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Dan Patrick, Playoff Pee Pee And The Clippers Are Frauds Plus MNF

2020-09-16 | 🔗
The Clippers are officially dead. Playoff Pee-Pee showed up at the worst time and the Nuggets played a fantastic series (2:33 - 9:48). The Heat beat the Celtics in game 1 with an all time Bam block (9:48 - 12:51). MNF clean up and Big Ben is back (12:51 - 20:19). Will the Big Ten play? Hopes are high (20:19 - 27:36). Hot Seat Cool Throne including the US Open and CJ McCollum roasting people (27:36 - 40:51). Dan Patrick joins the show to talk about his show going to Peacock, gambling, hot takes, and the 3 on 3 PMT vs DP Show battle that needs to happen (40:51 - 83:05). Segments include Kickers Psychology couch, Trouble in Paradise Allen Robinson and the Bears and Guys on Chicks.
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Today is part of my take. We have our friend Dan Patrick, on the show great conversation with DP. He is now at the car the Peacock stream reserve. He cocking. We talk everything sports hot takes gambling we're going to go up to eradicate and play the Dennis beyond three Billy. You are in that game yeah so which will convert east and the whole concern fact that we're all come old. Now, have you ever do play basketball game? Applegarth yeah, like us, Bob, whereas what we said now, I can see from the outset honest, yeah, better than play off people get to say I'll, be here. We gotta we hot, see, cool thrown? We have guys on checks, great ones, they show for you. It's all brought. You buy the cash out. Now is the easiest place to send money to your friends. It's the safest, Go right now use the cash app. The cash app is the best
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He has just made a mess of his desk aboard is what do you do? Usually we remember why I dont idea Billy Headphone, so we could hear himself, so he can maybe talk how in thy right off now already you knocked over before you know many electronics where'd you knocked over the rebel it's insane was. It should be released. Very I've already positively. As I had been long I'd it's Wednesday, the LOS Angeles clippers are dead defunct. Clown. Show point of p p is the worst ever What do you re? A jig sprang the red Light Anal, because the private person to have around for these type of things you went into action. He got the you get the stuff to clean up. My gonna get back on ice good side, though, because the result of ex night, so Hank has been lashing out at Jake and fortunately for Jake Billy, just fuck.
So now Jake is taken to himself like I got this. May I don't that we have a heat fan in this room: Jake Kay, is a huge heat. Fair. I don't think there's another podcast in the world that has a die hard heat van on it. So It's great that you're here have t seem to european micro loans, have obligated Butler Guy, who taught me a time eight and now in the NBA move I've level the mob. He is he's, sadly in the top ten, but yet we mandatory for Jim we respect J, but on his part, gas and Jake was was very happy with the result. We need to make a mares bet on parliament. Between Jacon Hank ethics in the heat, it's good one. I think he cake related, but I think that the loser should have to bake a cake of the there's choosing for the winter, and then they had documents process have to actually I bring into the office that way. We all it's really just so that we can take Just like you like alive stream. Sunrise to us the cake like a full kick I think you should make a kick. You be
kid you, then you have to pass a test until you make a good cake, no yeah, I think you have tried you at all. Look at all the rest will get on carrying out the cake on purpose, we'll get a real chef. What we did on which we could have gone rams. You haven't rate. Is it to Caesar Rubbish, India speaking a cake o were asking ok. I think arms are enough. In that same here, you're, right, diapers or fraud slippers are the big off rods. All pass thinks he's. Who takes the fourth mortar. I think I've ever seen somebody be as bad at their job as as will really the entire clippers inference. Was we ok all right, so I dont want. I don't want to do what we usually do, because obviously the story is, The big story is the fraudulent clippers, because all we tall we heard about was how They were, I bought into it as like all. How could you be quiet, Leonard in Portland, Paul Georgian and Patrick Beverly like this is gonna, be insane quite sought.
Why was very bad six for twenty two Paul Georgia for four sixteen, but let's at least give, credit to our nuggets, we're nuggets podcast. They were incredible yeah they were They were awesome, they ask she forced the clippers to just quit. And that fourth quarter, there's losing and then thing, the way the clippers lost, which was pathetic. Disgusting a poor. I we had effort is appropriate in the raw yes date they quit they terrible vision, feel terrible insulted my intelligence as sports fan, believing in them. They made me sick to my stomach. I have diarrhoea now more because they are poor of you yet, while Pooh Pooh Plath L its eye off p, it's crazy. I don't know this good, heartache. My my computer's regulars but I'm going say it anyway. Wait. Wait ask me for permission: go there cannot get another guy parisian Other granted. I actually do
no, how you bring play off p back next year. I that's right, I don't. I don't know how you have what you ve just watch emulate. Let's bring back the same core and hope that call. The James ardent think we're coming times guests in the plan for it like this guy just he's. You know what I'm doing. Poppy you're you're, not a second banana dude you're you're. A third I you're a third piece it, but I think that in this case was a little bit different because joke which is like such a big physical dude, spotting, that's just demoralized at a time. Somebody can just back you down and you can't you shit about it is, I think he always by what thirty forty pounds yeah, I don't know a joke into his weight fluctuate like yours. He can be like to sixty days a year or two twenty and lastly, how much I sodium did. You have passed meant just doing the eyeball test on who, by the way, he does look like the Serbian both her brother. I can't get out of my house either he was just back down and a test. I think he always about thirty five pounds, so it's tough
when one is when you keep getting back down like that, Domini on the glass, then that facts you at the other end where you like shit. I must be I'm not very let us Emma he had sixteen twenty two and thirteen and the thirteen is what I notice like he he's always making a great task as a running pickin raw up top, and then he just makes a great pass for one of his veto. Teammates to get a wide open shot. I am Another sit here and say that they're gonna be a pushover. Awhile, I'll say right out later dares not consent. Madam president, I think the dogs I mean, I became a Nux guy Davis. Disrespected them sweet data on all its gentleness rhythm colony, switchboard games to one they're gonna, gentlemen, swept away, I think, our way through the entire play. I don't get me wrong. I think the leakers, like, I think, even when the series I just don't I'm not going to say there is good We bore five games, energy
Anthony Davis there might be a moment shutting down to how does it mean not shutting down but- and I guess, we're through up three year- the coverage of three one in the series I think Davis might outweigh joke, which are least their close. So, I ain't that Davis condemn up normative. Course he can't ever gives a great defender, but this is not. I don't. I will see it's gonna be, I think, soon be more fun. Just writing off, but the cliffs suck the clever suck the Clinton's I yeah unworthy everyone hates the cliff and with it the roll out of the clippers other, even clippers fans. I want to hear any Munoz welcoming a middle dickhead from yeah he's like together. Italy's Priscilla Crystal for I can do now is up penny Marshall are IP. That tells you everything they eat dinner, but joking, I do out alive. I do like watching, implies examiner grave, except for the fact that
thank you leisurely again leaving his Josie. I thought that's fine clean that up. I like you'll, get it he's going out first job in reality to fifty three who major wait: avail kindly you'll, get lost all their weight talking about, unlike their boxers. Wouldn't when I reach, I need to know how to accurately mispronounced his name. It's joking so it's your I'm komio Joker. Yes, Nikolai Yoke, Jerry! You guys get a lie. I other game, Hank Bam. You got banned you got me. I've got emerald, gauzy, doubtless an incredible incredible block. I feel like because We went right games. Seven. There was enough credit to that block. I this. I feel it gave a seven year like something that happened. I've only seven, they came one. We want even Amazonia. Seven came one day s, mind the heat and Celtics are going every single gave could be like this. I think These two teams are so evenly matched Tat. A lot was incredible. You
admit. That block was incredible. It was absolutely crazy. I mean it's like the mixture whisky screenshots words like the there, so many screenshot them, Why are you going works and I agree that was a master. No, I just I'm using example light there is screenshots Jason Data looks like there's. No way that he doesn't doses left hand to the others know is even dominant, hinder, blocked it. Now What we have to do with moment, like that is figure, if it was the best block of all time in India, history, deafening better than the chase down viable Braun. The recent about how we voted on those there has been broad, being lazy and lay waiting for a moment is actually an impressive block it really is more than others from forty fourth quarter and they just had like some of the worst possessions they had three possessions with a minute left: a regulation where they're just had like isolation, stepped back three regimes hard possessions, and then there was bad listen. I I listen to one that came out of it and overtime, love the HE culture, J crowded I mean what a roller that guy is. How would you ever let that guy go from your team?
