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Coach Lane Kiffin, Morten Andersen And Blake Bortles Is Back

2020-09-22 | 🔗
Blake Bortles is back in the NFL and all is right in the world. It might be the end of the road for Drew Brees and the Raiders are actually kind of good? (2:28 - 18:39) Hot Seat/Cool Throne including Adam Gase taking the Jets into hyperdrive and a war is going on in the world's oceans (18:39 - 38:45). Ole Miss Coach Lane Kiffin joins the show to talk about the upcoming SEC season, his career in football, Joey Freshwater, the USC tarmac incident and more (38:45 - 74:07). Kicker and friend of the program Morten Andersen from the Great Dane podcast joins the show to talk about NFL kicking woes, the Falcons maybe being cursed, and more (74:07 - 97:27). We wrap up the show with guys on chicks.
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Today's part of my take, we have a two for coach Lane, given on the show for the first time recurring, guess now, coach give we talked everything with him, including visor, wearing. U s c Alabama omit everything literally everything, joy, fresh water. We have were current ass, more nansen on the show to get to the bottom of kicking problems. In the end, a fellow we have a little money for Paul wrap up. Blake Borders is back hot, see, cool, thrown guys on chicks, great, show common for you right now and has brought to you by the cash out. We are back in the cash absolutely. Where infinitely now we're back in New York in the cash out studio, I would still french kiss the cash app if it walked in the door right now, because I love the cash up so much cash. I pursued are easy to use linked directly to your bank account
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Why not I value play: pardon my take possessed by barstool sports pardon my take sent by the cash have to go down with the right now use code barstool to get ten dollars for free ten dollars to the Aspca. Today is Wednesday September 23rd and Blake Bortles. Is back hell, yeah, he's back boss. You act with a vengeance. We didn't take down, sign, Blake Borders, dot org! I had just
so I will change sign blackboards that org from just the link to the box or from Pittsburgh play a game will switch it's just the mission accomplished: George Bush yeah. We did it, we did it. I had a little freaky Friday incident. I was driving up from Philly back to New York this morning and I was listening to podcast and they were like you know, Denver Michael, find it a quarterback off the street but withdrew locks out for a few days. I said myself by ports on the street, literally probably on the street right now like hanging out just hang it out on the street and not five minutes later shifter said the bleak pearls is gonna Denver to throw the ball and interview for the position boom were back. I hope we didn't make an awkward for are very good. Free Blake portals by talking at length about Jeff Driscoll Thong. But if you remember, we ve actually had this discussion before, because portals and Jeff Driscoll or high school right
derive was iron sharp desire. Yes, maybe like borders, just go. Free bowl, underneath Thou I totally programme. That would be an alpha move if Blake showed up he's like you know what I don't even need to wear underwear solve this dumper. Yes, pure mortals ask and listen ice. I know like I saw that people are like public poles as job how common cabinet have a job or how does this person I've? Just let us have Blake cause Blake. We just want plaguing the NFL yeah he's a great guy. We just want the info you could the point about other people and on totally by that I can totally get behind like some people having a job like how does this guy have job and this guy doesn't but portals the world is a better place when wake border zone, NFL, roster and genuinely happy form, because the way the NFL works. If you go year, it can't can just be over yeah? So what with Blake he's going to Denver, I don't think he was gonna. Get signed by the progress is off season. They pass arm, I think, just in the do you like? Ok, you're safety guy, if we have an injury if we have a visa
Covin related illness were brain like they're, so the Schaffner report at the luminous morning. It like thirty Meslay, that I get the interview went well. To match the interview was like John always saying how Tory down a guy. I got the job any progress towards the Romans, like you seem like a pretty sweet. Do yeah you're cool gotta have around so you're Blake It's gonna be everybody's best Fredericks over Jeff Driscoll cause the rivalries back on between those two. I think plague is going to take that starting job from what I don't see any question about that. What do I have a vague memory of us just going at Jeff Driscoll? I think there is a gesture scale in a boomer yeah. We did something where did awkward so socially liberal, but Scully conservative years, one that we did so Jeff Driscoll. You seem like a nice guy, do not more whatever its fine but peace borders is gonna, be cooking up in Denver. I'll put it this way,
they're playing you, aeroplanes, Wigan Jets, they're playing but they buccaneers Tommy, they buccaneer envoys board is a Brady killer. True Brady Killer in their last to match ups and where our staff and not in their last, to match ups. He has. He is Tom Brady in the second course twenty one to ten in their last to match. Ups, so just give Give bottles a shot in the second quarter, bring a man. You know it spent the entire first half in their life, to match. Ups Blake Borders has scored Tom Brady in the first half thirty five to thirteen wow, How luckier the Steelers debt to the Broncos got them the borders the weak for they played cloud was actually is steelers, kill Dodge a meal. You're both to, let me be perfectly clear: Blake Portals is getting the job, so appear to you are on the record, is being a big drew lock I yet what happens when drew? Lock comes back. That's
an interesting quarterback competition because drew luck has it he answers point. He has moxie yes poise, but Blake portals has the x factor just safely. Port blackboard. Ok, Zoonotic drew locker, thin air, thin, hair, dont care no hair thin air. No, how will we haven't seen a picture recently? I think he's just committed to that. I, you might be grown out like a lot of people in quarantine. He's like Blake actually does strike me as a type, a guy who would grow back like maybe it's, maybe it's bad. We need a break me. My hair just needed my region too much work where ideas, the helmet, yeah wearing almost up we're home. It's wound: stop rubbing those follicles out, but yet they have failed, The better legal Blake Borders is back in it and that this is a great scenario for him out in Denver got the opportunity approves of here's. What happens Blake gets in May He performs really well for the next couple weeks. Drew lot comes back, John way will probably want to go back to drew lock since he's been the
what about that seem for last year and a half but would bore will have done. He will re establish themselves, and then the world is his oyster. You can go anywhere. Yes, I just also realise that our pay anything to be a fly in the wall when Jake bought introduces himself to borders cause. I bet you boils gets kick, she's gonna chronic. I wish your name cagey, but ok like when it throws tomb in practice. First, timely but ok, I so boredom back all right in the world. Let's talk a little money, I football sugar warning for saints, Vance, there's gonna be some drew breeze. Talk. Do you think a Saudi? Or do you think its fans realize it, but it's over or do you think they're still holding onto oh well. The seats are good enough, which they do have a great roster, but there being held back by their quarterback in this isn't just this year. This has been the ass a year and a half its much more evident right now.
This was evident lasher like he put drooping smart enough and cerebral enough to still be o k quarterback, but he D limits their office does he does not have an arm any more, and he and said afterwards. He he scoffed at the idea tat he was over the hill and he said that this often like hasn't peaked. Yet I have to agree with them because it will peak when James twist starting quarterback, which might happen this year start JANUS debts. That's my take ways. The time is now. It is Jamie, O Clock, in New Orleans. I think, would through breeze his arm, it definitely guy worse over the off season. It it's bad, it's it put. You got worse over the off season and I think it's more power not having Michael Thomas who the guy that runs those like eight ten yard. Like those dig roots, you don't have to throw the ball deep when you
Michael Thomas, I feel for you and you have you can do that are only to be good. Do can throw an intermediate pass to Michael Thomas, instil Beard competent office, but now that might I was out of the game. You can't uncorked depot, you dont have the deeper. His answer is, garters, probably site. That is not set any more records and she probably doesn't want, he pictured with them on the field. When he's out what he's getting new certificates for these passenger things, because she's probably embarrassed that are day cattle, the ball of twelve yards in New Orleans. I think that everyone is kind of thing, the same thing, but nobody wants to be. The first person said because if you do to save their own sake, that's why they're relying on I say there reliant on he said for someone to say it is thirty. Three percent of his yards on Monday night were in the air. That's insane Lila that means that everything at the two thirds of the arts it he had passing were just yards. Africa unleash James Winstanley I gonna marry. I the I disagree with you on that, Michael Thomas. They of course, but with Thomas makes them better put. If you play like you,
the limit to Sean patents. Often when juries can't make those throws- and I don't know like- is struggling with even ten yards- fifteen yards was not even talk about deep all anymore. So Let us from saying, like with Michael Thomas running ten yard, fifteen yard routes through risking get it there. It doesn't look rate, but Michael Thomas will make you look On those passes needle it'll make you clearly get that he can't through the deeper ceiling to almost. There is definitely no that's why they often last year in right now, obviously like a shell of what it has been the best, because He doesn't have that that thing that he does worry Cox's his shoulders, backed like forty five degrees and unwanted that depot forty five. She doesn't have any more drew breeze, when you don't when you go out, like maybe thanksgiving you're, going to like the one time of year, you're going to throw the football around and you throw it as hard as you can, and your arm feels like it's about to fall out of its socket and I coughed should have warmed up. That's every throw!
