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Creed Bratton, Slim Melo And Mt Rushmore Of Things That Happened Since Sports Were Cancelled

2020-07-21 | 🔗
The last show before really live sports are back (sorry MLS), NBA Bubble looks weird and who is most mad they aren't getting scoops (2:13 - 9:50). Hot Seat/Cool Throne including iphones now breaking because of Iphone 12 and Slim Melo (9:50 - 25:19). Creed Bratton joins the show to talk about the office, his music career, and doing acid in the late 60's on stage at a concert (25:19 - 46:57). Segments include the Mt Rushmore of things that happened since sports were cancelled and Guys on Chicks.
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On today's pardon. My take. We have Creed- Breton, very interesting, guessed. You know from the office, you probably don't know him from his music career and tell some awesome stores but doing acid in San Francisco. In late sixties, we have hot, see, cool thrown. We have the Mouth Rushmore of things that happen during quarantine or since sports have been cancelled, because we will have sports back on Thursday night. This is not one that I would have liked to do a month ago, career. I would just make me sad and brought about things that could be happening now that it's sports Eve Finish line. Let's do it finish line so, and then we have guys on checks. We are packed show for you on Wednesday. Before gets all that parliament takes brought you by the cash acknowledges the easiest place and might your friends it's the safest. It's the number one sort of distancing apathy number one up in the world. You can lick it directly to your bank account. It is super super easy to use, use a cash up. All the time send money to your friends, family bartenders, where we need to use it, use it use it finished footballs, come up cash apps a great way to send money to those like this, you not a loser who waits to last. Second, and of course, when you download the cash app and enter the Frockcoat bar stool, your seat, ten dollars and ten dollars, you go to the aspects,
ay, and that is why the cash up is the best in the world download the cash out from the app store Google play store today and get involved with cash. Ok, let's go Violence Bob electric pardon my taken preset stools.
Well on the part of my taken recently by the cash flow downloader right now use code, forceful, you get five or ten dollars free, ten dollars. The s peace here today is what Wednesday July twenty seconds and the next time you hear our voices will be talking about real lives. Sports baby lie it may be the first to wish you all a very merry sports eve I'm so excited so ex efforts, but I don't know about you, but just even recording Sunday Night show when its exe words are yak? That's that's like a natural cocaine that have done my system right. I also in realising now that this is one Hank, always laughs at us. How ya like starting around August. First, we do like sixteen different shows that safe football is back yeah. This is our second Rachel, sank, sports or back without sports, actually be sports Eve. I check it out back about it. If you like, discuss in the irony in all this is it this were last year the year before, usually, you know mid too late July.
That's. When we're coming on the show and we're like well, there was some our regular season small yesterday not allowed to get into so. Let's diving guys on chicks. Now it's like holy Shit sports are almost back. I would kill an elephant. We my bare hands just to have one inner league baseball game going. We're gonna, get some baseball volunteers and I'm going to stay. We're gonna stay in the studio watch. The game will record after the game so will have real breakdown of actual sports. So before we get to that so have two more days to get through, and we have. The NBA bubble has been debuted day is that was at the right word. It's especially benefits your people that the journalists who are allowed in the bubble now get the primo content. Nor, like look at what the court looks like. Never like all Falk, a basketball core, it was not a day be was first look for doesn't mean you had when you put out the video you had to title at first Look: NBA court: it surrounded by jumbotron on all sides. We might even call it a great wall. You up.
Surround the court? I just like suggesting I just like seeing deck products everywhere. That makes me feel better, and it has, I think so, depending on what team is a technically home, they're gonna have like the home teams, graphics, because I saw the look like a heat themed court, so that was one they're going to be a doll thing is going to be crazy. I actually think it's not gonna. Be that weird to start, but once we get into like the conference finals, it's gonna be fucking bizarre to have like games, go on with no fans and just like big big moments happen to you know no twenty people and in a in the room basis,
Brian, when horse in the bench players cheering. So I do. I am a little jealous of the people who were in the bubble just because they do get all these groups and they get to be like new bubble scoop. Everything is a story in the bubble: yeah Myers, Leonard chugged beer, that's a story. Dwight Howard doesn't think. Vaccines are real, that's a story Jimmy, but got the cops code on because use dribbling the bonus hotel room at one, a m: that's the story right or sky fish prepares, causing players. What the spurs without a boat. That's the story were soak. We are craving sports content, so I urge that they're just sitting on a gold mine stories, you gotta think that there's we should actually do a quick list whose most mad that they're not getting me. Stories. I'm intervals number one revalued. First, look. He also should be there. He stepped in aid by tweeting would mean. Did you see that he deleted it right. Why would I saw that? So that's what we said on their show a couple weeks ago, yet we said I always know no. We said that,
No, no! You guys yea and stands as a cardboard cut out and somebody Cinema Photoshop of wood in the stands here. Looks real and I'm do something. Do something do something I rarely do. I'm gonna actually defend reveal because, like a screenshot it, when you did it many deleted it than I tweeted it and he's he wrote glad you got it and p was soon reveal was saying that he knew the joke and he was in on the joke. No, he was saying I'm glad I screen shot. He did not see The fact that no, because you were not have deleted it if he done that around those that would be like in next level thing right. There is too tweeted out then delete knowing that you would get more eyes on the stress into fat. Yes, that is beyond develop scope of imagination. He does have object permanent geology dog when you add a tennis ball behind your back shifty. Definitely matters in the bubble. Getting these scoops yeah I would go indoors in the book. I mean words. Whoa Jerry provides Lodge had you know, did the first look is beneath words to twitter. I know my number one is its web
yeah. Why is definitely have said that he's not the bubble getting these causes just primo. You know what I wouldn't be surprised. If words when he comes back, he has like a time stamped motorized public notary public like stamped. I had these groups, while everyone else yeah. This is the time that I had this scoop. Oh yeah, Everyone else, like you just been collecting scoop loads, probably has a list of every players name in what they're going to have on the back of their jersey, ready to go. That he's had Notre interesting that earlier today this would be it be so leubronn if he came out with the James Senior on the bag. Was Jersey founded it three? If he did this a little update to Georgia, There are three very tasteful yeah father of and then roman numerals, primarily I, yes, his army else. What else we have a doctor frau cheese is throwing out the first pitch on Thursday night. He better not bounce. It yeah, but not about he's. He's he's in good shape is in good shape at his ease up there and age drafted, not tall sky trumps can be in the dugout
banging trash cans city was hard of stand more junk from felt she can today our nationals, then he should have York. Yes, we can. The dozens of attack relate to never noticed such a new team. Well, it's been around for fourteen years, fifteen years, fish you're right, so he was like sixty could have been an ex post fan before you never know he. He probably it was senators famous, probably centres Van back the day before move to Texas. Intimacies he's just happy that sports back, I think Doktor Foutch at least one doktor virtues, throwing out the first pitchy can't be saying that football can happen where those like thirty seconds or if he does, you won't be able to seize lives from because we were in a mask right. Take thou because you said, if I choose no centres fan wanted Vanguard, scotches. Yes, I was gonna have to fact that ok, so yeah, that's that's pretty much all we got. We sports Eve Eve
and it felt figuring it out, and if those I've been hearing it out, I think the I think everyone sat down was like this is stupid. Like we can't be, the NFL Gonna happen its again. There are the one leg: they can't even pretend that they care ballplayer safety out so just fucking plan. There might be a little silver lining behind this, which is if indeed college sports don't happen and again were all very much rooting for it.
