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Fastest 2 Minutes in Football for Week 6 ( 2:24 - 7:16). We have recency bias on which teams are good in the NFL and playoff baseball talk (7:16 - 22:59). Who's Back of the Week (22:59 - 38:40). Football Guy of the Week featuring Will Muschamp putting his face in fire (28:30 - 36:46). UFC President Dana White joins the show to talk about Mayweather/McGregor, what it's like to promote a fight, why he has a girl's name, and upcoming UFC 217 (36:46 - 64:30). Segments include Trouble in Paradise for the Browns, Grumors with Jon Gruden in Knoxville, Talking Soccer, and Mike Greenberg's Dumb Rules for the Patriots/Jets ending.

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welcome to part of my take it is monday october 16th week six
we take you to the land of ten thousand lakes a little place called minnesota where they have to be on guard aaron rodgers and made him tap out in the first quarter as michael sorrentino floyd in the vikings were poppin collars all afternoon cavs t shirt to do japan laundry they've got a situation in green bay or do they stop me if you've heard this before but i will be under center for the packers in the frozen tundra we're talking about on the folks thank you twenty three j r j more left quite an impression as he was christopher walken hey i got a fever and the only prescription is not get your kids vaccinated where was wheeling and dealing throwing for over a hundred and fifty yard he's for one fifty one blue to a dolphins victory the falcons were heavy favorites touching tribute to their former offense of line coach miami had a nose for the goal line all afternoon we go down to the new orleans where there were in turnovers actually cold gaze down their bone the scoreboard was lit up like a coed on bourbon street and a big part mark troop reserves reminding everyone why they call it the big drew brees no because of that boom bust cycle march fifty two red
in our nation's capital the liberal from san francisco were unable to bring down the statuesque vernon jefferson davis all afternoon and the only words held off a late how straight ahead rally to go three to the forty niners have now lost five straight games by three point oh points or less or as they call in the bay area all incidents press can try folks the checks were edging for victory as josh mccown took the patriots around all afternoon what just put it quite finish let me be the first to congratulate tom brady on his record setting one hundred eighty seven when it was not too long ago that i was at the famous candlestick park watching white clark and the catch and a young fan in the same and sold by the name of tom brady fell in love with chris and the game of football what a moment for the small patriots twenty four seventeen what baltimore we go where jordan howard cosell was unbelievable all day and just look at that little your available
michelle wilshire misty and the chicago bears are as frisky as the swarm after a few days you know the canadian aspirin with a nice we got the first twenty seven the ravens wonderful well fuller house in the texans got it do as houston fans look at their franchise quarterback and say hello murphy brown's friend stay when this enough their franchise to put it out texans disenfranchise the browns like they're nocturnal voter id law thirty three seventy german but what does burger keeps acting more like a child the older he gets the lady on saved by the bell showed more focused and jesse spent all caps and you read is so excited so excited so scared about this and are popping their champagne corks blowholes down in miami the swedish tradition in sports boom congrats to mercury morris looks like andy reid is drowning his sorrows in a mars bar
standing on the corner jim this was in tampa florida such a fine sight to see it's a horrible batman my lord trying to come back again cz come on a do you you're running easy because those switch from my cat is for your pay looks like cam newton was wrong and gurley's do know for paul todd gurley that is sean connery mcveigh how did the whole rock all afternoon and the jaguars were forgetful about how to win a football game they're not jacket off tonight in jacksonville rams twenty seven seventeen the soldiers when late with the game winning field goal that's pretty cool no i think it's kicking it too hard to give you know back back back back back back to what i know right now the charges are moving up and the writers are moving out of oakland seventeen sixteen all right week six in the
books we just realized too that we have your taxes that's a kind of a bummer really throws a whole damper on on this whole week coming up i i said on friday like it dawned on me that we have three days to put together a television show me and i still haven't done my taxes from two thousand sixteen the best is the every just little peek behind the curtain how part might take works basically the only thing the grounds us in reality anymore is the once every two other day saying hey what's the date guys and then someone throws it out there and they were like oh ok well oh wow it's okay it's august okay well that's cool i should probably you know find some pants to wear soon because give me a cool i will talk to act over i'm so dumb that texas i'm just yeah i've been thinking about like how much time i have left to get my taxes done for the last two months and it didn't occur
to me until like two days ago even though we save the date three times a week and i think to myself every time ok i've got three weeks to do my taxes so you've got two weeks two weeks it just occur to me that i now have less than twenty four hours to do my taxes yes so i'ma back against the wall game yeah exactly that's the name of the game here alright week six i this is my favorite part about the nfl my throw this out there i love when we get to like week six seven eight and good team loses and then you automatically like that team sucks so the chiefs they suck the terror of all kinds they stick the patriots they kinda suck for half the giants yeah they're all right it's michael soon there really are yeah as i've been saying since the beginning of the year finally prove rush we just embraced a bit right now i i one of the giants better without odell beckham
probably here's a list at four in the play tonight in denver yeah denver sabermetric lee is the farthest away city in the nfl from sea level yep we're boats exist and so have they have they cracked the curse of the boat put it up put put two and two together then equals four i i a lot of people always really cool that's just recency bias i love recency bias yeah it's my favorite thing it's how it ge everything j color is the greatest quarterback in the nfl is so what have you done for me lately league yeah people forget that and actually there's nothing wrong with recency bias this stuff that you experience more recently is the truest yes exactly saints awesome really good the lions stink browns no there's no they still say that little thing that we simply they stick to but yeah he's just like there's a they historically stink looking through the multi verses there's every single multiverse has the brown sucking it they max out at six no there's that one time when they put the broncos like every year in lost in heartbreaking fashion okay yeah that was what it was like a nightmare okay eighties whatever sounds good
when they use actual paint on the field so the players would come off the field after game and have like paint all over their bodies i love that should about when they used to use actual like life with the lines yes and they would just burn through years your skin during games von miller will it large that now that von miller could probably play on live but he can't play on grass all right so the big story though aaron rodgers hurt and injured possibly injured yes collarbone broken yours are now in dire need of some help they look i think they're going to just go with brett hundley because everyone goes the whole like well brett hundley is your quarterback of the future you might as listen june they did not after it hardly being like that's our quarterback future they drafted him because they needed some warm body to be behind aaron rodgers and now it's going to suck for i think they just drafted brett hundley just to have somebody that in theory could challenge aaron rodgers just because aaron rodgers i'm just
my boss here he seems like he got a can get complacent yes that's just my with my working theory so if you have someone who is taking like the first four rounds behind and then he leaves yes the show up on time now i don't like karen rogers i actually hate him i do think the nfl is much worse without him because we already have a league with very few good quarterbacks and aaron rodgers r little democrats and one in in the nfl but there is no better quarterback to get injured purely from the rumors standpoint when it comes to who the packers can bring in you have capper you have tony romo from wisconsin and breath yeah i was just i was going to say that there is a quarterback out there that has experience with packers wins in the playoffs not far but it's romo romo did not deny it yeah so actually address it but he did yeah here's a little trick ok i didn't hear denial from
