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Coach Jeff Fisher, NFL Draft, Game Of Thrones Dumb Theories

2019-04-26 | 🔗

NFL Draft is here and we completely overreact to the first round. Kyler Murray goes 1, Joey Bosa invented kill the man with the ball, Bucs Minute with Steven Cheah, Daniel Jones is the most hilarious pick of all time, Sean McDermott definitely smelled Ed Oliver and Dan Snyder is a genius. (3:00-28:24) In Memoriam 2018-19 Washington Capitals,(28:25-33:40) NBA Playoffs,(33:41-38:10) and our Fyre Fests of the week.(38:11-43:09) Coach Jeff Fisher joins the show to talk about Draft War Rooms, memories of big drafts and trades, and how he got so damn good at twitter. (46:02-1:18:04) Sabermetrics for QBs being important,(1:21:05-1:23:31), Just Chill out Man for Nick Saban, (1:23:32-1:25:00) hmmm for Duke cheating because of course they do,(1:25:01-1:27:25) FAQ's,(1:27:26-1:31:01) and stupid Game of Thrones theories and predictions before Sundays big episode.(1:31:02-1:41:10)

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on today's part in my take we have nfl draft all of our reactions over overreactions we also have in memoriam shane capitals coach jeff fisher talking about draft war homes and his newfound twitter glory and then we're going to finish the show with some f ecus and some game drones previews slash predictions slash i don't know what the fuck we're going to do is we're the dumbass game of thrones podcasts in the world now speak for yourself that's true pft's on his game when it comes to thrones we're going do all that and it's going to an awesome show because it is a friday show and those are always great before we get to that though if you're an award winning listener or blake of the year candidate you know part of my take is brought to you by cash app the number one finance app in the app store you're also aware that the cash app is the easiest way to send and receive money and that it comes with the
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i don't do over reactions but dan snyder is the best talent evaluators in the history of the national football league okay so we we don't do reactions but we are going to overreact to a few things let's start from the top we'll get to twin haskins in dan snyder somehow becoming the greatest rafter of all time but we have to start with the top in the top is always we roger goodell coming out with marcus mariota probably the worst shield these ever come out with because usually comes out with the troops hoping that that will bring down the booze our kids yeah our kids so yeah someone maybe who doesn't have a leg or something this year he comes out marcus mariota and he basically says the titans fans were like well we kind of don't like him yet usually when you bring a shield out the shield is supposed to protect you from injuries and mark mariota is like eating it he is the last thing from a shield no boss was he's not protecting the shield these are protecting roger good i'm actually just happy he showed up because usually for the big game he's you know questionable if not doubtful i was gonna say i'm shocked
he then sprained his mcl walked up to the podium is actually the elbow is what he always some boats that funny both out yeah he's got he's got weak knees to yeah i could tell credit to him sure isn't real locker room guy give a nice will pat on the and then go to give up our i i'm i'm pretty sure they could tell didn't even tell where to that he was gonna be giving a speech yep he was just like hey get up there and say something so i don't have to talk to all time maria goes let's do this basically basically goes aloha aloha let's go guys and then obviously when roger goodell comes out the heavens open up torrential rain pour comes down opposite of heavens opening up yeah well no the heavens open up and then rain comes down so angels came down no the facial eyes yeah and then it's just everything comes down yeah you don't know heaven and hell or just whatever you make of it that's fucking deep yes too deep for draft night first they've got him and then is sitting on a cloud yeah we'll get they've got my first pick colin murray everyone expected it everyone knew was coming colin murray in his pre draft interview with suzy kolber who thinks is cool
the taller than him says that his favorite movie of all time is great gatsby that is the biggest red flag we've ever seen if you're gonna pick a to cap your movie should be catch me if you can if you're real quick how about the beach the beaches all want to really good one talk about what will spoil the ending later yeah yeah but anyway great gatsby either it's a try hard move to be like hi i love movies that for bucks or you're just lying because there's no there's no one on earth who thinks great gatsby is your favorite movie it also i'm pretty sure color murray is the kind of guy that likes the great gatsby because he thinks gatsby's cool as hell right and through he like throws the sick parties is just a boss he does the leo dance fifteen years after it was cool yeah there's nothing cool about that book or that movie yeah i'm on the record fax he also got he also call emerys pick also proved that anytime any coach anywhere says
it's in front of a row of media row and says this is my guy it's not it's got my got old rex's my core we're back by lovie smith cliff kingsbury february 12th two thousand and nineteen said josh is our guy no yeah my guys my guys the kiss of death yeah that would be pretty awesome kiss if it's coming from class yeah that's longer real about that well if he's wearing sunglasses so then we then we've got yeah that's right not all record not as such things were not as hot as earlier reported yes then you've got josh rose in dealing with the fallout yep so we all know that he has a problem with authority now is going to the big problem with his authority because he doesn't really have a position anymore no i've it's not gonna be open competition they're trying to trade him trying to ship them to like the dolphins or somewhere like that i i think that they should probably wait we were talking about this earlier yes i think here's the thing on draft night your draft picks are worth so
it's more in your own brain than they really are yep so no team is going to give up i don't think a second round pick for josh rosen because in their minds it's like whoa this it's a it's a surprise package is a mystery box yes it could be something awesome it's probably not probably gonna suck right but in your head like this could be my franchise guy right here so teams are more reluctant to trade away high picks on draft night then they might be let's say first couple weeks of training camp or after the injury bug store everybody seems yeah because right now the next two months this is actually the lowest that the cardinals would get for josh rosen because they just drafted kyler murray and everyone's going to look at him and be like you guys can't keep both these guys so they got wait till someone gets injured a teddy bridgewater injury don't refer injuries they don't injuries but that would be one to trade him it's still going to be very awkward to have josh rosen in color murray in the same qb room
he somehow stays on the team for like the next three months right and it also matters how gruesome the injuries going to be yeah because the value goes up the more players on your team throw up from watching the injury the more you're willing to part with us to get a job yes all right number two pick all not a surprise joey bosa san francisco forty niners the posters are now the new crocs it is a football family they're all meathead even the moms meet had a hand on the issue would be my at all kick my everyone close to family played football and we also had the nugget the trey wingo go throughout their that the boces invented the game kill the man with the ball which they did not and they also so there's a zero percent chance the boces called the kill the man with that is not what they both have family would call game at all i don't know what else i have a car that come out yeah and and i said the name that i thought it would be we all know in our and like that
there's no chance that the bush is called to kill the guy with about two minutes it was our one every kid who's ever played kill the man with the ball knows that the posters did not call it killed the man with the ball right also i thought that it was a nice touch that bozo gave goodell an open mouth kiss yeah just to show how is his views have progressed recent yes did so joey bosa not a big shock same with quinn williams who going with gray on gray on gray also had braces which i always love like just bettering yourself but be a millionaire fucking love it that's actually great pic for the jets they're trying to trade but it's good picked on the no i like it too it's like i i would much rather have a dude with braces then a dude with invisible line yep and then click cleveland ferrell was the first shock of the night who a lot of people this is my favorite thing mock drafts is we basically just base it off of this consensus that gets formed where ever
one kind of cheese off of each other's mock draft and the light will back i wasn't supposed to be picked up for right it's got to be a bus now i do you probably think it was a reach you probably could have got him later but whatever jon gruden his own man and the dog remember they don't have any scouts in the room so they probably didn't even have like a mock draft in front of that that's true it's like if you go to store with a bunch of money in your pocket then you don't care going to buy to get the impulse rack like at the check out you don't you'll you'll throw money at so they come into the travel what would three first rounders first so they're just like it i'm spending i'm spin like it's going to go away right and it's just gonna happen and whatever we don't care about we're guy should go and what not we also got the the cool fact his father late father rest in peace easter one of the greatest
the wrestling cool please sir and cleveland easter that's for that is that is really good yeah so cleve stirs looking down from the heavens at his son being drafted okay at number five devon white the tampa bay buccaneers and we thought there's only one person who can give us the break down here it is our good friend steven shea he works senior dropped out senior draft analyst even shea he works on the second floor he's also the producer of the axes also just a good friend he's a football guy through and through he he's going to say right now pft that he didn't cry but i saw tears in his eyes and steve and she's a grown ass man he's a father and he had tears in his eyes when the bucks drafted devon white with the fifth pick linebacker sexy stephen shay the bucs minutes starts now my tampa bay buccaneers were on the clock five blue chip edge
rusher josh alan unexpectedly available i would have thought he would win the tech head coach bruce later on he fell to seven that's where josh sounds go that's true yeah i would have thought that he would have been the pick separately the head coach bruce arians said if you draft for need to get fired the bucks just recently lost a middle linebacker from ellis you want only send who actually plays exactly like devon white so that's his pro comp date they they took white who i do like i would have liked a little bit more value it's very uncommon to draft middle linebackers high yes
i'm in the top five especially but you know what if it's if he's a good player it's going to be a great pick no my concern is that he wears number forty and that number forty jersey in tampa bay belongs to the one the only mike alstott yeah so he said that he wants to wear number forty if you go to the box right correct what do you think about just doing oklahoma drill just mono mono winner gets to forty who you got that one i mean low man wins and it's hard to get lower than the a train that's true that's true that thing runs underground stephen i got to ask you a question to you did cry not currently no there was tears in her eyes i was in a state of shock yeah wow yeah so but it sounds like you've talked yourself back into this right i mean any guy that puts on the red impugner it for reading