that's a guy that you want a week because everyone just treat me like how do you what why the bulls trade, Jimmy Butler I this oh great, basketball, great basketball, I'm actually more excited for this eastern I first, I think I am for the entire NBA files. I guess as long as it's Lakers Celtics, I think the Lakers win four hundred and twenty one It's the Lakers heat, I think they went forward to this series- is my personal files, because it is our most vital because this can be found a watch every like you said there, certainly very area. Even yes, and there are neither team ever has like a any second where they look later taken a moment off. Yes, yes, The by the way, so take how you feeling. Overall, got were good no, I mean I feel that we should have one that game easily we're gonna fight back in wind like three other next. For he had it for me to feel good. I don't feel good, then you would you
well not have won the serious, but I feel good. If you went through Nora Breed, feel better out feel good. Ok, I do I wouldn't. I will not feel good until the I gotta question, what's up with Camel Walker shot made a good now how many he was good in the crunch like he was gonna, hear kept up. We need to step up jailer natives stud book like what's up with Campbell Walker. Oh, I love Dasa, whose enough the game tragic calling Marcus Mart three smart bonds endorsed by this marked bombs, as he called it a smart. I love it good this here, for I gathered how many children that girl that Smart landed on you. Many when was that basketball. We monitor football big. And is officially back yard He looks and not only is back in terms like findings rhythm as a passer by
bag. I think you design that sleeve that he wore the delay. Custom made whether I feel like big, been, has entire line of pharmaceutical devices that he just like invention his garage, Amsterdam. I've, never seen all like that, but he here look like big ben of old milking couple times he got knocked down. He probably sits in his doctors office and takes the meetings when, like the pretty little bought blonde comes in and shows like all the new farmers to settle things. That's ok! Can I see your chair for for the afternoon, every athlete retires, they become pharmaceutical device. Salesman Ben is going to become a purchaser he's like work for giant hotspot has at its height. We need Marie Condo to go over to his garage. She opened the door and issues fall, like walking boots. What difference? What brings you joy? Then? All of all the times I of a single one of everything but yeah he was. It was a Master class Ben. He was limping like to place in he had some eight drives. He looks good even
a moment were eyes Office of Lyman got hurt, which I think he's out for the year and we're giggled about the the clip William Wanna retreated because they often Lyman actually to get her but Ben went and fell and basically acted like he was more hurt. The added up its alignment who had just torrent is easy. Oh yeah! Well, he saw the other guy. Was her big, been as sympathy parents for anyone all round and enjoy islanders? Ok, they continues was a three tuna. My destiny, up, very trots, yeah when we all huge one for the Islanders and then the game video. Is Turkey, yeah he's a straight up. Turkey, that's the only word I can use described, because the clock management at the end was almost as biggest story as future hall? Famer s cowskin missing those? What for kicks, the clock management was just his philosophy, was
I think he's gonna miss another kick, and so I don't need any time of the clock for when he does that. Yes, which stood still makes no sense, because If he admits that kick Even in so even if there was like fifty five, seconds a minute left. It doesn't matter you eat. It makes a little makes no difference. You can still round the clock out if you get it was. I think this happens every year, though with them. Second, one in a game it just it just devolves into absolute crap. You like it was there was a moment at one in the morning was after this house, MRS Third, carefully what my watch him right now: a jury, Judy's drop and balls guest. Huskies missing kicks. Gordon, actually look good but like I just said to myself: why am I still up? Because I want off yet because for Bob you know why we're all up watching as because we just went do like six months where we would have yet killed a drifter to be able to watch a meaningless money for Bulgaria. You know you have those moments of clarity where are you where you have you like- almost have a three
Steve you of your life, you, like worry, do yeah. I had a moment. I was just kicks ass proposals, so that game was yet. It was some my able credit to him her brain Gus, Chaskey out there for the last kick it reminded me of you, know the ending of Tin cup. I know that the young guys haven't seen took up yet you haven't seen, took up Neuro Ventnor. They have they. Definitely I am agreeing with Boeing. Kevin costs are kept, hitting is three would into the water over and over and over until he got a right. That's what rebel wisdom with his stickers he's like we're. I keep Goin out there were. I keep trying to kick out here. How many miss I'm gonna kick kicking, he wouldn't kept us gas gonna field until excessive, six o clock in the morning just after the game over until one. Yes, it's true, it's true. I it was thoroughly it was drawing to watch him, get out there and try to make it So what else we have anything else, any other clean up. Why I put us on Twitter because allowed people were asked me about it last night, but I am still opting out the Unifil Seasons plus but stop asking. But if
Taylor, and if, if MIKE me up of rapes in me up in already, and if I talk to read a little bit, but if we ll Compton hit me up there, their colleagues right shadow will compromise the way you tat I had actually the one that was the reason Gusinsky hid it any also on a hug me Alex not yet I also to play basely the whole game after Evans, through a punch in the first quarter, yeah so big low of four four wheel. Compton, but if our colleagues need my help, I'm not gonna my colleagues by India by way One last thing about football: how should he was it of yes paean? To put an unbelievable booth with her in Fowler in game. One animal Here's our new booth in to hope you stay up.
Yeah Herbie, empower I'm Sergio dip or non over. They usually did. Second game is usually the weird book collecting game you actually like. Co might get Michael Joyce Limited Travel, Maria tellers ART in New York for still young devours lockdown began. Agree, though, in fact him leave easily gave an incredible booth and everyone loves universally loved, her being found, or consular prose great chemistry and then not even saying the greasy Riddick and leave you did a bad job put together. Go to them. It's a tough action yet Herbie and fellow the big knock was like I don't I've gotta be able transition to the NFL News, Flash like they know every single clear on the field already gradually called them when they were in college and also the chemistry is the most important bright they could narrate Hank taking a shit now would watch on tv, I know this is crazy but like. Why can't you both? Is that too? basing remotely. No, no, no, they do the Saturday night Game, oh yeah yeah private plain ever they basically offer plant, they should have they should
crew literally carry their bodies so thick it up on the point like Spiderman heavenly he's a heroic. They give him night cool and they they land in the in the monetary capacity carry their bodies lamb into bed, and then they would cup in that city, and then they have all Sunday to recover. Like. I like a freeze chamber during the week. Why not football problem is by far the hardest dying guide and take your product tag on tat watch inside, but here I think no Poohpooh, like our brains autumn, ethically go back to like them. Like my game, which, think was sixteen years ago by some Graham is so great as it was MIKE Mike and then another might they added my dick area of those three MIKE's.
That was incredibly, it's also the Sergio dip game. He ever forget. It signals at Lahti Dossier seventeen upon his blocked, yes, disappointed the Berman block AIM. It's always a little rex. Rhine was one army out of all its always everyone's. I think I may say so We all remember this everything just unveiled their New Madrid, I football crew. After a great game with, like the ace, why I think you'll be fine. Was the into rhythm Buddha falling falling that knowledge gained, a crew is tights impossible there. There are the best there the best and then your big tennis back. But on my calls, ok yeah, I dont know, I shall stop worried out, I think it is. I think what we need, separate the rumours from the facts, because there were a lot of rumours out there, not a lot of facts, so, to clean it up. Rumour the neighbours Mr President, was caught on a hot MIKE saying that the seas are coming back. Rumour fat, Sir Yacht reporting that is coming back so for well, actually
first reported by Jeff to do ok, tell that actually aegis he wanted wonder credit him after the brass get a cap of life. So I think what happen. In Syria. I trust he's been give easier and has given me hope I'm pretty sure he's made up a lot of things, but that's ok how things are ya. We start as a parity count that just to try to get big cat interest, yes and the fact that the big ten receives what I'd. So I think ask your president what what what has happened is. I do think the big can be back. I think they're gonna Nazi tomorrow. Theirs there's a mini power play inside the power play. That Nebraska was feels like they are. The team did spearheaded this man, Scott frosted we're gonna leave the big ten player on season, so they feel like they are responsible for the big ten coming back. So essentially the Kyoto accord. MIKE, I got news hot MIKE, yes, said it to basically get the credit that
Nebraska deserves, which I will absolutely say they deserve it, and now the big ten in a power play is being like. Well, fuck, you were not can announce its Kevin, worn. Don't want you to make you look like you: today because he said like they we're going to announce that the big comes back right now there are worn out small just like you, but you are wrong right. Your report last count and also Kevin worn, wants to save a little bit of greatness. Is he's exclaimed the Rajah Goodell of the vat anywhere he says what everybody else tells him to say, and then he get shit on for everything that happens. So he's received from face it's not gonna work. Everyone still gonna like it's gonna make em look even worse. Now because I go you fly flopped on it and then the pact twelve. I don't think anybody really cares it strongly like there's, there's all your we gotta go, we gotta worry about. You know we in Syria fucking what I'm saying. I warn you. There hasn't been a Nebraska, the pact of yet I'm pretty sure Oregon state has been trying to be the Nebraska. Just nobody is paid attention to.
Current Slovak did write a letter to Gavin Newsome, so that's at least getting things moving further stated. California, hopefully I do things say literally on fire yeah. Well, they play maybe you'll forget about today's game in the middle fire right, we do where's, your sensory aye aye, Sir Yacht- why is it. What even his name was Sir Yacht is a fairly troughs. Reality is is the least big ten name of all time, whether that should be a pact, twelve yeah. He should go to war. Usually Sir Pontoon Disease, a big ten guy s c. I do think the big tears back. That's all I want it seems could be October. Seventeenth, eight games season Fine. I have. If I really want to get ahead of myself now we're sitting here and it has not been official but I did as have aside conversation with some my friends from my colleague friends to end. The conversation did end up being
there's an eight game schedule. We don't have allowed state on the scheduled. This might be the best chance that Wisconsin ever has to go the cultural, that's a fact. That's how far back, and that is a fact, it games. Anything can happen again games if I you just play our division and then the crossover isn't like super hard just gonna win one in India disseminating! That's it! I wanted it. He's got a window I'll just be legends for sixty six sixty minutes and then go to the college football. We often get. The shit kicked out of us by clubs. I don't know, what's gonna happen, I'm I'm just it's so excited that football is actually going to be at a main part of our lives for the next fortify. My feels great, I was worried because I was worried as as recently as MID August. Football wasn't gonna work, guess what football we place, football words parts were still little worried. Yeah. I still little worry quicker, quick,
this league update Clippers Guard Lou Williams after the game said. We fight laughed, be pretty much we had championship expectations, we had the talent to do it, didn't have the chemistry to do it, a paying hey! You had a team dinner, a bad was magic city. Maybe she signed a player who you know, used a bang coaches daughter and destroy. How long do you think till peace, gettin teabag by his dark all's resting directly on his arm, that's, but that's the play off PETE! That's my play off, be something some guys brought their families in Accidently taking a picture with his people's balls rest directly on his arm. That's what that's the play off p! That's my play off pay something some guys brought their families in Paul George just brought his dog into the bubble. Dragon is huge and nuts behind him. Leaving a trail he's, got way off p in his house either. Those like the key He swingers they have that they have the actual swing. The fox swing he's got. These got like a whole
for his dog, the elevated sites, dogs balls, could his rest autumn it all up, you're allowed, did I can't. I almost feel that results. We will close the feeling that it could be a blessing in disguise if he takes his really hardy spends next five months, do nothing but just eating comfort food. Potatoes and meat loaf all the time, and he puts on sixty pounds flat, pale fat play off p. I'm totally on board with I. Actually, I wonder, can you like give back your contract because if I were Point F, P are not even joking and I dont know how much money is play off p made by way hope we never ever call him by his real name again. If we just keep saying play off p for everything, so please help. Has to have made. He's very he's his contract right now is a hundred and thirty nine million dollars. Ok, so how much money has he made, though in his career, because what I would do it, I'm not Joe
I would give my money back. You have it two hundred and seventy million in hundred untold thousand seven hundred and twenty five he's mate, correct or he's gonna make gotta since two dozen town with the pace. Ok, so he's eyes over two hundred million, including throughout this conscious, ok, two weeks, so that does that does count what still has left what does he made, though Gimme the number these made was given the bank earnings Ten seasons is one hundred and forty four million iron parliament want only forty five. If our him I'd like rip, by contract, throw it away. I don't want that money and then go sign like a two million dollar, your contract with the Lakers and be the fourth banana every Davis, the broad and crucial Yeah, I mean why not and no one will care. One hour will think about you. All you have to do is just make one decency shot the play, I'm not saying yes and then you're Mr Clutch, then you're the new road or go to the warriors yeah. That's it because the warrior God I would ruin the worryingly takes the David Wes deal.
