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Danny Woodhead, Quenton Nelson, Worst Smells + Deep Dive with Billy Football

2020-04-05 | 🔗
Another weekend in the books and we’re being positive today or at least trying to be (2:18 - 16:42). Who’s back of the week (16:42 - 30:28). Danny Woodhead joins the show to talk about how the NFL training camps will look this year, Tom Brady to the Bucs, and how the draft will work for some of the unheralded guys (30:28 - 59:25). Colts lineman Quenton Nelson joins the show to talk about being a beast, how he accidentally invented keto as a kid, and his love for the game of football (59:25 - 77:12). We talk a little sports, Mt Flushmore of smells and Billy Football teaches us about Vikings
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On today's pardon my take, we got a bunch of gas. Actually we have Danny would head recurring. Guess Danny would had checks in. We talk some corona virus, how it's going to affect the NFL? How compares to lock out in two thousand eleven? We also have new gas quit Nelson, who joined us actually in studio about a month and a half ago. So when a run that interview and then we have Billy football, deep dives on Monday, with Billy for Power- and you vikings- we have- whose back the weak or into the mouth flush more of smells Mouth Rushmore of Smell, so packed Monday, show for you before we do all that, for my take is brought to you by the cash app. I only see the easiest place to send money to your friend. That's the safest. And send money to your friends, your family, bartender. You miss the waiter, you miss your dog Walker, whatever you want to do the cash app
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Let's go, let's not its parent lighted by students. Welcome my kid that apply the Ashraf go down on cash out right now you hold forged weakened ten dollars for free ten dollars, the AIDS S pc a today. Is Monday April. Sixth, I even know why we,
see the days of the date anymore, but we are we're in April and I actually I'm going to I'm going to be positive today, boys, I don't know who's taking the role of negativity, but I am officially going to put my hand up and say, I'm positive today, I'm going to have a positive spin on life. Who wants me to negative guy having negative Gaza that let's leave that march. Ok, then we need to have one negative person so that at least at some point we have to have a negative comment. Just He has down down reality, but here's my positivity of the day. This whole new social distancing, when you see someone on the street that you know not having to like get close to them, is kind of awesome. I don't know if you guys have had shall we take a walk like I was walking Stella. Saw actually someone that we work with on the third floor. Em had a nice chat, probably ten feet away and was conical area you do in the eye is like the irish hello. We don't even have to acknowledge the person. That's that's kind of
a better positivity. Its natural separation agreed that all opportunity leave much easier rake writer about this. For us activity in there's never been a better time to get a concert. True true, you have one I'm just saying that if you do get cold, sores now is like you're hitting the lottery. If you get when you have to go into work for a couple weeks, no one's ever going to know ya or it's now is a great time to give yourself a haircut and have it be a bad haircut. Yep Are we what's by the way? What is the plan fur like haircuts in everything like got it? We are. We just saw gonna, say fuck It we're just not cutting your hair till then it would have several broader, ok, yeah. I've even thought about that, but I'm deftly getting close to needing a haricots who ask indicators were also flow. I dont think I mean it's. I don't oh, where it would go and corn teen challenge. You won't, aren't you George, you hey, you should shave your face. Quarantine challenge
Have you grow your beard out until the end of quarantine? Our shame. Face it then, according now, yeah now, I can only say that that's it. We catch the sober than that such a bad deal for you that the day that we all get to be released from our houses, which Ok, here's the negative part this Like everyone saying, oh yeah, I can't wait for the day that were allowed to go back out and world goes back to normal recycling. Back to normal, like like a light switch we're not gonna, be there we go now everyone just go party and we're we're cool. It's gonna be such a weird, gradual thing where everyone is scared of each other because of jobs, are you going get crowds concerts? Are gonna exist for another year? I think I am getting a mask. I didn't get him ass. I got one of those fuckin really cool, like my things yet like paisley,
Navy seal wears and it actually, the only one they had was an american flag one. So apparently people shopping on Amazon, don't love their country, so I'm going to walk around with a weighted vest than that and people be like yeah he's special ops where you have the altitude mask so that action and the tactical losses. So I have on fuel. That is, my neighbour came from across the Crossway? Here? He works at a hospital and he had like a box of ten hospital masks and I'm like I don't want to steal valor. I don't want to take those you like no take at least one or two, so I've got a couple of them it get me Milsom Genco. I think I've kept you guys up to date on that are doing their parts to fight krona virus with fifteen percent off sales. But I think that they are, you have to have yet issued making bass with all the execs access fabric. Saturday gather Kangaroo Pie just make Genco branded jobs,
I'm down. For that, I'm yeah. I got like basically the starter kit for guy who walks around like Portland Oregon with an AK. Forty seven saying don't take away my right, so I'm definitely going to walk around Brooklyn everyone's, like what's this guy doing with the weighted Vest Tactical Glasses american flag neck HE and in the end, the mask. So we ask if it gets I guess you're right apply giving it. Yes, you have the am I being detained starter back exactly like. I know my rights who else is going on? I think I mean I actually do think here we're back to positivity. I think the Isn't calling all the commissioners on Saturday was a positive sign, because I would imagine that call was you need to bring sports back right now. Cuz, we're all needs sports very, very badly. I think he just called because earn because baroness driving him absolutely insane the White House no sports on tv, so he was like. I want to talk to them.
Oh oh you're, saying that he is he. He was like daddy you to bring sports back dead you gotta get sports back down. Tromp was like I'm sick of hanging out my son, because he does everything to watch on tv solely to call get here, give me Roderick Adele to bear and get off my back preparing a big football fan so and the animal S wasn't included. As last I checked neither was neither was Ah the premier crossly, which was disrespectful structural factors, Paul rebuilding in inviting again invite as commissioner of Future Commissioner of United States Rugby no owner, you can neighbours ultimate order owner slashed. Commissioner yeah, that's gonna be a problem well, and I sometimes get take charge of something. If you wanted software Feel it got was a positive thing than when horses, like the bearer of bad news, drops more bad news. I feel like Saturday night TAT. I just remember this Friday, I actually actively ignored it, just so that I couldn't be bombed out and you are
did you watch the clip of him saying it now what it is like sad. The way he delivers. Sad news was just just depressing like he was just use, but cry when he was saying basically yeah, I'm going to cry when I get so I saw you know the thing when you see like bad news on Twitter and you just I'm going to scroll by it. Don't want to watch. Don't want to see this not going to read this not going to comprehend that so I saw it briefly and scrolls right by it, and then this is the first I'm thinking about the fact that he kind of hinted that NBA Zeppelin going to cancel it yeah, but there's a silver lining. That cloud, which is Adam Silver, is considering having the best players and league play horse against each other live on Instagram, which is just sounds like the most. I gave a loud. I do don't. I I guess we better on its grim life. It is so so boring like saying horse is basically. Doubt. Adam silver is really showing his age there, because there's no way like horses, the fun game. When you're
like five years old. We learn how to shoot and when your seventy years old and you like playing basketball, but you can't do anything, but you like, yellow this. Is I actually I was reading there. I would rather watch these play go through their regular work out and see like how they, how they see mellow in his hoodie, just draining shots and running no more than like ten stuff. And then seeing Leubronn actually work out really hard and being like. Oh there's the difference that will be more a gang than horse. I would rather watch Johnny Quito take care of his actual who This unanswered arrives into wide enemy, a pledge play, among others, the fuck and let the dead yet I know that's that's how bad it would be to watch a NBA player play horse. It's like two guys playing where's against each other. It's fun for them, birds boring for everybody else's like telling people your dreams do a guy, I don't want to see James Hardened, like ok, here's another three point than a rustic: do: ok, now what I would I would rather watch them. Each take a thousand feet
For us at least, then it's a young guy here. Here's what we're Friedrich percentages is in like an empty Jim with no pressure yeah, it's urges their scope when for content like everybody else, but yeah, I'm gonna take a hard pass on the horse idea. I actually think out, even if there is absolutely nothing else going on sports world, I still want to watch it yeah and then Course people will say well think about the bedding. Gonna realized something if they play horse there now gonna. Let you bet more than like five dollars on these games there, not theirs. So think big picture, don't let em trial did the Toronto. Basically, do a little switch ruin us being replacing the NBA is probably don't let be do but replacing horse, don't let em Don't let him do that, don't let him do that hold out for the cruise ship yeah exactly there.
To get off easy, we're, not gonna. Let him I liked advocates. Wes, we're not gonna. Take whatever Adam Silver Hands is thank him and be begging for scraps from asked for seconds on gruel. Okay, this we want. We want our aircraft carrier. Eighteen NBA play off tournament. We we as apply guess. I have already said that we will dominate our brains to anyone that needs in terms of bringing sports back boy. You won't do is let the sports leagues be little us by giving us these little games and an being like this will play Kate. The world like all we have. Are you know a couple players play on? You know better oh games, and that will be fine. No, that's not fight, that's fine for right now, but that's not bring back sports, so we're holding out for real sports to come back. Otherwise I'll know what we're You are probably just be really matter. My couch like I am every single day. Maybe they'll just keep dropping you tiger kings, because Jeff Jeff Low said that there's gonna be
Another episode Tiger can come in at which might be just wishful thinking on his part, because he probably has a lot of footage from behind the scenes of different times. That he's tried to get people to confess to crimes so weak. The man so he's probably got all this footage. He's I've got enough to make another talking with Netflix Bernard next. I don't, I don't have believe Jeff Low, because wine, I flew ever said anything to make you want to believe him, but I am hoping that there might be another episode well before we started the show. You are trying to figure out why you had blood on your canna C4 at all. I think you missed it, but hanging out were talking. We actually actively have we have the phone number to someone in Jeff. Lowe's camps were trying to book him on the show to be like why you always lying dude. About it. You want to make it happen, so we might have happened,
I had the honour and experts so the original text message like ours. They all you know you walk entire king, like we're huge fans Jeff, because it's like someone in this camp, like I had to say that I was like there's no way this purse actually even like they don't believe me the crucial fingers, force. Right now is top chef masters is on, and you can bet on that too. So I've been a big top chef guy for the last like ten years, so that that's kind of cool yeah, that's sia, That's something they need bring back, Topshop, Topshop, kids, that's the funniest show what on dense chopped up job security, is the funniest show on tv? If you, if you we are looking to kill some time, I think there's a couple seasons and unlike on demand, it is so so funny tops. It is great if you like people, getting eliminate every season for the same mistakes like somebody tries to make risotto. Someone tries to make ice cream and tat Mets and never ever works, and then they cry and get cut and they say that they should have been true to themselves when they were cooking and everyone's like yeah. That's a good boy!
