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Dan Haren, Mt Rushmore Of Positions, And Jilly Football On A Wednesday

2019-07-10 | 🔗

Our acclaimed intern PMTSportsBiz finally got Rovell to bite so that started the show (2:45 - 5:51). Hank reads all the ads. The Home Run Derby was fucking awesome and of course some no fun baseball writers had terrible takes (5:51 - 19:51). Hot Seat/Cool Throne including NBA reviews and Takies coming Friday (19:51 - 33:03). Former MLB Pitcher and Future Hall of Famer Dan Haren joins the show to talk some baseball, Lakers, intentionally hitting guys, grooving fastballs as an unwritten rule, and not answering our absolute dumbest questions (33:03 - 63:28). Segments include bachelorette talk for guys that don't watch the bachelorette, Mt Rushmore of positions, Floyd Mayweather got crossed up and Jilly Football joins the show for Guys on Chicks. 

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is wednesday july ten and breaking moose eggs eggs not during the calchas we are breaking we what we're ready to start the show in a normal fashion and talk about homer derby the ulster game but are in turn jake p m t sports biz is in a well actually off with prevail and destined to happen at some point it i'm i'm honestly surprised that unless he has long but if you had guessed okay well these guys hired jake to be a sports business reported for part my take eventually reveal will get mad what will he get mad at you probably would again
ding ding ding a reuben sandwich yes so jake was doing some behind the scenes reporting at the all star game found out what kind of new epic bacon wind sriracha sandwiches they had in store for the crowd at the game today and he said he found a reuben sandwich was called it was called a our opponent the the name of it right now it was the all star rally reuben and jake tweeted out all the ingredients gave you a little behind the scenes on it and daring the eagle eyed sleuth that he is said one you spelled reuben wrong to this was my content yesterday so we are old fashioned turf war on islands a sandwich turf war between sports business reporters sober to do this library now and i have the response for you so he put his reuben sandwich eating on instagram not on twitter so you need to reply right now because you just tweeted you said see here it is saith happy that you finally
we did it daren t tabby finally treaty each year two million followers darin it would have been better to put it here first and not on insurrection have thirty eight thousand followers that's good also since he corrected your spelling out you spoke at the way they spell it out ballpark which is are you ye be in dern was saying it's actually spoke are you be in yeah maybe if you're a new york elitist yeah you're only suspending it your way well guess what midwest do some things a little bit different another friend that's fine it's not fly over country dern ok the real people out there so jake you just tell him that i guess they didn't teach you are it is no wonder that northwestern lost its accreditation if they teach you to correct other people's mistake morning that's good that's good yes so pretty much to sum up what happens in july well we get into turf wars over reuben sandwiches
twitter with their revolt as our fuckin slant on the part of my two egg we get a big show for you as hank said beautifully at the start date you hang is doing all the ads they because we lost the bet to credit the hank he won the bet krishna out did not home ronnie struck out in fact we have dan heron coming up we have them out rushmore of positions and we have julie football on a special wednesdays oh guys on shackling yeah yeah when yea before we do that though will shoot harm other homer derby yeah saga is pretty awesome ass of la big chunk boy love that thick lou lad he was up to bad just i shall taters over the fence into our he was hit the scoreboard yeah every single sky was amazing he is electric shout out all the people who come cried in wind the lad glow
spell junior should not be in the home run derby cuz he only has eight home runs and is not an all star you fucking suck ya people you don't like fun because if you watch black grow take any of his practice swings like a week ago you knew that he was going to be a show you knew he was going to be awesome to watch and i want that grow in every single home run derby for the rest of time he didn't get brought up until like part he's right yeah i was i think was one of those cry and longer thing yes weeks get better than earned a couple weeks will who knows how many cormorants would hit true that extra weak true i thought it was one of the better off one of the better homerun derby said i've ever seen yes but then on aggregate he ended up dominating and winning yup but he didn't when the derby itself because of the way that the reset when you go to the final round so he didn't when a million dollars but he won the hearts and minds of olive merrick i think that there should be equal pay for those who had more home and sent home under the true that should so pig alonzo one who he will be penalized
will be a great rural actually like twenty five years oh papa they only have like rail member that does not mean well pete alonzo actually won with twenty three homers and the fall in the final round its a great trivia answer some tone you right now this is gonna be slumdog millionaire moment for you guys in about five years you can be asked who won this home run derby just remember was pete alonzo peter having you money right now peter lawns guy said peter on like last weekend metz bands very mad pity boy he did how are you feeling that control so how would you feel here that not a lot does not love they can control putting the the hard are on the end of their own national restart care they don't they don't want that yeah care for that actually his name is robert bosnia that we pay one point three million dollars a year to every single year for the next seventy five year yet how do you get over a pitching performers like that if you if you're his uncle earth i can cause or whoever cousin derek cousin derek how do you get over the ground at the end of the day you just got shot he well
he cousin derek was terrible vessel bad there was actually take out there that we should not be crediting grow junior because he had an actual soft toss pitcher like his what it did the pitching coach was pitching to him and pete alonzo cousin derek matt chapman had his dad who is like trying to strike him out yeah who he was thrown sliders he was because i was his moment to shine yes yes but so he that deny that take was awesome but yeah your cousin derek you got lit up i'm sure you'll get a little bit of pay its great though because people are thinking making like five hundred thousand dollars a year and he just doubled his salary with just smashing taters included don't aids under the true pandora some marlins man's dounia cleveland parent where do that he doesn't go not because you can't see the front row but because cleaving fishermen to theirs
that on the record he's gotta there's an invisible fence rank cleveland morally they will never grace or so as nothing to do with the fact that there is an elevated front row and you cannot see someone on tv absolutely not not at all this should have lad pitching to his son thousand us although you would it just struck him also my idea was it went jock petersen in flagroot junior got like the third over time they should have the picture each other in trying to strike each other out and which we have been great because they were i'm a swing off and had a million you know swing there would you got there i just wanted to update that we have to remember that that breaking moves segment was brought to us by chocolate milk for real recovery that is real good so we're we're knew at the chuckle felt breaking moves segment as well just
hank as new at the at opening address behaviour that you did a great job and you even though you are being very nasty to us before show start you're doing great to sweden i'd ask andy so with simple does not another breaking whose is that we have participated in the us off the rails really empty sports is jake he's clapping back as we speaks will update everyone i'm sure this will be really great solicited even after the fact that you don't have to listen to the share gonna be so lost very welcome to the show but it is that we have the ostler game going on tonight as as were broadcasting as were transmitting this show tee right now the balls are no longer juice all yet it took they took what for later had said to heart and they actually reversed them and made the seams higher for this games he asked he could damage so the arts those the to the big storylines coming out of the also game is just for land or has said the balls are definitely juice which i don't think anyone disagrees with but that is not a matter for the mob rob manfred had billing we didn't intentionally do it and if it's something different well something different you know the worst thing adam silverstone he's made it so that every other commissioner feels like they like people want to hear them way and on every small little concerned that your sport yes sobered manfred like yeah you know what would it without silver do he probably tweet about it a bunch he probably the grant of air so yeah what s long conference listen buddy we don't we don't care just knowing that gimme all the dinner gimme the taters and it actually so appropriate to the robber efforts ass a deal with this concurrently while but ceiling is going on his book
poor and basically trying to erase history and make it the bud ceiling history but sealed wrote a book he wrote a book right i'm pretty sure he barely like touched on this project but everybody was good for baseball whatever young so doesn't own computer right now so you re broader yet such only one copy just get he wrote a different cities any reason waiting for someone is it yeah so i wanted to do something real quick with you copy of tea for the home derby which was universally loved like one of those rare things where it's hard for all star game to see what the pro bowl no one really everyone gets mad about the pro bowl ever gets mad about the dunk contest the home run derby everyone was like this is fucking submit environmental july we got nothing else so rate this take i got to four bob nightingale said how about instead of a home run contest the also game doing something and rarely see these days you know like a beat the shift slash bunting derby dhabi great i mean i've i've