if your it looks like last night, he was actually shaking his arm like it hit his funny bone. What's going on here like is he hurt? Is he not, and I get it he's a hall of Famer he's? You know the faces of the saints franchise. Everything he's done for that city. That's incredible! but at some point the distinct heavy Superbowl roster their roster is awesome, and so at some point I think which on payments we have you noticed: taser meals, a sneaking like piecemeal, played fallback, wide receiver and quarterback last night. He just gonna low. We nudged some hill in their until all of a sudden Tatum Hill. I milk be quarterback for first down here, and second out anyway. You know what will do turn down to just to see what it and then eventually that's how Teresa loses it's the frog in the boiling water that you gradually increase in temperature and then you'd, the frog doesn't know that it's been boiled until the waters are too hot really vocally knows all about that. You don't get too If you don't get the finger at first, which is probably that theory but yeah,
it may be just have to restart the game I drew reason starter. He plays a first play, than cancer and then then you gotta, two headed monster of taste and hill and James Winston, just finishing teams just crushing so that's it you're breeze part which we are taking credit away from the raiders being actually good. Dare car looked good They're running game looks good, their defence looked, decent. I don't know how to grade against drew breeze and You saw after I think you know that things are going well when you I'm good MIKE may act did the like. Wrestling, hogs, slash kind, hid each other move after the game and excitement where you like. Are these guys about either kiss or punch each other? We don't know, but that's just football. A guy energy and nowhere to go, and they just kind of clash with each other. That means it's rolling. That's it no that's! The Ave will state to be, and if you're football guy with
her fellow football guys like at any time you should want to make out with them in so stab it's like a hog slash. A yeah. You just call like good job, if you hadn't buddy other, also not hurting them at the same time, sauce right exactly major, some major, so one a kind of like choked your body out I saw that covers these guys. They got some cooking our group has got little that swagger. I do think their car, even those first driver. I was, he looked- loss picked it all back up and they have like half their often of wine, which is their strength, is hurt, so they get that healthy ro, while using readers might be good John Bruton was in his natural element, just calling spider to why banana all over the feel. Last night, they read it so many times and you can't stop. You cannot stop closer to our banana, especially if there, good tight in which they do they ve got an awesome tightened in war and then Ok, good, obviously knock heads as well. That's got to gamble
low Man Award winner Alec in gold and then we should talk about the new stadium in LAS Vegas, because I want to feel the LAS Vegas Raiders new stuff, we have no just like I want to grind on it. I don't think that is really a whole to be spoken for their it's like a hockey pocket. No, the desert accepted shiny. I want to fuck it is the most erotic, stadium ever seen almost no one it's better with no fancy like. I think that will be awesome once they do start letting fans inside, but for right. Now that thing is sexy, is shit and a warm fuckin package. Won't I yeah. I know I know I mean I I you use all you have fuck in your eyes. You thought I wanted to fuck the ETA Falcons stated when it's got a little but hold that no, I'm throne, The trash does yesterday's news. I will just rub all my body. In and around the Oakland. LAS Vegas, Raiders new, steady shadow, marked Davis. By the way you have to click
see move to not go to the game, because fans are allowed to go the game slash. He was probably at two p M, Chang, just dining and whining himself. And enjoying that that was so bizarre when they announced that and there, like, I thought of the other, those death or something like marked Avis, can't be here tonight, and there till he thinks it's not right to defence camp. Here. He won't be here which in reality is probably marked Davis, doesn't have enough money to two went out to sweeten get food cater to you can't buy ticket galleries. I should know, will you not elected? That's the sweeter there, but then you still got to pay for the food right, so he used like what's appointed goin. If I can't get the dessert He was proud, like the dessert card is, what's gonna, put me over the edge not worth going iraqi and have that work by put it, but I do think that Mark Davis is the the working men's owner he. By far doesn't has already yeah he actually work is programmes. Other job, though, isn't that all was not the whole story.
About the raiders contract with greed, and yet they put on S. Groups like we do have that in that's. Why I e Stanley Cranky didn't want him moving into his neighborhood. He was trying to keep his neighborhood gentrified. Is it can have properly valued going down on new lot that I just built. So, let's get span o sup here on a one more its kick Mark Davis, I'm LAS Vegas, Iowa marked Avis. Him go to door to door introducing himself in order me yeah, exactly marked EVA neighbour, start moving out when you re again and all white track suit, moving it initially in his in his conversion Van yeah, I can add that I can have that thing parked outside my stay in the inner fell. Films is gonna, move out their office if that happened so yeah I do like what Mark Davis is doing. No, the real behind, but I choose to believe him that he is like the fans can't go. Then I don't. Gonna go crazy this kind of a man the people yeah I just think that there's gotta be another reason we probably was like I just I don't know what's going on,
he should run out the p of checks and have his own watch. Parties are just get like a giant outdoor area, he can do like how drafters do park? Yes, There should be like Davis Park where everyone is gets dressed up, as Look alike. My hair Commerce Davis's and they all sit out wearing their tracks, suits watching a giant screen and scratching themselves. The camel toes I think that would be awesome, actually do Thou LAS Vegas ART again. I want to stress that I want to talk to stay ass. All we got it so I guess we should it is. Where did not even at least mentioned, there was game. Three night we take for the Lakers one break gather Lakers, we're we're gonna be backing on the not I think the nuggets one. Oh really No, I think that the latest one tonight, I think the nuggets one, but we had to pick our spots to take one day. Where we don't have to be here till midnight will we back will be here till midnight for the jagged dolphins game they kept got all selfish.
A child. So he these spends not on coming out I'll, come back I'll. Come back after the game yeah I was, she did not like five times. I was joking I'll come back. You wanna come back tonight. You you just put your fucking gauntlet. Make idea they may seem. Like yell looks like you're the one who didn't want to combat interesting. I will that's the game three good recap. Just so you know Pfc he's the one who want to go home early great, combat either sue hussy cool thrown huts equal drawn this week is brought you buy, but light seltzer on the hot seat. This week is free space in your fridge but lights up. There has three new flavors available in their remix variety pack. Great fruit, pineapple cranberry, all. Only a hundred calories filtered for a clean finnish wonder.
Lesson one gram of sugar in five x filter for clean finish order years now at Budlight, dot, com delivery and get ready for the games again on the hot seat. This week is free space in your fridge because you're getting that put lights, seltzer pack, let's do it Hank hot seat, cool throne Go I have so many really can I get one you're cool there owns yeah Gimme, a hint he's in this room at it curse, probably Hank. He wants you to say attack. No I'll. Do I got it? Thank you. My hot seat is grammar. First by one of my first ones is Grammar agreed. Unfortunately, it seems, like you know, unlike us, seemed like they haven't, taught America's youths proper grammar youth, send structure America's youth. What words mean things of that nature? in dire- as you guys know there, should, when your favorite, our Emmy winner, she won the Emmy and twenty twenty which will share everything Warrior
and you follow on. Why were you don't worry? That show was fought, yeah, socially one, any for best act, the New York Post, wrote an article and it said biggest upset, Zendaya wins, Emmys, two thousand and twenty over Jennifer Aniston, Laura Lindley and more and then there's a lot of Zendaya stand for a loyalist and whatever they were all very upset because they're like no one's upset about this like this, no one's upset like this is a great thing, but they didn't understand. Like biggest upset meant she wasn't favoured twenty ward. I do thought that yeah, the new post was upset. That's enough, one, I do like that there was like an entire Stayin army being like the fuck. You guys for saying this, like it's amazing that you want. I, like using the term biggest upset as like a millennial urgency way to say like this? Is the real
Why were so pissed off this? We I like that to date they d people won't need something to be mad about so much. They find this imaginary thing in the phrasing. Ah, I love trapping people like you guys, fucking idiots, Emily Rayner Plazas, like I thought I was a joke ears like this Campi I mean I mean. How can you not saint grammar today. This is how language changes it Zionism moves along like a regardless is now in the dictionary, because enough people misused it twenty, now we're not going our biggest upset the week. We're have liked a game It makes me maddest of the weak young underdog. One hundred twitter is really the worst. Dost. By the way the masks have gone to please vote, which you should but every time you tweet a forester, every time register vote your tweeting into the same people. They probably have registered to vote and good job Diana pushed depending on what people who people think you're going to vote. For you telling me The vote is either good thing or a bad had could be a bad thing. So
I say vote if you'd like please vote there, you go, ah my other hot see what and where the hot seat is p of tea. He was a part of a viral three yesterday as well. He tweeted about became a calf on Sunday. Decay MECCA, responded, kind of dunk items had learned how to at me in that had like her that's dumping. What had like seventy three then favorites, like a few thousand retweet like yeah, well suitably more action than your tweak. I also he also like didn't at Russ Wilson when he started the rest for him VP thing so that he could have said been seeing any rest for him. Vp I just see my Dane. I just saw that every time someone on twitter, those are the top my feet. So people kept retweeting it I got back to him on that. I clap back big time, shut out there, but I now, if there ever was just what ring the original together when they saw him out tomorrow. On, doesn't surprise me the decay wants. Our communication to be as direct as possible. Other hot seat Ellen degenerates. She came back tried to issue an apology.
Was really like a sorry, not sorry and people buying it. So she out- and I are not- she gets out of this one. She now is such a bullshit like apology, the like, it wasn't an apology. Is I got if Europe's I'm sorry, I mean but I'm ok, I think Ellen should just lean into being the bitch. Time tv, because everyone on daytime television, their entire mission, is to be as likely when his nice sounding as possible Ellen she embrace that yeah be like I fuckin here, all the people that are working for me right now. You behind the camera Jura request for time off due to secure, is denied like really The college of the day yes brings out of work and unpaid internet wedges him to you, know adorn. Yes, you should just become a dictator of daytime tellers. Yes, I the world needs here, yeah. They want to do the charity thing which, if she can do it between the two peoples, are one of them always loses and they get that reaction of like we are. One person wins all this money, but then they have also have other persia whose equally
What it is. There is some. There would be some benefit because she at this point ever hate, Sir no apology would have fixed right like none. No you can't apologize and expect people die. Oh, she seemed properly remorseful. No they hate Ellen. They make sport out of it. So at give him some day, Kim's red meat, yeah lean, Intuit Ellen. Ah my cool Chrome is our coworker Dionne Sanders gotta coach at Jackson, Sate Galiano today, apparently you in early showing to sniff out a rat. I guess your theory. Has you see? That's that's my front runner, rather than the initial tweet that was put out there. I forget hoop, whose This report it, but there are saying but his staff was gonna be you're saying he had tee o signed up to be wide receivers, coach, worn sap to be the defence of life, coaches, which would be insane, and I actually do think that we should do a hard knocks on Jackson State University. If that's the case yes
and we should produce it. We should like, with our brains behind this. It would be insanely electric television if you can't miss having those personalized room, but apparently it it's not true. No dog satisfactory, so I think we might be sniffing out a rat. He leaked somebody to see if that person was gonna, tell the press about it kind of like the whole. Congolese restrained would do with brown couple years ago. What just act like when you see that rumour, if you, if you ran with it, it's like ash yourself, do you think that warrant, sap and thrones are gonna, move to Jackson, Mississippi and like be coaches, assistant coaches? I don't think I could see. I could see tee o doing it. Warrants our way and, as I say, and sat on pot ten years ago, fifteen years He does not handle new situations and new. Now, while those guys are living life, he also
Had I at a press conference, he had a full like marching man whose I was larger than it yellow milder one. The other clue is that he is also one of my hussies. We I face it. I wanted to cool thrown right that that's my second clue. He was also hussy. Ok fifty gotta her I'm try again side Hanks head right, now think I always looking like. We might be accusing him something, but Patsy is forty. Niners is a set of criteria. Now my heart's he's San Francisco, forty nine? They have. Injuries now to Solomon, Thomas Nick Bowser, Jimmy G Gregg Kiddo, most common or the running backs are heard, their MRI truck broke down in West region on the way to the Green Briar. So the moth man is now radioactive and find a hundred Shanahan got find a hundred thousand dollars for not wearing his mask erectly end their plane got hit on the runway in New York, when they came here, so they are there in fun.