But if it safe, if there's no college football, Saturday's, they're, probably gonna play a lot of Unifil gave us hope on Saturdays, in which case, if you're the Falcons, you have to play every home game so that you can serve that chick fillet stadium now would be a big big, paused ha ha. I too, let's get the hot sequel drawn them. What gets Creed Breton, hots, equal drawn, is brought you buy, but light seltzer on the hot seat this week are beer runs with sports coming back our friends, but light. No, you can't miss any precious seconds of the game so had to bud like dotcom such delivery and get ice cold bud light impolite seltzer delivered straight. You, your door, see dont, have to miss any action. That's bud light, dotcom, slash delivery, hey? Why don't you kick us off Billy of a hot equal terms? I call so will be ready for for yours. Perhaps it is the morlands there to take. Ricochet shots pretty much every night. Every time they ass players like, what's it like to play in front no fans, everyone just like one.
It's like playing in Miami about this. What are simply too much of a change for the chargers right art ass, cancel balls season ticket holders this past week they called those three people also the as that was the Corbett report. Two vain outspread when they might have thought like they got away with it after you know, I've one hope we forgot about the whole cheating scandal. They both got hit consecutively today, so their countries for good. Yes, I'm fine with that they're fine right. They didn't like it severely and I dont get it. Ok, I'm fine with it yeah, The market is more owing to be waking up extremely sore every morning, and that is bad for me to wish that a network spent enough. I want them to be mildly inconvenience. By, like eighty eight miles an hour fast balls, good on his life sports. So you got my thinking. We said to to sport come back and two days, but there actually back today, wednesday- oh, it's now can be passports. Ivory baseball's, like we ve purporting to be gender.
Live streaming, we're doing to give away. We put the not draw guy shirts on sale. Where are we giving away ten, not a draw guy shirts people if they can guess the so it can be fifteen Kate from bar stolen, then for First Nick and can be who were big cats also from parcel. Yet in their work again. The accounting Ohio described them to someone that did you tell them, USA them twiddle D in Tweedle, Smart yea, just don't ah they're, going out to want to Geneva three thirty p m t twitch. If you can guess the team that wins and then the person that picks the losing block in how many total blocks you went and not a drug guy teacher woe three thirty. They can be on the college's Marsh Jackie low part of my take, which, by the way I just realized a cow offensive visited, is it that we keep them.
What sports being back and Emulous has been badly two weeks they get no respect. Their turn on fire tournament is called the imbalances back turn em they're, trying to make us say Emma spent Raven playing games like ninety yeah and I still haven't want. You know what I've watched a couple of em. It's exactly what you think you would be. Knows no. There's nobody understands now. For me, it's like a chargers game out. Their will there you have a net even thing. It's like you know a jailer here whether certain signals they cancelled. The season tickets is this week. Orilla yeah, both of em up And tuna next week for late night, with getting on operating of dear you're, who
that's my my hot see. I got two of em. One is professionalism because the Dallas stars have announced that they are not going to be wearing suits in the hockey bubble, who they're gonna be shown up. Wearing they're gonna be looking Daniel Jones Sheikh, which is wearing like Brooks producer and nice, Jean speaking, abilities to you. She din, dinner drones. Booty he's got nice how many socks and nice S, probably two and a half Zadok says like this disease. Zack, seven thousand occasional Jones gotten got a nice booty. I have not seen it but yeah I'd, marry y know what real swag is no swag and that, if you really work out and if you're a student of the game is through the way room, you probably have a big ass might not have the two popcorn muscles, like the french press, most yet so my other hot seat. Actually, that's my only hot seat, because, thanks to my other one, my cool throne is glory holes.
Oh I see so I believe this is the government of Toronto- is saying during courage and glory whole use thinkers, social distancing, ass. He don't get any like respiratory droplets on new, whilst having sex with a stranger bathroom. You just put your dick through the whole yeah, I'm sure yeah. Let's do it yeah. Why not? Let's bring back glorious, because there is one thing that that sex is missing at times and that's just the thrill of not knowing who you're having sex with an glory rules. Even I would even say that their gone by the wayside. I feel like I've, never seen a glory horn person, I've seen one or two, but there and very, very late which relied review on. I was on the goods. I was standing upside, ok They should make germ eroding the I was simply all they should make early testified. Glory hall, and he should have to just stand there with his dick to break through to the wall.
And if our joys and guess what Germany, your fuckin lawsuits against or if you really hated them. Yet we can proceed yup glory. They should actually do glory hole for the handshake lines in the playoffs should bring out. Just like a plexiglas thing is in your hands. Through there s got maybe fifteen or sixteen holes in it, so the guys like shake hands at the serious cause. I don't think it's gonna happen this year. Now they might you fist pomps elbows, not the same announcing, not the same says you, unlike the boys, get the little like extra to do. Little extra juice, really shake hands out of my hot seat. Is your Iphone. I don't know if you guys had the same thought, but I my Iphone on Saturday started like rapidly losing battery getting way. Overheated and I've just it's been crap last few days, and then I googled it cuz. I was like oh, I should probably get a new one Oh weird, I phoned twelve coming out to its for every single time. I don't understand,
and how they are able to get away with this Steve jobs like I had thought of like. Ah, I really could use new Iphone. Oh you mean there's like the Iphone twelve. Got leaked a day ago. No way, it's got to the point where I would almost rather have gas powered phone. Why one that I have to go to a gas station and fill up with like ten dollars worth of juice per week as opposed to having a trade, my phone and every exactly whenever you like was one thousand nine hundred and twenty months is when they really start to drain. What I really want to know is someone out there who has like an Iphone six. Does the battery come back, today then leave their like. I we're done fucking with the last two or three innovations of Iphone like we can just move on to the next one Like is there? Is there a way where there's someone out there whose waded out in your eyes your Iphone six or seven so for a while and then when they got to ten eleven twelve, it started being good. It turn back
gone like it s, independence day, when the mothership got back to earth there like yeah we're done, we don't need to fuck with these Iphone sixes anymore. No one has em. So someone tweet us something I ve, nor do they have twitter for Iphone Iphone. Six, probably not yes, so do citizen. I don't know what some I'll get in touch with us through you like Myspace US, your Iphone sexier. What I thought were who's got the oldest skit, someone prove their all this. I found that is still. I have a friend who had like an Iphone five. I want to say up until, like a year and a half ago,
was impress, you know what I've got an he s paean phone, and I think that those came out two thousand to two thousand three people don't give the is being phone enough credit because it was essentially an Iphone before, and I found it was the first phone to imagine, internet technology being able to watch sports highlights watch video, but the problem was they made it just like exclusive to s paean products. The elderly people are so obsessed with our company that don't check in only for us on their phone and the digital network, obviously sucked it was like to g. Why didn t you didn't give anyone corona virus or in many ways it was a lot stronger right. We have today. So yes, oh the icons, I'm sure everyone's noticed. It's gonna happen. You're iphones privileged gonna blow up. It was like hot to the touch. I actually think that that Steve Jobs or whoever is in charge of apple, is somewhere in a letter and they have a bar. They ve got a bar graph and when a dips down below Lake thirty or twenty percent of people still out there like they, they haven't planned out to maximize their new Iphone sales when they can tell how good or how bad
