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2017-04-07 | 🔗
Masters weekend and Dustin Johnson is the lead story after he fell down his staircase and withdrew from the completion. We read the best theories on what actually happened to DJ ( 2:50 - 11:58). NBA talk and Lebron is winning the East again (11:58 - 19:45). Curt Schilling joins the show to talk about the "negotiating with dummies" book he read while talking contracts with Theo Epstein, evolution, whether or not we've triggered him into a safe space, and some locker room talk with Lenny Dykstra (19:45 - 43:28). Segments include Uhhh Hey JJ, Fair Play for Speak Yourself stealing our Lebron Blames segment. Well that makes sense for Georgetown having a nepotism claus. Thoughts and prayers to Adam Schefter, PR 101 for the Reds prospect caught doing cocaine on snapchat and Jimbos of the week.
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these are back a tradition unlike any other except for all the other golf tournaments that are exactly the same you're absolutely wrong and here's why the grass at the masters is green it's very green azaleas have you seen the greens yes just incredible it is masters week i actually do love the masters even though i do think that they they do this thing where they don't sell any of their shirts and they don't put anything on tv and it makes you think it's so special it is special but it's a little bit over the top don't think you love the masters i think you love the masters song i'm not sure that that specific color pattern that they have on tv tv the combination of red the yellow and the green makes you false ideas socially saturday and sunday the masters are fantastic that's something i would never want to give up before we get into some more masters talk dustin johnson obviously the big one right we have curt schilling
this is breaking news curt schilling is going to call into the show were not ready to talk to him yet so let's let's put him on hold hold on he's here he's ringing in right now actually i love this is possible sports page curt schilling ok hang on for just one second patch through upstairs were having some trouble in the phone system no worries then
i2 that was current we're going to put them on hold going to have him sit on hold for a minute dustin johnson out of the tournament yes he fell allegedly fell down a staircase with socks on never walk with socks and harbor horse just never walk yeah that's a good lesson to take to your lesson yeah so the he went out there he tried to gut it out and i guess he was like nope can't do it how many holes do you make z sir holes but he went out to the first tee he went to first he should have realized that if you're in true tiger woods fashion he should have winced an like killbot or hit a couple of shots that's it no abc
if he gets like a birdie to start and then keep playing and if not then quit and withdraw that's the tiger woods handbook that's a great point tiger woods would never pull out exactly so dustin johnson i actually the other big story is some of the sports books not refunding the i would be so mad so mad so i've always noticed this when you click on when you put your bed in it always says for this bet account like the game time temperature has to be above forty degrees in the starting pitchers throw at least it gives you like a laundry list of things that have to have fifty five minute rule yeah so in this one i guess some sports books just don't have that at all and you can bet on whoever like i could go out there and put money on thanks to win the masters and they just take my money be like okay cool thanks yeah so i don't know what i'm i mean i'll be i don't think you have anything you can do you just can just sit there and be very maddening complain yeah yeah i i like my sports books to be idiot proof because i'm as i'm a big enough idiot with my bets already right like don't enable me to
hurt my soul make it worse so here's what i would do i get to the bottom of it so let's do that we got some tips on what exactly happened dustin johnson's all agree we don't buy it right now there's something fishy going a little fishy smell is today's in today's fake news society you can't you can't believe anything sorry here we actually had a lot of d m sent to the part of my checking account for people who are i guess they're trying to do the right thing and give us the scoop on dustin johnson's inner injury so we'll see which one of these is the actual correct one also this guy user rumors in alleged our lawyer might be
and he said stay woke dj got pop for drugs or pdas and this back things all be yes with a bunch of thinking jeez okay edie interesting did win a couple turn he didn't win the last three tournaments susan days pretty good which are also yeah pd it well he's done some drugs in the past noon allegedly allegedly are this a lot more concrete said gone inside scoop dj was sleeping with another golfers girlfriend got caught thrown down the stairs by him dj didn't fall down yep this guy said it's sergio and for dj said how do you know he said a dude i kind of know said he may have failed another drug test and this is a fake injury like his wisp wrist injury in twenty fourteen and he suspended again oh wait wait so what's the sergio inform i don't
stars did sergio spike the urine sergio infer dj says it sounds like sergio pulled a a tonya harding nancy kerrigan yeah dj well sergio should have realized i mean it's our job to get a chance of winning the my esther's well he was gonna stay on the course for six hours doing as little wags yeah you sergio is going to be like a month on saturday but yet you're come sergio get all kind of cameras does this could be a bookie conversation out i'm reading it okay or like there's some kinda leaky switching okay so i don't think that has anything to do with got it and i still think sergio is involved somehow but by the fake injuries responded for drugs for drugs any others come more this guy said i'm good friends wayne gretzky's son said this past month this past month has been really bad around their house because dustin johnson is about to pass wayne's career earnings and become richer than him who oh as a dead now dad to dad that's a thing to see when you when your daughter has another person in their life that's like more important than you surpass