Yeah? He should start ring chasing now, yeah it like thirty here so and I'm done I've done trying to be play off p man. I do actually kind of your bathroom, I'll say something nice about play p. Actually like issues. I argue shoes and wear them. Sometimes they could be a lot with that's really the only thing that separates and from James hard right now, the ad He's better shoe! Yes, yeah! That's it! That's your fortune! power plants be really should get. He should have gone to a press conference in a hardened jersey yeah. But remember this guy's guy Snigsworth, this guy's, a bigger, disposed palm. Been a recent bomb. I was you She called thrown hats, what's wrong, this week's brought you buy bud light on the cool thrown this for policies, and our full backs are back in action. Bringing grit to life on the feel what which IRAN with coal beer in hand just these tightens up the trenches, delivering called unsuspecting blocks on defenders, but like delivers cold, we are to your door or
now order. Yours now sorry at bud like dot such delivering, get ready for the games, but, like a calm, slash, delivery, Hank. Ah my hostages, love car to be in her what asked p r divorcing offset. Oh yeah, oh ok, singer That is that is some news. Hank at some Good NEWS, the sun rose advocacy. I mean I'm, I'm sad. That love is on the high seas but rebounds earth on the cool thrown savagely. Indeed, Carnegie him here, my other hot seat is Carol. Baskin. Sorry, ah shoes on stars. She was a horrific dance, really plain fast and loose with the word stars on this. Where are we? yeah I was, I was something she are actually terrible dancer and then her dead husband family took. Add that ran right. So, like her dance, commercial break, her dead.
Stanley being like Karel Basque and murdered arson fuck. Yes, that was probably a ban sure abc and into the stars like we're, not happy. That's kind of how optically it played out- and that's all I was talking about- was like the advertisement. Will they took the money for right? I guess I'll yeah yeah. I think I think ABC play this. They played both sides like a fiddle. Yes absent. Good for them. Absolute love when corporations a middle that Russia could job Disney Karabakh suggests she gives off. I will Where do you live yeah? She does. She gives off we'll be fine and then one morning I'll make some pancakes no ba like this. I needed like that, the guy Robert Darzac, it's like I killed someone numbers can still going through life, but like I'm, not really denying it like I'm just like I'd like I'm a killer, I thank God. I can't believe I got away with it. I can't write my head around whether she's a genius for doing this by hiding in plain sight or dissolving blowup interfaced, because she killed them, which I I would yes gently legibly,
you can say whatever you want, allegedly error doing data storage, has to be the worst move. Yeah declared case hot as hell. I think your underestimate the rush you must get if you get away with murder right. I have to imagine that if you do that, like you, you kill somebody for twenty years or, however long it's been, you dont get caught. You probably feel like you can do whatever the fuck you want. For the rest, your life, yes That's good point, that's good point. Ah, ok, but she creature, yes bitter! my cool down as us you guys ADA fuels p empty twitch. We finally are set up in the studio, we're starting tat are more consistent. Schedule, checked out paint permitted I'm getting good a gulf. Pierre to wipe out shut and sixty four the pc hook up are no. Why we didn't set this up in our studio a year ago, but were Gucci Blake captors is tearing it get it that goes nicely into, why that's my cool thrown so save up that for later, but my hot seat is insomnia because
Pepsi is making sleepy cola desire, They're making COLA for Bedtime Scott Lavender under a minute yea, no more night tears for big cat. If you drinkin nighttime Pepsi yeah, I if you like, if you drive something really cold at bedtime. It's to refresh It would keep you awake yeah. Yet a warm up is yes. Building bottle. Yeah yeah the output, and maybe I like I did it. I baby it showed it is a nickel f, a topic and I speak freely. First, second theirs! I so I moved a cup a couple months ago and I have a dick microwave how have you hung on that for this long iconic didn't really connect, because it's a little bit below the deck don't go you're taller than skipping right, but it's it's like it's more like kneecap. Its belly is if down like the my apartment is not I know right away the one good benefit of having everything built.
Lower? Is that it's great pissing in the sink try for me, but I mean having it Michael that levels of great. If you have a toddler, that's walking round about learning depressed button, Joe you write, so the problem is, I put his bottle in my wave to warm up is milk, and, if I can put His head like right next to the microwave. Every time and a pretty sure either a genius or his brains, could be for you, he's gonna. Do you wanna rendered saying that. But how much money you would put a baby in the microwave for yeah yeah? What was your answer? Was thirty thousand now just to put an end to seconds away in actually turn on this now is that you're different area for free? I significant money, then so yeah, now would not now, although he's a toddler now have only what we did in the microwave anymore, but when he was a baby
He did we now to fit it. If it I mean, I just can't believe they haven't made content out of a dick microwave. Yet I yeah I got it. We ve got to get you make your. We gotta get your Mitchell Travesty, Jersey, eight that you can put in there. I know it didn't Donna me because its small, its shorter than my dick, like if it was truly dick level out have been right away, like hey guys, check this out its little too too far down. We did have a really good outwits grab level for Michael, where there is no it isn't. Yes, what ever gonna put in there. Please bottle how in maybe my baby would I like to keep losing. I would just looked down out, even if I had a good thing, a pup corn in my hands. I would look down like no that's too. For yeah I can't be bothered, while its by all department. I do there was There's none of counter space for my grave, so we had to put it under in like underneath and then pull it out every time, citizen after
That really will make you daddy, popcorn, yes, tat! A lift up a microwave, unlike plug in chat yeah yeah plug in making our own is the course the courses back the! U S opens about be played a wing foot this week. The up. And there's some videos coming out of caddies, like just throwing balls onto greens and watching them, roll off There is one that was on forty seconds. If you had four forty seconds, the green. So after getting emasculate the last couple years, the USDA has decided it's time to take back the open air I lied and eyed the wings What it looks like it is gone fully. Rogue right now, it's gonna, be a credible citizenship. Purpose said: well, do my cool thrown first, I have golf fans on my cool thrown, because not only do we have the course, but we have patch agreed in Jordan, speak teamed up their third there in a threesome on Thursday and Friday who's. The girl, those guys, those guys hate each other yeah. That doesn't eighteen they, the big blue, the Ryder CUP. Will,
I don't think you can put Patrick read in appearing with somebody will be again hell yeah. I get the Gulf Patrick Right, put member this reserve speaking in red, were awesome in the Ryder CUP and then in two thousand eighteen speeches like now I don't buy that guy any and then the disaster they, U S, got smoked, greed and his wife went on a tour being liked your speech, an asshole, so they get to play together. That will be awkward yeah. Behold me, while I hear your Iphone pocket for your wallet and at my hot seat Adam case is officially on the hot seat, because peace to your man ranted autumn, my green. Burke said: Adam gazes, unqualified, coach youthful by man. You know a good greeny rant, because a good reason grant is enough anger and then
nothing memorable about it whatsoever. Yet with a fight, they is. My green burg is the most unqualified person to say who's, qualified coaches for both my Greensburg right. He had like permission slipped from his parents to not come We were close to a football field. Until he turned eighteen. I just love greeny rats because they're so scripted and there's the lake careful what that when Greece beaks from the heart who you when you think about like on tat creators out there. You can think of something memorable, they said or like some opinion they had like all they really put her. You know not on a line for that greenhouse well yeah. Greening Rennie's waited until what we too of the atom gazers this week. Three year three year three week, two of the atom gaze experience to save it, he thinks he's not a good coach greeny. As Adam Gaze, is being escorted out, he's like I've had enough of Adam gazing, with their green is still waiting to formulate its first opinion on like eight awaits and
he is he's a guy that will help nest on it, like it's an egg that is keeping one here, wait for a long time. I Billy finishes up and then we'll gets damned Patrick, so I too the hot seat. One was big benzoin boot one was Carol bastions. Are it manually? Aren't you got my new one? is she calm roasted the clippers the nice, so who's, your hearty the covers nice. You got to get a better one, fixing about alligator, better nazis, tropical vacations, because Eighteen direful not has nothing to do with you. I know you like with me right now, are you now all because the various not honour it seems that is both the plane. The battle for Atlantis, the moving from the bomb as to the sand. The Pentagon in South Dakota, let some the silence of worker Sandford Pentagon, including Duke that's, that's, that's all
watch out for Attorney General Yea- might get tight by car Bahamas. South Dakota same yeah yeah Thomas not Rushmore, violate Billy. You have an easy hot see where she could a cool, thrown your haters. Why cause you're? we focus on school on Sunday. See won't be. I won't be here on Sundays, so the Haters school throughout by everybody but hot see Are you to play school? The Billy stands, which there are Billy stance. You, old, not here Billy on Sundays, using their history? The seizure of marriage? My last we before I finish this class, they did vote. They wanna play no more, but I don't think there was going to go out like that on the clippers get good for seizure and its forty, because people are saying that suggest should not be talking that shit about the clippers, because Obviously the blazers are no longer in the past, but I I can recall the blazers ever looking as pathetic as the key
personally, I won't see Jays having game village back after Daimler member had that big fight with all the cliff earth. Yet when he misses free throws- and they were talking about them- gonna can't Kuhn and Paul George. And everything. So I think this is fair play our Aaron Rodgers, on the cool ceremonies. My shit, but he went off, has weakened the right thing. It was very, very collapsible. Have you noticed his beard? I've, a prediction to make about Aaron Rodgers Facial here this year, so he's growing, active, big, hips durability looks like a bartender, and I think that at least by week, ten or eleven he's gonna shaded into an ironic mustache, even think he might do the curly key area, because our boys do the waxing thing at the UN and its go, go Aaron Rodgers, so goofy funny he's gonna be look, he's gonna, look like a guy. Who would give you some cocktail? You never heard of in a steel mug in Brooklyn, yeah, hey check this out. Scott Finland yeah. It's socks, yeah we're gonna, make our own realities, cheer, ah ha
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at this point across country, more jealousy: animal ass, three, zero to nine equal housing option. Good across country mortgaged com for licensing an disclosures, Ok, here is the impact ok. We now welcome on our good friend recurring guessed. It is Dan Patrick. Dan Patrick shows now on peacock streaming on peacock, you need to get peacock, they don't have it do it right now, then, Patrick streaming every single day, ah great to have you back on day, Congratulations on going active NBC would you believe No, you don't. You did leave yeah sort of sort of laughed and then when they gave me the opportunity to come back and be parted peacock than I thought. Well, let me I'm I'm ready to go back in. Yeah. Have you learned to not giggle when you say streaming on: Peacock Get Peacock its
It's funny to me. Still I, who with these set design. There we're just shit like it. It's it's the many did Patrick show you guys have a basketball hoop because you, like them lop around and shoot hoops in low contact, and we have advanced, pressing squat rack is where real men why french Press in a squad rack as well, who no one use, no one on your, maybe behind the scenes guys. Polly does and MC loving does. Actually I'm not surprised World Mcclelland prolonged, does not ban she'd What does he back? She's Kevin Durrant? Lower? and start to twenty five down get No, I swear, he did we had a contest, I've never been more proud of dance when big Levin twenty five three times. Why ass pretty? question that it is, his arms are like four feet: long, each, yes,
No, he is is Durrant like in his size for per hour space there I might first real question is: are you promised me big, ten football, and now I don't have it so now, lighting idea, ha ha. You got decided I told you well you're not alone, because everybody else who said I thought you said are coming back October tent, they said no. The target date is October. Tenth that allow the play ten games and then they could get into the plants weather. Get to the October tenth day, which I doubt they they are. That was that her plan was an eye at its along but that was the plan serve a target date would if they missed the tourism backup target date. Well now I heard this morning that they're looking at now it may be November. The doctor, the medical community and some of the big ten schools say, let's ocean is out to November. I don't think everything's gonna happen here, because you're looking at the states now have problems
Data Illinois with Illinois Northwestern, Michigan with Michigan Michigan State Maryland, I dont know about Rutgers, so how many teams are you have that are going to be able to play eight. Maybe I'm fine that just have I one was constantly every single weekend and then house? They can just circle the rest of woman and beat them. Maybe just have a elimination tournament in Ohio state. Just wait for the winter that out that? I'm not that! That's a great idea! I'm fine! I'm just no deep down. That is probably not going to happen. I know deep down what's happening is there is some fostering going on where teams were schools are Basically pretending that are fighting for their be a season when they could address he's an then they didn't. I just you. You said October tenth and I'm sticking to that end. I let me down much. You say that you let me down I apologise.
At twelve is not going to play. This fall. Just letting you know I don't want. You have your hopes up, if, even if your hopes were off before they're not going to play football, this this fall breaking news or breaking news. Gonna know. No, no, I'm gonna be they're going to try to play in January. Yeah yeah date they took all of the drama and intrigue out there. There's no way we might play we could play right big. Still hold not help, and then, when president in Trump got involved in and talk to the commissioner, the big ten, I think people thought all so This is really going to happen in any said where the one yard line I said, we're not even in the Red zone. But the acc is definitely happened. Yes, their plan, a c c than big twelve hour. It's so now this inside baseball question. But when you break us a new start, think you actually had the big ten cancelling the season. First gap. Football writers give matter you because it's kind of their turf and you're in you're getting on or
you hear anything back from them or they like what how the hell did? Patrick get it before us? No a lot of times what happens is somebody will confirm your story you will recall that the chapter vii just paean way that If we didn't break his story, we would confirm a story. Therefore, we were able to take this story and make it hours at no for them, This part I mean I I welcome its pat forty or he's Feldman any of those guys if they have information, I'm always open to having them on, but now I I would hope that they're, not envious, jealousy angry that I'm doing a show, but somehow able to break those great those stories givin. You ve been doing this for for a while, and this is really the first time that everything is in open. On total hold in the sports world. You find yourself like struggling Two, I don't like it. It's obviously less fun spend your summer time. Talking about this stuff, then it would to talk about you know. That's Mount Rushmore season typically, which is a sacred,
I'm a year, if Ur Sports radio, but like you have to those which gears entirely you find yourself not having as much fun talking about you're the real serious stuff. I think it's not as much fun because you talking about some pretty serious issues and then but he wants to grab what you're saying in and twisted a little bit it. If I talk covered and I'm politicizing it her weapon icing it and all I did is personalize it, because I have a compromised immune system. I said: look, this is my world, and this is how I see it, and but it's it's not meant to be political, but somebody grabs it Nego. You know typical whenever whatever and then they run with it, but for the most part, It had probably more things to talk about when you talk about there was the draft. There was Brady. There was great coming. You go down the list and you realized there were so many things that were happening that didn't you with a game itself, but there was so much news attached to it more homes, this deal now.