everyone's battery writers, so they hit the switch to a book. I dropped the twelve. I also saw the new Iphone twelve. It's got four cameras which I dont know like. I think they're just doing it to be like how many cameras can you break like I'd? I two out of three. My cameras are broken. I can't be responsible for our case well yeah, because in Madrid, adrenaline junkie, what about modern pussy like use, like I'm fucking, make sure this case on my Iphone. What about the people that freaked out when there are three holes? Three, cameras, ya, know those that those people are in the clear the trip, a trifle That's not yet I will. I was going out now get the perfect square, but its it seriously is like how many more things can we put on this to break? I hope they make it a little bit like oftener with the different camera. Hoarser still foxes speed
all right. So, oh my cool throne is Carmelo Anthony and many innovations of Carmelo than you ve heard of Olympics mellow, furtive hoodie mellow he's now slim mellow, so we actually does look skinny and it's crazy at almost some nice about Carmelo Entity. It is crazy to watch him in practice and just realise how fuckin goody is scoring like everything else. Maybe not there or put he's just, is walking bucket, so slim Melos here ass, goodbye, hoodie, mellow, goodbye olympics mouths, slim policies. This is actually the perfect environment for a camel Anthony because Windows he perform at its best in the Olympics re when the athletes are confined to a certain type of village with each other living under the bubble. In a forbidden city. If you will- and this is exactly what is happening in our later when I I am running so hard for mellow to play. Well, I don't know what
about him, but I feel like everyone- that's a casual NBA fan is absolutely behind them that we want to see Melo to go out there and score. Like thirty five points right you you mad because he did Chicago and now I just saw I dont cattle- think about him that much meta, I'm sure he could be fine. I don't care it just be sick to see Carmelo, go out there and and dominate one series. His play offs yeah, then I guess I just don't see it happening. Ba epitaph it'll be good story. Slim mellow, though you look. Good Billy ready. You have done a great job of not talking William, our soy man football My hot seat is Madden every year who attacked The matting ratings come out in there's always quaint uproar on certain It a little way in this last week chimed in. We saw this from the update Billy, send us. Another great packet today for today show the list of the ten slash fourteen things that we need to talk
about it and he included everything that we didn't talk about from last time, including low wanes tweet about demanded ratings, be being absurd from July Fourteenth year. So this was like this. You think that the things we passed over we're just we miss them, Karen's, don't like adults, hot seat. Whales, recorder, first recorded shark attack on a way and I were drowned. The whale underwater was real. Where did a shark named Helen drowned a will off the coast of Massachusetts? Why are they re? Wasn't it where they are raising the whales name in all this? We why? the shark Meme Helen, I'm not sure, but they tracked sharks because of you know that it's good to track gateway charge specially during beach season and make sure that there is no
shark tax, so they know the shark, but they don't know the whale. I love when we get like nature killings like this, and people are like. Oh, my god, who gets the poor whale, got eaten Nunez like krona virus des a hundred, and forty thousand, who cares it's fuckin hawks what they really should have done as they watched the whales. No idea, I don't care about nature like that here about nature. I don't care about natural selection in the world like the zebra. Getting mall by a tiger is what should be happening. What about I'm? Not like? Oh my god, that poor zebra, his name was probably like bushy, and he had a family breathing forget about when I signed western dentist fulfils. That's right, you have your hunter lie. Humans get involved, it's different see. I think that they should have named. This will pose to mislead the centre right, pursue mislead posture posthumously, because then you get. That is because it from the New York Posts and the post has mastered the art of getting the quote. Tweets
There are a fuckin role when it comes to that. If they are given this whale and aim than they could get in on Sweetheart Bombay action will the whale yeah people would say are appears we Prince will will William the way you got a lucky you murdered in planes leader in broad daylight. Billy. We could only be so lucky Billy the whale got murdered because we get to feel over the severely the whale got murdered in the last thing he said was were really mad about mad ratings. My clothes you're, a great job and taken it to your body, can be issued your crushing
everyone in the NBA tested negative for the criminal yeah bubble. We need your noble throne for sports. We should mention that good job Billy. We should mention that it's good, that that was not the all there were negative. I think I think above works hours, I mean from bubble honestly sports could heal the entire world. Sports could figure out a way to solve this corona virus thing, because if you can test, if you have a test case and a model for how to solve it amongst given population, you can expand that out, like sports might save millions of lives, and this is definitely not just me talking insane, because I haven't had any sports on tv if the bubble works, why do we make the world a bubble? Carriers believes it at low thing about a Billy train. We should we should you know what we should do is we should do like aggressive testing
and tracing an ambush where Mass and in the work of your bubble now that's crazy, but not as it considers that it, let's get back to splatter stupid done my bag ass. I let's get to our interview with thy creed. Breton awesome interview, one of those ones were, we, I didn't even know his name was Creed Breton until
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dot com? That's three! She dot com and use code. P M t to receive five percent off your order at check out. Ok here is Cree Brett. Okay. We now welcome on a very special guessed. It is creed, Breton, you know him from the office. He has a new album out called slightly altered. Ah, first of all, thank you for joining Us Creed group appreciate it. I shall arrive. I actually wanted to start with. I think I think I knew this, but I didn't know it fully until we're getting ready for this interview that your name actually is Cree brightened. Does that get confusing it all to people? Ah tat your real name, be your characters? Name, no, not too good! good thing to good thing, obsolete yet simum wherever Moura, more recognisable. For sure. That's true, I guess, when people young your name, it's better- that there really real will do a lot of people on that show that use their real name as their characters. Name is well right about that
yeah but damage Angela and Oscar and turn a cruel still us but but they use my daddy's, your last name, snakes, user. First, it I've used about. Will they didn't brigandage? Did that because of my being and grassroots case. He was utilise several times on the show that I was in the grass roots and he wanted that use that rock that rock hang in there, even though it didn't using deleted scenes dick about really dollar finale. Actually, so all you're always list is playing a fictional eyes. Version of yourself and I've been curious. How close to add to the real creed. Brandon is the Creed Breton that we got to get glimpses of in the arrive right well as most as most actors who playfully plate characters, you know they're, not we're, not
that's funny in real life, although I find myself rather humorous, actually Steve paralysis is very very quiet and in a calm, gentle soul and hysterically funny, when asian Dick in character Michael Scott know. I was there is obviously some of Bayer demanded rock and roll characteristics in the greek character, but he is it still act. Airplane apart, At the end of the day when you were you signed up to to be in the office in, and you guys are going through the seasons did you have any feeling that it would be as big as it is even today like I actually drink quarantine. I just started it back at you know season one and just wash it. You re watch it all the time, seeing all the episodes of million times and you can still watch it did you ever feel like that was happen.