they did. Also. Obviously we were taken as before wrestle many a night to wrestle mania night. One was last night out of gets caught any of it put the undertaker ages. Styles match was one of the funniest like weirdly entertaining matches I've ever watched in rustling history, because it was pre taped in a grave It was the boneyard undertaker. Bearing him alive, which has been a theme of his career. But it was like the perfect level of super cheesy and bad where it just became good and ask I've been watching a lot of backyard wrestling and that's it. This is now backyard wrestling, it's time to shine for like two brothers that are both somehow named Travis in Central Tennessee to just set up a camcorder in their backyard and go on and slam each other onto barbed wire. This is this. Is your time to really wow us? Concept but I've been watching any of the rustle mania so far this year, while they split up into two nice, I think just to give more viewers and and also give people a little extra time. You know-
I mean it's nice. They should Swedes like the draft. The draft should be seven weeks long, that isn't wrestling with built on fans, though it is It's very bizarre, because you can also stake here, the licked its? this bizarre, it's a bizarre feeling, but that's why the undertaker eighty thousand was was funny because it was a pre taped in a boneyard, that is to say weird, but here it is a deadly feels. Feels like almost like you're watching a video game. It's hard to it's hard to explain, and also, if you hear, I guess, a couple clips to the spanish announcer and you can hear very vividly the other announcers, the real announcers, because there's no one in the room when they're restless. Yeah yeah. I really think I need to get interesting if you like. That's the last once once I started getting Billy enter like paper view wrestling shrimp. That's when you know that were scraping the bottle on the barrel for sports, because I've never and like mid nineties, I watched a little then a dummy Debbie, but I've been told the out of it, but at TAT point if
If I'm shot seven nine Box for wrestling, then you know there were very dire straits right now. Yes, yes, I get a question for you have a new partners, three new mean that I just soilers. What's up at the funeral me? oh my god. How else are we wanted somebody that that guy made it? Forget Dan was a dance, something TAT media Mason. He just he does it just he just made it I'm out of the blue, but its very, very funny. You just gotta find like a clip of someone getting hit or like when you got stopped by big I d like somebody like that you like, and then every time a disguised ass, gay funeral yeah. What if it was rejected, our saying with the second overall pick out? Yes I'll, have to shout arguments. Urgency, select mixture in bloom fuel is gonna, be here that a double dunk is that of the delicate regrets its regime. The bears nobody needs to be the video bicker, watching the double doing right, An idea would be the video of me stuffing you got
I don't know what you're right right. That's going to answer them Should we do all we can leg? Yes, ideology surgery on broken water, pretty much broken leg. I let's do it whose back we can grant. You start miles back, week is just my wardrobe and my like function way what it, what who's Marie Americano is like. The governing lawyer, stuff tat, spark joy so I did that this weekend. Honestly, I would mention his pre before the show and big cat told me to save it, cuz, that's where at in the world, but I got rid of all my clothes out and got rid of probably like five trash, algorithm donated or whatever how many sweatshirts do you guys think I still have your that's like what you, where every single day wrangler say you probably have like twenty sweaters yeah yeah twenty seems like a good good guess Phd. What's your guest,
the Gatt twenty. I like that gas. I think you're taking his guess over night solidarity, nineteen, twenty six! Ok, there were twenty good point X. Y Y, you have twenty six sweatshirts, I don't know I had like forty six. Like you know I was I was getting rid of so many in another area, this agreement. How would you six, why pick I've ever heard so many clothes I heard of so many clothes and then afterwards, our guide, I'm done like what are regarded Ford giant trash bags and I count on was well. I sold twenty six watchwords both. Do we all sportswriter than forty six that so many sweatshirts its idea was rose? The sweatshirt that, like just barely made the cut like number, twenty five or twenty six thanks Rico Bosco outside? Where there's a lot of parity made the cup I was gonna, get rid of a lot. I d give a lot of regos, not gonna like here in that no one, and I think I still
did I kept it because some things, but if you read, if, if someone came to your house right now, Only twenty sweatshirts allowed CDC guideline. Only twenty sweatshirts allowed Rico Bosco, wouldn't make a cut, when the trust you that's probably true, you just move the goalposts cause. We're not only circulate travesty of yet I did and the mother, whose back to exist your games, I just I mean really address, been playing video games for like this entire quarantine boy. My take to a channel. I can't wait to in two weeks when you're like sick of video games. Just like you got sick of being high No I'm getting good! I'm getting! I'm I'm very bad! So it's like I'm getting better. It's I actually was talking to two shadow tricks are artists to who does? the cover. Our four part, my taken also made the book the the coloring book. There was so awesome.
Watching, like kids, fill it out as socio awesome. Twigs has a new born as well, and he tells me he was like. I want to throw my phone through the wall. When Hank said this court, Jeanne has ruined getting high costs, is not form anymore yeah. I mean Our somehow I gave you could try out new pieces like different devices, yoga we're gonna couple wraps couple cigars mixed up. Ok, it's just that you have different and then do a new positions to keep things like fresh relationships. Ex gonna fall back in love with getting high The aim has been trying to elect once a day, just save it till I have something to look forward to at night. You speaking of chopped for children. We should just give Hank like three or four ingredients every day he asked to make a bull Pisa whenever we given on the matter of the GSM? I think it through things for tomorrow
fifty does that my whose back the week is global dimming. Have you guys heard about global doing now? I saw I got really down this road, we'll last night, because some people are saying you're gonna be a nice like byproduct of everybody stay in place. His car emissions are gonna, go down aerosol me, Is it gonna go down? It means that it's gonna be for the environment overall, not so fast, my friend, because there's something called global dimming, which is the effect that aerosol and all those little particles have when it's in our environment and in the atmosphere every single day it actually protects us. A little bit from the sun's rays his and makes the earth a little bit cooler because we ve put so much shit into the atmosphere, not at all that stepping down it's actually going to increase the short term effects of global warming, so we're doubly fought so it can be hotter. This summer it's gonna be really hot yeah She ain't its Armenia, which I'd geezer everything
that's the ultimate like you can blame anything on Armenia mean what is now being used up. What is only NEO stamp organ accorded Chris Farley was the knee. He knew the boy they aim is Jesus. Actually from what I'm told chilean fishermen, used to think TAT. Jesus was coming every like five years because their catches would be they have so much more fish, though just goes of the water was alone, the warmer Thea, whereas this is like the perfect storm of shit. That's about hit our entire environment and hope you don't hear the negative guy today I was very negative, I'm just being a realist. Generalist, listen! There's! No way! I don't believe you, I don't believe we can't look down on the negative person of e showed cause it. Israel is like. That is what we need. We need someone to be. Ok, it's the world is going too far. So there. It is word nobly fact, but again gave it goes back
the climate change there are some advantages to having now I'm no. No, I was about to get not negative. I'm not gonna get that negative, whose back the week is true love because John Snow keeps formula of anyone who talks too so that guy's, and I was today years old when I found out that there is a difference between John Snow and Rob start, so I've been really paying attention critical. They too are to gain from. Seventy eight already lie Manning Symphony, easy baby. It's not easy, both necessary. My whose back loves you are kind of a huge some major sent their both attempts to be answered. Big time fat means always back. I extend scale today, I'm up thirteen pound since
Jim started. I mean you're gonna hard, a cat like I didn't I like I mean I will talk to you about it, but you are you're really those like two months eyes, like big outgoing hard at this diet and its four it's completely fallen apart. I've I've been averaging like for hot dogs day last three days. It's a pace. It cannot be kept up pizza, ice cream, so get back on track tomorrow. Officially, where are your eighty per week fast this timescale as if so you actually lost a lot of weight. You how I actually, I actually have my own weight vast now. That is my body, because I took a walk yesterday and, like my knees, her after I was like damn, I didn't have my weight vast on away. I've gains like a way too much weight and last two weeks this is probably so see back on track you know what I've started doing on saturdays off. This is getting up. I've been going for bike rights like an actual analogue Non Palatine outdoor bike rights, which is a Europe that song Throwback. Yes,
to throw back. I've been like bike into the convenience store. Again they get twenty onest out and do in riding home. Just pretty good reason cops. Recently I was taken Here's a board, I was it allows it would. If I d like a round Manhattan, just like a big lap around the entire island, six thirty miles, you think I could do that. Yeah absolutely could do it. Ok, that's well! Do next week, I do I do a personal race round Manhattan. You got this. You got this Russia and my other, whose back is internet one point out on bringing back in Europe. One point also on Friday night I did personal power hopping, which is just basically finding random people who approached coping for like five people and then retreating it in every one going in and being really nice. But that's it
he is niner net to point out we're not trying to fuck with people just being nice trying to signal goose. All the struggling artists out there who trying to get out there and doing their art for like six people every night on periscope were were, were signal, boosting them and making them feel good, so try and make the internet like fun again. I don't know this by be stupid liked it yet like that, be nice, I don't know I was out Try to do that when I was was rushing different zoo meetings like a crash, this one instructors teaching people how to like. Do the cup dancing thing or the cup drums and then the f b I put out all these guidance is saying like it's against the law to do that, and so it felt like it was getting to a bad place. Well like some of the negative it he was rangers, one whom crash yes, what the New York Rangers zoom on Friday night was not good yeah, exactly sobbing looking for something like a more constructive, positive way to go. Just see random movie,
hop in whenever I, whenever we go, I'm gonna keep it very random, because if I, if I, if I do it consistently it will, it will get ruined, so we totally random, but we found a woman whose now painting a something for our studio. I found a woman that I keep having lunch. With a New Zealand Everyday Name Luis, whose very nice so yeah. Its internet, one point out just connect using internet for the good things up, bad things what is internet one- I've never heard that phrase for as long as you like it was like. I appreciate that. Go you doing but get up. I also feel you know one point I was like way worse well way more. There was general there was doubly free for all, but there is less cynicism. So it's it's like Sarcasm cynicism in the internet. I know you're, saying
guy get at one point. It was definitely like hey look at this video of guy getting be headed. That's cool like that. Actually happened. Alot internet one porno, but I also think you're at one point out. People had more pure intentions so, like people were doing things just to do them not to go viral or wasn't like people were putting out videos to troll people or like it like, I'm always things like any boy. Kane is internet. One point out: he was just as genuine and his pure as could be, and that's what these periscopes internet me when I think, an older boy, soldier boy naming taking every popular song putting an online wire but then actually it was a soldier was on the very name like you download, like fifty cent into club and then only be soldier boy, yeah now you'd like every song. If you try to download a beetle song, it was I who uses such a boy. Sing would just be like that.