But since deal we dealt with TAT Prescott potential deal that he was gonna have and I think it may it's made us better as they show, because you you couldn't just take it for granted. Hey, let's talk about it. Lakers. Did last night. You're really had to think about who we were having on in what stories we were going to follow so, I don't want to go through it again, but I'm glad we went through it from the perspective of it made our show better. How did All the dns do was earning more extra in fighting with you know not as much stuff to talk about Evans Gonna come up with new Diaz, no cuz. I said you guys stay at home. I want you to be safe, so Polly stating My producer we're. Skeleton crew So I sent a frenzy and Seton and MC love and if you guys, aren't comfortable being in here stay in your home and they that for a few months, because I can't say you gotta come in, I just said: if you want to come in come in, but if you
when a stay at home. I don't care how long you stayed home because you can still contribute, but They were glad, let's put it that way to get back in the studio. You'll Friday and be able to shoot basketball know, you know you get away from being confined, so they all talked about how Polly was a suck up because he was coming in with with the with the boss they got it not trying to start in fighting put that's clearly what happened right, He doesn't know how to sucker. He does. Fritz IE does make loving, does but Polly. Now if only doesn't he doesn't care. Who would you say, loves you the most at home. If you like loves you single white female alone, oh no like if there was any. If, if someone's trying to fascinate Dan Patrick, could be the quickest to jump in front of the bullet, ha ha
I was gonna, say nobody, but I gotta pick. Somebody here I'm gonna, guess Paulie yeah, just so he could then tell everybody that he did it of Phronsie no way make love and Norway might? But I guess I'd say point. Ok, well, yeah we're not answered. We had decided oh yeah elimination, he doing the off chance that the bullet wasn't fatal and then he could have gone further as he does show. He take off all his flannel just be doing to shoulder a balloon and his right shoulder just been like. This is where I took one for then. Yes, probably try to negotiate with the guy. Like hey, listen, I can now I got a great property. For you in Vermont. Why should move up here? Yeah properties, real cheap? He tat. I get that sexual men, probably once a month being like hey, look at this place. Not too far from me. Luck, I have long been put on the poem, not moving Romani man like I'm, not moving. The provocative
God Chris manage it in over the odd so easily. Work on everyone, I think he just wants the whole. Like Spain. Media world to move to Vermont, it's actually an ambitious undertaking. I like it well, he got managed to move up there and they lived about couple, a hundred yards away and they had walkie talkie wherein they could each other on walkie talkie from their homes. Listen, I hope he never sub setting, because that means he cares. So the many sobs let me be. The real stateless thing is never mind it. That means that he does it. Consider me a friend anymore, so I but they always keep coming. You do the backs the assassination thing, real, quick! You do find yourself in a position where no somebody that works for you. Pay somebody to vague, try to kill you, and then they become the hero, because I mean you like I can draw you control all the strange there then you're like you, you are the guy that's in charge, so it is very worrying
I'll try to get on your good side. You find yourself like looking at any present. They give you already complement. They give you look like an air of suspicion. They don't you They presence and they don't give me compliments. Just letting you know it needs most needy stab when I walk out after doing to show they wait to be told great show than ever, it is never to reciprocate. I've worked with pretty for over twenty years and I said to him do you know you ve never complemented You first never because I, If I go out in a few, let's say he booked sucked in a couple of great guests, always say he Prince she a great job today and then he'll go you too, and I said pretty you ve, never said hey Rachel and he said have to believe I've done it once or twice. I said in over twenty years, you problem, We have done it. Maybe once or twice the match
That's the audience I play to yes, how'd you. How do you handle something like, for example this morning in in sports? Make because you have a respectable show, I would say we don't have to worry about having the same level of tax that you have, but when the first thing, that's trending, all over social media morning is o Dell outcome junior and you find out why Odo Becum juniors turning a sports media, like you prefer We can't really get into the weeds too much on why he's trending? Where Where do you draw that line? It's like. Ok, while the whole world's talking about it, but we can't wait a lot of things. The whole world can be talking about, and I can't but it's it's. Better to just touch in a little nudge there or we know it. We can't touch ex. As I said, I always thought even is number one why receiver and not a number two in at sea. Of course,
You know, then he laughed and Polly laughing. Then that was it. We didn't have to we'd have to touch on it in and we move on, because it's not The cat can go pay. Let's get a cup Let me get shifty on the phone company. What do you think it is also a backroom junior, Stuart Asylum? I I actually thou is one of the favour. My three reports about the stories that, like a chapter, Arap poor all these guys sitting there not being able to get it off, and then you can know it's killing them that they can't tweet about it. It's like now. This is us like we get to do this. You don't get to do but can I was waiting for shifting to confirm this story? It's kind of a sudden it actually harm hearing that it happened tat she did not wipe they wouldn't you know my store. He adds like the little nugget on top and isn't it this is my part of the storm would apply my flag pursued. I think last, We had you on. We asked you how long you I've been doing this. For now that you react with the cock, what what? What
to think in terms of like damn patch retiring three to five years. What are we looking, I'm gonna guess in five years I'll be divided. I think it's this five year, for example, I I've been on the five year plan for about ten year. Ok, this time, I mean it no night. I've done enough damage. I bother enough people that it's time for somebody else of five years. That's it I'm done. I'm doing a daily show. So right when like right Peyton Manning son are no arch man right when Arch manning. Getting to the inner failure and walk away at that point, an Leubronn jameson yeah yeah. Yes, I I mean I've been around doing this for such a long time and I'm very lucky to have done it, but you know after a while, when you see somebody's retires in their there. Kid comes in, parents ready to retire, and then you go that's a long time, but I ve been
fortunate. I like it, I loved you and this every day I can do without tv. Radio is so much fun at because and you guys know you come any you what you want to talk about right now and then, just start fired away and that's what's funny about it. And the reaction you get from people is real can call you they can tweet, they can email they can reach. Bond, you oughta in ITALY or in real time in, and you can't do that anymore newspaper columnist or TB hosting it to do that. So I I enjoyed. I appreciate it now when you say that, just to clarify year you mean like radios, fund that but also the streaming when you guys are just yet not you're, saying tv when it's like a big set football nightmare, football Nigh America right, yeah, two different beast in its own got it. Yet because it's so much time leading up to an hour, being on tv that you spend to ten hours to get to your Sportscenter was the same way. We would get in
and then we too have three o clock rundown meeting in and we wouldn't be on the air to eleven and it just all that time and then you get on it like who is to be their best at the end of the day. I suppose yeah, that's also Sharia law worried night yeah no seriously football season's back on Sunday night. We literally take the show at like twelve thirty But it's it's hard, though, because you got a gear up, yeah that, like sport center, I would drink. For twenty ounce bottles of Coca COLA, each oh party, animal cheese. I wanted to be on fire when I got to eleven o clock because you're, tired yeah and then I would get done at let's say you're on eleven you're done at twelve. I'm home by close to one three beers and in bed. Now de I gonna say you do that. I was on second shift for fifteen years, not
healthiest way to approach you're out your job at that that's what it was just about. Every night ass I Keith Richard stuff right. There are three three beers for. Are we talking for sugar coax heard our dialogue Alia hard core head and smoking area? No you're, right though it is, we do we, like it's more than the idea. You still have something left in your day like you could be Didn't we're sitting here sitting here. It's not hard for us to get up at twelve thirty after we'll slate of Em Nfl Games is more that, like we You just know that, no matter what you still have like the work part of your day coming up and its live Well so you add a little degree of difficulty there in it, but I love that. I love that part because you were always on edge. You had to be ready to go if you screwed up on a highlight or whatever it might being and now to be It probably didn't help that I was all wired up from the idea that so
Had I been yeah, I got it. Up, and then I had to quickly come down with three beers in less than an hour and then winners Football night America. You have to hang out Peter King all day and he's Are we tony stories smoke slogan? Dubious? Do we brothers? I was with time we re springing up to eleven and drive and sixty seven miles an hour of ninety five. I was with Peter King one night we were at dinner in New York. In its that Sunday night guys, we would get there on Saturday night we'd have dinner and we started. Telling stories and Tony dont, you started telling a story and p king says tony Tony you're wrong and hears why and we just stopped because tone He was talking about something to do with coaching and Peter. This is totally you're wrong and hears. Why and then we just went wholly he's. Tell them to Tony doesn't know what he's talking about it. That's Peter Peter somewhat