green eyed monster to longer daddy's little girl he goes on he said he texted me last night and said wayne and dustin got in a fight at the top of the staircase and it got physical the great just thought you guys should now when when was a fighter when he was in the league i'll say a hockey player would not back down from the first day now how key player would play eighteen holes and shoot a two hundred fifty and but everything got the greatest thing of all time all right i like that one last one my cousins best friends with dustin johnson's agent citizen pest about is adidas sponsorship and how little they're paying it who this is all unplayed asleep in his adidas socks he's not even injured so we can get out his contract and nike oh ok they're offered him ten mil year is devious layer there's probably a clause in his contract that says if you injure yourself with our equipment you can get out yeah it doesn't have those little grip ease on the bottom of their socks that stuff all right well we'll see
it happens the actual masters are still going to obviously go on darren ravel in a tweet about the menu it's the prices are cheap i don't know if you knew that i heard yeah and the pimento cheese no other golf tournament as a grilled cheese sandwich that everyone loves i'm going to back you up real quick a pimento cheese sandwich is not a grill i know what it is but i'm just saying don't i know what it meant to cheese sandwiches but i'm guessing that it's not as unbelievable as everyone's making it out to be that's probably act yeah out before we you go on let's check it on kirk 'cause i know we have money on hold let's go back to him good afternoon this is brett curt schilling due date they set you up here my bad they
put you into the studio you calling into what show ok give me one second i will make sure that gets linked up and put it back on hold ok alright alright right will we'll we'll get turn on in a minute just everyone hold tight for chillers going to be on the show so don't worry about that do we have picks for the masters do we already i missed the first round so we really doing picks for the golf term i think we should make a bet that we're not going to keep ok don't worry that's good today is vijay singh still i sure yeah ok great got it bunch of
guys here other things we got going on the nba hank lebron ms went into boston on wednesday night and basically reminded everyone oh yeah this is my league i own it yeah so how long has it been since we've gotten the storyline going that boston is the most racist city in america you bring up labor show ok can we bring up right now sure ok just wanted to put it out there here's why no reason no just just to stir the pot here's what we've got here is what i love about this was a classic lebron game too because when lebron says he doesn't care about a game that's why he's going to rip your heart out when he's like reg season who cares why you asking me i'm a champion and then he's like i really fucking care deep down and i'm going to go and drop a million points here an i was watching that game when lebron's like i want to just go to the rack there's nothing anyone can do nothing maybe kwai maybe but
here's the thing you can't if you follow him enough to not let him shoot his shot it's a flagrant right but if you follow him not hard enough and he can't you shot he's going to get it and one on you i'm like this in your he's under a tweener files on i'm gonna say something nice about lebron so everyone just brace themselves right now because i know we've lost a lot of listeners with all the jokes we make about lebron he makes going to the rim and getting fouled anwan looked so fucking easy that you forget how hard it is if you took away the thirty feet around the basket though lebron we should not be an all time great basketball true he realized way too much on driving and his jump shot on the high percentage shots and dunks and yeah anything inside the logo are you worried at all about having a starting point guard that gives up more points in scores yeah
there was there was it was basically at that season to fleeting loss yes many hope that was like all maybe the home court playoffs i'm not the amount getting replies from curt schilling on my phone as were all right so what's your what's your resting on a last time he's getting it henri it is but my take is kirk showing yeah okay just once i'm going to patch you through and flowery to one i will get to a we're gonna get to kerr showing it's coming up in a minute one other nba point i wanted to throw out there i'm
happy that we wasted all that time talking about can the pelicans maybe beat the warriors because they are now eliminated from playoff contention that's good so good trade by them i'll still was a good trade also little glimpse into the future we were just talking a second ago looks like your bowls the team are going to get the says that he exceed jimmy butler he's played like a twenty third fourth best player in the league type this year about exactly where and not even know yeah the knobs so it beat the celtics yeah no so they're going to so here's where the rapper was looking at it i was looking at the rest of the schedule they play the sixers like twice the magic it's they should win their last four games and i think the hawks play like the calves and celtics i play the cab twice so they're going to sneak up a spot the raptors are going to be three seat the bulls are going to be
the raptor because they own the rafters that's not so i'm not saying the bulls are a better team than the raptors of raptor or are better team overall but the bulls for some reason just own the raptors then they're gonna lose in five to like the cavs and celtics and and it's going to be same as you have ever was garden packs are going to get in front of everyone and say this a really successful year we fought through injuries and we're going to keep rebuilding on the fly maybe we'll add just name some other you know what maybe will bring pagas all back because he's two years older now and so it's actually is better mark assault yeah look at market yeah that is not old enough you hear a couple things i've figured out about the nba eastern conference all the red teams are pretty much the same team yeah they might win one playoff series on if you're the heat if you're the raptors if you're the bulls if you're the hawks you're gonna win maybe one series and then you're done yes that's the physical sure bet against the red path that have the east always bet against read some red team is going