bed for a while that a bunt derby would be just amazing content also how about just an event where a batter walks and then spreads to first base or how about bob nightengale you learn the rules of baseball because isn't hitting a homerun beating the shift every single time like that's little use is actually lou my moderate you beat the shift when you had a home run over everyone as very true so you we did you a beat the shit contest and in the long run and it was great so i'm gonna rate that on was at on the richter scale couldn't give it we'll know campi on the richter gale because a son who was killed over detailed that's a very that's a very solid take em and give it like a seven point three ok and then we had speaking appeal alonzo beating the shift all might winning the beat the shit contest james seltzer who i don't even know who that is he wrote he's a wholesome producers forgery go birds pod this might be a cardinals fan
ok so he said pilon those way too excited to win the homeland derby i mean a man we in box is nothing to sneeze at but come on so pete alonzo wrong for celebrating his celebrate humbling your salary night what's actually train the troop when you think about it always that sorry because you feel it off you guys go birds eagles cause you makes five hundred grand a year right so the million dollar it it's like yeah principle and salary i can't do that to my mind one hundred two hundred percent zero i don't do percentage yet i don't percent i give him a hundred ten holte double this allergy he won double his salary but he tripled his salary because if you add the salary back in that this why we have you jake anytime you want speak up and let us oh huh do math so he is the bottom line is that he was too excited to win yes
yes i am always on board for take like that with the best way that you can ever win anything is by acting really upset that you wanted yet this this a vent that is purely for entertainment and everyone's having a good time as one of those things were all baseball fans not a regional thing you can just watch and enjoy it he had too much fun yet the homeland derby is one of those things it's it's very sacred in the game a baseball you need to treat it with all the respect and decorum of an actual game unbelievable ratio take a guess on his replies and in retreats one point seven thousand replies twenty retweet saw your close one thousand replies twenty two retreats we did a little bit better than that i myself either way it was awesome and then we had the the also game tonight we're guys got mixed up and i now
so we said while we were watching it was like up here come all the colonist saying wow is making up baseball players going to save baseball because that's my favorite thing to write when everyone tries to save baseball signed baseball is baseball you're going to like your team you're probably not going to give a fuck about other teams and could be a regional sport if you like it you like it great the only thing that ruins baseball is when the game in time or hate and and we're not doing that any more so we're watching and they had somebody bat whose might have really was pretty free men and i have to admit i think might say baseball with all that said it could definitely say pace it was very very cool i where equal i would like to see the umpires might up more than eight what i really want the only thing i wanted to baseball is to hear what the managers are saying with a scream and an umpires face like we're about to guess i think that at some point every argument they just scream like i'd i'd like to kiss you yeah cancer so close
you won't you won't you kiss me i'll kill you you son of a bitch if we might up joe s there be some stray farts on that mike they would have to have slightly twenty six delay clean up all the audio be all all farts and adjust runs audible chafing is neck sound hearing his eyes were walking together would just send it to pieces sandpaper that european together home depot joe you could actually start a fire just by putting some kindling in between joe s legs we're just gonna write undertook it right under that neck under the gulf aids that was our joe s roast of the day what else we got i mean this is
this is we are getting into the slow time of the year is bunting season and i'm not talking about the bunderby i mean like bunting that they set up around ballpark the red white and blue half circle clad yes go up everywhere loved it starts this week that's it's really nice visual treat that carries me into football seas and by the way you i did this morning yeah i just turned on threads on channel just to see nice is a checklist maybe there's a game box doing the football music for baseball is will never not fuck me stolen thou and they have the robot sure the embassy they use the embassy nba fur what frolic as that call
basketball oh yes they do that now yea they d get through that yet know its opt out when you switch the we are pavlov's dogs when it comes to our sports songs yes and if you play the fox football music in the middle of july i'm ready to watch the cowboys the giants right if i hear the tutor to from browsers at the start of a democratic community coming i'm getting a boner of already leaks and preach we're very simple people ok let's do are hot see cool thrown in them who gets dan heron but first but first you do that let's go to the eye tank in also everyone go watch this episode on barston gold dotcom such be empty were actually interviewing cutler a professional cutler tomorrow for bars to vote today four birstall gold dotcom slash p empty that will be out shortly so make sure you go download it right now and i subscribe and buy it it's out awesome yeah
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what a vip crews the bahamas featuring pick at an p hefty a weiwei foreigners by jake on and of course plenty of public ever achieved enough simply poseur but might summertime photos isn't hashtags real enough to get away and pastime i contest on facebook in its room she but i doubt com slash real not to get away for more details like that you read the dot dot dot and there was this three percent awesome you guys are going to be working suv to crush the thing kid ha gotta gotta get out of my mind disparaged cruises as part of the sponsorships i'm not but you can probably guess where i was gonna go with that man i let you have equal drawn hank europe your first body while ok my hot you're such a great moves speaking of cruises yeah i mean i just love to read so it's not gonna get the chance to do more away we gus isler reveal whereby did to do now you on my strategy was his reply to jake's saying you publisher tweeted out instead of putting it thirty eight thousand such a loser i go on with
i will develop marty's sex island ok there was a video added i won't have you read the news recently what ok nevermind anyway ass they fifty nos one time others fucked up story out there anyway sign opinions i tried so light hearted localities ah sex island there is a video add that some guy from vegas made where it basically five as to point but the point of the add is that you will get flown out the sex island and there will be a hundred beautiful woman there it's under some it's under some scrutiny the cops trying to shut it down a so said it's gonna get ride i don't know but that again this is hot cool throne and that's why sex island as crazy it sounds party that sounds like it might outside peninsular it's an isthmus i also had people without a break in bad seagulls coming out is that now as i said a pretty it was they re both like tweeted a ago that they just started there only teal company that guy
asked today this is like the fucking nebraska turner here do is possessed bull shit i don't unlike you know what just for that i'm going to leave negative review for breaking bad on netflix bringing its total stars four point nine nine nine eight now ninety nine point nine nine nine rotten tomato damage and gone the my cool throne is cautious challenges o accepts there's no had flag but the nba board of governors have passed implementation of in game challenge flags for headquarters for the two thousand nineteen season okay so but is bullshit because there's actual do not can be throwing the flag yeah it's just like a handsome gauss clearly because they're like we do a flag and illicit wait no grid pavlovitch will definitely killer wrath yet so they cut that out my brain immediately goes to i'm gonna get screwed with some kind of bet on a challenge correct
direct absolutely right and no child the dominant i wondered aid maggie sure there's gotta be a flag yes i saw wave i'm in support of the football is asia of any other sport i want there to be a fly issued no i order should be as it should be that we do the coach has to calmly go to the scores table and poor himself of last sheesh oh i like that lot artist you know the bronze just gonna take over all use the challenges or or or the before each game the coach follows all the rest on its graham and then when they want to challenge the unfollow death this leak that banana max standing on definitely would again the flag like lost in this just yes those great hang on
i will let you dad iraq this gonna fuck over the new orleans pelicans in some wish they perform yeah it always is i i dont know if i love this i get the point that you dont want scrub league game stuff but i am firmly they already do the summons stoppage rang with great aunt em firmly in the stance that everyone who wants more replay more challenges what you're gonna do is you're gonna get a world where we can't complain about anything and watching sports is path of it is winning and the other half is saying why your team didn't lose they got screwed down and so if you can hey you got screwed because it get everything perfect then you know what we might well does not have precision and what are you gonna be allowed to challenge can you i am assuming like a three point shot it whether to two or three goals and danced stuff like sweet what what is it under under how many minutes because under two minutes i think they already do that right so is it
any time in the game it just says i didn't take too much you know what i'm just reading one three from sham sets la via doesn't say okay so i'm guessing they they do so much under two minutes it's gotta be dislike it's got it yet vols versus the rest of follows you should be able do files i mean it's kind of like others do and allow like you can't challenge personal foul charge sure coaches team called out abounds violation and gold tending basket interference violation so personal value can charge you can you can challenge personal falleth it's like a blocker charge yes have wrecked chapman do twitter pa woe as already do in the board of governors have cable haste is that something different origins saint border vote yes no borders stephen psmith it out again