Yeah, so I guess maybe even at one point I was in the exact phrase for it, but I would say just less sarcasm, less cynicism in the internet and less like everything is the worst and we're all going to die and everything leads back to politics. That's what I'm trying to bring back. I would like getting away from global. Dimming is what you're getting at yeah, but we need to at least be aware of it. So appreciate you doing that. Just trying to add you before. It might also be another hoax, I'm very I'm primed to get Hoechst by somebody right now. There yeah, the horses are, are going everywhere right now. Q and honest has really sunk their teeth into this entire thing. Would you say that the internet, one point always like you, log onto rotten dot com and then boom funeral million. Yes, yes in something like like words theirs. If we part variant one point out where you would definitely see more dead bodies than interact to point out, because they do not the filter,
Yet the quality is one hammer, I'm like a season detective in it in a tv drama, and then all these kids at are starting to get into the weird web. My new guys over the coroner puking. He can't handle right right exactly I, let's get sore views? We got Danny what had come up first before we do that. A word from our good friends knew sponsor which I've been waiting for us to be able to talk about its death. Wish coffee death wish coffee in the sea. We never ending locked down. The world is going to its hard to stay motivated, especially when you're supposed to be working from home, but thanks to the people of death wish coffee makers, the world's strongest coffee, you can stay cock, half an aid to do whatever you do. When baseball season isn't happening when the Jemison is closed. When you can prove your game on the back nine, all these things death wish. He can't do the death Witchcraft Keep you motivated. I don't know what you guys are going to go off script for a second here, but I got it so they gave us a big package of it and
its awesome and I also constantly say whenever I drink one, I say to myself: the earth whoosh and then doing a little heavy metal riff in my brain and then I feel really pumped up. Do you guys yet New Dunham in good. What do you think this morning were attitude to don't don't Tom and I feel so good everytime? I do it and it really is awesome coffee. Did you really hyped up debts which coffees dark row? Splendid has double the amount of caffeine. Then your average cup of coffee with a smooth pulled taste death wish coffee will wake you up and help you get ready to take on the day. Death wish coffees veiled in the whole being ground, deaf cups and cold brew. So I'm drinking a callback right now you can crack conical brew with a smooth, strong taste packs three hundred milligrams caffeine per can, which is awesome, because if you don't have a coffee maker, you can't get it even by the cold brew right now we
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I also want to do something real quick, I want to add they will run this Monday by what we will at it a little bit of this route, slightly added it and will pretend that we take this like too months ago, perfect Danny. Where do you think Tom Brady's gonna go right, I was really up in the air. I mean, I think, dosage ants he could leave. I would say it's like sixty four. When he leaves, I would say, our exit out of the Euro take out of the teams. The possibilities are. I know this sounds crazy. The raiders chargers, Kansas City Chief through the tat, happened they buccaneers the tax Chiefs to yeah. That's the thing is the Chiefs yeah. They want to super bowl, I get it, but there are rumours that they're not happy with my homes and
the his leadership. They want Tom. Therefore year having grow enough to look ahead, and this leads to you know like ok, yeah, Pat Mahomes Homestead last year, but it's about what's gonna happen. You don't get paid for past before this isn't the NBA, where they give you and eighty million our contract, because without the franchise, it's more likely that he's gonna go to the chiefs in the box. The boxes crazies one right right. I think the chiefs of the upper hand right now, but it is a candidate and on their cap. You know, I think they pay Tom in just wait for a year for extension with We give him a one year on year, given the one you're deal next year, Hillocks Dachstein Patio, That's not a bad idea, because you see how much he learned from Alex Smith as a backup. Imagine what he could learn spending a year backing up Tom Brady is like the ceiling would would just go so much higher form plus theirs.
Act, record of getting doing quarterbacks I came to see like MAC Castle went down there and you lazy like this. Is it is like a pipeline? Without considering I mean anyone is plain to see a football knows, pipelines recruiting hotlines. Well back you know. Getting a quarterback pipeline to from New England to Kansas, makes a stance and think about the we're talking about. Tat my homes. It's silly right now is being at all it winter. We had already reached it, he's already reached it. You want to superbowl you, don't you want to see it like you, wanna Superbowl, right right. You have announced out right. May I join laughable gin healing yeah. You want Pat to win. A soup
both are Superboss light gray point in great glass half full? Well, what about would very boy Philip Rivers cause you also played with without fill the oven inside track and where he's gonna go. You now with you know, is obviously not going back to the chargers. I'd Ireland and now I just don't think he's gone. You I mean there's been talks that maybe they're done with them. I know and that's it that's what I thought it is called world so I think the box could be in it to the box the course in a lot, a rumour flying around the Pittsburgh Steelers interesting now out. I was thinking maybe Baltimore too well, yeah Baltimore till they just because kind of the same deals bombs lake
Yeah super cool, your envy pay, but, like you need to learn from someone did in all seriousness, you obviously played with the patriots you around Tomboy Europe Bilbil rejected any of this shock you at all, or were you like economic sense because he had writing was on the wall and it felt like something that he was going to do by negotiating this freedom yeah. You ask me five years ago. I would ask that it never happens. Never I wouldn't like he's gay. He's gonna finish in New England. Do his deal there and that's what it's gonna be. Who, who predicted he's gonna play, Tele, steady, three right and in that's the thing is now he's into the age, obviously wasting close to social security, but more than anything he's in the age words like. I just want to do my own thing in, and I
that's kind of what would I see it, as is the brain is wants to do his own thing in like what's not fallen for that, but you give you I pleaded for jerseys I mean granted. I dont have a legacy, but The only disagree that yeah you're right, you're right, good call the cry of a legacy. It's just mormon leg. The latter do not deserve it. It's a slightly injured leg, its! Yes! What what are we going to argue? Are we in a hurry back out Tom, really wasn't that good? oh he wasn't you more on which I shall want. Your visually really is completely right. Rate is a great deal of time. That's not come up for debate anymore. It's just a weird thing. This too, like see him. European, no primetime games and we're going to see somebody in a box uniform and it's gonna be weird. It's gonna, be we're that the patriots gonna play a whole had a lot of one o clock games, yeah sure, like fear,
there's rumours knit there. Now you haven't on television just go to behind a pay. Well, it's kind of aid is getting more. It's gonna, be here behind or like PBS Macleod yeah a tunnel like London Games like oh congratulations, patriots you have for home games in London as I it's like. No, no! We don't foresaw the fifth terrible so like we. We don't want to play their second of all this, the stupid stuff, idea ever, I do kind of agree with you that with Brady he wants to do something a little bit different because Do you see that used to be on Howard stern? Next week, young, like his first sit down like there's no chance that would
we're happy. If you think you're gonna take his shirt off no world you're right, it's it's actually like its party, because both of them in their like the later freeze their careers, where, like even like, always Howard, Stern and ask him about sex, likened now, because, is not the same Howard, stern anymore, Tom Brady in a weird way, is opening up more than you probably ever has so it's like two ships passing in the night when it comes to that interview could have been great and it probably will be just whatever I was saying in the last. Would it be more year where Tom's, like he's on social media, he's doing that he did the Facebook thing the Facebook's go whatever the heck. That was, but I will say,
once you once you leave, I mean I don't know how many times have I been on. The show doesn't really matter, but the first time we talk. I was just like. I don't know. First year out of New England, it's like if you look at the just my progression. As far as comparability talking to people
It's I guess when I was in San Diego, I thought bills gonna come to my house and, like you would table monster you some weird to me. You know where is so? Maybe maybe maybe he knows the door and be the table monster then so I went on his show a couple weeks ago: you're very good, a pike as I'm, actually I'm a little bit threatened by because, like most most former athletes certified ghastly like you know what is going to be easy. I'm just gonna talk about playing days old son, you're you're, pretty good at it. So how much tape did you watch report? My take before you take your first episode in your watch allotted hey. I mean because yet put yourself in those different scenarios. So, like you have to watch, not every film, not every bar gas! Will you gonna watch about it. You'll have a lump it with these, because what? If I'm in that scenario, where what? If I'm in that scenario,
bill popularity swears was wanted a pitcher pass next to him. Yeah handled you, gotta the third way like mushrooms, situational podcasting, like you am. I gonna, have to stick a whole thing, a red men in my mouth. I don't know I'm late. Yeah like that? Does the upright some point you're gonna have to do that, and I don't know, am I gonna have smart start smoking, Peters, I don't know nothin. You did that, but maybe I have two probably aren't. I got a real question for you. For this. I am already well so we're I've seen a weird ass time. Right now, no one knows what the future is going to hold here, for one sports are gonna come back, but I would assume as were sitting here. Oh actually wish was to the crowd of ours. It seems like it could be big deal. I saw the first case in China there recovered or ask that when we take this engendering nobody in all seriousness, the devil. These will probably be delayed like in terms of or it will be a shortened training camp right, like eyes will have
be coming back. It ain't gonna, rushing into it. Similar thing happened in two thousand eleven you were in the league, then the lock out lasted until July. What which side is that favour? Are guys really working out hard on their own, or is it something that guy's going to be a little out of shape like how? How does that all play out? In your mind? I mean it's in ways is similar to the lock, but in other ways it's not at all, because there's no way to train. Let's its total self discipline, and I mean that's: what's gonna like The people are gonna, have the edge of the people that have veterans who actually care and know what it's, how you look at the lock We were so far. We have without you, went to the supervision of losing the giants, but we're so far ahead of everyone, because everyone knew
Cunningham's happening, regardless with bill. You better be ready and if you're not like you're going to be fired, you're knock and have a job, and I don't know then you're going to go. Do whatever the heck you would, but you didn't have a job, so I favor the teams that a little bit more discipline and would not favour the teams it down into his kind of do whatever the heck they want, because there's a lot of guys. Don't do anything. It's also crazy to think about teams with new coaches and like how the hell terrible are art or team, maybe not even tubes, new coach, but like a team like the dolphins who have three first run, picks we're gonna be like throwing a lot of draft capital around trying to pick up a lot like new rookies and make thirteen young overnight how the hell do you then try to get a training camp when it might not startle August so. I think that can be hard in an hour.
