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Danny Kanell And An Intervention For Lebron The Wine Addict

2018-01-02 | 🔗
Marvin Lewis is still the Bengals coach and we have our theories as to how this is possible (2:20 - 8:19). The debut of the newest hit single "Love Watching NFL Football", the song to recap the 2017 NFL season (8:19 - 11:27). We have an intervention for Lebron being a Wine addict (11:27 - 17:22). Hot Seat/Cool Throne (17:22 - 27:51). Danny Kanell joins the show to talk about the CFB playoffs being a mess, who is his favorite quarterback in the 2018 draft, and how he plans to be more likable on twitter in 2018 (27:51 - 57:10). Segments include Hurt or Injured Andrew Luck, NPR - the case of Todd Haley being pushed outside of a bar on New Years Eve. Hank Hot In The Streets, Logan Paul is a douchebag. Bachelor Talk for guys that don't watch the Bachelor and Guys on Chicks

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