While it was going on now, I made some other other people in the show of commented, the date they knew it. I knew it I didn't I didn't I didn't. I was just there dated eight just trying to that. Fuck up my parts, do the guy right until I think we were to end up front in New York and were stated the plaza down and who do in the red carpet stuff and start to enact a bitch. Don't wait a second. This is like this is real. This is like happening, and then people come up to you and markets stuff and comment in this EU new wave, and these things are slowly dawned on me that the show was maybe going to make it ok, but not to the point that it's part of this
I package is now right. Not only did people watched it then, but their very and younger, siblings and stuff or watch in it, and it just keeps on going it's more popular now in Austria there is still no streaming show out there. We, that is your love, is often so. How could anyone predict something like that? I get it. During during the odd filming the show like I never really knew what creed did for a living I knew he was quality control right. That was reality call your reassurance, yeah I knew that was your job title, but the never really got into the nuts and bolts of what creed did day in and day out in the office. Besides, just like sit at his door Do you know what you jack? I guess I do know what his dated eight job description was in the NHL. You know a Gilbert, the cartoon Gilbert yes, he's been here,
while these creatures, Wally yeah? Ok, now you all here he doesn't do anything if wage work at all times heel. He can. He said he. He never goes that what time he got did they put the cartoon characters having sex paper the paper stock he would, he had been there to check on this before the year is of any get blamed on somebody else. You know carry made me somebody else I knowed Albert How would you not have you not secured creed thoughts and made that your personal block began with own by NBC in the beginning? We need you need that. That's the best love it. I would love, but I did such a great job. I wouldn't do as well although now
the videos I'm putting out under interact up stuff, I'm right now, all those in debt, obviously, because I have to know yes well well, yeah, I just typed in crete- don't start com. I know that's not the official site. I think there's a dock governed, something in there, but I'm pretty sure my computer gonna a virus from that. So that's kind of on the knows that if I had that's what it will be shared out has evolved on your credit card information, punishing scam, love every did they did a reboot that jacket create would have to do with guys happy in the rest of the peoples concerned creed. I dont know how much weight you pull over Netflix, but if you could do me a favor in and tell them, could you please turned down The volume on the intro song, its was very jarring when it goes from the cold open to the office theme song. And then back to the normal volume. You have to play some like some some volume adjustment olympics with your remote. So could you just pass that along to inform you mean less great
yeah yeah, yeah, yeah, I know I know I don't have any pull networks. I wish I did I lobby for my show you have here. Yes, let's talk, a little bit about your other career as a musician. It's crazy! You know reading Through how long you been a musician, how much music you put out in the world when you are musician, when you started in the? U, no nineteen sixty he's late. Nineteen sixties. What was it like me? No start. In a round. Then, when rock and roll and everything's coming up in ensuring a scene, then you know some of the folk scenes and Woodstock rather played with stock, but that that kind of world. What was it like? I started play. I play troubled from a very young age, both by both sides in my family were musicians. My grandparents were so I professional country western there.
MIKE, learn, guitar, start playing a charm and thirteen at seventeen. So I'm seventeen for now, so I've been playing professionally ice. I got my first gig playing with his older guys when I was seventeen only guitar I've been playing this I've been playing for sixty years now. Guitar and forget your question I played with, Several banned all went to college over two years with folk tree in Europe and then, when the ground food chap and there we were not temple. Pious Miami, pop festival, jabbered sure downs, which is arguably the word the biggest at one thousand people to time every rock than ever. We had that I'm here which everybody it was the summer love a course in this late sixties. It was amazing, guys, absolutely amazing,
We thought we were going to change the world for the better. We thought that the message of love and peace was can be taken on by the establishment to restart fighting that the word would not be Russian America and they different countries, but it would be the world the planet we don't beat. In the same. This is ridiculous: Wi Fi! We need to be the earth, that's what we believed and still hasn't happened, but still ones that would like to see that occur. I believe that only way we're gonna human, the embargo exist. If we stop, this is fighting stuff. It's ridiculous. Do you think it was? None of people did ass it back. Then the two chain have a little more drugs would save the world ass. Yes, yes, we. I feel a gas. It needs to make a comeback right now. I've personally never done ass. It I'm not a drug guy except if I'm overseas, but I feel like that's one drop.
The people, take and usually like ninety percent, and it sounds like yeah. You have a totally different perspective on life and its absolutely I mean I don't advocate drugs for any use at all, but if there I certainly had some very, very profound and life changing, but I didn't go into it as an escape a made. I would do doors there were certainly cocaine and alcohol for that. But but what I've read what I wanted to psychedelic? I would really fast I'd get my servant ahead. Space owed meditate, I would go out by monotonous city, but go out in the desert, go up the mountains and get by yourself and take it and certainly grog nature as Robert I'm certain stranger, a strange where'd, you get that
building of like one with the universe- yes, yes edge, it see most benign feeling there is where you ever we ever at some of the hour. I know I read a book a while ago. The electrical eight acid test in the other grateful dead, were you for in that senior around that seem well, we wouldn't you mount tamalpais to everybody that the audience and the people on stage everywhere there was on acid. It was there with it was just blowing her every was handing out everywhere was just the same. Sailor. I remember up we're out the net people's part before a film or shall I think it is the famous story, but I'll tell you anyway, girl comes up to Ricky, I D drummer
she's a little. You know happy little tat too far on a cheek animal gingham dress. She goes for you and she's got a little white squares with blue dots and I'd read, didn't Newsweek articles I knew was asked. Ass was actually actually after took it to do the show sort of hallucinating onstage? It was. Am I gonna get right now, but yes, there. I was there. No, feel free to get into that. I mean you just told the start of a great story. Did your more arrived. So I thought the acid in we get the car and Ricky says, that was really nice that girl? We should take the stuff after the shop yeah too late, yeah gauge we get there. We get under a cool rocket, laugh fiction, walk out on the stage.