i guess i can't keep track all this i mean is it my crazy to big aid they don't own the players they own the team right that's the second whatever ok that's it it's a pity which demonstrate that the other i had my first hot seat is men i've got a big one seat for men us guys boys because there is a gender reveal party australia did you guys do that and the car exploded after revealing it like drove over cancer of powder and smoke and the car exploding caught fire after it was revealed that it was a boy what yeah they say it again so there's a gender reveal party of in australia yet air chile and caught the djinn reveal was set up so that a car would drive over canister now would its smoke and powder okay and it did is a huge blue cloud but it also caught the car on fire and killed someone i'm thinking
told anybody about was a boy is for it was the first case of toxic masculinity in that little boys life share it actually even if a car explodes during agenda revealed that just means is gonna be kennedy pretty miserliness king as you know we had wiped off the record yellow revalued my perhaps it is internet trolls yeah well because that's personal because the mooch long time i'm a word winning watcher of part of my taking unfollow just about everyone so he was like a big joey baths guy now i can see if you made the cotton we measure cut ok i made the car ok hard mooch purge he unfollow probably like three hundred thousand people now ass weaker savvy savvy mooch eyes i still feel honoured tis i've got a direct line to the guidance a direct line to the guy that schedule direct line to foxen friends
i am still very influential where i think much has the most photoshopped avatar malta learning might have right now already so he on followed so many people i don't know i wonder what the process was like because you have to go through and do you think unfold everyone out the following up for that and might my cool throne is internet trolls ok also schroeder and controls because the court has ruled today that the president can't block you on twitter so from past to unblock everybody that he has blocked at such for the people who are like in thereby or like blocked by tromp blocked by trop jack out blocked by trump on on july fourteenth two thousand seventeen awesome my other cool throne is the climate ok because a medal straw when those metal straws that we all love so much killed a british woman who fell on one at it builder i saw with you into her brain and she died because
she was using a reasonable straw this how al gore's fixing the climate just by killing off everybody that's me carbon it's it's great because you're jumping to behave like there will never be people like okay so what's more important all the sea turtles in the world or one woman's life yet you know well now you making a good case spock up is i guarantee you won't see a sea turtle like campaigning to make change the way they do anything nora save our lives was last i'm a sea turtle ever tried to take you out of liquor swirling rainstorm in a flash floods and rescue you safety never happens a lot to never happens in use happen all the time and disney movie hank what he got for the trust i read a report about how california is gonna get absolutely like fucked with an earthquake soon oh yeah and eventually all the pacific northwest and for things in a fall in the ocean yeah maybe now move there oh yeah well i think actually sacramento might be okay we get inland so that we can delegate son
areas on which use youtube squat out on some awesome desert land and eventually become a beach cato right the right up to the edge there so you're off california just two they want happens owes an amateur lemme go then we'll go wanted some some land ok i just got a zombie apocalypse joshua tree will come if we hope within announced will still be there right there at least one man not lives within an ounce yeah really matter shook my hot seat is the same release the rest of the summer league except cameron paine who in the summer league and he's just finishes fourth year in the nba he hit
competing in the summer league i fucking love this i thought you was only allowed to do three years i when i saw the tweets and campaign dropped thirty two points last night in the summer league i thought it was a tweet from like three years ago that someone was doing the fuck with everyone know he is playing in the summer league this year i'll be asking my brain right now is just trying to think of a campaign fun performed so he's in get there ok but he's in he's i am in the summer league for the actors fourth full season in the nba it's incredible i love it toby leans into it i will be played like twenty years and suddenly i hope he plays passed when he retired from the nba any keep showing up you some of the uk it's kind of a red flag if your prayers don't wanna play a similarly i go you hate basque you don't get better not campaign no no he's gonna shrub i'm surprised lamar odom isn't just showing up to somberly games spill ok i'm good he's living reform of eu can make a comeback zombie hang on vegas for a week i love one like a modest autumn i was coming to have come back in the nba
time is back in the nba hey why don't you let sam decker you know get signed first then you get like decker watched twenty nineteen that's are met everyone's talk or how to talk about it every social decker watch let's get it buzz about it are my cool throne is everyone who is waiting to hear who wins blake the year because yes the take ease are coming on friday friday the take are here we will have all the awards from this past year it's better than the espies all the important awards what are some good strada couple awards are we have listed hank but we are as of right now we do not know what blake the year as of this taping the rule both are simple we have we contacted blake griffin blake borders and blake capture and told them they will receive a phone call at any point this week the person to pick up the phone fast this will win blake the i'm very sight of a year of our year lip of the year
the year nineteen year old of the year what are some of those that hake of the year when the ones from last year for empty take of the year it a couple new ones we have a couple new ones but they're not going to be higher ized i want to say em cause it's like the answer can job yeah the earliest mistake of the ear yeah you will now are you didn't write it always is run that ok but anyway turin we have a great shout carbon hunt right is actually this is serious we're gonna have so many more celebrity guess that are going to have to take his is yes it's gonna be incredible you're not gonna believe in mostar started show how far sighted pursued are studied okay well let's do had inherent here and i hate but first yeah marxists marks marks it is only tottering sesar
ok if i just want to make sure that we are delivering mobility add raising rose by advertisers anywhere favorite can play i think i'm trying to do one thing before trying to catch one thing cheese what you only say was me that did the bet in the start of the show not pierre to wash and are trying to do and add to the very confusing laverne confused when when pity was actually one who was most vocal about i got yeah i feel left out ideas too felt left out for you the case on that can have what i don't see that i'm just very confused your anger was just at me i was this very excited i was like so i was trying to get to the point where plug my instagram that henry law could one let me know how did on these attitudes and that i just kind of skipped over beginning like andrea dimension you do the edward i forgot to mention the haughty cool thrown now rushmore of football chile football so that's on me ok hand out next time won't happen anyway marks marxism midwestern favorite premium she spread this new on the go format is the first of its kind
in the last cheese lovers to bring their go to snack all over there go to places like the big game and prompted party or laid back both trip wherever whenever it always better with marks many cheese spreads egg which are favourably a cheese i liked each she's probably on the beach sometimes out is geographically not the cliff but the great thing with marks that allows you to bring your own classic marks labors wherever a game tailgate part the backyard or even your couch for big altes whenever the mood had you try marks many cheese spreads comes into both favors for whatever your craving sharpshooter for a bull classic taste in poor wine like pft or you want deliciously bold flavour poor wine and she's blended together like the cat and the poor wanger yeah ok she's in here and now then heron
okay we now welcome on one of our favorite long time recurring guess i think you actually were on the show in the first few months of the show it is former flame or dan heron future hollow famer dan we're gonna talk about baseball but i want to before do that you are a die hard lakers van you have two laker flags you fly on your truck every single day tell me mad you are quite first the driver truck driver tesla come i will give what kind of the model it is her worsen blake's i just need to know in terms my power rankings guess tat s most sticker prouder it depends on what were morally like word battery he has my vote my was the fastest one but is a little bit little the older ok ahead of her
did you also by it because you're trying to quit dip and not go to gas stations anymore though i blake brought his now one last tesla question have you seen the porn where they filament incited tesla driving on the highway nor has it is critical you should check it out ok so you tesla has the laker flags on it sorry i should so so us what your thoughts laker nation has had a bad showing in the last couple weeks i'm sure you have a million burner accounts that you are tweeting it won't angrily where were you out right now with the two thousand nineteen twenty lakers well i think the clippers are better and i wanted them to get a like a knocked out stood her to go along with those two guys i was singing like jane