so much like information inside of his head, so We will win you're like five years from now. If you leave them Patrick shown, they inevitably give it lets, say to our Ross Tucker Rostock her get gig and you're on the road, and you accidently tune in to the New Dan Patrick Show, with Rostock or you're, not gonna, listen and be like. I need the community's. Take my show back now. Now, once like hell, I'm gone like once I left sport centre is gone for one night in America. Once I left, I was gone. I won't look back absolutely not. That would be funny. The damned Patrick show featuring will also listed by right, and then you pull a J Leno, and you come back like two weeks later. This we're gonna get back to their Patrick just a second. Before we do. Let's talk about three key. You ve heard him talk wrath reaching We love three. She I've got their dummies in my backpack right now, as we speak, if you're not a drug guy like me, but maybe you like some of the experiences that you get
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the empty, get five percent off your order have to twenty one purchase. Now back did Dan, Patrick. You were on with us a couple years ago we talk about PETE roads shared a bookie with him. Now Oh, that gambling is become legalise the lot of states and you actually see there's a new deal with the cup you're doing a deal with. You know legalise gambling, I'm not going to shut out a competitor here, but do you think The peat rose will get in the hall of Fame in his lifetime and since you share to bookie with him, do that you may be give the speech he shouldn't get in the hall of Fame. He won't get in the hall of really don't you think it's hypocritical? Well He was betting on his team right. What pray now that, but now the commission immediately money put their taking gambling money, that's her private eye, nobody! He could manipulate the line. So what about the days that he didn't bed honesty if you're bookie you're, probably letting your friends no,
peach, not betting, on the red today and then you may alter your pitching stamp. You may use a picture, John Franco more than he should because You want a women's day, I mean I m p put, a stop to never managed PETE would probably be in the hall of Fame, but we know all that information came out about him gambling I believe it's like cheating in grad school, the undergrad PETE was real agriculture body, but cheating, grad school. Should that effect? What you did you know with undergrad, and it does baseball. I grew up law when PETE roses in Cincinnati, and it's it's tough to say it. Unless they go here PETE in the Hall of Fame. I mean he's benefited more by not being in the hall of Fame. True, if he was in the whole thing, nobody would have talked about in the last twenty five years because of this he became a sympathetic figure. He gets. The biggest ovations of of all these players
we also met. Albert baseball is done. This to Peat rose, PETE rose, did it to himself and its unfortunate, but PETE the baseball player and PETE the person. Are the same thing. It's very bonds was his own worst enemy, Roger Clemens, his own worst enemy allotted these guys are their own worst enemy that prevents them from you know. And I'm getting out of their own way. So what are you punish? Pete rose by putting it in the hall of Fame. Like will show you. No one's gonna talk about ever again, not em up. I like that. I'll do it then I probably would hurt him like six years from now. Here is he was in all fame. He be like men, socks, no one stock. I can't like shore but hooters and get a paint a few hundred dollars per autograph anymore. More money by not make it in the hall of Fame. As could you Don't you think it's hypocritical and obviously I I love gambling. I I I think also more should, should embrace it because its inevitable, if you ever, which the most you ever bet on supporting the a lot a lot. I come on
thousand. Its working programme, cut this thousands more than thousands. I bet three thousand a bit more than that five thousand is the most. I've ever put on a game three thousand, and I I I I was up soon thousand and I bet the Orange bull a year's years years years. Unless that I made and I lost the bedside if we thirty three hundred and then I closed up shop after that, didn't I've never gambled again out away about a when I bet you know our largest idle fast. Thirty: three hundred no euro, six thousand, though no yeah yeah, aware I walk with with cassia about being a bit too grand on, the Broncos in this report against the Seahawks and then how is a mistake and then as well I was I go, can never bedding that much again and then I bet two thousand dollars on the Panthers
against the Broncos, because the Broncos fuck me over I haven't, got it out at tat point I was like you know what I'm done: betting that much sword- I've shaved quite a bit off that, but everybody has a bad be too. I you know like Floyd may weathers, never lost about which I find interesting. He always tells us when he wins a bit. I lost, too bad to it was bad, there's, Packers Chester Markel was the kicker. All he had to do was makes feel goal, and I cover field oh blocked. He picks it. Can he runs in for a touchstone and I I lost them, that was probably the worst beat I ever had, but that's one of those where you go I didn't enjoy it. That's fine! When you get that pain when you're like how the hell what has happened? Oh yeah, nine so I enjoyed the winning I'd, never enjoyed the winning
the losing that what I couldn't watch games anymore I'll see. I love it all like a real bad beat it that's shit you ll remember forever. I remember when they just magically put on time. You Travers, Duke, unlike the second, like a seventy years ago, like their shit, that just stay with you and it's that's what it it's it's it's you know you tell those stores for us, your life, only to tell of stories. I am glad that I don't have any more stories to tell from that. That last beat. I had Imagine if you're betting on was in eighteen, seventy six olympics- and you had the USA against Russia. Basketball, in that entire, ending sequence. Even if you lost that. Right. You would never ever forget where you story beat Jesse just gain a good story. It is, but I'm ok, I got enough stories to go around. I dont need to go through them anymore. It was painful I used to
all up. There was a score. If you like, you could dial up a number, you can get all the scores and I they wanted to call up. Wait, let's hear an army in eighteen and they ended up covering. I would call up just to hear that score over and over again, because it made me feel good guess I'll. Absolutely you gonna winner and you like, and you, No doubt her, it there's nothing! No better! Feeling in the world it it's now I know I know gambling is- is gonna, be here really soon, and all these commissioners looking for their peace and mean that was really the hold up it made it seem like leaves Roger Good else, said the gambling ruins families and affirmative police chain There are two on on gambling. I know everything's Evans, good. It's a good participation sport Euro for the family to be all involved were ye. I mean I'm, I'm again very biased, but I do think league,
as gambling is lot safer than people bending over their head with you, no credit. They don't. And all that stuff like that, it's it's legal, things they want, you take it out of the shadows and it gets regulated. You you can actually it can do a lot of time, We locked safe. Why wonder? If we will get to the point where, if we go back to when we go back to stadiums, Let's say you have sort of a gambling sweet there that that you can go in place bets there and it'll be governed by the NFL in and the states where you After have cash to be able to Besson yeah in any. Go and you can bet on like us. Soccer matches in it. The premier league, yellow you can you can bet while you're there. I think that probably where we're headed, where go provide the bookie for you come on in and you know, here's your winnings and that'll cost you in, but I I think, they're, so there so many billions and billions of dollars that are attached to this- that the NFL
going to capitalize more than anybody. Obviously, then, so I know you're not on twitter much. If I Are you ever on twitter? Now, ok Do you dear guys, ever freak out when Dan Pattern starts trending it it's a politician, not you! Well, if they said Polly, oh go your trending in, and I know that it's the other Dan path. Craig in Texas the lieutenant governor and then I know- that's not gonna, be a good thing, but I am sure point now where you know I do feel bad because I had people who I know who said what do you have against old people? And I said I I don't know what, What are you talking about? He said your quoted as saying that pay old people die and I go oh, my god, and then I looked at what the lieutenant Governor Texas, cynical no I'm all for old people name. You know, I hope they live. Long great lie and then I go on people I think that I am against old people here.
But that you should usages. Have your name switch back to being damn pew Well, it's a little late negate clear that right up now What's that too late, just do it, well you do that you should do Dan Peacock if you're company men I have a deity p that it could be Pew, Patrick or Peacock Data Cox. He can go cock, cod, I would if you grow up with a name like that, you're, like you, and I have six brothers and sisters. So, which we just kind of grew up, and we know that I go had make the joke and then we move on from it two CNN, and was in the early eighties and my boss said you gotta change your name and I go. I thought my first name. I swear to God because I'd like an amateur add to this name like you know at that point, my life. So what because you can't go on the air and then people make fun of you? when I go on so