who doesn't know we all know that we all know that ok last question steven j you're about to go home you been here for however many hours twelve hours today you're going to go home you're going to go into your house you're going to look at little j miss j your son he did name his son after jameis winston little problematic whatever derek yeah ok put anyway are you going to whisper anything like hey we gotta study or you can be like daddy's not so happy it's going to be a tough year that's a good question yeah because i know you will no i mean it's gonna be a good year where everybody every everybody's undefeated right now yeah okay as i stated in the run down i deal in the currency of hope and it's payday okay okay there we go so that looks minute that was the bucks but it was steven shea from tears will be done that once every every every draft from tears to somewhere in the middle of i feel ok not a full on cry his draft grade is i was crying but it wasn't out of despair
it was just out of uncertainty if there's if there's one day you can cry it is drafted there's a lot of tears on draft day so it's okay stephen jay thank you so much the bucks a minute i trust this might so we're gonna do that's the worst worst com ok that was the bucs match the longest we're going to spend on the boxes here i guarantee you that it's that and singing the jameis winston so i was going to say let's hold off on that because jameis winston could do something like very embarrassing and will probably spend at least two minutes famous no the six pack the new york giants selected a quarterback at a duke daniel jones the shock of the draft i became addicted i don't even know i was addicted to this until it happened i was addicted to giant fan reactions we had archie manning basically pulling the trigger he has the david cutcliffe connection
they drafted a guy like here's where the giants need credit the drive to just like a mom but like we said on wednesday a more boring you lie yeah it'll take more than what it is you are manning with less possess which is a good omen what dream yeah he's not in himself when he saw that here here's a quote from the duke coach david cutcliffe yourself this daniel do owns embrace is something we believe here real swag is no swag so no swag daniel jones that's a great nickname looking at his face he looks like a bollywood view jenova a yeah yeah know what i mean like there like a junkyard list like straight to lifetime manning family
the arcana jones playing yeah hard to manage you like cooper like if you lie man got hit in the face with a frying pan that's what he looks like and and guess what he's now you like it now you like it's another like five years because daniel jones is going to be terrible it was actually when you think about it a genius move by dave cattlemen because what he did here was he drafted a guy who everyone all the giants fans you like look we drafted a guy talk i like you know top ten we have a quarterback of the future he just got a sock and we keep you like going in and people can stop saying what are you going to get your quarterback of the future yeah it's a good move anytime you're a gm and you can take a quarterback that might not be that great in the top ten you have to do it just because it extends your job for awhile yeah no who quarterback i actually i have a theory that he is a member of the manning family i think there are some thank you that went on and arches got the kid run around by the name of dan
will jones and you tell me you tell me that's not an alias daniel jones is the most fucking alias name i've ever heard he is a manning he's manning through and through he's been a camp counselor at the manning passing academy two years ok he's got deep connections he goes to duke with cutcliffe guy i'm doing some more home work on this sounds like game of thrones yeah it does yes he's the rightful heir i'm just rightful heir to the manning family it he's also like he's the chai probably have a little bit of incest so he's probably got a little something wrong with him you know he's the third or the fourth man if you count cooper which we don't really count he also would like to see i love this theory i'd like to see him breathe out of his mouth a little bit to figure out if he's truly a manning so that really don't look at what they're going to need to do is put like a medical grade pin wheel in front of his mouth and just register how fast the years coming out and then they'll know each you are a menu like you're safe you're safe it also is great because he gets drafted and the first thing that espn put up on
on the screen was how his siblings are also athletic that really tells you how much this guy has and how good he is when when the espn scrambling there like well wait are you sister plays field hockey and is is to play soccer look out i actually do believe i am on the look out boces when this is a real athletic family i i actually would believe that he would call the game kill the guy with the ball yes absolutely he's a guy that attacked the guy with the ball yeah not yet to see are tied to take a person with taxes probably was sisters yeah and also you don't want to assume gender well i i yeah right i guess all right the jones family does not okay right so you are you're safe this is there's no way that he wouldn't have been there at seventeen you know it's gonna be so funny is when he turns out to be good quarterback no no he's not he's not but you might beat the patriots twice in the super bowl he
true you just be terrible in the hot look into a superbowl never now it would be a whole areas you know i was manning what now sorry to that does that offend all your ranks ok i feel like patriots are good enough where i can say whatever the hell i want about them and you should just be like i don't care i'm a champion alright which is what you do anyway next up josh allen seventh pick jaguars jaguars d is going to be so fucking good i can't believe he fell to this i thought we heard from stephen shea he thought he was going to be a buck i would have been shocked if he was taken by the giants who need a lot of help on the defensive line but i love when teams like you we have an awesome defense let's just make it even better yeah he's he's really fucking good we watch him play as soon as we found out that there was another josh allen out there we we started watching this tape and he's really really good kentucky was
a great team this year and who is by far the best player on that team and credit to us we got another josh josh allen drafted seventh overall so good job boys will be forever known as the josh allen's own way to go way to go we are josh allen factory josh now write jazz jazz that residence checks as well i don't think jazz you know we're no we're gonna speaking okay just all right yeah she's gonna be taxed tj hawking son for a from iowa to the lions was the eighth pick the most i will guide looking guy ever he was wearing a gold hi he was his his face his hair like he did never is seen hair product i love them like that's the type of guy if you lined everyone up you like wait back i only cares about football and probably doesn't even have anything else outside of no he he did look like it you dip to quit was it top of corn yep
clean that up yes twenty hot he looks like yeah looks like a corn cob dipped in a vanilla sundae yeah and would like a little bit can on top it's just that yes so is iowa i was now tied in you it is so him and no fan up yep following up on k
success yup which proves that you that's the one position that you don't have to actually do that much in college to get drafted in the devil you don't the i would be surprised at some point in the next couple years just some basketball player who's never played on the football field sign would have been a first rounder at tight end you just catch thirty balls and was like whoa yeah that guy he's awesome head over to the bills shot of the bill that the other defense getting better with their defense and all over so i do you see shaman durrance quote the one about the cheerios well did you see what preceded that i did okay so john mcdermott said about it all over you could feel him presence energy the closer you got the more you felt the quickness power the jews
sean mcdermott definitely smelled out over like sniff them up and down yeah he's describing him like you would describe uranium core in like a power point the closer you got to him the more your skin started table it's very football guy coach yeah and then they asked him what he means by that feeling and he compare driving down the interstate in downtown buffalo and smelling the cheerios factory yeah that's right awesome that's right be afraid hank will be very afraid that uses smell is power his presence it's like he a german definitely just like got really went when they said goodbye to at all over on his team visit he definitely gave him a very very like tight hug for that lasted five to eight seconds too long he already roxy's you bass yep already knows about diving through tables yeah most people in buffalo you can smell before you see but that's that's just like atmosphere coming yeah yeah right exactly this beard we're in senator yeah wings coming out of their pores devin bush ten which i'd like to think it was partly a you to levy on bills this is devin bush did do that
thing in michigan state stadium spartan stadium he ripped up there their center logo and fifty yard go so good papers steelers the i was he traded up first time they had a top ten pick since two thousand which is insane coming off the heels of extending ben roethlisberger thank god we have been routes were for at least three more yen manning to and handing and we have so we're going to hop ahead here to what we talked about at the beginning dan snyder yes draft genius now here's what happened at fifteen pft and i were watching the draft and we actually had the real conversation will dance night or not draft dwayne haskins here because he didn't have to trade up for dwayne haskins
yeah he loves a splash right he likes a quarterback that he moves up together chase that's what he does like all we can have this for free he doesn't want his luck that he's a guy that would second guess himself and be like well no other team wanted him so he's not that sex even pick i gotta go take it yeah i'm thinkin somebody got to old dan tonight yeah somebody kept them like locked in a a a meat seller somewhere good still hang out tom cruise yeah taken some recreational ambien and they got montez sweat to in in also i mean like if you were bad having a franchise of drafting a franchise quarterback is the only way to at least be fun now there's hope right now there is one of two things happened either to not it was locked away somewhere or spent the last several years giving all this money to develop that pill from limitless and now he's like it supergroup big brain dance cider to school i think that twain haskins is he's the perfect fit he is a snyder guy because he was charging fifty bucks per head to get
to his own draft day party all that such a sun roof used probably charging like thirty five to get and if you want to sit behind my fat uncle was ironing what was parked in a parking outside was not hundred twenty yeah but obstructed view seats at twin haskins draft party they were discounted twenty five bucks for those let's be honest so dan snyder just dropped him because he played warehouses played high school football the same high school that the insider son went to million cents million license it was a combination of that and also the pictures falling into his lap right and it's like don't this up yeah he will he was like hey guys i watch tape from this kid since high school i know you know he he thought about taking truluck yeah right jack was all in the back of his mind