erratic somebody like that you know when they struck out on kawhi it's just they got a bunch of kind of filler pieces i mean i guess they're a little deeper maybe then the clippers but i don't know i mean it's is anthony davis's team braun in i was a huge threat of the whole abroad in the first place and we are right your colleague i would rather have quite a broad obviously yeah you're kobe guy though through and through sir you one of these later fans it's like i will never respect lebruns greatness because a macabre guy it's not because that would i i was i was excited with the lakers see my their building something with the other guys i know they all turned out to be a kind of shit but in a kind of exciting to have those guys and hour i was thinking more of them the else joining them i'm not leubronn and an obvious it all went to hell last year and elaborate blames all
all the younger guys i have them i'll have you i have you ever been on it seem like that we would you have one guy that can put the blame on everyone else and takes all the credit when things go well i hope i can i get two if you guys like that you give me some initials christian yet what do you do don't like so i actually wanted to i sent you a couple of questions beforehand and one of them was club how and like a hundred sixty two games guys getting along what happens in the course of a hundred two games if the clubhouse isn't like everyone gets along do people just keep to themselves or do you have those closed door meetings like what was the most intense closed door meeting you had they would be the case with yellow i think the the crappy situation or the rain was the manager go i was on two teams in the big
pigs where the man who got fired and someone from the front office came to be the manager of the team and when on the marlins that year it was two thousand fifteen the gm what it meant was made the manager after about a month and a half and that was the worst firstly the klaus just because we couldn't believe that the gm whether manager i think at one point it was like we would we did you do it employs music when they when games i think were we would when a game and weird play like the circus music like that like that and therefore of health care there was such a future do now that digging deeper that like ebay all players i think you ve touched on this before but trusting anna
but guys who may be didn't play the game how does that work on a day to day basis with a lot of players because that's that's a fascinating part of like the growth and development of analytics how much you can tell someone like hey do this differently even though and play the game i think people were opposed to it at first and then guys realise how much it works toto was good about my job is that i can't i can't do analytics type stuff but i can relate to the players somewhat so in i think that there's value in that but i'm a guy when i first came whenever analytics was first thing guys than one by now now they see how much it works and you get to see a lot of people china yet large angolan they're waiting for now you know it's made things like different wizardry thing in
like while you are still pitching where there was some staff that somebody came up to and showed you there you were maybe like hesitant to adapt or whatever but one that when you a change a little bit of something you are doing to two can play that that it piece of analytics all of it that really helped you out i would say there was nothing specific oh when i when i was on the dodgers though they did they they really were good at this together game plan that's kind of how i started doing what i do and really in a bunch of guys there taught me how to break down hitters weathers like cranky and pitching coach asia alice kirsch i was good at it and those guys were help me out a kind of extended my career a little bit when i was pretty shitty at the end of the ice
oh the hot topic in baseball right now juice baseball's are you a juice baseball truth or do you think there there's some different others absolutely amended different i don't think i need i mean manfred's the only got his denying this but i mean they're on pace record pace for homers they use the minor leagues immediately baseball in tripoli and there's been like by many home runs there's an there's no doubt amid it's just that i just like i can't believe they keep deny it may be that an intentionally do it but there definitely juice rain i feel like that's what it's not intentional like no one said hey go juice to baseball's but over time thing is changed words become like incredible what's going on now as a pit like as a pitcher and a guy who still deals with pitchers every day like what are you what do you do for that how many you say will discuss socks we have no chance i don't say that
you should try me i try to give it you know i try to give the pictures the best chance your limit slow you instead it is in keep the ball in that's for sure but i mean it's hard i'm in arizona we have a human and it's made a little bit of a difference but i made it homerville marvel universe live orlando was talking yesterday about how the balls are to somebody started the all star game but i'm he's giving up a ton of home runs to so a lot of guys run leaguer on peace to break their personal recorded homer so to deny the the juice baseball be proceeded with it so how do you on how do you teach you guys to counteract it is everyone's right to hit home runs now that's like the swings are going up what it's all about the launch angle what are you tell your pictures like hey they're gonna try the off on your here's hake i'd get around that our pitch their weakness or that's what we do
may i try to i mean the best pendulum baseball can pitch to editors weakness of sword you know try to get a crossbow it's one thing to tell guys and the hard thing is executing the pitch cuz most guys don't have no great man but they're the best of the best have the you know how the good great command and can harness the game does that there is room controlling command that are certainly not to say if you want to be like a baseball guy that's you did you get a parent glasses when you got this new jobs we like to try to look like red maddox because he always looked like if you like on powers were more likely to give him a strike if it was on the corner because he knew we were glass civilians guess martin i don't wear glasses that's that i haven't got a pair of glasses but the job has been alright you know how this is my third year doing it right there's only so much you can sit around the house and yeah
when even the right now with the odd and thanks for having beyond the worst sports didier by the way the espies are tonight yeah come on man huge down here i know it i want to ask you to speak of juice both houses a dad bigger oh it's good it's gotta mean dad life is definitely different i now is actually like the first time was able to use it in a text message i texted dan yesterday and we got our times cross me like i'm with my kids now and i just replied as a father i understand so i totally get it his heart yet how're pugs doing this my report is how to add a couple he's had to as it is in the past month were i think
they caesar's and he start laying down in running a place but he lay down any emptied his bladder our sitting to him and then like five minutes later another bout back every tolls fine just get just get a high we hasn't he's having a good time haven't sweet everyone the other what i got was i said dotted him when i was in a play for the cubs i took a roman his is crazy levy not a very good dog you there but how many pieces of clothing or coffee amongst you have with pugs on them i could pick up a few one coffee mode course the pugs drug dealers and on the other to the yap would not apply to give a pug life chert maybe tat i had that awhile back and knock that were got donated salvation
what about what the parker you lookin at ooh that's a good one no i don't have that no bumpersticker bumper don't have like to stick figure family would like to know pugs at the end of it that next that is next week power user calgon yeah it's so i you're baseball guy we're baseball guys i just said there drink command control we know what that means put two other people explained what that means i guess commit i don't really know what that means lydia i told you that man do so just something people say command is where you tell the body go control is where the ball action where are you what about a guy we saw control was like you won't just start throwing like riksbank he'll into the backstop command is like oh i can i can paint the corners here i made i would
most people are the biggest level would have control then yeah but come at me i guess there you know what control throwing strikes maybe command is being able to throw quality strikes like putting on the corner maybe nice qualities for as a good one have you ever been in a game delayed by bees yes what's that like how are you are you afraid that you think it's done now i'm not allergic really serves no big deal as they will again was in san diego and there was a behind the outfielders something of swarm of bees the feel but now i'm not i'm not afraid of
i've been about by worse thing and if so when you you wrote the whole story when you retired about you know every day that you got the ball you would wake up you not take a modem you're worried about the wind all these things did you watch the london series and have any like holy shit if i was pitching here this would be the worst experience my life i did what i mean there's been a lot again this year where i with that were i thought this would be the worst express my life like you know is like even do these are your game plan for fear that diabetics are going to occur i rather like i could send in these gave plans here is that you should fifty guys but i'm sure thank god i don't have that you get them i can imagine i mean the thing is that the type of pitcher that i was just completely gone like there's there's not too many guys i mean there's a few thy crafty lefties but
very few crafty rightif our last crafty rabies that's for sure so so explain to the people than how cow hendricks continues to be awesome because he's like he doesn't help out ass a i got a really good thicker and a great change up so much fastball add little to no movement so i had put it exactly where allotted so that man that's is our centres have good cause to thinkers nasty yeah i think it is the most difficult pitcher in the game to that who could question most capable yeah yeah religious gives us the tough why don't you tell me this question let me i just thought of a right out of it no maximum or give a nasty is at