One to believe that if we were to ban normal off season, not saying I gonna make the play ass, the dolphins hasn't good coaches be flow. The brine floors really good user quality control. Special teams did when I was there in New England, Dune Rosa rings, unbelievable coach and he's I mean I thought he did one of the best coaching jobs in the NFL last year. German, hopefully note, often get offended block the trash, just football team we ve seen in the end a felony since own sixteen lions, right or actively trying to loot still actually try loosen. They ended up being competitive towards the end of the season. Right. Illegal soothed bengals were leg exactly bad enough to lose almost all their games. They never never felt like two bangles were just getting to crack down on week in week out right now,
totally agree, and so the dolphins with all the cap, because they do on a draft capital, there's so much so much taken. They can do weathered even trading, not more know they can do whatever they want in. That's what's exciting, but it's not exciting, like you said, because you're giving off season and that's going difficult? I think any man I want my rookie year. I would have been ready and tell the season obviously agree in obtaining hurt, but you go in for the off season. You don't know what you're doing the offices are so much different people saying that college offices ally in all its weight we run into fell off its name down you're lying. They got that stupid. Listening heard now. Let me say this Alice. You might have had a little bit of it because of Brady be in there. He ran it. You could tell
What was it in a foul office but still Xenia level? Now exactly, but so it's it's gonna be hard cause. It's it's different either expansionist like about running back, like you have to pass pro lake and run like the past prose. Maybe the number one deal in and if you, if you cant, figure that out just the pass protections up playing, so I am saying that it is running back. Think of it, as I often of mine, they there's a lot of things need often of liner well in their some good orphans of lightning. But if you have the time, I'm to understand what you're doing you're going to suck you're not going to it doesn't mean you're a bad player since you're not going to do well. Quarterbacks! That's one position. If you got, I don't know, if he's a genius, but I think bro and I think too, I think they're both really good. I don't know what type of developments are good, but that's something
You get drafted because the draft gonna go on organ, that they're gonna find a way to get play books, but was not joke around with ourselves with a guy. Their dinner. They can get it only once they now they're gonna get playbook somehow and they'll be able to study in that's something that I think it will be very hard. But if you have a dude, the is like a Tom Brady or Philip River. Someone that, like just grind ends in in, wants to know what everyone does. They might be other fish. It out, but is still very difficult, read, write and would have what about the idea of having a team like installed like accustomed, playbook, almost imagine tat game and then giving that out that every no pleasurable, like ok, yeah, you get to the top like off its alignment and work as a team in one with the guy. Next she's gonna do and get that feel down, but you can still, I take those mental
and together out, got you on everything apply. You know. I think that would be brilliant. If, like you could have like the terminology likes blur are the same in you just play man now the same of course not. But but as far as like four receivers, it be super helpful for running back to be very helpful. If there's anything after learn like the snap count them? Every team has a different verbiage. Fer, you know the snap camp and all that in there's gonna be different verbiage as far as lake, whom this is the low more in depth, but a quarterback points out. The MIKE sometimes had the sinner point out. The MIKE's teams tab like their certain things at work, dear friend, so I communication wise for from the line in the quarterback, but even just like the simplistic, knowing what the name of the players are, a huge
So I have the other question semi serious, with the cancellation of all the Prodi's and a lot of guys not having a shot like you went on drafted, but you had an animal about forty time in an showed out in here. You know in your work out if Danny what, He was coming out of college right now, twenty twenty! Would you knowing this isn't you put? Would to be on the instagram doing a lot of like look, we push ops. Look how fast I can run like Instagram live. Here's me squatting, a million pounds. Would you have to do that, because I think that's really. The only way you can get like people should to take notice that you're still working out and still someone that should be you no honor roster. Oh, I definitely do something like that, and maybe super
in our view manner, I may influence our approach. Air guy, you know we're gonna, be the big, the weirdest seeing and I'm not are usually comfortable doing stuff like that. But I do it because if I wanted the opportunity, part of part of the whole NFL combine Prodi deal is looking the part is, is, is looking the part like so when I ran my forty when it was that Nebraska guys like I was the that's when I was in good shape. I wish shredded. I was like five eight two hundred and a shredded as I've ever been in my life, and so what I do I ran in just just tights. Can I took my shirt off and made sure everyone saw this little white boy from the brass But he can run really fast and he looks Jack, but I've got over its web. You may see we're doing. It's really wanted to grasp.
Draftsman of the ideas into groundwater either. The thing is, you know and front office. Is they have some dude always looking at everyone's twitter? They like make sure like they're, looking at every college, kids twitter. There look at their own players twitters and Syrians whatever it may be so like they're there. They're out there. They may not be their names but they're out there. I don't know what the heck they ark, but we'd always come in, and it's like, for instance, in New England deal would always know some crazy went down on twitter and it wasn't even like dig, but it was somewhat crazy, like who's up at one o clock in the morning, looking on the stupid stuff
You know why don't you got something going on? Well, they have. They have someone doing it for him. I we started the whole snap face instead chatting that bill say, I thought I was always bullshit cause. He knows he knows where all these acts are. He hasn t knows everything. He made my face space book again. My further all those people who don't know Myspace was there. There was another, so familiar, Myspace and Facebook to get other. I know people don't know that, but Facebook. My face, you need to always you do that, all that that tweeting thing however, it is and where I bill New desisted. Forty seventh time, you ve said this a joke. You know a twitter, is you know what is it you're probably take talking? Now? That's my guess! Absolutely absolutely
I was worried about the drug testing aspect and things like that is Goodell, sending out his like piss collectors to like going door to door cuz, that's not healthy. That's not good social distancing. Are you think a lot of guys are smoking reef? Well, I wouldn't be so I mean I'm sure they pray. Are you now that the item are, and I am sure they pray aren't but yeah? That's that's not good words into action, and if you have someone drug Destin, you they're getting up close and personal. What? If lake like? That's, not good someone say they randomly work carrier and they sneeze on the person that struggle testing that is like you know, right eyes on your crash yeah than other they dearest user. Is that we're just having somebody just watch? You p, you know what it's super weird, but by the time
by the end by your tenure like come on in these come on it wanted to watch. You fear that that's that's what I always jokes, a weed foreseen in my career. I do so because it you'd know their name is usually is this wasn't always the same person, but you get the same people from time and time again. Maybe, as I saw come on over here, come on come on come on over, you can watch me, be I'm pulling my pants down you get upon down to my knees, already need new form. He needed take my shirt off in some kind of weird in them out. I thought a kind of funny I mean I obviously like with the news tpa. I think it's do not even testing from her one anymore, but right. I still feel like now to die. If you were to try to get away with taken cpu days, you can just tell the person like on I've got symptoms of the virus and then there's no chance to somebody would go into bathroom solid. You would be the easiest time ever did
Please we have has absolute easier time because you can get out of it like where they gonna stay. No, you don't have sometimes. Yes, I do need just maybe this car for somethin right, like you, you will not get tested really for power. Just tweeted actually like two minutes ago that this is, if we don't have a buffer eighteen months, as is the perfect time to do a couple cycle, so he's telling everyone that right now I other sliding door moment. Question did I'm very curious about, and this might be like a little nerdy. You know inside college football recruiting. Do you think? if Danny would head, was sixteen seventeen years old right now. Do you think Scott Frost would have him walk on at Nebraska? Now? I think he will. I think you have offered this guy
very gal I raised. I actually agree. I agree because I read I read an entire like along and it was like the omaha dot com or something real whole art. All about. Basically, the demise of Nebraska Football has been the walk on you know, programme and going getting like all these guys from smaller high schools and being like hey, come in and will build you a football player and you were listed are like how does the brass miss on Danny would at like that would be in the Tom Osborne error. That would be the perfect guy that they bring in an end. Being like an unbelievable college football player after red, shooting and like sitting on the bench for three years, yeah yeah
you know the thing is I looking back like you do I wish I could have. I wish I had the opportunity, whatever you know like that's here, nor there do. I think I wanna do. I think I went there. That's I do. I also think footballs at a different time now, like you, want quicker, faster people on the field. When I was when I was coming at a high school, it wasn't as many Aigner some I mean everyone. We all know so some reasons. Why didn't you know get offered and that's ok, but now there's a fit for the smaller running back like that's. If I, if I'm a boat, I'm probably I'm probably not playing a big back. If I'm, if I'm a head coach, even in the NFL, I wanna back, it's five ten or shorter people laugh it. I dont want to six put to rein back. I want a five foot, Tanner shorter, two hundred and ten to two hundred pound running back whose fast can catch the ball and then I'll go get a six foot two hundred and twenty five pounds they can run on the goal line or some but, like I don't know, I want to speak on this score points right.