Destination, the snake Britain Team of the they're, not they're, not her injured there. I think they're cursed. I think they have I saw them. We have to figure out if there's a way to get the curse off to forty nine super workers This does happen if there is for losing the suitable teams due to hang over here. The hang over like does come to derail team. So how did they get the hang over here that they need to lose another Superbowl real, quick? They should, as a team and organization, opt out of the rest of this year and just are back in next year. Fresh could be, they could. May I think they just need to You know it's like to hear the dog. If you want to get rid of a hangover, you drink a little bit more the next day, maybe then to watch the Superbowl tape tomorrow, Timor, Asia, Termorrer sedates, her one more ACL play more. It's a tray preying on the turf. The sticky turbulent ivy grew. Oh fingers. When her no one gets hurt, they'll just sign Jake Button, let nature tickets Now, while we needed buttoned, that's that's absolutely rearing, laugh, it'll kill a black
or actually signed him find that black cat fire go find the black cat at the metal lands and kill and kill, and then Guinea curse removed, kill it done That's probably got at least two torn acls from Monica that feels yes stocked. It's very like a big rat trap had stuck to the fields as in the blue injury. Ten other examples of veterinary and other gonna fix it. I know what you can do to fix. Sticky turf, Yad seems we're like this seems If more injuries happened on Sunday lawsuits the young, we will represent anyone who wants to sue. Yes, my cool throne is Bob Craft because he is going to have his charges dropped against them. I have to joke that I've registered its trademarks and nobody else is not to make. He got off again. That's choked under one Joe Cumber too happy ending from Mr Craft took number two, both trademark, but Bob Craft is not going to be facing choice.
There's any longer in in the city, Florida forgetting Jack off at a massage tape. That's them. I mean he had the most stressful hand, job of all time this dress. It came from at hand job Bill, Clinton could probably beg to differ. Did he gets you get sucked yet there was also a hand job you, but if you get, I think you just always pumping up whatever level, so they don't. I've never happened right like if you, if you got a blow job, if you had such it tax, but I would say that inserting cigar would negate the blow job It's even was that we could say that so no hands no hand job. So you have probably more stressful hand. Job of all time is pretty much it right. There think it has to be he probably at how quickly you think he goes back. A new one, maybe not that one Bulgaria celebrate or do you think he may be like parts keeps I'm yeah, but to be safe. Now, I'm just gonna run my own in calls only,
yeah! I don't know you. May I give you a Robin tat guy like that? You don't just stop. Are you might? If you like your above the law, you may feel like I'm untouchable by massage. Yes, yes, what a ridiculous story! Germany come now! I mean, I think you and it's until proven guilty new summer proven guilty a garrison yeah, I my hot seats, is the Indianapolis calls, because her plain the jets this week and Adam Gay said quote it's time to put this thing in hyperdrive. Watch out. Halts jets might score twelve points. Hyperdrive per draw gay, I'm not like you fuck! I am not going to have to bear on the judge this. We can hope for. Dr Argon, in hyperdrive, like you, thought the jets stunk Adam Gay. It was just in using like third gear now there and hyper job he would pass. Fourth and fifth hyperdrive. Did you see my three
what I do not see. A joint Jake sorry is what he said. I found the oldest three, which I believe we are former dolphins are see. Really anti crew cause had head coach item gates and offensive genius. May six twenty six, ok, so he's been a genius for a while and then didn't. He only have like thirty yards receiving through catches in three to catch them three years, often centurion lobbying, trying to get a job at some he's trying to I mean the jets could probably use em, yes, Thea Hyperdrive Jets headline take the overtake the jets that IRAN or draw I've. Actually I've never heard a coach use the term hyperdrive before her and hope, which I have no choice but to bet on the cap. I just imagine if they come out and they run like Kelly Organ offices. I told you, I tried Warner guys hyperdrive for him with SAM Donald. Ass, the various yes hyperdrive. Let's do it Frank gore- is dying dude. I can't do that. Some thirty nine years old,
my cool throne, is it's gotta, be something stool, strange right I always I think I know what it is. It always is so I'll, be Jake so headaches on Jake's on call time for every hated put me on the hot seat for the slander about DK, make efforts by the way? It's all love. We do get. He knows that he knows you need some some tough coaching. Sometimes I need someone I just keep donkey. You can't talk on me he's not. Haven't got ran like I wasn't like so who is who is compared to fifty percent, streams were playing on Thursday banana where sunglasses Scotty, I always beaten us. I know you don't always air. If I hear you moron not and people say well, the only reason you beat him cause Phd where sunglasses, so I'm going to prove to the world that has nothing to do with some glasses and address the superior
Holy shit, he has seventy four thousand like Sonia Duncan, learn how to an official Duncan you just did learn out at me. Now ass. You decay dig. Just Magda Budiman race. There is also a kind of others, and I think there is a lot of people that didn't realize that you guys have a back and forth in their like fought these foreign journalists think they know the type you guys you I've been important repertoire contacts again, I we know about the Instagram store, what he's just twas pause as what we do oh, it's await Hank you're wearing sunglasses endorse. Unless and until Now- and I'm not going to be going to beat you by nine points who nine we in how many kids, seats game, I will be by nine all games. Sweet sweeps did the Barcelona sweep nine Roma aggregate. Eighteen I'm better than head
when I'm wearing glass and he's not I'm going to crush him like a bug, if he's wear glasses very mean, but I like it, ah Billy your back. How was school ts tedious, ok, give us your os equal through my vote. I missed you really know I love you. My high sea is sharks. Oracle, whales ripping outer testicles off, go South Africa, shorter yeah. You know that you know the insider inside this river mouth we orca whales are ripping shark balls. Yeah What year was an actual balls for what reason I don't know, there's some sort of on the ocean, applause their practicing. Eugenics dared not dirt. Disabling their ability to breed dude. I have no idea also
just found a tomb in Egypt that has been open entire some thousand years and they just opened in as much sarcophagus is so probably with that those like where they keep the mommy's. Ok ugh, maybe source. Now I know that what is circumstances there were they put the monies. Oh, like the actual, like coffins, Oh go like this king type like to getting the angry words for coffee sarcophagus our needs. That word, where it is totally. I don't need that with other things. Anyway, it exerts outward that's like day in lesson planning for a third grade teachers just sarcophagus we all that exists only show off. You told me that you need that come out yourself Agus exactly Milly anywhere somewhat hit, the books yeah. I resign smarter. I now and you oh, how your monologue on good. Can you can start of force imagination, nation that Sir only escape wait, start again, imagination,
I think its own eyes are only seventy only was in their lesser. That's our escape Imagination is what teaches us our limits and he's just to go beyond those limits. Imagination says: listen to me, I'm your darkest voice. I am the voice that wakes you up at four, a dot m. I am what creates your nightmares? That's all I know hot seat. Pain is really dark. Marla out, I'm the one who not my hot seat this week is, the cost of those are yours what you call them? No hussy sharks! No, my cool throne is scale cofounder yeah he got mad at the ceo of costs said hey. We're losing money on our dollar. Fifty beer and hot dog deal. I think we got change it up in the form of co, founder of shows like if you change ideal I'll, kill you and throughout his life, to defend the dollar. Fifty hot dogs, you just did you add beer into that? I don't think
her lot logging to beer at now observing zero cost girls co, my entire life- and I didn't know no so Billy Dear Rosa Java, guys know I'm glad actually because I would have now just look back at a wielded. Thirty five years. Yes, I sold beer Kafka, so the price. Doesn't change. For thirty five years, it's the hot dog in the coke combo yeah and its story that was told that, like years ago, the costs CO president complained to the Oh founder and YO, that There were losing money on the famously cheap dollar, fifty hot dog and coke combo, and the virus find the co respondent? If you raise the price of the fucking hot dog, I will kill you figure it out, and so then it just for that from then on it just became one fit. It was one hundred and fifty and never change. I like that, though, I like having a little bit of consistency in this world, for you know and no matter what else changes you can always go to
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So when we want to have on for a very long time coach great to see you great to talk to you, weren't talk about everything, but let's start with this season. Saturday is finally getting here were play some football. Are you excited house, a team, look in how we feel in our Jack Burundi GO left here, but I mean so much has been done. Under this by so many people have gone from the commissioner to the administration players, doctors, everything it's, it's really crazy. How much has been put into getting things done now these fires, whereby it's been where I have to assume this- is a off season, unlike any that we ve seen college football ever like how what percentage of your time is invested in discussing medical things as opposed to working on the nuts and bolts The study usually focus on other is unusual in a way with medical reports now three times a week on the tasks so.