the first round series yes that's a fact all right but should we get the kershawn yeah let's get to kirk alright so we're going to a couple ads and then we will get to curt schilling who we ended up just getting into a random twitter war with today you never know when life is going to end up going from blocked by curt schilling two twitter war two on the podcast so here it is before we get to this interview with curt schilling we're going to talk about memes memes aren't currency yet they will be one day but i want to talk to you guys how to earn some real extra cash back in the day i had a lot of weird jobs i the christmas tree salesman thing i i sold use dogs i think i talked about that before but a better way to do all this and make some extra money on the side is by using uber it's so easy to use where is the ultimate side hustle driving with them is a new way you can earn extra cash whenever you want it's not just another job it's a totally flexible way to earn you can turn it off you turn it off on
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how's it going sorry we've had some problems with the phone silent worried man i know you got put on hold where you stand in during it it was the national anthem right i was i had my head off to alright good alright alright so we have curt schilling on the show it is a twitter war we didn't expect to get into today before we get going though i want to set two ground rules one is we're not going to edit any of this so it's unfiltered no fake news two stick to sports no god yeah ok you always do alright so so v v v story i think i already i've already called you a deck yeah on twitter so i started it actually you called you brought race into it you called me yeah yeah you're witasse i apologize for that thank you so please don't do that i know you don't know what color skin my i have
no but i'm gonna show which bits pearly white the hairy so depending on the lights in my really it back right right okay all right so let's let's talk about the story that that started this whole thing we interviewed feel apps dean we we had the podcast out yesterday on wednesday the story that he told and let me just say this i have corroborated now with multiple sources that negotiation for your contract with the red sox in two thousand and three they were over your house for thanksgiving and you were going to the bath every now and then and they're wondering what hey why you go to the bathroom right now that's kind of not only that all right so you so the so the end of the story there's only one other source yeah they could possibly corroborate that would be jet horror so
well we don't give up our source i don't think my picture analysts right i'm not going to do that let's get to the facts how many weight your wife was there who are you saying could be one of my sources no ok are you sure got positive maybe leaks in in the in the old white house keep it in house keep it stick to sports so so let's let's get the facts out then you said that you didn't go to the bathroom that much how many times and use the bathroom i don't i don't think it was an above average period of time i don't remember having any blatter issues i i i you know i don't have a mouse water i can hold it so i don't remember leaving the room that much i mean we left the room to talk about about i left the room to talk to my attorney on the phone a couple different times but not i don't think i left it up to be questioned for it but
yeah maybe maybe in their world it was more than they needed well they use you've gone to the bathroom they said you were leaving the room they assumed it was the bathroom but it turns out iraqi reading the negotiating for dummies book right if i am he was leaving the bathroom i would have said hey i gotta go take a pistol i wouldn't have like covered it up some kind of crude of you alright well now let me let me ask you this the rule rule one in negotiating for dummies is never back down from a challenge you have come on this show you're just reading the book now are you could separately i'm going by it's not let me only i i what i said about the book and i i think i think i might have i've i've told the arts i said to somebody i i i my agents in nineteen ninety nine well i i did not use them before that for a couple years but i had to go see to my own contracts and the only the only advice i got i had well i had a lawyer i still have him actually beanies out of philadelphia so i used
come for the legally stuff in the contracts and always had used him but i paid him a flat fee because my but you know my perspective was why would i pay somebody five percent to get money i can myself so because there's a logic is is they might be able to get you more than five percent on the right right i could see without logic based on my back on the past in my contract in the past but that's where the book came from because when my attorney when the red sox open up the trade window for seventy two hours we were talking on the phone and laughing about the fact that i was going to be doing this face to face and any overnighted the book to me which it's a good story anyway but you don't deny having the book
no no no no i would never i'd ever denied the book maybe you leave through it a couple times just took a look maybe when you were on one of your famous bathroom breaks you take a look at the job but again i'll play along with the story 'cause it is funny it was funny self ok all right well so the other the other things we wanted to talk to you but really quickly one you let us both blocked on twitter until today would you say that that is a quintessential liberal safe space for yourself no no i would say it because you're both are being dicks also also sounds like the trigger trigger sounds like you're doing it right between liberals and conservatives consumers don't get triggered you just get punched you sound triggered i mean you sound true sound mad are you mad right now no no no no no it's it's here's the thing on my twitter count if you're if you're not adding any subs
so a conversation or debate on just calling me names or whatever so that's echo chamber you've created yourself a nice little echo chamber for yourself yeah that's absolutely one way to go with it i i can't deny that it would you could you could argue that the law and that echo chamber i always actually laughed at the fact that other people just has that what other people do with their twitter accounts i find it funny people that go out and block too many people on twitter those kind of yeah i don't not anymore i don't know if you stop by store off yeah so i think clock me because i'm a big mean guy you're a huge you're like godfather of memes i sent you pretty fire meme not too long ago i guess you liked it but then you realize that you didn't like it and so which was it it was how people how kids should pull their pants up yes that's pretty good