so he's been very quiet a little too quiet about that wisconsin guy he grew up idolizing brett farve i don't know if that's true but i'm sure he probably did so i think it would be great to see him ditch gymnast and have jay cutler retire right now and then joined that boo i'll take that i would bet tomorrow morning tony romo is going to wake up in his palatial estate in india us area and he's hop on i think he just lives in jerry jones how he's going to hop on the treadmill and he's going to he's going to maybe run like two miles see if he still got it be out of shape but like you know what
maybe maybe i i need romo just i need the rumors to be baltasar need like a i need one of those my fear rumor is the the private work out hey the closed door work out for roma maybe someone from the packer maybe they could fly right out of the owner down to dallas i don't know so she's had a lot more i don't know of bus cook is involved at all with tony romo but he should be for these for this purpose yeah right here bus cook just needs to like take him to high school working out or if you are the packers
could bring in i just wanna see them bring in matt flynn as it as a line specialists men's only when they play against alliance matt flynn gets by him but yeah i think you're you're i think you're on the right track romo if the if the packers are looking for a quarterback with the sturdy collarbone yes you can do no worse the only role yeah him behind that offense of line would be it's real real will come on back just to get one more crippling injury and have us all what have the camera the the the camera that goes over head on the wire just like slowly go over tony romo's lifeless book crumpled up body on the ground i know that shot shot every year i thought you're gonna say ron was like just have the spider camp go over men just fall yeah and land on his back injury with a ford process again yes all right now we have more football coming up with breaking news yeah edward or ask brett farr was going to come back and what he said but first it absolutely not so much but i don't know it's not enough is not enough yeah that's not an absolutely not actually hang on what i'm gonna refer read between the lines edward asked
farm if you would come back and brett farb said absolutely no no not but yeah you're right right both right then yeah he did brett farb said he would absolutely come back yes i just brett farr little out out there him psalm so i'm throwing around pigskin around with some with some underage boys down in mississippi he's at the local high school he's just he's coaching but oh whoops he did that just happen around seven on seven the other day weird i thought i want to see and take the field and all is copper fit i just wanted him to be like a copper fit robot out there just wheeling and dealing can we start a gofundme e to get brett farve back like if we could get if jj watt can raise thirty million dollars for hurricane relief i guarantee that if the all the football fans in america come together and were like hey we want to watch brett far
just throw the ball around the yard just a couple more times and like get the kicked out of home and then get up and throw it really hard again to like your triple coverage i guarantee we could raise like a hundred really don't know what i don't think the press five needs the money but i think i know but he does need he everything in the world except he's always going to have people making fun of him for having a small dick if we do allegedly it well i mean i saw yeah i know i saw a book allegedly because some of us have small dicks so by which in position it might have been big were such was right right but what we can that's that's something that if you have all the money in the world you still want to get rid of that as reputation i'm going to create a moveon dot org is that what it is ourchange dot org surechange dot org going to create a petition saying brett we hereby pledge to never make a small dick choke
your expense if you come back and by the way this is also a great way for the nfl to increase ratings because you can't tell me that you wouldn't tune in to watch brett farve put on the pads one more time right there right hey brett if you're listening to this and we know you are we stand by our word when we say we will not make fun of your smaller penises anymore because look at us just two weeks ago we said we wouldn't make fun of rick pitino jizzing down his leg in fifteen seconds just had a little too much calamari and white wine and here we are we have not made one single joke about rick pitino jizzing down his leg in fifteen second we have not so please come back not on your leg yeah exactly right have quickly baseball talk yankees are down to the cubs are down to joe maddon
ah okay i don't know what's going on he got a little bit a little bit of dusty and so either happen so either way davis is hurt which then it makes sense which then you have to say he's hurt or joe maddon has lost his king my writings he brought in john lackey the first time john locke lackey john he's been pitching in baseball for like twenty five years and seems like that and it's the first time he's ever picked back to back games and you brought him in in the ninth in a tie game with a runner on second and what would you see that john lackey you give up a game winning home run so i don't know what the going on but i'm worried i'm scared i mean i think that you nailed it there's really only two options one like wade is maybe just a die real exact britain all over from last year again yes sir hey maybe were just saving them so that old actually that might be it maybe it's because
card games no well maybe joe realizes the bull pen so bad they need to save weight davis so that one game he can pitch five innings of relief or maybe maybe our joe maddon just bet on the dodgers true have you got a little also in the henhouse let's say as much as i i really hate joe mad at this very moment is were like twenty minutes after this happened i also think the office probably need some blame when you score three runs in two game that's tough right so what what's what's manning going to do to get hit ladies go plus wacky start on the plane ride home for maybe like a mime magic tricks yeah i mean i made the cubs world series hopes disappear i you know what's funny is that i i know that there's a whole like did everyone think show madden so great i don't
grading game i think he's pretty good at that and rallying a team and getting a team together and like getting a young the most out of a young team but i would say in game he's got he leaves a little to our desire i don't think i'm speaking out of turn when i say that we are an anti nerd podcast we're pretty clear on that but he does he's joe man's actually been going against the nerve well no that's what i'm saying so i i think in baseball there's room for a nerd on the managing staff yeah he needed clubhouse guy like your dusty
if you're mad and during the regular season and then in the playoffs you just bring in like the biggest a kid that you can find nate silver yeah can you bring nate's already some on the bench he said don't talk to anybody nate i'm gonna put i'm a computer for any with three buttons and you get to use the three of us make your decisions just based purely on the numbers joe's going joe's going with with is like the the deepest part of his got he's going with like though his balls this this series because he went to college were brigands clayton kershaw whenever like i that's probably really bad idea and then you just didn't have because we're right back at all in game two so we just he's thinking in that game you don't know yes we even these all over the road well that's okay we'll see let's get a panic button update from them are you precedent no i'm not what's the window like the cubs site when i was a little i think if the cubs can is long as they win two games at wrigley which i guess that would have to keep the writers alive so that's just a little math for you right there knows good as long as they win two games at wrigley i still think that the there's if you push him a little they'll start to fold
they're they're a little soft are you saying that because they're from the state of california i would that would be correct okay although they showed after every game they've been showing these little kids who are just like screaming for the dodgers and i want i'm get triggered yeah you say yeah as callie teens are big kick my listen i'm a guy with long hair but i get very intimidated when i see like a nine year old with the shirt off with his shirt off long hair flexing you might think and and he's got a he's got his cap on with this perfectly straight across it he's got his boxers up in his like jeans sagging and he's nine he's listening music i don't even know about yet saturday night saturday night game one they showed a fucking dodgers fan who was probably fifty five and he was doing the hang ten surfs up like bra and i like
most cried in my living room i was just like get this fungi outta here like he's just he's just flexing right my friend it's a nine year old like sipping on a milkshake from in and out and like hand rolling a joint in his other hand he's like hey bro hey bro had to go back to go bang one out with the milk in the plucking parking lot will come the kids just like he like greece if i walked up to him i was like sup said he like you got yeah yeah you just fucking punch me in the nose i'd cry alright let's get to our who's back before we do that wanted to talk to you guys about mugsy jeans this actually this is a friend of mine who started this company in chicago mug jeans are stylish jeans that are comfortable as sweatpants i've been wearing for years they are super super soft you i know everyone out there they don't want to wear jeans because maybe they're a little too rigid these literally do feel like you're wearing sweatpants and they look good so you get both i an all mugsy jeans come in a stylish cut so like i said you look good you feel good you play good dion sanders taught us that