I just said I all just take my middle name. And that was yet- and I felt my sisters were mad at me and, unlike you, got married. You changed your name right talking about right. Yeah how smart move, though smug yeah, I think so too, that will in the long run heavy one thing. People don't talk. I think how about you daddy's, you have a great voice. Your voice exercises no Never you ve ever done like vocal training, natural now very a key, my grandmother had a great voice, gravelly voice, but that was brought from bourbon. But I I was just lucky. I dont. You know when people say how do you get a voice like that, and I I don't know I just open my mouth hell. No, I didn't I didn't do anything. No vocal training is very comforting. Have also noticed that when, when I listen you show sometimes you are able to do like the pregnant pause are. Take you Really take your time in between word. Sometimes
where you're. Obviously thinking about something. What's the longest you ve ever gone between saying words. Ah Probably a good six seven seconds of them, but you know what that there's there's something great about. If you stop than people stop as well and in there, something that Ok, now what are you saying after that is really important, but I don't like to go a mile a minute I liked it revile. I liked to slow it down sometimes, but I dont do it on purpose. Act it just sometimes you just do it where you going. You know what it. What is the right thing to say, because everything is going to be examined and you, gotta be careful. Certainly in the last. You know five months with what are you saying? and how are you saying it in an hour we'll consuming its I've been probably even more Arab it then I have been in previous years. I almost
as for a little bit longer though, but I didn't want to do that, because you would have thought of his staging Alternatively, you could take our approach. Talk fast me a lot of mistakes fumble over yourself. He brought you doesn't fuckin idiot, so we're not gonna. Do whatever you doesn't look. There's probably some truth that, because answered two of us, sometimes three when Hanks charming in doing ashore at once, there is really not an opportunity to pause collectors. Thoughts said this long silence is yet we can get him under like like, as my phone broken. I actually think that were incapable of doing it. Yeah, because if both big can I stop talking for a second Hank? Might Tat were waiting on him to comment on something Billy might fuck I think that were making fun. I am yeah sure cry thing just falls apart. A house just goes to shit. If these noise mom and dad stop talking three sectors, this room will catch on fire constant, nor we should try doing it. Like the other four thousand. Where can you
close your legs out, you're, really distract her may appear to be an easy by all we had to give up. My balls on matters are pouring out of an. I got a better pixelate, those you're, all those things out right now, hanseatic accident. Sometimes I got to ask questions. Ok to ask questions. One give us your hottest, take for the NFL Seas and don't give us, do you know the peak virgin like I'd. Think Tom Brady can have a good year. Give us something you act We feel the coptic and we can really hold it to you for that As the year like. I said the ravens were frauds. I took a lot of and then I had been right without took a lot of shit like give us a take that you're gonna have to be like there behind it. I can't give you might take until Thursday when the season starts. Oh no less till after Thursday packers owing to make two points there. I gave you mine. Ok,
patriot so make the plants Hank his Maggie IP to Hake is real life. Mad retraining takes training takes. I think that I think that The Panthers will be in the wild card conversation land as late as MID November Teddy Bridgewater Wow weight late November yeah. That way, since I used the term like late November, accurate very ambiguous yeah, I'm not really. I oughta ailer my work, billions in conversation, no here's my broncos or make the playoffs demographic There is making the Plavsic's here if they dont let outlets chick remains. Instagram shit on my chest, that's good! That's really good! Don't call me that eggs looking at me, like you, said it you have to do it again. Without a pause I was actually reading. I god damn Patrick
Peacock? In this you have Facebook comments. You have one comment on your video. Susan Kay Mcqueen, she seems nice. She said Dan Peacocks, socks, video in and out bad quality reruns not available for days and days. Please, go back or add you to lunch, telling you what the people are saying. That's why I personally attach either She seems angry at she. I would show our guys Susan Mcqueen does a lot of facebook commenting. You know what give me? I'm gonna find her number Ahmed actually call. Yes have run the show be like a figure this out. I then I'm watching in its did its opposite everything, I've ever or I'm gonna collar and just apologise, because that's what I do! It's one person, it's it's you one person at a time the Anna you build or an audience like Barston, yes, markets or my last last question are so we are going to come up to Connecticut. We were playing on doing the corona virus happen. Who are you whom you bringing with it? So it's true. Yes, it's me Phd Hank and then so I think Billy
football are in turn will be our fourth and whoop. They three on three. What are you what do you put the line at twenty one games to twenty one, so we're gonna play day? How? How buddhas the intern here is he's tall, but I don't think he really play basketball. He play a privately that it plays vaseful like a football players. Probably doesn't really know what he's doing near That guy can be danger. I saw, but let's say that he can. What will pick a din at a fortune? Annette that he can only sobbing it out with so that's fair! So what's it would only thirty twenty one yeah it's gonna take days like what, I have to get a hotel. We're gonna have to create a about because it would twenty one we'll take a long time yet, but we'll do it. What who you who you betting on novel bet I'd have to see you guys shoot around here. We're not! I don't. I know that you love playing. I knew you got an unfair advantage. You ve seen the damage
You ve seen a scrimmage against Adam Sandler. You ve seen us you know. I put it this way. I live noise, it's been about six years since I've played a competitive, gave a basketball, but I touch rem over the weekend, so you you afraid of that. Why eerie urine you're an because you, I saw that when you were trying out as a place, kicker yeah through an obviously you got media icicles unseen and on our yes right, because we're onto me damn, I think, would win I actually think it all come down to how egg stamina is, on how good his hack, how good is Hague can be the Cancun get Hake is like the perfect six may MIKE, he gets hot is microwave. You get time when he gets hot. These hard put it. Of course, these can be thrown out Jim, but if this stamina, there you guys, Ruby DNS would be screwed, but it also. He smokes we'd. So we all do so now
we die? Polly goes against us I would say you guys might arrive, is as favorites here. Ok I won't I gotta: do you guys would be like the Milwaukee, a box you'd become any honest favorites and and all of a sudden, maybe the pesky Miami heat. Sheila you think either USA is a bossed things a bum. Have you said that yet do you not doing your job better fraud? Yes, if fraudulent I can assure you I had no problem saying the Miami heat would win, that serious against Milwaukee had no problem saying that whatsoever, because in the end play off you can't this run up and down the floor They do during the regular sees in Miami has had a great philosophy here, but I think Craig freak he's, gotta get a signature, move, yeah and I it's one move that he's gonna he's gotta have that because he doesn't beat you off the dribble He doesn't have a reliable, shoddy done issued free throws well
but if he gets run up now the floor, then you will not stop him, but you'll Miami said good defensive philosophy. Their sounds like you're, saying bust. Like I do like like it. When you put it, though, which is a classic like late nineties talk, he needs a out like? I can imagine my. Dad getting mad at the tv when I was a kid watching sport, because this guy doesn't have a singular Reeves got the sky high, Jerry West. Had the logo moved its HE d under TAT thing to do. Is we, like you know what you're gonna he asked he asked to go and work on his post moves he's gonna, get him. The basket he's gonna learn had it Gotta learn, is post moves in the summer? Yes, been a summer with Howard and work on his on his post, no, he's gotta go to like who was Patrick you. It was your mouth big man, camper somebody like he's gotta. Do you like that? But you know when you think about it, how players of the older generation didn't have a signature move? I take
It very few. Guy will Chamberlain didn't have a signature, move Shack, didn't have a signature move, I would say well, Chamberlain probably had a signature move. We probably see it half the calf. The court irrational yeah, what now I I'm trying to be serious. And be a goddamn journalist and in everything and material while because you all fuckin just say it yeah! This is a You were saying. I had to have a second hot takers, something what the football segment I'm we you're too casual oleanders we have to do is come up with the name of the move first and then tell me as two years to learn it like I like the Euro stead of broad Basel II. Why our o step? Will you come up with aid, a greek dish, yeah so, and a carpenter yeah, the slaughter
the flame your she's. What's I consider that Slovakia is so terribly mean cheese if we did divers, like don't talk to someone address little patch outta, the tyranny Superman yeah, ok, this is what this is. What happened the Lamb Giovanni years twenty years ago, it sportscenter when you try to come up with catch raises. This is what would happen if we were sitting around talking about player like the Greek free giving we gotta do it? greek Dish year and then I'll be the catch rates for the Greek free yeah sad is that actually have sounded like the best time ever, yeah that'll eyes. It was now the just calling people frauds. Yes, look how far we ve come My dad, thank you is always really appreciated. Ever go Download, Peacock Peacock can work, Stan every single day and that's every single day. I'm happy you guys are back streaming. You this part of my morning routine.