yes but i think he may i'm excited about the dwayne haskins pic yeah i mean it's it's going to be an exciting pick i think he's going to be good washington sports back first big ten quarterback taken since kerry collins in the first round one thousand nine hundred and ninety five he had a very long career big ten does have i think the most superbowl so so that counts right i'll absolutely take that i mean it's pretty much just operating as one well no russell wilson drew brees chance shot out right other other notable picks that we got to throw out there actually we the giants they actually did take a guy who will help their team i'm like daniel daniel jones they took a running back to compete with sick qua yeah the to go running if you can really say got no that's not actually he he got a couple carries yeah he's a he's a guy who did steroids but we said we know him yeah i guess like he was like i don't know how it happened like i don't know do that kind of leave you yeah
a yeah deaf that was when he was like i'm and we're just all really disappointed we can't believe that this happens a good kid rock yeah i believe yeah yeah it's got to be a great recruiting job on my right there we have we had to do the raiders take their or other two pics i'm trying to think of what else so i had one other note here the packers took two defensive players so they're very scared of mister buski that's it that's got away as they got it right yeah i mean why what what what else today what they need help everywhere right i mean savage is really good yeah but the he better be good because my service in a car not going to tear that ass up tear that ass up let's see who else yes what we talked about sweat hollywood brown was he the only wide receiver taken no the patriots took one with the 32nd pick nick hale her hairy from arizona state
ok i was actually a stud herm guy yeah i love i love when guys get taken this is like a very degenerate gambler thing but i love when guys get taken from the pac twelve because you're like i've watched tape on him but it's really you just gambled on a game at like one thousand one hundred pm at night on a saturday and you're like oh he's a stud yeah that's a big dude right yeah yeah he is he is fun i stayed up so late a couple times yeah gambling on yeah you're absolutely right you know back i could pick up a ball check on the other thing i had was jacobs went to the raiders in their second pick he's running back at alabama only thing you don't need to know about this guy comes from the mouth of louis riddick who said this guy loves to finish on guys nice that should help he he will finish
i mean marshawn lynch was a guy love to finish on guys absolutely love to finish through big finisher in guys through everywhere and in oakland you get to finish on guys at third base true project for you if it one more year alright that was nfl draft will talk about more on monday show because we have the other fucking fuck the nfl for making this so long now you know what i kind of liked it it was friday saturday sunday yeah but no the best was when it was saturday one hundred three i think even force maybe some years and then sunday was five six seven sixty so saturday was basically ten a am to like you know eight eight pm m ten a is too early for rain to look at football tailgate it's so great to address her out yeah your living room nashville did a great job i'm told great job nashville except for those poor ladies who want to have a bachelor party and they didn't know the draft was happening one of the best clubs ever
they're like yeah we had her bachelorette party plan forever not like the draft is an plan for like five years in advance and die they showed up like we try to go to broadway and there is just guys in lucha libre kate mass and yelling and in people wearing off of linemen jerseys and screen there's a shopping be heard as a man in a viking stirs you is face painted and goldie locks braids down to his knees yelling at me center from nc state they just want to for the gramm and they got all these guys getting faced on broadway you know the nfl should do is they should have each round of the draft in our differences and every year it should just be nashville austin new orleans and charleston south carolina it
up everybody in that swept away some more in the bleachers at wrigley and the police is a regular set top and that's all those just all the spot just going on a mission to it up every bad for a bachelor party every single one i'm all right away if you have a bachelor party at the draft that's just cool so yeah that's that means you're you're doing it right yeah just get i got i got tickets to the draft we went to all seven round all right we got to talk about some the capitals turns out it enter year it's still our year we're still the shepherds will sail cup champions will never let you won't we be doing sake cells it's funny you ask that begat because i did bring let's go home
again you know i was gonna do this well i was hoping you're going to bully me into it well i was just gonna ask for your cell i know you're wearing a hat so you were he if he's wearing a hat and he just dropped i would say about of order of a cup of water on his head to do another one i don't know that i was that you know what no that's not you the perfect sorry sorry i was so sad hey i was so sad don't even need to do more that was so so add what he just did that song was it there i'm giving you credit for credit you know what what brought this in here i made a mental note to take my hat off so i wouldn't get this sweet part i take her until now your head so yeah not sure if the limited they were up three want in the game seven pft mighty jinxed him no i didn't drink some i did not check some plans i made a list i had i did have it in my brain that the state
cup was ours and we never give it back you know we're just gonna with like is there was a some very small part of me that truly believe that we would have the stanley cup forever right we just never lose another playoffs right and so the i was kind of tough it was more about me just accepting the fact i was in denial after we lost you were i was like no this no this is not how this ends right i'm a champion double overtime is a very like because it really is so boom it's over yeah and listen game sevens in general are tough to watch as a fan and over times i was just ready for it to be over i had i had pretty much resigned to the fact that we're going to lose after the first overtime period but in the back in the back were going to win back my head over the service i was like we're going to steal one we're going to see the goal is to go to vegas oh wait no i checked them i can't wait to go to toronto always jinx them tell hamilton the pig was a problem force i did not account for hamilton the rally pig yeah if i had known going into the series about the rally pig probably would've been different
and you guys threw out all the stops she comes out gets the crowd worked up there was that weird like game sevens for teams i think it's it happens when like if this was two years ago actually i don't know if the game sevens are weird when the crowd starts to feel that dread and it's not i'm not calling dc about sports town now you can put it did feel did you feel like i can help you thank you they kept the metro open until like at one o'clock last night vision you feel like the energy in the in the barn like in that first and second over time it felt just yeah and you can feel it it's like good i don't know about this yeah i i did feel that and the worst the worst part about that loss is just accepting the fact that i'm not going to have anything really for for the next like month and a half yeah i like that a lot last year you having something to live for being able to feel like the feeling of okay hope
is happy that that's where i was like yeah i'm happy to be able to feel happy about yours it is very strange for me to feel happy about one of my sports but i'm gonna miss that and i i realize that the only thing that i can do to make up for that giant hole is going to be gamble more play on the sports i am watching so that's going to be a problem for me i can tell you already i'm going to start putting way more money than i normally do in these games all right so last question for the caps are you know we love story lines will we ever win the big one not i i don't know i i don't think he has the clutch gene hey verbal meme ov lifting up the stanley cup with the stanley cup is actually just golf clubs yeah listen i gotta trade him trade not a winner got a trade yeah so i will say this i'm sick of seeing that little new power play that they were doing last night it's not really new power play but they did it every single time i think they call
sling shot yeah it bleeds about twenty seconds off the clock every single time they do it you got wind it up get a wind it up was not happy with that but you know what we're still champions for another a few weeks okay and hank you want to talk about the burns i want to get seven since we last taped yeah i mean i know exactly what pft us talk about i'm so excited that i do have that opportunity with the bruins and the celtics and you know it the one thing pft you guys can probably to this but like their schedule there's just so much going on that it's like you know it's like a full i'm job just watching the celtics and bruins games but that's the he's got a plan to get paid for your going to take a vacation after this this is a lot of work i will i will say though that everything happens for reason and the fact that i have not watch game of thrones until this season took a little bit of the sting out of that los because the hurricanes tweeted out you have to bend the need to us
and so i do not understand it because i do not watch the show yep so that was i feel like i was totally vindicated for not watching that nice until now yeah that one right like you don't have to feel the pain everybody was like that was such a sick burned by a gun phone i was like i'm really glad i'm bigger yeah we're we're getting to the saturation point i'm prop part of the problem big part of the problem you name it through your symptom of the problem the thing is though the there's four because i know you're right and it can happen honestly this weeks episode looks like it's gonna kick ass we're going to get to it we're going to get to it i wrote down some notes i have some major thoughts and we have some theories too we also need to talk quickly before we do our fire fest the week nba playoffs were going to have the most boring game seven of all time with the spa
hours of the nuggets that series is still going on i've watched like for those games that i don't remember anything no nothing and they've all been bad all the games have been bad and it's game seven it makes no sense the sensory last taped damian lillard put his nuts on the fucking ground and russ westbrook thunder have officially been cancelled i think it's it is like you got to trade someone there because doesn't work anymore playoff be and playoff p playoff l and damian lillard had like the greatest troll he did he did the goodbye after he hit like a forty foot or what it was and then paul george got all salty and was like that was just a bad shot is a bad shot like bro what are you talking about he made it was a bad shot but sometimes bad shots are good and also they call him like one of his nicknames is logo liller because you can shoot from that far out i think i kind of understand what you saying because in general you would let up a normal purse
take that ok but here's the thing damian lillard had a good response to it he said there was two seconds left i obviously wasn't driving what are you doing giving me that space yeah here's my reaction if it was a bad shot i want to made it right and damian lillard getting some shine because he is a top ten nba player and it's awesome to see him like be like stand up in the big moment and after especially after last year and i want them i want to get to get to the western conference finals is this help bury the hatchet between kevin durant and cj mccollum the fact that they do patch russell westbrooks absolute katie might go back on his fucking podcast so we should bring up kevin durant's warriors 'cause they are kevin durant's warrior first