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team who's back tiger woods he's now he's like inching up slowly is that your who's back no ok so he's inching up slowly he did though he had a pot had a wedge he had a driver he's also wearing shorts he's also wearing shorts that's a big step i think well in golf no shorts who's back no short short short short short never backing golf because it's illegal yeah that's true edie to cover up your cab so tiger he i love this it's just all the tiger fan boys are getting them because all these resort where in that read today yeah wow let's let go and it was sunday sunday the one i'm thinking boys he's back all right hey what starts off buddy you go you mean that
actually no my who's back of the week is animals running on the field an announcer is commentating it their every move and thinking it's the funniest thing that ever had funniest thing ever happened in the oregon stanford game and then they went away how do you how do you pronounce that so don't do that oregon oregon rewind how do you say it oregon i say whatever i say oregon city or oregon trail nevada nevada what model organ oregon donor sheen him anyway talking stage in no state income tax is there in oregon no oregon has oregon does does have one oregon does ok 'cause i think it's it's not really got it that's why he's back the week there was a squirrel running on the field he announced it for like a full minute and a half and then a player on the org the team's sideline the squirrel is bare hands there's also jackrabbit do you see that too that's i mean it was a job right now yeah it's it's okay i think
i saw when that happened they had like one of their trainers carry the rabbit off in the it was really sweet deal like rap the rap it up in a towel yes sir and that's how the breezy for the stew well i'm just saying when they when they were walking off with it the guy was looking down at the rabbit and i think he kissed a couple just like human nature for caring so yeah thank you so much he was shot and and he's won like give a little back and then you look drugs like what what what what the wild animal it's funny alright who do you got you got four years back my whose back is the word aberration so it's apparatus well because what it means yeah it means so those who don't know yeah like some of our award winning the search i might not know what that means i don't explain it no i i'd be happy to explain it aberration means when something happens that doesn't usually happen so for example the giants
is that who they are or is it an aberration that's our yeah so people like the only time the word aberrations ever uses in football because if your football you get a dictionary when you become a coach and you only are allowed to use three big words yeah like stick to witness which i don't even think is what sort of work out lacks a days ago which is in a word is like it is going down this laxity is cool and then thurs aberration and see here at this time your you have six or seven teams in the top five i think yeah college that loss of the weekend and so i heard a load of people saying is this an aberration or is is who we thought they were yeah i like it i like it a lot clemson clemson well that's concerning so that's not a number i love the company's back download is not like that do you see demo pull the coach gave
so i could get fired up yet he went no he went and congratulated the other team in their locker room oh yeah i would think that it would of course you'd hate it so fucking it is the most like look at me move ever so that someone will tweet it and be like dabo what a fucking good i like dabba i actually like dabble i think he's a fucking good coach anna kids like videos were you doing weird dances with the players but that's a that's a coach k movie that i do not like it that you pull when you don't know what to do when you lose you haven't lost a long time like i guess i'm supposed to convert this is like their superbowl so i guess about you coach k would go one step further and be like hey you guys yeah you missed how to cover upon us a let me show you go let me draw this up for you guys real quick no it coach k we go in there be like hey you guys one that was a great game but several of your students were on the field they were crossing yeah after the game like and so i was safety for you know this is it's a kid's game you know their families here i think you guys need to do something about that napoli alright my who's been
get to real quick her feet are back steph curry has been outed as foot fetish guy by his wife i don't understand i feel like that's something you got to keep maybe and house well now that i'm talking about it may be there there's probably a steph curry rex ryan esque tape out there and so they're getting ahead of the here if you're real foot guy because like i cloud leak their big thing so if this ever happens and it's just like a ton of pictures of aisha curry's feet now we can't laugh at it's it snow in you know what curry's i'm going to tip my hat that was a good pr one hundred and one for you hey stef why you know what you do within the confines of your bedroom that's your business don't be rubbing in my face yeah i don't that's not what this is about you keep that you keep that stuff to your christian bedroom and you don't make me listen listen about it also like you said so when he says to send nudes he gets a picture of my bare feet there's no way this stuff curry says send nudes no
he probably like hey honey send that up high you're working up on your instagram story looking back on it he's got some balls releasing white sneakers yeah it's always doing his fucking feet and you got that you can't dress up like a virgin you can't make your feet look like virgins if you got your dick all over true true facts only all right my second who's back airbnb so bb is back in a big way because you hear this do you did you did you hear bout this yeah they are going to start making apartments that are only for airbnb wait i'm going to hang so then they invented hotels right yeah pretty pretty part of the whole what that's a real eyes i see my legs in the yeah this is like the one you just take idea but is very well known and everyone uses and be like hey were invented airbnb but it's all apartments all the whole apartment buildings airbnb and you can stay
paid for one night two nights three nights whatever you can say in a queen bed akingbade too but there might be a pool there it'll come change your towels shortly and when you come in you can order porn at cvs is fucking genius actually knows what they're doing it's like you saw a couple years ago like uber made a giant over that everybody could use and it followed the same route every day it was a bus exactly that's it like uber pool yeah proposed to support it just what all it says is smaller it's smart we need to get on that we start inventing ship that already exists okay i'm on and think about right audio recordings decal on your phone every monday wednesday friday how about this it's kind of like it's a rental service like it's like a netflix except as for books soon and but it's free i don't know yeah so you can you can go check books out now and no no no no and they have a
all the kids and adults i'm out i'm out and they give you a card that you can put your wallet i'm out see if like your member of a club how bout this how bout show soccer b o okay are you guys like chips right would we put him in a can the cylinder that's pretty good so then you stack up yeah news act that's while folks yes well baby alright we gotta get a football guy the week for do that seek everyone out there i'm going to give you some free money right this second will take this down see key put in the promo code take it is the the key it's free to download put in that promo code take that's ten dollars off seatgeek saves you time and money by searching multiple ticket sites to compare prices find amazing deals and to get you the most bang for your buck siki grades every ticket based on value to help you immediately identify the best seats that fit your budget plus every purchase guaranteed make siki your go to app for finding the best deals on every type of ticket from sports and concerts the comedy in theater i you see
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you know his only friend so here is wife is like sitting there like wait what so his thought i was your best friend his best friend is proving that he's better than other people yes okay exactly and then he went on a little rant about the rule where if a player loses their helmet they can have to stop playing and they have to sit out of play yeah so he said that he doesn't like that because if it were up to him and if he losses helmet he would jump he go stick his face into the fire over and over right and it should be the place choice it actually feels better yeah my body my choice i agree that a hundred percent i think you're actually statistically less likely to get a concussion when you're not wearing a helmet i agree because you protect your head more that yes basically that's a basic fact of human reaction to things i just like the fact the city to stick his head in the fire over and over will muschamp it like definitely walks up to he walks up in the he goes in the kitchen every single morning any touches all the burners just in case and it's like i burned myself again you know what i'd do it again yeah i love will must