yeah it was it was a on in the world it was like a six what are your favorite memes are you kermit sipping the tea or you like to pay pay the haganah i i've kind of moved away from from them is much but that would you say that you have it sounds like you're proving evolution right now yes yes i i think that's a perfect word for it i have evolved into i think there more twitter tweeter of substance then i was in the past but that's i think that's a natural course when you make as many mistakes so natural selection natural course interesting darwinism so you believe in evolution now i i've never said i do i believe in evolution what did you say i said i don't believe and it in evolution in the sense that a dog mating with a dog makes a dog nose
ever created and certainly the procreation that's true and that was a pretty good explanation of what evolutionists for hit so dogs i can't become humans right got it got okay we yeah i'm not an evolution either so and here's the thing i always assume that as a christian people just know that i don't believe in that bullshit anyway right but you just said but people act shocked when i say it it's like when you verbalize it people people get all shady about here's a great way to disprove evolution if ever if evolution was real then how come premature ejaculation is looked down upon is not like a search i did van sexual trait because it makes you breathe faster and and with greater precision right you can't debate that that's probably i mean that that that's that's a one one comment argument i think it went out right off the bat did you ever settle your beef with sidney ponson uh no
there's no need to settle you know you got in a fight with him on twitter the fake one fight come on un sounded like a fight or flight you got in a fight with fake sidney ponson on twitter true or false i did play do it wasn't big city will you think that's a real city pawn so no i don't think i know how do you know did he call you know how i know tell us trust me trust me in that i know ok i mean you know what i actually trust you on this one the other ones i think you're crazy but this one yeah i listen to crazy is what you got for me i'm good at fifty i mean for god i can i can think of a lot other should you could call me do you think your twitter the things you say on it are keeping you out of the hall of fame an remember stick to sports no i don't care no no no i don't i don't know i don't care honestly
don't i i i you can't tell me you know when you look at the fact that the hall of fame i don't know if you guys know bill conlon is but bill conley in the ford c he were the fortieth record from the same writers for keeping me out due to my character the guy was a pen a file so if that group of people want to question my character you know what i can sleep at night ok but that's a fair point that i i think there's probably a decent amount of hypocrisy when it comes to the baseball hall of fame and how things get voted in but don't tell me that you don't care i don't my hand to god i can't do anything about it because there's so much time in my life i have no control over if i don't get into the hall of fame will that make my career less i still have my rings i still have my trophies ok of all the memories in the teammates and experience is the only thing i don't have is uh it's interesting quack i'm not i'm not
i'm not a guy that to validate the things i did on the field right but you where i'm coming from when when the fans out there we get the lip service a lot from players were like we don't care we don't care at deep down don't know as a human being how you could honestly say you wouldn't care about being in the baseball hall thing because i understand i'll tell you why let me tell you a quick story bill conlin was it came to maine but late 90s when nolan ryan went on the hall of got elected he should an unanimous and he was it and bill conlin was one of the people that didn't vote for him and he came into me and i come out in the clubhouse like out in front everybody i'm like are you fucking kidding me you don't vote for nolan ryan and he wrote this big article he didn't vote for nolan ryan because in his mind if don sutton wasn't a unanimous hall of famer don nolan ryan shouldn't be and i'm like wait so spiteful paypal to fuckin' platform for you to make a statement
you're supposed to be voting on players careers also known ryan was like forty five years old at the time and conlin like some a little bit younger right that was that was that was what i really okay i i can't worry about that and i know some of the writers i'm not talking about a lot of those guys are good guys a lot of them haven't seen a baseball game in fifteen years and there are other ones that are just complete dicks and so you know i can't i always try to tell my kids don't ever try and live your life to please people that don't know you i can't control that process and when i say i don't care my hand to god i don't and the hard part big cat for me though is that that kind of makes it sound like i'm diminishing what it what it is all of fame is the place where the greatest players ever reside but if dale murphy isn't going to get in that and a fred mcgriff and i played with some hall of famers you know that i believe are hall of famers you know i'm ok with that
so so do you think let me phrase a different way do you think that you have the numbers to be in the hall of fame the whole thing now ok wow interesting okay so you're being honestly you're your fell short yeah ok so i'm going to name names you say yes or no to hall of fame ok ok nolan ryan yes ricky henderson yes randy johnson yes is sheena oh i'd have to look at his numbers would you pause it to know his numbers the whole thing should be about people you look at go biking best ever no doubt it's not the whole very good lot of times people forget that so that i think i was pretty good i think it was i think i was better and everybody in the history of the game in october
ok yeah hammer in my hall fame now do you think it's it's in this is actually a question i've been pondering recently because it doesn't see if you look at all the pictures right now that are active how many i'm going to be in the hall of fame it's it's not it's not big it's very it's very do you think it's too hard for pitchers to get in the hall of fame order because they're doing less okay you've got others who have a full season and i have one hundred and eighty innings right i mean that's that's the quote having a vagina you know i mean uh some time at the start of your your your job lyrics that was always my the staff my career in two thousand one after three i don't six innings i mean that's what i got paid fortune today if you money in the game and the amount of money they're investing in pitching they think they