i made a a drunk note when i was watching the i was watching the thunder the other night this after the pop punk show i got back to the hotel room okay watch the end of it you know i said i was pissed off about not having steven adams miked up all the time i i found the perfect analogy watching stephen items without sound is like listening to porn without the images that's kinda hot though listening to it every now and then yeah it well it it it was kind of cool seeing him yell i'm been points finger but i wanted i needed this i need to sound really let get me there let me clarify its not that hot listing on your tv but if your live listening is kinda hot if your life give your roommate is like jerking off no you're in your eyes have to sign into your life damn that's not what's going on over here i do like that it's just not the camera yeah it would make your gang there's no camera that you're just yeah you're just pitch of such you're listening to set your just a peeping tom well no voyeur peeping listening user
it's not your eyes you're looking on the street you yeah he won't go to the window saxon you like hello let me just sit here and listen yeah that's all i'm doing listening dot com that's it yeah my favorite is when i can hear the neighbors and leroy does the head tilt to the side like yeah how long how long do they live never heard of sex sounds in my life 'cause i'm pft's dog how long do they last not that long ok good
makes me feel good about myself that i would move i put it this way long enough but not that long so the kevin durant warriors 'cause they are kevin durant warriors stuff curry is injured again at what point i still think they're going to title but at what point do they keep losing like you know they've lost two to the clippers now and they looked bad at certain points and turnovers and all that bullshit at what point were like hey maybe they aren't going to win the title i think they still are ok alright alright don't look at me good for us because we have a pet with hank where there's absolutely nothing yet do you see dream on green just completely owned steve kerr in the prescott we're gonna we're gonna play my music that is it let's just say if this is this is the end of the war like this is their last run they either win the title this year and go off as you know three in a row all that or they lose and everyone goes are either way and hate each other and we get an awesome book that steve kerr will help
right in like five years yeah they're like their roommates in college that loved living with each uh but by the start of that fourth year it's a summer after graduation and in them their lease is up for to the other two months and they're like well hell we're all moving a different city got two guys who were like come on let's just do one more year right which is still in this town like we'll get we'll get serving jobs it'll be awesome take a victory lap tumart talking yeah yeah it's just it's getting a little awkward in the apartment and his are piling up there's a lot of a lot of angst going on all right fire fast fire first of the week before we get to coach fisher hank once you start awesome this week weekend we're ruffin rd in west virginia we took a flight home big mercilessly mocked me why i was getting a little scared during turbulence but that's not my fire fest i hate you should mention it was assigned there was a private was a project i want to say it you had to say it now will you set it but i mean everyone you don't say your
our fest is writing on a private jet you have a will to label once that no that's a side note my fire fest was that when we landed in my ears and pop for five days st and so like for the whole week i couldn't hear anything got to the but usually i heard the levels on the last part it's like a day or two by like by like tuesday and wednesday i just assumed that i was never going to hear it again you can just go underwater just just no i was trying to do what i was doing the thing where you like hold your hold your nose and blow out i was trying to do it all for like an hour and i was like i think i just resigned go underwater and never come up years will not be clogged and it yeah you are hearing will be great so do that next time drown yourself that's chicago slang yeah as we learned from derek rose yes exactly exactly i didn't really kill yourself everyone alright pft you got mine also has to do with airplanes so i'm tuesday night we play the show actually i'm going to switch it up skeet skirt here's the he
here's the real fire fest to my week we're were playing down in ecu at ecu greenville north carolina you got to psexec yeah our band was playing pretty cool and it's a great show you to everybody that came out was so much fun and we were going to close our set by playing all i do is win like a a punk cover of it is i have a feeling it's going to be an all time brag and halfway through the set my guy gas comes on stage and whispers all of us hey you can't play all i do is win because t pains here and he's going to come out perform that right after you sent instead of you this is brutal soda fire so we were already was going to best best song in the night then we have to stop and
everybody remembers that as t pain concert and not a pop punk rock what a fire fast you can watch the whole thing on students call why are the higher sales it's not the entire thing but us clips clips of it okay yeah it was like an hour and a half all right my fire fast of the week is the entire month of april th weather and i actually i'm gonna make a contention is gonna be a very bold take you guys and tell me i'm the dumbest person ever just let me explain myself april has the worst weather of any month fact check false okay here's why because you can't plan for it it's cold it's still the winter
then it's hot then it's cold again then it rains you can't like i would rather at least know january is going to suck no matter what and i can just fucking bundle up do you plan your just stop let me finish the other part about april is for husky guys out here this husky guys only can listen to this part april is the first time where the sun comes out and it gets warm and you realize the fifteen extra pounds can't be hit under a sweatshirt anymore and it is absolutely terrifying yeah this actually the best month for jumpsuits yeah it is jumpsuit april should be their way into yeah yeah because they're so versatile writer they really are like the swiss army knives of clothes you can put on the sweat pants put a t shirt on and then put the sweat shirt over top boom take the sweatshirt off your just rocking a cool t exactly and is someone pft you were overweight in april for a few days
you know you gotta diet but don't you don't you agree when it when it gets warm out that first day that it's warm out and you're like shit i actually have to wear a t shirt and nothing else that terrifying day that is the worst day of the year for me every single year yeah i thought that medium t shirts they were i'm smaller is this year it's like wait hold on and then and then you because i am european size and then you become the guy who's wearing a sweatshirt when it's eighty degrees out ever of like dude are too hot that's the worst thing to get the art you hot yeah i'm really hot but you know what i'm also really fat and i don't want to show that through my t shirt that doesn't fit okay so april is
very inconvenient month correct for weather but it's not the worst month i just i'm saying worse in terms of like i just know i like to know what i could like i just if it's january i know it's gonna suck i can plan for it hank shut up i can plan for it i know it's gonna suck i can deal with it i like things that are consistent in my life i don't like change i don't like up and down that's why i can't deal with it also were guys and i have no problem wearing a tee shirt on a day that i thought was gonna be warmer and it ends up being a little chilly i can power through that yeah like this is the nfc n right but if it's raining halfway through the day and then it stops raining tough to walk around and t shirt in the rain queue up we're not going use umbrellas were guys we don't do that so i did see woman is it was drizzling a little bit today i saw woman crossing the street and she didn't have like an umbrella or anything but she had a plastic bag that she put over her head
a clear plastic tag that she was just wearing overhead issue was crossing the street i was like that's awesome yeah way to go good for her way to go alright ok before we get to coach jeff fisher a quick word from our sponsors we love 'em it's honey yeah it's not just for bees anymore it's not just for winnie the pooh bees are back though it's for anyone who wants to get deals online you ever buy something online only to find out later you missed the discount well guess what if you had honey that wouldn't happen because honey is a free browser add on that finds the best deals online the app magically auto applies the best deals to your cart at checkout and honey finds discounts and coupons across thirty seven
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the online visit get roman dot com slash take that's get roman dot com slash take for free visit to get started go to get roman dot com slash take okay here is coach jeff fisher okay we i welcome on our good friend were occuring guessed it is coach jeff fisher and we brought on coach to talk a little draft i i pitched this idea to you and i'm excited about some of these stories what it's like to be in a draft war room what it's like on draft night how how all of it works together so let's just start there like big picture just the basics what does a draft warar look like for coach you know your i mean if you're if the listeners have have watched tv they're gonna see you go traffic cams and all the draft and guys some guys have suits and ties on some guys have their you know their their stuff on and
by sitting around a conference table and what's funny now i mean you know this is like monday night game you know you got all all day long to wait for kickoff in the weights just a killer and so i mean there's no those coping tickets flying around and chips and salsa and you know sunflower seeds and crossword puzzles 'cause it's just a wait and see well you know that thing doesn't get going until you know until it's kicked off but at the room itself i mean visualizer conference to a big conference table in the middle of room and then you get four walls and you've got charts on every wall your first while the main one of maine chart that there looking at it is the player chart in the draft eligible players that they've been rank you for months and months and months by position so for example you'll have you know start really quarterbacks in the dough the the top one that the clubs got raided he's at the top his card it's up
and they got the quarterbacks right from one to whatever and they have so they go by position offensive lisega quarterbacks running backs tight ends said what's better you work your way all the way through defense so guys are just staring at the board looking at all these players wishing they could get 'em all but they know they can't then on the other boards you got probably a blank board which is where that card is going to go after he selected and they'll put him under teams and things like that so a bunch of boards all over the place and people would right now just sitting around staring at each other and there's a lot of work goes into it and it really doesn't get going until you tell some is on the clock when your team is on the clock how much chaos is going on that room or is it more that you've done your work and you know exactly what the plan do you know who you're going to take before it becomes your pic and it really depends on where you're picking i mean on the fuck i mean you you're you're on the fuck you should have a pretty good idea
is on the round and so on and so forth but i mean you could sit on the clock in and get the player on the phone and make sure you see you know that he's okay with that that's a tradition that everybody does you know now we're talking about later pictured on not the first round but the second round it's get it we're on the clock we got a guy get him on the phone make sure he's okay make sure to get the car accident pictures not in jail you know what get him on the fall must talk to him and in that that is the i know that's a whole nother topic but that phone call that that player gets is the most memorable phone call there's a lifetime when that phone rings and he answered it and it may not be the head coach immediately what we like to do is we give it to the area scout say hey get him on the phone make sure he's okay before we turn the card in an there got a call him and say hey this is john smith with the with the tennessee titans i stay on the phone i got coach for you