every year we have we eisner rice ranks for listening is he thought price offers a bitch and he was like no he's martini wait wait so when we take give a bull we're talking about like pitching ninja movement yes stuff like that whereas the nastiest movement roman scatter really good thinker is automatic yeah i like your figure we have the boy ran out of the white paper the yankees got a really its wider than moved crazy ok mickey's curveball too the deepest began was right in what is an ethos pitch examines eventually sales i do not know how to discuss ravens cross through the ethos out i think the bike all is below seventy miles an hour they just category categorizing oh i can throw any fish than every pitch it that would be a yeah exactly did you see the joe maddened verse joe s little spin move thing did you ever have any run into joe west
i mean i didn't ever got taught by jo s but you he's always he liked to get into the action he lets get onto but it was however block technique by us by joe with money it has got a good centre of gravity you know he's color he wasn't phase by the spin move now the lateral quickness something study on film you think your hips now you'd applaud its natural its actual the gully it's tough to get around his neck yeah i d c key question putting promo code taking a ten hours off seeking purchase in two thousand sixteen your first time on the show it was right around this time into down sixteen you correctly predicted cubs verse indians in the world series do you want to give us a world series protection right now that you can be correct about didn't you through this last year oh yeah you can t see done backs
oh that's ok against spy announced the yankees okay the yankees lou ro back to what was a two thousand and one yeah yeah yeah i was at the martineau yet i was young yes do you think god occur shaw is still not clutch you're good franklin cursor did he ever come let us go now we i asked at any time you gotta get up and you would not hold on hold on backup i asked you and you didn't try i didn't try i told you that i asked him but i never asked you i know of course as a great way to get out of something to you thanks you know i did actually get into yeah you're not gonna get me to say we were crucial i'm not going to do so so did we have done the mouth rushmore of unwritten baseball rules tell us a couple of your favorite that you just like you know whether it be now
wanting honour on a perfect game or no bat flips what what do you love and what do you hate about the unwritten rules a baseball what i mean of the unwritten rules that i would abide by were i didn't step on the line you know when you are ass over to the mountains the classical yeah let's do you no one that i have back in the day you you'd have to throw the pit like the opposing picture fast balls but i was never really big on that and now now no pitcher get vessels by it i didn't love now i mean they're so they're just
for so many were i don't know when it will get which was you guys like i just like the one where the pitcher goes up to bat and he's wearing the warm up jacket yet always going on i don't i'll introduce you don't give a fuck no stealing when you're up big late which i always laugh at because that's prime time big guy stealing face like you know that's when like rizzo will report back off and ears like fuck yes this is great are you serious although the it was unwritten rule that you would get only fast boss when europe i mean so like if i was hitting against it if i was hitting and the pitcher through we have first bitch i would throw him a first bitch i learnt that linking honor code that's awesome do want is nice but then would it be against the code to swing it that first petrovskoe no absolutely not you let apply who did you ever give up a home run soon opposing pitcher never as i said i m sure
you ve hit home i don't think you hit home on right i get to i hit one off chris carpenter a one off brought in a royal would you mind set when you get that because i know you you you probably don't wanna show up the other pitcher because you are a pitcher and you probably don't like if somebody like throws about ten feet up in the air but you have to be really excited in the moments like how how did you react when you hit those dangers i was really excited especially of crisp carpenter did i came up with a rookie and he was one of the veteran guys and fell good so good to get him at the time because you wouldn't a picture is a home or at least when i hit em i didn't know it was gone for sure sounds running out of the box is not nearly ass cool ass like if i hit it and just stood up on it right right the had you to hit my pitch i'm sure he did i did i got hit
i got hit when i was a few times but what time i got it when i was from the cardinals and a kind of a bench clearing thing happened because i got hit by that comment the and there when i came out of the mound i hit my comments are and then the benches cleared it was pretty macro met all time facial here did you get thrown punches i dunno i've only been in like i've been a few roused the only bad ones i was ever and was in the mire legs so what happened there so it happened there was actually serve joe wearied out enable acquired cities joam our got trucks by one of our guide i think chris duncan and in christiania gave us a bad and they started again
it is clear cut it so without hope like by the pictures mount and i was taught a lot of shit for that and think that there would be a fight and then a fight broke out and i had talked a lot of shit by while the road was arguing and i got drop by i dont know who was i don't even see the point come and broke my nose i fell down bleeding everywhere at a walk off the field like a jack i i'm looking at this right now i remember this is the classic like when dusty baker and toiler russa would just hate each other in
in real look it up on youtube you could find it yeah yeah i'm looking for now mac comment i fuckin love i love macklewain spoken facial here he had just the push you go to her she is chin just mustache whatever you call it lay a unicef yeah just a huge bush at the end of his chidwick animal from a muppets was fronted grow out of his the bottom of his head that doesn't play today that's that's very much a late nineties early arts look for a pitcher yeah bonus points of its just bright red to like a big target on did you ever work on pretending that you didn't mean to hit somebody after him with a pitch i never work on that i think of those anyone i mean i had quite a few guys on purpose but the time news on purpose but no one ever charged mon ami all use such an inch they are intimidated god damn what is it what was your move that you do like after you had somebody purpose was it like hanged ahead turn around here look at the third
will the damn damn like look at my hair like my hands were she made up her that's a good one to yeah sweaty palms josh and this is a fact blast and opposes fucking so long ago i'm looking at the youtube right now i love love progress very felicitous ah i any other questions for us then i know you're always self conscious and you think that you don't do i'll bet you fuckin crusher people love you stuff i appreciated your request is for you guys think me i wish you the best birth and father you don't you even listen anymore dude i do i oughta forever listened in what the fuck man what's up i liked amount rush moors what we do know what would do knew now so
the god jihadi yeah yeah yeah yeah jerome yeah you're being that we work together jerome ok really tell iceman yo there you go to his private jim yes we go to a private given our community he's a big political guy but he killed it he will kill it on the illicit real i'll get him if he were a bit on the for a while i'll get it like you sweaty already when i get the jew i didn't work out different corleone i leave and he's still on the elliptical first one because you know we're gonna wait do you do you still get your shot up do you get in that i in the basque while jim you how's your jumper look in these days is not good at what i was forced to have my hip replacement october at a trick and now only jesus christ i know
it's been it's been a whirlwind few months we are supposed to have it done in october and i chickened out and then i went to the dentist for the first time in ten years and this was because i was so there too the dentist turns out i have to have like a gum graft and root canals all this and so i had surgery stood up for july seventeenth out was to go under for five hours and i just got back for vacation in mexico what can i do i do now come on did you have to go do we need all our yeah you can infection your mouth what made you decided here the distance was a hurting two things just get to bed try my gun line receiving arrived in the back where i have a couple crown ed i was concerned and i went in and the news wasn't good so what're you gonna do i've done this with withdrew canals before i once went in and they
it was good to root canals and back and i got one and i just said no moss i'll come back to the other one and i waited like six months in a got even worse so don't do that are you gonna you gotta do it man i eventually i'll man up but those funny cuz like every time you get a physical in baseball like you see the dentist and they like you have cavities in the next year they're going to know you have cavities and then i was tired so i didn't have to go to the dentist and then is there i'm losing my games i wanted aside from like art armenian i'll even dip yeah jesus yeah so weird that the port of physical for baseball is they sent me to the dennis work what else do they check because gave dip and they want to know i that's that's gone disease that smart yeah fought a man you gotta get you gotta get to the we need you healthy what are you doing it's a dentist i'll be ok
doesn't sound like you gonna receding gummy doesn't sound like getting i voted last question for me the most important question when are you gonna get back to tweeting because i see you on twitter your liking there's your active but you don't tweet i know it's hard because it's it's like this waste i've waited so long like i had there's so much build up now sir my tweet being good i'm stressed out about that too i don't i also ivy kennedy icily like a hundred of them of your twitter shitty but if you tweet once here like it better be fucking good that's true like there's yeah do you think people are waiting for the next day inherent tweet like i i will not of course not but i know a guy twitter and i do like things and i noticed i keep losing followers so i understand that but