they called him in the minor leagues in a column in the big leagues to protect the investment period it you're not a vagina you bleed once every fifteen years not once every twenty eight days nice i i blame blame me i know i know but do you really really blue yeah i mean i'm still working hard enough to just catch up no never was what is your favorite type of cat yeah if it was ketchup who behind curt schilling curt breaking news curt schilling big fan of hines catch loves put simply put it on everything everything anything and everything so that's not macaroni and cheese yes ok a lot of people have talked about your video game your experience dealing with developing but what they haven't talked about is what the game was going to be like i wanna know like with different characters were and what what the object of the game first off in my life the one thing that that they'll take to make
stay with me is the failure of thirty eight studios that was probably the most painful thing musically and emotionally for maine ever which is why it's always it's always kind of a sore spot in the sense that i guess you can make fun of me for fifty million dollars in particular shot at trying to do that but i also three hundred families that were directly affected in a very negative way that i gave a about about and so that this is why that's always kind of a personal one for maine but i get it you know i don't know if you guys know i told port i couldn't fucking stand portnoy night despised him join the club the first thing i ever knew about him was that he bought yes he's so fine article of clothing and your soap he bought your soap yeah he bought a rule that i never knew existed somebody made it and send it to me and my
when they got so anybody took a picture of himself in it and it was at a time when i was in a bad place it was so pist so as in a state sale in actually our producer hank bought your soap take put yourself he owns yourself yeah i saw i saw the pair i got a pair of socks too and wheaties box with david ortiz on wow so do you feel do you feel clocked at all knowing that our producer owns your soap once i got to meet port and i did the show with them you know i realized you know i i it's a personal thing for me so yeah that it's it's something the body but in relation to the game up it was it was i don't know i know you guys play games but i don't know how much you do world of warcraft is
it is a genre of the game was in and it was it was it was ground breaking and if i know it was because of the things that we were doing still admit done five or six years later and i had an amazing team of people to do things lincoln chafee was kind of appropriating meme culture what we're talking but when he when he purchased all those frogs it's kind of like to pay pay kermit the kind of a modern day twitter is that it was the astro turf in you lincoln chafee what is i don't even know where to go with that one i mean i also have to do is i want to stay in sports right sports convinced into sports let's see what else we got you you had one yeah well your will actually we there i i don't want to blindside you we have somebody that is he's been waiting on the line so i i noticed on your twitter account that you called you alluded to maybe some aspects of the syria gas attack was maybe a false flag i'm not i'm not here computer stores i'm sure you have
the connections in the in the intelligence community but the claim actually received an accusation of plagiarism a friend of our show he's actually killer guess that we have on a lot it's alex jones an and alex just called and and so it he has a comment for you sharks you can cross the line god damn how's that come out how so much swearing that sounds like him pretty much i called you a comment buckhead yeah ten years in philly i've heard a lot worse than that oh actually speaking of that let's let's end this interview with this one of our good good friends
and we have him on the show all the time nails lenny dykstra so you one of my favorite team mates of all time ok so you are in a locker room with him he's a big lie current talk guy like tell us some nail stories in then we'll call him into a locker room talk for what this is one of my favorite stories of all time so we back in ninety three he was just jacked i mean he she was he looking he was built like a brick house i mean he you know he i want to room with this sliding shorts on and nothing else all the time he was she was she he she had gotten really big that winter so when they were sitting in the in the locker room and yet you know you have office personnel coming in and out of the club house and one of the one of our media the i can't remember the name of it now she she handles media for us on the team
so the short little lady she comes into the clubhouse house standing there and let me sit in on on on i'm not equipment trunk and we're all sitting around and and she's standing in front a laney and let me look in it now you got a picture this let me looking at her he's making eye contact and we look at donna's crotch then he looked back up at her and he looks back down at his crotch and then he looks up here like a little head nod smile like you want some it was plucking hilarious the piece of shit piece of shit he had some moma so i gotta tell you he was probably this second probably as smart as the second smart shooter i've replied with no hitter hitter hit her i think it's a person i was like jesus christ current no no no have you ever have you ever asked him for investment advice when he was playing he was doing he those washes and built them up into being a huge business
leveraged to the hilt sold it ended up with twelve dollars from it because he had leverage it so badly and then he went straight into the shooter it's actually like they should do a thirty for thirty on the early 90s phillies on the business acumen you with your video games and lenny with his investments wow ninety three team that's like the eighty four graph class right there of business let's call any let's call one we're given a ring right now actually he's so awesome we now he doesn't it's a little bit early for lynn
yeah it's like three hundred and thirty hey lenny lenny lenny's got some part of my take and curt schilling what's up man let we got curt schilling your too you want to talk about some pussies i don't remember that one time you showed that girl your dick in the locker room hey lady that was awesome let you there yeah he's not now he's he's there he's there oh no this is what he does he kind of just sneaks on here and then he pretends he's not there honey i'm putting you on with kurt kurt say hi hey what's up say what's up to lenny