just a minute and you could hear it all go go wild behind them in the room you know with the family stuff but that phone call is is a a once in a lifetime phone call so anyway you're on the clock you know teams are going to try try to get into your spot if the teams have done that work they called you before you get on the clock ticks maybe suit two or three picture or maybe rounds before for ok would you would you want you gonna stay there you what would you want to move down and you know all right well we'll think about moving down what do you got horse and then you know you'll talk numbers and talk pics and talk players and do all this kind of things and you know
move your move if you don't you stay in and then you take your guy what son so so the hierarchy in terms of decision making because obviously an nfl team some teams the owner it gets the last say or i guess than the owner always gets kind of what i say with some teams the owners more involved sometimes the gm gets the final say the coach what is it been like you know in your experience and when you don't have the final say if you were ever in that situation well like with there be a spot where you were just arguing for your guy in your psych alright i gotta walk away because there's nothing i can do well i think in those cases what you do going in as you agree to disagree if you can't agree on a player then you have to go on to the next player but it should be a consensus it should be a feel good thing with everybody in world cup yes some owners are in there in summer very very involved in some other orders aren't and it's you know like mister concrete with the ramps and we call stand and tell me were two players away and this is
we're looking at and you know we're thinking about either going this way or that way and it goes great good luck no versus you know an hour and a very active owner who's in that in there with the picture i had i got one great story for this is this is my love with a ford our way back when ninety two ninety three you know there was a tradition there and carmen policy who was the president he got to come in and then make the last pick it was just like that was what they did so i remember him walking up to the board i think was trying to pick something close
so that but he walked up the board looked around he grabbed this quarterback and his name was elvis grbac from michigan yeah and he said i like this guy because there's there's so few vowels in his last name so we took it out but you know some guys can you know some motors are so you have a lot to do with the say but you know its it's the head coach and the gm trucks are poor personnel that are that are made in the decisions and it's always going to be regard to who makes the decisions it's always going to be a we thing you know and you know sometimes i've been in draft rooms where ok guys i know there's some disagreement here but you know we put this card in this is our
pick and you know you put all the opinions aside and it becomes the organization's pick out of all the drafts that you've been in is there one that stands out to you where there was a lot of disagreement about that first round pick in the first round pick now now i can't say that the first round picks there there you know you've done so much work you got through your own mock crash everything don't can't say disagreement on can't frustration that that takes place in different rounds you know you'll you'll have you'll be looking at your boy a linebacker up there example you gotta linebacker you there that set kinda a your ideal third round or fourth round pick like this is a steal our steel here's our guide in the fourth round and the guy comes off the board the end of the first or the second
you go world we miss this right you know then all eyes go on the scout or the people that put the grade on it you know and so on so forth but not a lot of disagreement with respect to pics now do you want worthy emotions really sometimes you have to keep the check is when all of a sudden you're getting right trade you know the aggressive trait up during the draft is very emotional but you're doing it for reason you want to go get your guy those most of those big trades that take place and like sure we're getting ready to go tonight but most of the big trades take place there i've been involved with the washington redskins rg3 trade in twenty twelve for the for the golf trade where we went to war with tennessee those took place weeks maybe a month before yeah so you got plenty of time to do that but when you start
waiting around or trading down out out of a pick you better have done your homework you know and with all these smokescreens and all this stuff going on the one thing that i think people miss and i think it's one of the most important aspects of the draft and it we saw some of that i think if you guys probably talked about what happened at oakland but he just excuse every place yes and said i don't want anybody to room well because they don't want to information out that i read somewhere gil brandt said they planted some stuff and caught a scout leaking some information but keep this in mind you know everybody in the room knows how you use your organization feels about players but the thing you got to be careful of is those teams that may be just one pick or to fix
both of you those are the ones you got to watch out for because if they get any sense for who you want then it's game on and you got to be careful and i give you a great example in our first draft in nineteen ninety are you with expansion draft so you got carolina jacksonville in houston and that was my first draft of the head coach working with the my long time good friend floyd reese this first draft and so we're working together the night before carolina rumors there's going around that they're going to try it out to cincinnati and cincinnati is going to go up and get could jonna carter so we felt that was probably going to be a done deal two now is jacksonville so coach coughlin's first draft expansion team they already got their quarterback to the expansion draft a porno and we're hearing that they want you know tony bacelis offensive tackle from usc and we're three
and our guys make their and our guys mcneair to to the point but adams adams mister arms are owners got his airplane in new york ready to fly steve back so word was out that steve was our guy so guess what jacksonville's on the clock now could jonna carter goes to cincinnati jacksonville's on the clock and tom coughlin calls and he goes hey he said were sitting here in uh you know i got it i'm getting some calls people down below us that want your quarterback and we're thinking about trading out of this spot and then it
like flood with like oh shit so he says what do you want an coach coughlin says will take a fourth it will trade places with you you get your quarterback i'll get our guy and will go on will be happy boy hangs up the phone when we go back and forth back and forth off from the six know off from a fifth no and at that point you know we can just we had a sense that their bluff and they're going to take their tackle and so for two minutes after we said no we're going to stay put it was tense and then one conditioner tag who gets on speaker phone there to draft from you could say with the second pick in the nineteen ninety five nfl draft the jack the built in the city he said jackson will we were released and instructional bill took to sell it we got mcnair so basically the point is is that they knew who we wanted they were going to try to block a kick out of us because they knew
we want it fast forward two thousand i don't know whenever we had the haynesworth draft in tennessee lower pick and twelve or thirteen the new york giants are behind us one pick behind us and yeah i think we got new orleans ahead of us and we're hearing warren's going to take receiver stalwart data tennessee so we're hoping either hangs werther buchanan's with a hell of a canary here from miami fall those are our guys that are picked and as it starts to unfold the loans goes on the clock and we've got both of them were staring at both of them so we get to pick between both the guys that we covered it so we knew that the giants wanted jeremy shockey the tide in right so guess what we stand up i stood up in the draft am i going anybody want to get a pic real quick will get our guy you get to see if we can get pick up a pic late round pick but yeah i would like to call it in new york and say hey we're getting ready to trade out of this pocket watch
thai debt and early of course he goes hope shit you hangs up he called back he says what do you want it will take a fourth and he hangs up again he calls back said she got it so we drop we switch with the giants they get that i'd end we go to one pic below and we get hangs for and then about now are later coach lawful calls and said hey man how's it going graduations gotcha guy we got our guy or things happening is how 'bout today god is so and so want that i meant and we go who sonofabitch that hangs the phone so good things that go on but the point the point is is that you know with all the smoke screens and all this and all the posturing and all that i could speculation everything if somebody
but you knows who you want watch out yeah that's where that's where it gets tense i love it it's like a big game of chess but it's you know jeff fisher name he read it and and all of our all the guys we love to walks on sundays so what it would you member time when maybe you do stay and you have someone called and you and you called their bluff and you're like all right we'll hopefully they're bluffing you remember time when a guy got taken before maybe a pic or two before and he was your guy and end up being a great player and you like tosh we missed on him i would have loved to have a chance to take him but he got taken right before
well yeah i give you a great example it was our first or second you're in saint louis and i had gone to might my youngest son was playing at aubert so i went down it was a far weaker shop and i walk down went down and watched all reduce utah state i think it was in this line backer do was just reckoned the auburn offense it is so we get fast for we get to that next offseason i'm kinda i'm going back to look at some tape in and find out to the linebackers name was bobby wagner and i'm doing the research and we got it was set player mentioned about earlier we got we got like a fourth or fourth round grade on the guy and you know you can't look at everybody but just felt the guy was just laid and lay it just you know this guy sky the good guys can be really good may we got a too low and you know we get in that
we get i don't know we got it in the third round and we're looking at him but we thought i know we were told her convinced that oh no he'll be there next time around your reach informs no we gotta take this guy now he's gonna be gone and sure enough you know we pass i don't know we took but then then he'd gone the next check and then you know you don't get a great player so you know those kind of things happen yeah you get frustrated with them and then you go back and you do your no due diligence and how did we miss on this guy it is not a sorry missus it's more of people covered people and they've if they've got players that fit they lie again so they're going to go out and get their guys and that the note that that old you know do you draft peter you draft best athlete well you know you better go get your guys