i love how at any given moment doesn't matter if it's degrees outside or sixty he is always like full sweat yeah he's he's rapping is what his hair is just always wet so before him he probably does need a helmet his head to flex off somebody and he hits it yeah it's like when when you give a guy but you're vastly before gets into bars yeah exactly we also said that he blamed his although like leg injuries or him because his his players were drinking enough milk fax so he he learned that from harbaugh yeah so every now and again must chip i think i feel like i should almost call him fake football guy because steal things from other football guys yeah but i don't think that he knows that he still i think he just like he hears things yeah a dozen attribute them to anybody just like absorbs them into his own my yeah and then repeats them like without thinking about it yeah so the the milk thing i'll give that to you must him next up we have mike gundy oklahoma state head coach he whipped off his shirt and he i actually
i'm going to throw a red flag on this football guy mike gundy's in really good shape i don't like that i think he's two good of shape nothing counteracts a mullet like having a six pack right it says that you're fake molokai yes without it out unless you have unless you have like a bunch of like snake tattoos or something yeah i gotta be bad ask then years then you're back to being a real well there's also difference between like a jail six pack yeah they have some like eating canned tuna and just doing sit ups on a board all day or like a motorcycle sixty six pack like when you sit on more of those physio balls and you're sitting on your bike all day and you get that fucking ripped as six pack right mike gundy six pack is like fifty year old man sixpack who has an ab roller yeah he definitely cares about his looks and i don't yeah i'm throwing the red flag i think my god he's getting his football guy card man card revoked and uh this is fuckedup i'm going to do it the mullet has gone to his head yet cliff kingsberry's another one like that i mean i was watching obviously our guy arco shadow to our best hanks best friend dana holgorsen big
in huge for west virginia usually let's go ears yes huge huge comeback i love how bleacher report those fucking nerds called it a huge upset when it was west virginia's favorite by four but either way but kliff kingsbury's another one where he looks too nice you can't look that nice and that pretty and be a football game right you fake as football yes i agree one hundred percent it looks like you've never stuck your face in a fire before right ok so mike gundy wow first time ever offer value life you know there's no vote is see if you get the least amount i would i would just say he's on probation okay all right well then now except we had todd haley who shut up todd haley i realized it had the best running back in the nfl that was that was an interesting move to be like oh maybe i should just run the ball a load maybe the way to win is to not have big bend throw the ball i love
i love what an todd haley is and the fact that his name gets brought up like every offseason as it as it another head coaching is a liar and then he doesn't get any interviews because everyone across the lake yeah just like you are a huge dick you're insane you and your wife like trash how's it you run through the k allegedly allegedly out like trash the house for two years that you're renting or something yeah and because five hundred thousand dollars well let average to a two hundred thousand dollars house i'm sure i'm getting some of these numbers wrong allegedly allegedly but the fact remains like he's very much he's a guy that you want to keep like an arms length but i think him and ben have like a special chemistry where like there are two assholes but they like respect each other right barely your dick i'm a dick let's just be dicks to different people yeah right so yeah you do you take care of that side of team i'll take care of this nineteen bus like when you're in a fight fighting back to back exactly that's why do todd haley he had a good game playing at chiefs and then he celebrated by headbutting and
are brown with antonio brown still wearing his helmet so that is that's old school football guy just being like fuck it i'm just going full head but here in every high school team in america has one guy that does that before the game he's usually the backup linebacker doesn't really play only plays like the hype up guy and so he'll greet everybody right after they run through the banner that the cheerleaders holding before the game and i'll greet them with a i had but in sir bleeding from his face yeah and nobody really cares they don't so the trainer overton constructed jacket and then he tells everyone now now like to you know fifteen years later he's like yeah i i got like six or seven cautions in high school but i'm not going to see he he only played like four place yeah they're often just alright last up we had less miles who were your miles through returned to ellis you two and ate some grass again also gave a little tip that the root of the grass is the perfect snack that's actually true yeah so when you see a farmer in an old timing cartoon snacking on like piece of grass or anything or wheat they're always going
in first so he does do you think lesson coach do you think that stare down i don't i don't know feel like less knows that cochos like the big dog on the block now well i think if if let's just hung around long enough i think coach i would just like miley assistant again and just gotta go back to like being the you know you know less less as i type guy or whatever i go family coach oh by the way is very back yes well i was going to say kocho back of the week but like he was back last week yes but but but then but then he left before halftime then he came back in the second half gonna suck when it loses like forty to alabama he's not he's not man we are physical football team will we ready to run the ball at anybody the best part about that game was in the first half i don't know if you if you watched on that offense go to work but they were doing absolutely nothing with the ball and then they called one jet sweep and they receive
and for like twenty yards and coach shows that we will we will hold the jets without fits in with the faster we will run the jets we did it stop it yeah and so they ran about eight jet sweeps and they only gained yardage unlike their next two but they kept running his at the only thing that coach oh new woodwork mark just need to do that he should feel like let's get alshon involved by making a running back and also special shout to each row who said that if he doesn't know what to do after baseball you just might just die yeah so that's kind of sad isn't it he might he's gonna walk into that forced in japan yeah and everybody goes into today ma'am that right yes i do i don't glad we don't have one of those in america the death force that sounds like a bad thing to have we have a cool to visit let's did dana white do you got for us pfti want to talk to you guys about something very very near and dear to my heart that's right it's buffalo wild wings i love it think about your first jersey okay the button up t ball t that you had the glossy numbers of basketball uniform or the awesomeness of a football jersey over pads it didn't make you
athlete it didn't guarantee wins but it did make you part of a team that's why buffalo wild wings wild teamed up with the boys and girls club of america to establish team up for kids dedicated to improving the lives of our nation's youth this provides jerseys equipment and the chance to play two kids in need remember that first jersey donate today visit beat up in october our buffalo wild wings dot com slash giving for more details as buffalo wild wings dot com slash giving for more details check out all right let's get to go out there are this is the address you want i'm thinking about taking you do now i love them too all right we let's get your president of another atty no wasn't just beauty talking to just ok this is my favorite thing i know it wasn't that because you're pissing in the sink well yeah i did not i did not go to piss in yet president of the ufc dana white all right we now welcome i'm on a very very special guest it is dana white is of the ufc what's up very very
very happy to actually finally meet you we've been chasing you for awhile now i don't know if you know that i didn't know this guy you know when when like someone like i said she's in years i just never get to your loan all at the at the the you know it doesn't get to me unless i bob india somewhere right have been i've been trying to get you on the show i do happens yeah i feel like every interview that you do we have to start with are you telling that's where you've been in the last like five days usually come in rio i went to moscow and london germany where have you germany here and then in and then after i do this i'm going to toronto and then i'm going to montreal honk then usually go like oh yeah then i'm picking up a bag in vegas and then i gotta go down to you know this is this is after this one i'm home for awhile so while there's like after going all these places