Add also I'm looking like this and my hands are blowing and there's like rainbow colors between repeat the vortex of my hand, and I'm also go like this. This is this a theory tapie to my hands and I'm playing. I play. I've got Concertina split player and I hear bill grandly player play a very worthwhile? I go wherever problem, so I take the guitar
certainly today of air and iron air ere. I hit the notes and I look behind the speaker and out of the speaker and saw the loose Dundee now and there's the notes, but I played on stop paper comes out of speaker and addictive notes, fall off the floor to go all the poor Noakes peace with the dust of imaginary, dusted, broom and sweeping the notes and trying to push the back in a minute. By amplifier I couldn't live. I walk. I dropped by catch them out of that money gets David Shamir herded based advertise and they were not happy Belgrade would surely not have yet to cut back the next week mixed up
That was the only time that ever done anything different stage, and it was a study that wasn't plan right. It was. It was just the spur of the moment because, again ass, it was everywhere beer that guinea back to your question about what a life too to be in that whole scene and then be part of like one of the fund yes most quickly claim, shows Wall time. Jeez you off your crowded, your crowd. You made a lotta right. You re the lot of good decisions along the way to lead yourselves that one moment in time, I dont think I made them by five per se. I believe that I am intuitive in it to reproach and not a little actual person. I am always very rate tuned, the voice you don't. We all have. The enormous challenge is the right way to go. Don't do this is the wrong way to go many many times people, just a boy will be attached to it. I pay greater.
Tat too, to be involved in an area like that in in a seminal moment, unlike some would say, rock history like that and then to all so later on in life. Now you're involved, like a new generation, gets to be introduced to you, you just seem You are in the right place at the right time, all the time and that's actually good quality to have. I think, that's very I it's an underestimated quality that some people.
In life. Tat is always finalize eyes in a good position. If I thought I was consciously doing that I'd say. Thank you s exactly I planned but TAT. I may. I will see you with which all that you did all the cometary. The philosophy that you make you make love makes you look by hard work, artwork picture luck and I certainly have not been a lazy guy. I was always written in stating shape under and whereas on Bernie MAC, and I heard that this directive came, I was going to do the office. The LE flares went off the little regiments I liked what up book you got good, it really is no job. There were back, you got beyond the show, and I lobbied I called him up and had got on that show shot my own character made. It happen. There's no way
You know that show, but I knew tat. This is someplace I had to be, and so he had it yes, accounting responsibly. For that the appalling might my intuition, and now you also have we talk about this with gas all the time how they have like an even more and of an after life from their careers with the gifts, and you have a couple bitter great that are always used on twitter. The ride the bull one the dark hair when having yet so you have a all those screenshots or gifts that basically will just live forever and people use all the time and become a cold classic. I dont know what can you say, I'm so lucky, I'm just so lucky and- and I just hope like he right making the right moves and don't fuck this up here. You can't win. But you do a fucking car. What can you do one course again your hand, yeah aquatic open.
I will that was your new year's resolution yells your news resolution, yeah That's a big people, always yell at that me from the audience. You have to understand what I'm on stage play my coups d guitar. I- and I know that if I don't get this out of the way, are we playing that debt softened the finale? Ah, the faces a beautiful, at the end and people to go through which ones so I told her. I was just a dream out. All you preached up get out away you- and I say: ok, you happy now I now let us proceed with up. Yes, do think. Did you watch every episode, the office as it came out? No, I am Cinema actually early Don't shoot me why I'm ready! I read a lot of wriggle out of books. Horatius renew why any extra job would be read or playing it arc right himself. Give us some books. Where do you re right now, yeah trash? What have I got right now?
Pierre Big winners, election of its second in time, rule crash the MAGIC Mountain Thomas Mann, Marcus, Aurelius, manageable. I met by stoic philosophy. I read out the time yeah. That's that's! No structural elements, philosophy reference we found in the show last week. That's incredible! Yes I've been for areas able Maya was my tour. Imagine now is my agent. Oh, we would be listed. Tim Ferris on the and he had a guy there- and you start talking about doing philosophy, this year's your knife restart during an eye breed really struck home. To me, this is something by the way that I wish I had when I was your guys. Age story collapsed because its rounding philosophy-
you ve gets rid of all the bullshit Annie. I now I read Seneca Marcus Aurelius Hepatitis, the Big Boys Europe at its it I'll. Never let me down really good stuff out of this. Are the episodes the want of the office that you have watch? What would be your top three cold openings? Best interests Archie, I loved, but I got to be the manager that's selfish, it opens are the keys to the to nobody No, that's! That's! Not my favorite, the one, my gosh world, where we have to do this music plain. I play guitar cage scattered the thing with another delay and image jeopardy. That's that's with a one shot deal that was that's pretty amazing, GOSH cuddled openings I'd. I guess
What about the scene? Where would exclude Dweck Dwight Fate fetch the fire? That's that's, probably the gun out that we are only by danish. Damn thing ever yes- and maybe I don't know, do show me the corral. Much worry like prison micro comes in the bigger than a human and Amy Writer, doing the dance and sing mood whereby their cheeks that laugh, yeah I'd, so Cree Brandon slightly altered is album, is out now. Are you gonna get? Who do you think you can get back on tore anytime soon or what's what the guys guys. I turn I had to cancel the place to go to jail in New Zealand fires. Then they said you can come down, we'll have oxygen tanks, but the stage through this spoken with places dope. That's ok I'll, be the brief to sing
You then now for the pandemic, and so now I'm planning to go back down in March. It may there may not happen, and then it may I'm going to go back and look for that are great for Europe and England and Ireland. This time, we'll see I miss playing for the fan. Please I'll be safe. What I live for a bunch dates yeah well. My last question is Niemann questioners ones. They congratulations on the new dog piggy pop who you gave in baby pop eighty, my friend Linda's. Does that dog? Ok, a friend of mine, but I went over there today to meet him and decide that look at you look if you go close up on those little eyes. He is an old soul. He's the sweetest little guy That's the attitude in Crete. Start creed, dogs, eyes near like I've, known as I met you before yeah. Well, He has even married with work at his ease, but he's trying to become a human
we will come up right now. Let me be the judge of the stocks I street design. It answer Grandma Decree Bren, my ass. Also by the way we do agree that took that secures get. That is very true tat. We do we do Mount Rushmore were not one sports aren't going on in on the show, and we did not Rushmore Office Characters and Hank are producer. Picked you with his first round pick Why are you crazy ease the brig? serve as deserving. I agree this dog Have an old saw. This dog is low. Not me like, had seen some shit yeah it she right you're right yeah, it's yeah, it's either Joe Daddy anatomy. Lobby grounded dog. Yes, we'll think so much everyone Guam get creeds new album slightly altered. Thank you. So much really appreciate this guy's thanks. I've enjoyed talk both the other.
I hope to see when you come in New York under next toward some time to let our there it's late. The highlights ballroom those my second time there at a great show. But it's closed, I believe the close island. Unfortunately, that will help us find independently. When I can play, we need
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that saves you effort that saves money with a seamless experience from start to finish. Zip recruiter takes care of your recruiting. She have one last thing to worry about: you: ve hurt us talk buds of grid before there is reason they ve been around for a while others reason that they ve been advertising with our podcast and with a lot of others. That's because it works. You can see for yourself right now, they're gonna! Let you try, Sir procure for free. It works at zipper, good or dot com. Slash p m t that zero cruder dot com, slash p m.