The tasc test come back next day and you may get all the sudden that morning you're getting ready for practice and three guys have it and six route to close contact. So it's really crazy trying to trying to do that. You know
You don't know me talk about you, how big hurry up faster, ya, stronger you and you know what kind of place you're running, often Stephen special teams. I think more more than everything to win the shearers is who handles covered the best. We can all social distancing the best setting out the best players, other yeah, so have you guys been like in terms of getting ready for a season, obviously starting no later than usual, but have you noticed that, like the team is maybe not as Chris or is it feel like it's late August and were about to get going like you guys are ready to go sharp common right out of a good training camps feel I think we were slow. Initially, we got hit initially pretty bad positives, and so they missed a lot of time during what I guess. You consider training cap and we ve been very fortunate here in the last two weeks benign, but on a great run, so
of Luke. You got up till. Let's talk a little bit about the actual football team. You guys are you guys? Pig deserve you're, a big team. Strong, even ass, are more concerned about the bigness helmet agar. You we're fast on their own. Consider us really being not biggest somewhere typical ass. You see teams, but we have allowed a young accounted for orphans. Images are taking us job, seen roster unseen. What we know what had been recruiter. Are you goin Visor on Saturday yeah, of course? Ok, I we ve made fun of the visor. We should probably get that out of the way boot well so well, first of all you ve got you look like you, ve lost weight. Is that true? Thank you.
Yeah, you do did what we are hearing when I say that, while we notice always it goes into the visor talk, because when you got first hired you where you visor, maybe it was the winter time. Whatever p of tee said, the visor looks like a belt for your head, and I said you look like a guy who invites you on his part, And calls it the poor tune, search, won't get that out of the way. That way feels good, but you are not in the short term. Monotony. That's ok, I mean that's funny jokes, social cohesion is so, are you do you ever think that you're not gonna be a vice or guy, because we had these discussions like visor guys? Are they just do you know? You're always applies or guide some new born with.
Something that you grew into. I when I was a young man was Steve Spurrier, and so that's really were started in China would like him and then just cannot now choose to have it and wearing a habit for game for practice would withdraw really strange yeah yeah. Have you ever considered just going like raw dog? No had no visor at all wrought dont know I haven't is again. I thought the headset doesn't fit right without the miser there. I guess he only wild card is an economy that aren't you the guy, like all my jobs, and I can t mean, give different had jobs inward. Riser, oh yeah, yeah dogs. You did that. I did follow your jobs. Yes, yes, but I d visor, like
I'm not revise your guy. Try to wear the visor. I thought I looked stupid. I just some always around a tunnel one time with the miser I M, just very it's hard for me to, like I dont, understand, visor guys put it's good to know that you something that you're just kind of yeah you're, born with its like there's very clearly adviser guy, very clearly hacker. Yes, I really am honour that much. I guess I'm not really adviser guy outside of a box. I really know maybe vision once lava using non everywhere adviser. I don't know why. I always were hats so like a jet, forgetting a practice that not one single attitude, and so does that mean that when you wear a hat like out on the street, do you feel like you're cheating on the visor? Now plus it draws less attention
I mean a joint commitment by trying to become more recognisable, so that had is less recognisable and I don't really like to be recognised, though that's prime part of it to show you where it had, I would probably be I could that's Daniel Tosh or been Roth's burger. Second cousin right. I didn't know. I guess I got the been wrought. His work is really book. You have you, go the desired out and I think bends linked to sixty seven. Maybe three How will you ve lost weight? So if you were so you where the hat and then if you are trying to like not be recognised when you do anything else, change your name, headphones, caught it and live where orators on so then it's like you got bother him, but now I'm really not because he is on the phone and I'm really maybe not pretend among right. So I, recognising like in the last several years. You ve become much more open.
Do with the meat that you've been doing. Interviews like this, like a little personality out kind of like your Tom Brady's now and in Tampa bay- and you can Can I get a little insight as to who this person is? Are you a little bit concerned with all the rat poison that you're gonna be getting from the media gas in Europe? I think I can naturally was open with the media, and then I think you are you burn. A few times on that. So maybe you like close up a little bit, so you know so I decide when I got here and just go back to being myself. Is it you had a career that, like you, know how many stops and also your kind of like a lightning rod where people like to talk about you? It was there a moment in time in the in the travels of your career, be like wow like for some reason, I'm a coach that makes headlines and, like you said, the media likes to talk about me. Did you have that conscious?
thought. Like. Oh man, everything I do is going to be analyzed more than other coaches yeah. I don't know why that isn't yours, a number of factors- and you know- but it's it's been that way for a long time. Pat Haden at USC's call like the Kiffin effect like no matter what you do. It's getting tagged in a store, even it's not even relevant to it. You know like in, and you can say something is going to respond
good or bad, but it's fun for sure a certain way. So I don't really know why that is been that way for a while. I think it is so you were the youngest head coach in NFL history at the time when you're hired by the raiders you, you know an ending it at Tennessee to cause riots on campus, the the fire USC, everything that you've done and you've had success. Yet failures whatever, but it's all nothing like truly bad. It's all kind of been a good fun. So it's like the fun part of sports. You know what I mean so you people feel like they can talk about it where they got like some actual controversy that it has followed you that it makes it not fun to talk about to your. I don't know what it is, but you're just kind of fun guy to discuss and talk about, and I also think you have a level of you were said to be kind of an offensive genius, and so now everyone who gets attached to your like who lane Kiffin like he's, got it in there somewhere or Miss like
four million points this year. As far as I'm concerned now use our schedule of recent million points would not offer Genji likely. You see how to do so oh yeah, I don't know, I think, sometimes made when people get alot early. Your maybe people have no you wouldn't like em in own, so in so much solely in and now having haven't even coaching, which obviously helps you get that stuff Railways are outcry. Parliament, you so the SSC worse this year is absolutely stacked with coaches. Just like the most entertaining group of people, I think that if ever led a single conference and in a major support here, you ve got Pitman Mazarin Jimbo, leech yourself.
Cocoa. Nick saving. You get all those guys in a room whose the offer, whose one call the shots of you guys are out to dinner. Who is making the order for the table that groups not going out and our first? I can promise you through its true. You know you ve been very stiff dinner, so I don't know. I mean encouraging exposure that international image of coaches there's one it offers and learn so rightly hard work. We will try to, or everything and try to be, the boss is reduced to being the bar, so coach will apply when now because they would pay became a scared when cajoled starts. Yelling at around stands out from the table, and so I would say cocoa, private, wouldn't we went in the end. Could you try bring his own likes six
her pounds across the table due to stop him on the table now is still sore disorder. Sixty minutes your night. Yes, a male used, always Thomas, I design I'm the day we will never come in. I can mention Opel to replace our
what you say you are you? Would you say that your closest to cocoa amongst a group, I think, just obviously cajole from working with met? You see as assistants and cannot see? And then you see again young women draw up here. So what about tee? I read a story once before you get Tennessee when played Alabama. The famous turns Coty Game Cocoa, pumped everyone up before the game. By throwing a projector against the wall and smashing into a million pieces. Can you confirm that story and how pumped up did you get after seeing cocoa do that on? That's that's really, not that abnormal. So what we ve broken. A lot of rejected gum, know you from the special teams in divine meeting and thus not we, which she unawares in a hotel one time a forum and he broke so about a problem, happened and pumped up the team. I would assume you guys play to help a game. Obviously the ending wasn't the way you wanted to go, but as bigtime underdogs cocoa, he always seem like the type, a guy that could get the most out of the players, even if
You know you're overmatched in terms of Gmos in Jos, the irish players love to play for him and his energy and brings every day with news neat watch now. Sixty minutes ranges just seen him still just as the same old cocoa on a phone recruiting obstinacy, somebody that hasn't changed even with the success, and we give you scenario here to say I've attentively big cat nigh where I was Seventeen year old, five star prospects, big cats hold her on the kicker. We can really make a difference for your team. I'd be a follower. I can be ok, fine for this purpose, I'll be full back but get what you want to be obvious, holder, still Scylla holder but we're legit world.
Bluechip guys. Ok, I sure infatuated fall back to farmer. I am absolutely infatuated for backs. I think it's too is the best position sports, but if we, if we're in a living room, you come to, our house were twins and you're trying to get us were also being recruited by next saving by cocoa by allow those guys in the SSC West. How do you differentiate your programme? What what is gonna sell us on attending? Oh miss, as opposed to go to a school that that might have just one an actual championship. I think there's something to you. Come into somewhere at the beginning? You know before its established in before its role in some of those places you gotta wait on a longer. No because the rosters and more staff like we will be in a few years old. I think. Sometimes you go the new staff that hasn't had that success at the place in a few years.
I know you got ability to play it to buy sooner as well and make a bigger impact, especially with name no engine likeness, no potentially coming up and then how much money do you leave behind That's Bieber I'll, be honest. How I'm making my decision you, I give you tiptoe coach, you need to bring the powder blues back and where the powder blues all the time, and then just that would be like. If you came in to my living room and like hey, you can wear these I'm in as long as you would see, isn't recurred me, I'm in now, oh hello and also for the first time ever so you know I hear that from our planet recruit so work in that direction. Ok, but you ve kind, have been known as a quarterback whispered. You, like the term quarterback whisper. I don't know, that's gonna, know
a strange, but around a lot, a really good quarterbacks it with wine growing players, random do yeah yeah. I don't know who came up with the term. Maybe court quarterback guru no secret whisper for this case, so as quarterback whisper, how important is it to you to have a quarterback whose name sounds like he's going to be an awesome quarterback, for example like Blake Sims, that's a great quarterback name, John David booty. Another very strong quarterback name actually thought that Montana Murphy was the best quarterback name them all. But how important is that you too just hear name you like yeah. That sounds like my quarterback. Ah I don't know I mean I think it s neat when it is, you know just like an actor or something I just have liked right, name and hence its being Adam. Ah, I'm sure there's some boring aims. In America
Racks for you guys, have won this year. John Rhys Plumlee, where, if you go three names in the SEC, I immediately think you're good kind of like the John David booty. So you got that going for you yeah. That happens a lot here in the south, so it a lot of three things here and a lot of times. It's two first names to start. Yes, I'm in. For that. I have a question about your Fau. I don't know if you even remember, but you did a hype. Video for Fau, what was up with that one did you did you think you nailed it because you didn't nail it, but did you think you nailed? It was at one yeah, you learn. Purpose. Ok like occur. When would Fau you ever sport centre for just some little commercial,
so we did it show man. I know it's on sports and are well. How does it happen? Genius vary so Casey Genius, that's great! That's great! You know that that was, and it was just enough. Believable words like I think they're not choking, but very go they answer to that is you did on purpose and it worked perfectly cause. I agree like that. One went viral yet owls yeah, you re sitting here. Buyer season is perfect, perfect and then not long after that, I remember you got obsessed with bit movies, for why are you so obsessed with the notice?