to go back to vegas to lay low for awhile i love it just chill out that's where i love to lay low yes really easy to do so i should just driving through the traffic here in new york now is ready jump out of the car and kill mice yeah it's already set in the world yes you see rattles did you make friends than the rats no rats no no right so new york let's talk about that we also have robbie with us who is our mma expert so you i see two seventeen you ask question are you a c two seventy let's go a promo so let me thank you and where is more animosity in the main event between michael bisping and george st pierre who didn't really know each other before this fight go or the former teammates turned enemies homemade oven commented that one hundred percent whey more animosity there then and and like hardcore deep in real you think they like actually wanna kill each other yeah the they are yeah i think it's more on cody's side than it is on done on that it is on t j side but yes and you think cody is justified in calling dj snake that's person i don't know man that that's
you know there's two sides to every story and then there's the truth somewhere between so good question yeah that was good touch time right and yet so so what is a good like fight promotion look like to you do you is there sometimes ring like i don't do anything here these guys and just the hate each other or sometimes you have to really get it like worked up and get them to a lab at night though we we it's always real i don't try to fabricator make anybody say or do anything is anybody ever told you you look like anchorman i get a lot of different things yeah i get a lot of different mustaches very prominent yeah yeah
i get a lot of like pablo escobar narcos like yeah that's a good one yeah it's a good one so i couldn't help but notice you change the subject there though that was very interesting on your part should i change this up so you've never ever made fabricated already know yeah no i've never fabricated a fight and you're looking up into the line now you're scratching your chin yeah yeah i've never fabricated with no i never have been like signals or i think a lot of people thought mcgregor and mayweather didn't really hate each other let me tell you this well it's i'll tell you what happened with mayweather mcgregor so showtime showtime event you know they were the co promoter of this thing and uh he felt like showtime did him dirty the first day 'cause they didn't really tell us what we were doing how it was all going lay out was all sort of loosey goosey right and then mayweather came out and just started attacking connor then connor went to say
talk to him about hitting women in the mike's got killed and then where was game on right now he came right out after espinoza the the the you know the the guy who run show time the next day floyd and it got real yeah well at first it was two guys that were gonna fight they had said some stuff back and forth and then once they did that stuff too on the first day in la connor went connor and there were some reports that the guys took a flight together at one point and you know that that wasn't true i'm a big flightaware guy flight tracker guy because we get really into coaching searches in the offseason so there was flight that was tail f sixty nine thousand four hundred and twenty that was i track personally that to be like it was the flight no comment so got a plane that brought him from where
videoblog video where are planes land the same time at lx and we bump into each other as like it was really convenient that you were able to be in the same frame at the same time it would say that it would feel that way but i swear to god on my daughters life we landed at the same time in ll just chill out you don't have to bring your daughter and employees played was there to know you guys are like total conspiracy yeah no no we gotta lot no they never flew together ok it isn't like that here's an easier question why it isn't a jump on my plane kind of guy i would imagine you need some elbow room on that thing yeah do you still want to beat up during ravel paravel he's a douche
i played him wanna wanna basketball be however nothing did you yeah well enough that doesn't surprise me domination the guy tries to act all whatever he looked like he doesn't have a coordinated bone in his body he's a nerd who is a whole nother time there yes so you are you do you still like if you see down rebel in like alley you like i don't know it's not showing me you give a swirly or so it would be like the alley too we are you allowed to pick on girls when you were in school that's the same thing it's like picking on girls yeah darren valleys i mean he's something else ask follow up yeah i down a feller ariel helwani a rebel more than hawaii to be honest with you helwani is just i mean that's just that's whole well he's a he's a goof yeah what about our friend we have a were personal friends with stitch duran yeah love me the station i came up together yeah in
so we came up together and he got a little a little nutty and austin's mind but hey i'm sure he's doing fine yeah he is he actually as we saw him before the mayweather mcgregor fight you talked about mcgregor kind of going off in like the press conferences and stuff do you ever get nervous that he's going like go totally rogue and he kind of has told me that saying that myers through the i don't ever worry about retirement never ever worry like never going to walk away anybody who wants to walk away should walk away right including connor everybody every says i want to retire should retire in the sport you don't stick around the sport if the r word even pops into your head but yeah there's times connor through the monster cans at the ds fight and then another time at the eddie alvarez fight we thought eddie alvarez through the cherry picked chair was going to throw the chair back at eddie alvarez yeah we've got a couple of connor
was saying we sir we are kind of connect the dots guys we thought the macho thing was just like a viral advertising for monster injectors right i believe that you believe yeah yeah the only all the u of c got her home banking monsters a collector cars get sued for that who really yeah he's getting sued but then what one of the money you got is more than the loss so now hopefully do you is it ever hard being the president of like such a rough and tough fighting league and having a girl's name all no it hasn't it hasn't effect me so far i've been thinking about it so it effects me no i don't i don't i would appreciate if you were like a tony or
i think you i think you'll see would be better that way i actually did you might be right yeah it's like every now and then i'm like a not right i guess we could do this you i've always been interested in know like when did you decide that you would rather make money off of other people fighting than fighting this myself yeah you'd be great defense contract figured that out pretty young yeah i when i was younger i wanted to be a professional boxer it's all i used to think about dream about care about and one day you realize you're not it you just got part of the face too many times it wasn't that it was just that you know you're not talented enough to get there like it down thanks right you get much worse and so then you start making best friends with like the general mills people and yeah we go to take their press release right yeah follow question today rebel can i have some money he saw the
see for bunch was a four billion dollars yeah four point two billion the how much we got a pocket what do you need a couple couple grand take the edge off yeah a couple grand is if you have to leave it behind no problem we'll figure that out after trucks came as many as you like of a rogue monster i'll throw a throw monster energy off you and then you can give me money and will be like oh my god how much is reebok pain where that jacket you yeah this is this is a ufc jack yeah i think i don't know if that's a ufc contract and i think women's tennis jesse i actually notice that you don't wear any you never put on any logos that aren't your own now like i got okay oh no
spanish jacket no it's not a women's tennis shoes and even if it was we're trying to do is dana yeah we're serena guys so stranger greatest athlete in the last five hundred years turn the table here alright are you real question are you mad at jon jon jones yeah yeah i'm mad at jon jones so have you talked to him like at length since we haven't talked at all ok are you disappoint very that's even worse like when your parents are just disappointed if there is he is there any if you ever have any chance to come back and do another fighters this kind of i think that you know he's gotta gotta go through usada in the california state athletic commission but i think he's going to think he's going to be a big truck yeah it's i mean any he was he would have been you know the probably the greatest of all time yeah i think he is the greatest of all time i think if he had done everything
the way he should have he'd be a huge superstar he might even be the heavyweight champion of the world well alright so i have so robbie told me that there's actually one slot open for ufc two hundred and seventeen right is it tt ok yeah so i wrote down a couple of matchups that maybe we could do let's see you tell me yes or no ok we'll start with this one jon jones brock lesnar steroids are legal they will want to see that jon jones brock lesnar steroids illegal they were fighting like a ship or something right like you know like international waters yeah maybe ok it's not a bad i all right what about u verse aired revell revell get like a low grade taser thanks not not only will knock it out it's a little stone you little i'm going to build up a little bit of a you know still that would still not fair okay all right high grade taser yeah all right do you have any yeah i was just gonna say like what if you