Okay. Let's get some segments, let's do our Mount Rushmore we're going to do it Mount Rushmore of things that happened since quarantine started since sports were gone because sports, you can be back by Friday. Wear it again, sports back, so we figured we would do. This is basically the oh, my god, that that happened in the last four months. Mount Rushmore. I just came up with a terrible poem. Would you like to hear it sure twas the night before sports again and all through the house we're awaiting the first pitch from the good doctor, foutch nice right bomb is twitter, sure yeah. Now, let's go do a bill. You tweet their bill, you tree and they probably ass away until tomorrow, Twitter, because if nothing were tv, yes aren't you do it? Thank you want to start. So this is the Mouth Rushmore of things that happened since sports were cancelled and then Billy's gonna do a bonus. Mount Rushmore, ah Mount Rushmore of Soy based
products? Not a soil boy, not because he saw boy saw a man, it's just that he knows them in and out. So I based products eyes the two four for the people to start with. What kind of its you, SAM Luminous, less dolls on its draft. Why not? Uk drought chewed since the hard drive you two had its nature wine, but it's too! No, that's not fair! Aren't you gonna pick what are your first and then will will determine whether now you get to say second crocodile the box. That's why ok, you're gonna say tumblr No! No! No! I know what he's got say, but I have that too. In that shouldn't, be you shoot you that should be a tool for aren't fun, gay people first, but easy first pick that's gonna go attire, can tell your king. Remember that we got we hanging up there. From now on. We ok I'll, go easy. First, pick off that remember Tiger King because, like a month
it was like remember how long ago, Tiger haywire lag yeah. No, that was a long time that absolutely cow is does count. I've got absolutely out, I think, accounts that absolutely counts. We ve been do Remember talking for so long that in Belgium, where it is, but you couldn't orange more remember find you want. No, no! No! No! You said it yourself. How would you know you can go into now? I would elevate today when I take a nice guy, your pic forbear for your first topics. You picked for is already. We will then be, unlike remember, Tiger King Dad Now I would like to remember Burger King people have been doing that for fucking two months now. I know you're tired with enormous I'm allowed as a pic. I must answer but what I heard why you can't you have to say we will take him in Africa, can face Gimme the face again. I do the wrong. I've got, you explained, I've got one from an expert. Remember. Remember, remember Tiger can get you knew. Do that? That's fine did there is. So much time that has elapsed
doing remember Tiger King tweets have now expired, that's, literally how long it's been. There was a whole fucking month where people go like Dude Tiger king. What is still a thing that happened in corn? I honestly Eric and may I think it's more than worthy of I topic, if not the one overall, I'm saying I'm remembering how how we did a whole month of remembering Tiger king would you stupid. I just went out as like my fourth pick area that that's fine, so milk. So You two: are you saying that you are milk in spanish What is slaughter? Who knows it's illumining! Nor knows our guide number two tofu. Ok, good one. I myself, no one will be, wait, you would you pick. Gronk are deteriorating the box, the box
I would like the ones you I know, you're, the one who's the. Why did you do it because I think Tom Brady, the box was even longer unlike holy shit, that happened before sports cancelled or after sports were cancelled. I mean you you're, going say we were retiring to remember that you haven't got a dog that wasn't it was there was Second, one is going to be Earl, Thomas's entanglement, member that remember that was are a few months. Those of wild fuckin stored, yeah, his incest tangled, went with his brother, was that before sports were cancelled, I mean that we must react so that was absolutely ok. Amidst the time Tom doesn't exist. Anymore time doesn't exist anymore, I thank all zoom. Happy hours Pierre I'd. Try to me. I got a thing. I won't acted like all. We don't see our friends, so let's do a happy hour on Zoom and then that like and then letting people did, if like You're too realise it sought
once you have being like. Oh hey, look at US word were drinking alcohol using sir. Where that we normally use at work, is that we're in my room bar. He also me require, and then my next one will be murderer retiring. What was it mornin murmurs, I'm fuckin terrified there. So scary, girl here, a lot of shit. I don't remember. Ok, that's good! That's good thing! I forgot about that. Thanks, no problem! My next point is gonna be just the NFL draft. Gazprom, therefore draw mirage of elegant fucked up in his man, gave up the taken office, his like a strip draft or by the you just like basically wearing a g string and crushing like a thousand eminence in handful as us pre eminent football podcast. We cannot let Roderick Adele back out of his men cave.
Nation thing because Dave like someone has to do here such as has constantly like they pay interest they can find out about? Did they cancel the entire thing world? Don't Marlon more This means that he was in second place, only hasn't come forward in thirty one so like they can just be like maybe or cancel that end. Can you check smiles men and find out if they ve reached out to honour his eye? Would my last held the breaking apart good one hour on us with I'll go with I'll go with, we talked about it began to show would means when they were just that was all anyone could text for about a week in a half hour more than that is by three weeks just that I do's big fucking cock every fucking text. You opened every link you clicked on, and everyone has that one friend who held on for a little too long when yeah the one friend started. Making their own would mean yeah, but then they d, like I'm, not gonna. He's a friend of mine and I can say his name, but I have a friend
no one knows me: I have a friend Chicago's. I think, as of like three days ago, still sent me one yeah. I like it's tough to have a conversation mean like do It's been over. Stop John, I, when I got my last, would mean I believe it was he's probably over a month ago, which I feel like. Does he accept? What are if you like Rome was you're still sending would means in July. Then you, you have an issue and you're making your own at home. You write your own like set up where ve got, you purchased a Photoshop subscription, Jester Photoshop disguised cock onto thing. Yes, I had a group tax where I was turning law to the ones that you guys returnings our thought there are funny and then that basically like brought them into the fold and then now they're still going with it. So I feel partly responsible because it's like I brought you guys in the world and you haven't up on the fact that it is not good? So then their clock started behind everybody else, right right or still go and strong would thank you think if they think that you invented the wood means because you introduced
probably potentially has not big internet geisler site where you, God you keep sending this guy's big ass. Dick start doing, you start predicting thinks we like this year. I guarantee you that Mark Zuckerberg, while the big ass and then like in six months, but look at this picture- ah, ah Billy your last two soy based products, but also a boy So Frida's polar yeah, that's good, should be number one and in a moment, Ok, I will you don't have soy sauce on your list, that's of kind of weird sauces, delicious too obvious. My last point will be the last chance. Like oh yeah, the last it like this come out the perfect time it will get us to the end, a quarantine, and that was like what two months ago
it's fucking is now around Netflix, oh it I had to only did one last time around you publisher, thought of ash. That's on yet Sonia! That's on you! Don't worry, I'm duly will retire. Yeah you can do. Your last throws never ending yeah you're. Lastly, unless they actually think that the last chance was our first sports, her back You have this entire matter, but do you remember that actually want? How would you like to day all is a god we, the sittings weeks of this? It will totally get us to the finish line. It was. It was utterly like two or three weeks after corny, started when we're done last as RE sports balances, grog you'll aspect we have to last one is going to be these Liberty imagined video with gas Fidel. We had all the celebrities in their house that was gonna get us through this through the power of song the up.