maybe i don't know i really i want to do it because i'm real jobs like it you know comment too much whether beyond it up serious shit like that it takes a religion sir what you thoughts on those yearn for again now open anti religious day gulf those and i was not is being i'm putting on i just put on notifications for you have on waiting about you tweet out deception upon my takes moral and then everybody reinforced dan and tom how grady is unlikely ever blocked in that this was a great tweet man what we are trying to sweep before the before this comes all weights i know what it is your at nine hundred and ninety nine tweets yes thousands better be good do holy shit this isn't good how much more pressure we just put on you africa are on
and nine hundred and eighty nine tweets you gotta just the problem the problem is to like i don't do that much like i just don't do it what do you mean like oh god oh yeah i don't got me my job like therefore what i head down it starbucks and do some work on my computer like that's it and then like i'll start drinking were more politics watch tonight there's nothing while the ostler game you can watch that what is a thoroughly come now what are we always come out tomorrow see i guessed espies is what we would say to the apple yeah yeah can you gave all right you're probably are again that's fell on rapidly arguably figure out a way to gamble on the missouri there's a summer league dude some it's been a long your guy i'll fuck you do you see that last neda china was a twenty five point five underdog against
honestly one outright i do not see that ok so are you not paying attention with has also like it is a step in the way that it set up others a chance that they might make up the earthquake game by doing coincide to see who advances on that you you're gonna be able to bet on who that would be all sales do let's go for the earthquake yeah are you upset you played a sport i didn't have a coin flip now i'm not coming i don't think about everyday passport best part of a wider your ram span not really i re i my purse grew up in new york and i will i was raised the jet blue that's unfortunate dance been rough yeah socks seemed arnold you'll be i am u r c southern cowboy
things you look better ok idea and will you crossness we're waiting for your tweet please tweet tomorrow please ok please i'll tweets something i promise i will thank you very much for coming on its always fun always fun talking you and i we will see a soon we go to southern california night we just never see you because you're too slow you check your text me like when you're at the airport leaving that's it i miss you like the cursor thing i just did the curse thing to you i actually him one last question i forgot to ask you for so you work for the diamond backs when you tell people that you work for the de baxter you make sure to say de back and over emphasise the suit case they don't think you're saying de bags that's a good question i didn't think so much ram let's aren't you ever
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ok let's get to our segments and our mouth rushmore hake let's start with bathroom talk bachelor at talk for guys don't wash bachelor rat and i've been judging on just social media feels like things got spicy recently really every time i look there was also a year the realities in the heart of the whole right this is what let's get into it i don't want less i myself here the notes vows hey dedicate that goes on checks ok canopy hannah visit a loop peas family in georgia where he got inform everyone and talked about how after living a life of sin he found the lord while taking a shower in college you know what's really interesting about people that are that young that find the lord is that usually don't have anything that's scary that keeps them away from god it's like i used to swear a lot back in the day and a couple days they told me to go outside alone i'd only get half the loan golf course i lived on got hit by
once i was i was dark man oceans guys lace scrape or forgive from a transgressions when i don't screw the cap on the jelly all the way was that jerry jones i was there was prosper on its rasper oh you dead dead guy are ip out you dead legend but lupi was the villain of the season and apparently at a very nice family in a sweet grandmother all the haters of lucy it's all so he's like i somewhere deep down he's got a good upbringing and not a bad guy up ok hannah visited jed's family in tennessee jed's ma doesn't think chad will propose proposed hannah and jensen they are told hannah that she doesn't think it's a good idea for them to fall in love ya sister sounds like a real what jack weight so he's tennessee jed yeah i got it tests or job similar deep cut graver that's ok so we're using yeah time is its means as a judge or jed sisters a big wet blanket
like she was she probably told him that you in one go on the shell from the beginning yes i can i can go on that show you make a fool yourself so she's trying to kneecap this whole thing before it even started sounds to me like maybe she's in love with her brother tennessee while this this is jawdropping and i couldn't decide who to give the final rose to jed or luke p so she gave them both arose which maintained it will have four fantasy sweet date instead of three she just wants to party those days her they have sex they after that foreign debts they check swindles by hannah wait that's actually like you got your test drive the car before my it now has a really smart i feel like that's got to be some type of like bachelor full
yeah no haven't you heard about wage homerun yet letting the policy on early right exactly this is one of those things where you shouldn't do it but there is no specific rule saying that you can't do it does what we call lifehack yes hacked the bachelor et by having more sex you is like i realise that i could get more laid than other bachelor as sex positive podcast is great movie times i honestly though then i'll be out on peace process because over four oh like by just having sex with you no i don't like it oil i showed you not applying crying and dislike not even no one will get a famous loud got all if she knew she might six five times because just sister might be involve yellows true that's a double team right to whom you guys got what are the names left i'm really european jed test
jack does the only two thou are on the notice weeks ago tat go look the guy that found god because it costs too much needs greater ok in the shower too that's coo ee oh yeah well you know what you find a lot of things in the shower they weren't sir look he loved his tell any danny customary found got beautiful ok let's do our mount rushmore mount rushmore of positions very open ended as is fifty i think europe first i am a first year and then take the me we got it boy we got this array i was actually the code the fact that we were able to do that holy shit we are more easy number one for me lying down ok horizontal chill you can do so many things realigned down it's very perhaps the most versatile of positions ok hank now is my number one as well as a high speed down i was worried about you
well you got not saying something and then worry like home it's like a poker it's like i think if i don't say that somebody get it back on the back animate am i don't get it then open ended tough ass eaten season dog so ok would you taken that no out i'm taking quarterback and reverse cowgirl oaken iris back to you ah prince
first cowgirl more fun to watch them is to do it well you i mean this is doing i'm watching what everyone to do yeah me my my legs get tired but you can be your fever position to watch it also council ok we're what was it prince prince prince threats as a royal position pit prince writing a protracted your shit comedies august but what because you probably have no failure because your parents related now no projects inner no pressure you got all the money in all this pressure dude no what are you doing at home without handler equal treatment for all you around all the king no you have to worry about you and all your his end if you fuck up then somebody might namely a penis piercing after you later yeah and if your dad's an asshole and if you're dead dies early and then you become
king early you're gonna basely fuck up gideon buell shithead being the second in command like i forget which you i know that's not a prince in the area of the law harry end which the other guy here he wanted you wanna say first born prince or second porn prince a second second not prince ok aren't scientists the artist formerly known as print yes are ip i pity gets my next one's gonna before back ok i'm going for back the building blocks life as full back and then number three i'm going to go with girl on top ok ok that's very that's a cousin of lying down yet souls reverse calibre i'm going to take sitting sitting we will get a sitting good what would you do everything to do with while sitting had a lot left here wait sitting ok so than out ok was my favorite thing to do while sitting down i don't know heading
can't getting a haircut canonize i guess i'll go with ok so although with reclining reclining hasn't been taken by the thought up i had relying only counties how's lying down a position sittings vision but reclining reclining place because that's one hundred percent is if you like the nice middle ground the golden lion zone battalion down sitting i what is that you're doing right now how do you tell me that lying down his position setting as a and reclining is it again
recline you could do it in office share you can do it in a lazy boy you you can do it even when you're you can only do it without setting down as a subset of section oh i know i'm running right now if you can enter then fly you can only require when you're said a dread and i do so i created a second action one is sitting and then you go into the subsections recline will carry us interested auditing version two point i did a better version is sitting so that raged carpet jake put asterisk i my last one obstacle little off the board here climbing is did it sitting with added features i'm gonna go the position of marijuana gambling should be legalised that's good position i want everyone to have a strong position when he deposition who are hoof disk architecture now you got me thinking yeah yeah but it's a lot of noise is still a lot left diego