Ok, I know only too well that where were you updating your own bit Mogi because it looks a lot like you got on, someone does not, for he had been logic. I forgot about that. Yes, it was like everyone's mom and leaned, given were in a bit more money for a period there go so go back to you. I see the first time you are you see when you have all that town around you, your title, coach, wider, Seaver, coach office corner passing game coordinator. Ah, was it like when you have that much talent? Does it make it easier harder for a coach because harder and the fact that everyone's expecting something or easier you can just roll it out like Matt, Liner, Reggie Bush gone play way easier model? Our narrow complain about how great players and so- and I said a abolish, you know, Sarkozy or other coaches that we had I or cocoa.
Now expressed when you are young. You can appreciate something like that when you're in, I try to players, you know I'm a good run somewhere. You know to really enjoy it, but you really can. Because you re not you just kind of government, does need and banana bell of back years. I that right, Thirty, four straight! Wins you! No one and one play here or there from your beaten? Taxes were three straight national championships three Heisman winners in four years, and that shouldn't happen, and so we knew it was needed the time. But now that you look back, it really was amazing that I've been part of two. If you great ones in your Download Amman, you know when we left there. I think we want twenty six Dreyer twenty six streams know and then the national championship was later that month, but I just really really foreshortened somebody cool players and in great programs you mention,
one or two plays the that kept you just short. One of those plays, I would have to imagine, is the misguided, Danfield Lateral. Have you thought that maybe incorporating some design down field latournelles into your office would give you that next step that may be something you're gonna come to copy five ten years from now, because I actually think that if there's a smart orphans of coach that can work out, you know not not just a hook ladder play, but some other place that incorporate down field pitches. I think that that would really open up in events in China, be the future of football. Have you considered any that I've actually thought about it, but all security for years been taught and preach so much, but if you would play more like you play in the park or like people play video games, I bet she'd, be back
in some areas? Are you catch? You guys are there is thrown over there? You understand I'm playing the part where we not do that because of all security, but I do think there is something you that so along that same line, it feels like football. Now we are having this discussion on Sunday, actually how its changed in coaches are more willing to go forward on Fort down because the analytics have been proven and the fan bases in the media, except it more. Whereas, like twenty five years ago, you just never went for Fort Donkey, get killed for it. Have you felt that as a coach, the difference in like if I go for Fort down D, actually a lot of people who, at my back here, verses fifteen years ago, when your coaching like no, we can't do this, not in fifteen or twenty five on seeing for five years ago, people still are known at so we started nuisance man when exactly you see, but it wasn't near when it is now, and so I think the ability at you
on paper and you can refer back to that in a notice of the charts would in what they say. Do I think that makes coaches feel more comfortable in because people are given that the media's more accept another expressing college, and I dont understand I'm nervous and college media. You see some of the worst game management ever at major programmes and college football in saying no beast in an authority that night for it. You know in the next day, in the paper or during the Brok broadcasts out. I've never understood that why, by people get aside with such terrible clock management and management of situations in college, first in about two o clock? I got you just specializes in game scenarios and advise you went he's a time out will not do Now I dont com, but I do have a book I a guy that is, in the end, a wedding, but no sound third down a suit us, maybe surname and minus forty to use as a world
for you know. So am I do have that from analytic standpoint, but the other time out and stuff like that, but I gotta figure it out, but you said you suggest, invites a clock guy, like a clock management guy. He does exist. But that way, if anybody questions you about, your lake aim pluck management. You be like yeah, that's Gregg, my clock. I so he's an expert on all the stuff. I deferred him and then, if things don't go well, then you can fire Gregg halfway through the season and take over Iraq duties from that's. Actually, grenadier you're just make make employees up the decision making bodies, namely I've been cap. Like the big challenge, there is not a thousand work. Would you ever give a hold back? I yes or shrank back your back. Ok, that's good choice, but you been doing pilates like you said before you came on, so do you think he's gotta, like you, gotta, be worried that he's agreeable hold you back now that your course just fuckin rock and right now,
yeah he's twenty six needs like really rip. So maybe I do not need to get back to the defence and, if you think about using defensive coaches, demons and coaches are deepens, foreigners are using the worse ones. It gone on the field ass. He didn't think about that. But that's true I do you get. Do you get excited like? Does the hair stand on your arm stand up on your arm? Would you call a trick play
the place company you know like who here we go. Let's do some special here yeah, I think more than trick places when it something that, like you, call for an exact coverage, exact situation in the new, get that that's what I think it's really cool, because you helped the player score or suggest our had often guy. Maybe I missed that happens all the time. If you want to save you, couldn't get off science or sell right moaning blocked linebacker when he made the guy Miss I stories and had some like. Unlike other so say, that's called good, recruiting aside good coaching right right, but the cool coaching me as when you really scheme sent not versions act thing can tell before the snap or you actually audible from the silent. Like you whistle you check something for the court
Matthew, audible forum as a coach, and then it works to get to know. What's been playin, that's pretty cool. You mentioned full backs earlier, and yet it is my favorite position by far were big full backpack ass. Here we invented the college Football award known as the low man award the low man trophy. There goes, the nations tat full back. Are you gonna be utilizing full back in your office? Is here we are not satisfied. Really. Do you appreciate for back? We had it forever behind the best, my or Tom Rathbone, actually, the agri, full back that coached at the writers and so one of the great ones Lorenzo Neil Fresno state right before I did, but we just we moved to Tampa and remorse spread now, and so I was just kind of falling by the wayside. Unfortunately, you should just get one really jacked guy, like you, haven't just be a walk on the strongest person in the weight room on campus list him as a fullback, give him a huge ass neck roll just for
limitation factor in all does just stand on. The sidelines we had done Alabama is actually want. China has one or more assisting close. My only minor you, he was the full about four Derek Henry was forty six. They caught him highway. Forties just drive behind highway. Forty six in Norwalk on a kid that works for us now hear some story. That's fantastic Alabama, real quick! I want to go back, maybe not a great memory, but Western Kentucky Alabama three thousand eight hundred and ten. Fourth, forty five seconds left coach say been ripped. She knew one are you think it in your head like this? Is gonna get replayed a million times on sport centre in homage to be trending on Twitter in a minute here are really wasn't because he does it all the time. So I really wasn't the evening about it. Being a big deal out of signatures. No doubt an aim is just happened.
Today, Wednesday and Thursday, so what's the deal, I write anything much of it all. Ok, ok, cause out one. If you actually pay attention to it,. The fumble happens before they score He doesn't losers, mine. When fumble happens on me, he It is mine when they score a touchdown against the defence. That's when he really loses mine right. That's that's more now results only process as second step, yet it is not just a vector yes, and I think that the reason why ever talked about it was because it was thirty. Eight to ten, with like forty seconds left, the game had been over for a very long time and saving is losing his mind. Was there ever is ever com? Nick saving is ever like chuckle
Nick Sabin like taking it back with the boys and having a few laughs or see just intense all the time. I would never say that I've seen him kicking back with the boys, that's for sure, maybe too what turn a volume up on the weather channel, because weather channel every morning actually now that now that you say that cuz he comes into the staff me in the morning, and you already know that someone whether chances can arrange an egg, so he does watch out every morning. What was an interview process like with him? When, when you're going down there, I read that you spent about a week you doing over the offense watching film before you actually did the interview. I don't know if that's true or not, but what was it? What was the process like when you're trying to be on the off its courtier Alabama. Why had been there? After I got fired, you see how much to do so. He actually offered that I could come out there like a lot of coaches, doing just watch practice and hang around stopped. Then after the season job opening them.
He flew back there for an interview and free extensive and you the whole staff and with him and have generally so I'm pretty extensive process, they got other actual questions about what what type of plays. Would you run in this scenario, or is it just getting to know if he can work with you, because after assume that you have a pretty big body of evidence of what you ve done for offices in past years, that's not how coach works, no matter what you've done so you still come in there and you interview you go on the board. He asks you. How do you attack this coverage? What are you here so I still gonna things the end. You see, are you? Is there a party you like when you get on the team plane? You, like China, run up the stairs to be like I got on like I'm on the kick me off now or like our you, get you get nervous about being on tar, MAX's or something that has psychologically left with.