Measures do try to come up. I, where you want to play us yeah, I swear. I say we want to play. We want any of you. What do you want to do is come up on a meat Friday, gas. I see it. Look at the traders fired up, ready to go and then we'll have some beverages a beer on tap here, sir we're going to go. We should also like have a wrinkle where we all have to play in polish flannel shirt or something I like the idea, and only after juries enough, we got three blue Lightfoot, blue flannels and three red flannels and will do that. He does God is when he loves us first gambling, but is it it's paddlers bottomless? Yet you don't want to see a social policy off everywhere. I've seen enough skinny here the end. Now you know once their high Dan take so much ran proceeded. Thank you guys. That in Dan Patrick, was brought to you by me, and these have you ever seriously thought about working under you thrown every single day. I dont anymore. It's
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ok, let's get some segments and then we will send your way for supper kicker psychology couch so every kicker in the NFL sucks, that was what we found out except for fat Randy. He was hurt. Yeah he's right later. She actually is in her no back to soccer he's even worse hurt. He has, he has to leg injuries. We thought he just said the one. So right, so you miss the kick. Grab the right leg and then after the game you said he I felt my left kit craft. My left camp I love you have got a cramp up a little bit. His left half cramped up a little bit his left calf cramped up so that ten love cap cooped up. Yet yes he's, but he's back he's back. Because I would you harking back because everybody else thinks just as badly as he does so. You can't really point a finger mccone, Lieutenant Randy. I just love both legs. I love the fact that, like with doping, it's in the crowd, you're thinking, of the game gonna be different. How like, what's you know? Well
there be no home, feel the vantage, how efforts is, do you know, you can order, we can hard count all the stuff. No really, the only change that we can actually understand is that kicker such mental cases that they can't kick wonders in it there in an empty state. Yes, that's it. That's literally the only be like if use. If you looked at week, one it like real for all, except for the fact that every kicker socked, yet even pickers mile high, is down seventy one point: six percent, as opposed to eighty one point six last year or so It usually hovers right around eighty, eighty three percent and so is down over ten percent this year. I've a theory about why, besides effect, Can I think some figures do like pick one. In person to aim for in the stands behind them that I actually think that the touch back has a lot to do with it. So all the kicks are near there all going for touch backs There aren't many returns I think, a kicker to such head cases that sometimes like being involved in a quick return and yet a little bit. It can Oxen back into reality. Put it in
experts have very much around for a while touch. Backs have been getting less and less of the last several years and there's been a kind of is a small downward travelled sets more about the extra point which has also been for the last few years, because that's action. Point used to be free, throws has to go to the line, see the ball go through the hoops he did see the ball go through the uprights and be like okay. Got this now. Those are sure things in it feels like this is so someone. Some nerd can figure out the stats, but a fake. Kicker. Mrs an extra point there, like now Eighty five percent chance are gonna, Mr Next can, of course, but the interesting thing is that extra points aren't down in all this year. Nobody can say yeah, ITALY Fox him up more than yes kicker yeah. If you miss what supposed to be like a gimme, four point: eight does fuck you and you can't like turn your brain offer. Just that's you know when we used to be the one you are too yard line. It was automatic just get there. You see
almost like a nice practice wrapped that you get live practice rap Now they don't have that they have to be worried about it all the time. I'm just gonna, I'm gonna pull a brazilian soccer coach technique and is no because your lot have sex the presenting improves they. I just love kidnaps. I solemnly it's always fun. It's always found a seekers fuck up that good morning I came we talk about at the top, but like just ascii just the pressure that you feel when you watch a game when you know that a kicker is good is spiralling on tilt. It just makes for such great theatre. Are next session. We had trouble in Paradise. Cargo bears. It only took two days further bears to totally fucked up One of the best comebacks have had a long time our arms and what's trade Ellen Robinson, this leave the hell out of his social media. He not only on followed. Took out any mention of the bears he deleted every instagram picture of him in a bears uniform.
How much time do you think that took for him to just go through an scrubbers? Why a couple hours yeah? Why that's that's dedication? I guess he's this supposed to apply pressure to run off to front offices respond to that were they like oh shit, he untapped Rhine seem sort out. He's done, went off that he could do it. He died. I don't really understand why they wouldn't sign of especially gave some money you're giving this is what happens? give thirteen million or whatever it was to Jimmy Gram. And Robber Queen gets a bunch of money and he's thirty years older than our it is Outside of clue. Mac is your best player and you're, not gonna pay em, so I dont really is very confusing. You also saw the good The sign that you are fucking up, there's too one. When Other players start tweeting about it from your team being like pay Ellen Robinson casually players Kostiei out of all right. They know right, they stay out of it, though. Usually they don't talk about what for
that's it! I ll talk about other guys, money it to win. And bases when fans from other fan bases start dreaming about trading frown. Robinson you like, oh, maybe we shouldn't let that guy go whenever ones like who we got an extra second round pick lying around. Let's go get Ellen Robinson, there's like I saw fifteen teams that are rumoured to go after our Robson down, The sign Ryan Pay, stopping a fucking idiot inside our Robinson, I saw I saw some actual report saying that the Washington football team would arise is interesting. Going all end in sight. Since when did Washington become more functional than Chicago that's an interesting one year, because there definitely not yet at that point by now. Yet it's not good. I think that Ellen Robinson he the greatest. Why does your volta? Yes, he's very good, there's a certain part of him that I think likes being known as the guy That is a really good wide receiver that doesn't have any way they can get on. The ball
and so not emit, has taken that next step and he's really good scroll down and Robinson Campi. He has no more excuses being like I'm. You know a great pleasure with someone who can like he played for Jack Seville. He had Nick false. Noted Yea ethnic force for a little bit. Danny Injectable, none, I infer two games. Our runs. Brown bears for awhile, who this course of action. Jacksonville point portals. I was turned Ok, he had Christian Hackenberg, unpent state and the mixture risky see out I'm so the best one or several times here. He's gonna say that boy. If you was there, an abundance of teams. I would like our Robertson that have should kill every team was Alan Robins. Any New York team would love our ravage. The jets now would be such a jets. Move. Blacklist, get Ellen Robinson, always still can't block any one. So we can get the ball town Robinson either. I figured outright peace. I pace. It's just such it's a classic. There's like doesn't give it to.