what's up lenny lenny we know you're there you mother fucker you little snake so funny how you doing that's funny right there he said suck my dick in and hung up the key with the key was calling lenny as he always like lays real low and he got his kind of wait him out and then you say suck my dick so let me was like we used to play golf for big money and ladies ladies rule was that so if he was down eighteen you had to allow him to double go double or nothing and we're going to eighteen and let is down twenty five thousand incaviglia fifty to maine he sounded one hundred and fifteen thousand total to three guys playing right we get eighteen we all tap in for par
let sitting two on a par four on the green he's until he's forty feet from the cup and you standing over the ball with his putter remember how you said these are like wave his fingers on the bat yeah he did that with his putter looks up at you know he has the list right yep so he's looking at him he goes hey bros you guys this is terrifying you see it isn't it you want to me stand over this but i'm going to touch up watch it walks behind and this is four hundred and fifty grand double or nothing walking behind he's walking behind the pub with a putter near i'm going to get my mother fockers didn i trained it oh wow that's funny
snails snails themself another sticky situation all right thank you for joining our show we appreciate it i'm glad we've we cleared up although if i understand correctly we're just gonna keep going with the story that you you're using negotiating for dot okay all right perfect so we got a clear not all right and the next time you're in new york i'm sure dave will have you by the office and more you can be you can stop being such a triggered snowflake and actually meet us face to face i would love to yeah so be careful don't try not to get this triggered anymore ok what kind of guys all right okay thanks kerr that interview was brought to you by seatgeek buying tickets can be complicated and confusing but there's a simpler way to buy hi we see key c key gives a smart is easiest way to get tickets to your favorite team's games with c keek seamless mobile experience you can buy and sell tickets in just two taps seeking help you find the best seats at the
best prices fully guaranteed with baseball starting up in the nba and nhl playoffs coming see will get you closer to the action for great value i use it i go find the cq cap you can see a whole map of the entire stadium figure exactly where you want to sit sequel tell you if it's a good deal or not and it doesn't end with sports siki also has plenty of concert comedy and theater tickets available do you so here's what we're going to do for twenty dollars off you go right now you download your seek it's totally free and you the twenty dollars double that cd gap enter the promo code take that's t a k e one more time the promo code is take and you get twenty dollars off your first seatgeek purchase all right thank you to curt schilling for joining us i don't i mean he you said it perfectly the first like two things
a curt schilling's mouth every time he talks are pretty sane it's when he gets going that it's like okay and he loves to talk is a thing so it's not every you can ask a question will start by saying i mean when you see a baby you say that's a beautiful baby not yeah i agree with the curve right solution and then when you see like your daughters friends and they're pretty good looking why you know i'm not saying i would never say that right if i did i would be ok with saying it right i don't i don't i believe in evolution i just don't the two dogs can have a human being like what okay well okay all right well there we go all right then also not to not to pat ourselves on the back but that was some fine big j work by us the old have a guest on started controversy have the other guest on the part has to defend that's how you do it folks that's how you do it hopefully we can do the same with market cuban
i want to bash markeaton so that he can then come defendants if we what if we get caught wilshire to bash mark cuban mark make up the stories about him yeah yeah all right let's do some segments first up we have a hey jj people thought that once we do still what you do what we would take the kitty gonna take the boxing gloves off put on the kid gloves in sir treat them all nice on nope not us so you're you're thinking the wrong podcast so this this is a story couple days ago jj surprises soon to be retired fourth grade teacher with a cake a trip to houston for the charity classic in more the cameras happen to be there hey jj that's really cool you're that's a the nice thing you did there hey jj i mean we all have teachers that we look up to that kind of form to send to the people that we are sometimes it's nice to back to them yeah i don't get paid very much uh hey jj it's really cool that you've kept that relationship with your teacher
all these years she probably had a really good impact on your life and she's molding the future of this work so thanks for that hey jj it looked like you didn't even know that you were holding the camera on yourself when you're filming yeah it was not as good did okay well we're gonna do go in there yeah yeah wow we got him i'll tell what is all these people who thought we were going to be nice too it's going to be awkward when again from jj he listens to this yeah we just plug it in most of his assets right next up we have a little fair play speak for yourself the other day they did a lebron name segment which is ours we saw michael rapaport we took it openly from mike rep told him we were taking and gave him credit yep so they stole it from us i don't we still for mike lately and so they've done it twice now this week yes where they have lebron blames on there for different things it does
and so that's a show it's calling coward and jason whitlock yep totally diff so from mike and mike yep so they stole from us we're going to fair play back at them so you're going to be calling coward i will be jason whitlock i'm actually putting on if it bad radio putting on a fedora as we speak my colin coward impression is totally different than my mike greenberg same with mine jason whitlock not mike go lick but i will be eating hot fries during this for my jason let me tell you there's a difference between cities ok on the west coast you've got portland there's a lot of parents in memphis there where are the dad's there no father's in memphis jeff george still have a floating quarterback job in the nfl sean taylor had a common jason you know what i listen this is big boy radio i'm a guy i love slippers this is big boy stuff if you're a little namby pamby i'm not talking to you you can hang up