Do since that incident. Well, I had no clue so I got on the plane is replying back out of the game. I had no clue what's happening, you know we lost the game, but we're still three and two and and we were down thirty, our ships, and so I ve been told all aim. We understand the steps can happen. You look at history will give Miami when they had it. You know you basically at the death penalty,
formation of thirty scholarship Jane when a lotta games. So we are twenty eight. I am no clue so naive, but so that happen once be landed and then I got up to get on the bus to go back office. Should sleep of office to start our next opponent and that's why you pull up the pots and arrest history yeah? Maybe that's kind of a bull shit way to get fired. I would say that your God. That's not really fair, I think you, I think that makes you sympathetic figure in that instance. I also like the fact that your butt sleepier office- that's the ultimate football guy yeah me do you know I felt. We lost misuse whenever three o clock in the morning, so I used to go home, go back off asleep on the couch and you're ready to go and obviously are excited about this upcoming season. Right now, so my I'm and wishing all the best for your all, Miss. I think that you guys we fund to watch
play this game with everybody. We ask every single guess that we have on the show this question Let's just say it is March. First of twenty twenty one, oh Miss is national. Happens, how does lane given head coach, the New York jet Santy? Ah arrow, that's good, that's the correct answer correctly and actually tells me you ve got great instincts ass, roster? Was it? Is it? Is it you ve done NFL? Are you a college football coach for life now like is it? I would imagine that the NFL just being a different. Beast altogether. I would think so. I've always enjoyed college more, especially after coming back to it and, as you get older, this working with kids in there's a lot of neat things about the NFL, a lot of people love it and I get a lot of free time and don't work in off season. All anymore, but
I enjoy the recruiting. I enjoyed the different seasons college about my last question. For you, it's about a tweet that you had. This was a thing Maybe a year ago you tweet out a meme with Kim Jeong Hoon. It's a breaking news. Kim Jeong Hoon has turned down the University of Tennessee job first of all, great meme. Second of all, you followed it up by saying you did not know who Kim Jeong Hoon I do not know who can join us didn't know me what his title was on asylum funny you're super lip guy on Twitter, that's what that's will coaches need to be had poachers aren't like that. I understood you myself, as an arm of person, light on what are so. I hope you make a big deal, but your life's too short- and I worry that much I wish you retweeting- is improper now that like come on ass, I read the state of Mississippi. Has it has a meme off on their heads between you and then
obviously MIKE leeches real big meme guys well. Have you compared notes? I'm not a lovely g is awesome, always out we're together and that twelve Celine meeting women do you need, but I do like me, you know you don't give a shit like that. He has my last question, so you confirmed and Alien put denied the alias that everyone jokes about. You said it joy, fresh water was not your Ellis. Jimmy Chestnut was, I want you to be able to now at this point, tell us that it actually was joy freshwater, because Jimmy Chestnut sounds lame joy, fresh waters, the coolest name like out there. Yes, it is. If I said that I was joking when I said Jimmy, I think I said. Are you want? I'm yeah in my bunnies name. Is Jimmy Chestnut only asked what it ok see, worshipfully freshwater doing fresh water is a great name now a name actually started when I kids were young and so down every turns around down the nightmare sailing. Obviously so I said in her friends
come over soon citizen, Mr Kitten and read the rat target, are moves in every turns around. Like young also talk, you know, I saw there's a coach, your coach, given so I told her to their friends. They all call me. I'm just ran joy, so they still to this day. Call me joy. You know now the right line tenth grade now, but they still common joy. When I come back around, that's actually we're not started. I dont know where the freshwater park you up with a camera rubber. That's I. I hope that you coach for long enough that you some day actually recruited Joey Freshwater, because that, like the odds, are eventually you'll find one right and you'll have to give him a scholarship, and then everything will be complete. You would in actual title Joey Freshwater in twenty five years and ride off in the sunset now would be that way.
She knew right. Somebody mean someone read that story, the name their kid joy, freshwater, yeah yeah. This probably happened there. They're, probably a strong cap is last name is fresh. Our private maybe like the last name like ain't resembling the name: Joey Freshwater, hundreds? Yes, yes, it is goes by joy, fresh. I bet you later there at least six five year olds in the state album right now, Git named Joey, freshwater X y see only animals for sure
yeah, yeah yeah. I get all the time I go on in Managua in a month ago that school so sweet out of it. I need my kitty kittens we'll coaches been awesome Brussels this year we loved I'll, be back on it. I will you have to come back on now whenever we ask cause you're recurring guest. We appreciate I'm so happy that you confirmed the affair you out of your done that before, but the effort you video, which still one of my favorite videos but best of luck this year it was great talkin to you and we will be, will be written for all miss now, while you were ruined for Alice you over all miss. I hope you understand cocoa still our guy, but I think you become number two in the SSC West, one whose number two leech tickets, number
yeah. I don't think I think your number two and a half your number to stain on our in which we can get the copies. You know who I am now what s the lead state on longer, but only because he he pauses between every single sense, as he thinks of like another fact about an animal dwelling, Leech also state on longer, because you he wanted to talk about what what's the law in Texas that he the sovereign and offer them you don't wanna, merely about thirty five minutes about sovereign immunity with Coach Lee just wants money from Texas TAT. You know what here's. What do I hear is that here it is Ellis use our number one. The Assisi West, that's clear has co chose our guy for a long time. We're not gonna change allegiance there. This year's egg bull decides if we're coach, given her coach, leech guys a scope, a model that ok love it. I will think so much coach,
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Be twenty one to purchase, and now here is more an innocent the great day. I would I welcome on recurring, guess: Morton Anderson, our good friend, fifteen coach, Maduro Guru, Whisper Morton good to see you could talk to you. We want to get on because well, it's been corrected, but we would, I think, he's gonna pop up again why every kicker seems to suck now and the NFL with no one. In the stands, so can you give us at least a little insight into that? No adversity, there's no dynamic. There's not you know. You need a dynamic environment to excel in the world. A sock, no eldest son,
it's a sterile environment. Three sated, it's easier for kicker to go out there if they have no sixty thousand people that feel strongly one where another battle, yeah yeah you want you want to have them even want to get interaction. You want people to react. Well, it's gonna batteries relevant. But the fact is that when you are out there you should feel alive and not like a man a mouse in a laboratory, but isn't it kind of similar to practice. You know you have fence around a practising law, the kicker you hear about them being no money during the week, not missing a kick in and on Sunday, ground, distinct, yeah yeah phd, but do member. When you came to a landline and worked out with me yeah. What did I tell you about practice? You said you can control the things that you can control your preparation and your effort level. I said you gotta, bleed and t search, so you don't have to bleed and war. I said to you that you have to make it on after boy in practice. So what idea a case ought to my point earlier. You gotta tell you Eddie teammates or whatever we have fifty now fifty coupled fifties right, gotta you down scream at me. We have similar I've kicks let's say doing practice. They got it. Take out a talk about you,
Mama. They got whatever text they going to make it uncomfortable. So if you got a lineman right next to you when you're trying to you know Mega mega through the pipes, that's as real as it gets, I mean you did bring that up. When we were down Atlanta. You would have me like put myself in a situation inside my own head. Okay, if its thirty yard line twelve seconds left quarterback just spike the ball, you have to go out and take the kick right now, like it's an actual game situation. So what you're saying is you should have the was in defence in practice, start screaming at you and yelling at you, because I would imagine that you can. You can hear more that on the playing field right now during a game than you could ever before, so the kicker.
Actually take actually here the shit talk coming from the opposition. That's right so just make as tough as Japan is real. You can in practice, and it's actually Gandhi worse. You know it in practice. For you, it's gonna more difficult for you in practice. Not it isn't in the game right now, it's too very sterile environment. It's very weird watches of fan man and yes eerie. You know and what is good for a lot of other things. You know what was worse. Rosa worst came: he ever had how many kids did you miss in the worst Gimme ever had like? I'm is thirty three and one game things you open season night seen it was right after Superbowl was with ninety, not so. Ninety. Ninety nine whoop playing the vikings which we had been the energy champions, should game, and I think Gary night together, Miss likes five or six kicks in that game. Knows that slowly, horrible, ok and it was at home that Georgia DOM. So there is a lot of boy. So I ask that because we watched last week, money football asked even just ask you missed
free checks and it becomes as a fewer you're watching it and it it's it like takes on almost it's almost bigger than the game, the plot of will the kicker missed the next kick so when you're in that spot, and you had a game where your off are you standing on the sideline being like? I hope we don't ever have to kick again. I hope my number doesn't get called because something's going on in my head right now and I don't know,
what it is now I'm salivating at that point, because I know that I know screwed up so I gotta get back in there. I gotta get a nasty taste in my mouth and saw I'm salivating. You know now it happens for a second time and you're like room. That's that's interesting. They usually doesn't happen to me. That's like not normal, so I'm gonna charted up to that's not normal, has never gonna happen again. Then it happened. The third time- and you know that I was kind of glad to him- was almost book price. At that point. You know you chalk up to a true. Now, it's just a bad day at the office. It does happen here, but the weird thing was: I miss three cakes. All the different ways, you know what I pushed Wanna pulled one. I had one like a knock. It also is a really weird day for me. So how did one is how'd? You gonna marry an eighty two games, yeah yeah want. So how did you go to
exclaimed to fix it, or were you at the point where, like you said, chalked up to now, it's never happen even closer this before so I assume it won't happen again, or did you take some further like active measures to fix was broken? I went back to basics, the geologist ray you know what I did. I just went back and looked at some very simple. I went back and looked at film when I read when at ball. You know when I hear them when I type in them- and I just looked like ten to twelve kicks. I said earlier that looks to smooth out looks good. I didn't over analyze because
I knew it wasn't, wasn't a pattern. You knows just while things can explain it, I didn't over analyze hanging over think it right to style Kate. I was. I am all for three that game. I think once for maybe that game trust, that's bad there, the office. Now everybody else is talking about it. I can't do anything about that, but I can do anything. I can do a lot about game too. You know what I'm coming back and I think I, when I think about. Actually I don't know I had again when the next game, we could look it up. Ninety ninety nine game to falcons what so, what what about, though, with kissed ascii, especially he weak,
two he kicks. He misses an extra point that needs a fifty one you're doing it's a forty nine Yoda for the game, winter, what's goin on rare, where the the short ones are harder than the long ones they got makes no sense. Now you know one of ours and I think I told you this phd too. When we talk about safety article that wasn't really relevant. So you know I'm not trying to insult you anything to final. You Eddie, I just a fact. Emilius thirty years submissive, thirty five told you you had to be money inside forty, but for transfer. You big big cats, answer your question on the fifty one in the forty, so I always thought by like two full myself into thinking. That was a short a kick. I would always say, like a fifty ardor is like a forty five yards with a little better room to spare. You know a romance dessert. Gonna make you have it. You have a ten foot pot, but it's kind of your kind of it.