Are you gonna running back the super skilled in can catch the ball and can run between the tat was he doesn't have to be to twenty? You haven't tool, five annoying and have them into a five, but you gotta do that can run the ball to that's. Just like its cat now strike arrived, they put nickel on ok, we can throw it or we can run it down their throats depending on personnel, say you're. Twelve personnel to tide in there is Nick was run o out here. You're in days you're days, we're gonna go emptying were going to kill you and make you look stupid. I actually think part of that. You know it's out of your countries, unbelievable, but part of any savary. Everyone loving him is he's a little bit of a throwback in that way. Like you, don't see those eyes of monster backs, like you might have on the ten twenty years ago. Right in the thing is, there are plundering amazing he's one of fit right
You don't say it like a like. I'm gonna go get there can be no you're. Not. I think that during a recent posters that try to get a dirt and read because Deanna fell is very much just what have we seen recently like a copycats? I believe they are very often the corners that just try to plug any six for three to thirty five pound guy and running back in school failed miserably. It's also moronic thing you could do like. I know that's what the Unifil does, but unless you have the Dallas Cowboys orphans of line of three years ago, you dont do it. I like how your explanation of the type of running back that you want progressively this became more and more descriptive of Danny? What had like, I know, I'd take like a guy's, a less than six feet, maybe five ten men I usually played at two hundred and two ten self serious, have two hundred pounds like a guy that bouts outside kept a ball, but also generated like almost like a Christian Mccaffrey type. You narrow it down.
At the end where it was just like if we were playing guess who I would ve correctly identified that your type my day. What have I had one last question for you: the Brass guy corona virus. You guys aren't doing anything anything differently you know we are. We definitely are I so. Could we were out estate till we came back in become the sort of a friend, the doktor and his kind of dealing with it all so I kind of new the almost say the severity, but I knew that it could spread. So we really were once we got back. We're gonna were self court because we didn't know it if we could have came in contact with it, because this is one of starting a blow up. I dont know what everyone else is new
but I will say that we have is we're so spread out YAP? I know that's nice, you when I would do the same thing like. I was just think that the rural, the more rural states, if our one of them right now, I believe, come on we're so spread out. Let me think about this. It took like New York to have thousands of cases and people to start dying for everyone in Europe like ok, maybe I won't go outside anymore. So it's it's a really hard thing to let your brain except what's going on, so I just assume the more rural states away. Our good will is. I think there are some that are like that now Omaha Non Metropolis, but we're close are areas close, take a million, so we have enough people that we are somewhat close right, so we see it as being super real, whereas I think some of the smaller towns they're, probably just go about their business, might work, which is what our hands whatever it may be, but all
though we see wasters in Omaha there we see everything is happening, Do you guys in an even some of the others, the other states and were like a right which was pump? The breaks a little you know of any like us? It was not so much that, but let's, even though we have made the advantage of being spread out, but still chill just because its easy in and there is a lot of craziness going on in the world than man like stuff like this and in that's what's funny about doing right. The pod gases like this world she'll need some some like fallen laughter, joy in in that's like that super important right now like so I don't know, I know tee of t. You follow me and actually
It is too late for you. My hair cut my hair care as presented no right of other erasing stripes your ass anyone. You know I did it because I'm trying to have fun I'm trying to make people laugh, I'm trying to make people like still like get on the internet in not like search corona virus statistics, because that's what I mean what to do and what is that do that just builds up fearing anxiety and stress like you go nuts, I want people to jump on there be a man would had looks like, now. You know like that's what I want and I dont care. Could I think it's fun and in I want people to enjoy their life's still, even though its hard and it's tough times in and we all get there would still like tried early, have since some sort of like sunlight on people's lives. Yeah, I love it. I ever go list into Danny's podcast out of nowhere is what is called, and I thank you Danny always reach catch up with you. Man, hey thanks for him. We felt be safe, Danny Washer, his! U S,
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roman dot com, slash, take and now quit Nelson okay. We now welcome on Future Hall famer to time probable or quit Nelson from the curse nice as we enter. Can we save you draw famer. Allow will sir we're ok Will you call me what are you won't be if the Cuban on said the coward or fraud not going to use those inviting words. The F word at all my first question for he's a pre pretty tricky one. Did you joint annual export club? I did not you are talking should above all, now know exonerated of Wikipedia Club TAT Hug. I did read its. We quota that you had were you were saying how Andrew Luck, when you were playing with him, you'd go to different cities and he would be pointing out like architecture, and sometimes you're interested in sometimes is a direct quote. You'd think beat it nerd, Yad B, I hid shut the fuck up.
I saw you so smart. Was there a moment when Andrew Lock retired were you like Edison? Did you sit down before him like a man like I'll make sure you don't get sacked like it's fine, you, get her, why mean neither not sit down with him in say that, but I mean we gave up the least sacks that you're before, like his last season and stuff, but, like he told me, I was just like shocked, we're actually playing This is a game against the bear out the third preceding game, and I guess my boy bars and then yeah. He told us before the game in there game. The news broke, camera cameras, we're all over him and then Savannas were Bonum was bullshit must think on awkward to just like a word, trickling through the stadium, and then you guess, figured out the figure probably not the ideal way for fur products, not what he wanted to have happened either, but yeah
It seems like you made the right choice for himself. You got sick of like all the reacts up, but, as you mentioned, you went to under thirty nine consecutive drawbacks. Without allowing a sack tool, yeah, where you in the zone can an offensive line get in the zone. For sure I mean when you're clicking on all cylinders and you're, just seeing everything through one set of eyes for sure and we've it titanic group and great guys and great players and we're definitely in his own and I was asking how excited you get when you run play is called concise. I read this story to that. You guys were newer one in five in two thousand and eighteen year playing the bills. Coach comes in and he says we got. Fifteen plays fitting play. Sat. It's all runs yeah, all base runs, there's no checks the passes and use a word around the football, this game and that's what we did and like
when RON gets called, I want to run through a fucking brick wall cuz, like I'm, fired up like I get to attack this guy and like try to get in the bed. As much as I can and is more you're on the aggressive. Then I can pass pro you're on the defensive, can you tell the moment, you not to name names, but can you tell the moment when a opposing player that you're playing across from has lost his will to like? Even I think I haven't you right now began now? I don't either August Meyer well, right now, I have as yet zillion beer sweatshirt on the up right, eight hours at the word eyes and his bright, yellow that Russia has does that happened like in the course of a game when you're like I for sugar guy doesn't want any more yeah and I'm gonna when you're just imposing your will on people Emma Loki, your fuckin, up the whole game and you're, not even dog and shed their does a man fuck. This ship is awesome and that comes with
five guys all doing their jobs Emma. I can't just be one guy like because they could just move over to the other side, so there They move over to the other side. There still get the same business from the right guard is awesome, scatter, demoralized dose, one click that came out of use snatching. Somebody saw you knocked out linebacker and the cold so media account added in the sound of you screaming as you did it to make sound more intimidate here, so everybody's for. Now because it was such a cool can play any grown awesome sounding hit, but then it turns out that since it so viral, the league watched it and the aim of finding you for a helmet Now it hit the hours so mad. Like I I go in Monday, there's a Fedex on my locker see am. I was an area novices twenty six thousand, our fine as it was Are you get a may like the calls like blew up, which the mind is anathema?
You have more clout, for you doesn't mean aims. However, at the same time we got Six thousand hours of the clouds were the choices that out of my way, I think it might have been very much you dig omega via our piss, though I walked into my media guys office like with the finest you're blocking pay for this and he was like dude, I'm just an internet run social media. Pretty much can I please have economically outlet for you quickly for current railways. I'll get. For us. This is me talking about you, tough guy, so this is put non person with the boys with Great Bacchus Cloud everything transition by whole balance. I have asked for one thing: fuck you get up yes,
that is the best quite was famous before that I make no comment was already famous make one famous man asked me: what did you just now? right now I got in your head. So much you couldn't transition, so you are mad at me. Allow was matter you why, honestly so long ago water under the bridge. He don't remember. I your man at all really remember. I knows terrors, my fucking guy is a treaty on a shack right, you're being a piece of shit. Well, I wasn't bicycle age, anything with the fact that we then like I could make the case it. I'm tailors boss now cause we bought but ends and then you can something you're right now so decides design change. Anything I made a deaf No, I like those guys to, but it was our only way. I, when Taylor did the fuck, you big cats. We had,
they worked like blowing up or twitter and Instagram include. They have three guess what I remember you being part of everyday life, but once I understand why Taylor doesn't like us, but ones quit not like us, I was a kid is who- Fox, big cat is even a big guy adviser hussy like ready this fuckin trend over the fence press right here, you gotta town. I could see the by says problem through this washroom. Yes, good Yama say I just how much you may trigger to Moscow. We ve reload the thing up with a hundred thirty five, some real heavyweight me down to toss. It dies. Eighty combine subtle, flex, new, twenty five, thirty six, ok. One wrapper way of over them. For you, I read and also that you are doing your venturing more your senior of high school, then do you David County did that year? we must combat here, but the reps role when garlic is, my hopes were coming
and suddenly we ask. You, however, were very strict hips down yeah. How do I get my had thrust in the warm up have seen on right. Right has why I have come up my ass. I do respect the fact that you got so mad a big cat, despite not really knowing like what you are getting here about, I like did you go through life like getting just pissed off a people that lesson I gonna tight circle. My fuckin boys, like I got there, So we part of that, though I mean not even closer Chloe's that not even close I'm fine level. Where we stand now, you guys, awesome guys. I love your park ass. I love bars, toil of listening to it and the media are awesome. The ETA I believe we will always be rude Naylor and will we know we had them in Miami had a good time with all your good thing, I legal, we have to say they have a great podcast, because money I pocket so, but I have a great part,
he would say that? No matter what right we warn you, I would put your honour when buying boys. Now what you when I said that when they were side her I rise wanted. I like the, I would say they have agreed podcast, no matter what is it is possible with the boys go subscribe, but again its money. My pocket foster five start yet do it? Please do it all and I'll give you a before back this year, allow full back Slovakia, but also fuckin pussy. Did who would have my eyes? It's five, three hundred thirty five pounds from the one yard game, one yard I couldn't get an that's actually ultimately bound and biggest bird just getting involved from the wine and getting tackled right at the goal, but you still got to get to touch on this already. The thing was, I was like. I definitely just didn't cross. Go on there and the right there. With a touch of my dude fog. It like this might be more wages. We gotta do the celebration. Now. Did the gag stem cell already awesome some reason than also What are you ever worried that you are going to viral foreign Office of London
