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Dave Dameshek + Full Week 7 Recap

2018-10-22 | 🔗

Fastest 2 Minutes from NFL Week 7 (2:21 - 8:25). Blake Bortles was benched and we're not going to take this news lightly, the comeback has begun (8:25 - 11:12). The Eagles have decided no pressure, Hue Jackson is taking over play calling so he'll probably die in a fist fight with Todd Haley (11:12 - 14:10). The Rams are amazing, the Bears almost pulled off a miracle and the Saints are back to normal (14:10 - 25:18). Football Guy of the Week including the awesome story of Purdue student Tyler Trent (25:18 - 34:11). Who's back of the week (34:11-45:47). Dave Dameshek joins the show to talk about his Steelers, what the Jaguars do from here, who the second best NFC team is, and newest segment, carry some water for the NFL (45:47 - 71:46). Segments include NBA Petty Wars Rondo vs Chris Paul and a science experiment finding out if you can spit with a mouthguard on. Dead or Alive Tommy Lasorda plus some World Series talk. Stay Classy Michigan with a heated rivalry game Saturday, and Whoa, the Chargers have defeated Time Zones.

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