by world war to fund fact oh who i would like to know you could do that for honourable mentioned hikes always squeeze in world war to shit and semantics oh man you read history but we can eleventh gray i just realized prince twice i'll just go further by an authentic pinch coach or good that's good position get the boys were piled up that's no stress like europe clearly a locker room guy can i get the boys wild up you know between prince and bench coach is hank a beta yeah he's kind of a guy who doesn't want any of the pressure and just hangs out we don't need the help you want to be around success but you don't wanna be driving that's pretty much it's pretty obvious i pity you last one or two honourable mentions a position of strength so we are negotiating earthly real negotiating against somebody tat you should always do it from a position of strength stroll through what we get what we leave off i have arm had pitcher pitcher middle reliever
middle really i guess you that's gonna reclining sitting think rolled reclining in the middle reliever that's a major hank peggy and that cannot be the clothes wrangling designers special yes bawler first class as good position yeah that's civilization dish itself as it had a boarding yes opposition is is a place that you like sit or located at the front row that's opposition i would say for arose overrated from rows of big time right name one event that is significantly better front row that isn't better second raw strip club no sector or whether all about them you don't get hit with the juices whereupon he rose the circle of you're gonna be weapon it up i want to go with pole position publications are good ones let's see driver's seat wide receiver why she was a good position could be worse positions kicker now disagree ok i come up i was a kid
ok and i thought i thought i was yes very laudable to just you know so only get out you only two years ago i would suck is going to adopt confirmed medfield for rugby yeah medfield we ll have being like automobile lyman group would sarcoma we love are often of women but probably socks guitar tourist socks reaffirmed basis is definitely not the best position in terms of the hierarchy of a band right yes the basin drummer typically hang out together majority mortars the keyboard is usually has the weirdest sacks he's not our schedule in the band these languages yeah they usually just put him in the song running any i'll take a picture and put him under desired yeah logs let's see oh how will this position is very specific
you only got really for bad and he can't and you get on all fours opposition no i honestly that you u doggie style to sunset myself too far for higher honestly nude on our you you guys have not have apart bad i think maybe your bundles just too tight no man will listen to you guys have not even enough leave me i ran up to the old order asked for it you far you old bachelor seeking out hank note the bet big best boarding heave when is just go sit on the toiled on you to tell me hank that you ve never had too far and just can't like like you just feel bad up in the way i know all that i have to fort is one about a fort so it's got a fort my body my body operate in such a high efficiency that i can never do i can never not do something that it needs is also the position that you get when you hit the knots really hard you get all our forces
yes sometimes you that binned overhand on your knees yeah we're never gonna know my knees too far to an interesting area of force or force dogs do it all the time yes exactly and what you know all now you can bring up point because they re just for i'd i like nonstop correct is always that pollution literally ready to fort position as to what we call for an outbreak news i'm all avenues someday my son's gonna come out and will deadline for fort son
this is how we will have this house this is how we for what other positions sitting down to pee early in the morning as your waking up that's nice when i like just let a fuckin fly little treat for herself replacement tired i like that i wish to close your eyes yes still asleep yeah just i'll hit the trash can yeah exactly just live on the edge little thrill nephew had a bone albright appertain you're born for managers go off sound yeah sure you're ok opponents and issue that's that's a pre callback yeah later driver see that's good position for pilot that's physician who would about the catbird see yeah we captured seat is that the one that what's that call the captured seat is is that i dont think is the same as the crows nest but edward sees what you say if like a team is in charge their division level
i go into the stretch the delicate ten gamely other in the catbird seat crows thus woodstock process would suck out that's like the look that's like the cocksucker that's about pathway in adversity primate ownership stride i first made no pressure is the catalan mistook theo you didn't you you you it wasn't your job to find that iceberg rain fronty right here you are talking to set it points out and i call on you don't have to go down with the ships also bad position looking over the edge of a tall building hate that eight that that i like that because it gives you a little william not only are my maid of honor your balls oh yeah that's good that's good i i think we promise i'm sure like always we missed a bunch so let us know what beauregard also punk are to be able to really nimitti basque opposition supporters definitely swing then yeah stretched great three indeed hanks that's thou be good right ass expand tank yeah now i don't want to go to three point our actual is more the mark titus alec former united conqueror
aren't even now covers like i'm pretty damn good basketball placard eta he has prepared got pressure more like a re alan type yap if it in some of the niceties reggie miller like ryan scalp really like fan favoured title like literally mark titus yes grown ass i would ask roma nobody martin hide is public you get like a two year ten million dollar deal your mark titus but you didn't weren't lazy and you didn't give up your dream supplying the nba ibm made it to them yea and then i got lazy got it got it ok i was finish what we got two more segments we have a bad visual for speaking of basketball for me whether got crossed up and it showed game yeah was charity game was like an mba nobody was a charity games still yeah he's playing defence against a guy who's specialty is crossing people up and you
back are you are you gotta give anyone i gotta give law space he's not gonna pull the three no he's not gonna pull up and ensure j maybe floyd was just like maybe use reading his jersey trying to read any get dizzy man that's you can't get you kick it embarrassing to charity like in a charity event like that you just need to show up run back and forth and make sure you don't make enough noise like the guy who gets crossed up the guy who fowls maybe a woman like too hard those guys guys would probably do that guy airborne free throughout those are all things that you don't want to have happened in a charity bass get just don't stand out don't do anything to make noise for herself in that situation graphical boards throw up a couple shots coded do you actually think that if he was trying to read the other guys jersey who get confused i don't think he i don't think that's how works i think he just doesn't even look at it
because i was thinking like maybe that's the issue with conor macgregor when he fought him just kind of get all those tattoos but they're all symbols that strike what if it was the instruction manual for a dvd player somethin flowed was like staring or like dont punch here got d i got it will you then he went no right put or just like say a bunch of things it looked like boxing term yeah it's like what the hell's going on we look at it rightly i knowed paunch i know many far off exactly i'm ok let's finish up with our last too we have both of our interns back to back with you the p m t sports this minute
and then we're gonna go right into guys on ships with silly julie julie football america's paper twitter followers re followed you follow withdrew the morning this a jake morris with a pm tease forth is meeting today more than two hundred and seven ten per se parade right here and at this time to honour the u s women socrates winning the world cup the first time these pages to convene a beer of new york city eighteen eighty six the dedication of the statue of liberty back of the weak a warrant shows yes these are tonight and yet the way is almost over the twilight taking awards are on friday s trophies than seventeen interests always about six point one seven pounds as along solely based on the fact that all like sphere meanwhile for undertakings you get well shout out on a number ones towards hard task finally a coal nugget for last life all star game did happen and we're out of time after pm transports there's minute mr tat mister comments are facts here thanks jake very cool awesome here's silly julie ok
that time of the weakest guys on checks with especial special appearance from silly julie football julie means here we're not do you guys on checks on friday around or we're not i will use licence to jill on friday taking and so jill kind of toll on herself a second ago because we said you're gonna do guys on chicks with us and she goes oh what's that so really i'm not mad but i am disappointed that you have not even listening to every show but that's fine as on chicks is when our female ministers who trust us very much the right into yeah they're related problem though now and as experts on women's bodies having seen at least two of them naked myself we give them perfect advice and solve the problems for we do that the algerian let's do a little catch up with you i can grow relations on winning the world cup as the number one yes are you nervous at all yes i have to
cover my eyes and walk out of a room and even though we ve never the waterline correct but i still get nervous we were tied with england as large scale major the most nervous the english yeah that was tough when you think about the robots about the air at first i wasn't happy and then you have no home help us it will be so you're gonna be approved tomorrow i am going to ruin the parade correct i'm excited to georgia today we re so jill what are you not mad disappointed in us right now this this very second yes that you haven't explained what we're gonna do ok weaker regions he already adjusted right you know whether i was getting well ok right here but i do know is less what else what else have you have you been not mad but disappointed us from the other day from your broadcast on monday ok and let her transmission
i'd like a broadcast as nice dramatic pauses that used well because i want you to know crime it really listen directed at you because i think everybody is disappointed in this one oh now you want to see some ass eating well ok you know if they had with a fracture shoulder good if they asked me to do the homeland derby i would have done so you just appointed if you will but i hockey player would do it absolutely but i am proud of my podcast yes votes one that you were still willing to go through with it we were very important in fact and in the middle of the hammer derby i just i just weeded out like asked
