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Coach Buzz Williams + Friday Brain Dump

2018-03-29 | 🔗

Baseball is back and everyone is on pace for something (2:12-9:50). Final Four is coming up and we're headed to San Antonio for all the action + our picks (9:51-14:31). Brain Dump Friday where we pitch our best ideas that are probably terrible (14:32-20:48). Virginia Tech Head Basketball Coach Buzz Williams joins the show to talk about how he got into coaching, why he sweats so much, and whether or not we should Quit Cussin (22:36-59:18). Segments include put one in his earhole for Kevin Durant calling out "Blog Boys" (1:02:51-1:06:28), Sabermetrics for Trevor Bauer's new contract (1:06:29-1:08:33), Embrace Debate would you eat a Dilly Dog (1:08:34-1:12:35), and FAQ's + Explain it to Hank (1:12:36-1:18:30). 

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