Forty eight hours to enjoy way. Nope can't even have that you might have been hanging out with Jimmy Grim too much, because that's a demographic technique to remove like one specific thing from your twitter bile griping that you'll get paid more money, yeah, it's so stupid, I shall be wrap up. We have guys on checks. Hank. Hey guys were watching the Celtics heat right now, Hake is very Hake. Just did The travel motion very boisterous, poyser boisterous, Well, there's no way I could tell they called the gesticulated fat. The traveller, not young, italian you're, going crazy. They go into your hands. He can t of tea and raise boyfriend. I keep having sex dreams about my best guy friend not to couple, but at least four times a week, It's getting so bad that I'm starting to wonder if I have actual feelings for him. Fortunately has a girlfriend. So how do I get rid of these feelings? Serious inquiries only thought I'm gonna just got or lemon say you're. You have feelings for four out, I'm on four times a week,
dreams. Imagine dreaming about anything four times a week. Now I nighter may have the lady food yet screaming nightmares. Four times we easily oh yeah, that's good! Can you say this to women like yogurt just go jerk off I think, she's gotta go jerk off just safeguard jerk off before you gonna, take the bullets out of the gun yeah, but that maker, more horny That's it! That's a pilot area. Women majority of wrath of the female clitoris is that you never know. What's gonna he'd upper cooled down, we'll talk multiples. Now it's got so bad that I'm starting to wonder if I've actual finns form- I think you do. You have three hundred percent you do. So that's like dreaming of go of winning the lottery be. Unlike start, think I'd really enjoy winning the lottery I think you just yet it sounds like you should just tell him hey, we should fox, so I can figure out. If I want to fuck, you are not yet just to find out which had a girlfriend you have just to find out who will then you can change your today? Maybe
should fought to find out whether or not we should be fuckin, delicate, beheld, a girlfriend official. They need to do it right, be like tell the girlfriend like do you want your boyfriend, keep cheating on you in in my sleep or We could just do it. With your permission, Argo are, you could do go like real passiveaggressive until your boyfriend, hey what would you say if I got mad at you for dreaming about fucking one of your female friends and then see how he reacts? Yes, yes, that won't make em suspicious. Speaking of night, terrors, hey Bartle guys I recently got married in my husband: has vicious nay tears? He would almost daily in the night screaming so loud, but has no idea in the next morning. I'm afraid to go to sleep. What do I do? turn off before you go to bed near. I need you sleep study. I wanted to say I myself Wesley walk and talk? What you look at Billy, three, cheap,
three check yeah there go really your sleep, knock it out with melt the melatonin, it's bad stuff. What alone we yeah that stuff maybe go to sleep with a weapon. Go to sleep, with a gun in your hand or They ve got here's what you do join forsake the right before bed feel ok, I want a yellow kinky with it put a blindfold autumn and then income to the bed, every tiny and he's gonna get real horny, and then you ok, can I yes, and they are so dog- will realize you're doing that, every no can do it on repeat is owed tonight's. The night then, and we get my dick sucked, one blindfolded wrapped up to the bed like a prison, Alcatraz Next Sub lads. What makes sex hard core penetration, woe, choke slapping viewing the penetration. So I don't know what do you think Hank Billy? What do you think makes sex hardcore was, hard core sex in your mind, Parker Park or ok, word association.
I think yeah. It's whenever! What's that guy's name, James Dean Day. That's how Johnson Johnny's ins yeah that's hard course. That's all! I know that's hard core sex ma am I just want to figure out the difference between hard core porn and software porn, yet I think hard core sexes, if you saw it, doesn't show parish yeah right guy can, if the guy can make it through the first Charlie oars, that's hard ass? The first failures- that's that's I would say longer than five minutes of continual penetration is hard core. That's crazy! Can you imagine can be made marathon sub boys? Two weeks ago I went on vacation with my boyfriend. Family allows using outdoor shower the shower of the door, flew open. I didn't notes at first because I was watching my hair,
finally open my eyes. So I caught my boyfriend dad staring at me was in the shower. I've seen this what we thought I quickly hot I quickly granted tell but definite zombie naked. We avoid each other. For the rest, the trip and captain then said to myself. I haven't till my boyfriend do think I should I feel like it might make things extremely awkward. Thanks, love the show. I know why if it's an outdoor shower and he's a dad, he was probably just admiring desolate out or something that goes into it and liked craftsmanship of constructing a quality outdoor shower he's, probably just like looking I think it he's a sense of the word deals with the waters. Elegant three eighths washer on their know. What you need to do is knowing that he's a dad and those outside outdoor showers. You got here, look at him in the outer shell and then Blake. Even now. We speak about again, then fuck Will you do net? Never speak of that again. Never at the last person you should mention to. Is your boyfriend yeah?
if anything mention it to your mom and be like, I said I husband, jerkin it to me earlier and see what happens there. Do not do not talk about this to anyone, especially upon every Stick in like a lake house, my dad's gonna horny. He always stands right outside the outdoor chauvelin. Ah, by the way out or showers. That is, you know some people dream of additions that they make their house like. I know you ve talked about putting in full that's out of work once you get in letting Richfield too. I just one now to a shower, yet they are the absolute best if its wintertime, if its snowing outside If it's hot outside out, you can't be enact or shall I know you can run the the plumbing when it's cold dear you leave it on a trip you do The only human lives are linked to the Europe of Blake and rapid leg, and then you have to read, write and then you're you're plumbing never rises the problem. Without your shower, like everyone, who's ever had and then shower. They always cheap out on the IT
outdoor showers, never good. In the light of its outdoor, like it's a fucking, its hurt yeah dad uses part, yellow or always else's doesnt dish. So I now tourism is a dial it s. The liquid stuff, pile of the old irish spring bars did last forever if you're lucky in their simply nineteen. Eighty four goes irons eyes of a tooth and you're trying to get it underneath your our pet inscribe around you're. Here I did you keep out, but I would have like a luxurious outdoor share that, What am I in fact Annabelle like the hotel thing that has the dispenser that goes into the now? I like that I like tat. This is my dream. I don't have my hotel cocktail. I want one of those without mouthwash we ass Jim now be and then shot mouthwash every morning and beer underneath it? Nor are they have that you know the gym sometimes will have the silk dispensers up at this at the sink, where there's a little there is little cup in getting all those mouthwash. Strengths are soap like an hour.
No, it's my job to drink mouthwash is either mouth mouthwash of the sort that they put comes in at the barbershop Catherine had. So what is the purpose of those? Look? No doubt look, it is that's like Chernobyl's. I've. Never tasted in my life, but I can guarantee, was got more electrolyte gator. I was saying that guy's Mr Penal, on the bottle, but it's just not now the green, the Green yeah later powder? Yes, yes, that's that a quick way to smell like a six year old White do as well Well a bar, so my boyfriend, I've dating for about a year and its wielding this. Whenever we do the nasty he makes me swallow his load tells me: science has proved it will strengthen my immune system and increase our legitimacy, and I want to believe him, but I also hate swallowing is little soldiers, it tastes. I warm rant yet don't do this becoming more morbid deal Gregor for me, I don't think I should keep doing it and suck it up literally, or
If I should find a different guy who will treat me, am I throw with more respect unless sperm yeah a guy that, like demands that you they can't Wallace yeah notice, make out with them immediately afterwards then get out of here. Yeah. I know that's fucked up. You need to stand up for yourself. Also, do by that pseudoscience Billy your job for fridays find pseudoscience anti that actually, have some Dubai or given to us. So you there's like a stay. It says that by swallowing sperm, you're, auto immune response like the Females armoury response to kill. The sperm actually gets less, by more exposure, so it actually, makes you more easily pregnant because the female buyers and kill the spur okra K. I don't think that's a line from the Malthusian noble I too at sea and I in the mouth, but he thought it if he swallowed and you keep it out down in their yeah.
Through what have you swallow it so hard to go straight? Your police is actually a thing we're doing so much of it that you pay out fast. I think that this murmurs arrive when you paid out by treats like I'd, make you build up a tolerance for it. So then, when it's actually for the baby, making it, how much do you have the ability to ring coming to gallons hurry really gets questions like Neuro. This has had actually having. I read single, ok! Well, it's like, if I may put it that doesn't like because then the immune system didn't kill it weighs down there to did this study ice. I read it I'm really read it somewhere yeah Billy! You, U Manasseh, actually strengthen that bad argument by making a worse argument on the other side. Yeah well used. Emmi is pretty easy to debunk or you can just do I've read that if you drink like a lot upon apple juice, it tastes lot better, so you need to do is before you blow next time. You need to chug a shitload of dull and then,
this forum will take great. Yes, my boyfriend, I've been dating for five years new stolen. Let me touch his but or anywhere relatively close to his buttonhole is this a red flag or some machine is get over typewriters and wipe correctly there ass, it will give you something on spot. That We need to get him. Some dude wipes yeah I did not ask what I've heard that if you have no ass in some Ngos, squeeze it and there's not a marathon, it's really like embarrassing. I read that Sclerosis has heard that, as is going to come up short it always? I am just goes through you aboriginally, like you just you, gonna grab your hand, slides off like you're, using like a claw machine. There's no stuffed animal. Their discreetly have are correct last one sure last one, ah hey big CAT, Tennessee Titans Kicker Phd annoying Hake and animal lover, Billy my boyfriend and I recently adopted a puppy. Why shouldn't you had barely a naughty?
Supersede animal finger. Doesn't love them has. As of lust. For the best sex last night, without frog, sued rotten. Sorry do my boyfriend and I recently adopted a puppy super exciting, but my boyfriend is starting to become a dog. First q and play with them barking back and lying on his back for belly. Scratches but now he's looking my face, like our dog in June. Sniff our puppies, but also yesterday, I found a sherry are those about half the size of our public? So I know the problem, and do it should I be worried, is turning into a dog, that's so cute Will you dream, like dogs needs Affright, leash him up, that's great, the joke, sniff and thereby making drink out any both eggs. Are we lost one sub delightful bomb? Tremble raising my chickens got about eight of them, maybe We tips on how to raise Kai. Tell us what we pick a ping pong ball Guide: Billy, six? How do we ensure have one you
why twenty thirty, five water to care, chickens, ticker, mental abuse, brush up oysters shells and put him in a chicken coop. It's actually really good for the egg. Eighty five, which is fog ceiling, there's somethin, something wait, just five zero, cost. This sum is jerkin and third floor. And the cross, but really I know several product levy gas, Goddammit PETE,
can we really? It's pardon my two stools.
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