nah? I worry about it. I mean I don't want to. I won't say like. Friday, o Viral just like happens right, crushing acting, leave our souls and then you go viral? Are you ever gonna get a maybe like some some kind of deal legally to keep brine ball? get away from you because a restraining order of some sort is he he's videos of you there uncomfortable? Sometimes he loves you tat, my daddy. He makes love when he's talking about, maybe he's a whole q s crazy. I mean I really appreciate everyone their. Ports man like goes through film and breaks down like a ball. They are done. But I am, is truly Largo man loves you look at this itself I go and guy furious talk about cutting into a cheeseburger. That's how he saw sorry about you like during the chip Zoo,
oh seventeen game season, which makes them headlines. Are you in favour of something else? absolutely headed utterly mother game. What one of them its aim is a long time when it now do now. Really are. Our bodies are so fuckin heard after the season like sixteen games, and then you got the playoffs if you're lucky enough to make it are Emma now. We just don't need another game and my opinion ok good headline grab now for the seasons over. How long does it take you like along you, take off we're just like I'm not doing anything for this amount of time so my rocky season I like a month a month and a half off, but we also made it deeper into the playoffs so that affects it. Like I was done like February sixteenth or something
I see that as a Geiger month off this year, like ecologist, one right in the train was password and make the buyer really near. So ok all so. I also had one one last question, but it's I would love to hear about this. I read the story on the athletic about you. When you were in fifth grade, you drop twenty three pounds, just a playful ma. Am I pretty much my dad said quite like I'm gonna coach, this pop Warner team, whether you player, not, which means you better fuckin with some weight kid right as Anna my mom would take me to the park and we'd run life. Thea Cross country course. Three point three miles home the park, the bull
represent, but also- and then I think I like discovered Kido before that was a fucking thing. It is our duty and I just dally- meets badges as a Finn creator, unlike very limited breadth, but as with greater yes, see, dropped the twenty three pounds. I also read that you in third grade you are bigger than the fit creators you are Inter grid, your for eleven height and like a hundred and fifteen pounds bra doesn't grade in third grade. As on real, I, like the. U you became accidently kiddo, you discovered it. You are you literally like a cave. Man did yes, unintentionally by loss. All that way to Hamley packaging drop like dude over my lifetime, like a shit on his unreality lose weight and then lay I start
and sometimes Missouri all when you also Ghana, my I could eat five cheeseburgers, nay. I got all that the earlier that I gain that I lose than again goose. You got a great name: Quinn, Nelson, how many times in a given school would substitute teacher, be like Quentin then you'd raise your hand if you like. Wait you're right, substitutes Asia, which real name most Emerson ever set when Emerson. I don't want. You know. I've never had a bad ones. Are here, they're laughing milliners, not bad! Members are no sound of flows broke when Emerson, Nelson, the aware than the well. I think it flows because you're the one who saying you're like make you like hey it flows right really right off the gun. Some sound, like French, uniform, Quinton Emerson nels
he's a good, topical question: what's the law, Just amount of marijuana you ve ever smuggled across the mexican border with Luger dragon one hundred and seventy six freedom. I got one last question: Suki Question Promo code. Take ten dollars off quit Nelson future for call famer for the Annapolis Cults when I read also that you dont like when your teammates congratulate the opponent on like good hits air so you do you're Fuckin Reese. I did I. Why were at one article in what you get on your fuckin paper, even call? It was also the athletic wrote a really good article about you. It was an air. It was a good read. So how member you, then, when Andrew Luck would do it after every single hit? You know you can't get mad a landmark, as he's just a fuckin based on the field and is the guy. So I would not go
the land, you when you say nice, but also weeding, let up we I mean yeah, we d, let up a lot of acts of terrorism, really hear him target, but that one play piss me off because, like Makest answer just doubled, seeing this guy, I'm like put em on his back and our time came over one of them now Emily name see you're, not a genuinely out, checked or not on believe so by arguments he helped them up and as I do don't fuckin help him up with the fuck. Are you doing like a view? Pancake a guy? You can help him up
don't don't fuckin pick up a guide that I just pack my pay us alive. You didn't let up any sacks that it was like internal motivation for you to not let you ride mellow unhappily one. I don't want you so fuck you good at your job. You have the intensity in this pod gas. Do they do? That is amazing. Thank you. I love the sunglasses and also lose the gene jack and the flask who they all SAM is on thirty dollars. Thirty dollars sovereign gone Aragon. One last thing: can you just give little break down on his girl? Went viral about like six months ago, get into a fight, intimate Donalds? Can you just can't break down her her technique here, liquor pad level where she out right now, you think you could play were yeah lava.
Yeah a guy's gonna hold your goal and I got the ball nigger. I could Nelson. Thank you so much. We appreciate that nice big things Phd, tat, interview with quick knows was brought to you by your very good friends over at Bambi. Whenever you're running a business, just know that hr issues can kill you wrong for wrongful terms. Nation suits minimum wage requirements, Labour regulations and hr managers, salaries aren't cheap its averages, many thousand hours per year. Babies. Be a and b e was created, specifically small businesses who might need, it HR help, but might not be big enough to afford an eight hour. Man manager for time on staff with Bambi, You can change HR for your biggest liability to your biggest strength. That's right, you can get it dedicated hr manager, craft h our policy and maintain your compliance offer just ninety nine dollars a month, you're dedicate,
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should do and where we're just follow. The rapporteur was not only in oil and then cut to its for which won the rank as well that the dab dab- Scots, India that went to all Elam again from that. I'm sure I'll just do a thread words like before, before everyone shuts down my throat. Let me sit down my own throughout our lives. Do some segments we have about flush more. We also have talking soccer talking soccer man city. Fender Cow Walker. Had sex party during Corona virus runaway Specifies is sex party, well, it was a party for sex. Do we know those Are you for Syria? Was a marginal shoes eyes two girls who happen to be next workers hanging out do they have to like us, not of insulting to say just because your sex work or for a job. That means that you are always having sex. It's not necessarily how it is. I mean it. I won't disagree. We can't just
two conclusions: that having a party with multiple prostitutes then means its sex party. Right is like us, yeah we're big sports fans. We like talking about sports, but just because you propose, on the doesn't mean that work can be watching sports, so eight so Was it under ten people? It was four people thought so then, what's the deal, not even an orgy, not even an orgy, if any there. He was yet he was practicing all the CDC Cdc Guidelines right the shady party yeah, who is probably helping the girls out, because he knew that maybe, he'll call them over to his house. They would go to some place. I was like a bigger sex party. The ten or twelve me I'm running this right now yeah. This is this, isn't even closer parties, sex date, because just because this guy Kyle Walker broke up with his girlfriend any killer,
because he got a model, Lord Goodman pregnant doesn't mean that this guy's just obsessed with sex all the time. Okay, so I don't know why that was necessary to you can throw into the article about agreed agreed, agreed. Okay, that was talking soccer. That was big time sports news. I felt good too. Top little sport surfers, don't talk enough about how there's a team that sister called men City, man cave but bigger, they are and they they went a lot although their there. Actually, this is actually something that I dont know what, She Manfred actually said that if the baseball sees it doesn't happen, Asia Hinge has time served. And man, cities innocent sit, similar situation where I think they have a champions league. And for like two years. So if this goes on forever. They could basically never have a bad. That's why I own a hired repetition, Yet. Did you see by the way repartee now here now we're really talking sports recrootin? Oh and his son, Richard Patino?
junior the littler of the written, the potatoes they made a bet. On wrestle mania. And the loser had to do- had to bring their team to the winners home court next year. I own a Minnesota. I like that. That's pretty cool right. Yeah go guideline to schedule and three years in advance now, there's always open dates. Obviously Europe, my Xbox three sixty with with car football, hawk and college basketball, too, you can change on the schedule. You want you good luck in your. Obviously your conference games, but come on well with the exception Like Notre Dame Alabama twenty forty five, which ran over the weekend, that's gonna be all right. Don't schedule wedding at that right. We ask the potatoes making things phone. I like it, get to get them back involved. I mean I could see you can't. You can't make Rick sit out post seasons for stuff like four or five years ago after we're getting over. What's up, I think you can
It is now in the middle of a national crisis like this. This is when we all have to pull together instead of just pointing fingers at each other, so as far as I'm concerned, unless you in prison for murder, rape dislike clean slate after this it would actually be nice chances would actually nice were Cuomo to have repartee or one of his press conferences. Just have him have some questions for old time's sake, yeah mean I think the two of them probably have latin Ganem as you like, Cuomo Repeater, there's, probably a neighbouring guy, oh yeah, big, timely, boring guy. Every doesn't have a me loves him. Did you see that the actual graphic I tweeted out yesterday from almost press conference and conferences at personal opinion. I want all this to be over. Thank you, sir to us. Those actually is, live next door while he's giving his brusque uprights sorry if this offence, but I'm sick of this, Bulgaria is. Writing, like he's, writing very sad poetry on his powerpoints. Let's do
who are not flush more then we'll get to Billy deep died with Billy, we're doing them out flush, more of smells. We, I've done about Rushmore smells. I think sport smells. Did we not. Yeah vaguely yeah smells and it would use my Rushmore smell. So this is the map. Flush. More smells, Hake is Monday, so it is your pic first. I'm the one on her back, we'll be rotten. Milk expired mill, yeah, ok, time, bigtime bad smell innate in, although his fingers worse, when you don't think about it, you don't think it's coming in your government have abolished cereal and then you're out you open it up and it just hit you in your like I'll fuck. This has expired. It's also one of those smells like some of these smell is you can avoid that's one of those smells that too if you see a milk is expired, you will go smell it, but you will go take in a big sniff of it and then just be floored by.
I'll even do the thing where I pour a little bit of the expired milk. I don't know it's expired yet, but I pour into the coffee and then it comes up to the top, and it's all like curdled and and Grammy and I'll see that it's rotten and then I'll have to get a smell into okay Sworn I'm actually shocked that pact and take this first overall burnt hair workers and is an awful smell. I got a candle at a restaurant, actually leave your hand over further with two long. Whatever the circumstances, maybe, if you smell, burnt her, you know exactly what it is and you hate it Until I got something I feel I got something that a person with long hair like yourself deal with more than someone like me, begat cause. I didn't think about that You're very out candles on birthday, cake stay here and it's like your hair, just get stuck in like a random candle and stuff yeah. I don't trust myself with fire, so I tend to avoid at all costs but yeah. I could imagine you have here that stands like you're wasting your cooking over open flame, that that could happen, lafayettes a terrible, terrible smell and it fills a room too.
