i don't know as a one size fit all hat fit everybody alright doesn't show love you guys i have no answer for that i thought but oh i know what so they design all the locks around this one key and then the design specific keys to fit each lock so like one won't work on every other block when they first make the lock they make it so that so that the master key can fit it yeah that's how they design it's gone lock one lock so bad on but then they add slight changes to every other lock but then when that look up the master because there's a sweet spot that the master key still hits can sweep yes don't you guys about rod you don't know about no i mean i know i don't know about spycraft that's fine yeah that's kind of my wheel house yeah all this one more i had as harper and work
gay twinks your guy you get it you get a little older remember quick storytime member when are young son hank got his first bout a heartburn i was so awesome it was so much fun you were like one hundred and twenty three at the time where vegas you like hey i think i got i think hip hop hip hop's i think i i think i got heartburn i felt like i was having a heart attack like son we pinned put a pin on him and were like you've made it yeah you are now a man yeah i got a little daughter having a very first period your purple heart is so proud of wings wing eating and whiskey drinking he did it and then i remember remember the advice i gave you i said that's you had your first heartburn but it's not real
if you call in your own mouth while you're sleeping dennis realty then then you know then you're combat yes you got yes so now he pre tom's just along side just like his old man toms toms taunton all right that is our show love you guys
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