now for all i care look look at the pac twelve right we're talking conference is the pac twelve is the prom queen the mac is got a great personality but she's fat ok alright sounds fair play i think we nailed it was pretty good how are you they've got the look down for sure towers big on on call me black ink he doesn't see color wow what would you say i was saying cowards big on relating things in sports to different women that you would either want to fuc or not want to but i'm big on that that's going to talk when i'm watching sports fully understand what's going on i know there's a ball there's a hoop whatever tell me if it's a chick i want to funny now i get it till we should have a boner or not right i like my sports with a side of
pretty sure yeah little little little pre com you know that's how i like my sports by the way not i mean did i do ok yeah it was very very different than my goal of compression alright let's do a well that makes sense this one we haven't done this in awhile so patrick ewing would was hired by georgetown little disappointing 'cause we thought tom crean was going to get the job but georgetown hired patrick ewing and in his press conference he said that he at the higher his son but he can't because georgetown has a nepotism clause georgetown basketball has never nepotism close george come basketball is nepotism clause well that makes sense forty out of last forty five years a john what's it was named trung thompson the third or john thompson do they skip it the second
skip one no i think it was either john thompson two or junior where is john thompson the first yeah i don't know oh let's get it is he alive filed well that one away for a serial investigations ok but either way john thompson has been coaching georgetown basketball for forty the last forty five years they have a nepotism it also it doesn't make a lot of sense because i think george sounds a jesuit school yes in jesus the ultimate example of nepotism with jesus i've ever had any books right about him if it wasn't for his dad exactly so little bit hypocritical in the up what you got hank john thompson's john thompson thank you but the coach now john thompson thank you where the fuck is john talk to the second that's what i'm saying is blowing my mind right now dude where's john thompson second i have the john thompson's in georgetown been covering up a murder all these years and were the first to realize it or was there was there a middle john thompson that first job first john thomas was john
in junior ahad ok so maybe it was like one of those classic high school pranks where they set two page three pigs to pigs it's one and three like where's two they said set to john thompson's out there named him one and three and we're all like alright well i'm happy we got through that that was a very nice moment for pardon my take right there next week thoughts and prayers this one goes to adam schefter who got beat on the marshawn lynch scoop by a blogger yes well more than a blogger a punter combination yes he also works for us but if you're a pun your blogger it's like a russian nesting doll of different nerds that can be inside the inside the third one is just like a twelve sided dice yeah or something i don't know how many a mid level accounting yeah is what what's inside pat mcafee is pat mcafee yeah so this schefter got all heated because you had hit yet to give credit but he did his
thing that schefter always does where ads like one little small detail and then it's his report so he's like marshawn lynch was in oakland and my sources are telling me that they could get it field done in the near future it would say ok so marshawn lynch he went to oakland on a visit way to say they're actually there i use them right okay good scoop adam pat miss sat near future thing yeah i got a lot to learn about being a journalist is so good because we know we just know both through inside words and just watching tv shefter cannot stand losing in one single scoop no drives him nuts he's the guy who will now call he'll call everyone at oakland and be like who the fuck told pat mcafee that marshawn was i'll talk to pat who wants to fire them for me i think it was punter punter alliance might he might have been marquette yeah yes texan hey man marshall man yeah i want to put the word out before shift before be too soon
i eternity i hope that this turns into an alliance when every punch her in the league and pat mcafee so they're all feeding him all the scoop yes he's constantly using is punter connections yes to adam schefter it would it actually would be the best story of two thousand sixteen that if you're listening here's all know if you if you listen to the show pat tell me marked with at me and say hey i've got the lines go we got it the wind sent some of the bat signal the nerd single last stop we have a pr one hundred and one this one goes for reds prospect ianka halo with minded kaholo he's hawaiian say it try saying it in iron call holly hello com how i am come hello all i was drafted in the fifth round of the twenty fifteen amateur draft and he got caught on snapchat during a line of coke
while wearing a red shirt and drinking coke son of a whole thing goes round and round and i sponsorship kendall jenner here with the pepsi guy well guess what this random reds prospect he drinks coke while doing coke people forget coke used to have again it all true but it no no it is true p r one a one though v you know who also did coke eighty six mets won world series so i coke yeah maybe they should do more coke right since that it just say and get that swagger back here let's chili more cocaine yeah my suggestion well he's a minor leaguer right so my only teams like to have fun with all sorts of wacky promotion nights right why not have a coke night yes and so instead of doing the relay races are the mascot race with a little kid around the bases you give you give them it's got a vacuum you give the little kid a vacuum and then you see
who can suck up the foul line the fastest on the way out to the outfield that's perfect i love it either way just this is i think this is actually a good segue to jimbos when you're doing your coke kids don't wear your boss is logo on your shirt i was going to say just don't videotape it but yeah i think you can i think you can wear your boss slope of you don't video too but if it's an either or situation pick one right radio was a bit but don't start would identify start with the don't videotape when you do your coke don't put it on camera sometimes it's pretty cool yeah i mean it is sure it's it is one of those damned if you do damned if you don't if you don't put on videotape no one will know that you party cell and then your nerd choose wisely all right jimbo's first jimbo is coke related this guy said he's a recovering coke