have an opportunity make world peace you're like what if it was trump and kim jong il trump in it i would be good trump in camera yeah maybe like a chess match an actual chess match i like it that would be fun what about the butter bean versus anyone literally anyone we just want butter bean back where is butter bean i thought you would have no idea you don't have to be rubber what the hell you gotta take care of your guys yeah he's water being isn't my guy well yeah he's not telling your guy but he's like all of our guys like puerto rican national kind of thing you know i mean what about a lot of we have to watch out for but what if you just had like brock lesnar against the head of u sada gives this just some nerdy open lab code and just let brock lesnar just going to town on it yeah but you saw the guy has like all his picks on him so he can like throw like deadly pits on the other okay i think these are some good idea the last one last one steven seagal verse like like fifteen
real paid a male liberal like you know like limp dick guys were like no we don't want to play the george foreman just called now did he yeah even think all make it happen that's a big one one your country i you're arriving i would love to make that one okay have you ever do in dmt to joe rogan ever done what dmt with joe rogan i don't even know what that is now you've never done drugs joe joe rogan no i've never done drugs third man card wow yeah i'm well or this or two yeah the guy at all not a drug guy v e r
george saint pierre who's fighting ufc two hundred and seventeen which will be in madison square garden he once said three things that excite me or women dinosaurs in the violence of the octagon do a merry fuc kill for that right who said that george saint pierre george saint pete say that again so you give us a quote robbie so he said there are three things that excite me in this world a woman dinosaurs and the violence of the ufc octagon so mary fat kill those three dinosaurs pretty cool probably we probably aren't sitting here without dinosaurs very phuc kill those yeah so with the if you george st pierre no no you usually in a white would you marry a dinosaur no
it probably would you like a dinosaur or do you like more violence in the octagon let me get on my game here in fantastic you guys set up it's going to important question yeah i guess you would marry the dinosaur well you killed it no no don't tell him how to answer so yeah fuck the girl yeah and kill them balance of the octagon you so you would ruin your own sport you wouldn't have a job this is the weirdest fuckin' question i've ever been answered you answered it very poorly that's very important you failed that yeah what is yours i'd probably killed the dinosaurs i probably murder have sex with the violence and then marry the woman that's the correct answer yeah that's alpha answer you give us the beta answer violence can't get it the barbaric human cockfighting yes give us robbie give us another ufc two seventeen question jana young j check for his rose namik units for the strawweight championship of the right to do that it was made out
no i did not is that a promoter's dream for you 'cause either way it's going to be an exciting fight and both are such likeable like great personality absolutely it's a great way in their post gangsters when it comes to fighting and i expect it to be a very very good fight and i think a lot of people underestimate the ground game of rose in that fight we saw it against paige vanzant she really bent her into the ball yes she did all right walked back into like the like you're actually doing press mode are you back in the weird seeing you want chocolate kills answer i saw i saw on tv this morning somebody made you go through your text messages because they were like drilling in on you to see if you're going to let what mcgregor fight wrestlemania and so you had text with vince mcmahon would you let mcgregor fight in wrestlemania if he wanted to yes ok
okay but as of now that's not your text say that that's not on the table yes so the lori was out there that that he was you know going to be in the you know wrestlemania it's not true that you know we have the new york post writing that's not true in the la times and and things like that it's a little irritating yeah on both sides i would imagine are you would you let vince write you into a like a plot line now i wouldn't do that really now that's a good answer because then when you do we're like it's real it's not everything we want it's really up the ultimate fighter our reality shows is very real all right so so actually a question kind of along those lines the big fights that you guys have had recently so yeah i'd lino cm punk which is felt like kind of a side show when you watch it and son get you know be up pretty quickly the mayweather mcgregor fight was huge huge numbers brock lesnar john jones were
would have happened if you know if jon jones didn't have this are you worried at all about the ufc ufc's draw has always been that the best guy can get up there and win and it's just kind of like it's a process elimination like this guy if he just stays the course and keeps fighting he'll win this division now the mega fights are there and the big pay days are there so do you think that kind of you know mine's a little what you guys have been now i mean the the way that we've always done it is the best always fight the best you know from the when you come into the ufc if we think you're a guy who has the potential
to get some more normally in boxing the way they would do it is they would feed guys to that guy we do the exact opposite we pushing against the best in the world and if you really are the best you rise to the top but when the lights come better big money fights like how can i deny conor mcgregor right that opportunity to make that kind of money are you worried at all that he's kind of shifted the balance now where he gets you know fighters probably gonna be demanding more and more money as as they get bigger and bigger that's always going to happen that that's happened since the day we bought the company you know will happen to the ok i'm gone it's human nature to want more money yeah everybody wants more money what do you think would have been the impact on ufc had mcgregor won that fight huge i mean it's massive if mcgregor won that fight would be so huge i think we got
for a victory any chance before i i record would he have well over there were people saying like max kellerman and and and a lot of other other boxing experts that he would hit floyd mayweather once yeah he would win one punch right what do you think they'll ever be a number to mayweather mcgregor number two i never say never but i doubt it okay you actually owe us money because we were at the fight and we walked in and the guy selling beer outside was like a last call last call at like eight there again we freaked out were like no oh she got like five years we've ordered way too many drinks got way too drunk and so that's your fault and then i lost money had seen a laid out as i was you allies been over serve yeah that's basically out your correct yeah that's it was yeah well i mean it is go to vegas and think there's actually last call in vegas yeah right we we like we ordered all the drinks and we stopped in like we were in vegas this is the dominant
and we've ever done would you like to apologize will take are just about that but yeah i hear you yeah it was good fun sorry ok yeah that's fine so with with a steady new york the ufc kind of has an interesting history kind of getting they kind of legalized in the state what a process like to take longer than you thought it would no i would have to say it actually went went faster thought i would you know the whole this whole process with the u of c getting it sanctioned new york obviously took a long time but everybody else was was but as soon as we expected it to take the op on what i'm really blown away is it with his how fast everybody learned the ground game you know when you think about our society we grew up with john wayne movies where you don't hit a man when he's down he had a guy and stand him up and hit him again the ground game is
very unless if you don't do it it's hard to figure out you know the different jiu jitsu moves but people picked it up quick that's what surprised me the most is how much how many people fell in love with the sport and we're able to understand it as quickly as they did were you are you hurt when that guy called a human cock fighting really like hey it's actually that was or my time yeah yeah does but present john mccain yeah yeah well does mccain that said that yeah yeah it's gonna messed up it is an arm do you when we look back ronda rousey underwriter overrated no underrated look which she did look at what you build on a lot of like i it's kind of like if babe ruth had to face like pedro martinez like if those errors like somehow combined very quickly because she started it right but she started at all you had such a dominant female fighter and
it was so bad assen she spoke well and she was pretty that whole combination of what she was is what built the women's mixed martial arts the economic on if people if she didn't build it there would have been no one who could have been better than her to peter well you could say the same thing about you know some of the early anderson silva worry that you know you can say that about a lot of people she was just she was the right person at the right time to do it okay that's that's i i make sense robbie got another one yep so johnny hendricks is fighting at ufc two seventeen right he went from in the span of a few years unofficially beating gsp two missing with a bunch of times pulling last minute from a title fight and he one for his last fights word is the ufc stand with john hendricks well you know he's he's fighting on the is the co main event of the fox prelims that night and