It was so ridiculous. I miss laughing at that now. It's like that knows actually kind of sweet with may strike eyes. I think you have three different, no two to finish to defence. Banks ye up and then add. The novelty of our sweet are sweeping Billy coming back in the full time not MA. I run as I always Billy Footballers, Billy Billy back work is actually think that bill has been doing a great job. I do know, but the city when he came back it was. I also got Billy's back we'll final. It Billy was a hundred dollar stock. When he came back, he went down the like a penny, but now he's back to like sixty five. But to be fair, he went down because of mismanagement, Russia, because of rose incompetence at the executive love. We were the drinking coffee, guys. Yes, we're just fucking member that out we were Wolf watery early. We drag him down to penny stocks. We can then by Gm Jacket back everything like Billy's, incredible like here. We told you yeah, but Billy. You ve been doing great reason.
And I do mean when I say that we did not set you up well. So why accept our policy? Yes, I feel you guys just being nice to me love now. We worry dancers. Love you hide I was used to weaken sucking this. Their terrible you're off we missed a few love is blind. Yeah love is blind, is up there, remember when all they re retiring will. You say I had five. I target you did fine. I put up put five on. Therefore, Hank make sure you put five, or do you want
You will do that. Yes, we should get a fifth. Why you go ahead of cases just fit? You can do a lot like you can pick us another one. Love is blind was on my list, but I feel like that's genes into very sorted out loud, so I won't say it. Instead, I will go with lower return, Leroy retiring there we go. You have your fat to Billy car. You like a real on. No, yes, I believe you mind, for my fifth is: when J Glaser held the world hostage for twenty four hours thing, he was gonna, break the biggest news ever and then just talk. A guy got krona virus that ended up like, but it was fine. Hundreds of thousands of, I think millions and millions of people have had grown a virus and he was like big news coming tomorrow. That was a long time ago. Buying, oh yeah. I bought a lot of junk. I can't spinach fur like a month. I had all
you talk about that. Yes, that too, I was I was thinking more like I bought a trumpet. I bought like a stairmaster that was like only like this big. I got sun lamp. I bought this thing. I never. I was too embarrassed even use it. It's a thing. You wear around your neck and it's like a big rubber ball and you chew it and it supposed to make your jawline better. So it's like a master for your mouth. It's it's like a fucking, a ball gag. Are you just monologue arranging my I saw I put on my own I now he has a lot of good deals on s eyes. I opened my eyes like I'm not gonna fucking do is this is insane, so is it basically like synthetic chewing gum. Yes, You sure you're area you felt like a dog- and I was like this- is in sad for actually great idea. Never use it. What did it I didn't can eyes. I think I d in the movie I can show you how I could use a liberal were like a point in the right direction.
We also had push up challenges. Yeah we're going to get in shape or we're going to be at we're getting so we're going to get in shape. People also are closely related to the this is going to last two to three weeks people. What about member Can I, when oil had zero, yet always worried about tat? For some reason, we all pretended to know what that men have means that everyone's gonna have to store oil in their backyard until the government allows each member one Duke withdrew from the ends of eternal before they can. I answer which meant remember when Britney spears burnt down- oh Jim Yup, Jaap caution. You have asked you how so There's been a lot of things that have happened. Harrison forget it Another plane crash did yeah. That's how you can map measure time actually is how many Harrison Ford Aviation incidents have taken. By the way, the Earl, Thomas and looked up guess what data was may first is may send I would suggest that it was like April. Our earlier March, early April, being like TAT was borderline. When sportswear can't smiling Svensson,
they would not. Let me breaking new Roderick Adele breaking on how much money did he bid Dave Bed like too four degrees? Oh no, it mean miles. Man proudly bid about a hundred fifty thousand. There too, that Adele is not accepting for children is fucked up hates kid, as is to be more of a story. It is low. Let's, let's raised awareness of a right down. America, never forget that Roderick Adele elected to starve children and serve accepting money from rounds. Man sat very very sad. I must finish epigastric those great Mount Rushmore guys and sports back mountain, but this is no ready history book which it is right that we should do in other colored book we learn TAT. Have ever we do a colouring book of kroner virus of stuff that happened during the current changes? Have the big dick in every picture just different? Would
Where's, it would always would where's would bubble hop up if you like six books and one should be ignoring book, whereas wood and then the last pages open up as three dimensional just his cock. I, like TAT, are we're going to do that not but yeah would have went up we'll talk about it, we just talk, but someone might make it and we can maybe sell it. Hey guys who just keep trouserlike homework member attic. I remember this when you do this words like riding around Manhattan: oh yeah, now to be fair. That was something that we are playing. The weather has nice once the weather disable do well known ass, you hot Now ass, you are to be firm in my oh, my lord, by varieties in a row, and I got a new one hour was around pouring, so we couldn't do it and then it just became those things where, if you, if you cancel a plan in good faith enough times, yeah, you just can't hotels and happy people just can legislate. I am
to do it now that I've electric biking, don't actually have the bike, a motorcycle, it's pretty we're gonna get us as yet another jacket. It's a motorcycle revel scooter around Manhattan. Ok, hey guys, unchecked, hey guys, my boyfriend and I got a big fight recently, because I only where some lessons on my head, never on my face even wanted Sonny, I just don't feel comfortable confident wearing them. So I only use them to keep my hair back. Is that not normal? We only on your head. Yes, I've actually consider getting a second paradise. I do the same thing yeah I mean you're in a unique situation that so that's weird like who doesn't like wearing sunglass I dont like, whereas, alas, is really in the summer time I mean. I don't have a good As for sunglasses, it's just something I think everyone has outfit that's the whole point of losses is that you can make a really stupid face. Looked better now, just wearing the wrong sunglasses. Trust me shady race. I've even scenario is our great their great low grade on everyone. Are they don't like wearing I locally by guys here, where you should do as you should get? The flip up? Sunglasses like outfielders, where,
That's what they're the ones I got regret with that looks like I was like a porn directed. I got us a joke, but they're kind of look good. Those weren't sung those major feeling or not where's, the sunglasses Yoda good. Also peg, you look like you, ve rob a bank may raise, makes you look sick, you're, like a California teenager, you look so good Hake, wait what Subsidiary Hall of Fame Cow six three p of tea in chunk, changeless Hank! I think this will say chinless peace the wrong. I realized what hang law doesn't Hank look like a wild life photographer for shark Greek yeah on about somewhere on the forest. It actually want entire series relay. Go fishing hawk of my bare hands. I do every one, twenty videos, everyday upheaval, catching fish of their ban
Never been more permanent ruined, treats me every literally a new long, long long time, everyone until leader resident here wondering if there is any plans for coach, Doug, yeah, accepting the key to the city. I knows me not having any time soon due to encouraging the social descending, but once lay Sartre turning back to normal. I know that the four when I would love to have you guys this is this guy, the chicks Was in having house actually curious myself? Yes, we're going over to air I've spoken with Jason Candle was a friend of ours. We we saw him on a great we couple years ago, we're absolutely going to go to to leader. Once the real world comes back up. Spry by next year will get a key to the city, and we ve had preliminary discussion. Actually amongst ourselves of Phd, possibly enrolling and kicking, yet it has been to smooth, actually haven't, asked anyone if we can do it, we have just talked about ourselves. Cow. I gotta get tape out their somehow and I share your eligibility yea. Do you
really you know, I'm leavin scar, headway years of eligibility to hum given scholars away? How much does it cost and role at the university to leave her out of stay people, because I was staying by doing one this closer. We arrived at schools like Rostovs nausea in this sector, it is on the earth. For us, it's free, I might be guaranteed in the city. You also repeated city opens up three jewish, I'm not open up the way room here. I won't get Uclaf Hague. My boyfriend likes refer to my, but as an absolute dump truck. That's not it's an average. If not kind of small, but should I be, not the one who says, because it sarcastic already trying to get me a compliment? No I think guys just look at any but and there like. Well, that's a huge bought you. How can I? How can I compare this body to some type of pig machinery. Yeah do remember at the start. I think I was at the start of Charlie's angels, who could forget, but Cameron Dears as in the mirror, to like big butts. And she has like a negative but yet Hank Hill, but you in the room.