draft a little sooner then then it's ok and i always like you guys know how i felt about this always like to draft grades that are going to come out on monday yes he seems really get a's and b's and c's and d's and all kinds of stuff and buy all the experts that were watching the next three hours and over the weekend and they're going to give everybody great but they don't circle back three or four years after yeah that's when you really great great the draft yeah do you ever actually catch yourself looking at those grades that come out oh yeah you come through yeah i mean i'll take serious laugh just you know you get even more pissed off but guys talking about things they don't know what they are right i remember right after the the seahawks drafted russell wilson the lead bleacher report writer at the time they drafted wilson bruce irvin somebody else i forget but it said i think i don't see a single starting player out of this entire draft grade f
it's really sad i wanted to back actually that truck for quick you mentioned the trade with the red skins where they i think they gave you four picks for the right to move up to get robert griffin and then of course later on when you were playing guess the redskins you sent out all those players as captain for the coin toss against rg3 you denied that you know what you're doing but just admit that you know what you're doing it woo well i don't know if i did it i did it i was the one that had to leak it 'cause no one recognized this game look good game was over and it was actually you know you're just going to as a head coach you got the gang of apparent stuff and you have your three captains that are picked their your captains for the season and i always pick the you know one or two guys based on performance or based on something just to be a captain each week and and i'll give credit where credit is due is chris long he came up with idea it comes by my little office there stating because hey i have a great idea i got was saying goes why don't i go shit man
so i thought about that yeah i'll do that so anyway we sent the six guys out there for the coin toss then we got in the in the trade and then game we won the game the game's over and there's no mention of it and so i actually had to leak actually it was jim thomas wanted sportswriters and in saint louis that we done it that came out then it was all became a big deal but you know it was all in fun daniel and bruce love that stuff but yeah so so but that thing was done that thing was done we had two trade partners and it was done in march i mean you know we were dealing with mike and bruce and mike shanahan and and then our other trading partner at that time was cleveland and we just felt like we had the best deal with washington and we went ahead and did it weigh at the time now i don't can't remember if i had when it was when it was announced but nothing was done we had
khan right okay you know indy wanted andrew and mike and daniel just love rg three and actually had a prog work out when you look at two but we have brass right you know right right court did you uh you know as you get longer into your career as an nfl head coach are there certain guys that you are more inclined to do trades with like if we're looking at the draft board tonight watching it on tv we don't know inner workings are there certain teams like those guys will make up because they know each other they trust each other and they've done deals before with each other or is it just kind of all fair game you'll pick up the phone from anyone well it is the one the phone it says your question it's i mean you do have a relationship over time with people but yeah during the draft this weekend everybody's everybody's best for under worst friend you know they just the phone rings and it hey it's someone age up at this is so and so was so and so how's it going to how you doing doing good kids
but boom boom boom hey you wanna stay there you wanna move well you know once you get get back with us here will consider movement and then you know they never get back with it so it's game on and everybody is calling everybody i mean you if you're trying to get up all of a sudden something happens and it usually happens in the later rounds you know hey you guys are going off the board boom boom boom boom boom and all sudden your boards not good you want to go up to get this guy and now you start you gotta you gotta start calling teams you'll have five or six is in your room making calls at one time you know and so so say hey who called the giants so i did what they say no ok what about what about the packers no yeah what about miami yeah they're up there warmed up you know now you got okay so i we got two people there is that all right yeah i'm on the phone kind of thing you know so that kind of stuff yeah yeah what about us so you have your group of scouts and this this may be more of a human nature thing that i always one
or like human nature how we interact with each other leaks into an nfl war room is there like if one guy screws up maybe a scout has he loves this guy and he ends up being a bust and then you guys on the heated discussion a few years later being like should we take this guy should we not do anyone will any mike hold it against me like yeah but you loved xyz three years ago and he was a bust kind of like negging each other and going after each other i mean yeah i mean guys can but you know understand the hierarchy you know you have a general manager then you have a direct recalled scallion structure claire person now and then you've got your scouts and you've got area scouts and guys that one guys will be in charge of an area and then you'll have other guys across check and so yeah you got a lot of the indians on a player it's just not one and so and then there's so much discussion that goes into ranking in the player's and everything that you know it really is a collaborative effort and it is eighteen
great on the player so you know and it is a minute as people say it's it's not perfect hey you know i don't know if it is you know i'm in love with the other you disrespect but i don't know if new england grass any better than anybody else right they might just right the coach better yeah no and i are probably about example because i say they probably do they know there's probably spend more time and have a different system than most and are very very detailed and are going to go get our guys but the point i'm trying to make is that you know you're gonna mess yeah it's just that's just it just happens but you know you can't afford eight eight hi miss yeah yeah i mean you know who the search it back yeah is those hot topics that don't turn out to be something that's especially at the quarterback position but when you
roll the dice to get somebody high over time that's it that's that's a franchise back yes you were not on that guy in that's why it big your guys in the nfl this is a just a piece this weekend but you gotta come by nowadays you got to combine your draft up for your players and noticed you draft dition to the post draft you know the the rounds seven through twelve we call and now which is the undrafted free agency the call for abc immediately after that's where you get your players but more it's your building your team through free agency and through the draft is a combination of both and you got to have a good feel
and so you know i mean it it for example you know is the team owners pro for ages you back on the calendar year started and there are you know they they needed a defensive end and a pass rusher and they're looking at the college prospects in the upcoming draft this is a good year for rush all right well maybe we'll see what we can do then it will just roll the dice your get on the draft rather go out over pay for somebody you know that that may or may not have worked out and so it's a combination we build your roster you're going to have to you both markets and the dress you just won the markets that the league is just happened that we just blown up blown off the face of your right now some of the tension standpoint our coach every year it seems like about this time the week before the draft a bunch of wonderlic scores get leaked
did you put any stock at all in the wonderlic test oh yeah now you do but the best way to describe this it's unfortunate that that stuff gets leaked number one but number two is the wonderlic test is you go customs because of the league then use the the customer for years yeah you want to play click so stock in it you know what i hear we have seen over the years players that had near perfect scores high thirties there could not play football and then we've had guys with really poor tests that were football genius uhhuh so you have to you know you use it as a you know maybe a trigger or just an indicator you know what he's got a little testy tried three times this test right around single digit maybe you don't want to handle
and then we got to do some more research and guess what long hope you know there may be some what you call alphabetic or numeric dyslexic involved maybe can read be sure sure shit can learn football you can't read so it's one of those things who are ok if the test is low and let's go find out why the texas right in and then if you got a guy that's going to have a hard time processing football in life and so on so forth in houston stay away from that brings up another point were you know there's certain things have different philosophies whether they you know you you great players and for whatever reason that there's an off the field issue or or something that the player has done in the past where the club is is said to themselves you know what we're going to this is a good player or not we don't want him on a roster because of our our organizational philosophy
and that guy goes on another board or he goes up on your board with a different color all card and you know always there this is out his athletic ability this is where it's going to go on the draft but you know what will not take him because he's got the color cards and we don't want to miss part of our program right and so you know those are you know those isn't just some nuances that that are involved there but circling back to the wonderlic it's really unfair that that stuff gets out but that is it's just a bass line it's a starting point there's so much testing the goes on interviewing that goes on close shot of a pretty good idea about the players ability to learn all right i have a one last question for you coach it's the cd question you put in promo code take you get ten dollars off your seat you can purchase thank you to seek geek for being a sponsor your twitter game talk us through what's going on right now because it's been electric you've been all over twitter when did this
when did this kind of awakening happen well i'll tell you what i have i got my but drugs across the asphalt two year yeah social media yeah okay and i just decided that maybe it was time not to get even but just to get involved yeah so it's like anything else man if you're going to do something new you're going to need a little bit of help you want a little bit training you want someone that knows what they're doing and so i got involved well i had my open i had my twitter since to climb kilimanjaro climb kilimanjaro and i open the twitter account the twitter thing for the climb and i got to ask damn cuz i was going to report back on my climb and i couldn't get cell service so i never used it so i had some followers so it was there but it was active so i just activated it and you know i'm having a
the gift thing man go details people to do it just go down there and just put your i didn't pick the right thing out yet or no don't give away the secrets old english coastguards hold your you give you give away the game after the best 'cause you guys know this this is big some people go or not he's not doing it so yeah i am i took the time you know this is enough was enough yeah good for you is but just don't over use the gift yeah no no no no i think it's an opportunity you don't want to you know you don't want to put anybody down but it's an opportunity to just shown emotion and um happy to i'm happy to see you it's just don't want some instruction i don't know how to do it i'm happy i was at whole foods the other night this dude comes up and tapped me on the shoulder i got headphones on it you know kind of my business i get some dinner