To foot thought we were than eight foot lag. I learned TAT I like that. That's a good way to mentally think about it, because this stuff is fascinates me kicker psychology, we joke about it. But when you are it's, when you go and bad you probably at the play tricks on your own mind, to figure out a way to get a call good. Well, you do and you gotta have a system. You gotta go ahead. You always have to have a happy place. You can go through and I you'd also when you miss three and again you can go and look at some film. I can go and look at some experiences. That's why when you're a young guy- and you don't have skins on the wall, you know it's tough, to go back and look at success because you don't have any new might have some college and you can start to go back and look at found some mad. But until you get some skins on the wall, you know it's tough to to revert back to that happy place, and so I just had a few things. I, as a few tools, are few coping mechanisms. If you will not help me when you know what, when everything, when the should hit the fan basically and saw- and it didn't do that off and you Norman, I was basically pre- pretty dying in cities,
an eighty percent through throughout my career, so eight out of ten times I stepped on the field. I had success. I'm very pleased with that mean yeah, so you had your happy place, was just memories of you doing things correctly on the full of you. I just let it very full of bank bank of of successes that you ve had kinesthetic feel I was big yo I like looking to film but also new and asked to feel right on foot feels. Can I have the lesson and the motion through the ball feels effortless. Let me look at but girl with cancer city. The other night was almost like a jog machine. Yeah yeah, I mean he's, got a fifty three already I'd. Love is a five hour. Palely pipes that all those of driving time out or you know he had slain arose from fifty three Plaza meals huge and they just looked effortless too to me Vienna, when you can go there and free your body up with breathing in which all the empty we talked about. The breathing part can hold your breath when you are trying to do something like you taken a football Indiana fell Game, you gonna, exhale, more an exile and then bring that bring that breath control through the ball. Yes, that's what you want so the into their game when Booker hit those two, fifty a orders back to back the second, when I feel like it, it looked like it would have been good from sixty yards. Have you noticed that, after these pictures or milk, in these few goals, with so much room, disparity.
There's, gonna, be some coaches that start kicking. Sixty five yard feel goes the way that we used to kick fifty five Europeans. I think we have a c a seventy arts. She'll go Windisch Prize to possess year, who ok, I like TAT Mile high or anyone just marriage, snug, and I have to be an elevator to the web. I mean the way, but your head, that's fifty eight at that that have another ten on it. Is it easier or harder to kick it on the new turf that you see in all these new stadiums? You know I will actually Vegas has grass but the new Tariff Europe's. Yet it is beautiful the new turf, its opening away like what is that for kicker, that easier harder to kick off. I liked artificial tat. We had astroturf, where I don't have that anymore left field turf. Now that mirrors grass or more, I loved the astroturf yank ass, a ball sat up high inside and and judiciously clean. Surfers sooner mean you got a good look at the ball, the balding sink into the grass or the mother, and more than one of the things I mostly concerned about. When I get was my plants, one is my plants with solid
wasted sliding, because if my strike point changes which, as you know, whatever happens to my plan for if it slides, might strike point on the balls gonna change because it might go lower, you know it's a bar if, if my foot slipped slits forward now I'm in a precision, you know where the moment of truth, when you have to get the ball and your body position has to be perfect. It's not because of something that had Manu plant side. Tipp asked why this alot of moving parts and as one so fast Why did the place? Getting precision is just as important as the quarterback. I may be more and more importantly, how I would say more important: that's that's an harry. You ve told you so Patrick my home it would not be higher sidewalk, their patrimony Please take at least four hundred million dollars of his contract and give two Harrison and given the exchequer Absolute gave a hundred millions about, but Europe has won the game,
rights growing comparative availed him out. Very good boy when you were kicking, are just maybe in general, do say: do you find that backup, quarterbacks our partners, make for better holders of hunters vision?
I'm with yeah they dont have not using all stuff right. You can go back up. What am I gonna hold clipboard night, yes, no place in case that starting guy goes down so he's over their paying attention to our sense of drills, where the kicker and upon her and the launch Snapple go off on their own in and drink, Gator, Aden and amen. How was your night, you know what kind of mood? What are you watching on? Whatever you know? Did you check out that podcast? You know that great day, nation man with more national sweet up stuff like that, so we have time is the kicker and parliament is growing and dry for an hour and a half, and then we get called over five minutes. You now, for I Lola moment a faint with the whole team, and that's why I want to guys to yell at me in and tell me name so it can be as realised as again here I tried one last question falcon you you live in Atlanta, you are Falcon, are the little Falcons
most well. We have to understand that went beyond the hands team and receiving an answer. Kick you don't have to wait for the Bali go ten yards you grown, get that ball. You dont, you don't dance around like Vinos bonfire. Will you guys I've put anything other than that, the other than that? Even that like without was just a there? Wasn't a smart play. Somebody didn't brief them on on the rules yeah, but there's a lot. There are several examples of things like that that have happened over the course of last, like thirty years, the Atlanta Falcons. So I mean I think that occurs probably ass to come into play. Someone right, Are you got to the Superbowl wear them, so we did ok. Last year, nine line Robinson her. I know, but you know I mean you still use best. Loser
this, for they are there the world evidence of losing. I just look at. It occurs to try to figure out what's going on there, so that maybe we can get this curse fixed like you can't if you don't know that your cursed use, gonna keeping cursed, I don't owe fits curse. The not guys, I think a lot of it is self inflicted on some circumstance. The jets cursed.
Probably you evidently cell. Yes now, you know how easy it is about and form is guys, and that happens on the practice of sounds an old school. But I believe I do believe that man. I believe that you and the right to play the game at its highest level and on the practice field through the weak, and when you show up on game day, you have to bring it. You have to bring your full attention to that mom and to put those three hours on care. What precision you're playing? That's a high performance business man, it's not not pee! Wee football, you gotta know the rules. You gotta know what your role is in specific game situation. Football is so specialised now and one game can go too bad can lose it. For you, I mean with countless situations and examples from each and every game. Every week, where, once stupid player somebody didn't know it are defensive, back decided to Hooker receiver tied, ended, gotta, stupid p. I you know, I mean an inside kick, does not recovered because two guys not know the rule rather not talk to go to the football and recover it and then the game's over you know so. There's lots of things the kersey caused is put on yourself by bad performance. Comes
habitual becomes waiting just like losing his Arab and are they can go either way for you? You have to decide proactively. If you wanna be winning a losing during week, one reserve, like a small part of you that thought. Maybe I'm gonna get a call. Maybe maybe they don't ask a morning ass. He rode up almost any just turn. Sixty that would be of Bee iconic Man's a chemical and they go out there and pulling Andy on the first.
Did you did you fantasize about? Did you allow your brain to think like what? If I get that call now, I'm thirteen years remote guys, I'm I'm sitting here with your phones. On my view, as now mom I'll, I love what I'm doing now. Am I love talking about it? Don't get me wrong, I love having cool guest on and talking you no charge humanity. I love targeted to like Trent Green, whose really entry visas booth. Now you know, and I love to talk to you- know Franco Harrison all. I guess we're gonna have on this year, I just I can't see myself playing anymore. I mean that my knees won't do it, and so, when the physical limitation gonna tells you can't do it then mentally
the idea you follow this, so many other things great things in life right now, right, cheese, a covert, that's one of the earliest I'm workin out every day, guys are having a blast in the air and doing my migrate. Dame bought broadcast on the biggest inside it that gun
Strasbourg Ass, that's what we don't love and thought tat. He had ganja guys yeah yeah listening for you guys. You know in and learning learning from the best guides and it serves say it's a lot of fun man. Is it, sir, you never to all to learn right through to learn, never to old, make mistakes but never tool to improve, and I think is an athlete. It's the same thing when you stop improving, then your cursed you're, trying to get into my job I'm trying again two year old job is my last question because he acts are felt. Droughts are coming off track, anything they are coming out. No, nobody listened to the grating pack, ass you're, an excellent broadcaster. Obviously I want you to listen. The one with Archie Manic is that sounds fascinates me, but I'm I've got my tryouts come up again in February for the excess fell. It's under new management. Don't have you heard the rock is involved he wants to play. Billy is going to be my strength and conditioning kosher he's are in turn, I feel like I've lost some legs. I got up to forty six yards before the pandemic or at the start of the pandemic ass. They all the virtual. Since then worker I was driven the virtual kicks since then I have been able lift waits. I've been on the Palatine exercise. Bike so probably lost some distance idols
To get that back. Can you advise Billy as too like, like, like specific, will get an apple and and and start running, get yourself a flotation belt and start don't mock with jogging interval, training, which I tell you you say, get a flotation device in just hang on Nepal, one active out, you need a belt, and then you need these two elements that water can fall truth and it gives you resist.