go through with a bed of chapman went totally random totally random time not actually god girls twenty two is no no but i still say there is still a chance i'm addicted to like living on that edge now which is a problem yellow socks he's he's not good enough to win a home and derby i still even a year later even though he is like a thirty one home doesnt hormones no he's not he's too skinny ok we saw last night you need big strong men black grow junior and p alonzo so you're just disappointed him anything ouch up ok and you know let's say you did go through with you back here and one soon as the the proud wears off yeah i'd be disappointed because its
oh i see and hopefully discussing not you know ass play for julie so hang out if head if had cut up a nice little real of where you didn't see any genitalia per se would you watch oh absolute air carrier exactly on each of the other thing before you guys on chicks you also did some research and two weeks ago we had john and we promised that we at some point this summer would hit a gravity bounty other you did your research what did you find out about oh my god i think i'd die just u global gravity bone though you do know i asked i asked around oh you as i am sure i will answer it randomly and along the video taped it but i didn't but i did or a couple random and they said you can't do that
you'll do you feel like you're dead you'll think that you're dead but you'd actually just be really high so that was my so i did people we ok and also i want to give you some credit because you been roasting fools on twitter rose i've been having fun with twitter and i dont really still don't understand all of it but i will not provide the other day when you said i wish i followed you so i ask that other guy france older let's wrap up with some guys on chicks hank is read them jill will give you a stab at whatever question you wanna i end to here with ok my ex one to break because he said i wasn't emotionally stable we talked about it and i said i'd the therapy not even a week later he said he didn't actually mean emotional instability and then just want to be single now he won't stop picking me up a souvenir bower we're on vacation together on vacation saying he just wants to talk to me thoughts interesting
that's it that's a catholic he's not emotionally world point hank savvy move to be like it's not you it's me i just think that you're emotionally in stable and then when you actually go to try to fix yourself is i got just kidding just a joke i say this guy sounds like a real jim i if i were you i would try to as hard as i could get back with them seems like he's got it all figured out we think shall carry me but he didn't make it back whatever he wants and shut the door basic anchor nice you'd better go it's not you it's me as in all i would like that song by bianti to the left has left the thing the box with a laugh the under we're part of this question is the was a vacation trinket or something what the fuck are they buy on vacation together they bought legacy
what it would say a female bought inspector desert that's a weird i want that that i worked out i can't there's a lot of attachment that i have anything you bought on vacation together i'm telling you it's not worth it a shot last from detained a beach just give it to you you can order another one online yeah through amazon eliminates the need for vacations altogether sup boys especially julie a guy note duffy not me because i'm a girl still has done his taxes and in file for an extension what should he do who have you i've been convicted of tax fraud yeah now really that's crazy crash one idea that i had to get around paying taxes was just to move all the time if you move every year can catch up to write
also disappearing ink i feel like that something is going and come back soon pay taxes right your checks in disappearing or blah what about that paper that old book issues we can just put it in large dissolves right away yeah like that and then hopefully they just you know i feel like i asked people for the most part spill a lot you know their walking around with hot coffee just spill in on themselves gross ties all that stuff are you gonna pay that's all they do yale calorific i use an accountant ok and i'm gonna paying tax is but you know what is his problem that hers at some point when you get older do you have to pay less taxes because like you're just older and you're not to be around long it's like you're probably just go use a sidewalk another twenty year rise like hook on these all rhode island in years these will be eroded no matter what you pay
what i pay more taxes and probably a long nose wax to write the strict beheld her couch that you were right about that was thought well you will feel julie's will between well between became an eye what percentage of your state we have control you would have country over give you thirty percent only less binding cigarette wait thirty each or thirty tell thirty total you'd have to cause i do have the others yeah the earth which are your children migrant children just servile knows kid axed supplies
actually drug attic pierre to you i'm not a drug addict i don't do that johnny guy just do drugs overseas yeah that's the super hard guy on tender boldly men up i realize whose five inches shorter than parentheses on five e o day went well but now he or she wants to be interrelationship how do i tell him he's too short again some fifty first of all this is it this is a major you problem because you just said the date went well if the guy's five point three and he wild you eddie swept you off your feet with his tiny little arms while hazel allow mandates romance we could get you want to do is easier to sweep you off your but still you know what you're doing you a favor if you dont go on another date with them that can be that big these have to lead a on though five with three ash short guys already got a lotta insecurities you know what am i i can't understand can relate to that guy
wait maybe he walks tall gonna lie with a lot jos literally like four eleven that i am frankly because i always claim to be five foot one slash two can lower about an hour the sunrise carried themselves as a taller person you know you know and you see what's your name small boss knows stark oh are you sure it's not area that other one john starks
what's on michael jordan you a short and he told you aren't you won the journalist brothers lucy tall and his sword sophie turner saw something tat s also something so santa start yet erech i and so you know i mean it could work never advocated a millionaire that change the chamber ass you could be if you have money like i get so much money doesn't mean i can lose at least ten inches people we liked i don't care so actually there's something to this though because if your guy you're better off either being like six what five or you're better off being like forfeit five i feel like five foot three to five foot five is just like a five three like five nine is no five three to five five is like a dead zone you're no man's land at that point but at least for shorter girl looks like you're like that guy he's about corporate level right there is a nice you probably get like underneath the cabinet real quick fix some norman like young
in our view an antidote beaver level he's or no signs here ok next enjoy the sorry hey built cat pure fine talent hank daddy and would slang and liam my boyfriend's has a peep owner is difficult situation than anything a wooden does physically outside of childbirth please tell me how and why okay so as i understand also jill do this one guy job will you explain appeal i have no idea what you're talking about what is your best shot p boner here literally i'm thinking you're paying any that's the way i understand it is its common
i got in the morning yeah of war or liberal morning would you walk to the bathroom and you still have to pee yes and it's tough to pee through the bonus for us because imagine is like a letter batting donor that she's been slid really really tight around your urethra that's all the blood and so it's tough to push through there if you can your liable to burst of blood vessel they sounds like us a metal straw but like bended a little bit and you can't really get it you know there's a lot going on zan goes one direction and what's with the tracks calculating unnatural irrational depends you guys to the left lobelia i next i will go to one more question for julie
why why do some old people smell like soup guy jill provision is smell euro quick you may smell me quickly not done smelling soup then smell like vegetable beef no no but why is it why do you old people strike soup because i dont think they truth be told think they bathe after they eat and they slobber because we can't get everything and you yeah my dog was after some time most fredo's or there's other reasons whichever soup my favorite soup yeah it's always chickens chicken soups good jeffrey soup after dinner now i should try fills in the cracks also makes you knowing you like it's not like soup here but i think
there's a deeper meaning in this than what i'm getting real lives will it could be sexual oh ok sex with soup i well i wouldn't fuck soup out for a soup can we not what yeah
jill i'm not hearing there i mean don't don't on fridays let me look at the first page i'm not talking about an handle soup can hank that has led to the metal edges on it i'm talking about enables a cup noodles or desirable accompanied it subtler bread bowl of soup yes now you're talking about something you can really nice little bumper nickel hypersonic powder a mighty idolize ass riding up warm it up a little bit i think we just came up with the plaza american pisces evan yes there we go all people young and old people yo because if you took a cup noodles and then cut a little hole on the bottom like you see people do in the movie theater popcorn yet diamond you just a k want some of the soup oh my god is the sausage soup jokes on you that's it who julie silly
really thank you so much ain't you guys jill enjoy enjoy the parade and socks i m excited to see the video content that comes out of it you will see it let me guess
david david what what what what what what paper people didn t but what do i do
i'm gonna do its part it take presented by bar stool sports
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