acton fell down my stairs before big golf tournament this weekend really hurt my lower back and had to withdraw now everyone thinks i relapsed ok ok jimbo isn't that when it was that was at a pledge bros i the gas station by an ice cream in the door in the freezer was stuck so i put my hand on top of the free well i've pulled us and slice my wrists open i still bought two does ice cream i had blood all over circle k yeah i just i'd like to minimize the amount of things that i touch inside a gas station that's kind of my greenberg of me but that's one place i'm not got to go around like and i'm not getting the walls yeah i would agree with that i went out my friend downtown on saint patties day i ran into my third teacher who we all used to have the hots for turns out now forty in newly divorced i grinded and got her number came home so excited in blackout drunk that i bragged about it to my girlfriend
i just sit on the couch until we probably should well here's a little spin zone if you have bleacher report tweet that out then everyone will suck your dick and say that you're such a good humanitarian for grinding on your old teacher having the whole world go around today what are you telling jj watt there you yeah a buddy of mine randomly moved out and across phuc a buddy mine randomly moved see they write him wrong they write him wrong like i don't not reading him wrong they were throwing a buddy of mine are like oh shit uk to pin sign out of this account i'm sorry what do you mind randomly moved out and across the country last week without telling me or any of our friends turns out that he was being evicted from his place for months of unpaid rent due to spending all his money sports gambling i was just poke so you guys you be friends with the buggy no that's the age old question and the answer is no yes it's a it's a tough
question for the book in this situation too because there's almost like an implied thing that now that you know that he got evicted he going to be like hey man i'm not going to ask you for some money back but could you float me yeah russians kind out there here's the problem with being no friends with your someone who your book making for and what point do not realize like hey this guy is giving me so much money he has no money left like maybe have the to take over and be like hey don't worry about it or i'm checking account exactly to bad situations like that question that was out there the other taking guys and girls be friends no well so even lesser fuqing they're really good friends yeah and then on the other hand you have should a guy in a bookie ever be that's the real question yeah i think for that one it's actually a hard firm no less their fucking unless they're fucking you can be with any yeah that's pretty much that's a lot of the same
i actually have one here so my buddy he works with his boss's son in law okay and he has been publicly pulling his boss's son in law cock which is also on your bosses daughter slept oh you got the you got to know the how that worked out understand with the c word means yeah can't go tosses out willing on it out there i have one actually i have to the first is the producer of the podcast i'm on got a huge tattoo on the and on his inner thigh in the vocal yeah huge about big jim on your are you don't have it that way i don't think that's a jimbo i'd wait wait no we we don't want to get a tattoo so we need to talk about it because hank got a tattoo of leri so he is now the number one larry fan but let me ask you this was that a guilty conscience tattoo oh that's question yeah i didn't wish someone a little guilty for larry
and using all getting people that get tattoos of people they love we use at all guilty got are you we'll tell you someone who burners room i'm so we have t who found letters that bothers hank and hot also during to hank was talking about accusing me of murdering laree thinking so we talked to death and she said and i was really sad guilty conscience no it wasn't right ok that's my job i also don't appreciate you making fun of our goals which of our dead i thought i thought we were on it together i thought we all go out and i just think we're not going to tell everybody about how you cry during the tattoo we're going to keep that between us and i'm just saying maybe just back off the accusations towards me i didn't actually i know how to bring up that you got a tattoo but i thought we had to talk about it i don't think it's jim my jimbo though is i all day have been wearing a jacket with this is b m w motor sports and everyone's like damn is he so richly on the bmw and i i kind of feel bad i'm so i can outrun everyone can i jim because i some you
you don't really look like a bmw ok not yet now they don't have it at a bmw owner looks a lot like theo epstein with more product in his hair yeah that's your baby is maui jim glasses or white yes yes definitely you're not at bmw level just yet give yourself another like two months on the diet ok you'll be there right that's fair all right that was our show we'll see you on monday hopefully we'll have a good masters recap and we also we can say what we we have ernie johnson on the show next week great interview with him i don't know which they were gonna put it on i before we go actually had somebody asked me this question the other day they were walking down the street they saw somebody wearing a part in my take shirt but they were squaring apartment take shirt didn't know how to say what's up didn't know how to give a jeep wave two hundred we need to figure out what a good jeep wave would be bmw have talking my language yeah like maybe
anger finger in the nose just like a quick pick or a dad you don't get i did just have people walk out people and yet and just how does well you know once i stop on the side you know and then i'd like you have the sniffles can we truly table this discussion and make sure we bring it up with our brand ambassador marlins man because he knows how to he knows how to brand he's the one who came up with the idea
it put a bar stool logo on a hat also the guy that came up with the idea to sit behind home plate a lot yes so so what's we will table it would next time we talk to mahone's ma'am well asking how we can get part might take listeners to notice each other just grab grab their genitals that'll be like indication lots of documents are engaging in locker rooms on right exactly so tell may suck my dick i think that's actually we will see on monday yes john i walked in yellow pardon my present sports
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