Real truth here is that your boyfriend just doesn't know what a dump truck but looks like, don't be the one to break it to him. Let him just think that you got the dump truck is actually the highest compliment that you can give as a male to compare something to like machinery. You thought was kick ass when you were six and this also just means that he's not on Instagram. So good, that's good is weapon like he just not looking. Dump trucks on its we should address, not on perfectly. We should create Billy creator, Instagram Account force. I wanted to be dumped trucks, searches, one ass picture next to an actual dumptruck or the school, or it could be dumped trucks and the picture the abbot. Or is just a big ass swimsuit. But then all the pictures are just different heavy machinery and any his DM people and seal mythology already get actual models to pose in front of heavy machine
that would be cool check out this back as a lot of things. You can do it. The dumptruck Instagram get her dear p empty. Bears say this, even though its anonymous, my boyfriend, is really a serial bread eater. I love bread. Don't get me wrong, I am not one of those gluten free girls, but he eats it with every meal, literally heat burgers and hot. I was just like anyone else, but what sort of worry me after seven months, updating and getting normalized whose daily routine was cereal, he dipped the bread. In Syria, has made choices. Wonder ass, disgusts me: the bread of choice, but the bread being dumped into the cereal hardly a scoop and when I tell him, it's grossly says is just like a spoon through. I really dont know how to get him to stop or if I should get him stop. What do I do? I think you should let the man with his life, we gotta think hard. I think, if that regional cross, to tube to bonds with a hot dog like children, if that's the way,
first thing about and then you're doing really well yeah. I also this is one of those things where he is. I don't know how he grew up, but I'm sure that there was just bread all the time and he thinks ever, well eats bread all the time and another one might be another case where he is probably not on Instagram. Looking at like how to stay lean like oryx lean muscle, he just fucking pounding CARP, Pierre least, you know he's not a syriac yeah. His ships are probably wonderful if he can handle that bread. I like this disguised as living in not twenty twenty he's living in like one thousand nine hundred and eighty two, here's what you do suggest that you guys go on a gluten free diet, and you see how long it takes from to dump you a minute.
Good point in the relationship with this guy, and I don't quite know how to label us, regardless we've been off and on for a year and a half spy living in different cities with deadly gotten closer in the pandemic, especially since I've moved back home to my parents house four months ago. I need help what the fuck do. I buy in for his birthday. I don't want to scream relationship, but I also don't want Dick and a birthday card cash. I think you said that before us give em does give him a fat stack of fives. Everyone wants cash, always cash is the greatest gift. Anyone can Forget cash, asking if you give him a hundred dollars worth of five dollar bills, that's actually the best present. I think I ever get. I would rather have a hundred dollars with fives than just get like six. Twenty dollar bills. Yes, it's it's like the scene for
Donnie Roscoe, when, when Albert GINO it and thought Johnny Depp Citronia Vienna is Recipes Hansel though, and they they a Christmas, they exchange cards and they both have cash in on and then when Johnny Depp is walking out opportunity like hey, can I can I get a few few dollars off? You need a lens on air like lonesome money to me, and then he takes his card back. He takes his ten percent, be about eight percent right immediately. Think this whole card back ITALY just end up with all the money just give him actually be sweet. I wish I'd done this present some point. Just a suitcase filled with ones. Maybe you handcuff. It tone, don't open this until you get home now, just because hey guys. What alpha would each of you where, if you were girls, that Anna fifty not allow? I gets into Google do talk about like some this never gonna have I think tube diarrhoea might arise from eyebrows size to tops to tops yeah you. You would make a tube top pop
we'd like to the new trend it seems, like girls are just wearing handkerchiefs, whereas tops not seems kind of fun. I would wish addressed, I wouldn't have any time I would wear a dress. I would if I was a woman, I would wear dress in all. If I was a woman Europeans last one dear vacation hawk, my boyfriend always asked me: are you mad at me? He is really bad things. In the almost needs and make sure, but I was just opening its art in asking large airports, but I wish I was actually think about this. If we get it and want to forget so may just needs to invent if you lab like a like an under armor logo onto a kill or onto just like any sort of nice floaty like long skirt, you can make a dude where anything like this. A sport performance killed, a guy will wear address, kill, I'm gonna, be honest. Robbers are actually like every go away like, if you remember male robbers, I want one of those once you did,
they send us a bunch. Rob him said: rob hey, how my invest my balls or to make more my dick is too small. Bosnia when you have no way shorts. Fifty. Yeah. I remember that that does not long accusation. How is that possible eyes? The rest somebody sent me lay shorts right. I think you are right yes Amazon, so you normally, I think, was the same neutrality you're out your bag from last, one so my boyfriend always asked. Are you mad at me? He has really bad anxiety always needs to make sure, but I am so sick of him asking when I'm not mad. What should I do to get him? Stop asking this started become a deal Gregor. This is like a reverse. This is like a say, yes to be mad at him. Went I actually like mad. Yes, because you asked me if I'm mad in that's really pissing me all right actually know why she's gonna arrest, Oh I like that billions as researchers massaging Euralia. For that. I really dont know if, in our desire to sit around mobility, think she should smile more Billy's, dude
daddy. I urge your matter is ignored Billy's gas, oil and gas got one last monologue before you richly kit, lovely girl making as having me while sportswear guy, we go back where I came from now onwards. You here What do you remember? How funny was to not talk about sports and just maybe a break? It really wasn't. I know I'm saying, but anyway, if you're having a bad time, you might just want to climb a mountain and look around see the stars. Stanley tell them that you're, not actually leaving I I'm not really sure who knows not leaving we love. You can't use our council by only apply for reinstatement I'll. Replies were counselled, Amy Sumer degenerate
dressing on a voluntary basis in the end table Mega Mccain Council. Also, please tell me if you wanna buy Vanni Twitter do how takes because then it runs actually really well together. Spend three what tat.
hello, It's pardon my tape presented by bar stool sports.
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