Quickly will expand. Ok. My first pick: I'm gonna go with a bottle of give spit left in your car or anywhere, and then you open it up after a day or two, especially if it's in the son, who is that is one of the worst smells in the world. And then what will you say to acknowledge, as does a grid strong agree, if you have the Spaniards leave it out your nest gross. Yet its ammo move, I'm gonna go with my second one. No smell when you have no smell because you have the krona virus and he might die, that's really shady smell the have, the council's, I guess you're the negative guy today. Well what words words. Words were using a baton here. Fifty just handed me get fifty you're, not just like a cat with just no smell the some small internal are totally. You have grown a virus, not veto. Obviously there people know, however, stuffy knows no big yet said no smell yeah,
Your answer will, I said, because carnivores enough now, no sadness dog food, while your endorse so dont pupil outside is bad, but if you smell poop and you're sitting somewhere with a roof over your head? You know that the situation is really fucked up, something bad happened and you have to yet have to clean something up. Yes, yes, feces out of water, is spat I have to. I will go with your buddies hockey bag yup! That's a big one! If you have a roommate that like plays hockey it's terrible or like, if you ever get in their car in the hockey bags in the trunk, it's just that you have to have the windows down at all times. I don't know how hockey bags like, the thing that which is like ice hockey. Bag is the worst known thing on planet earth. Yup ashes like the norm, yup agree up and then I picture I'll. Go with like someone else's shit when it's free
I like it here in what they are in, like an airport or like you walk in the after me, someone just walked out of the skull, but you're too late. So are you just get in, but you have to do is sit there and like deal with it. That is the worst in the world and even worse, when you know the person like you, I say you big. I walk out the bathroom rather long one. What fuck it hardly why it happened. It happened. What are you talking about the solo bathroom? No, even just a bath my work, it's all than you did? It hasn't happened because out of shit- and I don't shit in those other bathrooms work. I wouldn't lantern. Ok but that's worth three ass. It is the worst you as an example the media. It is weird that, like your own poop in your own, farts can smoke from time to time, but
somebody that you know slightly their poop and far small way worse than the strangest proven farce. Yeah Europe, yes, bigtime big time, I pray linear click. My third pig is gonna, be alcohol. All on someone else's breath Espinosa. We are not expecting it. That's it's always a little jarring and you secretly looked down on that person but then you like. I I've been that person, probably a hundred million times in my life. I think it has to be when you're sober, though, if you're also drunk it doesn't matter as much, but when you're sober it is the worst that's what I'm getting at. The active alcohol and somebody else's breath is sweating like sweating out of their pours younger and they in their work in it also is a deadly combo because they're, usually, if drunken your sober they're, usually talking really to close the yes. So it's like, though the double whammy there. I my last,
Two. I will go with a go: the dead body that probably dead stats, bad smell, real, real bad smell like a dead, decaying body when I smell the dead body, I mean I smelled animal dead bodies, yeah carcasses growth at the same time, the I'm sure they're similar there very similar right, I mean dead bodies in an dead bodies, dead body lot about about it. Yet sooner you may or may not of experiences with IRAN. Onto nostrils. The fifth pleads at Phd actually, said that I'm out of jail. I feel this so nicely business, your murder. Well, first degree you accuse murder, third, degraded ah, my last one will be kind of similar to pay, if tease but coffee breath. When someone has coffee breath and they won't like You don't know the one personages has coffee breath n and gets way too close and they're. Usually. The one percent your office? It is
we'll, never be aware of the fact we have terrible breath, but that still old coffee breath is gross. I my last one is copycat. Controversial does kids a cancer typically very smelly things. I rather to other things, were your own kid smells better. See you then somebody else's kid. Yeah. I hope I dont think cloth here, our kids, Pierre, that's, weird and thereby smelling kids get seven. It's definitely have a smelting. I also don't know the last been in the vicinity of a kid I used to work. Daycare situation. So maybe that's where I got it all from other, yet mean like booby divers smell kids era: men, like my kid smells shits himself. He doesn't like four times a day like Father like son. I think there's a difference also between babies, infancy,
Kids, yeah, probably Billy's. I think smell good right, some kids, your baby smell good. I guess it. It's kind of one of those I think kids or are very similar to like adults where there are just be kids, don't have good hygiene, yeah, true enclosure My last one is the poison gas in Quality war zone in that area as the circle closes. There's like poison gas, where, if you're not inside a circle, it kills. You and there's been two times in the past to nice, warlike, instead of getting killed at his die, because I get poison Gaston, it's just embarrassing and it is time to deal with that's a battle enough. That's no way miss big time egg nags eggs rocketing, smelly train, which is kind of like its. It could basically just b b, o slash poop put like when you get on the train, you like off sick sea, and then I guess that's why there's a seat? I had one dogs. I went down
one specific one. That's very grows arts that that I dont know if anyone could clarify a few people or listen can relate put Stella as like has to get her anal glands expressed every couple months. That is the most disk thing smell like of all time. I just didn't pick it because I want a member First, that I like know what it is in two. I think a lot of you will probably have no clue what I'm talking about right. Knowledge is a pretty commenting for dogs with just the term Anal Gland nah. It's I take her to the bed. I therefore thank God. You stood on my own, which was like horrific now. It's like thirty bucks, had just taken every couple months, but it's fuckin terrible in embrace debate, it is the only thing that makes you cry, but do uninjured smell bad? No, no, Why don't you try out? I don't even think to smell, makes you cry. I think it's the stuff go in your eyes. Also
One leg, onions, assorting onions is like the greatest smell ever some butter yank. So it's not to smell anything that makes you cry it's not like onion particles that go into your eyes. You wear goggles cutting onions. I don't think they cry interesting That's why the emperor Maoist like, if the out, through the maze you cry like that's bad yeah old seafood fish I somehow ashes. I was a bus point. A crab restaurant for a summit and that's a smell that you'll get out from under your fingernails four months. Also join the in the middle of the summer. Basically just the streets of New York like AIDS, its You know when you hit that corner in your address, your you Did you like a little bit of liquid in the gutter and maybe rat or something in it. Just all, and then there's some garbage all combines two. The worst smell of Malta is the garbage wind, yeah yeah,
I've garbage when that he was urgent. It just like a wall of pain, but there's also that weird, you know you have that discharge liquid sitting. There that's been sitting there for a week there has been a rain and a dead rat, and it just it's a perfect storm of bad smells rats in would go on that list to remember the rat gave that was right around the right round: the corner from role office, arts, not so bad. A rat, Regular come uneasily bribing. He is that's an pigeons or programme in the field. They write our it. Yes, while not a lot of people around to just like throw food everywhere, but there's garbage My private buildings don't way more garbage. I've ever seen come out is building ever before his eminence just do all we're doing all day if you're not doing something. That's creating more garbage you're, probably just asleep yet work. Yes, that's true.
Ok, let's finish up with Billy for power, deep time, Billy Football before we do that, though, the schedule for this week we're doing wide receivers on Wednesday. So ever get your takes ready to go top one hundred and now we're doing the wide receiver class and then, on Friday, we are going to review the garbage kicking feel goal. Kicker the Tony Dan's a movie. We talked about a couple months ago, someone said Did to us on Ba Chess and we're gonna put it. Youtube so that everyone can watch it on a burner and then we will review that movie and then keep sending us You want us to review whether be a movie documentary. We will do it every single Friday. So let's get before we do that? I want to talk to you guys about our good friends at freefly, I'm wearing my freefly pants right now, they're perfect pants to toss on. If I got to run outside with the delivery guy taken,
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it's gone. Very very small follower account right now, but it is real eyebrows. So I'll be posting like naps links I go to, and I like you could see what I'm looking at and also there, if I like, say something totally false corrections. Also, Oh dear me, you'll, be for apologies for absolute stir things up now, do those other previously, I'm also I've been trying to Johnny. I think I had corona beat it. I've been trying to figure out how to donate my into bodies in some way, like blue I've been trying to figure out a week and all the lines are called up. So they was information on that. Has anybody also science Friday, as smell it to the office. Can you just not fill up a like a ziplock bag filled with blood and then just send it to the hospital? It is decorate to science.
You know I just do it and I do it in a bunch of different anvil, so maybe one of them will get to the right place. Simply every blood bank in America. My blood's valuable. Please take it. Yes, though today we're gonna start on Vikings. I just started this by googling bakings to think they're sick in there's, probably sick facts about them and this one goes. This is this one's pretty crazy, so old, aren't you see through of Norway Billy? How about what? If what if he have tea are big had tells say what they are now, The vikings aren't you can fact check them out was ok.
Ah guidelines would just go everywhere in like in our word, alot of people and kill a lot of people yet redskin. They would do that. Alot sticking, Redskins the armed actually couple diseases that are linked to likings that has been chosen are spread across. One of them has to do cirrhosis of the debate on the services they get ready, read, write red face; ok, eczema, yet, like you know, like the acme, alcoholism began, Turkey appears in our hard luck. I gave up fifty www they get there. There were the hats that have once you dont him until I was worth plot twist. Ok tell us on those lake actually figure on this, but there's no vikings.
With like horns. They didn't. You ever seen a cartoon. What about the logo? The Vikings logo? I'm not sure if that's real, you know like this Cairo, yet no sir, by armed yeah, they like had advanced arm like social laws like be basically handling a former socialism before like Karl Marx Electrical. What year were vikings like doing their thing, I'm basically from roman times to ten sixty six and ten sixty six is insane again that to that too, what happened? Ten sixty six ass loud ass juicy, this waiter yell due to its this- can be insane dynasty for sure? That's that's! A thousand years cream, Roman, like like tat, instead, all day where were they were there in Norway? So so you know the vikings they still I want you waking they just take me.