delicatessen first time i heard that it's a cool yeah you connect with people and it's a different side of you know you're getting in on the conversation i think you're right on that well that asphalt was pretty hard raw ass for two years you know what this is right now we like we like going to put the truth out there that's for sure yeah speaking to put in the truth out there we were very roller coaster of emotions last week for us there was a report out that you were in line to become the head coach of the houston xfl franchise and then you applied to it about two hours later saying is ascension it's not going to happen how are you have you been in talks with the xfl and if so is that something that has ever even come up for you well
are you at that time when when it was it was brought to i knew something to come out because i just i was fishing mexico might just got back in the service and my phone came on and then i had ways of met attacks in messages in the first wave came from a bunch of weight coaches in the next wave came from all offered to white coaches and the next wave came from and i knew something that happened and so yeah somebody you what we know who the who let it out but no and as i as i you know mention you know week or so ago i've been contacted by them and but i haven't accepted the job and you know i'm just listening to him right now it's it's it's cool it's unfortunately for the allies
as you guys know i was kinda i was helping that program along 'cause i'm friends with charlie and i have great respect for bill polian so i was kind of behind the scenes and i was really disappointed for that to end the way it did because it's all about the players and we're just fortunate that so many players got opportunities to re sign with nfl clubs and and that's what this is about it's another opportunity to give players an opportunity to deploy you know it's an opportunity so it's different but this point now i'm you know i'm i'm talking to them i have not except well we need you back in the nfl because i think you're fifteen wins away from being top ten all time in wins so one season we will see what we need you back in the nfl hope will happen soon coach it was awesome talking to you hopefully we'll see you soon yeah whether you're in new york were nashville but i keep keep by probably new york man i got some plans to come back to see you guys perfect yeah i'm just
how can i actually go to the question why don't you guys danced on broadway i know you know what is the nfl draft we've done a couple we went chicago we went to philly it's not the best event to cover you're not fully credentialed 'cause you know it's kind of a tv network thing and if you don't have your not part of one of the big that boys you you kind of sit on the outside so it's not like the combine or the super bowl where you can get a little more access you're right you're barking just to all right and i don't want somebody to the question they're not going to send us a natural party for a weekend report yeah exactly exactly alright coach thank much we'll talk again right coach that interview was brought to you by ship station as you guys know here bar we love us some merch we actually have a brand new dwayne haskins sure just hit the store check it out it's awesome by it but to be
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dollar shave club dot com slash p m t okay let's finish up with some segments we get some faqs and some game of thrones preview first up we have a sabermetrics this came from the nerds at harvard thirty eight years of data suggest the quarterback is the most important piece of an nfl franchise you thank the whole door yeah they just so good study guides while food is the most important part of a meal if you score more points you win yeah fact school points in your opponent is aware that he was commissioned by magic johnson study yeah speaking magic johnson back i forgot to tell you guys the nba you have everything that you want in the eastern conference playoffs great coaching great scores great offense great defense and star power that was magic johnson i
no what happened was somebody found out that ryan fitzpatrick was a decent nfl quarterback yeah and they started watching football for like the first four weeks of the season and then like i need to put together a study about this because that's not because that guy seems like he's really put it all together yeah like this we discuss planned well in the team's doing well this is we got a we got to put some money you know what let's do a thirty year study on this thing interesting it's actually a credit to this guy because he's probably just a person who's too smart for their own interests they like they should be all into books and hobbies and all that stuff but they really just love football but they were smart enough to get into harvard or like okay how do i combine what i actually like football and the fact that i'm at harvard okay i'll just watch will
for thirty eight years and come up with the conclusion the quarterbacks are important the end listen if you are a student or a professor at mit this is a direct shot across the bow you annual sloan sports yeah harvard is coming for that yeah the three point shots important yeah move all of what about quarterbacks idiots i put together this heat map which shows off how director which used the word as work russell you should walk more baseball yeah how bout quarterbacks telecasts wanting actually does lead to scoring more runs well have you ever thought about the fact that a quarterback makes your team can gas ever thought about daniel jones revolutionizing i can't even say it because it's just it's like i was archie manning was getting in my throat right there a phantom ghost being like you're about to say something nice about archie manning every now daniel j nope have you ever thought about how this kid that looks like he was in dead poets society grown up is going to actually make the new york giants really fucking sweet yeah oh man this is going to be awesome quarterbacks they revolutionize footballs away to go harvard
we have a just chill out man for nick saban nick saban had hip surgery not like not cool surgery but he surgery on his hip yeah exactly not hip surgery it was hip surgery and he i think it's usually a couple weeks probably when you get a replacement hip no i i think it depends on what kind of surgery isn't as somebody who's had surgery more recently than you okay i think i speak from level expertise here there's certain hip surgeries that you can have where you can actually walk out of the hospital that day oh ok so will nick nick sabin took one full day off after his hip surgery and he had this to say i did some rehab at home on tuesday and threw away the walker after one day i've got a cane in uh
on now see even added that the six hours he was at home on tuesday with nothing to do was like torture i don't know how people do it that's so save in got a cane yeah on the same day that the canes beat the cat now so making sense does make does make a lot of sense to me yeah just chill out yeah it was off six hours six hours nick saban didn't do anything and he couldn't bear it it's offseason make you might have a problem next also he went golfing the morning of his hip surgery to get like that i respect that move it's like if you're going in heart surgery might as well eat a cheeseburger right you might just die you might never come back so you might want to just call for yeah they're going to this thing later on this afternoon so yeah might as well just go racket all right before we get to faqs we have a so there was a thread about the wire tapping in the nc double a today and in the long if you want to no no let me get this real quick so there's discussions of paying for my
penn bagley in zion williamson by schools that landed neither of them which school got both went they got both of them both the guys that were going to get paid let me read that again maybe i didn't read it right there were discussions of paying for marvin bagley in zion williamson and those guys schools that landed neither no either if you want to sound like you're fucking hoity toity a school that didn't land either of them yet those pools that tried to pay for zion williamson in marvin bagley they didn't land him the schools where marvin bagley enzyme william since we're with our people we're talking about they were paid so market so sent you martha badly in silence and were on the open market to be bought but all of a sudden no one was able to buy am except all do i figured out what they would do in the report no no i don't see i i make your dollar noon there i figured out the cat they were going to get paid for
other schools but they said you know what the college degree that will earn do in the street is worth more in the long term yes so they decide to go for the diploma a long term investment as opposed to a quick infusion of cash yes let that be a lesson to you youngsters out there wow good job i do to do the right thing here i mean it's i agree it terrible i read the article a terrible look for clemson basketball i mean we talked about this before it's like they probably have those conversations that probably was in zion was probably uncle or on or whatever family member without even though college and once they realize what was going on in that they would probably get caught if they took money like it's one how the conversation but actually exchange money like that that becomes a whole thing right it's actually a problem bear conversation i'm sure you tell coach k like coach like these bad guys are all from the money which i do and he's like son like come duke i'll show you the i'll show you the way here i'll protect you from people that are trying so it's honestly coach k coach k link is pro the only good guy left this yes yeah him and patty know because they actually said that pitino was not aware of
all yeah anything that was going to trust people too much so yeah only sort of good company yeah tino coach k yeah there's all the unsuitable is corrupt except for coach k i yeah two reports the otherwise okay let's finish up with some fa cues in game of thrones if there's fifty two weeks in a year in seven days in a week why is fifty two seven three one hundred and sixty four instead of three hundred and sixty five where's the extra day wait say it again d day the longest day fifty two weeks in a year seven days in a week fifty two seven equals three hundred and sixty four instead of three hundred and sixty five the leap leap day that pops up every now and then and even for years that evens it out right giro's birthday i don't know yeah yeah no that does
yeah 'cause it alright so three hundred and sixty five so there's a five at the end of that so it's five ten one thousand five hundred and twenty but sometimes there are four years and then you had the one that's twenty one i did by seven is three i now set a lot and i was genius math missed a lot of numbers and i'm doing this act off in that case mean right yeah that was you know i'm very i'm gonna agree will real ones now i'm not however people now in quarterbacks are good and we can can add five four in leap days or the answer to his question so this is kind of a little pre pre lated fa q for monday's interview that's a good idea though pft and big cat should both by donkeys this way
yeah which was a home run derby they can have them slaughtered in each other's foxtrot manslaughter doesn't win brandon walker can take care of the two talkies down into hello i'm not going to hello listen i'm not interested in killing a donkey no that's not how i operate plus kenny smith or did the docking thing for charles barkley when charles barkley had two cases asked what about if we just bought some elderly talkies and just let him die yeah didn't feed we didn't you know wasn't what we can kill that's a good point keep a melodic capital to yes we defined timetable on when we had to each class correct yeah like that's correct seriously if i'm if i'm eight years old yep i'll eat your ass no problem yeah i probably won't have annas said people asking you when you're going to do it next eighty years and i'll tell them eventually yeah soon hey greek why do you want us to eat each others ass so bad for the heward oh here's the deal with the first person to die gets me