you know he one of the last flights obviously this is a big fight for him yep big fight in my view if he loses is it time to start thinking about retirement for him i think so i i think i think you would have to start looking at retirement fun fun fact about johnny hendricks he is career peaked when i did a commercial with them reebok commercial road yeah and then he hasn't won since i don't think what did you guys do it was it was for internet only so whatever not a big deal like didn't go on tv but you could see it if you want on youtube he's like it was pretty cool i had a cameo like a three second cameo what was the promise he was i stole some shoes from a woman kick me in the in the chest big cat actually didn't know that he was in a video he just stole shoes who stole a jacket yeah there you go is actually just a commercial for like worlds wildest police chases yeah it was just big cat attack about johnny hendricks i alluded to this before we started why don't you have john annick be the face of the ufc
number one thing should actually you should retire you should resign and let john be the president i'll think about it ok etc you mean he a good like everyone loves john yeah everyone loves john yeah he's a nice guy he actually paid us to say that he's a nice guy on both ends oh here's a good question did jesus tap barely you didn't he ok alright that's all that's needed on the back of so many trucks and i didn't know whether or not it is true if you have any other questions i think we're good yeah do you have any questions i have one more ok you said the best are always fighting the best but it looks like conor mcgregor's next fight will be against nate diaz to finish up the trilogy no that's not true a positive about that rob yeah well you know i would i would bet you that is next fight would be against need yes and would you consider doing croke park for that fight because you've been teasing croke park for so long years now it's it's a huge stadium like soccer stadium and and ireland
on saint patrick's day god who i yeah apple pie that all sounds great but there's only one problem is probably going to be tony ferguson in las vegas but but we do want to do brookpark the reason we haven't done croke park yet with connor it's because we can't get it done over there you know they have a curfew at what time you know you gotta be out there they have noise ordinances an irish have a curfew yeah yes have be home having sex with your wife at seven hundred pm every night to make another baby weight you sit so not true no d as refer gregor's not natural i can confirm that it will be mcgregor versus yes this many revell right it is literally not even been talked about wow yeah well now has he winked at me there to that area if he's right now it's literally not been talking but now it's on your head about talking about with literally it's been left out i guess
you talked about it a lot away program is your mind right now dsts mcgregor is happening diaz mcgregor actually said this question who is the most famous person in your cell phone the most famous person in my cell phone hi i don't know trump need vents pretty famous the rock is pretty bronco the to rock yes no no he knows us will call vince will write you in the storyline wrestlemania now calm i don't wanna call sure bridget producer last chance i'm good ok alright alright dana white thank you so much this is a lot of fun we it was worth the chase so what's your middle name
try it for a year see if paper views go up and then come back and talk to them i will do it for any white red white red white guys like that that is the microphone are yes that is perfect yeah you're like one of the bad assets freddie white start it yeah i like that freddy white deal alright thank you freddie that interview is brought to you by betty si dot com betty aside i com has been in business for over twenty years paying winners their a plus rated on most ports book review sites you can use your sports knowledge to make some extra cash it's super easy to use it's got a mobile mobile playing interface that you can use to play win and get paid they offer odds on everything football including live betting and props processes games are in action they also offer odds on pretty much everything else including all major sports politics reality television pretty much everything use promo code take twenty five and get a twenty five dollars freeway just for registering if you decide
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van talk though it is debuting one there's been a little confusion i think we have little time zone confusion this is like the bodybuilder form we're trying to figure out the days of the week i'm very confused by it ok so tuesday so we say tuesday night as in when you're up you wake up on tuesday morning okay the van talk will be on when you wake up yet hopefully wake up boy will prognosis let's start from you do your taxes on monday and then watch monday night football you go to bed you wake up you wake up on tuesday before you go to sleep again barstool van talk will be on so it's wednesday morning
technically pm i don't use a night one if you're if you're in you're in mountain time or the west coast it's actually it is two days tuesday nights like one thousand pm or eleven tuesday night or something like that that makes it better let's let's get this right it's midnight on tuesday night ok so in chicago it's midnight tuesday night yes just one thousand one hundred and twelve and one yes yes so that two two so they could just made this more confusing either way ok so you know it so don't go to sleep don't when you wake up on tuesday say to yourself you know what when you wake up on tuesday you tweet us and you say check your god i will not go to sleep until i watch barstool van talk you watch partial van talk before your waiver wire submissions are accepted in fanciful know gives don't give a ship man come on alright so we have scott van pelt we saw the cut of the interview and it's funky
that's pretty good really funny don't say it's so funny because okay was okay feel like well it's not as funny as became its it okay good it's good it's good interview scott is a great guy is afraid of the show he was as comfortable as anybody can be in the back of any would head to new jersey he won't noted spoilers sweet use okay he was constantly might have turned it off yet sure you have to watch to find out what happens but it's going to be fun we are very excited about it we're very excited about episode one we everyone watch is tweet us let's be interactive about it and bonus are we going to do we do a late night like maybe instagram live after the show will answer all your questions so follow barstool van talk on instagram it's a new account and we're going to the instagram live from there an will chop it up with people at one hundred and thirty in the morning
wednesday morning tuesday night tuesday night tuesday night wednesday morning ok let's get this sub segments first up we have trouble in paradise is for the browns their entire organization got the old classic finger point finger everyone's finger pointing you got when you point your finger you've got three fingers pointing right back at you with j simpson i was going to say in less you jp oh true point your finger at me right now do it with you your thumb doesn't count because all i have you down so you're giving a thumbs up to jesus no i'm doing of the there you go yeah three point red radio cell radio counter pointing finger right now there is trouble in that paradise that is the cleveland browns for hey live look at the cleveland browns facility
of course there's a dumpster fire it still burning because remember that little one that was a dumpster fire i see it a couple weeks ago yeah hue jackson i guess is complaining that he is not getting enough control over the cleveland browns do you really want full control over the browns oh that's like saying you want to drive a car that doesn't have breaks yeah that's going to be trouble that's going to be trouble if you have full control runs but this is my favorite part about sports is when you know the front office and the coach are on the outs with brother and they're trying to figure out who's going to survive here because only one could survive is very rare the owner is going to let everyone go right they always go back to the draft i wanted this guy they wait till one guys good who i'll get the sean watson he's good i wanted to sean watson so or unusually in that scenario it's the front office guy that sticks around the general manager just because like here's a little tip for anybody out there in corporate america if you have an office job if you speak more time with your boss then