Use, wait you cold in here like this place, socks let's go find other places, a bunch of like non firstborn Sondra, like your dad gave the farm to the first point sign. I got nothing Amigo, buying stuff garden, they went the Icelandic colonise Iceland, and then this dude Erik the Red, basically catfish everybody says: there's a better island called green land, which actually was in green. It was Here than Iceland, and that I Greenland in Iceland's tallish switch names. It isn't? Isn't Iceland just like a mistranslation? Where's, it really just means island. Maybe ok. I like the catfish way more. You know the catfish for Greenland is real. I think we're here at the red was like no, it's really nice there. So
like I'm reorder bags. My. How do these guys, not conquer the world that wasn't the native Americans and take sixty six so attention? She sixty three names. There. You go no here to see a confusing there's, Harold God wincing, who is the Saxons basely English? There is Harold Hardrada, who is the Viking Kay? So we recall, Harold God, Winston H, God, for all intents and purposes, and then the last guys, William, the conqueror, whose, like the most famous Billy's my opinion, spate of public aid. He probably do is with his boys. A further ten sixty six was like. Large man is how many battles happiness there is like multiple battles back to back like job. Will it I'll give you inspires Harold Dog H, God fought Herald the who, will herald a drawn up at the battle of Stanford Bridge. In then,
got back on the road down to Hastings and in the battle of Hastings actually claps by William the conqueror. Let me tell you what happened in the battle. So, when I get home about Hastings, does it was just a bloodbath? I'm so Harold, H, God, Harold drawn up the horrible landed in Northern England, like Northumberland, be called an basely, they got this bridge in both armies run, you decide the bridge in the bridge. They pray slows like me, pretty like up slim, so like two men like three men to get across itself hair. So there is this. You show like the terrifying this do this fricking giant acts, man on the white pickings took on the whole Army. In this new language it took on the whole army and no one could kill them. They work and win the battle. Is they killed this one giant? Viking? You, the giant, battleax that right, so he ended up
and killed in the only way they can kill was a dude in a half beryl floated down the river and with a giant. Spears stabbed him up through the bridge. In this Jude had no idea uses. Actually, body and everybody throwing dues off bridge is in he just like we stay there just got fricking in the tank. Probably it was doing upward and now the only way they kill them, and I like both like that's like the original offsides, like you can't like, We can only the bridge yeah. Why disclose era? One war ya know what then Vikings relate YO, throw the flag. What are you doing, and then the English just took advantage of it like free play in like mess them like the legs ago. Do you like it? If, in a design, It helps us to sneak attack valued. He was he held out the whole army on this bridge for enough time for the reinforcements from the boats to come. So then, without
The three hundred were enforcer like it out numbered enemy into really narrow, placed a fight. You can kind of level the playing field love it. So this one giant you'd, so the battle was they beat the Vikings but whose pretty close up until the last stabbing with the giants spear so the lake, they said that the fields were white with bones the next two hundred years. Woe So then do the English like we're, like we've, never seen a warrior like this. Before, like they couldn't bury him, you didn't get a Viking burial because the Vikings couldn't gather their dead, so you know when they put them on a boat and they light them on fire. That's if I can in the washer, then the English were trying to bury this dude said you got that seen in and gave a project they ve, which won the Viking funeral without now, are they just stages blew up by the dude ship. Using
All that weird, like green liquid inside that go ship, that's based on a real thing called Greek fire, which is actually precept me we'll talk I call that I was like that that empty shepherd to bomb from it so arm, then ye they could bury this dude. They could use a coffin because day the only built coffins six and a half feet and they use the same fate as we do today. In this year's like we could find a coffin for use, at least like seven to eight feet sky, and he wasn't like it wasn't like they say: a giant blood like using half giants his giants blood like this. Why? But he was a thing so now I went in their time, but he went berserker mode and held. I've also turns up up up its bore. No there's this whole worry
Hold that is pre Christianity, pre like floor North mythology, it's based off of hunters magic where they worship bears and wolves so that they were first, so the birds, Workers, the berserker gang which, like sick Ahmad, gallic sickle mode absence alone, so these were where's described by this dude is roman general, whose name is Trajan whose, like imagine like Julius Caesar like little, Caesar's type in a Roman did and use. I go this. These these warriors were just fight us naked in no formations in one or two, like small groups, acknowledge their armies would stand back and just send I'm crazy, mother, crazy, dude, like at their shields and would break up whole shield formations as either full like the fiercest fighters, to felt no pain
no fire like, would feel nothing select. Basically, I was reading the descriptions unsullied yeah, imagined, Adam stealing, like injected with rabies and like on Molly. Is these guys were they were just West Walker. Yet there are like the handwriting folding at the mouth and they would bite their shields and these guys don't nuts and like so what else they would do is they saw us like singing. I dislike guilty acts like cycles like like how do I go Brazil
Her high pathetically in kind without consideration we need go. Research is like a mean that these nudes again like getting off the law that we have a lot of from a distance like absolutely like you talk about athletes and his only these guys were in like the deepest xo like ever they describe after the battles. These guys had curl up until little balls and just are crying like infants and like would be had no strength, but meanwhile, during the boughs display super, brains in like like they were destroyed, even happened when they were working so that they would like lived full like tree largely giant trees, because they go researcher when they had like build big ships, so these like, so they basically a resources at a time like how the hell did these guys do what they did and it's either three things: genetic mental illness, huge consumption of alcohol
with genetic variances or magic, mushrooms or other naturally occurring hallucinogens. Now, there's really gets interesting by the way berserker still have influences. Today, all the kings in Europe want to be guarded by producers and the english large. Today you know what the big furry hats, the bears for its an ode to the observers, who just fight now get with their heads on it like it's, the source of like werewolf mythology like like guy eyes, were the Oji werewolves Billy I would just say that sounds a lot like pc p. You always your story the people that like smoke pcb, and I think that our Superman their walk down the street naked in their punching fences down and there like throwing cop cars. Are the waiter like to just walking down the street and they're just going crazy? That sounds like preserve, promote me, yeah dude, it's actually in seems willing,
like I was like looking. I wasn't actually magic mushrooms like still asylum, but it was like other naturally occurring robes in the Forbes in Scandinavia. Whatever so I was like woe he's, a researching like the properties of these things, because I am not a drunk, I do drugs, we already have a drink. I I'm not drag So I know one guy who uses mushrooms and he's like he's its duties on a family firms, he's basically like another grandfather is a sort of the earth in the original sense of the word, like ex lobsterman from me. Like he's, super old right now, he's on oxygen disease smoke. Jimmy sags, unlike awesome guy, like like is taught me so much about everything, but now he's got Superber not right here, so he actually he's like a blue collar guy, like he's not a hippie, but like you started advocate for medical marijuana, furs, arthritis issues I to replace him and he was telling me about how he like started to get like
what he's always dementias game forgetful? So he started micro Dosing suicide and mushrooms and used. So I called You tell me about suicide mushrooms, like o day like saved my brain, like then he told me about other issues they haven't. How is advocating, for it is well to be legal in micro doses in certain like Don't worry about me, I'm not in all way telling people do mushrooms, writhing, don't sue me. Nothing. I know you're talking about, I'm not a doctor, I'm very sorry, What does this have been? Making Muslims kings, obstacle? Researcher berserker mode do you're my you're just pick up one of those black medikit from doom, because that's the berserker popular it Brazil to like this. Is this:
where I got any issue until the outstanding cells I in no way out there what are often so we really. I am, I guess back on track here. I got some questions that you can answer vikings, good or bad, really good inventions in seafaring, this and light. But you know if you like, held them to modern standards, terrible people, ok, good answer: what inventions did the Vikings have that we still use today alive stuff in need? A lot of naval stuff, ok, yeah shipping on ships did they drink out of schools are endeavouring to drink out of college. Oh by the way I called various poets. Like David, you, Sir Poetry, back, then like Let me guess your wrappers today in these deals with this each other,
and like they all get up in the beer hall or beer holes, or rather Bigley, falls in the just like the royal like King poet, and he just get up there and just like spit in their sight everywhere. Each other and it grows each other in all sorts of stuff soap they so I go into the mushrooms browser, wrap up Billy, MRS Zimmer Rapture. So, like I'm a deal about the future of football. Here we go this way in this baby. And it was like, what's the biggest director football besides a very obvious c c c the ideal word does sounds like it. Like physical damage in mental damage and we're finding huge strides in c b d for like physical, like physical pains, Fifthly grounds or time by a lot of course, in everything. Concussions, because, like thing about concussions is like
caution, protocol may work, but no one was a gaunt contestable. Nor must sit in a dark room in miss all their classes in like how to catch up on home. Working like teaches, like they can cousins like even teachers, don't take incursions, usually go. You still have to do all the work that you missed and his colleagues on actually wants to put themselves in a situation like a like sorry, I got can cost weak five. Professor, like can. I please you know, like maybe skip my mid term, because I haven't been able, the study of words like now. You have to reach agent and just like, but unlike stupid, right now, right well, you're saying is: if you take mushrooms immediately after getting, he in, you can leave you to me. I'm, not saying that if they do the research and develop a drug or it's like okay, this would actually speed up the process. So you don't have to take stupid impact essence. I need a really work. I know they're like the last science behind them, but they're just so. Annoying like like the shapes and
It's so annoying, so so suddenly vikings might have caught cured concussions and safer. Yet I do think that it is. Brazil is definitely had see tee, unlike alive I'm lived a simple old ages and wrote the sag is that were about themselves. So, like these guys, what were you know? Copious meant is not the right about themselves when their overall yeah, I say that Beowulf like I, was written by somebody on any influence, mushrooms, hypothetically yeah. I mean our sense now, so I like it Billy. I like it like a deep dive. Yes, like, let's slave if we can, like use Viking. You know like medicine, to likes your cd, but like actually do put it through all the tests and stuff like that would be like we could say football in like generations of Anoka can play football more and enjoy the sort that, like I see, unites America more than anything socially runner beautiful value going because
myself. I limit. Let me just finish here before we end the episode book. I think it's just a simple elevator pitch YO science ever thought about Zirk remote Yosemite is all right now, and that is our show Billy. Thank you. Everyone, tweet Billy. What you want to hear about next week, maybe will work. Meta tweet, something very specific. So we stay on topic, but this was great. I like going all over the place, unthinking bio hacking into Ohio. There you go I would just. Can you gimme snake, a preview that cuz it sounds interested just like a bunch of dude, regarding gas fire breaks
the nine to be safe than sorry.
you do.
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