third by the other person's on her death bed done and then the other guy each the corpses us you imagine how much that would suck if one of us died in like the next year it's like well you could show up to the funeral home you like how can i see that body real quick i brought some just not to tell any some real quick here okay all right i'll see on our part i think you big cat did you ever go multi tv game of thrones you could blow through the series if you watched two episodes at a time so that would be fucking insane that would be awesome i did go i did go game of thrones top tv in sports on the bottom two but so i didn't have to be the bigger one yeah if i have gaps in my bones knowledge is probably because i was watching and gambling on sports underneath it that's power tv user status right there do you think a guy like neil degrasse tyson could put on four episodes of game of thrones at once and tell you what happened in a linear fashion afterwards yeah it's like the speed readers guys you can read books
like twenty minutes yeah the game of thrones challenge goes at least in this podcast at two times speed yo but the functionality people who are listening to this at two times speed your of fucking weird so that was regular speed that even going to be fast yeah that probably will be fast and you guys are idiots alright let's get into it alright you ready game of thrones with mass let you go as long as you want to do there okay hank three don't patronize me now i'm in i i will patronize you there is going to be a big battle on sunday's episode ninety minutes by the way we're gonna tape the show before and then we're gonna just at the game of thrones stuff after okay that was just us playing the show
life on a shell little peek behind this holy shit alright so there's going to be a big battle a lot of people are going to die i made a list of people that i would be most upset would die and people that i don't give a fuck about and i'm actually kind of rooting for their death you guys can comment on it people that i would most include jon snow danny and sunset because i just don't think they're going to die so people would be most upset if they died one any any of the two dragons remaining that will be hard but it isn't third one buddy are you sitting down i know he's dead but he's alive right wow dead guys are the bad guy he's part of the dead crew yeah but i just don't want to see any dragon die he joined the yankees there are no there's no such thing as a bad dragons like a bad dog there all thirteen of tents dead dragon kills the other two yeah that's that drives like a pitbull not good not good so
dragon salsa it's your all your bike get it hey cos pimple dude i know i hate dollar not all peoples two people over here yeah mr worldwide alright so any other dragons die we're going to be very upset tohrment i'll be very upset that's the big ginger guy who's jim harbaugh just a fucking he's going to die the movies for sure he's going to absolutely the other thing that not only consider is going to choke on a nipple maybe people that are going to be heartbreaking yes and people that are gonna be even more heartbreaking when they get brought back to life and then says walking dead people foreman is the number one yeah because women deal so many people as a dead guy as a dead guy did that guy he's gonna kill some people follow up question do the white walker zombie people do they lactate 'cause he'll probably lose he'll lose his strength if he can't get that breast milk well then again there bone
are very brittle you're right like did you crumble pretty quickly from send the bill back up as soon as it making does a stupid like you know eat he does a dance yeah the lady of rain raises hand i've seen the gift yeah all right he's like he's like a rude guy sitting at a like looking for the check in here checking no wonder you're someone's like here features come here give me the check like fucking put your hand down so how can we haven't seen that guy because he might be in the crypt no the so this is this is what we asked for missions in pretty much this is kind of like fading the public the most common theory that people sent us like what they think is going to happen is that the night king is on his way to kings landing like pulling a little heavy hey has he he pawn to king's landing while the rest of you know army the dead fight it out of winterfell he's going to kill everyone at king's landing bring them to life and then go well the other way fuck 'em all absorb them but because some
people said that i hope that's not what happen that's true my biggest hope for the episode is like no one is right with their theory i hope they just do something that's like so off script and just turns people think it's like okay they're going to the night king and then it's going to be certain it's gonna be like two different like one story ends and they figure out the throne stuff in it and what i hope they just somehow figure out a way to just when did all in the last four episodes are pure cane as they go right up against each other in like the middle of the field and they're like uh we're going to fight and then they all drop their weapons kendall jenner comes out with a pepsi and then it'll like problems we all fuck each other and it's like hey you guys thought incest was gross how about necrophilia and it's just so fucking the last three it was just people fucking dead bodies and even their asses and eating lost a bet to them before i have a theory about the theories i think that's a game of thrones producers have people that they've paid go on these reddit forums oh yeah and give these theories that make total sense just designed to throw people off the scent
well here's what also probably happened is there's probably some people on these on these forums i don't even know where they are read it their forums or twitter whatever they were probably right with something early on 'cause they read the book like idiots like me don't realize that the book gave some of the scripts right so they're like oh this is going to happen fuck dude how do you know so then they get a little taste of that sweet sweet i'm getting like upvoted on this forum it's fucking awesome everyone thinks genius so now they gotta do their second actor on core they're just making up shit yeah so it's like to crash in steam brothers are true facts stated on twitter that got a few things right about the mueller investigation and now they're like the another citizen journalists who fuck everything up how weird is it when they reply to each other very strange they definitely speaking events
yes they're probably i theater actor game thrones care yeah step three okay all right thought tormund really sad brits hearth very sad she dies sir knight brienne of tarth in sir davos hanks favorite the onion knight very sad if he dies i don't think he will which once again he's got a sweet accent he's got a beard he's not really fighter i think i'm all for it his feet and that girl sue plus up so yeah yeah and then he saw the woman the girl with the up face and is like hey i had a best friend who is thirteen year old thirteen years old who had a face like i'd actually got burned alive she's going to get and the girl that he was give soup to she's gone sure sure mercilessly cal yeah oh yeah aria would bum me out big time so would gendry and the ann and braun will round out the list of i'll feel bad for like two seconds people i don't give a fuck if they die brand i hope that fuck gets skull fucked
in the middle of the field that because he's so awkward to guide the wheelchair i know you said over and over yeah the ten a brand he's so going rooms every scene yeah that's a great take terrible thing i no it i think i agree thank it's bad take i i saw that someone said that rand's been dead this whole time yeah is that throughout riven yeah he is he's what's his name and six cents bruce willis yes brandon kick rocks but the i like my favorite part of game of thrones lichtel or like the old school flashbacks like tying all that shit to get so if he dies all that stuff goes away i don't care i'm beyond that dick let's is branagh writer oct now now it is like twelve issue does not twelve well the scene you seen fox arm jamie someone speaking of the on someone is a funny fear this at the on going to shock the world are feeling he never has a are never lost his bank sounds a kill the night
king and be given the iron throne as result oh that be sick grey worm don't care about him either sick he's going to he's just like you're falling in love with this girl and all you can do is eat her out and that's cool that's awesome like you probably really good at kind of lingus but i just don't care about this love story i'm sorry you can ever be consummated yeah right online right in jorah rounds out out that list of georgia dies it's like dude you should've you spent seven seasons being in the friend zone and then you died fighting for her we'll just one time just be like hey you know what we should get me do you think these units are allegorical for the anti circumcision movement it's like hey circum sizing somebody is analogous to cutting their entire package isn't there a dream a recurring dream where i know that your teeth falling out yes
say my foreskin falling maybe it's not having a while ago for mental health like everyone's losing their dick and it's actually all big dream that's interesting too and then sam well tarly when he dies is just going to be kind of file actually probably laugh and it doesn't mean i don't like him is just he's like who sorry didn't see you there oh i was reading this book who is like he's just going to just go back i got stopped he's a guy installed works yeah nerd what about jamie tirion know jamie i don't really care if he dies i mean i guess would be a little emotional experience not going to die so i don't i don't count help terry and i last episode he was like i'm going to die in winterfell and he said maybe after and i can go kill like he like foreshadow that he's going to go kill cersei who's the guy that slept with the girl that grew up
that's gentry gentry gentry is going to die gender is going to die yeah he probably will yeah he's too sympathetic of a character yes yes he's a nice guy pretty much everyone is going to die on sunday and i don't know there will be a range of emotions it will be something that i will feel really bad in there someone laugh i get really when i watch like very intense things like someday we'll be i kind of laugh at awkward moments kind of like when i laugh at you when you thought you were going to die on the turbulence like i don't know it's just something i have so server if taurus i think she's dead too she's for short why she's gonna be hard she was so happy she was so happy when she was knighted should be another her her in torment if they come back as fighters like that will be they will did they kill someone else like if if like sir of tarth kills i got a dumb question is going to be really bad i got a dumb question about all this what's the fucking big deal if
the winter army kills everybody brings back to life as a bunch of frozen zombies and just everyone's afraid he designed around histories forgotten but then everyone's everyone's like walking around or get it might be a slight it was a central but who gives okay i'll throw back your head yes or no more wars tail throw back at you back to you the data last week last week and you want to cannabis cup probably nice to go visit there would you want to leave a cannabis cup i'm i'm pretty sure if you got high enough you wouldn't care yeah well that's exactly what the army that debt is it's literally cannabis cup where they just forget all of history and walk around being level it would just be a giant fish concert right is that a bad thing we have this song never ends yeah i want so i hope that happen that's my new prediction ok everybody just turns into a zombie in their happy forever they can't go in water so you at least have that everything else is fine it's actually that's the m night shama lawn twist it signs member water kills the aliens
motivate night shama lawn just pops out we're ruining all kinds of m night shyamalan movies you know he's like a diehard sixers fan isn't all the games yeah all the games in that kind of weird plot twist they lose yeah plot twist ben simmons won't shoot a three love you guys
all we
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