then the other guy that's going for the same job your boss is going to keep you around just by like if you're around people you like okay i think i like that guy more yeah because our our girl because i haven't seen them do anything like completely up so by in my head they're a good person so i think he's going i think hughes going to lose that power struggle plus any time you can get somebody that set the new york mets up for success the way that these men have been set up in your organization that's a guy you want to hold onto and hue jackson has one like two games in the last two years maybe quarterback whisperer yeah he's got he's whispering to him right now kevin hogan thrown interception throw another one so i can put in shock kaiser right now i actually wouldn't put it past the browns to have wanted to select deshaun watson and then they throw down to shawn yeah on the card and the guy that gets up there is like oh shoot i don't know which one yeah notre dame they're close yeah will take him all right
except we have groomers groomers are back jon gruden was in knoxville this weekend there is a monday night football game in national but john grew was grad assistant a tennessee like forty years ago but wait knoxville that's not national but and weak hey couple hours away then says he's fine the live a coach you know they got a really good coach yeah they love them his name's butch jones about playing for a coach that put you know they don't love them yeah every other team in the sec love jazz so i love rumors all right with i don't think john gruden's going to to a to a college team even still that's going to be the worst feeling in the world when you're not only on the hot seat your butch jones your team sucks you suck as a coach everyone hates you people are at the other posing he's wearing life family generally air so if you have your yeah your wife i had shown to you and for for months you smelled socks your faces always read and you still stink and then
not gruden comes to town and he's just like john greens at the bar john grunseth restaurant john greens in the stands chunky just fit in hooters for three days that's gotta be the worst feeling you're just looking around and it's just like he's like those twins in breaking bad just like walk around killing people guys jon gruden jobs without jon gruden just shows up with like a playbook in one hand and a giant axen the other just hangs out and let's people know that he's there i'll say this jon gruden would look excellent in that tennessee or she would that that and that he's got with his friend is freckles would pop in that only into fuckin' there nice visor the visor and the hair matching up with that i could see it and then hooters in knoxville do you think so see how many hooters they have in knoxville all right we have a king soccer this is
no we're not to talk with the us men's team because it meant the world cop and we also they don't exist or like you know where's the only the u s soccer team is the women's team yeah i'm a woman supporter hello yeah soccer and football but talking soccer the the doctor from what is it with a movie called doctor the island of doctor moreau no omalu will smith teddy truth yeah he has come out and said the soccer russian yeah he said the soccer industry should stop denying the truth and basically saying yeah
pacey said head injuries in soccer are a serious serious deal are you saying that fifa's trying to cover up some on toward activity this guy's pretty smart yeah hi i had my doubts about a hollow but if he's yeah he's a he's a wise guy so here's the thing some whistle blower here why don't they just if you so concerned about whistle or some concern about concussions in soccer just like give the players helmets noon maybe give them some other pad there are the the arm carry the ball there are the rare take we handle use who wear those stupid helmets they look like helmets at like like princeton war who playing actual football not this fake ass football soccer tackle football like one thousand five hundred and twenty the rugby helmet yeah looks from caps so yeah the goal why did the goal is with us because occasionally you get need in the head if your goal
did you get a head cut and you you you get a little okay concussion because not yeah i got the cop yes you get nicked up yeah right gets nicked right exactly pool smelling salts in your favor someone slapping the side heading your block up aggressor maybe maybe odd their brains are just flopping maybe that's the problem i should call either way i i'm i'm here for the soccer fruit for c t coming for soccer cuz guess what you know you hear that sound you here it hear bob he just catching another page do they combine those two favorite things in the world fifa corruption and gushes bodies about bob lee saw this story was like he got she got the world's tiniest boner he's like honey put put another wing on the house soccer is about to have a see t scandal what he got there's there's
to hooters and not to get what a let down that is a lot of a less okay you got the good one and yet the bad when you get there so you got to wonder what is the weekend or the one after a loss and then the one after when treat yourself to this to the good place through all right finishing up we have this just occurred to me when it comes to like cte and concussions and all that okay so yeah now we're going after soccer why don't we so after like math when we go after learning because when you think about it all learning it is a bunch of electrons running into each other a lot of many collisions inside your head probably makes you dumber in the long term basis they playing the offensive line everyone who's ever been to school has died that's a fact so the facts only maybe we should stop learning jesus christ you drop that on a sunday night is now jesus never went to school but he died but then he came back to life yeah right ok check post it again all right last up we have mike greenberg's dumb rules mike greenberg
he's big jets fan there's a lot of controversy because the jets got were on the wrong end of a pretty shity rule well i think we all can admit that he said he treated i've written in deleted quite a few tweets since that call as any of them might get account suspended what did disgrace i would love to see what my green thinks would get his twitter account suspended i would gosh darn it flag my wife told me to stop swearing so much i said shoot sometimes i watch paw nope just kidding just kidding just no i'm not going to yeah like oh man the jets just had a terrible loss i'm going to i'm going to pull up browser it real quick nope that's now will get you banned either way i have a mike greenberg thumb rule because i think what you're getting right this is kind of a theme we had it with the the nationals with the the total popping off the plate they are the first base we had it with this jets thing i think we should actually get rid of its reply just
altogether just give give it all the power back to the rest in the arms we would just be living in a bit like what happens these these these things happen where will instant replays i feel like i watch instant replays more than i watch sports now well that's actually true when you watch an nfl game right you watch about eleven minutes a live action that rest and i'm going to do if you don't get rid of replays replays are awesome but don't give him to the refs given that because a no because then we'll get mail yeah exactly is there any better feeling in the world than being mad at somebody about sports maybe they give out like maybe give us like replace but from really far away i don't all i know that every play now gets dissected a million different ways and basically if you if you like you have the your finger off the ball for a second or your toe off a bag for like
a centimeter is just everything's ruined i just to get rid of all report does get less is me let's just make a note you were the line to go back to that let's get rid of all sports yeah no i am not saying that what that's it sounds like that's what you know i'm saying by the courts and let's let the refs decide you did something what you made me that back no i'm okay i'm with you let's get rid of some the replay let's flashed act like the year nineteen ninety eight in terms of that's when it reached
pinnacle yeah we had the puck track system one fox which all hockey fans were line came about amazing technology able to see a hockey puck that's when technology reached its peak yes ok listen he will chat rooms bring back a i am all i know is that mike greenberg is like a split second away from getting banned on twitter and that's not a world i want to live it i think mike greenberg thought of why he was going to get banned was tweeting out like i just typed so many things that would have got me banned in his mind he's like i'm admitting to a major rules in fractional train service my mind has some dirty thoughts all right that's our show we'll see everyone wednesday night will we'll see everyone tuesday when no with a lock nice all right morning so watch barstool van talk it's espn two were really proud of it it's going to be fun to stay up until you see our faces on television and don't go to sleep and here's what the real here's really why you have to watch it scott van pelt is going to be
on the podcast on wednesday and he's on barstools talk van talk on tuesday you're going to want to watch boat watch and listen to it both through a double dip let's have some fun and like i said we'll see you in we actually see a barstool van talk espn twenty one am eastern wednesday morning tuesday night whatever you can figure it out and then also right after on the instagram live and then right after that on the podcast love you guys the the to to so needless to say
odds and ends with that's me i'm some little way slowly learning that life is okay in san tomane it's no better to be safe than sorry and not a god entertain it's pardon my take presented by barstool sports
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