Google lab. I can't remember what the website is, but it's awkward jogging, you just Google Aqua Jargon and you'll, get a plethora of information or jogging home and get in a pool in the deep end and start moving around and do interval training combined with you can keep the Palatine. That's! Ok, just don't do long distance. Do some man do some explosive stock desert attest. You can do to not to find out your powers called Bruce the pr you see Bruce test. I gotta tell ya gotta get a bruised s. Yes, I want to see what kind of power you can create in three to five seconds actually shorter than that for kicking. That's perfect when she's. Looking for explosive bursts from you, ve, not I'm looking for steady state, I'm looking for the Elles quickness
power. Are those keys. Billy was tell me front squash. Twenty two different squats empower clean download your spine. Don't don't have a larger spy now known on. My spine needs a clear, readily embossed. Do I'm gonna do lunges, I'm a jeweled, you do launch, let's wrap up inside straddles and Eric heightens. You know the skating lunch yachting launch sites aside to all that. Ok, so I'm gonna get back up to forty six years. Money I'll be in touch we'll be in touch about you. I got a fifty five one yard, which is a forty six yadda with fire fired it. That's all. It is the psychology I love. I love Ya Morton. Thank you. So much ever go. Listen, Morton's, podcast greeting nation be well. And hopefully ammunition incited outcome. Guys. Please check that out, love it love. It will take you so now you guys, I don t care more. Tat. Every morning, Anderson was brought to you by our great friends at me: undies,
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I feel like they should even tell everyone that their living the fines, because they should aren't they doing it for levying mean, like bullet like putting the fine down by giving them the fine. So aren't they doing it, though, for the visual, like the objects, it's just an visual right, but because all the coaches are tested, all the players are tested. The players wearing masks, but solely coaches archer, it's just because it's not a good look and Roger tells us right, which is We, the most inefficient thing ever put so then going under that, like thought of its it's all for visual, should they not publicly talk about finding people for MAX masks because they want to give the visual vis cause you're doing it on their own volition. Well, yeah lighted are basically saying we're making you wear, masks or we're gonna find you a hundred thousand dollars now the view those out the wind. They should also just not talk about it, because that way we won't be thinking. Oh yeah, that's right, which wasn't wearing a mask right. You know The visual, though, is gone. Now videos are vastly are saying we are
forcing you to wear it, which I'm fine with put just, don't then say that I do, like Andy reads: New Mass really the Kosovo have devised. I think that there is a smart once give. You don't have to worry about Poland, it up and down. I just. I hope the next step is Annie. Reach would have like a heads up display on his vice, like a fighter pilot has on the glass where he asked laser scrub like his place. She is in front of him in like eyes how prompt again, like Neon Gray S, and he gets like just talk to his mask and select through like he's minority Republika windshield wiper, eventually on that thing to, I just think, like a fighter pilot heads up display with a radar lock on certain place would look ass yeah, but that that's it! So if you guys on checks, will get will finish up. We just teased it's Friday we can have.
Here. The grass Thyssen I wish can be awesome, really really fun and then also some college football with our friend any staples, but was finish up with some guy subjects. My boyfriend of two years is a casual gambler that works himself up to yelling at the screen. Every Sunday he's been talking about gambling nonstop for two years of. Finally, I decide to try and now I'm hooked since, I started giving him picks, he's been pouting, saying I'm running the fun now it doesn't Gamewell anymore and says I should stop shy, break up of them. That is being a sore loser. Irish, I stopped gambling with them. I think you need to get on the same page with your bets. I think that, if a put it this way biggest fights that we have ever had as a podcast on part of my take. Come when somebody is betting on the other side against the other person to oh yeah, that's a very against the other person. You right that that's what we're talking about and Besides that we have a pretty good relationship on the show, but if you find yourself taking this inside of every, but then you
together, you lose together and the couple that loses together. I think they together? It will not get a doctor. It's also those suckers he's been betting for a really long time and then now I'll send your way better than him, which there is a beginners, lock and gambling. That happens too pretty much everyone where they are hard at the beginning and Elect is the easiest thing ever oh yeah, he's gonna lose his mind. I think you just stay with them. You stay gambling, you have em, loses mind and then a quick gambling and be fought. Hey dog dad Phd Future CAT dad Hank in Dad dad big. Well my husband, I expecting our first child on eleven twelve eleven to twenty. My husband has been great throughout the pregnancy, with covert and everything being so uncertain What is upsetting me with his new demands, we're having a girl and desperately want, have a Halloween baby. I don't think he gets it. He's as have the kid on Halloween it's my favorite holiday, and that we can name her candy thoughts. I think he Why is actively trying to get your daughter into porn already?
is a recipe for you, like my daughter owe her name's candy within I probably she loves putting on costumes and she was born Halloween its. I would check him a little, but our jam on that I think how we are probably the worst day to have to have a child on. No way it doesn't matter it doesn't matter to have a occurred on Halloween. Why would a matter to have you because I always like my favorite holiday. Ok. Well, if you're happy yeah. You can order your heart rending, allowing any more so means and how, in its long term, I I think be there. Our state to be born because Halloween is every kids favoured day and then it's your birthday stolen. That's it! You ve got the wrong way around it yeah I did. However, you can show not like you can tell em in amidst the ranger yeah, because I'm gonna go a kid you can tell exactly who on this package has a child and who doesn't know by that one wild thinking I mean the perspective,
the war on Halloween yeah neat, and can me notes? I go out harder hit. The gin bucket on Halloween Swede Tiger can Costume Covenant, remember I may go sanity, oconnor networks, hey Hank The cat in my boyfriend, mom gave me a can of my birthday. It smells like is Balzac everyday legs. The gym, Kenneth Ro Occasional away or is not environmentally safe, thinks he is burnt it outside deaths. Yeah just sits what a candle does it just burn it like the candles Don I used at all it's over. How many camels you give him bird, you can in life. While the see there's a woman who, every night it was on electricity, your I would say, prob problem, like five hundred billion, woe do the right thing by rice billion, so much more than that as a lotta can solve hundred billion, though now
I don't think one alien, so I think between, like nineteen hundred and what negative sixty three? thousand b c. We use scandals that shitload of years. That's sixty two thousand years when we're candles invented those Egypt, two hundred BC whenever my law, the candles, that's really only twenty one thousand years going on twenty one hundred years. How many candles have been burned ever? No one has yet We should ask knew that hello, Mr X, professional athletes, p of tea slim cat and triple each me and my boyfriend. I've been waiting for a little over a year. Things are starting to move towards a potential engagement, one problem: he kisses so loud. My housemaid
paying that he melted times what how they can hear us kissing in our room. It's nothin like we're, making out just a small pact that can be heard from the living room. My housemate keep tell me. I have a talk with him about kissing, quieter, but I just don't know how to bring it up. If I ever same thing, my hospital slowly hate me, if I do, my boyfriend will be in a mood and be free to kiss me seems like a loose lose. How do I handle this situation? I believe they're going toward a potential gateway human limit yet that's that might be a little jumping the gun, yachting. All things considered, there are their worst problems to have relationship like yes, don't care You smooch, can you put a silence or on a kiss smooches like Tellson lips era, chow stay at home to grow a moustache and a beard, that's that'll muffled sounds low down yet put a little bit a barrier and between the lips as speed, but I did the idea just allowed kiss and like everyone like ten, you guys kiss lounge very funny there, the Kohen. Ah, this is just
there are specific, no, no name, nothing its text to the texts when it said be sure you flush the toilet before inviting us back to your apartment after date, just a men in general yeah? So I think I think that girl had a dramatic spirit. Are you going to stop would be sure to flush of toil unless he then just don't worry about it. Mellow yeah also save water, the environment of high fat cats mileage man steps on a long time ago to my boyfriend and a day proposed. The date proposed me is aid ask ass, he's planning on a special weekend for us his upcoming weekend for five year anniversary and I and I think he is actually proposing. He often brings up me eating his ass and obscure that he might actually expect me to do it if he proposes what should I do share sales just joking or just do it. I think you have to make him yet a plan for both occasionally get a pickle and stick to it. So either. Feed him a bunch of raw meat and stuffed it's gonna, just oysters
to make him really sick. So he will not even have the balls to ask you to eat his ass. Or go the other way and just basically treat his bottle to spot a game wax Maybe I go to the local adult gift shop and purchase flavoured lube, but glitter on their baby powder and haven't spend all day just having is but being fanned and wash. A middle ground here. Yes, That's where you run a trouble if he eats a normal diet and it's just another day for his bottle. You're gonna be in a sad state of affairs when she proposes, I go just a prank, that's a perfect! Just a prank! it was just a point was I was using. That word is ongoing. Take approved the railway asses. That's just a press likened the rings not coming back your yeah. Well, the thing is: he can't complain to anybody if you say was just a prank like, he's, never gonna tell that story. He's not gonna be be like to break off the proposal mom and dad. Why? Well she shouldn't lick my bunghole, so you're good
our last one. My boyfriend checks is phone about every thirty minutes and we are together scared me that he's cheating. So while he was sleeping, I checked his phone and his group chat with the boys. Were they only talk about gambling to most guys had this, or should I be worried about his addiction? Sigh note seems like you lose a lot more in the wind. I mean a lot more. Should I set up an intervention force questions? Yes, I'd say just never go through the phone yeah you're not gonna, find anything. Don't no woman has ever picked up a man's phone spent, a good fifteen minutes on it and then, like this I'm really that I do not want everything's out of context too There's a lot of context gets Miss, see, need the context. You don't complain about your wins run, no like brag about your winds and the groups at risk, as somebody else might be, losing right, so you're getting a small sample size or yeah. It's better just leave him alone and just feel. Ok, that's good game ha.
Yeah and he does win Billig you're, so smart you're, so smart good job, but also just don't go through the phone out. Don't do that? Don't ever do that I've? That's our show Friday. We have neither the grass Thyssen, it Andy staples ability of anything to let us go. Oh multiple animals used hallucinogens such as, jaguars multiple species antelope arguments on a desert, island regions, just plants with hallucinogens in How do they use reindeer actually are? Big number is eat them. I've heard about king authorities is popular really get our story. However, our circle eight I love you guys, sixty sixty what does it say. Sixteen sixteen don't have sixteen We are clearly say someone had sixteen someone out. Thirty congratulated, immediate love. You guess this. Just in breaking news had detonated ticketed, breaking music did too,
ticket ticket ticket Chicago bulls have just hired former Oklahoma City Thunder and Florida head coach, Billy Donovan as their head coach right out all time, crew cut, guy, big crew cut guy, and we have just received word from big cat who just departed all with his official statement. He sent it to my darling Jake at my darling Jake you have that bulls are back. We have this prize,
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